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Hazardous Area Classification Ensure Your Weighing Equipment is Safe Equipment operating in hazardous areas must meet stringent criteria. They must be ‘protected’ to avoid the possibility of them becoming a source of ignition. Weighing systems are often an integral part of a process within the hazardous area and therefore must have suitable protection. Our simple, easy-to-read poster provides a comprehensive introduction to hazardous area classification. It covers types of protection and how they appear in the labeling of electrical equipment for hazardous areas.

To download your free poster visit: X www.mt.com/uk-haz-poster Mettler-Toledo Ltd Tel: 0116 234 5095 Email: enquire.mtuk@mt.com

ster Free Poeighing

W Marking ment ip Equ ardous for Haz Areas

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Vibration Monitoring Services Limited :MFVEXMSRERH8LIVQEP-QEKMRK7YVZI]W



8IP01795 877177SV07840 791587 )QEMPvmservicesltd@btinternet.com www.vibrationmonitoringservices.co.uk

January/February 2014 PECM


GRADUATE TRAINING British companies have a duty of care to UK engineering to further develop graduate training


t has always been the case that fresh out of college or university; engineering graduates have knowledge

real world experience. However, with technology developing at a rapid rate, these gaps are becoming ever wider

as courses are expected to cover more ground. Rather than lamenting failing standards in education, maybe it is the job of companies operating in the UK to develop more graduate training programmes, to make sure that the wealth of experience that our established engineering force has is

passed down to the new generation. Dave Brown, Sales Manager for Brevini Power Transmission, explains how graduate training programmes can improve the individual performance also maintaining the standard of UK Engineering on the world stage. Working within a mechanical engineering discipline it’s quite common to hear experienced engineers comment on the inexperience and lack of knowledge of recent graduates. It is felt that courses aren’t teaching basic skills such as reading and understanding technical drawings, requirements or material selection. This lack of real world knowledge and skills means that often graduate engineers aren’t able to ‘hit the ground running’ and additional training is employees.

Now an average college design and technology student can build a 3D model on their computer then print it on the school’s 3D printer.

But rather than blaming graduates or the education system for a decline in standards, I think that it’s important that we take the time to look back to our early careers and also consider the changes that we’ve seen in the engineering profession as a whole over the last decade or so. While some engineering undergraduates enter university with a and I believe as is more commonly the


PECM January/February 2014

what area of engineering they may end up in. In some cases they may even be unsure if they will take up a career in engineering at all after graduating. I found myself studying engineering not I hoped to enter, but more because of a general interest and the fact that my education choices, and more much suited a science or engineering route. This meant that I didn’t focus in on any one particular discipline as I wanted as wide a knowledge base as possible. With this in mind it is impossible to expect a graduate to focus all of their skills while they are studying, rather they must study as broad a spectrum

Working within a mechanical engineering discipline it’s quite common to hear experienced engineers comment on the inexperience and lack of knowledge of recent graduates. as possible to provide them with options once they graduate. When I left university and began working for Brevini Power Transmission I had only a limited knowledge of gearbox and winch technology. I have no doubt that some of my early questions made my superiors fret for the future of British engineering. revolution in engineering design since universal. Now an average college design and technology student can build a 3D model on their computer then print it on the school’s 3D printer. With technologies like this emerging its little wonder that modern graduates are spending more time developing their computer based skills and less on analogue skills. I believe that this migration from paper to computer can account partially for the gap in understanding of tolerances and material selection etc. as students simply aren’t forced to consider them as we were; relying instead on computer programmes which work them out automatically. What we as an industry have to accept though, is that no education centre is going to risk to be seen as outdated by moving their syllabus away from they, it is their responsibility to

educate students in the modern developments of engineering so that graduates can enter the world of work at the cutting edge. It is then our responsibility to mould their skill to match the requirements of the jobs we give them. in the market is the technical approach that we take to every solution we sell. We don’t just sell a gearbox. We understand our customer’s design, appreciate their drivers and work in partnership to develop the best solution possible. This requires a general understanding of mechanical engineering, so we can speak to customers in any industry, but highly technical understanding of gears that no graduate would be expected to hold. But rather than give graduates up as a lost cause we have developed a training programme which imparts our hard won knowledge and invests in the future of the business. By generating our own training material we are able to educate our graduates on Power Transmission Studies, Ratio Explanations, Gear Design and Engineering Knowledge and Gearbox Selection. The training has been universally well received by everyone who has completed it and we are now able to routinely develop graduates with no real world experience into a fully competent role within 6 months. Previously this could have taken anywhere up to two years. gearbox training courses to companies we work with (both suppliers and customers) who have graduates who may need to understand the basics of one can have an expert knowledge of every technology, but by learning the basics of gearbox design and selection many engineers within industries such waste and recycling etc. can become Our training courses are completely free and open to anyone who feels that

about gearbox technology. Rather than seeing it as giving away our trade secrets, we believe that by spreading our knowledge we can create a deeper appreciation of our technology within the market and strengthen the relationship we have with our customers when working together on new bespoke designs. It is our belief that if companies aren’t willing to invest in our country’s young engineers, and commit to supporting their growth in the early stages of their career, then we will only have ourselves to blame if, in 20 years time, all the experienced engineers begin to Developing training programmes is a simple process and one that could help to keep the UK as a leader in engineering. www.brevini.co.uk January/February 2014 PECM



The major name exhibitors at Maintec will include show regulars such as Schaeffler (UK), Fluke UK, Hansford Sensors, Idhammar Systems and Valveforce

community increasingly has to consider health and safety issues. The major name exhibitors at Maintec will include show

Masses on Offer at Maintec 2014


ith an impressive assortment of show features, practical educational seminars, a hall packed with exhibitors, plus there’s a real buzz building around Maintec 2014, which March. easyFairs announced two designed to make Maintec an even bigger magnet for maintenance and


Maintec is also packed with exciting features including the Business Strategy Forum which made such an impressive debut last year.

engineering professionals, production and plant complementary shows is Facilities Management, targeting facilities, property and estate managers. This is a smart development with many Maintec attendees having a wider remit.

(UK), Fluke UK, Hansford Sensors, Idhammar Systems and Valveforce, these will be joined by new exhibitors such as Matthews Engineering Training and IRISS. Maintec is also packed with exciting features including the Business Strategy Forum which made such an impressive debut last year. This is once again

Maintec 2014 will also be Health & Safety Event, UK’s maintenance, plant and asset management

On the learning front, Maintec’s Exchange which will feature 21 free practical talks packed full of advice, new innovations and case

studies for maintenance professionals, engineers, plant and asset managers to learn from. Maintec’s hugely popular spectacle. It will see new maintenance and engineering technologies, innovations and concepts pitched to an expert panel in a bid to be voted the best in show. Interested in exhibiting? Stand bookings for Maintec 2014, can be made by contacting Jerry Dawson on +44 (0)20 8843 8823 or email jerry.dawson@ easyFairs.com. For further information about visiting or exhibiting visit www.easyFairs.com/ MAINTECUK

Maintec provides an efficient and highly effective opportunity for you to source the very best solutions for your business - all under one roof!

News & Events Winn & Coales International Ltd celebrated their 130th Anniversary with a visit from HRH The Duke of York, KG

close working relationship with a team that want your site to succeed!

October by HRH The Duke of York.

During the visit, His Royal Highness unveiled a commemorative plaque specially commissioned for the occasion and congratulated the company on its success over 130 years of trading due to a combination of innovation, commercial nous and sound manufacturing practices, all resulting in continuous growth both in the UK and worldwide.

Email: mail@denso.net

With a GEA Industrial Control System/ Application Support Contract you can enjoy a


New and exclusive from JACOB: New FOOD GRADE RANGE meets EC 1935/2004 and FDA requirements stringent requirements of the European “EC 1935/2004” standard as well as the

with more than 3000 products. More than 1000 of the product components – from the steel parts through to adhesives and sealing materials – were replaced or redesigned where necessary. That made sure that all the parts of the “Food Grade” products that come into contact with food satisfy the stringent EU requirements

contract. Contact us for more information at: GEA Process Engineering Ltd, Warrington, UK Tel: 01925 812650, Email: automationsupport.gpuk@gea.com www.geaprocess.co.uk

Babcock Wanson Wins Process Heating Order For Fibre & Yarn Company Drake Extrusion has been using a small steam equipment. Whilst still operational, this equipment is reaching the end of its natural life providing Drake with the opportunity to upgrade to modern, more

installed in their place, with each heat user having a secondary circuit to ensure

contact with food.

to 280°C. This will allow Drake to reduce fuel costs by replacing electrical heating with natural gas and will also free up space within the factory as the 16 separate heaters located around the factory along with much of the pipe work will be removed.

of the new product range. Call on +49 0571/9558-239, or email us at sales@ jacob-rohre.de or alternative click www.pipe-systems.eu

Tel: 020 8953 7111 Email info@babcock-wanson.co.uk www.babcock-wanson.co.uk

instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technology. Within and Control sector we hold an annual Market data collection event called market experts within the Process Sector, in an informal atmosphere, to review aggregated data from about 18 participating process control companies and estimate the size of product categories (including DCS) for

Lone Worker protection from Arcis:Altos Group Cleanliness is key in any working environment and now Noroclear, a cleaner/disinfectant which combats norovirus and kills all pathogenic organism groups in dirty conditions in just one minute, is available in a convenient pack form, containing hand wipes, surface wipes and hand foam, with additional solutions especially

Strict European standard tests prove that Noroclear – which is rapid, within a minute of contact, to both surfaces and hands.

This is its 11th consecutive year and is being held at Sir William Siemens house in Manchester on Friday 21st March.

The extensive and rigorous European testing regime using EN testing standards proves the product’s bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal,


Further details are available from: www.combatnorovirus.com

1st PLC Simulator Software Of Its Kind

Virtual Power Plants for cooling and heating win national award for innovation

gain years of troubleshooting experience in just days. BIN, a leader in Programmable engineering and maintenance professionals worldwide, announced today that BIN

cooling and heating has won a major national award for innovation.

use by engineering, students and maintenance personnel to learn how to

Power Plants across the UK could provide a national renewable energy infrastructure to run alongside and support the increasingly vulnerable National Grid.

testing skills.

Pictured are Roberto

See details and video at http://www.bin95.com/TroubleshootingPLC-Controls-Simulator.htm

Mallozzi and Tim Mitchell of Klima-Therm

Email: BIN95@BIN95.com

mitchell@klima-therm.co.uk, tel 07967 030737.


PECM January/February 2014



News & Events SmartKey+ Securely Manages Safety Interlock Keys in Real Time SmartKey+ is an extension of Smith Flow Control’s Key Management Systems. Key cabinets provide a safe and visual way of storing interlock system ‘initiating’ keys. SmartKey+ has been developed accuracy.

and control room personnel with information on interlocked processes and their status. Full transaction history is available, revealing details of key insertion/removal. The unit is designed to support a remote web interface,

Why Create Your Own Qualification? and awarding body. We work in partnership with businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout the UK and beyond.

are recognising the advantages that having their own formalised training and learning programmes can bring.

learning follows precisely the route you choose.” Development team today mycentre@sqa.org.uk t www.sqa.org.uk

STAINLESS STEEL ARE YOU BEING SHORT CHANGED? 316 grade stainless steel is often an absolute necessity in the processing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and certain chemicals, but how can you be sure that you are getting what you are paying a premium for?


hat would be the consequences if you were supplied with equipment manufactured from something other than 316 grade stainless steel? Costly production downtime, product contamination, increased corrosion and therefore replacement costs, customer complaints and lost business are all realistic possibilities. are all well and good but you are exposing yourself to a number of potential problems if you rely solely on

either due to inconsistencies in a batch of material, or due to unscrupulous manufacturers.

The most reliable method to ensure corresponds with what is delivered is to have it tested either once delivered, This is exactly what West Sussex

testing equipment which enables them to independently certify all incoming material along with all the components takes time, it provides their customers with absolute peace of mind on their purchase. To provide further reassurance they on to their products, and provide the customer with the corresponding test

have handled the material before it is potential for mistakes at every stage in this chain.

Materials Testing Service whereby they

goods that do

Equipment, Packaging Machinery and Primary Healthcare Packaging. Further information on their product range, Material Testing Service, and www.adelphi-pe.com

January/February 2014 PECM


IPC Hand Soldering Competition to Heat up National Electronics Week 2014 IPC’s hand soldering competition is sure to heat things up at National Electronics Week 2014, in Birmingham, England. Skilled competitors will go soldering iron to soldering cash prizes: 1st place — £300; 2nd place — £200; 3rd place — £100, and bragging rights as the best hand soldering technician will also earn the chance to compete at the ®

2015, in San Diego, Calif. Hand soldering of high density printed boards demands highly skilled operators to ensure 2014 – recognizes the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies. Over three days, participants will compete against each other to build

speed at which the assembly was produced and overall Master Instructors will serve as the judges.

and friendly way to give them an opportunity to let their international relations. Hand soldering competition entries will be accepted until March 25, 2014, and the number of entrants is basis. Interested participants can submit their entry at www.ipc.org/hsc-new-uk.

Embedded Masterclass shows how to make the best use of SoC FPGAs in new designs Designing systems based round FPGAs with integrated ARM processors can be challenging for engineers, but the basics will be explained in a talk due to be held at this year’s Embedded Masterclass, which will form part of National Electronics Week at the NEC in Birmingham from 8 to 10 April 2014. UMR’s Embedded Masterclass, a dedicated engineering design conference for the embedded community, will take place alongside the National Electronics Week exhibition. bringing the two technologies together on one die has enabled them to be integrated to a level that simply was not possible when they were in discrete device packages. “This brings higher performance and capabilities that capabilities were not possible previously, developers have little experience of the issues that can arise and


PECM January/February 2014

The class will also explain how to move from designing more cores. Zammattio will look at the issues when

Bringing Embedded Masterclass and NEW together will help delegate make best use of their time away from with key industry experts in one arena. The exhibition will have a focused Embedded Zone that will include the best in the industry. The seminar and workshops theatres will be integrated into this area giving delegates plenty of time to engage with suppliers, view demo areas and discuss industry issues in one location. For further information about content and sponsorship, contact: Claire Saunders, Event Director, NEW Events Email: Claire@neweventsltd.com or Jayne Foster, Conference Manger, UMR Ltd Email: j.foster@umronline.co.uk

Sustainability Live takes place at the NEC, event for the sustainability in business sector. energy, water and energy recovery sectors, hundreds of the latest products and services, industry developments and best practice for your organisation. to gain high quality insight through the comprehensive free to attend seminar engagement with the best practitioners, calendar. Who will be at Sustainability Live?

hosts sessions featuring expert speakers who will cut through the jargon, to debate and discuss the latest sustainable policy and business Institute of Water Drilling and Tapping Competition also plays host to the annual Drilling & Tapping Competition which pits teams of water industry employees against each other to be named champion. Taking place on the


will be able to watch teams race against the clock to drill and tap a 150mm diameter ductile iron main under pressure and install a simulated service connection. Skill, dexterity and speed are prime requirements – so who will join other winners such as Balfour Beatty, Severn Trent

Free Seminar Programme

be our 2014 champion?

exhibitors are being added every week, so do keep on an eye on the show website www. sustainabilitylive.com Showcasing their latest products and services to thousands of visitors over the course of the event, exhibitors are able to discuss individual company requirements and build business

The extended and improved seminar programme includes sessions covering,

reduction and Sustainable Urban Drainage. New for 2014 is the keynote stage which

fellow engineers, source the latest product and services information and keep abreast of all the show news and details on how to exhibit or register for free visitor entry, visit www.sustainabilitylive.com











The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) offers various accreditations for different types of lubricants.

