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FI7A Class Magazine People Who Have Made a Positive Impact upon the World

An English & Media Literacy Project with Miss Saldua & Miss Chiu Glenview Senior Public School 2013-2014

From her first hat shop in 1912, to the 1920s, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel grew to become one of the greatest fashion designers in the world. Currently, Karl Lagerfeld is designing the Chanel brand, but Coco would be very proud. Over the years, Chanel has been worn by many celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and many more. Her two interlocking “C”s, on her handbags, jewellery, hats, makeup and clothing, is a universal symbol of fashion.

This is Coco Chanel in the 1900s.

FASHION FADES, BUT COCO DOESN’T The life of a fashion designer may seem luxurious, however Coco Chanel wasn’t. When Coco was twelve, her mother passed away, and her father could not handle five kids. In result, Coco grew up in an orphanage with her sister, where she learned how to sew. Her real name was Gabrielle and she got the name Coco when she was a singer in a café. Originally, she was a hat designer, and to help improve her career she had famous actresses wear her hats in plays. Some people may think fashion designers are all about glam, but Coco Chanel wasn’t. She believed people should feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time.


 She became a very successful fashion designer known for elegance, simplicity and timeless accessories. - Noreen


Coco Chanel wasn’t an ordinary fashion designer. Miss Chanel was a French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. She is the only fashion designer listed on Time magazine’s list of the onehundred most influential people of the 20th century. Also, she invented the women’s casual suit with a jacket and pants, her signature fragrance: Chanel no o5, and her handbags with the two interlocking “C”s. Until her death in 1971, her fashion empire brought in more than $160 million per year, which is a lot of money even in current days.

THE FOUNDER OF FASHION Coco Chanel is an inspiration to all modern-day fashion designers. Personally, I think Chanel’s designs are purely wonderful. I love her work primarily because she created a new look for women in the 20th century, with clothing that were mainly comfortable for active women, such as herself. When Chanel was younger, she was born into a poor family; however that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. This taught me that it is not impossible to achieve your dreams. Also, she wanted the independence that most women in the 1900s didn’t want; I really appreciate that because in the 1920s it’s very unusual for women to speak up. That’s why I

appreciate Coco Chanel and admire her contributions to the fashion industry.

GABRIELLE “COCO” CHANEL TIMELINE Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel is born in Saumur, France.

She opens millinery shop.

Coco creates her signature tweed jacket.

Coco closes shop because of World War II.

Coco dies in Paris at the Ritz Hotel






Gabrielle’s mother dies. Gabrielle is sent to the orphanage

She creates signature perfume, Chanel o5.



Coco creates her signature little black dress.

Coco creates the Chanel Suit.



COCO CHANEL EVOLUTION The Chanel designs took years of hard work before even selling the products in store. Coco Chanel tested with a variety of fabrics and cloths to finally obtain the present style of clothing, shoes and accessories.

NEED SOME ADVICE? Dear Megan, I have been receiving phone calls and emails from fans constantly asking how I can keep a flattering look, but still maintaining my relaxed appearance. My casual suit is very comfortable, but on the other hand, it’s still a box look, and sometimes it isn’t very satisfying. Do you have any suggestions or improvements I can make to my casual suit? Dear Coco Chanel, -Coco Chanel

Here is Coco Chanel’s classic 2.55 quilted handbag, first designed in 1955.

I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to consider my opinions. It is very true that many people don’t like the box look. Could it be possible to add a belt to your suit so it will show off the waistline? Or, could you possibly add feminine colours to add a pop to your fans’ wardrobe. It is very important to please your admirers, I hope someday you can impress your fans and continue your fashion legacy.



Megan is a grade 7 student currently attending Glenview Senior Public School. She likes to figure skate, dance and hang with her friends. Recently, she has surfed Atlantic Ocean.

When Megan gets older, she would like to go skydiving.

What would you do if you had the opportunity to help animals and the environment? Well I could tell you what Bindi Irwin would do: she would take the opportunity and help the animals as much as she can! She uses most of her time to help animals that can’t help themselves. Bindi Irwin fights for the rights of animals and educates the world about them. How you ask, well she writes books based on animals and does a web show for kids that tells them even more about the animals. Ms. Irwin wants to change the world for the better, she wants the environment and help animals, like her and her father say: “Treat animals the way you wish to be treated”. This girl just wants to try her best to make a difference in the world. Because one person can go a long way to making the world a better place.

Here is Bindi at the Australian Zoo petting a cheetah.

The reason you are who you are today is because of how you grew up, your early life. Bindi Irwin is an amazing girl today but the things that she did in the past built her who she is today. This girl did some amazing things in her past that not many girls her age do. For example: Bindi wrote a series of books called “Bindi Wildlife Adventures” to inform people about the things she loves: animals. More so she has an album on which she sings “Jungle girl” a song which is about animals. One more amazing thing Bindi Irwin did when she was younger was that she starred in a movie called “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate Cove”. It just comes to show that your past life builds you up to what you become. Even as a baby Bindi Irwin did well with animals of all sorts.

Bindi Irwin is definitely an inspiration to many people big and small. I find that Bindi Irwin Has done many things to inspire us and that is the reason why I chose her. An amazing thing that she did in her life was to follow her dreams, some people are afraid to do this and end up forgetting about it and doing something else so that’s pretty admirable. There are also messages that she gives to us and might not even know it and one of them is to do what you love. Sometimes doing the thing you love might not earn enough money to live by so people just leave it behind, but in her case she went for it and it has made her pretty successful in life. In my opinion the best thing Bindi Irwin has done for this world is in the environment, and more she has shown us that one person can make a big difference. The inspiring thing is that it shows that people can shape our life with their own hands without any help. Here is Bindi in an interview announcing her partnership with Seaworld.

Bindi is the child of Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin. Born in 1998, she was named after her father’s favourite crocodile: Bindi Sue Irwin.

In 2003 Bindi became a big sister when her brother, Robert Clarencev Irwin was born.

In 2006 Steve Irwin tragically died in a stingray accident. This is Bindi age 8 and her family at the memorial sevice for her father.


In 2010 Bindi age 12 became an actress when she stared in the movie “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Teenaged Bindi started tackling new things. In 2011 Bindi became an author when she wrote the books “Bindi Wiildlife Adventures”.

15 years old Bindi Irwin announces on “Good Morning America” that she becomes SeaWorld’s new youth ambassador.

Dear Miss Know it all, I have been seeing things online about animals in droughts and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help these animals in any way. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Bindi, Thank you very much for thinking about the animals those are less unfortunate. I suggest that you give them water when there is a drought, so they don’t die of thirst. -Miss Know it all Miss Know it all loves going outside and enjoying all of the nature and fresh air. She loves to sit down and read a book or two from time to time. She has always dreamed of having a pet, either a cat or dog.

Bindi Irwin stands up for what she believes in. ~Anonymous ●

-Bindi Irwin

March 25, 2014 By: Sofia M. :

Most of the people in the world, including myself, thought that Prince Harry is just some lucky guy that was born in the royal family. Although that is true, he is also a very intelligent person who has done a lot for our world. He has entered the royal military academy center and secretly served in the Afghanistan army which was a very brave act. Sadly he stopped when the media found out about 75 days after he started. Now he is an Apache co-pilot for the British army. Prince harry has done so many great things and he is a very inspiring person our world. This is a picture of prince harry in his co-pilot uniform.

The Man behind the Red Hair As a young boy, Harry was very fun and creative. Being a huge fan of The Spice Girls he attended one of their concerts during a trip to Africa with his father in 1997. Even when he was young he went to Ace Hospitals, homeless shelters but also Disney land and McDonalds. He was only 12 years old when he had to say farewell to his mother Princess Dianna.

harry is currently a known supporter of football team Arsenal and is often spotted at their matches. Also, although Prince Harry is currently focusing on his military career, he also would like to show some support for the UK.

 

I believe that Prince Harry’s substantial contribution to the world is his demonstration of courage and independence. -Silvano  

All of Prince Harry’s jobs have made a very big and also positive impact on us and not to mention he had a wonderful life as a child.

The Inspiration

Prince harry in combat

Prince Harry has a very big voice in our country and in the UK. That is one of the reasons that I choose him for this, because he can do so many bad things, but he choose to serve in the Afghanistan army and ask for the money that he made from the sale of his birthday photos be donated to charity. The fact that he is working so hard yet still loving what he is doing is really amazing. He is some that has a big voice but no one really notices him and I thought that was a great reason I should do this project on him.




The divorce

Saying goodbye

Gap year!!

2004 Meeting Chelsey

2005 The wild child

Harrys timeline from 1996-2005 Prince Harry’s life didn’t always have though funny and royal moments that you’d think he had. It all started when his parents got divorced. After that happened you would assume he had been through enough, but apparently not because probably just a year after that Lady Dianna got into a very serious car accident and unfortunately died. Saying goodbye was hard but after that was his gap year. For his gap year he works at the AIDS orphan in Africa. Meeting Chelsey was a very big part of his life and I believe 6 years after dating they went their own ways. Last but not least in 2005 Prince Harry got caught doing drugs and drinking under age which was not good for his reputation but now he is really stepping up his game and doing better things.

Dear Harry,

Dear Sofia, During my younger years I have gone through some pretty bad things. I’ve been caught doing drugs, and I got caught drinking under age. Now that I am engaged I really hope that nothing will happen. Do you have any suggestions for what I could do to make sure that nothing will or could happen that will

Prince Harry on a whirlwind U.S. tour

I think you have a very good point. Your past as the wild child can affect your marriage. A suggestion that you could do, is focus more on your work and working in the army instead of thinking of the bad things that could happen. It is important to think positive rather than negative. Sofia

stop our marriage? Harry

Sofia goes to Glenview Senior Public school. She as a mother from Iran and a father from Italy. She has 2 younger sisters, Emma and Sara. One of her main goals in life is to become a very successful lawyer.

