Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Stories: The Art of Rejuvenation

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17-19.5 2024 五至日



誼樂社自2019年獲香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐 助,拓展全新的「賽馬會樂・ 憶古蹟」計劃。此


五十週年活動「2022全球世界遺產教育創新案例 獎」國際分享會中,在全球近百個案例中脫穎而 出,獲得「卓越之星」獎項,成為三十個獲獎案 例之一。

With support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Musicus embarked on an exciting new chapter in 2019 with Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Alive program. This program won the Star of Outstanding Award at the 2022 Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases on an international sharing forum online. The forum was organized by the World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO.


金撥款捐助推出「賽馬會樂 憶古蹟人 情 事」 計劃,透過大師班、走訪校園、專題音樂會及導 賞活動等,為世界知名藝術家及香港年青樂手提



古蹟化身古典音樂會場地,誼樂社亦會邀請作曲 家及不同範疇的藝術家為古蹟創作新作品,務求

讓觀眾透過音樂及相關活動,對古蹟的歷史及故 事有多重認識及體會。

In 2022, with renewed funding from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Stories was launched. Yearlong heritage activities include master classes, school visits, tailored-made performances, and heritage guided tours. In addition to serving as a platform for international artists to nurture local musicians and young talents, the program also creates an enriched and meaningful concert experience for the public at large. The new series also invites artists from other art forms to create new works, bringing in new perspectives on historical sites.



《活化的藝術》音樂會系列,邀請了來自英國倫敦的英格蘭室樂團於大館演奏,並由誼樂社藝術總 監李垂誼和樂 誼獨奏家樂團的年青成員擔任獨奏和室樂小組合奏。傳統與現代,除了見諸大館 兼容殖民古蹟和當代建築,同樣在英格蘭室樂團選奏的經典曲目中對話;而室樂團的創始贊助人 布烈頓曾經把維多利亞時代建成的麥芽廠改建為音樂廳。這種透過古典音樂為建築物賦予新用途、 注入人文氣息的精神,與樂


誼樂社亦特別委約新媒體藝術家許方華創作,從另類角度呼應音樂會的主題:她升級改裝舊物並 應用18世紀的科學發現,融入當代手法,以視覺呈現古典音樂。

Bach to Britten: traditions revived

The Art of Rejuvenation presents the English Chamber Orchestra (ECO) from London, who will perform at the concerts in Tai Kwun with Trey Lee, Artistic Director of Musicus Society, and members of Musicus Soloists Hong Kong. Echoing Tai Kwun’s revitalization as a mix of colonial and contemporary architecture, the ECO breathes new life into classic chamber works in its Hong Kong concerts. What’s more, Benjamin Britten, their first patron, oversaw a similar revival project of converting a former Victorian malt house into a concert hall, which precedes our transformation of heritage venues into ad hoc concert stages in Musicus Heritage.

The program also premieres a newly commissioned artwork from local new media artist Phoebe Hui. She responds to the concert theme with a different artistic approach, upcycling materials and transforming them into musical instruments. Drawing inspiration from 18th-century scientific discoveries, she incorporates classical music into contemporary art that celebrates the intersection of the old and the new.


為了令大家對這次的音樂會留下美好的印象,請勿在場地內攝影、 錄影或錄音;吸煙或飲食。在節目進行前,請關掉手提電話、其他 響鬧及發光的裝置。多謝合作。

House Rules

In order to make this performance a pleasant experience for artists and other members of the audience, please refrain from recording, filming, taking photographs, and also from smoking, eating, drinking in venue. Please ensure that your mobile phones and any other sound and light emitting devices are switched off before the performance. Thank you for your consideration.

任何情況下,捐助機構皆不會對任何人或法律實體因此載內容而作出或沒有作 出的任何行為負上任何法律責任。

In no event shall the Funder have any liability of any kind to any person or entity arising from or related to any actions taken or not taken as a result of any of the contents herein.


看得見的聲音 許方華

我跟誼樂社藝術總監李垂誼討論創作時,被布烈頓的作曲家生涯深深吸引,特別是他運用自己童年時期的作 品為靈感而創作的《簡易交響曲》;交響曲每個樂章均取材自兩首早期作品,第二樂章更打破傳統,全首以 撥弦方式演奏。

為了呼應布烈頓充滿童心的創作精神和音樂會的主題,《看得見的聲音》由一個非一般的樂團構成 —— 樂手 和樂器其實是經升級改造的廢棄機器步進摩打。我以在校的研究作為藝術品的基礎,並糅合了18 世紀末德國 物理學家兼音樂家恩斯特.克拉德尼發明的克拉德尼板技術,作出視聽兼備的回應:改造摩打配合振動技術, 不但能奏出布烈頓的音樂,亦控制畫布,讓顏料顯現令人意想不到的圖案,使人聯想到交響曲俏皮和趣怪的 旋律。

藝術及科學先驅的意念以至日常物件,均蘊藏無限可能性。我希望這件藝術品能彰顯當中的潛力,並透過古 今並列對比,為它們注入新生命,展現其非凡特性。

Improvisation with Pizzicato

During my discussions with Musicus Society’s Artistic Director Trey Lee, I was captivated by Benjamin Britten’s journey as a composer, especially how he had used his childhood compositions as inspiration for his SimpleSymphony, where each movement draws from two of his early works. Most innovatively, the second movement is entirely played in pizzicato, or the plucked strings technique.

