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September 2021

X FEATURES Minnesota Snowmobiling is the official publication of the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA). The publication is a benefit of membership in MnUSA ($25 annual membership).



Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association

MnUSA Executive Board President Greg Sorenson Vice President Scott Wakefield Secretary Cheryl Clevenger Treasurer Rick Johnson Director at Large Rod Seibel Past Presidents Rod Seibel, Mark Kavanaugh, Gayle Quistgard, Mark Steinmueller, Keith Twombly, Terry Hutchinson, Curt Berg, Harold Brace, Bob Linn, Diane Wallenta, Greg Sorenson, Jeff Mausolf, Bob King, Larry Shepherd, Bill Kullberg, LeRoy Strehlo, Tom Decker, Mary Violett, Allen Eglinton, Al Lalim, Harold Tomkins Minnesota Snowmobiling (ISSN 1085-1054) is published seven times a year for $14 – September, October, November, December, January, February and March by MidWest Outdoors Limited, 111 Shore Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527. Periodicals postage paid through Brooklyn Park, MN, and additional entries. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association, 7040 Lakeland Ave N., Suite 212, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

PUBLISHER Dan Ferris ART DIRECTOR / COPY EDITOR Dena Gervasi ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER Chuck Gekas ADVERTISING SALES Jim Gekas, Mark Hunkeler, Larry Ladowski, Roger Cormier, Greg Jones EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Nancy Hanson, Scott Wakefield, Doug Franzen, Dave Csanda, Joe Henry CONTRIBUTIONS: Letters, manuscripts, stories, materials and photographs are welcome but cannot be returned unless sender provides a SASE. Minnesota Snowmobiling is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, photos and drawings. Submission of articles and letters implies the right to edit and publish in all or part. ADVERTISING MWO Media Phone: 847-707-8511 chuck@mwomedia.com www.mnsnowmobiler.org Send all advertising materials to: MWO Media, 111 Shore Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 Copyright © 2021 by Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without consent of the publisher.

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UPCOMING EVENTS International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony » Sep. 18, 2021 MnUSA Fall Workshop & Annual Meeting » Oct. 22-24, 2021 Sled Season Celebration » Oct. 29 & 30, 2021


From the MnUSA President

A New Beginning Greg Sorenson

I am ready for the cooler weather that fall should bring, and have had enough of the heat and humidity. Hopefully we will get our normal fall rain too. We complain because our grass is not as green as it should be but think of the unfortunate farmers that have lost or reduced crops or had to sell livestock. I guess all we can do is keep hoping the rain will come soon. As you see, there have been major changes to our publication. The anticipation of the first issue has been killing me. Nancy Hanson and Scott Wakefield have spent many hours with the new publisher to get this first magazine out. Please be patient—without question there will be growing pains. Believe me, they are working hard to make this transition as seamless as possible.

ISABELLA, MINNESOTA N47° 38.813 W091° 27.250


ATV’S MOTORCYCLES SLEDS HUNTERS FISHERMEN • Modern Cabins • Gas/Oil • On/Off Sale • BWCA/Canoe Outfitting

9702 Hwy. 1 Isabella, MN (218) 323-7681 www.knottedpine.com We’re right at the intersection of Tomahawk and Yukon Trails 4

I think your patience will be rewarded with an exciting new magazine. We hope to have diversified content that will have something interesting for every reader. If you have suggestions to make the publication better please let us know. We want the magazine to be the best it can be. I would like to clarify the reason for the new publication. MSPN’s concerns with the existing contract were leading us to a significant fee increase and MSPN suggested we look for other options. The MnUSA board felt the increase was not desirable or affordable. After receiving a cancellation notice from MSPN, MnUSA did its due diligence and searched for a publisher. We found a good one. MidWest Outdoors brings many years of outdoor experience to MnUSA. We feel it is a great opportunity to broaden our advertising market, and we hope to work with some of the other outdoor enthusiasts they are currently working with. We know that many snowmobilers participate in other outdoor activities such as ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. We think snowmobiling will be a good fit into the MidWest Outdoors publishing world. It is an opportunity to reach existing and prospective members in new ways, and it will be interesting to see what our exciting, new publishing arrangement can do to help us gain new members. I would like to thank Joel and his hard-working crew for the years of publishing Minnesota Snowmobiling. I know they did the best they could during some very challenging times. My relationship with MSPN goes back many years, to the days when my good friend CJ Ramstad was publisher. It is often hard to make changes when dealing with friends. I wish Joel, Pat, Paula and their crew great success as they move forward in the publishing world. ‘Trespass’ and ‘loud pipes’ were the talk of the International Snowmobile Congress in Omaha. Many states and provinces are losing trails because of irresponsible behavior by snowmobilers. I would like to say it is only a few but it is not. Many riders just don’t seem to get it. Whether you are riding on a trail, off trail, in the ditch, or in the mountains, please show respect for fellow riders, landowners, and other winter enthusiasts. Finally, if you get a chance, make sure you attend one, two or all of the fall shows. I know snowmobilers are excited to see the new sleds, clothing and accessories. The fall shows are a great way to see what the new season will bring!

Minnesota Snowmobiling



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From the MnUSA Vice President

Off & Running

positive promotion and what you need to make your snowmobile experience the best it can be.

Scott Wakefield

We’ve added a Youth column and a Vintage column, plus we have more control over content, more opportunities for club news, opportunities for exposure on TV, radio and trade shows, and a better ability to partner with other winter sports enthusiasts. We’ve changed the look and the feel, added new content from a vast array of writers in the stable of MidWest Outdoors magazine, and will continue to improve as we go along.

Holy Moly…Wow…Unbelievable… Yessss…Sweet —this just barely describes my unbridled enthusiasm about our new and improved Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine! First, we must thank those that made it happen, the Directors of MnUSA—you know the board that governs MnUSA. Earlier this year they took a chance and approved option 3, although another one was going to be cheaper, and one was going to be easier. The quote from Winston Churchill, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty,” clearly fits here with the new Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine. Thank you, Directors. We all have worked really hard to make this inaugural edition of the magazine the go-to gold standard when it comes to your one source for snowmobile information, education,

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I had the opportunity to shake hands with Zig Ziglar (warm hands, lots of energy) early in my career at Target Center. I remember a quote from that day amongst the 4,000 other professionals in attendance: “You don’t have to be great at something to start, but you have to start, to be great at something. And if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig has since passed, but I still recall these impressive quotes and live by them every day. So, who are these folks at MidWest Outdoors? Well, you’ll get your chance to meet them, as a representative will be at our booth at Hay Days each day. And if you can’t make it to Hay Days, they will be at the Fall Workshop Oct. 22nd-24th in Fairmont, MN (see more information in this publication). Incidentally, I will be doing a seminar on club finances and cyber security at the fall workshop, so register today and make your room reservations; it will be a great time. I’ve always have an “Open Door” policy at my employment, and the same holds true with this publication, and the association for that matter. So if you have an issue that’s got your attention, let me know what you think, what we could improve on and so on—I’d love to hear from you. Until next time, keep ‘em trackside down.

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Minnesota Snowmobiling

linnea friberg

625 Main Street – Walden, CO 80480

11 Miles east of Int’l Falls on Hwy. 11

Legislative Update

The Unifying Principle An opinion article by Doug Franzen Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new and improved Minnesota Snowmobiling. Past publishers (most recently Joel/MSPN) have done a terrific job for MnUSA and we thank them. However, what excites me most is the quality of our newest publisher and the degree of control that we will now have over the magazine. In other words, our fate is in our hands. I am honored to be a part of this first edition. Reflecting on the past two years, the phrase from a Grateful Dead song seems particularly appropriate to describe the years 2020/2021: Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me Other times, I can barely see Lately, it occurs to me What a long, strange trip it’s been Yes, we live in interesting times. Tragically, people in Minnesota and America are more divided than ever about most everything. I know politicians on the political left and on the right who can’t seem find agreement on essential issues impacting us all. Some brothers and sisters are not on speaking terms. Yet, these are good folks who want to do the right thing. I don’t understand it. Yet, I will offer my thoughts. We have lost our way because society is only possible with unifying principles. Many of those principles have gone by the wayside. Our traditional unifying institutions are in a free fall. We don’t trust them and/or we disagree with them. Why? My theory is that self-righteous judgment and anger/hatred can actually make people happy. There are academic studies that suggest this theory has some validity. Cable TV and the internet egg us all on and promote these negative emotions because there are billions of dollars to be made doing so. I trust what I may think because the internet tells me I’m right and anyone who disagrees is dumb and/or evil. Fortunately, there are solutions.


The solutions are simply civil discourse, mutual respect and finding the good in one another. One great unifier, President Ronald Reagan, said it best, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally—not a 20 percent traitor.” In a similar vein, former NY mayor Ed Koch (not a unifier) once said, “If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.” Even when we disagree, we can find things to agree on (with the notable exception of those unfortunate souls who root for the Green Bay Packers). Even when we disagree, we can have respectful fun about those disagreements (life would be boring without those cheeseheads). Significantly, we can find things that bind us together— unifying principles. Unifying principles build unifying institutions. MnUSA is one such institution. Before MnUSA, there were at least three competing associations and, truth be told, not much was accomplished for the good of snowmobiling. In an unlikely move, these good folks got together in a more-or-less respectful manner and decided that the principle of unity was essential if the sport of snowmobiling was to survive and perhaps thrive in Minnesota. This unifying principle led to the unifying institution we know as the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association. So, have your opinions, piss and moan a bit, but let’s honor those snowmobilers who in 1978 got together in Hinckley, by working hard, being politically involved, recognizing the good in each other and what we do for the people of Minnesota. Our strength is in our unity. Doug Franzen has been MnUSA’s lobbyist since 1978.