“For me personally, as I said, I want to serve my country. I've done it once, and I'm still in the army, I feel as though I should get the opportunity to do it again.” – Prince Harry

March 27 2014

Alfred Nobel By: Rebecca Heinrich


Alfred Nobel worked in the fields of engineering and chemistry as an inventor and armament manufacturer. His first

major accomplishment was in 1863, when he succeeded in exploding nitro-glycerine from a distance with a gun powder charge. This discovery lead up to him patenting a mercury detonator which is an important part in the development of high explosives. After many serious accidents, including one in a factory in 1864 which killed his younger brother, Emil, along with other casualties, he decided to revise his product to increase its safety. In 1866, Alfred discovered that if nitroglycerin was incorporated in an absorbent still substance like kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth, a fine white rock that crumbles easily) it becomes safer and more convenient to handle. He received a patent for this substance that he called dynamite. During his life he was awarded with 350 patents with dynamite being the most famous. The development of dynamite was extremely important in continuing the Industrial Revolution as it led to a rapid expansion of mining ability and of the development of roads. In 1888, a French newspaper mistakenly reported the death of Alfred’s brother as being the death of Alfred himself. He was upset that the headline was that “The merchant of death is dead”. In 1895 therefore, he signed his last will and testament that established the Nobel Prizes. He wanted his legacy to be one of promoting peace and scientific discovery rather than promoting armaments. The executors of his will formed the Nobel Prize foundation and the first prize was awarded in 1901.

Alfred Nobel

THE MAN BEHIND THE NOBEL PRIZES Alfred Nobel was born in 1833 in he was 9 years old. Alfred was encouraged him and his brother to old, he could already speak four study chemistry. He filed for his “torpedo” works in Saint head that is launched below the end of the Crimean war his father to rely on the mother’s salary from oilfields along the Caspian Sea that that made Alfred very rich as he built 90 armaments factories. He

A man who put an emphasis on peace and reconciliation, and valued science and knowledge. - Dr. Heinrich

Sweden but he moved to Saint Petersburg in Russia when taught mainly by private tutors and his father strongly pursue a career in mechanical fields. When he was 18 years different languages and he moved to the United States to first patent, a gas meter, while there. His father started a Petersburg. A torpedo is a weapon with an explosive war water surface and propelled toward a target. But at the business collapsed leaving them very poor. The family had working at a grocery store. Alfred’s brothers developed Alfred advanced with his inventions in explosives and also invested a great deal of money in these oilfields. He also became very rich but he had a strong belief in peace.

Why I chose Alfred Nobel The three main reasons why I chose Alfred Nobel are that he was a brilliant inventor, he believed strongly in peace and he left the world a lasting legacy. Alfred was an extremely intelligent person whose inventions led to progress for the world by creating explosives that were safe to use. These advanced mining that was important for developing a source of energy and advanced the development of roadways allowing for travel, transport and construction. Despite the fact that Alfred built many armaments factories, he believed in world peace and wanted his inventions to be used for peaceful purposes. Finally, he invested his life savings (today’s value is about 500 million dollars) into a foundation to support the Nobel Prizes. The Nobel Prize is a set of international awards given to people who have made cultural or scientific advances. The categories that he decided for the awards are physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. This has created a legacy after Alfred’s death of continuing to strive for the very best in each of these fields.

A Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel Timeline

Exploded Nitroglycerin from a distance


Plant explosion that killed his younger brother

Nitroglycerin incorporated in an absorbent, kieselguhr, it becomes safer to handle

Received patent for dynamite

Signed his last will and testament to establish the Nobel Prize

First Nobel Prize was awarded






Dear Rebecca, This year we are have so many great candidates for the Nobel scientific prize. Do you have any suggestions for who should win? Dear Mr. Nobel, I would recommend Dr Laurence Cooper for the Nobel Prize in medicine. He is leading the way to a cure for leukemia in children and in adults. He has been able to take white blood cells from patients and genetically modify them so that they produce proteins that kill cancer cells. He then injects them back into the patients and is starting to show great success. For the Nobel Prize in physics, I would recommend the team from NASA who sent Voyager 1 into interstellar space. The spacecraft left earth in 1977 and it has now officially left the solar system. It will be extraordinary to learn what information comes back from the spacecraft. Finally, for the Nobel Peace, I really wanted Malala Yousafzai to win last year and so I would recommend her again this year. I am amazed by her strength and courage to face the world and fight for education and the rights of girls after a terrible gunshot injury. Good luck with your selection. Sincerely, Rebecca Heinrich, Grade 7 student, Glenview Senior Public School

First sticks of dynamite

Bibliography “Alfred Nobel.” Famous Scientist. 18 March 2014 < ed-nobel>. “Alfred Nobel-the man behind the Nobel Prize.” Nobel 18 March 2014 < obel/>

Rebecca is a grade 7 student at Glenview. She has an old cat named Schmedly. Rebecca’s favorite place to ski is Switzerland.

“Alfred Bernhard Nobel.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 18 March 2014 d/topic/416842/alfredbernhard-nobel

“Tear Down This Wall!” “Tear Down this Wall!” was the words of Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States of America in 1981-1989. “Tear down this wall” was the speech Reagan gave in 1987 challenging the Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, to destroy the Berlin Wall in West Berlin. The Berlin wall separated east and west of Germany to prevent the emigration of people to West Germany. Reagan thought that the wall restricted the freedom of movement between east and West Germany and so, the wall was later knocked down in 1989. This was one of Reagans many accomplishments. He has also been a successful actor for 20 years. He acted in over 50 movies from 19371957. He developed interest in acting when he was a teenager at Dixon high school. Ronald Reagan has done school plays, participated in school sports, and even became student body president! This must be why Reagan became president of the United States! Anyway, this was also a great accomplishment, becoming president and making great choices during his presidency.

Before Presidency Ronald was many things before his presidency. His first job was a lifeguard and he was credited for saving 77 lives during the 7 summers he worked for as a lifeguard. He then got a temporary job, in 1932, as a sportscaster for WOC, a small radio station.

The most successful thing he has done before becoming president was when he acted for 20 years. He acted in over 50 movies

Why Reagan? I chose to do my article on Ronald Reagan because I think that it’s interesting that he was an actor before he was a president. I also thought he was a great and powerful man who managed to convince the Soviet Union to knock down the wall of Berlin. Finally, I think that it’s amazing how talented and successful he was. He was a lifeguard, a sportscasters, a famous actor and then becomes president of the United States

TIMELINE Born Feb. 6 in Tampico, Illinois

Elected president of the USA




Ronald Reagan died age 93


Dear Michelle, When I was president, I raised taxes because we needed to pay for future things. But it seems that tax-payers were angry about how I raised taxes 11 times during my presidency. What should’ve I done? -Ronald Reagan “Great

respect and admiration for Ronald Reagan” -Ron Dear Reagan, If you needed to pay for that, then look for the money another way. Tax-payers were angry because it’s not fair to them that taxes have been raised for the past 8 years you’ve been president.


“Timeline of Ronald Reagan.” Timelines. March 18 2014. ials/obits/reagan/timelin e.html “Before Presidency.” Miller Center. March 18. esident/reagan/essays/bi ography/2 “Reagan’s Biography.” Biography’s. March 18.


Michelle loves any kind of sports. But her favorite sport is soccer. She has a hamster named Bubbles who is loved very much. Michelle’s goal in life is to become a director or a successful soccer player

Roald Dahl: The Reason to Read

Roald Dahl in his later years.

Roald Dahl is one of the most successful authors in the world. He wrote famous books that one many awards. Like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Maltida” and “James and the Giant Peach”. His life was full of adventure and risks. For example he survived a plane crash in the war, and only had a broken nose. He also liked some quiet time. When Roald Dahl got older, he started writing in the hut at the bottom of his garden. He used to write there hours a day on an old armrest and write his stories with a pencil and paper in silence to perfect his work. But was he like this as a boy?

A little Boy with a big Dream Roald Dahl was born on September the 13th 1916. Sadly his mother and his older sister died of illness when he only three years old. When Roald went to Llandaff Cathedral School, he used to stand in front of the candy store and smell the sweets. That’s how he got his inspiration for “Charlie and the chocolate Factory”. At age 23 he signed up to be in the Royal Air Force. When he left the air force he started writing for magazines and adult novels. But his stories got more fictional and started writing for children. His books were so amazing that he became a very famous author. His inspiration for fictional stories came when he started telling bedtime stories to his two daughters, that’s how he came up with “James and the Giant Peach”.

Roald Dahl is a writer who has given us such beautiful and creative stories for generations to remember. Roald Dahl’s stories are gifts to young people all over the world. Not many writers can reach so many hearts. -Anissa M Roald Dahl in his hut.

More than just an inspiring author The reason I chose Roald Dahl was because he contributed a lot to children’s literature. His books are so great that there are still classics after he sadly died on November 23rd 1990. His imagination is so wild and creative that his stories are out of this world. He also inspired many children to be authors with his amazing words. He was also very modest, he didn’t brag about his success and always cared about his fans. Roald spent a lot of time with his family too, which shows that he put the people he loved before his work. Roald Dahl was a loving and kind man and will always be one of the most loved authors in the world for a very long time.

Roald Dahl’s Timeline At age 23, when Roald Dahl joined the Royal Air Force, he wrote his first article in a magazine about his experience in the war.


He wrote his first story and it got published in a magazine. He wrote more stories and slowly they started to become more fictional.

His second children’s book got published. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” became one of his best works. It sold two million copies.

His amazing book called “The Witches” won the Whitebread Award. Two years later his other wellknown book “Maltida” won awards too.

Sadly Roald Dahl was diagnosed with blood disorder at age 72 . He was working on three books on the time he never got to finish.





September 13 1916 (Birth)

November 23 1990 (Death)

Dear Maya, My wife “Pat” is pregnant and she recently had three strokes and she can’t speak or move. I’m very anxious, I’ve already lost a child, and it was an awful experience. I couldn’t bear to lose her too. What should do? -Roald Dahl Roald Dahl in 1954. Roald Dahl is an inspiration not only for budding writers but for anybody who was an interest in reading and writing. -Anissa M

My name is Maya, I was born in England. I love to read, I’m a big fangirl. Some of my fandoms are The Fault in our Stars (other John Green books), Divergent, Harry Potter, Sherlock and Les Misérables.

