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Advance Notice

25th - 29th November 2013 Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa

15th Scramble For Africa: Strategy Briefing - 25th November 2013 10th Africa Independents Forum - 26th November 2013 20th Africa Upstream Conference - 27th - 29th November 2013 54th PetroAfricanus Dinner - 25th November 2013 Celebrating our 20th Africa OIl Week Join us as we celebrate our 20th Africa Oil Week 2013 in Cape Town, where we shall again host the world’s leading meeting on Africa for corporate deal-making and senior-level networking across the oil/gas industry in and on Africa. This is now the landmark Conference occasion for Africa, a meeting with a global reputation, and one of the top world-class Conferences held annually in the international industry Calendar. The event was sold out in 2012 and Conference was host to: s

Over 1,200 Delegates from Six Continents - 90 Presentations made during the Week - Ministers/Government Delegations in attendance - African and Foreign State Firms/National Oil Companies and State Officials on the Program - 90 Exhibitions

In 2013 the conference will take place at a new venue - the Cape Town International Convention Centre - from 25th - 29th November 2013. The venue is able to accommodate 1,500 in the Auditorium and has added capacity for exhibition stands and parallel sessions. The Week includes separately bookable Events plus; Annual Awards - 2 Conference Dinners and Networking Receptions - Champagne Breakfast - BBQ-Braai - Parallel Sessions: Corporate & Investor Showcases. We recommend early bookings/confirmations for Sponsors & Exhibitions, and for your earliest registration/s as delegates to the different events held across the Africa Oil Week during this year’s much expanded event.

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Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor Segun

Exclusive International Broadcast Partner

Barristers + Solicitors, Lagos

Contributing Sponsors

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Senior Partners

Sponsor / Exhibition/ShowCase Enquiries


Dr Duncan Clarke: duncan@glopac.com Babette van Gessel: babette@glopac.com

Amanda Wellbeloved: amanda@glopac-partners.com Sonika Greyvenstein: sonika@glopac-partners.com

Jodee Lourensz:

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Printed & Interactive Magazine www.pecm.co.uk Publishing Director: Martin Holmes

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Lendon Containers Ltd Lendon Containers specialise in marine containers, one of our activities is in the conversion of these units as industrial modules. Once completed they can be transported to site either within the UK or shipped abroad and can be moved from one site to another in an easy and convenient manner. In conjunction with the workshop we can offer from a part to complete fit out, with the client either supplying equipment to us or taking the part finished unit to their facility, for them to complete the work At the workshop we can offer a comprehensive service to fabricate, machine and weld – stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium There are a multitude of potential uses from water treatment, data logging to laboratories and so we would be very happy to discuss any potential requirements you may have For further information please contact : Lendon Containers Ltd 60 Webbs Road London SW11 6SE Tel : 020 7350 1940 Fax : 020 7350 1962 email : enquiries@lcltd.co.uk www.lcltd.co.uk June/July 2013 PECM

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Successfully Executing a System Integration Project For process manufacturers today, having a reliable, seamlessly integrated set of IT systems across the plant,

furnaces, special purpose machines, conveyor systems or

especially if the company is part of an asset-intensive






In the process industries, a small, but critical part of a company’s asset management strategy should be the plants need to be sure that their instrumentation products

highly customized integration solution turns out to be time again across many industry sectors, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear, metal processing,

solution is to provide a transfer channel for sharing

to system integration, as data needs to be entered and

human typing errors and delays related to manual standardized solution, a system integration project The integration project involves three main parties: standardized solution also means availability of long-term

system, but many times system integration projects original project budget and timetable can be a challenge,

www.beamex.com t info@beamex.com


PECM June/July 2013

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23/06/2013 11:42:45

Minimize system integration risks with the Beamex Business Bridge Business Bridge is a standardized, but configurable software solution for connecting Beamex CMX calibration management system to an ERP/CMMS system.

Staying within the original project budget and timetable can be a challenge, specifications and scope of work keep changing constantly during the project and system maintenance of a finished, highly customized integration solution turns out to be difficult and expensive. Beamex minimizes these system integration risks by introducing the Business Bridge.

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www.beamex.com info@beamex.com

23/06/2013 11:42:49

SuperCORR A prevents galling corrosion due to vibration on printed circuit leads and connectors maintaining performance with thinner gold plating. Due to the advances in gold plating technology manufacturers can reduce plating thickness over the substrate metal of connectors. The thickness of the gold plating is becoming thinner and thinner over time which saves a lot of costs as gold becomes more expensive. Reduced thickness of gold plating however will result in failures caused by corrosion. Minute irregularities in the surface of the connector’s base metal leads to irregular or uneven wear causing the “high spots” on the connector to wear through the gold plating. Using SuperCORR A prevents or delays corrosion and subsequent failures.

As it meets Mil-L-87177A by the U.S. Air Force to protect the intricate workings of the F-16 Fighter Jet and by the U.S. Navy on the P 3 Orion electronic surveillance aircraft. Savings for the U.S. government is estimated at $50 million per year. Commercial Aviation aircraft manufacturers recommend it for electrical and close mechanical high humidity. SuperCORR A is a lubricant containing corrosion preventive compounds, and as is the case with all lubricants they will be worn off over time. A manufacturer of connectors tested SuperCORR A to see what the “life” of the lubricant was in a “rub test”. The typical test is 20,000 cycles, i.e. unplug, plug in is one cycle. The test results demonstrated that after 20,000 cycles there were no failures. It was decided to take it one more step and run the same tests for 200,000 cycles. The results again showed no indications of galling or scoring on the USB connectors at all. The USB connector looked and tested as good as new.

Containing extremely long-lasting, proprietary anticorrosive inhibitors SuperCORR A provides a superior moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, surface static electricity, corona, and other electro migration formulated without sulphates, chlorides or halogens to meet the RoHS directive. It is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination on all surfaces of electronic equipment.

Super-Corr A is supplied by the Corr-Ex Division Envirotech Europe Ltd, 45 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 4EH Tel: +44(0) 20 8281 6370 www.corr-ex.com

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25/06/2013 12:29:43

Cleaning Solutions


When health and safety depend on it - specify

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners BVC’s new range of vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industry and commerce.


+44(0)1737 246649

Dedicated to Increasing

Robust Reliable Efficient Easy to use High Filtration Made in the UK Mains electric, Battery and Air Power Standard or modified units for all applications BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can work in conjunction with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners or as stand A schematic showing a typical Central Vacuum Cleaning System alone systems. They provide vacuum connection points for cleaning around the factory, plant or lab. Dust and debris is conveyed through the pipe system to a filter separator for safe disposal.

Plant Availability and Reducing Costs…

Expert analysis and Online Cleaning for the Power Generation and Process Industries Online boiler fouling removal Baghouse filter and ESP cleaning Online heat exchanger cleaning Silo, hopper and ash pit cleaning High temperature camera inspection Plant performance monitoring services Visit our website for more information or call us to find out how we can optimise the performance in your plant.