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MnUSA Directors Executive Board


President Greg Sorenson 66033 Big Pine Rd Finlayson 55735 218-393-0413 minnsnoman@aol.com

Region 1 Jim Folz-XM, 29005 110th St NW Warren, 56762, 218-745-5849 binnyandjamez5354@yahoo.com

Vice President Scott Wakefield -XM 12620 Co Rd 30 Waconia 55387 612-483-5638 oliver1650@icloud.com Secretary Cheryl Clevenger-XM 7302 NW 97th Ave Morristown 55052 507-456-3524 cmclevenger3@gmail. com Treasurer Rick Johnson-XM 4353 Briarwood Ln Hopkins 55343 952-935-7249 rick@teampro.net Director-At-Large Rod Seibel 4753 Loganah Ln NW Bemidji 56601 218-444-8142 seibel@paulbunyan.net

Dale Dahlen, 2321 Pebble Beach Rd NW East Grand Forks, 56721, 218-791-6679 dodahlen@hotmail.com Gail Friborg, 37857 Fairground Rd Bagley, 56621, 218-694-2840 pfgf@gvtel.com Gary Gorden, 10837 Aure Rd NW Puposky, 56667, 218-770-2180 ggordenparks@hotmail.com Region 2 Jack White, 11914 Main St, PO Box 514 Northome, 56661, 218-897-5764 jwhite@paulbunyan.net Cindy Hansmann, 16871 Highway 2 Warba, 55793, 218-301-9496 cindy.hansmann@frontier.com

Committee Chairs

Troy Johnson, 5140 County Rd 4 Cromwell, 55726, 218-390-0046 tntjohnson547@hotmail.com

By-Laws: Rick Johnson-XM · 612-935-7249

Jerry Kujala-XM, 4951 Spirit Lake Rd Mt. Iron, 55768, 218-735-8446 jdkujala@gmail.com

Booth: Dean Thompson · 763-441-8555

Communications: Scott Wakefield-XM · 612-483-5638 Charity/Awards: Janet Widness-XM· 218-769-4243 Elections/Nominations: Rod Seibel· 218-444-8142 Finance/Audit: Rick Johnson-XM· 952-925-7249 Fund Raising: Mark Steinmueller-XM· 320-679-3653 Land Access: OPEN Legislative/DNR/Trails: Terry Hutchinson-XM · 612-581-6627 Membership: Jerry Hanson-XM · 763-536-0472 Merchandise: Ted Breeggemann· 612-919-7811 Safety: Greg Sorenson · 218-393-0413 Site Selection: Mark LaBaw-XM· 952-221-2564 Website/Social Media: Mark Kavanaugh-XM· 218-330-7380


Greg Anderson, 61125 340th St Warroad, 56763, 218-386-3262 gregea42@gmail.com

De Lyle Pankratz, 7756 Ely Lake Dr Eveleth, 55734, 218-744-1375 dwpankratz@yahoo.com Steve Thomopolous, 3152 County Rd 2 S International Falls, 56649, 218-283-4025 greekman1122@yahoo.com Randy Vannet, 28938 Arbo Rd Grand Rapids 55744, 218-244-6797 randy.vannet@gmail.com Region 3 Tom Jann, 21668 Peterson Creek Dr Deerwood, 56444, 218-839-1230 lakejann@gmail.com Allen Beumer, 10234 410th Ave Hillman, 56338, 320-355-2257 abeumer1845@gmail.com Scott Haley, 14394 105th Ave Milaca, 56353, 612-670-6027 cody30@frontiernet.net Gordon Heitke-XM, 2270 300th Ave Mora, 55051, 763-234-6712 gheitke@gmail.com Jason Hendrickx-XM, 18539 93rd St SE Becker, 55308, 320-292-5926 jasonhendrickx@gmail.com

John Olmscheid, PO Box 160 Elrosa, 56325, 320-250-3271 johnolmscheid@frontier.com Craig Swanberg, 30240 Lofton Ave N Chisago City, 55013, 612-709-7637 swanberg52@gmail.com Region 4 Sheri Gades-XM, 103 5th St N Danvers, 56231, 320-760-3526 gades@ fedteldirect.net Jeff Kack-XM, PO Box 55 Appleton, 56208, 320-289-1069 jkack@mchsi.com Dick Kuttner, 522 Shady Ridge Rd NW Hutchinson, 55350, 320-587-6536 richardk@hutchtel.net Region 5 Mike Clevenger-XM, 7302 NW 97th Ave Morristown, 55052, 507-838-5713 cmclevenger3@gmail.com Coy Borgstrom, 20 E Veterans Memorial Hwy, Kasson, 55944, 507-251-1199 coy3911@gmail.com Bill Gehn, Red Wing, 651-388-7541 william_gehn@hotmail.com Paul Maruska, 26276 Drexel Ave, New Prague, 56071, 952-212-2293 ptmaruska81@gmail.com Nicole Pankratz, 1212 18th St S Virginia, 55792, 218-780-3853 pankratz.nicole@yahoo.com

Scott Seely, Two Harbors 218-830-1028, srseely@gmail.com Gary Vezina, Duluth 218-722-2852 Bill Ylatupa-XM, 43 Garden Dr Silver Bay, 55614, 218-220-8189 ylatupa2@gmail.com Region 8 Ted Breeggemann, 6201 250th St W Belle Plaine, 56011, 612-919-7811 breeggemann79@gmail.com Randy Baudler, 9259 FoxlineDr N Corcoran, 55340, 763-420-5526 rbslawn@gmail.com Mark LaBaw-XM, 1471 Independence Ave Chaska, 55318, 952-221-2564 mlabawstillafishn@yahoo.com Dick Theis, 20575 Co Rd 10 Hamel, 55340, 763-494-3838 dickt.barbc@gmail.com Region 9 Charles Chadbourne, 30974 170th St Detroit Lakes, 56501, 218-847-6517 peewee@arvig.net Donald Hansen, PO Box 94 Cyrus, 56323, 320-795-2741 Steve “Woody”Widness-XM, 43390 220th St Clitherall, 56524, 218-769-4243 jwstulk@prtel.com

Region 6 David Murphy, 1801 Industrial St #9 Hudson, WI 54016, 651-373-0534 dm.4898@gmail.com Tim Heinen, 20602 Keystone Ave Lakeville 55044, 952-250-6642 timothy@heinenzoo.com Bill Prinsen, 5011 121 St N, White Bear Lake 55110, 651-260-8508 skidoo06-@hotmail.com Region 7 Randy Laberge-XM, 5424 Lax Lake Rd Silver Bay, 55614, 218-353-7697 dandrlaberge@hotmail.com Ryan Boe, 5146 Jean Duluth Rd Duluth 55803, 218-349-5578 ryanboe@hotmail.com Dan Hamilton, Duluth, 651-398-2461 danielhamilton@aol.com Dan Larson, 5020 Munger Shaw Rd Saginaw, 55779, 218-729-5411 dlogger222@aol.com Phillip Lockett, 218-348-9161 lockettphillip@yahoo.com

Minnesota Snowmobiling

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MnUSA Office: 7040 Lakeland Ave N, Ste 212, Brooklyn Park 55428 ph.763-577-0185 fax 763-577-0186

MnUSA News Snowmobile Community Announces Upcoming Sled Season Celebration October 29-30, 2021

The snowmobile manufacturer members of ISMA (Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha) are excited to partner with their snowmobile dealers across North America, and the Snowmobile Associations/Federations and Clubs in coordinating the first Annual Sled Season Celebration in North America. ISMA is happy to be joining Sweden, which has been holding a Snowmobile Celebration Event in October of each year for the past decade, to kick off the 2021-2022 snowmobile season. North American events will be hosted at snowmobile-friendly venues like dealerships and clubhouses October 29th and 30th, 2021.

The event will be supported with a social media ad campaign and promoted through communication by the manufacturers and dealers. ISMA is helping coordinate the activity and more information about the event can be found at www.gosnowmobiling.org/kickoff2021/ We look forward to great activities planned throughout North America and are partnering with the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) in the United States and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) in Canada. Their websites will have information on the event as well. Following this past year’s excellent sales of new and used snowmobiles, we are looking forward to meeting the many new snowmobilers who are being introduced to the sport, the clubs and enjoy a snowmobile community’s warm welcome. We look forward to seeing you all in October for the Sled Season Celebration!

The event will be centered around having fun, celebrating snowmobiling activities, and gathering all snowmobilers, both long time acquaintances and new snowmobiling members of the community. North American snowmobile dealers, snowmobile clubs and associations/federations are invited to participate in the two-day celebration. Each dealer and club are encouraged to develop their own fun activities as part of the celebration. Activities could include but are not limited to: 1. Vintage sled displays 2. Show and shine displays 3. Halloween costume contest 4. Live music 5. Great food 6. Fun games such as horseshoes, corn hole toss, etc. 7. Snowmobile safety training 8. Maintenance seminars 9. Avalanche safety training 10. Assorted giveaways (created by the club and the dealer) The event is modeled after the celebrations that have been successful in Sweden. The imaginations of club members and dealers can create great, fun times to get people thinking about the upcoming snowmobiling season. The goal of the event is to have a fun way to gather snowmobilers to plan snowmobiling activities for the upcoming winter, and discuss trail expansion, backcountry access, club rides, maintenance, grooming issues and all things snowmobiles.

September 2021


MnUSA News 2021 MnUSA Fall Workshop October 22-24, 2021

The MnUSA Fall Workshop will be held October 22-24 at the Fairmont Holiday Inn. The event is hosted by Region 4 clubs who are planning a fun and exciting weekend. Saturday morning will start with a general membership meeting along with elections of new officers. Lunch will be on your own, and seminars will follow in the afternoon. All seminars have been secured which include: “Legal Use of GIA Funds” hosted by Doug Franzen, “Club Finances and Cyber Security” hosted by Scott Wakefield, “Trailer Maintenance Tips” hosted by Lynn Johnson, “Polaris Ride Command” hosted by representative from Polaris and “MnUSA Website Navigation” hosted by Nancy Hanson. A Snowmobile Safety Instructor class will be held Friday afternoon. There will be a hospitality room Friday and Saturday afternoons and evening meals both nights. Send your Fall Workshop registration in by September 20th and you will receive a commemorative Fall Workshop mug. Lodging is separate from your registration and a list of motels can be found on www.myblizzardclub.com. Watch for an update of who the indoor and outdoor vendors will be. Keep checking www.myblizzardclub.com website or MnUSA Region 4 2021 Fall Workshop Facebook page. Questions please contact Greg and Nancy Gellert 507-2382190 (H) or 507-236-5901 (C).

Prelilimiinary Weekend Pr k d Agend da Friday, October 22 3 pm – 9 pm Registration 5 pm – 7 pm DNR Snowmobile Safety Instructor Training (George Room) 4 pm – 6 pm Hospitality Room (poolside), sponsored by the Appleton Ridgerunners 6 pm – 7 pm Social Hour (Grand Ballroom) 7 pm Reception (Grand Ballroom) Saturday, October 23 8 am – 4 pm Registration 9 am – 12 pm General Membership meeting and election of officers (Grand Ballroom) 12 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch on your own 1:30 pm – 5 pm Seminars 4 pm – 6 pm Hospitality Room (poolside) sponsored by the Snowbirds of Amboy 6 pm – 7 pm Social Hour (Grand Ballroom) 7 pm Dinner & program (Grand Ballroom) Sunday, October 24 8 am Board of Directors Meeting (Grand Ballroom) Wrist bands must be worn for the entire weekend at all thee workshop functions, seminars and meals.