To echo the spirit of Britten's juvenilia and the theme of rejuvenation, Improvisation with Pizzicato is created by an unconventional orchestra composed of upcycled stepper motors salvaged from machinery. Building on my previous research at school, I incorporate the technology of Chladni Plates, invented by the German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni in the late 18th century, into this artwork to respond with audiovisuals. Together, the repurposed motors not only produce the music based on Britten’s score but also control the canvas, resulting in unexpected patterns reminiscent of the Symphony’s playful and whimsical melodies.

Through this artwork, I hope to unleash the hidden potential of everyday objects and ideas from precursors in the arts and technology fields, rejuvenating them to exhibit extraordinary behavior through the juxtaposition of past and present.


英格蘭室樂團English Chamber Orchestra

司儀 Moderator:成俊曦 Shing Chun-hay

各室樂團音樂會長約 1 小時 30 分鐘,包括一節中場休息。

Duration of each Ensemble Concert is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, including an intermission.

17.5.2024(五FRI)| 8:00pm



艾爾加 Elgar


St. Paul's Suite, Op. 29, No. 2

I. 吉格舞曲:活板 Jig: Vivace

II. 頻現句:急板 Ostinato: Presto

III. 間奏曲:流暢的行板 Intermezzo: Andante con moto

IV. 終曲(達嘉松):快板 Finale (The Dargason): Allegro


Serenade for Strings in E minor, Op. 20

I. 舒適的快板 Allegro piacevole

II. 小廣板 Larghetto

III. 小快板 Allegretto

C.P.E. 巴赫

C.P.E. Bach

A大調大提琴協奏曲,Wq. 172,H. 439 Cello Concerto in A, Wq. 172, H. 439

I. 快板 Allegro

II. 莊嚴廣板(沉鬱的) Largo maesto (mesto)

III. 甚快板 Allegro assai

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee ~ 中場休息 Intermission ~

樂團首席 Concertmaster: John Mills

第一小提琴 First Violins: Ofer Falk | Daniel Mészöly | Elizabeth Wexler

第二小提琴 Second Violins: Katerina Nazarova | Natalia Bonner | Ciaran McCabe | Rebecca Smith

中提琴 Violas: Lydia Lowndes-Northcott | Miguel Sobrinho | Benjamin Norris

18.5.2024(六SAT)| 8:00pm

布烈頓 Britten

J.S. 巴赫

J.S. Bach


Simple Symphony, Op. 4

I. 喧鬧的布雷舞曲 Boisterous Bourrée

II. 嬉戲的撥奏 Playful Pizzicato

III. 傷感的薩拉邦德舞曲 Sentimental Sarabande

IV. 歡樂的終曲 Frolicsome Finale

E大調第二小提琴協奏曲,BWV 1042

Violin Concerto No. 2 in E, BWV 1042

I. 快板 Allegro

II. 慢板 Adagio

III. 甚快板 Allegro assai

小提琴 Violin: 陳倬朗 Aaron Chan* ~ 中場休息 Intermission ~

葛利格 Grieg


Holberg Suite, Op. 40

I. 前奏曲 Praeludium

II. 薩拉邦德舞曲 Sarabande

III. 嘉禾舞曲 Gavotte

IV. 詠嘆調 Air

V. 利戈敦舞曲 Rigaudon

* 樂 誼獨奏家樂團成員 Member of Musicus Soloists Hong Kong

大提琴 Cellos: Tim Lowe | Corinna Boylan

低音大提琴 Double Bass: Paul Sherman

古鍵琴 Harpsichord: Shane Levesque#

# 客席演出,承蒙香港演藝學院允許參與演出


司儀 Moderator:成俊曦 Shing Chun-hay

各室樂小組音樂會長約 30 分鐘,不設中場休息。

Duration of each Chamber Concert is approximately 30 minutes, without intermission.

18.5.2024(六SAT)| 2:00pm

19.5.2024(日SUN)| 4:30pm

韓德爾 Handel

浦賽爾 (布烈頓改編)

Purcell (arr. Britten)

降B大調小交響曲,HWV 339

Sinfonia in B-flat, HWV 339

I. 快板 Allegro

II. 慢板 Adagio

III. 快板 Allegro

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 陳倬朗 Aaron Chan*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee

G小調夏康舞曲,Z. 730

Chacony in G minor, Z. 730

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 陳倬朗 Aaron Chan*

中提琴 Viola: 馬倬琳 Annis Ma*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee

布里奇 Bridge

三首弦樂四重奏,H. 43

Three Pieces for String Quartet, H. 43

I. 小快板 Allegretto

II. 中板 Moderato

III. 有力的快板 Allegro marcato

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 郝立希 Jeremy Hao*

中提琴 Viola: 馬倬琳 Annis Ma*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee


19.5.2024(日SUN)| 2:30pm

浦賽爾 Purcell

布里奇 Bridge



《仙后》,Z. 629劇樂組曲選奏

Selected Incidental Music from The Fairy Queen, Z. 629

第一段音樂 First Music:

第二段音樂 Second Music:

第一幕 Act I:

第三幕 Act III:

第五幕 Act V:

前奏曲 Prelude

號管舞曲 Hornpipe

詠嘆調 Air

迴旋曲 Rondeau

第一幕曲:吉格舞曲 First Act Tune: Jig

精靈之舞 Dance for the Fairies

綠人之舞 Dance for the Green Men

猴子之舞 Monkey's Dance

詠嘆調 Air

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 郝立希 Jeremy Hao*

中提琴 Viola: 馬倬琳 Annis Ma*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee

給弦樂四重奏的愛爾蘭旋律《倫敦德里小調》,H. 86

An Irish Melody Londonderry Air for String Quartet, H. 86

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 陳倬朗 Aaron Chan*

中提琴 Viola: 馬倬琳 Annis Ma*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee

三首弦樂四重奏,H. 43

Three Pieces for String Quartet, H. 43

I. 小快板 Allegretto

II. 中板 Moderato

III. 有力的快板 Allegro marcato

小提琴 Violins: 米爾斯 John Mills^ | 郝立希 Jeremy Hao*

中提琴 Viola: 馬倬琳 Annis Ma*

大提琴 Cello: 李垂誼 Trey Lee

李垂誼 (藝術總監 / 大提琴)

Trey Lee (Artistic Director / Cello)


Hong Kong

李垂誼憑着深刻的情感、成熟而充滿睿智的演繹與亮麗 的技巧吸引無數樂迷,國際權威音樂雜誌《留聲機》更 譽為「奇蹟」。他首度亮相紐約卡內基音樂廳,即贏得 觀眾站立鼓掌,而《紐約時報》樂評人湯瑪斯尼更讚揚 為「優秀的大提琴家……演繹豐滿宏亮,情感表達細 膩」。已故指揮大師馬捷爾在指揮倫敦愛樂管弦樂團與 李氏的演出後,盛讚他是一位「令人驚嘆的獨奏家…… 極為出色的大提琴家」。

李氏 2023 至 2024 年的演出包括與薩爾斯堡室樂團巡 演、亮相英格蘭室樂團的倫敦樂季開幕音樂會、在中國 十一個城市舉行獨奏會、及在巴黎、柏林、米蘭、維也 納、布達佩斯等地與樂團的協奏曲演出。他曾與世界各 地德高望重的指揮家合作,如阿殊堅納西、巴舒密特、 法朗克、林圖、梅納、米高安捷奴、羅法利、辛奈斯基 及斯羅伯狄努克;並與各大樂團同台演出,包括:倫敦 愛樂管弦樂團、英國廣播公司愛樂管弦樂團、荷蘭愛樂 管弦樂團、法國電台愛樂樂團、塔皮奧拉小交響樂團、 莫斯科獨奏家樂團,以及倫敦、慕尼黑、斯圖加特室樂 團等。

李氏致力發揮大提琴的抒情潛能,例如曾改編皮亞佐拉 《布宜諾斯艾利斯的四季》大提琴版本,並與挪威特隆 赫姆獨奏家樂團首演;而李氏參與改編王立平原創的《紅 樓夢大提琴隨想曲》,則與底特律交響樂團在斯拉特金 指揮下首演。著名作曲家盛宗亮將靈感來自中國敦煌石 窟的大提琴協奏曲《燦影》題獻給李氏,並由李氏作世 界首演及灌錄唱片(由拿索斯發行)。芬蘭作曲家利蒂 寧的大提琴協奏曲,由李氏與 Avanti !室樂團作世界首 演。

李氏是首位獲得國際楊尼格洛大提琴比賽冠軍的亞洲 人。數張李氏灌錄、由 EMI 發行的個人專輯,均榮登 古典音樂暢銷榜。最近的錄音包括德國國際廣播公司的 德國之聲電視台獨奏會,以及與英格蘭室樂團灌錄、由 英國 Signum Records 全球發行的最新專輯《Seasons Interrupted》。

Hailed as a “miracle” by Gramophone, Trey Lee enthrals audiences with a virtuosity that combines intellectual sophistication with a profound depth of emotions. His concerto debut at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage won him a standing ovation, with New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini declaring him “the excellent cellist… with enveloping richness and lyrical sensitivity.” The late Lorin Maazel praised him as “a marvellous protagonist…a superb cellist” after conducting Trey with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Highlights of 2023 and 2024 include touring abroad with the Camerata Salzburg, English Chamber Orchestra, and solo engagements in Vienna, London, Paris, Milan, Budapest, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Trey has worked with notable musicians and groups that include conductors Vladimir Ashkenazy, Yuri Bashmet, Mikko Franck, Hannu Lintu, Santtu-Matias Rouvali, Vassily Sinaisky, Dima Slobodeniouk, the orchestras BBC Philharmonic, Philharmonic Orchestra Radio France, Netherlands Philharmonic, Tapiola Sinfonietta, the Moscow Soloists, and chamber orchestras of London, Munich and Stuttgart.

Seeking to increase the expressive possibilities of the cello, Trey has re-arranged works including Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, which he debuted with the Trondheim Soloists. Wang Liping’s The Dream of the Red Chamber Capriccio, corearranged by Trey, was premiered by Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in 2017. Trey has given world premieres of two pieces dedicated to him: Bright Sheng’s The Blazing Mirage (recorded for Naxos) and contemporary Finnish composer Kirmo Lintinen’s Cello Concerto.

