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our mission Mind Body Solutions transforms the lives of people living with trauma, loss, and disability and those who care for them by helping them integrate mind and body.


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from our founder At Mind Body Solutions, we believe that our mission applies to everyone. We are committed to transforming the lives of people living with trauma, loss, and disability and their caregivers. Everyone has losses; everyone ages; and everyone can benefit from deepening the connection between mind and body. We are a thriving community that works to unleash the best of our humanity. We continue to teach adaptive yoga classes around the Twin Cities. We also train yoga teachers from around the world, over 1100 to date. We have been mentoring the emergence of other adaptive yoga organizations started by our students in Columbia, South Carolina, Seattle, Washington, and now in Europe. Our adaptive yoga programs are growing in leaps and bounds, including an increasing emphasis on digital content. This year we are offering a new program and workshops. After a year of development and staff training, we are formally launching our Living ‘til the End initiative for people living with chronic diagnosis’s and their caregivers. We created and launched a breakthrough approach to trauma and PTSD, along with a new, weeklong Advanced Studies for adaptive yoga teachers. We also offered a groundbreaking workshop entitled Body. Mind. Story where we team up with nationally renowned storytellers and authors Kevin Kling and Patricia Francisco. We continue to create unique learning opportunities for all of our supporters. Finally, our work will be featured in a documentary short film (40 minutes) by award-winning, New York-based documentarian Andrew Walton. This amazing short will be running at film festivals this fall. Look for a screening at the Minneapolis Film Festival and big debut party this coming year. At Mind Body Solutions, we value your support and hope you will come find us this coming year! Peace and love, Matthew

Founder, Mind Body Solutions 4

Photo by Molly Bachman



our tribe The folks you will meet on the next few pages represent who we are and why we do what we do.




meet julie.

Cultivating health, wellness, and a steady diet of yoga...

If you have ever visited the MBS studio, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been greeted by the bright and warm smile of Julie Welle. One of MBS’ beloved teachers, Julie, began teaching at MBS back in 2005, in the early stages of the organization. Julie describes joining MBS during a pivotal time in it’s story. “Matthew had a mission and a vision that I wanted to be part of. I feel very lucky to have been part of MBS on the ground level as the adaptive program was being developed.” Like many new ventures, Julie was both excited and scared. She recalls when Matthew shared his vision. “Initially when Matthew first explained his far reaching idea of teaching teachers to adapt yoga for people living with disability, I know I gave him a the ‘deer in the headlights’ look. He said ‘Now I’m scaring you!’ Truth was, a little, yes… but how grateful I am for the challenge and how much I have learned in the process. It has impacted my teaching and my own practice in more ways than I can express.”


Julie began her own yoga practice in 1991 and has always been drawn to Iyengar yoga. She has studied and practiced this particular discipline ever since. As a teacher, you can see her emphasis on making the practice accessible for all bodies and abilities while teaching with patience, compassion and humor - no wonder she has cultivated a following of students! Julie says that her favorite part of teaching is being able to help people learn and grow through the yoga practice. “The body is a gateway to awareness and yoga opens our world.” She continues, “Little things can change your life if you are open to them.” Julie says that she uses her own practice as a way to help navigate injuries or difficult life situations. “I have learned to stay with my practice and stay with my experience, not my preferences, and this has brought much needed healing.” Likewise, she encourages her students to come to class and practice when life gets difficult. “We can always modify a practice. We are there for each other. This helps develop a

sense of compassion for ourselves and a deep sense of gratitude for our community. I am often in awe of my students’ courage and staying power amid life’s ups and downs.” In addition to her roster of classes at the studio and with private clients, she is also a lead teacher in the MBS Veterans Yoga Program, a key demographic that MBS is proud to serve. Julie began working with the veteran population when Matthew was teaching veteran classes at the studio. They discovered it was difficult to get veterans to come to the MBS studio so they began to reach out to local veteran centers. In 2012, Julie started leading classes at the Brooklyn Park Vet Center and continues to teach there to this day. Speaking about this group, Julie says, “It is an honor to work with the veteran population and as it often happens, I have learned more from them, than I have taught!”