Part of BVC ‘s range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC A Quirepace Company

BVC, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Tel: +44 (0) 2392 603700

e-mail: enquiries@bvc.co.uk www.bvc.co.uk

01483 570 044 info@krrprostream.com www.krrprostream.com June/July 2013 PECM

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? e e t n a r a u g is

h tt

r lle a rH te e P ng Ri


a ec


ls e e

e Wh

e g u


ils a et rd fo

82 47 4 3 41 8 07

The most cost effective, safe, corrosion resistant metal jacketing for petrochemical insulation protection.

In 1993 Shell UK Oil Products Ltd. used PETROCHEM for their new "CRACKER" at the mighty Stanlow refinery. PETROCHEM has been a standard for Shell since 1986 SSAB Swedish Steel Ltd Narrowboat Way, Hurst Business Park, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1UF Phone: 01384 74660 Fax: 01384 77575

sales@dobel.co.uk www.dobel.co.uk

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23/06/2013 11:42:52

Flow-Technology Ltd boasts large stocks of Stainless Steel fittings including: t t Gas drilling and production, t t t t t

Traceability is a major component of this system from

head technology, CNC lathes and machining centres

range already has a vast and varied product offering

June/July 2013 PECM

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23/06/2013 11:43:00

Control & Automation RFID - new, compact, and robust UHF read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs

Latest FANUC LRMate robot slims down and speeds up for ideal machine-build solution

iC-MHL200: 12 bit universal magnetic position encoder

Optical encoders for hazardous areas: POSITAL introduces Ex “d� units for mining and surface industries

system solution for linear and angular

universal and rugged linear or angular incremental encoder can be

also suitable for installation in explosive

Further information is available at

High-performance process control Responsive multi-channel feedback control system for adjustment of process gases.

t 8 inputs with wide range of sensor combinations t Flexible and adaptive to suit a variety of processes t Fast-acting advanced control algorithm



Speedflo Mini

8 voltage inputs 8 MFC outputs

2 voltage inputs 3 MFC outputs


PECM June/July 2013

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23/06/2013 11:43:08

Zenith Technologies driven by talent Zenith Technologies is a leading global technology company, specialising in automation, process control, MES, and related systems and products for the Life

investment in the right talent is vital for us to meet our ambitious strategic development plans. We deliver fast

UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the US, China and India, single most important asset. Brendan O’ Regan, chief executive and founder of Zenith Technologies, highlights this point: ”We have developed

The company’s recent investment in a dedicated talent places on its people.

providing niche expertise to leading global brands such pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, ICT and healthcare sectors.

yet every single person is treated as an individual and given the support they need to reach their full potential. “Our ethos of professional development ensures that

“We attract and develop the brightest and best talent development opportunities, stronger client relationships, repeat business and loyalty.” Established in Ireland by Brendan O’Regan in 1998, Zenith and care. “Our thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the Life Science sector has enabled us to develop and and services covering the full life cycle of a system – from concept right through to handover and operations, and elements.

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Zenith operates a performance management system project experience opportunities.




site for Yale MBA students as part of their international experience programme.

delivered by experienced and expert teams of talented people.” www.zenithtechnologies.com

24/06/2013 13:35:09

Control & Automation HMI Control System For Format adjustment offers a complete format adjustment system from a single

or a fully automated format adjustment using actuators, the system

Hygienic smooth-surface motors

Wireless Control of Field Devices with Digital I/O, Serial and Ethernet Interfaces

seamless integration of






For further information contact or visit


PECM June/July 2013

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23/06/2013 11:43:21

Control & Automation Be at the leading has today announced the seminar EDGE seminar series designed to address business issues for the modern engineering and or

and insight that can give them the edge in their organisation and their business an edge in highly competitive national, Core elements of the free, day-long EDGE seminar series

For more information about the EDGE seminar series programme please visit:for our UK events or

Wind turbines: New service for operators Bearing grease condition analysis for trouble-free and reliable operation

information on several aspects of a grease’s current condition, including

June/July 2013 PECM

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23/06/2013 11:43:27

The principle drivers for this continued success is the ability to deliver consistently reliable products aligned

and development facilities, plant and personnel to

and manufacture epoxy and polyurethane systems

sub-contract toll manufacture and mix and dispense

largest resin formulator for electrical and electronic range that includes:

t t resins for marine and offshore applications t conformal coatings for electrical and electronic applications t structural adhesives and sealants t t casting and tooling resins t

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23/06/2013 11:43:35

Part of the


Technical Features

Part of the

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23/06/2013 11:43:48

Update your Safety Policy / Site Specification to comply with essential safety requirements for machines containing Variable Speed Drives 2013!

Germany, even though companies are subject to common

a safety perspective cannot be ignored, as can be seen


If you would like more detailed information relating to this subject, Doepke UK have a free 60 page Technical Application Guide Available on request, or log on to WWW.doepke.co.uk to download the guide or obtain further information on RCCBs. For technical support please e mail chazandrews@doepke.co.uk

PECM June/July 2013

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23/06/2013 11:43:49

Electrical subcontractors Peter D Welch Electrical Contractors Ltd will provide the spark to light up your business, says group business development manager Neil Mellenchip Peter D Welch Electrical Contractors Ltd has built a strong reputation for delivering major projects across the commercial, industrial and education sectors. As the dry-land electrical engineering arm of the SeaKing Electrical Group based in Birkenhead, Peter D Welch offers a complete electrical services package. We can design, install, maintain, test and upgrade electrical and electronic systems whatever the size of your business. Peter D Welch has a clear mission to deliver projects which help to drive down energy usage, boost environmental credentials and reduce overheads.

increase our bid success rate. Recently completed projects include the design and build of an industrial factory unit for a large scale manufacturer. We installed all the electrical process control equipment, which included hazardous area zone two equipment, requiring extra safeguards due to the potential risk of explosion. We have also helped a northern food manufacturer relocate to the central midlands by taking on the complex task of moving its industrial-scale food processing equipment, complete with power and control systems, to the new site. By mapping the entire system before the move we ensured the re-installation was seamless. Our skilled team of engineers can upgrade historic respecting areas of preservation or conservation. Having taken on the renovation of a Grade 2 listed building and former monastic residence within a Catholic school, Peter D Welch was able to transform the interior into a state-of-the-art sixth form. Our design capability and experience allowed us to install LED lighting and wireless for the 21st century.