MnUSA Fall Workshop Registration Names: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Club/Business Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________________________

Event registration is separate from lodging Go to www.MyBlizzardClub.com for lodging information


= $ ________________

Early Registration

Adult Number: _________ @ $60.00

= $ ________________

After September 20, 2021

Youth (13-17) Number: ___________

@ $30.00

= $ ________________

Early Registration

#Chicken _______ Name(s) _________________________________________________

Youth (13-17) Number: ___________

@ $40.00

= $ ________________

After September 20, 2021


Youth (0-12) Number:


Total Enclosed:


Saturday Night Dinner Choices: Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breast or Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Bourbon Glaze


= $ ________________

_______ Name(s) _________________________________________________

Make checks payable to BLIZZARD SNOWMOBILE CLUB and mail to: Blizzard Snowmobile Club, 1224 E 10th St, Fairmont, MN 56031

Minnesota Snowmobiling

MnUSA News Notice of Annual General Membership Meeting

The annual General Membership meeting of Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association will be held on Saturday, October 23, 2021, at the Holiday Inn, Fairmont, MN. All MnUSA members are welcome to attend. The General Membership will elect state association officers at its annual meeting. Officer nominations accepted at the July membership meeting are: President – Scott Wakefield; Vice President – Tim Heinen; Secretary – Janet Widness; Treasurer – Gordon Heitke. Nominations will be opened again at the annual meeting.

Request Your Absentee Ballot

MnUSA will hold its annual elections at the Fall Workshop. Each member 18 years of age or older and in good standing may request an absentee ballot from the MnUSA office if he/ she cannot attend the meeting. A husband and wife must each request their own ballot. The request may be made by calling 763-577-0185; fax 763-577-0186; by writing to 7040 Lakeland Ave. N. #212, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428-5616; in person; or by email to mnusaoffice@popp.net. The absentee ballots must be received by the MnUSA office postmarked no later than October 13, 2021. Instructions will be included in your ballot. Contact the MnUSA office for additional information.

trsat ihlaveers!

In Memory

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) Past President, Bob Linn, passed away Saturday, May 15th as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Bob was president of MnUSA in 2000 and 2002-2003 and, along with his wife Marie, was a dedicated and tireless volunteer on all levels of organized snowmobiling since 1976. Bob was the past President of Sakatah Trail SnoCruisers, served as a director of MnUSA for 17 years, lead director for Region V MnUSA, served as chair of several MnUSA committees, recognized by MnUSA and the American Council of Snowmobile Associations as Snowmobiler of the Year, a member of the Iron Dogs Brigade, and, along with Marie, inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 2013. Most currently Bob was on the board of directors for the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame, Iron Dogs Brigade, Sakatah Trail Sno-Cruisers and Faribo Sno-Go Club and was a 40+ year Minnesota Snowmobile Safety Instructor. Bob’s involvement in and commitment to snowmobiling will be missed. Bob is survived by his wife, Marie; children LuAnn Linn and Robert Linn, Jr.; three grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren; other relatives and friends.





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VisitFairmontMN.com 800-657-3280

SHOP WWW.PITPAL.COM September 2021


MnUSA News Rider Assist Directory

The MN Snow Rider Assist Directory is a member benefit provided to all MnUSA members in printed format with their membership card. If you are willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow MnUSA member in need, please consider adding your name to the MN SNOW RAD team. Who knows, the one in need could be you. Isn’t it nice to know help is just a phone call or text away? Information on the program can be found at mnsnowmobiler.org/ discover/resources/mn-snow-rad. The deadline to be included for the upcoming winter season is September 15, 2021.

Reminders from MnUSA Trails Committee

Trail Improvement Grant Program. Grant applications for the second round of funding for the 2021 Trail Improvement Grant Program may be accepted as soon as September 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021. $500,000 was set aside for projects in 2021, and six applications were received in the first round. Those applications are being reviewed by DNR, and clubs will be notified with results before September 1st. There are funds remaining for round two. The intent of this program is to provide funding assistance for your club’s major trail improvements that are not part of your normal trail installation, maintenance, grooming and other trail expenses. Complete information for the Trail Improvement grants can be found on the Minnesota DNR website under Grant in Aid snowmobile funding: www.dnr.state.mn.us/grants/recreation/ gia_snowmobile.html. Corridor Trails. The corridor trail system was developed by MnUSA as a partnership with MN Department of Natural Resources to make our trails safer and more user-friendly. Corridor trail signs are required under your GIA contract and you can order them through MnUSA. The next order for corridor signs will be submitted October 1st. Sign order forms can be found at www.mnsnowmobiler.org/clubs/ information. If you have reroutes on your corridor trails, please contact Terry Hutchinson at snowman1049@gmail.com.


MnUSA 2021 Scholarship Winners

MnUSA Announces Recipients of Four Scholarships

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 scholarships. Recipients are Michael Butterfield, Bovey; Megan Weber, Henning; Derrick Kohlgraf, Mora; and Brenna Solheid, Belle Plaine. The MnUSA Scholarship Program was established to assist members and children of members in pursuing postsecondary education in college and vocational programs. Scholarship recipients were selected by a committee on the basis of their essay on what they would do to educate and stop riders of all ages and experience levels from trespassing and to stay on the trails; academic achievement; leadership; participation in school, snowmobile and community activities; work experience; and two outside references. Funds for the scholarship program are provided through donations and by the Fund Raising Committee. The $1500 Jackie Johnson Memorial Scholarship is a donation from Nicollet County Trails Association in memory of their member Jackie Johnson, a very active member of the club and MnUSA, and also a member of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations’ 2013 Snowmobile Family of the Year. Michael Butterfield received this scholarship. The MnUSA scholarship program will be continued in 2022. Details will be announced in November with applications due by February 28, 2022. Over the next few issues the essays of the 2021 scholarship recipients will be reprinted in Minnesota Snowmobiling.

Yellowstone National Park Snowmobile Access Program Lottery

The National Park Service recently announced the lottery for the 2021-2022 Non-Commercially Guided Snowmobile Access Program. Although most winter visitors to Yellowstone go by snow coach or commercially guided snowmobile rides, this program permits people to snowmobile in Yellowstone without the presence of a commercial guide. Up to four noncommercially guided groups are allowed to enter the park daily: one at each of the four park entrances from December 15, 2021 through March 15, 2022. Permits are awarded through a lottery system and cost $40/ day plus a $6 application fee. Lottery applications are accepted August 1 to August 31 and awarded in mid-September. Unclaimed or canceled permits are made available on a

Minnesota Snowmobiling

Allison Butterfield and graduated from Greenway High School in Coleraine, MN.

MnUSA News first-come, first-served basis beginning October 1 via www. recreation.gov. There is no waiting list. Cancellations may occur throughout the winter season, so check the website often for openings.

The scholarship is given in memory of C.J. Ramstad, a member and contributor to the ISMC, an organization of editors and publishers of snowmobile related media. C.J. was a highly respected journalist and photographer in the snowmobile community, including in his portfolio many years of publishing MnUSA’s Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine. A significant part of scoring for the scholarship was based upon Mike’s essay. The essay question and response are:

Permit holders are considered non-commercial guides, must be 18 years old and are responsible for ensuring that everyone in their group complies with park regulations. They must complete the free online Yellowstone Snowmobile Education Certification course and use only Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles. For the complete detailed information on the program, please see the Yellowstone Park Service site at www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/ncgsap-logistics.htm

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For over twenty years snowmobilers have been working to keep snowmobiling open to ride the same roads in Yellowstone National Park where other motorized vehicles are allowed in the non-snow season. One of the successful efforts during the last winter planning process was to have a chance to plan a trip into the park without a commercial guide.


Youth News


Michael Butterfield of Bovey, MN, wins 2021 C.J. Ramstad Memorial Scholarship

World Class Riding on: Buffalo Pass, Rabbits Ears, Gould, Rand, & Snowy Range.

The International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC) has selected Michael E. Butterfield as their 2021 C. J. Ramstad Scholarship winner. Mike is a member of the Swampsiders Snowmobile Club and will attend the University of Wisconsin – Superior, majoring in exercise science, sports management and professional Michael Butterfield education. Mike is the son of Bruce and

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• Full time lobbyist to protect your sport • Discounts at participating business members • Extra-Miler members receive an XM pin and other perks at MnUSA events • Support for youth and adult safety training • Official membership card & decals


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MnUSA Application for Membership $25 ONE $45 TWO YEAR YEARS


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Dues include ($14) subscription to Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine. Payments to MnUSA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.

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Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association

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Fill out the application and mail in or go to www.mnsnowmobiler.org to pay by credit card.

September 2021


Youth News In your opinion, what do snowmobile clubs and associations need to do in order to engage Millennials and Gen Zs, and encourage them to become active participants in the organization’s activities? My parents’ generation grew up as kids whose parents were members of snowmobile clubs with a hundred or more members. People joined the clubs who did not even own or ride snowmobiles. Snowmobile clubs were more than just an owner/riders group. They were social groups, volunteer groups, and groups of people who lived in the same area who just wanted to be part of a group. My parents are still part of those same clubs, but the clubs have evolved. No longer do they see membership made up of the varied people from the community, most members are older members who were the owners and riders that were the foundational members from the last generation. There are not as many young members, families with kids as members, and certainly not many at all who are community members that are not associated somehow with the sport. Why are clubs experiencing a downturn in young members and what can be done about it? With the number of members in these organizations falling, clubs need to find a way to get the younger audience to take a more active role. If clubs are to endure, and most importantly thrive once again, the younger generation need to become stakeholders. Participation at this point is critical. Riders need to understand the importance of trail maintenance and really know just how many club volunteers it

takes to keep the trails in good shape. Without members clubs will not be able to secure and maintain trails for the enjoyment for others. Although they may be a hard target audience due to the tight grip that technology has on them, I still think there are many ways to catch their interest. First, I feel that the Millennials and Gen Z aged individuals are no longer seeking membership in a group like my parents and grandparents did. They have busy lives; they spend more time with technology than they do face to face with people and when they do have free time they want to do things that interest them and keep them entertained. Today’s younger generation want the fun to be brought to them. For membership in a club to be appealing there must be events and activities that appeal to their interests and they have to be made aware of those events through the channels that they turn to for news and information. Technology. The first thing I would suggest clubs do is to create a presence on social media platforms that are popular, like Instagram and Twitter. These are the places people of my age group go to interact with others. This is where we find out what is going on. This is where we turn when we are looking for something to do. Clubs need to plan events that can include members of all ages, especially those with young families. Club rides and outings that encourage people to bring their kids along and have activities for the kids reassure members that there is something for everyone. Our club hosts a vintage ride that has steadily grown the past few years. This year even though there was no snow to ride, we still had over 50 people attend and many of them have kids under 16. Hosting events that appeal to a younger crowd and sharing the information on social media is a way to potentially bring in more young members. Next, I know that many Millennials and Gen Z’s share attitudes about how we treat the environment. Another way to increase interest is by educating them that the work many clubs do with conservation and protection is in line with people’s desire to protect nature. The clubs take very good care of the trails but that also means we take very good care of the surrounding environment to ensure we keep the beautiful scenery, and we keep the environment healthy and thriving. For many years, our club members participated in highway cleanup efforts that helped to ensure that our local roadways were kept free of litter. It is now widely known that clubs and state associations have connections to state officials, departments of natural resources, and legislative committees and lawmakers who can enact changes that will benefit the sport and the environment. Educating Millennials and Gen Z to these points will not only show that clubs care about the environment but that membership in clubs and state associations can truly make a difference. In summary, it is critical that clubs make membership meaningful, and make members know they are part of something bigger than themselves. I am sure that there are other ideas out there that can be thought of to get membership to grow. Clubs need to come full circle and make sure that they are family friendly, and they engage in activities that appeal to audiences of all ages. Clubs can use social media more to educate and promote the sport, membership and their events to attract new audiences. I think connecting with younger generation on their “turf ” and giving them opportunities that will be both fun and rewarding are a good place to start.


