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Free Design Service

Customise every detail to fit your home like a glove! BoConcept offers a staggering selection of fabrics, colours and finishes on our jaw-dropping ranges for living, dining and sleeping.

Providing home consultations through to complete 3D designs visualising the end results, our interior designers are able to complete any scheme, ranging from one piece of furniture, single rooms and small apartments to a large house.

All our collection can be customised to suit your requirements. We know everyone has unique tastes and needs, which is why most of our furniture is adaptable.

Co-ordinated collection

Explore the possibilities - Our entire collection from our furniture through to our accessories can be completely co-ordinated so you can be sure to create your own design exactly as you want it. Explore all the options in-store or better still talk to one of our professional and friendly interior designers.

Space saving

Our furniture is not just cool-looking but extremely functional and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a casual and laid back look, sleek and stylish, or modern and contemporary. Multi-functional and clever storage options make it much easier to optimise smaller spaces.

BoConcept is all about making design, furniture and colours come together in your home. If you need someone to bounce your ideas off, our professional and friendly Interior Designers are at hand.


When it comes to the interior design of your project, we take away many of the problems faced by architects and designers. Which means you can get on with what you do best - creating beautiful living spaces. Dedicated assistance and service from our design consultants who work with you to create the exact interior solution to match your vision and project. Every living space you create is different. That’s why our products can be adapted to suit the unique nature of each of your projects. We offer the fastest lead times in the industry for ‘made to order’ and we can take care of delivery and assembly for you. Contact us to find out more or to open an account, email Michel at Battersea Reach I Finchley Road I Notting Hill I Tottenham Court Road I Harrods I Selfridges I Kingston I Guildford


Staffan Tollgård, Objects Of Art

Tucked away on the 4th floor of one of the world’s finest design resources, the V&A museum, is the member’s room.


Nicholas Sunderland Interiors

One of Londons High end Luxury Interior Designers commissioned to design and furnish a new apartment in central London.


Ellerby Street, Hill House Interiors

A pristine pied-a-terre in London, echoing the bespoke perfection of Saville Row’s finest tailoring.


The Art Of Luxury

Our selection of luxury items and accessories for you to enjoy.

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Kelly Hoppen MBE

As an independent 16-year-old with a relentless passion for design, Kelly Hoppen was given the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen. This modest commission kick-started one of the most celebrated and extraordinary careers in the design industry.

Kelly’s ever-evolving style is

as well as many commercial projects

by her talented design team utilising

underpinned by a subtle, coordinated

the world over, including hotels, bars,

the same resources, studios, designers,

fusion of East meets West; clean

restaurants, yachts, offices, aircrafts and

architects and all round excellence that

lines and neutral tones, blended with

tower blocks.

the larger projects receive.

opulence. She puts her stamp on the

Kelly launched Studio Hoppen in

Kelly is honoured to be the recipient of

homes, yachts and jets of private clients,

September 2014 – a service led solely

copious design awards and the proudest

charming warmth and sumptuous

point in her career to date came in 2009,

other accolades which include a firm

unparalleled expertise, allowing her to

when she was made an MBE for her

position on the Debrett’s 500 Most

indulge her entrepreneurial instincts.

services to interior design. Recognised

Influential People List.

As she is passionate about making her

for the passion of empowering women in

design ethos accessible to the masses,

business, she was awarded the NatWest

With 40 years experience at the

Kelly launched her eighth book Design

Everywoman Ambassador award in

forefront of the industry, publishers

Masterclass in November 2013.ďżź

December 2013 amongst numerous

and businesses continually seek Kelly’s

10 In 2011 she fronted Channel 5 Design

with selected brands and partnered with

A dedicated supporter of good causes

Series, Superior Interiors and has

a select number of licensees. The wider

and the championing and nurturing of

appeared on various shows throughout

licensed product collection consists

younger and older British entrepreneurs,

her career including Good Morning

of shutters, commercial fabrics for

K is an ambassador for the Princes

Britain, 8 out of 10 cats, Saturday

hospitality use, paints, wallpaper, taps,

Trust and the Princes Initiative for

Kitchen, CNN Richard Quest, The Wright

and a bath collection.

Mature Enterprise. Kelly is also a proud

Stuff and Room 101. In February 2015,

ambassador for the Government’s

Kelly was announced the face of New

Kelly launched her debut e-commerce

GREAT campaign and has worked with

You Tube Business Channel, the B-Tube

store,, in January

UK Trade & Investment mentoring small

Network which has been set up to

2014. The affordable luxury store

and medium sized businesses.

provide advice to entrepreneurs.

features a self-designed home products range including accessories, bed linen,

Interiors -

The Kelly Hoppen brand, keeping true to

cushions, candles, furniture, towels and

its core values of high quality, simplicity

robes and gifts, all carrying Kelly’s iconic

and timeless elegance, has collaborated


Retail store -


Unlock the Mystery of Dark & Light This Winter with

Dulux Trade

With nature providing colourful

are inspired by the overarching theme of

seamlessly together but the palette also

inspiration for interior designers to draw

‘Looking Both Ways’, enabling designers

enables designers to create stunning

from, autumn and winter is a perfect

to embrace traditional colours of

visual effects such as an ombré inspired

time to review colour schemes. Colours

yesteryear with a modern, contemporary

paint effect using Cherished Gold to

such as ochre gold suggest the falling


contrast against a deep rich blue.

reflects an inky night sky. While there

One of the key trends for 2016 is

To help designers choose colours for

is no such thing as the wrong colour,

the importance of darkness. The

autumn winter, Dulux Trade offers

designers know their challenge is to

introduction of Earth Hour – where

a suite of professional tools. These

choose appropriate colours for the

millions of people around the globe turn

include the Dulux Trade fandeck and

‘space’ in which they are to be used.

their lights off on the same day highlights

online resources, which range from

of autumn leaves while deepest blue

how light pollution affects people’s

tailored colour cards with example

In September, Dulux Trade, champions

ability to rest and sleep. Research has

colour schemes such as Dark and Light,

of colour, launched the 13th annual

proven how important it is to have a

to downloadable and interactive mood

edition of Colour Futures, a colour and

restful sleep without the disrupting

board and visualisation apps. These tools

design trends forecasting publication

influence of light.

allow designers to explore a variety of

for 2016. Showcasing four separate

colour options for specific environments

trend stories anchored around the 2016

The Autumn Winter Dulux Trade palette,

and have been created to be an integral

colour of the year, Cherished Gold, each

Dark & Light provides designers looking

part of the overall design process.

trend has an associated colour palette.

to create luxurious, mood-enhancing

Research shows that gold as a colour has

decadence with a mysterious, beautiful

For information, inspiration and

regained its popularity and is currently

collection of colours reminiscent of both

online resources, visit www.

influencing global design including

dusk and gold dawn tones that one would and to

architecture, fashion and interiors. All

see during the ‘golden hour’. Many of the

download the Colour Future book, go to

the colours within the 2016 collection

colours in the Dark & Light palette blend

The Designer Of The Dream Houses

Officinaleonardo 1- Project for a submarine yatch capable to cross the ocean below the sea. 2- Two famous interiors in New York and Rome. 3- The flying house: a modern airship that allows to bring with you in your travels the whole house. 4- Emaar tower: the headquarters of the well-known real estate company in Dubai. 5- Leonardo Pascoletti, founder of Officinaleonardo, selected as one of best 30 young european architects. 6- Gallinaro house Text from Rowan Moore, architectural critic ( The Guardian) Pictures from Luigi Filetici

1 While I was drinking a cup of tea the

of a fractal vision, attributable to a single

and a building in Addis Abeba. Rather

other day, browsing the web I came


than the series of the “moving houses”,

across an architectural firm that enjoyed

that includes a cloudy flying house

great appreciation about the various

The projects developed by

and a submarine one, or the new

pages and forums. It rarely happens


proposals for some towers or buildings

to notice a new architectural firm that

the study of the living unit and the

headquarters of famous trademarks,

can boast an innate originality. I went

spaces related to the human activity,

Typical element of the villas and interiors

to look at their projects and in


fact I noticed some significant

the study of the space, where

elements, to emphasize.

various aspects of daily life take part with their mutual vision and

The principles of this studio,

create fluid movements, called


in the studio “micro-urban”, by

based on the movement as the

means of the electric or manual

element of transformation,

handling of the walls, panels and

realized through the

sliding doors gives the users

visual research of the new

the choice of living in every

technologies, on the study of

single section in a separate and

the renewable yet not polluting


resources and, on the relation of humankind-nature, inserted in the projects in different scales.

confided way. It is a reappearing theme in other projects (like as light and transparency) as

even if the running projects are more

well to have a full and rational use of the

complex, such as: the realization of


In the development of the spaces

a big hypogeal sanctuary dedicated

created by the team, the principle of the

to Pope Wojtyla, the cultural-living

From all, between the transparency and

movement is expressed through out a

complex related to the project of an

the reflection which embrace the most

holonomic universe and the complexity

Indian chief in Peru, some houses in

beautiful views of the city, carved in an

of the joints in the space with the form

Romania and other places, social spaces

environment which suggests more the


2 methods and the weather of suburban

The horizons of a world immersed

living, through the diffusion of the

in the nature and the rhythm of the

plants, the presence of the stonewalls,

ancient times are achieved in the

the creation of bioclimatic micro

OFFICINALEONARDO’s projects, where

greenhouses, the presence of water

nothing is left by accident.


pools and waterfalls, like in the oriental culture and the Japanese Zen gardens as

Looking on their site and on other sites,

if it is immersed in the countryside or the

I saw the space in which they design

nature you enter.

and the interesting team that composes it The studio was established in 2008

Returning home from a suffocating life

officially - even though it has been active

in the City, one finds the traditions and

before then - located in the ancient

rituals of the ancient times through the

heart of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto, inside

sounds and smells of the nature. In the

an iridescent iron shell, composed of

bathroom the presence of stone walls,

Leonardo Pascoletti, chief designer, and a

the remembrance of the sea made by

talented crew of employees,


the resin stretched out by an artist, and the memory of the sand suggested

trainees, consultants specialized in

by specific tiling, all in all immerse us

rendering, in applied engineering and

in a dreamy atmosphere while you are

in robotic and automation, in paintings

soaking in a big bath tub.

and sculpting and making architectural models, in the field of legislative and

This is what I call “psychological

accounting, from different countries of

wellness”, that sometimes exceeds

the world, as well as an excellent team

the various zen theories or functional

of craftsmen specialized in different

justifications! And this is why people


living in these houses call them “dream houses”.



PEEK Architecture + Design

Renowned Soho Architects, PEEK Architecture + Design’s latest scheme, is an eclectic, award winning development in a grade II listed building at 409-410 the Strand. It consists of 4 apartments and a restaurant. Apartment three is featured here and is a duplex apartment, situated within a mansard extension over the historic Nell Gwynne Pub. The building had been empty and neglected since the 1980’s, with a run down amusement arcade in the ground floor and basement, and empty rooms piled with old office furniture in the three stories above. Its restoration was a long and complex road. The property used to be the ostentatious, private dining rooms for the Adelphi Theatre, and was owned by the famous entrepreneurs, the Gatti brothers. This provided the theatrical inspiration for the bold use of materials throughout. After 2 years of planning applications and working closely with Westminster City

efficient necessities. Hundreds of man-hours

Council, PEEK Architecture’s scheme was

were spent restoring the detailed plasterwork,

permitted for the resurrection of the interiors

old doors, staircases and windows, where all

and extensions to the rear and roof levels. The

involved worked closely together as a team to

building was subsequently quite rightly named

achieve impeccable results.

Gatti House. Apartment three is especially interesting due to The project demonstrates how much we

its distinction alongside the typical developments

unequivocally care about the history behind our

in the area. Due to its quirky character, a more

buildings, and how they inspire us to push that

industrial ‘loft’ design was deemed to be the most

little bit harder to produce architecture that


would be worthy of its memory. The project is an excellent showcase of a wealth of traditional

The two bedrooms with ensuites are situated

craftsmanship from skilled sub contractors,

on the lower floor, along with a guest wc. Both

all managed by the main contractor Blenheim

bedrooms have veneered wardrobes, with grass

House, while integrating modern and energy

wallpaper panels trimmed in antique brass. The

Stripped Back on the Strand

master ensuite is a mix of ‘fumed emperador’ tiles to the floor, from Mandarin Stone, and white brick tiles from Fired Earth. The basin is formed in cast concrete, with rough timber finish wall cabinets above. A black steel staircase leads up to the open plan living space on the top floor, surrounded by timber-clad walls. Beneath the vaulted ceiling of the mansard extension, is housed a bespoke stainless steel kitchen, designed by PEEK Architecture + Design, and built by the Bluecourt ( ). The concrete worktops are from Concreations and form a breakfast bar to cook or eat from. The reclaimed pine floor ‘Extra Rustic Grade’ was supplied by Havwoods, and provides a soft surface underfoot. To the end of the living space sits a painted t&g wall, which houses a TV, while concealing a secret drinks cabinet. Both the lower and upper floors have a private balcony looking down into a Parisian style courtyard, flanked by the green wall from Scotscapes, creating a welcome oasis away from the bustle of The Strand. Georgina Turvey of PEEK Architecture says: ‘’More and more people are looking to live near The Strand and Covent Garden. We were aiming to create a stylish antithesis to the usual developments in this up and coming area. The concrete worktops, reclaimed flooring and exposed structural elements complete the look. It was an immensely enjoyable project to work on’’ Photos by Simon Maxwell




Designer Furniture at incredible prices from My-Furniture!


nline furniture retailer offer a stunning range of designer furniture which you just can’t afford to miss! Many of their designs are inspired by iconic classics but are available at a fraction of the price. Their concept is to provide a broad selection of affordable, inspirational furniture, providing an all-inclusive resource for everyone, regardless of taste or budget. Styles include Mid-Century, Modern, Industrial, Elegant, Mirrored and French Vintage. Their dedicated and passionate team work with interior design companies and are constantly monitoring trends and compiling collections from around the globe, delivering on-trend, well-crafted products at the best possible prices. The online collection includes living and dining room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture, bathroom accessories, lighting and general decorative items. Their in-house team handcraft furnishings to the highest standards using beautiful materials and traditional techniques. Their Nottingham based facility means that they are also able to offer a bespoke upholstery service. Most items are in stock and are distributed the next working day. Delivery is always included in the price (for Mainland UK destinations).



