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All you need to know and more, ab out the 2016 National Con ference!

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Share the Story | Shape the Future




President’s Welcome P.4 Conference Directors’ Welcome P.6 Host University & Colleges P.8 University of Macquarie P.9 Dunmore Lang College P.11 Robert Menzies College P.11 Academic Programs P.12 Seminars P.13 HRC Discussion Groups P.13 Daily Debrief P.13 Keynote Speakers P.15 Robyn Moore P.16 Samantha Gash P.17 Social Program P.19 opening Dinner P.20 progressive dinner P.20 community service P.20 Selecting Delegates P.21 Conference Logistics P.23 Arranging Travel P.23 What to bring P.23 Registration & Fees P.24 Meet the NAAUC Team P.25 NAAUC Conference Bid P.27 Conduct and Contacts P.31



Alice Draffin President | National Association of Australian University Colleges Inc. E: | m: 0408 126 809


Dear Heads, Deans and Residential Coordinators, I am incredibly excited to welcome you to the 48th Annual NAAUC National Conference to be held jointly between Dunmore Lang College and Robert Menzies College at Macquarie University. The National Association of Australian University Colleges has come a long way since it’s foundation in 1968, when a small group of Student Club Presidents met to swap stories and ideas. However one thing has remained across the following 48 years, the unwavering belief that on-campus living is the ultimate manifestation of university life. The love and passion for residential communties that we share is, for me, founded in the notion that residential living whilst at University provides the individual with a well-rounded education. There is growing recognition in the importance of the social, emotional, philanthropic and leadership development being achieved in residential communities around the country, which compliments the intellectual development occurring at University. NAAUC affirms and builds on this ideology to help develop and empower young leaders with the skills to stride confidently into the next phase of their lives. Simultaneously, we strive to engage a range of Heads of Colleges, Deans and Residential Coordinators in this process to provide the richest possible collaborative learning experience. Whilst that initial meeting of Presidents was a friendly sharing of ideas, our Association can now boast an unparalleled academic and social program aimed at fostering the leader of tomorrow. Each year, our student and HRC delegates contemplate, discuss and workshop the key issues and challenges facing colleges in the twenty first century. Our predominant aim is to provide students with the motivation, direction and skills necessary to inflict positive change in their community, whilst welcoming members of their administration into this student-led process. In 2016, we have developed a diverse academic program that is derived from our conference theme of ‘Share the Story; Shape the Future’ and complimented by our exemplary social program, which I will leave to our outstanding Conference Directors to explain. I very much look forward to meeting you in July. Kind Regards,

Alice Draffin.




Dear Heads and Residential Coordinators, The months have quickly flown by and we can’t believe that registration has opened for the 2016 NAAUC Conference. Whilst it is the student conference that dominates conversation regarding the NAAUC National Conference, our team is, as always, looking forward to welcoming our HRC to Dunmore Lang and Robert Menzies Colleges. For us, the HRC Conference provides an unparallelled opportunity for us to engage with the decisionmakers and influencers from across the Australian residential environment. It is always incredibly fascinating and invigorating to hear thoughts and opinions regarding contemporary residential issues and the future of Australian residences. Whilst engaging with HRC always brings us great benefits as student leaders, our main focus of this conference is to provide for members of residential administration an insight into the potential of student leadership in creating sustainable, inclusive and safe residential experiences for on-campus students across Australia. This year, we’re focusing on creating a conference that addresses key issues and themes relating to the contemporary on-campus experience. We’re doing this through the introduction of themed days where delegates will hear from guest speakers discussing each of these topics and taking part in events that emphasise the messages. It is our hope that student delegates will see how an inclusive social program that addresses the needs of the contemporary residence, and be inspired to create similar events in their own communities. As always it is our hope that the HRC Conference sparks conversation not only between students and administration but also between Heads and Residential Coordinators themselves. Throughout the conference there will ample opportunity for discussion and ideas exchange between HRC delegates that will hopefully provide new insights into the residential experience from the administration perspective. This year, we wanted our conference to focus on the power of the individual experience as a tool to inspire change and development in our communities. Each year we have heard from delegates share about how their conference has been defined by the stories that they have heard from others. Whether it be through uplifting messages expressed by a guest speaker or a killer event idea from a fellow residential leader, our delegates are constantly motivated to inject new life and passion into their residential communities. Acknowledging this, we are excited to announce the 2016 NAAUC Conference theme,

“Share the Story, Shape the Future” We sincerely hope that you are looking forward to the HRC Conference as much as we are. With its vigorous academic program and vibrant social events we are sure that you will leave with a renewed respect and enthusiasm for all that the residential experience offers. Regards, Katherine Lee & Drew Nguyen Conference Directors | National Association of Australian University Colleges Inc.




