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Save Money and the Planet Backyard Wildlife Habitats Qigong Healing Energy James Balog’s Photos Document Vanishing Icepacks April 2014 | Metro Milwaukee Edition |

Activate longevity of life Turbocharge excellent health Increase momentum of hydration Increase velocity in performance

Do you experience fatigue, headaches or body aches and pains? These are all symptoms of dehydration or drinking that is energetically dead water. H2O Energy Flow has been scientifically engineered with technology that specializes in frequency imprinting of water and providing the best available pH at 7.8. It starts by taking water from the spring source and energizing it through an all-natural process;which means there are no added chemicals or artificial ingredients,setting the stage for optimal,high performance cellular hydration.Increase your water intake with H2O Energy Flow and drink to letting energy flow into your life.

H2O Energy Flow can be purchased at at Karen’s Energy. 1427 West Washington Avenue, West Bend, WI. Mon - Fri 10a.m. - 7p.m. Sat 10a.m. - 5p.m. (Winter Hours) Milwaukee 2 call 262-334-2068

To learn more about the benefits of frequency imprinting of water and how to identifying energetically dead water, visit our website and register for our monthly information e-newsletter.

H2OENERGYFLOW WWW.H2OENERGYFLOW.COM For home or oďŹƒce delivery,

call 888-602-6568

Good Harvest Market Waukesha County’s Largest Natural Food Store Helping You Feel Better, Naturally!

April Good Harvest Events Calendar Sunday




Thursday 3

Friday 4


1 Guitar Jam Open to All

2 Break Free From Anxiety, Naturally


8 Eat Smart to Stay Sharp

9 10 Health Proof Women’s Your Home Drum Circle & Lessons

11 Experienced T’ai Chi


Native American Flute Circle

6 Healthy Weight, Healthy You Group Cleanse

7 Food – Friend or Foe?


14 15 Homeopathy For Healthcare Healing Mistakes

16 Gluten Free Dinner, GF Support Group

17 Ins and Outs of Lyme Disease



20 Closed for Easter

21 Intro to T’ai Chi


24 Drum Circle & Lessons


26 Earth Day Celebration! Sustainable Fun for the Whole Family!


28 10 Week T’ai 29 Chi Course; Keeping Kids Bipolar Healthy Diagnosis



Wellness Tuesdays Every Tuesday in April, enjoy a 15% discount on all Holistic Health & Beauty department purchases.

30 Free Goodness of Organics Store Tour

Stay Healthy For Life

For more information on a the classes and events above, go to for more details

Bulk Thursdays One way to keep food bills low is to buy from our Bulk Grocery Department — 15% off each Thursday .

Our Store

is located

1 Block South of I94 on Hwy T in Waukesha 262-544-9380 Mon-Fri 8:30-8, Sat 8:30-6, Sun 10-6

natural awakenings

April 2014


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

18 LIVE GREEN, SAVE BIG 18 Five Eco-Friendly Life Decisions that Can Actually Save Money by Crissy Trask


by Sheila Julson


James Balog’s Dramatic Images Document Climate Change by Christine MacDonald



21 29

Native Habitats Draw Critters and Delight Kids by Avery Mack


by Diane Olson-Schmidt



Small Nature Reaches Out to City Kids by Greg Hanscom


Qigong Steps Up Vitality and Serenity by Meredith Montgomery


WELLNESS UNIVERSITY OFFERED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC FOR THE FIRST TIME: Learn the most recent advances in holistic and integrative medicine currently taught to Anti-Aging doctors, presented in an innovative format designed to engage curious minds.

CORE CONTENT 1. What’s Your Data Dashboard 2. The Economics of Wellness 3. How You Should Eat 4. Good Fats Bad Fats 5. The Trouble With Sweet 6. Killing Cancer with Food 7. Preserve Your Brain/Memory 8. Bone Health 9. Clean up Your Gut 10. Reversing Heart Disease 11. Honorary Gynecology 12. Testosterone and Men plus 20 Electives Earn “Wellness Certification” with 16 courses

Location: Boerner Gardens Garden Room Cost: $80 per person/per module, includes ticket to the Gardens, Snacks and Gourmet Healthy Lunch Register: Brookfield Longevity and Healthy Aging, 262-784-5300 Email: Class Capacity: 40 for each

Sign up early! 70% of modern diseases are defined by lifestyle. John Whitcomb, MD

Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine; Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine

You can’t fix what you don’t know 2014 SCHEDULE Module #1: Lectures 1, 2, 3 Friday, February 21, 8am-1:30pm Module #2: Lectures 4, 5 & Mindfulness Training with Guest Teacher: Chris Smith Friday, April 4, 8am-1:30pm Module #3: Lectures 6, 7 & Graceful Aging with Guest Teacher: Holly Whitcomb Friday, May 30, 8am-1:30pm Module #4: Lectures 8, 9,10 Friday, August 29, 8am-1:30pm Module #5: Lectures 11, 12 & Meditation Training with Guest Teacher Friday, October 17, 8am-1:30pm Module #6: Make Your Thyroid Perfect; Losing Weight Forever; When in Doubt, Clean Up Your Gut Friday, December 5, 8am-1:30pm

2015: Modules #7, 8, 9, 10 and repeat of Modules #1-3

natural awakenings

April 2014




any Natural Awakenings readers share with me the urgent desire to heal the Earth and preserve a good quality of

life now and for future generations. Yet the task can seem overwhelming. Despite our good in-

contact us

tentions, few of us can completely overhaul our

Publisher/Owner Gabriella Buchnik

realize zero-impact lives. But if everyone will

Editor Lauressa Nelson

commit, and then one more, and another and so

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Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint with soybased ink.



life, change our job, move to a new house and find one or two things to which they can truly on, it will make a significant difference.

One of my personal commitments is to purchase and eat local and organic

foods. For the past half century, large agribusiness has been a major factor in rampant environmental devastation across the country, while simultaneously contributing to Americans’ declining health. To keep good food affordable, I consciously plan meals, focus on seasonal produce and cook with a dash of creativity. Little goes to waste. You’ll find doable and affordable ideas for sustainable living in Crissy Trask’s feature article, “Live Green, Save Big.”

Every little bit of doing good adds up. Hearing the founder and executive di-

rector of Milwaukee-based Youthaiti, Gigi Pomerantz, speak recently reminded me just how much the actions of one person can change the world for the better. During a 2006 medical mission to Haiti, Pomerantz, a licensed nurse practitioner for Aurora UW Medical Group, discovered the impact that poor sanitation and lack of clean water have on the citizens of that country, where 85 percent of the rural residents have no access to sanitation facilities, and 70 percent lack ready access to potable water.

In 2008, Pomerantz founded Youthaiti, a U.S. nonprofit that works to improve

ecological sanitation and develop sustainable agriculture in rural Haiti. With a staff of volunteers and a tiny budget, Youthaiti has set up numerous dry compost toilets and arborloos (shallow-pit latrines) for schools, homes and communities. Volunteers teach community members to use the waste as compost in combination with other methods of sustainable agriculture—a critical need in a country where 80 percent of the food is imported and the land is almost completely deforested. Learn more about this life-giving activism at and by reading the story we ran in July 2011 ( It’s just one example of essential initiatives underway around the world to salvage a decent quality of life for humanity. In celebration of our resilient Earth,

Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher

newsbriefs SunVest Solar Specialist Offers Free Consultations


an Lizzadro-McPherson has joined Pewaukee-based SunVest Solar, Inc., as a project developer to head the company’s effort in expanding solar photovoltaic power locally. Lizzadro-McPherson will assist home and business owners from Milwaukee to Madison, providing free site assessments and presenting multiple options for affording a solar energy system, including the currently available Focus on Energy business and residential rebates and federal tax credits. “Consumers can contact our company to quickly gain a solar education and a feeling of Ian Lizzadro-McPherson excitement about their free solar site assessment and anticipation for lower electric bills,” comments Lizzardo-McPherson. “Later on, the experience of savings, electrical independence and environmental stewardship culminates in complete customer satisfaction.”

Balance People, Planet & Profit.

For more information, call 262-547-1200 or visit See ad, page 17.

Tiny Green Trees Introduces Programs for Children and Adults


iny Green Trees, an eco-conscious child care center, offers sustainably focused options for kids and adults to explore the outdoors and engage in green living practices. The Nature Kindergarten, held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, gives 3- to 6-yearolds ample outdoor experiences that include two educational events per month at the Urban Ecology Center’s Menomonee Valley location, as well as hikes through Three Bridges Park along the Hank Aaron State Trail. The Green Living workshops for adults, offered every other Wednesday evening, aim to create an environment for learning and collaborative connection between adults that are like-minded in their desire and efforts to live sustainably. Topics for April workshops, which begin at 7 p.m., include Cooking with Grains, April 2; Basic Culinary Knife Skills, April 9; and Being Green for Earth Day and Every Day, April 23. Tiny Green Trees is certified as an eco-healthy child care center and has earned an additional certificate of commendation for applying the Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings. The public is invited to learn more at an open house, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., April 5. Location: 717 S. 37th St., Milwaukee. For more information, call 414-645-9929, email or visit See ad, page 20. natural awakenings

April 2014


Do you feel like you’ve lost your

sparkle ?

To live vibrantly, and confidently go in the direction of your dreams, self-care is essential.


Does life feel with no inspiration?

To get your free Self-Care Assessment Tool visit

Having Energy For Life means feeling confident and feeling inspired!

Nicole M. Isler, The “Energy Coach” Energy For Life Coaching 262-501-5209

Free Spirit

The courage to live your own life is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Free Spirit Crystals has been serving Southeastern Wisconsin’s alternative healing community since 1991. Our experience with crystals, alternative healing, spiritual growth and the healing arts is second to none in the area. We offer: Crystals, mineral specimens, incense, jewelry, CDs, books, cards, candles, classes, alternative healing sessions, astrology charts, numerology charts, tarot readings and so much more.

Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing is a multidisciplinary approach to the development of healing practices while at the same time assisting students in finding the heart and passion of their lives. • We combine the use of crystals and stones with bioenergetics to promote the development of awareness in people’s lives. • We offer a certificate program as well as elective classes. For more information go to

4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007

262-790-0748 •

Do you experience Sinus Problems, Joint Pain,

Digestive Upsets or Stress?

I CAN HELP YOU. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils are proven, natural and effective treatments.

Uma Bagadia MT(ASCP), MBA, Certified Aromatherapist Brookfield Location 8




newsbriefs Live in Harmony With Your Pets


s part of its integrative approach to caring for pets, the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic is now offering in-home training and professional pet behavioral consultations for dogs and cats with certified professional dog trainer Kim Rinzel. The service seeks to help owners better understand their pets and address behavioral concerns such as housetraining, excessive barking, food guarding and separation anxiety. According to the clinic, multifaceted training and behavior modification benefits both owners and pets by improving the pet’s safety, health and well-being, as well as strengthening the emotional bond between animals and their people. In addition to in-home training, Rinzel offers a 30-minute phone or clinic session. Behavior consultation is available for older pets, as well as puppies and kittens; training for young pets emphasizes what to expect during the first year and how to get the new animal family member off to a good start. For more information, call 414-4755155, email Info@WauwatosaVet. com or visit See ad, page 39.

Holistic, Biomimetic Dental Care in Port Washington


entist Bryan Schwartz, DDS, has joined Steve Carini, DDS, who has specialized in mercury-free, mercurysafe natural dentistry for more than 38 years. Their practice is the first in Wisconsin to offer biomimetic, or toothconserving dentistry. “Biomimetic means to mimic nature,” explains Schwartz, who with Carini, treats the tooth in a way that allows it to behave like a natural tooth. Bryan Schwartz The process involves rebuilding and restoring teeth with advanced bonding materials that simulate natural teeth more closely and can withstand everyday stress. Schwartz graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2002 with a degree in dental surgery and has practiced in Wisconsin and Colorado. Carini graduated from the Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1975 with a degree in dental surgery and has practiced natural dentistry in Port Washington ever since. “Our mission is to inform, educate and support each client, empowering them to be their own healthcare advocate,” remarks Schwartz. Location: 222 N. Franklin St., Port Washington. For more information, call 262-284-2662 or visit See ad, page 11.

Free Holistic Health Expo in West Allis


free Milwaukee Holistic Health Expo, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., April 26, in West Allis, promises 80 natural and holistic exhibitors that include chiropractors, alternative health healers, Reiki practitioners, natural food chefs and farmers. Healthy food will be available for purchase, and attendees can preregister online for 12 raffle tickets to win prizes valued at $50 or more. “Today, everyone is concerned with their health,” says Judy Hahn, of Cornerstone Marketing Solutions, one of the event’s organizers. “More and more people are looking at alternatives to traditional Western medicine.” After outgrowing the facility used for the past two years, the expo moves this year to Nathan Hale High School. It benefits two nonprofit organizations: Milwaukee Empty Bowls, an organization that uses art to raise hunger awareness, and the Universal Anglican Church, committed to spiritual growth and healing. Location: 11601 W. Lincoln Ave. For more information, call 414-736-8899, email or visit See ad, page 27.


A Different Kind of Psychotherapy

Licensed Psychotherapists Traditional Roots Innovative Approaches Trained by Many Lives, Many Masters author Dr. Brian Weiss

Inner Journeys

Helping a diverse clientele with a wide range of issues:

Depression • Anxiety • Internal and Relationship Conflict Grief • Energetic and Creative Blocks • Limiting Emotional Patterns Spirituality • Self-Esteem • More

Susan Wasserman, LICSW 414-961-0649

Nancy Hornby, LICSW 414-332-8159 For a complete list of our services, visit:

Convenient Shorewood Location

Visa/Mastercard • Insurance • Private Pay

$20 OFF

Ayurveda & Facial Services

Milwaukee | 414.227.2889 | IBW.EDU |

natural awakenings

April 2014


Stop Itching Within Seconds! Introducing DermaClear, the Amazing New Skin Repair Salve from Natural Awakenings



Our all natural personal skin care product brings comforting relief to sufferers of many skin irritations. DermaClear has proven to be effective against: • Shingles • Psoriasis • Eczema • Burns • Allergic Rash • Jock Itch • Stings • & more DermaClear will simply feel good putting it on. Cooling and soothing, the Calcium Montmorillonite/ Calcium Bentonite clay penetrates pores and open areas of the skin and pulls out toxins and inflammation. The proprietory blend of homeopathics go even deeper, address the root causes and assist to bring even deeper toxins to the surface.

