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Lauren Faria Southeast TX Outstanding Teen

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Miss Southeast Texas' Outstanding Teen

Anyone who is involved with a Lone Star Princess comes to appreciate how precious these little ladies are, not to mention how much fun one can have in mentoring these young girls. With the help of the Miss Southeast Texas Lone Star Princesses' as well as other titleholders, we put our brains to work and did an easy science project that resulted in a refreshing and yummy treat during our latest virtual Princess Party. To prepare, I had the girls gather four simple ingredients: rock salt, ice cubes, individual flavored coffee creamers, and a Ziploc bag. After a quick princess introduction with Disney-themed music playing in the background, I explained to our eager participants that the scientific method has five basic steps:

Make an observation. Ask a question. Form an explanation. Make a prediction. Test the prediction.

Together, we gathered all four ingredients, answered all questions, and put all the ingredients in the Ziploc bag.

I explained that rock salt allows the temperature of the coffee creamers to get cold. We predicted that after a few minutes of shaking our bags, the coffee creamers would eventually harden from a liquid to a solid.

We had a great time sampling our guilt-free ice cream! FYI – depending on what flavored creamer was used, it only amounts to 30 calories. I used a caramel macchiato.

As a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) advocate, it’s my responsibility to show youth new and fun ways to interact with science and math! We successfully accomplished the task that night.

Interested in becoming a future scientist? Check out these fun organizations: Girl Scouts, Girls Who Code, Girl Start and my "Learn with Lauren" InstagramTV series".


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Shirley Cothran Barret, PhD Miss Texas 1974

From Miscellaneous to Miss America!

I’m living proof that anyone can have a goal, work hard, and achieve a far fetched dream!!!! Who would have EVER imagined that the shy, quiet, wall flower, Shirley Jean Cothran, from Denton, Texas, would someday be


No one that I knew! Growing up in Denton, top of the Golden Triangle, a small college town north of the Metroplex, was where I was born, grew up, and attended college. My young life was actually very happy, even if rather walled in by shrinking borders. Meaning that my life experiences were few compared to so many others who had traveled, were socially more adept, and had the advantage of parents who were able to give their children broad experiences. I, on the other hand, never felt deprived of missing out on living life to the fullest, because I had parents who gave me the best of themselves and what they could offer.

My dad was a police officer for 40 + years. My mother was a “home engineer.” Thus, our financial resources were carefully guarded.

Often, I tell people that I am not a flutist ….. but just a Texas flute tooter. I have one older sister who seems to have inherited all the musical talent in our family, which is most unfortunate, if your future has pageants in it! This is where the “hard work” part of that winning attitude comes into play!

While in the 5th grade, it was mandatory to be in the band. Because our elementary music teacher played the flute, I chose the flute, simply because I wanted to be just like her. She could make that silver stick sound heavenly. As it turned out, my musicality was not quite on her level, but I stuck with the flute and played in the band throughout junior high and high school. Often, I tell people that I am not a flutist ….. but just a Texas flute tooter.

I was never very good, but I was a dedicated band member. Should you want some encouragement, I was chair 19 in the flute section, and there were 20 chairs in the flute section!! But, out on the marching field…….I loved playing the music and strutting my stuff in my 100% wool uniform, clunky white, laced up band boots, and a black hat with a tall plume that made my ears stick out from around my hair. While marching, I always had one eye on the majorettes, whom I admired and envied from the ranks of sweating marching band members.

That is one sincere regret that I have from my childhood, that our family didn’t have the resources for me to pursue my dream of being a twirler. However….that didn’t keep me from learning to twirl a baton! My best friend was head majorette, and she taught me how to twirl and even the routines that they performed during the games! It was almost as good as being out there in front…..except their majorette uniforms were MUCH cuter than the hot wool trousers and suit jackets that the band ranks endured. And, the hat with the plume! UGH!!!

Awwww . . . . unresolved dreams . . . . they never go away. Perhaps that is one of the factors that inspired me to go for another dream!

When I recall my childhood and growing up

My life began as a very reticent young girl, never

years, I marvel to see just how much life has

the cheerleader, drill team kicker, majorette,

evolved for me. It is a good lesson to remember

class favorite, Most Likely to Succeed, or class

that allowing demarcation of limits can dilute


and even eliminate opportunities in life. Those early years could have defined me: I was painfully shy, quiet, and definitely a wall flower.