Dear Roald, To keep your wife alive you must let her behave as she is alive. Make sure she is moving and talking every moment she’s awake. Trust me she will recover and you will have a healthy child and wife. -Maya M

The Person Behind Indigo... Heather Reisman. Heather Reisman's Accomplishments Have you ever wished you owned the whole bookstore? Well I know an awesome women who dose her name is Heather Reisman. Heather is the founder of “Indigo Books, Music & More.” The first Indigo store was opened in 1997 in Burlington, Ontario. Later she started the “Indigo Love of Reading Foundation” which is a programme to help provide new books and learning materials for high need elementary schools. Her third major accomplishment is when she released the first Kobo in Indigo in 2009. Next Indigo bought Chapters in 2011 making them Canada's leading bookstore. Those are just a few of the wonderful things Heather has done.

Logo of the “Indigo love of reading foundation.”

The Reason Why I Chose Heather Reisman As My Individual These are a few reasons why I chose to do Heather. The main reason I chose Heather Reisman is because Indigo is my all time favourite store and I wanted to know about it's creator. Also when I found out she was Canadian I decided I wanted to know more about her. She is a great role model for me because she has achieved so many things and helped so many people that I want to be just like her. For example her foundation inspires me to try to help more people achieve their dream.

This is a picture of Heather Reisman, founder of Indigo.

A Few Interesting Facts About The One and Only Heather Reisman Each person is interesting and special in their own way. Heather has done many interesting things in her lifetime for example she studied social working at McGill University in Montreal were she was born. Later on she became a Governor there at McGill University. Then in 1992 she became President of Cott Corporation and under her lead they became the wold's largest retailer-branded beverage supplier. Have you ever wondered what the Heather's pick section is in Indigo well now you know.

*** “Heather is a great role model because her foundation sets a great example to the younger generation and teaches them to try their best to help people that are less fortunate.” -Darina ***

Indigo's Timeline Heather opened the first â&#x20AC;&#x153;Indigo Books, Music & Moreâ&#x20AC;? in Burlington, Ontario.

Indigo dropped the Music component.

Kobo was released in Indigo.




Indigo bought it's biggest rival Chapters.


The Evolution of Indigo Strangely enough Indigo wasn't always the huge bookstore it is now. It started as a little bookstore in 1997. They went through some changes like dropping the music component in 2001 and releasing Kobo in 2009. Eventually though it bought its biggest rival Chapters in 2011. So now it's pretty much the biggest chain of bookstores in Canada. As you can see anything is possible when you stick to it like Heather did with Indigo. This is an Indigo located at 55 Bloor St W in Toronto

Advice Column Dear Maria, Indigo is not making as much profits as before. We have noticed not a lot of teens have been buying books lately. Since your a teen I was wondering if you can tell me why. If you have any idea how to get more teens to buy books even if they are for Kobo's please tell me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Dear Heather, Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I do have some ideas that can help you profits go up. First of all lately teens are mostly interested in reading books that are soon to been movies for example a lot of people have been reading The Hunger Games series and The Divergent trilogy so I recommend you see what the next big hit movie is going to be and start advertizing the book in places where there is mostly teens. Also you should advertize the red maple selections every year because we are obligated to read them from school so a few people might want to actually by them if there are to many holds at the library. I hoped this helped.

-Heather Reisman

-Maria picture Maria is a student at Glenview S.P.S. She loves reading teen fiction novels. Her all time favourite animal is the bunny and she hopes to one day get one as a pet. Finally she is a total full out fan girl ;).

Making a failure rise: Thomas Boylston Adams. By Lucas

Wax Gum goes out of business thanks to Thomas Adams & Chewing Gum!

Have you ever wanted to have a good lasting snack that tastes great and will give you nice smelling breath? Just 143 years in the past Thomas Boylston Adams was the inventor behind chewing gum and was the man who started selling chewing gum and changed the course of history for all we now. As you know Thomas Adams is an inventor, not just did he create The Chewing Gum but he made a new way to feed a horse by putting a bucket on the snout and the handle at the back of the head. By this invention when he had to feed horses he would have a certain way to light a lamp that was more efficient. If you wondered if Thomas Boylston Adam just had a boring life making chewing gum, he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t because he created stuff in his free time so that he could make tones of money for his kids and the future generations to come after them.

The Grandpa of Stick Gum! In his early life he did many interesting things that most people will not do well more like speak. When he was just ten years old he had a talent for Latin and spoke it very fluently even though it was one of many dead languages in this world. He was a photographer and was one of his first jobs he had before he knew that he could invent stuff. At a time he was working for manufacturing company for glass and he would work five days of the week so that he could eat and pay off his house in New York. No one is just who they are, they always have to find their way to becoming who they are today, and that is what Thomas Adams did even if he took harder paths then he expected, he came out to be one of many amazing inventors who help the world becoming where it is now.

Breath is no problem! So I always thought what if I had smelly breath because in grade 1 one of my friends had bad smelling breath and I wondered to myself do I have bad smelling breath just like him? Well all because of Thomas Adams I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to worry because I can chew on gum and not worry that my breath will smell. I also noticed that chocolate goes really fast when you eat it and then when you have gum you can chew it for more time than eating a piece of chocolate. I Always thought that failure was a very bad thing but it some cases it can lead to great inventions or accomplishments. That is what happened to Thomas Adams from trying to make rubber based products out of chicle. In his great failure of not making rubber based products because it melted when it was hot he decided to chew on it because that is what the ancient civilizations did (Aztec) and he found out that it was tasty so he decided to open a factory that made flavored chewing gum and by that failure he changed old wax gum to chewing gum which was healthier for you.

I think Thomas Adams is a good role model. He was a scientist and an inventor. He never let his failures stop him from achieving his goal. He tried many things before he was known as a founder of the chewing gum industry. So, never give up, dream big & work hard. -Mrs. K

History of Thomas Adams

The Chewing gum came a long way from since it was called a failure.

Thomas Adams eventually hopes that he could make many different flavors of stick gum.

This is a chicle tree from Mexico. Dear Lucas,

Dear Thomas,

Some of our users are complaining that the chewing gum might hurt the human body because it was originally a rubber-based product.

I understand your problem and the best thing to do is say to them that if it melts, it means it is edible for rubber does not melt.

-Thomas Adams


The writer Lucas is a student at Glenview Public School. He is a competitive hockey player playing at one of the highest levels available. He likes to read books & play video games during his free time. He is very curious to see the world and one day might become an explorer.

One person can change the world: Craig Kielburger

How it all started! Craig was eating breakfast and as he ate he was reading the newspaper. He saw that on the cover there was a topic that really ended up concerning him “Child Labour”. He then read the full article and was really upset. Craig went to school and asked the teacher if he could have a bit of time to talk about the issue so he did. That same he stared a club to help stop child labour with only a small group of 12 12 year olds. Even though it started off as few now Free the Children is something of which is heard all over the world.

1995-12 years old

Found out about the issue and started a club to help stop it.

1997-14 years old

1999-16 years old

Craig went to SouthAfrica and saw how hard children worked in sweatshops and help the issue stop.

Raised enough money to create a rehabilitation center.

2013-30 years old

Went on Canada’s walk of fame for all the great work hr has done over the years.

Craig when he got concerned about chiled labour (12 years old)

2014-31 years old

Remains full time cofounder of Free the Children and Me to We.

Wonderful accomplishments There are many amazing things the Kielburger brothers have done to help the places around the world that are still developing such as Kenya, and many other places in Africa. Craig along with some help of his brother Marc has started Free the Children which is now one of the biggest fundraiser\ charities in the world heard about everywhere. Free the Children has built many schools in Africa because all children should have the right to get an education and not have to work. Craig also encouraged other people around the world to help by getting schools in Canada to donate. With all the money raised Craig put the money to good use by creating water proviers like wells and other objects like that.

Just before Before Craig became famous for his amazing generosity he did a wonderful thing that he is now known for. Craig went down staires like usual to eat breakfast and while eating he was reading the news paper. Craig read about a boy named Iqbal Masih that was forced into chiled labour. That really concerned him so when he arrived at school he asked for a minute to give a little speech. Luckly the teacher let him and so he did. Craig giving an inspiarational speech.

Dear Lidia, it is my pleasure to help people and seeing their lives improving. But I would like to help even more maybe a new fundraiser. Also if it could envolve a eco friendly touch to it that would be great. I’m happy to hear that I am one of your role models. Thank you! -Sincerely Craig

Dear Craig, thank you so much for taking the time to write me an email. I’m very excited to see what else we can do to help the world. Maybe to raise money we could start a new clothes line but to incorporate your eco friendly idea we could use only eco friendly cotton. Happy to help! -Lidia Lidia N.

Ask a parent “ I consider Craig keilburger an amazing role model that has contributed a lot to places all around the world that are still in need.

I like sports but I’m really bad at them. I started playing the violin this year. I own a bunny and a fish.

Daphne Koller Accomplishements

The teacher of all students

Daphne Koller’s main contribution to the world was creating her famous website: Coursera. Coursera is a cite where anyone in the world can get a fantastic education, by watching video’s answering questions, and even doing homework assignments just as if they were studying at a normal university. And after they “graduate” on the website, a certificate gets sent to your home witch you can present to whom may offer you an excellent job or better job. A great thing about Coursera is that where ever you are in the world, whether it’s Canada or Africa,

Home page on Coursera website

whether you’re rich or poor, if you have a computer, Daphne Koller has made it possible

Before Everything

to get a magnificent education.

Profile picture of Daphne at Standford

Daphne Koller is a daughter of two academics; she used to play around in her father’s science lab when she was just a little girl. All her life Daphne knew she would get into an excellent university, because she knew how wealthy she truly was. And that was what brought her to think that some people in the world just didn’t have that luck. Just as she predicted she went two wonderful university: University of Jerusalem and Stanford. And after she graduate taught Engineering, Science and machinery at Stanford. Before she created her website she had already started charities for universities and gave many more opportunities for kids’ education. She got her PhD and received over 13 honors and awards such as: Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Received her PhD


Presidential early career Award for Sciests and Engineers


Inaugrated into national Academy of Engineers

Created Coursera website

640 000 Students have already joined website




Why I chose Daphne

I chose my individual because I know that there are many people around the world who do not have the possibility to go to university. Not only if it’s because they can’t afford it, but maybe it’s their location or a mental issue or sickness, or if you didn’t do well enough in high school to get in, there are many reasons. To think that Daphne Koller made it possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to receive an online education, and finish with a graduated certificate, is incredible, and just by that she wins so much respect from me. She is a great role model, telling people she is there for everyone, and will help get through this difficult game called life. I used to be a nationally competing Rhythmic Gymnast, came 5th out of the Whole country, I’m now a dancer. I love to draw manga. I’m currently Writing a novel called: The Story Of Julie, I’m on my 49th page.