29.99 FREE shipping April 1-30

4-oz jar-$


Order Online Today at or call 888-822-0246 Wholesale Pricing Available for Stores and Practitioners

Anne Wondra

Wonder Spirit LLC

Feminine Spirit Centered

(Living Less Complicated)

Soul Coach, Life Consultant High-level wellness, personal renaissance Spiritual teacher and counselor … beyond religions

A soul is a powerful and empowering thing… and awakening.




Ahhh... Springtime, Find Your Natural Match! the largest Join database of healthconscious and ecominded, spiritual singles for FREE!

Join for FREE at 10


Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Comes to Beber Camp

he third annual Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference will be held from June 6 to 8 at The Beber Camp, in Mukwonago, with 50 workshops and plant walks for novices and experienced herbalists alike. Topics include wild edibles, making herbal medicine, digestive health, menopause, crafting herbal lotions, natural pet and livestock care and natural mothering. Movement and plant journaling classes start the day. Evenings will conclude with music, storytelling, film screenings and fire circles by the lake. In addition to the main conference, there are five preconference intensives: Reading the Healing Plants, with Elizabeth Heck; Wild Edible Mushrooms, with Sarah Foltz Jordan; Herbs for Stress Relief, Immune Function and Mental Health, with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog; Demystifying the Herbal Pharmacy, with Lisa Ganor; and Holding the Ceremonial Bowl, with Brooke Medicine Eagle. Registration options and costs vary. Location: W 1741 County Rd. J, Mukwonago. Enter to win a ticket to a preconference workshop at Contest; contest expires May 20. For registration and more information, visit MidwestWomens

Talk Focuses on Cancer Prevention


olistic health coach and Reiki master Natalie Benoit leads a discussion, Nutrition for Cancer, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., April 30, at The Atrium, in Greendale. The talk will emphasize nutrition’s role in preventing and possibly reversing chronic disease. Natalie Benoit According to Benoit, one in three women and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and nutrition is a key factor in regaining and maintaining health. Her talk will help sort out conflicting and unclear information about diets, including which foods contribute to disease and which help prevent illness. “We are just beginning to understand how food literally communicates to cells in our bodies, and that even given our genetics or predisposition to disease, we have the ability to turn those genes on or keep those genes off. Our ability to heal is far greater than we’ve been permitted to believe,” comments Benoit, who owns Natalie Benoit, Reiki & Wellness, an alternative, complementary and functional medicine practice with locations in Greendale and Brookfield. Location: The Atrium, 6169B Industrial Ct., Greendale. For more information, call 414-651-2243, email or visit See ad, page 37.

AromaWellness Introduces Calming Essential Oils Blend


ma Bagadia, owner of Aroma Wellness, has created Serenity, an essential oils blend with relaxing qualities and a refreshing fragrance. Bagadia says that Serenity is an effective blend specially formulated to calm the nervous system, gently relieve stress and support a sense of peace. Serenity is the latest release in the Uma Bagadia AromaWellness line of 100 percent pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, oil blends and carrier oils; all can be disbursed topically, in baths or with a diffuser. According to Bagadia, the powerful healing properties of aromatherapy can complement any holistic medical approach to overall health and well-being. Bagadia is a certified clinical aromatherapist who earned a master’s degree in genetics while living in India and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She worked in health care for 23 years as a medical technologist for a major hospital system in Wisconsin.

Health Centered Biomimetic Dentistry Biomimetic Dentistry is tooth conserving dentistry, utilizing minimally invasive, modern scientifically proven techniques to: • Seal teeth from bacterial invasion • Avoid crowns • Eliminate root canals • Provide long lasting dentistry WE ArE tHE FIrSt AnD onLy BIoMIMEtIC trAInED DEntIStS In WISConSIn WE oFFEr: • Laser Dentistry • Drill Free Dentistry (air abrasion) • Safe Mercury removal We inform, educate, and support each client, empowering them to be their own healthcare advocate

Bryan Schwartz, D.D.S. Steve Carini, D.D.S 222 Franklin Street, Port Washington, WI 53074 262-284-2662

High quality holistic dental care for you and your family... We welcome you!

For more information, call 414-793-8645, email UBagadia@ or visit See ad, page 8. natural awakenings

April 2014


At a Crossroads in Your Life? Overwhelmed? Stuck? Don’t live your life by default! DESIGN the life of your dreams with clarity and action.

Visit me at the DARE to be AWARE Fair, April 6, in the Mitchell Park Domes. Bring this ad for a special coaching discount! Sue Keely, Certified SHIFT-IT Visual Coach One-on-one and small group coaching

Call NOW for information and to schedule a complimentary “At A Crossroads” session! 414.430.1024 or email me at

Satisfaction Interrupted Harvest Your History Investigate Your Now Focus on Your Future Trouble at the Border Ink It Don’t Just Think It Take Action


• Visit our Crystal and Gift Emporium, Meditation Tea Room and Expanded Healing Center. • Hundreds of unique crystal and mineral specimens, artist designed jewelry and accessories, fair trade gifts, books, relaxing music and essential oils and candles. • Housing the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine – Wisconsin’s Premier Energy Medicine Training Center. • Services include Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Reflexology.


Bring in this ad and receive a

10% discount


on your entire order

*excluding consignment

“A Functional Practice Where Everything is an Extension of Your Core”

Voted Top Yoga Studio SE Wisconsin

Hope Zvara is a Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Expert specializing in the true art of Yoga & Core Functional Fitness™ for students, teachers & fitness professionals interested in practicing authentic mind-body Yoga. Call 262 670-6688



newsbriefs Lectures and Meditation on Buddhist Approach to Loss and Compassion


omo Geshe Rinpoche, spiritual director of White Conch Dharma Center, in Neilsville, will explain Buddhist principles for coping with the challenges of loss, Domo Geshe healing and everyRinpoche day life in a series of three lectures, scheduled from 7 to 8:30 p.m., April 2, 3 and 4 (see endnote for locations). The first talk, How Much Loss Can One Person Take?, covers how to remain stable, healthy and compassionate in a time of loss. The second night, Exploring Buddhist/Christian Commonalities, emphasizes interfaith understanding. The final lecture, Being a Healing Presence in the World, will explore how people can direct their energies to benefit themselves and the world. Rinpoche will also lead a talk with a meditation on the four-armed Buddha Chenrezig, the embodiment of enlightenment, compassion, kindness, joy and equanimity, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., April 5, at The Atrium at Rolling Spirit, in Greendale. While being rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of transformative meditation, Rinpoche skillfully adapts the teachings to help Western students discover how to end self-created suffering and awaken deep compassion and wisdom. Cost: $15 per lecture on April 2, 3 and 4; $55 for lecture and meditation on April 5. Locations: Apr. 2 and 3, Marian Center for Nonprofits, 3211 S. Lake Dr., Rm. 123, Milwaukee; Apr. 4, Angel Light Healing Center for the Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd., Elm Grove; Apr. 5, 6169B Industrial Ct., Greendale. For more information, call 262-370-5974 or 414-732-1540, email or visit



Our newest store is opening in Mequon this Spring! At the intersection of Mequon Road (WI Hwy 167)

11am to 2pm

and Wauwatosa Road (WI Hwy 181)

at all Outpost store locations

it’s our

BIRTHDAY SandAMPLER we’re ready to party! Join us as we celebrate our 44th year as your hometown natural foods cooperative and you’ll enjoy samples of festive foods and drinks. Then at noon, we’ll serve up birthday cake, while supplies last. Plus, one lucky Outpost Co-op Owner will win a $100 gift card to Outpost in our grand prize drawing! (no purchase necessary - see stores for details) w w w . o u t p o s t . c o o p

o p e n

d a i l y

100 E. C apitol D rivE M ilwaukEE 7000 w. S tatE S trEEt w auwatoSa 2826 S. k inniCkinniC a vEnuE B ay v iEw •

4 1 4 . 4 3 1 . 3 3 7 7

Have you tried everything, but still aren’t feeling better? We are trained to tackle tough illnesses and conditions other physicians may have told you to “live with”.

Our practice combines years of medical expertise with years of advanced study

in evidence-based alternative intervention.

We are well connected to the medical community

so you do not have to feel like an outsider as you journey toward better health.

(414) 764-0920

Carol M. Brown, DO

147 West Ryan Road OakCreek, WI 53154

Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine

CMB HEALTH SPECIALTIES natural awakenings

April 2014


Sustainable Landscape Management

Full Service Landscape Maintenance Contracts Still Available

• Organic Fertilization and Weed Control (safer for kids and pets) • Customized Raised Beds and Edible Gardening Options


TGT_4.75x3.25_SpringAd.indd 1

2/17/14 3:36 PM

Connecting children with the natural world Farm-based educational Summer Camps, School Groups & Saturdays on the Farm

Tend Livestock & Farm Pets | Cultivate Gardens | Farm Cooking

262-642-9738 Bente Goldstein, Waldorf Teacher

Explore the Possible Sleep Well at 60

Play Tennis at 80

Think Clearly at 90


Fatigue Low Libido Weight Issues Memory Loss Chronic Pain Poor Sleep Lyme

• Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy • Identification of Toxins and Detoxification • Nutritionally Based & Supervised Weight Loss • Testosterone for Men... AND Women Brookfield Longevity

and Healthy Aging Clinic

John Whitcomb, MD

Board Certified Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

262-784-5300 17585 W North Ave, Brookfield

Individualized age management programs for both men and women. 14


Demonstration Engages with Horses and Nature


• Thoughtful Landscapes



n honor of the 2014 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, Robin GuayasaminSalerno, director of Innersongs, LLC, will host Conversations with Horses Robin from 11 a.m. to Guayasamin-Salerno 1 p.m., April 26, which focuses on experiential learning with horses and nature. Attendees interact among a herd of horses on the ground, instead of riding the horses, to learn the power of their wisdom and its effect on health, relationships and prosperity. In turn, clients become aware of their own resonance, explains Guayasamin-Salerno, who notes, “The vibrations of the horse near you can begin to change your heart rate, your breathing and your overall body chemistry in as little as 10 minutes. Imagine what is possible if you consciously respond with leadership, awareness, strength of purpose and presence of mind with the horses in the moment.” Cost: Free; preregistration required by Apr. 24. Location: S102W33389 Co. Rd. LO, Mukwonago. For more information, call 262-501-4838 or visit See CRG listing, page 44.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. ~Keri Russell

Milwaukee Celebrates Earth Day with Rock the Green


ock the Green, an organization committed to near-zero waste principles, ecoeducation and green music performances, is partnering with Milwaukee’s Office of Environmental Sustainability for the city’s third annual Earth Day Celebration, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 22, at the CityCenter at 735, along Milwaukee’s Riverwalk. Mayor Tom Barrett will join environmental leaders to deliver announcements, including sustainability plans for the city. Attendees can enjoy a live performance by indie pop duo Vic and Gab on a pedal-powered stage, as well as local food trucks and eco-educational booths sponsored by Earth-conscious organizations such as ReFresh Milwaukee, Me2, Rock the Green, Waste Management, the Department of Public Works and others. To help achieve the goal of near-zero waste, Waste Management will provide waste reclamation stations for recycling, compostables and waste, as well as compostable serving ware. Location: 735 N. Water St., Milwaukee. For more information, visit RockTheGreen. com. See ad, page 47.

Affordable Ayurvedic Services at Institute of Beauty and Wellness


he Institute of Beauty and Wellness, Aveda Beauty School, a college offering training in the fields of esthetics, cosmetology, massage therapy, ayurveda and nail design, has added ayurveda to its menu of services by students available to the public. Performed by students that are supervised by licensed instructors, the ayurvedic services are value priced (starting at $40) and designed to provide balance of body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda treatments will be offered from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays through early June. Clients are eligible for an introductory special of $20 off customized ayurvedic services through May. Owner Susan Haise founded the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in 1994 as The Skin Institute Esthetic Training Center. Faculty instructors have met licensing requirements and are trained in all aspects of hair, skin and nails, massage, body care and related subjects. Location: 327 E. St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee. For more information, call 414-319-7513 or visit See ad, page 9.

Treatment Options To Help You Get Healthy, Stay Healthy & Live Healthy Family practice Integrative medicine Chiropractic Acupuncture Weight loss and nutrition Massage therapy Physical therapy Occupational therapy Speech therapy THE ROAD TO BETTER H E A LT H L E A D S H E R E BROOKFIELD OFFICE Integrative Family Wellness Center 262-754-4910 CEDARBURG OFFICE Cedarburg Family Wellness Center 262-376-1150 SHEBOYGAN OFFICE Progressive Beginnings Family Wellness Center 920-803-1617 Most major medical insurance accepted

natural awakenings

April 2014



Air Conditioning Tomatoes Prevent Cleans Up and Even Treat Indoor Air Liver Disease


omatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant content, anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, plus benefits to heart health. Now, research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center, at Tufts University, in Boston, Massachusetts, has found that consuming tomatoes—particularly their lycopene content—can also help prevent and even treat both liver disease and cancer of the liver. The researchers combed through 241 studies and scientific papers to connect the dots. They report that lycopene up regulates the sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) protein, meaning it increases the number of receptors on cell surfaces, thereby increasing cellular response to it. SIRT1 activation is recognized to protect against obesityinduced inflammation and degeneration of the liver, explain the study’s authors. Lycopene was found to protect against fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis and the formation of cancer in the liver and lungs. Multiple studies have shown cooked tomatoes and tomato sauce offer increased bioavailability of healthful lycopene.