What’s more, an impeccable and consistent five star Trustpilot rating assures that you can purchase with absolute confidence. Driven by a team of highly experienced industry specialists, their knowledge, in-house design, manufacturing, quality control and customer service is second to none. All the designer style at incredible low prices! THE DETAILS Discover the complete collection at Contact the sales team on 0800 092 1636 or

1 4 6 O C TO B E R 2 0 1 5


UNIQUE To create an original work of art, Gérard Faivre imbues himself with the soul of each property. For him, each site is both a blank canvas and a source of inspiration. Depending of the place’s atmosphere, the artist determines the perfect layout, which he then complements with artwork, bespoke creations and vintage details.

LUXURIOUS Nothing is left to chance in Gérard Faivre’s selection of prestigious neighbourhoods, designer sofas and paintings by masters. Quality is a must, and even the smallest details are painstakingly chosen. While furniture is a passion, renovation is his true forte. Transforming an old, often run-down apartment into a prestige home is one of Gérard Faivre’s main talents. As with home décor, he makes his choice of electronic and home automation equipment with the greatest of care. For him, aesthetics are as important as practicality: an apartment is and should remain, first and foremost, a place to live.

READY-TO-LIVE It often takes more than two years – looking for a property and then acquiring, renovating and decorating it – before the owners can take full advantage of their new home. Gérard Faivre aims to reduce this time frame to no more than two months, which is why his creations are all sold ready to move in. The idea is a bold one: combining maximum pleasure with minimum effort. Gérard Faivre Paris offers clients the possibility of moving into an extraordinary home without all the usual burdens, going so far as to offer a concierge service worthy of the best luxury hotels in Paris.

a room with the view

interiors brought to life interior ďŹ lm Commercial Use for walls and decorative panels

A range of superbly styled interior ďŹ lms which will bring any room to life

Find out more at +44 (0)1376 518037


At last we have created a comfortable sofa bed suitable for everyday use. The Matse stands alone as a full spec bed, which converts, to a comfortable sofa. Your guests may only visit occasionally, but why subject them, or yourself, to an uncomfortable night? Do you not value your friends or your own back? The Matse is a high quality alternative to the uncomfortable sofa bed. The bed converts easily without the need for dangerous, awkward and unreliable folding mechanisms. This means there is no need to fold the mattress and therefore the mattress quality is not compromised. The unique bed also uses a standard bed frame and mattress whilst still allowing you to save on space without having to compromise on a high level of comfort in areas where requirements for space and comfort often compete. Matse utilises the often overlooked and wasted eaves space by inserting a sealed and insulated box with side runners on which the bed head rollers sit. When no longer required as a bed the head end slides into the box leaving the foot end to create the seat of the settee. Although the beds are perfect for attic rooms and loft conversions, alternative options are available. The Matse can easily be installed in the base of wardrobes, under stairs or anywhere you may have unused space. The space required need not exceed 1.1 meters deep with a finished height of 700mm from floor level. The fully sealed box can be insulated against either cold or sound depending on location and type of insulation used. The Matse installation is well within the capability of a competent DIY enthusiast and can be carried out retrospectively as well as whilst installing a loft conversion or new build construction. The standard stock size for Matse is 4’6� and other bed widths can be supplied subject to order. The Matse will arrive in a flat pack format with components sufficiently small to make it easy to carry up tight staircases should the need arise. The Matse is available in a range of upholstery options and sofa styles, we are happy to work with you to create a bespoke solution for both commercial and domestic use. Bedding is stored in a hammock under the bed saving on both storage space and time. This is more than a sofa bed, this is a Matse; a name for the future.

At last, a comfortable solution to the uncomfortable sofa bed problem...

One space, two quality room options. A settee that converts to a standard bed Safe and easy to use for all ages and abilities Settee to bed in less than one minute No complicated and dangerous spring mechanisms Bedding easily stored beneath settee in storage hammock Multiple applications Bespoke upholstery with wide range of fabrics made to order, with fabric provided by you if required



Design and quality custom made

Leader in Italy for over 60 years and

utmost respect for the environment,

among the top players in Europe in the

Palazzetti claddings are able to

chimneys and stoves sector, Palazzetti

satisfy any architectural and technical

enriches its range with the claddings,


created to offer customized solutions to those who aspire to a "unique" interior.

You can choose from more than 150 models, constructed using cutting-edge

All the claddings are made using only

machinery and advanced technologies

precious marble slabs chosen directly

yet, still today, beautified by skilled

from the best quarries in the world by

handicraft workmanship. Palazzetti


offers a "customized" service with custom projects.

Developed in accordance with the highest technological standards and the

Weavers of fine Brussels Wilton

Bankfield Mill, Haley Hill, Halifax, West Yorkshire, Hx3 6Ed, UK Telephone: 01422 330 261 | Email: AVENA@BTCONNECT.COM | WeB: AVENA-CARPETS.COM

Manufacturers of Bespoke Carpets on the Crossley Looms


La Compagnie Française De L’orient Et De La Chine Opens A New Concept Store On Boulevard Raspail To Celebrate Their 50 Years The Address 10 boulevard Raspail, a mythical address in an elegant Parisian neighbourhood. Flashback: 1935, imagine the first delicatessen shop, "chez Coûté", on the corner of Rue de Grenelle and Boulevard Raspail, close to Bon Marché, replaced after the war by a huge service station. In this space of 300 m2, renovated by architecture firm IMAO, a peaceful universe reigns, with an astute blend of light wood, exotic parquet, columns of glass, a surprising metal mashrabiya, and 50 meters of windows dressed in Chinese shadows in allusion to the meticulous work of the master craftsmen selected by the company. La Compagnie Française De L’orient Et De La Chine : A Story Of Passion... From the beginning there was passion – a family's passion for China: Jacques Dautresme, an unrelenting traveller, was fascinated in the 1930s by the forgotten treasures of the Middle Empire. 50 years ago, his nephew, François, a talented photographer, aesthete and pioneer, decided to give a new lease of life to the ancient savoir-faire of Asia by setting up a concept store ahead of its time.


The journey of La Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine continued in 2011 thanks to Laurent Dumas, a business man with a passion for art, who gave it a fresh boost by connecting the brand with contemporary art de vivre. By the end of 2014, Laurent Dumas handed over general management to Sophie le Tanneur. After 20 years of experience in international groups known for their sense of innovation, she took over and re-energised mythical French brand Daum - the luxury glassmaker founded in 1878. Her meeting with Laurent Dumas allowed La Compagnie Française de l'Orient et de la Chine to continue its journey by creating a unique style: a fusion between Parisian art de vivre and meticulous Asian savoir-faire. The result is an understated luxury, without ostentation, which mixing influences, techniques and colours to make life more beautiful.


5 Reasons To Go

-Wonderful Teas: perfectly balanced,


Discover unique pieces

intoxicating fragrance teas which respect the authentic taste of the tea leaf.

Exceptional objects born from the

An invitation on a wonderful journey

endless inspiration of the designer

Visit the exhibition of "ancient savoir-

through the poetry of the Orient and

craftsmen and their perfected



manufacturing processes: coffee tables

Displaying exceptional ceramics, blown

- Legendary Teas: classics with

made from hundred-year old trees,

glass, haute couture fabrics, precious

emblematic flavours. Our Grand Cru teas

precious marquetry, etc.

furniture, designer pieces, ancestral

are harvested from the most prodigious

wickerwork, exclusive fragrances, Grand

lands in Asia, from gardens which are

In 2015 a partnership was signed with

Cru teas and sumptuous silk, this concept

sometimes nestled more than 2,000

Ecole Boulle, a prestigious French art and

store is an invitation to travel and

metres high to more intimate family

design school, to develop exceptional

discover objects found nowhere else. In


nomadic objects. The "Origami" desk,


Embark on a journey of wonder

made from teak roots, solid wood trays

the newly created bookstore corner you

designed by Benjamin Delage, took over

can quench your thirst for knowledge on

- Chefs' teas: exceptional green teas from

a year to complete and demonstrates the


China and Japan, from the finesse of the

use of traditional production methods,

leaf and the delicacy of thr taste. These

such as its pleated façade, marquetry

teas, with complex and varied notes, go

work, hand-veneered edges and curved

well with a variety of dishes.





Enjoy a cup of tea

Discover the first collection of teas made and signed by the company in homage to the grand tradition of tea in Asia.

Restyle your table thanks to our

Great gifts for under 100 euros

customised coaching in decor A journey for the senses with 3 new

Enjoy a cup of tea to go for 3.50€ or

Fed up of your old plates? Just moved

candles: Holy Days in black, Sweet

enjoy the “tea of the day” either on your

into a new house? Fancy a change? Today,

dragon in pomegranate red and Nuits

way to work or sip it as you casually

our décors change with out lives, but

d’Orient in a deep blue bubbled glass. A

wander around the store. Be sure to

how can we keep that sentimental tie

new home fragrance joins the original

meet Valentin, the company’s tea expert,

with our objects? Bring in four of your


who will let you try his new recipes.

family plates and our decoration coaches

From the high plateaus of Assam, sometimes nestled than 2,000 metres high up in the mountains, to the intimate

will give your favourite dinner set a new

Discover our gift ideas packaged in

lease of life by mixing different materials

sublime red boxes: gift boxes containing

and colours.

candle + spray, tea + mug, small leather goods' set, set of 6 bowls, cotton and silk

Korean gardens, the company selects

New coaching service by appointment

shawls, stationery, books, etc., to offer

its Grands Crus for the beauty of their

+33 1 42 79 13 15, starting from October

without moderation.

leaves and their rich taste.


Transforming functional surfaces into Art


On trend

Glartique uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and design to transform functional surfaces into art. We create beautiful designs, printing them onto toughened glass, antique mirror, Corian and tiles for kitchen splashbacks, bath panels and artworks for homes, restaurants and hotels.

“Using glass and mirrors into kitchens and bathrooms is very on trend” said Ashley. “Glass makes any space feel elegant and sophisticated. Another exciting trend we’re championing is back-lit laser engraved antique mirror and we‘re also partnering with smartglass, a liquid crystal privacy glass to create panels with our designs integrated inside them.”

We offer a range of options, from ready-made through to a totally bespoke service. You choose the design, surface We love a challenge and background colour and we’ll template, produce and Ashley loves a challenge and integrating electric install it for you. sockets into his designs has become a trademark. Ashley incorporates visual elements from his clients’ Bespoke service lives into the design around the plug sockets so that Glartique’s most popular design is the London Skyline with they form a seamless part of the artwork. So far, these a Twist, a playful take on the iconic city skyline. There are have included helicopters, planes, superheroes, horses two other ready-made designs – Mudeford Beach Huts, and iconic pylons linked to Battersea Power Station. inspired by his childhood on the Dorset coast and British Countryside. New additions to the collection include News geometric and abstracts artworks. All can be personalised, so if you like what you see, but want something slightly Glartique has been an Industry partner of SBID for two years and won Best of Houzz for service in 2015. different, just ask. Glartique will be exhibiting at The Surface Design show from 9 to 11 February 2016 at The Business Design About Glartique Centre in Islington. Please come along and say hello. Glartique was founded by designer and artist, Ashley For more information go to Phillips who spent the first decade of his creative career as or email a mural artist. In 2010, he began experimenting with new surfaces and printing techniques and Glartique was born.

Bespoke splashbacks for kitchens & bathrooms


EGGER laminate is the perfect material for high traffic areas

Dazzling Decors From Lathams

Kronocolour has been developed from global trend infuences

Super Matt is finger print resistant and avialable in eight, on-trend colours

In a move which significantly strengthens its credentials as one of the UK’s leading laminate and melamine suppliers, James Latham is now offering a portfolio of more than 500 laminates as well as a massive range of melamines, many of them exclusive. The extensive range of Kronospan, Egger, XyloCleaf, Woodlam and Galtee decors are all available directly from stock via Latham’s nationwide network of depots. Plus there are matching ABS edgings available for all decors as well as door and large size sheets. In addition, a brand new range of Kronospan Compact Grade

XyloCleaf is perfect for high end hotel, leisure and shopfitting specification

Laminate is also available as part of Latham’s Washroom Solutions Collection with matching MRMFC (Moisture Resistant). The increase in stock has seen James Latham invest in additional state-of-the-art racking at depots across the group to ensure that decors can be easily identified and picked quickly, efficiently and with the minimum risk of damage. Paul Morson, James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine commented, “We’ve invested heavily to ensure that James Latham is one of the leading laminate and melamine suppliers in the UK, so regardless of what our customer’s project requirements are, we’ll have the solution, and it’s all under one roof. “Many of our exciting new ranges, including Kronospan Super Matt and XyloCleaf which both come from Italy, are exclusive to Lathams and of course we are always searching for new decorative surfaces to strengthen our offering even further.”

Lathams washroom solution package includes a range of MRMFC



At Ashton & Bentley we have brought back timehonoured skills by designing and manufacturing our entire freestanding bath collection within our English factory. Classically beautiful baths, individually crafted. This is British innovation at its best. At Ashton & Bentley we place a large emphasis on the technical development of our contemporary and classic bath designs. With our exclusive material Correro TM, we have harnessed the thermal properties of organic limestone and pure white marble.

This unique composite material is beautiful, hard wearing, luxurious and practical, which allows bath water to stay warmer for longer. Our timeless baths, hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in a variety of different finishes, reminds England to be proud of its manufacturing heritage. For more information please contact us via Email or Telephone on the following: Email: Tel: 01902 83 74 36 / 01902 83 74 37 Web:

Ashton & Bentley are proud to present our brand new innovative concept - Organic Téchni. A free standing bath with countless creative options, our exquisite Organic Téchni bath has been designed with total versatility in mind. Simple yet versatile, the design elements will inspire your creative concepts and allow your ideas to evolve. YOUR CREATIVITY STARTS HERE Organic Téchni’s focal product is our free standing bath. Elegant contours with a luxurious finish born of nature’s organic limestone and white marble. FOCUS YOUR IMAGINATION Such a considered and carefully crafted product commands attention.

OUR COLLECTION. YOUR INGENUITY. Introducing Organic Téchni’s creative elements. Your ideas start here: THE ORGANIC TÉCHNI BATH One beautifully designed product to focus your ideas. THE CONTOURED RIM Able to be modelled to any shape you desire, your opportunity for creativity is limitless. Combining our precision made complimentary frame with the bath offers countless colour combinations. FURNITURE Introducing a contemporary modular system and a range of traditional furniture to accompany the Organic Téchni rim bath. FINISHES The full range of products can be coloured to your specification, including our luxurious Correro™ Metallic finishes.