Macquarie University. And Gladly Teche

Established in 1964, Macquarie University was built to break from traditions. Situated in the beautiful North Ryde suburb, Macquarie University is located within the heart of the largest high-tech precinct, only 15 km from the centre of Sydney where its pioneering history continues to be a distinctive, progressive and transformational institution consistently ranked within the top two percent of world universities.

A diverse campus, Macquarie University has a strong focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, aligning with NAAUC’s own aim of fostering sustainable residential communities by integrating residents from all backgrounds. With our conference theme challenging residents to share their story to shape the future, Macquarie University’s own offer to discover their story is a strong pairing and we are excited to be working together.


Top: Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University, Host college.

Bottom: Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University, Host college.


Host Colleges. Dunmore Lang & Robert Menzies College Macquarie University



Dunmore Lang College was the first affiliated residential college on the Macquarie University Campus.

Established in 1974, Robert Menzies College is an incorporated, non-for-profit residential college.

Established in 1972, Dunmore Lang College incorporates both undergraduate and postgraduate students into its community, encouraging all residents to integrate their university studies with leadership opportunities offered by the College and the University.

Robert Menzies College believes in enabling its residents to engage with the university experience in a supportive context by providing the opportunity to develop academically, socially and spiritually.

NAAUC is thrilled to for the conference to be co-hosted by a college that places the facilitation of student leadership at the heart of their mission.

Robert Menzies College is proud to foster a multicultural community, and NAAUC is excited to be co-hosted by a college actively working to empower its residents to become community minded leaders in the ‘global village’.



At NAAUC, we pride ourselves on providing a tangible link between collegiate administration and their student bodies. The Academic Program for our Heads & Residential Coordinators (HRC) Conference aims to explore contemporary issues facing Australian residential communities with the aim of ensuring that these communities remain progressive and relevant in the


wider context of Australian higher education. In 2016, our Academic Program will bring delegates refined editions of the best content offered at previous conferences, as well as a number of new presentations that have been chosen to align with current areas of interest for residential communities and their students. The HRC Program will include some sessions

alongside student delegates, some sessions which facilitate discussion between HRC delegates and senior student leaders, as well as discussions between HRC delegates from across the country. The breakdown of this structure is outlined below, but all in all, we are confident that the Academic program of the 2016 NAAUC National Conference will be one of the best yet.

HRC Discussion Groups

Seminars Seminars provide an opportunity for delegates to become informed on all aspects of the rights, responsibilities and expectations of leaders within residential communities as well as topical issues facing them. These sessions seek to inspire delegates to make a positive change within their communities whilst providing them with the skills and information they need to implement these changes. Seminars are heavily researched and each is presented by members of the NAAUC team with passion and experience in that particular knowledge area. The seminars we recommend for HRC Delegates to attend are: • • • • • •

These sessions will be facilitated by members of the NAAUC Executive and will involve open-ended discussion of a number of issues within the Australian collegiate sphere that pertain specifically to residential community Administrations. Some of these sessions will also involve discussion between HRC and student leaders to encourage idea sharing and new perspectives. To ensure these discussions are as useful as possible, the final list of topics covered in these discussions will be decided upon as a group at the beginning of the HRC Conference. If you have any topic suggestions that you would like to add to our list for consideration, please email them to

Building Spirit & Culture Sex, Sexuality & Gender Now What? Establishing Links between Residences & the Community Integration of all Residents Fostering Wellness in Communities

Daily Debrief Daily debrief will be used as a forum for guided discussion to continue the conversations opened up throughout the day’s Academic program and explore each other’s unique perspectives on how this relates to their own residential community. The Daily Debrief is an extremely effective way to give HRC delegates practical opportunities to analyse the content presented throughout the NAAUC National Conference.


NAAUC is proud to continue its relationship with alcocups as a major sponsor for 2016

Head to to find out more!