Olive Leaf Outperforms Diabetes Drug


live leaf may provide nature’s answer to diabetes treatment. A recent study from the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, suggests that olive leaf extract can help reduce insulin resistance and increase insulin production by beta cells in the pancreas. The researchers tested 46 middle-aged, obese adults at risk for developing metabolic syndrome-related Type 2 diabetes. In the double-blind, placebo-controlled study, olive leaf extract outperformed the diabetes drug metformin and “significantly improved insulin sensitivity and pancreatic beta-cell secretory capacity,” according to the researchers. Insulin helps escort glucose into the body’s cells.




ir conditioning does more than keep us cool. A study of 300 adults and homes concludes that central air conditioning removes significant levels of volatile organic compounds and pollution particulates from indoor air. The research, published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, finds that using air conditioning with windows closed reduced indoor air pollution the most. One caveat, however, is that the research was conducted in Taipei, China—notable for its extreme outdoor pollution. Another recent study published in Environmental Science confirms the general premise. A research team in Zhejiang, China, found that air conditioning reduced the presence of potent atmospheric pollutants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAC) by 23 percent. PACs contain compounds that are carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic (damaging to fetuses).


Hot ‘n Sunny

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Food Charter

United Nations Blueprints Sustainability Goals A new publication, Trade and Environment Review: Wake Up Before it is Too Late, from the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development, declares that transformative changes are needed in current food, agriculture and trade systems to increase diversity on farms, reduce use of fertilizer and other inputs, support small-scale farmers and create strong local food systems. Key indicators of needed transformation in agriculture include increased soil carbon content and better integration between crop and livestock production; more incorporation of agroforestry and wild vegetation; reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of livestock production; reduction of GHG through sustainable peatland, forest and grassland management; optimization of organic and inorganic fertilizer use; reduction of waste throughout the food chains; changing dietary patterns toward climate-friendly food consumption; and reform of the international trade regime for food and agriculture. The report includes contributions from more than 60 international experts, including a commentary from the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy. Source:

Marine Maneuvers

Harnessing the Ocean’s Power Potential The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investing $16 million on 17 tidal and wave projects to sustainably and efficiently capture energy from waves, tides and currents. The projects will also help gather crucial data on how these devices interact with the surrounding environment. The DOE will also spend $13.5 million on eight projects to help U.S. companies build durable, efficient wave and tidal devices that reduce overall costs and maximize the amount of energy captured. Specifically, the projects will focus on developing new components and software that predicts ocean conditions and adjusts device settings accordingly to optimize power production.

Cheaper Solar Panels Spur Job Growth Solar industry jobs are up nearly 20 percent in the 14 months through November 2013 as cheaper panels and rising electricity rates spurred people to turn to solar, according to a report by the nonprofit Solar Foundation research group. At latest count, solar companies employ nearly 143,000 solar workers, up more than 23,000 from September 2012—a job growth rate that’s 10 times faster than the national average and is helping local economies, according to the foundation. The industry is expected to create 22,000 new jobs in 2014, although at a slower pace than 2013. Cuts of 8,500 positions are projected in the sector that generates electricity from fossil fuels. Solar firms surveyed in the report said that more than 50 percent of their business and homeowner customers turned to solar to save money, while nearly 23 percent said they invested in panels because costs are now comparable with utility rates. The report noted that the cost of solar equipment has fallen about 50 percent since the beginning of 2010, motivating more people to go green.


Trees are Trying

Forests Have Limited Powers to Save Us Forests have a finite capacity to soak up atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a recent study from Northern Arizona University. Results published in the online journal New Phytologist illustrate how today’s rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) might alter the carbon and nitrogen content of ecosystems. In contrast to expectations, research over an 11-year period showed that ecosystem carbon uptake was not significantly increased by high CO2. While plants did contain more carbon in the presence of higher CO2 levels, the soil lost carbon content due to microbial decomposition. These factors essentially canceled each other out, signifying that nature cannot entirely self-correct against climate change. natural awakenings

April 2014


routine. You grow a strong bond with your home.” Securing a much smaller dwelling than what we originally had designs on can lead to a lifetime of savings. With less space to furnish, heat, cool, light, clean and maintain, we can enjoy greater financial freedom, less stress and more time for fun.

2. Deciding Where to Live


SAVE BIG Five Eco-Friendly Life Decisions that Can Actually Save Us Money by Crissy Trask


very pivotal life decision, from choosing where we live to eating healthier, can support our best interests environmentally, as well. The good news is that it is possible to afford a sustainable way of life. Eco-friendly choices for housing, vehicles and food— generally perceived as expensive for the average individual or family—often are not only attainable when pursued in a thoughtful way, but can actually save us money compared to maintaining the status quo.

1. Buying a Home

When considering a move to a new place, we often find out how much house we can manage and then proceed to invest to the hilt. But if hitting our spending limit will leave a deficit in the amount of green and healthy home features and furnishings we can achieve, we could end up with a residence that makes neither financial nor 18


ecological sense, and isn’t good for our health. A solution is to scale back on costly square footage. Spending 25 to 40 percent less than we think we can on a smaller home provides more possibilities when planning the renovation budget, enabling us to create a home that is more deeply satisfying. Nicole Alvarez, an architectural designer with Ellen Cassilly Architect, in Durham, North Carolina, who blogs at, says that if we value quality over quantity, place over space and living more intentionally in every aspect of our lives, we are ready for a small home. Occupying less space has profoundly influenced her daily life and happiness. Alvarez has found, “When space is limited, everything has a function and a purpose. Everything has to be intentional. Over time, as you grow in the home, you make small modifications to personalize it more to adjust to your

Urban, suburban or rural, where we live incurs long-term repercussions on the natural environment. Choosing an established community within or close to an urban center tends to be more protective of air, water and land quality than living in a distant, car-dependent suburb, yet many families feel either drawn to or resigned to the suburbs for the lower housing prices. But as Ilana Preuss, vice president at Washington, D.C.-based Smart Growth America, explains, “There is more to housing affordability than how much rent or mortgage we pay. Transportation costs are the second-biggest budget item for most families. In locations with access to few transportation choices, the combined cost of housing and transportation can be more than 60 percent of the total household budget. For families with access to a range of transportation choices, the combined cost can be less than 40 percent.” In most suburbs, where the only practical transportation choice is a personal vehicle, dependency on a car takes a toll on us financially and physically. Driving a personal vehicle 15,000 miles a year can cost about $9,122 annually in ownership and operating expenses, according to AAA’s 2013 Your Driving Costs report, and hours spent daily sitting behind the wheel being sedentary is eroding our health. Lack of transportation options is a leading detriment to the nation’s collective wellness, according to the federal agency Healthy People. Sustainable cities provide many transportation options, including public buses and trains, car-sharing services and all forms of ride sharing; and perhaps most importantly, they are bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Choosing communities that make it possible to reduce driving and even go car-free

price of $28,431, the category has been around long enough to create a market in previously owned vehicles. A used hybrid that is just two years old can cost up to 25 percent less than a new one.

4. Buying American Eco-friendly choices for housing, vehicles and food—generally perceived as expensive for the average individual or family—often are not only attainable when pursued in a thoughtful way, but can actually save us money compared to maintaining the status quo. much of the time can save us money, reduce stress and improve our health.

3. Choosing a Car

We know two primary facts about cars: They are expensive and those with internal combustion engines pollute during operation. Still, many of us need one. Reducing the total impact and burden of owning a car can be as simple as prioritizing fuel efficiency. It helps that fuel-sippers now come in more sizes than just small, yet small subcompacts remain a good place to start our research because of their budget-friendly prices and high fuel economy. A subcompact that averages 32 miles per gallon (mpg) and has a sticker price below $15,000 can save us so much money compared with a top-selling compact SUV—upwards of $16,000 over five years, according to—that if we need a larger vehicle on occasion, we can more easily afford to rent one. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), both small and midsized, can be an even better choice, averaging 41 mpg. Cost comparisons show that an HEV can save a heavily travelling city driver nearly $1,000 in fuel costs annually versus a comparably sized conventional gasolinepowered car. Although a 2014 midsized HEV has an average suggested retail

According to Consumer Reports, many shoppers prefer to buy products made in the USA, but with more than 60 percent of all consumer goods now produced overseas, finding American goods is not always easy. The good news is that buying American doesn’t mean only buying American made. We back the U.S. economy and jobs when we purchase used items that have been renewed or repurposed by enterprising citizens. Creative reuse supports new and existing businesses that collect, clean, sort, recondition, refurbish, remanufacture, update, refinish, reupholster, repair, tailor, distribute and sell used parts, materials and finished goods. Sarah Baird, director of outreach and communications of the Center for a New American Dream, an organization working to shift consumption away from wasteful trends, loves the history of used items. She says, “An item that has already lived one life has a story to tell, and is infinitely more interesting than anything newly manufactured.” Another reward is the big savings afforded by previously owned durable goods; not even America’s big-box discount retailers can beat these genuine bargains. Of course, not everything is available in the used marketplace, but when it makes sense, we can proudly know that our purchases support American ingenuity and workers.


Gardening & Consulting Services Home-based in NW Milwaukee Garden Consultation • Instruction • Design Wildflowers & Woodland Gardens Organic Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Prairies, small ponds, rain gardens Creating habitat gardens that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and pollinators, thus adding more diversity to the ecosystem. Environmentally sustainable landscape practice in all areas/habitats. Winter Services Landscaping Design Thinning & Renewal Pruning Garden talks to groups on various organic garden topics & lifestyle.

Remember, life begins in the garden!

Diane M. Olson-Schmidt


Creating habitats for over 15 years.

5. Getting Healthy

Going green is healthy in innumerable ways. In addition to driving less, banning toxic products from our household cupboards and dinner plates is another solid place to start on the road to improved well-being for ourselves and the planet. Toxic consumer products pollute the planet, from manufacture through use and disposal. They aren’t doing us any favors. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average human body now contains an estimated 700 industrial compounds, pollutants natural awakenings

April 2014


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The newest hybrids have been around for more than a decade, and the batteries have held up extremely well, lasting 150,000 to 200,000 miles in some cases. ~ and other chemicals due to exposure to toxic consumer products and industrial chemicals. After researching proper local disposal of such hazards, replace them on future shopping forays with safer choices. It’s an investment in our health that can save untold pain and money and pay off big time in avoiding health problems ranging from cancer, asthma and chronic diseases to impaired fertility, birth defects and learning disabilities according to the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition. To reduce exposure to the toxins that are commonly sprayed on conventional crops, select sustainable and organic versions of foods to prepare at home whenever possible. Such choices help keep both our bodies and the environment healthy and can be surprisingly affordable compared with eating out and consuming prepackaged convenience foods. By substituting whole foods for prepared foods, cooking more meals at home and practicing good eating habits—like eating less meat and downsizing portions—the average person can enjoy high-quality food for $7 to $11 per day. This matches or falls below what the average American daily spends on food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Considering that diet-related diseases can cost afflicted families thousands of dollars a year, better food choices can make us not only healthier, but wealthier, too. Crissy Trask is the author of Go Green, Spend Less, Live Better. Connect at


FarmWise Education Teaches Kids Real-Life Skills by Sheila Julson


ente Goldstein, founder of FarmWise Education, in Elkhorn, grew up as the child of intellectual parents in Oslo, Norway, that were primarily city dwellers. Yet, she also became familiar with sustainable, rural life. Her family lived in several locations along Norway’s west coast, and as a teen, Goldstein worked in mountain pastures, called seters, where she milked cows and tended to animals. “Some rural children were encouraged to work themselves away from farm life and become successful in the city,” Goldstein reminisces. “But I was encouraged to embrace both city and farm life.” Even with packaged, processed food rapidly entering the mainstream at midcentury, her mother held true to organic food, farming and recycling. Now, Goldstein incorporates the experience of small farm life into a unique learning program for kids that applies the principles of Waldorf education, with which Goldstein is thoroughly acquainted. After studying at the University of Oslo, in Norway, she attended Emerson College, in England, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in the humanistic teaching philosophy and approach developed by Waldorf pioneer Rudolf Steiner. There, she met her husband, Walter Goldstein, who was studying organic and biodynamic farming. After marrying, the couple settled in East Troy, Wisconsin, where Walter began his career with the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. Their three sons, Bendik, Elias and Hans Kristian, are now all classical musicians. Goldstein taught at several Waldorf schools and was instrumental in starting Prairie Hill Waldorf School, which was founded in 1987, in Pewaukee. Shortly afterwards, she and her husband bought a 35-acre hobby farm in

Elkhorn. Convinced that children of the technological age needed more interaction with the environment, Goldstein started bringing students out to the farm to learn and experience sustainable farm life firsthand. “The kids left with a sense of accomplishment after a day of fresh air and getting their hands dirty planting seeds, fixing fences or kneading dough to bake bread,” she affirms. After Goldstein retired from teaching, she heard from teachers that wanted to bring students to the farm to engage in enriching homesteading experiences. Convinced that she could offer a comprehensive educational farm program for kids, Goldstein, along with a friend, veterinarian Dana Burns, applied for a grant from Martina Mann, the co-founder of the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, to start a nonprofit called A Week on the Farm. They transformed a barn on Nokomis Farm, in East Troy, into a school barn to teach livestock care to children. One program encouraged participants to use their farm chores as an opportunity to strive in the areas of reliability, integrity, stamina and ethics, from which the acronym and program name RISE was derived. Upon completion, students earned a certificate. “Then we went to area businesses whose owners complained that they couldn’t find good workers, and we asked them to sponsor the kids,” Goldstein recalls. “Some children received training from the businesses and became good workers.” A Week on the Farm ran from 1999 through 2006, when it became too costly to operate. In 2008, Goldstein started FarmWise Education, a farm-based learning center, on her own Elkhorn property. Students experience a day of life on the farm via four categories of tasks: aspects of animal

care; growing produce from sowing to harvest; preparing lunch from scratch; and doing maintenance work, such as repairing barns and fences. The children learn and sing folk songs from all over the world while working, Goldstein says, reminiscent of when people sang to help lighten a day of physical labor. She estimates that several hundred kids from Waldorf, Montessori, public and home schools throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois have participated in FarmWise Education’s day programs and camps. With high-tech gadgets dominating today’s society, Goldstein holds a firm belief that staring at rectangular screens all day can make kids lose interest in things in the actual world. “Life on a screen moves faster than real life, and sometimes can be more captivating; but engaging in the real world, doing salt-of-the-earth work, give kids a sense of meaning and accomplishment,” reflects Goldstein, who was a workshop presenter at the parenting conference, Weaving a New Web: Education and Parenting in an Era of Technological Change, that was held at Prairie Hill Waldorf School on March 1. “When kids arrive at the farm in the morning, they are often glued to their iPhones, or they appear bored,” Goldstein observes, “but they leave at the end of the day with a different attitude, totally excited about life. They feel like they matter, and what they did meant something, like making nesting boxes for the chickens so the eggs don’t roll away, or fixing a fence so animals don’t escape. They learned how to solve a real life problem.” FarmWise Education is located at W2331 Kniep Rd., in Elkhorn. For more information, call 262-642-9738 or visit FarmWise See ad, page 14.

natural awakenings

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Ice Chaser

from the inside out

James Balog’s Dramatic Images Document Climate Change

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ational Geographic photographer James Balog says he was skeptical about climate change until he saw it happening firsthand. Watching once-towering glaciers falling into the sea inspired his most challenging assignment in a storied 30-year career— finding a way to photograph climate change. In exploring Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey, a breathtaking photographic record of vanishing glaciers, and his award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice, Natural Awakenings asked about the challenges he faced to bring this dramatic evidence of climate change to a world audience.