Daphne preforming speech on TED

Celina L-T Eventhough Daphne Koller is not that well known among young people, she deserves for her career, studies and amazing research. She helped CO-found an amazing online program “Coursera”, that allows anybody in the world to get a higher post-secondary education free. Daphne Koller is definetly a good role model to the younger generation being herself an excellent student always, having received a bahelor’s degree at on 17 years of age.

The first man in space: Yuri Gagarin There are so many people on this planet that changed the way the world is. Yuri Gagarin for example, he was the first human to go to outer space! He was brave enough to go to a place where no one has been before. Yuri was a very smart person. After Yuri Gagarin graduated school in 1955 he was sent to the First Chalov Air Force Pilots School in Orenbur. Before Yuri went off into space he wrote letters to his family members and gave them to the people who worked in the space program so that if he dies the people can give his family the letters. As Yuri was about to take off one of the crew members saw that the door wasn’t closed completely, if the member didn’t see the door then Yuri would have died. Yuri was a hero to the world, he knew he might die but he still went to outer space just to let the world know that it’s possible to get out of the earth’s area and live. Yuri Gagarin was also a plane tester. He would fly many planes to see if they were safe. Yuri was born in Klushino on March 9th 1934 and died on March 27 1968. The way Yuri died was he was testing a plane and all of a sudden he disappeared off of the radar so helicopters went out

Yuri Gagarin the first man in space.

searching for him then they saw a part in the forest burning and

found the plane, Yuri and the rest what happened and how. There are how he died but what everyone man.

Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it! ~Yuri Gagarin

of the pilots. No one knows many different rumors on knows is that Yuri was a great

Out of all the heroes I have heard of I would say Yuri is a big hero. He showed the world to be brave even if you might die. If everyone is going to be scared to do it then you will never know if some things are true or not. When Yuri was in outer space, on earth people lost control of the spaceship, Yuri only had air that would last hours but the estimated time he would be back was at least 5 days but Yuri did not panic and he made it back in about 18 hours. The city, Klushino, was renamed Gagarin in his honour. He was the third of four children. His two older siblings were deported to Germany during the Nazi occupation of Russia and used as slave labour. Gagarin was one of 20 pilots chosen for the initial Soviet space programme. He was so popular among his fellow candidates that, when they were all asked to anonymously nominate which one of them they would like to see become the first cosmonaut, all but three chose him.

This is the capsule Yuri was in to go into space.

Dear Julia, Wow Yuri Gagarin is amazing! He did so many things to help the world, I wish I could meet him and ask him some questions like “How was it? What made you go on the journey?” and many more! -Mrs. L. In the village of Klushino March 9th 1934 Yuri Gagarin was born. During the war on November 1941 an officer took over Yuri’s home and his family had to live in a small hut beside their house that the officer took over. In 1946 Yuri and his family moved to Gzhatsk (renamed to Gagarin after Yuri’s death). In 1951 Yuri Gagarin was training at the Saratov Industrial Technical School where he studied tractors. After he graduated Yuri Gagarin was recommended to the First Chkalov Air Force Pilot’s School in Orenburg. April 12 1961 Yuri went off into space being the first to travel into space. March 27 1968 was a sad day, Yuri died while he was testing out a jet.

Julia is a student from Glenview. She loves candy and books! Julia is from Belarus.

Charles Best: Insulin Hero

Charles Best as a young adult

THE ONE AND ONLY: CHARLES BEST As a teen, best would often accompany his father Herbert Best on his rounds in a horse drawn carriage. He was a direct decedent to Major William Best, who in 1749 was one of the founders of Halifax Nova Scotia. When Best was offered his job to help Banting with research, Clark Noble was also offered the job but Banting only needed one partner so they flipped a coin. And in result, Best won. When the research was done and insulin was wildly known, Banting won a noble prize and because Best did not yet receive his medical degree. So Banting shared his prize with Best, so he didn’t take all the credit. The word "insulin" is based on the Latin word for island.

Best and Banting with the first dog they cured

Medical student Charles Best was an insulin hero. He is most known for his breakthrough as co-discoverer of insulin along with Fredrick Banting in 1922. He also assisted in the establishment of association of diabetes to promote support groups and educational programs for their members. But he didn’t stop there. Best discovered the enzyme histaminase, and his studies on choline proved its importance in dietary factor. Best also completed his BA in physiology and biochemistry at the University of Toronto, the spring of 1921. After Banting died, Best became the head boss of the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research (BBDMR). He retired his job in 1965 because of a depression illness and in 1978, Best became very ill after hearing the death of his older son, Sandy, and died shortly after. In other words, Best did a lot to help with medical research and saved people’s lives.

He shows what can be accomplished when we resolve to solve a problem facing us. Canadian heroes are not celebrated nearly enough. This is one example of a role model we should be proud of and inspired by. -Sophie .O.

Why I’m Inspired by Best I’ve met people with diabetes before, and without Charles Best they would be dead or in the hospital. And both those choices would be bad. If I or one of my friends or family were to have diabetes (hopefully not) we would have medicine to keep us going. Charles best was also Canadian and went to the university of Toronto the same university I want to go to. He was young when he and Banting made the discovery, 33 years old. The first time they tried the medicine, it didn’t work, but they didn’t give up, and because of that they succeeded in finding insulin.

Charles Best Time Line

February 27, 1899, in West Pembroke, Main

Got his BA in physiology and biochemistry



Discovered insulin

Banting shared his noble prize with Best




1978 Asking Jessica

ADVICE COLUMN Dear Jessica, After the research was done, Banting and I were so excited to tell everyone about our discovery. But one problem we found was how to publish the medicine. Sadly very few people know about the discovery and my concern is mainly focused on the children. If the kids these days donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what insulin is and in the future will need it (hopefully not) and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what it is, how will they find out they have a medicine to help them? If you could suggest a few ideas on how to publish the medicine, that would be of great help. Sincerely, Charles Best

Dear Charles, As a kid myself I know how to gain our attention. We usually spend most of our time watching TV or on our devices. You can pay for ads on the internet, a thirty second commercial on TV or you can even ask a celebrity to publish your discovery. Or you can hand out flyers and/or put up posters. You can ask school boards to make it a learning curriculum for health or history. I hope I gave you good ideas for your great discovery and good luck with your publishing

Best and Banting with insulin

S Jessica Sincerely,

Jessica is a student from class FI7A in Glenview Senior Public School. In her free time she loves to read. She still sleeps with stuffed animals, one of them she got when she was 1 years old. Her favorite eating utensil is a spoon, and she is deathly afraid of automatic toilets.

The Life of Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof is good at something but not all. Bob played in a film called “Pink Floyd the Wall”. He played as Pink. He’s also has been in a lot of concerts. And also he was in a lot of books. Most of the books where about him in Africa. The book was called “Bob Geldof i Africa”.

Bob Geldof was born in Oct 05, 1951. Before Bob worked as a slaughterman, a road navy, and a pea canner. I don’t know how that got him to be a signer. But now he’s a rock star with four daughters Peaches, Pixie, Tiger and Fifi. I love their names.

I chose Bob Geldof because he is in a band and when I was small I wanted to be in a band. Also he has lots of book about him. And also his mom has the same name as me. That’s cool. Almost forgot, I like him because he helps people with poverty. And if we ever meet I will want him to know that I have the same name as is mom and I will like to know is how he become a rock star.

Time of the Songs The Great Song of Indifference 1990

This is the World Calling 1986

The Beat of the Night 1986

The Happy Club 1992

Room19 1992

Parent Opinion The individual chosen is a very famous band player who contributes a large amount to the lower, less fortunate countries. He is well known and should be a very good example for the younger generations to use their talents to help others. Other than him being blunt, he is a very good role model for younger generations - especially in the musical industry. To influence the kids to do what they think is right and sticking to it no matter how big the problem is, in his case, poverty and family.

Evelyn Evelyn is a girl who goes to Glenview. She likes lollipops, cats and dogs. Evelyn likes to draw and sometimes she likes to sing. When she grows up she doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what she wants to be. Evelyn has two sisters, Sylvana and Ivy.

A Legendary Woman: Laura Secord Why is she so important? In her life Laura Secord has done so many amazing things. During the war of 1812 her husband went to fight but did not return with the other soldiers when the first battle was done, so she went to the battlefield and found her husband weak and wounded, she brought him back and saved his life. In 1813 while the war was still going on, some American soldiers forced Laura to let them stay at her place overnight. That night Laura overheard the Americans planning to kill the British officer and take the British troops by surprise. Because her husband was still ill she bravely decided to go and warn the British troops. She took a detour so she wouldn’t get caught and all in all it was a 20 mile walk. During her walk she met two Indians, who accompanied her to the British camp. When she finally got there she told the officer about what she heard. Without Laura Secord the Niagara region would have been taken over by the Americans.

A picture of young Laura Secord

Before 1812

Laura warning the British about the American attack. (By Lorne K. Smith)

Behind the Reason I chose Laura Secord as my inspirational person because she is a great example that woman can be strong and are very capable of help others. She is also a great role model to many and she is a very brave. She pushed herself passed the limits and put her life at risk for others. Laura Secord help the British and Canadians win the war. She also saved many lives and without her things could have been terrible during the war. I believe that Laura Secord is a very inspirational woman and she is a wonderful Canadian heroine.

