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FI7B Class Magazine People Who Have Made a Positive Impact upon the World

An English & Media Literacy Project with Miss Saldua & Miss Chiu Glenview Senior Public School 2013-2014

A Princess Inside and Out: Princess Diana of Wales By: Emily Princess Diana is a great example of what everyone should aim to be. She is best known for her charitable work and also her involvement of the fashion world, During her marriage to the Prince of Wales, She was a patron to over 100 charities. Some included the Royal Marsden and Great Ormond Street Hospitals, Centrepoint, The Leprosy Mission, The National AIDS Trust and English National Ballet. She worked with homeless people, disabled people and people with HIV/AIDS. In January 1997, she visited Angola as a part of her campaign on the use and manufacture of land mines. There is no limit to helping people in the Princess’s eyes.

Before the Royal Life The Princess in Angola January 1997 as part of her campaign on the ban and manufacture of land mines

An Important Woman in our society The reason why I chose to write this article about Princess Diana is because I think that she is a very kind and generous person who deserves to be commended for her good deeds. In my opinion, the Princess is an ideal role model for us as a younger generation. Using her wealth to help people who need it a lot more than she does is an amazing thing to do instead of spending it all on things that she doesn’t need. She donates lots of money for good causes. Other than her generous donations, she also helps out with sick people and campaigning. I admire her passion for helping people in need.

As a young child, Diana was also like a princess, sweet and kind. She was born July 1st 1961. At school, Diana showed her talent for music since she was already a pianist. She also excelled at dancing and domestic science. Diana gained the school award for the girl giving the maximum help to the school and her peers. After she graduated from school, she moved to a flat in Coleherne Court, London. For a bit, she looked after the child of an American couple, and she worked as a kindergarten teacher in Pimlico. She later met the Prince of Wales and got married. This is where her royal journey starts!

Diana as a young child

Charity Timeline Ask Emily --------------------------------------Dear Emily,

A timeline of the Princess’s charity involvement

I have recently separated from the Prince of Wales and I was wondering whether or not I should continue my contributions to my charities. I enjoy working with these charities a lot but I feel like the charities should be able to seek another royal patron as I am no longer part of the royal family. I am thinking of leaving as patron of a couple of charities or maybe more. What would you do? -Diana

Diana visiting AIDS patients She was genuine, dressed classy and consoled ill people. She talked with people, no matter what their role in the community. Diana used her position as a member of the royal family to shine the spotlight on major world issues -Kevin W.

About the Writer

Emily hopes to become an author one day. She enjoys reading teen fiction and reading in general. The pets that she owns are 5 goldfish

Dear Diana, I know that you are going through a rough time in your life. If I were you I would probably leave most the charities so I would have time to focus on the remaining charities that I have decided to remain with. This choice is totally up to you. However, you shouldn’t feel like the other charities will neglect you. You are an amazing person and extremely caring I wish you the best of luck. -Emily

Children’s Author Everlasting Legacy By: Adrienne He is considered one of the most influential children’s authors. For  decades, Dr.Seuss has sparked children’s imagination  around the globe. He gave children a valuable gift; the  love of reading. Through his books, he taught them to  rhyme, to read and to write. Most of his 46 books have  a positive  message which also deal with difficult social  issues. For instance the Sneetches is about us wanting  something we don’t have, also about not judging  someone based on their appearances. Over all his writing  changed the way children write today.

A Life Time Of Drawings  Everyone’s life is different depending on the path one  chooses to pursue. Take Dr.  Seuss as an example, he was born into a middle class family and enjoyed many perks.  He went to Dartmouth college, and was the editor of the college’s humor magazine. That ended  prematurely as he was caught drinking which is prohibited at Dartmouth college. Soon after that, he  attended Oxford to please his father. He found his studies to be tiresome and he quit Oxford and toured  Europe. After touring Europe he continued his life as a cartoonist and writer, two things  he was  passionate about. Dr. Seuss never earned the title of a doctor. He decided to use this title since his  father wanted him to become a doctor and was  disappointed when he dropped out of school. 

Changing Literature  Today I chose Dr.Seuss because I believe he changed the  way many people read and write today.  Dr.seuss  was able to deliver a meaningful and strong social  message by using humour which appealed to  children and adults alike. His book Oh, the Places  You'll Go!is one of the top graduation gifts given to  students. It is a book that can be read at any stage 

in your life and the messages remains inspirational  no matter the circumstances.  His books, his  drawings, his characters and his style are timeless classics. They were read by grandparents, parents  and children all around the world. As a matter of fact, his books have been translated into 16 languages.  Most people have read a Dr.Seuss book at least once in their life. This cannot be said about many other  authors.

Children’s Author Everlasting Legacy By: Adrienne

Dr.Seuss’s Life 

Dr.Seuss’s career as an artist and writer began in 1927 when he started selling his cartoons. Soon after he  started to publish many books, for instance The Cat In The Hat was first published 1957. His career  became a very big success and he continued to write and illustrate until 1991. His legacy will live on  throughout many decades.

Dear Adrienne,  my niece is having troubles at school with a girl in her class. She says that the girl is always mean,  grumpy and keeps to herself. Apparently everyone is afraid of her. my niece believes that is shy and  unhappy person who may have a reason to be un­happy. My niece would like to reach out to her but  doesn’t know how. Do you have any suggestions? ­ Dr.Seuss Dear Dr.Seuss,  Just as it was in the Grinch there might be a reason for why she is un­happy. Try talking to her and see if  she will open up to you. Maybe invite her over to your house to become closer. She may just need a  friend to give her a friendly push in the right direction. I hope this helps! ­ Adrienne

The Writer Adrienne is grade 7 student. She loves to swim,  snowboard, and play soccer. The name Adrienne comes  from the name Hadrian, the great roman emperor. She  has a great long term memory.

Flying Up High With: Chris Hadfield Quote by Chris Hadfield “Decide in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow, and the day after that. Look at who you want to be, and start sculpting yourself into that person. You may not get exactly where you thought you'd be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in. Don't let life randomly kick you into the adult you don't want to become.” ― Chris Hadfield

+ “He represents a modern hero for young men and women to model - an intelligent, socially responsible person” - Ian


Commander Chris Hadfield at Canadian Space Agency posing in his spacesuit.

Have you ever had that dream job that you don’t think will come true? Well, if you try hard enough you can achieve anything. Chris Hadfield knew he wanted to be an astronaut at the age of nine, when he saw the Apollo moon landing, and an astronaut is exactly what he became. After he retired at the age of 53, Chris had been an engineer, a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot and, of course, an astronaut. He has also made Canadian history


Graduates College with a BA in mechanical engineering


Joins the CSA & NASA astronaut program.


First flight into space as a mission specialist on one of the space shuttles.


Last mission into space to spend 146 days on the ISS.


July 3rd announces his retirement from CSA & NASA astronaut program.

by being the first Canadian to walk in space and the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station (ISS). Now the Canadian icon lives in Toronto.

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Ask Alexander Issue | Date Dear Alexander, I am concerned that the future generation of Canadians might not be interested in becoming astronauts. What should I do to get youngsters interested in being an astronaut when they’re older? -Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield operating Canada arm on one of he missions to in space.

Dear Chris, I think you need to inform kids about why science is important and show them that science is knowledge that is important for what they want to do when they grow up. Many kids think science is boring because all you do is read and answer questions from a text book, so you should try to inform the students on why science is important for their lives. -Alexander

Early Years Chris Hadfield was born on August 29, 1959 and raised in Sarnia on a farm. At the age of 15 he won his pilot scholarship from Air Cadets. Next, Hadfield joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1978 entering the Royal Military College. Four years later, he earned his Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. In 1992, four out of 5530 applicants were selected to join the Canadian astronaut program by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Chris Hadfield was one of those lucky four and thus began his astronaut career.

Check out Chris Hadfield’s new book “An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth”

Reason Behind My Inspiration I have chosen Chris Hadfield for the article because I look up to him as a role model. He is a great person to look up to because he followed his dreams and that shows me and many other Canadians that if I try hard enough I can be anything. I also admire his perseverance and courage while being an astronaut. I also chose him because he was an astronaut and I find astronauts very interesting because of the skill and courage and strength they have. He made a positive impact on my life, on future Canadian’s lives and maybe even the world. Dolor Sit Amet

The writer Alexander is a student at Glenview Senior Public School. He is also the inventor of the question mark and the exclamation mark. He owns 423 acres of land on Neptune. He has recently ended




discovered time travel.


Being Frank By: Béatrice One of the most important documents in world in the Second World War is Anne Frank’s diary. This diary was written by Anne while she was hiding from the Nazi’s in a small annex located behind a bookshelf. She had to hide from the holocaust they were causing crisis in her Jewish economy. Her diary makes the world understand the personal impact of the holocaust during the Second World War. Anne didn’t have a pleasant life and couldn’t enjoy her childhood because he grew up so fast. Many of the younger generation know what its like to hind in a game but sadly Anne was hiding but not in a game.

Anne Frank’s diary cover, it was a birthday gift from her father for her 13th birthday and in this diary she wrote all of her thoughts in during her rough times.

The girl behind the diary

After getting married Otto and Edith Frank settled in Frankfurt Germany with their two children Margot in 1926, and Anne in 1929. All was going well until in 1933 Hitler took over as the leader of Germany and he caused crisis in the Jewish economy. Otto and Edith were deeply worried and had to find a solution to escape and survive this terrible period of time. Anne was only 4 at the time when her parents decide to immigrate to the Netherlands. When in the Netherlands the Frank’s settle in a attic located behind a bookshelf with 8 other people 4 of the 8 were employees of Otto, Anne was forced to share a room with a older man. Anne was hiding for years until she was betrayed by an anonymous source who knew that the Frank’s were in hiding behind and bookshelf in the Netherlands. Later that day the Frank’s were arrested and sent to the Westerbork transit camp where Anne, Margot and . Edith died Otto was the only survivor. Anne Frank at the age of before Hitler took over; she was a happy girl without any major worries.

Anne’s influence on me

The reason I chose Anne Frank for this project is because she is a positive impact on the younger generation. She has a positive impact on young girls because she taught us that us there are more things to worry about in life then middle school drama, crushes and friendship. I didn’t know much about the second world war so I said to myself that this would be a great opportunity for me to learn about the second world war and cherish the fact that I don’t need to suffer like Anne did. Every child knows what its like to be hiding in a game but Anne’s hiding was real. While I was reading stories about Anne it made me realized that I should be way more thankful about my life.