LET YOUR IDEAS GROW Your ideas will flourish - organically. With the Organic Téchni collection as your influence, your design solutions will be naturally functional, beautiful and admired by all. At Ashton & Bentley we have brought back timehonoured skills by designing and manufacturing our entire freestanding bath collection within our English factory. Classically beautiful baths, individually crafted. This is British innovation at its best. At Ashton & Bentley we place a large emphasis on the technical development of our contemporary and classic bath designs. With our exclusive material Correro TM, we have harnessed the thermal properties of organic limestone and pure white marble. This unique composite material is beautiful, hard wearing, luxurious and practical, which allows bath water to stay warmer for longer. Our timeless baths, hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in a variety of different finishes, reminds England to be proud of its manufacturing heritage.

Email: Tel: 01902 83 74 36 / 01902 83 74 37 Web:

Natural Bathrooms, Simple Luxury

Your Way...


Treat yourself to a spa style sanctuary Indulge in a natural bathroom with organic designs Be inspired by a handcrafted marble piece Create your timeless haven with 100% solid wood Enjoy simple natural luxury in your own home We travelled the globe to source the most natural of materials to help you create your perfect bathroom. Get in touch today to find out more or to get a free copy of the new 2015-16 brochure

T: 0115 714 8030 F: 0115 872 0554 W: E:


Roman’s Liberating Experience Roman, international leading shower designer and manufacturer has launched their new Liber8 Collection, which is freed from the shackles of traditional bathroom design, with its ultra-modern and minimalist focus. The Liber8 Collection presents an exceptional selection of frameless hinged door products, presenting an array of sizes and configurations to fit in with different bathroom layouts. The elegant enclosures stand at a height of 2000mm with 8mm thick toughened glass. There is the option of a bright silver chrome or warm brushed nickel finish on all components including the elongated sleek hinges; designer handle; and bracing bar, allowing you to choose

specially developed glazing tapes

As with all Roman Enclosures, Bath

the finish that best complements your

in conjunction with the structural

Screens and Wetroom Panels, the Liber8

bathroom décor.

fittings, this removes time consuming

Collection will be manufactured in the

steps, providing an installer friendly


The striking minimalist look is captured

installation. A compression tape is fitted

with options such as the door hinged

on both sides of the wall profile which is

David Osborne, Managing Director of

straight from wall with clear minimal

activated during installation, to create a

Roman, commented: “We are delighted

seals. It features a unique wall profile

water proof seal. The wall profile offers

to unveil our truly minimalist Liber8

sealing tape system technology, to

compensation to allow a slight vertical

Collection. This exclusive Collection of

increase water integrity, whilst also

deviation of the wall it is being installed

Hinged Door Enclosures perfectly meets

keeping with the minimalist design.

to. The glass to glass configurations are

and shapes current bathroom style

The hinged door or in-line panel can be

sealed with a structural tape that forms


tailored to suit your specific bathroom

a watertight seamless seal. The Liber8


layout, as it can be installed to open

Collection has been designed to be the


outwards into the bathroom or inwards

cutting edge of design and due to its

into the enclosure itself. The hinged

stylish frameless nature it must only

door can also be fitted in multiple

be installed on walls and floors that are

configurations; so you can cleverly make

completely level.

use of the alcove space in your bathroom with a Liber8 Hinged Door or you can

The Liber8 Collection does of course

add a side panel to use it in a corner

include Roman’s Ultra Care pre-coated

situation. One or two in-line panels can

glass protection system, which promotes

be added to achieve the desired size of

easy cleaning, and lasting clarity and

the enclosure and make the best use of

sparkle of the glass. They are also

the space you have available.

accompanied with Roman’s service backed Truelife Lifetime Guarantee –

The installation of this collection

providing you with complete peace of

presents an easy seal process using


100% Stainless Steel Towel Rails

- 25 year guarantee - Full range of accessories - Satin finish available The Sussex Range by JIS Europe Telephone +44 (0)1444 831200


Greg Natale

is thrilled to unveil the Spring/ Summer 2016 Signature Collection of luxury, bespoke cushions for One Duck Two.

Greg Natale is thrilled to present

This new release is effortlessly

his newest venture into product

characteristic of Natale’s tailored,

design. The designer’s 2016 Spring/

carefully layered approach when fusing

Summer cushion collection made

decoration with design. The range has

of 21 intricately detailed, wool,

been grouped into four distinct suites;

hand-embroidered and linen- print

two classically- inspired collections

cushions marks his first foray into soft

that revel in bright blues, vibrant

furnishings. Happily, it is also the first

greens and elegant monochromes,

collaborative designer collection from

complemented by a contemporary

One Duck Two.

collection that presents sophisticated geometric patterns in grey tones as

Bringing a luxuriousness to the range,

well as a graphic, black-and-white

these new cushions are 50cm x 50cm

collection with striking, high-contrast

and embellished with a variety of


finishes, each bringing a depth of character that complements the

“I have always found cushions to be an

collection’s visual appeal. Selected

attractive and easy way to add colour,

cushions feature detailed double-

pattern and contrast to any room. I can’t

embroidery, imbuing the patterns with

imagine a sofa or bed without cushions,

a sumptuous textural quality. Alternate

designing my first collection has been a

designs enjoy all the simplicity of print

very personal, gratifying experience, I

directly applied to 100% linen and

can’t wait to see how people interpret my

are available with full feather or poly

designs in their own environments.” says


Greg Natale.


About Greg Natale Design Greg Natale founded his award-winning interior design company Greg Natale Design in 2001; one of Australia’s top design studios, Natale’s work examines the integration of design and decoration in residential, retail and commercial spaces as well as residential exterior design. Directing his passion for the principles, possibilities and heritage of design towards creating inspiring spaces that span from aweinspiring to intimate, Greg Natale’s style is a study in vibrant colours, contrasting graphic details, geometric patterns and rich textures. Through exploring the layering of textures, tightly editing a visual sense of balance as well as thoughtfully styled modern touches Greg Natale has hewn for himself a signature look. September 2015 will see the launch of Greg Natale’s first book, The Tailored Interior. With a forward by Jonathan Adler, this is a designlovers tome, demystifying the process of interior design by addressing the process holistically and in real terms, accompanied by breath taking photography of Natale’s projects by acclaimed photographer Anson Smart.


Available to purchase online from September 2015 and shipped internationally from, this stunning collection is also available through leading homewares and department stores across Australia.W


KI’s Iconic Sway2 Revolutionary Lounge Seating Collection KI’s Sway2 is a revolutionary

most commonly used and easily

lounge seating collection,

recyclable plastics in the world,

featuring a unique gyroscopic

and post-consumer recycled

motion which self-adjusts to

plastic. Built to withstand

the user’s preferred seating

high-demand environments,

style. The first of its kind, this

it comes with a structural

statement piece made its debut

lifetime warranty, while its

at NeoCon in Chicago earlier

upholstery cushions can easily

this year, taking out a ‘Best of

be replaced. Sway2 is available

NeoCon’ Award for Innovation.

in grey, red, black or white, with

Lauded as “instantly iconic” by

multiple upholstery options.

MMQB’s Rob Kirkbride, the

Coordinating ottomans and side

chair also went on to become

tables are also available.

Neocon 15’s “most Tweeted product” according to Designer

KI Europe is a local


manufacturer of high quality furniture for workplaces

Sway2 offers true freedom of

and educational institutions.

movement, allowing the user

Bringing together good design,

to gently move front-to-back,

advanced engineering and

swing side-to-side and swivel

sustainable resources, KI’s

360 degrees. Its generous

products are durable, flexible

cushion and body support

and offer excellent value. KI

ensure maximum comfort in

Europe is headquartered in

any position. Both versatile and

London and is part of one of the

durable, it is ideal for receptions,

world’s largest independent

collaborative environments and

furniture manufacturing groups,

breakout areas.

KI (Krueger International, Inc.).

The chair’s rotationally moulded

Please visit the KI website

seat and base is constructed

on or

of Linear Low Density

telephone 020 7404 7441 for

Polyethylene (LLDPE), one of the

more information.


Munrostudios - Photorealistic CGI that

Our architectural visualisation portfolio

supports your design lifecycle.

spans 17 years. We deliver: CGI, Animation, Verifiable Photomontage,

Please contact us for details or pricing:

Successful CGI is a result of a cohesive

ZTVI, 3D animated gifs, logos, brand

visualisation process. Through this we

ribbons, visual effects, Drone filming, in

help developers, architects & brand

house green screen.

specialists around the world, to tell their story, using photorealistic computer

We have a large render farm of 560

generated imagery.

cores, with 1.2 terabytes of RAM. We adopt an in-house culture, inviting

This in turn supports their brand and

clients to use our remote desktop access

marketing cycle to win or market:

to feedback.

planning, designs, developments, brands, and maximise off plan revenue.

Tel: 01483 422788 Visit our website: Linked In: Twitter: Vimeo:

Bustling night life on its doorstep; Ham Yard Hotel still offers a peaceful night’s sleep with

Selectaglaze Situated in one of the most vibrant areas of London, lies the stunning Ham Yard Hotel. Centred around a pedestrian thoroughfare joining Great Windmill Street and Denman Street, Ham Yard Hotel has everything guests could wish for on its doorstep, from an eclectic nightlife of buzzing bars and restaurants to quirky shops and quaint cafes. Built on a plot that has been vacant for years, the site has had a creative past.

corner of the hotel on Great Windmill

As testament to the detailed planning

During the 1920’s Ham Yard was home

Street still had trouble with external

throughout the design and build phases,

to the Hambone Club for writers and

noise levels. Firmdale Hotels approached

their efforts were rewarded with the

musicians. During the 1940’s it then

Selectaglaze to create a solution with

Hotel gaining a BREEAM Excellent

became a Jazz club for London musicians

their bespoke secondary glazing systems.


called Club Eleven. Unfortunately during

The introduction of secondary glazing is

the Second World War, the site saw

one of the most effective solutions for

Established in 1966 and Royal Warrant

severe damage through bombings and

combating outside noise, and a reduction

holders since 2004 Selectaglaze is

the area was never revitalized.

of 45dB is achievable when there is a gap

the leading specialist in the design,

of at least 100mm.

manufacture and installation of

Permission was finally granted for

secondary glazing. Working closely with

Firmdale hotels to redevelop the area.

Three different unit styles were used

clients on all building types, the best

They went on to create 91 individually

with acoustic laminated glass, which

products are selected to ensure the

designed hotel bedrooms and 24

absorbs the outside noise levels, to assist

project is warmer, quieter and safer.

apartments, along with a 1950’s style

in making a more peaceful environment –

bowling alley, theatre and restaurant.

as well as a good night sleep.

For further information contact: T: 01727 83727,

However, building a hotel in the centre of such lively night life does come with its

A total of 37 openings were treated with



the secondary glazing being finished in


a dark grey colour to match the existing Although new double glazed windows

primary windows, making them as

were installed throughout the hotel, the

inconspicuous as possible.

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturer and Supplier of Secondary Glazing Selectaglaze Ltd. St Albans

Secondary Glazing Specialists


• • •

Reduces draughts Improves thermal insulation Achieving U-values of around 1.9


• •

Helps to create a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep Reduces noise pollution typically by 45dB

Established in 1966 and Royal Warrant holders since 2004, Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing. Working closely with clients on all building types, the best products are selected to make the project:

Warmer, Quieter, Safer



T: 01727 837271 E:


• • • •

Intruder resistance Blast mitigation Ballistic protection Fire resistance

NEW Elise Wood & Multi-fuel Fires

Firing imaginations for over 30 years...

Over 30 years of British design and engineering have gone into creating the UK’s most comprehensive range of high quality woodburning, solid-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces.


House of Tai Ping


Our Values

Our Platform

House of Tai Ping extends our cultural

Our diverse range of proficiencies, wide breadth of service

legacy into the present, continuing an

offerings and vertically integrated production capacity enable

exceptional tradition of craft and dedication

House of Tai Ping to effectively manage the unique demands

to innovation in every facet of carpet design

of virtually any type of project.

and manufacturing. This spirit of excellence is evident in each of our products and every aspect of our clients’ experience.

Our Expertise The techniques we utilize cover the entire spectrum of carpet

Our foundational values of craft, respect,

manufacturing, from premium to economical, including hand

preservation and collaboration are further

tufting, pass tufting, hand knotting and weaving, machine

expressed by our substantial investment in

tufting, robot tufting, Axminster and Wilton.

environmentally sustainable practices and in our commitment to positive workforce development at the heart of our corporate planning.

From carding to spinning and dyeing to finishing, our fully integrated manufacturing process guarantees full control over the entire production process to ensure unrivaled quality.


Our Services Our expert design and sales teams closely oversee the entire process of creation, advising our clients at every step from conception to installation, in order to ensure an efficient, satisfying collaboration and the most successful end product. Our Projects The brilliant handiwork of our skilled designers and artisans proudly graces the floors of many of the world’s most prestigious spaces, including palaces, embassies, historical monuments, exceptional residences, luxury shops, private jets and yachts. Additionally, our wide range of integrated manufacturing devices and processes extends our production capacity to meet the scale and needs of the hospitality industry, casinos, convention centers, performance halls, airports, office spaces, airplanes and cruise liners. Our Collections Each of our collections blends the iconic legacy of its particular brand with contemporary sophistication by re-envisioning a celebrated archive through the prism of today’s most creatively talented designers such like Christian Gion, Arik Levy, Kenzo Takada, Miguel Chevalier, André Fu, Han Feng, Khalid Shafar and JeanCharles de Castelbajac. The resulting collaborations are as divergent and inspired as the creative spirit itself, yet all bear the unmistakable stamp of their respective brand heritages.

House of Tai Ping Showroom | 406-407 Design Centre East Chelsea Harbour London SW10 0XF Tel: +44 (0)207 808 9650 | Email: | Website:

What is SketchUp? SketchUp Pro is like a pencil with superpowers. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like. More advanced? Start modelling from CAD and terrain data, photographs or even hand sketches.

New to SketchUp 2015 New tools • SketchUp 2015 features an official Rotated Rectangle tool, so you can now draw precise rectangles unbound by default axes. • With our new 3-point Arc tool -- there are now four different ways to draw arc’ed edges. • We’ve overhauled LayOut’s Label tool. You can now conveniently place and align beautiful, two-segmented leader labels.

Performance • We’ve sharpened “Face-Finder,” the code SketchUp uses to create faces while you’re modelling. • SketchUp is now self-aware of styles that help your model render faster.