Trey is a laureate of major international competitions, including First Prize at the International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition. His debut and recital albums under EMI were met with critical acclaim. Numerous media outlets have featured Trey, including a recital recorded for Deutsche Welle during the Covid lockdown. His latest album, Seasons Interrupted, in collaboration with the English Chamber Orchestra is being released by Signum Records in May 2024.

John Mills (Violin)


United Kingdom

米爾斯以學者身份在英國皇家音樂學院進修,師承出色 的樂團首席弗林德教授。

米爾斯是倫敦交響樂團(Sinfonia of London)的首席, 他在威爾遜領導下錄製 17 張廣受好評的專輯。米爾斯 同時是英格蘭室樂團首席,亦以客席首席身份與眾多樂 團合作,如倫敦交響樂團(LSO)、皇家愛樂樂團、皇 家利物浦愛樂樂團、倫敦莫札特音樂家樂團、英國廣播 公司蘇格蘭交響樂團、皇家蘇格蘭國家樂團等。

米爾斯 22 年來以狄伯特四重奏成員身份享譽樂壇,在 英國及世界各地演奏室樂和參與廣播節目。狄伯特四重 奏的錄音繁多,曾與 EMI、Decca、Somm、Naxos、 Signum 及 Classic FM 等廠牌合作推出逾 50 張唱片。

米爾斯的獨奏演出亦備受尊崇,他曾夥拍雲基洛夫及貢 妮崗麗,聯同英格蘭室樂團於英國及海外合演雙重協奏 曲。過往十年間,他曾於全球演繹主要小提琴曲目,在 各大電台及演奏廳亮相,如布達佩斯的李斯特音樂廳, 又曾在紐西蘭巡迴演出。近期的演出包括布拉姆斯和艾 爾加的協奏曲、華倫的大協奏曲(難民樂團計劃),以 及與英格蘭室樂團在英國各地演繹巴赫的作品。

米爾斯經常領導樂團參與商業音樂製作,他曾為各大電 影原聲大碟錄音,如《蝙蝠俠》、《侏羅紀世界侏羅紀 公園》、《夜路》、迪士尼的《美女與野獸》、《魔法 保姆》、《小魚仙》和《瑪蒂達》,以及漫威系列的《奇 異博士》。他與作曲家吉亞奇諾、夏曼和孟肯合作無間, 而狄伯特四重奏亦落力參與約翰遜執導電影《神探白朗: 福比利大宅謀殺案》和《神探白朗:抽絲剝繭》的原聲 大碟製作。

米爾斯演奏用的是約 1720 年製的威尼斯戈弗里勒名琴。

John Mills studied at the Royal College of Music as a scholar under Professor Rodney Friend, one of the great concertmasters.

Mills is leader of the Sinfonia of London under John Wilson, with whom he has released 17 highly acclaimed records. John is also a leader of the English Chamber Orchestra. He works as a guest leader with groups including the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, London Mozart Players, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and others.

Mills is best known as a chamber musician for 22 years with the highly acclaimed Tippett Quartet; performing and broadcasting across the UK and worldwide. They have recorded extensively, releasing over 50 discs with the quartet for EMI, Decca, Somm, Naxos, Signum, Classic FM and others.

Mills has a fine reputation as a soloist, appearing with the English Chamber Orchestra and performing double concerti with Maxim Vengerov, and with Stephanie Gonley around the UK and abroad. Over the last 10 years Mills has been performing and broadcasting the major violin repertoire worldwide, including performances at the Liszt Hall in Budapest and concerts across New Zealand. Other recent performances include Brahms and Elgar concerti, Erollyn Wallen’s Concerto Grosso with the Refugee Orchestra project and Bach with the English Chamber Orchestra around the UK.

Mills is a regular orchestra leader in commercial music. His studio work includes leading soundtrack sessions for The Batman, Jurassic World, Nightmare Alley, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins Returns, The Little Mermaid, Matilda, and Marvel’s Doctor Strange. He has worked closely with composers including Michael Giachinno, Marc Shaiman and Alan Menken. The Tippett Quartet is heavily featured on the soundtrack for the movies Knives Out and Glass Onion by director Rian Johnson.

Mills plays on a c.1720 violin by Francesco Goffriller of Venice. 米爾斯(小提琴)


English Chamber Orchestra


United Kingdom

「當今世上最傑出的樂團之一」 美國古典音樂公共廣播電台

英格蘭室樂團在英國和全球演出逾 60 年,是世界上擁 有最多錄音的室樂團。樂團自 1960 年創立以來一直與 古典樂壇最舉足輕重的音樂家合作,如首位贊助人布烈 頓。英格蘭室樂團以秉承傳統引以為傲,維持最高的國 際音樂水平之餘,致力培養年輕新晉,並銳意發展「英 國最優秀」的音樂及音樂技藝。

樂團曾與各大藝術家巡迴英國及海外演出,如布烈頓、 巴倫邦、貝克爾女爵、戴維斯爵士、多明哥、杜普蕾、 狄卡娜娃、曼奴軒、巴伐洛堤、佩拉西亞、普爾文、普 列文、力克特、羅斯卓波維契、蘇堤爵士、內田光子、 雲基洛夫及蘇嘉文。

樂團近期的巡演遍及百慕達、美國、墨西哥、芬蘭、法 國、土耳其、瑞士、意大利、德國、斯洛文尼亞、奧地 利和保加利亞;亦於倫敦的皇家節日音樂廳、伊莉莎白 女王音樂廳、國王廣場和卡杜甘音樂廳,以及全英各地 舉行音樂會。