Our wide range of specialist skills allows us to offer services including building electrical surveys, CCTV system installation, testing and inspection, thermographic surveys, vibration analysis, condition monitoring, motor rewinds, pump overhauls, electronic repairs, power alterations and energy saving variable speed AC drives. All Peter D Welch work is carried out to IEE 17th Edition regulations, incorporating 2007 CDM procedures so quality is guaranteed. However, we believe it is our record

PECM513.indd 17

From Industrial Factories, Commercial development, Schools or Retail shopping centres Peter D Welch has the expertise to deliver electrical and electronic systems to meet any requirements. With 120 dedicated staff within the group and a thriving apprenticeship scheme, we can bring light, data, climate control and much more to your business. For more information contact Neil Mellenchip on email: neil.mellenchip@seakinggroup.co.uk Tel: +44(0)151 652 4821

24/06/2013 17:21:22



REGISTER NOW ATadbiogas.co.uk

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23/06/2013 11:43:51

To meet increasing regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, rely on Thermatel TA2 for your energy management solutions. ĂŠ UĂŠ Natural Gas ĂŠ UĂŠ Air Flow ĂŠ UĂŠ Flare Gas ĂŠ UĂŠ Digester, Landfill and Bio Gases Visit our new portal at magnetrol.com/thermalmassflow for more information on energy management and thermal flow metering technology.


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23/06/2013 11:43:54

In just two years the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has shown remarkable growth, with the number of plants in operation outside the water sector increasing by more than 100% to 110 compared to 54 in April 2011. The rate of growth is increasing, too, with over two-thirds of the growth in the 12 months to April 2012 taking place in the second half of that period. As at mid-May there were a further 129 plants already in the planning system - either awaiting approval, with planning consent and awaiting construction or already under construction – so forecasts for continued growth in the sector long term seem realistic. Each one of these projects is estimated to involve between 200 and 300 contracts each, meaning the potential prospects for construction and engineering businesses range in the thousands. For those interested in exploring the potential of this market, this year’s UK AD & Biogas trade show, organised out everything you need to know to get involved in this burgeoning sector.

UK AD & Biogas 2013 – the UK’s only AD and biogas trade show 3-4 July 2013, hall 3A NEC, Birmingham Sponsored by Tamar Energy involved in the biogas business”, says Ian Burgess, International Sales Manager, SEVA about the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s (ADBA) fourth annual trade show. The now free to attend event, which includes the UK’s only AD and biogas exhibition, showcases the latest AD and biogas technology and services and offers excellent networking. With the UK AD market growing steadily the demand as well as the offering of UK AD & Biogas 2013. With 240 exhibitors, a two day conference, 24 seminars and workshops, one-to-one professional feedstock, across two days: business case; feedstock; technology and operations; and best use of outputs, the show will explore topics from every angle. Whether you are interested in innovation in process and technology, the key policy drivers, the industry strategy, to date and informative content, the most interesting debate, the biggest range of technology and equipment suppliers and the most fascinating insights into AD and biogas giving you everything you would want from an AD and biogas show.

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24/06/2013 21:46:49

UK AD & Biogas 2013 in a nutshell:

Register for your free ticket

TIPS FROM THE EXHIBITORS Marc Schaller, CIAT (stand C55) What’s on your stand and why should our visitors be interested?

What are the most exciting things your company is working on at the moment?

Danny Hoy, Orange County Ltd What’s on your stand and why should our visitors be interested?

What are the most exciting things your company is working on at the moment?

Will Wilson, Bock UK (stand E87) What are the most exciting things your company is working on at the moment? Given what you’ve learned over the last year what’s the one bit of AD advice you’d give to your customers?

Adam Ricketts, SEaB Energy Ltd What’s on your stand and why should visitors be interested? Who has the most to gain from visiting your stand?

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24/06/2013 21:47:24

MEET THE SPEAKERS Amaya Arias-Garcia, Engineering Manager at Tamar Energy will be part of a panel discussing ‘Key considerations when designing your AD plant’ in the free to attend conference on 4 July at 10am. What are you working on at the moment that you’re most excited about? Why are you so excited? At the moment I am building a 3 MW AD plant which will be generating electricity in January 2014. It is very exciting to see the build progressing every week meeting the programme deadlines. Realistically, what are the top three things you want to achieve in the next two years? engineer and project manager. next two years? producing renewable energy or fuel and an organic fertiliser. Another important strength of AD is the decentralised

total input of the system. Niels Christian Holm, MD Sales/R&D, SH+E Group / LimnoTec will be speaking about ‘Innovation in process design’ in the Purple Seminar on 4 July at 12pm. What are you working on at the moment that you’re most excited about? Why are you so excited? It is exciting as these are plants with a huge range of different and unusual substrates. Realistically, what are the top three things you want to achieve in the next two years? If you were to become the Energy Secretary/Environment Secretary what would you change and why?

Dorian Harrison, Technical Director at Monsal will be part of a panel discussing ‘Key considerations when designing your AD plant’ in the free to attend conference on 4 July at 10am. What are you working on at the moment that you’re most excited about? Why are you so excited? We are currently building our sixth food waste treatment plant at the moment which will take the total capacity orders for waste AD plants in the last two years and the market is clearly starting to take off after a lot of hard work. next two years? AD is already the best technology for treating organic waste streams and there is still a great deal of optimisation messages you want them to remember? I want the audience to take home the message that AD should perform well and have a good understanding that

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24/06/2013 21:47:41

ENGINEERING FOCUS AT UK AD & BIOGAS 2013 Day one (3 July) 16.45 – 17.05 Conference Theatre Making the most of waste water - Simon Farris, Renewable Energy Opportunities Manager, Severn Trent Water Day two (4 July) 10.00 – 11.00 Conference Theatre Key considerations when designing your AD plant - Dorian Harrison, Technical Director, Monsal | Amaya Arias-Garcia, Engineering Manager, Tamar | Russell Mulliner, Marches Biogas TBC | Tim Sullivan, Director, H2OK Water and Energy 10.00 – 11.00 Green Seminar Theatre Optimising digester performance - Sandra Esteves, University of South Wales (Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion) 12.00 – 12.30 Conference Theatre New models of operation: Hub and Pod - Julian Maiklem, Partner, Green and Pleasant Renewables | Brenda 12.00 – 13.00 Purple Seminar Theatre Innovation in process design - Niels Christian Holm, MD Sales / R+D, SH+E Group I Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) 13.00 – 14.00 Green Seminar Theatre Innovation in heat use - Andrew Jenkins, Technical Director, Zebec Biogas and Steve Richmond, Business 13.00 – 14.00 Purple Seminar Theatre Biogas cleaning and biomethane upgrading technology - Willie Driessen, Regional Sales Manager, Paques BV 14.00 – 15.00 Purple Seminar Theatre

- Andrew Whittles, Managing

WSP Group PLUS: One-to-one advice clinics

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24/06/2013 21:48:04

Facilities Management



Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!


CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Ind Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel : 0121 327 5362 Fax : 0121 328 2934 sales@certuss.co.uk www.certuss.co.uk




T as E SU kf or RV de EY tai ls










Save Time and Money with Kärcher.