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2015 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features. Even better, 2015 Pro licenses can be used on a Mac or a PC.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750



Discover The Raw Beauty Of Natural Stone In

Interior Design When we send out our complimentary tile samples, each one has been sealed to show you what the stone will look like when you use the correct natural stone sealing and maintenance products. If you have ordered two of the same samples you will see variations in them and it’s important that you understand

One of the most endearing aspects of

that these are to be used as a guideline

It is worth talking to your interior

natural stone is that each and every tile

rather than a guarantee of the colour

designer, architect or indeed our in-

is ever so slightly different. Although

ranges – the photos on our website are

house consultants about the look you

tiles can be cut from the same block

a great source for looking further at the

want to achieve and where you are laying

of stone; like a tree the patterns and


the stone so that they can advise you on

deposits within each of the layers will

the best finish for your requirements; as

vary and it is this uniqueness that adds

a general rule, we will always offer you

to the beauty of working with natural

practical advice about what finishes work


best for certain project areas.

At mrs stone store we love natural

A professional’s advice

stone and our years of experience mean that we are well placed to advise

If your heart is set on using natural stone

homeowners and interior designers on

and bringing its beauty into your project,

how to maximise the beauty of natural

then our team of experienced stone

stone in their design projects. So what

consultants will be delighted to help you. If you want to visit us in person we are

are the key points to remember when considering using natural stone? Samples are just a snapshot…

Brazilian black slate for example can vary

based in the heart of Derbyshire and

from deep charcoal shades through to

our showroom has an array of beautiful

mid grey and sometimes have a clouding

stone tiles to choose from. This allows

effect across the tile surface. Some

you to get up close to the natural stone

As stone tiles are unique, no two pieces

pieces of stone may have a significant

you like, feel it, and see the texture and

will be the same. This does add to their

colour change, texture, patterns and

colour variations and just how individual

charm, but is also important to bear this

dimensions. Variances, whether they be

each piece can be. Alternatively, you

in mind when planning the placement

dimensions, colour, pattern or texture

can visit our website and order your

of individual tiles for fixing, and if you

are inherent in any natural stone and

complimentary samples and begin

are planning on matching to an existing

are what makes it such an individualistic

planning your project.

colour scheme.

material to work with.

A unique beauty… Stone flooring looks stunning and is incredibly versatile in terms of the look and style that can be achieved. There are a few different types of surface finish available with natural stone, for example, Moleanos Limestone is available in brushed, polished and honed options, so depending on what ‘style’ you wish to create, there is a finish to suit.


Panneau De Vitrail Rétro-Éclairé Creation of furniture and decorative objects are now an integral part of Atelier SIMON MARQ. Their collaborations with artists and designers bring exceptional and traditional savoir faire to contemporary creations.

As a result of the collaboration with painter and artist, Françous Rouan, this backlit stained glass panel is an illustration of the many possibilities this technique offers. With a light source integrated into the metal frame, the stained glass is liberated from the constraint of light, transforming it into an integral decorative piece. The dimensions of the frame and stained glass, patterns and colours of the composition, intensity of the light and backlit stained glass panel all give free rein to the imagination and desires. The Atelier SIMON MARQ is delighted to take on any request, offering its master glassmaker’s expertise to create custom-made decorative pieces for clients. |


LEVATO MONO porcelain paver system The Levato Mono porcelain paver system is the pinnacle of external raised flooring technology; enabling the specification of lightweight, slip resistant and attractive raised flooring solutions, combining incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics; making them the ideal choice for commercial and domestic use alike.

• 20mm porcelain pavers 40x80 45x90 60x60 75x75 30x120 40x120 60x120 • ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes • Eternal product - zero maintenance required – offering massive over-life savings • Highly abrasion and stain resistant • Highly slip resistant ; R11 and achieved up to +65 wet in the BS pendulum test • Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 • High load bearing and impact resistance • Timber & stone effects ; 40+ finishes available • Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial & residential use • Completely non porous • Fire & frost proof

t: 0845 2700 696 e:

• Height-adjustable support from 9mm up to 550mm


Introduce Warm And Sophisticated Muted Tones With

Reed Harris’ Firenze Range

With their timeless, elegant styling, the

Firenze Bianco, help to bring light and

per sq m or £70.46 per box, which covers

striking, hexagonal-shaped Firenze tiles

space into a room. For a more dramatic

1.189 sq m. Two décor tiles, Firenze Deco

from leading

effect, the bolder, black Firenze Nero

Grey and Firenze Deco Beige, are also

tiles create a slate-effect while the

available and feature a striking diamond

specialist Reed Harris provide the

tan-coloured Firenze Cuoio tiles are

pattern. They are priced from £65.85

perfect flooring solution for period

reminiscent of rich leather. Perfect for

per sq m or £78.29 per box, which covers

properties as well as contemporary

contemporary kitchens or living areas,

1.189 sq m.


the Firenze Grigio and Firenze Tobacco

Available in six chic and elegant colourways, the porcelain tiles have a sophisticated matt finish and will add warmth and character to any room within the home. The subtle shades of

tiles look equally at home in sleek

Karen Brimacombe, Reed Harris’

bathrooms or hallways. Colours can be

Business Development Manager, says:

used on their own or mixed with other

“The rich warm tones of our Firenze

shades to create a beautiful individual

range add a touch of sophistication to


any room and look simply stunning in contemporary as well as period style

Firenze Dorato, which injects muted

Firenze tiles measure 250mm by 216mm

golden accents into the living area

by 10mm and are priced from £59.26

pictured above, and soft grey tones of



Contemporary home design brings you the best of German produced products at the most affordable prices. When you know it’s made in Germany you know its quality, German engineering is unbeatable and lasts for a life time. At CHD we have cherry picked our German brands to ensure we provide our customers a high end quality product with a great price. Luxury living doesn’t have to be expensive with CHD, you can still have the extravagance of luxury home interior at a reasonable price. Our huge range of German kitchen brands include:- Schuller, Next125, Ballerina, Beckermann, Rational and Kuhlmann. You will not find any Kitchen studio in UK to have more than two German kitchen

Brands under one roof – this is what makes CHD stand out from the rest. A German kitchen is a kitchen for life, with a warranty provided by the kitchen manufacturer you have will have nothing to worry about. We are all different, and live in different ways, we have different tastes, ways of life, our personalities, our family, work, our friends… Therefore, each person, each couple and each family needs their own space, their own kitchen. Each of our projects is therefore different, for people with their own perspectives and specific requirements. That is the reason why, instead of showing you collections from which to choose from, we show you an endless number of design and technical solutions to inspire

you to create your own space, your own kitchen. CHD also offers exclusive bespoke made furniture for bedrooms and living rooms; part of the bedroom and living room range we have our Italian designer brand SMA Mobili. SMA Mobili is a leader in the furniture industry that uses the most advanced technology and qualified Italian and foreign designers. Why not visit our website or follow us on social media @chd_uk on Instagram for the latest news and updates on Contemporary home design.


Tel: 020 8472 1144 Email: Website:


T: F: E: W:


Solid Hardwood


Distressed Oak


Bespoke finishing

01462 486586 01462 486584

33 Jubilee Trade Centre, Jubilee Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 1SP


The LATICRETE® range of products offers globally proven solutions for the installation of tile and stone for the widest possible range of building structures and environments. For over 50 years LATICRETE® technology has been the reliable asset and trusted partner for architects, engineers and contractors in over 80 countries around the globe. From underlayments, waterproofing, sound & crack isolation, adhesives and grouts LATICRETE® are capable of meeting all technical challenges. Our warranties and system guarantees along with worldwide technical support have ensured the success of LATICRETE® as key project partner. For technical advice contact Carrie Reichardt, London based Mosaic Artist – London Taxi using Latapoxy 300 and SpectraLOCK | 0151 486 6101


UMG Co. Ltd, First Stage House, Brimington Road North, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 9BE

T: 01246 208789 F: 01246 208791

E: W:

Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:


Ministry of Design Loke Thye Kee Residences Loke Thye Kee Residences is situated in the heart of Georgetown Penang, one of 5 Malaysian UNESCO world sites rich in heritage. MOD’s design draws inspiration from this heritage and specifically the historic Loke Thye Kee restaurant, its 100-year-old namesake and neighbor. Both the restaurant and the residences re developed by the same owner, 1919 Global Sdn Bhd.

63 Harking back to the romance of the

The rough texture of the original brick

For 80 years, Loke Thye Kee, which in

early 1900’s, Loke Thye Kee Residences

walls are visually enlivened by hidden

Hainanese means ‘House of Happiness’,

recalls the spirit of a bygone era but

LED cove lighting and the typically

was the choice venue for birthday

adds its own contemporary twist to

enclosed vanity and wardrobe spaces are

dinners and wedding parties. True to its

modernize the living experience. Colin

celebrated as transparent glass boxes

name, it was also the venue for many

Seah, Founder-Director explains: “I was

which seamlessly extend into the rest

match-making arrangements, where

very inspired by the romance of

of the room. Floor rugs, cushion

Penang in the 1900s, the

fabrics and furniture

mood and design of

pieces were chosen to

that bygone era

reflect the central

was beguiling.

theme of adding

We wanted to

a contemporary

young potential brides-to-be would catch a first glimpse of their suitors. These not- so-subtle arrangements would be sealed with a furtive glance and a sip of tea in a certain pre-arranged drinking style. Hence Loke Thye Kee is also

recall a similar

twist to the

affectionately known as the Love Boat,

charm in our


which also refers to its architecture.

MOD also

Local businessman and philanthropist

designed all

Khoo Sian Ewe was the original owner

design for the LTK Residences, but with an added

the branding and

contemporary twist

in-room collateral

that would modernise

in order to provide a

the experience and make

holistic experience, ranging

it relevant for living today.”

of the Loke Thye Keebuilding. Khoo was the richest land owner in Penang in the early 1900’s and also the landlord and friend of the Loy family. So when they

from a quirky pillow menu, to a food

needed a new home for their restaurant,

Set in 5 pre-war shophouses

map navigating the area’s street food,

he built and rented to them the iconic

characteristic of Georgetown, Loke

the room service menu, TV menu etc.

ship-inspired building that remained its

Thye Kee Residences complements the

The artwork was specially

Loke Thye Kee restaurant by providing

commissioned for the

5 suites for both long and short-term

project and it reflects

guests. Designed amidst the footprint of

the spirit of historic

the traditional shophouse courtyard and

Penang framed in

alleyway, each of the 5 suites is preluded

a modern way.

home until 1996. 1919 Global purchased both the Loke Thye Kee restaurant, and a series of 5 shophouses

by a lush garden forecourt and an intimate private balcony. The suites are

The name

furnished with soaring pitch roofs and

Loke Thye Kee

convert those

all suites are well appointed with living

originated from

shophouses into

areas and full facility pantry spaces.

a purpose built restaurant building

next to it, to

Loke Thye Kee Residences.

The traditional meets the contemporary

during 1919 inGeorge

on several levels, from the materiality to

Town, Penang. Founded

the spatial experience. Traditional timber

by brothers Loy Kok Boon

hardwood floors are contrasted with

and Loy Kok Dai, the restaurant served

Photographs: CI&A Photography

customized contemporary fixtures that

traditional Hainanese Chinese and

are designed to appear as if levitating.

Western Cuisine.


The January Furniture Show 2016 The Biggest Furniture Event Of The Year Offering the best in furniture and furnishings, the January Furniture Show has all the ingredients to be another knock out event. With a fantastic line-up of old and new great names, showcasing everything from cabinet furniture to upholstery and beds, plus the introduction of more feature areas in accessories, lighting, flooring and fabrics, the January Furniture Show is the Must Attend furniture event of the year. The unrivalled exhibitor list of over 450 major names attracts retailers, interior designers, contract buyers, architects and developers to the fourday show at NEC in Birmingham (24-27 January) – an ideal venue for the furniture industry’s annual showcase event.

This year visitors will have an all-new experience at the show, thanks to the new onsite £150 million leisure and entertainment destination – Resorts World – which plays host to major retailers, 18 bars and restaurants, an 11-screen Cineworld and the four star Genting Hotel and International Casino. Significant investment has also been made to Birmingham New Street station with the new concourse three and a half times bigger, providing more space for the 170,000 passengers who use the station every day. The transformation also includes a glass atrium roof and a flagship John Lewis. Nearly all of the exhibitors from the UK and abroad will be launching their new designs and collections for 2016 show. Buyers will get an opportunity to see the latest products available in gifts, accessories and home furnishings from the biggest names in the industry.

Here’s a lowdown on what you can find in each hall.

show, showcasing a range of innovative Malaysian furniture designs from occasional and living room furniture

Hall 1

right through to bedroom and dining

Featuring high-end upholstery and

collections. AMPR, the Romanian trade

cabinet furniture, with brands including

association, has also taken two large

Duresta, Parker Knoll, Ercol, Baker,

stands, both in hall 2.

Mark Webster Designs, Westbridge and G Plan Upholstery, this hall will be filled with a mix of sofas to sink into or chairs that make a statement. The current upholstery trend is for muted and wild florals or a mix of woven fabrics with aged or ultra-smooth leathers. For cabinet the mood stretches from reclaimed woods with modern matt

The flooring showcase - new for 2016 - brings together some of the best companies in the current UK flooring industry – Axminster, Cavalier Carpets, Edel Telenzo, Think Rugs and Associated Weavers to name just a few.

Hall 4 Head to Hall 4 to see some of the best imported and international furniture on the market. German cabinet giants, Rauch, Nolte and Weimann all have large stands and well established importers of strong selling upholstery and cabinet furniture, TCS, Kettle and Heartlands are all bringing their new collections for 2016.

Hall 5 This is the hall for beds and upholstery. Beds and mattresses of every kind -

Hall 3

foam, sprung, memory, motion, ottoman – will be showcased by major bed brands

finishes to silky smooth marble and

This is the all action hall for gifts,


Vogue, Breasley, Serene and Sweet

accessories and home furnishings of

Dreams. New exhibitors Highgate Beds,

every kind. The list of exhibitors is a

Kaydian and Bodyease are welcome

Who’s Who in giftwares - Gallery Direct,

additions bringing fresh designs ranging

Soft and colourful Italian leather will

Libra, Culinary Concepts, Stone the

from snuggly TV beds to practical

be prominent in this hall, along with a

Crows, PD Global, Lovelane, Mindy

storage beds.

flooring showcase featuring some of

Brownes, Hill Interiors, Camelot, Dar

the best known names in innovative and

Lighting, Febland, Lifestyle Arts & Crafts,

Upholstery experts Buoyant, Ultra,

practical floor coverings, from rugs to

Pharmore, Makasi Imports, Artko and

Lebus, Furnico, Sherborne and Celebrity

carpets, wood and modern linos.

the list goes on.

have large stands in Hall 5 as do the

Italian leather sofa giants Italia Living,

Don’t miss the latest trends in art from

of the UKs biggest makers of bedroom

Contempo and Marinelli are all bringing

Complete Colour, Marshall Arts and

furniture, Kingstown.

fresh new designs for 2016. Skovby

Spires Art, as well as the new lighting

from Denmark is bringing its uniquely

Showcase with Dar Lighting and CIMC

engineered dining collections and other

showing everything from desk lamps to

Furniture Show, recently named 2015

well-known European brands FAMA

hotel lobby style chandelier installations.