Lubricants are the life-blood of any industrial plant, maximising the operational lifespan of production equipment and machinery and minimising the risk of downtime. However, in food manufacturing facilities, an additional challenge is posed by the requirement to utilise foodgrade lubrication over traditional greases and oils, which are potentially dangerous if ingested. John Chappell, managing director of asset integrity specialists AV Technology Ltd (AVT), looks at how production efficiency need not be compromised by the requirement to use foodgrade lubricants – and how an effective lubrication management programme can assist in the general maintenance of a healthy plant.


In any manufacturing environment, lubricants, greases

to lubricate moving parts in equipment – which may be anything from pumps and gearboxes to chain and conveyor belts – facilitating smooth movement and preventing wear and friction. Machinery in food manufacturing facilities in particular is also subject to a wide range of operational challenges which, when coupled with the need to further complicate the selection and management of lubricants. Extremes of temperature, from the highs needed for baking and cooking to the lows needed for refrigeration


PECM January/February 2014

lubricant choice and usually result in a range of products production areas. Production areas can be dusty, due to the presence of ingredients like in areas where sterilisation food production machinery is cleaned far more frequently than other equipment – meaning lubricant can be washed away – and it may be prudent to modify the washdown process, or use a

order to hit increasing targets, manufacturers may be required to run lines for longer periods each day – or invest in new technologies which work at a higher velocity and lubrication needs to older models. Even in a food manufacturing lubricant may not be required throughout the premises.

from lubricated areas, in order to prevent almost daily relubrication.

is typically used as a risk management tool, helping lubrication engineers to review potential lubrication leak points. Where these are

The demands of modern

line in question will certainly

the products chosen for equipment lubrication. In

or grease – however many manufacturers now take

the view that as lubricant could be accidentally mixed in stores, or unintentionally used on the wrong equipment, the whole factory should use

contact’, where it is possible that lubricant may come into contact with food products in low concentrations. H2

eradicate this risk factor.

and would normally be used outside of the food production area, while H3 is an important accreditation which covers lubricants that have to come into contact with food to function

The overriding selection lubricants should be the product’s compliance with relevant legislation and standards. themselves are governed by ISO 21469, which proves have been manufactured in a hygienic environment, using suitable ingredients and with no chance of contamination from foreign both the performance of the lubricant, and its suitability for food production lines. However, it remains the responsibility of the manufacturer to select an appropriate lubricant and to use it in a manner which rating – for example storing grade products separately

The National Sanitation various accreditations for While products are not tested for compliance, it remains a useful scheme for judging the suitability of lubricants and forms a basis for further investigation of the product’s attributes. H1 is the NSF accreditation for products carrying this mark deemed safe for ‘incidental

NSF as only suitable for

category include release agents which prevent food from adhering to surfaces during processing, for example linings for baking pans or greases for other surfaces such as grills. It is also incumbent upon the manufacturer to ensure that the way in which lubricant is used, does not hamper correct storage and safety measures to minimise risk cleanliness of the oil once applied to the machine must be monitored. Operational contamination can come from within machinery, such as corrosive metal particles, or indeed the food products themselves – sharp salt and sugar crystals, for example – can also cause physical or chemical damage to component surfaces, especially if poorly lubricated to begin with. Many manufacturers rely on scheduled lubrication which may not always be suitable for the machine or food products in question. This practice may mean that oil is thrown away when it could be made serviceable again if treated appropriately, or that overused lubricants are left in use for too long. While suitable and timely lubrication of equipment in any food manufacturing facility is vital in optimising performance and ensuring safety, lubrication analysis can actually give an insight into the operational health of plant equipment. There is no doubt that lubrication management programme will improve equipment reliability in the same way that a healthy Given the critical nature of lubricants and the frequency

There is no doubt that a well-implemented lubrication management programme will improve equipment reliability

with which mechanical failure is related to the lubrication management is probably the most important single function within any planned asset maintenance programme, especially when combined with other practices such as alignment, condition monitoring and Structured testing and reporting is an important part of the process, especially where there may be hundreds or thousands of measurement points around the plant. If an item of rotating equipment fails, for instance, the cause of the problem is often attributed to a bearing failure. The bearing failure is however a symptom rather than a cause and by simply replacing without looking into why it failed, similar problems will almost certainly continue to occur. solution applied to a rotating equipment system, comprising condition monitoring and contamination control, improvement in equipment reliability.

Outsourcing lubrication management and tribology as part of a wider condition monitoring programme has provides customers with maintenance optimisation and equipment reliability improvement services. Its engineers are maintenance surveillance engineers applying valuable maintenance methods such as vibration analysis, thermography, lubrication, are applied by skilled engineers who truly understand the importance of such techniques in maintaining and improving equipment reliability. However, more importantly, they are maintenance practitioners who have an the equipment they are maintaining and therefore have a deep appreciation of the impact the above key methods have on equipment performance. For further information on the lubrication management based maintenance services www. avtechnology.co.uk.

Air Gas & Odour Control Atlas Copco helps Saint-Gobain achieve safe, efficient production ®


whenever required. Installed at the same time were ZT Series

photovoltaic industry, the demand for silicon carbide increased “We selected Atlas Copco from two world-class air compressor suppliers,” purchasing department. “Our choice was based on multiple factors, including product quality, market share, etc., in combination with reputation in the industry.”



PECM January/February 2014

Tel: +44 1622 871 500 E-mail: info@gascompressors.co.uk www.gascompressors.co.uk

How to Buy a Compressed Air Dryer Surely it’s easy there are fridge dryers for 3°C Pressure Dew Point and desiccants for anything below that? In principle “Yes” says Matthew Harrison UK Sales manager

will attract water vapour onto its molecular structure without chemical change and can be regenerated for repeated use. The range of the product is from very small <10cfm to as big as you like tailor built products. There are many variations such as modular dryers which are designed to go through industrial doors and can be

than this simple rule. The client should What will be the lowest temperature in the system? Does the equipment requiring dry

through to precisely engineered products simply a limiting parameter such as roof

for dewpoint?

for example would design the vessels in accordance with the needs.

variations? Is power available? What is the budget? Does the budget include for installation Will the addition of this piece of

The key advantages of this product family are scope of the range, very low where no compressed air is lost and very good dew point stability. The downsides could be that they are more expensive, require more space and the maintenance

raising the pressure because of inevitable pressure loss through a system Will my compressor go to this higher pressure

the manufacturer or distributor.

Just a few examples but as a manufacturer and supplier of all types of compressed unique position to give clients solutions a look at some of the ways compressed air can be dried, try to see where they disadvantages of each type.

Membrane Dryers: This family of dryers is the simplest way to dry compressed air. They work on a very simple principle using a membrane that will allow one size of particle through whilst preventing molecule sizes can be selected and membranes matched to do the relevant task. There is no power required for a membrane dryer and the dewpoint is typically 20°C below the temperature of the incoming compressed air. Refrigeration or Fridge Dryers: These dryers are based on the fact that when air cools it will become saturated with water vapour and if further cooling takes place water will condense out. This together with the fact that air leaving compressors is 100% RH i.e. it cannot hold any more water and any cooling will cause condensation, totally unwelcome in the air network and should be controlled in the drying system. The family of fridge dryers has a range of from about 15 cfm to 5000 cfm and is also normally available air or water cooled.

There is a “Beware Buyer” here because there are a lot of products and the sales of large process dryers are not very frequent in the UK in the 21st century. There are a number of “heatless dryers” still in use or of the compressed air in the regeneration of the desiccant. Guess what? they were very cheap to buy but do the maths and There are also some zero purge or heat

of compression dryers that do not reach the same dew point under all conditions but like membrane dryers work on a suppression principle which is typically 40°C therefore inlet compressed air at

Desiccant Dryers: Many industrial processes require a lower dew point than refrigeration can give. This could be for process reasons, hygroscopic materials in contact with compressed air, pneumatic conveying, instrumentation normally

dew point.

dew point. Other reasons could simply be that much of the process is outdoors and sensibly needs a better dew point than the lowest possible ambient temperature.

measuring compressed air but at BEKO

This family of products has the biggest diversity and hence complexity. They all rely on a material, the “desiccant” which

Final word from Matthew Harrison who has 10 years’ experience on compressed customers trying to sort out how to

which together with the fact that we have all the products means that we will get to the best solution!” www.beko-technologies.co.uk January/February 2014 PECM


Boilers & Maintenance WTS Benefits from Economic Upturn have turned a corner and is now heading in the right direction, it has to invest in new capital plant. Therefore the additional production demands must be met by existing plant. Running and maintaining industrial heating plant, in some cases as much as sixty years old, requires a lot of time for increased production, reduced energy consumption, reduced emissions, improved temperature control, reduced downtime, better reporting, higher quality, improved safety etc. etc. With a pedigree stretching back 110 years and incorporating some of the UK’s best known furnace builders, together with an extensive archive and spares inventory, Wellman’s Furnace Team are perfectly placed to meet the needs of manufacturing industry in keeping its furnace equipment, regardless of manufacturer, operating at peak

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Ind Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel : 0121 327 5362 Fax : 0121 328 2934

General spares and repairs Refractory linings Combustion system upgrades Control system upgrades Recommission dormant plant Relocation of plant

sales@certuss.co.uk www.certuss.co.uk

How do you make sure that your burner operation is efficient and reliable?

Tel: 0121 543 0000 www.wellman-group.com

Your burner system is crucial, so we think it needs looking after. That’s why we created BurnerCare. We just think it adds up – Burner commissioning – on site start up service to ensure maximum efficiency. Plus Annual service agreements – planned maintenance, discounted service visits and cost effective spare parts pricing. Plus 24/7 breakdown response – single visit solution for most emergency call outs. Plus Spare parts – comprehensive stockholding for virtually any gas burner system. Plus Gas flow measurement – supply and installation of gas flow meters.

So whatever your question about burner efficiency and reliability, we think total burner care from Lanemark is the answer.

Lanemark International Limited Lanemark House, Whitacre Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6BW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 24 7635 7405 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7634 1166 E-mail: info@lanemark.com www.lanemark.com


PECM January/February 2014

SuperCORR A prevents galling corrosion due to vibration on printed circuit leads and connectors maintaining performance with thinner gold plating. Due to the advances in gold plating technology manufacturers can reduce plating thickness over the substrate metal of connectors. The thickness of the gold plating is becoming thinner and thinner over time which saves a lot of costs as gold becomes more expensive. Reduced thickness of gold plating however will result in failures caused by corrosion. Minute irregularities in the surface of the connector’s base metal leads to irregular or uneven wear causing the “high spots” on the connector to wear through the gold plating. Using SuperCORR A prevents or delays corrosion and subsequent failures.

Mil-L-87177A P 3 Orion electronic surveillance aircraft. Savings for the U.S. government is estimated at $50 million per recommend it for electrical and close mechanical high humidity. SuperCORR A is a lubricant containing corrosion preventive compounds, and as is the case with all lubricants manufacturer of connectors tested SuperCORR A to see what the “life” of the lubricant was in a “rub test”. The typical test is 20,000 cycles, i.e. unplug, plug in is one cycle. The test results demonstrated that after 20,000 cycles there were no failures. It was decided to take it one more step and run the same tests for 200,000 cycles. The results again showed no indications of galling or scoring on the USB connectors at all. The USB connector looked and tested as good as new.

corrosive inhibitors SuperCORR A provides a superior moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, surface static electricity, corona, and other electro migration formulated without sulphates, chlorides or halogens to meet the RoHS directive. It is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination on all surfaces of electronic equipment.

Super-Corr A is supplied by the Corr-Ex Division Envirotech Europe Ltd, 45 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 4EH Tel: +44(0) 20 8281 6370 www.corr-ex.com

Connectors & Fittings Fixed or flexible with one flick of the wrist

Blue Diamond Technologies

For cooling water applications or especially demanding and corrosive industrial applications, Eisele recommends the combination of

and manufacturing service for a wide range of components and assemblies including machined components, cast parts and components in plastic and rubber. Working with the best suppliers in Europe and the Far East, Blue

hoses. This combination has proven ideal for use in extreme conditions and at temperatures up to 100°C. But even this solution approaches its limits in the case of increased abrasion and wear from weld spatter, aggressive cleaning agents, extreme heat, soiling or mechanical stress. Such conditions exist for example in foundries, the semiconductor industry or automobile manufacturing. immensely. The advantage of pipes here is that their pressure resistance is virtually constant.

Email: info@eisele.eu

the reassurance of a UK base and nearly 40 years experience in sourcing, importing, stocking and distribution. Components, which can be supplied singly, in multiples or in kit form, can be produced in almost any material including stainless Scope of supply includes the automotive aftermarket.


Robust throttles with fine adjustment The solid metal connection components from Eisele for compressed air, gases and kit system. The extensive standard product line also includes functional threaded joints with throttle functions.

This short version of the hollow screw with a throttle check valve features a slotted adjusting screw and a PVC sealing ring

This short version of the hollow screw with a throttle check valve features a slotted adjusting screw and a PVC sealing ring

with a throttle function. They are designed simple throttle there are also versions with An Eisele swivel screw connection combined with a hollow screw with a throttle check valve. The VS seal (green) is designed for stringent requirements

components of other manufacturers.

Email:- info@eisele.eu

An Eisele swivel screw connection combined with a hollow screw with a throttle check valve. The VS seal (green) is designed for stringent requirements


Tel: (023) 8025 8966

Email: bdsales@rolwey.com

West Special Fasteners Limited Manufacturers of Stainless & Special Alloy Fasteners We have a Comprehensive range of Hot Forging and Machining facilities, manned by our skilled workforce, enabling us tomanufacture in house the products shown below:Products:HEXAGON BOLTS SOCKET CAPSCREWS STUDBOLTS ENGINEER STUDS SOCKET CSK SCREWS


Materials:HASTELLOYÂŽ, INCONELÂŽ, MONEL 400 & K500ÂŽ, 254SMOÂŽ, 904L, DUPLEX, SUPER DUPLEX, STAINLESS STEELS, TITANIUM, ALUMINIUM BRONZE PLUS OTHER EXOTIC MATERIALS. Enquiries:- Tel: 01246 291111 email:sales@westspecialfasteners.co.uk Fax:01246 291177 Unit 3B, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 2XR England

Specialists in Offshore Fasteners

Power Transmissions International is pleased to announce that original Rathi Transpower products are now available in the UK. In addition to the wide range of products designed for the OEM market which covers Jaw, Elastomeric, Gear, Grid and Disc couplings we can supply many replacement parts for other leading coupling manufacturers. All products are manufactured to ISO Quality requirements and API and ATEX approved models are available. This new line compliments the existing product range from the company which specialises in meeting the needs of the rotating equipment market including mechanical overload protection.

www.westspecialfasteners.co.uk 20

PECM January/February 2014


Control & Automaton Boiswood has started assembling GO Regulator pressure regulators in house Boiswood





customers an even faster service. The new arrangement enables bespoke units to be quickly

liquids and includes standardised and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm and gas, and specialty gas industries. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have always kept a large stock of standard parts,â&#x20AC;? said Boiswood managing

The GO line includes single stage, back pressure, dome loaded, high purity,

Dunphy has announced the roll-out of its new internet based, remote energy centre monitoring system DunphyDelta eliminates the need for new software, cabling, USBs or extra onsite servers. By using standard web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones, the password protected links allow manufacturing and maintenance engineers working remotely to monitor and control boilers and burners located on one or more remote sites. Multiple web enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as PCs can be given simultaneous access to data via a password protected login screen. DunphyDelta uses end to end encryption of data in transit and secure cloud storage to protect geographic areas to prevent loss of data.

Tel: 01706 649217


Incremental and absolute: Robust magnetic encoders for lift applications covers the complete sensor spectrum for lift technology applications. The incremental encoders allow users to choose the number of pulses between with protection classes up to IP69K, the units have a diameter of 36 or


Deutschmann Automation presents new gateway lines for all current industrial protocols, presented two new gateway lines and product upgrades. series facilitate communication between control

that measure one revolution with a maximum resolution of 16 Bit and can cover up to 38 Bit for counting revolutions.