But, it is prudent to add that I wasn’t entirely without some notoriety…. I volunteered in the school library and was selected Librarian of the

A true story that epitomizes my uneventful, young

Year, my sophomore year. But inwardly, I wasn’t

life happened in a Denton Kroger while visiting

satisfied with the direction that life was taking

my sister. Going up and down the aisles, a

me. What was I going to do about it?

gentleman abruptly stopped and said, “Shirley…..is that you, Shirley?” Turning around, I saw a man whom I did not recognize. “Well, yes, it is,” I politely answered. He smiled broadly and said, “I KNEW it was you! How ya doing?”

Truthfully, I did not know much about the Miss America Pageant. As a high school student, I followed another Dentonite, Phyllis George, in her climb to Miss America, but I didn’t really know much more about the program than other casual

Still no recognition on my part, so I asked, “I’m

viewers. Ironically, my boyfriend’s sister, Jackie

sorry, Sir, but I’ve met so many people…..can you

Barret, was involved in pageants so my interest

remind me where we met?” With outstretched

began to peak. (By the way, that boyfriend,

arms he exclaimed, “In high school! We were

Richard Barret, is now my husband of 43 years!)

classmates!” I looked at his bald head and pot belly, and I said, “We did???”

We attended the Miss Texas Pageant in Fort Worth and cheered on Jackie as she was crowned

Unabashedly, he laughed, told me his name

3rd runner up to Mae Beth Cormany, Miss Texas

(whom I remembered as being quite the BMOC)

1972, who was absolutely, breathtakingly

and began telling me this story.

beautiful. I was mesmerized by the beautiful stage sets, the fabulous show productions,

“When you competed in the Miss America wonderful talent presentations, the live orchestra,

Pageant, I was overseas serving in the Navy as and the smart contestants that displayed such

an officer. But, I wasn’t about to miss seeing one grace, poise, talent, and intellect!!!

of my high school classmates compete on television. I watched the whole thing. And, when

I was intrigued, as I also learned that even if you

you were named Miss America . . .

don’t win, scholarship money is awarded in

well . . . I


different areas. That was probably the deciding factor that prompted me to enter my first

Quietly, and with as much dignity as I could pageant, Miss Denton. My interview dress, talent

muster up in my jeans, tee shirt, and flip flops, I gown, and evening dress were all fashions that

smiled my Miss America smile and wished him my sweet mother made for me. I never felt dowdy

well. or underdressed; I felt like a princess!! Never had

WHA-LA!!!!! Proof positive that every woman

I worn an evening dress, so the chiffon was pure

(actually anyone) clears her own trail and walks

elegance against my skin and bolstered feelings

the life path she declares for herself!

of victorious triumph!

Well, that’s a good thing, because I was 2nd runner up in that local pageant!

Even though I

missed the title and crown by three heads and 11 roses, I was thrilled! The whole experience was euphoric! I found myself empowered by doing something way out of my comfort zone, stepping out of my box, and achieving a goal that presented itself to me. Disappointment eluded me; I only saw a vision of what could be, of what I might achieve, of pushing that quiet, shy self to the background.

The rest of the story is history.

A goal is rarely realized without planning, lots of hard work, and continuous fine tuning. I would also throw in some sacrifice, along with making hard choices. If you have a goal or a dream that you truly long to see to come to fruition, you will be making some sacrifices. Ever since I was in the third grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Living in a college town, I knew I wanted to attain my PhD. When I saw those

Often it’s that initial decision that ignites the energy to propel one to achievement, and in turn, that energy begins nurturing an idea, a

contestants on the stage in Fort Worth, Texas, I knew I wanted to be a part of that marvelous pageant.

goal, or an achievement. I never planned, aspired, or even dreamed of becoming Miss

When I met my special boyfriend, I knew that I

America. That wasn’t the vibe that roused my

wanted to marry him. Sometimes, you just know

interest. It was the whole package of what the

that some things in life are worthwhile ventures!

Miss America Organization is all about…what it

Fortunately, for me, all my "just knews" came to

represents….what it inspires in women all across


America! Now, don’t misunderstand, I did like the

them were handed to me. None of them were

winning part! But, the winning was only a portion

without work and sacrifice. But, ALL of them were

of the process that has contributed so much to

totally worth it.

who I am today.

