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Groundhog Day, Again

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contents 6 Oneida County History Center 10 ADK Journal 14 Valley Girl Adventures 16 Lady & Leap Toy Store 19 MV Astronomy Club 20 Restaurant Guide 26 Antiques Guide 29 Local CD Reviews 31 MV Crossword 32 Did You Know? 33 History Spotlight 34 February in Nature 38 Local Photography 41 On The Farm with Suzie 46 MV Gardens & Recipes 48 Gallery Guide 51 MV Nature 62 Classical MV 63 Herkimer Co. Historical Society 65 Tales from Shawangunk, Part 65 72 Irish Cultural Center 74 Genesee Joe 75 Advertiser Directory 78 Contest Answers

by Sharry L. Whitney We often hear from readers about how much they’ve enjoyed getting to know our writers through the stories they write each month. Many tell us they are encouraged to get outside and explore by following Gary and Matt’s adventures in the magazine. Readers enjoy the honesty (sometimes brutally so) of Peggy and Suzie’s articles. They know (and expect) Carol to write about space, John about music, and Denise about gardens. After reading Suzie’s article about Groundhog Day (where she confesses her love for the movie by that name), I got to thinking about how our writers come through with their stories every month. How do they do it? Gary climbs mountains, sometimes the same mountain, again. Matt reports on the local peregrines and beavers and their routines. I’m sure Carol knows where the planets and stars are going to be before she looks through the telescope. Denise plants seeds every spring, every year, over and over again. As Suzie points out, we don’t have the blessing/ curse of living a day over again like Phil (Bill Murray) in Groundhog Day, but repetition enables us to improve ourselves. It allows us to see the beauty in the changes around us. I once read about how our brains “like” both repetition and change. It’s why waterfalls and campfires are so relaxing for people—the movement of the water and the flames are repetitious and random. Like watching fish in a pond—you know how the fish will swim, but not where. At the same time expected and surprising. So, like Suzie (and Phil), I will try to embrace repetition by improving through it. Because I’m sure no matter how many times Gary hikes up Bald Mountain, it’s never the same climb. •


PUBLISHERS Lance and Sharry Whitney EDITOR Sharry Whitney DESIGN & LAYOUT Lance David Whitney ASSISTANT EDITOR Shelley Malenowski ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Susan Collea CONTRIBUTORS Peggy Spencer Behrendt, Carol Higgins, Suzie Jones, John Keller, Melinda Karastury, Susan Perkins, Matt Perry, Cynthia Quackenbush, Denise Szarek, Gary VanRiper CONTACT US (315) 853-7133 30 Kellogg Street Clinton, NY 13323 www.MohawkValleyLiving.com mohawkvalleyliving@hotmail.com Mohawk Valley Living is a monthly magazine and television show that explore the area’s arts, culture, and heritage. Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of Mohawk Valley Living, Inc. Printed at Vicks in Yorkville, NY.

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New Hartford

Happy Birthday George and to Abraham, too. And while we’re at it, Happy Birthday to you. 2 words, 12 letters

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the Oneida County History center

A Homestead, A Waterwheel, and Power Dam By Janice Reilly

This year, 2020, marks one hundred years that members of the Zegibe family have resided in their homestead on Mohawk Street in New Hartford. Herb Zegibe lives in the old stone house built in 1802. Written in white chalk on a beam found when Herb remodeled is: “started March 1802, framed in April 1802. Signed: McBride.” Herb is the youngest son of Abdoo and Stella Slade Zegibe. His brother George lives next door; he was Supervisor of the Town of New Hartford from 1975-1981. Abdoo immigrated to the U.S. with his father, Elias, in 1906 from Bayrouth, Syria; Abdoo was 11 years old at the time. A plague destroyed their flock of sheep in the old country; they joined relatives living in Utica. Abdoo married in 1920, bought the property from Johnny R. Jones’s widow in 1920, and raised eleven children here. Across the road from the homestead, readily recognizable to all who pass by, is the entrance to Heron Landing, marked by the original waterwheel that Abdoo built because he needed electricity for his cow barn and farmhouse. “Ab was getting nervous with the kids carrying lamps out to the barn with the hay and straw around,” Stella said. There was a real good creek that originated in the Graffenburg Springs; it ran through Zegibe’s pasture. Ab said to himself: “I’m going to build a dam and get electricity.” Rural electrification had not come to isolated spots in the country as yet.


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Waterwheel from municipalities, New Hartford

Swimmers on diving board at Power Dam

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The manager of the Utica Gas & Electric Company told him it would cost $1700. “I don’t have 17 cents,” said Ab. He went to the library to look up how to build a dam, but Ab’s reading was limited – he only went to school for about three months. So, Stella read; they both looked at the drawings and found out how to do it. Stella later told her nephews; “if Ab had had an education, there would have been no limit to what he could do.” He scooped out a large dam using his team of horses and built the first waterwheel out of wood, a small wheel, so he could watch it perform. One day he heard there was an old wheel that had not been used for 25 years; it was laying alongside the road in Franklin Springs. It had the capacity to light up four or five houses at a time. Abdoo bought it for $25, dismantled it, and every Sunday, he and the kids went with the truck to load up the parts. “Well, the wheel didn’t have any buckets,” Stella continued, “but we found out that the manufacturer was the Fitz Water Wheel in Pennsylvania.” Stella wrote a letter to the company to ask if they could buy buckets and “the next morning a salesman who happened to be in Hotel Utica knocked on the door with enough buckets in his hand. We paid him $260.” Abdoo paid $10 for a used generator. He hitched up the works and “we had electricity!” He wired the barn and the chicken coup. He used a tractor to run the generator when the water was low. The family used it from 1927 until 1937 when Roosevelt “got elected and brought electricity in for free then! They didn’t charge you for putting poles in.”

Crowded day at Power Dam in the 1940s

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The natural springs from the hills above fed the creek. Ab was told it would be wise to build a mud pond above the dam that would catch all the dirt as it came down. Clear water would run into a pond – clear as crystal. By 1930 the family opened Power Dam; George and Herb were in charge of the gate. To begin, the charge was 5 cents per person and 5 cents per car. At its peak in 1985, the rate reached $2.50 for adults and $2 per child. The pool’s success was owed to its proximity to Utica for children who could bike or walk there. When temperatures in the city rose, families would pack a picnic and their swimsuits, and spend the day where it was cooler. Ab was warned by the health department to put enough chlorine in to kill the bacteria. He built a bathhouse to meet regulations, and then a dance hall in 1939. That structure was an old horse barn from the Hughes Ice Company. “He brought it up here and took the slate shingles off one by one and they are on this house today,” Stella recalled in an interview. City slickers joined the area’s farmers and came a-stompin’ and dancin’ on Saturday nights to the square dances! The dance hall closed in 1954. The concession stand had flop-open wooden doors to make sales windows where you could buy ice cream, potato chips, candy, and soda. One hundred picnic tables, some with charcoal grills, were available or you could lie on your own blanket on the grass under the maple tree shade. There were seven lifeguards; efficient and well-trained young men. One day there were more than 4,000 who paid admission to enter Power Dam. Herb recalls: “my brother and I closed the gate and wouldn’t let anyone else in—it was so crowded! At the end of the day, my father handed us a big roll of money. He had been letting cars in through the golf range parking lot!!!” Power Dam was the only privately owned swimming hole around that also had diving boards. There were three. Abdoo made the structure out of streetcar rails; they were tearing up the tracks [in Utica] and giving them

Power Dam also had its own diving team; Joan Zegibe Astafan was a star. Pictured here is George and Joe Mishalanie and Tony Skane, members of the team [circa 1942] [courtesy of H. Zegibe]

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away. He would drag one behind the truck every day when he came back from delivering the milk. Herb said, “I tell people that would get us in jail nowadays.” After their seven-year-old son, Leo was killed in an automobile accident, Mr. and Mrs. Zegibe held annual picnic dinners in the grove for boys from St. John’s Orphanage. For years children from Utica Day Camp and Boys Club had swimming lessons at Power Dam. George was an instructor there for the Red Cross Senior Life-Saving program. Square dances, big Halloween parties, and family reunions were held in the pavilion. The Republican Club [George’s political party] held picnics and receptions for Republican candidates. Jumpers and hunters competed in the nearby fields during the Mohawk Valley Hunt Club events. Power Dam closed in 1986. The property was sold and in July 1996, a newspaper announcement said that Power Dam, where children of the “average worker spent their lazy summers, would be turning into an exclusive housing development for the rich.” Two acre lots were to sell for $150,000; homes would be priced from $500,000. New Hartford was deemed an economically stable town. Upon the sixty acres of Heron Landing, the pond still survives. The waterwheel welcomes the dozen residents to their homes. •

Zegibe Homestead built 1802

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adirondack journal

4 things I love about the adirondacks Story and Photos by Gary VanRiper

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Camp is an Adirondack chair and a dock for some. For me, it’s home base to explore territory less visited.

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The feeling Look on most maps of New York State and you will notice an outline of the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park marked by a blue line. We live less than an hour from the line and usually enter through Woodgate via Route 28. I don’t know what it is, and it doesn’t really matter, but there is something that happens to the senses when crossing that line. Others have mentioned the same thing to me, so I know I am not alone. There is a refreshing scent of pine, but it is more than just the aroma – somehow it’s like entering a portal to a different world. Body tension begins to ease and the heart-rate slows down. (Unless you happen upon a moose!) Perhaps it is from kind childhood memories like buying those hard-to-find Marvel® comics in the racks on the porch at Mary’s Gift Shop in Inlet. Or standing in the long shadow of Paul Bunyan in Old Forge. Or being an arms-length away from a real deer. Even my dad’s outrage of gas prices pushing 50 cents a gallon brings a smile. The landscape It wasn’t until I married an Adirondack girl whose family owned a camp on one of the lakes when I was exposed to the Park beyond the

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It’s easy to fall in love with the Adirondacks on a night like this.