Optionally, models with an SSI interface that enables the connection to all standard frequency inverters are also available.

Tel: +48 759 / 58 40


Email: info@deutschmann.de


an authorised distributor for Unitronics in the UK, are a technically based distributor and solution provider specialising in the supply of Motors, Soft start and Inverter Motor Drives, control products and system programming applicable to all markets.

From a single motor, to a full drive system, the service, the technical, and the solution advice is the same high quality, regardless of the enquiry size or outcome. the founding directors, John for Drives and control sensors, and

supplierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s knowledge base enables us to propose technically solutions to your problem. We welcome the challenge that customers present, and have no hesitation in reviewing your requirement so that we can show the depth of our understanding and practical solution approach. but everything to gain. HMI`s , Nanotec Stepper Motors, linear actuators, DSP stepper drivers, Engel Motors, WEG Motors, Dayton Motors, Grainger, system controls and drivers.


January/February 2014 PECM


Control & Automaton

New Web Site, New Agencies, for Alldrives & Controls systems and associated sensors, have launched a new website, www.alldrivesandcontlrols.co.uk The website includes an expanded range of factory automation products, KB Electronics controls and Empire Magnetics, Motors that last. for your application and industry, and by using our extensive knowledge base of all aspects of motors,

Our knowledge and expertise on geared motor drives coupled with our in house gearbox repair service and substantial stock of WEG motors up to 200 kilowatt makes us unique. Our gearbox repair service extends to the whole of the UK and we quotation for our service. We can collect from any location. to see our new company video or by using the link http://youtu.be/PM-kd5Xof0w

Tel: 01543271899



PECM January/February 2014

Tel: 01482 320155

Email: info@swanindustrialdrives.com

changes in the condition of the plant. system value to trend on separate operator stations.

A Fresh View on Boilerhouse Control THE SYSTEM The Unity control system from Byworth unprecedented level of visibility and control over everything in your boiler house from water treatment, right through to the steam header in one easy to use interface. Capable of handling dozens of simultaneous I/O, Unity is suitable for any boiler house from control installation incorporating waste heat and composite boilers. Intelligent decisions based on the systems measured and reduce operational stress to decrease downtime and increase the plants life cycle. Unity is able to accept, process and trend various

CONNECTIVITY Remote control and monitoring is available via Modbus or TCP/IP as standard with other protocols available on request. The integration of Modbus throughout makes communicating with example extremely simple bringing the full wealth of information from these devices to a central point for processing. local device and can be output to a network printer on the triggering of such an event (such as an alarm or the completion of the boiler weekly test). THE BOILER HOUSE Unity was developed to monitor and control an entire boiler house installation from one central control point giving the system advantage over using several third party controllers to operate the boiler house. The networked structure above shows a brief overview of some items that can be controlled and by what means of communication.

THE USER INTERFACE screen or remotely via TCP/IP on a Microsoft Windows based desktop PC; the easy to use interface allows for quick access to trend data, alarm logs, and user controllable functions such as time sequencing, fuel switching, or set point adjustment. that the operators attention is quickly drawn to the

program and monitor the following through the HMI.

Tel: 01535 665225 Email: sales@byworth.co.uk Web: www.byworth.co.uk January/February 2014 PECM


PLANS REVEALED Plans revealed for new world-class science park in East Midlands


oughborough is the location

the Campus will build on the location’s

science and technology park as development of a former pharmaceutical research and development site gets underway.

unique place to work by providing an innovative and collaborative environment for both established and

Jayplas acquired the site in 2012 and its development of the site to create a leading UK science park known as Charnwood Biomedical Campus has already begun.

The Campus is expected to attract tenant businesses from sectors including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare, new technology, R&D, academia and the public sector, in turn creating opportunities to bring East Midlands.

laboratories and equipment, stability warehousing and car parking for up to 1500 vehicles.

‘considerable interest’ already from a number of global plc’s, and that they are in ‘advanced talks’ with one tenant

Created on the former site of a large multinational pharmaceutical company,

Past R&D activities on the site served

global leader in pharmaceutical R&D excellence. Its legacy and heritage includes an extensive portfolio of marketed drugs and formulations used around the world. “Charnwood Biomedical Campus of pharmaceutical research and development on the site in Young, Director at Charnwood Biomedical Campus, who is leading the site’s redevelopment. “It will create an innovative and collaborative environment where ideas come to life and thrive, as well as being a unique and exciting place to work that will add value and opportunity to the local economy.

It will create an innovative and collaborative environment where ideas come to life and thrive, as well as being a unique and exciting place to work

“The Campus will attract tenant to established enterprises that are looking to grow and develop in a dedicated and relevant environment. It will be the ideal location for businesses across a range of sectors including pharma, biotech, academia and government organisations. We have been overwhelmed by the interest so far and negotiations are in the advanced stages with a number of potential tenants.

way for new landscaped areas and facilities that will be available to the including sport and recreational areas such as sports pitches and a gym, a cafe with catering facilities, a nursery, and conference and meeting room facilities.” Commenting on the Campus, Nicky and Economic Secretary to the Treasury, said: “I know many

“The masterplan builds on the existing facilities at the Park and will see further investment and expansion as it grows to create a unique environment for businesses to base themselves,” he adds.

have a connection with the former

“In addition, demolition of some of the old buildings and laboratories will make

taking on the site, and now working very hard to attract new tenants. This

to see it regenerated and reoccupied. I am delighted that Jayplas are really pushing forward with their plans for the Charnwood Biomedical Campus

reputation as a great place to base your business. It is also perfectly located at the heart of the Midlands, supported by the region’s excellent air, rail and road links.” Charnwood Biomedical Campus is a accessible from the M1 and East more information: www.charnwood-biomedical.com.

Electrical & Electronics TTL Relay Board Aims to Simply Switching Applications

signals generated either by a PC I/O board, USB I/O

Now available: the new MSR145WD wireless data logger by MSR Electronics Versatile, the size of a thumb, with logger with the advantages of modern wireless technology.

the energised state of the relay. The board requires an external DC power supply of 7 to 32V, drawing a maximum of 2.1W with all relays energised.

be mounted to a panel or DIN rail using the optional universal mounting base available at extra cost.


Micropower Hall Switches from Diodes Raise Detection Circuit Performance

The new wireless data logger by the Swiss technology company MSR Electronics GmbH, which was presented still as a prototype at the Sensor+Test the series of miniaturised data loggers by MSR relies on the proven qualities of the MSR145 USB logger, which is already established on the market. This

Email:- info@msr.ch


Datalink Electronics has established a reputation for designing creative, high technology electronic products across industrial sectors. We have a track record for the manufacture and delivery of robust, high-quality electronic assemblies.

switches with the introduction of a pair of high sensitivity, micropower devices.

Our combination of design and manufacture enables us to develop innovative electronic products in shorter timescales, with improved cost control, and increased suitability for manufacture & test. We have the capability to take product design from concept through to production manufacture, and offer engineering support over the product lifecycle.

device, detecting a south pole at the part marked package surface. The device

We have an excellent understanding of the legislative and regulatory aspects of placing electronic products on the market. We specialise in, but are not limited to, the design of electronics for explosive environments (ATEX) and industrial instrumentation.

logic source or microcontroller.

Tel: 0161 622 4444


Panasonic increase Eco-Power Meter range with the new advanced KW9M been increased further with the introduction of the new advanced KW9M. The existing KW9 energy saving. The ability to monitor power quality through accurate measurement of Total Harmonic Distortion and any unbalance between the current and voltage of each phase is one of the features of this new model. a 96mm x 96mm housing. Individual line voltage or current readings can be clearly displayed, in addition to active, reactive and apparent power readings.

Email: info.pewuk@eu.panasonic.com www.panasonic-electric-works.co.uk

Waveform Generator: GBE-ECS1-100W The simple answer to DC waveform generation

simple form of DC waveform generation rated at 100W and 22V.


Industrial switchedmode power supplies for reliable DC supply series of 24 V DC DIN rail power supply units. Each series comprises two models that supply

V DC via a rotary potentiometer at the device front side. The power supplies are simply connected to the mains. Designed for 47..63 Hz, they can be used worldwide. supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications in solar, measurement, and control technology as well as in industrial and building automation.

Email: quade@conta-clip.de


Through-wall plug connection: ZST tension-spring connection system from CONTA-CLIP

parameters can be set to a resolution of 100mV

wall mounting adapter. By simply attaching the adapter to a ZSTK coupling, a across a broad range of applications. This includes automating tests such as power disturbance; transient immunity and battery simulation, saving on development time and costs whilst ensuring a robust design is achieved.

opening always has the same width, its length varies with the size of coupling and connector which depends on the number of poles.

ideal for bench testing.

Email: info@gbelectronics.com


PECM January/February 2014


Email: quade@conta-clip.de


Electrical & Electronics EDR Inc/VSholding LLC’ extended family of low-controlling power SSRs with introduction of PDLfamily of SPST-NO devices to its RDM- family of SPST-NC

3-phase non-contact, true rms, current transducer from PEM delivers all-in-one convenience


Tel: 0115 946 9657

AUMA Gains National Grid Approval

Power Capacitors Ltd Celebrates 40 years of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction



Tel: 0121 708 4511 Email: sales@powercapacitors.co.uk www.powercapacitors.co.uk

The Engineered Solution to Energy Efficient Electrical Systems


to the industrial and


Filtration and Electrical and clients include the

Email: info@sdcindustries.co.uk www.sdcindustries.co.uk


PECM January/February 2014

Trusted, Secure Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Tel: 01929 558517 www.viasat.com/manufacturing-pecm

Leuze Smart cameras used for quality control in the beverage industry t KĂźppersbusch GmbH in Velbert (Germany), electronic. The camera allows the bottle inspector to check several features at the same time: whether

over any equipment if the product being scanned is changed, and they also ensure reliable detection of all label varieties. RĂśmer: In the past, complex inspection systems Voigt Technology has developed a clever concept for










KĂźppersbusch. All necessary components are integrated in the compact housing of the LSIS 400i smart camera â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from illumination to image processing, image and program memory, display, result display and even interfaces. Compact and robust â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the LSIS 412i smart cameras can be

correct and whether the bottles are sealed properly.

inspection at Apollinaris with camera technology from Leuze electronic.

tion. They provide all necessary components in the housing itself â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from illumination to image processing,

it is inexpensive and has an impressive detection performance achieving a throughput rate of 30,000 to such as length, width, height, surface, shape factor or circumference, objects or object groups can be reliably geometric features â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even when other processes are supplying incorrect results.

Evaluation OK at Aqua RĂśmer: tracking in transport direction using scroll bar. With a transmitted light source positioned opposite, the LSIS 412i camera at Aqua RĂśmer achieves a detection rate of 99.8 %.

image and program memory, display, result display and interfaces. This makes them lightweight and easy to integrate in machine designs, even in tight installation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as well as usually humid â&#x20AC;&#x201C; environment encountered in beverage production.

The bottle cap is â&#x20AC;&#x153;searchedâ&#x20AC;? both horizontally and

system for tilted cap position is considerably more economical and easier to use than conventional solutions. It does not require any special settings and only negligible maintenance. The detection rate at

Tel: 01480 408 500 t&NBJM info@leuze.co.uk t www.leuze.co.uk

Electrical & Electronics Electrical Engineer Company: BCB International Ltd Location: Cardiff, Wales

Award winning Cardiff based manufacturing company has a new position available for a qualified electrical engineer working out of their Cardiff HQ. Responsible for the set up of production and continued design for UAVs which the company is currently developing. The below list are desirables from the applicant:




Salary circa £35,000 per annum Full time position. Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. If you are eligible to this job, please send us your resume with salary requirements by email only, to cj@bcbin.com

Web site etc


PECM January/February 2014

Intek Adhesives Ltd

AG 300 Metallic Silver Food Grade RTV AG 300 is a metallic silver colour RTV silicone adhesive and sealant which is highly chemical resistant and designed to give a cosmetic match on stainless steel joints. AG 300 has a temperature range of - 55 C to + 300 C and is also suitable for incidental food contact in catering equipment and food production areas (FDA CFR 21,177.2600) Key Uses and Features of AG 300 t Bonding & sealing stainless steel fabrications also food processing equipment t Sealing of heating and ventilation equipment, ductwork chimneys & flue stacks t Cosmetic sealing on stainless steel and aluminium t Perfect for bonding glass into oven doors and industrial hazardous lighting t Sealing galley areas on cruise ships, trains and aircraft t Makes gaskets on flanges, casings and engine oil covers t Highly chemical resistant including acids, alkalineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, ozone, formaldehyde and sea water

Specialist in high temperature and chemical resistant RTV silicone sealants and engineering adhesives

Heat Resistant Bonding & Sealing up to 300C

Sealing in food preparation areas & catering equipment

Chemical resistant sealing and formed in place gaskets

Very fast curing - 3mm in 8 hours and AG 300 will even cure underwater Sets to a tough yet flexible rubber, wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t harden between -55 C to + 300C Excellent adhesion to metals, silicone rubber, glass and most engineering materials Can replace spot welding and forms a waterproof seal in one operation Used in British Superbikes series motorcycle engines 100% industrial RTV silicone adhesive & sealant Unit 20 Atley Business Park | Cramlington | Northumberland | NE23 1WP 01670 734400 t enquiry@intek-uk.com t www.intek-uk.com

Facilites Management Petroferm Cleaning Announces Distribution Changes in UK Petroferm, a business of Vantage Specialty Chemicals, Inc., is announcing upcoming changes to its distribution channels in the United Kingdom. no longer be an authorized Petroferm distributor. Stowlin Croftshaw, a distributor of Petroferm brands for over a decade, Stowlin Croftshaw group has well over 75 years combined experience supplying high quality innovative cleaning solutions and processes. recognized in the UK marketplace for their high level of technical expertise that comes only with years of real application experience. We believe that this experience, coupled with their market focus and excellent customer service, will provide a solid footing for continued growth in the region.”

Tel: 01932 895482


Invertek Drives has launched a mobile ‘application’ version of its popular Energy Savings Calculator The app has been designed to provide

when an Optidrive variable speed drive from Invertek is used to control the speed of a centrifugal fan or pump. The free app is compatible with both apple and android devices and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google play. Tel: 01938 55 68 68


JSP Thermex Double Lens Goggle - Fog-free vision with total eye protection

made simple! Do your HSE managers spend hours and thousands of pounds trying to identify, update and comply with legislation, trawling through web sites, relevant legislation. With a dedicated department constantly reviewing newly issued legislation

JSP’s very latest innovation, the Thermex, is the most advanced safety goggle on the market. The Thermex can be relied on completely in the harshest chemical splash, molten metal and extreme temperatures, safe in the knowledge that it will not mist up.

register (of relevant legislation!) keeps this up to date with new and

Many goggles are rendered useless by the problem of them misting up quickly and easily, which is a reason commonly given by workers for not bothering to wear them. However, the Thermex, boasting not one, but two,

allocated and tracked, capture risks, aspects and impacts, and displays forthcoming consultations, bills guidance documents and templates. Giving you the complete HSE management solution.

with complete protection from fogging up, even at extreme temperatures

Email: uksales@jsp.co.uk


Internal Partitioning Solutions

Standard Flexipart % Reinforced fabric partitioning % Fixed to existing structures % Easy to access, easy to relocate % Meets building regulations % Temporary or permanent applications

% Sound reduction up to 17.5dB % Excellent temperature control % High thermal resistance

01531 637900


www.galebreaker.com M



all of the advantages of standard Flexipart plus:



Acoustic & Thermal Flexipart

IS O 9 0 0 1

Galebreaker Industrial Ltd Galebreaker House, New Mills Industrial Estate, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2SS.