Minnesota Snowmobiling


the p r e m i e r p o w e r s p o rt s e ven t!



For tickets and more information visit HayDays.com

CA3, DA2, DA3 EA3-EA6, FA1, FA2 CC1 - CC7 FF3 - FF5 ED1, ED2

SEPTEMBER 11 & 12, 2021

X2, X3 FG4 - FG6 AC5 - AC7 FC4 - FC7 DC4 - DC7 FK8 - FK10 FK1 - FK3 FD1 - FD3, Top 1 TOP0 Expo B FF1, FF2 CF10 FG1 - FG3 CD1 - CD7

Mud Bogs

FJ1, FJ2 TOP2 BD1 - BD7 DD1, DD2 TOP3 FD4, FD5 FD6-FD8, SCNN8 BF10, BF11 BC1 - BC7

54th Annual Sno Barons Hay Days Returns to North Branch, Sept. 11-12

But that’s not all! Feast your eyes on ATV-swallowing mud pits, teethchattering Terra Cross, gravitydefying aerials and mind-numbing, air-grabbing freestyle exhibition. Sleds, quads and The race is on. motorcycles throw down a jaw-dropping, extreme array of acrobatics, backflips, superman jumps and who-knows-what-else. And with thousands of sellers from all across the U. S. and Canada offering every kind of equipment, accessory and fashion statement available, if you can’t find it at the 30-acre Swap, you probably won’t find it anywhere. You’ll discover great deals on just about any power motorsport item, from the latest ATVs, dirt bikes and go-karts to vintage sleds, along with a mind-blowing array of parts, apparel and gear. And if you’re looking for a new ATV or side-by-side, numerous manufacturers will be on hand to show you their newest creations. Kick the tires on today’s latest and greatest models and take in all the newest technologies. Strap in, don a safety helmet and take a spin on the dedicated test drive track. Test drives are free to anyone 21 or older with proof of age and license.

Acres of fun for everyone!

Following a 2020 Covid-induced hiatus, the wildly popular Hay Days annual pre-season celebration of all things snowmobiling returns to Sunrise Township, about 8 miles east of North Branch in Chisago County. Billed as snowmobiling’s biggest event, it draws upwards of 40,000 people to the 140-acre site just north of the Twin Cities each fall, with abundant campsites available to race fans.

Have something smaller but equally dynamic in mind? The treacherous RC Track is where you will find the RC Club from nearby North Branch showing their both their skills and magnificent hand-built custom radio-controlled cars. You might even get a chance to race your own vehicle late each afternoon. Plus food, music and fun galore for the entire family, from hardcore gearheads to aspiring riders alike.

The term “hay days” traces back to 1966 when pre-season snowmobile races were run on alfalfa hay-covered courses. Today, what September lacks in snow cover is more than made up in grass drags in five different classes. World champions will be crowned as racers compete for the largest purse in snowmobile drag racing. “Grass drags start on 150 feet of blue clay to avoid digging trenches at the start,” says Ed Clark, former Hay Days race director and Sno Barons veteran of 20 years. “Speeds approach 150 mph in Outlaw Class machines weighing in the neighborhood of 500 pounds and powered by 800+ hp. It’s 500 feet to the finish line, at which point machines are often still picking up speed.” 18

Mudslinging mayhem.

Minnesota Snowmobiling

To many snowmobilers, dealers and manufacturers, Hay Days marks the beginning of the snowmobiling season, making it the “Official Start of Winter.” Many manufacturers unveil their newest models at the event—often in grand style. And in 2021, more than ever, it marks a return to snowmobile action and excitement in the months ahead. “The last Hay Days attracted avid people from 36 states, all Canadian provinces and several foreign countries,” says Clark. “This year, our 250 available Swap sites sold out in 11 minutes, and we have a substantial waiting list of passionate vendors and sponsors. High-flying aerobatics.

“We’re constantly upgrading to improve the experience for attendees and vendors. In 2010, we purchased the site, rather than leasing. This allowed us to reinvest in the property by adding permanent buildings, an ATV test area, mud bog racing and other activities. The entire site is now grass, so there’s no

more walking on dirt all day. I’ll bet I work 3 to 4 days a week on the site, along with plenty of other volunteers who supply 100% of the effort to make things happen.” The Sno Barons believe in reinvesting in the sport they love, so the club supports and sponsors many clubs and events throughout the Midwest. Event proceeds also fund a wealth of charitable causes. The Sno Barons Grant Program helps other snowmobile organizations and clubs finance infrastructure, such as bridges and warming houses on their trails. Proceeds also fund a scholarship for a deserving student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. The club also donates to other charitable causes, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Pink Ribbon Riders, and the Sheriffs’ Boys Ranch, as well as local food shelves, police, sheriff and fire departments, and community groups, among others. From humble beginnings as the brainchild of a few dedicated snowmobilers, Hay Days is now the largest powersports event in the world, attracting some of the fastest, flashiest and most sophisticated machines 400th Street in the world—along with the top riders in the sport and the greatest fans on and off snow.

Thunder over, under and around the track.






Spring Creek Farm Sat: $20 | Sun: $10



ix T


Almelund & Taylors Falls

375th Street

September 2021

Online ticket price is $30* for a weekend pass, $25* for Saturday only, and $15* for Sunday only (*excludes tax + fees). Gate prices including tax and fees are $35 for a weekend pass, $30 for Saturday only, and $20 for Sunday only. Kids 12 and under free. Active military with ID are free on Sunday.

For more information


South Parking Sat: $10 | Sun: $5 Truck/Trailer: $15



Road\Racer Pasture Land Swap Entrance/Exit West Parking Sat: $15 | Sun: $15 Truck/Trailer: $20

Swap Hauler Pick-up

Pine Ave


382nd Street

Parking Only Sat: $10 | Sun: $5

Oriole Ave


Quinlan Ave

Call for Reservations 651-434-9226

Swap Hauler Pick-up

Swap Hauler Pick-up

R sis

Racers Edge North Camping $50 per night

St. Croix Trail Waldoch’s Field Parking $15

392nd Street


North Branch

Quinlan Ave


Oriole Ave

Poor Farm Road

Sunrise Road

Chicken Coop Camping/Parking Kayla 651-583-4712 Sat: $15 | Sun: $10

on tickets, race schedules, vendors, parking, and lodging and camping opportunities, go to: Haydays.com 19

Sleeper Snowmobiling

Des tin ation

Will Have You Coming Back!


i s

by Joe Henry Lake of the Woods for snowmobiling? Absolutely. There is no doubt in these parts there is a lot of attention focused on ice fishing. Consequently, what flies under the radar screen are the incredible snowmobile trails—hundreds of miles of nicely groomed trails through some of the most beautiful scenery the state has to offer. For those who enjoy trail riding where there aren’t hundreds of sleds, this area might be just what you are looking for. If you like to snowmobile, think about this... • There are staked and groomed snowmobile trails extending from Wheeler’s Point at the lake south to Baudette on the Rainy River, 42 miles north to the NW Angle and west to Warroad. • There are 273 miles of land trails on the south end of Lake of the Woods alone. • The trails extend from Baudette east to Birchdale and then to Big Falls. This is probably the most wilderness type trail in the state. It goes for 87 miles one way and only crosses two roads. There are gas stations in Birchdale and in Big Falls. The stretch from Birchdale to Big Falls is 53 miles. • Trails also extend west from Baudette to Williams, Zippel Bay State Park and over to Warroad. You can also go south from on that trail and hit Roosevelt and enter part of Beltrami Island State Forest. • To the south, trails go from Baudette south all the way to Washkish. • There are staked and groomed trails across the lake to the 20

There are literally hundreds of miles of groomed, staked snowmobile trails, both across the lake as shown here or through the woods, both on the south end of the lake and up at the NW Angle.

NW Angle from both Warroad, Rocky Point and Wheeler’s Point. Not only is this a quick ride across the lake, for sledders this provides an opportunity to visit the NW Angle and save both driving around the lake via automobile and checking through at customs, as the snowmobile trails across the lake are in Minnesota. • While up at the NW Angle, land trails extend through the wilderness from Angle Inlet throughout the northernmost point of the contiguous U.S.

Minnesota Snowmobiling

hand-pressed cheeseburgers or homemade pizza. Some of the larger resorts have salad bars and more elaborate food such as prime rib and shrimp. Take your pick, as it is fun to have options.

Don’t let the remoteness fool you. There is a lot of fun to be had in these parts. One of the popular stops is the Igloo Bar on the ice in front of Zippel Bay. This bar is about 3 miles out on the ice. It has a hot food menu, full bar, electric lights, big screen TVs, heated bathrooms, and you can actually fish inside the bar. Yes, please!

Local Snowmobile Clubs. There are two local snowmobile clubs in Lake of the Woods County that do a great job. The Lake of the Woods Drifters Snowmobile Club is on the south end of the lake. Up at the NW Angle, the NW Angle Edge Riders keep the trails groomed and in good shape. Both clubs connect trails to neighboring clubs who do a nice job with trails as well. What this means for sledders is a variety of quality trails. Snowmobile Shelters. There are a variety of different shelters available to snowmobilers along the trail. These are for both safety and an area to take a break, warm up or simply regroup with your party. It is good to know where these shelters are before you begin your trip.

