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maKibrahE n Spring Brake can save up to 4 lbs. per axle.

The Maxibrake II spring brake weighs only 16.5 lbs . . . up to 2 lbs. lighter than other double diaphragm spring brakes. This weight savings can significantly increase your freight payload. High strength die cast aluminum components save weight without sacrificing strength. The Maxibrake II spring brake is also shorter than other spring brakes. It is only 8.21 inches long which means easier mounting and servicing, Maxibrake II spring brake is actually three brakes in one: 1. Service Brake—air pressure on the service diaphragm actuates the slack adjuster for normal braking. 2. Parking Brake—when air is exhausted with the cab control valve, a spring applies the brake to maintain the vehicle in a mechanically parked position. 3. Emergency Brake—when air is lost for service braking, the mechanical emergency/parking spring can be

either manually or automatically applied and modulated to stop the vehicle. You can expect a long life of positive braking from the Maxibrake II spring brake. Designed to meet FMVSS121, the Maxibrake II spring brake has been extensively tested for all driving and environmental conditions. The Maxibrake II spring brake features an easy-to-use, externally stored mechanical release bolt that lets you quickly cage the spring. Find out more about the new Maxibrake II spring brake. For information write for free Bulletin 8111. Aeroquip Corporation, Gustin-Bacon Division, P.O. Box 927, Lawrence, Kansas 66044, a subsidiary of LibbeyOwens-Ford Company. Phone (913) 841-4000.


Write for Bulletin 8111 C



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The Flying A Magazine - Eaton Aeroquip Aerospace - October 1979 Vol. 30 No. 3 OCR  

The Flying A Magazine - Eaton Aeroquip Aerospace - October 1979 Vol. 30 No. 3 OCR

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