Photo by Andy Richter

julie is mbs. mindbodysolutions.org


meet j.marie. Sharing her industrious nature and contagious enthusiasm to spread the work of MBS in the world...

MBS Board Member, J. Marie Fieger, is no stranger to the benefits of yoga. She has witnessed and felt firsthand the benefits of connecting mind and body. Years ago, she was first introduced to adaptive yoga at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (CKRI) when her partner at the time was living there after a stroke. He was exploring yoga and tai-chi, and she recalls the excitement and exhilaration he felt in undertaking these practices. “It really made an impact,” J. Marie says. It being the small world that it is, J. Marie already had connections with the world of MBS, having worked with Emily Fuerste [MBS Board Member] and Rob Ley [MBS Board Member and Director of Business Strategy] on marketing pitches for HCMC. She recalls that they didn’t win the bid, but they did have a lot of fun! So, it may not be surprising that J. Marie came to find a home and place within MBS. She had also been connected with CKRI through her agency, Nemer Fieger. The agency has worked on marketing, public relations and media


for the rehabilitation center, and it was this connection that led her to learn about Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions. When she read Matthew’s book Waking, she says that she simply fell in love with it. After that, didn’t take long for her to start coming closer to MBS. In 2014, she attended an adaptive yoga class at the MBS studio in Minnetonka where she recalls feeling welcomed into the circle, as well as patience and compassion from the teachers and students. She left the studio that day with an uplifted spirit and soon her journey with MBS was underway. These days, between her busy life as CEO of Nemer Fieger, raising a teenage daughter, a recent wedding, and operating a small farm in Jordan, MN, she admits that she doesn’t have much time to practice yoga. However, she still manages to incorporate the work in her daily life, fully believing that MBS does more than teach yoga. As an example, she explains that she will often stop to breathe, and recognize how she’s feeling in that moment. This

quiet moment also allows her time to consider how her words and actions impact the world and humanity. In her role on the board, J. Marie shares her passion for working hard, honesty, and integrity, which she inherited from her father, Jim Fieger, the former owner of Nemer Fieger (and who still comes into the office every morning at the age of 77!). J. Marie infuses these same principles within the MBS board which ripples outward to everyone sharing MBS’ work. Speaking about MBS’ evolution, she sees that there is great opportunity to find new ways to raise awareness and expand the audience, citing Mind Body Dialogues as a good example of this. She says, “I’m excited to keep pushing the envelope and finding new ways to impact the world.” J. Marie is optimistic and excited by the future of MBS as it continues to grow and identifies all of the possibilities in reaching the entire arc of humanity. In being part of MBS, J. Marie says “It is an honor to share the message and I am so grateful to be in the circle.”

j.marie is mbs.



meet jean & dave. Honoring moments of connection - in yoga, with our humanity, and with one another...

Since joining the MBS community, Dave Hedlund and Jean Sazevich have discovered a strong sense of connection, support, insight, and hope. They have seen and felt it at MBS classes and events, but they’ve also found that embodying these values have shifted their relationship with themselves, each other, and the world. Dave and Jean are steadfast supporters and students in the Wednesday evening adaptive yoga class at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, the same place where their story began. Dave, who sustained an injury after a farm accident at the age of 25, was staying at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Courage Center) for seven months following his accident. Jean, who works in philanthropy, was working at Courage when she and Dave met in 1989 at the Courage Awards. Not long after in 1990, they were married and since then have enjoyed a rich life together, including raising a son, Karl, now 22 years old. Jean explains that she first heard about Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions from a friend when she began practicing yoga a few years ago. While she was intrigued, life happened and