How did seeing glaciers shrink “before your eyes” move you to endure sometimes lifethreatening conditions to get these images on record? I fell in love with ice decades ago as a young mountaineer and scientist. I loved to get up before dawn and hike out on a glacier in Mount Rainier or one in the Alps, watch the light come up and hear the crunch of the frozen ice underfoot. On a trip to Iceland early in the project, I was looking at these little diamonds of ice that were left behind on the beach after the glaciers broke up. The surf had polished them into incredible shapes and textures. Walking the beach, you’d realize each one was a unique natural sculpture that 22


existed only for that moment before the return of high tide stole it away. Nobody would ever see it again. That was an amazing aesthetic and metaphysical experience. I realized that I wanted people to share this experience, to see the glaciers disappearing. This visual manifestation and evidence of climate change is here, happening right before our eyes. It is undeniable.

Why do these photos and videos help us grasp the scale of Planet Earth’s climate changes already underway? When people encounter Extreme Ice Survey images, their response is typically immediate and dramatic. It is the first step toward caring about a distant landscape most will never experience in person, enabling them to connect the dots between what happens far away and the rising sea levels, extreme weather events and other climaterelated issues closer to home.

What can an everyday person do to help underscore the global scientific consensus and urgency of addressing global warming? Lobbyists and pundits seek confusion and controversy, because ignorance seeks to hide within a noise cloud of false information. As long as the public thinks climate change isn’t real or that science is still debating it, fossil fuel industries protect their profits. Without

you invest in your health. social clarity, the political leaders financially beholden to fossil fuel industries have no motivation to act. Market signals don’t help us make correct decisions when the military, health and environmental costs of fossil fuels that spread throughout the economic system don’t show up in today’s gasoline prices and electricity bills. Science and art seek clarity and vision. Clear perception is the key to changing the impact we’re having on our home planet. With social clarity, the policy, economic and technological solutions to wise energy use and countering climate change can be widely implemented. The path forward is being traveled by individuals committed to improving their own lives and communities; by school children who can’t stand the inaction of their elders; by innovative entrepreneurs and corporations eager to make or save money; by military generals seeking to protect their country and their soldiers; and by political leaders of courage and vision. We are all complicit with action or skeptical inaction; we can all participate in solutions to climate change.

What’s next on the horizon for you? We will continue to keep the Extreme Ice Survey cameras alive. This project doesn’t end just because the film came out. We plan to keep observing the world indefinitely. We’ll install more cameras in Antarctica; funding permitting, we also hope to expand into South America. I intend to continue looking at human-caused changes in the natural world, which is what I’ve been photographing for 30 years. I’m developing a couple of other big ideas for conveying innovative, artistic and compelling interpretations of the world as it’s changing around us. I will continue doing self-directed educational projects through our new nonprofit, Earth Vision Trust. Overall, I feel a great obligation to preserve a pictorial memory of vanishing landscapes for the people of the future. Christine MacDonald is a freelance journalist in Washington, D.C., whose specialties include health and science. Visit

Powerful ideas. Life-changing stories. Milwaukee Public Radio.




NA_WUWMPowerfulIdeas.indd 1


natural awakenings

wuwmradio 9/13/2013 4:56:15 PM 23 April 2014

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As a community, we gather to explore and honor spiritual awareness regardless of tradition, that we might be vital participants in the future of humanity. See ad, page 36. Rev. Sheila Graves The little country church with the universal message ☼ Living Spirit Church is a spiritual community that is MARY LELLE metaphysical… interdenominational… inspirational open-minded...unifying…evolutionary 608-288-9007 We offer a place for you to awaken to and explore the Sacred Life Force underlying all spiritual paths a transformative relationship with this Universal Source Mary, energy medicine belief in personal worthan and responsibility specialist, works with people and a passion for participating in our collective future

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“contentment in the present moment”

Connected home office for sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin Clinic Summary -Expansive Reception Area -8 Large Treatment / Consultation Rooms -Approx 2,700 Sq. Ft. Home Summary -3 Bedrooms / 3 Full Baths -2 Story Great Room with Vaulted Ceiling -2 Fireplaces -3 Season Room -Approx 3,300 Sq. Ft. This space could be used for: chiropractic, medicine, dentistry, massage, acupuncture, counseling, yoga, tai chi, or something you dream up!

For more information visit: Or Contact: Andrew C. Smith (262) 542-6227

The first place to come for your healing. “With acupuncture, I will help you get relief from pain, balance your hormones, reduce or eliminate frequent headaches and find solutions to infertility, increasing your chances to conceive.” ~ JACQUE STOCK, Diplomate of Acupuncture 262-860-6020

“Through Reiki, sound healing, and spiritual and shamanic healing, experience the ability to release heavy emotions, reconnect with yourself and heal old wounds. Allow my hands to mend you with massage.”

Call for a free phone consultation.

~ LYNNE AUSTIN, Healer, Teacher, Author 262-860-6021

Gayatri Center for Healing 28


675 Brookfield Rd., Brookfield • 262-860-6020/6021

Lynne Austin

Jacque Stock


Backyard Birds and Butterflies Native Habitats Draw Critters and Delight Kids by Avery Mack


reating a backyard wildlife habitat provides valuable teaching moments. With planning and care, birds, bats, butterflies and bunnies can view yards as safe havens and sources for food, water and shelter, providing endless fascination. Hummingbird Josh Stasik, a father of three and owner of SweetNectar Recipe, in Syracuse, Measure one part New York, sees firsthand ordinary white sugar how feeding winged wonto four parts water ders can be an inexpensive (no unhealthy red way to start a new family dye needed). Boil activity. “My mom taught me about flowers and bird the water first, and feeders. I hope my kids will then mix the nectar someday pass the informawhile the water is tion along to their chilhot; the sugar will dren,” he says. easily dissolve. Habitat plantings and available foods determine Source: what creatures will visit.

“Native plants attract native bugs that are eaten by native birds and bats,” observes Stasik, noting that staff at extension services and garden centers can provide helpful advice. Based on his own research, Stasik knows, “Bird species have definite tastes in food. Bluebirds love mealworms. Hummingbirds like floral nectars. Orioles look for citrus fruit. Butterflies are eclectic sippers of both floral and citrus.” Hummingbirds pose particular appeal for kids and adults because they appear always on the move. map.html follows their migration sites. Videographer Tom Hoebbel, owner of TH Photography, outside Ithaca,

New York, builds birdhouses and nesting boxes with his kids. They also participate in the annual Christmas bird count for the Audubon Society (Birds.Audubon. org/Christmasbird-count). The Great Backyard Bird Count, a joint project between nonprofits Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, folbird photos courtesy of Susan lows in February Gottlieb, of Venice, California ( “In our yard, we have five nesting boxes made from reused wood. Once or twice a week, we check to see who lives there and how many eggs there are,” says Hoebbel. “So far, we’ve seen bluebirds, chickadees and house wrens.” He laments the rapid decline of bats in the Northeast due to pesticides killing bugs, the main course for birds and bats. “In the winter, bats live in caves, so we put one-by-one-foot boxes in the yard for their summer homes.” Warm evenings on the patio are more enjoyable when bats clean up the mosquito population; a single bat can eat as many as 1,000 in an hour. The monarch butterfly population is another favorite species in decline, with the spectacular annual migration on the verge of disappearing due to illegal deforestation, climate change, expansion of crop acreage and imposition of genetically modified plants that reduce the growth of native species. “You can help them by planting perennial milkweed in your garden,” advises Brande Plotnick, founder of Tomato Envy, in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Milkweed is the food of choice because it makes the caterpillars and butterflies toxic to birds and other predators. Also consider planting garden phlox, coneflower and lantana. Migrating monarchs live about nine months and fly up to 30 miles per hour. Plotnick also suggests planting an herb garden

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F                         FREE      Wellness  Fair  


May 3

11 - 3pm

                                                                                                                                                                                 Free  Classes        Demos          Consults        Health  Talks  &  Giveaways                        INDOOR  &  OUTDOOR  BOOTHS    


Rock  C  limbing  Wall  for  Kids        Healthy  Cook-­‐out   Free  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I  nterested                                            i  n          r    enting                              a        b      ooth?                                C      all              2    62                2      44-­‐7231                                                                                  Immediately  following  Lake  Walk  for  Cancer-­‐Oconomowoc                                                                               Right off Hwy 16- Hwy P North, Oconomowoc Lakes Plaza W359 N5002 Brown Street 262 244-7231      


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Milwaukee 1-800-991-7088

that includes parsley. “Swallowtail butterflies will lay eggs on parsley, caterpillars hatch and feed on it, and eventually create a chrysalis,” she says. “You’ll be able to see the entire butterfly life cycle.” Rabbits add another dimension to backyard wildlife. Just as birds and butterflies need trees, bushes and plants to land on and hide in, bunnies need ground cover. The Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries counsels that brush piles should start with a base of large limbs, logs or stones to raise the floor above ground and create tunnels and escape routes, plus a home base. Top with smaller branches and maybe a recycled Christmas tree or dead plants. Encourage structural density and permanence with live vines. The resulting brush pile should be igloo-shaped and about six to eight feet tall and wide. Visit City ordinances or subdivision regulations might prohibit brush piles in ordinary yards. Find out how to gain certification as a wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation at Rabbits can have as many as seven babies per litter, depending on the species. Make sure their space is sufficient. Before attracting bunnies to the yard, be aware of local predators—hawks, owls, coyote, dogs and stray cats. The brush pile may also attract other animals like skunks, raccoons and reptiles. A wildlife habitat is a fun, ongoing learning experience. It calls on math skills for bird counts, geography to follow migration maps and woodworking to build homesites and feeding spots. It becomes a lesson in local ecology and the roles of native plants and animals. When children comprehend they can help save wildlife, it’s also a lesson in hope. Avery Mack is a freelance writer in St. Louis, MO. Connect via

Feed Your Spirit... GoLightly LLC InSpirit’d Jewelry, Spirit Wheels, Spirit Catchers, drums, smudging supplies, medicine bags, etc... Donna Spencer 414-750-7472 See us at the Dare to be Aware Fair

UNITY CHURCH The friendly place to be. Learning, Growing, Changing on your spiritual path.


Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all. 1717 North 73rd Street Wauwatosa, WI 53213 414-475-0105 Sunday service 10:30am

Our Teachings

Habitat Tips Recognize the basic needs of all wildlife; food, water, cover and safe places to raise young.

Unity teaches that each person is a unique expression of God created with sacred worth. Living from that awareness transforms our lives and the world.

✔ Determine the most desirable species to attract and learn their specific needs. ✔ Evaluate current yard habitat conditions for missing elements. ✔ Develop a plant list; select for wildlife value, emphasizing native plants suitable for the region. ✔ Realize that habitat will grow larger and mature.

Laura Haberstroh

Licensed Massage Therapist

Cranio-sacral, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Thai Massage

✔ Certify the family’s backyard wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. Source: Education Department at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA

Essence Healing Arts Centre

285 Forest Grove #102 • Pewaukee, WI 53072 By Appointment Only: Mon-Thurs. • Ph: 262-844-9213 natural awakenings

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Be Part of “The Shift” in Our Nation’s Health

Become a

Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Today!