Anne’s Timeline In 1929 Anne Frank was born and her

older sister was born in 1926

In 1933 Hitler started to out-power the Jewish economy

In 1933 Anne’s family decided to immigrate to the Netherlands

In 1942 the Frank’s go into hiding because the Netherlands are being invaded by the Holocaust

In 1944 the Frank’s got arrested by the Holocaust. The holocaust found them from information from an anonymous source

In today’s connected, social media driven world, it is easy to take personal safety for granted. Anne grew up very fast, and her basic survival instincts should be a model for all children and adults alike -Goher A.

Advice from Béatrice Dear Beatrice,

This is attic where Anne and her family went to hind in when the Holocaust started to take over the Netherlands.

I am a young girl who is about your age and I have no friends. My family doesn’t allow me to go to school. I have a diary where I write my feelings and thoughts in too and consider it my friend. But now I have realized that my diary doesn’t count as a friend. I am miserable without any friends to talk to. Please help mefind a way to make friends without going to school? -Anne Frank Dear Anne, I know it’s hard to make friends and not going to school and having no one to talk to as a friend sucks. A solution to your problem would be to think about positive thoughts. For example think about your diary as your own best friend who will always listen to you and never have problems with you. Since the diary will not talk back to you, you can feel free to express yourself a lot more than you would with an actual human friend. I hope this helped. -Béatrice

The Writer Béatrice is girl who loves to play soccer and plays it 4 times a week. She doesn’t have any pets. And in her free time she likes to hang out with her friends.

Rick had to battle through 7 months of rehabilitation after his accident before he was allowed to return home. Then, without letting his disability get in his way, he continued on living his life and won 19


Rick Hansen started off as an ordinary kid who loved sports. His whole life was flipped upside down when he and his good friend, Don Alder, were returning home after a marathons, 3 championships and competed for week-long Canada in the 1984 Olympic Games - all as a fishing trip. wheelchair athlete. His most famous They made a accomplishment was the ‘Man in Motion World bad decision to Tour’ in 1985, a year after the Olympic Games. In hitch-hitch on this World Tour, Rick pushed his wheelchair over 40, the back of a 000 kilometres through 34 countries and raised $26 truck as MILLION for spinal cord research. “Rick Hansen is their WHY RICK HANSEN IS MY HERO: a terrific ride home. example of There are several reasons why Rick Hansen is Rick Hansen on his ‘Man in When how someone such a tremendous character. One of Motion’ World Tour the can convert these reasons being his consistent sense of truck tragedy to perseverance that pushes him to do all the made a rough turn, the two friends were triumph. I can’t amazing things he had done and is still doing. thrown on to the road. Don survived the Rick also strives and succeeds to reach out to imagine a accident just fine, but Rick was not so others and help those in need-as he was help better role fortunate. He sustained a severe spinal when he was in need back when he got his model for cord injury that would leave him paralyzedspinal cord injury. He knows how awful it every never to walk again. feels to have these disabilities, so he raises generation, money to help. He inspires people This horrible incident did not, however, every abled or everywhere that everyone and anyone can stop Mr. Hansen from doing what he loved-


sports. Many people in Mr. Hansen’s individual, condition would simply give up on staying young or old.” active - not Mr. Hansen. He had a passion for sports. With the help of his volley ball - S. Pedretti coach, Rick did not give up and to this day he participates in various activities and sports. Rick Hansen is best known for his ‘Man in Motion’ World Tour. Knowing exactly how much pain and loss people go through when they suffer from spinal cord injuries, Rick decided to fund research on better outcomes for those like himself who have experienced a spinal cord injury, along with other disabilities. BEFORE AND AFTER ‘THE INCIDENT’-RICK’S EARLY LIFE:


do great things, too, if they put their mind to it. I think more people should think like that and that is why rick Hansen is my role model.

on spinal cord injuries and raising money for spinal cord Rick Hansen at his school program research. He is for children helping to prevent spinal cord injuries from happening, but when they do, his is also helping to find better treatment and cures. He is spreading awareness around the world.

WHAT’S ALWAYS ON RICK’S MIND: Rick Hansen continues to be concerned about spinal cord injuries. He has suffered loss and still suffers (like many others with spinal cord injuries). This is why he has committed his life to raising awareness


Rick Hansen through the years…

Rick Hansen was born in Port Alberni BC on Aug 26th, 1957 and grew up to be very active and enthusiastic about sports – especially fishing.



On June 27th, 1973, Rick and a friend Don Alder were returning home from a week-long fishing trip a decided to hitch-hick home on the back of a truck when they were thrown off. Rick sustained a spinal cord injury and had to go through 7 months of rehab before returning home.

After his rehabilitation, Rick, with the help from his volleyball coach, finds ways to stay involved with sports and goes on participating(and winning) many sports events.

Over the years, the Rick Hansen foundation has raised over $200 million in research funding.

Rick does the Man in Motion World Tour which covers 40, 000 km, 34 countries to raise money for spinal cord injury research.

1988-today About the Author (Bianca P.)


Bianca P. lives in Toronto, Canada. She has an amazing cottage in Quebec where her and her family and friends go up to for skiing, skating, swimming in the lac, and lots more. Bianca P. is deeply inspired by the story of Rick Hansen, along with many others around the world.

Published by Cameron Loach, from Magazine FI7B, released of Thursday, the 26th of March 2014.

STEVE JOBS: INVENTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE A true Passion for electronics: Electronics now are everywhere, but hardly anyone has taken the time to ask themselves where all these magical inventions originate. All of your iPods, most of your computers, even most phones all started with this man, and a passion for change. He started with a friend, Steve Wozniak, and with his help, they spent hundreds of hours fiddling with wires, sparking currents, and made the first Apple computer, which created a new birth of technology. These products kept re-populating, becoming more compact, useful, lightweight, and overall better. After a while, Apple Inc. became one of the world’s most accomplished businesses. In 2013, Apple made 170.910 billion USD$.

Steve Jobs with his Apple Logo doing his signature pose.

Where this technology all started... Mr. Steve Jobs firstly, went to Reed College, but he dropped out one year later to start working. Steve Jobs worked before as a video game producer and designer. When he encountered Mr. Steve Wozniak, they worked together in his garage every day after work, until finally, the first

almost fully-functional computer was invented. That legendary computer was sold for $USD 666.66, which was very reasonable back then.*Did you know that Mr. Steve Jobs also helped start Pixar, which made Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo?*

This is just one of the many This is Steve Jobs when he made the first Apple iMac computer.

I chose Steve Jobs because people mostly nowadays don’t consider who made their iPhones, iMacs, and iPods, and by choosing Steve Jobs, I thought I could give out some reasonable knowledge about were their technology came from. Also, Steve just used his mind and cunning to make electronics, which stormed the world. That makes one feel so ready to invent something revolutionary. Such inspiration he gave us, such a start to a new year of technologic life.

tributes to Steve’s contribution to the world.

Timeline: The history of Apple Computers 1 | 1979

2 | 1985

3 | 2002

4 | 2004

5| Now

As you can see, Macs have started to develop lighter weight, less size, and more portability over these years. Now, the current iMac is very useful and VERY expensive. Although, Steve Jobs did put a lot of time and effort into these beautiful contraptions. Steve and Apple have put a lot of work and effort into evolving these computers into better things. Wider screens, better colour and pixels, and constant improvement happening to these computers, and this is all for our lifestyle. You can see Steve’s effort.

Calling All Opinions! To Mr. Cameron L, We have been getting many complaints about our portable devices’ screens. We are hearing that they break very easily once dropped. Might you have any suggestions

Steve Jobs used his creative genius to put a change on reality. He also devoted his total energy to his passion.

Mrs. Heather B

that would help? Sincerely, Apple Corporation. To Apple Corporation, Thanks for asking me out of all people. I might have a small suggestion for you. Maybe for those who’s screens break, maybe you should put a removable case in the box where the product goes, but add a small fee for the case included, for the fact that some people don’t buy a case before it’s too late. Sincerely, Cameron L.

Apple’s Dream? Apple wants to produce electronics that will make the world go up by storm and make all of our lives easier than they are currently. -Apple Corporation

Author’s Corner! Cameron. L is a student at Glenview P.S, who loves using technology, and loves all animals especially the FUZZY ones. Also, Cameron tends to sing from time to time, but he will NEVER sing if asked to. Thank you for reading this article.

Kate Middleton:  More   than  just  a  royal  


By: Caroline FI7B

W e all dream of finding our Prince charming but Kate Middleton

Prince William  and  Kate  on  

has found him- and he happens to be a Prince! In 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. Now she’s the Duchess of Cambridge, but really she’s more. Kate is helping many charities and for her wedding she even asked for no gifts but instead donations to charities her and William chose. The couple are also patrons (celebrity figureheads) to 4 charities and Kate even took on four of her own! She also actively participates in many fundraisers and events and often visits children in hospitals. She also joined the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and is now called the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Kate Middleton is more than just a Royal she is an amazing role model.

their wedding  day  

The Duchess:  Early  Life     

Born on January 8th, 1982 (age 32) she’s the eldest child of 3. When she was younger she lived in Amman since her dad since her dad worked as a British Airways manager there. When she was younger she had gotten bullied a lot and switched schools when she was 13. Her mother created a website called Party Pieces,

Her relentless  quest  to  work   with  underprivileged   children  and  other  causes  in   the  U.K  and  in  the  rest  of  the   world  is  admirable.   -­‐Mrs.  Vivian  S.  


a site where you buy party supplies and it became a multimillionaire company. She went to St. Andrews where she met William while she was modeling in a fashion that he had paid 200 pounds to go see her in the front row. She spent a summer in Chile building homes- just a year after her future husband went.

Kate the  Great:  The  reasons  why  I  chose  her    

The reason I chose Kate Middleton is because she is very poised and proper but very down-to-earth at the same time. She realizes that there are a lot of people that look up to her and she wants them to have a positive role model. She often donates to charity because she has a lot of charity to give and she gives it. I also realized that she has helped the royal family. Before the engagement, the royal family was not very popular, but once it was announced she made it much more popular. In a way she ‘’saved’’ the royal family. She also realizes that she has a lot of power and uses it in a good way.

Kate visiting  a  child  in  the  hospital.  

1982 until  now:  Kate  Middleton   1982-­‐  Early  Life   Born  January  9th  in   Reading,  England.  She   went  to  boarding   school  due  to  bullying   but  still  managed  to   get  good  grades.  