Speakers As part our extensive academic program, NAAUC is excited to reveal some of its keynote speakers at the 2016 National Conference.


Guest speaker No1


There are speakers who speak about Diversity. Robyn Moore is a speaker who will transform peoples’ opinion, experience and appreciation of Diversity. She will also take people on an entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking inquiry into BEING responsible for Diversity and celebrating the difference Diversity can make in university residences. Robyn Moore changes the attitudes, behaviours and LIVES of diverse leaders in the education sector so they not only fulfill their own potential, but also become “a significant person” in others’ lives. Creating powerful relationships… inspires students to seize their full potential! Robyn Moore is regarded as one of Australia’s best and most in-demand speakers. For over 40 years she has been working in Education, Advertising and the Communication/ Entertainment Industry. She has unique skills with “the Power of the Word” and her presentations totally captivate her audiences at national and international conferences. Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives. Robyn’s presentations are quite often literally described as…“life changing”. HONORARY POSITIONS: Robyn is an Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, the Australian Childhood Foundation, Dragons Abreast Australia and has been National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia (a Volunteer and Wish Granter) for 24 years.


Guest speaker No2


From a background as a corporate lawyer, Samantha is now an endurance athlete, corporate presenter, writer and social entrepreneur. Her thirst for adventure, experience and thrill for life has allowed her to discover what she cares about the most achieving social change through the vehicle of adventure and running. Samantha has run through some of the most extreme and inhospitable locations on the planet. In 2010, she became the first and youngest female to complete the Four Deserts Grand Slam. This was 4 x 250km desert ultra marathons in Chile, China, Eygpt and Antarctica. Her most recent adventure had her running 1968kms across South Africa in 32 days. She used her run as a means to raise $55K, which funded a Save the Children program - supporting young women to gain access to affordable feminine hygiene Products. She is now a World Vision Ambassador and is in current preparation for a near 4,000km run across India. Together with World Vision, she will be raising funds for education initiatives across India that address the barriers to quality education. Without a doubt she now finds far greater reward in running for change and for a reason outside of herself. 17

NAAUC is proud to have qPAY as a major partner in 2016



NAAUC’s National Conference isn’t merely an opportunity to broaden perspective, it is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. NAAUC was founded with the intention of fostering strong and lasting relationships between collegians from across Australia and our social program continues to work to this end. Furthermore, our social program hopes to provide HRC delegates a chance to share experiences and insights regarding prominent issues facing college administration.


Opening Dinner.

Progressive Dinner.

Begin your time at NAAUC’s National Conference with a delightful evening at our Opening Dinner.

The Progressive dinner gives the Heads and Residential Coordinators the opportunity to sit down and have a multi-course meal together whilst experiencing the hospitality of some of Sydney’s residential communities.

An acknowledgement of land will open the evening, followed by a dinner where you will enjoy the company of your fellow Heads, Deans and Residential Coordinators whilst being wined and dined under the spectacular lights of the Dunmore Lang College Dining Hall. A HRC exclusive post-dinner drinks will allow you to carry on your engaging conversations in a more intimate and relaxed setting away from the large crowd.

Discussion of the night focusses on topics surrounding the Australian on-campus residential system. Long has this evening been a highlight on the NAAUC HRC Social Program.

Community Service.

This year, one of the key themes of the conference is community. After starting the day with a keynote speech from our highly respected Community Partners, the Red Frogs, our delegates will be divided in their debrief groups to various sectors of the community to lend a helping hand where it is needed most. This is an ideal occasion for delegates to actively give back to their community and hopefully take a few ideas back to their own residential communities about how they can continue to work with their communities in their respective universities.



In order to get the most out of the conference, the selection of suitable student delegates is of utmost importance. Not only will the chosen delegates be a representation of your college at the conference, they will also be responsible for returning a wealth of valuable knowledge and resources that could benefit your college immensely. It is suggested that a minimum of two delegates represent your college. The benefit of having more delegates attend the conference is a greater exposure to

the academic content of the conference as there are multiple academic session occurring simultaneously every day. Furthermore, upon return to their college, delegates will have more of a support network when initiating new events or changes at their college. At past conferences, some colleges have sent up to 12 delegates. Deciding on how many delegates to send in only the first step, next you’ll need to decide on the type of people you would like to represent your residence.


Selection Tips Types of delegates to consider.