PECM January/February 2014

Custom stainless steel identification products with fast turnaround. With considerable investment in the latest laser etching machines Partex are now able to offer; high quality, etched 316 grade stainless steel identification tags, plates and cable marking strips. All made to your specifications, quickly, at extremely competitive prices and sent directly to you from our, newly expanded, Coleshill manufacturing facility. We also offer custom engraved Traffolyte style labels too, so make Partex your one stop shop for engraved signs and labels. Whatever your requirement, contact us now for a quote. Remember, we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t charge set-up costs and, because all the design, manufacturing and despatch is all done under one roof we can offer very fast turnaround.

Call us for a free sample pack or see partex.co.uk for further details.

Partex Marking Systems (UK) Ltd. 61 - 64 Station Road, Coleshill Birmingham B46 1JT Tel: 01675 463670 Fax: 01675 463520 Email: sales@partex.co.uk Website: partex.co.uk


Custom Laser-etched Stainless Steel Identification

Facilites Management Failsafe slip resistance Concept SK Grip Footwear

How Safe are Your Pressure Washer Operators ?


It is a basic requirement under Health &





employees are adequately trained in the safe use of all equipment. Do you know the possible hazards of your power washers?

safety footwear cannot be beaten on any count. and proving a runaway success in the automotive industry, the SK Grip gives other industries, including engineering and warehousing. capability of SK Grip even further. The SK Grip was tested for grip on dry and wet tiles and steel plates and substantially surpassed the required minimum test performance.

Email: info.uk@u-power.it


New Product Reduces Waste Disposal Costs

We are able to deliver the right kind of training for your operators on site at your works all candidates attending our courses and passing the required with City & Guilds accreditation.


The Preparation Group is a leading Surface Preparation, Removal and Finishing Specialist, supplying high house by contractors, for contractors, using the latest technology including shotblasting, planing, grinding and

savings are made possible with the use of Green Rhino Dewatering Pillow that uses a smart polymer technology to absorb up to a litre of hydrocarbon The Green Rhino 1 litre Dewatering Pillows will remove hydrocarbon pillows can be removed by hand and disposed of easily allowing the water to then be pumped safely.

Zenith specialise in installing high quality seamless flooring systems in a variety of commercial and industrial premises.

water travelling out of the lance at these speeds may carry a risk of serious injury.

Specialists in Surface Preparation, Removal and Finishing.

Opportunity to reduce the cost of waste management disposal has been made possible by Seddons (Plant & Engineers). No longer do you have to take contaminated water away by vacuum tanker, thus resulting in huge reduction in waste disposal costs and lengthy down time in

Email: peterm@seddonplant.co.uk

What you need to know!


of services including, maintenance and repairs on all makes of machines, hire, large stocks of spares and consumables and training. The Preparation Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contracting team (PPC) provides project solutions and has removed, prepared, polished and cleaned millions of square including concrete, terrazzo, stone, marble, asphalt and steel.Call 01522 561460 for advice or visit www.thepreparationgroup.com

We supply and lay high quality resin flooring systems using our own ZenRite flooring products; and are approved suppliers of other leading resin floor manufacturers; enabling us to maintain the highest quality standards throughout, from conception through to completion.

ZenRite TM


www.hazardousareainspections.com info@cpengineering.co.uk +44 (0) 1792 897002 Call 024 7668 7167 or email info@zenithcontractservices.co.uk pola flooring services limited



PECM January/February 2014

ISO 9001


Quality Management


The frequency of gathering sampling data for a heat transfer fluid, on which the maintenenance plan depends, is determined by whether the fluid is mineral or synthetic.

Forgetting the London Hydraulic Company How mineral and synthetic fluid sampling differs


energy to manufacturing, irrespective of its form, has always been hidden. In the process industry, the transfer of energy in the form of heat is so hidden that it is extremely common for a plant manager or chief engineer to have no idea of the correct methods of thermal

for future events and enables us to

depends, is determined by whether

System maintenance work on thermal

Jones, Managing Director of Global Heat Transfer explains more.

comes to mind for the average plant manager, but without periodic system

Proper maintenance reduces carbon deposition and fouling which damages

Hydraulic Company had 181 miles of hydraulic cable running underneath the UK capital, providing power to its factories. Yet these are rarely referenced in the history books.

maintenance, systems have a habit of breaking down at the most inconvenient and expensive time.

This illustrates that the provision of

serves as an early warning system

period, a properly focussed maintenance plan will save at least half the cost of unplanned production stoppages However, the frequency of gathering sampling data for a heat transfer

productivity of a system so that it managers want to operate a safe requirements to monitor its condition.

costs for replacement parts are up to ÂŁ21,000 ($32,657, â&#x201A;Ź25,000) for a heater coil and ÂŁ45,000 ($70,000, a system of just 50,000 litres. This does not include the cost of draining

Regular sampling

January/February 2014 PECM


Over a five-year period, a properly focussed maintenance plan will save at least half the cost of unplanned production stoppages caused by thermal fluid breakdown.

www.globalheattransfer.co.uk focussed maintenance also lowers the environmental impact of a plant by reducing waste, and decreasing health and safety risks whilst complying with insurance requirements. Degraded oil in a system wastes energy because pumps have to work plan will regularly assess the extent of system wear by incorporating increase in carbon which will ultimately insulator. When carbon is present in to maintain temperature which results in higher fuel costs. output and a safe and legal system samples and using the results to prompt a series of corrective actions,

is best..

a central heating system can be quite useful. Radiators are bled and water is topped up every year before the cold season to remedy any leaks and air cavities that may have formed through an air collector. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do this, compromised, making it perform less

which needs to be topped up. However,

safe and healthy condition.

sampling and analysis of the results,

the system and, as such, reduces waste and responsibility associated with waste management

Synthetic or mineral?

in some cases but proper thermal

plan may be appropriate for a synthetic

a baseline service from which a maintenance plan can be developed. This can be achieved by switching the frequency to a half yearly cycle, or to a three monthly cycle in an ideal situation.

up should be more frequent; twice a year minimum, but every three months is better, and less than three monthly


PECM January/February 2014

Frequent sampling should include a safety survey and data from the results. In an ideal world, there would be continuous measurement of temperature

Similarly, leaks and air cavities in a

and regular venting to ensure a safer

minimum annual requirement for system safety surveillance, to check

molecular weight organic compounds such as methane, ethane and propane which can be included as components in the oil.

designed to resist thermal cracking and

which are subject to quicker thermal cracking. thermal cracking. Thermal oil with excessive light ends will build an explosive atmosphere in the expansion tank, in the drain tank, the boiler room of a mixture of hydrocarbons, such easily in comparison to the bulk of the mixture. Examples include low

health and safety risks. be complemented by adequate environmental allowances for workers, guards or similar equipment. This is particularly true if there is activity in a zoned explosive risk area. Ideally, the entire site should be covered by an engineer who is trained to take thermal briefed in how to read and interpret analysis results. hidden form of transferring energy from one point to another, and perhaps not one most associated with the concept of sustainability, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s essential that we begin thinking about it in this way. They have to be sustainable from a maintenance perspective, sustainable from an energy management standpoint and sustainable economically. correct maintenance will go a long way towards achieving this. We may Company and its 181 miles of cable, maintenance of our own heat transfer

January/February 2014 PECM


Machining Universal chain attachments can replace rival products Donghua has announced a range of universal chain attachments that, it claims, can replace 99% of other manufacturers’ ranges. The attachments, produced for the choices. Traditionally, K and M attachments have not been governed by international standards, and each chain manufacturer has designed and built their own attachments, making them impossible to replace with

include extended pitch chains from 1/2—2”pitch in Common items are held in stock for immediate delivery and loose attachments are stocked to build The chain is made in China and assembled in a new UK workshop where chains up to 5m long can be matched, and longer lengths can be supplied matched and tagged to maintain accuracy.

Tel: 01902 866200


Turn-key Solutions Nederman’s integrated industry solutions mean clean, safe, profitable working

Extraction & Filtration for : Welding & cutting Woodworking Metal machining Composite machining

Foundries Automotive Dust & Fume

Nederman’s Project Team Delivers :








Please contact us to arrange a free site survey



PECM January/February 2014

www.nederman.co.uk 08452 74 34 34

JEI Providing the Right Solutions for Challenging Drilling Applications Premium Portable Pneumatic Drilling Solutions

Airforce 35

This compact pneumatic machine is ideal for drilling in areas which are both hazardous and space restrictive such as

12-35 mm



With coolant bottle

Airforce 45


12-45 mm



Only 180mm high

Compact & portable

MagBeast 5 $ESIGNEDFORSPECIAL CHALLENGING applications no other portable magnetic drill has been able to solve before! Features / Benefits: s!NINCREDIBLEMM CUTTERCAPACITY s-TAPPINGCAPACITY s#OMMANDINGWATTMOTOR sVARIABLESPEEDGEARBOX


PECM114.indd 39

JEI Solutions

27/01/2014 18:00:21

Measurement & Monitoring New Fluke pressure calibration tools Fluke has introduced new pressure calibration tools to its extensive range, including new solutions to measurement that were not met previously. Ideal for instrument, process and plant maintenance technicians in the process industries, these tools include the Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator, featuring Dual Range Pressure Calibrator and a host of pressure gauge range

More information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at

Smart, smarter, smartest - the new 8661 dual-range torque sensor with USB interface

Spectro’s Q5800 fluid analysis system delivers full oil analysis right at the point of sampling Exclusively distributed by Analysco in the UK and Ireland System is aimed at critical asset owners in the is the latest in Spectro’s new product development information about oil and equipment condition without the need to wait for lab results and without the need to stock, use and dispose of any hazardous materials during the testing process. The portable Q5800 provides the user TBN water, soot, oxidation etc), kinematic viscosity, wear particle counts and wear particle chemistry (wear metal analysis).

precision torque sensors is setting new standards for measuring static and rotating torques in laboratory testing, production and quality assurance. ranges from 0 … 5 Nm to 0 … 200 Nm, you can now measure loads with a linearity deviation of less than 0.05 % F.S. Thanks to the optional USB interface and convenient DigiVision PC software, the sensor is ideal for both stationary and mobile measurement tasks.

Tel:- 01993 831792





PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:00:26

enhancing energy conversion


by HBM

Optimized testing of electric drives

Test-bench measurement technology for developing more efficient electric drives

One solution for all your requirements Measurement data acquisition with Genesis HighSpeed products is perfectly matched to our digital torque transducers.

of electric drives and thus enhancing energy conversion. HBMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s solution from a single source includes Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition with integrated Perception software and HBM torque transducers to ensure reliable test results. The integrated measurement system permits synchronous, highly dynamic acquisition of both electrical and mechanical quantities and data storage in a standardized format with up to 200 MB/s. Voltage signals up to 1,000 V are recorded directly, i.e. without voltage dividers, and with sampling rates of up to 2 MS/s. HBM torque transducers with up to 0.03 accuracy ensure highly precise acquisition of the mechanical quantities. Using synchronization is required, since all HBM measurement components are perfectly matched to each other.

This combination enables you to perform highly dynamic and precise tests on inverters and electric motors. Continuous measurements of up to an hour with a maximum of two million measurements per second per channel are not a problem. Your benefits: Continuous storage of all raw data for verification and analysis Synchronous acquisition and storage of all data in one system Power calculation per half cycle Live oscilloscope and FFT display Powerful toolbox for inverter and motor analyses

two million measurements per second per channel can be run for several hours. Unlike conventional methods, this approach allows continuous storage of raw data that enable more detailed

Further information: www.hbm.com/edrivetesting

data providing decisive insights for optimizing the drive components of electric vehicles. www.hbm.com

HBM Test and Measurement info@uk.hbm.com www.hbm.com

January/February 2014 PECM

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27/01/2014 18:00:28

Measurement & Monitoring Cirrus Research gets in gear to help Ilmor Engineering

Optimus Green Sound Level Meter When event manager and noise consultant Chris Selkirk goes to a Festival noise measurement and compliance.

workplace have always been an issue for Ilmor Engineering. But when they won a large contract with the US giant General Motors to design and as well as noise levels across the manufacturing and testing departments. that the principle reason for the rise was due to the increase use of the air guns and associated high levels of noise they produce. using a Cirrus Optimus® Red sound level meter which enabled measurements to be Thanks to the very detailed and accurate information provided by both the doseBadge and Optimus Red sound level meter, Ilmor Engineering was able to investigate and modify its manufacturing processes, taking noise levels back down to previous levels.

“I would be on site 24/7 during an event, taking constant noise acoustics on site and this could be in various places.” To help Chris achieve this, he works with Cirrus Research and uses its One of the most important features of the Optimus for Chris was the visual and graphic displays that could be seen at night when he was taking measurements on site and during live events.

For more information visit: www.cirrusresearch.co.uk


Versatile fault monitors

Cannon Technologies Announces Distribution Agreement with POLYRACK

INSYS lCOM’S versatile IMO series of GPRS fault monitors are reported to enable intelligent data in industrial and building automation, measuring technology, energy management, and electromobility. The premium supplier of M2M

containment and 19” cabinet systems, has announced a landmark manufacturer of subracks, cases and packaging solutions for electronic equipment. The deal allows Cannon Technologies to exclusively supply Polrack’s diverse product range to customers across the UK and Ireland.

revised the units’ monitoring function, adding a wide range of new

Polyrack produces both standard and customised electronic packaging

devices, and extended internal timers. The units can now simultaneously monitor several devices.

microcomputer packaging, industrial PC applications, PC panel systems, security and defence, transportation, utilities and medical sectors, as well as in a wide range of test and measurement environments.


Tel: 01425 632600


Email: sales@cannonep.co.uk

Portable meter with ATEX approval: Portavo from Knick for Memosens technology

State-of-the-Art Industrial Sensor

meters for pH values, conductivity, and

Sensor combines 16 independent active elements to continuously deliver rapid and

zones 0 and 1, thereby allowing users to monitor process measuring points in hazardous areas. They support digital Memosens sensors as well as analog pH and conductivity sensors. Portavo meters

Based on unique patented technology that


sensor can detect, locate and measure solid and liquid objects in real time, even in the harshest conditions.

they are suitable for use in rugged industrial environments.

Optimized for 0 to 50 meter sensing, the IS16 is specially designed for quick and easy integration into a wide variety of applications.

Email: knick@knick.de



Modbus CO2 probe for demanding OEM applications

Isotech Temperature Calibration Equipment and Services

The EE871 CO2 probe from E+E Elektronik

Isotech is a world leader in temperature calibration and metrology. With over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and practical use of precision temperature calibration standards, Isotech

demanding OEM applications. The Modbus protocol permits easy retrieval and further processing of measurement values and facilitates simple integration into custom applications. The compact probe measures CO2 concentrations up to 10,000 ppm. Thanks to the multipoint CO2 and temperature adjustment, temperature compensation ensures excellent measurement accuracy over the entire operating range of

technicians worldwide.

The CO2 measurement cell of the probe is based on infrared technology (NDIR)

Isotech has calibration solutions to suit all needs; industrial temperature calibration equipment including portable dry block calibrators, liquid baths, furnaces, infrared calibrators and thermocouple referencing.


world leading uncertainties, smaller than many National Measurement Institutes.

Email: info@epluse.at



Tel: 01704 543830


PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:00:32

Measurement technology made in Berlin – used worldwide process measuring devices for industrial applications. ®.

® ®

The name

® S ultrasonic systems, wetted with the R transmitted light refractometer.

Extremely successful outsiders

are simply attached to the outside of the pipe. The practical advantages are obvious: no wear and tear by the medium, no risk of leakage, no pressure loss and, above all, constant plant availability.