None of them were easy. None of

I will be the first to admit that I do not possess a

Sometimes, it is by failing and not giving up that

God given musical talent. To remind those who

proves to be more valuable than the winning.

may have forgotten, I played the flute for my

Don’t be blinded by a single failure to see what

talent . . . a rousing rendition of The Swinging

you have actually accomplished! My best

Shepard Blues and The Bumble Boogie. I will also

instructions have been through having to rewrite

admit that I practiced thousands, literally

a research paper, studying for extra credit tests,

thousands of hours to perfect my 2 minute and 38

turning down a hot fudge sundae, reexamining a

second (yes, talents were really that long) talent

failed life lesson, learning to say “I’m sorry,” and

presentation. It was not a labor of love….it was

practicing extra, extra hard on my decades old

just a plain ol’ labor.

flute, readying myself to perform in front of hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people! Remember, I was 19th chair in the band…..not a flutist, but a Texas flute tooter.

I firmly believe in the adage that says, “Work until you get it right. Then work some more, until you can’t get it wrong.” The result was worth my hours of practice, because I distinctly remember

Preparation is definitely one of the most

muscle memory playing those songs when the

important keys to success.

spotlight and the orchestra’s fast tempo began.

At the Miss America Pageant’s final night of competition, I was so relieved when my solo was over (and played almost flawlessly, I might add), that I ran off stage behind the wrong curtains and found myself knee high in cable cords and television equipment wires. Two men had to come untangle me. I didn’t care. Being crowned Miss Anything is exciting, and wearing the crown of Miss Texas is very prestigious and a great honor! Everyone in Atlantic City wants to see Miss Texas, not because of any individual, but because the Miss Texas Organization always has a quality contestant who is 100% prepared to be there. Being crowned Miss America is an unbelievable honor of a lifetime. It is also a responsibility of a lifetime. Just as any Miss Texas or Miss America will attest, people will always find that achievement interesting and will view you just a little differently. A former Miss America told me “Once Miss America . . . . always Miss America.”

That is why I find it difficult to walk outside my

door without smearing on a little lipstick and smoothing back my hair. Someone is always looking. You needn’t be dressed to the nines, but you need to look neat and put together.

Winning Miss America is part of who I am, but it isn’t who I am. Because of the MAO, much of my undergraduate degree was paid by scholarship money. All my Master’s degree was paid by scholarship monies. And, every penny of my PhD. was paid by scholarships through the MAO. I will be forever grateful to the Miss Texas Organization and the Miss America Organization for it has truly enhanced my life.

Today, my life is one of completeness. My childhood ambition was to be a teacher, and ultimately, I wanted to teach on the University level. Many people have predetermined ideas of what Miss Americas should be, so I conformed to some of those pressures of “Move to Hollywood and be a movie star!” Or, “Move to New York and become a millionaire.” Well, I did move to New York and lived there about three days. I was miserable. Don’t let others try to dictate your life…it will be disastrous. My heart said to go back to Texas. People judged. People criticized. But, I was happy to return to school, marry my college sweetheart, and begin life in earnest. I felt a peace in my soul that this was where God wanted me to be and that I was being obedient to my calling in life. Today, my life is one of completeness. I never did teach on the university level, but I put my education to good use by rearing (you raise cows and rear children) four children, three sons and one daughter. We have four grandsons and a sweet little granddaughter. We expect more to come! My husband and I have been married for nearly 44 years. We have weathered much together, and it has been blissful most of the time!

I could have never done it by myself, and I thank each man and woman who were mightily generous with their time, their constructive

My tenure as Miss America began a different life trajectory for me. For over 45 years, I have traveled as an inspirational, keynote, and motivational speaker to

criticism, their uplifting conversations, their resources, their laughter and love, and most of all their belief in me.

educational, civic, and faith based groups. My life has been anything but boring!

Did I plan any of this?

Absolutely not. I firmly believe that God paved the way for me, but it was up to me to see His plan through. I have loved every single moment, every memory, every lesson learned, every person who has crossed paths with me, and the sheer joy of seeing how God has weaved my experiences in vibrant colors in the tapestry

What a gift to have come up through the ranks of this marvelous system, and to have pushed myself to limits beyond my wildest imagination. The personal pushing and shoving, the smiles and tears, the work and sacrifices, and the joy and pride of being Miss Texas and Miss America is worth it all!

of my life. Life is not easy, but it certainly is interesting when we allow opportunities to blossom in our lives.

My love to each and every one of you!

The Miss America Pageant, the Miss Texas Organization, and many volunteers give tirelessly of themselves, so that thousands of contestants who have participated can have their turn at the golden ring. I am one of the blessed 99 women who have lived the dream of reaching the pinnacle of being named Miss America.

Dr. Shirley Cothran Barret Miss Texas 1974 Miss America 1975

Acceptance. Belonging. Hope.

