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Winning at Life with an Empowered Mindset

Written by Salli Galvin

I truly believe that every game (including the game of life) is won or lost in the mind. When I proudly wore the green and gold representing Australia, I was coached at the Australian Institute of Sport where I learnt that the power of the mind is paramount to success in sport.

I have grown to understand this is also true inlife..

I have personally been obsessed with mastering and understanding the mind and, since becoming a mother, I believe that it is imperative for our children to have the tools and foundations to help them understand the way their own mind works and how they can create awareness around their emotions, build self confidence and learn to love and be who they truly are.

As a mother of four boys (aged 6-14), I am well aware of the rising levels of depression, anxiety and god forbid, suicide in our younger generations right now. While we have some idea, no-one really knows exactly what long term effect the current COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation will have on all of our children.

That is why personal development is paramount – in adults but particularly in children. It helps to develop the solid foundation they need to build confidence and self-belief and also nurture a valuable understanding of who they are and what they can do in the world before they hit thosemisty, crazy years of adolescence.

During these uncertain times, when talk of pandemics and coronavirus has many parents caught up in the fear of the unknown, it is important they don’t allow that panic to affect their household. My favourite parenting tip is to lead by example, so please be aware of how you communicate with your children: let them know what is going on with COVID-19 but also stress to them that it will all be ok and that everything will work out as it should. While they need to be made aware of the virus in order to take sensible precautions, they also need to feel safe and not continuously live each day in fear of what might happen.

The most certain thing we know at the moment is that no-one knows what is going to happen next. It is fruitless living in fear and worrying about what might happen when it most likely won’t happen anyway.

I prefer to focus on the things in my life that I can control and leave the rest to unfold as itwill.

Once you have adopted that mindset and established some stability in your household, then you can work with your tweens on some very important life skills that will set them up to be what we call ‘Mindfit Kids’.

Here’s a quick insight into our Mindfit Kid Manifesto:

A Mindfit Kid has the right to choose their own path in life with confidence. They value their ability to do what they love and love what they do with kindness and confidence. They may have second guessed themselves or doubted their ability in the past. But now, a MindFit Kid knows that they are unique humans with skills to offer the world. They can achieve what they believe and they are well balanced, free from fears and self-doubt. A Mindfit Kid is on the path to leading an extraordinary life.

The most important thing we can teach our children is how the mind works.

We are all living in a very uncertain world at the moment. But I want you, as mothers and mumpreneurs, to know you are not alone: the entire world is in the same boat. So trust that this too shall pass, we will survive this and if we make a conscious effort to support ourselves as leaders of our household and support our children by encouraging mental health awareness right now, we will all emerge asstronger, more resilient humans at the end of it.

Sending you so much love,Sal

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