Visit the Igloo Bar! When snowmobiling around Lake of the Woods, consider a stop at the Igloo Bar on the lake ice in front of Zippel Bay. This bar has big screen TVs, electric lights, bar, hot food and heated porta potties. Oh, and if you would like, you can actually fish in the bar! For many, this is nirvana. For snowmobilers, the igloo bar is sure a fun stop. Working together for great trails! Local

snowmobile clubs, like in a lot of areas, put much planning, time and effort making the border trails in this region so special. They take great pride in summer clearing, opening and grooming trails weekly, making sure there is good signage and creating access trails to resorts, restaurants and bars. Most of the trails in this area are funded by the DNR through the Grant-in-Aid program using registration fees and gas tax monies. The State of Minnesota, Lake of the Woods County, Koochiching County, Roseau County and private landowners are the people that make these great trails possible. continued on next page

Variety of area resorts. Lake of the Woods is home

to dozens of resorts, hotels and a variety of sleeper fish house outfitters. Resorts and hotels on the Rainy River, in Baudette, along the south shore and up at the NW Angle are a good place to start. Depending upon who is in your group and how you roll, there are lots of options. Bon appétit! For snowmobilers, one of the fun experiences

is sampling the variety of good food and drink throughout the area. Some resorts are small, quaint and have specialties like

Explore miles of beautiful groomed trails, a full-service community and snowmobileaccessible lodging. WALKER EQUIPMENT, INC. Toll Free: 1-888-412-1722 715-479-4200 6351 Hwy 70 East • PO Box 305 St. Germain, WI 54558


www.rainylake.org | cvb@rainylake.org | 218.283.9400 September 2021


As in many areas, local trails cross the property of many private citizens, as well as lands which are administered by various levels of government. As snowmobilers, we owe the landowners our thanks and advocate respecting their property.

The trail on the Rainy River connects the City of Baudette and all of its amenities with the resorts on the Rainy River, resorts along the south shore of the lake, as well as the 42-mile-long trail across the lake up to the NW Angle.

Although ice fishing receives most of the attention in these parts during the winter months, snowmobiling opportunities abound and fly under the radar screen. With not nearly the traffic as more cosmopolitan snowmobile areas and with a climate a bit colder than most Midwest destinations, the trails stay in nice shape often into March.

The Lake of the Woods area isn’t known as your cosmopolitan snowmobiling destination, which is perfect for those who would prefer to have the trails to themselves. The trails are beautiful, provide a variety of different snowmobiling experiences and are very well maintained. Those who have experienced snowmobiling in these parts usually come back.

Lake of the Woods is an epic place to snowmobile. Think of the variety. There are land trails across the south shore going through some of the most beautiful forests the state has to offer, as well as established trails providing accessibility to all parts of the lake.

The Lake of the Woods, Minnesota area borders Canada and has some of the most beautiful snowmobile trails the state has to offer.

For more info on snowmobiling Lake of the Woods or to receive a snowmobile map, check out the Lake of the Woods Tourism website at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com.

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Terry & Debbie Hutchinson William & Sherri Jarvis Kevin & Julie Jergenson Terry Johnson Richard & Judith Johnson Todd Johnson Charlie & Sue Johnson Paula Jones Mark & Michelle Jorgenson Jeff & Louise Kack Kathy Karkula Mark & Susan Kavanaugh Jim & Ellen Keesling Michael Killian Paul Kirscht Earl Klersy Brent Klomps Keith Kluempke Steven & Linda Knopp Marlys Knutson David Kranz Monty Krause Jerry Kujala Kenny Kukacka Greg Kunz Mark & Kathy LaBaw Randy Laberge Mark Langevin Orv & Dee Langohr Brian & Paula Larson Barry & Laurie Larson Ken Larson LaVallee Inc Kevin & Lisa Leary Tim & Tammy LePage Roger & Donna Letcher Bob Libby Jr. Jay Loeffler Michael Lommel Justin Longstrom Dave & Laurie Lorence Gary & Judy Lothenbach Brian & Janeen Lucker Minnesota Snowmobiling

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Mike & Peggy Reis Steve & Kim Renslow Mark & Sue Ringham Joe & Wendy Risius Lorenz Roberts Carrie Ruud Rodney Saline Grant Scheibe Chuck Schreiber Dean Seeck Dan Shelton Larry & Judy Shepherd Bruce Shirley Stuart & Jennifer Simek Bob Skoglund Rod & Jennifer Skorich Nick & Gretchen Slavicek Stephan Sommer Steven & Jane Spaeth Mark & Sue Steinmueller John & Melanie Tevik Mike & Vicki Thelen Mark & Karen Thompson Ron & Pat Travis Ole & Ruth Tweet Kyle Voelz Paul Vranish Scott & Lisa Wakefield Jeff Walstrom Ron Warhol Chelsea Weber Merle Weidemann Sean Weldon Kim Werkmeister Marvin West Rick & Ruth Whitcomb Rob White Steve “Woody” & Janet Widness Dave & Tammy Wolf Bill & Fran Ylatupa Mathew Zellman Rich & Ruth Zeman Craig Zweber

Vintage News

25TH ANNIVERSARY MILBANK SHOW by Scott J. Wakefield The place to be in the vintage world earlier this summer was the 25th Anniversary of the Milbank Show “Back to the ‘60s” themed event, just outside Milbank, South Dakota at Twin Brooks Threshing grounds. Some of the best vintage displays could be seen here with folks attending from Ohio, to my good friends the Busch’s from Montana, and all parts in between. The only thing hotter than the auction Saturday night was the South Dakota sun, as it was a warm one all weekend long, and hitting triple digits on Saturday. Saturday night brought the long-awaited live auction under the big tent. And just when you thought you had seen the last item, more were added, and it just continued on. After a cancellation last year, this was the first in a series of vintage events this year, and it did not disappoint. One of the highlights of the show was hanging out with some of the greatest vintage snowmobile people around, including Charlie and Marylin Vallier who will be inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame this month in Eagle River, Wis. Also, the Antique Snowmobile Club of America’s summer show was part of the 25th Anniversary event and their annual snowmobile build project. This year it’s the chance to own a 1963 Ski Doo; raffle tickets will be available this month. Thanks to Cal and Linda Moser, Todd Schrupp, Steve McLean and the rest of the group who puts this on, and to those who continue to display, swap, attend and enjoy what has become one of the premier vintage events in the upper Midwest. International Snowmobile Hall of Fame inductees Charlie and Marylin Vallier (standing).

And next year’s theme? Back to the ‘70s…I can hardly wait!

September 2021


MnUSA Summer Meeting Report In light of ongoing challenges with event planning and COVID, Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association Region 6 chose to host the MnUSA Summer Event at the Washington County Fairgrounds near Stillwater on Saturday July 10th. Leadership, directors and members attended the meetings on Saturday morning. Region 6 provided lunch and encouraged attendees to explore what Stillwater had to offer after the meeting. Christian Franzen provided an update on the legislative session. Although our sales tax and trespass legislation did not pass into law this year, MnUSA was successful in protecting our dedicated fund and ensuring that the legislative appropriation will provide a successful grant-in-aid program. The legislators did pass legislation that allows transport (trailering) of snowmobiles without a registration. Legislation was also passed that provides uniform application of the provisions and penalties for driving while impaired for motor vehicles and recreational vehicles, including snowmobiles. Simply put, motor vehicle driver’s license revocation will also revoke your rights to drive a snowmobile. There are also penalties for permitting an impaired person to drive your snowmobile. The Minnesota Snowmobile Education and Advancement Fund (MSEAF) is planning the Veterans Appreciation Ride for January 22, 2022 at a location yet to be determined. Tax deductible donations to this event in any amount are accepted at any time, payable to MSEAF and sent to 7040 Lakeland Ave N. #212, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. Sponsor a Vet for $225.00. Donations can also be made by your purchases from Amazon. You can change your Amazon account to an AmazonSmile account, choose MSEAF as your charity, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchases to the veterans appreciation ride. Registration for veterans to participate in the ride will be open in November. In addition to partnering with MnUSA on the veterans ride, MSEAF also provides educational and safety billboards and trail signage for clubs, and printing of other materials. Snowmobile clubs are very proud of the exceptional trail system they have created across Minnesota. Recognizing this achievement, a motion was made to set up an ad hoc committee with a charge to bring a resolution to the October meeting regarding multi-use on snowmobile trails. The MnUSA membership approved donations to ACSA, MSEAF, Conservationists with Common Sense, the Coalition of Recreational Trail Users and the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame from MnUSA raffle funds. Nominations were opened for MnUSA officers. Nominated were: Scott Wakefield, President; Tim Heinen, Vice President; Janet Widness, Secretary; and Gordon Heitke, Treasurer. In addition, motions were made and carried to suspend nominations for MnUSA officers until the Fall Workshop.


Christian Franzen provided the legislative report.

In addition to business items, various reports and updates were provided to the attendees. President Sorenson and Business Coordinator Nancy Hanson attended the International Snowmobile Congress in June in Omaha, NE. Although due to COVID the Canadian and European representatives and the snowmobile administrators were unable to attend, the conference was still well attended with 220+ snowmobile enthusiasts from the Midwest and western states. The Congress included meetings of the American Council of Snowmobile Association (ACSA), Midwest Chapter International Snowmobile Council (MWC), International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC) and International Snowmobile Tourism Council (ISTC), educational breakout sessions and keynote speakers including Curt Tomasevicz, Olympic gold metal winner in bobsled. The Nebraska snowmobile club members were great hosts. In attendance, in addition to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs’ (AWSC) officers, AWSC also had several representatives from Kids and Adults on Sleds (KAOS) which is the AWSC youth organization. KAOS representatives participated in the discussions and spoke of the importance of getting their group involved in different functions, selling tickets, etc., and stressed using Facebook or Instagram for communication. KAOS is considered a leadership training program for young snowmobilers and holds a leadership weekend each year. The weekend includes food and fun. If there is interest, MnUSA may send youth to this event. KAOS also has a Take a Youth Friend Snowmobiling Day to introduce their friends to snowmobiling. Last season ACSA held a poster contest to educate and encourage snowmobilers to stay on the trail and not trespass. The ACSA trespass committee has requested that ACSA hold a slogan contest this year as they are looking for a better slogan than “Stay on Trail” because a lot of trespass does not occur from a trail. More information will be coming on that program. It was suggested trespass messages be put at trailheads and on kiosks. The written report on the testing that was done by TrailsWork Consulting this past winter comparing snowmobile and UTV

Minnesota Snowmobiling

impact on snowmobile trails has not been finalized but was discussed. The testing was done in Nemadji and Danbury. An observation was noted that in WI there was less impact on the trail but their schedule for grooming was twice that in Minnesota so snow was packed more often. Ed Klim of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) gave his state of snowmobiling report. 133,444 new snowmobiles were sold worldwide in 2021, 59,234 were sold in the US and 50,567 in Canada, a 16% increase in both countries. These are the best sales numbers since 2005. Snowmobile registration in the US is at 1,189,466, up 76,650 over last year. 137,000 miles of trail in the US is self-funded by snowmobilers. 60% of snowmobilers also ride ATV’s, 57% enjoy boating, 54% camp and 53% hunt. Outdoor recreation spends $788 billion annually in the US and snowmobiling provides $26 billion of that total. More of the statistics can be found at https:// snowmobile.org/snowmobile-sales-data-2020-2021.html Klim announced that International Snowmobile Safety Week will be held January 15-23, 2022 and Take a Friend Snowmobiling Week will be February 12-21, 2022. In addition to these two annual events, on October 29 & 30, 2021 there will be a Celebration of Snowmobiling. The manufacturers will be working with their dealers to promote snowmobiling with fun events. They will be looking to partner with snowmobile clubs for this promotion.