2012-­‐ 2011:  Royal  Baby  

         2010-­‐   2011:  Wedding  Bells  

2001-­‐  College  Life  

In 2001,  Kate  went   to  St.  Andrews   University  where   she  met  Prince   William.  

On November  16TH,   2010  William   proposed  to  Kate   they  got  married  on   April  29th  2011.  

On December  3rd,   2012  Kate   announced  she  was   pregnant.  On  July   2012-­‐Patronages   nd th On  January  5  2012,   22  2013  Prince                   Kate  announced  she   George  was  born.   has  become  a   patron  of  4  more   charities.  

Princess Problems!   Dear  Caroline,  

I want to make a fundraiser to support a charity that helps sick children. However, in this fundraiser I want to include children since the charity helps a lot of kids. What would be a fun way to raise a lot of money and still be fun for kids?

Dear Kate,    

Thanks for asking! What a great idea to involve kids! A good idea would be a carnival. I know that my younger sibling loves carnivals and so do I. Kids young and old(maybe even parents!) will want to come. And who doesn’t love to spend a little money on booths and rides. Some good booth ideas might be ring toss etc. and basic rides (maybe a carousel?). Also, some fun arts and crafts and some classic carnival snacks would make it complete! Overall a fair would be great because kids and parents would love it and it will raise a lot of money! -­‐

Kate with  kids  during  ‘’Expanding  Horizons’’  a  program   from  the  charity  ARK.  

Sincerely, Caroline  

Sweet Caroline:  About  the   Caroline  is  a  student  at  Glenview  SR.  P.S.  She  would  love  to   have  a  dog  (*wink*  *wink*)  and  she  is  a  competitive  swimmer.   She  is  also  an  extreme  ice  cream  enthusiast.  


The man who could hear with his head: Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer from Bonn Germany. He made very many famous compositions. He also wrote symphonies one through nine. Beethoven became deaf at the age of twenty nine. After he became deaf he continued to compose even though he could not hear the notes




Baptizm Became part Of the Bonn

The musical adventures Beethoven was a prolific composer and his works are a testament to that. His most wellknown pieces include his nine symphonies, five piano concertos, thirty two piano sonatas and sixteen strings quartets. He taught younger people to play music. He also overcame his mother’s death, his father’s alcoholism, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, deafness, he was going broke and he tried to take custody of his nephew while composing.

1822 Last piano sonata



Moved to Vienna

Wrote symphany Lost his hearing

to study music




Ninth symphany Finished

Beethoven passed away in Vienna

“It is incredible that one man could touch our collective human psyche, with the sounds he heard in his head and in his heart” ~ Marianne B

When you’re feeling down don’t wait around… ask Chelsie!!! Dear Chelsie, I’m going deaf but all I live for is music. If I can’t hear it my life would mean nothing what do I do?? Dear Beethoven, if you are not going to be able to hear anymore just make the best out of what you currently have, and if you do lose your hearing you’ll have the amazing memories of music.

Pre musical break Beethoven was baptized and presumably born in 1770, but there is no exact record of his birth. He learned piano and violin from his father, his father was a very strict teacher. He demanded perfection from his son and every time he would make a mistake he would beat his son and sometimes even lock him in a cold seller. Beethoven first performed in front of an audience at the age of seven. It was not long after the he learned the organ and the art of composition from another musician Gottlob Neefe. Beethoven published his first work before he was twelve. By 1784 he was appointed organist of the court of Maximillian Franz. Franz sent Beethoven to Vienna where he met Mozart and studied with Joseph Hayden. I chose Beethoven because I love music so much and he is one of my favorite composers. He is such a big inspiration to me because I love to write music and his story is inspirational. Overall I love Beethoven, I have and always will feel that way about him.

Chelsie has been playing hockey for 9 years, is part of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and loves music more than anything!

Man of peace: Mahatma Gandhi Christopher I.

The accomplishments of Mahatma Gandhi Throughout his lifetime, Mahatma Gandhi had many accomplishments some greater than others however they all helped towards his goals of peace. He started the Natal Indian Congress to fight for Indian Rights. He also Mahatma fought the British Gandhi Rowlett Act which basically gave the British free reign over everyone in India. One of his greatest accomplishments was his 320 kilometer Salt March where he and upwards of two thousand Indians protested against the British taxes by walking to the Indian coast where they gathered their own salt instead of buying it from the British. All of Mahatma Gandhi’s accomplishments went towards world peace, freedom and independence.

Gandhi became a successful lawyer in South Africa where he first learned the racism towards Indians after being thrown off a train. Imagine if any of these things didn’t happen, then Gandhi may not have become who he was and there might be a lot more racism today than there is.

Gandhi the role model

The story and life of Mahatma Gandhi is an incredible inspiration for me. It gives me hope that a single man can change the world so much without violence. He lived by his principles of Satyagraha, a non-violent way of protesting against injustice, for all of his protests and campaigns. He helps whoever he can like in the Boer war in South Africa where he and 1100 other Indians formed the Indian Ambulance Corp which saved lots The man behind the of lives. The of civil rights activist A quote by Gandhi signifying his majority Gandhi’s life was Gandhi wasn’t born a contributions civil rights activist, there were spent fighting for many things and factors that led up to his something he believed in, accomplishments that many people the freedom and remember him by. One major event that independence of India. took place in his early life was his My goal in life is to be wedding. At the age of 13 he and his just like Gandhi, maybe wife Kasturba had an arranged marriage. not to such extremes but After regular school, Gandhi attended Mahatma Gandhi maybe enough to Salmaldas College at Bhavnagar, during a fast recognize discrimination Gujarat and later went to University and do something about College in London to study law. After it. receiving his law degree in London,

The life of Mahatma Gandhi The birth of Mahatma Gandhi took place in 1869, in Porbander, Kathiawar, India.

13 years later, he married his wife Kasturba.

Dear Christopher, I am being racially discriminated at my school, the same way Gandhi was when he first arrived at South Africa, where people look at me funny and I'm never truly accepted. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do? -John

Dear John,

In 1888, Gandhi went to London to study law.

In 1930, Gandhi led Salt March so that Indians wouldn’t need to buy salt from other countries.

Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic while he tried to intervien in a conflict between Hindus and Muslims in 1948

The First thing to do is to tell somebody. Don’t be afraid to speak up to stop discrimination and if you rise up, then others are sure to follow. -Christopher

It has been many years since I have read about the life of Gandhi. At the time I was inspired by his depth of character. Not only to withdraw from the opportunity for a good life (at least economically) but to be so selfsacrificing. -Kim I.

About the author

Christopher I.’s favorite hockey team is the Montreal Canadians, he has a Great Dane and he likes the comic series Zits.

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Oprah Winfrey. She is considered one of the most influential women in the world. She has donated lots of money to charity, but not lots like thousands, lots like millions. She spends lots of time working with a charity called the Angel Network, but she also has created the Oprah Winfrey Foundation which is manly directed at helping girls in poorer countries, many of whom who wouldn’t have gotten an education if it weren’t for the schools and programs Oprah has created. You can donate money to give the girls school supplies, medical care etc.

Oprah Winfrey had a tough childhood; she grew up in poverty living between households, from her mom; Vernita Lee, to her dad; Vernon Winfrey, to her grandmother; Hattie Mae Lee. Her parents never actually married, but she was born on her grandmother’s family farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Her mother left her on her grandmother’s farm while she moved away Milwaukee when she found a job as a maid. She was going to bring over with her once she had secured a job but she had to bring her over when her grandmother fell ill. She ran away from home when some of her male relatives on her mother’s side started abusing her. She was living between households for a couple of year when one her teachers got her into an elite high school called Nicolet high while she was living in Milwaukee. Unfortunately she started becoming increasingly difficult and started lying and cheating in school and so her mother sent her to Nashville to live with her father and his wife. She finished high school in Nashville while living with her father where she graduated from East Nashville high. After high school she went to Tennessee State University where she studied communication.

I believe Oprah is a good model for the younger generation for she demonstrated what can be accomplished with hard work and determination, and that you should always give back. Kimberly C.

Oprah receives a 6 million dollar grant. Oprah and a crew of business executives, donors and charity workers.

I chose to write this article on Oprah Winfrey for many reasons; first of all she donates millions of dollars to charity and has dedicated her life to helping people. She also used her show to get people aware and involved in the problems. She also tries especially hard to help underprivileged by raising money to give them medical care, food, shelter and building schools.

Ran away from home

The day Oprah was born

Attended University at Tennessee State

Started career in radio

Launched her show; the Oprah Winfrey show

First AfricanAmerican billionaire in the U.S

Emmy for best talk show host

First black female to host a nationally syndicated daily talk show

My cause is personal to me, for I grew up living though poverty and abuse. One of our mains objectives is to give girls an education, medical care, food water etc. but in some places people aren’t accepting the changes were trying to make. We need to get people to accept change around the world, and get rid of this idea that girls/women are just there to reproduce, clean and cook. Do you have any ideas?

President Clinton signed a bill into law proposed by Winfrey that creates a nationwide database for child abusers

Oprah received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Be the change you want to see in the world. Those are the words I live by.” -Oprah Winfrey

-Oprah Winfrey Well this is a big issue. There isn’t really an answer but I have some ideas. First of all, try to get girls involved in making a difference. Make a foundation run by girls for girls. Also, some people still don’t believe in girl’s rights to an education, so maybe you could start a program to create schools for girls. And we need to remove this belief that girls are just there to reproduce, cook, clean etc. Girls have just as much a right to a future as boys, but some people are denied basic rights because they are girls. We need to work towards a future where girls get just as many opportunities as boys. -Danielle Konig

“If you want to accomplish the goals in your life, you have to begin with the spirit.” -Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey opening up a school for girls. These are girls who otherwise probably wouldn’t get to go to school.

I play competitive soccer in and tennis. I want to be an astrobiologist, astrophysicist or a professional soccer player. I have a younger brother and we both really want a dog.

: N





Helen Keller from the cover of one of her novels; the story of my life










Helen Keller was an amazing person. She has done many things to improve the lives of thousands of people. Before Helen Keller became known to the world, blind or deaf people were treated very badly. These people were sent away from their families because their families were embarrassed to have kids that had disabilities. After Helen Keller came along, now, not only are blind or deaf people treated better, but Helen Keller made being blind or deaf a disability so they can apply for financial aid. Another thing that Helen Keller did was help make Braille the official writing for the blind and she was also a great donator to the AFB (American Foundation for the Blind). Now blind or deaf people start to learn at an earlier age and receive a better education, all thanks to Helen Keller. Her many books, essays and speeches have been an inspiration to many people around the world.