F/G608 for mobile

Progressive process analytics determination of the acoustic velocity in the medium. ® S ultrasonic systems really stand the test in applications where wetted measuring equipment is subject to considerable wear and tear, for example could prove itself as a standard method in many areas


Berlin‘s ultrasonic experts have repeatedly set new

Measurement of the light refraction is a proven method for determining concentrations. With the patented ® R transmitted light refractometer, laboratory accuracy is reliable in the process.


carried out during the transfer of ultrasonic technology

FLEXIM Flexible Industriemesstechnik GmbH Tel: + 49 30 93 66 76 60 t Fax: + 49 30 93 66 76 80 t

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t January/February 2014 PECM


27/01/2014 18:00:37

Measurement & Monitoring Clippertech provide accurate flow measurement

New style ‘Weld Purge Monitor’™ instrument for measuring Oxygen levels down to 10 ppm (Parts Per Million) http://www.huntingdonfusion.com/ en/products/weld-purge-monitors/purgeye-300-nano.html

Clippertech recently. They required accurate to comply with regulatory requirements. supplied and installed a high accuracy ultrasonic system over a custom built and would provide data for ISO14001 records. Clippertech’s system allowed our client to comply with the latest

are responding to the latest quality control standards for lower oxygen Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex steels as well as Titanium, Zirconium and Nickel alloys. In addition to its use for the weld purging of tube and pipe joints, either with manual or orbital welding techniques, the PurgEye® 300 Nano can also be attached to welding chambers, boxes and enclosures to ensure that the internal atmosphere is reduced to 10 ppm of Oxygen or less.

Email: info@clippertech.co.uk


train engineers and technicians on test equipment from the leading manufacturers. We provide free support and full technical demonstrations, helping customers select the right products. Over 20 years’ experience alongside our vast portfolio enables us to provide solutions designed for high voltage, 17th edition wiring

Tel: 01554 836836

Email: hft@huntingdonfusion.com

Control of water quality by on-line measurement of TOC

thermal imaging, safety testing and energy logging.

line measurement of Total Organic Carbon. The eagerly awaited HT MacroTest G3 the world’s 1st 17th edition tester with a The highly portable Megger TDR2000/3 dual channel cable fault locator designed to locate faults on paired metallic cables in all electrical applications.

Continuous monitoring of Total Organic Carbon Organic matter is nearly always present in water, whether it is surface water, raw or treated water or wastewater being discharged to the environment or to a waste treatment

accuracy, with memory for 10,000 complete records.

method with NDIR detection and is easy to install and maintain. The analyzer

For further information visit our website today www.acutest.net or ring 01782563030

Maintec stand No M2FA

Tel: 01928 579600


Tinytag Data Loggers: robust environmental monitoring Moody Heat Exchangers – your one stop shop for plate heat exchanger servicing, integrity testing, and supply Moody Heat Exchangers operate the UK’s most modern plate heat exchanger service centre capable of cleaning, dye penetrant testing, and regasketing all brands of plate heat exchangers.

Tinytag data loggers monitor temperature, humidity, single and three phase power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor use to rugged, waterproof devices for industrial and outdoor applications. Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated.

areas a logger cannot reach, such as pipework; or are used for monitoring extremes of temperature such as those in manufacturing processes and cryogenic areas. Data from the loggers is downloaded to a PC via a USB connection and viewed with easy to use Tinytag Explorer software.

Moody Heat Exchangers offer non-destructive integrity testing services using the CampdenBRI-tested PasTest 2000 method. This method rapidly detects small leaks in plate packs without the need to open the plate pack. Moody Heat Exchangers also offer a full plate heat exchanger design and supply service to suit customer duties. For enquires please call 0800 666397 or email heatexchangers@moodydirect.co.uk


Email: info@tinytag.info www.tinytag.info

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AVA I L A B L E I N T H E U K T H R O U G H : Sonic Metering Systems Ltd • The Granary, Trimley Road, Kirton • Ipswich • Suffolk • IP10 0GB Tel: 01394 470015 • Email: sales@sonicmetering.coWeb: www.sonicmetering.co.uk PECM114.indd 45

27/01/2014 18:00:41

Raising the standard The role of MRO product standardisation in operational and commercial success Kevin Lacey, Buck & Hickman


he process of purchasing and managing tools, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) and health & safety products for manufacturing and process facilities can be a complicated one, requiring hundreds or even thousands be available whenever and wherever they are needed

amounts of cash can be products, while there may be little thought given to whether these products are delivering optimal performance and value, with the same product simply reordered whenever stocks run low. In a bid to simplify the process and reduce working capital, many companies have in recent years been taking a long, hard look at the process to see how it can be improved. One of the areas where the greatest impact is consistently achieved

is in ‘standardisation’ – minimising as far as possible the number of of product used for the same task, while ensuring there is no compromise on performance, quality or safety. Typically undertaken as part of an overall improvement initiative, standardisation can rapidly deliver a measurable commercial return. How it works – a simple example In one facility handling sensitive metals, glass is banned completely in one area of the factory because of its propensity to contaminate the products being processed. Because of the nature of the tasks being performed in this section, the risk of cuts to the hands had been assessed as the highest possible, meaning all operatives working there were required to wear safety gloves with the maximum

The estimated annual cost saving – based on zero waste due to glass contamination, reduced downtime, and fewer SKUs needing to be ordered and processed, exceeded £100,000.

protection was sourced, but this did not negate the contamination issue. Operatives working in other, less sensitive areas of the factory were still wearing around a dozen other types of gloves, many of them containing glass, but on occasion still had to enter the potential that they may forget to remove or change their gloves when they did very similar, there was a real risk that an operative could inadvertently choose the wrong type. The answer lay in standardising the gloves internal study revealed that could be used throughout the factory without any impact on productivity while negating any risk of glass contamination. The estimated annual cost saving – based on zero waste due to glass contamination, reduced downtime, and fewer SKUs needing to be ordered and processed, exceeded £100,000. The role of standardisation in optimising productivity It is not only in the area of safety where standardisation can play a role. Production consumables can be standardised for both operational and commercial gain, too. In the area of abrasive discs and belts, for example, it is not


uncommon for companies to source and stock multiple grades of product to cope with all stages of the process from weld and burr recent years has created abrasive products that not only reduce the number of process stages required (and therefore the number needed) but last longer too. A model for success of standardisation be delivered, in pressured production environments where the interests and stakeholders in the process managers, purchasing teams, production managers, health & safety operatives – may vary radically? The initial opportunity for standardisation can externally by a consultant or study should set targets for attainable, relevant and For more information on the range of products and services available from Buck & Hickman, visit www. buckandhickmanuk.com or call 08450 510 150.

PECM January/February 2014

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Eden Transformer Oil

Supervision and Maintenance of Transformer Oil Putting aside the electric strength of the transformer oil or insulating liquid in a transformer, it is important that the liquid is maintained so that the integrity of the core transformer components are retained. Key to this is the paper insulation and cellulose. The combination of heat, moisture and oxidisation has Maintaining the mechanical strength of the paper is the key to extending the lifespan of a transformer. The rising commodity prices of the metals and materials used in building or restoring a transformer, and the cost of installation make the proper maintenance, and extension of the working life, of the transformer all the more important. Research by demonstrated the working life of the insulation paper is halved by the doubling of moisture, but more surprisingly an increase of just 8 degrees centigrade also halves the working life.

During the normal operation of the transformer, along with the expansion and contraction caused by the power load, moisture and contaminants resulting from oxidisation will build up in the oil and are transferred to the paper. These contaminants have Purifying the transformer oil, or insulating liquid, cannot reverse the damage to the insulation paper and cellulose, but it can lifespan of the transformer. and any equipment failures. In this article we demonstrate the The question we are always asked is, that so long as the British Standards have been met, isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t that enough? The answer is that insulating medium but the drier the oil the more moisture is transferred from the insulation paper and therefore extends the life of the oil and electrical equipment. New Mineral Oil : BS EN 60296:2012 New silicone insulating liquid : BS EN 60836:2005 Typically, Eden can deploy a mobile treatment plant to restore the insulating oil for less than half of the total cost of oil replacement. greater.

equipment that is fed by the transformer. the environment even before considerations such as the impact waste oil to transport.

over the lifespan of the equipment. transformer maintenance programme. For further details please contact us sales@edenoil.co.uk or 0844 335 0877. January/February 2014 PECM

PECM114.indd 47


27/01/2014 18:00:48

With this latest release, RDM Embedded 12 now supports VxWorks 6.9, QNX Neutrino 6.5 and Greenhills INTEGRITY 11.0 real-time operating systems.

DATABASE SOLUTIONS Raima extends RDM Embedded 12 support for real-time platforms


technology, has released

for the latest versions of Wind River’s

“These platforms are utilised by key industry leaders in areas such as the automotive, aerospace, defence, industrial automation, industrial safety, medical, secure mobile, security, telecom and networking markets. Now

Hills INTEGRITY, as well as Windows CE

system developers in these sectors can take full advantage of features such as

With this latest release, RDM Embedded 12 now supports VxWorks

memory limitation, encryption, shared memory and a host of other high performance features.”

systems. With support for the latest versions of these popular operating systems, users have the greatest freedom to develop outstanding database solutions for the hardware and software platforms of their choosing, according to the requirements of their individual markets. Raima CTO Wayne Warren comments:


operating systems, RDM Embedded 12 is a database management system and stability even on resource constrained systems when compared with conventional database solutions. Support for symmetric multiprocessing enables developers to take full

processing. a range of features that optimize limited systems, such as the way the runtime library allocates the memory required for cache and other necessary storage. The memory that the database is allowed to use can increasing stability. This is facilitated allocated memory. Where security is a critical issue, and decryption is now available. The


PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:00:49


PECM114.indd 49

27/01/2014 18:00:53

Efficient umbilical testing Efficient umbilical testing essential in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market

The RMI test rig is designed to provide reliable and efficient service


ithin the oil & gas sector, the exploration of new

requires a large number of subsea structures, all of which need to be interconnected by umbilical systems. With the continuing trends in subsea to shore installations, and operations in deeper and deeper locations, umbilical systems have to cope with increased stresses. Mike Sherman, Marketing Manager at RMI Pressure Systems, looks at the testing of these systems and how to improve of the umbilical installation process. oil and gas reserves continues, the extraction process is becoming more increasing, which means more important than ever. The installation of new subsea structures requires them to be interconnected to provide the link from the host facility through which control is exercised, power such as injection chemicals wells. The umbilical is a long, length can be anything from a few miles to more than of tubes, cables, armouring, contained within a protective sheath. The multiple functions it performs and the demanding environment


in which it is installed and operates, mean that the umbilical is necessarily a must perform reliably while in operation.

to remove any debris and on a recirculating loop, then pressure tested to the designated pressure rating required (plus the safety factor). This process is often repeated prior to installation of the umbilical which may need to be pressure tested to ensure that it has not transit from the manufacturer to the loading area. Once it has been lifted onto the necessary to monitor the umbilical while it is laid into position on the seabed. Finally, once the umbilical is in position, a full set of pressure tests need to be performed, many of which are in excess of 1,000 bar. For these tests the engineers require a high pressure pump capable of generating pressures above 1,000 bar above 50 litres/min, in order to minimise the time taken to carry out the tests. In addition, the system needs package to ensure that the do not contaminate the umbilical pipes and actually that may exist. With the requirement for

umbilicals to be installed around the world, the whole

multiple tasks can produce a reduction in the overall time

a standard cargo container and allow for it to be lifted by a crane to ensure the

pressure test the umbilical system. This in turn can reduce the cost of installation and commissioning. Such an investment has been shown to provide substantial savings in time to complete

vital equipment. However, the most important issue in this list has to be proven reliability because the cost of any delays in this industry implications. For the manufacturers of umbilicals, it is often more rather than outsourcing this critical aspect of the process. Working in this way also as well as experienced engineers who have an excellent understanding of the product being installed and the test equipment installation. Once the umbilical has been installed and tested it can be put into full time production. However, there is still a requirement for periodic maintenance, pressure testing and cleaning; but now the test equipment will need to perform in an requires it to be intrinsically safe; typically having to meet a test unit that meets these standards it can be used for both installation and servicing requirements. Selection of a pressure testing rig that can perform

operations, from 6 days down to just 2, giving the client a RMI Pressure Systems has developed a range of products designed for this demanding environment and suitable for both onshore and around the proven design of the Trimax S250 high pressure pump and controlled by a Toshiba variable frequency drive (VFD), the test rig is designed to provide

purge system, the latest developments of this test rig means it can perform in the most demanding situations. The key to delivering greater with the lifelines of subsea structures is being able to rely on a test rig that can operate both onshore and of conducting all the essential tests. For further information on how RMI can help in designing and building an umbilical test rig, visit the website, www.rmipsl.com or contact the experienced technical sales team on +44 (0)1612 742 451.

PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:00:54

Compact. Gas-Pro 5 Gas Confined Space Entry Monitor The Crowcon Gas-Pro is the perfect solution for confined space workers and fleet managers alike. Offering detection of up to 5 gases in a compact and rugged solution, the Crowcon Gas-Pro has been designed to allow for the most diverse range of gas sensor configurations. Greater emphasis has been focussed on reduced conflict in sensors in order to provide the most versatile gas monitor on the market.

Detecting Gas Saving Lives www.crowcon.com

PECM114.indd 51

27/01/2014 18:00:55



Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the current trends and the future of motion and servo technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric leads trend in motion and servo technology


User expectations for motion control and servo technologies are changing, with more emphasis being placed on ease of installation, energy Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the current trends and the future of these vital technologies.

controllers have been available for many years, and have developed steadily over that time. There are many established uses for servos and motion control, and probably just as many potential new users that are yet to adopt the technology.

One aspect that the market is always keen on is improving ease of use or the most time consuming parts of any servo system is tuning the servo motor to the machine it is installed in. The result of not tuning the servo properly is an underperforming machine or irregular production. Usually the person tuning the system and experience. By giving the servo tuning the commissioning time is

continually adjust over the life of the machine. ‘Machine Diagnosis Function’ that monitors not just the actual condition of internal components such as capacitors and relays, but also external components like the bearings, belts or

achieves this with its ‘One Touch Tuning Function’, using this function the engineer simply chooses from 3

Today’s emerging trends and new developments provide a guide to how servos are likely to advance in the coming years. Mitsubishi Electric’s new

the user regarding any degradation in operation. This makes both unplanned downtime and machine outage time a thing of the past and can therefore

machine, any machine resonance points are detected and automatically

embody many new features that are expected to become the norm over time.

can be suppressed. Of course some of these resonance points may change over time due to machine wear. To

does occur the internal drive recorder gives the maintenance engineer full diagnostic information before and after the alarm occurrence. This makes the cause of the alarm easy and quick to identify, reducing any downtime.

The MR-J4 range is available in 200V and 400V, including power ratings from 100W to 22kW. They are designed for compliance with either IP65 (dustproof ), IP67 (washdown) or to food and beverage hygiene standards. Mitsubishi Electric’s new MR-J4 servos, launched this month, embody many new features that are expected to become the norm over time.



PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:00:57

Buy on-line www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.com

Bognor Regis 01243 871280 Sheffield 01909 569446

Leaders in temperature measurement


mineral insulated fabricated & fine wire versions configurations for plastics & special applications

Platinum resistance thermometer sensors ● ● ●

mineral insulated fabricated configurations for special applications

PRT sensing elements ● ● ● ●

flat film wirewound class A,B,1/3DIN, 1/10DIN RO 100/ 500/ 1000 Ohm

Certificate No. 4746

All in stock for immediate despatch PECM114.indd 53

Custom made specials to order. 28/01/2014 15:44:41

“We’re delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract and to be providing a fire and gas detection system that helps safeguard such an important platform.”