£1 0 0 CAS






0 CA








Kärcher’s comprehensive range of hot water high-pressure cleaners offers incredible cleaning performance, cleaning more thoroughly and up to 40% faster than cold water machines. What’s more, buy any Kärcher hot water high-pressure cleaner* between 1st June and 31st August and we’ll give you £100 cash back! To find out how Kärcher can make a difference to your business call 01295 752 142, email cleaning@karcher.co.uk or visit www.karcher.co.uk *Excluding HDS 5/11 U & UX models. Claims must be submitted online at www.karcher.co.uk by 13th September 2013. Further conditions apply, see website for details.

PECM June/July 2013

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23/06/2013 11:43:59

Reprotec UK - Repair and Maintenance Products for Industry.

these products for their ease of use and excellent


develop an enviable reputation for

Full technical data sheets and material safety data The products have proven themselves in a range of

a specialist building maintenance products Company particularly in the area of resin repair and protection


and our products have been proven on

manager, site engineers and project managers based

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 25


23/06/2013 11:44:01

Facilities Management AWE Achieves Greater Program Risk Control and Boosts Productivity with Infor EAM Following an investment in Infor EAM, AWE has improved performance substantially through tighter processes, intelligence and improved data quality. The organisations now has a clear, cohesive picture of all assets, and intuitive, alert-based early warning systems in place to ensure that they are always one step ahead of maintenance issues. The system enables the organisation to distil far better management information, and most importantly to ensure that safety and compliance conforms to the highest standards.

www.infor.com/solutions/eam marketinguk@infor.com

Protecting hands in the Oil & Gas Industry Rozalex, the British manufacturer of professional skincare products has recently strengthened its product offering. Rozalex products have been

McLaren Software Announces Outsourced Document Control Services for Capital Projects

more than 40 years with great success and the introduction of a new pumpable version of its industry leading barrier cream, Dri-

McLaren Software, leaders in engineering document control, project collaboration and computer aided facilities management solutions, announced the availability of McLaren Document Control Services for Capital Projects. McLaren Document Control Services is a comprehensive outsourced capital project document control service comprised of a privately hosted cloud-based implementation of McLaren Enterprise plus

industrial Xwipes and a unique heavy-duty

The service is designed to help owner operators or EPCs bring a document control system online quickly to support a capital project without having retain document controllers.

demand. Rozalex MD Nick Angel comments “We have sector recently with shipments to Angola, Norway, and the Middle-East. Rozalex is a well known brand in Industry and we are continuing to build on our reputation with these new products.� More information is available at www.rozalex.co.uk


PROTECH INDUSTRIAL BOOT DRYERS Improved performance, saved labour and the ultimate in comfort for your staff. Since 1983, Protech have looked to provide simple solutions to everyday work problems by keeping personnel better prepared to face the working day. Our unique and well proven system solves the problem of drying and sterilising the inside of rigger and other types of safety footwear and at the request of QHSE officers worldwide, many units have been successfully installed on oil rigs and industrial installations. Reductions in foot sore complaints and general foot fungal problems are reported, which in turn has led to significant savings in downtime due to medical treatment and recovery.

FOR FILTER SPARES & ACCESSORIES dustbits.com has been launched to provide a gap in the market place for a One Stop Shop to provide components for Bag Filter Systems throughout the UK. Previously owners of Filter Systems would have to go to the Original Equipment Manufacturer to buy component parts and this would usually mean purchasing from several companies for Filter Bags, Filter Cages, Pulsing Equipment etc. The goal of dustbits.com is to bridge this gap by offering a full range of components at competitive prices so that the owners of the Filter Plants only have to make one phone call. The new ecommerce website with easily ordered components makes the process of getting multiple spares a simple task www.dustbits.com To complete the service dustbits.com provides LEV COSHH testing

Electrically heated by means of two 1000W elements Fan unit of 0.05kW Germicidal lamp of 9W Thermostat control Mechanical activation control Energy Efficient Tel: Fax: E-mail: Website:


+44 (0)1234 826233 +44 (0)1234 826936 sales@protechstainless.com www.protechstainless.com

Tel: 01858 288676 Fax: 01858 288082 Email: sales@dustbits.com

PECM June/July 2013

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24/06/2013 19:17:18

Flow Measurement & Control New Acquisition Makes NOV Mono® The Global Leader In Progressing Cavity Pumps

New Full-flow PTFE Diaphragms for Hydra-Cell Pumps

®, a leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and associated

incredible opportunity to expand the products and services offered to

Flow Pulse – A major advance in non-invasive flow measurement


promises exceptional repeatability, accuracy and simple installation

® ®

involved, just clamp a small sensor to the outside of a pipe and specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, mining and

UK suppliers to energy, water and process industries since 1988 www.abacusvalves.com +44 (0) 1505 681 777

+44 (0) 1505 683 999 June/July 2013 PECM

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23/06/2013 11:44:16

Highly reliable flow switch helps BAS record the ebb and flow of the Antarctic Ocean

One of the challenges to the data collection process hole starts to refreeze as soon drilling begins, so three

the response of the ice shelves to the changing at any time and for any reason, to protect the heater To observe the conditions and effects, the team use a

the ice shelf and ocean that include turbulence and the

a small number of days at each drill hole to protect the heaters, but they are used repeatedly during the

subset of data from altimeter and temperature sensors is also transferred from the research base on the ice to

especially in terms of storage temperatures, but have


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 28

23/06/2013 11:44:17

2011/12 field season – Larsen C and George VI ice shelves, 3 sites, 5 holes, and 2000 m ice drilled

PECM513.indd 29

23/06/2013 11:44:18

Micronics Clamp-on Flow Switches provide cost effective solution to eliminate algae growth problem on flow monitoring of wash-water flow at Wessex Water no need to cut into pipes resulting in a major saving in time and plant sensors being

eliminate algae in a cost-effective, as




For further information on this some non-return valves had proved some other point in the treatment

, or visit

the increase in temperature on the

dispersion from the probe to the

the isolation and draining of the

projects for major UK and overseas cost-effective and simple to operate

no sensor fouling and minimal


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 30

23/06/2013 11:44:19

customers deserve the absolute best product for their

Our ball valves can be ordered in multitude of different carbon or stainless body and trim and a variety of seat

PECM513.indd 31

23/06/2013 11:44:21

Packo solves curd fines problem with newly developed pump In the complex process of making cheese, excess curd are formed whilst pumping the curd at too high speeds.

recessed impeller and round pump casing are much

this problem and could offer a solution by developing a volute pump casing and a special closed impeller and is

in the impeller and the pump casing are much in less turbulence and a potential to damage the

impeller is considered to be the best for pumping curd through the impeller and hence the curd is not coming exactly the same as the calculations predicted in the In this study diverse impeller types and pump casing

Fig.3: pump with vortex impeller and round pump casing Fig. 4: pump with volute pump casing and closed impeller


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 32

23/06/2013 11:44:24

Flow Measurement & Control NEW dedicated clamp-on flow meters from Micronics, for simple, accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe! The Ultraflo brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow, offering the user quick and accurate flow measurement with its easy to follow menu and simple set up. A cost-effective alternative to traditional in-line meter installation, plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability!