Best New Show by readers of Interiors

from Portugal and ROM from Belgium

There will be lamps and lights featuring

Monthly, is open and visitors can now

will be displaying their latest designs.

metal, glass and leather, with looks

The Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)

ranging from the distressed industrial to

will be bringing 14 companies to the

high-end crystal table lamps that sparkle.

Hall 2

highly contemporary Exclusive and one

Online registration for the January

secure their free badge by visiting:


Switch or Dim Bathroom Lights Switch or Dim

by simply touching a tile! Bathroom LightS by simply touching a tile

The Bathroom Switch & The Bathroom Switch and Bathroom Dimmer Switch from SenSorBiLity Bathroom Dimmer Switch  

Tel: 01548 511498

 



the completely concealed hinge system 〉 high load values up to 300 kg 〉 maintenance-free slide bearing technology 〉 three-dimensional adjustability 〉 opening angle 180° 〉 wide variety of finishes Visit us at

23rd-26th November 2015 Stand: Zabeel P116

SIMONSWERK UK LTD. Burcot Works, Tipton West Midlands, UK Tel: +44 121 522 2848 Fax: +44 121 557 7042 HalfPageAdvert-190x128 27/2/15


Page 1

SIMONSWERK_Tectus 180x132.indd 1

20/10/2015 11:26


High quality branded hardware for windows and doors - We’ve got it!

Phone | 01234 242724 Online |


« In pizza we trust »...



A mantra as a slogan, publicised on the façade of the former Pub St Germain, announces the cosmopolitan spirit of this contemporary brasserie signed Laura Gonzalez. The 900 square-metre space which covers three floors, solemnly renamed Margherita, has successfully been converted by the interior designer, hand-in-hand with Thierry Bourdoncle, the owner, into a cosy, multi-facetted and friendly restaurant. The renovation was considerable, fed by the international travel and culture of the pair. For this project, Laura Gonzalez took an interest

wood coffee table and velvet sofas –, one

state. «We simply respected the identity

in the smallest details, from the choice

dining room for 8 people and a games

of the place», explains the interior

of menu, the tableware picked up at

area with blackboard, it gives young

architect. Now, the wooden and rough

garage sales and on Ebay, and the name

parents who enjoy brunches and dinners

concrete floors of this former stationery

of the establishment, through to making

with their friends a real alternative. The

shop respond to walls covered in noble

antipasti jars and bespoke furniture.

warmth is emphasised by the choice

materials by exceptional craftsmen:

of wall coverings – panelling, bricks

18th-century bricks, panelling, varnished

A modern-day trattoria consisting of a

and Ressource roman plaster –, which

wood cladding, old patinas, etc. The

succession of spaces where everyone,

accentuate the room’s cosy atmosphere

decoration features the recipe which

regardless of the time, company or

and the «home sweet home» decoration:

has made Laura Gonzalez so successful:

occasion, can come together to meet.

children’s drawings framed on the

a mix & match of antique and bespoke

The ground floor opens onto a large bar

walls, figurines of super heroes sensibly

furniture, enhanced by a few exceptional

made of wood with dining tables and,

lined up, kilims on the floor, Caravane

items, notably the Ochre and BTC lamps,

on a lower level, a more casual dining

mirrors with multi-coloured braids and

not forgetting the essential touch of

hall flanked with a pizza bar with a view

Scoubidou lamps picked up from Ventilo.

greenery designed by Arôm Paris.

onto the little terrace in the Cour du Commerce. On the first floor, where the

Lastly, Laura Gonzalez has created two

cosier atmosphere features more wood,

retreat areas on the ground floor and

Laura has installed a second cocktail bar

first floor: a wooden alcove with a large

and a pizza counter.

marble table and kilim benches, and a private dining room in Little Italy style

Another flight of steps and the signage,

with brick walls, a high table, leather

created in collaboration with The Office

stools and an olive oil library.

agency, displays: KIDS’ Kingdom. «I think this is my favourite space...» states the

At Margherita, warmth is expressed in

young mum. Designed as a living area

the cuisine and the decoration. Removed

with two lounges – industrial coffee

of its artifices, the once intimidating

table and club armchairs versus solid

area has been restored to its natural


Filled with light wicker work chairs and weather beaten table tops, Coffee Ground is a hip take on a very botanical aesthetic. It is not surprising that this café was crowned the winner of “Best Restaurant or Bar in Another Space” at this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards at London’s Truman Brewery. Given that it is in the heart of a garden centre, it certainly draws on various elements found around it, such as its aged patinas, along with the fresh feel of raw planed timber and wicker weave. Hospitality furniture supplier UHS Group contributed a substantial amount of their furniture range to this project. For example, the bench seats located against the wall at the far end of the café have cushions with a concealed zip and popper fixings. You will also be able to notice the Boston table tops throughout the café. Attached to them is a small round domed table base. The table tops were manufactured from planks of various widths and stained in a light grey. This creates such a botanical feeling throughout the café, which associates well with the garden centre. If you want to have your tea and cake in a greenhouse away from your greenhouse, then Coffee Ground will pluck that chord in your heart.

Can you bend it any more? MOKO interior can! MOKO interior’s Volga Corner is like a "bridge over troubled water", arching over and hiding the sharp wall edge, flowing continuously on the surface. Volga Corner was introduced first time in 2014 at the 100% Design fair in London and has become a special part of the MOKO portfolio. It is a one of the kind corner piece never done before. The custom made wood veneer allows the designer and manufacturer to experiment and create new unconventional surfaces. MOKO interior strongly believes that with only original ideas and unparalleled shapes can the true value and captivating attributes of its panels be built. Email: Tel: +36 1 633 3680 Web:

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Wetrooms made easy


MX extends shower products range

With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today!

MX Group, the leading UK shower tray manufacturers, have extended their ranges of shower products including an extension to both their thermostatic and electric shower ranges, their accessories ranges – especially their handsets and cables - and added a range of taps and mixers and a new range of electric water heaters to their already extensive portfolio of showers and shower related products. In addition the company has launched its brand new catalogue – The MX Collection - an impressive brochure that is a must for anyone working in the specification or installation business. The catalogue covers every facet of the company’s product range through thermostatic mixer valves, electric showers, shower trays, shower enclosures and bath screens, shower accessories and brassware. As well as providing visual references for each product the catalogue includes technical information and dimensions for each product making selection and specification simple and straightforward. 01629 815500

Take a look at the impressive web site at or call 01684 293311 for more information or to order your copy of the new catalogue.

01865 326009


OKB_DBB_0715_L.indd 1

1st Floor, 1b Besselsleigh Road, Wootton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6DN

12/07/2015 17:37

Over 400 exhibitors, 5 major halls Featuring collections from the very best of British and international designers and manufacturers.

Now with 50% more furnishing accessories exhibitors Plus a dazzling Lighting Showcase, sumptuous Fabric Pavilion and, new for 2016, a Flooring Showcase featuring the UK’s leading brands.

Register now for the most complete show of the year

Newcombe Design Group’s Approach To Retirement Living Honoured With ARIDO Award

Newcombe Design Associates The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) has honoured Toronto’s Newcombe Design Associates with an Award of Merit for the 12,500 m2, stand-alone, owner-operated, retirement residence, The Williamsburg Uptown, completed in May 2014 in Burlington, Ontario. By developing 94 independent living suites and 23 assisted living suites, the owners sought to provide a much-

would elevate the residents’ quality of life and contribute to a strong sense of community. Judy Newcombe, Principal, says that, in addition to being recognized by ARIDO, two key operational statistics demonstrate the success of her firm’s approach: 1) Where the standard expectation is fill up within 2 years, The Williamsburg was 70% full after only 9 months, and,

needed option for an aging population,

2) There are higher than expected

in a facility that would go beyond the

numbers of couples and younger move-

typical household model to establish a

ins, both of which have positive bottom

new standard of excellence in the market.

line impact in both the short and long

Newcombe Design Associates’ goal was to


ensure that every aspect of the interiors

73 “Our attention to detail was vitally

Another Newcombe goal was to

important in bringing the owners’

overcome what is often a stumbling

vision to life, creating the hospitality,

block for seniors who have left their old

warmth, and upscale comfort that they

neighbourhood for an unfamiliar way

hoped to provide their residents,” said

of living: a tendency towards isolation.

Newcombe,“For example, one of the

Their planning and design established

key objectives was to foster residents’

an in-building neighbourhood, with

independence and sense of control

easy to maneuver, simple to understand

over their own lives. The owner knew

navigation encouraging and facilitating

that offering a variety of venues where

social interaction. In fact, Williamsburg

residents can dine at their leisure would

has proven to be a genuine and fast-

contribute to such feelings. We knew that

growing community, with the residents

by creating a variety of dining styles with

actively enjoying every amenity.

the range of seating options not typically used in retirement residences, but in highend resorts or hotels, we could enhance them further.”

Our attention to detail was vitally important in bringing the owners’ vision to life, creating the hospitality, warmth, and upscale comfort that they hoped to provide their residents

About Newcombe Design Associates One of Canada’s leaders in healthcare design, for nearly 25 years Newcombe Design Associates - Name of project: The Williamsburg Uptown, Seniors Living - Location: Burlington, Ontario - Client: Sean Hourigan and Kelly Hourigan

has provided a full range of interior design for specialized environments. The firm is known for expertise in meeting the complex needs of people with perceptual, cognitive and mobility

- Architects: Michael Spaziani Architect Inc

challenges, as well as in-depth knowledge of the

- Designers: Newcombe Design Associates

wide range of products that meet the specialized

- Engineers: EXP

needs of healthcare facilities.

- Contractors: Percon Construction - Lighting design: E-Lumen International

Whether developing or renovating long term

- Area of project: 12,542 square metres

or acute care hospital, mental health centres,

- Project end date: May, 2014

clinical practices and laboratories, retirement

- Photographer: David Whittaker

homes or seniors housing, Newcombe’s clients benefit from the firm’s ability to work with

For more information

multiple stakeholders to create highly functional and supportive environments.

American Caravans Direct Fantastic high spec units For Hospitality - Living - Touring over 100 units from stock

Full UK specifications From ÂŁ15999 to ÂŁ29999 Call Free On 0333 3701578


jeremycole The award-winning artisan was immersed in the world of design at a young age. His earliest memories were watching his mother work in her interior design showroom in Wellington. This family business lent him a more active role through the years, until his departure for Great Britain in 1999. In 2004, a visit to London’s Tate Modern carved his course. Cole had glanced through a book, seen the image of a near translucent ceramic vessel and was instantly inspired to explore the relationship between ceramics and light. The next day, he set out to understand and work with Bone china. Two months later he produced his first piece, the now iconic Aloe Blossom – and was invited to exhibit in Frankfurt. Predominantly selftaught, Cole has been courted by design companies such as Royal Copenhagen and Swarovski, but chose the path of the artisan. His philosophy rests on three points: Beauty, Elegance and Craftsmanship. Control over quality and production led to a ceramic studio in London. Creative triumphs off set ‘mad’ experimentation, and recognition of his brilliance grew worldwide. In 2008, a growing demand saw his studio move to the homeland of the ceramic industry, ‘The Potteries’ or Stoke on Trent and since then he has moved back to his homeland, New Zealand.

Today, his flora-inspired collections are appreciated the world over. Not only admired for their contemporary style and timeless beauty, but also for the care and skill each handmade piece entails. Embracing traditional methods of production with his own modern flair, Cole is proud to employ some of the world’s most skilled ceramicists. Recognised by the London Chamber of Commerce as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, Cole’s work has been displayed in museums and is included in prestigious interiors and architectural projects internationally. Fashion and jewellery houses, such as Bulgari, Harry Winston and Franck Muller, also seek out his unique light-forms. Jeremy Cole’s singular style is an expression of his homeland, New Zealand, and its distinctive and stunning flora. Light is gently captured in the glowing ceramic plant forms. What are also captured - and most evident - are exquisite craftsmanship, elegance and beauty.

Pieces from his collections include the dramatic “White Flax”, consisting of 350 handcrafted ceramic leaves, specifically arranged for even light distribution that pushes the limits of its medium and craftsmanship and the beautiful “Cymbidium Chandelier” made from eight up lit porcelain cymbidium stems. Most recently, he has added to the Cymbidium collection with two stunning creations; the “Cymbidium floor lamp” and the “Cymbidium Ming Vase”, and has introduced the “Chrysalis” collection, a simple and elegant porcelain core symbolic of the cocoon of a Butterfly.


See more of the great outdoors...

Our top quality windows and stunning bi-fold or sliding doors will enhance your extension, renovation or self-build beautifully, giving a clear view of your outside space. Our experienced team offers free advice and a quotation so you can confidently choose the best. Nationwide delivery. Visit or call Toby Golding/Antony Jackson on 01284 764045.

Livingwood Windows’ new 4000 sq. ft. stateof-the-art factory is fully equipped with the latest Elumatec CNC machinery to create aluminium sliding doors and windows from the industry-respected Reynaers at Home. Director Toby Golding is seeing an increasing demand for doors and windows which make the most of views and weather conditions: “People think sliding and bi-fold doors are just for summer but they take on a new appeal in the colder months.” They are much warmer than you might think. The Hi-finity Door can be supplied with double or triple glazing offering superb warmth, resistance to severe weather conditions and high security, achieving overall u values as low as 1.0Wm²K. So whilst it is easy to assume that a view of snow, autumnal winds and blustery nights means a colder room, the reality is much different. “Being cosy by the fire watching the autumn and winter seasons envelope your home is extraordinary,” concludes Toby. Livingwood Windows Limited has a sister brand, Aluminium Sliding Doors & Windows; both brands offer aluminium and wooden doors (entrance, bi-fold, French and sliding) and windows (flush casement, tilt and turn, sliding sash and sliding). During the last nine years, the company has supplied windows and doors all over the UK.