PLATFORM UPGRADE Hima-Sella to Supply Fire & Gas Detection System for the Kittiwake Oil Platform


ystems integration been awarded a contract

services provider Petrofac for the detection system for the Kittiwake oil and gas platform in the North Sea, which it operates as Duty Holder on behalf of Centrica Energy. The incorporate an addressable controller will also include the supply of new

Marketing Director, comments: “We’re delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract and to be


system that helps safeguard such an important platform.” Electronic System (PES) and, for the Kittiwake platform, it will be catering for an estimated 1,300 I/O, with scope for expansion. In addition, HIMax’s ‘NON STOP’ feature will allow changes to be made whilst the system is online and without interrupting processes on the platform. detection’s system, signal conditioning will be performed directly on HIMax’s

be located in the platform’s equipment room).

gas detection system’s functionality

and system delivery, installation and commissioning are scheduled for later this year. Tel: +44 (0) 161 429 4500. www.himasella.co.uk

wiring will be used in combination with

PECM January/February 2014

PECM114.indd 54

27/01/2014 18:01:00

IF IT GLOWS IT GOES... New Methods of Identification in Safety Critical Test Engineering The primary goal of safety engineering is to manage risk, eliminating or reducing it to acceptable levels. In many Safety Critical systems the safety engineers have to take a proactive and proven process, known as “system safety”. This philosophy is applied to critical systems, such as commercial airliners, complex

Red Test Fitting

Fitting under UV light

critical industrial systems. The proven system safety methods prevent, eliminate and control hazards and risks through failure mitigation in initial system acceptance trials and in regular maintenance. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), analyses potential failures and determines maintenance actions that can mitigate the risk of failure. This results in calculating maintenance intervals for certain safety

BAE SYSTEMS is a registered trade mark of BAE Systems plc. 09.13.CM212

that the system may be under pressure or contain

The Eposeal Colour process has been developed by a

to be used in routine maintenance such that each colour The colour coding can also be used to identify metric

from the submarine prior to handover of the platform. tracer which makes it much easier to see the parts in dark locations in tanks and bilge areas. The colour is added by a new electro plating process called Eposeal Colour which is applied to all their mild steel hydraulic

Colour Eposeal fully conforms to all current environmental legislation requirements including WEE and ROHS and Practise” for use on Test Equipment thereby ensuring its removal and preventing test parts from entering

the salt spray performance of rack plated zinc with hexavalent chrome passivation. Further information is available from January/February 2014 PECM

PECM114.indd 55


27/01/2014 18:01:05

Process Technologies Online Library offers Manufacturing Weighing Expertise

High Pressure Cooling with Hydra-Cell are claimed to provide long life durability, unmatched by other pump technologies.

quality control, factors such as speed, reliability and quality are key. Increase productivity and

High pressure coolant delivery (up to 170

library packed with white papers, webinars and application notes that provide expect guidance and knowledge on how to:

Ensure customer satisfaction and achieve consistent results. To discover more visit the online manufacturing library: www.mt.com/ ind-mfg-library 0116 234 5095.

NOV MONO Delivers Third EZSTRIP™ Cake Pump To Major Uk Food Supplier

inserts, and enhancing chip control.

hydraulically balanced diaphragm pumps.

Tel +44 (0)1252 816847


Cost Saving Solutions for Improving Manufacturing Efficiency Part of an established international group, Tecman Speciality Materials is a leading adhesive tape converter supporting global manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

to the UK food industry has recently taken

year ago, and the latest pump is the third that the company has ordered. customers in the food wholesale, retail, catering and processing sectors. The company had previously used a system of screw augers, steel collection bins, macerators and pumps to collect and process vegetable

Tel:- 0161 339 9000

reductions in cycle time of up to 70% while improving the quality of surface


reduce processing time as well as item cost. Their solutions are rapidly replacing

industry knowledge. For more information or to order a Bond44 catalogue, contact Tecman on 0800 328 3532, email customerservice@tecmanuk.com or visit www.tecmanuk.com


Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company (JacoTech) “Global Scientific Solutions for the Development and Production of Cylindrical Polymer/Plastic Material Processing including Manufacturing of Micro Structured Optical Roll Surface Mold Components Used for the Management of Light”


acoTech is in the optical of CNC diamond turning,

unusually (big and heavy) cylinders/ rolls/mandrels/drums used to either extrude/emboss/cast/calendar polymer engraved molds contain simple to complex optical patterns, which perform a number of complicated light management control functions.

Structured CNC Diamond Machining Specialists of Engraved Cylinders Cylinder Engraving Experts Embossing/Casting/Calendaring Polymer/Plastic Processing Roll Molds

& Displays, Cubic Corner Pyramids,

JacoTech through its parent company,


optical engineering/design services including: lenticular, micro structured plastic optical lens design, diamond tool design, optical lens system optimization and full metrology.

Counterfeiting Detection Systems,



Molds, Oil Field / Fluid Control Valves

PECM January/February 2014

PECM114.indd 56

27/01/2014 18:01:09

An industry leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel heat transfer products. We also offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to suit our product ranges. Please contact us for details. Fabdec Ltd, Grange Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9DG Tel: +44 (0) 1691 627200 Fax: +44 (0) 1691 627101 Email: sales@fabdec.com


PECM114.indd 57

27/01/2014 18:01:10

Process Technologies Visit us at:

TTI Group Ltd Heat & Surface Treatments TTI Group Limited provides a range of Heat & Surface Treatments to UK engineering industry.

Centrifuge Systems

In addition to offering a full range of specialised heat & surface treatment processes, designed to overcome specific problems such as abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance, TTI are also able to provide customers access to extensive experience and excellent expert metallurgical knowledge.

STAR Precoat & Vacuum Systems

With services delivered through strategically located sites, supported by an extensive transport network, TTI Group are able to supply contract heat and surface treatment services required by manufacturing industry throughout the UK. Quality approvals include ISO 9001, TS16949, CQI-9, AS9100 and Nadcap.

World Authority in Separation Technologies E: hydroflow@eriezeurope.co.uk . T: +44 (0)29 2085 5800


Thermal Management Solutions from STEGO

Anti Condensation Heaters Filter Fans - IP55 Lamps, LED Lighting Thermosats + Hygrostats Accessories for Enclosures


STEGO UK Ltd Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park, Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9QN Tel. +44 (0)1372 747250, Fax +44 (0)1372 729854 www.stego.co.uk info@stego.co.uk


PECM January/February 2014

PECM114.indd 58

27/01/2014 18:01:23

ZBEE THREE wHEELER Increased Productivity for Clean Motion ‘Zbee’ Electric Vehicle Assembly with Scott Bader Structural Adhesives

T To help minimise the Zbee’s weight, no mechanical fixings were need for joining the FRP sections of the body panels, only bonded joints using Scott Bader’s Crestabond and Crestomer structural adhesives.

PECM114.indd 59

he innovative wheeler is an

vehicle. It was designed by its manufacturing site in Trollhättan. The Zbee’s

plastic (FRP) body panels in combination with two Scott Bader structural adhesives: Crestabond® ®

selected as they provide a winning combination of light weight adhesive jointing, build quality and productivity. The Zbee electric vehicle is very light and compact with dimensions of only 240cm long by 120cm wide and 150cm high. The overall design makes easy to park; up to four single parking space. Being powered by a 4KW electric motor, it has zero emissions and no engine noise. Clean Motion developed the Zbee as an ideal compact electric city vehicle for short distance

urban transportation for up to three people. It has a maximum speed of 50km/h and a range of 45 km (~20 miles) on a single charge; the battery recharges in three hours. On the build quality side,

in Sweden for Clean which is a grey coloured adhesive, is used to bond FRP body sections together, and also for located in the boot of the car. High productivity is due to Crestabond being a

by Clean Motion as they are proven structural adhesives with reliable long term bond strength performance combined with toughness and durability due to their high elongation and impact strength properties. The Clean Motion design team

needing little if any surface preparation, combined with its rapid cure and

bond joint performance of both Scott Bader structural adhesives that only a bonded joint, with no

the Zbee’s GRP body with reliable build quality. Both manual and pneumatic handguns are used by HJ

FRP body sections together to minimise weight. From the start of the production phase in 2011, both Crestabond been used for the Zbee the approved local FRP body parts subcontractor

which is coloured white, is used on all the visible provide a combination of a

during production of the FRP body parts, depending application. For further details about Crestabond and Crestomer adhesives, along with information on Scott Bader and the complete range of Crystic® products for composites, visit their website www.scottbader.com

27/01/2014 18:01:26

Process Technologies

Tel: 0208 339 7370

462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England

Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web:


5.0 0 * save ÂŁ6e9ar a y C Heating IB on your s t s ! Co


PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:01:29

PECM114.indd 61

27/01/2014 18:01:31

Product News EXPORT That’s where the money is!

Steam Generators

They want to read about your products in their own language, just as you do.

are type tested according to European Pressure Equipment






Manuals, fuel generators, with outputs ranging from 80 to 2000kg/h and operating

Our translators have worked in so many countries, as engineers, scientists, technicians, etc. They know the technical vocabulary used in the country. They translate only into their native language. Tektran Translation Tel: 0330 332 6000 (in UK) Email: info@tektran.co.uk www.tektran.co.uk

wired and factory tested.

range of Electrical steam generators from 6kW to 120kW, as well as a new

Tel: 0121 327 5362

Premier Coatings Ltd Obtains CE Marking for Two of its Membranes announce that they have now obtained CE marking for two of their main membrane control marking is further proof of the high quality of the Premier product range. Founded in 1982, the company specialises in manufacturing and supplying a

company’s global markets.

Tel: 01233 770663

Email: enquiries@premiercoatings.com

Major investment by Grundon fills a gap in aerosol recycling market Grundon Waste Management is set to revolutionise the UK’s aerosol recycling


Moody Direct Supply Fogg Filler to Freshways Dairy

and 6 pints. Freshways has used a Fogg Filler for 12 years and have been very happy with the equipment and the after sales service from Moody Direct. When they needed additional of equipment. Moody Direct dealt with the supply, installation, and commissioning of their new Fogg Filler ensuring the project was delivered on time.

Customers can call us free on 0800 666 397 or email us at sales@moodydirect.co.uk.

Salt spreader range of winter tools and machinery. Simple to use, maintain and store, the Magnum Poly Insert Spreader sits on

facility. Capable of processing around 9,000 aerosols an hour – more than ten times the capacity of the current unit – the Hazpak 6000 is the world’s most advanced closed loop aerosol recycling system.

when ice and snow are expected. The spreader has a capacity of 1.14 design eliminates use of steel cages to hold the hopper upright, providing

Transfer Station at Ewelme in Oxfordshire. Jonathan Harris, Grundon’s Technical General Manager, said: “The Hazpak has huge potential to transform the way the public, commerce and industry handles the disposal of aerosol cans. The Hazpak is made by Eko Environmental division of Maclean Engineering. For further information contact Mike Mackay Email: mmackay@macleanengineering.com

Vacon Drives Don’t Mind The Snow! Even when they’re operating outdoors in extreme weather conditions, ac variable speed drives ®

need no additional protection of any and convenient choice for use in demanding environments where ordinary drives would need to be mounted within a protective enclosure. With a power range up to 37 kW, which is unmatched by competitive

salt out. auger, and a rear cover that protects the auger motor from salt.

Tel: 0845 643 9776 www.dmmp.co.uk

Email: info@dmmp.co.uk to

High Quality Above and Below Ground Storage Tanks Cookson & Zinn (CZ) is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high quality above and below ground storage tanks and vessels for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial and process industries. Our extensive product portfolio ranges from small and complex stainless steel vessels for nuclear applications to 200m3 storage tanks for drilling

with an IP66 ingress protection rating and have an exceptionally wide perform reliably and consistently in even the toughest of operating conditions.

Inventor software, and in conjunction with our clients, to provide a bespoke solution for most storage requirements.

Driven by Drives, www.vacon.com

Tel: 01473 825200


Email: info@czltd.com


PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:01:36

Ormandy Process Solutions have been manufacturing pressure vessels, heat exchangers and packaged solutions for over 25 years. Ormandy Process has steadily built a reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment to meet an ever increasing demand for the “Total solution” The tendency in today’s market place is to put price before design standards and this ultimately leads to poor memories of a Chief Engineer was his recital of the quote from John Ruskin “Its unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do” The speed of information and the pressures put on the suppliers today mean that we will not always be able to get the full information required to put together a comprehensive tender – hence the need to work together to get correct information in front of the designers to make sure “ you get what you pay for” The skills shortage we have in the industry means there will always be a “gap” between the initial application meeting and the ultimate proposal that goes back to the client with all of the caveats that we see so often in this sector. Our philosophy in the Ormandy Group is negate the issues of poor information, then to discuss it with the client to get us to deliver a quality product or in partnership with the customer to deliver a project we can all be proud of, for the future.

www.ormandyltd.com January/February 2014 PECM

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27/01/2014 18:01:38

Product News New Class O Armaflex Launched with Improved Technical Properties insulation, incorporating a full range of elastomeric

Bespoke Optical Flats from Crystran Crystran pleased to announce the launch of a brand new range of bespoke Optical Flats for precise

supports is now available with all the products providing the same technical values is suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning, chilled water, process lines and heating and ventilation pipe and ductwork applications, with products available

recognised technical thermal insulation brand in the world for cold process applications.

Email: info.uk@armacell.com


Two New Borehole Survey Instruments Launched GeoMEM, agents for Devico in the UK and Ireland, are pleased to announce the recent launch of two new borehole survey instruments: providing accurate and detailed 3D positional

sizes, both single and double sided. Crystran is a UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality optical components. Based on the South Coast of England we produce windows, lenses, and prisms as both standard products and to the designs of our customers. Our optics are used in a wide variety of Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared optical systems all over the world.

Email: sales@crystran.co.uk


Validyne Pressure Products from Hawco Group Ltd wholesalers has launched a new range of extremely Pressure Transducers

environments. DeviCoreII is an electronic Core Orientation tool that provides data about the

popular with research and development labs, medical equipment and vehicle engine testing companies, aeronautical engineers, soil and core testing labs.

Both instruments have the latest BBT Bluetooth communication technology and

Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems

If you are involved in drilling in Exploration, Mining/Quarrying; Geotechnical, Environmental or Geothermal/Ground source and you want to provide accurate positional and orientation information to your clients then GeoMEM have a Devico solution for you.

after vehicle data acquisition systems on the market.

Email: sales@geomem.com


For more information please Contact: Jon Cole: 07768066123 Peter Mumford: 07770881079 Hawco Sales: 01483869070 sales@hawco.co.uk


Leading the way

t Mica Heaters t Nozzle Heaters t Cartridge Heaters t Ceramic Knuckle Heater t Thermocouples t Immersion Heaters t Tubular Heaters t Square Section Heater t Air Duct Heaters 5FMt'BY Email: sales@elmatic.co.uk www.elmatic.co.uk


Investments in new facilities, research and development and training ensure that RINGSPANN can produce Engineering solutions in Power Transmission, Work Holding Devices and Remote Control Systems like no one else in the market today. If there is a problem application in a machine tool, wind turbine or motor vehicle the radical thinking of RINGSPANNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s technicians and Engineers will always produce a solution to give the customer peace of mind and the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

Phone 01234 342511 E-Mail info@ringspann.co.uk Web www.ringspann.co.uk

PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:01:44

Product News South Staffs Water Choose Denso Steelcoat Protection Winn & Coales Denso Steelcoat 100/400/700 system was recently

MPC Industries is the leading independent manufacturer of hose clamps. Based in the Netherlands, we have a Central and Eastern European

over the river Stour near Stourbridge, West Midlands.

preparation to ST2 standard using scrapers, wire brushes and emery cloth of the 30 metre pipebridge to remove the residue of previous paint coatings, the water pipe was then protected with Denso Steelcoat 100 and

Do you require something special? capabilities, we specialize in providing the ideal solution for your application! Contact us today to receive your free samples.

Email: mail@denso.net

Email: info@mpcindustries.eu



Weighing indicators

GRP Tanks with Static Dissipative Surface Coatings

introduced a new family of indicators price ratio.

containing hydrocarbons for Trant Construction


explosion risk due to static discharge within the tanks and an anti static coating was incorporated into the internal surface producing dissipative properties similar to steel. The tanks where tested by an independent body using Megger insulation resistance tester producing a 0.1 to 0.01 Mohms result over the internal surface of each tank. applied to external surface of the tanks where the tank are installed in a Zone 1 areas. For more information please contact Seamus Carmichael at seamus. carmichael@silotank.com or by telephone on 0044 2890 432840.