The crybaby before Anne came

Helen got an unknown illness when she was 19 months and it made her lose her hearing and her vision. As Helen got older, she became a wild, rude kid with no manners and she would throw tantrums a lot, once she even locked her mother in the pantry, along with that, her family still loved her, so they managed to come up with 60 signs to communicate. A couple months before Helen turned 7, she met Anne Sullivan. Anne got permission to stay alone with Helen at a nearby cottage to teach Helen manners and words and other things and the first time Helen realized a word meant something was when she was getting water, after she realized words were for objects she went around trying to learn everything. When Helen was 10, she decided she wanted to be able to talk, so Anne brought her to Sarah Fuller where she got 11 lessons on how to talk then Anne took over the job of teaching again. Helen is the first deaf-blind person to get a Bachelor of Arts degree, she got this at Radcliffe College, but she also went to a couple other schools, such as Perkins school for the blind. Helen’s childhood was just as interesting as her adulthood and was always a bit or a lot complicated.

An inspiration to us all, and why she’s an inspiration to me

A water pump and the sign language sign for water to symbolize when Helen realized that the signs and the objects were linked together.

Helen Keller is an inspiration to many people, especially me. First of all she improved the lives of many blind/deaf people and improved the lives of blind/deaf people in the next generations. Then she also proved that if you set your mind to something, you can do it. When she was younger she wanted to be a writer and she wrote many books, about 475 speeches and a couple essays! Another thing about her that I find interesting about her is she met so many historical figures. 12 presidents in fact, from Grover Cleveland to John F Kennedy, she also met Mark Twain, Alexander Graham Bell, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and many more. Those are the reasons I was inspired by Helen Keller and why I’m writing this.

Dear Elise, I’m a little worried for my dear friend and mentor Anne. As you probably know, I’m blind, so Anne reads everything that I want to read that’s not braille to me. Another thing that you should know is that Anne’s eyes have never been very good. So I’m guessing you already guessed my problem but in case you haven’t, Anne’s eyes are suffering immensely and I don’t want to be the cause of totally ruining her eyesight. What can I do?

Sincerely, Helen Keller

Helen Keller written in braille

Anne Bancroft playing Anne Sullivan and Patty Duke playing Helen Keller in the movie “the miracle worker”.

Teacher Anne Sullivan macy-1954

Let us have faith-1940

Helen Keller’s journal-1938

Peace at eventide-1933

Midstream my later life1929

Light in my darkness-1927

Out of the dark-1913

The song of the stone wall-1910

The world I live in1908

The story of my life-1903


Ask Elise!!!

Dear Helen… Dear Helen, I am truly sorry to hear this. Do m you have anyone else m that’s really close to you a and has good eyesight? P If you do, perhaps they cou could read your books aloud to Anne and Anne could sign it into your hand. Or you could see if Anne could get some work done on her eyes again or just ask a friend to take over Anne’s job. Don’t get me wrong, if someone takes Anne’s job you’ll still hang out together, Anne will just be more of a friend than a lifeline.

Yours sincerely, Elise Yours sincerely, Eliseise

Elise would like to have many pets, such as a ferret, a rabbit, a dog, a chinchilla and another ferret. She loves ice cream very much and has made the honour role at her school. She also knows all the words to every single song from the Disney movie “Frozen”.

March 19, 2014

Ruby Bridges: The Odd One Out

Emilia FI7B


Ruby as a child

Her Legacy Ruby Bridges was the first African - American child to step in the forbidden world of all white school in order to get a better education and the first one to unite children living in two different worlds into one of friendship and acceptance. Ruby Bridges had the courage, at such a young age, to go against the world and their narrow minds and make a difference by showing that the colour of the skin has nothing to do with who you are. She is an inspiration for all of us and for future generations. She taught us to be true to ourselves, to not give up on our dreams to fight for what is right and overcome any obstacle in on our way. She did not think it was much of an accomplishment until years later.

Ruby Bridges had an important role in breaking the stereotype of all-white elementary schools. Ruby was born in Tylertown, Mississippi on September 8, 1954, the same year that the Supreme Court decided to desegregate the schools. Four years later, Ruby’s family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. While attending kindergarten Ruby, was one of the six African – American children chosen to take a test in order to go an all-white school. Her dad was against the test because he thought that if she passed it would bring trouble. In contrary Ruby’s mom was supportive because she wanted her girl to have the opportunity to get a better education than she did and to have a good job when she grew up. She knew that any sacrifice to get her child to an allwhite school would pay off later. In 1960, Ruby’s parents were informed that she was the only African-American student to pass the test. Ruby would be the only African-American student to attend the William Frantz School, and the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in the South.

"I now know that experience comes to us for a purpose, and if we follow the guidance of the spirit within us, we will probably find that the purpose is a good one. o Ruby Bridges When the white parents found anpassed Africanthe- American child is The out day that Ruby test to going to the same school as children, the parents started a strike gotheir to William Franz to show their anger.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1954

Moved to New Orleans:


Attended William Franz:


Met Mrs. Henry:

1961- 1962

An Answer Back to Ruby

A Question from Ruby Dear Emilia,

Since I’ve been going to William Franz every white parent have been against my presence in school and stop sending their kids to classes. What should I do?

Dear Ruby,

I know that it’s though for you to be the first African – American child going to an all-white school and be lonely. Don’t give up and continue to be the same girl you are right now brave, strong, with a big, kind heart. Learn as much as you can and give them time to know you. One day they will realize how amazing you are.

Sincerely Ruby Bridges Sincerely Emilia

Ruby’s Days at School When the first day of school came in September, Ruby was still at her old school but on November 14, 1960, federal marshals drove Ruby and her mother to her new school. When they arrived at the school, two marshals walked in front of Ruby and two behind her. The image of Ruby being escorted to school by four large white men inspired Norman Rockwell to create the painting "The Problem We All Must Live With," which appeared on the cover of Look magazine in 1964. On the first day of school Ruby sat in the office for the whole day because parents refused to bring their children to the classroom. They made clear through protest in front of the school and through the signs that Ruby’s presence is not accepted. This didn’t stop Ruby’s teacher, Mrs. Henry from waiting for her in the classroom the next day. Ruby was the only student she had but it did not matter, she accepted her and taught her like she did with every other student before. She realized what a wonderful and bright child Ruby was. For the rest of the year it was just Ruby and her loving and supportive teacher side by side at two desks. Many times she faced the ugly face of racism and the threats of people. She kept thinking about her mother’s encouragement to be strong and prayed while entering the school, that gave her courage. Years later one of her escorts, said that Ruby never cried "She just marched along like a little soldier."

A word from my sister Ruby Bridges should be commended for the courage that she had at such a young age. Though she was just a child Ruby was able to break down the barriers that were presented against African-American children, through her courage and dedication to getting an education she was able to set an example; showing people that white and African-American children can coexist in a school environment, and that all children should have the right to the same type of learning environment and education despite their skin color. We can all stand to learn about true heroism from Ruby, 6 years old and though she had every right to fear for her life she persevered against injustice and showed everyone what true courage is. Raluca D

About the author Emilia is the youngest of three sisters. She lives in Toronto and attends Glenview Sr PS. Emilia also has a passion for the arts and enjoys activities such as drama and dance.

Thomas Edison: A Pretty Bright Guy Justin


Accomplishments of Thomas Edison Thomas Edison

reels on top that spin

invented and helped

around), but Edison is

create many different

most famous for the

Thomas Edison: I am

things that made a

invention of the first

very disappointed

huge contribution to

electric light bulb, the

that Nikola Tesla quit

the world today.

light bulb, such a

working for me; what

Things like the re-

useful piece of

should I do about it?

chargeable battery,

machinery that

which helped with

everybody has and

Advice Column 

Me: I think you should just keep

Edison is most famous for the invention of the first electric light bulb

working on what you were doing with Tesla, just alone.

things like cell phones

uses all the time today.

You’ve made so many

and other portable

great inventions that

devices. Thomas made

are still being used all

the first movie camera

the time even now,

(the one with the two

and probably for many long years after.

Early light bulbs invented by Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Early Life and Career Thomas Edison went to school in a one room building


with 38 other students. His teacher had a really short temper because of all the little kids constantly fooling around, screaming and running. He especially disliked Thomas, he thought he was hyperactive and weird (Thomas had a huge forehead as a child).


1847: Thomas Edison is born in Ohio February 11, 1847 1868: Thomas files his

Parent’s Opinion Thomas Edison was a good role model as he showed the value of hard work and innovation. His inventions have affected generations of people worldwide and his work has inspired many.

first patent for the vote recorder 1871: Christmas Day, Thomas marries Mary

Why I chose Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison made so

today if Thomas

1900: Thomas invents

many inventions that

Edison was not and

helped create the

inventor, we

the first battery to

wouldn’t have the

store energy.

light bulb, the movie

1931: October 18, 1931

projector or camera or

Thomas Edison dies at

even the radio.

the age of 84

Thomas Edison (with technology we use today. The first phonograph used to record and play sounds

help from some others) formed the basics of technology of today.

We would not have CDs

BYLINE: I love pugs I have three dogs My favorite thing to eat is dumplings

Vic Hayes: Father of Wi-Fi The father of Wi-Fi Vic Hayes is the inventor of one of the most used things on earth WiFi. Since Vic Hayes has created Wi-Fi he has made it easier for communication during crisis using Wi-Fi. For example have you ever printed something from your laptop that was not plugged into the wall well that is what Wi-Fi does. During his great success he won the 2001 karlsson award. Vic Hayes is know the chairman of the institution of electrical and electronics engineer.

A picture of Vic Hayes after a meeting with IEEE

The early life Three interesting things about Vic Hayes first before Vic Hayes became famous for creating the thing now known as Wi-Fi. He went to university to get his bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Second of all, after Vic Hayes went to university he joined the Dutch royal air force in 1962. To be a Radio and Radar Officer. Last of all Vic Hayes repatriated with his family in 1950 to the Netherlands.

I believe that his vision and desire to make WI-FI accessible to as many people as possible has influenced our day-to-day activities.

The inspiration The reasons why I chose Vic Hayes is because he has created one of the most used things on earth Wi-Fi. First of all he created a thing that could benefit the world in multiple ways. Second of all he created something convenient for example in school when u want to print something on a laptop without being plugged into the wall. Last of all he used math and science to make something practical.


WI-FI Timeline Born in 1941

Started university


Received a bachelor in enginering degree. Finished university



Radio and radar officer at Dutch Royal Air Force

Employed for engineering in 1963




Heart monitor 1

Dear Vic I think that if you make it so that doctors can connect their devices to heart monitors and other medical devices. Then they can monitor their patients when they are not there.