she didn’t look into MBS until another friend made the same suggestion. She was curious. “When multiple people tell you the same thing, you start paying attention,” Jean says. They took the next step and attended the Kiss My Asana Kick Off event in 2015. Dave says that he connected with Matthew’s experience and was drawn in by his insights. Jean recalls, “When Matthew spoke, I could feel [Dave’s] heart open up right there.” She adds, with a laugh, “Which is a rare occurrence!” They were also inspired by the presence of Christine Paul, one of MBS’ faculty members and teachers. “She was so connected, present, quiet,” Jean says. “She really modeled the work…” After the event, it didn’t take long for them to follow up and soon they were back at Courage and practicing yoga with MBS. Since starting yoga, Dave has certainly found greater physical ease. “I loosen up and it’s almost magical what happens… it just makes being in the chair easier.” Beyond the physical benefits, Dave says that he often tells people how generous and engaging everyone at class is. “I’m really struck by the community spirit,” he says

As a couple that practices yoga together, they have also seen how it has changed their relationship. Dave explains that yoga has created an even stronger bond. “We have more of a generous spirit with each other... We are better able to see what’s going on when we get in trouble, seeing the unnecessary emotion. We have better words.” He adds, “And, it’s fun!” Both Dave and Jean also feel that being part of the MBS community has helped them recognize our connection to one another as human beings. To explain, Dave tells a story about enlisting a stranger in the Target parking lot to help him with his vehicle. The man helped him but what surprised Dave was just how excited this stranger was to lend a hand even telling Dave that he was incredibly honored and happy to help. It was a moment when the best in humanity was revealed and MBS has helped Dave and Jean to recognize these moments. And, as Dave believes, “We need to honor those moments of connections.”

jean & dave are mbs.



meet michael. Physical therapist, yoga teacher, and volunteer - planting the seeds of yoga for all...

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

I am forever grateful and humbled by every day.”

Michael Amy didn’t realize how much truth this statement would hold in his life, especially when his younger brother urged him to try yoga. As Michael recalls, “He constantly pestered me for months… why would I listen to my younger brother about anything, let alone yoga?” But his brother’s persistence paid off when he reluctantly took himself to the local health club for his first class. Michael remembers the challenge of figuring out his body in those first classes but he recognized that “something” was shifting and kept returning to the mat.

Since then, Michael completed yoga teacher training and has been teaching for about five years. Francois, who still serves as Michael’s teacher and mentor, was the one who told Michael about Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions. Michael says, “I immediately ordered [Waking], read it in three days and signed up for [Opening Yoga] Level I training on the fourth day.” Michael first attended Opening Yoga (Adapting Yoga for Disability) back in 2014, and says that he knew immediately that had found his home away from home. Since coming through the MBS doors, Michael has returned each year for workshops and even made a special trip to Minnesota to volunteer at the Kiss My Asana Kick Off event in 2016.

After practicing for about a month, Michael’s co-worker and friend recommended attending a class at Open Sky Yoga with Francois Rauolt. Not unlike his very first yoga class, he found himself trying to demystify parts of his body and the postures but yet another pivotal moment occurred once he laid down for savasana. To this day, he can still feel and describe in vivid detail the room, his body, and the voice of Francois guiding the room to letting go. In that moment, Michael actually felt himself “letting go” and he had a realization. “I found home. I found yoga. I found my teacher and mentor. In the flood of tears that ensued, I found a path for which


In addition to teaching yoga, Michael has been a practicing physical therapist for over 20 years and now works in the pediatric realm within the Rochester City School District. Always sensing that his PT practice was missing something, he now utilizes his MBS training by sharing the universal principles of yoga in all of his sessions with the kids. In one memorable story, Michael talks about a high school student he was working with who uses a wheelchair

and was participating in a therapeutic horseback riding program. Using what he learned at MBS, Michael and the horseback riding instructor utilized techniques for rhythm, grounding, and balance as the student prepared to ride a horse for the first time. When the day arrived, the student was carried up to the saddle via a hoyer and without hesitation, the student settled into the saddle, grounded down through his seat, and started to sit tall, while enjoying the rhythm of each stride. Michael says, “It was one of those moments, a presence of witnessing grace and harmony, a sensation I still feel and one I hope he carries with him for a lifetime.” Whether he’s teaching yoga or practicing physical therapy, Michael believes that the tools of yoga can be applied universally especially as each person’s sense of connection is unique. He is also one of many in the growing MBS tribe, striving to share the principles of yoga with all in a variety of settings from yoga studios, schools, and in health care. “It is an honor to be part of the ever-growing family of teachers spreading the seeds of yoga for all.” He adds, “The world is a better place with MBS in it!”