Alma mater of Miss America 1975





University of North Texas Senior with $25,000+ in scholarships

Award-winning flautist

School assemblies, community engagements, awards presentations and more

Booking Inquiries: bookmisstexas@misstexas.org


in tuition scholarships


in-kind scholarships

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE MISS TEXAS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION AND WOMEN ACROSS TEXAS. OUR SCHOLARSHIPS HAVE BEEN USED AT THE FOLLOWING SCHOOLS SINCE 2013. TO DONATE, VISITÂ WWW.MISSTEXAS.ORG Abilene Christian University Angelina College Ashford University Baylor University Blinn Community College Brigham Young University Collin College Concordia University Dallas Baptist University Duncan School of Law El Paso Community College Florida State University Frank Phillips College Houston Baptist College Kilgore Junior College Louisiana State University Lubbock Christian University McGovern Medical School Midwestern State University Northwest Vista College Odessa College Pecos Center Oklahoma City University Oklahoma State University Oral Roberts University Ouachita Baptist University Prairie View A&M University Ranger Junior College Rice University Richland College Sam Houston State University San Antonio College San Jacinto College Central SMU Dedman School of Law South Plains College Southern Arkansas University

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SCHOLARSHPS IN ACTION Kassidy Brown used her scholarship winnings to obtain a degree from the University of Alabama! Kassidy earned more than $8,000 while competing at Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen and Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

Hailey Stevens is attending the University of Oklahoma! She plans to study business marketing with the scholarships she earned as Miss Allen's Outstanding Teen.

Heather King used her scholarship winnings to obtain her AA in Christian Ministry from Highlands College and is now pursuing her BA in Business Management. Heather earned $10,000 in scholarships as a local titleholder and as Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen.

2020 Limited Edition

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"Giving is living. If you stop wanting to give, there’s nothing more to live for.” Audrey Hepburn

Guy and Julie Koenig are proud supporters of the Miss Texas Organization. Julie entered and won her first Miss America Organization (MAO) local competition as a 21-year-old college student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. An avid gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader, Julie had never competed in a pageant before, but entered the competition at the encouragement of one of her college roommates. Julie commented, "At the time, my grandfather was battling cancer. When I learned more about the organization, specifically about the community service aspect, I knew right away that it was something I wanted to be involved with.” This was the beginning of a 20+ year relationship with the MAO. Julie went on to hold three local titles in North Carolina and was a Top Ten Finalist in 1999. As a local titleholder, she worked throughout the Charlotte metro area promoting her community service platform of “Cancer Awareness and Prevention through Research and Education”. Julie worked hand-in-hand with the Charlotte area Relay for Life organization and spoke to high schools throughout

and began serving as the Executive Director of the Miss

the area about healthy habits and choices, specifically about

Dallas Organization from 2014 to 2017 before moving

avoiding tobacco use. Assisted by scholarship money obtained

on to direct the Miss Southlake Scholarship Organization

through competing, Julie graduated Magna Cum Laude from the

from 2017 to 2019.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1998 with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Psychology.

In 2019, Julie’s husband Guy accepted the position of President, Gulf States Financial Services. With her family

After graduation, Julie attended the Graduate School of the

moving away from the DFW Area, Julie transitioned to

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she obtained a

her current role as Field Director.

Master of Physical Therapy degree. While working full-time as a Pediatric Physical Therapist, Julie continued to serve the organization as a judge on the local level from 2005-2010. In 2011, she took a leap and became the Executive Director of the Miss Queen City | Metrolina Scholarship Organization.

She managed this program until her husband’s career brought them to Texas in 2013. Quickly, Julie became involved with the Miss Texas Organization

Regardless of the position, Julie is excited and honored to serve and support the Miss Texas Organization. As she told us, "This organization gives young women the opportunity to serve their communities while giving them invaluable experience in the areas of public speaking and networking; all the while rewarding them with scholarship monies for high achievement in the areas of academics, community service, and the performing arts."