n Water n Chemicals n Glycol n Hydraulic Oils n Diesel and Fuel Oils

Non-invasive metering and flow measurement to monitor, control and manage your process flows.

www.micronicsflowmeters.com or call

01628 810456

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 33


24/06/2013 19:14:08

How To Avoid The Blame Game By

Chris Horsley, Managing Director Of Babcock Wanson the steam and the longevity of the boiler producing it are completely dependent upon the condition of that and costly damage to the heating surface and can lead

dosing rate also needs to be adjusted if there are large

raising boilers involves the controlled addition of a chemical oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioning and


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 34

23/06/2013 11:44:26

To provide the level of service that meets our

professional chemists ensures the treatment and testing regime is completed to obtain an accurate friendly treatment chemicals that are safe and simple to simply enter daily readings on-line and receive real-

for the customer, but a single-source solution provides

believe it’s time for the boiler manufacturers to step up

those that do still need to be vetted to ensure the and services for steam and process heating needs,



or go

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 35


23/06/2013 11:44:29

Fluid Handling Pumping Technical Slurries with Hydra-Cell major role in the pumping of highly concentrated slurries at high levels of

multiple diaphragm, seal-less design,

pressure applications such as the controlled pumping of technical

NOV Mono Solves Sludge Transer Problem For German Wastewater Plant maintenance problem for a major German ÂŽ

has dramatically reduced

The customer’s previous macerator had been experiencing increasingly

SAVE MORE THAN 55% ON ENERGY (for extruders in the plastics industry) BluVac: Intelligent compact unit substantially reduces energy costs

Speck Pumpen ABC Ltd, with our partners ARPUMA, can offer integrated vacuum packages designed specifically for each application.

The new BluVac unit from Speck Pumpen reduces energy consumption by controlling vacuum required by the process. When less vacuum is created, less energy is being consumed. The highest energy saving is reached by using optimised calibration tools under minimal supply of additional air. Pre-series models of these systems reached savings of 67% by a major manufacturer of window profiles. Sensors continuously measure pressure levels in the system and water levels in the separator tanks. The unit monitors pressure and water levels output. Based on this measured data; the vacuum required is adjusted on the hand held Controller. If a lower pressure level is needed after the start-up the speed of the vacuum and radial pump is reduced accordingly which results in a considerable saving on energy consumption.


engineering department in threeavailable to our customers in Our products are extensively tested for the purpose of ensuring

Controller (Not to scale)

For further information Speck Pumpen ABC Ltd AreenA House, Moston Road, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3HL 5FMt'BYt&NBJMJBO!TQFDLBCDDPN


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 36

23/06/2013 11:44:37

White Paper Gas Detection and Building Bulletin 100 from International Gas Detectors


schools, primary and secondary schools, academies and city technology colleges, special schools and pupil

to bring to clients proven products tailored for each

teachers, governors, teaching staff and facilities and

the increased demand for gas detection systems for

provide the most appropriate monitoring solution for

For more information contact :-

International Gas Detectors June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 37


23/06/2013 11:44:39

Health & Safety E-BOX M12 Complete from RAFI: Elegantly designed emergency stop wired ready for connection ready-for-connection emergency stop housing an extremely slim design, the unit can be needed at remote locations, for example along

JSP’s new online verification system - a two-minute check that could save your life Ž

Arco and MSA Partner to Develop New PLR Safety Helmet international leaders in head protection

How do you balance the safety of people, plant, premises and continuity of electrical supply?

log on to


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 38

23/06/2013 11:44:44

Lifting & Handling Equipment Universal Lifting & Moving Services

Universal Lifting & Moving Services is a mechanical and electrical plant removal and installation company who can also offer cranehire, teleporter and powered access hire. With over twenty three years experience, ULMS is well-established in plant and machinery installation and removal services. ULMS delivers a safe and practical solution to all of your machinery and heavy equipment moving requirements. They pride themselves that their machinery installation teams comprise of experienced, dedicated and highly motivated individuals who excel as team players. ULMS can deliver this service on a national or international basis for every requirement. ULMS specialises in factory relocation services including plant removal, installation and turnkey projects, and can also offer bespoke contract lifting services and all aspects of powered access. ULMS takes Health and Safety at Work very seriously. The Health and Safety manual is updated regularly and they have recently been accredited by CHAS and Safe Contractor. All employees are fully trained and qualified, including possession of CSCS cards, along with MEWPS and PALS licenses.

For more information,



call 01482 562654 or visit www.ulms.co.uk


!"#$%&'()*+,(-."/)!"#0&1&#0)2-1(,&/3)-,/)(4/ #"(&0-(/)&1)"&54(6/&54()7+13(,#7(&+1)(+)-33&3( 6&(4)4-18"&159):4/3/)5-1(,&/3)-,/)&8/-")64/1 ;+#),/<#&,/)7+13(-1()-33/0.";)-18)8&3-33/0.";= 3#74)-3)#3/).;)3&(/)>/,3+11/")+,)'+,)-1 /0/,5/17;)"&'()&1)-)8&''&7#"()"+7-(&+19


:4/)!"#$%&'()4-3).//1)&11+?-(&?/";)8/3&51/8)(+ .,/-@8+61)-18)>-7@)&1(+)(4/)0+3()7+0>-7( -18)(,-13>+,(-."/)3&A/)>+33&."/9 :4/)!"#$%&'()&3)3#>>"&/8)6&(4)3/7#,&15 3(,->3)(+)4/">)6&(4)3(+,-5/B (,-13>+,(-(&+19

!./%&#$'() !'"#$#!""")*

!"#$%&#$'() !"""#$#%"""&&

*(+',-%&#$'() !'""#$#('""&&

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 39


24/06/2013 18:59:56

DJN engineering precision

North Sea Systems DataFish DJN & Associates Ltd was approached by North Sea Systems to manufacture key components for an innovative new product developed by the company called the DataFish. The project was completed to a strict timescale and was delivered by DJN on budget. The scope of the project involved manufacturing the ballast frame for the DataFish, which provided the buoy with the necessary stability, and the mounting points for the mast supports. Keen to avoid high tooling costs, North Sea Systems were particularly looking for a supplier to manufacture

The DataFish is an innovative system for gathering ocean data in tidal zones. North Sea Systems years has made them acutely aware of the challenges associated with gathering this type of reliable data. The DataFish system has been designed to enable the

to 10 knot and waves with an average swell height of ability to transmit data in real time, its ability to offer direct correlations to be made. The project required a considerable degree of accuracy in fabrication, one of the main reasons DJN were selected over competitive suppliers. North Sea Systems are a past customer of DJNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and

pressure to cut through material, including steel, ceramic and glass. The machine can cut though material to a thickness of 200mm and up to 3m in length. It has a machine accuracy of +/- 0.08mm/m and offers zero temperature distortion, leaving a clean, burr free edge.