michael is mbs. mindbodysolutions.org


meet nancy. Finding the “spark” in Body. Mind. Story and finding a new way to express her beautiful self....

At MBS, we share connection, support, insight, and hope - and are best known for delivering this mission through our adaptive yoga program. As we continue to grow, we’re finding new ways to deepen our impact and one of those efforts was last year’s launch of Body. Mind. Story - a transformational storytelling workshop. One of those in the inaugural cohort was Nancy Glass from Michigan. Nancy explains that she’s actually been following MBS for a long time, beginning back when Matthew Sanford’s memoir, Waking, was released. She heard Matthew speak on Krista Tippett’s radio program and immediately connected with his story and insights. “I got his book and read it, and I was just really moved... The doctors were telling him one thing but his experience was different. He knew what he was experiencing. And that really resonated with me.” Nancy says that her history with healthcare was a similar story. “[Having been] through that process, it was almost like the doctors owned my body. It didn’t feel right but it was just kind of what it was.” After Nancy read Waking, she found ways to connect with MBS from afar, through the Transforming Disability CD and becoming a newsletter subscriber. Even then, she was already (and unknowingly) weaving


herself into the community. When the Body. Mind. Story. workshop was announced, Nancy remembers that persistent feeling when you know you have to take action. “I just knew I had to do this. I can’t really say why, I just did,” Nancy says. When registration opened, Nancy made sure to set an alarm, knowing that if she didn’t take the leap then, she may not at all. She made the call, registered, and just like that became one of the first brave participants of Body. Mind. Story. Once she signed up, Nancy’s next feeling was one of being terrified. She explains that while she had traveled alone in her life, particularly when she lived in Germany in the 80s, she hadn’t been independent in long time, especially when her health issues meant relying on family for support. When she looks back on the workshop, Nancy recalls the powerful experience of being led into the body, an important and unique aspect to this storytelling workshop. The frustration and challenges of her health issues made her push her body away, something that many of us have a tendency to do, without even being aware that we’re doing it. “A lot of my journey has been getting back into my body… For the first time my body got to express what I wanted to say. The body hadn’t had a chance to express [itself] and it

was just incredibly healing.” When it came time for her to get up and share her story with the group on the last day of the workshop, she realized that she could tell her story and doesn’t need to rely on others to do it for her. “My mind or brain stepped out of the way and my body got to express itself.” Nancy says, “It was empowering and it was magical.” Nancy credits the workshop for being a catalyst, or more specifically in her words “the spark.” This spark has inspired her to continue cultivating a deeper connection with her body, for instance, returning to Minnesota for Opening Yoga Level I/II earlier this year, explaining that she felt like that was something she needed to do and the experience brought her continued healing. This spark also moved her to apply for a scholarship to attend the On Being Gathering, a retreat in California, which she will be heading to in the new year! Thanks to this spark, Nancy has taken back her body and her voice. She is empowered and also interacts with the world on a different level, with greater embodiment. “When I’m more present, the more present I am with others. I come from a place of integrity or wholeness. It’s a very different way of interacting, interacting from a place of wholeness.”

nancy is mbs. mindbodysolutions.org


our programs

We also provide outreach via speaking engagements, demonstrations and classes throughout the TC Metro.

adaptive yoga opening yoga classes for everybody teacher trainings

healthcare provider & caregiver trainings

We adapt the principles of yoga for people in physically difficult and changing bodies. Our work is accessible to everyone, regardless of physical or neurological ability. Through our weekly yoga classes at our studio, two local studios, and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center, we unleash the best of humanity by improving the quality of life and providing hope and healing in unexpected ways.