Region 8 director Dick Theis signed in to win lodging door prizes donated by Country Inn, Hoyt Lakes, and Vermilion Park Inn, Soudan.

Snowmobilers are caring and involved people. Thank you to all clubs that provided information for the charity survey. The total raised for charity last season reported from the US and Canada was $1.975 million and 164,000 volunteer hours. Survey responses are still being collected. The form can be found at www.mnsnowmobiler.org/clubs/information. A complete copy of the summer meeting minutes and reports can be found on the MnUSA website.

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Club News While some snowmobilers tune out once the last patch of snow melts and is gone for the season, others don’t. Many clubs get ramped up for summer events...

Landowner Appreciation Events Local and County Fairs

Sno-Trails Landowner Appreciation Picnic Big Lake SnoCruisers – Spudfest Carnival

Community Events

Big Lake SnoCruisers – City of Big Lake National Night Out

Carver County Snowrunners – Carver County Fair


Sherburne County Trails Groomers at Palmer Days Parade

Southwest Trails – Cologne Glad Days Parade

It’s been proven again and again that snowmobilers have given generously of their time and money in the summer months, and all year round for that matter and community outreach. We always welcome Club News—an avenue to show how snowmobilers give in their local communities. Let us know what your club is doing. Don’t be left out, participate! So please provide us with your club news by completing the Club News submission form which can be found on www.mnsnowmobiler.org/clubs/information. 26

Minnesota Snowmobiling

t t

Club News Swap Meet

On Saturday, October 2nd, the River City Snow Riders will host their 23rd annual Snowmobile Swap Meet. This year’s event will take place at Sherburne County Fairgrounds in Elk River. The show hours are from 8 am to 3 pm and general admission is $5. Show your MnUSA membership card and admission is free! For more info visit www.rivercitysnowriders.org or call 763-232-2119.

Ski-Doo Announces Snow Pass Grants

A new grant program is now available to national, state and local organizations throughout North America. Any organization submitting an application must be a non-profit or government organization. Eligible projects may include - Protecting or increasing access to playgrounds; Making snowmobiling more accessible; Helping clubs reinvent themselves; Trail development; and Safety Initiatives. Grants are available up to $5,000. Matching grant funds are required. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2021. Go to www.ski-doo.com/us/en/snow-passgrant-program.html for more information.


Club News Submission

Attention club members….send in your news, events, celebrations, membership ideas, rides, big trail improvements. Items should be of interest to the snowmobile community as a whole—sharing ideas about successful events held, trail projects and improvements, ways to promote membership growth, etc. Drop us an email at mnusaoffice@popp.net and we’ll help put the story together. Please submit no more than two times a year, keeping the length of your article to around 250 words or less with a photo, and 500 or less without a photo. We encourage you to send highresolution photos (300 dpi or greater) of your club’s activities, including captions describing the event and/or the people shown. If you have questions, please contact the MnUSA office.

2021-2022 DEADLINES Oct. 2021 – 8/24/21 Nov. 2021 – 9/24/21 Dec. 2021 – 10/25/21 Jan. 2022 – 11/22/21

Feb. 2022 – 12/22/21 Mar. 2022 – 1/24/22 All submissions due by 4 p.m. of deadline date.

Aug. 27 & 28 – Outlaw Grass Drags, Princeton, MN http://www.outlawgrassdrags.com/ Sep. 11 & 12 – Sno Barons Hay Days, North Branch, MN https://haydays.com/ Sep. 18 – International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Eagle River, WI https://www.ishof.com/ Sep. 18 – Brainerd Snodeos Grass Drags & Swap Meet, Crow Wing County Fairgrounds, Brainerd, MN https://brainerdsnodeos.com/grassdrags/ Oct. 2 – River City Snow Riders Swap Meet, Sherburne County Fairgrounds, Elk River, MN www.rivercitysnowriders.org Oct. 22-24 – MnUSA Fall Workshop & Annual Membership Meeting, Fairmont, MN https://www.mnsnowmobiler.org mnusaoffice@popp.net Oct. 29 & 30 – Sled Season Celebration, North America & Minnesota https://www.gosnowmobiling.org/kickoff/ & www.mnsnowmobiler.org Jan. 19-23 – Northland 300 Ride for Special Olympics, Chase on the Lake, Walker, MN http://www.northland300.org/ Jan. 28-30 – Midwest Ride-In Vintage Show, ERX Motor Park, Elk River, MN https://www.mwvss.com/ Feb. 2-5 – Blackwoods Blizzard Tour for ALS, Duluth to Tower & back https://www.neversurrenderinc.org/ Feb. 10-13 – MnUSA Winter Rendezvous, TBD https://www.mnsnowmobiler.org September 2021


Racing News

Scheuring Surprises with Signing of Veteran Christian

from him over this summer and we both had the same goals and the same vision, and he knows what it takes to win. Excited about bringing him on board.” “I’ve always got along with Steve,” said Christian. “He is always a chipper guy at the races. His team works hard, and they always have some of the fastest sleds on the track. Steve’s team has been around the race world for a long time, and they know what they are doing on, and off, the track.”

Logan Christian

©2019 Wayne Davis

In his twenty-five-plus seasons as a snocross team owner, Steve Scheuring has never been as tight-lipped or as unpredictable as he was this off-season. In what can only be described as shocking, Scheuring made a major splash this past week with the signing of career Arctic Cat rider and accomplished veteran Logan Christian to his longstanding AMSOIL/Ski-Doo program. The move brings in a successful, seasoned veteran to one of the sports top teams. The 29-year-old has ten seasons of Pro racing under his belt, including this past year that brought home a pair of podiums before a mid-season injury left him sidelined. But that didn’t give Scheuring any doubt when asked why he signed the 2011 Pro Rookie of the Year. “Why not! I look for guys that are hardworking and are cut from the same cloth as me and had to work hard their whole life,” said Scheuring. “He’s an American driver, which I really try to focus on being sponsored by the U.S. Air Force, and I think he’s going to be a great teammate. Plus, he has the work ethic that I’m looking for.” Moving means creating a noticeable void in the Pro pits, as Christian isn’t just jumping teams, he’s leaving one that was built upon family values and nearly 25 years of racing together. Christian Brothers Racing, a 10-year MnUSA sponsor, had become a stalwart at AMSOIL Championship Snocross events, supporting younger classes and fostering development riders as part of Team Arctic. It wasn’t an easy decision for the Fertile, Minn. native to move away from that stability and the memories formed over the past two decades. “Yeah, it was tough,” said Christian. “My dad and Uncle Stuart put a lot of effort into CBR and we gave it a hard push. They are still going to do what they can to help the sport, but without a race team. We talked to close friends within the industry and spent a lot of time going back-and-forth with our options. We were ready to make a big switch and try something completely new.” To make a move of this magnitude, with all of the professional and personal implications involved, it was important to find the right fit for Christian. After years of small talk and mutual respect, the timing fell into place for both parties. “It just started with mutual conversations over the course of the last two years,” said Scheuring. “You know, just joking to him, I said, ‘well, if you ever want to come on my team let me know.’ I got a phone call 28

Scheuring Speed Sports is as high-profile a team as there is in the sport. Formed in 1997, Scheuring is considered by many as the Original Independent, being one of the first to bring non-endemic partnerships to snocross, including AMSOIL and the U.S. Air Force. The team has constantly produced winning drivers, including some of the sport’s all-time greats like DJ Eckstrom, Robbie Malinoski and Chris Vincent. This off-season, Scheuring parted ways with Lincoln Lemieux, a top Pro over the past few seasons. Lemieux had partnered with Hunter Patenaude to be a talented one-two punch, including Patenaude winning the 2018 Pro Lite championship. That partnership also helped foster Patenaude’s success in his rookie campaign last season, as he finished the year with four podiums and fourth overall in the Pro class. But make no bones about it, Christian is coming to Scheuring Speed Sports with the mindset of winning races. While he will become a veteran presence for Patenaude, he is also ready to capitalize on his talents and experience to win a Pro title. “I still feel really good physically and mentally with racing and want to continue for a while,” said Christian. “I’m excited for a big change like this. We put 110% into our team (CBR), now I’m excited to try it on another team with another brand.” “I think he’s going to be a great teammate for Hunter,” said Scheuring. “I think they’re both great “kids”, for lack of a better word. The most important thing about being part of our team is having that positive attitude and I think they’re going to feed off of each other. They see the carrot dangling in front of them and they both want to go out and win. They’re both hungry and I truly believe they’re going to support each other.” Scheuring mentioned that he is excited to learn from Christian, who has spent years testing with other Arctic Cat drivers, including riding alongside the #68 sled of Tucker Hibbert. With the new season starting in January, time is on their side to get all of the parts aligned, and for all of that knowledge to be put into practical uses. “With the season starting after the first of the year again, and getting all that time to prepare, I’m excited,” said Christian. “I will have ample time to get used to the new sled and create a relationship with the team. With the new schedule, I’m confident we will be coming into the first race ready to compete for the top spot and continue that throughout the season!” Scheuring agrees: “I just want him to give 100%, and I know he can win. I know when you work hard, good things happen.” News release courtesy of ISOC, Albertville, MN

Minnesota Snowmobiling

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Sandberg Construction & Property Service Cook, MN 218-666-3173 Vermilion Hotel & Country Store Cook, MN 218-666-2272 VFW Post No 1757 Cook, MN 218-666-0050 Melrude Whistle Stop Cotton, MN 218-969-5632 Wilbert Café Cotton, MN 218-482-3318 Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats Crane Lake, MN 218-993-2266 Eagle Lake Plumbing Cromwell, MN 218-644-3010 Riley’s Cannibal Jct Deer River, MN 218-832-3656 Effie Country Service Effie, MN 218-743-3616 Neighborhood Tavern Effie, MN 218-743-3286 Christian Cavalier Ely, MN 218-820-7119 Ely Chamber Of Commerce Ely, MN 218-365-6123 Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club Ely, MN √ Grand Ely Lodge Ely, MN 218-365-6565 Joe’s Marine & Repair Ely, MN 218-365-6264 Lindsey Keen State Farm Insurance Ely, MN 763-923-4066 Motel Ely Ely, MN 218-365-3237 Ojala Heat & Refrigeration Ely, MN 218-235-7562 Tim & Monica Cunningham Ely, MN 218-365-5831 5 Seasons Sports Center Inc Eveleth, MN 218-744-5871

