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How to Thrive Online in An Uncertain Climate

by Sue Prentice


n a time of chaos and extreme adversity, I could not think of a better way to contribute to Mumpreneur than to focusing on how to THRIVE. If you’re anything like me, when I think of thriving, I feel an energy that makes me want to get off my chair. Thoughts and visuals come to life in my mind of success, booming, delight, wealth, prosperity, health and growth. All this seems contrary to what the world has been experiencing during this intense and long period during the current pandemic, COVID-19 and practicing self-distancing.

Governments around the globe are marking the pandemic with the biggest relief packages in history; airlines are grounded and there is not much positive news when you turn on mainstream media. Unemployment predictions are warning us that levels could surpass the very distant Great Depression and so the bad news keep rolling in. Not to mention the toxic blend of truth and lies across social media and the devastation of lives lost and families impacted forever. So how can we begin to thrive?

It has everything to do with our mindset and focus. Without any notice, people’s lives have changed. A pandemic arrived and businesses around the world, of every shape nature and description, have had to reimagine and reinvent their purpose and their offering.

What differentiates those who are thriving?

It’s not about the product or the service; it’s everything about the state of mind and attitude, the ability to get up and dust down and find that inner energy deep down inside you that enables you to take action and see possibilities. For many it’s harder than it seems. One of the earliest psychologists to focus attention on happy individuals and their psychological trajectory was Abraham Maslow, who is most well-known for his ‘hierarchy of needs’. In his quest to understand human motivation and the pursuit of happiness, he formulated a list of basic human needs that had to be fulfilled for maximum psychological health. With a life dedicated to human potential and through many varying studies, PAGE 20 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT

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