-Certified by the AONH -Complete in 3 months

-Online & Classroom Training -More than a Health Coach

To LEARN MORE & REGISTER go to or call 262-339-4042



Helping Pollinators in Peril by Diane Olson-Schmidt


oneybees are one of the most essential and observable pollinators of agricultural crops. As their population has begun to decline recently in North America and Europe, scientists and environmentalists alike are concerned about pollinator shortages. Contributors to the decline are climate change, habitat destruction and pathogens, such as Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis, and the use of pesticides and fungicides, which contaminate pollen and make honeybees more susceptible to infection by Nosema species, according to a 2013 study led by Dennis vanEngelsdorp, an assistant research scientist with the University of Maryland department of entomology. Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the research suggests that the interaction of these factors appear to strengthen the negative effects. The Nosema species can cause complete collapse of honeybee colonies. In addition to the social honeybees, several types of solitary native bees are responsible for the pollination of about 60 percent of the total flowers in North America: mason, green sweat, mining and leafcutter. Pollination produces fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and of course, honey. Native, social bumblebees are the only pollinators of tomatoes. Our food supply, and therefore our very survival, depends upon pollinators. We can help the plight of the pollinators by adding diversity to our yards and gardens, even with something as simple as a container garden on a balcony. Adding lowgrowing, flowering plants in front of foundation shrubs or hedges also provides opportunities for pollination. In the vegetable garden, we can add a flowering mix, including plants in the parsley family along the edge, as well as annuals like marigolds and herbs such as thyme and lavender. Bees prefer the flower colors purple, blue, violet, white and yellow, and although they do not see red, they can see ultraviolet patterns on not visible to humans in normal light. The patterns, along with other cues like scent, are believed to guide the bees into the flower. Plants with tubular flowers attract skipper butterflies and sphinx moths. Hummingbirds like large red or orange tubes that produce ample, dilute nectar. Flowers from the daisy family are rich in nectar and pollen. Spring choices include the purple coneflower, blackeyed Susan, sweet alyssum, dandelion and wild geranium.

We can help the plight of the pollinators even with something as simple as a container garden on a balcony. Joe Pye weed and cardinal flowers are good mid-summer selections, and asters and goldenrods do well in the fall. Native plants work well because local pollinators have evolved alongside them. Some newer cultivars may have been bred for beauty at the expense of pollen or nectar production; for instance, double-flowered varieties are sterile and their pollen or nectar is usually inaccessible or blocked. Most bees forage within 100 to 200 yards from their nests, so the availability of nesting habitat is another important factor for bee survival. Most native bees nest underground in well-drained soil; bumblebees, for instance, prefer rocky sites. Some mason bees nest in holes in brick and limestone; gardeners can purchase or build mason bee houses and install them with entrance holes facing east or southeast. Leafcutter bees nest in dead branches of trees; when pruning, leaving patches of dead plant stalks at the edge of the garden provides nesting for them, as well as overwintering shelter for other beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and praying mantises, and cocooning habitat for caterpillars. Avoiding the use of pesticides and fungicides may be one of the most helpful things we can do for pollinators. Most pesticides, even organic ones, are not selective and will kill beneficial insects and pollinators. Do not use neonicatoids, not even for ash trees. Avoid spraying neem oil on flowers to control Japanese beetles because it will kill bees and pollinators. Use sustainable and manual (hand) methods of pest and disease control whenever possible. Proper plant pruning, mulching, non-chemical weed control and removal of diseased plant parts makes plants stronger and more fertile by increasing water and nutrient availability and reducing pests and diseases, while protecting pollinators and providing them a thriving habitat. Diane Olson-Schmidt owns LaceWing Gardening and Consulting Services. For more information, call 414-793-3652 or email See ad, page 19.

ALL in the SEED


From the beginning, mankind has been searching for remedies for pain and sickness, to promote an overall better health and way of life. Thousands of years ago this quest led man to the seed. And not just any seed, but the black cumin seed. Ever since then, the black cumin seed has been the go-to solution for numerous ailments and adverse conditions. Rain International is thrilled to bring you SOUL. A product that contains all of the health benefits of the black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, grape seed and D-Ribose.

For more information contact: Linda L. DeVoe | 262.567.1700 |

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As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love! No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine. To determine if owning a Natural Awakenings is right for you and your target community, call us at:

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Wilderness in Sidewalk Cracks Small Nature Reaches Out to City Kids by Greg Hanscom


ity kids are often taught that nature is out there beyond the city limits, but one science educator and photographer shows how everyday nature has the power to transform. You can take Molly Steinwald out of the city, but you’ll never get the city out of her. Growing up as a free-schoollunch kid on the outskirts of Manchester, New Hampshire, she notes, “I didn’t do the skiing and mountain climbing thing.” Instead, she found solace watching ants parade across the sidewalk or tracing the intricate lines on a leaf. Yet when she graduated from high school, Steinwald traveled as far as she could from those city streets, earning a degree in biology, and then a master’s degree in ecology researching kangaroo rats in Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains. Still, the city always tugged at her. “I was really excited about big nature,” Steinwald says. “But I kept coming back to small-scale, mundane nature that I knew as a kid. I felt I needed to get back to help people who never see this stuff.” Today, Steinwald is doing just that. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. researching human interactions with nature in built environments. As director of science education and research at the Phipps Conservatory, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she has been charged with reimagining urban environmental education and reaching out to at-risk youth. Her basic assumption is: One doesn’t have to go to a national park, or even a city park, to connect with the natural world. It’s crawling past us on

the sidewalk or drifting through the air right under our nose. That, she says, is where city kids can forge a lasting connection with nature—if they’re paying attention. As one of the many ways to get kids to tune in, Steinwald directs programs that arm them with digital cameras and challenges them to take pictures of the fragments of nature they find on the streets. The approach is a departure from the belief held by some that “nature” is defined as parks or green spaces—places apart from our everyday lives. Lisa Graumlich, dean of the University of Washington School of the Environment, in Seattle, Washington, says Steinwald is making waves in environmental education circles: “She was an urban kid. She brings the voice of someone from a different economic class to the table.” Graumlich says it makes intuitive sense that connecting with street-level nature will help build a lasting bond with the natural world. The next challenge is figuring out how to provide kids with more of these experiences: “It may be as simple as a mom walking home from the bus stop with bags of groceries and two children in tow, feeling like she has time to look at a sidewalk crack with them.” “A lot of nature in the city is really small,” Steinwald observes. “I want to show these kids that even if their nature is small, it’s still darned good nature.” Greg Hanscom is a senior editor for, in Seattle, WA.

YOUR BODY. YOUR INSTRUMENT FOR LIFE. You have only one body. Let it play to its full potential with the benefits of therapeutic massage. Relieve chronic and acute pain, accelerate recovery time and experience the benefits of postural alignment.

MASSAGE SERVICES OFFERED Deep tissue Therapeutic Muscle Release Therapy Hot Stone CranioSacral Lypossage Swedish

Contact Rob Reader, L.M.T., official massage therapist for the Milwaukee Ballet at 414-721-6942 or Wendy Halfpap, L.M.T., integrative massage specialist at 414-839-7688. ACTIVE BODY WELLNESS

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If the Christ or Buddha

returned today, would you recognize Him?


Qi Whiz

Qigong Steps Up Vitality and Serenity

The way of LOVE will engage your heart. It will fire your imagination. It will restore your purpose for living.

800.860.8035 by Meredith Montgomery

Visit our website for events in your area

A proven practice for supporting health and selfhealing, qigong has been used in China for millennia to maintain and improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“Q Rev. Sheila Graves The little country church with the universal message ☼ Living Spirit Church is a spiritual community that is metaphysical… interdenominational… inspirational open-minded...unifying…evolutionary We offer a place for you to awaken to and explore the Sacred Life Force underlying all spiritual paths a transformative relationship with this Universal Source belief in personal worth and responsibility a passion for participating in our collective future Join us for Sunday Service10:15 am Spiritual Community • Groups • Special Events • Auctions Bookstore & Gift Shop • Classes • Picnic • Spirit Faires Living Spirit Church W229 S9060 Clark Street (HWY 164) • Big Bend, WI • Living Spirit brings us together…together we change the world 36


i” (pronounced chee) refers to the life force or vital energy present in all things throughout the universe while “gong” means dedicated effort or steady practice of a skill. Qigong is the art of working intensely with this energy, cultivating life force. Acupuncture physician and qigong instructor Walter Hayley, in Bonita Springs, Florida, became passionate about qigong while working as a stockbroker in need of stress relief. He compares qigong’s movement of energy in the body to water running through a hose: “Qi is concentrated in channels throughout the body. Think of the qi as water and those channels as a garden hose branching out to every aspect of the individual. Stress, whether physical or emotional, can kink the hose. Qigong helps get the kinks out,” he explains. “It relaxes the body, letting energy flow more efficiently, allowing the body to heal itself.” Qigong styles vary, but Hayley remarks that most involve slow movement, focused awareness and special breathing techniques. Many describe the practice as a moving meditation. Qigong teacher Judith Forsyth, in Mobile, Alabama, says, “It’s often described as the mother of tai chi. When the quiet, internal energy art of qigong mixed with the powerful external martial arts, it developed into tai chi.” She emphasizes that the focus of qigong is less on its physical mechanics and more on understanding how the vital force moves through the body and can be used to enhance health and longevity.

Inside the body, there’s an integrated network of subtle energy centers that international Qigong Master Robert Peng believes are connected to the capacity for genuine happiness. The goal is to awaken and pack these centers with qi. “By repeating slow, gentle movements over and over, you can develop the body’s capacity to draw qi from the universe. It can be stored in these centers and later channeled back through the body to empower your daily activities,” explains Peng, author of The Master Key: The Qigong Secret for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom. He focuses on three of the body’s big energy portals: the “third eye”, located between the eyebrows; the “heart center”, at the center of the chest on the sternum and the “sea of qi”, just below the navel. The idea is that when energy is accessed in these three centers, specific spiritual qualities are accessed: wisdom, love and vitality (respectively). Harmonizing all three is ideal. Peng advises that when these essential elements are woven together in balance, dynamic happiness is possible. “You begin to project more wisdom, love, vitality, inspiration and peacefulness. Conversations flow more smoothly. Your life becomes more productive, meaningful and serene,” he says. “Whatever the challenges encountered, you’ll be better equipped to deal with them, while remaining inwardly content.” Forsyth was first guided to qigong when the prescribed rest, drugs, exercise and physical therapy following an accident left her with lingering neck and back problems. She recalls, “After eight weeks of practice, I experienced significant physical improvement, not only where I had considerable pain, but in my overall energy level, ability to sleep and the condition of my skin and hair. The peace and harmonizing meditation benefits of qigong were also affecting me positively in other ways. I became less worried, less of a perfectionist, less stressed out and began to experience more joyfulness.” While all styles benefit overall health, specific qigong exercises may be prescribed for specialized needs, from athletic conditioning to management of chronic conditions such as arthritis, hypertension or cancer. The gentle movements can be performed by almost anyone at any age and ability level, even those confined to a chair or bed. “Qigong speaks to the body and the body then addresses the condition,” Hayley remarks. The experts advise that qigong is best practiced every day, even if for just five minutes. “A group class offers a synergy that a home practice lacks, but the more important practice is at home,” observes Hayley. Some personal instruction is ideal so the practitioner receives feedback, but books and videos make qigong accessible to everyone, everywhere. Hayley reminds newbies, “Just be patient. If one form doesn’t suit you, remember there are thousands of different forms to try.” Peng’s advice to beginners is, “Be happy! Think of the exercise as lighthearted play and remember to smile as you move.”


REVERSE IT • PREVENT IT Cancer • Diabetes • Multiple Sclerosis • Asthma • Arthritis Migraine • ADHD • Sinusitis • GERD • Ear Infections • more

Disease CAN be healed. You are not alone, with a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined natural health expert by your side. Read client testimonials at: Natalie Benoit • 414-651-2243 GUIDE • COACH • CONSULTANT • HEALER • EDUCATOR

Interested In Aromatherapy?

Join us for a weekend aromatherapy intensive. Aromatherapy Certification available. April 11-13, The Atrium in Greendale, WI Tresa Laferty 262-902-2271

Meredith Montgomery is the publisher of Natural Awakenings Mobile/Baldwin, AL ( natural awakenings

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calendarofevents Email for guidelines and to submit entries.


Kokopelli Flute Circle – 1-3pm. Two hours of informal Native American flute playing. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262-5449380.

Lake Country Acoustic Guitar Society – 6-8pm. A jam for all acoustic instruments, all levels – guitar, bass, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, fiddle, etc. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262544-9380.

SUNDAY, APRIL 6 Dare to be Aware Fair – 9am-5pm. More than 60 exhibits and 12 workshops on wellness, spirituality, healing and having a joyful, abundant life. The fair is in the beautiful conservatory domes. $6.50; $5/children 6-17, Milwaukee seniors and college students with ID; free/under 6. The Mitchell Park Domes, 524 S. Layton Boulevard, Milwaukee. 414-374-5433.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2 Break Free from Anxiety Naturally – 6-7pm. Discover holistic methods for reducing anxiety without medication; effective techniques to calm the nervous system and reduce stressful thoughts. Di Philippi, Wellness Counseling Milwaukee. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Cooking with Grains – 7-8pm. Increase your comfort cooking with a variety of grains, including barley, rye and millet, and come away with some kid-friendly, well-tested recipes from Tiny Green Trees’ own kitchen, presented by TGT cook and gardener Katie Pabon. $20. Tiny Green Trees, 717 S 37th St, Milwaukee. Register: 414-645-9929. Info@ How Much Loss Can One Person Take – 7-8:30pm. Domo Geshe Rinpoche leads a discussion on loss, sharing Buddhist principles of how to remain stable, healthy and compassionate while caring the dying. Sponsored by White Conch Dharma Center. $15. The Marian Center for Nonprofits, Rm 123, South Building, 3211 S Lake Drive, Milwaukee. Info, register: 262-370-5974. Reincarnation & Past Lives: The Physics of Meta-physics – 7pm. The principles of reincarnation and the physics underlying this spiritual process. Jeanie Dean couples personal experiences with material from ancient and modern sources. Donation. Theosphical Society, 1718 E Geneva Pl, Milwaukee. 414-962-4322.