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commercial. Most of the relatives enjoyed the sun, the dock, and all the activities living on the water afforded. Then a cookout with a sunset and s’mores or a night out to a fine restaurant. But it became home base for me to explore the trails laced through local forest, around more secluded bodies of water and up the nearby mountains. It was an invitation to hike Mount Marcy along the Opalescent River with a friend of mine to do the senior photos of his daughter in the high peaks wilderness that introduced me to scenery that still at times appears surreal. The wildlife, especially the birds It was a kayak and a camera that acquainted me with the most popular symbol of our northern wilderness – the Common Loon. Sitting in a boat low and quiet in the water and with a telephoto lens made it easy to observe the bird carrying about its business in its natural habitat. The same with the Osprey tending their young in the nest of a towering snag; Belted Kingfisher and Cedar Waxwing traveling from shoreline to island and

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Mark Lowell and Gary VanRiper on the summit of Rocky Peak Ridge, the 20th highest peak in the Adirondacks.

back again, or a Common Merganser, a brood of some twelve chicks in tow. The slap of a beaver tail, a damselfly catching a ride on a floating maple leaf, painted turtles sunning on a fallen snag, a white-tailed deer at the water’s edge (where I’ve also seen bear tracks in the sand) – all are possible to experience in a single morning’s paddle. The people I’ve met so many amazing people all across the Park from all walks of life, several of which have become really good friends. Anyone reading this column in the pages of Mohawk Valley Living for very long would be familiar with one of them – Mark Lowell – who I have been hiking the Adirondacks with since 2007. He has, in fact, become like one of our own family. Mark learned early on that to hike with me is to become an outdoor model for photographs! I know many of our readers already know what a precious jewel we have right here in our own backyards and who join me in sharing the love! • Gary VanRiper is an author, photographer, and pastor at the Camden Wesleyan Church. He has written 15 children’s books with his son, Justin. Find out more at:


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The Everyday Adventures of Mohawk Valley Girl

Fat Cats

Seafood & More in herkimer

Since 1993, people have been driving from miles around for Fat Cats Friday fish fry in Herkimer.

by Cynthia Quackenbush

They say fish is brain food. Some will point out that I have very little brain to feed (you know who you are). Be that as it may, I found a great source at Fat Cats in Herkimer. It took Steven and me a while to go there, because, I admit, we tend to go to restaurants where they serve wine. No, we don’t need wine; we like wine. But I like fish even more and Fat Cats has been serving up seafood for over 25 years, so they must be doing something right. I have often heard the place referred to as Fat Cats Fish Fry, but the menu I am looking at says “Fat Cats” with “Seafood & More!” as a kind of a subtitle. I love a good fish fry, but as I get older, fried food is not my friend.

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Looking over the menu, I asked if everything was fried. Several selections were available broiled. Additionally, there were non-seafood specials offered. I opted for broiled haddock, while Steven asked for New England Clam Chowder. These are favorites for both of us. We ordered at the counter and got a number to put on our table. It is a roomy, comfortable dining room decorated with a nautical theme. We got ice water to drink, which is obviously much better for my weight-loss goals than wine. Not so good for my weight-loss goals were the absolutely delicious fries that accompanied the fish. Oh well, it’s a good thing to treat ourselves sometimes. The coleslaw was also delicious. Steven enjoyed his soup as well. Fat Cats offers Eat In or Take Out, so I suppose for a future meal, we can get Take Out and bring it home where we have wine. Fat Cats also offers uncooked seafood by the pound. I do love to cook, but they cook so well at Fat Cats, it may be a while before I choose the former option. •

Fat Cats Seafood & More

200 King Street, Herkimer• (315) 866-5716 Wed & Thurs: 11am-7pm, Fri: 11am-8pm, Saturday Noon-7pm

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Not just famous for fish, Fat Cats has many other options on their menu

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MV road trip

Lady and Leap Toy Shop sure cure for cabin fever! Photos by Melinda Karastury

Lady and Leap Toy Shop is more than a toy store, it’s a center of activities and socialization. Founded by retired teacher and mother of four, Cristin Heleston, the shop offers classes and kids meetups. Toddlers need free play and socialization to help with their development, so there is plenty of time for that at Lady and Leap. They also learn counting and language skills, and discover their artistic and musical abilities.

Thursdays: Kids Meetup -free event for kids and their care takers Morning Session 10:30am-12pm, Evening Session 6-7:30pm, Free

Saturdays: Crafty Drop-in Activities

11am-2pm, new craft weekly for ages 3-6, $5

Toddler 6-Week Session (Feb. 3 - Mar. 11) Mondays and Wednesdays: 10:30-11:15am, $90 Call to register: 1-877-721-PLAY (7529)

Maura Colle and shop owner, Cristin Heleston



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Lucas, Lilian, and Kaydence Crissey need to fuel up after a day of play at Lady and Leap. Cafe Ucopia at Peter’s Cornucopia fits the bill!

Cafe Ucopia runs like a well-oiled machine during the busy lunch rush

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Peter’s Cornucopia 38 New Hartford Shopping Center New Hartford, NY • (315) 724-4998 www.peterscornucopia.com

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Owner of Peter’s Cornucopia has been at the helm since he opened his first 1,200’ store on Genesee Street in 1985

Mohawk valley astronomical society

riding with a robot part 2, by carol higgins

Last month we covered some of the adventurers who bravely explored our world and the revolutionary change that began when our country and the Soviet Union launched satellites. Safely sending humans into space is difficult and expensive, and the farthest humans have traveled is the Moon. To explore other planets and moons, the next best option is to launch “intelligent” spacecraft equipped with sophisticated science instruments and cameras. This month, we’ll take a look at some robotic missions currently underway, starting at the heart of our solar system. It has long been the dream of many researchers to unlock the mysteries of the thousands of stars dotting the night sky. Our closest star is the Sun, and designing a spacecraft to withstand the immense heat and radiation is no small feat. But engineers took on the challenge, and the Parker Solar Probe was built to investigate the Sun’s corona and solar wind. Parker launched August 12, 2018, making its first close pass (15 million miles) in January 2019. Its highly elliptical and variable orbit takes it to Venus and back to the Sun for a brief close flyby. During its five-year mission, the spacecraft will capture valuable data and make a total of 24 passes. Its heat shield withstands temperatures of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit while keeping the shaded onboard instruments a balmy 85 degrees. At the end of the mission, Parker will be only 3.8 million miles above the surface and traveling

430,000 mph. Artist’s concept of NASA’s Parker Solar Probe observing the Sun. The European Space Agency (ESA) and Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribbenan Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched BepiColumbo on October 19, 2018, to planet Mercury. It won’t Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter continues to arrive until December 2025 because it is capture stunning high-resolution images and taking a complicated path to overcome the search for water and other resources for fuSun’s strong gravitational pull and to literalture missions to the red planet. Mars Odysly “catch up” to the fast-moving planet that sey arrived in 2001, and its thermal infrared Hanny’s Credit: NASA, ESA, W. Keel, Galaxy Zoo Team only takes 88 days to make a trip around the Voorwerp. data Image helped scientists discover underground Sun. The spacecraft carries two orbiters to reservoirs of water near the poles. examine the planet’s magnetic field, atmo And finally, there is Jupiter, where NAsphere, surface, and interior. SA’s Juno spacecraft is on a unique orbit Next is Venus, an inhospitable place over the poles. It arrived on July 4, 2016, to where lead will melt on its surface. JAXA investigate Jupiter’s massive and powerful launched Akatsuki in May 2010, but it sufmagnetic field, radiation belts, interior, and fered an engine problem and failed to enter complex cloud layers. Images taken by its orbit. The mission team eventually found a camera are available to the public to downway to gain control and reinvent the spaceload and process. craft’s mission. It began a new orbital path Current status information about the misin December 2015 and is returning images sions is available online through each space and data to help us learn about the planet’s agency if you would like to learn more. Next weather. month we’ll take a look at some landers and Mars has numerous visitors. ESA’s Exrovers, and spacecraft visiting asteroids to oMars Trace Gas Orbiter arrived in October take samples that will be returned to Earth. 2016 to study the atmosphere. Their Mars Wishing you clear skies! • Express also monitors the atmosphere and has been looking for subsurface water since Join MVAS Sat., February 29, 7-10pm 2003. The Indian Space Research Organisation launched the Mars Orbiter Mission for an evening of stargazing at (MOM) in 2013 to image and study the surBarton-Brown Observatory face. The rest are NASA missions. MAVEN arrived in 2014 to investigate why Mars 206 White St., Waterville changed from a place with surface water to The event is free. today’s desolate landscape. Since 2006, the


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Tues – Sat, 10AM Museum Hours:– 3 PM

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cold brook

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Serving Lunch & Dinner Lunches Served Fri, Sat & Sun Happy Hour Daily 4-7, $2.50 Drafts & $2.75 Well Mixers Tues: $9.99 Prime Rib & $2.99 All-U-Can-Eat Spaghetti Wed: $7.99 Pasta Specials, 10 Boneless Wings $6.00

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mv living

antique shopping guide Little Falls

Fort Plain


Antiques of CNY

Little Falls Mohawk

Antique Center

Reservations: 315 823-1170


Celebrating 21 years in business!

Attic Addicts The Queen’s Closet

Pristine, Practical, and Priced Right!

Specializing in estate sales, large and small.

Conducted with respect and dignity. We take the pressure out of estate liquidation, moving, or downsizing. Call for a consultation:

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Clothing Jewelry Household Items Furniture

Black Cat ANTIQUES & GIFTS A little bit country, a little bit primitive! Your destination for furniture, hand stenciled signs, vintage clothing, warm glow candles, silk arrangements & more!

Multi Dealer Antique Shop

Tues-Fri: 10am-5pm Sat: 10:30am-3pm

Primitives • Furniture • Artwork Smalls • Antique Accessories

New consignment by appointment only

22 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville (315) 736-9160 Facebook: The Queens Closet & Attic Addicts


canal side inn Valentine’s afternoon tea February 12, 12-2

14 East Main St. Earlville (315) 691-5721

Open Tues-Fri: 9-4, Sat: 9-2, Closed Sun & Mon

Wed-Sat: 10-4, Sun: 11-3 • (315) 264-1755

4803 Rt. 31, Vernon

Dawn Marie’s Treasures Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vintage & New Gifts

13 College St., Clinton

(315) 796-9099 • Hours: Tues-Sat, 11-5

Shop for your Special Valentine!

We have chocolates, jewelry, specialty gifts, and more.

Watch for our back room (filled with hidden treasures) to open in the Spring. Also visit us at Johnny Appleseeds for more great gift items, clothing, greeting cards & more!

Little Falls

Antique Center

Follow us on Facebook!

Linda’s House of Treasures

Come in and find your treasure! Clothing - Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s Household items & Furniture Jewelry • Books • Games & Toys Creative memories • Crafts Seasonal & More!

3921 State Route 26, Vernon Center (315) 761-8041 • Tues-Fri: 10-5, Sat: 10-4


7417 St Rte 20 • Madison

315-893-7639 Open Fri-Sun 10-4, Jan-Mar


Cabin Fever More than 50 vendors on 2 floors!

Sale! 10% to 50% OFF

Antiques • Art • Crafts


Thruway Exit 29A 25 West Mill St., Little Falls Open Every Day 10-5 315-823-4309 Handicapped-accessible


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Main Street Gift Shoppe

Primitives, Handmades, Candles, Curtains, Home Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Textiles, and Olde Century Colors Paint

February Freeze Sale!

Markdowns (you won’t want to miss) all month long

7431 Main St Rt. 28 Newport, NY

OPEN: Wed-Sat 11:30am til 7pm (315) 845-8835 www.mainstreetristorante.com

Check out our popular Ristorante on site!