We train healthcare professionals and organizations how to incorporate mindbody principles into everyday work life, both for themselves and for patients. The result is a double bottom line effect: Improved outcomes for both patient and caregivers alike. In our approach, healthcare professionals experience increases in ability to manage stress, commitment to their profession and to their employers, as well as improved quality of life.

Our pre-eminent adaptive yoga teacher training is based upon the unique experience of our Founder Matthew Sanford, an award-winning author, nationally renowned yoga teacher, and paraplegic for the last 37 years. Our goal: We want a skillful adaptive yoga teacher in every community. We offer progressive levels of study in week long workshops as well as a Opening Yoga Instructor Certificate Program.

living ‘til the end The final stages of life can be filled with uncertainty. Mind Body Solutions’ Living til the End program is designed to nourish both the individual and their caregiver(s) during this difficult life transition. This program will introduce participants to a mind-body approach that redefines the concepts of healing and living well. Using the universal principles of yoga and simple practices taught by trained Mind-Body Ambassadors, this program will help both patients and their caregivers find ease, relief, and connection in this time of shared uncertainty. Read more about the program on page 24. Be sure to watch this brief video too.


Photo by Tom Okins




our 2016 numbers A fraction of our impact last year and continued to grow in 2017...

10,000+ Adaptive Yoga Participant Hours 3,800

Newsletter Subscribers


Facebook Likes


Email Inquiries




YouTube Views


Opening Yoga Scholarship Recipients


Adaptive Yoga Teachers Trained to date


Healthcare Providers Trained to date

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Photo by Molly Bachman


our year In addition to offering 11 weekly adaptive yoga classes, community outreach, Opening Yoga teacher trainings, “Living ‘til the End” and new programs tailored for healthcare providers both on site and in our studio, we offered some exciting new ways to share our work and our mission this year...

opening yoga instructor

Over the past year, we welcomed another new batch of eager, thoughtful, and creative yoga teachers into a deeper level of MBS training - the Opening Yoga Instructor certification program. Each participant made the commitment to expand their teaching by taking part in a self-directed course of study. At their own pace within a three-year term, candidates complete two experiential courses, as well as additional studies under the guidance of MBS senior faculty. OYI graduates are able to teach anyone, including people living with neurological deficit, those suffering with PTSD, mental health conditions and the elderly. OYI Certificate candidates gain unparralleled insight into the nature of trauma, loss and disability while employing a method that derives from universal principles of the asana. These students are part of a unique group who are recognized for their exceptional diligence, creativity, and commitment to furthering the principles of yoga as they apply to people of all abilities.

2017 was our best year yet! Once again, yogis from around the world proclaimed April their month to DO YOGA to SHARE YOGA - and raised $60K for our adaptive yoga program in the process. Proceeds helped us fund our opening yoga training scholarship program, helped buy new props and equipment, and helped offer MBS staff addtional PTSD training. Above all, it helped us continue providing 10,000+ participant hours of adaptive yoga here, and tens of thousands more nationally, to those living with trauma, loss, and disability. Part of the reason for our great success this year was due to radical generosity of yoga teachers around the country. We invited MBS trained teachers to get involved in the yogathon by offering a “Kiss My Asana” donation class in their community during the yogathon. Wow, did our tribe step up. Dozens of classes, events, and gatherings helped us reach our goal! Expect fun things in 2018 to help mark our 5th Yogathon.