Your Student Club/ Committee President (or equivalent position). Presidents are experienced collegians and generally have a good awareness of the issues facing both students and the administration. They are also in an excellent position to implement change at the college standing as a representative for their students whilst also holding a relationship with administration. An active and hardworking member in a leadership position returning to college next year. This could be a member of the Student Club, a Senior Tutor or Resident Advisor.

An outgoing and active first year student who is likely to return to college the following year. Sending a first or second year student is an investment for the future of your residence. The student should be a promising candidate for future leadership positions within the residence. Previous delegates. A student who has already attended a NAAUC conference as has been effective at utilizing their previous NAAUC experience and knowledge at your residence. These delegates could act as a team leader for your delegates. They can coordinate your team of delegates to get the most out of the conference. They can host

team meetings, ensure your delegates attend the most suitable sessions and are reporting their progress at these team meetings. The returning delegate can report back to administration at your residence during the week and coordinate a Conference Report to be submitted to the administration after the conference. (Particularly if administration has paid for their attendance!). This delegate may also be utilized to help select the team of delegates that will attend the conference.

The idea of choosing the right number of delegates and the right people is to maximize the return of the investment made. Sending great people is likely to yield great results, so choose wisely! If you would like assistance or advice with the selection of delegates please contact; Alice Draffin, at or Katherine Lee & Drew Nguyen, at 22

CONFERENCE LOGISTICS Arranging Travel. For your travel requirements to and from the conference the NAAUC team recommend booking flight into Sydney domestic terminal. If you require special arrangements regarding your travel please contact the NAAUC team as soon as possible. NAAUC is not responsible for your accommodation if you choose to extend your trip either before or after the conference week. The 2016 NAAUC HRC conference fees offer accommodation from Sunday 3rd of July to noon Wednesday 6th of July.

What To Bring.

• • • • •

Official identification Towel and toiletries Cocktail attire for opening dinner Note taking stationery and technology Smart casual attire


Registration & Fees All the fun stuff! Fees for the 48th Annual NAAUC Conference are listed below. Please read carefully and be sure to make the correct payment when registering for the conference

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! CLOSES 25th of June 2016 Visit to register your attendance at the 2016 NAAUC Conference. This year’s registration is a two stage process.

1. You will need to complete the QPay form and payment online, which will act as your “ticket” to Conference. This link is on our website.

2. Each individual delegate needs to complete the Delegate Form to provide NAAUC with some of their personal information required for the conference.

Fees Member Fees NAAUC Accommodation : $850

Non-member Fees Staying in NAAUC Accommodation : $950

Private Accommodation : $550

Private Accommodation : $650

Prices vary depending on whether your residence has registered as a NAAUC member, and whether you would like accommodation during the Conference at the Host Colleges. If withdrawal is required, a $100 withdrawal fee will be applied for the delegate and is only applicable before the 25th of June 2016.




NAAUC is proud to have THE RED FROGS as a major COMMUNITY partner in 2016

Head to for more information.


Bid for thE NAAUC CONFERENCE in 2016 How to create a NAAUC Conference bid

Every year the NAAUC

a one-week period in the

Nothing compares to the

Conference is made possible by the hard work of the NAAUC Executive, State Representatives and Conference Working Party. But the NAAUC Conference is nothing without a home. Every year during the NAAUC AGM, held at the end of conference week on Saturday, colleges present competing bids to host the following year’s Annual National Conference. But this year, the Conference bidding process is a little different.

June-July univeristy break in 2017? Do you have two experienced residents in mind to take on the role of Conference Directors? Are you prepared to share hosting duties with a fellow residence? What sets your residence aside from other potential host residences?

feeling of seeing 200 faces speechless from an inspiring guest speaker, or a room full of delegates having the time of their life at an event, all the while knowing you help make it possible. You are given the opportunity to educate, enlighten and support young leaders around Australia. Ultimately you might only directly empower a few hundred, but the follow on effects of this guidance will impact thousands. Preparation is the key. In past, the winning residences have not be chosen based on their exotic location or exciting social calendar, but demonstrated their exceptional organisational skills by presenting a well laid out, informative and concise presentation. If you’re thinking of bidding your preparation should start now!