Over 160 Vendor booths and display cases!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Find a Unique Treasure For Your Sweetheart! 100 E. Main St., Mohawk (Thruway Exit 30)

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The Online Exchange We Can Help You Buy, Sell, and Trade Globally! Now an FFL dealer! 6338 St. Rt. 167, Dolgeville

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www.TheOnlineExchange.Net Registered user of ebay



See The Man

Fri & Sat • February 21 & 22 • 10-5 Sunday 23 • Noon-4

Buy • Sell • Trade

54 N. Main St., Sherburne (607) 316-8463 • Open Wed-Sun

Quality Consignments & More

Consigners wanted! Women’s clothing & accessories • Men’s casual clothing Household items & decor, furniture, jewelry, and local artisan products 142 N. Main Street, Herkimer • (315) 628-1506 • Tues - Fri 10-5, Sat 10-3 u uuuuuuuuuuu u u u u u u BUYING & SELLING Antiques, u u Mid-Century, and Vintage thru 1975 u EVERY DAY 10AM-5PM u u Vintage, Antiques, u *5,000 sq.ft. Multi-Dealer Store u u *BEST Variety of UNIQUE Finds u Crafts & Collectibles *103 SHOWCASES u u *26 DISPLAY BOOTHS u u February Sweetheart of a Sale! u *1,000’s of Affordable “Smalls” For Sale u 20% off Antique & Vintage Items u *Get on our Monthly CUSTOMER WANT LIST u * Sale excludes artisan & craft items u (315) 823-1177 u Open Fri, Sat, & Sun: 10-4 u 375 Canal Place, Little Falls u u Next Door to Ann Street Deli u 315-893-1786 • 3371 Maple Ave., Bouckville www.victorianrosevintage.com u uuuuuuuuuuu u 28

Closed Tuesdays

Antique & Unique!

Renewed & Rescued

showcase antiques

Mon, Wed-Sat: 10-5, Sun: 11:30-4:30

Victorian Rose

Tired of Winter? Come Join Us for our CABIN FEVER SALE!




ALSO BUYING YOUR UNWANTED OR BROKEN JEWELRY Inventory and our Estate Sale Schedule online: www.thepottingshedantiques.com


Don & Nancy Hartman, 52 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro (Next to Kinney’s)

Weeden’ s Mini Mall

Loaded with Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles, & many kinds of Unique Items! Over 40 Years in Business! 8056 Route 13, Blossvale (Located 4 miles North of Sylvan Beach) (315) 245-0458 Open 10-5 every day

music in the valley

Cosby Gibson her latest cd: The Secret That the Forest Gave Me

review By John Keller Effervescent, inspirational, and enlightening are just a few words that can describe Cosby Gibson and her music. Her lilting voice, thoughtful lyrics, and plaintive playing make it a joy to listen to, both recorded and live. Her latest album, The Secret That the Forest Gave Me, is full of those signature virtues. The album opens with “By the Light of the Lantern.” Accompanying herself on autoharp, the song follows a walk through the aforementioned Forest, lit by the lantern making a “Path of the World.” A lively beginning on this musical journey. Feeling lost and finding your way is the center of “Whenever You Fall.” The knowledge that someone is always there looking out for you. The beautiful words to this song were written by Terri Meigs with Cosby’s guitar and wonderful vocals carrying this affirmation of devoted love. “Dancing in the Same Sun” is a tune about how we are all experiencing the same life. The line “Angels on wings and all living things are Dancing in the Same Sun” is quite memorable and puts many thoughts in a new perspective. Creating awareness of all things around you, spiritual and physical, will help keep you safe from the “Shadows of the Wind.” Cosby’s vocals are brilliant here and very reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell. The song brings one toward a “life of light as it carries you away.”


Over 30 years in Business

Lessons Repairs Layaway Rentals Sheet Music Lighting L SHOP LOCA AND SAVE BIG!

The final song on the CD is “Guardian Angel.” It is a paean or a call to our own guardian angels to watch over us in our times of need. Beginning as a solo vocal, Cosby is joined by an ever-adding chorus through the end. A new mantra for all of us to recite in troubling times. As with all of Cosby Gibson’s albums, she ends each with some personal, inspiring messages. With titles like “Transcend Closing” and “Create the Life You Love,” Cosby gives her insight and thoughts on how to become a better you. Each has thoughtful merit and can become a pathway through our own dark forests. There are seven songs and five messages and lots of heart on this disc. Cosby is an encouraging force on the music scene. And in the environment. For every CD that she sells, a new tree will be planted to repopulate the forests that are being decimated through fires, industry and natural occurrences. When she is performing in your area, do yourself a favor and listen. It’s a well-deserved rest for the soul. You can obtain a copy of The Secret That the Forest Gave Me by going to her website www.cosbygibson.com There are lots of fun things to do there, too (Lyrics, Journals, Art, etc.). Oh, and she does reveal The Secret That the Forest Gave Her! •

Complete Collision and Mechanical Repair Since 1987


School Instrument Rental Programs New & Used Musical Instruments WE BUY USED EQUIPMENT

(315) 732-3502

8441 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford www.bigapplemusic.net

We Will B Any Catalo eat g or M Order Pric ail e

7509 Route 5 • Clinton, New York 13323 • Phone 315-853-8804 29

mv crossword

Valentine’s Crossword

All answers found in the pages of this magazine! Solution will appear in next month’s issue


3. In Germany, this ground-dwelling animal predicts the end of winter. See On the Farm with Suzie. 6. I love you, ___ and soul. 8. Roses are red and ___ are too! See MV Gardens. 9. Lydia and ___ the resident pair of Canada Geese at Spring Farm Cares Nature Sanctuary. 11. Ignorance is ___. 12. Two lovers kissed and the world ___ ___. See Shawangunk. 13. This Japanese spacecraft (it’s name means “daybreak”) was sent to Venus in 2010. See MV Astronomy. 16. ___ is the answer!

Find FoJo Coffee at: Hamilton Whole Foods, Hamilton Heartwood Gifts, Sherburne Jewett’s Cheese, Earlville Joe’s Jerky, Sherrill Morgan’s Hardware, Waterville Parry’s, Hamilton Peter’s Cornucopia, New Hartford Rosemont Inn, Utica Waterville Bakery, Waterville


1. Caruso’s Pastry Shop makes special pastries for St. ___’s Day starting February 7th! 2. Our new restaurant advertiser, ___ Whis- key Tavern & Grill. See Restaurant Guide. 4. The ___ ___ fire took place the week before Valentine’s Day in Herkimer in 1917. See Herkimer County. 5. Old Forge Winter ___ is Feb 7-Feb 9, 2020 7. One of the “Four things” Gary loves about the Adirondacks. See ADK Journal. 10. Say ___! 14. ___ Zegibe built a waterwheel to generate electricity for his cow barn and farmhouse. See Oneida County History. 15. New local CD: “The ___ That the Forest Gave Me.”

Barney’s Angels

Dog Sitting & Daycare

(315) 525-3330 • Home Environment • Clean & Safe • Friendly • Spacious • Daily FB videos


4361 Acme Road, Ilion

Big dogs welcome too!


MVL Crossword Puzzler

Looking for TLC this Valentine’s Day? How about some T&C? Name this romantic destination. 2 Words Unscramble the letters in the yellow boxes then email your answer to: mohawkvalleyliving@hotmail.com by the 18th of this month. You’ll be entered to win an MVL Mug and a bag of delicious, fresh-roasted FoJo Beans coffee!

Cascade, Plymouth, & Hand-Dyed Yarns Knit and Crochet Supplies Classes: Beginners to Advanced!

Love & Stitches 8211 State Rt 12, Barneveld 315-896-3934 Tues-Fri 10-5:30, Sat 10-2 www.adirondackart.com

214 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro Hours: Tues-Fri: 4-7, Sat: 10-5 315 570-3316 • www.loveandstitchescny.com

Cold Cuts, Pecorino Romano, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Imported Provolone, & much more! Visit us for all your Italian Favorites! You’ll love our prices!

1150 McQuade Ave., Utica Mon: 8-4; Wed-Fri: 8-4:30; Sat: 8-Noon; Sun & Tues: Closed • 315-724-5578


did you know?

herkimer, ny from Sue Perkins and the Herkimer County Historical Society


Jones Store - Benjamin Jones bought the store in 1916 from George Richards. It was “a haven for East Herkimer youth, like a youth center”

The Trolley Bridge spans the West Canada Creek at the eastern edge of Herkimer, built of concrete in 1903 by Beckwith and Quackenbush.

Construction of the bridge from East Herkimer to Herkimer in 1913. It was imploded in 1999 once the new bridge on Route 5 was completed.

Cheese broker Simeon Osborne Jr. had this Gothic Revival house built before 1850 on the western side of Route 28.

Herkimer County Home was located on the west side of Route 28. Built in 1880, today it is Herkimer’s fire training site.

Donald J. Mitchell (1923-2003) lived on Shells Bush Road. He was an optometrist and served as Town of Herkimer Councilman, Mayor, Assemblyman, and Congressman.


MV history spotlight:

Historic Old St. John’s Church from the Oneida County Historical Society

Historic Old St. John’s Church in Utica - The church is the third one to be built on this site. The basic structure of the church was constructed in 1868-69 and dedicated in 1872. The twin steeples were added during the 1890s when the entire interior was remodeled and renovated, galleries removed and side chapels erected and a 10-bell chime installed. St. John’s parish, formed in 1819, is the oldest Roman Catholic parish west of Albany. The original black and white photo was digitally colorized by Carl Saporito of the Oneida County Historical Society (available for sale at the OCHS).

Serving Rome & Utica Since 1946




p o h S m Art frort of a e H e h t l Centra NY

Handmade signs & furniture

Cookie mixes & Valentine’s Day candy!

Jewelry by Perfect Love 444

Home & garden accents, fine art, photography, jewelry, clothes, accessories, soaps and candles, children’s items & much more! Open 7 days a week at 1 College St, Clinton

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february in nature story and photos by Matt Perry One of my favorite things to do in nature in wintertime is to follow streams. In February, following a woodland stream can be a rewarding and revelatory experience. One never quite knows what one is going to find. The frozen stream has always captured my imagination, primarily because of its beauty and the variations in the ice formations encountered. I’ve written about these “ice galleries” in a previous winter-themed article. Of course, despite its frozen appearance, the icy stream remains alive and moving. It courses through the arteries of our nature preserve in winter every bit as much as it does during the other three seasons. On a cool day in late February, I picked up the stream at our main-trail creek crossing and followed it as it meandered north and west. The stream had been encrusted with ice just two days before, but a warming trend and a few hours of overnight rain recharged the flow and melted some of the ice. There were a few inches of slushy snow along the stream banks and, as I walked, I examined the ground closely for footprints or anything

else of interest. It wasn’t long before I found tracks of a pair of raccoons. That came as no surprise since raccoons are closely associated with water and they usually become active during mild spells in winter. They love following creeks and they use their well-articulated forepaws to probe the shallows for invertebrates. Sure enough, their muddy footprints showed that they worked both sides of the creek before strutting back into the forest and disappearing. Slowly crawling on top of the snow near one of our footbridges was a Stonefly. There are thousands of species of Stoneflies that inhabit regions throughout the world. The

Yellow-spotted Salamander in the snow – photo by Tim Johnston one I found breeds in our streams and its adult form is only encountered on mild winter days. When the temperature gets close to the freezing point or just above, you can find them out of water, sometimes in fair numbers, congregating on stream banks or even on woodland trails that intersect streams. After mating, the female Stonefly lays her eggs in the water. Once the eggs hatch, the Stonefly larvae attach themselves to something stable underwater and may live that way for years. Nutrients come to them in the moving water and they take their food

Bossone’s Sausage & Meat Co. Great Selections of Eyewear From Full line of contact lenses including multi-focal, toric and specialty lenses.