Sadly when Laura was still very young her mother died and her father re-married, twice. By her father’s third wife Laura had a huge family including her 3 original sisters, 5 stepsisters, and 3 stepbrothers. But when Laura grew up and married James Secord at the age of 17 she had 7 kids. The background name Secord is French and before it was Secord it was D’Secor or Sicar but they Anglicized their last name to Secord. After her good deed in the war Laura Secord was known for helping the British and Canadians win the war of 1812. ●

There are few women recognized in our history, which makes Laura Secord even more important as a role model. ~Brenda W. ●

1813 1779 Laura Secord is born

Laura warns the British troops about the American attack

Dear Emma, Since what I have done in the war it has been already 40 years. I also know that there are no army a record of me helping in the war. It is almost like they forgot about me. I don’t want to sound selfish but I believe I deserve to have my story told so that others can hear about it too .What do you think I should do? Very few people know about my deed but I wish to educate them and tell them that you can always make a difference all you need to do is have courage and stand up for what’s right. ~Laura Secord

Dear Laura, You definitely deserve to have your story told. You have done so many amazing things for Canada. I suggest you write a letter to the prime minister about the great things you did for the nation. Maybe you could convince him, to get the word out. Or you could write a book about your journey during the war. I’m sure it would be a best seller because your story is fantastic and your part of history is a very important one. ~Emma

1860 Laura gets reconized for her great deed in the war

1868 Laura Secord Dies

1913 Candy store is opened in her name

The Laura Secord Company first opened in 1913 and is continued to this very day. The Laura Secord Company is well known throughout Canada for their sweet treats (Candies, chocolates, ice cream, nuts and much more.) The company has been running for over 100 years. The Laura Secord stores are one of the ways Laura Secord’s legend lives on.

During Laura’s Walk to warn the British troops she meets Indians, and they accompany her to the British camp site.

Emma is a grade 7 student at Glenview Senior Public School. She swims competitively 4 times a week. She also loves all water sports. Emma does not have any pets except her two brothers who drive her crazy, but she loves them both.

Spencer West: More than a Man By: Ella

Spencer’s Accomplishments Spencer West was born with a genetic disease that caused his legs not to function properly. After that they were amputated for easier movement. Spencer West climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without legs! After that he started an organization called “The Clean Water Walk” and so far he has raised over 500,000 dollars for clean water in Africa but he still shy from his 750,000 dollar goal. Spencer West speaks at the event “We Day” yearly to young adults and teens about how they can change the world.

Interesting Facts about Spencer Spencer lost all feeling and control in his legs from the pelvis down due to a genetic disorder since birth, than at the age of five West’s legs were amputated for easier movement. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without crutches passed over 300km to get up the mountain and then back down. In total a 600km trip. Spencer West has raised over 500,00 dollars for “Clean Water Walk”(A charity founded by Spencer) so that children can go to school instead of doing water runs and missing school “Clean Water Walk” puts wells in villages and next to schools.

Why I Chose Spencer West I chose Spencer West because he is full of drive and determination Spencer has changed the idea of what people think is possible and that’s just because he doesn’t have legs doesn’t mean that he isn’t treated the same as someone with legs. He climbed mount Kilimanjaro, a trip that most people with legs cannot do. And he did it without legs… to me that is so inspiring and so amazing that Spencer is my inspiration for doing well in school. If you want it, and you are willing to work hard to get it… then you have it.

Dear Ella, Hi! It’s Spencer! I was writing to ask you about about an issue I have. When I walk on my hands for long periods of time, they get quite sore because the skin on the hands is not as tough as the skin on the feet. That is why when you do handstands your hands get sore as to if you where walking normally on your feet. Any solutions? For during walking and after? Thanks, Spencer West

Dear Spencer, I’m writing back to answer your questions about soreness in your hands. There is this cool new product that you put on your hands like a glove but it is made of a shoe like material with grips on the palms! Perfect! On the inside there is a squishy soft fabric that is quite soft and forms to your hands like Birkenstocks for your feet. And for after walking on your hands, use aloe lotion to moisten them and loosen your muscles. Hope you found this helpful! Thanks, Ella

Byline Ella enjoys spending tie with her family, her favourite places include Montebello Quebec, Whistler British Columbia, Starbucks, Yorkdale and Palm Springs California. Ella has two cats named Rascal and Boots. She enjoys camping and WIFI.

Ciara Sexton-Role Model and Star By: Dina Janashyia

Ciara Sexton accomplished many things, but some of the most important things are going to be the ones that I will talk about now. First, she choreographs dances for her hometown dance company, Celtic Feet in the West Midlands, UK. Second, she has done many workshops with dancers to help them get better and maybe someday become stars like her. Lastly, she’s really brave because she can manage to dance on stage, in front of millions of people, even if her legs are spray painted green. (True story!!!) After that show, a lot of dancers started looking up to her as their role model. I love her a lot and she’s an amazing dancer.

Ciara and I at one of her workshops

You know all of the accomplishments she has, but you still don’t know the interesting facts about Ciara, so here it goes!!! Ciara Sexton started dancing when she was only 3 with the instruction of Marion Turley. She also won the All-Ireland Championships 5 time’s except only one time when she got second and Marion got really mad. Finally, she lived and still lives in the West Midlands, UK. That’s where her family and 2 brothers named Michael and Justin that are both older than her, live. So that’s all you need to know about her.

One of the most important things about Ciara is her ability to inspire others -Lana J.

When Ciara won her first Championship

Rise to Fame

Lead in “Excalibur” 8/09-1/10

Troupe Dancer in “Feet of Flames” 11/09-12/10

On the Feis* LTD (interview) 3/13-10/13

Ciara is an amazing dancer, but she is also an amazing role model to dancers younger or older than her. One reason why I picked her for this article is because I absolutely love how she dances. She’s graceful and she jumps REALLY high into the air. I also met her once in real life during one of her workshops and she’s probably the most awesome person ever. Ciara was enthusiastic and patient with everyone. When I dance, I look up to her as a role mode land idol and as a teacher, since she taught me so much in Irish Dancing. All in all she’s by far my most favorite dancer.

Choreographer (Celtic Feet) 4/04-Present

Dancer in Heartbeat of Home 7/13-Present

 Dear Dina, I love dancing, but sometimes my ego gets the better of me and I go kind of crazy. I think that I don’t need to try harder while dancing when my ego kicks in. Please tell me how to avoid that. Thank you, Ciara Hi Ciara, I understand your concern, and I’m willing to help you. Since your ego only sometimes kicks in, there’s supposed to be a trigger that sets it off. Let’s say your colleagues say that one of your dances was the best one ever. So try to maybe glide over the compliment somehow. Good luck, Dina

Ciara Sexton jumping

I do Irish Dancing just like Ciara. I read a LOT (my favourite book right now is Divergent). I wish purple koalas were real! ;)

March, 27, 2014

Help the World and Have Fun Doing It: Bill Gates By: Dennis G.

Bill Gates is the founder and former CEO of the billion dollar company

Bill Gates. Recent Photo Bill Gates. Recent Photo.

Microsoft, which created operating systems and other programs for personal computers. It’s fair to say that every person who ever had a computer most likely was positively affected by Bill Gates. Now, after he resigned from Microsoft he dedicated his mind and his money to helping the poorest among us. He tirelessly wrestles with problems that are seemingly impossible to solve. He uses the same skills that he used to build Microsoft and applies them to the world’s hardest problems. His work saved literally tens of millions of people’s lives. When Bill was asked what he believes in, he replied: “I believe that every life is valuable. That we can make things better. That innovation is the key to a bright future. That we are just getting started.”


a child Bill Gates liked to read and code. He signed up with a company to let him use their computer and pay them for computer time sponsored by parents at the computer club at his school. While there, he created a game of tic-tac-toe, in which he could play the computer instead of another physical person. Later that year he was banned from using the computer because he and a group of friends were caught hacking the computer to get free computer time. To solve the problem, they asked the company to allow them to remove the bugs in exchange for computer time. He loved computers. In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. The rest is history.

I believe that Bill Gates is a very talented person; He is also a very fortunate man. At the same time he understand the huge responsibility that comes with talent and this is why he uses his talent and wealth to improve the lives of other people. -Alexei G


chose to write about Bill Gates because he is a perfect example of a man who worked hard to turn his dream into a reality, had a lot of fun doing it and helped a lot of people in the process. Now that he has retired from business, he uses most of the money he earned to give to charities and not only other charities, but his own charity which helps to eradicate disease, educate people and reduce poverty. Bill Gates is always interested in what he does and he is never bored. I want to be like Bill Gates.

Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela







Windows 1.0,

Windows 3.0

Windows XP

Windows 8

In 1980 Bill Gates gets approached by IBM to create on operating system named MS-DOS which would bridge the gap between hardware and base programs such as word processor. In 1985 Microsoft introduces windows 1.0. This is the very first version of windows, in which instead of typing in a command, like in DOS, you aim and click through boxes that we call windows and do your work on them separately. Each window is its own program. In 1990 Windows 3.0 came out. It was faster and supported 16 bit color.

Evolution of Windows Logo

In 2001 Windows XP was introduced. It had a redesigned look and feel, and was centered on usability. The system supported 25 languages, and was very stable. I was using it until earlier this year when I switched to Windows 7. Two years ago in 2012 Microsoft introduced Windows 8. It is compatible with touch mouse and keyboard, and has a completely redesigned style.

Dear Bill Gates:

Dear Dennis:

I truly admire your work in educating people and helping to cure diseases. However, a lot of people are healthy but have nothing to eat. What in your opinion can reduce hunger in the world?

Do you know about Fritz Haber? He is a German scientist, who in 1909, figured out how to make synthetic ammonia. This is the fertilizer that we use today. A full 40 percent of the world’s population is alive today because of this discovery. However in the countries where hunger persists the agriculture is old fashioned, meaning people do not use fertilizer and do not irrigate their fields. We need to educate farmers in the developing world so that they know how to properly harvest more crops. We also need more innovators liker Fritz Haber. Study my friend.

-Dennis G.

-Bill G. Dennis G. is a student at Glenview Senior PS. His hobbies are archery, programming for 3d printers, and building helicopters. He loves Math, English and writing “This is just to say” poems: “This is just to say I took all of your Halloween candy, Forgive me it looked so tempting to take it as it was sitting on the cool kitchen table right after Halloween.” Also Dennis has a huge obsession with exotic cars.