The writer Karl is student at a Senior Public school in Canada. He likes dogs especially bigger dogs like great Danes. Loves to listen to music 24/7 no matter where or when. He also wants to rule the world with an army of dogs.

March 28th, 2014

James Naismith: Bouncing Into Popularity by Kieran Gara

The Birth of Basketball

James Naismith was the inventor of basketball known as “The Father of Basketball”.

James Naismith’s greatest accomplishment was probably his invention of the sport of basketball. He did this in 1891, and published rules for the sport in 1894 with the help of a man named Professor Gulick. As basketball became more popular, it was introduced as an Olympic sport. Naismith did the first toss-up for the first game of Olympic basketball ever. At the end of his life, Naismith was voted a life member of the Physical Education Instructors of America, and President of the American Association of Coaches. By the year 2000, the sport created by James Naismith was played by more than 10% of the world’s people.

Before the Baskets James Naismith’s life revolved around education, sport and community service. He lived his early life with his uncle, after the death of both his parents and his grandmother when he was 12 years old. As a student, he attended McGill University and went to two colleges. Later in life, he became a professor at Springfield College in Massachusetts. It is there that he invented the sport of basketball. Although he later served in the military, he continued as an educator to the end of his life.

“James Naismith did not invent basketball for wealth or fame, but to make a positive impact on others, in particular the youth of the world.” - Dave G.

The first ever game of basketball.

Inspired by Invention I chose James Naismith as my person who ha a positive impact on the world. One reason is that I like basketball and wanted to know who invented it. My sister told me about James Naismith because she learned about him in her history class. Also, I had just gone to a basketball game, so I thought it would be cool to do something about basketball. James Naismith may not be the most well known person ever, but his impact on millions of people around the world cannot be disputed.

Ask the Author Dear Kieran, One of our challenges is that our basketballs always get stuck in our peach basket nets requiring us to pause the game so the janitor can retrieve it. Would appreciate any ideas you may have on how to fix this. - James Naismith Dear James, Sounds like a real show stopper. I would recommend you try cutting holes bigger than the circumference of a basketball in the bottom of the peach baskets, which would allow the balls to fall through. Hope this works! - Kieran G.

The janitor always had to use a ladder to retrieve the ball from the basket.

The Author Kieran G. is a student at Glenview Senior Public School. He loves to play soccer, hockey and generally all sports with the exception of gymnastics. On his list of animals he would like to see in the wild are a moose, a komodo dragon, and an ocelot. Nothing would make Kieran happier than having a dog to call his own. 2

John Green: Peanut-Butter Faced Nerd

Penut-Butter-Faced John Green

There are plenty of awesome but crazy people out there. John Green is one of them, covering his face with peanutbutter or sharpies. In addition, He is an inspirational person who has made lifechanging videos and does incredible things for others. I personally think that he does and amazing job at spreading awareness about catastrophic events in the world but can still makes you smile and laugh. Sharing his opinions but will not distaste someone for loving something he hates.

For who he is today, he is a bit distant with his high school self. The C-average student that John Green, was to was own disappointment, was not a nerd. He did, however, help some of his close friends’ pull of a prank that would later be featured in his first book, Looking For Alaska. In his earlier years, John was a devoted Softball player playing with younger kids because he did not have enough potential to move on. Miraculously, he was taken to a tournament, and even though he was an understudy, he received his only ever trophy. Well, people’s personalities are always changing.

John Green is an impressive writer who tackles difficult topics with intelligence, sensitivity insight and humor -Mr. Larry T.

The Project For Awesome Logo

For most, a nerd is not a desirable thing to be, but in the Nerdfigharia community, things are a bit different. Nerdfighters are an online community founded by John and Hank Green in 2007, growing in size, but never forgetting the in-between-the-lines meaning of Vlogbrothers: to make the world suck less. Project For Awesome, starting in 2007, is a 48 hour charity fundraiser, but is a bit different than the others. Ordinary people like you and me are asked to make videos supporting their favorite charities, and the community will donate a chosen amount of money, some times for “perks” that them, and other Youtubers have made. Project For Awesome 2014 was successful in passing the goal by a lot raising over $869,000.John Green has also written 4.5 books (the 0.5 being Will Grayson, Will Grayson written in collaboration with David Levithan), the most popular one being his most recent, The Fault In Our Stars, which is now being made into a film to come out June 6, 2014. The Nerdfighter community has become a huge success with making a nerd a good thing to be.

2005 •Looking For Alaska

2006 •An Abundance of Kathrines




•Paper Towns

•Will Grayson, Will Grayson •Written with David Levithan

•The Fault In Our Stars

This timeline displays the books that John Green has written over the time. He has written a total of 4.5 books, the 0.5 being Will Grayson Will Grayson, which is a dual narrative, written in collaboration with David Levithan. His latest book, The Fault In Our Stars, is by far his most successful having been number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list for over two months, and is now being made into a movie. Looking For Alaska won the Michael L. Printz Award, and Paper Towns won the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery. An Abundance of Kathrines was written with the partial help of John Greens friend, Daniel Bliss the mathematician.

Dear Miss Know-It-All, Hank and I have been starting to do some things towards sexual abuse and rape related matters, but I personally don’t want younger nerdfightaria seeing something that might scare them, but I do not want to have to ward them I away, I would like to keep in touch with them. However I really think that we need to be working on these things to make the world suck less. What should I do? – John Green Dear John Green, You are right in saying that sexual abuse and rape are things that need to be stopped, and I see your problem with wanting to keep in touch the younger generations. What I suggest doing is to not make the whole video inappropriate, and give warnings and time to make sure that they don’t see something they don’t want to see. Try to dummy it down so it isn’t as scary, make it obvious how bad it is to older audiences but not so freighting for younger ones. Overall, just try to tone it down and not make too many videos about it, just be more persistent on it on social media websites where there aren’t as many younger nerdfighters. -Miss Know-It-All

John Green and Shailene Woodly on the set of the Fault in Our Stars movie

Lana is a bookaholic, as to say, addicted to books. She enjoys small spaces, and very much likes being enclosed. She avoids the dilemma of finding matching pairs of socks by never wearing matched socks.

March 27, 2014

A Peacekeeper From The Army: Leo Tolstoy Humans throughout the world have positively contributed towards it. Leo Tolstoy is no exception. His career as a peacekeeping author started after he understood how horrible war was. This understanding came from him serving in the war for over four years. Another important thing his books did, is teach people that they must enjoy every moment of their life, through books that express wasted time. He felt that his time in the army was wasted. Finally, he helped poor people, having a past as one himself. Without Leo Tolstoy, peace would not be what we know it as today. Leo Tolstoy wrote books that induced peace like War and Peace.

As a child Leo Tolstoy was serious due to the loss of both parents at a young age.

Hardly anyone who’s famous achieved fame before the end of childhood. Leo Tolstoy’s childhood had not shown to be lucky, nor a chance to have a career in the future. His mother had died at the age of 3, while his father died several years later. After completing school, he decided to study in the Kazan University. There he studied law, and oriental languages. Two years later, he left the university. The teachers described him as both not wanting, and not able to learn. Tolstoy considered this part of his life as “wasted,” which led him to seeing that he should have enjoyed the time he had.

If a person has a good effect on the world, than he must inspire people. I chose Leo Tolstoy because he inspires me. First of all, he is an amazing writer, especially of children’s books. As a child, I was awed by his works. Secondly, his books teach important lifegoals, like keeping peaceful, or enjoying your whole life. Lastly, my greatest inspiration was reading his works. His books like War and Peace transpire so much information, that it is surprising the books don’t burst. Leo Tolstoy’s works are really transpiring the world around us without using science, and many find that great and inspiring.

Near the end of his life, Leo Tolstoy developed strange goals and ethics. -

Michael R.

Leo Tolstoy was a great author and wrote both adult and children books.

Dear Lev, I am in a time of great trouble! I have joined the army three years ago, and now I’m starting to realize that war is too bloody and ruthless. My commander isn’t letting me leave, even though I tell him that I’m not in for killing. I myself am not sure if I should leave the army or not. On one hand, if I leave, my old debts might come back to me. On the other hand, if I stay I will have to put up with this ruthless murder. Please help!!! Sincerely, Leo Tolstoy P.S. I’m secretly working on some books that will let the world know that peace is important. Dear Mr. Tolstoy, Consider the fact that your heart is telling you to let go of murder, and tell the world what you have found out about life. Your debts will be left if you can show the world your good side, and share important knowledge with them. On the other hand, if you stay in the army, you will have to risk your life to do something you don’t like. Sincerely, Lev

Every article has an author. For this one, the author was Lev, who loves math. Additionally, Lev speaks the same language as Leo, Russian. Lastly, Lev has read and very much enjoyed Leo’s books. From the last two statements, readers can tell that the author is writing from experience with Leo’s books.

March 27, 2014

A man as fascinating as his hair: Isaac Newton By Maya

Other than having very cool hair, Isaac newton has done a lot to contribute to the world science knowledge. One of his most popular discoveries was the laws of gravity. In 1666, while sitting under an apple tree reading, an apple fell on his head. Then he realized gravity caused it and elaborated on the laws of gravity we didn’t have. He also perfected the first reflecting telescope using a concave mirror, it was finished in 1668. Other than loving astronomy, Newton was a mathematician and invented calculus which is used in everyday life for engineers, architects etc. Lastly he discovered the laws of movement and discovered that when light hits a crystal, the light breaks into parts and forms a rainbow.

Portrait of Isaac Newton painted in black in white.

As a child and while growing up, Newton was thrown around from one place to the other from the decisions of his mother. Loathing her was one of his sins he kept track of but he implied his mother deserved it. Newton was taken out of school many times so he could work to be a farmer as his mother expected him to be but he got himself into Cambridge University nonetheless‌

Easily one of the most brilliant mathematical minds the world has ever known, and with traits such as perseverance, hard work, creativity, problem solving and great powers of observation, he would make a great model for anyone, let alone the younger generation.



Having his mother not support him at all he was a very low class student at Cambridge and had to work for the wealthier students to afford his stay. Of course his family was wealthy but his mother’s distaste for his leaving implied she would not be helping him at all. After graduating Newton became Dr. Isaac Newton and worked as a scientist, in his own way from then on.

Isaac Newton Timeline 1666



Isaac Newton was born this day December 25.