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as it floats by in the current. If you find stoneflies inhabiting a creek or wetland it can be an indicator of clean water, since the insects are unable to feed or breed in streams that are polluted or too clouded with silt. I continued my walk downstream, but at one point I needed to divert around the stream to get around a downed tree. As I scampered up the bank, I was very surprised to see a Yellow-spotted Salamander sitting in the snow about 20 feet away from the stream. The eight-inch-long creature was not moving but appeared to be alive. Salamanders are coldblooded animals that can’t survive being exposed to cold temperatures for long. Shouldn’t this one have been hibernating in an underground burrow? I believe it was lured out by the rains we had overnight. Following more than 24 hours of unseasonably mild temperatures, the warm rain fooled this guy into coming out of his torpor and making his way to the spawning grounds. The vernal pond where this

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The woodland stream in February

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This budding superstar in the classical realm has been consistently praised by critics and audiences for her astounding range of sounds, technical agility, and musical elegance. This program for violin and piano includes Bartók’s Romanian Folk Dances,Ysaÿe’s Sonata No. 5, and Grieg’s Sonata No. 3, among other pieces. Tickets: Adult: $20, Senior: $15, Student: $5

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species (as well as other salamander species and Wood Frogs) breed was almost a quarter-mile away. The change back to wintry weather in the early morning hours assured that he wasn’t going to make it that far. I picked him up and brought him closer to the stream where some softer dirt was exposed. He should have been able to climb into it and get back to hibernating. Hopefully, a raccoon wouldn’t find him first! After leaving the salamander, I continued following the creek as it flowed downstream and dropped into a deeper gorge. In some places, the steep banks were deeply dug out about four feet above the stream bed. That gouging out of the banks happened during a major flood when the stream was at the


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A family business since 1970 NY State aged cheddar 1-20 years old! Over 400 items of cheese & gourmet foods.

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Raccoon footprints in the snow

highest flood stage. Even if I hadn’t known about the historic flood (known by some as the “one-hundred-year flood”) that occurred in July 2017, I would have been able to infer that such an event took place based solely on the appearance of the stream and its banks. As February comes to a close, migrant birds start to become more common in our skies and the region’s various habitats. Their arrival heralds spring and the awakening of nature in the Mohawk Valley. We will celebrate the emergence of the earliest wildflowers and the first mass arrival of birds in the March installment of this column. For now, go out and enjoy the streams and everything else associated with the February forest. •

An adult Stonefly on the snow

A freshly shed deer antler

Wild Turkey footprints

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localphotography photography club local The Rice-DodgeBurgess Farm in Cedarville, Herkimer County. Also known as the Stone House at Chepatchet Pond. This historic Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places 11/24/15. -Cliff Oram

This was a COLD sunrise... Butler Road, Sauquoit Fingers froze to the bone - Todd Walker


Looking down Flat Creek in Sprakers -Jenny Galough

Mohawk Valley Through the Lens Check out their popular Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MVTTL

A blustery winter view of Columbia Street in Mohawk -Gabe Oram

Yorkville Memorials

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Engine 1845 of the The Adirondack Scenic Railroad in Thendara

urbanik’s paint 2019 co. Gabe Oram

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local photography

A quiet night in the Mohawk Village Cemetery -Gabe Oram

A view of the Little Falls Harbor and the State Dam on the Eie Canal -Cliff Oram

Mohawk Valley Through the Lens Check out their popular Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MVTTL

On the farm with Suzie

Groundhog Day, All OverAgain by Suzie Jones

Another day in the barn checking on the babies with Archie, our border collie




With everything you need to accomplish in a day insurance protection for your business might be the last thing on your mind. You do recognize, however, that a one-size-fits-all insurance policy isn’t the smart way to run a business. Our AGRIBUSINESS INSURANCE PROGRAM can provide you with a flexible farm package that allows you to customize a policy to match your individual needs. Contact me to find out more:


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Products and services may not be available in all states. Terms, conditions and eligibility requirements will apply. Property and casualty products and services may be underwritten by Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company or United Farm Family Insurance Company, both of Glenmont, New York. 18-114.274097.V1.11.2018

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Pop on the cheese lid. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The tradition of pulling a groundhog out of its burrow to see (or not see) his shadow and forecast the coming of spring is so perfectly silly—so utterly ridiculous—I think it is downright charming. It has absolutely no basis in science, but who can resist a pudgy rodent predicting the weather? The holiday has deep roots in both ancient pagan and Christian traditions in Europe. For a time, clergy would bless and distribute candles needed for winter, a vague predictor for how long and cold the weather was expected to be. Bears were weather predictors for medieval cults, as were sacred badgers for English Catholics. Over the centuries and in Germany in particular, many turned to hedgehogs to take over weather prediction. When German settlers came to America, they brought their traditions with them but found Pennsylvania to be completely lacking in hedgehogs. Groundhogs, on the other hand, were plentiful. The first official Groundhog Day was celebrated on February 2nd, 1887 in Punxsutawney, PA. The 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray is equally ridiculous and equally charming. The idea that someone could be caught in a

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Twilight Zone-like time loop beginning the same day, day after day, is so silly it borders on genius. I love little details like playing the song “I Got You Babe” on the clock radio every morning as a metaphor for hell on Earth. In fact, if you’ve never seen “Groundhog Day,” I highly recommend popping some popcorn and cozying up on the couch one snowy February night and watching it! I find myself thinking of that movie this time of year because every February I seem to experience a similar loop. Every day is the exact same sequence of events—day after day—with so little variation that my life becomes nearly 100% predictable. Such are the monotonous winter days on our farm: coffee and breakfast before dawn; then chores in the barn. I do a status check on our four-legged moms and babies, water and feed laying hens, goats, and sheep. My husband Peter goes Just keep stirring, just keep stirring... to the cheese plant where he drains the cheese vat from the night before, hanging the heavy cheesecloths full of curd to drain. I eventually join him in the plant where we wash up and clean equipment until all the stainless steel is gleaming. After lunch, phone calls, and computer work in the house—and


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maybe a few tosses of the Frisbee for Archie, our Border collie—it is back to the cheese plant for salting and packing. Peter visits the neighbor to get more milk, fills the newly cleaned vat and sets it to pasteurize before adding cultures and rennet to set overnight. The day ends much the same way it began: back in the barn for chores, checking moms and babies, gathering eggs, tucking everyone in for the night to start the next day anew. And do it all over again. In between it all, we take turns feeding the wood stove in the house to keep it cozy. The days may become a blur with repetition, but at least I can mark the passage of time by looking at our shrinking woodpile! But the comparison to the movie “Groundhog Day” doesn’t have to end with the drudgery of the same schedule of events day in and day out. In both the movie and on the farm, every day also represents an opportunity to improve ourselves and the world around us…not only to make sure tomorrow is somehow better than today, but to ensure a future. When we first meet Bill Murray’s character, he is a jerk to his col-

A wide variety of household pet food, treats, toys, and accessories l Your lorcPaurina, o sourcelef Crown, Trip keye! Buc

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You want a prediction about the weather? You’re asking the wrong Phil. leagues, dismissive of the townspeople, and is generally an unlikable and miserable fellow. As he copes with his odd situation of endlessly repeating the same day, he goes through a series of adjustments in his behavior and actions, hoping to end the torturous cycle. At first, these changes are cynical and superficial in his ploy to woo the love interest played by Andie MacDowell. But by the end, Bill Murray’s character learns to embrace the repetition by taking piano lessons, warms to the townspeople he once scoffed and becomes beloved by his colleagues. Not until his attitude and behavioral changes are genuine and he actually betters himself does his day finally move on, breaking the cycle. There might actually be a small lesson here. So, what have I been doing to improve myself and the world around me? Not quite enough, I assure you, but I pledge to do better in this regard. Spending time with loved ones, planning for spring, volunteering, even simply improving upon my record-keeping and cleaning out my garage are all small things that I can do, every day. The urge to move forward, even as we celebrate peculiar ancient traditions, will get me through this and every February! •

Suzie Jones and her husband, Peter, own Jones Family Farm in Herkimer. Together, with their children, they produce specialty goat cheeses and gelato. Find them at local farmers’ markets and online: www.anotherjonesfamilyfarm.com

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mohawk valley Gardens

roses are red and beets are, too! by Denise A. Szarek

I love fall and winter! Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who love to see the seasons change. Most people are looking forward to retiring in a warmer climate. I want to spend my retiring years a little farther north in the Adirondacks! We live by the seasons and we eat by the seasons. I enjoy making hearty soups and stews in the fall and winter. And one of my favorite fall veggies is beets. Beets can be eaten raw, pickled, roasted, hot or cold, and make wonderful soups. We grow several varieties of beets on the farm, classic Detroit red, heirlooms early wonder and red ace, yellow beets, touchstone gold, boldor & golden beet, candy-striped Chioggia and long, red cylindra. Don’t forget the greens of beets are very edible and sweet and high in nutrients! We grow a special variety called Bull’s Blood mainly for greens, although the small beet root is very tasty as well. Beets are one of the easiest veggies to grow. It’s also one of the earliest plants to grow in your garden. Cool temperatures produce the best color flesh. They grow quickly in a light, loamy soil with a pH over 6.0. You can begin early direct sowing when soil has warmed to 45 degrees F. and for a continuous supply of greens and small tender beets, sow seed in two-week intervals. Beets can be succession planted in two-week intervals up until 8 weeks before regular heavy frosts are expected. The best thing about beets – they have two growing seasons: spring and fall. Beets also grow well in containers; just leave about an inch spacing from the side of the pot. Most beet varieties mature in 50-55iodays. ns In a container, you may want to harvest a Reflectdepending oon earlier on the size beet you desire. Full Mlittle Don’tteforget about those beet greens! Many greens come r

with beautiful magenta veins and we are trying a new variety from Johnny’s this year called babybeat which matures in 40 days for greens and has a small tasty taproot. The variety would do great in containers on your patio for beet greens in your summer salads, and the little beets would be a welcome addition to any summer salad. Beet greens add a sweet taste to any salad mix and add a velvety texture when added to soups. They are dense in nutrients and a boost to your immune system in the winter and early spring. Not only are beets colorful and full of flavor, but they are also rich in antioxidants, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. They also contain unique antioxidants called betalains, which are currently being studied as a potential weapon in the fight against cancer. Betalains give beets their red hue. This is one of those colorful veggies known to spark an impassioned response from folks who either love it or loathe it. While I’m definitely in the “love it” camp, the anti-beet camp has both President and Mrs. Obama, who asked that beets not be grown in the White House organic garden! Beets contain a substance called geosmin, which is responsible for the fresh scent in your garden after a rain. Humans are quite sensitive to geosmin, even in small doses, which explains the wide range of responses to this earthy veggies. Now we couldn’t talk about beets without talking about beetroot soup, or borscht. Originating in Ukraine, borscht is a beetroot soup popular in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Every family in these countries have their own recipe for this soup, including ours. In Poland it is called Barszcz...