自 1977 年起,英國國王查理斯三世一直擔任英格蘭室 樂團的贊助人,樂團曾在多個英國皇室的公開和私人場 合表演,包括首個在白金漢宮進行廣播的音樂會。樂團 還錄製過無數電影配樂,成績斐然,其中包括馬里亞內 利為《愛.誘.罪》和《傲慢與偏見》創作的得獎配樂。

「近距離接觸」外展計劃與英國和海外的社區和學校建 立音樂和表演合作關係,是英格蘭室樂團的得意之作。

2019 年,樂團成為西薩塞克斯郡基督公學的專業樂團 合作夥伴,為學生提供與專業樂手並排演出和一對一的 音樂指導。

2022 年,樂團推出其他令人興奮並影響深 遠的項目,包括與漢默史密斯和富勒姆市議會合作,在 河畔工作室舉辦的「泰晤士音樂製作人」計劃,以及 2023 年的「疾風」計劃,在倫敦交通博物館接待來自 不同學校的學童。


“One of the world’s greatest ‘living’ orchestras” Classical Public Radio, USA

The English Chamber Orchestra has been performing across the UK and globally for over 60 years and is the most recorded chamber orchestra in the world. From its beginning, the ECO has worked consistently with the most significant musical figures in classical music starting in 1960 with its first patron Benjamin Britten. The ECO celebrates and builds upon its tradition of maintaining the highest international musical standards, nurturing new talent and focusing on the “best of British” music and musicianship.

As well as its work with Benjamin Britten, the orchestra has toured the UK and abroad with artists such as Daniel Barenboim, Dame Janet Baker, Sir Colin Davis, Placido Domingo, Jacqueline du Pre, Kiri te Kanawa, Yehudi Menuhin, Luciano Pavarotti, Murray Perahia, Itzhak Perlman, André Previn, Karl Richter, Mstislav Rostropovich, Sir Georg Solti, Mitsuko Uchida, Maxim Vengerov and Pinchas Zukerman.

Recent tours have included Bermuda, USA, Mexico, Finland, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Bulgaria, as well as concerts across the UK and at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kings Place and Cadogan Hall.

His Majesty King Charles III has been the Patron of the ECO since 1977 and the orchestra has performed at many high profile and private Royal occasions including the first concert ever to be broadcast from Buckingham Palace. The orchestra has also recorded many successful film soundtracks including Dario Marianelli’s prize-winning scores for Atonement and Pride and Prejudice

©Keith Saunders


樂團最近宣布委任佛里斯.維塞斯為首席客席指揮,以 及由崗麗擔任樂團團長及首席。

未來數月的巡演計劃涵蓋了土耳其、奧地利、斯洛文尼 亞、香港和德國。

The ECO is proud of its outreach programme, Close Encounters, which works on musical and performance collaborations with communities and schools around the UK and abroad. In 2019, the ECO became the Professional Orchestra in Partnership at Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex, a collaboration involving side-by-side performance and one-to-one tuition. In 2022, the orchestra delivered some exciting and far-reaching projects including The Thames Music Makers project in conjunction with Hammersmith & Fulham Council at Riverside Studios, and in 2023, the Windrush Project welcomed children from various schools at the London Transport Museum.

The future promises a further expansion of the programme, bringing musical experiences to widen the orchestra’s community reach.

The ECO recently announced the appointments of Roberto Forés Veses as Principal Guest Conductor and Stephanie Gonley as Leader and Principal of the orchestra.

Future plans include touring projects in Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Hong Kong and Germany in the next few months.

©Chris Christodoulou


Aaron Chan (Violin)


Hong Kong

陳倬朗的演奏令樂評人擊節讚賞:「陳倬朗冷靜、深情、 連綿的如歌演繹,已遠遠超出了他這一代的年齡層。他 動人而順暢自然的演奏,帶著大量的樂句呼吸位置,藝 術性的水平,似曾是來自已消失的上世紀小提琴黃金年 代。」

陳氏曾兩次贏得專為優秀年輕加拿大音樂家而設的基爾 伯基金會大獎,赴克里夫蘭音樂學院及麥基爾大學完成 學士課程,及於休斯頓萊斯大學謝帕德音樂學院完成碩 士課程期間,均勝出該音樂學院至為重要的協奏曲比 賽。在 2022-23 年期間,他參與了多倫多皇家音樂學院 里班克斯家族基金獎學金及國際演出駐留計劃。隨後, 陳氏更成為了誼樂社 2023「年青音樂家招募」的優勝 者,被邀請成為「樂.誼獨奏家樂團」其中一位成員。

陳氏尤其喜愛演奏室樂,完全享受與其他音樂家透過樂 音溝通的樂趣。他曾參與麥基爾國際弦樂四重奏學院、 克里夫蘭安歌室樂節和韋爾比亞音樂節獨奏家及室樂音 樂學院的夏季項目。

Recognized for his “calm, affectionate and continuous cantabile performance that has far exceeded the level of playing of his contemporaries”, Hong KongCanadian violinist Aaron Chan is sought after as a soloist and chamber player around the globe.