Is your profit leaking away?





high levels of performance with an advanced range of technical features. With four models (i20/30/35/40) available, the new range can accommodate simple vessel weighing, weighing products, and provision of an interface between the weighing platform and management systems, or integration into any process requiring weight measurement. With an increased number of functions available, the easy to use indicators provide weighing information to management or automation applications via modern channels (USB, Ethernet, Fieldbus), with easy implementation.

Tel: O1527 590320 Email: sales@preciamolen.co.uk www.preciamolen.com

Introducing Colex International Protectaflex

against hazardous overpressures. They provide numerous advantages, opening when pressure becomes too high and automatically closing after venting. However, an immense drawback is that safety valves are not providing leak tightness. In turn, this results in huge material wastage and rising emission rates.

generation dual containment hose system, but in a smaller, lighter, and more manageable format.

®); its usability in those types of demanding processes has proven itself for years. ®

footprint. inspection.

waives any mechanical scoring. This is due to the fact that response pressures

Inner hoses are available in Reinforced PVC, Vendhose and NeuVend


Email: sales@colexint.co.uk

Groundbreaking Ion Science Tiger VOC Detectors are a Roaring Success for Van Walt

Press to check™ Daily Face-Fit reassurance

Hand held PID instrument performance and support package is better than the competition says environmental sampling & monitoring equipment specialist

single time it is put on can be tedious and


When a new hand held photoionisation detection (PID) instrument was required by supplier of environmental sampling and monitoring equipment, Van Walt, the revolutionary Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) detector from Ion Science (www.ionscience.com; 01763 208814) – leading manufacturer of PID/VOC detectors – was considered the best solution on the market. Supplied by Shawcity, UK distributor of Ion Science products, the Tiger VOC detectors are being used by Van Walt’s customers, who are mostly environmental research consultants, in the UK, Spain and New Zealand.


Every worker knows that there is no point in wearing a protective face mask

1. Put on the mask and pull the straps so that the mask is secure and

Email:- uksales@jsp.co.uk


January/February 2014 PECM

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27/01/2014 18:01:49

Product News Gainsborough Engineering

Magnetrol® International opens new production facility in United Arab Emirates

Gainsborough Engineering’s range of Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines are based on a modular concept in which the frame size is determined by the bag size, the optional components are then selected by the user enabling him to achieve

Magnetrol® International Incorporated, a leading manufacturer

machine requirements to match his

The new production facility will operate under the ISO 9001 umbrella of

instrumentation, has completed

enables the user to specify the type of drive, pneumatics, plc and electronics through to the type of feed interface i.e. auger feed, multi

to increase its production of external chamber devices to meet the needs of customers in the Middle East. This facility adds to the company’s


Transfer Multisort Elektronik – from small shop to one of the biggest European distributor of electronic components

“Block Bottom attachments, Valve Handles, Tear Strips and a choice of Printers are just a small example as out Gainsborough Engineering. Change over times have been dramatically reduced by incorporating easy wash down features, tool free parts and settings that are easily accessed via the touch screen control panel. The screens have self help menus data is entered. Fault diagnostics reporting can be carried out via Ethernet or wireless connection to a base station and text message an engineer.

T: 01427 617677 E:sales@gains-eng.co.uk Contact: Adrian Shenton 07971 121588

Transfer Multisort Elektronik was established in 1990 as a small, family shop, established by two brothers. Currently TME is one of the biggest European suppliers of electronic and electrotechnical components, workshop equipment and industrial automation. The company employs over 300 employees in the headquarters in Poland and in its subsidiaries in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, learn more, please visit us at www.tme.eu

AFRICAN ADVENTURE IFC’s African Adventure with Shore to Ship Bunkering Trailers.


eading supplier of tanker

recently built and designed a mobile solution for the fuel transfer activities of a leading oil The client HannOil and leading oil supplier in Ghana, Goil, wished to reach a high level of performance for transferring fuel to their ships. HannOil a successful answer to Goil’s transfer of fuel between shore and vessels. Getting fuel from shore to ship is a demanding marine environment and transfer a complicated task which can have costly repercussions when

fuel testing in addition to the ability to conduct safe and accurate fuel metering with faster loading; all as a mobile application. in supplying equipment for transfer loading and systems for safe tanker access quickly provided HannOil’s client, Goil, with a pump and metering trailer design which met all of their expectations. fuel transfer trailers, both identical.

Goil stipulated several key

sampling points, air elimination and mechanical registers were also incorporated.

solution needed to feature. The new system required the incorporation of

Goil’s new trailers prevent expensive fuel spillages with the installation


of stainless steel drip trays to catch any leaking fuel. The design also considered the harsh marine conditions in which the trailers would be working in and so all pipework was manufactured in stainless steel.

client’s requirement for fuel sampling. provided the leading Ghana oil name and the capability for regular testing. Director of HannOil, Hanny Mouhtiseb, professional and have provided excellent service to HannOil and our clients. We are happy doing business with them.” and services can be found on the company’s website:

PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:01:52

Sending a clear signalâ&#x20AC;Ś The requirements for signalling vary greatly depending on the type of environment they are installed in as well as their application. Audible and visual signals can be used for many different purposes including fire and gas alarm, process alarm, status indication, instrumentation or disaster warning and in many different environments from general industrial settings to potentially explosive atmospheres. Whatever the situation, it is important to produce a clear and unambiguous signal throughout the protected or process areas. E2S Warning Signals has considerable experience in designing and manufacturing audible and visual signals and control devices to meet with these requirements.

Industrial and Process Control Signals For industrial and process control applications E2S offers a range of beacons in different sizes and technologies including xenon strobe, LED, rotating halogen lamp, incandescent and static halogen as well as pilot lights and stackable lights for status indication. To create a complete audio-visual signal the beacons can be combined with sounders and alarm horns in different arrangements to suit a wide range of applications. Specialist products such as Hootronic and Belltronic provides alternatives to traditional electro-mechanical bells, sirens and claxons faithfully replicating the familiar tones and sounds without the drawbacks of mechanical devices. The latest innovation in signalling comes in the form of the Appello range which enables alarm tones to be enhanced with voice messages for more specific alarm messages or music for example.

Hazardous Area Signals Hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres in refineries, oil & gas industries, petrochemical plants, refineries, mining, pharmaceuticals, mills and flour silos require devices that are certified. For these environments, intrinsically safe, flame proof and non-sparking sounders, beacons and call points can be specified from the E2S portfolio providing solutions for both combustible gas and dust atmospheres. Multiple approvals and accreditations including, ATEX, IECEx, cUL, FM, GOST-R and INMETRO ensure global acceptance and compliance.

Wide Area Disaster Warning Where coverage distances and areas exceed the performance of standard industrial sirens, such as COMAH (Seveso II) sites, dams and container ports, high-powered sirens with effective distances of up to 2km can be used.

Further Information For easy specification of signalling, E2S website and product catalogue contains detailed product specifications including hazardous area classifications, performance data, third party approvals, dimensional diagrams and part code configuration. To explore the E2S signalling products and to download a copy of the new catalogue, visit www.e2s.com. For quote requests or technical information our sales support team would be pleased to hear from you on +44 (0) 208 743 8880 or sales@e2s.com.

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27/01/2014 18:01:53

Software & Systems Status Enterprise Edition Ushers in the Next Generation of HMI/SCADA Software Is your production facility running with serious RISKS? t One major cause of downtime is the lack of appropriate hardware components t Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP by April 1st, 2014 t 60% of industrial applications lack updates or security patches, making them a target for hackers

engine allows you to create a more capabilities add intelligence and relevant information to your HMI can view your HMI screens on today’s most popular devices: iPad/ new data visualization software will make your supervisory control ever before. www.scada.com

Surfer version 12 has just been released This latest release adds more power and versatility to your data contouring, 3D mapping and Terrain/ Surface modelling operations.

Is your application at risk?

Surfer (from Golden Software) is used extensively, worldwide, in many disciplines in industry and research, including: Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Exploration, Seabed mapping,

t Are spare parts still available? t Will your software platforms be supported in 2014? t Are your systems protected against intrusions? t What is your backup scenario if things go wrong?

section maps, Watershed maps, Wind vector maps amongst many others.

Minimize the risk of unplanned stoppages. Visit our web page to find out how - through a free “Risk Analysis Scan”.

scale), through temperature sections in nuclear reactors to worldwide ocean temperature and current maps. out our website (www.geomem.com).


Email: sales@geomem.com


REQUEST YOUR COPY OF OUR NEW COLORFABB CATALOGUE TODAY! COLORFABB 3D Printing Spools available in 1.75mm, 3mm & XL sizes Wide range of colours available All 1.75mm and 3mm Spools only £25 | All XL Spools only £50


*Cutwel reserves the right to remove any offer at any time. Please see website for full terms and conditions.

Please follow us on twitter @ Cutwel3D 01924 869610




PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:01:57

PECM114.indd 69

27/01/2014 18:02:02

Need to Draw but HATE AutoCAD? is for those people with better things to do than struggle to simplify the design process for drafting, design and engineering professionals, while providing the highest

way it should be.

unlimited complexity. Whether you’re drawing factory layouts, designing new conveyer systems, or editing the geometry of a system, Graphite lets you get the job done quickly and easily. The Vellum® interface features the patented Drafting

Brick Saw & Conveyor Main Panel Wiring Diagram by Stephen Baum

without distraction or intrusion, displaying temporary construction lines and relevant geometric information such as centre, tangent, quadrant and perpendicular.

import and export, JPEG, and others. Graphite’s precession data guarantees accurate drawings, speeding the manufacturing process. Running on both Mac and Windows operating systems, power, allowing you to get your work done in any working environment necessary.

Factory Plan by Walter Arnold

The newly released Graphite v9 features enlarged text

in layers, sheets and model dialog boxes. To download a free trial go to http://www.ashlar. com/graphite and click on the purple Download a Free Trial Here button in the upper left corner. Fill in week trial registration for a fully working version.

www.ashlar.com or call +1 512 250 2186 or contact our UK reseller at www.cadschool.co.uk.


Installation Plan by Walter Arnold

PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:02:04

Information for Innovation Katy Wood, Marketing Manager at Minesoft, outlines two essential information resources for engineers and researchers looking to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Patent information is an important part of the information landscape for engineers. It is estimated that as much as 70% of the technical information found in patent patent information can help to identify competitors in a or gaps that a company might move into.

Minesoft Inspec – Engineering and Technology Research Each week, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) publishes IET Inspec, taking the latest information from over 8,000 science journals and research papers. world and is one of the most reliable and useful resources available today for engineering and technology research. develop Minesoft Inspec. Minesoft Inspec is a dynamic, modern web platform designed for precise, fast searching of the IET Inspec database. It is an essential tool for new product and technology research, technological forecasting and competitive intelligence, containing over 13 millions articles abstracted and indexed by experts.

PBExpress analysis

and Research and Development departments – patent searching experience is not necessary! Containing over 90 million patent documents from over simple and intuitive way of searching worldwide patent investigate patents by technology or company name, with no patent search experience required. The interface is and insights.

MinesoftInspec visualisation

Simple search forms and keyword highlighting help engineers to search and review information more quickly, and results can shared with colleagues throughout the see results graphically e.g. to see technology trends. Engineers and researchers can also monitor competitors or new technologies by setting up regular alerts to keep updated on the latest developments.

Patent Information for Engineers – PatBase Express While Minesoft Inspec is about research that leads to patents, PatBase Express is a tool for discovering the information that lies in those patent documents.

PBExpress record

For more information about Minesoft Inspec and for a Free Trial, go to www.discover-technology.com For more information about PatBase Express and for a Free Trial, go to http:// www.minesoft.com/patbase_express.php To contact Minesoft, please email info@minesoft.com or telephone +44(0)20 8404 0651. www.minesoft.com

January/February 2014 PECM

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27/01/2014 18:02:04

Storage, Handling & Distribution FMScolor from CONTA-CLIP with increased printing height

Conveying, synchronizing, and hoisting with a uniform operation platform: Integrated materials handling drives from NORD

now also print on materials with a height of up

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies versatile drive systems with a single operation concept for conveying tasks across all branches of industry. With geared motors engineered

labeling of lids and other shutters. Designed to components, and plants, FMScolor provides photorealistic, durable results. Moreover, the printer is very versatile and can print various formats and materials.

mounted installation provide the required

Since the FMScolor functional principle combines the characteristics of a plotter and a color inkjet printer, the device can label virtually any card format. The

of adaptable graded features and a universal user interface that supports consistent plant design, NORD’s drive electronics

of a mechanical setting, users can now achieve a maximum printing height of 30 mm.

overload capacity of 150% for 60 s, and 200% for short periods whilst the proven ISD vector control ensures high dynamics and steady operation – even

Email: quade@conta-clip.de

Email: info@nord.com


FHG IPP Logipal launches Reusable Box Solutions pooling supplier and leading high quality pallet pooling specialist, has launched a range of reusable box solutions comprising the FHG Bulk Box, FHG High Protection Box plus handling and packaging


No frills chiller is basically brilliant In direct response to market demand for a high quality ‘no frills’ chiller, cooling and

and a smart pocket frame. The new FHG Bulk Box

leading chiller brand Nova Frigo. The result is a accessible within all budgets. savings in the supply chain. They have a number of applications in a wide variety of sectors and are ideal for use in closed loop pooling, with customers

features designed to optimise essential chiller functions. Of note is a Nova and condensing pressures and accurately measures system parameters to


Email: info@ab-ltd.co.uk

Rusmail Reaches High Level in Conveying Rusmail has solved one of its most challenging handling problems to date using an inclined belt conveyor which needed to reach from ground level to a height of almost 6.5 metres for a food processing client.

which came up with the concept of an inclined well established application, specifying the right conveyor is very important and the design criteria for each installation need to be thoroughly reviewed to ensure safe and reliable conveyor operation. Rusmail installed a complete conveyor system to convey boxed food products to and from a cold store including the inclined powered belt conveyor, powered roller conveyor and integrated control system.


Reliable and Efficient Distribution Solutions Redhead runs scheduled services to over 40 European and from Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. In addition, our throughout the UK and Ireland remains unchallenged. Palletised consignments are managed through our express RedNet service whilst our Red Direct groupage service will take care of your full load, part load and multimodal freight. including pick and pack, stock control and all documentation


4050 Pallet Applicator Bar Code Scan System label pallets on two adjacent sides without having makes the 4050P one of the fastest systems available capable of labelling up to 420 pallets per that the barcodes printed are able to be scanned and also that the label has been however in cases where this is required the pallet has to be stopped to ensure that if way in which the 4050P completes these processes is as follows: Weber position a Bar Code Scanner in the gap between Print Engine and Tamp Pad. This scanner will read the barcodes as the label passes onto the tamp pad. The Pallet is stopped in the correct position awaiting labelling. lf the bar codes read correctly then the labelling process takes place as normal. If any of the bar codes are not correct then the label will be applied to the product but no signal will be sent to move the pallet to the next position

Email: sales@weber.co.uk




PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:02:10

Extra Coldspace Where You Need it, When You Need it For maintenance and breakdown cover, project work or peak manufacturing times. Companies that rely on refrigeration often have a know that portable refrigeration is the perfect solution to these changing requirements. You don’t need to invest your capital in building coldrooms that aren’t often in use, nor do you need to manage your processing around your existing capacity. need, when you need it, where you need it and it can be taken away when it’s no longer required. Whilst undertaking a major piece of work earlier this year, The National Composites Centre needed to keep temperature but were short of refrigerated storage Refrigeration and a 20ft refrigerated container was delivered which was kept on site for 10 months until the project was completed. “Hiring a refrigerated container Operations Director of the National Composites Centre. important project and Team Refrigeration were great to deal with providing a really responsive service.” Portable refrigeration units vary in size from towable trailers with a capacity of 9.5m that will hold up to 3 pallets right up to 40ft containers with a capacity of 68m capable of holding 18 pallets. They provide the They are readily available and could be delivered within hours They provide full traceability using data loggers They can be located conveniently close to the building

Refrigerated containers provide extra cold space either short or long term.