Art Cen

et 80 Main Stre 13316 Camden, NY 9 (315)820-426

Full Mo


Cam ART CEN TdeEn, R NY 133 16 (315)82 80 Main St. Camden 0-4269

(315) 820-4269 jwillson3@yahoo.com

ery Art Gallsses Art Cla op Gift Sh


ctions Full Moon Art Cen Reflections ter 80 Main



on Refle

Year-Round Saturday Market Winter Hours January - April: 10 AM - 2 PM 101 Main Street in Pioneer Alley Cooperstown, NY


Cross-Country Skis & Snowshoes Bicycle Parts/Repairs Accessories & Clothing

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BARSZCZ (Polish Borscht) By Denise Szarek

1 onion chopped fine 1 lb kielbasa 4-5 beets, roasted 1 leek, white part only, sliced thin 2 cups cabbage, shredded 2 carrots, shredded 1 parsnip, shredded 1 clove garlic, minced 1 bay leaf 5 allspice berries 3 peppercorns 2 T red wine vinegar 2 cups milk 3 T flour 2 cups sour cream 4-6 hard boiled eggs, optional Mashed potatoes, optional

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F. Wrap the beets in foil and roast until tender 30-45 mins. When cool to handle, peel and cut beets into chunks. Meanwhile in a large pot, boil the spareribs with chopped onions, garlic, red wine vinegar, bay leaf, sugar, allspice, and peppercorns for 1-1/2 hours or until tender. (For a smoked flavor you could also add a smoked ham hock to the pork and boil.) About the last half hour, add the kielbasa to the pot with the pork. When the meat is tender, remove the bones and strip off the meat in bite-size pieces. Cut the kielbasa into bite-size chunks and set the kielbasa aside. Return the pork meat to the broth, and add the carrots, parsnips, cabbage, and leek. Cook until veggies are tender. Season the soup with salt and pepper. In a large bowl stir together the sour cream, milk, and flour. Add 2 cups of the hot stock to the sour cream mixture and stir to combine. Pour this mixture through a strainer into the soup. Heat the soup over medium heat at a gentle simmer, but DO NOT allow to BOIL. Boiling will cause the sour cream to curdle. In large soup bowls, place a dollop of mashed potatoes, the kielbasa, and chopped hard-boiled eggs in the bottom, pouring the warmed soup over the top. Sprinkle with fresh herbs of your choice. Serve with pumpernickel or rye bread. Na zdrowie!

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Paintings by artist Tom Sblendorio will be on display at The Other Side in Utica February 7-23 with an opening reception on February 7th.

gallery GUIDE Photography of Rome, Mike Colangelo and Vintage Memorabilia of Rome, Peter Leonard February 4-28, 2020 Reception: Tues., Feb. 4, 6-8pm Fusion Art Gallery

Papercut: Works on Paper

8584 Turin Road, Rome, NY (315) 338-5712 www.photoshoppeofrome.com

Through March 16, 2020

The work of 10 artists that utilize paper as a surface to create their artwork.

Edith Langley Barrett Art Gallery

Utica College, 1600 Burrstone Road, Utica, NY • (315) 792-5289 • www.utica.edu/gallery

Super Bowl Charity Sew-In for the Thea Bowman House Pre-School

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Cabin Fever Bus Trip March 21st


Valentine’s Day Rose Arrangements! Order early! Also Balloons, Plush, Candy & Jewelry!

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Thurs 13th & Fri 14th, 8:30am-6pm

GatesCole.com 48

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Strange Journeys: David Nackley Jedediah Kimball

Self Taught: works by Michele Guttenberg and Neil Besignano

Through February 28, 2020

Through February 27, 2020

Gannett Art Gallery

Hamilton Center for the Arts

Kunsela Hall, SUNY Polytechnic Institute 100 Seymour Road, Utica https://sunypoly.edu/gannett-gallery.html

16 Broad Street, Hamilton, NY (315) 368-4453 hamiltoncenterforthearts.com

Quilting Outside The Box, Jayne Stoll

Bob Buck: Photographs

February 1-19, 2020 Reception: Tues., Feb. 11, 6-7:30pm

Through February 29, 2020 Bob Buck hails from Fort Plain, NY. His work has previously been exhibited at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, the Arkell Museum, and the Albany Center Gallery. He is a member of the Utica Camera Club. He was a ships photographer in the US Navy.

Kirkland Town Library

55 1/2 College St., Clinton, NY (315) 853- 2038 www.kirklandtownlibrary.org

Little Falls Public Library 10 Waverly Place, Little Falls www.lflibrary.org

9 West Park Row, Clinton 315.853.3052 Nolasinclinton.com

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Quiet Moments: Paintings by Tom Sblendorio

Celebrating Suffrage: Women Artists from the Collection

February 7-23, 2020 Reception: Fri., February 7, 5:30-7pm

February 29 - April 19, 2020 This exhibit celebrates he 100-year anniversary of Congress’s ratification of women’s suffrage, the right for American women to vote in all government elections.

The Other Side

2011 Genesee St., Utica, NY Hours.: Thurs. 5-7, Sat. 12-2 www.theothersideutica.org


310 Genesee St., Utica, NY (315) 797-0000 www.mwpai.org

Textures and Layers: A Walk in the Woods February 1 - March 28, 2020 A multi-sensory experience created by the varied textures and layers of the environment. From micro to macro scale we are bombarded by the combined visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory event.


3273 Rt. 28, Old Forge, NY (315) 369-6411 www.viewarts.org

SUM Artists, Visual Diagrams and Systems-Based Explorations February 15 - June 14, 2020 • Reception: Sat., February 15, 4-6pm Several generations of artists investigate and visualize the intersection of divergent subjects of pressing concern, primarily through the creation of visionary charts, maps, diagrams, and lists.

Wellin Museum of Art

Hamilton College, 198 College Hill Rd, Clinton, NY • (315) 859-4396 • www.hamilton.edu/wellin

Having an art opening? Let us know for a free listing in our monthly guide! Email: mohawkvalleyliving@hotmail.com Over 160 Vendor booths and display cases!

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Mon, Wed-Sat: 10-5, Sun: 11:30-4:30 Closed Tuesdays

Mohawk Valley nature Male Wood Duck

Another Year in the Life of the Spring Farm Beaver Colony part 2

story & photos by matt perry


Part one of the beaver’s 2019 story left off with the beaver dam at the main pond seriously damaged and the beavers trying hard to fix it. Meanwhile, Lydia and Roddy, the resident pair of Canada Geese, had begun nesting on the platform at the mostly drained main pond. Strong winds on April 12th blew away the down feathers Lydia used to line her nest. Fortunately, her feathers are a renewable resource. She plucked some more out of her breast and relined the nest. Roddy’s job was to defend the territory from predators and would-be usurpers. He watched for threats coming by air and by water. His demeanor would change whenever his mate stirred or stood upon the nest. Her movement would make him suddenly snap to attention, look around the pond, and assess it for potential threats. When she came off the nest to feed or to bathe, he became extremely agitated and would start honking. He would quickly swim to her and, like an overzealous bodyguard, he would threaten any creature that came within a five-yard radius. After not seeing her for three days, Tippy finally came out in the late afternoon on April 13th. I was anxious to know if she had given birth to kits. Of course, inside a lodge with exposed entrances, it would be a challenge for her to keep newborn kits safe. The possibility of new kits provided great incentive for the beavers to repair the dam and bring

A beaver having a scratch – photo by Wendy Yuzik

The Olde

Kountry Market w

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Whether you celebrate inside with panoramic views of our beautiful golf greens and lush floral gardens, or outside on our spectacular grounds, when you choose Twin Ponds for your event, you’ll receive the impeccable attention to detail that will ensure your special day will be nothing short of perfect.

Accommodations for up to 700 guests Open year-round 169 Main Street, New York Mills 736-9303

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the water levels back up. Besides bolstering the dam, they added mud and other materials to the lodge. They dredged out the channel leading up to the lodge and effectively lowered their entrance ways. Repairs on the dam caused water levels to rise and soon the reworked lodge entrances were submerged. By April 17th, the beavers were becoming even more active in their extended territory. By April 19th, GenLo wasn’t being seen, but his work was much in evidence. He began making a brand-new pond by damming the east/west stream that feeds Wick’s Pond. He had worked on a few small pond and canal projects on that stream before, but this time his designs were grander in scale. He was building a serious pond. He and his young apprentices worked by night and made a dam that bisected the flood plain. The pond quickly took shape and was picturesque in its setting. I named it “Julia’s

The beaver’s patch on the dam

A yearling beaver feeds on Pussy Willow blossoms

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Pond”, after the former matriarch of the colony. I had immediate depth. concerns regarding Julia’s Pond. The east/west stream, unlike the GenLo had begun work on a lodge at Julia’s Pond. From its north/south stream, where the beaver’s original pond system is lofoundation, it looked like it was going to be a large structure. Only cated, is prone to severe flash flooding. Whenever there is excessive time would tell if the beavers were planning on moving to this pond. rainfall, any dam on that stream would be subjected to major runoff During the first week of May, several beavers were coming out in water. If the beavers were planning on moving to that pond, they the afternoon at the main pond. Adults were being seen sporadically. would be in line for more cataI imagined that Tippy was busy strophic dam collapses. inside the lodge caring for new During the final week of kits. As for the resident geese, Roddy – the male resident Canada Goose April, most of the beavers Lydia was still sitting on her eggs ceased coming out in the afterand Roddy remained on perpetunoons. A few of the youngsters al guard duty. On May 10th, the were still emerging, but not the goslings hatched. I could see one adults. Tippy finally came out yellow chick standing next to on the evening of the 25th. She its still brooding mother on the came onto the beach, walked nest platform. By afternoon both up to me, stood up, and asked parents and eight goslings were for her potato. She appeared walking around on the west bank to be lactating which meant of the main pond. After that, we there were likely beaver kits lost track of them. Evidently, the in the lodge. At this point, the goose family moved away from lodge entrances were barethe property and they didn’t even ly underwater. Work on the say goodbye! I wasn’t too surdam patch at Morton’ Pond prised since they did the same was continuing, but the water thing in 2018. Last year, I speclevel had stalled at about two ulated that a large resident snapionslevels. eflecthigh R n feet below normal ping turtle was the reason they o o M ll u F Meanwhile, Julia’s Pond was left and sure enough, the same Center in size and steadilyArt increasing turtle was again active at Moret 80 Main Stre 13316 Camden, NY 9 (315)820-426