Barack Obama – First Black President of the United States Of America

We all know Barack Obama as the first ever Black President for the U.S.A. But there are so many other great things he did and achieved . In 2012 he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts. He tried to strengthen international diplomacy and he donated $154,000 to the K.I.D.S. foundation. Obama is really generous and kind, he donates plenty of money to charities for sick kids around the world, he has a lot of responsibility and it’s not only for the U.S.A.

Barack Obama Obama isn’t only generous and kind, he is also really well educated. He graduated from “Columbia University” (former “Columbia College”) where he got his master degree in political science. Obama also graduated from “Harvard University” for all law (because if you are going to become president you have to know all kinds of law science.) Most important of all he is the first African-American president for the U.S.A. So now you see that Obama is also very intelligent and he is a very hard worker.

The whitehouse in Washington D.C

I chose Obama as my special individual because he is a good role model and sets an excellent example for everyone. He finished all of his school, he used his time wisely. He worked very hard to fight for black rights and to become the president of U.S.A and he won! So he shows intelligence, independence, courage and a lot of hope. He is showing that no matter what little rights you have you can always be very important and big. He is a very good person and he teaches us very valuable lessons.

j He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts.


He donated $154,000 to the K.I.D.S foundation.


He first became president.


He graduated from Harvard University.


He graduated from Columbia University.


Dear Daniel, I don’t know what to do! There is a lot of war in Iraq! The people here are so angry and want to go to war immediately! Please help me do you have any suggestions on what to do? -Barack Obama Dear Barack Obama, That’s crazy! Here is what you should do; you should find out why the people from Iraq are so angry and figure out a solution and then try to make a deal with them to drop the war and that you will give them what they want. I think you will be able to drop the war good luck! -Daniel

Daniel is a student at Glenview Senior Public School, he is in class FI7A and he has a lot of friends. He is very funny and he makes his friends and family laugh a lot. He loves traveling around the world, he really wants to go to Paris, France and to Serbia to visit his family. He likes to work in school he doesn’t like homework and working at home but in school he is very focused and hard working.

Christopher James - FI7A March 28, 2014

Cancer Detection, Better, Faster, Cheaper: Jack Andraka


he current test for pancreatic cancer is a 60 year old technique.

It costs $800 dollars, takes 14 hours, and only has a 70% chance that it will actually detect the cancer. When a close family friend of 13 year old Jack Andraka passed away from pancreatic cancer the 13 year old did some research and found these statistics and was dumfounded, he thought that there had to be a better way. After going through 4,000 possible biomarkers and 199 lab rejections, Jack Andraka made a new pancreatic cancer sensor that costs 3cents, takes 5 minutes, has over 90% chance that it will detect the cancer and the best part: it detects the cancer in its earliest stages when the person has close to a 100% chance of survival. Because of his discovery he won the Gordon E. Moore Award. Jack has been on over 16 Ted talks - including one at the house of parliament, he is the youngest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine, and has been featured on 60 Minutes, World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, NPR Marketplace, Popular

Jack Andraka wins the Gordon E. Moore Award Science, BBC, Al Jazeera and the Colbert Report, he was also in award winning documentaries including “You Don’t know Jack” by Morgan Spurlock and many more.

Jack’s Timeline

1998 Jack Andraka was born.

2011 Jack’s family friend dies.


Ted’s Take on Jack’s Talk

Jack has demonstrated that age is not a factor in how one can make a difference. He was curious, had the motivation and tenacity to continue on his path despite the barriers and challenges along the way -Sandra

Jack Andraka wins the Gordon E. Moore Award

2013 Jack does a Ted Talk

Life Scouts, Math Competitions and Kayaking


ack was your average teenager, he was never overly special. Jack isn’t the smartest

person you’ll ever meet, but he found something that motivated him. Jack wanted something, believed in himself and worked hard for it and ultimately achieved his goal. He and his family never liked sports, but he must like the outdoors because he is part of life scouts. Jack may not be super smart, but he has won many awards in numerous math competitions. Jack is also a member of the National Junior Wildwater Kayak team.

Life Scouts

What to Learn


ack is a good role-model, and was committed to what he believed in. No matter how many times

he got rejected or was told he couldn’t do it, he kept going because he believed it could be done. Jack is a regular kid, in his TED talk he says: “Through the Internet, anything is possible. Theories can be shared and you don’t have to be a professor with multiple degrees to have your ideas valued. It’s a neutral space, where what you look like, age or gender, it doesn’t matter. It’s just your ideas that count, for me it’s all about looking at the Internet in an entirely new way,” His words were very inspiring to me. “Create your own path to success and if you’re the only one walking it you must find the way.” I find this quote very meaningful, Jack Andraka did exactly what it says, all in all Jack is a great role-model.

Jack’s Detectors


Ask a Student! Dear Christopher, How can I get students to start thinking about using the internet to gather information about problems affecting the world? The problems could be about pollution, it could be about bullying, and it could also be about other health issues. How do we get kids asking questions and exploring the internet and other sources to solve problems?


Sincerely, Jack Andraka Dear, Jack You have already shown what is possible through hard work and focus. To inspire kids, you could keep sharing your story. Try and get other kid’s stories out as well to show what is possible. This is good news that needs to be shared. Ted Talks like yours is not well known yet. Kids use social media more than ever and sometimes they need help or inspiration to try something new. I hope that helped, Christopher I’m Christopher James and I’m a student at Glenview S.P.S. I love music and I play two instruments, guitar and cello. I also like to read, my favourite genre is adventure (and sometimes fantasy). I would like to play badminton on the varsity team.

March 21st, 2014

Amelia Earhart: the First Woman to Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean By: Chloe I have always wondered about the people who stood up for girls and women in the early days. Now, I know Amelia Earhart is one of them. Earhart’s contribution to women’s struggle and equality was and will not go on unnoticed. She was also a career advisor to female college students. While her love for flying went on, Amelia Earhart has broken a lot of flight records. After her hard work and perseverance, she became a woman aviator and wrote wonderful books, like The Fun of It and Last Flight.

Earhart in 1922. The year she broke the women’s altitude record.

Before she became famous The first time Amelia saw a plane she was not impressed- “It was a thing of rusty wire and wood and looked not at all interesting.” Until about a decade later she was at an air show with her father that she knew she had to fly. Amelia graduates from Hyde Park High School in Chicago. She did amazing in science, only enrolled in Hyde Park High School because it had the best science programme. Earhart sometimes got in trouble as a result of her independent nature. She had some financial hardship in her teens and twenties and recalled being interested in mechanical things, when in the time, young girls should behave genteel and ladylike. Amelia also volunteered as a nurse’s aide at a military hospital, part of the WWI war effort.

Amelia Earhart, was highly celebrated as an aviator and being the first woman in the field, truly symbolized power and perseverance for American Women and women globally.

An inspiration to women The reason why I chose Amelia Earhart is because she proved that women can also make changes in the world if they try. She stood up for women and inspired them to this day. I was always interested in the mystery of her death. There were two search parties but her body was never found. They still aren’t completely sure how her plane went down.

-Ms. H. 1937, the year Amelia disappeared.

1897, Amelia Otis Earhart was born 1920,Attends first air show and pane ride with her father and knew she had to fly

1916, Graduates from Hyde Park High School

1924, works as a teacher and social worker to immigrants from Syria and china

1931, gets married to George Palmer Putnam

1921, gets first flying lesson and passes test

1932, first women to fly solo across Atlantic, first women to fly solo across America

1929, Help found The Ninety- Nines, the first organization for women aviators

1936, raises money for around the world flight 1939, Amelia’s declared legally dead Amelia receives the harm on trophy for Americans outstanding Airwomen for third year in a row

1935, in-between flights, works as a career counsellor to women at a university

1937, Takes off for around the world flight, but does not make it to landing spot in Howland Island

Amelia Earhart 1897 - 1939 When Amelia was born she lived with her maternal grandparents. Then in 1908 she rejoins her parents. George Palmer Putnam was an American author, publisher and explorer. They met when George interviewed Amelia. Later he published her book. Apparently George proposed about seven times before Amelia said yes.

Ask a friend! Dear Chloe, I’m in the middle of my flight around the world 4000 miles away from my landing spot, Howland Island. It’s getting really foggy up in the air and all the radio systems are down. Not sure what direction I’m going in. Fred Noonan, my co pilot- navigator, knocked out as we hit the fog. There is no telling how it happened because I’m busy piloting. There isn’t much fuel left, what should I do? -

Amelia Earhart

Dear Amelia, I think that what you should do is reduce your altitude, get close to the water. In the event fuel runs out it won’t be a hard impact. Look for land. Try going to your left and right, the fog should clear out in a while. Try and dump un-wanted cargo. Keep talking to Fred, to get his attention, he might wake up. Try screaming if you must so he hears a loud noise. Good luck. -


The writer Chloe loves reading books now. She has always been interested in photography. She plays three instruments; double bass, guitar, a little piano and would love to start taking drumming lessons.

Martin Cooper: The father of the cellphone Cooper’s accomplishments


Martin Cooper holding the Dyna-Tac cellphone

In 1973 Martin Cooper had the idea to make a cellular telephone to communicate wirelessly. His inspiration was from star trek when James t. Kirk was using his wireless communicator to contact the ship. After making a prototype in the same year, 1973, Martin Cooper decided to make the cellphone real. In 1983 Martin Cooper built the Dyna-Tac, the first ever handheld wireless phone or a cellphone. Before he made the Dyna-Tac in 1983, he made the first cellularlike portable handheld police radio system for the Chicago police department in 1963. We can say he was a life saver for what he did to the world, he made life easier, by making a cellular telephone so people don’t have to stand, held back to the telephone in the wall or car, now we can go virtually anywhere and call.

Early life and career In order to finance his own education, Martin Cooper joined the reserve officers’ training corps. Shortly after Cooper joined the reserve officers’ training corps he ended up on a Navy destroyer blowing up Korean railroad tracks on the coast of Korea during the Korean conflict. After serving for around 3 and a half years, he was put in a submarine for the navy. Did you know that Cooper was a major Star trek fan, and star trek is where he got his inspiration for the cellphone. Martin Cooper went on to build the first cellular-like portable handheld police radio system for the Chicago police before going onto making the cellphone.