“Magical.” “Powerful.” “Intense and well-planned.” “Fun and more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.” These are a few of the words and phrases participants of the 2017 Body. Mind. Story workshops used to describe their experience. Participants from coast to coast came to learn from and grow into their own story. Renowned storytelling trio Kevin Kling, Patricia Francisco, and Matthew Sanford led the brave storytellers through a ground breaking new approach to teaching storytelling. Participants also recognized the true healing power of a story shared - both for the teller and the listener. The goal was to help workshop participants explore the role of both mind and body in recognizing and telling the stories of their lives. The overwhelming response and success of this workshop enticed us to go big next year. Look for THREE new and innovative workshops in 2018. Stay tuned for dates!



our future Finding new ways to share our work in the world for those who need it most.

a new program LIVING ‘TIL THE END Mind Body Solutions helps people of all abilities live better in their bodies. We believe everyone is capable of finding ease and relief within the body, regardless of their medical condition. It is with this simple truth that we bring you the Living ’til the End Program. This program is not only for those who are living with serious or life-threatening medical conditions but also for those who provide care for them. A mindbody practice is something that can be done individually or shared with others. It is not our intent to reverse your medical condition, but to walk with you on your journey, sharing the practices we love with you and others who care for you. Together we will develop ways of finding moments of relief and creating a sustainable practice for you. And in this place, either individual or shared, healing can begin. The final stages of life are filled with uncertainty. Mind Body Solutions’ Living til the End program is designed to nourish both the individual and their caregiver(s) during this difficult life transition. This program will introduce participants to a mindbody approach that redefines the concepts of healing and living well. Using the universal principles of yoga and simple practices taught by trained Mind-Body Ambassadors, this program will help both patients and their caregivers find ease, relief, and connection in this time of shared uncertainty. This innovative program is focused on those who are approaching the end of life and their caregivers. This may be defined as those who are entering hospice or palliative care programs, those who are living with a terminal diagnosis, and those who are living with serious chronic illnesses. The participants may be ambulatory, use a wheelchair, or be bed-bound, and should be willing and able to take part in the mind-body activities as their condition allows. Family teaching and participation is welcome and encouraged. With the help of one of our Mind Body Ambassadors, we will develop simple mind-body practices that will bring greater comfort and relief to you as you navigate this difficult time of life. Please contact amy@mindbodysolutions.org if you would like more information.


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our support

We’d like to recognize the following organizations who hold us up everyday...


Photo by Tom Okins

In addition to the steadfast support we receive from hundreds of individual donors every year, we have been fortunate to also have the backing of a few key foundations and progressive organizations who believe that transforming lives in big and little ways is a wise investment in everyone’s future. Thank you.

Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc. Church of St Joan of Arc - Outreach Fund Allina “Doers for Dollars” Program

Leonard G. Herring Family Foundation Riverbridge Partners, LLC Jonathan Schwartz Family Foundation



2016 ANNUAL FUND DONORS: Martha Albrecht Michael Amy William Ankeny Sarah Baaijen Lori Bakken Cynthia Barthel Ellie Bathe Sue Benson Luke Benson Ellen & Rudy Boschwitz Janit Buccella Susan Calhoun Susan Calmenson Colleen Canning Gene Cooper Alyce Cranston Bob Crum


Kathy & Hod Dahl Anne Deardorff Miriam Derman Gary Diamond Dave Diehl Susan Doerr Lisa Dunkley SusanErickson Tim + Ron Farber-Newman J. Marie Fieger Colleen FitzPatrick Brian FitzPatrick Brittany Foster Emily Fuerste Kim Gibbons Cristina Gon’calves Kathy & Hazen Graves

Laurie H Greeno Karen Greer Thomas Haberman Gail Hanson Quanita Haynes Juli Heath Bethany Hutchinson Nancy Hutchinson Anne Jacobson Christine Justice Ellen Kane Roxann Keyes Maia Kikerpill Kim Klisch Mary Kohanek Kayla Kronfeld Tim & Suzanne Lauer Matthew Lee

Kathy Lenarz Michael & Debra Ley Robert Ley Pilar Lorente Carol & James Lorenzen Judith Lu-Lawson Kris & Mark MacDonald Mary Jo Malecha Jo Ann Manthey Kathy McAlister Carla Mcclellan Russell Melzer Mary Miller Peter Mitchelson Sharon Mrocek Steve Murphy Cynthia Muskin Sylvia Nasla