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 40

24/06/2013 20:31:11

the project on time and to

their ability to accurately fabricate the key components. We were not let down. They demonstrated a high quality of workmanship, all the metal components were formed accurately and because they were local to us, all the fabricated parts were delivered quickly to us. It was also very reassuring they met every deadline we set and came in on budget.”

“We are really pleased to be associated with the DataFish project and it is great to see our welding, fabrication and water-jet machine being applied to a system that will have an impact on the supply of green energy.

helped reduce the set-up costs and meant that North Sea Systems got exactly what had been designed. Despite this there were a number of challenges, not least balancing weight with the rigidity of some

We are now undertaking a design for manufacture process that should reduce not only the cost but also the weight and we are looking forward to working with North Sea Systems again.”

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 41


23/06/2013 11:44:56

Measurement & Monitoring Get it from Castle Shop! Castle Group Offers new shopping experience

CH4 Analysis for industrial application.

and offers a large range of electronic measuring instruments and accessories

The New Zone 2 iSiS1302 Thin Client â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Light, Powerful and Elegant HMI for Harsh Environments

POWDERS: Stop the caking! A new product for stability testing and monitoring humidity

high bright projective capacitive touch screen to

and clarity, and the toughened glass covering shrugs off grease and dirt


TThe UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading hydraulic test & measurement equipment supplier. W are pleased to launch our new PR130 & PR140 low cost rugged pressure We ttransducers suitable for all industrial applications up to 1000 bar. Made in Germany with w high quality stainless steel construction, accuracy & repeatability. Available from stock with either 4 pole M12X1 connector or Hirschmann connector A and 4-20mA or 0-10V outputs.


We offer German manufacturing excellence with a local service. Call us today and take advantage of our transducer introductory pricing offer while stock lasts.

PR13 PR PR130 1330



Freephone: 0800 068 4134

Web: www.hydrotechnik.co.uk

Fax: +44 (0)115 970 5597

Email: sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk

PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 42

23/06/2013 11:45:15

Testo Limited, Keeping the heart of industry beating and the optimum adjustment of your environment, The use of thermography cameras has caused a measurement solutions are becoming increasingly

has also revolutionised the industry by contributing

instruments for many applications and sectors, such

reduce costs and ensure all relevant systems are

Innovative measurement technology from Testo supports production processes in every phase, from

Infrared Cameras are useful for detecting irregularities usually caused by friction due to improper lubrication,

imaging to monitor electrical boards and identify

rising preventive maintenance tools in industrial inspections for monitoring mechanical and electrical

to inspect bearing housings on the production line, of important components can highlight abnormalities

are the basis for you being able to safely reproduce high

or call


can consistently monitor and regulate the production

PECM513.indd 43

23/06/2013 11:45:26

There’s no two ways about it: our extensive portfolio of infrared thermometers covers all the spectral, temperature and dynamic ranges you could want.

UK Distributor for Sensocon Pressure Gauges

range includes standard and mini size

Industry’s Smallest 18-Bit Successive Approximation Register (SAR) ADC from Maxim Integrated Saves 70% Board Space


PECM513.indd 44

Also interested in really fast, rugged, light, accurate, customised and inexpensive pyrometer models for non-contact temperature measurements between -50°C and +2200°C? Or in infrared cameras? Visit www.optris.co.uk


Measurement & Monitoring

Innovative Infrared Technology

PECM June/July 2013

23/06/2013 11:45:35

The VIBROPORT 80 is the newest generation of portable vibration measuring instruments from

Since the early 1970’s, Bruel & Kjaer Vibro has been successfully developing solutions for maintenance - based condition monitoring and field balancing of machines in numerous industrial applications. From the first portable vibration measuring instrument VIBROTEST up to today’s VIBROPORT 80, this fundamental design concept continues.

Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

Machinery Fault Detection & Diagnosis 1 & 2 Plane Field Balancing Up to Four Channels Large Colour Display ( VGA) Robust Ergonomic Housing (IP65) ATEX, IECEx & CSA approval Windows based Analysis Software Modular Construction - additional applications can be added at any time Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

FFT Spectra & REB Fault Detection with Envelope Analysis Order Analysis (Phase & Amplitude) Time Signal for Post Processing Transfer Function for Modal Analysis Up to 4 Channels with Triaxial Measurements Dual Channel Measurements (max. X/Y, orbit etc) Simultaneous display of Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

For further details, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact

150A West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. HP12 3AE Tel: 01494 536600 Fax: 01494 536603 www.cepstra.co.uk

PECM513.indd 45

23/06/2013 11:45:50

Durable, High-Temperature Boiler and Furnace Camera Systems for Real-Time Monitoring of Combustion and Process Control

boiler and furnace camera systems provide high-

and other internal processes in boilers, furnaces, process heaters,


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 46

23/06/2013 11:45:51

PECM513.indd 47

23/06/2013 11:47:37

News & Events

Fine TubesLtd.Ltd. Fine Tubes Ltd. Fine FineTubes Tubes Ltd. s a leading manufacturer isaaleading leading manufacturer is manufacturer is a leading manufacturer of precision metal tubing of precision metal tubing of precision metal tubing of precision metal tubing



£ Neg depending on experience plus benefits. £ Neg depending on experience plus benefits.

£ Neg Neg depending dependingon onexperience experienceplus plusbenefits. benefits. £Fine Tubes is a high quality precision manufacturer

supplying operationally

critical Fine Tubes Ltd.tubing to global markets for oil and gas, medical, aerospace, nuclear, semiconductor, power generation and advanced engineering applications. The is a leading manufacturer company has a strong order book and is looking for a highly motivated individual of precision metal tubing with excellent analytical skills to work within the operations team on root cause analysis investigations.

This is an exciting opportunity for a high calibre individual who has proven product & process improvement skills. They will be highly motivated to succeed, and self driven. Applicants able to demonstrate their ability to implement change £ Neg depending on experiencewill plusbe benefits. through a logical approach of problem solving and data analysis techniques.


long operating life can be For example, pure electric

time on a single charge, extend battery life, improve lift performance and available that use ultracapacitors instead of batteries for improved

The following skills or knowledge would be considered an advantage; Six sigma qualification or an understanding of its principles. Continuous improvement experience. Experience in applying Lean manufacturing techniques. The ideal candidate will have: t Experience in delivering improvements in product quality, yields and processes. t An analytical mind and be capable in solving complex manufacturing challenges. t The ability to work with multiple teams of people to manage a structured plan. t An organised and structured approach to tasks and the managing of projects. t An engineering or metallurgical experience or background. t Excellent communication skills. t The desire to play a key role in developing a successful and growing business.