At age 12 Newton started new school at Edward Grammar school


Isaac newton attended Cambridge Universtiy

Isaac Newton discovered the laws of Gravity

1727 Isaac Newton death, died age 85.

I chose Isaac Newton because as a child I too was different like him and enjoyed school and work and books more than anything else. So in grade 4 I read a lot about him after hearing about him from my father, therefore creating an interest for Isaac Newton ever since. He is like a role model to me, even though he is certainly not perfect I still think he was a brilliant man who contributed so much for us and I admire him very much. For some reason, unlike other mathematicians and scientists, he has stood out the most out of all of them to me because of his unique-ness and such early age inventions inspires me that if Isaac Newton could create a working small automobile for himself when he was younger than I am then I can do something incredible too.

A picture of Isaac Newton and all his famous inventions and discoveries.

Advice from a 12 year old Dear Maya,

Dear Isaac Newton,

I have a concern that has kept me up at night and I thought what better than to ask you. You see, many of my latest experiments are quite dangerous and have caused me harm. I am worried the next one will be the end of me. But I can stop doing them so I am in quite a bind. Any suggestions?

It is great to hear from you but sorry you are in a bind. You are right you can not stop doing the experiments but what you can do is wear protective gear so that the blow won’t cause you too much damage and don’t forget to wear protective gear on your eyes too. I hope your next invention is a success, all the best,

-Isaac Newton

-Maya The Author Maya is a fun girl who loves to read horror, watch horror and eat chocolate!!

Newton’s reflecting telescope

Youngest Billionaire in the world: Mark Zuckerberg By: Maypet B This individual has invented one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Mark Zuckerberg youngest billionaire known at the moment invented a very successful social network called Facebook. Mark has changed the way we could communicate with each other, it’s as easy as pushing a message button, literally. He did have some trials with websites that didn’t go to well in the past but Facebook has showed us way from being a very useful site. Facebook will forever be one the sites Mark Zuckerberg, theofcreator of everyone will go to when sharing something and messaging family and friends around the world. Facebook.

Everyone has a childhood or still living it and some had work someplace before they actually did what they love for the rest of their life. For Mark Zuckerberg he had a lot of things happened before he was known as the Facebook creator. In his childhood Mark had already got his first PC with that I see that he been working already with programs and with that said, at the age of 12 he used a program called Atari BASIC to create a messenger called ZuckNet. In the high school years he was the school captain of their fencing team. In the finale years of school he had studied at the Academy of Phillips Exter, he had great results in science and literature receiving a degree in classics. Special memories as child is very important to cherish for the rest in your life.

The reason why I picked Mark Zuckerberg is because he has made a positive impact to communication. We all have family and friends that live all over the world and it’s important to stay close and talk to them. Mark has made it easy for us and made his well-known website Facebook, in Facebook my parents, aunts, uncles, etc are posting pictures, videos, and much more for all of us too see. Not only Facebook is a really successful, it’s free for everyone to use! Mark has so inspire many people by him starting doing what he has loved to do at a young age. He had made many other websites, programs that wasn’t as great, but Mark never gave up he kept doing what he does best and finally made the website Facebook after many trials. Those are the reasons why I had picked Mark Zuckerberg; he made a positive impact and has never gave up on his work.

How cute was he?! This was Mark as a child.

Ask the Wise one

Mark and his wife <3 Dear Mark,

Dear the Wise one, My website Facebook has some people sign up who has been/or being bullied, blackmailed, and etc. I wanted my website to be friendly a reason to posted memories up not a place where negative things are happening. I know there isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really a way to stop from things like this to happen other than having the ones getting the hate to have the guts to even press the report/block button. I want to make people aware that terrible things like this is happening in all sorts of social network. Is there anything I could do?

Ah yes there is/have been some negative things like that happening around the internet. I really do wish there is an actual way to stop this nonsense but unfortunately people could be that mean. I very much agree with your idea that we should at least be aware of this happening. Some idea in mind are to have special events throughout the year. Having you talk about this serious problem happening around the world, would make a difference because I know that there is a lot of people that look up to you. Thanks for being aware! -The Wise one (aka Maypet)

Appreciate the help! â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mark Zuckerberg.

Three somewhat interesting facts about Maypet are: she has a pretty big family, there is a possibility she could be related to a baseball player and she loves listening to music! Mark in his university years

Our Environmental Hero: David Suzuki By: MIlena

The environment is very important to David Suzuki, he does all he can to help. David Suzuki is an award winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He has developed a number of television series to international acclaim. Suzuki has received five Gemini awards for his Canadian television efforts. Some of the television series he has done are The Nature of Things and Quirks and Quarks. His work to help the environment has been going on for a long time, ever since he was young. As you can see David Suzuki is very concerned about our environment, we should do our best to keep our planet healthy for a long time. David Suzuki

The Role Model

A Blast in the Past Life was very interesting for David Suzuki and his family concerning the Second World War, He had to move a lot. Born in Vancouver, David’s family was forced to leave their home because of the Second World War, he was forced to move to Islington, Leamington, and London, Ontario. David went to school in London, Ontario and later got a PHD at the University of Chicago in 1961. Later, he became a professor, genetic, and a broadcaster. He also received many degrees from many other schools. All of this has led up to the amazing man David is right now.

Suzuki shows the power of knowledge, discovery and communication and that each person’s actions (or inactions) make a difference. ~Tamara S.

Three main reasons why I think that David Suzuki is a good role model is because he created a charity, the environment is very important to him, and He helps many issues concerning the environment. The charity the David Suzuki Founded is the David Suzuki Foundation. This charity is one that raised money to help save the environment. I think that it’s great that he cares so much about the environment because some people think; why does it matter, I won’t be here anyway. In my opinion that’s not a very good way to think. Some of the issues he helps are climate change, health, oceans, fresh water. David Suzuki is an amazing role model and I think that everybody should know about him.

David Suzuki Timeline

Awarded the Kalinga Prize in 1986

Voted one of the top ten “Greatest Canadians” in 2004

Awarded the Bradford Washburn award in 2006

Awarded the International Human Rights Award in 2007

Awarded the Right to Livelihood Award in 2009

These are some of the major awards that David Suzuki has won from the year 1986 to the year 2009. He has really earned all of these awards like the International Human Rights Award and the top ten “Greatest Canadians”.

Dear Milena Dear Milena, I am very concerned about our environment. People are treating it like it’s nothing and we can do anything to it and it will always be there. I can’t do it all alone, I need everyone on board. Sometimes I wonder if I am one of the only ones who cares about our environment. How can I get more people educated and have more people take action? -David Suzuki

About the Author Milena Like to play volleyball and just have fun with her friends. She has a fat cat called Lulu. She really loves food especially pizza.

A group of members of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Well David, I think that we will be leaving the environment in the hands of the next generation soon, so why not go and talk to some schools in your area. This generation will be more concerned about the environment because it is the world they will be living in and the world their kids will be living in and their kids after that. I hope we will be able to preserve our Earth for as long as possible. -Milena

The Kindness of Gilmore Gilmore Junio is a long track speed skater. During the Olympic qualifiers, Gilmore won first place for Canada for the 1,000m event, but it was because the top contender, Denny Morrison, fell on his final lap. When Gilmore was given the spot to race in the 1,000m event at the 2014 Olympics, he decided to give it to Denny Morrison. He says he wanted what’s best for Team Canada and clearly Denny was faster. In the beginning his family was a little upset, but when they found out why he gave up his spot, they were proud. At the end of the Olympic event, Denny Morrison won the silver medal for Canada. To honour Gilmore’s kindness, a group of people in Toronto created a medal of his own for Gilmore to represent his kindness and contribution to the Canadian Olympic team.

Gilmore is an Olympic athlete who went to the 2014 Olympics.

Speed Skating Career Gilmore was born on August 6th, 1990, and he has Filipino parents. He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. At a young age, he started playing hockey and it wasn’t until 2003 that he first started speed skating. It wasn’t until he was 13 years old that he realized he was too small to be a hockey player, and that was when he decided he wanted to become a competitive speed skater. One summer, he attended a camp where a coach told him he had great potential and he went from there. Now Gilmore is winning medals at all sorts of events and he has become a true star to all Canadians. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• “His personal sacrifice in favour of his friend and his country is admirable and should make people think about more than just themselves” - Nicole’s dad ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • Gilmore and Denny, the person he gave his spot to.

Gilmore is an Amazing person Gilmore Junio is an amazing person in so many ways. One reason I think highly of him is because he did such a nice act and it paid off in multiple ways. Another reason I like him is because I am a fan of sports and when I heard his story, I was amazed. Most people would think of themselves first, but Gilmore thought of what would be best for his team and his country. He is a very interesting person and he has achieved so much in his speed skating career. I can’t wait for the day he gets his own big Olympic moment. Even though the whole world doesn’t know him, he will always be a star to me and to Canada.

1990 Gilmore was born on august 6th



in the summer he started speed skating

he started training competitively in his skating

2014 he was given a medal for his kindness

2013 Gilmore won the finals in the 500-meter event

Dear Nicole, Everyone is really proud of me and they all think that giving my spot to Denny was such a nice act to do. There is just one thing bothering me. I’ve always been thinking what if I don’t make it to the 2018 Olympics. If I didn’t make it then everyone would be so disappointed in me and I will never get to have my big moment. What should I do? Please help, Gilmore Gilmore is on the speed skating tracks in Sochi for the 500 meters event. Dear Gilmore, You shouldn’t worry about all the pressure. Just keep practicing and training like you have been because it has been working pretty well. You need to block out every one else at practice and focus on your self so that you can train properly. T wish you good luck with your training and hope to see you on the ice at the 2018 Olympics in Korea. All the best, Nicole

The Writer

Nicole is a competitive figure skater who wants to go to the Olympics one day. Her favourite candy is lemon heads and she likes to read adventure books.

Have you ever been so determind to do something, that you

Terry doing his run.

would do anything to try to achieve that dream? A young man named Terry Fox, a man with cancer and an amputated leg, decided to run across Canada to raise awarness and funds for cancer research. His amazing and inspirational run inspired so many people, to this day, to prove that you can really do anything you set your mind to, not matter the odds. Because of his run, peole became more aware of cancer. Now, due to more funding and reaserch, the diesease which Terry died of is curable, althouth it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t at his time, and now many people are living with the diesease, called osteosarcoma.