From its initial release in 1983, there are now over 22 million cell phones is Canada alone (CWTA, 2013). Transmission of voice and data via a handheld device has ensured that there is ready and timely access to information and people. Martin Cooper’s inspiration

-Grant V.

Is he a good role model?

I think that Martin Cooper is a very talented man who should be known for his invention of the cellphone. He made a machine that made life easier by being able to call without being held back by a cord, by making wireless phone. He is a perfect role model for people who want to invent something because everyone thought it was impossible to make the cellphone but he did it. So it would lead to saying that if someone were to try to invent something they would know that if Martin Cooper can do it, you can do it. This sums up to how he would be a great inspiration and role model to everyone including people who want to invent. The Dyna-Tac in action




Cellphone timeline Ask a writer Cyber bullying is becoming a major problem now. This problem is due to people being mean to others through their phones. Is there a way to stop it? -Martin Cooper Thanks Martin, I think that is truly mean to others when they are the victim. People should know it is bad to do so, but they continue to bully others on the internet, really there is no way to stop it because they will most likely continue. There is a way to slowly stop it, making people aware about cyber bullying and how it affects them or others. That could very well be the answer, but it would take a long time before everyone how does it gets close to stopping. -Bjorn


About the writer Bjorn is a student at Glenview senior public school. One of his goals is to invent something. He loves dogs. He also loves playing sports, and all types of cars especially.

March 23, 2014

Master of the sciences

Nikola tesla d

By: Leon B.

Mastermind of the century, a man inspired by many, and he has over 700 patents, is being seen through the pages more often! This man has been inspiring many from his great inventions such as the Radio, Tesla Coil, AC (Alternating Current), DC (Direct Current) and even the first Remote Controlled Vehicle! All of this, thanks to a man named Nikola Tesla who has been most recently researching on Electromagnetic Fields and of course, Electricity. After working with Thomas Edison, Mr. Tesla left Edison to work indecently, striving even more in the sciences. At

Nikola Tesla at the age of 37.

the minute, he is still inspiring many more people around the world.

Inventor of the century

Nikola Tesla began small when he was young; almost at the

A modern-day AC Motor.

age of 13. At that point, he devised a bug power motor that ran on June bugs, but then had to abort the experiment after his friend decided to eat some of the bugs. In 1884, Tesla moved to the United States and started working with Thomas Edison, who promised Nikola Tesla 1.1M dollars if he resigned Edisonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DC Generators: after completing his own work, he gave it to Edison and asked for the salary payment, but Edison said it was a joke and that Tesla didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t understand American humour. Later on, Tesla competed over Edison with his AC (Alternating Current) against Edisonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (Direct Current). In the end, AC became superior at the cause of distance between the power lines of the Alternating Current. Later on, Tesla began working on many inventions, and thus had over 700 official patents from his genius works.

Why tesla inspires me

The reason why I chose Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla’s ashes found in the Museum of Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia. His ashes were put into a golden sphere because his favourite geometrical shape was a sphere.

“One could learn from Tesla’s example that knowledge enriches not only the mind, but as well as the soul and that the world around us should never stop fascinating us.”

-Mrs. B.


Tesla was born.

Leon Baronian is a 1900 Grade 71891 student at Glenview Sr. Public School. He plays U-14 Wanderclyffe Tesla Coil High Performance plant was was Tennisinvented. and is a ski constructed. enthusiast as well. He also studies bacteria as his hobby from a microscope; since his

was because all his genius works were truly amazing. His inventions were out of the ordinary peculiar at the time, but as we know it now, without Tesla, there would be no electricity: WiFi, cellphones, computers etc. The tedious time and work it took him JUST to create a prototype of the Tesla Coil or the Radio was immense. I admire how he used to pay $50 Serbians who wanted to visit him (since he was lonely) in the United States, and my great grandfather wanted to go to greet him, but then thought maybe Tesla will think my grandfather only came for the money. I also admire how much effort he put into working for people and he didn’t want money; it was just his passion to work in the sciences. Nikola Tesla truly inspired me and many others, and I hope he will inspire you as well.

Leon Baronian is a Grade 7 student at Glenview Sr. Public School. He plays U-14 High Performance Tennis and is a ski enthusiast as well. He also studies bacteria as his hobby from a microscope; since his passion is Micro-Biology. Leon Baronian also likes to read any book that he can grab onto.



Bladeless Turbine was invented.

Tesla passes away.

Teslaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inquiries!

Dear Leon, I am in aid of some assistance from you, if you could help me. I am working with Thomas Edison, and his company, to construct Motors (AC/DC) for his company to use. Yet he told me he will pay $1.1M dollars if I finish the job; which I did. In the end, he never gave me anything; and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care about the money, but I care about how trustworthy he is. What do you think I should do? .

Yours Truly, Nikola Tesla

Dear Mr.Tesla, Thank you for notifying me of this situation. Since he most likely will fool you more than once, I suggest you leave his company and either find a new assistant or work individually. This will not only aid in your economy, but will also resolve many problems to come. Warm Regards, Leon Baronian

Markus “notch” Persson Mar. 27

By Andrew, FI7A

MAKER OF THE GAME Have you wanted to play a 3d game that you can build on easily? Markus Persson made just that by making minecraft. A game made by blocks that you can easily build on. The idea is simple... you are a character that can break blocks and collect them. Then you can place them and craft them into items. Seems simple right?

Markus Persson (left)

MAN OF GAMES Markus always loved video games as a kid and programming started very young and he was skilled at it. The funny part is they almost cancelled minecraft thinking it would be unsuccessful but they were wrong and he succeeded

Markus person made his first game at the age of 8.the game was called a text adventure and was difficult game of scrolling through text... but still hard to program

I chose Markus because I think he is very inspirational. He came from a non wealthy family and made a game that got so famous he got rich. The other cool thing is that it is very easy to mod so you can also try programming.

Markus “notch” Persson 1

Mark Zuckerberg : Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the American Genius and World’s youngest billionaire does contribute a lot to the world. In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg donated 100 million dollars to Newark Public School System. This is a comprehensive community public school district that serves the entire city of Newark, New Jersey. Thanks to Mark, we can also all connect very easily through the internet. Facebook allows us to share our lives with the ones we love and talk to people from all around the world.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg born on May the 14 1984 in Dobbs Fairy, New York. His interest in computers started at the age of 12 when is also when he created a messaging site called “Zucknet”. He also experimented with making computer games for fun. Meanwhile, he studied at Phillips Exeter Academy which was an exclusive preparatory high school located in New Hampshire. While in high school he created an early version of the music software Pandora which he called Synapse. Companies including AOL and Microsoft showed an interest in hiring him before he graduated and buying the program but he declined. After graduation, Mark enrolled in Harvard college and also became the go-to software guy on campus. He also began working on a social network with Divya Narendra and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Zuckerberg dropped out of creating this website to work on another with Duston Moskovitz, Chris Hughs and Eduardo Saverin, this website turned out to be Facebook. He worked on the website in his dorm room until he dropped out to pursue Facebook and moved to California. At the end of 2004, facebook gained 1 million users. The main reason the dominant color of Facebook is blue is because Mark suffers from color blindness and sees the color blue the best. Mark Zuckerberg who’s net worth is 9 billion dollars gives a HUGE proportion of his wealth away to charity. I find that amazing because most rich/famous people keep the wealth to themselves and show it off. He realized that some people need the money more then he does. Zuckerberg has also proved that you can do anything at any age! He is the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 29. You can be 12, 30, 50, 80 but he has shown if you have what it takes and the determination you can really do anything. I like him because he has made a social networking site where we can connedt and find new people and make news friends and he has made it easier to connect to our families all across the world. Thank god, we have someone like Mark Elliot Zuckerberg! “He has used his wealth for good causes , such as donating to schools and pleading half of his wealth to a charity. It is a lesson to the young generation that with wealth and success comes responsibility.”

December 31st 2004, Mark Zuckerberg drops out of Harvard to pursue his dream of facebook.

Febuary 4th 2004. Mark Zuckerberg creates facebook in his dorm

On May 5th 2007, Mark Zuckerberg was named world’s youngest billionaire!

July 21 2010, Facebook reaches 500 million users! Woohoo!

On September 22 2010, Mark donates 100 million DOLLARS TO CHARITY

Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder and CEO of facebook has accomplished tons of things, let’s take a look at a few.. While Zuckerberg was in Harvard studying Computer Science also was in the process of creating Facebook in his dorm. When he realized that facebook could be popular and do very well, de dropped out of Harvard to pursue his dream of facebook making it big. May 5th 2007, was named worlds youngest billionaire; net worth: 9 billion. As time flies facebook reaches 500 million users! Facebook certainly did make it big ;) Glad that Mark realizes that he doesn’t need all the money he has and shares his wealth. On September 22 2010, Mark donates 100 MILLION DOLLARS to charity!


Facebook has a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. I personally feel facebook is a major cause for cyber-bullying. One of the victims is Amanda Todd Ex: people made mean facebook pages about her, called her mean names which lead to depression and eventually suicide. Stalkers, stalkers, stalkers, just by your name, date of birth and country people can find out anything about you. Parents have no control over they’re kids accounts, and kids continue to deny anything is wrong. You can post mean things on the internet and nobody could

stop you! The result of all this are..: suicide, depression, low self esteem, anorexia, etc.. Phones, facebook, the internet is so addictive these days. Kids & Teens, even adults are always doing something on facebook. It’s bad for your vision, I mean if you want to go blind it’s a great idea. Websites such as facebook become a daily need and are a addiction. Which is not good. Grades get lower, how much you exercise becomes a problem, laziness and everything that comes with not doing anything productive.

I was thinking, maybe when you sign up for facebook you need to show/put some sort of identy to show you are older then 13. Also, maybe you could put in your parents email so they could keep an eye on what your doing and to verify your account. Maybe, facebook could have a rule like, they will log you out if you stay on facebook for 2 hours in one day. Also, by your profile picture if they think you look younger then 13 they could take your account down. Jusr a few suggestions to improve FaceBook! 