A two-time Sylva Gelber Award recipient, Aaron received Bachelor of Music with Stephen Rose and Jinjoo Cho at the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) and McGill University’s Schulich School of Music. He then continued his Masters degree at Rice University’s Shepherd School of music under the guidance of Paul Kantor. Aaron was the winner of the concerto competitions at CIM and Rice respectively. In 2018, Aaron won the classical concerto competition and chamber competition with his quartet (Lafontaine Quartet) at McGill. During the 2022-23 season, Aaron held a fellowship as a resident of the Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. In 2023, Aaron was awarded the winner of Musicus Society’s Young Artist Audition and was selected to join the roster of Musicus Soloists Hong Kong (MSHK).

Aaron especially loves playing chamber music, finding total joy in communicating with other musicians through sound alone. He’s spent summers at the McGill International String Quartet Academy, the ENCORE Chamber Music festival in Cleveland and at the Verbier Festival’s Soloist and Chamber Music Academy in Switzerland.

Jeremy Hao Lap-hei (Violin)


Hong Kong

郝立希以靈巧敏銳見稱,演奏小提琴及中提琴同樣自 如,他以獨奏及室樂音樂家身份活躍樂壇,與各大備受 尊崇的藝術家及樂團同台。他首次以獨奏身份與薩爾斯 堡室樂團的演出,獲《The Strad》雜誌形容為「莫札特 雙協奏曲一次難得的、如芭蕾般優雅的演繹。」

郝氏熱衷室樂演奏,曾於世界各地的音樂節亮相,如加 拿大的 BigLake 音樂節和多倫多夏日音樂節、丹麥的曲 半島室樂節、芬蘭的庫赫莫室樂節、香港的樂.誼國際 音樂節,以及美國的陶斯短期音樂學院暨室樂節和克奈 索廳室樂節。

郝氏與二重奏拍檔班伯恩斯多夫贏得 2023 維羅納

Amici della Musica 大賽,並於 2022 年贏得耶魯大學音 樂學院室樂比賽。他是誼樂社 2020「年青音樂家招募」 的優勝者,經常在香港演奏室樂及參與弦樂室樂團的演 出。他曾隨誼樂社到德國及多倫多巡演,期間與著名藝 術家唐德勒、李垂誼及維羅茲克佐夫斯卡合作。

郝氏於 2017 年獲曼尼斯音樂學院頒發音樂學士學位, 師隨湯瑪士和塞薩;2020 年於茱莉亞音樂學院完成音 樂碩士學位,師隨司馬克勒;2022 年畢業於耶魯大學 音樂學院,獲頒發音樂藝術碩士學位,師隨安芸晶子及 卡瓦菲恩。郝氏現於紐哈芬交響樂團擔任小提琴手,同 時為樂.誼獨奏家樂團成員。

Known for his versatility and sensitivity, Jeremy actively performs as a soloist and chamber musician on both violin and viola with a wide range of respected artists and orchestras. His solo debut with the Camerata Salzburg was described as “a rare, gracefully balletic account of Mozart’s Concertone” by The Strad.

An avid chamber musician, Jeremy has performed in music festivals around the world, such as the BigLake Festival and Toronto Summer Music in Canada; Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark; Kuhmo Chamber Music in Finland; Musicus Fest in Hong Kong; Taos School of Music and Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival in the United States.

Jeremy was a winner of the 2023 Premio Amici della Musica di Verona with his duo partner León Bernsdorf, as well as the 2022 Yale Chamber Music Competition. As a winner of the Musicus Society’s 2020 Young Artist Audition, he has frequently performed in chamber music and string chamber orchestra concerts in Hong Kong. He has also toured in Germany and Toronto with Musicus, where he collaborated with esteemed artists such as Florian Donderer, Trey Lee and Maria Włoszczowska.

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Music Degree at the Mannes School of Music in 2017 under the tutelage of Sally Thomas and Ann Sezter. Later on, he completed his Master of Music Degree at The Juilliard School with Laurie Smukler in 2020, and graduated from his Master of Musical Arts Degree at the Yale School of Music with Syoko Aki and Ani Kavafian in 2022. Jeremy currently holds a violin position with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, and performs as a member of the Musicus Soloists Hong Kong.


Annis Ma (Viola)


Hong Kong

馬倬琳為誼樂社 2022「年青音樂家招募」優異獎得獎 者。熱愛音樂的她榮獲里雲遜伉儷獎學金,現於寇蒂斯 音樂學院攻讀碩士課程,師承阿莫里和黃心芸。她亦是 香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金全額獎學金得主。

馬氏現為寇蒂斯交響樂團、韋爾比亞音樂節樂團及柯爾 本樂團的首席中提琴。她是歷來年紀最輕的香港電台第 四台樂壇新秀(2017)和香港國際音樂節西樂個人組的 全場總冠軍(2018)。

馬氏是「樂.誼獨奏家樂團」的成員,演藝足跡遍及全 球。她於美國柯爾本音樂學院學士畢業,師從克萊蒂、 馬蘇雲歌及李騰。

Annis Ma was an Honorable Mention in Musicus Society’s 2022 Young Artist Audition. She is a passionate and dedicated musician currently pursuing her master’s studies at the Curtis Institute of Music under Misha Amory and Hsin-Yun Huang as a Bernice and Howard Levinson Fellow. Ma also received full scholarship from the esteemed Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund.