DONOR SPOTLIGHT Julie continued to say, " I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend my time than to align myself with such an organization. My experience competing in the MAO set me up with skills that my college degree alone would not have given me. I majored in Biology, which doesn’t involve a lot of social interaction or communication skills. The experience I had competing in Miss NC gave me the communication skills I needed for my graduate school interview, as well as subsequent job interviews after graduation. I don’t know that I would have been as successful in my academic or professional life if I had not had the experience of competing in the MAO. I am proud to give my time to help other young women develop the skills they need to be successful in their future careers.” Witnessing Julie’s passion for the organization, Guy happily supports the MTO as well. A natural leader, Guy always excelled academically and gravitated toward leadership roles. Just from observing and interacting with various local and state titleholders over the past few years of Julie’s involvement, he recognizes how participation in the program helps young women develop confidence, communication skills, and leadership skills. Coming from a family that was not financially advantaged, Guy graduated from Drake University with significant student loan debt; however, he understands the value of an organization like MTO, which financially assists young women with their educational goals. As an executive in a male-dominated field, he also recognizes that the MAO empowers and encourages young women to pursue careers in a variety of male-dominated fields including medicine, engineering & technology, law, finance, and more. Appreciating the impact of involvement, Guy accepted a Board of Directors seat with The Boys Club of Houston. Both Julie and Guy hold a deep passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others. They believe their support of Miss Texas reflects their appreciation of empowering young women and promoting leadership, high achievement, as well as community service.

Unique. Exquisite. Capturing amazing moments. Creating wonderful memories.

It's never too early to buy great









Ouachita Baptist University Freshman with $20,000+ in scholarships

Award-winning vocalist

SPEAKER School assemblies, community engagements, awards presentations and more

Booking Inquiries: cindyf@misstexas.org

Misslegacy Texas society The Miss Texas Legacy Society celebrates those who have shaped the Miss Texas Organization, preserves our history and expands networking opportunities. It was established to honor past titleholders (local and state, miss and teen) and the supporters who have mentored and encouraged them along the way. The three branches of the Legacy Society include: Former Local Titleholders Past State Winners Volunteers and Supporters (including family, friends, directors, board members, judges and fans) Become a founding member of the Legacy Society by visiting: www.misstexas.org to update your profile before October 31 and be among the first featured when the official Miss Texas Legacy Society website launches later this year.

1992 Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant Week From Left: Kristine Rohwer (Miss Houston); Amy Furhman (Miss Lake Conroe Area); Shenan Reed (Miss Woodlands); Monica Perry (Miss Humble-Kingwood) pictured in their University sweatshirts. Photo submitted by Michael Hannah.

LISA WOOLDRIDGE EMMICK IMPACT & INVOLVEMENT Miss Parker County 1990 Miss Wichita Falls 1989

From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be Miss Texas/Miss America! 30 years later, having been a title holder still provides opportunities to me.

STORIES & MEMORIES I loved performing with everyone in the production numbers during Miss Texas week. Rehearsals were even fun! I also am thankful for the advice I received from so many volunteers in the organization and for the love and support from my local franchises and family.

STAY CONNECTED Facebook: Lisa Wooldridge Emmick Facebook: Dallas Piano Academy Professional Website: dallaspianoacademy.com LinkedIn: Lisa Emmick

Miss Texas legacy society

SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT Southern Methodist University, BBA

BIO Lisa Emmick is the owner of Dallas Piano Academy. Lisa's musical accomplishments include competition awards, scholarships and performance honors. Her solo and collaborative performances have been broadcast on radio, television and via the internet across the United States and around the world. Piano and flute performance experience includes all types of music - classical, praise and worship, popular and country – even playing good ol’ Texas fiddle music on the flute!

Lisa began her piano studies at the age of five in her mother’s music studio. At twelve, she began playing the flute and piccolo. Mrs. Emmick continued her private studies with Alexander Fielder, the Dallas Symphony soloist for twenty-five years and student of William Kincaid, regarded as the Father of the American Flute School. Lisa has performed on many stages including the Johnnie High Country Music Review, the Weatherford Opry, Joyful Praise show, countless churches, community events, weddings and solo recitals. She has also served as an accompanist, and part of ensembles and orchestral groups in both live settings and in the recording studio. Mrs. Emmick has been included in the publication International Who’s Who in Music and Musician’s Directory.

As a student, Lisa studied dance with Texie Waterman, founder of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and at the esteemed Etgen-Atkinson School of Ballet. She studied theater and performed in plays and musicals, earning membership in the International Society of Thespians. Mrs. Emmick has participated in stage productions as an actor, performer, director, stage crew, properties and set design and construction, backstage manager, house manager, and has costumed hundreds of performers. Mrs. Emmick has had the opportunity to judge various performance competitions as well as several pageants, serving often as head judge. She knows first-hand what is necessary to please both an audience and a judging panel, having participated in the Miss Texas (Miss America) Scholarship Pageant system and winning numerous talent awards.