Hello! I’m Sereena W. I enjoy skating, baking and reading. I want to study at the University of Toronto and become a Brain Surgeon! I’m afraid of going on planes because I always think their going to crash !

Vicky Sunohara Written by: Ellen

The Wayne Gretzky of Women’s Hockey

The Many-Medals-Medalist

Vicky played a huge roll of the winning of the 1998 silver medal in Japan for the Vicky Sunohara is considered one of the best Canadian’s woman’s team. She female hockey players in the “Like other elite achieved one of her dreams twice; world. Vicky went to athletes, Vicky made once at the 2002 Salt Lake City Northeastern University on a substantial sacrifices Olympics where she and her team full scholar ship then went to to pursue her dreams won gold and again the same U of T and was the captain of and her passion. She during the 2006 Olympics in Italy. the women’s varsity team. felt a direct impact due The 2002 game was an exciting to gender based She is a 3 time Olympian with win for Canada 3-2 against the discrimination, yet did two gold medals and one US. In Italy they beat Sweden 4not quit.” silver. Sunohara was a world -Mr. A.M. 1. Vicky has won a total of 18 champion from 1990 to 2008. medals, 15 of them gold. She has After all of her amazing achievements, she is now been named a member of the currently head coach of the varsity team. Scarborough walk of fame.

A Typical yet Outstanding Canadian

Vicky was born May 18, 1970 in Scarborough, Ontario. Vicky’s dad was the one who motivated her to play hockey by playing ball hockey with her when she was one and a half and had her skating about a year after. Sadly, her father died when Vicky was only seven. He would have been very proud of Vicky if he was here to see all of Vicky’s accomplishments especially since he loved the game so much. Vicky’s mom would tell her that when she was little all she ever wanted to do was play hockey. “We need heroes and role models at every scale of society.” -Mr. A.M.

A few things that Vicky loves Vicky loves the competition and the opportunities that come from hockey. But most of all, she loves the team aspect of hockey. She loves not only the game itself, but also after the game going out with her friends and just being with people you know well because you’ve bonded as a team. She loves to play flag and touch football. Because of injuries, she can no longer play football however she really enjoys watching the game. One of the best things that has ever happened to Vicky is being a Mom to her twin boys. They make her proud and teach her something new every day. She says: “Hockey has given me so much”

HERO OF THE HUDSON By: Ben R Without him who knows what would of happened. One late afternoon Chesley Sullenberger ( Us airways pilot) was flying out of

Laguardia airport in

New York. Suddenly the engines stop two minutes after takeoff. He decided to turn the plane around and ditch into the Hudson River . Three minutes after takeoff he landed the plane in the Hudson and became a instant hero and the first pilot to ever land a water landing with no deaths. Once the plane was on the ground it was examined and the reason the engines shut down was because of a flock of geese flew into the engine. He also graduated from the air force as a fighter pilot. He is also the CEO and founder of "safety reliability methods".

The plane after the crash Before the crash

Chesley Sullenberger grew up and was born in Dension, Texas. In middle school

he played the flute and he was the president of the Latin club. He has one sister Mary Wilson and his father was a dentist and his mother was a school teacher. He is now an international speaker on airline safety. He retired a year after the crash, after being a commercial pilot for 30 years. The street he grew up on was named after his mother's family. He had a very high IQ and when he was a child he made paper models of planes. According to his sister he wanted to be a pilot after seeing military jets.

Chesley Sullenberer military photo Why is he important to me

The reason why I chose Chesley Sullenberger is

because I have a big interest in planes and he is one of the most inspiring pilots I have ever heard of. Also after he landed the plane and everyone was out, he went up and down the ails making sure everyone was out even though the plane was half under water. He also

inspired all pilots if they were in a bad position to never give up. Also when he was in the military he flew f 16s and they are my favourite fighter jets. Apparently chesley did not have any training for an event like a water landing, so

Graduated from the Air Force with a bachelor of science 1973

Joined pacific southwest as a commercial pilot 1980

CEO and FOUNDER of safety reliability methods 2007

Landed the plane im the HUDSON RIVER January 15 2009

for him to do that with no training is very inspiring. The heroes timeline

Chesley Sullenberger in a cockpit From somebody Ouse

Although his contribution only helped a few hundred people who were on board the plane-he is an inspiration to all and made a impact on the world. He is a really good role model because he showed courage bravery and determination to his job -Mark Jay R

Ask me Dear BenHello Ben I'm writing to you during an emergency i would just like to talk about how I feel write now so later on I can read it. Right now I'm really nervous and I do not know if I will make it out. So if I don't tell my wife and kids I love them but I'm confident I can land this plane. -Chesley Sullenberger Dear Chesley, I want to thank you for choosing me to write to at this time. I need you to stay calm. Don't just think of yourself right now think of all the people on board the aircraft and there families. I want you to land this plane for them not you. -Ben

Ben himself Ben is a student out of Glenview public school. He enjoys playing sports. He either wants to be a pilot, work for emergency services (police), or own a food truck. His favourite place to visit is the Caribbean and he loves cows.

March 27, 2014


Saved by Music: Alice Herz-Sommer By: Dylan

Ever heard of the Lady in number 6, the 110 year-old pianist?

This is Alice Herz-Sommer, the woman that was saved by music. She was born and raised in Czech Republic, as a Jewish, meaning in 1939 with the Nazi’s invaded she was in trouble. Instead of moaning, complaining, Alice looked for the silver lining, which to her was music. Through playing the piano, enjoying music, and of course a supreme level of optimism, Alice was able to survive

Alice Herz-Sommer in her London apartment, where she was frequented with visitors.

the Holocaust. Alice’s optimistic example inspires many! Growing up, it’s obvious the one thing Alice loved, Alice has demonstrated that even the smallest acts of kindness can be felt by many and touches many lives. Her attitude and simply her joy is contagious. -Audrey

music! The first time she ever went to symphony was when she was 10 years old. It was an amazing night for her. For a while after, she would play the piano for famous artists that would stop by her house to visit her parents, all of them in awe from her advanced playing. A little later on in her life, as a teenager, she went to a legendary polish pianist of her time to learn more. When she played for him he told her there was nothing he could teach her, she was already too good! Although,

I believe that the individual I selected is an inspiration to the world. Her perseverance and happiness is very encouraging and uplifting. She was

she did not have a rich family, she would tell you she was rich in other ways, such as the opportunities she was able to have growing up.

the most optimistic person ever, which demonstrates what a good role model she was. To quote Alice “Everything is good and bad, I look at the good side!”. The way Alice handled any situation that came at her, is highly admirable. Truly, I think that everybody can take a lesson from the life of Alice Herz-Sommer.

                      A  young  Alice  Herz-­‐Sommer  in  front  of  a  backdrop   of  one  of  her  favourite  pieces.  

TALK ABOUT IT Dear Dylan, Life is getting really tough for me. My mother has been taken away, and for all I know she could be dead. Also, they just recently got my husband. I try my best to stay optimistic, but with raising a child alone, living in constant fear, knowing they will get me soon, it is very difficult. What should I do? -Alice Herz-Sommer Dear Alice, Thank you for contacting me. I know that right now life can be very difficult, and things are just not going your way. But, remember about the good things you have. For example your son, you still have someone to share your music with. Speaking of music make sure you remember that you have it, and think of it as a sign of hope. Most importantly don’t lose hope, it will get better soon. -Dylan

“Music is a Dream” -Alice Herz-Sommer Frame from  “The  Lady  in  Number  6”,   Alice  playing  the  piano.  



A Lifetime of Music!

ABOUT THE  AUTHOR   Dylan  is  a  Grade  7  student  at  Glenview   Senior  Public  School.  He  has  co-­‐directed   and  co-­‐produced  two  documentary   shorts.  He  enjoys  playing  Badminton,   Ultimate  Frisbee,  and  Soccer.  Although,  he   especially  likes  watching  movies  and   reading  books,  of  all  kind.          

Born in  Prague,  Czech   November  26,   Republic   1903       At  age  5,  Alice,  for  the  first   1908   time,  tries  the  piano.       The  German  soldiers   1939   started  invading     commencing  laws  against   Jewish.  One  law  took   away  instruments,  but   Alice  still  practiced   secretly.     At  age  39,  her  and  her  son   1942   were  deported  to  a   concentration  camp  for   propaganda  purposes.     At  age  110,  Alice  Herz-­‐ February  23,   Sommer   passes  away  at  a   2014   London  hospital  of  natural     causes.  This  comes  as  a   shock  to  many,  not   because  of  her  age,  but   because  it  felt  to  many   that  she  could  not  and   would  not  ever  die.     March  2,  2014   “The  Lady  in  Number  6:   Music  Saved  My  Life”,  the     documentary  short   focusing  on  the  life  of   Alice  Herz-­‐Sommer,  wins   the  Oscar  for  Best   Documentary  Short.    

Alice Herz-Sommer had a very eventful life. She started by learning the piano at age 5 from her elder sister, Irma. Then, in 1939 things took a turn for the worst when laws against the Jewish religion began, and parts of her family were taken away. Although disallowed, Alice still practiced her piano. 3 years later, along with her son, she is deported to a concentration camp, of highly talented Jewish, where she is used for propaganda purposes. This past February, Alice passes away, everyone seemed shocked, as Alice seemed almost invincible, as if she could never die. Finally, as a perfect way to send her off, the documentary short focusing on her life wins an Oscar. In my opinion, she lived an amazing life.

Dylan FI7A March 27th, 2014

Magazine Article Project Bibliography Crilly, Kieran. “Alice Herz-Sommer, Oldest Known Holocaust survivor, dies.” CBC. 18 March 2014. <> Fox, Margalit. “Alice Herz-Sommer, Who Found Peace in Chopin Amid Holocaust, Dies at 110.” The New York Times Feb. 28 2014: B9. MacAaron, Alexandra. “Movies: ‘The Lady in Number 6’– “Music Saved My Life.” ” Womens Voices For Change. 16 March 2014. <> “The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life”. Director: Malcolm Clarke. 2013. Canada, USA, UK. Film.

FI7A Magazine - 2nd Issue  

This is the 2nd issue from Glenview's collection of English class magazines. Stay tuned next week for the 3rd issue!

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