THURSDAY, APRIL 3 NuGenesis Garden to Table Gala – 6pm. Gala will feature a four-course meal prepared by Bartolotta Restaurants, guest speakers, live entertainment and a silent auction. Tickets are available to the public. Pier Wisconsin, Discovery World, 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee. Reservations: 800-969-3588 x 4. Ayurveda Healing: 3 Class Series – 6:30-8:30pm. See Mar 13 listing. $25/per class. The CATHE Center, 125 E State St, Burlington. Info, register: 262-902-2271. Spirit Message Circle – 6:30-8:30pm. After a meditation to awaken intuitive guidance, attendees will be guided to give and receive messages from the angelic kingdom. No experience necessary. $20. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262787-3001. Exploring Buddhist – Christian Commonalities – 7-8:30pm. Domo Geshe Rinpoche, continuing her emphasis on interfaith understanding, will speak on the commonalities between these traditions from a Buddhist point of view. Sponsored by White Conch Dharma Center. $15. The Marian Center for



Nonprofits, Rm 123, South Building, 3211 S Lake Drive, Milwaukee. Info, registration: 262-370-5974.

FRIDAY, APRIL 4 Kids Yoga and Tub Tea Fun – 5:30-6:30pm. Children 4-10 years of age can enjoy yoga and learn about the benefits of herbs, salts and essential oils. Invest in your child’s health. $15. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688. CopperTree Being a Healing Presence in the World – 7-8:30pm. Domo Geshe Rinpoche gives an overview of the nature of healing and leads a discussion in how energies are directed for healing; also the mantra of Medicine Buddha, the model of healing, as either a blessing or a practice. $15. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262-787-3001.

SATURDAY, APRIL 5 Healing With Herbs – 11am-4pm. This class covers the use of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and ayurveda, including standardization, selecting, growing snd harvesting herbs, cooking with herbs, and using herbs for self-care. Learn how to make herbal preparations and products. $125. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262787-3001. Animal Communication – 12-4pm. Ever wonder what your animal friend is thinking? Bring your animal friend or a picture and find out thoughts, feelings, behavioral issues, or what they’d like. $40/20 minute session. Bark n Scratch Outpost, 5835 W Blue Mound Rd, Milwaukee. Register: 414-4444110. Empowerment and Meditation Practice of Chenrezig – 12:30-4:30pm. The universal healing balm for all kinds of suffering is compassion. Develop and strengthen your capacity for healing compassion including OM MANI PEME HUM mantra. Sponsored by White Conch Dharma Center, $55. The Atrium at Rolling Spirit, 6169B Industrial Ct, Greendale. Info, registration: 262370-5974.

Higher Brain Living Demonstration – 2-3pm. A demonstration of the Higher Brain Living technique at Dare to be Aware Fair. Learn how the lower brain’s mechanisms of fear, anxiety and stress prevent you from reaching your full potential and what you can do about it. The Mitchell Park Domes, 524 S Layton Blvd, Milwaukee. 262-290-7595. Register: Healthy Weight, Healthy You – 2-4pm. Create a new relationship with your body, food, weight and health. Get a new perspective on core beliefs about weight, imbalanced eating patterns, cravings and much more. Includes discussion, coaching support, handouts, spice blends, herbal formulas and recipes. $335/6 week program. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380.

MONDAY, APRIL 7 Food: Friend or Foe – 6-7pm. Learn about advanced laboratory testing that can help your family get to the root of weight and GI problems, depression, learning disabilities and much more. Presented by Dr. Robin Sadler of The Wellness Way Clinics. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262-544-9380.

TUESDAY, APRIL 8 Eat Smart, Stay Sharp Workshop – 6-7:30pm. Feed your head and good health follows. Learn scientifically based changes to your diet to protect from Alzheimer’s and reduce susceptibility to inflammatory illnesses including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Sample brain-healthy foods. $20. Good Harvest Market, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262- 544-9380. Bulk Foods and Whole Grains – 6-8pm. Grains can be chewy, creamy, nutty, savory and healthy. Learn to store, soak and cook various grains. Take a walk through the department to see the variety of grains and taste some delicious recipes. $25, $20/owners. Outpost Natural Foods, 2826 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee. Register: 414-431-3377. Outpost Healing PMS naturally – 7-8pm. Learn the causes of PMS and how to treat all of your symptoms with nutrition and gentle, but powerful, natural remedies. Your family will thank you. $30, includes a PMS homeopathic remedy. The Atrium, 6169B Industrial Ct, Greendale. Register: 414-651-2243.


markyourcalendar Milwaukee Green Drinks Join us for good drinks, good conversation and a chance to network with other environmentally minded people. Free

April 9 • 5:30-7:30pm Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

901 W. Juneau, Milwaukee

Info: Health Proof Your Home – 6-7:30pm. Learn about the subtle changes you can make in your living environment, and the ways to reduce the overload of toxins and detrimental energies in which we live and breathe. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Basic Culinary Knife Skills – 7-8pm. If slicing and dicing those raw ingredients prevents you from cooking from scratch, come sharpen your basic knife skills. Culinary professional and master food preserver, Annie Wegner LeFort has taught cooking classes for 10+ years. $20. Tiny Green Trees, 717 S 37th St, Milwaukee. Register: 414-645-9929. Info@

THURSDAY, APRIL 10 African Drum Lessons – Apr 10 & 24. 5:456:30pm. African hand djembe and bass dunduns drum lesson for beginners and intermediates. Rhythms and written notations for home practice provided. $7. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Register: Women’s Drum Circle – 6:30-8pm. Beginners as well as advanced players ages 13 and up are invited. Please bring a drum if you have one. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262-5449380. Feminine Lunar Kundalini Yoga Workshop – 6:30-8pm. Experience yoga, breath and meditation to support the menstrual cycle; learn yogic tips, a PMS tea recipe and tools to embrace creativity; receive handouts to continue your self-care. Bring comfortable clothes, yoga mat or cotton blanket and water. $26. Ayurveda Wellness, 240 Regency Ct,

#203, Brookfield. Register: Solutions/Classes#spgyoga. The Art of Japanese Reiki – 6:30-8:30pm. Learn the foundation for understanding reiki culture, history and philosophy; the roots of reiki practice and founding principles. Study and practice the gassho meditation, dry bath, sun mudra and basic breath work. $45. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. 262-7873001.

FRIDAY, APRIL 11 Healthy Frequencies & Cancer Prevention Summit – 5-10pm. Understand the connection of the frequencies of life and disease. Learn natural ways to kill cancer. Free. Airport Clarion Hotel, 5311 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee. Register: 262-334-2068. Kirtan In Elm Grove – 7-8:30pm. Send prayers through ancient mantra chanting with the heartbeat of the drums and harmonium. Dance, sing, meditate and say yes to love, life and blessings of masters whose teachings return us to our true Buddha-nature. $10. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262787-3001.

SATURDAY, APRIL 12 What to Eat without the Wheat – 9-10am. Shopping for gluten-free foods can be challenging. Whether you’re new to a gluten-free diet or simply looking for new product to add some variety to your meal planning, this tour can help. Free. Outpost Natural Foods, 100 E Capitol Dr, Milwaukee. Register: 414-961-2597. Staying Healthy for Life – 9-11:30am. Discuss the 7 Pillars of Health; good food, movement, optimal digestion, immune and nervous system balance, healthy environment and nourishment of your spirit. Attain these with nutritional foods, supplements and lifestyle techniques. $10. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. The Art of Dynamic Becoming – 9am-4pm. A Zen meditative workshop with Paula Hirschboeck to help identify ways to free ourselves to live in the present with freedom, joy and peace. $40/advance, lunch included. Brookfield Knights of Columbus Hall, 4700 N 145th St, Brookfield. 414-322-6552. Cooking Western Meals Ayurvedically – 10am1pm. For people stepping into healthful eating, but unsure about traditional spices used in ayurveda. Hands-on cooking of vegetarian dishes: asparagus

& mushroom rice with black pepper; quick black beans, African spinach, and zucchini and squash medley. $35/ by Apr 10. Be Well Yoga and Ayurveda, 10701 W North Ave, #209, Wauwatosa. Register: 414-939-3554. Business Basics Workshop – 12:30-2:30pm. Those interested in opening a business will learn about the different business entities, setting up a business legally, and how to copyright, trademark and brand a business. Information on insurance and professional memberships included. $40. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262-787-3001.

SUNDAY, APRIL 13 Photo Readings - Layers of Awareness – 1:304:30pm. Monthly metaphysical classes include mediumship development and offer discussions on topics such as healing, paranormal investigation, dreams, spirit guides, etc. Bring a photo of a loved one to April class. $15. Innersongs, Mukwonago. Robin Guayasamin-Salerno: 262-501-4838.

MONDAY, APRIL 14 Homeopathy for Injuries and Healing – 6-7:30pm. Homeopathics are great medicines to use to treat sprains, simple injuries and even motion sickness. Learn how to put together your personal homeopathic kit for travel all year round. Taught by Family Nurse Practitioner Cherri Schleicher. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380.

TUESDAY, APRIL 15 Full Moon Yoga – 5-7am. This class will combine the energetic benefits of kundalini yoga with hatha yoga and meditation. $20. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688. Healthcare Mistakes – 6-7:30pm. People today are in more pain, diseased, overweight and unhealthy than ever before despite medical advances. Learn about bio-functional and bio-nutritional approaches to better health. By Treutelaar of The Wellness Way Clinics. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Reading Canine Body Language – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn to read dog postures and signals in order to understand their feelings and motivations; be better able to communicate with your dog. Presented by Kim Rinzel, MS, CPDT-KA, certified professional dog trainer. Free. Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic, 2600 Wauwatosa Ave, Wauwatosa. Register by Apr 11: 414-475-5155.

Healing Therapies to transform health and restore harmony. Full apothecary.

Mary Bruck, CAP, RYT Awaken Your Natural Healing Power. • 414-939-3554 natural awakenings

Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher

10701 W. North Ave, #209 April 2014


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16 Gluten Free & Allergy Support Group – 6:307:30pm. Timely conversations about topics that are relevant to those living with gluten intolerances and allergies. Facilitated by Charlie Koehler and Tracey Bloyed. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Waking Up from the Sleep of Daily Life – 7pm. Richard Smoley introduces the ideas of Gurdjieff, who said humans are asleep in life, and how they can help us awaken today. Smoley is editor of Quest Magazine and of Quest Books. Donation. Theosophical Society, 1718 E Geneva Pl, Milwaukee. 414-962-4322.

THURSDAY, APRIL 17 The Ins and Outs of Lyme Disease – 6-7:30pm. Dr. Alexandra Solano, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, will explain preventative measures, symptomology and where to seek medical advice and immediate treatment for this growing infectious disease. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380.

SATURDAY, APRIL 19 Everything You Wanted To Know About Crystals – 11am-3:30pm. Advance Crystal Layouts, 11am1pm. Awaken creative instincts as you discuss the basics of crystal layouts, and develop a layout for a fellow student. Creating a Personal Altar with Crystals, 1:30-3:30pm. Learn what could be placed on an altar to manifest that harmonious and peaceful Zen atmosphere in your home, office and garden. $35/per class, $60/both. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262-787-3001.

MONDAY, APRIL 21 Intro to Tai Chi – 9-9:45am. Renowned Tai Chi instructor Pat Culotti introduces this ancient regenerative practice of movement and meditation. If interested, the 10 week series starts the following week. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380.

TUESDAY, APRIL 22 Earth Day Celebration – 11am-1pm. Mayor Barrett and others will be on hand to deliver announcements on environmental plans; eco-educational booths will be on-site featuring ReFresh Milwaukee, Me2, Rock the Green, Waste Management and

Department of Public Works; and food trucks and a live concert by Vic & Gab on a pedal powered stage. The City Center, 735 N Water St, Milwaukee. More details:

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23 Relieve Stress with Essential Oil – 6:30-8pm. Learn about the medicinal, therapeutic properties of essential oils to relieve stress through aromatherapy, an alternative approach to holistic health and wellbeing. Free. Brookfield Public Library, 1900 N Calhoun Rd, Brookfield. Register: 262-782-4140. Understanding the Black Church in America – 7pm. Dr William Rogers, professor of history and long-time student of theosophy and world religions, returns to Milwaukee to present this lecture. He currently resides in North Carolina. Donation. Theosophical Society, 1718 E Geneva Pl, Milwaukee. 414-962-4322. Being Green Earth Day & Everyday – 7-8:30pm. Want a better understanding of what going green means for your lifestyle? Join the Tiny Green Trees owners and learn about the choices to make and the steps to take to make a difference for your family and future generations. $20. Tiny Green Trees, 717 S 37th St, Milwaukee. Register: 414-645-9929. Info@

THURSDAY, APRIL 24 African Drum Lessons – 5:45-6:30pm. See Apr 10 listing. $7. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262-544-9380. Register: Kristie Herbal Soap Making – 6-9pm. Hands-on class. Learn to make old-fashioned soap and about herbs that can be added to soap. Take home soap and recipes. $60/before Apr 22, $65 after. Wellspring Education Center and Organic Farm, 4382 Hickory Rd, West Bend. 847-946-5565. WellSpring Introduction to Reiki Workshop – 6:15-8:45pm. Before deciding to become a reiki practitioner, learn more about the fundamental concepts of energy medicine. Concrete, easy to understand concepts will be introduced, questions answered and techniques demonstrated. $10. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. 262-787-3001. Have More Best Moments of Your Life – 6:307:30pm. See a live demonstration of the Higher Brain Living technique and the fast, sustainable transformation. You can move from surviving into

240 Regency Court Suite 201, Brookkeld



Drumming for Everyone – 6:30-8pm. Beginners as well as advanced players ages 13 and up are invited. Please bring a drum if you have one. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. 262544-9380. Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path – 7pm. Lecture by Brigitte Schneider, licensed healing practitioner, on the medically verifiable teachings of Bruno Groening. Everyone seeking help and healing, all medical professionals, and anyone with an interest are invited. Free. The Marion Center, 3211 S Lake Dr, Rm 323, Milwaukee. 414-375-4131.