Ann Nye Erin O’Rourke Donna O’Rourke Nancy Otos Kelly Pedersen Colleen Pelkey Sharon Radd Danielle Reed Becky Rees Ann Richardson- Stevens Miriam & Al Rickert Margaret Riebe LisaRoebuck-Krasno Jennie Ross Laura Russell Paula Sanford Bob Schlenker Charles Schwab

Linda Schwegman Peter Seals Jean & Allen Spielman-Housh William Spring Kathleen Stockhaus-Lee Jody Stricker Elizabeth Sullivan Jane Sullivan Renee Szarowicz Jane Tadsen Mark Thompson Madge & Brad Thorsen Meridel Tobias JamesVoci Beth Waterman Maryann Weidt

our donors

Our biggest thanks to these hundreds of friends who supported the work of Mind Body Solutions in 2016.

Mark Werner Susanne Westegaard Dale Widman Kim Zismer Mike & Jo Zukovich 2017 YOGATHON DONORS: Michelle Aalbers Jeanne Abresch Shelagh Adams Ronald Adelman Mark Albrecht Ben Aldritt Noah Alper Beverly Ames Michael Amy

James Amy Michael Amy Sharon Anderson Todd Anderson Therese Anderson Kari Anderson Marion Angelica Teresa Angier Laura Antelmi Kimberly Aprill Shannon Ash Amy Aubrecht Joan Autrey Molly Bachman Adrienne Bagnall Susan Bailey Benjamin Bakken Sue Baldwin

Patrick Ballard Niki Barker Susan Barnett Colleen Barnett Trish & Jason Barney Jill & Bill Bartel Rachel Bass Guennewig Ellie Bathe Phil Becker Roseann Becker Marilyn Beem Kathryn Begley Kelly Beller Megan Bennett Sue Benson Dominique Bereiter Rachael Berg

William Bergeman Suzanne Bernet Janice Berres Danielle Berres Emily Bessey Denise Bisanz Julie Blanch John & Pamela Blanpied Marla Bookhout Desiree Bove Paul Bower Barbara Bower Vancy Boyar Kelly Boyce Dawn Boyle Nancy Bray Robert Brereton Rebecca Briggs

Sarah Brindle Gudrun Brooks Jessica Brown Renee Brown Carol Bruess Tracy Brunner Kristen Bruya Mary Burge Kimberly Busch Valentine Cadieux Margaret Callahan Susan Calmenson Connie Campa Mary Cannon Jane Capel Jacinta Carlson Rob Carlson Jodi & Mark Caruso

Ed Cerier Louise Chalfant Shin Chiang Stacy Childers Jocelyn Chrisley Brittany Chrisman Jackie Christensen Jill Claphan Dick Comben Scott Conlon Laura & Todd Cook Gene Cooper Lori Coutts Fraase Natalie Cowell Terese Coyne Linda Crable Helen Cripps Robert Crossett



Bob Crum Ellen Crump Aileen Culling Dan & Leah Cunningham Kathy & Hod Dahl Pat Dale Harley & William Dalton Patricia Dappen Betsy & Craig Davies Geoff Davis Patrick Dawson Melanie Dawson Douglas De Gooyer Calleen De Oliveira Joyce Dean Dana Demick Joshua DeWeese Meg Dexter Suzanne Dianetti Robert Dillon Rebecca Dittmar


Mary Donohue Matthew Dooling Jennifer Drew Samantha Drost Jo Duffin Amelia Eddleman Kathryn Elgethun Neil Elkey Jeffrey Ellingboe David Ellis Nancy Ellsworth Jane Elsner Embrace the Wobble

Matt Erb William Erchul Jr Susan Erickson Cari Erickson ESL Federal Credit Union Alison Fairchild Cynthia Farmer Judy Farniok