Today, Lisa Emmick primarily concentrates on teaching and maintains a very busy private studio in Dallas, Texas. Former students have earned degrees in music, gone on to become professional musicians, or have found other ways to incorporate music into their lives by playing in their churches and communities. Mrs. Emmick has led numerous students of all ages to love, appreciate and proficiently play music, teaching specifically to the needs and goals of each student somce 1980. Mrs. Emmick also directs a high school theater program at a local private school and loves to travel, study history, and spend time with her family and pets.



STORIES & MEMORIES I got involved with the Miss Texas organization my senior year of high school as as way to earn scholarship money. The Miss Texas Organization gave me life skills that have helped me with job interviews, communicating, time management and interacting with different people. The scholarships earned help me LSU for school, and I met my Matron of Honor through competing. My best memories include getting to spend time with some of my best friends.

STAY CONNECTED Instagram @annacombrinkchianese LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/annacombrinkchianese

SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT UTA — B.A. in Advertising Texas Wesleyan University — MBA in Supply Chain Management

Pictured Top: Anna Combrink, Miss McKinney Pictured Bottom: Anna Combrink and Breshell Hurley

Miss Texas legacy society

BIO Anna Combrink Chianese graduated with a Bachelors in Advertising from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014. After college she

joined a marketing company that

specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses around the country. Currently, Anna is a Senior Performance Strategist managing over $2.5 million annually in digital marketing spend for my clients. Anna continued to advance her education by obtaining a Masters of Business Administration, with a focus on Supply Chain and logistics in 2020 from Texas Wesleyan University.

Anna and her (now) husband met in middle school but began dating during college. They will be celebrating two years of marriage on October 20, 2020. They call Fort Worth home with their two dogs and two cats.

Pictured: Miss Texas candidates preparing to model for the Dillard's Fashion Show


ANN WATSON IMPACT & INVOLVEMENT Parent of candidate (Miss Teen Texas and Miss Texas) Miss Texas Scholarship Organization Board Member Scholarship Foundation Board Member & Vice-Chair Judges Committee Member

I started attending Miss Texas in 1985 to watch out dear friend and Tara’s dance teacher, Jo Thompson, compete for Miss Texas. As a family we were all hooked and never have missed a night of competition in all these years. Tara started competing in 1992 and won first runner up to Miss Teen Texas and won Miss Teen Texas in 1993. She then went on to win Miss Texas 2000 and was in the Top 10 at Miss America. I have been on the pageant board for 8 years and the Scholarship Board about 4 years. I serve as vicechair of the Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant Board and serve on the Judges Committee every year during pageant week. I love meeting and getting to know our judges from all over US. Some are now lifelong friends. I was recognized in the Hall of Honor a few years ago which was a very big personal honor for me to experience. Miss Texas is an organization which I totally believe in and have personally seen the benefits young women receive by participating. It is life changing for the women that are fortunate enough to wear the crown. I am thrilled to be just a very small part of helping these young women experience what Miss Texas has to offer. I feel my life has definitely been enriched by this organization.

BIO Ann Watson is presently serving as a Public Health Nurse Educator. She focuses on chronic disease education with the Angelina County and Cities Health District and has been in this role for the past 11 years. Prior to this, Ann worked alongside her husband, Dr William E. (Bill) Watson in his family practice for 24 years. Ann was selected as the 2014 Nurse of the Year in Angelina County, Lufkin, Tx. Ann loves spending time with her daughter, Tara, and son, Marshall, and their families. "Grandchildren and great-grans are wonderful!" Her happy place is the beach, especially Seaside, Fl. Ann enjoys reading, working in her flower gardens and going on road trips with family and girlfriends. She looks forward to decorating for all the holidays, since it always brings a smile to her face and gives her great joy to share with my family and friends

Miss Texas legacy society


STORIES & MEMORIES THere are many wonderful memories of dear friends, that have been like family, over these last 35 years. Some are gone now but I carry their memories clearly in my heart. The funniest thing that I can remember is from 2001. Tara was giving up her crown and one evening before the pageant, she called me to ask me if I had seen Purple Bear. Purple Bear had gone EVERYWHERE with Tara since she was about 7 years old. I said no but that I’d come help her look for him. She then called Carol Fuller, her business manager who happened to be taking a bath at the time. When she told Carol that Purple Bear was missing you could hear the rumble of the water. “Oh no!!!! Purple Bear is missing??" Tara then called her friend, Kevin Slaton who had been known to play tricks on Tara. She was almost crying by this time and told him if he had hidden or taken Purple Bear that this was no time for tricks. He said “T, I would NEVER mess with Purple Bear.” By this time we had all gathered in Tara’s room and decided that Purple Bear must have been gathered up in the laundry earlier in the day. So ALL of us went to the hotel laundry room and started digging through piles and piles of dirty laundry. Carol Fuller and I were determined to produce Purple Bear,