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ton’s Pond. During the final week of May, both Tippy and GenLo were being seen at Morton’s Pond in the afternoons. I was sure that Tippy had kits inside the lodge by this point, but I had yet to see one. It’s typical for new kits to remain in the lodge for over a month and so I had no expectation of seeing them any time soon. Before the start of June, the water level at Morton’s Pond was now afoot below its historic high point, which was a remarkable achievement and a testament to beaver perseverance and engineering skill. One day, I got a rare view of both beaver parents sitting together while they fed on fresh poplar leaves. At this time, the yearling beavers had become very visible, and so I decided to name them. In keeping with the custom of recent years, I named a few after wetland flora. The names were: Bugbane, Bogbean, Water Beetle, Damselfly, and Chub. As for the new kits inside the lodge, they remained a closely guarded secret. On July 8th I made the sad discovery of a dead beaver kit at Morton’s Pond. The

Roddy has pale eyebrows

kit’s lifeless body was floating on top of the branch pile near the beaver blind. I removed it from the pond. Upon close inspection there didn’t seem to be any injuries or obvious cause of death. It is possible that the kit drowned. Drowning is a hazard for young beaver kits on their first journeys out of the natal lodge chamber. They follow a parent or older sibling into the pond, but then must face the daunting challenge of getting back inside the lodge via the underwater entrance. At this point in their lives, they are inexperienced holding their breath for extended periods. The new kit did confirm that Tippy had young in the lodge, but just how many were in the litter remained a mystery. On July 12th another of the season’s new beaver kits was seen. This one followed closely behind Tippy as she made a quick trip in and out of the lodge. To me, it looked like a training session. The next day, I watched a new kit follow GenLo all the way to the beaver blind before diving and heading back to the lodge. During the third week in July, most beavers were coming out of their lodge in the early to mid-afternoon time frame. The new kit was coming out with increasing frequency. Usually, it tried in vain to grab treats from its siblings or parents. It begged at GenLo and pawed the food he was holding, but his father kept pushing him away. Beavers aren’t generous with treats once they have them in their paws. As

Lydia continues incubating her eggs

it happens, even a small kit will get nothing from its parent. Once a kit leaves the lodge, it must find its own food in the pond. Beavers partake in mutual grooming, but it’s something I hadn’t seen happen in a while. I suspect it happens more often at night and/ or inside the lodge. Mutual grooming may take place between any two members of the colony. This time, I had a front-row seat to watch Tippy and one of the yearlings as they groomed each other in front of the beaver blind. As is typical, the two adopt a “yin and yang” position, side by side and facing opposite directions. Having adopted this position, they then gently comb the fur on each other’s flanks using their oversized incisors. Heavy rains on August 16th tested the beaver dams. The dam patch at Morton’s Pond held but the new dam at Julia’s Pond failed and water levels there dropped to about 1/6 capacity. As it happened the dam breach was not catastrophic. New dams are much less involved structures; they tend to be easy to break and easy to fix. Sure enough, GenLo and his apprentices had the dam repaired and the pond was back to normal in less than twenty-four hours. Despite all the work taking place at Julia’s Pond and vicin-

ity, the colony was still residing at Morton’s Pond and it was there in the late afternoon on August 20th, that I finally saw four new beaver kits out at the same time. During the first week of September, there was suddenly a large new beaver lodge rising from the south side of Julia’s Pond. The lodge was over four feet high and still under construction. At this time, I felt confident that we had five new kits for the season. In early October, another flash flood event ruptured the dam at Julia’s Pond. The water levels fell nearly a foot, but the dam and pond were completely restored by the next day. Logging in the Aspen grove suddenly increased during this period. A couple of 50-foot trees were toppled, and five other large ones were cut into. Beavers were also taking Pussy Willow, large Gray Birches, and some medium-sized Yellow Birches. Once on the ground, limbs were stripped from the trunks and taken to the pond. Larger tree trunks were being cut into roughly four-foot sections and dragged away. Moving pieces that big is a remarkable demonstration of strength. A beaver’s strength as well as its heftiness, allows them to transport very large objects. They use their weight to tug and lever the materials they need to shift. An adult beaver moves large trunk pieces by gripping them with his teeth and heaving them forward a little at a time. The discovery of a food cache under construction at Julia’s Pond confirmed the beavers’ intentions of over-wintering at that pond. By mid-month, every

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Mallard hen with ducklings

large Aspen tree in the grove had been bitten into and earmarked for the food cache. The beaver’s method of partially cutting multiple trees simultaneously instead of fully cutting them down one at a time is an energy-saving technique and a way to get more food for less effort. Partially cut trees are made vulnerable to being toppled in windstorms and any tree that comes down that way saves a beaver the effort in cutting it all the way through. It was becoming clear that the beavers were inhabiting two ponds – Morton’s Pond and Julia’s Pond. The ponds were about five acres away from each other and were located on two different streams This hadn’t happened before with our colony. There was still a lot of communication between the two ponds. Beavers were showing up at Morton’s Pond for treat time, but how long was that going to continue? Just before Halloween, the beavers began coming out in the mid to late afternoon at Morton’s Pond. It was becoming clear that despite all the amazing work that had taken place at Julia’s Pond, the primary pond where the beavers were residing was still Morton’s Pond. I believe that GenLo was making a strong push to move the colony to the new pond, but cooperation wasn’t forthcoming. That’s not to say that beavers weren’t traveling there and possibly even spending nights there. I was seeing beavers including some of the kits there, but the next day, all would be back at Morton’s Pond, including GenLo. It’s obviously of great importance that the beavers overwinter at a pond that has a food cache, otherwise a harsh winter may not be survivable. It’s just as well that the beavers still had a lingering allegiance to Morton’s Pond. On Halloween, the stream that feeds Julia’s Pond swelled well out of its banks. The dam at Julia’s Pond was ruptured again and the pond lost ¾ of its volume. With the water so low, I was able to examine the dredging work the beavers had done in the pond basin. A check of the dam afterward showed that it was repairable, and within a day, water levels were back up to near-normal. An interesting thing to come out of the Halloween flood was a new beaver kit. An orphan of unknown origin was

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A mink peeks out of a hole in the bank

suddenly part of the colony. Obviously, she had been adopted by our beavers since she was seen going in and out of the lodge and interacting with the other beavers causally. Actually, it was being largely ignored which is pretty much how beavers in a colony treat each other most of the time. The orphan was quite small and younger than our beaver kits by a couple of months. I speculated that the new beaver kit had been separated from her colony by recent heavy rains and high water. Of course, its family could’ve been trapped by people or otherwise intentionally displaced from their habitat. That kind of fate is more often the rule than the exception for beaver colonies. To begin with, the new kit was painfully shy, and I would only get short glimpses of her. However, only a few weeks later, she was bold enough to come out of the water and take sweet potato pieces from my hand. As for Tippy’s own kits, a few of them occupied themselves with cutting up the branches I brought to the main pond and sinking them into that pond’s food cache. It probably wasn’t a bad idea. If there came an early ice-over and beavers get marooned there, at least there will be some food to sustain them. Meanwhile, in the Aspen grove, the wind took down a few of the

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American Toad

Jasmine Yuzik brings a poplar branch to the beaver pond

Beaver mutual grooming session

trees the beavers had partially cut. The grove was strewn with large logs, mostly laying east to west. The beavers were clearcutting the grove – taking willow and birch as well as the large Aspens. All but the largest of the big trunk pieces were being dragged off and sunk into the ample food cache at Julia’s Pond. By the end of the first week of November, we had our first real cold snap. There were about three inches of snow on the ground and all the ponds except for Morton’s Pond were completely covered by ice. One might assume the beavers would be all be at Julia’s Pond after all the work that’s been done there, but they were not. Possibly the entire colony was at Morton’s Pond. I brought them some of the usual produce and some branches. Most of the kits were coming right up to the shore to get their treats. Several would walk out of the water and take potatoes and carrots from my hand. Although most were gentle about taking theirs, a few would do a short charge at me and then slap the treat out of my hand before grabbing it and diving back into the water. Of the colony, it was clear that GenLo was the keenest to be at Julia’s Pond. Any chance he would get, he was back over there working on his projects. Probably with the

m Art frort of a the He tral Cen NY

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A kit getting a treat from the end of my ski pole

Great Egret at Sarah’s Pond


Woodchuck at the beaver pond

help of kits, he made a series of small ponds and canals upstream and downstream from Julia’s Pond. To me, GenLo’s anxiety about the colony’s unwillingness to relocate was tangible. He was going back and forth a lot and I think he expected at some point that everyone would just stay at the new location, given its large food cache and spacious lodge. In terms of conditions on the ground, in mid-November, winter arrived. Temperatures dropped into the mid-teens and all beaver ponds froze up tight. As is usually the case, Morton’s Pond remained ice-free at its inflow. I broke holes in the ice at Morton’s Pond and at Julia’s Pond, since I wasn’t sure which pond the beavers were staying in. One day, GenLo and a young kit were at Julia’s Pond, but all the other beavers including Tippy and the orphan were spending the first freeze-up period at Morton’s Pond. This was the new kits’ first experience with ice, and they seemed to revel in it. They tried breaking ice in all different ways: by busting it down with their weight, by battering it from underneath, and by biting at it. My favorite is when they use their heads to torpedo through it from beneath. At the start of December, the weather

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was decidedly winter-like. Most days were cold, and the ponds were remaining at least partially ice-covered. As far as I could tell, the entire colony was at Morton’s Pond. GenLo seemed to be the only one regularly commuting between Julia’s Pond and the main ponds. The beavers seemed like they weren’t going anywhere. If GenLo was still trying to persuade them to move, it wasn’t working. He used the periods of thawing to return to Julia’s Pond – each time taking at least a couple of kits back with him. I believe his goal was to get his mate Tippy to the new pond, but she seemed to have no interest in moving. As we moved into mid-December, the weather continued to oscillate between springlike and winter-like and the ice cover on the ponds fluctuated substantially. GenLo was still trying to get the colony to move. One night, the orphan kit went with him and was seen swimming in Julia’s pond the next day. The same kit followed GenLo back to the Morton’s Pond that evening. At that point, Tippy and at

least half of the kits still weren’t interested in leaving, but by Christmas Day, it seemed like the entire colony had finally made the move to Julia’s Pond. I was still checking Morton’s Pond every afternoon and bringing food to the four or five beaver kits (both yearlings and new ones) that remained there. I was also checking Julia’s Pond to see if beavers were coming out there. A few kits came out towards evening, but no beavers were emerging reliably. The beaver’s year ended with most of the colony installed in a new pond, with the parent’s pair bond intact, and with at least 11 kits in residence. It remains to be seen if the kits that lingered at Morton’s Pond will continue there or eventually join the others at the new pond. We now look forward to a new year of adventures for the Spring Farm beavers and for all the other wildlife that cohabitates with them in their habitat. • Matt Perry is Conservation Director and resident naturalist at Spring Farm CARES in Clinton. He manages a 260 acre nature preserve which is open for tours by appointment. Matt is also regional editor of “The Kingbird”, which is a quarterly publication put out by the New York State Ornithological Association. Matt’s short nature videos can be viewed on the web. Look for Spring Farm CARES Nature Sanctuary on Facebook.