Ma is principal violist of the Curtis Symphony, Verbier Festival, and Colburn orchestras. Her accolades include the youngest RTHK Hong Kong Young Music Maker (2017) and Overall Champion in the Hong Kong International Music Festival (2018).

As a member of Musicus Soloist Hong Kong, Ma has performed around the globe. She completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the Colburn Conservatory of Music under Paul Coletti, Tatjana Masurenko and Teng Li.

Phoebe Hui (New Media Artist)

許方華是一位常居於中國香港的藝術家、研究學者和 藝術教育工作者。她的藝術創作以研究為本,探索科 技如何改變我們對現實的觀感,近期的研究集中源自 科學哲學、語言和機器學習的意念。她曾以多種媒介 創作,如機械人、動態雕塑、裝置藝術、聲音、版畫 和繪畫等。

許氏擁有美國加州大學洛杉磯分校設計及媒體藝術 藝術創作碩士學位、倫敦中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院 藝術碩士學位及香港城市大學創意媒體學院學士學 位,致力投身藝術教育事業,並於 2019 年榮獲卓越 教學獎。她曾於全球各地發表藝術研究實踐作品及論 文,如奧地利電子藝術節、ISEA 國際電子藝術研討 會、麻省理工學院媒體實驗室、亞洲當代藝術週、大 都會藝術博物館、國際創意藝術節、三藩巿中華文化 中心、東京實驗聲音藝術節、香港故宮文化博物館、 大館及 K11 藝術基金的 Chi 藝術空間。

許氏獲獎無數,當中包括香港藝術發展局藝術家年 獎(媒體藝術,2022)及藝術新秀獎(媒體藝術, 2012)、亞洲文化協會 Altius 獎助金和美國日本藝 術計劃研究獎助金。除此之外,她曾獲香港經濟貿易 辦事處(紐約)頒發耶魯中國藝術獎助金,促成她到 耶魯大學進行研究及舉行展覽。她亦是彭博新一代藝 術家資助獎、香港藝術發展局藝術獎學金及香港設計 師協會設計學生獎學金的得主。2019 年,她獲選為 第五屆愛彼藝術委約計劃藝術家,是首位在亞洲獲選 的女性藝術家,其創作《月逝無聲》亦成為首個於亞 洲展出的愛彼藝術委約作品。

Phoebe Hui is an artist, researcher and art educator based in Hong Kong, China. Her research-based art practice explores how technology transforms our perception of reality. Her recent research focuses on ideas drawn from the philosophy of science, language, and machine learning. She has worked with an array of media, including robotics, kinetic sculpture, installation, sound, print, and drawings.

Hui received her MFA at UCLA Design Media Art, her MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and her BA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong. Hui is devoted to art education and was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award in 2019. She has presented her researchbased art practice and papers globally at such venues as Ars Electronica, ISEA, the MIT Media Lab, Asian Contemporary Art Week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Chinese Culture Center, Tokyo Experimental Sound and Art Festival, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Tai Kwun, Chi Art Space – K11 Art Foundation.

Hui is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including Artist of the Year (Media Arts) (2022) and Young Artist of the Year (Media Arts) (2012) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Altius Fellowship and the United States-Japan Arts Program Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council. Further accolades include the HKETO Yale-China Art Fellowship, which enabled her to conduct research and exhibit her works at Yale University. She is also the recipient of the Bloomberg Emerging Artist Award, the Hong Kong Art Development Council Art Scholarship and the Hong Kong Design Association Design Student Scholarship. In 2019, she was selected to imagine the 5th Audemars Piguet Art Commission. Hui’s work, The Moon is leaving us, marked the first Audemars Piguet Art Commission to be shown in Asia and she was the first female artist awardee in Asia.

©The Alumni Relations Office of City University of Hong Kong

誼樂社於 2010 年由一群音樂愛好者為實踐著名大提琴家李垂誼的理念而成立,旨在成為立足國際、以 優質的演出及世界級的本地藝術家稱譽的音樂機構。樂社是個香港註冊的慈善機構,並得到榮譽贊助人 董建華先生的慷慨支持。

樂社的使命為聯繫國際與本地頂尖藝術家,透過演出及培育新秀樂手,實現國際間跨文化音樂交流。樂 社的年度活動包括四個主要項目:


夥拍世界各地國際級藝術家同台演出,展現樂社音樂家的出色才華,並與本地青 年樂手合作,精進技藝,提升水平。


除了貫徹「樂.誼國際音樂節」的理念,還會精選本地古蹟舉辦音樂會,以音樂喚醒香 港歷史文化。


教育項目,旨在培育社會各階層的年青音樂才俊。內容包括為新晉樂手提供由音樂大師 指導的培訓,以及與大師同台演出的機會;透過「作品徵集」發掘年輕作曲家;舉辦「年青音樂家招募」 及「樂團培訓」培育具潛質的樂手;還有「樂訪校園」,讓學生探索音樂的無限可能。


雲集世界各地的新一代香港音樂菁英,由藝術總監李垂誼構思及策劃,冀望發展 成為一支代表香港踏足世界各地演出的室樂隊伍。

Musicus Society was founded in 2010 by a group of music lovers as the vision of cellist Trey Lee to become an international music organization with quality performances and world-class home-grown artists. It is a Hong Kong registered charity with the Hon. Tung Chee-hwa as Honorary Patron.