which was not to be found. Kevin

and Bill were also digging through piles and piles of laundry. We left the laundry area, but the office near the laundry room was locked. We asked where lost and found things would be placed and the staff led us to that office area. We looked through a gated area and through the grates, you could see Purple Bear on the top shelf waiting to be rescued. It was a crazy adventure but one never to be forgotten. Purple Bear still remains a part of Tara’s family today and sits in a place of honor in her home—and Analeigh (Tara's daughter) looks at Purple Bear but knows she is too old to play.

Left: Ann with her daughter, Tara Watson-Watkins Right: Ann with her family in her "happy place"

ANGELA ALLEN JACKSON IMPACT & INVOLVEMENT Competed in the Miss Beaumont Competition 1978 & 1979 Miss Texas Scholarship Organization Board member since 2017 MTSF Board member since 2017; current Board Chair Local Executive Director of Miss Denton County, 2013 - 2017 Donor (local and state) since 1991 Local Competition Judge

I initially became involved with The Miss Beaumont Pageant for scholarship assistance. I love giving back! It is a part of my DNA. The Miss Texas Organization allows me to give my time, use my resources and involve other donors to either give money, time, scholarships and services.

STORIES & MEMORIES My favorite memories go back to my competition days as my Local Director was recognized for designing the “Super Swimsuit� & evening gowns for candidates all over the country.

In addition, as luck would have it, I competed against Miss America 1982, Debra Maffett who was Miss Beaumont 1979 and 3rd Runner Up to Miss Texas!

Miss Texas legacy society

SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT Lamar University Leonard’s School of Insurance

BIO Angela Jackson was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, graduating from high school in 1977. "Growing up post-segregation was very challenging, but did not stop my dreams. During high school I was a pioneer, as my parents in achieving several accolades such as State contender in UIL State Track & Field. Angela was also honored to become the first black Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen among several other awards."

After high school, Angela attended Lamar University as a Dance Major and participated in the University Dance Company. She studied dance for several years, was a studio owner and a member of Dance Educators of America. Angela was the instructor and coowner of her own dance studio for 5 years. During that time she modeled locally and coordinated many fashion shows. Angela moved to Dallas-Fort Worth in 1987 and continued modeling for Barbizon Modeling Agency & Elan Productions.

Angela worked in the insurance industry for 10 years as an insurance adjuster. As a mother, she desired more time to be involved in her children’s activities. She then began a career with LISD, where she worked in the Human Resources department for 11 years. Now that her kids are grown, she has returned to the insurance sector with State Farm.

Angela has been married to Darrell Jackson for 27 years and they share two children and one fur baby. As Angela says, "we are a Godfearing family that loves sports!"


RANDY PRUETT IMPACT & INVOLVEMENT Miss Texas Historian Scholarship Donor Traveling Companion Former Miss Texas Leadership Team member Former Miss Texas Scholarship Organization Board Member Former Associate Producer, Scriptwriter & Emcee Coordinator

My family became involved with the Miss America Organization when the Miss Texas Pageant was first held in Fort Worth in 1954 and I've continued this "labor of love." I began in 1964 at age 10 as hardly more than a runner, flower deliverer and observer. Having a Down's Syndrome brother (and eventually becoming his caregiver/guardian for 22 years), I know well the value of giving and sharing. It isn't the reward that matters or the recognition one might harvest. Rather, it's your depth of commitment, your quality of service, the results of your devotion – that truly matter in life. After my childhood volunteer years, I was fortunate to experience so many different roles, from Board member to Television Script writer to Associate Producer and now, I primarily judge state pageants.

Pictured: Randy Pruett with numerous Miss Texas titleholders who gathered to celebrate the debut of his book, A Dream as Big as Texas.

Randy authored this historical overview and coffee table book to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Miss Texas Scholarship Organization.

Miss Texas legacy society


BIO Randy will know what you want and need before you do. Never one to shy away from projects or social events, he’s often the organizer, host and “chief cook and bottle washer.”

He has more than 30 years of success turning visions and strategies into solutions and results for clients. Randy’s background is in philanthropy, food and beverage, retail, technology, financial services and association management with expertise in marketing communications, public relations, project management, special events, crisis support, mergers & acquisitions, sales operations, brand management and writing.