SATURDAY, APRIL 26 Milwaukee Holistic Health Expo – 10am-3pm. Learn about alternative health practices that can change the way you take care of your health and the health of your family. Free admission. Nathan Hale High School, 11601 W Lincoln Ave, West Allis. Register: 414-899-1114. Tips and Tweaks for Yoga Geeks – 10am-5:30pm. An immersion packed with tips on posture transitions, ground up functional anatomy and alignment, and tweaks that will take your practice to great and out of this world body changing. $125. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688. 7 Day Home Cleanse, Part 2 – 11am-1pm. Cleansing restarts your whole system for optimal wellbeing. This is the follow-up workshop to a Mar. 15 workshop. You will receive the instructions for the cleanse, cooking instructions and an optional cleanse kit for an additional cost. $145/by Apr. 24. Be Well Yoga and Ayurveda, 10701 W North Ave, #209, Wauwatosa. Register: 414-939-3554. Mary@ Conversations with Horses – 11am-1pm. Live demonstration: Robin Guayasamin-Salerno and the horses of Innersongs work with volunteers to show how horse wisdom can assist in self-awareness, self-mastery and the opening of heart energies. Rain date: May 3. Innersongs, Mukwonago. Register: 262-501-4838. Animal Communication – 12-4pm. Ever wonder what your animal friend is thinking? Bring your animal friend or a picture and find out thoughts, feelings, behavioral issues, or what they’d like. $40/20 minute session. Bad Dog Frida, 2094 Atwood Ave, Madison. Register: 608-442-6868. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day – 1-3pm. Celebrated by local practitioners of these healthful arts as an interactive event as well as a demonstration of skills by instructors and their students. No experience necessary. Riverside High School , 1615 E Locust St, Milwaukee. 414-350-5248.


A common sense, holistic, and empowering approach with powerful results to transform your painful symptoms into optimal health and balance.

thriving while hot spots are removed by activating your higher brain. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center Elm Grove, 13416 Watertown Plank Rd, #245, Elm Grove. 262-290-7595. Register:



AYURVEDAWELLNESS.ORG Take back your health today!

Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels – 2-3pm. Jayne Jenks, Conservation Specialist, helps you understand how rain barrels and rain gardens function in the landscape. She covers basics in planning and design as well as tips for installation. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380.

quest with more insights on our interaction with noncorporeal beings. Donation. Theosophical Society, 1718 E Geneva Pl, Milwaukee . 414-962-4322.

MONDAY, APRIL 28 Beginning Tai Chi: Traditional Yang Form – 8:30-9:30am. (No class 5/26 or 7/7). This 10-week class promotes harmony and balance through slow movements and Qigong breathing techniques. It is a non-impact, moderate, cardiovascular exercise fostering mind, body and spirit wellness. Taught by Patricia Culotti. $120. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Continuing Tai Chi – 9:30-10:45am. (No class 5/26 or 7/7). Continue perfecting the yang form with in-depth corrections and further develop your understanding of this mind body practice. Patricia Culotti. $120. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Unveiling Bipolar Diagnosis – 6-7:30pm. 6 million Americans have been diagnosed with bipolar I or II or unipolar depression. Learn effective communication and listening techniques, vibrational and sound medicine, diet and medicinal tea therapy – all of which can bring calm and balance. Taught by Cindy Stone, holistic health coach. $15. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-5449380.

TUESDAY, APRIL 29 Keeping Kids Healthy: The Missing Link to a Healthy Immune System – 6:30-7:30pm. The link between the autonomic nervous system and the immune system can make a child susceptible to recurring illness and allergies. Dr Koch developed Nerve Point Technique as a non-invasive way to reset and rebalance function. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-5449380.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30 Your Daily Dose of Fiber – 11am-12pm. Fiber is a common ingredient for good health. Learn how much fiber you should be eating every day, the how’s and why’s of increasing fiber in your diet, and recipes to try at home. Free. Outpost Natural Foods, 100 E Capitol Dr, Milwaukee. Register: 414-961-2597. Goodness of Organics – 6:15-7:30pm. Good Harvest Market owner Jody Nolan offers an educational tour through the aisles, learning about store history, foods that are organic, healing and unique and why GHM is different from other grocery stores. Organic samplings from the Harvest Café. Free. Good Harvest, 1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee. Register: 262-544-9380. Intro to Chakra Intuition – 6:30-9pm. Students will learn to open and close Chakras, to increase intuition and establish energy boundaries, and psychic protection. Class also covers intuitive ethics. The next class covers the root and sacral chakras. $50. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. 262-787-3001. Project Earth and Astral Communication II – 7pm. Bob Bendykowski continues on his never-ending

Nutrition for Cancer – 7-9:30pm. Nutrition is critical for preventing and healing disease. Chronic diseases are preventable and reversible. We are not victim to poor genes or bad luck. Your ability to heal is greater than you’ve been led to believe. The Atrium, 6169B Industrial Ct, Greendale. 414-6512243.


SATURDAY, MAY 3 Wellness Fair & Healthy Cookout – 11am-3pm. Join 40+ wellness/health practitioners for consultations, demos, samplings, classes, giveaways, a healthy cookout, rock climbing for kids, local artisans. The event, to raise funds for cancer, follows the Lake Walk for Cancer. Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness, Oconomowoc Lakes Plaza, Hwys 16 & P North, Oconomowoc. 262-244-7231. Yoga

SUNDAY, MAY 18 Introduction to Soul Passage Training – 1-2:30pm. Participants will learn specific rituals for assisting souls to pass to the spiritual world. Protocols given for doing soul passage work in person and long distance. Soul passage work for incoming and outgoing souls will be presented. Soul passage work requires an open heart. $30. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. 262-787-3001.

SATURDAY, MAY 24 Drum Making Workshop – Craft your own 16” ceremonial hand drum. A variety of hides and handcrafted cedar frame and drum stick available. Learn to use the drum for meditation and healing. Price includes all materials. $175. Golden Light Healing, 15 miles N of Green Bay. Amy Wilinski: 920-609-8277.


markyourcalendar How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy Learn to transform fear, anger and despair into feelings of empowerment, connection and joy. Workshop includes interactive exercises, movement, inspirational teaching and helping create a sustainable and peaceful world.

May 30 – June 1

Fri, 7-9pm; Sat & Sun, 9am-5pm $185. Marion Center 3712 N 92nd St, Milwaukee 414-367-4325

The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing – May 31-Jun 1. Experiential workshop to introduce core shamanism, the universal and near-universal, and common methods to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Emphasis on the classic visionary method to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. Golden Light Healing, nr Green Bay. Amy Wilinski: 920-609-8277. Info, registration:


plan ahead

Active Hope:


Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference The conference offers workshops for beginning as well as experienced herbalists. Featured speakers are Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Lisa Ganora and Brooke Medicine Eagle, plus 50 workshops and plant walks with expert herbalists from the Midwest and beyond.

June 6, 7, 8 For more information: SUNDAY, JUNE 8 Peru Journey: An Initiation Journey with Andean Shamans – Jun 8-20. An opportunity to learn and work directly with indigenous medicine people around the Holy Mountains in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, including a High Mountain Initiation at the Holy Mountain Wakaywillka. Register, Amy Wilinski: 920-609-8277. Golden

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16 Whispers on the Wind: Earth Medicine Training Program – Intensive training program in shamanism and energy medicine. Heal yourself and others while unfolding the gifts within using these ancient healing practices. Patience Hill Ranch & Retreat Center, Sobieski. 920-609-8277. GoldenLight

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 The Sacred Black Hills Journey – Aug 30-Sept 5. A spiritual hike in the Black Hills. Engage in prayer and healing ceremonies, learn about the culture and heritage of this sacred land. It’s beautiful and healing for the soul. Cost, details, Amy Wilinski: 920-6098277.

2015 Holistic Healing Retreat to India – Jan to Feb 1, 2015. Fully catered trip includes room/board, treatments and herbal medicines, daily and weekly optional wellness activities, in-country transportation, pre-trip and in-country logistics management. Optional third week of healing or cultural extension available. $1850-2495/depends on options. Details:

natural awakenings

April 2014


ongoingevents Email for guidelines and to submit entries.



Reiki Training: All Levels – Learn this Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing of mind, body & spirit. Amy Wilinski of Golden Light Healing has taught Reiki to over 2000 people. Ongoing classes held at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center in Sobieski, 20 minutes north of Green Bay. 920-609-8277.

Kundalini Yoga for Keeping Spirits Up – Through Apr 10. 9-10am. Designed to bolster your spirit. Classes work through posture, breath and meditation to strengthen the elements of excellence, including courage, grit and determination. Bring a blanket, towel or sticky mat and water; wear comfortable clothes. $96/8 week series, $15/dropin. Ayurveda Wellness, 240 Regency Ct, STE 203, Brookfield. Classes#SpringYoga.

sunday Your Weekly Readers – Every Sat, Sun in Apr: psychics, astrologers, psychometrists, intuitives, tarot, etc. See website calendar for specific talent schedules. Reserve your preferred reading date/ time. $45/per half hour reading. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262-787-3001. A Course in Miracles – Through Apr. 12:30pm. A new spiritual methodology for changing your life. Free. Unity Church in Milwaukee, 1717 N 73rd St, Wauwatosa. 414-475-0105. Unity Center of Light Sunday Services – 10am. With Rev Sue Ellen Kelly and the music of George Busateri, Duane Stuermer and various soloists. Also, children’s Sunday school. This year’s theme is Earth School 101. Unity says it is not religion, but a way of life. Sunset Playhouse Theater, Wall Street and Elm Grove Rd, Elm Grove. 414-395-3831. Aikido – 12-1pm, Aikido for Teens; 1-2pm, Aikido for adults. Non-competitive Japanese martial art relying on strategy & movement to create powerful self-defense; focuses on non-violence & conflict resolution. Often called the art of peace. $15/dropin, discounted packages. Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness, Oconomowoc Lakes Plaza, W359 N5002 Brown St, #211, Oconomowoc. 262-244-7231.

monday Beginner/Intermediate Yoga – 6-7pm. Relieve stress, gain flexibility, strength and balance. Emphasis is on proper alignment and breathing for a safe, healing practice. $44/4 weeks or $13/class. The Ommani Center, 1166 Quail Ct, Ste 210. More info, Shelley Carpenter: Pewaukee. 414-217-4185. Essential Oils Community Classes – 6:30-8pm or by appointment. Every 3rd Mon. An informal, open Q&A resource session on essential oils. Free. WonderSpirit Resources, Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha. RSVPs required by Friday before. RSVP: 262-544-4310. EssentialOils.html.



Aikido – 8-10pm. Non-competitive Japanese martial art relying on strategy & movement to create powerful self-defense; focuses on non-violence & conflict resolution. Often called the art of peace. $15/drop-in, discounted packages. Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness, Oconomowoc Lakes Plaza, W359 N5002 Brown St, #211, Oconomowoc. 262-2447231.

tuesday Beginner/Intermediate Yoga – 9-10am. Relieve stress, gain flexibility, strength and balance. Emphasis is on proper alignment and breathing for a safe, healing practice. Led by Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT. $44/4 weeks; $13/class. The Ommani Center, 1166 Quail Ct, Ste 210, Pewaukee. Register: 414217-4185. Chair Yoga – 1-4pm. Taking yoga to the chair level. If you are coming back from an injury, unable to quite get on the floor, have a condition that constricts you, try this class. Special drop-in rate, free/ first class. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688.

Chair Yoga – 1-4pm. Taking yoga to the chair level. If you are coming back from an injury, unable to quite get on the floor, have a condition that constricts you, try this class. Special drop-in rate, free/ first class. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688. Core Functional Fitness – 6-7pm. Join this new time and class to learn how to activate the core as well as continue with this practice for a healthy over life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. $13/ drop-in, free/first class. Copper Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford. 262-670-6688. Step Into Your Inner Power – Apr 24 through Jun 12. 6:15-8:15pm. Learn the resources of meditation, breath exercises, simple yoga poses for the chakra system, sound, hand positions, aromatherapy and herbal creams to support overall health. $395/8 week series. Ayurveda Wellness, 240 Regency Court, Ste 203, Brookfield. Details:

Meditation for World Peace & Enlightenment – 7:30-8:15pm. Self-Realization Church, 2418 Mangold Ave, Milwaukee. More info: 414-535-0611.



Gentle Healing Yoga – 11am-12pm. Extremely gentle, individualized class for dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, other health conditions or injuries. Participate at your comfort/ability level. Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT. $13/drop-in. The Barefoot Haven, 5628 Parking St, Greendale. Register: 414-217-4185.

Gentle Healing Yoga – 10-11am. Extremely gentle, individualized class for dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, other health conditions or injuries. Participate at your comfort/ability level. Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT. $38/4 weeks, $11/ class. YogAsana Studio, S75W17315 Janesville Rd, Muskego. Register: 414-217-4185. Shelley@


The 4 Ts: Tithing, Time, Talent, Treasure – Through Apr. 6:30-8pm. Conducted by the Rev Mari Gabrielson, senior minister. Bring your “brown bag” supper. Love offering. Unity Church in Milwaukee, 1717 N 73rd St, Wauwatosa. 414-475-0105.

Your Weekly Readers - Every Sat, Sun in Apr: psychics, astrologers, psychometrists, intuitives, tarot, etc. See website calendar for specific talent schedules. Reserve your preferred reading date/time. $45/per half hour reading. Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, 13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove. Register: 262-787-3001.

Transmission Meditation – 7-9pm. Transmission is a group-service meditation in which positive energies are transmitted through the group and then out to humanity. Simple yet potent way to serve. Free. Milwaukee. Details, location: 800-860-8035. Info-mw@

Healing Spirit Flute Circle – 2nd Sat. 1-3pm. Come to play or just enjoy the soothing sounds of the traditional Native American flute. No musical experience or flute required. All ages welcome. Tippecanoe Church, 125 W Saveland Ave, Bay View. More info, Glen: 262-794-2315.

communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To be included in the Community Resource Guide, email to request our media kit.


4433 N Oakland Ave, Ste B, Shorewood 414-791-0303 Partnering with Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Amy Byers, we aim to integrate Eastern and Western philosophies of health care to create optimal healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. See ad, page 30.