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Ewa Lawrence Hometown: Born in Wroclaw (Poland), Current: Utica, NY Instrument: Piano (teaches piano and voice) Age when began music: Age 5, born into a family comprised of professional musicians and music lovers Education: University of Wroclaw (1981), Conservatory of Music, Wroclaw (1982), Music University of Warsaw (1987) Employment/position: The Ewa Lawrence School of Music: founder, piano/voice teacher Collaborations: Has given and organized numerous public performances and presentations promoting Polish cultural awareness including a concert of Polish Music, Hamilton College, 1990; “The Music and Dance of Most Serene Republic of Both Nations” Hamilton College, 1996; and The New York State Tour of “Scholares Minores pro Musica Antiqua” (a unique and internationally acclaimed children’s ensemble performing Renaissance and Baroque Music), 1997; since 1998, Ewa Lawrence has organized numerous students’ performances at MWPAI, Stone Presbyterian Church, and various charitable organizations. She is an advisor and a validator for the Congressional Award. Influences: Upon coming to the USA in 1987, Ewa was introduced by Mrs. Margaret “Peggy” Joslyn to many musical institutions in the Mohawk Valley. Mrs. Joslyn, who became her “American mother,” guided her during her first years in the USA; Husband, Tom Lawrence, supportive and helps organize some of her concerts and encouraged her to found her music business; Hamilton college instructors Professor G. Roberts Kolb and his wife Lauralyn Kolb. Professor G. Roberts Kolb provided her with considerable assistance in organizing two concerts of classical Polish music at Wellin Hall, Hamilton College. Lauralyn Kolb inspired her to organize quality concerts for her students.

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In cooperation with

Herkimer county historical society

Earl Block Fire in Herkimer

New Earl Block before the fire of February 9, 1917

By sue perkins

The Earl Block fire took place on February 9, 1917, the east side of the 100 block of North Main Street. There was an explosion that caused in the basement of the H. G. Munger & Company store at 7:30 in the morning. The fire soon spread and burned three business blocks by the time it was done. The Herkimer Fire Department put in the call for help from the Little Falls and Utica Fire Departments. Several business blocks were destroyed by fire. The New Earl Block on 148 N. Main Street which included H .G. Munger & Co., Gallinger Drug Store, F.H. Bresee’s Shoe Store, law offices of Charles B. Hane, William J. Gardinier, Edward M. Brown, George H. Bunce and Charles L. Earl, insurances office of Earl & Gloo; living in the apartments were Mary E. and. Charles F. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. J. Harter; Kappa Gamma Chi Club and the Bethel Lodge, Independent Order of the Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) occupied rooms on the third floor; office of H.C. Longshore on the second floor. Masonic Building occupied the H. G. Munger & Company on the first floor, law office of James H. Greene and optome-

Earl Block Fire looking south on N. Main Street


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Earl Block reconstruction trist’s office of James R. Nelson on the second floor and used by the Herkimer Lodge F. & A.M. The Graves Block 150 N. Main Street - the first floor was occupied by Thomas Healey and the office of Dr. George Graves and Dr. James W. Graves. They both had apartments on the second and third floors. The First National Bank Building on the corner N. Main and Green Street was owned by John M. Metzger which occupied by the bank and the Newport Construction Company and the Kay building were badly damaged by the fire. The Grangers’ Association Building on 114-116 Green Street was occupied by the Café of George Wilkinson’s, Herkimer Evening Telegram and the grocery store of Abram Alpert on the first floor, office of A. Ross Sluyter, architect on the second floor; Grange rooms on the third floor. This was also damaged by the fire. Mrs. Mae Clark of Saratoga was the only person who died in the fire. She was visiting Mary E. (Bauder) and Charles F. Brown who lived 160 M. Main Street. The estimated cost of the fire was a half-million dollars. The Earl Block was reconstructed after the fire. The new buildings were the First National Bank (today it is a tanning salon), the Liberty Theatre (now a parking lot), Gallinger Drug store (now a second-hand shop) and the new H. G. Munger Department Store (today Wakefield Furniture Store and Renewed and Rescued are there). •

Sue Perkins is the Executive Director of the Herkimer County Historical Society

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Shawangunk nature preserve, cold brook

In college, Peg learned how not to handle romance

TALES of love FROM

SHAWANGUNK Chapter 65 by Peggy Spencer Behrendt


In 1974, Tim and Peggy Spencer Behrendt set off on an adventure. They began a new life in the woods of Cold Brook, NY, without modern conveniences like electricity or indoor plumbing. These are excerpts and reflections from Peggy’s journal chronicling their adventures and also her childhood memories growing up in Westmoreland.

“Love is a Many Splendored Thing” was the title on the sheet music I often saw on the piano where I practiced my lessons as a youth. Beneath the title is a picture of Jennifer Jones and William Holden in a romantic embrace. Part of the lyrics seemed particularly poetic to me; “Once, on a high and windy hill, in the morning mist, two lovers kissed and the world stood still.” In my sophomore year of college (1967-68), I decided to see if there was any truth to these words. During meals at the school cafeteria, I’d made friends with some “Zippies” (the nickname for Music Majors). They were upperclassmen and lots of fun. One of them had a car, so we went out sometimes, to have pie a la mode, or pizza and beer at an Italian café, or drive to nearby villages and look around in second-hand stores. This was a real treat because staying on campus all the time got boring.

One nice day, Bruce and I stopped at a scenic overlook to admire the abundant vineyards around Fredonia, NY. A warm, gentle breeze brushed my cheeks and I felt very comfortable with my new friend. It was a high, windy hill, and there weren’t any mists, but I decided to see if the world would “stand still” if we kissed. Of course, I knew this was symbolic, but nothing happened, except that he seemed pretty happy and suddenly assumed that we were now “going together!” For me, it was just an experiment, not a commitment, and I couldn’t figure out a tactful way to explain that to him. Sometime afterward, I discovered that I also liked one of his best friends, and subsequently, alienated both of them. I

Tim shortly before I met him

Our wedding reception; sharing pizza. Tim in a sweater I made from his sheeps wool, me in a Guatemalan dress.


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think I was considered a fickle female, but I was just exploring this new world of romantic relationships. Tim once went to pick up his college girlfriend at the train station and saw her kiss another fellow goodbye before she came to kiss hello to Tim! In 1972, I’d graduated from college and was testing my skills as a music teacher in a new community. I began to attend a local church. Choir rehearsal there was so much fun and so different from the Festival Chorus I was in at college earlier that year where over 300 powerful, trained voices united in a celestial symphony of soul uplifting power. I loved it, but it required military discipline, whereas in this tiny church choir in the narrow organ loft of this 1816 edifice, giggling, teasing,

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Royal Terns are numerous on the seashore

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and goofing off seemed to be acceptable behavior. I couldn’t help but join in the playful atmosphere. I felt like a naughty kid even though I also felt sorry for our good-humored and patient young director, George. After rehearsal, we strolled to a village tavern to hydrate our voices, creating quite a cacophony between the crunching and squeaking of our big boots on sub-zero, ice-crusted snow and our yells and laughter over snowballs tossed about. Our minister Tim, (my future husband), joined us and was telling me about the athletic career he pursued before entering seminary; the college football scholarships, the wrestling, the swimming. I responded with stories of my successes in competitive gymnastics, swimming, and “almost” majoring in Phys. Ed. Then, for some inexplicable reason, I told him that I could wrestle, too, which was totally untrue. Next thing I knew, I was wrestling in the freshly fallen snow with my church minister on a quiet village street and rolling together into a snowbank. Despite my lack of expertise, I was young, strong, and agile and gave him a decent challenge, but soon got pinned in a frigid pillow of snow. Pink cheeked, laughing, and somewhat sheepish, we got up and went on to the choir reception. But it was a harbinger of a very amicable relationship to come. Just a few years after that, when I heard the thumping of wrestling

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Friday night dinners featuring our famous fresh haddock fish fry! Full menu available - Serving every Friday 4-8:30

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Grandson Todd and his family Kim, Sylvia, and August help watch over Shawangunk

Daughter Rebekah and husband, Gael Audic have a little romance on our trail

The imprint of bird wings in snow

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coming from my parent’s living room where one of my younger sisters and her boyfriend (also her future husband) were playfully sparring, I knew that something much more serious was up. Look out, if you get into a wrestling match with a Spencer girl! Of course, these things don’t always work out. While doing research on FultonHistory.com, I ran across this article (I’ve abbreviated) about an application for divorce in the Syracuse Journal, September 27, 1915 “’DECLARED WIFE WAS TOO AFFECTIONATE’ ‘I’ve had enough affection to last me for 25 years,” declared Frank Merz. ‘My wife wanted me to keep my eye on her all the time and I got tired of showing my love every second. Even when we went to the picture show, she insisted on my (putting) my arm around her. If I started to look at a pretty actress on the screen, she would make me turn and gaze at her.’ He does not contemplate returning to her…although he doesn’t appear to have any objection to her outside claim that she expects him to bubble over with affection all the time.” In the early 1980s, Tim and I met a very affectionate couple from Rome, NY who were dating. She was a vivacious, bright, and pleasant member of our church, who was on the staff of my old high school. He was a successful restaurant owner and chef. But she unexpectedly suffered a serious stroke and would probably need help the rest of her life. I joined Tim on a pastoral visit to her rest home. I knew she loved cats, but animals weren’t allowed in