Ceram Awarded ISO 14001 Certification Ceram, the international materials development and testing company, is

Benefits Include:

CLOSING DATE: THURSDAY JULYHolidays, 2013 rising to 30 with service, a Pension 25 days holiday per annum 25TH plus Bank CLOSING DATE: THURSDAY 25TH JULY 2013 Scheme, a subsidised Restaurant. The company has a friendly, supportive atmosphere which has innovation as one of its core values


you are interested joining CLOSINGIfDATE: THURSDAY 25THinJULY 2013us and feel that you have the necessary skills and

experience please send a letter of application and your CV to: Steve Tomlinson, HR Manager. Fine Tubes Limited, Plymbridge Road, Plymouth, PL6 7LG. TEL: 01752 697207 E-MAIL: stomlinson@fine-tubes.co.uk

PECM513.indd 48


23/06/2013 11:47:47

News & Events Data Logger for remote temperature monitoring

FOAMGLAS® insulation helps make turkeys green

designed for temperature monitoring in freezers, refrigerators, cold stores for service,

information to desired e-mail address and


Winn & Coales International is again recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Growth in World Sales ®

combined efforts of the company’s UK, based staff, subsidiary companies

PECM513.indd 49

23/06/2013 11:47:55

Process Technologies

Tel: 0208 339 7370 462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England


Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web:


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 50

24/06/2013 18:16:06

PECM513.indd 51

23/06/2013 11:47:57

Process Technologies New heat-resistant elastomer feed roller from Automatik Plastics Machinery. Automatik Plastic Machinery has developed a new elastomer feed roller specially designed to meet high demands in terms of abrasion and thermal loading. This new roller, designated EL 24, features a high thermal load capacity of up to 170°C, well above that of conventional rollers in use. The EL 24 also offers better frictional resistance and compression behavior than conventional elastomer feed rollers. Worthy of notice is the fact that the new roller is white. In addition, and importantly for the semiconductor industry, it is also silicon-free.

Email: ChrisLaurent@maag.com


AB World Foods will save 708 tonnes of CO2 with Spirax Sarco steam trap management A Spirax Sarco steam trap management contact is projected to save AB World Foods 236 tonnes of CO2 a year, for the next three years. Under the new contract the siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s steam trap population will be surveyed and maintained by Spirax Sarco specialists every six months, to ensure eight months. A Spirax Sarco steam trap survey will initially measure

management contract will remove the hassle of in-house maintenance

Tel: 01242 521361



PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 52

24/06/2013 14:13:00

Gainsborough Engineering Ltd Flexibility is Key in the world of Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machines Throughout this time there have been many changes

selected by the user enabling them to achieve maximum

march on the competition has forced the introduction

The system consists of an inclined conveyor that

the print designers to use all four sides of the bag

machine and design the additional components around

user to specify the type of drive, pneumatics, plc and a choice of printers are just a small example as to

PECM513.indd 53

23/06/2013 11:48:06

Dairy Farmers save up to 45% on energy costs with heat recovery technology These are not the only energy-hungry aspects of dairy farming and as energy costs rise, so does the burden

excess energy from the cooling process to support the

consumption of a primary process and provide heat

or visit industry generate a considerable amount of heat from a variety of applications including cooling and

options enabling the complete recovery and re-


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 54

23/06/2013 11:48:09

PECM513.indd 55

23/06/2013 11:48:12

Product News Aspire Defence uses BWTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AQA Total and Exceeds Expectations

Specialist Power Screw Products Ex stock power screws & nuts Precision-machined components Self-reversing screws and followers Accredited by Aerospace, Nuclear & Chemical customers Specialist leadscrew & power screw products

to stop hardness minerals forming in heat exchangers as scale, therefore protecting

UNO R&D Thin-Film Deposition Tool

Call C all 01482 325676 Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd, Pennington Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 7LD, UK Fax 01482 216438 Email: sales@kingston-engineering.co.uk



PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 56

23/06/2013 11:48:16

Product News Micro lock made by Camlock Systems ensures IT security

UNI Split Gland

IT enclosures from unauthorized

slit sealing inserts in particular â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

products on through plugs or sensors.

New Detectability Makes FoodlubeÂŽ Safest Ever sealing insert pushed into it. Then the two halves of the pressure screw are

has introduced innovative caps and actuators on aerosol

interrupt production.

Walter Logan & Co represents For further information please contact Peter Campbell Tel: 0208 446 0161 peter@walterlogan.com

UK BEARINGS LTD Tel 01384 484141 Fax 01384 484004 sales@ukbearings.co.uk May we quote you .. ? Molyslip

Key Steel


Chain + Sprockets Belts + Pulleys

Silver Steel

Bronze Bushes


Seals + Circlips

Shaft Collars

Dow Corning

Shim Washers Diverse Gear and Electric motor product range High efficiency gearing and IE2 motor Improved Torque ratings through improved design Assembly, After sale service and stock holding within the UK Innovative technical solutions driven by local technical support

Gears + Racks


Varley Castors

Nilos Seals

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 57


23/06/2013 11:48:20


How do you create a marble structure in chocolate? Within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry’s effective C.I.P. cleaning, smooth and/or polished surfaces and sanitary connections are of major importance to maintain a sterile environment. The use of static mixer elements leads to considerable better cleaning compared to an empty pipe, due to the the inner wall of the process pipe.

HSS TAPS, DIES, DIENUTS, DIEHEAD CHASERS, THREAD ROLLS, THREAD GAUGES ETC. NON STANDARD? NO PROBLEM! FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE MANY NON STANDARD (AND STANDARD) TOOLS & GAUGES IN STOCK. Keen prices, rapid deliveries. Online catalogue and price list at www.threadtools.com buy online or contact us on 0044(0)1527 520580 sales@threadtools.com

Cut away view of a static mixer, used to mix color

Tel: +44 (0) 161 486 5099


Getting to PAT with process analytical equipment

Produce International Srl is a procurement company supplying industrial materials, including electrical and mechanical products. We serve the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas and Power industries. A new brand with a history of quality and reliability, our company is growing rapidly, and we thank our customers and suppliers for their support. As a customer-driven company, we offer you our know-how in bulk procurement, we offer a global solution in the supply of materials and equipments, we analyse your needs, look for the most suitable products, purchase the material and organise its delivery according to your requirements, including all the technical documentation and required certificates. It is our goal to provide the best and most cost effective products available anywhere in the world, we deliver what You want, - any size, any grade, any quantity - when You want it. Supply of Electrical Equipment Produce International Srl offers a complete and professional service: our partner companies Produce sas and Concurrent Engineering Srl can support the Customer during all the phases of the project, from design to field installation. Thanks to the full range of Hubbel products represented by Produce sas and the access to international know-how and training courses, we can provide complete and comprehensive answers in accordance with the reference standards (Anglo-Saxons, Americans , Canadians or Europeans). Supply of Mechanical Equipment Produce International Srl is your reference partner for the supply of solutions oriented to the full satisfaction of customer needs, with a unique combination of excellence in product management and logistic support. Produce International Srl offers a complete and professional service, starting from aiding the Customer during the bid phase up to the documents issue.