Karen Fee Craig Feldman Kyle Feldman Carrie Fernandez J. Marie Fieger Susan Fink Erika Finkler Kevin Finley Brendan & Kari Finnegan Katleen FitzGerald Colleen FitzPatrick Kevin & Tina FitzPatrick Joe FitzPatrick Daniel FitzPatrick Sheila FitzPatrick Brian FitzPatrick Maureen FitzPatrick Timothy FitzPatrick John Foley Renee Forst Mark Francisco

Katherine Fratzke Stacy Friedlander Claudia Fuentes Emily Fuerste Ann Gabhart Claire Gagnon Lorie Gail SharonGarber Leah Getsinger Michael Gilliland David & Michell Gipner Lori Gleason Rebecca Gligo Rachel Glowacki Karen Goldman Cristina Gon’calves Stephanie Goodman Anne Gorton Alpa Goswami Fran Greelis Chelsey Green Susan Greene

Laurie H Greeno Barb Greenwald Davis Karen Greer Bob Gregory Brad & Cristen Griesbach Meghan Grossman Susan Grzeskowiak Jeannette Gustafson Karen Gustafson Suzanne Gutterriez Amy Guttery Heather Hackett Heidi Haines Robert & June Halloran Jayne Halvorson Anne Hanley Marlys Hansen Loren Hanson Rebecca Harkman Barbara Harms Deborah Hastings-Black Will Hathaway

Marianne Hayek Les Hazelton Edward Hazenberg Kent Heaner Juli Heath Julie & Greg Heaton-Hill Lecia Heinen Sarah Henderson Tessa Henderson Anna Hewitt Steven Hiebert Mary Higgs Helen Hildebrand Mary Hirsch Weston Hoard Trish & Ross Hobson Lori Hoerner Lisa Hoff Barb Hoffman Megan Holle Cortney Holles Matthew Hollosy

our donors

Your donations help us help others. Thank you.

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Jean Jaeger Juanita Jahnigen Kathryn Jahnigen Joy James Jessica Jenner Robin Jensen Mark Jenson Kathleen Jewett Jacqui Jobbins Timothy Johanson Laure Johns Mariann Johnson Beth Jones Kaitlin Kalan Siobhan Kaliher Vara Kamin Ellen Kane Richard Kaplan Melanie & John Kasner Edward Kasner Kyoko Katayama Molly Kauffmann

Susan Kaufman Paris Kaye Phil Kellogg Patricia Kelly Rose Kelly Cindy & Bill Kelly Jon Kelly Pat & Tony Kerick Roxann Keyes Jeanne Kitzman Mara & Garrett Klein Jill Klingner Connie Koebke Barsic Jesse Kohlbeck Barbara Kok Jodi Komitor Jamie Kozlowicz Beth Krakow Tammy Kuenster Vick Kuzmenko John Larsen Tesa Laskin

Kristin Laursen Alain LeCoque Jaeok Lee Barbara Lee Megan Lemonds Mike Lenarz Levy Family Charity Fund Andrew Lewis Robert Ley Michael & Debra Ley John & Mary Lou Ley Robert Ley Vickie Lind Jana Lindberg Paula Lindberg Sara Litke Carol & James Lorenzen Michael Loscheider Katherine Low Jannette & Warren Lowe Todd Lowther

Judith Lu-Lawson LynnLukkas Deborah Lumendal Richard Lynch Becky Lyons Elizabeth Lyons Leslie MacGregor Kimberley MacLennan Caroline Macpherson Jane Magurie Cheryl Mahin Mary Jo Malecha Catherine Mamer Jo Ann Manthey Rosa Marroquin Elaine Martin Amanda McDew Wendy McGuire Sharon McLaughlin Joshua McMahon Mary McManus Mona McNeely

Sandy Mead Sharon Meyers Cathy Meyers Catie Michaelson Patty Miller Robert Miller Becky Miller Bradley Miller William Miller Melody Miller Doris Minnerath Tara Moghadam Bridget Molitor Lisa Ann Moore Liza & Andrew Morgan Carlton Morris Denise Morrisette Pamela Moser Sara Mountain Sharon Mrocek Stephanie Mullaney Christopher Murray



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