Terrance (Terry) Fox, was diagnosed He shows the with a cancer called osteosarcoma at a very young age. He underwent surgery to get an amputated leg, power of an idea, because that was where the cancer was. Terry was a very big athlete. the power of the He really loved basketball, even though he was terrible. His coach individual and the was the one that suggested that he try cross-country running, so Terry power of did it just to please his coach. Terry was a very determined person, and inspiration got so good at basketball that he was put on the starting lineup two years later. The night before his surgery, Terry read an article about a man -Danielle S. named Dick Traum, the first amputee to ever run the New York City marathon, and got inspired. He then got angry about how people worldwide were dying of a curable disease, but that people just werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t donating money to cancer research, and that was the birth of his dream.

Terry Fox is such a personal inspiration. I chose Terry because he is such an amazing role model, and an inspiration, because he proved that you can do anything you set your mind to. Another reason why Terry is so amazing is because he raised so many funds and so much awareness, and still does to this day. He was so optimistic and determined to make it across Canada, even when the cancer came back. He proves that nothing is really impossible, if you set your mind to it.

July 28 1958 Terry Fox was born.

March 1977 Diagnosed with osteosarcoma

April 1977

April 1980

June 28 1981

Got his leg amputated.

The beginning of the run.

Terry Fox died in Thunder Bay.

Though Terry never completed his run, as he died in Thunder Bay, his legacy and dream are still with us today. Thanks to Terry’s brave steps, cancer research funds are getting higher and higher each year, there are numerous runs year-round that celebrate Terry and his dream. Types of cancer are also being cured due to funding, and the type of cancer that claimed Terry is now curable.

Terry getting rewarded for all his hard work.

Dear Olivia, I love how much publicity I’m getting from my marathon of hope, but sometimes I think that it’s just too much. I’m going to ceremony after ceremony, and I’m talking to reporters all of the time. I just feel like I’m not getting enough time to run. What should I do? -Terry

Terry taking a dip in the Atlantic before his run.

Dear Terry,

I know that it is really hard for you to get delayed that way, but if you look at it differently, it could be seen as, every reporter you talk to, your cause is getting more and more publicity and that was the goal of this run, right? Think of all the people as hands trying to push you forward instead of pulling you back. - Olivia The writer: Olivia is a very sporty girl, she wants a waffle maker and a snow cone maker for Christmas, and wishes she could sing.

Blake Mycoskie: Take a walk in HIS shoes!

Have you ever imagined your life without shoes? Walking around all day, hurting your feet, getting infections, bleeding. Well unfortunately, there are some people in our world that don’t have shoes. But lucky for them, a young man named Blake Mycoskie was born and boy has he done a lot. Blake created a shoe company called TOMS. He created a program called “One for One” where every time someone purchases a pair of TOMS, another pair is sent to a person in a third world country. Since 2006, because of Blake, TOMS has given over 10 million pairs of shoes to people in poor countries. Mycoskie has been featured in People magazine’s “Heroes among Us” segment and Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” list, being recognised as one of the top young business men in the world. This is a photo of Blake Mycoskie.

How it all started... Mycoskie’s life is anything but boring. Even before TOMS, Blake has always been a business man. He started 5 businesses! His most successful was a laundry service called “EZ laundry” for college students. Very soon, the company expanded to seven colleges across the Southwest, with 40 employees and 8 trucks. He later sold the company to his business partner. In 2001, Blake and his sister Paige were on The Amazing Race. They came in 3rd, minutes away from the million dollar prize! With all this success, Blake is somebody everyone would love to work with in business!

Why Blake? The reason why I chose Blake Mycoskie is because I thought that he would be a really cool person to write about. TOMS shoes are a very popular shoe; I even have 2 pairs of my own! I thought that since a lot of people have them, it would be cool to know all about TOMS and the person who came up with the idea.

Blake and his sister Paige on the amazing race.

“He has not only managed to create a financially successful business for himself, but in doing so has also made and continues to make a significant contribution to the world’s less fortunate.” -J.Gomes

Another reason, is because he’s not very well known. Mycoskie has done so much, he deserves to be recognized even more then he already is. I also think that he is such an inspiration. He has so many accomplishments he inspires you too feel that you can do anything if your heart is set on it!

Blake’s Rise to Fame! 2006- TOMS was created

2011- TOMS eyewear was launched

2008- Blake’s documentary “For tomorrow: The first step of the revolution” was screened

2014- TOMS coffee was launched

2011- Blake released his 1st book “Start Something That Matters

This is a timeline of Blake`s rise to fame. He`s gone from shoes to a coffee business!

... Ask Rihana! Dear Rihana, Lately I`ve been receiving emails concerning TOMS shoes. People are saying that TOMS have been bothering their feet and causing discomfort. I thought maybe you could help me come up with some ideas on how we can make TOMS more comfortable. Thanks, Blake Mycoskie

... Mr Mycoskie, I think that it`s really great that you are taking your customers feedback into consideration. I have some ways that you can adjust your shoe to make it more comfortable. You can add a small arch on the shoe to give it more support on your foot. You can also make a higher and more durable platform at the bottom of the shoe. I think that these suggestions will make the shoe a lot more comfortable.

Mycoskie in Argentina giving pairs of TOMS to people who don`t have shoes.

My goal was to go back to Argentina and give them all-all the shoesaway. Not just to give them away, but to place them on each child`s foot -Blake Mycoskie

I hope this helped! Rihana A. TOMS shoes.

The Writer My name is Rihana. I love the flying trapeze and playing piano. My favourite animals are monkeys because they swing around all day and I just think they`re super cool!

Jane Goodall, Saviour of Chimps! About Jane: Jane Goodall is a member of a small group called Leakey’s Angels. She was recruited as one of them along with, Dian Fossey, Biruté Galdikas and of course Jane Goodall. Leakey was a famous anthropologist, and he believed that it may be possible to learn something about ancient humans by observing great apes in the wild and learning about how they lived. Fossey studied gorillas, Biruté researched orangutans and Jane specialized in chimps. Louis Leakey changed the lives of 3 women forever.

Jane’s life: She was born in London, England, United Kingdom April 3rd 1934 and is currently 79 years old. She was always interested in animals and when she met Leakey he was impressed with her knowledge even though she did not have any formal training. He also believed that she might have the ability to live alone in the wild studying the animals. Before this no one could properly study chimps because if the research group was too big it would scare the chimps away and if the group was too small people couldn’t study them very long. I chose this person because before this project was assigned I saw a documentary about her and saw that she was really involved in chimpanzees and is really passionate about trying to save them. Jane spent all of her time with the chimps, eating their food, sleeping in trees and imitating them. She stayed with them for five years while earning a degree at Cambridge University. Jane learned that the chimps are really smart. Goodall observed the chimps making tools, stalking animals, killing animals and eating animals.

They ate termites by sticking a blade of grass inside the termite hole and lured the soldiers and workers out, then they would use the blade of grass as a spoon. Sometimes she even noticed cannibalism in this group of chimps (luckily she wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t eaten). After her research she founded the Jane Goodall institute to help finish off her research. She works for animal rights and is a scientist. 3rd Paragraph : reason why you chose her.

Sitting for her Rights – Rosa Parks Contribution On December first, 1955 Rosa was coming home from work on the bus. She was at the back where all the seats were reserved for the black people. Soon, all the places in the front had filled up, but there were still three white people who needed a seat. The bus driver brought them to the back and told two black people to leave there seats, they did as they were told. But since there was still one more white man there, the bus driver told Rosa to leave her seat but she refused and said she didn’t think she should have too. The bus driver called the police right away and Rosa was arrested. A few minutes after she was arrested a man named Edgar Daniel Nixon got her out, but she still had to go to court. Sadly in court the judge found her guilty but she was not satisfied so she went to the Supreme Court and fortunately was found not guilty. From that day on black people were allowed to sit anywhere on the bus. She is now known for the civil rights movement award for her act.

Rosa Parks – Mug Shots after bus incident

How Rosa Parks became the amazing person that she was

Rosa Parks – 55th anniversary

Rosa Parks was a very different person before she became who she was. She grew up on her grandparents’ farm in Pine Level, Montgomery. She only started going to school, after her parents split up at age 11, but sadly had to drop out because her grandmother was very sick. While she was growing up she was always told by her family that all black and white people have the same rights. Every day while walking to school she was always very disturbed by how people treated black people. As she got older she started working at small stores to make some money for her family.

Rosa Parks demonstrates a conviction and strength to believe in her own self-worth and not to allow herself to be judged by the opinion of others based on her race -Mrs Downs

Why Rosa Parks is an inspiration to me I chose Rosa Parks because she has made such a huge impact on the world and is so inspiring to many people including me. First of all she is against how people treat black people, and I am against that too because it is very wrong everyone should be treated the same. The second reason why I chose her is because she helped so many people who were being treated terrible, have a normal life and get to live there life the way they wanted too. The last reason is because of how she never gave up, even when she was caught the first time and had to walk five miles home in the rain, she continued to fight it and never stopped. Overall Rosa Parks in an amazing person.

Rosa Parks Time Line 1913 – Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama

1924 – Rosa moved to Montgomery, Alabama

1943 – Rosa got forced off a segregated bus for accidently sitting in a seat reserved for white people

2005 – Rosa unfortunately died

1955 – Rosa got arrested for refusing to give her seat away for a white man

Dear Sophie, I am a little worried that if I continue fighting for black rights I will be killed or put in jail forever. I love and will always try my hardest to stand up for black people’s rights, but I don’t want it to get out of hand. If anything happens to me that is bad, so many people will be disappointed in me. I really would love to keep helping and standing up for black people but do you have any suggestions on how I could still do this, just not get into too much trouble? -


The Writer My name is Sophie .B and to love to play sports competitively like, tennis, soccer and swimming, my dream is to scuba dive in the great barrier reef in Australia and I would love to travel the world while playing tennis.