GAYATRI CENTER FOR HEALING Jacque Stock • 262-860-6020

Diplomat of Acupuncture; Treatment of pain, hormone imbalances, infertility, headaches, and more. Call for free consultation. Wauwatosa and Brookfield locations. See ad, page 28.

SANA ACUPUNCTURE & APOTHECARY Heather Henry Peterman, DAOMc LAc 924 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee 414-882-7897

Unique and effective style of acupuncture infused with orthopedic massage techniques and herbal medicine. We also offer a low cost community style walk in clinic.






Jamie Durner, CAP 240 Regency Ct, Ste 201, Brookfield 262-389-5835

N35 W23770 Capitol Dr, Pewaukee 262-691-4555 •

“…Because a healthy Body, starts with a healthy Mouth.” Our office specializes in treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms; we offer the latest advances in dentistry. See ad, page 5.

Natural health for chronic conditions including digestive disorders, women’s issues, aging with ease, and brain longevity. Personalized programs, detoxification, hands-on therapies and corporate wellness. 20+ years holistic health experience.



10701 W North Ave, Wauwatosa 414-899-7727 •

Offering customized, holistic ayurvedic therapies, classes and rejuvenating & detoxifying Panchakarma therapies. Using herbs, diet & simple lifestyle changes to treat the root cause of health conditions.

Sustainable Management B.S. and M.S Programs 877-895-3276 • Grow your career! Turn your passion for sustainable business into an exciting career when you complete your online degree or certificate in Sustainable Management.



SHOREWOOD FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC 4433 N Oakland Ave, Shorewood 414-962-5483


Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner Kanyakumari Ayurveda & Yoga, 6789 N Green Bay Ave, Glendale • 218-343-5060

Dr. Maroney and Dr. Dotto offer services for the whole family. Dr. Maroney is board certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics and Dr. Dotto is certified in Kinesiology. See ad, page 30.

Core Synchronism is a restorative and relaxing treatment that unwinds the problems created by time & injuries, getting your body back to a state of health & balance.


Stacy Krafczyk • 414-460-4781 Stacy Krafczyk specializes in Animal Communication, intuitive readings, after life communication, energy work and healing for both people and animals that helps promote physical and emotional well-being.




414-232-5958 The Atrium, 6169B Industrial Ct, Greendale


4763 N 124 St, Butler • 262-790-0748 Besides selling beautiful stones and crystals, we offer a variety of healing sessions, crystal healing classes, Reiki, astrology, tarot readings and spiritual counseling. See ad, page 8.

Offering Reiki sessions/training, CranioSacral therapy infused with Reiki, stress management, coping support and more. Home and hospital visits are also available in surrounding counties.

AROMA WELLNESS & CRYSTALS, LLC Uma Bagadia, Certified Aromatherapist 414-793-8645 •

Experience the benefits of aromatherapy & essential oils to relieve stress, aches/pains, sinus problems & other health issues. We offer customized treatment through our 100% natural essential oils and blends. See ad, page 8.

TThe greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. ~Bob Marley natural awakenings

April 2014




Tresa Laferty 262-902-2271 • Offering medicinal aromatherapy consultations for mind/body/spirit harmony. Also offering Animal Communication and animal wellness consultations. New: Ayurveda health counselor (intern) consultations and Ayurveda bodywork.

Sharon K Thurow, FNP, BC 216 N Green Bay Rd, Thiensville 262-242-3966

Our philosophy is to treat our patients as we would want ourselves and our families treated through holistic, evidence-based medicine.

FINANCIAL PLANNER SPRING WATER ASSET MANAGEMENT Lars M. Lewander 11431 N Port Washington Rd, Ste 201, Mequon 262-240-9680 •

We provide our clients with a variety of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) products including portfolio management, asset allocation, cash flow projections and securities analysis.



Specializing in Anti-Aging Medicine. Board certified, fellowship trained. Combining the best of traditional medicine with a holistic approach to weight loss using hormone balancing, detoxification and control of inflammation. IV therapies including Myer’s, glutathione, vitamins and minerals. See ad, page 14.


Carol M. Brown, DO • 414-764-0920 147 W. Ryan Rd, Oak Creek Providing a skillful blend of timehonored evidence-based interventions with standard medical therapies. See ad, page 13.

Lynne Austin • 675 Brookfield Rd, Brookfield • 262-860-6021



16535 W Bluemound Rd, Ste 222, Brookfield • 262-754-4910 At Integrative Family Wellness Center, we offer clinical services and therapies to help you achieve and maintain optimal physical and emotional health and wellness. See ad, page 15.

Reiki Master/Teacher, Health Coach The Atrium 6169B Industrial Ct, Greendale 414-651-2243 Offering Reiki healing sessions and classes, health and wellness coaching. Specializing with women and children of all ages. Emphasis is on Reiki, nutrition and natural modalities. Over 13 years experience.


Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, Reiki Master/Teacher • 414-217-4185 Reiki healing sessions and instruction, yoga classes for all in Pewaukee, Muskego, Greendale. Restore balance, health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.



REV SHERRY LEE CALKINS 262-501-4840 Mukwonago location

Offers you communication and direction from loved ones, spirit guides and special animal friends on the other side of life. Medium and metaphysical teacher for 31 years.


GAYATRI CENTER FOR HEALING Twenty-one years in healing the body and soul. Massage, Reiki healer/teacher, Shamanic, Sound and Emotional Release. Classes and workshops. Author and speaker. See ad, page 28.


MAGNOLIA GROUP HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER 146 Park Ave, Pewaukee 262-695-1900

Integrative Functional Medicine and Holistic Health Center providing high quality care in creating & maintaining homeostasis; balance and harmony; Traditional naturopathy, holistic nutrition, acupuncture, interactive metronome, advanced energy work, massage. See ad, page 23.

ROBIN GUAYASAMIN-SALERNO 262-501-4838 • Mukwonago location

Provides you insight and comfort in personal communications with spirit and animal loved ones. Innovative workshops with horses at Innersongs assists in selfdiscovery and balance.


Diane Olson-Schmidt • 414-793-3652 Garden consultation, instruction, landscape design, wildflowers and woodland gardens, prairies, small ponds, rain gardens, landscape maintenance, organic lawn care. Organic landscape practices in all habitats. See ad, page 19.


Bradley Blaeser 414-721-1431 • Sustainable Landscape Management; substantially smaller footprint than conventional methods. Green energy use (wvo, bio-diesel, electric, ‘energy for tomorrow’); cleaner, quieter, homegrown. Residential, commercial, municipal.


Anne Wondra • 262-544-4310 2312 N Grandview Blvd, Ste 101, Waukesha Spiritual life coach: sacred feminine, women’s spirit, personal renaissance, inspired creatives’ circles, sacred oils, personal wellness growth consultant. See ad, page 10.


Rob Reader, LMT: 414-721-6942 Wendy Halfpap, LMT: 414-839-7688 10620 N Port Washington Rd, Mequon Let your body play to its full potential with the benefits of therapeutic massage. Relieve chronic and acute pain, accelerate recovery time, and experience the benefits of postural alignment. See ad, page 35.





Leaders: Joanne Baker, Marilyn Dexter & Betty Woo

262-334-2068 • Karen’s Energy, 1427 W Washington Ave, West Bend At Karen’s Energy Superfood Store and Wellness Center learn about the importance of water and how H2O Energy Flow combined flow is an essential energy source. See ad, page 2.


414-810-2224 We rent plastic moving boxes. We drop off, you pack, we take them back. Think outside the cardboard box. See ad, page 19.


Located 1 block south of I94 at Hwy T, Pewaukee • 262-544-9380 Waukesha County’s largest natural food store offers a full selection of organic foods, holistic health and beauty department, café, and classes in their community room. See ad, page 3.


100 E Capital Drive, Milwaukee 7000 W State Street, Wauwatosa 2826 S Kinnickinnic, Bay View We know Jack! Unlike other area grocers, we know by name many of the farmers and producers who supply Outpost with quality goods. See ad, page 13.


Dr. Sarah Axtell is a board-certified naturopathic physician with a focus on autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine conditions, cancer, anxiety and weight loss.


2014 Retreats in Peru. Explore Peru’s ancient places of power, peace & spirit. Experience the heart-centered energies of Peru & her people. September 21-30, Women’s Retreat: Includes Cusco, the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu. $2,000 plus registration fee. November 1-15, 15-Day Retreat: Includes Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca. $2,650 plus registration fee.




Ideal Brain, LLC, provides Brainwave Optimization, a breakthrough neuro-technology designed for relaxation, self-regulation, as well as providing mental, physical and spiritual well-being. See ad, page 32.


13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove 262-787-3001 • Wisconsin’s Premier School for Energy Medicine Training offering individual classes, certificate and diploma programs. Built on the belief that knowledge, competency and professionalism must exist at the very foundation of Energy Work.


Nancy Hornby 414-332-8159 Susan Wasserman 414-961-0649 Psychotherapy services honoring the exquisite connection between mind/body/ spirit. Offering holistic, traditional and cutting edge approaches. 50+ years of combined experience helping a diverse clientele with a wide variety of issues. See ad, page 9.


121 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay 414-243-9851 • Terri Humphrey, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, provides non-invasive, powerful healing for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Works with infants, children, and adults. Helps with chronic illness, infertility, emotional issues, and more.

1427 W Washington Ave, West Bend 262-629-4301

Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor TNC Certification accredited by the Association of Natural Health. Curriculum: nutrition, detoxing, energy medicine, chronic disease/ cancer prevention, over 80 natural healing therapies, and five-day, classroom training. See ad, page 32.

AVEDA INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY AND WELLNESS 327 E St Paul Ave, Milwaukee 414-227-2889 •

Located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, The Institute of Beauty and Wellness is a leading Aveda school with multiple beauty and wellness programs.

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. ~Benjamin Franklin natural awakenings

April 2014


Integrated Family Practice


6232 Bankers Rd, Racine • 800-593-2320 The Midwest College, with campuses in Racine and Chicago, offers accredited programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine that lead to licensed practice in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and many other states. See ad, page 37.

Personalized, holistic and evidenced-based medical care for your whole family. • Urgent and Walk-in Care • EKG and Lab Services • First Line Therapy Certified

Thurow Primary

Preventive Healthcare Sharon K Thurow, FNP, BC


Susie Raymond, Esthetician, Life Coach, Reiki master/teacher • 414-352-6550 Rest your concerns in Susie’s soothing hands. Experience transformation within your skin, energy, or life purpose when you connect and express your inner desires. See ad, page 22.

216 N Green Bay Rd, Ste 101 Thiensville, WI 53092



Celebrate April 22


262-547-1200 N27 W24075 Paul Ct, Ste 200, Pewaukee Designs and installs solar PV systems utilizing customer endorsed materials and incentive programs for residential/commercial buildings, providing unparalleled customer satisfaction and dependable clean energy. See ad, page 17.


Golden Light Healing


Begin Your Sacred Journey Immerse yourself in nature at our 200-acre retreat center in Northeast Wisconsin.

Learn to heal and connect with spirit

3211 S Lake Dr, St Francis • 414-659-7849

We inspire a positive approach to a lifetime of spiritual growth. We celebrate our diversity and recognize our unity. Be the One who makes a difference! Rev Lisa Stewart-de Snoo & Rev Scott de Snoo. See ad, page 22.


Rev Tom Sherbrook 1717 N 73 St, Wauwatosa • 414-475-0105

Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions and workshops

920-609-8277 46


Find peace and happiness in a stressful world. Rev. Tom, acting minister, was former pastor for 27 years at St. Ann’s Church in West Allis. See ad, page 31.


S73 W16790 Janesville Rd, Muskego 414-422-1300 • Complete, integrated pet health care, including natural nutrition, titres, herbal/glandular/ nutraceutical supplements, and essential oils. Dr. Jodie is a certified acupuncturist and food therapist.

WAUWATOSA VETERINARY CLINIC 2600 Wauwatosa Ave, Wauwatosa • 414-475-5155

Providing comprehensive, integrative care for your pets, to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. Specialty services include Acupuncture, Physical Rehabilitation and advanced Dentistry procedures. See ad, page 39.


W359 N5002 Brown St, Ste 211, Oconomowoc Thru gentle pressure, twisting and stretching, Shellie Spielmann will take you on a journey to soothe your achy body. Promote flexibility and healing.

COPPER TREE YOGA STUDIO AND WELLNESS CENTER 1364 E Sumner St, Hartford 262-670-6688

Voted top yoga studio 3 years running! Yoga, core fitness, kids yoga, prenatal, Reiki and various wellness services. Yoga & core fitness, prenatal teacher trainings. Our promise is to keep the spirit in yoga! See ad, page 12.


W307 N1497 Golf Rd, Ste 102, Delafield 262-337-9065 • We offer affordable, enjoyable yoga for everyone in an intimate, calming space that specializes in yoga, fitness and mindfulness; also have a certified Ayurvedic practitioner on staff. See ad, page 28.



NON- INVASIVE imaging technique with NO RADIATION EXPOSURE that helps assess physiological and functional changes in the body.

WHAT IS THERMOGRAPHY? Ultrasensitive infrared detectors coupled with computer processing to accurately measure and produce an image of the heat emanating from the surface of the body. This provides an image that helps show patients and doctors the existence of abnormalities. It also helps to visualize the locations of pain, injury, illness, or disease which helps you make informed decisions regarding the need for treatment and possibly avoid unecessary invasive procedures.


Questions? 262-439-9822

ProActive Health

19601 W Bluemound Rd. Brookfield, WI • 262-439-9822 • ProActive Health is a health and wellness clinic in Brookkeld, Wisconsin. Our desire is to help each of our patients achieve permanent health. Connect with us to learn more!

Natural Awakenings Milwaukee April 2014  

Milwaukee's guide to Healthy and sustainable living

Natural Awakenings Milwaukee April 2014  

Milwaukee's guide to Healthy and sustainable living