At Your Convenience Eveleth, MN 218-744-4005 √ Iron Range Tourism Bureau Eveleth, MN 800-777-8497 S&S Towing Eveleth, MN 218-744-2959 Super 8 - Eveleth Eveleth, MN 218-744-1661 Timber’s Edge Eveleth, MN 218-744-2627 The Event Center Floodwood, MN 218-591-4333 Mainline Station Floodwood, MN 218-476-2222 Eveleth Trailhawks Snowmobile Club Forbes, MN 218-780-5207 Old Muni / Udovich Bro 4C Gheen, MN Midland Title Grand Rapids, MN 952-250-5355 Mississippi Diamond Jewelers Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-6242 Ray’s Sport & Cycle Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-9355 Visit Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-9607 Arrowhead Ultra 135 International Falls, MN Boise / PCA International Falls, MN 218-285-5312 Boyum Performance International Falls, MN 218-324-0566 Int’l Dental Arts International Falls, MN 218-283-4059 International Falls CVB International Falls, MN 218-283-9400 International Voyageurs Snowmobile Club International Falls, MN 218-286-3102 Island View Lodge International Falls, MN 218-286-3511 The Junction International Falls, MN 218-283-3339 Rainy Lake One Stop International Falls, MN 218-286-5700

Thunderbird Lodge International Falls, MN 218-286-3151 VFW Post 2948 International Falls, MN 218-283-8777 √ Arrowhead Lodge Resort & Outfitters Kabetogama, MN 218-875-2141 Border Guide Service Kabetogama, MN 218-324-2430 Kabetogama Outdoors Kabetogama, MN 218-875-2281 Kec’s Kove Resort Kabetogama, MN 800-777-8405 The Rocky Ledge Kabetogama, MN 218-875-3481 Liquid Larry’s Kinney, MN 218-258-2211 Littlefork Municipal Liquor / City of Littlefork Littlefork, MN 218-278-6672 Mel’s Corner Service Little Fork, MN 218-278-6670 Cedar Point Resort Marcell, MN 218-832-3808 Edge of the Wilderness Realty Marcell, MN 218-832-4000 Lakeside Lumber & Hardware Marcell, MN 218-832-3300 North Star Lake Resort Marcell, MN 218-832-3131 RK Construction Services Marcell, MN 218-832-2842 202 Tavern McGregor, MN 218-770-3161 √ Bann’s Bar & Restaurant McGregor, MN 218-426-3450 Big Sandy Lodge & Resort McGregor, MN 218-426-5040 Dependable Demolition McGregor, MN 218-820-0174 Fisherman’s Bay McGregor, MN 218-426-4662


Mn Business Supporters Floe International Inc McGregor, MN 218-426-3563 Grand Timber Bank McGregor, MN 218-768-2410 Horseshoe Lake Inn McGregor, MN 218-426-3029 Jack’s Shack McGregor, MN 218-768-3848 Mac Town Cottages Air bnb McGregor, MN 218-428-8505 McGregor Ace Hardware McGregor, MN 218-419-2020 Meyer’s Service McGregor, MN 218-426-0026 School House Cafe The Country House McGregor, MN 218-390-6525 Ukura’s Big Dollar McGregor, MN 218-768-2666 Willeys Marine & Sports McGregor, MN 218-426-4350 Moose Lake Implement & Sport Moose Lake, MN 218-485-4486 Anderson Auto Service Mountain Iron, MN 218-290-2192 Fisher’s Petroleum, Inc. Northome, MN 218-897-5249 Northland Progressive Northome, MN Northome Municipal Liquor Northome, MN 218-897-9501 Ridge Runner’s Snowmobile Club Northome, MN 218-897-5764 √ Oveson’s Pelican Lake Resort Orr, MN 218-757-3613 Palisade Super Sledders Palisade, MN √ Cantilever Distillery & Hotel Ranier, MN 218-540-1932 √ Rainy Lake Grill Ranier, MN 218-540-1002 30

Ranier Municipal Liquor Ranier, MN 218-286-3343 Hayslips Corner Talmoon, MN 218-832-3516 Little Turtle Lake Store Talmoon, MN 218-832-3804 City of Tamarack Tamarack, MN 218-768-0975 Jackson’s Hole of Lawler Tamarack, MN 218-768-2162 Tamarack Sno-Flyers Tamarack, MN Junction Bar & Grill Togo, MN 218-376-4687 √ Good Ol Days Tower, MN 218-753-6097 √ Pike Bay Lodge Tower, MN 218-753-2430 Vermilion Club Tower, MN 218-753-6277 Northern Pine Riders Snowmobile Club Willow River, MN 218-372-4077



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Pine River State Bank Emily, MN 218-763-2666 Redding’s Sports & Spirits Emily, MN 218-763-2191 RE/MAX Results Emily, MN 651-334-5000 √ Wigwam Motel Emily, MN 218-763-2995 Hillman Swampstompers Foley, MN 320-355-2370 Harding/Lastrup Snowdusters Hillman, MN 320-277-3515 Fishers Resort Isle, MN 320-684-2221 Nitti’s Hunters Point Isle, MN 320-676-3227 218-575-3295 Lincoln Area Business Assn Lincoln, MN 218-575-3066 Lincoln Lakes Snowmobile Club Lincoln, MN 218-575-2282 √ Hilmerson Sports Center Little Falls, MN 320-632-4408 Rich Prairie Trailbusters Club Little Falls, MN 320-630-4108 Ripley Sno-Riders Little Falls, MN 320-632-0932 West Side Recreation Little Falls, MN 320-632-6547 Merrifield Marathons Merrifield, MN 218-821-6208 Rum River Sno-Riders Milaca, MN Moon Motorsports Monticello, MN 763-295-2920 PTWLUBES.COM Monticello, MN 612-501-8992 State Farm Insurance Mora, MN 320-679-6898 Nickerson Bar & Motel Nickerson, MN 218-496-5613

Zorbaz on Gull Nisswa, MN 218-963-4790 Lake Country Properties Outing, MN 218-792-5200 RE/MAX Lake Area Realty Outing, MN 612-269-3490 Village Inn Outing, MN 218-792-5186 √ Nathe’s Marine & Sport Center Paynesville, MN 320-243-4517 Pequot Brush Pilots Pequot Lakes, MN 218-568-4343 √ KC’s Saloon Pillager, MN 218-746-3328 Hinckley/Pine City Flames Snowmobile Club Pine City, MN 320-515-0156 Waste Partners Pine River, MN 218-824-8727 Randall Twin Trails Club Randall, MN 320-749-2235 Country Snow Cruisers Richmond, MN √ AmericInn Sauk Centre, MN 877-352-1199 BEAM Electric Sauk Centre, MN 320-352-5641 √ Centre Powersports & Recreation Sauk Centre, MN 320-351-7669 Country Cat Sauk Centre, MN 320-352-3534 Phil Polipnick Insurance Sauk Centre, MN 320-352-6171 Winters Recreation Sauk Centre, MN 320-351-7533 Benton County Snowmobile Club Sauk Rapids, MN √ Pro Cycle & Snowmobile Sauk Rapids, MN 320-252-1556 Antique Snowmobile Club of America Stacy, MN 651-462-4497

Minnesota Snowmobiling

ATVAM Stacy, MN 800-442-8826 Pro Skinz & Design Wadena, MN 218-639-1691 Trail Breakers Inc. Wadena, MN 218-6319-4766 Westside Sports Wadena, MN 218-631-1113 √ Power Madd Wyoming, MN 651-462-8465



Grover Farm Amboy, MN 507-380-8324 Linda’s Place Amboy, MN 507-674-9790 Snowbirds of Amboy Amboy, MN 507-340-2820 Appleton Ridge Riders Appleton, MN Blue Earth Snow Rovers Blue Earth, MN 507-893-4679 Ruppert Oil Co Currie, MN 507-763-3778 Blizzard Snowmobile Club Fairmont, MN 507-238-2190 Flying Goose Campground Fairmont, MN 507-235-3458 Visit Fairmont Fairmont, MN 507-235-8585 CentraSota Vintage Sledheads Glencoe, MN 320-327-2559 Thunder Bar & Restaurant Good Thunder, MN 507-278-4488 C & A Pro Skis Hutchinson, MN 888-321-6789 Hutchinson Area Chamber & Tourism Hutchinson, MN 320-587-5252

Stateliners Snowmobile Club Kiester, MN 507-294-3174 Grover Farm Trucking LLC Lake Crystal, MN 507-720-8120 Country Line Ag Madelia, MN 507-381-5017 Kaduce Tire Mapleton, MN 507-524-4999 Pfeffer Tree Service Mapleton MN 507-317-0595 Action Sports Inc Marshall, MN 507-532-9649 The Great Escape, LLC Minnesota Lake, MN 507-462-3500 Darryl’s Motorsports Ormsby, MN 507-736-4131 Dranttel Sales & Service, Inc. St. Peter, MN 507-931-1363 D Bar Vernon Center, MN 507-549-3153 Best Western Plus & Willmar Conference Center Willmar, MN 320-235-6060 Allenz LLC Winnebago, MN 507-787-2383


√ Motoproz Inc. Mazeppa, MN 507-843-2855 LeSueur County Snowmobile Trails Montgomery, MN 507-491-6183 St. Patrick’s Tavern & Restaurant New Prague, MN 952-758-2380 Union Hill Bar & Grill New Prague, MN 952-758-4239 Susie’s Roadhouse Ostrander, MN 507-657-0000 Wolf’s Den Ostrander, MN 507-261-5479 √ Sette Sports Center Owatonna, MN 507-451-6922 M&M Lawn & Leisure Rushford, MN 507-864-7781 Dana Heger Ins & Financial Services St. Charles, MN 507-932-3751 Pearson Backhoe St. Charles, MN 507-932-4118 BJ’s Bar & Grill Theilman, MN 507-534-3590 Brewskies Bar & Grill Utica, MN 507-932-3485 Cedar Valley Resort & Outfitters Whalen, MN 507-467-9000 Trophy Store & More Zumbro Falls, MN 507-259-6190


J&M Parts Supply Chatfield, MN 507-867-4200 Harry Brown’s GM & Chrysler Faribault, MN 507-332-7441 RJ Amish Fureniture Harmony, MN 507-886-2777 Lake Front Bar & Grill Le Center, MN 507-357-4401 Little Dandy Sports Bar Le Center, MN 507-357-6062 Brewsters Bar & Grill Lonsdale, MN 507-744-2370



Anoka Area Chamber Anoka, MN 763-421-7130 PSB MARS Anoka, MN 877-688-2268 √ Print Central Blaine, MN 763-780-3333 Sno Barons Snowmobile Club Blaine, MN Caliber, Inc. Burnsville, MN 952-540-4709