Perhaps the best testament to his work are the results, which have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, USA Today, The Guardian, Boston Business Journal, Calgary Herald, Texas CEO Magazine, Asahi Shimbun, Financial Times, The Dallas Morning News, CNN, PBS, NPR and MSNBC.

Randy is the author of A Dream as Big as Texas, a historical overview and coffee table book. He was honored as “Dallas Communicator of the Year” and is a past President of the International Association of Business Communicators. A four-time FEMA-certified crisis communications expert, he also has earned Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) and Certified Association Executive (CAE) designations. Randy graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in journalism and political science.

Above: A teenage Randy Pruett (left) pictured with Bert Parks (the annual Miss America Host from 1955-1979) and Lolly Hatcher

The Lone Star Mentoring Program is a yearround program where your princess will be mentored and have the opportunity to learn from the Miss Texas and Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen


program's leaders and role models. Princesses will watch these intelligent young women as they communicate, perform, and interact with others. Each exhibits strength, character, poise and grace under pressure while sharing their social impact initiative and serving their communities. The Lone Star Competition experience (the week of June 20 - 26, 2021) is a fun-filled week of activities, rehearsals and performances. Participants will enjoy lunch with their titleholder, take part in a fashion show, attend a real Princess party, and perform in a group production number on the Miss Texas stage. Our Lone Star Princesses do not personally


compete, but they accompany their titleholder during the Red Carpet competition, as the

Allie Graves, Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen with Lone Star Princesses

titleholders compete in their Evening Wear. This

Former Lone Star Princess, Allie Graves

20 - 26, 2021).

special event is held during Miss Texas and Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen Competition week (June

Visit www.misstexas.org for more information on j o i n i n g t h e L o n e S t a r M e n t o r i n gN P og OrM A rDaI m C





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THE FIRST MISS TEXAS BY RANDY PRUETT Originally from Seminole, Oklahoma, a 17year-old Fort Worth high school senior named Alice Lucille Emerick was the first woman to carry the Miss Texas title to the Miss America Pageant. A mezzo-soprano, she sang “Indian Love Call” for talent. Talent had become a mandatory category to win Miss America. Alice was named 1st Runner-Up. Moreover, she placed second in the Evening Gown Competition and was named among the Top Six with the Best Personality. The 1937 competition was held at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday, September 11, 1937. Shortly after being presented as Miss America, the newly crowned 17-year-old winner, Bette Cooper, changed her mind about becoming the titleholder and escaped in the middle of the night. As a result, she wasn’t available for photos the next morning. The Miss America title was not passed to Alice. Known professionally as Alice Scudder, the former actress co-founded the American Theater Company, an off-Broadway group, in 1968. The company is important because of its distinctive revival of American classics such as Charles A. Hoyt’s A Texas Steer, William Vaughn Moody’s The Faith Healer, Rachel Crothers’ He and She and Robert Munford’s The Patriots. Unable to sustain the increasing costs, the company ceased production in 1978. Alice died of cancer on October 1, 1986, at the New Haven home of her daughter. She was 67 years old and had been living in Manhattan.

MISS AMERICA 1937 ABOVE | From left: Miss Texas Alice Lucille Emerick (1st Runner-Up), Miss North Carolina Ruth Covington (2nd Runner-Up) and Miss Miami Irmigard Dietel (who had tied with Miss California Phyllis Randall for 3rd Runner-Up). BELOW | This is the Top Five at the 1937 Miss America Competition. Alice Lucille Emerick is on the far left and the winner, Bette Cooper, is on the far right.



texas cares for children E N C O U R A G I N G L E A D E R S H I P P R O M O T I N G E D U C A T I O N D E V E L O P I N G C H A R A C T E R

The Texas Cares For Children program was created to address social inequality on a peer-to-peer level through leadership development, community partnerships and training. Texas Cares For Children, a 501(c)(3), strives to bring life skills, values education, and leadership into schools; demonstrating the importance of setting personal and educational goals; teaching students how to stand up to negative peer pressure and turn it into positive peer pressure and establishing lifelong healthy practices. The initial program was developed in 1993 through collaborative efforts with the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, and won the endorsement of former

President George Bush and then Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander. The concept is to help each individual participant develop and improve his or her capabilities through instruction and training which in turn benefits the community as a whole. By sharing a platform about which an individual is passionate, each participant not only teaches, but learns. Participants learn about character building and life skills, making healthy choices and wellness practices part of their lifestyle, effectively dealing with bullying and peer pressure, overcoming adversity and challenges, understanding and respecting one another’s differences and combating drug and alcohol abuse.




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