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Thrive Issue 4 of the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine

How To Thrive Online In An Uncertain Climate

by Sue Prentice

Remember, you can reach the top of the pyramid again when you allow yourself to thrive.

If you want to learn something or find your purpose, this is the time! Equally, if you have something to offer, this is the time! The top tier of Maslow’s pyramid is selfactualisation. According to Maslow, self-actualising people perceive reality accurately; after all, it is hard not to do this right now. We have all been grounded by what is happening all around us. These people have a sense of awe, wonder and gratitude about life. Gratitude is important. They are not self-centred but rather problem-centred and focus on how to improve.

Here are my top five tips to help get your purpose-driven business seen in the flurry of a world moving online.