Joy de Rohan Chabot While Joy de Rohan Chabot’s little

gardens, which thus naturally became a

Today her work is internationally

classmates were starting to write their

recurrent theme in her collections.

renowned. In 2008, the Musée

first phrases, her artistic nature began

Jacquemart-André paid tribute to her

to appear. Indeed, drawing and the

An exceptional and multidisciplinary

and, a year later, on the occasion of the

imagination took a far greater place for

artist, she lets her talent find expression

official Year of France in Brazil, Joy de

Joy than did writing, which was a real

using a very wide range of materials

Rohan Chabot was the guest artist of

nightmare for her, due to her suffering

including iron, wood, glass and aluminum.

Jorge Elias, who exhibited a large number

from a certain form of dyslexia. To

She carves wood, polishes glass, cuts

of her works in his Gallery in the heart of

compensate for this problem, drawing

metal, applies lacquer, paints sheet

São Paulo.

very quickly emerged as her means of

metal, gilds using gold leaf etc. Her hands


and skillful brushes give birth to original

Today, Joy de Rohan Chabot is embarking

and dream-like pieces, which invite us

on creating sculptures in cast iron

When only just 17 years of age, Joy de

to discover the highly personal universe

aluminum that will be on display

Rohan Chabot was admitted to the École

that distinguishes her.

from November 2012 at the ‘Galerie

des Arts Décoratifs (renowned French

Matignon’. Joy’s previous exhibition,

grand école of art and design) with the

Through her work, the artist’s intention

Lucioles, also held at the Galerie

ambition of making her passion into her

is to show how simple materials can gain

Matignon and which finished earlier this


a sophisticated, decorative and timeless

year, was met with great success.

identity. Joy has green fingers, in fact, if it had

In light of their passion for Joy’s work,

not been for painting she would have

Joy de Rohan Chabot is a consummate

the Galerie Matignon equally presented

liked to become a gardener. Moreover,

artist, who forms her vision of her works

her work during Art Paris Art Fair at

nature became her principal inspiration.

and does not relinquish until the final

the Grand Palais in Paris from the 29th

She describes her work as poeticising

stroke of the brush or chisel. She is

March to the 1st April 2012.

reality. From her earliest childhood Joy

equally at ease with both technical and

de Rohan Chabot dreamed of imaginary

decorative work.


We are passionate about producing unique neon products. We make high quality neon signs and lights and statement lighting for interior space. We design and manufacture in-house, and work with a varied and wide range of clients.

01204 655866 |

Specialists in Natural Stone

Let your take imagination flight.. Bespoke precast concrete staircases handcrafted to your specification, let Kallisto bring your creation to life.

Kallisto Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne, Colchester Essex CO6 2NS 01787 220 564 I I Kallisto a division of Milbank Concrete Products

6567 Quarter Page Generic Kallisto.indd 1

22/10/2015 14:21

Stock available today  Outstanding quality  Unrivalled range  Interior tiles for walls and floors  NEW range of Porcelain and Ceramics  Exterior paving Contracts Division: Fabrication and installation  Worktops and vanity units  Steps and staircases  Fireplaces and hearths  Architectural masonry  A wide variety of bespoke products 

Get in touch today and let us bring your project to life W| E | T | 01606 841000


Apartment Rez-Of-Garden In Rabieh Interior Architecture Trompe L’Oeil to Feast Your Eyes On


Roland Helou Design (ROHD) is behind an interior design marvel whose intriguing design will delightfully bemuse even the most philistine eye. Having the visual appeal and sophistication of a villa, this ground floor garden flat is an eye-catching trompe l’oeil that draws from interior architecture master tricks that command—besides the inevitable amazement—scrutiny.


Designed by ROHD, the Beirut-

through clever execution of

based interior architecture and

curtain glass and a terrace serving

multidisciplinary design studio

dual usage: annexed living space

that rests on the aesthetic

in winter and an extension of the

sensibility and design expertise

garden in summer.

of University of the Arts London master graduate Roland Helou,

Luxurious flourishes abound,

the flat is anything but: there is

such as the Onyx marble and

no dull corner here or any detail

black lacquered wood lit bar that

left to whims or spontaneity.

protrudes to the outdoor area,

Everything is thought-out—even

serving as an organic connection

the silent spaces are studied.

along with the large curtain glass doors. Another impressive piece is

Conceived for a professional

the black basalt built-in chimney

young couple, the garden flat

of the main living room. Made

stretches over 300 m2 of ground

of volcanic stones, it radiates a

floor of a building located in

distinctive blend of elegance and

Rabieh, Beirut’s most affluent

dominance, like that of the central

suburb, nested on a hill side to the

jewel of a crown, and dialogues its

north of the city.

equally impressive roommates, a Kelly Hoppen Dining table, a

Seamlessly blending with a quaint

Natuzzi Sofa, and RHOD custom-

outside garden, the flat appears

made central tables.

like a villa. This result is achieved

In a high-end space like this one, distinctiveness is not exclusive to any one room. Even the guest bathroom, with mirror cladded ceiling and Tala Maron Marble, is worth lengthily dwelling over—and in. Not to be outshined, the master bedroom has an Ivano Redaelli bed, placed in its center, facing the outdoor Jacuzzi, and surrounded by hidden American Walnut wooden closets. Photo credit: RUDY BOU CHEBEL

Coffee Ground, Shrewsbury


Specialist Coffee Machines Specialist Coffee Machines From

Introducing the Giga and XJ professional ranges for high performance and innovative design JURA, a significant innovator in luxury Swiss made bean-to-cup technology, offers the ideal coffee solution for busy barista bars, restaurants, bistros and other catering spaces in the form of its specialist coffee machines. With high performance, alongside sleek elegant looks, the machines will make a real impact to any establishment looking to deliver high quality coffee. The GIGA X3/X3c Professional delivers state-of-the-art technology for the perfect coffee wherever top-class performance is called for. The automatic machines provide everything staff need in a large office or staff room, with up to 30 programmable speciality coffees available and intuitive operation and minimal maintenance. With the GIGA X8 Professional, speed is of the essence. The high performance

machine comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare superb coffee within just a few seconds. The 5L water tank and large coffee grounds container also allows for flexible and mobile use. This machine can prepare a range of 29 speciality coffees at the touch of a button and the added design of ceramic grinders ensures even grinding of the coffee beans for optimum aroma every time. The GIGA X9 Professional is the coffee machine ideal for use in all catering spaces. With a sizeable water tank and large coffee grounds container to allow for flexible and mobile use, the machine also incorporates the power of three thermoblocks and three pumps. The top model of this machine is capable of preparing speciality coffee, from ristretto to latte macchiato, as well as being able to produce two coffees at the same time with just the touch of a button.

Jura’s XJ9 Professional is the perfect marriage of form and function. The high end coffee experience is as much about ambience and mood and reflects this through every line and curve. With an immaculate, stylish design and a chrome and silver finish, this commercial machine is as much a triumph of interior design as it is a dispenser of top quality specialist coffees. It can produce an extensive range of boutique coffees to cater to the tastes of even the most ardent coffee aficionados. All Jura machines feature an Aroma Boost function, providing a natural, refreshing energy boost when you need it, as well as a Zero-Energy Switch which allows the machine to use up to 40% less energy, ensuring the JURA coffee experience is more eco-friendly.

# T A K E T H A T T I M E





Swiss technology, design and barista coffee at the touch of a button. Perfect for all, tailored to the individual.



t: 01282 868266 f: 01282 863411 e: w: JURA Products Ltd Vivary Mill Vivary Way Colne Lancashire BB8 9NW

86 Hedley’s; a family-owned boutique logistics company with four decades of experience in packing, transport and specialist installations. Our clients are the world’s top interior designers and we now have a superb portfolio of prestige clients and art collectors worldwide, who enjoy specialist storage facilities, customised crating and white glove service from courteous technicians with discretion and confidentiality. We are delighted to be BIID approved Industry Partners supporting designers with full consolidation services and online inventory, condition reporting, worldwide shipping, climate-controlled storage and bonded warehousing. We offer a comprehensive service, managing interior design projects from start to finish with a dedicated Account Manager handling your project from designer’s initial listing through to completion. Pandora Mather-Lees, Tel:+44 20 8965 8733

The art of refurbishment . Revitalise feature walls, corridors, bedrooms, meeting rooms, bars or restaurants by using Interior Film from David Clouting.


Interior Film is a self-adhesive, decorative film, manufactured by LG Hausys that can be applied to almost any room surface including: wood, metal, plaster board, plastics and melamine. This enables walls, doors, furniture, skirting and architrave to be attractively and quickly transformed with minimum disruption and at low cost. Offering excellent flexibility and adhesion, Interior Film provides the perfect finish, even to curved or complex shapes. It’s easy to clean and maintain and is available in a range of designs and finishes. Interior Film which is now available to view on the BIMSTORE website is CE Certificated so can be specified with confidence.

1 COMPAC –changing the way we think about worksurfaces. Beige Concrete from COMPAC is part of a unique quartz worksurface range inspired by America’s stylish New York loft culture.



Creating a fusion between architecture, design and functionality, the New York Collection will change the way we think about worksurfaces.

Smooth, silky and sensuous to the touch, Beige Concrete features a combination of cream and neutral tones to offer a worksurface which will deliver stunning effects when used with classical or minimalistic kitchen designs - in the home or workplace. The New York Collection from COMPAC is available in seven colours with two unique finishes, Concrete and Glacé. email: As the designer and manufacturer of safety signage and photoluminescent way-guidance, we provide a cost effective range of products from our Redhill plant, near London Gatwick. Our Harwich plant produces a variety of PVC pressed products (Telegan Pressed Products) used by designers and a range of means of escape carriers and colourful sign holders. Good design never compromises on safety and where signs are required our photoluminescent quality signage and our bespoke service may provide the solution. For catalogues or further information, please contact


Not just Harfa floor with Osmo Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, is able to provide customers with a unique looking and aesthetically pleasing wooden floor from ESCO Group as part of their ongoing partnership. As part of ESCO’s flooring collection, Harfa flooring has been designed with a rough-sawn treatment and has been enhanced with cross-wise cuts that are grooved in the surface with great care. Ideal for housing projects, Harfa can be combined with many different styles and colours, providing endless possibilities. As with all ESCO flooring, Harfa is finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, providing optimum protection to the surface, without detracting from its unique appearance.


For more information, visit and


EHC Radiance Electric Heater Videos Following the successful launch of The Radiance Electric Heater range EHC have created a series of informative videos to explain the ease-of-use of the Heaters and Wi-Fi set up. The four innovative videos demonstrate: 1.

Features and Benefits of the Radiance Electric Heater


How to operate the Digital Thermostat


SmartHome Wi-Fi set up guide


How to use the SmartHome APP

For further information please visit our website at and click on “Watch our Movies” or call us on 01698 820533.

Consort Claudgen Panel Convector Heaters The very latest collection of Consort Claudgen’s designer panel convector heaters offer so much more with its clever design features. The white and stainless steel panel heaters now have strengthened grilles to increase durability. The wall mounting system features a new snapon bracket which allows easy installation and mounting on/off for cleaning and decorating. With wireless control option available, this slimline and energy saving range makes a perfect choice for both commercial and domestic use where space saving and efficiency with style are paramount. They are ideal for hotels, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. To request copies of the latest catalogue, email:, tel: 01646 692172 or

Newmor’s reputation for flexibility comes from having its own in-house design and manufacturing facility with access to unrivalled colour, design and textural options. Backed by one of the largest ex-stock collections available means there truly is a wallcovering to suit any style, project or budget. Newmor wallcoverings are engineered to withstand impact, abrasion, high volumes of traffic and frequent cleaning, making them exceptionally durable as well as aesthetically captivating. Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, Newmor transform commercial spaces around the world. Featured Ella - one of a 100 new designs in PRISM. Newmor – covering the word with endless possibilities. E: , T: +44 (0) 1938 551990.

fax: 01646 695195.



88 Bespoke Joinery for the luxury home market from Chilfen Joinery Ltd Chilfen Joinery are continuing to expand their existing work in the luxury home market. Delivering consistently complex high-end projects, Chilfen utilise quality craftsmanship combined with modern technologies. Their work includes many aspects of custom made bespoke joinery, made to the highest specifications and tolerances. Full project management is provided as a standard service. Typical projects include bespoke panels, designer wardrobes and storage, custom made furniture and seating, kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, studies, cinema rooms and more. Work can include many different finishes such as exotic veneers, leather, glass or metalwork. These can often play a part in the overall scheme coordinated by Chilfen’s dedicated projects team. For more information, or to view our full range of services visit or email



Each year, the Iconic Awards recognise the most innovative products, both in terms of design and functionality. UNILIN Panels Division has won this award in the “product > special” category that recognises the amazing functionality of the entire Evola collection. The designs meticulously imitate every single feature of the original materials. UNILIN not only expanded its existing range of wood designs, but also extended it with eight different solid colours in addition to a line of highly realistic-looking metallic and concrete designs. Through the Evola collection, UNILIN is able to provide the perfect answer to the demand from interior architects and designers for highquality, durable and affordable products.

Daedalian Glass Studios are one of the most innovative glass design companies in Britain. They specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural, decorative and artistic glass with a team of artisans; designers and technicians who collaborate with our customers to create the finest and some of the most unique glass projects you’re likely to see. Since 1986, the aim has been for the highest standards in glass making and customer service. Today their in-house capabilities consist of project management from concept, design development through samples and 3D drawings to production and installation. Latest projects include; Villa Alang Alang (Super Cannes, France) and the Lanesborough Hotel (Hyde Park Corner, London) with design intent developed by interior designers Alberto Pinto of Paris, world famous for their Regency style interiors.

The German Iconic Awards are the leading accolades in areas such as architecture, interior & product design.

Evola is fully designed in-house by UNILIN and consists of a collection of exclusive, unique designs and surface structures.


Tel +44 (0)1253 702 531

Evola collection wins German Iconic Award!


Melanie makes wall works for interiors. Often quite sculptural, or in deep relief, her inspiration comes from her experiences when sailing. She interprets aspects of that lifestyle, its strong contrasts, and other natural phenomena using a beautiful, traditional metal – pewter. This work is highly contemporary and has a visual language that can be understood in design terms by all cultures. The metal is bright and reflective and the surface is animated by light reflecting off lively formed textures. Sometimes it is chemically darkened or richly coloured by traditional gilding. Works can be commissioned for specific placement in offices, atriums or stylish homes. In series or as individual pieces, these unique designs present a contemporary and fashionable ambiance for any environment. MELANIE GUY t: 01579 370916



Baranska Design At Baranska Design we pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of fused glass out there. We have spent almost 20 years working with the material developing a wide array of products; ranging from designer lighting through to bespoke cast glass interior fittings and architectural glass solutions. Our team of young and energetic people is led by Edyta Baranska; a designer, whose work can be found in museums and private collections around the globe. Edyta’s designs have taken part in many international exhibitions in London, Milan or Dubai where they have been positively received and often awarded. | mobile +48 660 785 200



Brio, the leading architectural sliding and folding door hardware manufacturer, has added to its wide range of hardware for straight sliding doors with two interior Zero Clearance Glass options.