Mn Business Supporters √ Northway Sports East Bethel, MN 763-413-8988 Story Agency Farmington, MN 651-463-3334 √ Chopper City Sports Fridley, MN 763-572-2100 Prinoth Fridley, MN 612-251-4094 Danner Sales Inver Grove Hts, MN 651-451-0121 √ Leo’s South Lakeville, MN 952-435-5371 √ Lighthouse Motorsport & Marine Rosemount, MN 651-322-4420 Franzen Law & Policy Group St. Paul, MN √ Lettertech, Inc. St Paul, MN 651-292-0738 SBS International St Paul, MN 612-770-1752 Washington County Star Trail Stillwater, MN 651-430-3175 Lori Zimmermann State Farm Insurance Woodbury, MN 651-731-8252



Hugo’s Bar Brimson, MN 218-848-2220 Country Corner Bar Brookston, MN 218-391-5661 Duluth Drift-Toppers Snowmobile Club Duluth, MN Duluth Lawn & Sport Duluth, MN 218-628-3718 Fish Lake Storage Duluth, MN 218-721-4243 Johnson Supply Co. Duluth, MN 218-722-1717 √ Marshall Hardware Duluth, MN 218-525-3638 The Other Place Duluth, MN 218-733-0214

Pequaywan Area Trailblazers Duluth, MN 218-591-3574 Pequaywan Inn Duluth, MN 218-848-2201 Reservoir Riders Snowmobile Club Duluth, MN Sheet Metal Solutions Duluth, MN 218-391-6582 Crooked Lake Resort Finland, MN 218-220-0211 Finland Snowmobile Club Finland, MN 218-353-7337 Friends of Finland Finland, MN 218-353-0300 Maple Grove Bait Store & Lodging Finland, MN 218-353-7303 Trestle Inn Finland, MN 218-830-0523 Wildhurst Lodge & Campgrounds, Inc. Finland, MN 218-353-7337 Cook County Snowmobile Club Grand Marais, MN 218-387-9392 √ Hungry Jack Lodge - Gunflint Trail Grand Marais, MN 218-388-2265 √ RJ Sport & Cycle Hermantown, MN 218-729-5150 Lutsen Trailbreakers Lutsen, MN 218-663-7305 Darin & Sherri Lind Proctor, MN 218-590-2508 Caywood Country Store Saginaw, MN 218-591-3101 Hoss Construction Saginaw, MN 218-591-3829 √ AmericInn Lodge & Suites Silver Bay, MN 218-226-4300 Bri-Esa’s Convenience Store Silver Bay, MN 218-226-4694 J&H Auto Repair & Towing Silver Bay, MN 218-226-4447

LaBerge Logging Silver Bay, MN 218-353-4447 Silver Sledders Trail Authority Silver Bay, MN 218-220-8189 Silver Trail Riders Silver Bay, MN 218-226-4608 √ AmericInn by Wyndham Tofte Tofte, MN 218-663-7899 American Legion Post 109 Two Harbors, MN 218-834-4141 √ AmericInn by Wyndam Two Harbors, MN 218-834-3000 Auto Value Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2191 Blackwoods, Inc, Two Harbors, MN 218-834-3846 Castle Haven Two Harbors, MN 218-834-4303 Cooperative Light & Power Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2666 √ Country Inn of Two Harbors Two Harbors, MN 218-834-5557 Danny’s Auto Two Harbors, MN 218-834-4524 Harbor Insurance Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2114 Haugen Construction Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2876 Judy’s Cafe Two Harbors, MN 218-834-4802 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Two Harbors, MN 800-777-7384 Sonju Two Harbors Sports Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2181 Superior Hiking Trail Assn Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2700 Superior Shores Resort Two Harbors, MN 218-834-5671 TH Auto Inc. Two Harbors, MN 218-834-3089

“√” Denotes Show Your Card Member Discount Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association

Two Harbors Federal Credit Union Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2266 Voyageur Snowmobile Club Two Harbors, MN 218-830-8089



Bill Mitchell Electric Bloomington, MN 763-238-7239 Fowler Distributing Bloomington, MN 952-884-5401 Minnesota Snowmobile Education & Advancement Fund Brooklyn Park, MN 763-577-0185 Kassbohrer ATV Pisten Bully Jordan, MN 952-345-3330 Erickson-Larsen Inc. Maple Grove, MN 763-535-0055 Ox Yoke Inn Maple Plain, MN 763-479-2522 √ Tri-K Sports Maple Plain, MN763479-3719 Carver County Snowrunners Mayer, MN 952-466-2673 √ CorTrust Bank Mayer, MN 952-657-2500 √ Minneapolis Motor Sports Minneapolis, MN 763-634-0244 Westonka Snoblazers Mound, MN 612-309-5882 Moorhouse Motorsports New Germany, MN 507-491-6217 The Doublewide New Market, MN 952-461-3682 Charlie’s on Prior Prior Lake, MN 952-226-5253 Doherty’s Tavern Prior Lake, MN 952-292-5886 Prior Lake Snowmobile Assoc. Prior Lake, MN 952-484-3534

Savage Sno-Pacers Savage, MN 612-567-6691 Hennen’s Auto Service Shakopee, MN 952-445-2478 River Valley Trailblazers Shakopee, MN 952-403-7850 Sno-Trails Inc. Shakopee, MN 952-445-1199 √ St Boni Motor Sports St Boni, MN 952-446-1554



Pettit Painting Ashby, MN A.L.S. / Boopa’s Bar Audubon, MN 218-439-6611 Pitt 61 Audubon, MN 218-439-6121 DHS Grain Ltd Barrett, MN 320-815-1043 Spud’s Small Engine Service & Repair Barrett, MN 320-528-2299 ABC Brewing Battle Lake, MN 218-864-2739 Richwood Offsale Callaway, MN 218-847-6380 Bleachers Sports Bar & Grill Detroit Lakes, MN 218-310-4105 Detroit Lakes Express Inc Detroit Lakes, MN 218-847-8049 Detroit Lakes Tourism Bureau Detroit Lakes, MN 218-847-9202 Northside Bar & Grill Detroit Lakes, MN 218-849-3072 Okeson Offtrail Sales Detroit Lakes, MN 218-847-9304 TS Recreational Detroit Lakes, MN 218-844-3033 ULTRA Snowmobile Club Detroit Lakes, MN

September 2021

Up North Transportation Detroit Lakes, MN 218-849-5598 Venom Products Detroit Lakes, MN 218-844-3283 Donnelly Co-Op. Donnelly, MN 320-246-3555 AgCountry Farm Credit Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-5311 Farmers Agency Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-6880 Farmers Cooperative Oil Assoc. Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-4491 Grant County Herald Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-5326 Grant County Lumber Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-5321 Midwest Machinery Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-4438 Wendell Pioneer Insurance Elbow Lake, MN 218-685-4414 Johnson Harvesting Evansville, MN 320-760-3236 Northland Seed Evansville, MN 320-808-6892 Frontier Marine & Powersports Fergus Falls, MN 218-998-4386 Otter Country Trail Assn. Fergus Falls, MN 218-739-3708 AJ’s Gas & Grocery Herman, MN 320-677-2300 Brian Woodle Trucking Kensington, MN 320-815-3992 Cameo Properties Lake Park, MN 701-799-0420 √ A-1 Automotive Service Moorhead, MN 218-233-6161 West Central Trailblazers Morris, MN 320-589-3445 Tender Hearts Home Care New York Mills, MN 218-385-3466

Warner Garage Door New York Mills, MN 218-385-2853 54K LLC Norcross, MN 320-815-9720 Low Plains Drifters Snowmobile Club Norcross, MN 320-284-2269 Ottertail Aggregatge Ottertail, MN 218-367-2581 Thumper Pond Resort Ottertail, MN 218-367-2000 √ Grandstay Hotel & Suites Parkers Prairie, MN 218-338-3380 Prairie Snow Drifters Parkers Prairie, MN 218-338-9813 √ Grandstay Hotel & Suites Perham MN 218-346-2033 New Horizons Realty Perham, MN 218-640-0068 Otter Tail Riders Perham, MN 218-385-3991 Perham Area Chamber Perham, MN 218-346-7710 Perham & Tri-County Stockyards Perham, MN United Community Bank Perham, MN 218-346-5700 Canary Beach Resort Villard, MN 320-554-2471 Carlson AG Aviation Wendell, MN 320-284-2415

Snow Thrashers of Dalton Wendell, MN 218-458-2265

OTHER MEMBERS Air Flare San Francisco, CA 650-796-0669 √ Brandin’ Iron Inn West Yellowstone, MT 800-217-4613 Sledtrack Port Crane, NY 607-693-1031 √ Ultimate TransportationRecreation Fargo, ND 701-282-6060 Custom Manufacturing Clinton, WI 608-676-2282 Mag 7 Transport Ellsworth, WI 507-514-0385 Ultimate Snow Groomer drags.com Galesville, WI 608-539-4600 Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Assoc. Hayward, WI 715-945-2511 Lulich Implement Mason, WI 715-746-2477 Track Inc. Monico, WI 952-888-7372 Lakewindsonline Nekoosa, WI 612-751-4779 Arrowhead Groomers St. Germain, WI 715-479-4200 Visit Laramie Laramie, WY 800-445-5303


Mfg by Universal If you’ve tried the rest… IT’S TIME TO TRY THE BEST!

Groomers with “SKI” design

Call for more information Universal Truck Equipment, Inc. N15921 Schubert Rd., Galesville, WI 54630 608-539-4600

www.ultimategroomerdrags.com 31

New in-stock sleds arriving daily! Call your local

dealer for inventory availability.

Bemidji Sports Centre Bemidji 218) 751-4477 bemidjisportscentre.com

Cannon Power Sports Inc. Cannon Falls 507-263-4532 cannonpower.com

Chopper City Sports Fridley 763-572-2100 choppercity.com

Davis Motorsports Delano 763-972-5045 davismotorsportsdelano.com

Duluth Lawn & Sport Duluth 218-628-3718 duluthlawnandsport.com

Hansen Sports on Bay Lake Deerwood 218-678-2051 hansensonbaylake.com

Mies Outland St Cloud 320-253-7878 miesoutland.com

Mies Outland Watkins 320-764-1000 miesoutland.com

Northland Sports Center Eagle Bend 218-738-2582 northlandsportsmn.com

Podein’s Power Equipment Stewartville 507-533-8841 podeinspowerequipment.com

Power Lodge Brainerd 218-822-3500 powerlodge.com

Power Lodge Onamia 320-532-3860 powerlodge.com

Power Lodge Ramsey 763-576-1706 powerlodge.com

Stacy Do it Best Hardware Stacy 651-462-4342 stacyhardware.com

Tri-K Sports Maple Plain 763-479-3719 triksports.com

WARNING: Professional rider on a closed course. Polaris® recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride.

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