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her facility. I decided to smuggle in my cute, new kitten, Sooty to cheer her. I put him into an ample willow picnic basket I’d recently made and casually strolled past the reception desk, hoping he wouldn’t meow. I must have looked a little guilty because a suspicious attendant called out; “You don’t have a dog in there do you?” “No,” I honestly answered, and skulked to her room. Phyllis was thrilled! But, the next time we went to see her she wasn’t there! Her boyfriend, Paul, had taken her for what was supposed to be a little day outing, and they never returned. We got the whole, glorious, romantic story when we were invited to dinner at their home. He’d kidnapped her from the rest home; they’d gotten married, and were so happy together! She did require lots of care, but he’d recently sold his restaurant, retired, and could devote his time to her. They prepared meals together; she maneuvering in her wheelchair, he fetching ingredients too high for her, and we joked about trying to find out the secret ingredient in her tomato sauce. Their meals were delicious, ample, and (amazingly for

the time) vegetarian! Paul knew that we 1977 Trillium Camper for $2,000 (12 ft. were struggling financially with family long), some folding rocking chairs and responsibilities and our land purchases prepared to tow it in our 1990 4-cylinder for the preserve; consequently, he al- Dodge Dakota Ram to Florida to camp ways sent us home with many leftovers out for a few winter months of balmy and extra beverages, and once gave Tim leisure. We felt we could afford this a top quality pair of shoes that lasted him wonderful adventure, and were quite excited! I would make baskets to sell, and for years. A few years later, Paul died quite un- we could save money by sleeping in the expectedly. Phyllis was devastated and camper along the way instead of in motels. But helpless. A relative after our first, long, tiring from very far day of traveling through away came A white heron strolls cold, winter weather on in to manage by our camper snowy roads, we pulled things and she into a tiny campground was taken to a after dark, and discovrest home in another state. She ered that the electric only lived for a heat and lights in the few weeks after camper didn’t work! the re-location. We’d had no way to In 2000, Tim test them at home, retired from the having only 12-volt church he served electricity. So we for thirty years in spent a miserable Utica, and we benight huddled togan a new life as gether on an icy cold Senior Citizens. mattress. We bought an old Further south,

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the brakes suddenly felt like a sponge and we could only slowly come to a stop. It took a couple of days and several hundred dollars to get them repaired. A hubcap off the camper tire disappeared along the way, and the only way for the passenger to rest was to lie sideways on the seat, with the seat-belt holder jammed into their side. By the time we got to our campground, we were exhausted, over-stimulated, and miserable. I seriously contemplated divorce! But, Tim and I had made an agreement during our first years of marriage to give each other two weeks’ notice if we wanted out of the relationship. After two weeks on our campsite, next to the Indian River which teems with exotic wild birds and fishes of many kinds, decorating our lot with pots of pretty flowers from a local nursery, biking to the ocean for long naps and walks on the beach, playing in the abundant waves of the magnificent ocean, meeting nice new people and doing crafts with new friends, we recovered from the journey, and were friends again. I’ve seen the same thing happen to

other couples who take that cross-continental trip; they look so tired and unhappy with each other during the first days after arrival, but restful, unstressful time in the sun soon heals their relationship. Now, we minimize this travel stress by storing our stuff there and flying instead. There are still problems and stresses, but it is less. While we are gone, our Preserve is supervised by the next generations of Behrendt’s as we now have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren living on our road. They maintain a nice public trail for snowshoeing or cross country skiing and we offer some winter workshops such as: WINTER TREE MEDICINE WALK with Herbalist Lisa Fazio on February 1st at 10:30am when you can learn about some medicinal properties of our trees, bark, and needles. (email lisa@therootcircle.com to register) Or you may enjoy a WINTER WOODLAND NATURE WALK FOR CHILDREN (and adults) with Kimberly Behrendt as your guide on March 7th at 10:30 (call 315-826-7685 to register). This is an opportunity to discover fun

and games in a beautiful winter environment while learning to appreciate its unique qualities and beauties. We invite you to park at the end of Shawangunk Rd. and sign in at the Trail Head any time, to ski or walk in our Wondrous Woodsy Winter Wonderland. You may see our great-grandchildren making snow angels, or laughing with glee as they get towed on a sled by their mom and dad, Kim and Todd Behrendt. You will likely see many tracks of wildlife: deer, rabbits, squirrels, mice, birds… and possibly lovers. •

The Shawangunk Nature Preserve is a deep ecology, forever wild, 501©(3), learning and cultural center. Tim and Peggy still live there and can be contacted through their website.


The Everyday Adventures of Mohawk Valley Girl

Irish Cultural Center in utica

At long last, the doors of the new Irish Cultural Center in Utica are open and welcome in guests.

by Cynthia Quackenbush

When I had last seen the Irish Cultural Center, it was a big hole in the ground across the street from the So Sweet Candy Café. Which goes to show how often I get to Utica. However, I have seen the error of my ways and hope to return more often. My husband Steven, our friend Kim Darling, and I recently took the short drive from Herkimer with the specific purpose of checking out the new center. We stopped first at So Sweet, to say hello to Margaret Rienzo, the owner, who is pretty sweet herself. Who, me? Buy candy? Say it ain’t so! We told her our plan to go to the Cultural Center, and she assured us that it was a lovely place. “Be sure to ask about its history,” she said. We actually went to the Five Points Public House and Event Center, which is part of the Irish Cultural Center. We walked in and were immediately charmed by the old-world atmosphere. They were serving lunch, but we decided to sit at the bar and order drinks, not ruling out the possibility of also getting food.


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I suppose in an Irish pub, one should order ale or stout or perhaps whiskey, but I also took a glance at the wine list. They had 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon! 19 Crimes is one of my favorites! Steven opted for Freakshow Chardonnay, about which I made the expected smart remark. The bartender nicely gave Kim a sample of the Riesling (I foolishly did not make a note of the winery), because Rieslings run the gamut from dry to sweet. Kim likes sweet; she liked this one. We admired the polished wood of the bar and the surrounding beams. There was a fireplace and plenty of tables, both tall and regular. Kim and I noticed a deck outside and made plans to come again in warm weather. We looked over the menu. I was interested in the Irish Onion Soup topped with rye croutons and Dubliner Cheddar. Also intriguing to me were the Irish Greens: braised escarole, cabbage, potatoes, and tender, slow-cooked corned beef. I learned that “Colcannon” is mashed potatoes with cabbage. Walking around, taking a few pictures, I asked a couple of gentlemen sitting at the bar if I could take their picture. I explained it would be for my blog or possibly for an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine. They said that was fine, so I asked their names. “Phil Arcuri.” “It is not,” I said. “That’s the musician!” It turned out, though not Phil the musician, he did know the father of the other Phil. He went on to say he plays classical guitar and one day got a phone call. The lady asked to speak with Phil Arcuri. “I said, ‘Speaking.’ ‘Do you play guitar?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well, can you play at my wedding?’ I said, ‘I can clear out a room!’ “ We all laughed. I said it would be funny if the magazine used the picture because the previous month my article had included a picture of the other Phil Arcuri. My new friend Phil said I would not believe his friend’s name either. It was Dave Smith. Yes, that sounded a little like a made-up name. Dave grew up in Utica but now lives in Connecticut. He was visiting the area, so Phil brought him to the Irish Center. It is a great place to bring friends so I plan to do so. After all, I have onion soup, greens, and Colcannon to try! Additionally, I did not ask about the history, as my friend Margaret had suggested. That could make an excellent blog post. •

Bartender, Mike O’Connor, takes drink orders over the polished wood bar.

Our new friends Phil Arcuri and Dave Smith

The Irish Cultural Center Five Points Public House and Events Center

623 Columbia St., Utica, NY • (315) 733-4228 Open: Monday-Wednesday: 11am-11pm, Thursday-Saturday: 11am-Midnight

Yes, Kim and Steven are drinking wine at an Irish Pub


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Pet Supplies Carhart’s Feed & Pet Supply . . . . . . . . . . 44 Physical Therapy Inertia PT, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 23 20 24 22

Produce, Local Ben & Judy’s Sugarhouse, West Edmeston . . . 45 Grassy Cow Dairy, Remsen . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Jewett’s Cheese, Earlville . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Jones Family Farm, Herkimer . . . . . . . . . 45 Shaw’s Maple Products, Clinton . . . . . . . . . . 6 Stoltzfus Family Dairy, Vernon Center . . . . . 60 Tibbits Maple, New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . 44 Wyndfield Acres Farm Store, Little Falls . . . . . 12 Quilt and Yarn Shops/Services Love & Stitches, Whitesboro . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Tiger Lily Quilt Co, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Real Estate John Brown Team, Coldwell Banker . . . . . . 56

Record Stores Off Center Records, Utica . . . . . . . . . . 12 Restaurants and Cafés Ann St. Deli, Little Falls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cafe at Stone Mill, Little Falls . . . . . . . Canal Side Inn, Little Falls . . . . . . . . . . . Cleaver’s BBQ, West Winfield . . . . . . . . . Clinton Ale House, Clinton . . . . . . . . . Club Monarch, Yorkville . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Country Store, Salisbury . . . . . . . . . . Delta Lake Inn, Rome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DiCastro’s Brick Oven, Rome . . . . . . . . . Gone Coastal, Lee Center . . . . . . . . . . . Hotel Solsville, Solsville . . . . . . . . . . . . Jamo’s Restaurant, Herkimer . . . . . . . . . . Karam’s Middle East Bakery, Yorkville . . . . Killabrew, New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . . . . Main Street Ristorante, Newport . . . . . . . . McGill’s Whiskey Tavern and Grill, Utica . . . . Michael’s Alder Creek Inne, Barneveld . . . . Nola’s Restaurant, Clinton . . . . . . . . . . . . Noyes St. Cafe, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohio Tavern, Cold Brook . . . . . . . . . . . Outta The Way Cafe, Utica . . . . . . . . . Patio Drive-In, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phoenician Restaurant, New Hartford . . . . . . Rosato’s Pizzeria & Bakery, Utica . . . . . . . . RoSo’s Cafe & Catering, Utica . . . . . . . . . . Route 69 Steakhouse, Whitesboro . . . . . . . . Sammy & Annie Foods, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . The Tailor and The Cook, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . Wendy’s Diner, Cassville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Willie’s The Original Bagel Cafe, Utica . . . . . . The Willows, Utica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

21 21 22 25 20 68 23 23 23 21 22 21 25 22 27 23 20 21 23 21 23 24 22 24 24 25 24 25 20 25 25

Shoes Karaz Shoes, New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 The Sneaker Store, New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . . 11 The Village Crossing, Clinton . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Snow Blowers SD Power, Clinton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Snowmobiles/ATVs Hobby Hill Farm, Rome . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Snowmobile Salvage Hudon’s Snowmobile Salvage, Barneveld . . . . . . . 55 Tire & Tire Repair Get a Grip, Poland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Towing Services Clinton Collision, Clinton . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Toy Shops Lady and Leap Toy Shop, New Hartford . . . . . . 69 Tree Services and Tree Farms Rick Turk Tree Service, Rome . . . . . . . . . . 55





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Vacuum Sales Rainbow, New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Websites Utica Remember When . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Weddings and Banquets Club Monarch, Yorkville . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Gone Coastal, Lee Center . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club, NY Mills . . . . 52 Wellness Universal Wellness New Hartford . . . . . . . . . . 7

The answer to last month’s Riggie’s riddle, The Perfect Holiday for a Gloomy January is: National pie Day

Yarn and Knitting Supplies Love & Stitches, Whitesboro . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Yogurt Stoltzfus Family Dairy, Vernon Center . . . . . . . 60

The answer to last month’s crossword about the club at which the 135th Anniversary Mitchell Bonspiel will be held is: Utica Curling The winner drawn from all correct entries is: Joe Samson of Barneveld

The winner drawn from all correct entries: Elieen Manno of Frankfort

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