Brio Zero Clearance Glass 80 and 120 facilitate the realisation of architects’ and specifiers’ most avant garde projects. Typically, modern designers are looking to create flexible spaces that pull in light and meld with gardens, ‘outside rooms’ and views – sometimes all three. All Brio Single Run systems offer quiet finger-tip control through the combination of track profile, precision bearings and appropriately tyred wheels. For more details on the BRIO product range visit

15 CABUCHON’S NEW DEEP SOAKING TUB - THE YASAHIRO The Yasahiro is a new deep soaking tub from British manufacturer Cabuchon Bathforms. Drawing on 24 years of soaking tub design, it incorporates everything the company has learned about comfort, access and function. In 1991, Cabuchon launched the Imersa, the world’s first contemporary soaking tub. Since then, it has continuously developed its designs. The Yasahiro represents the culmination of this evolutionary process. Key features include a sculpted back-rest, a low seat that optimises bather comfort, a soft headrest and long integrated armrests. These aid entry and engender a relaxed, well-supported position. The large footwell permits comfortable showering. Suitable for incorporating an optional hydrotherapy system, it comes with a 25-year guarantee and has a space-saving footprint. It may be set in a corner, freestanding or sunken. Tel. 01524 66022 Email: Web:

90 Neon lights and signs are traditionally associated with advertising for shops, bars and restaurants, but are now becoming increasingly popular as a form of statement lighting or art for homes and businesses alike. They are a way of bringing originality and personality to virtually any interior space. Neon Creations are specialists in creating unique one-off pieces of custom made neon artwork, offering recreations of logo’s, brand names, favourite sayings, and images and shapes.



David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK, the leading global door hardware manufacturer for bi-folding and straight sliding external doors and windows welcomes the advent of Document Q legislation which includes guidelines for doors and windows in new build dwellings.

Our team is passionate about making neon lighting - it is not just a job to us. With all design and manufacture undertaken in-house in our UK workshop, we are able to offer assurances of high quality materials and workmanship.

Building quality into sliding and folding door architectural hardware is essential if manufacturers want to pass on peace of mind to architects, architectural ironmongers specifiers and installers – and ultimately end users. To achieve this independent quality accreditation is supremely important for the whole supply chain.

Many of our clients are in the restaurant, bar and hotel sectors, with a custom made neon sign being an obvious choice for not only attracting customers to the premises (it’s a well known fact that the human eye is drawn to light!), but also for making the décor unique and personal to them.

So it is extremely positive that Document Q legislation pertaining to the security of new build comes into force on 1 October and will ensure only the best and most robust materials can be used in the manufacture of sliding and bifolding doors and windows.

Contact us for more information - 01204 655866

16 The Ins and Outs of a Revolving Door


The chances are as a pedestrian and a building user, you’ve been through a few revolving doors in your lifetime. The revolving door is a common sight amongst larger commercial buildings and in many places where there is a high foot fall.


The revolving door, usually consists of three or four doors known as wings which are spaced at an eqi-distance from each other around a central shaft. These wings rotate in a circle inside of a cylinder. The size of the cylinder can vary from small, allowing for just enough space for a single user to a larger size which allows enough room for several people, pushchairs or luggage to fit in. T +44 (0)1233 505 957 E

LAYING A FOUNDATION FOR BEAUTIFUL THINKING: INTERFACE INTRODUCES THREE NEW NATURE-INSPIRED COLLECTIONS As part of its campaign to lay ‘A Foundation for Beautiful Thinking’, global modular flooring manufacturer, Interface, has unveiled three global collections influenced by nature’s ability to inspire and energise. Equal Measure™, Narratives™ and Near & Far™ embrace biophilic design to stunning effect, using subtle, natural analogues to create restorative spaces that help promote well-being. For more information, visit and join the conversation online with #BeautifulThinkers via @ Human_Spaces.


HYPER-REALISTIC IMAGE PRODUCTION Cost effective alternative to Photography Photo-realistic quality of any product No Photo-shoot Production Required Flawless Image Output No Retouching required Develop Prototype images before Production Change things easily. Move items, Change angles, Adjust Lighting, etc. Images become 3D assets for future use Images can be used for Animation Reduce product marketing costs and build reusable assets for future campaigns Just call or e-mail us for more information Tel: 0208 144 4191 | | 28 years in image production

Boiling Hot Water Taps Plus Points

20 22

Instant - Steaming Hot Water on demand at your fingertips (time is precious)

Convenience - Can be fitted easily into new and existing kitchens (installation service available)

Safer and Quicker to use than a Kettle (no spills or scalds). Great for Pasta & Rice etc.

Multiple Pre-Set Temp (Digital Display) for your tank

1.5kw Element - Approx 100 cups/hour

Heavily insulated Tank for next to no heat loss (more cost effective than a kettle).

Quick & Easy Limescale Filter replacement.

UK Manufactured top of the range hot tap. Web: Mail: Tel: 0800 612 7611

21 We embrace the passion for design and the high standards of meticulous craftsmanship that is unique to modern furniture made in Italy. We provide our clients with the best quality and most innovative designs at the lowest possible prices. Our modern furniture is created and imported from Italy, we take care of the whole shipping and delivery both in Europe and overseas. We carry luxury furniture from renowned manufacturers such as Cesar (Italy) and Milldue (Italy) just to name a couple of the brands offered. Our collection of luxury and Italian furniture contains its own personality in details that convey extraordinary visual and tactile emotions. To enhance the beauty of modern room, our sectionals is beautifully crafted by master craftsmen. The smooth lacquer or wood finish adds delicacy and class to our bedrooms. Come and discover our range of products on

23 Handcrafted multi-layer wooden wallcoverings: 3D shaped panels becoming vertical sculptures MOKO is built upon the foundations of decades of interior design and manufacturing experience with sculptural wooden surfaces. Its success relies on the merged approach of design and manufacturing, with a constant development of innovative styles and surface finishes increasing the richness of the range. It is this heritage and knowledge that has formed MOKO interior. The company’s main goal is to satisfy every client who wishes to have the MOKO vertical sculptures, who require a sensual, unique aesthetic experience in their home, hotel, retail or office space.

92 NEW ZIP TAPS MEAN YOU CAN NOW COMBINE STYLE WITH GREAT TASTING WATER Now, it’s not just Zip’s water that’s irresistible – the taps are too. Following the success of the HydroTap G4, which was launched last year, Zip has released three striking new tap designs. The elegant Arc, contemporary Cube and minimalist Elite have been developed in response to increased demand for a wider selection of residential taps. The Arc features an elegant, curved ‘swan neck’ design, making it perfect for both classic and modern surroundings. The Cube’s cutting-edge appearance ensures it is a design statement in its own right, and while the Elite is compact and sophisticated. All three styles are available in a range of finishes and are designed to complement any kitchen, while still offering filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, instantly. The Zip HydroTap Arc and Cube are available from £1299 including VAT. For more information, please call 0845 6 005 005 or visit

Fastmount launches its strongest clip yet In response to strong demand from Fastmount’s clients in the architecture sector, the global leaders in panel mounting systems launches its strongest clip to date the extra heavy duty, PC-VMX.


Designed and made in New Zealand, the PC-VMX clip is perfect for a multitude of architectural applications including the installation of heavy duty ceiling and wall panels made of 18mm MDF, Corian, Hi-Mac and some types of stone. With its pull out load of 15kg, the PC-VMX also has exceptional high shear strength due to low clip movement within the clip set. This will give architects reassurance that a heavy wall panel can be securely and invisibly fastened and precisely placed without the risk of sagging over time. The very high shear load capacity also makes it perfect for decorative wall panels for highscale installations. The PC-VMX clip can be purchased from any one of Fastmount’s global network of distributors. For more information about Fastmount’s award-winning panel mounting systems and products visit

24 Ivar is proud to introduce its collection of handmade, F1 inspired watch boxes, finished with fine, coloured veneers and high quality brass hinges. Complete with a mood lighting function, each Ivar watch box makes a stunning and unique centerpiece.


The featured piece is the F1 Monaco Box. About Ivar Based in London, Ivar is a leading design company whose mission is to create homes and products that tell a story. Each Ivar home and product is exceptionally designed, abundant in soul and character, and effortlessly and timelessly luxurious. For further information, telephone +4420 7584 2887 or visit

27 For over 10 years Armourbrite has been helping businesses make their premises to stand out from the crowd using its patented Armourbrite System™ Knowing that first impressions last, Armourbrite uses a revolutionary process to create building signage with the look and feel of classic brass, but without the need for continual maintenance – ensuring that your visitors are given the right impression when they arrive at your door. Armourbrite is the only production process in the UK which enables fine detail etching to be used in conjunction with a protective titanium nitride coating, creating a long lasting polish finish and vibrant, full colour logos which will last for years. Signs created with the Amourbrite System™ always look like new and never lose their impact with no polishing or cleaning required. Call us on 01225 480555 or visit today to find out how we can help your business to look its best.


29 January Furniture Show 2016

28 B&S Glass Industries are a UK based Company Established in 1928. We are proud to introduce our new range of inspirational coloured Convex Mirrors as an addition to our standard conventional plain and antique designs. Our Convex Mirrors are distributed worldwide and have become a major interest in prestigious shops and houses around the world. All our Products are made bespoke, by hand, in house. For Further Information please go to our website at www. Email:

The January Furniture Show (24-27 January NEC Birmingham) has all the ingredients for a superb show - a line-up of superb old and new names, encompassing a diverse mix of styles and unique designs. New launches will be in abundance, all in an easy to visit venue with the new Resorts World hotel, restaurant and leisure facilities opening just before the Show starts. Nearly all of the 450 plus exhibitors from the UK and abroad will be launching their new designs and collections for 2016 at the Show. This will give buyers, designers and specifiers an opportunity to see the latest products available in furniture, lighting, flooring, fabrics, accessories and home furnishings from the biggest names in the industry at one show. This means that the January Furniture Show is now the most complete interiors trade show in the UK calendar and is the Show that definitely has it all. To see who’s exhibiting and to register your attendance go to:


Add luxury to your living. With our international experience of high-end residential Projects, we take care of everything from design, ‘white glove’ logistics to professional installation. From London and the home counties, Internationally from Ibiza to Dubai. With our workshop of true cabinet makers and a team of highly skilled tradesmen, we specialize in bespoke furniture, sublime kitchens, architectural changes and luxurious interior design. Providing elegant lighting, audio-visual entertainment home and automation systems. Our services are tailored to your needs, from initial consultation and design ideas, to detailed drawings and renders, through all planning requirements, tendering, implementation, fitting, onsite management of your project. Luxurious, exquisitely curated, fearlessly bespoke.

Vanixa Enjoy the emotions from Vanixa in your daily life. Vanixa home furnishing inspired by fire, enters into your daily life because it can be placed in different environments, evoke emotions and furnish with style and a sense of art. Wherever you want to recreate the empathetic and bright effect of flames and embers, extremely safe and easy to manage, Vanixa offers innovative, uncommon solutions that are at the same time very easy to install. Pick out your perfect place to insert your next Vanixa element among these collections :Lighting, Arting, Warming. Vanixa is also specialized in creating tailor made solutions, according to your needs for dimensions, shapes, finishings.


In the picture: The Diapason of Love, by Vanixa- Italian Home Flame.


Timothy Oulton spices up cooler days and darker nights with sparkling hot designs for Autumn/Winter 2015 With the approach of cooler months on the not so distant horizon, Timothy Oulton introduces its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection; a firecracker of energy and warmth to liven up those dreary months with sparkle, sizzle and sensuousness. The new Zodiac table captures the imposing drama of classical buildings and the ancient motifs that adorned their walls. The geometric marble patterns exude a mesmerising allure. Accompanied overhead by the sparkle of glass, reinterpreted into enigmatic lighting with the showstopping Rex Diamond chandelier. Sizzling hot glamour. The new Ivy sofa brings to life sensuous forms in luxe leathers. Its curvaceous shape inspired by a flower coming into bloom. Finished in a rich patchwork of Vagabond Red leather, hand-distressed for a second time once upholstered for elegant, vintage cool. This seduction of the senses continues with the Honeypot collection of coffee and side tables; an opulent melding of glass and black leather. Dark and mysterious, the Honeypot glows from within, to tempt and tantalise. The rugged warmth of the Aviator Dogfight chair, clad in new Leather Spitfire, provides a welcome respite from frosty evenings. Inspired by military aircraft, its aerodynamic curves are painstakingly handcrafted in hand-distressed Warrior leather panels, riveted together to form a rich skin. Featured as part of three stand-out collections; Metro, Age of Elegance and Adventurer, these innovations continue to expand on Timothy Oulton’s repertoire of authentic materials and craft. Tim: “The new collections have a very distinctive energy that sort of radiates from within. The shapes and materials we’ve used are bold and dynamic, but they’re also cosy and inviting at the same time.” With over 30 galleries worldwide from New York to Amsterdam, Hong Kong and in the grandeur of Harrods in London, the brand continues its plan of opening new stores in carefully selected ‘great cities’, with its most recent additions in Geneva and Orange County, California. The new Autumn/Winter collection will be introduced to stores throughout the coming months.


NEW COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTS The new Autumn/Winter 2015 designs breathe new life and soul into four of Timothy Oulton’s iconic design themes; Metro, Age of Elegance, Adventurer and Cigar. These room concepts are designed to provide guidance for customers to discover and develop their own interior style and preferences.

Metro Heroes

IVY Based on a 1950s flea market find, the Ivy sofa’s organic shape seems to smile at you. Sitting low to the ground, the curves and contours hug the body in all the right places. Expertly crafted and outfitted in sumptuously soft leather with a beautiful worn sheen, it is featured in Vagabond Red; painstakingly treated by hand over and over again to create the most authentic vintage distressed look and feel.

A perfect balance of classic and contemporary, Metro is a sophisticated collection designed with a nod to urban energy. Bauhaus meets 1940s industrial with Metro’s juxtaposition of cool, dark tones, sleek, polished pieces and eclectic decorative objects, while classic finishes and detailing retain an air of vintage.