The Society’s mission is to promote cross-cultural collaboration of music internationally between top local and overseas artists through performances and by nurturing the next generation of talent. Each year, the Society presents four major programs:

Musicus Fest An international partnership for world-class artists to collaborate, showcasing our exceptional artists and working with our young talents to bring their artistry to new heights.

Musicus Heritage In addition to the objectives of Musicus Fest, Musicus Heritage enhances the public’s knowledge of our culture and history by presenting music programs that reflect their heritage settings.

Musicus Inspires! is an educational program that aims to cultivate young talents from all social backgrounds. The initiative provides training and performance opportunities for emerging artists with great musicians, such as the “Call for Scores” for young composers, the “Young Artist Audition” and the “Ensemble Training” for instrumentalists. It also organizes “School Visits” for students to explore various aspects of music.

Musicus Soloists Hong Kong Directed and initiated by renowned cellist Trey Lee, Musicus Soloists Hong Kong (MSHK) comprises some of Hong Kong’s top next-generation artists who gather from all over the world. MSHK is focused on becoming a leading chamber ensemble representing Hong Kong throughout the world.

榮譽贊助人 Honorary Patron

董建華先生 The Hon. Tung Chee Hwa, GBM

榮譽會長 Honorary Presidents

蔡關頴琴律師 Mrs. Janice Choi*, BBS, MH, JP

紀文鳳女士 Ms. Leonie Ki*, GBS, JP

羅君美女士 Ms. Elizabeth Law, MH, JP

榮譽顧問 Honorary Advisors

陳達文博士 Dr. Darwin Chen*, SBS, ISO

羅啟妍教授 Prof. Kai-yin Lo*, SBS

榮譽藝術諮詢 Honorary Artistic Panel

李垂誼先生 Mr. Trey Lee* (主席 Chairman)

德布斯先生 Mr. Johannes Debus

傅人長先生 Mr. Renchang Fu

李貞熙女士 Ms. Elissa lee

潘素拉女士 Ms. Minna Pensola

蒂卡寧先生 Mr. Antti Tikkanen

榮譽藝術顧問 Honorary Artistic Advisor

徐霞女士 Ms. Xu Xia

理事會 The Council

會長 President

李垂音女士 Ms. Chui-Inn Lee*

主席 Chairman

羅君本先生 Mr. Ken Lo

義務司庫 Honorary Treasurer

邱毅麟先生 Mr. Alan Yau

義務秘書 Honorary Secretary

黃仲賢先生 Mr. Patrick Wong

藝術總監 Artistic Director

李垂誼 Trey Lee

教育委員會主席暨節目委員會聯席主席 Education Chair & Programming Co-Chair

林杏儒女士 Ms. Sophie Lin

人力資源委員會主席暨籌款委員會聯席主席 Human Resources Chair & Fundraising Co-Chair

宋安真女士 Ms. Tiffany Soong

公關委員會主席暨前理事 Publicity Chair & Former Council Member

陳嵐女士 Ms. Lilian Chen

*創社成員 Founder member


作為香港藝術文化地標,大館是香港賽馬會(馬會)與香港特別行政區政府合作的成果。有賴馬會一直以來 的支持,大館致力通過藝術、文化和保育項目為社區帶來啟發與靈感,提供一個充滿活力的空間以凝聚大眾。

大館位於香港中環核心地帶,提供各種世界級藝術文化體驗,讓市民可以享受其中,培養大眾對藝術、歷史 古蹟和文化的興趣與欣賞。

此外,大館一直積極支持青年人在創意產業中茁壯成長,幫助他們獲得所需技能,捉緊發展機會。大館與馬 會並肩,致力為香港注入文化活力,豐富香港作為區內及國際舞台上藝術及文化中心的角色。

馬會一直貫徹建設更美好社會的宗旨,不遺餘力地推動本港的藝術文化發展。透過捐助大館的保育活化工作 及其日常營運,反映馬會對城中重要藝術文化地標的長遠支持。馬會將大館內的三大法定古蹟前中區警署、

中央裁判司署和域多利監獄,按照最高規格進行復修,活化成世界級的古蹟及文化藝術館。於2019年,大 館更獲頒發聯合國教科文組織亞太區文化遺產保護獎卓越獎項。


Tai Kwun is Hong Kong’s beating cultural heart, enabled by The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) in partnership with the Hong Kong SAR Government. A vibrant, welcoming space that brings people together, Tai Kwun is committed to inspiring the community through arts, culture and heritage. Located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, Tai Kwun brings creative energy into our city by providing the people of Hong Kong with access to a variety of immersive, world-class experiences. It is open for all members of our community to enjoy, nurturing appreciation for arts, heritage and culture.

Tai Kwun supports youth in our community with the skills and development opportunities needed to thrive in the creative industries. Together with HKJC, Tai Kwun aspires to contribute to a culturally vibrant Hong Kong, amplifying the city’s role as a thriving arts and cultural hub in the region and the global arena.

The relationship between HKJC and Tai Kwun continues HKJC’s longstanding role as a supporter of the city’s iconic arts and cultural institutions, which aligns with HKJC’s purpose of acting continuously for the betterment of our society. HKJC funded the revitalisation and continues to fund the ongoing operation of Tai Kwun, which consist of three Declared Monuments – the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison – transforming the historic site into an accessible world-class centre for arts, culture and heritage. In 2019, Tai Kwun received the Award of Excellence in the 2019 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

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