Dear Rosa, You have done amazing things for black people, but you’re right. I think you’re doing a great job right now and you shouldn’t stop. But just be a little careful. Remember always think about what you’re going to do before doing it. If you always think everything through, I promise you everything will be fine and you won’t get in any trouble. Keep up the fantastic work -


The Real Girl on Fire: Saint Joan of Arc By Tizzy J March 27th,

The Warrior Saint Joan of Arc (also known as Jeanne d’Arc, The Maid of Orléans, and La Pucelle d’Orléans) is the reason why France still stands as its own nation today. The Maid was barely 17 when she started leading the armies of France to victory, and it was because of Joan that the rightful king of France, Charles the 7th, was put on the throne. No one can deny that Joan’s appearance was a turning point in the Hundred Year War, and by inviting new military strategies and tactics and keeping faith, she helped deliver her country from the English. Obviously, the English didn’t like the fact that they were losing, especially that they were losing to a woman, and when Joan was captured in the town of Compiègne in 1430 by the Burgundians, the English bought her from her captors and immediately put her in prison. After a year of interrogations and one daring but failed attempt to escape, Joan was put on trial by a corrupt religious tribunal that accused Joan of Arc, A.K.A The Maid of Orléans, or her of heresy (having beliefs or opinions contrary to orthodox religion), being a renegade (a person who is faithless to the religion), and a Jeanne d’Arc, La Pucelle d’Orléans as they like to relapsed heretic (a person who does not believe in the official teachings call her in France. Pictured on Joan’s banner are of the Church). They pronounced her guilty and on May 30th, 1431, her saints: St. Michael, St. Margaret, and her when Joan was about 19 years old, she was tied to a stake and burnt patron saint, St. Catherine. alive in Rouen’s Square in France. Even after her death, Joan’s legacy lived on, especially after the English were completely driven out of The Dawning of a Warrior France, and after being reviewed again, Joan of Arc’s trial was overturned on July 7th, 1456, because she was wrongly executed by a Even from a young age, Joan was an exceptional girl. corrupt tribunal and on May 16, 1920, about 490 years after she died, Born Jehanne d’Arc, her exact date was never recorded, Joan of Arc was official made a saint by Pope Benedict XV; what’s therefore we can’t be sure, but the accepted date is January ironic though is that she was made a saint by the same church that 6th, in the year 1412 in Domrémy, Lorraine, which can be executed her. Joan’s impressive portrayal of faith, devotion and bravery found in eastern France, in a small country village to a is the reason why today, the Maid of Orléans is still recognized as a true poor, working class man, meaning she wasn’t schooled, warrior. and never learned to read and write. But even without an education, she was wise and could solve puzzles given to her by educated and without ever learning to mount a horse, she became one of the best riders in France. Joan had a deep love for the Catholic Church and its teachings, which is why in later years she often prayed before going into battle, and whether she was in the church or outside listening to the church bells chime, she would always say a prayer. She was 13 years old when she was first visited by voices she believes were angels, who told her she was to be the one to deliver her country from the clutches of the English and crown the rightful heir of France. The Maid continued hearing these voices (they would later help guide her, not only in battle, but on the journey to fulfill her destiny) but it wasn’t until she was 17 when the tides started turning. On May 7th, 1428, Joan’s first, and greatest military victory takes place, when Joan leads army on an assault on the English fort, Les Tourelles, eventually overwhelming the fort, and driving the English out of Orléans the very next day. Finally, on July 21, 1429, Joan’s mission was completed as The Maid stood beside Charles VII, banner in arms, while the rightful king of France was crowned at the Cathedral of Reims.

Joan using her banner to lead her army in during battle.

Pure Heroine A role model is someone who sets an example for others. I think Joan of Arc is a very good role model for several reasons. First off, she is a perfect example to use when saying that girls can do just as much as boys- and in some cases much more. Also, she represents bravery and devotion, and clearly it was enough to motivate the French army to overcome their rivals. My main reason for choosing Joan of Arc is that I first found out about her while reading one of my favourite book series, which, instead of having girly character that people seem to hate reading about, was filled with a number of strong female characters, including Joan, who took part in saving the world just as much as the boys did. To this day, when I read about the brave and independent female characters that seem to be dominating young adult literature today, I can’t help but to think back to Joan of Arc and the rest of the girls from that series. So, in conclusion, although Katniss Everdeen is in the spotlight for now, in my mind, Joan of Arc will always be the real girl on fire (the pun was very intended).

Joan of Arc’s Timeline

Dear Tizzy J, I am the only female that is a part of the French army, and to make it more, the voices are telling me that I have to lead these men into battle. I am only 17 years old and I wanted to know what I could do to make the men of the army respect me as their leader and as the female that I am. -Jeanne d’Arc Dear Jeanne d’Arc, While your problem seems large, you should know that keeping a brave face in fear not only changes how people see you, but might also change how you see yourself. It might not happen at first, but after your show the army how your tactics and strategies will help them win battles, it won’t matter whether or not you we’re a girl, nor will your age. -Tizzy J

Joan’s accepted birth date is January 6th, 1412. She was born in Domrémy, Lorraine of eastern France. The voices that led Joan to her destiny first visited while she was in her father’s garden in the summer of 1424. On May 7th, 1429, Joan liberated Orléans from the English by leading the French army on an assault on the English fort, Les Tourelles. King Charles VII of France was crowned on July 21st, 1429, and The Maid stood beside him at the coronation. After going to aid the town of Compiègne in northern France on May 23, 1430, Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians and is later sold to the English. May 30th, in the year 1431, is the day that, after a year spent in captivity, Joan of Arc was pronounced a relapsed heretic and was executed in Rouen’s Square in France.

“Saint Joan of Arc or Jehanne la Pucelle bravely sacrificed her youth by leading her fellow French citizens to independence. [Joan] demonstrates that the female gender can also be a part of history in a man dominating world, as an equally balanced existence for all” -Tasha J. Joan was tied to a stake and burned alive in Rouen’s Square on May 30th, 1431.

The Writer Tizzy J is a pescaterian (a vegetarian who only eats fish as meat). I own five animals; 2 birds, 1 cat and 2 dogs, but in my entire lifetime, I had 7 animals. When approached, Tizzy is as shy as a baby bird, but if she approaches you, expect a blanket of awesome to be wrapped around your shoulders.

March 27, 2014

Man of Peace: The Dalai Lama By: Victor G.

Spreading compassion around the world Tenzin Gyatso also known as The Dalai Lama has contributed to the world by teaching Buddhist principles of compassion and non-violence. He has influenced the world because of his pilgrimages all around the world and spread of multiculturalism. He has also made giant contributions by using the technology and people having access to his teachings at all times throughout his scripts he has written as well as his website. The 14th Dalai Lama has also met up with political leaders and religious leaders throughout the world focusing more on the western society. He is also often at world events like the Olympics and the Tour de France.

A leader is born Tenzin Gyatso was born on July 6th, 1935, in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Amdo, in north-eastern Tibet. His parents were farmers who raised sheep and grew barley, buckwheat, and potatoes in addition to him there were six other children in the family, four boys and two girls. Tenzin Gyatso was recognized as the 14th reincarnation of the Dalai Lama at the age of six and when to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. He was taught by the most accomplished practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. Tenzin Gyatso is the head of all the Buddhist Tibetan temples. And was the head of the government but the Chinese evaded Tibet in the 1950’s.

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” - Dalai Lama


Dalai Lama in Fortune Magazine's worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most powerful people March 2014 Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama was ranked ninth in the list of world's most powerful people by the Fortune magazine, which put another spiritual leader Pope Francis at the top. "For over 50 years, the Dalai Lama, 79, has campaigned tirelessly for peace, non-violence, democracy and reconciliation, especially among world religions," Fortune said.

The Dalai Lama is a person that I look up to as someone who is the embodidment of Budhist teachings of compassion, peace and kindness. Daniela I.

Role Model for for humanity I believe the Dalai Lama is the most peaceful man on earth. He teaches the Buddhist principles of compassion, wisdom, non-violence, and mindfulness. The Dalai Lama also is a very caring person not only for himself but for others. He also has a very funny character but at the same time is a very calm and loyal person. He is the most well known Buddhist leader; he travels all around the world, speaking in favour of a number of different Christian churches. Understanding, kindness and composition, respect for the environment, and, above all, world peace.

By: Aron Graca #13 FI7B

Remember those days when there was no such thing as money and to get something you would have to trade tools or wild stock? I bet you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t because that was a long time ago but humans still carry the attributes now as we did back then but instead of trading items for items we pay currency (money) for items. This all started a long time ago when Ben Franklin established a Junto club which is a club for fellow tradesman like we all are. Most people know Benjamin Franklin for his discovery of electricity, did you also know he was one of the most popular inventors of his time? Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove which was a stove that would be placed in the middle of a room and would distribute heat evenly around the room, similar to what furnaces do now. Just like we use the odometer to measure distance today back in Ben Franklin in his younger years (before 1775 the odometer served the same purpose. Ben invented it for he was a postmaster general and wanted to find the quickest routes for delivering he invented electricity) the mail.

If I had to say my favourite thing about Benjamin Franklin it would be seeing his face on the $100.00 dollar bills. Those are always fun to spend.

Although we all love Benjamin Franklin for his inventions he had several other types of work to become the Benjamin Franklin we all know today. As a child growing up Benjamin Franklin lived on a farm with his mom, dad and brother. When Benjamin Franklin was older he went to work with his brother as a printer for a newspaper. Benjamin Franklin had many talents and skills. At one point Tina G. in his life he was even a barber. All along from when Benjamin was little to the day he died his passion was to invent. He gained these passions from working at these jobs and thinking that there is probably an easier/better way to do this. Thanks to all of these different interests he discovered many things we still use to this day.

Benjamin Franklin is interesting to me because of his variety of talents in almost everything he did. Benjamin Franklin was intelligent and had great social skills someday I hope I can communicate with people like he can. Benjamin Franklin also had many skills he was: a scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, philosopher, musician and economist I hope I can someday have at least half that amount of talents. I personally like Benjamin Franklin for his discovery of electricity and I hope someday I can make an accomplishment as great as he did. Ben Franklin was one of the most extraordinary human beings in the world and became the most famous Americans of his time. I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop asking myself what life would be like if he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do what he did.

1730 Started a Newspaper company

Ben Franklinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s invention of electricity helped us with economical cars such as this one.




Invented Franklin stove

Discovered electricity (with a kite and key)

Invented glass harmonica



Signed the declaration of independence

Invented bifocals

1787 Was the ambassador of France

Dear Aron, I was wondering if it was worth it that I invented the odometer because I have heard we use it to measure distance that cars travel. If it wasn’t invented do you think it would be a good think or a bad think?

\Dear Benjamin, I believe that the invention of the odometer was great! With it we can go almost where ever we like, the only downfall of it is that it pollutes the world. If we only start to use more electric cars (which were invented with the help of your discovery of electricity) we wouldn’t be polluting the earth as much. For that I very much appreciate your invention of the odometer.

I have a greyhound named Bo who is probably the fastest dog you will ever see. I like to listen to music and watch TV on my free time. I LOVE HOTDOGS!!!

Benjamin Franklin has enlightened (electricity) sharpened (better vision) and enriched (those $100.00’s) in our lives.

FI7B Magazine - 3rd Issue  

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