To ensure that potential hosts can put together their strongest possible bid, in 2016 NAAUC is requesting all bidding residences to complete the application form found on our website. The form includes such questions as: Can you guarantee approximately 250 beds for

All applications are due to by 12 am June 12 2016. When we have received your applications, we will personally review each bid and contact the nominated person to discuss your application. We want to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need for your bid before NAAUC members have the opportunity to vote upon the host venue at the AGM on Saturday 9 July.


Bidding to do list. CRITERIA FOR APPLICATIONS. 1. Find the Conference Director/s You may not want to be a Conference Director yourself, instead approach those who you think would represent your residence well. If you want to be a Conference Director find someone who you would like to be Co-Director with you. 2. Rally the troops NAAUC conferences would not function without our awesome Working Party! Think of the people you want to be on your Working Party or people who can help you with preparing the ideas behind the bid. These people do not necessarily have to come from the host colleges, in fact it’s often beneficial to engage nearby colleges and their students in the conference. Two minds are better than one but having ten is even better! 3. Brainstorm By now you and your Co-Director-to-be have hopefully put some thought into the content of the conference. This is where extra minds come in handy. Create a file on your computer or phone or carry a notebook and write down any ideas that come to mind. Ideas always come to you in the strangest of places or situations, make sure you type or write them all down to refer to later. Have a brainstorming session about the speakers, sponsors, locations, events, theme and so on of what you want at your conference. Who are some famous or successful Alumni from your residence or university? What makes your college, university or state unique? 4. Approach your Residence Some would say this is the first step, however, you need evidence that this is not just a spur of the moment decision you thought of at the pub last night. Not only do you have to sell your bid to delegates, but you also need to sell your bid to your college. The more you show your administration that you are serious, have support of other residents and committees and have thought of how a NAAUC Conference would work within your college, the more chance you have of winning their support! Be sure to discuss the accommodation and dining costs, logistics and any other matters you feel would be raised from an administration point of view. If your college alone is too small to host the conference, you might think to approach a partner college in hosting the conference.


Bidding to do list. continued

5. The next step Either your Head has rejected or agreed to your plan to bid. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Ask what needs to be improved to have their support. Rework your bid. If you do succeed – yay! You must have the support of the college bidding for next year’s NAAUC Conference – and get written support if possible. Check with your Head if you can proceed to contact potential guest speakers and sponsors. Your Head will have plenty of contacts, make use of them. 6. Time to put it together Contact potential guest speakers, venues and sponsors. If you can present a bid showing you already have financial support, guest speakers and venues you are firstly going to have one impressive bid and secondly going to save yourself a huge amount of time if your bid is successful! This is also when you should have your theme set in stone. 7. Selling your bid To ensure that you have the strongest bid possible, you will need to convince the NAAUC Executive why your bid should win. Unfortunately, if we do not believe that your bid has sufficient preparation, we may not allow it to proceed to vote at the AGM.

If you need any other assistance in building your conference bid, feel free to contact us at – we’d love give you some pointers! 29

NAAUC is proud to continue its partnership with canterbury as a major sponsor in 2016

Head to to find out more!


Conduct & Contacts. CONDUCT AT THE CONFERENCE Please be aware of the rules about acceptable conduct at the conference. NAAUC aims to promote best practice among colleges and will require that delegates agree to the following policies (available on our website) during the registration process. Equity Policy Social Media Policy NAAUC also provides equity officers at the conference who are responsible for preventing and resolving any issues that may arise.

CONTACTS If you have any queries regarding any of the information about the 48th Annual NAAUC Conference or the registration process please feel free to contact these people:


2017 Conference Bid Queries

General queries about the organisation: Alice Draffin – President

Queries: Onjawli Chakravarty – Secretary

2016 Conference

Host Colleges

Conference related questions or queries: Katherine Lee & Drew Nguyen – 2016 Conference Directors.

Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University (02) 9856 1000 130 Herring Road, North Ryde NSW, 2113

Conference academic program & NAAUC On The Road (NOTR) Sylvie Giguere – Vice-President

Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University (02) 9936 6000 136 Herring Road, North Ryde NSW, 2113

Please visit our website and social media pages for more information about the conference and the organization. 31


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2016 Pre Conference Kit_Heads and Residential Coordinators  

All important 2016 Conference information for our HRC Delegates.

2016 Pre Conference Kit_Heads and Residential Coordinators  

All important 2016 Conference information for our HRC Delegates.

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