Team Refrigeration have even provided breakdown we received calls from facilities managers who were worried about the refrigeration. “ says Tim Edwards, a refrigeration unit that had broken down and needed immediate an replacement so the catering department could continue to function. The F1 team had a freezer In both cases backup refrigeration was on site within hours and continuity of cold storage was maintained. around your available cold space or have some maintenance planned for your refrigeration, a portable if you have a breakdown and need some backup refrigeration in a hurry, just give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help out. Contact: Tel: 01934 781028 Email: contact@containerteam.co.uk www. containerteam.co.uk

Refrigerated trailers can be delivered at very short notice – perfect backup for refrigeration breakdowns.

PECM114.indd 73

27/01/2014 18:02:11

Improved efficiency Tsubaki offers innovation and reliability to packaging manufacturers


echnological innovation is currently seen as a major driving force towards achieving improved

overall performance, in the packaging industry. The manufacture of tubes, cans, bottles etc. is a huge sector; as are many companies involved in this side of the packaging industry and many potential products, from aerosols and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, but one thing is for sure, reliability in their production lines. use of metal and plastic tubes is commonplace. In pharmaceutical, food and beverage as well as industrial products, we all use them, every day; from cleaning our teeth in the morning to moisturising at night and sealing the bathroom tiles at the weekend, there is no escape from this most versatile of packaging format. Many of the production processes

and packaging of these metal and plastic containers involve the use of drive and attachment chains, which provide the essential connection in

by developing well engineered solutions which last many times longer than the industry standard in most conditions. This increased reliability reduces maintenance, replacement and

reliability of these chains is paramount and ensuring that they are correctly

the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

and environment is crucial to the overall performance and reliability.

free roller chain, which uses a special

One company that specialises in such applications is Tsubaki, the Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest manufacturer of roller chain. available as direct replacement for BS has a number of innovative designs that provide reliable solutions for drive, conveyor or attachment applications which meet pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industry standards. Rather than accepting that some environments are extremely hard are inevitable, Tsubaki has bucked the

provide long term internal lubrication for excellent wear resistance and attachment chain with extended pins or a combination of both. There are majority of standard Tsubaki chains as well as a design service for bespoke attachment chain requirements. Reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity is key to delivering company objectives and this can be achieved by ensuring the production facility is equipped properly for the task. Further information can be found here or by visiting the Tsubaki website: http://tsubaki.eu/chain/

Technological innovation is currently seen as a major driving force towards achieving improved efficiency, and therefore improved overall performance, in the packaging industry. PECM114.indd 74

27/01/2014 18:02:13

Curtis UK, your partner in industrial vehicle system integration Engineers working within the Materials Handling Industry will already know who Curtis are and what they supply. However, even the most experienced Electric Vehicle Engineers and OEMs can be challenged by have a solution; the provision of products and expert partners to assist you from beginning to end of the design and engineering process. edge product development. Our global network makes Curtis an extension of your own engineering department. The Curtis product range includes

Our latest range of E-Series Controllers are packed with new features and capabilities that meet with EN ISO 13849-1:2009 provide fast, powerful and feature rich, enabling users to develop better vehicles.


The safest. With unrivalled performance.

And reliability. Millions of units sold by a global technology leader, backed up with decades of experience.

E-Series Speed Controllers from Curtis and Customer Support Engineers around the World Kerry Green, of Curtis UK, is just one of our many experienced and enthusiastic customer support engineers around the world. Kerry and his team will partner with you to specify, design and build a complete electric vehicle control system, so you can build the best possible EV. Curtis, ready to help you.

www.curtisinst.co.uk info@curtisinst.co.uk 01604 885201

PECM114.indd 75

27/01/2014 18:02:14


& Fragile or


& Huge

One of the key stages in any engineering project is the logistics of getting goods and materials to the right place on time, and here at Cargocall thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what we do. Working with many famous names both here in the UK and overseas, Cargocall provide all transport solutions under one roof.

Telephone: 0800 0787 747

PECM114.indd 76

Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a single item or a complete project we arrange and manage the movement of goods including packing services, documentation and insurance; your products and materials moved professionally and safely - worldwide.

Call us to find out how we can help.


Email: info@cargocall.com



27/01/2014 18:02:15

Primera – Innovation in Label Printing With a mission to produce technologically superior

label stock. With 2400 dpi print resolution and print speed

and value, Primera Technology, Inc. was established 2000, Primera Technology Europe has been born and the company as a whole has developed into a leading manufacturer of digital label printing and all other forms of speciality printing equipment.

Technology Europe, states: “Our machine prints onto labels are waterproof, as well as highly scratch, smudge

Following a long history in the industry, Primera started burning optical media, but as time has gone by they have delved into label printing, labelling accessories and, most recently, medical slide printing.

System that automates waste label matrix removal, For larger production volumes Primera developed its been an expensive investment in both time and money in the past, and the industry needed a simpler, more digital label printing at a breakthrough price, and utilizes

cut, laminate, slit and rewind, with waste matrix material removed. “Manufacturers and distributors from all kinds of industries often want to produce higher quantities of their own

Pre-die cut labels produced by CX1000e Color Label Printer

Primera’s core industry is digital label printing. Whether a digital label printing system is needed for small runs or large, Primera believes it has the right technology to developed over the years and now includes digital label and label applicators. The latest product in the impressive Primera portfolio is

Together, the two systems deliver advantages of lower users to react quickly to market changes. Customer satisfaction is another of the manufacturer’s downloads from Primera’s website. In addition, Primera any desktop inkjet label printer and label accessory. For more information visit the company’s website at www.primeralabel.eu at +49 611 92777-0.

CX1000e Color Label Printer with FX1000e Matrix Removal System

PECM114.indd 77

27/01/2014 18:02:16

EECCON OONOM NOM OM MICS ICCSS MIICS ffor DDUSTR DU UUSSSTRY ouurr IIN ST TRYY or our INDDUSTRY STR 50% % floor o space p pac sa aving i and Double Do D ou le the h output t u versus su trraditional ditional nal manual man an operations ons o ns Suita uitta able for indoor doors and and outdo tdoor tdo oo orrs and o an a nd n d up u to t 25m 25 2 5m in height hei t ass standar and da d

of 10000mm mm m bar ba material a h x 12m l x 6m m w footpr o in i

K A S TO v a r i o s p e e C 1 5 ,h i g h e s output carbid c i rc u l a rs aw 150mm capacit with automat sorting

T ell:: 01908 0 90 08 59 990 F Fax: 019 019 19 0 8 571 7 590 5 66 106 10 Te 01908 566 E-mail: saales@kasto.u E il s lles@kasto.u s@k t uk.com k m mail: @ W e b k to.uk.com .k t eb b: www ww..k .kasto kasto o uk ww ww . m Web w.kasto.com PECM114.indd 78

27/01/2014 18:02:36


FULLY FLEXIBLE FINANCE From new and used sales, finance and rental, to servicing and parts we offer you a total service with complete flexibility. With Impact Handling, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll benefit from: /ailored, Flexible Finance packages that fit your requirements and allow for changes as you need them. / +#%'&!&'!'%' !&"%''& !%$(% !'&!*%*"%,"(%fleet. /otal maintenance and servicing solutions provided by local depots close to you. To find out more about our personalised support and flexibility and how it could help you, please call today:

0800 169 9789 Impact Handling - the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sole distributor of Cat Lift Trucks equipment www.impact-handling.com | sales@impact-handling.com Š2014. CAT, CATERPILLAR their respective logos, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Caterpillar Yellowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Power Edgeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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27/01/2014 18:02:38

Valves 2 SH 4 IP HO PI UR N G *

Introducing Dixon’s New Valve Actuation Shop Dixon now offer a custom actuated valve package: UÊÊÊAccessories including limit switches, positioners, proximity switches and more UÊÊ24 hour shipping* UÊÊNo minimum order UÊÊ1 million cycle tested Dixon Actuators UÊÊOn site 3D Design Engineer & Applications Engineer UÊÊFoam Packaging of Valves & Actuators *24 Hour Shipping available on most valve automation including fabricated specials. Contact Dixon for further info.

Also available from Dixon: UÊÊRJT, DIN, SMS, IDF & Triclamp Fittings UÊÊFood & Brewery Hoses UÊÊTube OD Bends, Tee’s, Adaptors & Reducers

UÊÊMultiway Ball Valves 11/2” to 4” UÊÊHygienic Butterfly Valves 1” to 10” UÊÊBespoke Design & Fabrication UÊÊDairy & Biopharm Standards

Dixon - The Right Connection for Actuation Valves and Bespoke Fabrication Dixon Group Europe Limited Dixon House, 350 Leach Place, Walton Summit Centre, Preston PR5 8AS Email: marketing@dixoneurope.co.uk Website: www.dixoneurope.co.uk



Partnering the Rota Val way

Most of the world’s rotary valve manufacturers supply a wide range of different models and sizes as standard products and hope that their customers are happy to compromise.


ost of the world’s rotary valve manufacturers supply

models and sizes as standard products and hope that their customers are happy to compromise. UK based Rota Val also manufactures the standard sizes but here the similarity because Rota Val is able to build bespoke models and, as a result, some long processing companies. ability dates back to 1998 when market leading tobacco processing machinery manufacturer, Garbuio Dickinson started purchasing large rotary valves – 600mm


and 750mm – for their bespoke range

processing plant all around the world.

large capacity rotary valves incorporated many special features with an early base

Through joint development these large rotary valves have evolved since 1998.

chrome plated internals, stainless steel rotors and were capable of operating comfortably at temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. In 2001, Garbuio Dickinson approached Rota Val for bespoke sizes – up to 1,000mm. While the principals of bespoke design and manufacture can be challenging, engineers at Rota Val together with project engineers at Garbuio Dickinson worked closely together with the resulting in Garbuio Dickinson installing over 120 of these large bespoke rotary valves in tobacco

are now fully fabricated with Stainless steel liners, and whilst the stainless steel rotors are still used they are now supplied with replaceable chamfered bronze tipped blades. This prevents the possibility of product build up and running clearances at high operating temperatures. For more information on bespoke or large rotary valves from Rota Val please contact Steve Winton on 01249 705612

PECM January/February 2014

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27/01/2014 18:02:42

wORLDwIDE INTEREST Safelok is proud of their achievement’s in designing and manufacturing the world’s first zero emission automatic dynamic gland adjustment head unit that Safelok guarantee for life against leakage.


afelok is one of the world’s most revolutionary and innovated valve manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Safelok is proud of their achievement’s

zero emission automatic dynamic gland adjustment head unit that Safelok guarantee for life against leakage. This is possible by being precision manufactured with life incorporating pioneering design features and proven technology. Using the above technology on our range of double block and bleed valves has been most successful creating interest worldwide resulting in Safelok winning major contracts. These revolutionary designed valves are used throughout the range of double block and bleed valves in various forms and sizes, from standard 10mm bore size up to 2” full bore. a trunion mounted ball valve design to reduce operational torque. Pressure rating up to 10,000PSI (680 bar)

to 2” OD and equivalent metric sizes. Needle valves and manifolds. Ball valves. Check valves.

Safelok has been supplying its world renowned instrumentation products to the Oil and Gas Sector around the world for over 25 years.

Tel: +44 ( 0 ) 1942 - 227257 Fax: +44 ( 0 ) 1942 - 218012 E-mail: enq@safelok.com www.safelok.com

This is possible by being precision manufactured with super finished components for high performance and long life incorporating pioneering design features and proven technology. January/February 2014 PECM

PECM114.indd 81


27/01/2014 18:02:48

Water & Effluent Treatment Envirogen Water Technologies, the water treatment specialists,

seepex Smart Conveying Technology reduces whole life pump costs

whose divisions include Puresep, EWS (UK) & Derwent Water, have expanded and strengthened its service division to meet growing demand. Under the leadership of Bill Denyer, Service Manager, the new structure gives way to a regional and market sector bias, giving service customers specialist and dedicated contacts. Details include: technologies, have responsibility for service contract customers in the North and South respectively. Giving customers an extra layer of expertise and accessibility Nick Whiteley has been promoted to Principle Industrial Engineer whilst Kevin

seepex progressive cavity pumps with Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) have a stator split axially into two halves, with four retaining segments holding these in place. Removal of these segments gives easy access to the stator and rotor for inspection, adjustment and replacement, without the need to dismantle up to 300% and reducing the need for spare parts. Blockages can be cleared in minutes by removal of half the stator to remove rags etc, and when stator or rotor change is needed the time for maintenance is reduced by up to 85%. Many seepex

markets, and will ensure that Envirogen’s high service standards are maintained and best practice within those markets is promoted

Email: info@envirogengroup.com



Managing Fire Water and Major Spillages used to ensure a rapid response on sites………. It is vital that such devices are properly maintained and regularly tested. In the event of an incident, it is essential to verify that they have functioned properly as soon as possible, either by inspection or the use of telemetry. Environmental protection specialist Darcy Spillcare Manufacture has announced the launch of a new and improved Environmental Management System to contain spills

operational advantages over less advanced systems such as penstock valves. It can

monthly or weekly so you can have complete peace of mind.

Email: enqs@darcy.co.uk


Treatment plant protected Treatment plant protected by effluent monitor at major drinks factory


TOC (Total Organic Carbon) monitor to police the front end of Cobevco’s wastewater treatment plant has enabled tight control of the treatment process. Delivering results 20 times faster than laboratory techniques, the monitor at the Elton facility in Cheshire provides advance notice of organic overload so that the rich waste and protect the treatment process. division operates a state of the art plant at their manufacturing site at Elton in Cheshire, which includes a large biological wastewater treatment facility, operating 24/7 between 3


staggered Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR). This process relies on the activity of bacteria which break down the organic content in the waste stream. However, if the organic load is too strong or too weak, the bacteria monitoring is necessary. Historically, laboratory analysis has taken too long to allow proactive intervention and the ability to measure organic load continuously has not been possible because instruments have been unable to cope with the strength chemical oxidation process employed by the BioTector completely resolves this problem and has enabled Cobevco to protect the treatment plant and

Tel: +44(0)161 872 1487 Email: info@hach-lange.co.uk www.hach-lange.co.uk

PECM January/February 2014

PECM114.indd 82

27/01/2014 18:02:52

Minimize system integration risks with the Beamex Business Bridge Business Bridge is a standardized, but configurable software solution for connecting Beamex CMX calibration management system to an ERP/CMMS system.

Staying within the original project budget and timetable can be a challenge, specifications and scope of work keep changing constantly during the project and system maintenance of a finished, highly customized integration solution turns out to be difficult and expensive. Beamex minimizes these system integration risks by introducing the Business Bridge.

PECM114.indd 83

www.beamex.com info@beamex.com

27/01/2014 18:02:54

break through the

NOISE Better Signal-to-Noise Ratio Means Better Level Control Performance 4.40 Higher

Model 706 SNR

1.57 Competitor SNR The ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter has a signal-to-noise ratio nearly 3 times higher than competitors.

While transmit pulse amplitude (signal size) has helped to make guided wave radar technology the standard for accurate, reliable level measurement, the fact is signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) represents a far more critical indicator of level control performance. For superior SNR in all process conditions, no other GWR device beats the Eclipse ÂŽ Model 706 transmitter from MagnetrolÂŽ.

To learn more about the breakthrough ECLIPSE Model 706 GWR transmitter visit eclipse.magnetrol.com or contact your MAGNETROL representative today.


   /("(#$)'%"%*k PECM114.indd 84

27/01/2014 18:02:56

Profile for MH Media Global

PECM - Issue 7 2014  

PECM - Issue 7 2014