Tel +39039796272 Fax +39039794370 E-mail:info@produceitaly.com www.produceitaly.com

Since its introduction, the FDA’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative has been gradually changing how pharmaceutical companies perceive the adoption of new technologies. METTLER TOLEDO’S latest white paper discusses It further highlights how innovative process analytical solutions with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) can:

Download the full version of this white paper at:


Simplify Compliance with SOPs for Intelligent sensors Pharmaceutical production is one of the world’s most regulated activities. Creating and maintaining documentation in a quality control system to satisfy regulatory requirements is a considerable task for pharma companies. METTLER






Sensors” - discusses how the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) workload for in-line sensors can be reduced with Intelligent Sensor Management.

Download the full version of this white paper at:



PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 58

24/06/2013 18:48:49

meant that the pressures on improving competitiveness turn has driven the introduction of lean and six sigma

vast and ranges from the automotive to aerospace,

is Incoloy® use of Inconel®


its excellent corrosion resistance and performance ®

suppliers and contractors to guarantee no failures in oil extraction, plus the demands of operators already mentioned, Inconel®

giving designers more choice an in turn leading to applications and in some cases there is no substitute for used as an alloying element for over 2000 years, but it


PECM513.indd 59


23/06/2013 11:48:29

Hylec-APL helps the rail industry stay on track with regulations Not only can the operating environments be extremely must be met due to the inherent dangers of carrying high volumes of passengers at high speeds surrounded by

debris, it is vital that the components are extremely hard protect electrical entry points, it is also vital that they

this product, or advice on the ideal cable entry solution

also tested on their ability to be extinguished should these standards can be challenging, but is essential to

protection, meaning that the entry point is fully protected

PECM513.indd 60

23/06/2013 11:48:31

The Future of Electron Beam Curing Possibilities and advantages for hardening coatings a technical introduction by David Helsby, RadTech Europe President

a penetration depth is only possible if the varnish contains double bonds, for example in the form of ethylene, propylene, vinyl








although this also depends on the density of the coating It is important to tune this properly, a voltage the coating does not cure to the too high a voltage from unnecessary energy consumption, this can lead

the presence of oxygen causes a number of undesired all, there are absolutely no organic or other solvents,

or other multifunctional compounds are added as

issues such as cooling are included in the calculations,

resulting coating and the environmentally friendly aspects, issues such as energy consumption and

determines the energy of the electrons and therefore

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 61


23/06/2013 11:48:33

Ormandy Process Solutions have been manufacturing pressure vessels, heat exchangers and packaged solutions for over 25 years. Ormandy Process has steadily built a reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment to meet an ever increasing demand for the “Total solution” The tendency in today’s market place is to put price before design standards and this ultimately leads to poor performance - one of my fondest memories of a Chief Engineer was his recital of the quote from John Ruskin “Its unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do” The speed of information and the pressures put on the suppliers today mean that we will not always be able to get the full information required to put together a comprehensive tender – hence the need to work together to get correct information in front of the designers to make sure “ you get what you pay for” The skills shortage we have in the industry means there will always be a “gap” between the initial application meeting and the ultimate proposal that goes back to the client with all of the caveats that we see so often in this sector. Our philosophy in the Ormandy Group is to provide specialist in-house design to negate the issues of poor information, then to discuss it with the client to get full buy-in for the project. This enables us to deliver a quality product or package of products on-time and within budget - but more importantly to work in partnership with the customer to deliver a project we can all be proud of, for the future.

www.ormandyltd.com 62

PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 62

24/06/2013 17:23:55

EE300Ex Humidity/temperature transmitter for intrinsically safe applications to measure moisture levels in oil up to the oil saturation

The 2-part housing concept facilitates simple installation of the humidity transmitter and rapid replacement of directly in an explosion hazard environment in zones for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical

Typical applications for moisture measurement in oil platforms for online monitoring of lubrication and gear t Can be used in gas and dust explosion hazard areas t t Output of calculated humidity functions t t t

remote measurement probe, and an optional display

sensing probe


In addition to the measurements for relative humidity

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 63


23/06/2013 11:48:34

Software & Systems

Alert the right engineer, with the right information, at the right time, every time


PECM June/July 2013

PECM513.indd 64

24/06/2013 18:22:58

Data Recovery and restoration, in an emergency is your backup quick enough ? How many times has your organisation gone to a system which controls production equipment or logs PCL data

required their data restored within 12-24 Hrs

contact Andy Butler at R3 Data Recovery Ltd andy@r3datarecovery.com or call 0800 999 3282

June/July 2013 PECM

PECM513.indd 65


25/06/2013 13:48:32

Storage, Handling & Distribution Handling solution helps keep delivery promises

Stanley Handling Stanley PowerMate Powered Stairclimbers Stanley Handling is one of the UK’s leading independent materials handling specialists For over 60 years we have been providing a wide range of materials handling equipment, designed to increase efficiency in space, time and budget. Our extensive range of Powered Stairclimbers move heavy and awkward loads up and down stairs and on and off vehicles with maximum speed and safety. In many cases Stanley PowerMate Stairclimbers enable work normally requiring two persons to be accomplished by one. From the smallest lightweight Stanley Sprinter, which can lift between 110-170kg, to the PowerMate M2B which has a capacity of 680kg, Stanley Handling has the right stairclimber for your particular requirements. Stanley PowerMate is synonymous with safety and professionalism – reducing back strain and operator fatigue and eliminating product and premises damage during the delivery cycle.

To keep pace with a major expansion of its online retail operations in Doncaster, Next tasked Rusmail Conveyor Systems & OCA to develop a solution for handling sacks of parcels ready for despatch to its stores and customers’ homes. The resulting overhead conveyor system equates to over a mile of conveyors capable of loading, sorting and directing the sacks to placed before 9pm to be delivered the next day. Rusmail worked in close collaboration with OCA its French partner used this type of conveyor. The project covered the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of 6 conveyor loops of varying lengths each with a cable driven overhead conveyor equipped with hooks and special sack recognition devices. The bespoke system also incorporated automatic PLC based inverter speed control systems.

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PECM June/July 2013

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Temperature Management & Control

TEMPERATURE CONTROL ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES The control of temperature is common in most process industries and is also seen as possibly the most important. Accurate, reliable, easy to use and cost effective are the normal expectations that users have on the equipment. Using our long standing knowledge of not just the product, but also applications, CalCert Instruments Ltd are able to resolve your needs with our range of products on offer. Features available: P.I.D. WITH OPTION OF AUTO TUNING UNIVERSAL INPUTS WIDE RANGE CONTROL OUTPUTS ALARMS, BOTH HARD WIRED AND SOFT COMMUNICATIONS OPTIONS RANGE OF PHYSICAL SIZES MODULAR DESIGN PRICING STARTS FROM ÂŁ80. CalCert Instruments Ltd Unit 4a Birch Lane Business Park Aldridge 01922 744740 Walsall West Midlands




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PECM - Issue 4 2013  

PECM - Issue 4 2013