SWALLOW Outfitted top to bottom in our hand finished leathers, the Swallow gives a modern, casual take on being ‘dressed for dinner’. The winged sides keep you snug in your seat for hours of conversation over good food and wine.


HONEYPOT A vision of the Roaring Twenties and nights spent at glamorous parties smoking long cigarettes and drinking martinis. The Honey Pot oozes the same elegance for today’s sophisticated lounges. A sensuous trio of black leather, clear and black acrylic are the stars of the show that are seamlessly crafted together. An integral light gives the whole piece a tempting glow of mystery.

AIRFOIL The Airfoil dining table hovers over the ground, a perfect platform for high spirited meals and conversation. Inspired by the sense of lift created by an aeroplane wing, take off for heady evenings of engaging entertaining.

SPARROW Named after the noisy and gregarious British bird, the Sparrow sits invitingly at the dinner table, wrapped head to toe in our rugged Scarecrow finish. This full aniline leather has been specially developed to create a natural, unfinished state for an authentic look with bags of personality for lively dining.


Age of Elegance Heroes Built with finesse, the Age of Elegance collection captures the glamour and excitement of the Jazz Age; a time of extravagant style parties and anticipation for a future full of promise. Lavish upholstery, edgy leathers and rich timbers combine with elements of Art Deco and English gentry to convey whisperings of an unforgettable era. ANGELES Angeles evolved from a vintage treasure that Tim picked up at one of L.A’s antique markets, reinvented with that special Timothy Oulton touch. Hand applied studs accessorise the lustrous leather seat and back.

REGENCY Inspired by Brighton Pavilion in England, the 19th century seaside residence of the eccentric Prince Regent who later became King George IV. The throne-like Regency is lavishly hand-tufted in luxurious velvet for a sumptuously close encounter of regal proportions.

Luxury The Art Of



Bang & Olufsen


Manolo Blahnik



Art Of The Trench - Los Angeles

Burberry brought Art of the Trench to Los Angeles with a series of images captured around the city. People from the worlds of music, art, fashion, film and sport were photographed wearing the iconic trench coat.


…Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.

Compromise is not a word recognised in the Rolls-Royce lexicon. Indeed the company continues to live by the clarion cry of co-founder Sir Henry Royce to “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” The first part of this maxim – “Strive for perfection in everything you do” – guides the company’s every action particularly during the creation of a new motor car. The second – “Take the best that exists and make it better” – has been clearly evidenced in the success of both Phantom Series II and Ghost Series II as they were carefully updated in 2012 and 2014 respectively. And when Rolls-Royce judged that it was time for an authentic

gentleman’s Gran Turismo to return to the world stage, it was guided by the third part of Sir Henry’s maxim: “When it does not exist, design it.” And thus, Wraith was born. Now, the final part of this maxim has guided the Rolls-Royce design and engineering teams as they have worked to initiate a new age for open-top, super-luxury motoring. In a sector exclusively populated by the biggest of automotive compromises – the 2+2 seat configuration – Rolls-Royce has chosen to “accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” And so, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, the world’s only true modern four-seater super-luxury drophead, is born.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Vehicle length: 17.34ft Vehicle width: 6.39ft Vehicle height (unladen): 4.93ft Wheelbase: 10.21ft Turning circle: 41.7ft Boot Volume (DIN): 244ltr - 295ltr Weight Unladen Weight (DIN): 2560kg Engine Engine / cylinders / valves: V / 12 / 48 Fuel management Direct injection Power output @ engine speed: 563bhp / 420kW / 570PS @ 5250rpm Max torque @ engine speed: 780Nm / 575lb ft @ 1500rpm Fuel type: 10:1 / Premium unleaded1 Performance Top speed: 155mph (governed) Acceleration: 0 - 100km/h 4.9sec² Fuel Consumption Urban: 13.2mpg (Imp.) Extra urban: 28.8mpg (Imp.) Combined consumption / range: 19.9mpg (Imp.) CO2 emissions: 330g/km

It is always darkest just before the dawn

In the most challenging times, the phrase “It is always darkest just before the dawn” – originally coined by English Restoration preacher Thomas Fuller – resonates as a beacon of hope. This early morning darkness, where apparitions such as phantoms, ghosts or wraiths have been imagined, and where one’s apprehensions lurk, is brushed aside by an energising burst of early morning sunlight as one awakens to a new dawn and the endless possibilities of a new day. Such was the feeling in 1952 as the world was finally emerging from a period of economic austerity following protracted war. That year, the world looked forward in hope as the world’s first passenger jet, the British deHavilland Comet, made its first commercial flight; the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the Universe was first propounded, and Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne of the United Kingdom. That very same year, the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn drophead, which became the muse for the designers of the new RollsRoyce Dawn, was finished by Rolls-Royce

coachbuilders Park Ward and delivered to its first customer, Colonel W.A. Phillips in Canada. A new beginning for Rolls-Royce at the time, the original Silver Dawn was the first Rolls-Royce to be offered with a factory-built body. However, the drophead Rolls-Royces that carried the name Silver Dawn continued to be coach-built for individual customers, ensuring their uniqueness and rarity, and embodied the optimism of the age as we began to enjoy life again and pursue La Dolce Vita. This famous and rare Rolls-Royce name was only ever applied to 28 very special drophead bodies between 1950 and 1954. Rolls-Royce’s new Dawn has taken inspiration from the Silver Dawn, whilst delivering a world first in super-luxury motoring – a cool, contemporary interpretation of what a super-luxury four-seater convertible motor car should be in 2015 – rare, refined and the most social super-luxury car there is.

Much like the 1952 Silver Dawn drophead, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn stands apart from its stable mates, featuring 80% unique body panels. Indeed such attention has been paid to ensuring this amazing new dawn for super-luxury motoring delivers on its promise, even the tyres that connect the new Rolls-Royce Dawn to the roads it will glide over have been specially developed to deliver the pinnacle ‘magic carpet’ ride expected of every RollsRoyce that leaves The Home of RollsRoyce at Goodwood, England. And, specific engineering and manufacturing attention has been paid to the creation of the Dawn’s roof. Unheard of anywhere in the modern motor industry until now, the roof of the Rolls-Royce Dawn delivers the silence of a Wraith when up and operates in almost complete silence in just over 20 seconds at a cruising speed of up to 50kph. It is safe to say that the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is the quietest open top car ever made.

In the most challenging times, the phrase “It is always darkest just before the dawn” – originally coined by English Restoration preacher Thomas Fuller – resonates as a beacon of hope. This early morning darkness, where apparitions such as phantoms, ghosts or wraiths have been imagined, and where one’s apprehensions lurk, is brushed aside by an energising burst of early morning sunlight as one awakens to a new dawn and the endless possibilities of a new day. Such was the feeling in 1952 as the world was finally emerging from a period of economic austerity following protracted war. That year, the world looked forward in hope as the world’s first passenger jet, the British deHavilland Comet, made its first commercial flight; the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the Universe was first propounded, and Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne of the United Kingdom. That very same year, the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn drophead, which became the muse for the designers of the new RollsRoyce Dawn, was finished by Rolls-Royce

coachbuilders Park Ward and delivered to its first customer, Colonel W.A. Phillips in Canada. A new beginning for Rolls-Royce at the time, the original Silver Dawn was the first Rolls-Royce to be offered with a factory-built body. However, the drophead Rolls-Royces that carried the name Silver Dawn continued to be coach-built for individual customers, ensuring their uniqueness and rarity, and embodied the optimism of the age as we began to enjoy life again and pursue La Dolce Vita. This famous and rare Rolls-Royce name was only ever applied to 28 very special drophead bodies between 1950 and 1954. Rolls-Royce’s new Dawn has taken inspiration from the Silver Dawn, whilst delivering a world first in super-luxury motoring – a cool, contemporary interpretation of what a super-luxury four-seater convertible motor car should be in 2015 – rare, refined and the most social super-luxury car there is.

Much like the 1952 Silver Dawn drophead, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn stands apart from its stable mates, featuring 80% unique body panels. Indeed such attention has been paid to ensuring this amazing new dawn for super-luxury motoring delivers on its promise, even the tyres that connect the new Rolls-Royce Dawn to the roads it will glide over have been specially developed to deliver the pinnacle ‘magic carpet’ ride expected of every RollsRoyce that leaves The Home of RollsRoyce at Goodwood, England. And, specific engineering and manufacturing attention has been paid to the creation of the Dawn’s roof. Unheard of anywhere in the modern motor industry until now, the roof of the Rolls-Royce Dawn delivers the silence of a Wraith when up and operates in almost complete silence in just over 20 seconds at a cruising speed of up to 50kph. It is safe to say that the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is the quietest open top car ever made.


Future of Sound


Bang & Olufsen celebrates the first 90 years with the most innovative loudspeaker to date BeoLab 90 is a state-of-the-art loudspeaker for the uncompromising sound enthusiast. The intelligent landmark loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen delivers an ultimate sound experience no matter the circumstances. Copenhagen, October 6th , 2015 BeoLab 90 is a celebration of Bang & Olufsen’s innovative heritage and timeless design philosophy in the year of the company’s 90th anniversary.

close to the speaker or even in front of it to get an excellent sound experience,” says CEO Tue Mantoni. Control the width and the direction of the sound BeoLab 90 offers unique Beam Width Control, which enables you to change the width of the sound beam to suit different listening situations.

The highly sophisticated loudspeaker contains a multitude of technologies. It is a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics in, what may well be, PRESS RELEASE 2/3 the most complete and powerful digital loudspeaker ever designed for use in the home. BeoLab 90 is fitted with Bang & Olufsen’s new Active Room Compensation technology, which makes up for the impact of your room, your furniture, the placement of the loudspeakers and the location of the listening position.

You can easily change the listening experience from a dedicated sweet spot to a party all-over the room setting, just by the touch of a button. When family and friends are gathered for a film experience, the wide sound setting will provide a great cinematic experience. BeoLab 90 delivers perfect sound exactly where you want it. With loudspeaker drivers placed in various directions, you can use the Beam Direction Control to steer the sound radiation to your listening location.

By this, it is able to stage the sound so superbly you can hear precisely where the individual band members or the actors in your favourite movie are placed. “BeoLab 90 is the future of sound. This intelligent loudspeaker measures the acoustical effects of its surroundings and directs superb sound to your favourite listening position. You do not have to be

With these groundbreaking technologies, Bang & Olufsen has created a sound experience like no one else. A landmark loudspeaker for the future BeoLab 90 has a unique and impressive appearance with no apparent visual front, which substantiates the all-embracing acoustic performance of the loudspeaker. The 360º-design is based on a complex

aluminium cabinet totalling more than 65 kg of aluminium, so the structure is rock solid. The black fabric covers hover like sails in front of the speakers, and the curved wooden base lifts up the large structure from the floor, allowing the loudspeaker to fit in with the interior design anywhere in your home. “BeoLab 90 is our most complete loudspeaker to date. It is a committed investment in excellent craftsmanship, ideal materials and superior technology. Future Bang & Olufsen products will benefit from the innovation PRESS RELEASE 3/3 and know-how gained from the development of BeoLab 90 – and our customers will savour in perfect sound from the ultimate loudspeaker for their home,” says Bang & Olufsen CEO, Tue Mantoni. BeoLab 90 can be experienced in selected Bang & Olufsen stores as of November 17th, 2015 – the 90th anniversary of Bang & Olufsen. The recommended price of BeoLab 90 is DKK 249.995/€34.995/$38.995 /£26.995 per unit with first deliveries expected end of year.

High Style in

Shoe Heaven

A Perfect Platform For Manolo Blahnik

Nick Leith-Smith Architects’ long-standing creative partnership with Manolo Blahnik continues with the brand’s largest global outlet to date in one of the world’s most celebrated department stores, Harrods. Designed by the architects in close collaboration with Manolo Blahnik himself, the new Manolo Blahnik London is located within the store’s fifth floor ‘Shoe Heaven,’ a 42,000 square foot salon dedicated to fine footwear. The Manolo Blahnik unit occupies an exclusive space within the store’s west tower, set apart from the rest of the floor with its own dedicated staircase and entrance. The concession has been designed to resemble the layout and atmosphere of a grand salon. The impression is of a domestic space writ large, evoking the interiors of a grand fin-de-siècle mansion and inspired in particular by the architecture of the virtuoso Austrian architect Josef Hoffman. Hoffman was one of the leading proponents of European Art Nouveau and one of the founders of the Vienna Secession, a group of artists, architects and designers who embraced a sensuous approach to the integration of craft and decoration into design.

112 As one enters the new salon, the Hoffman influence is immediately apparent, thanks to the strong geometric forms used to transform the ceiling, furniture, timber screens and display areas into a precisely engineered composition of vertical lines and diagonal forms. Shoes are presented on sliding library ladders that line the walls, while custom-built furniture is matched with vintage pieces. The domestic qualities of the space are charged with refined geometry and rich colours, while the seductive sight of an array of Manolo Blahnik shoes fills the display shelves around the walls. These splashes of colour are echoed in the bold upholstery of the chairs and sofas.

Nick Leith-Smith has used a selection of original Danish furniture from the early and mid nineteenth century to furnish the space. The collection of pieces were originally sourced by Manolo Blahnik himself and have been restored and re-holstered in new colours and fabrics to match the space. These hues are also used in Blahnik’s own designs for silk lampshades and chandeliers, which along with the bespoke metalwork, were crafted specially for the project. Nick Leith-Smith Architects and Manolo Blahnik have built an enticing realm that reflects the strong brand values and identity of this iconic shoe designer.

About the studio: Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design, formerly Data Nature Associates, was founded in 2000. The practice specialises in high quality, bespoke contemporary design. The studio has extensive experience of working in luxury retail design as well as high-end residential work, delivering detailed, highly crafted projects with strong elements of personalisation and individual taste. Nick also has strong connections to the fashion world, together with a thorough understanding of bespoke design, resulting in a playful yet distinguished approach that marries a sound understanding of historic and contemporary design with contemporary craft, materials and form. For more information:


Natural History Museum Hosts London Fashion Week Collection Global press, photographers, buyers and VIPS flocked to the Natural History Museum this week to preview British fashion designer Antonio Berardiís S/S16 womenís collection. Organised by OBO London, 350 guests sat in the venueís contemporary Darwin Centre, whilst the Spirit Collection of the Darwin Centre was transformed into a backstage dressing, hair and make-up area.

Accredited production company White Light were in charge of all sound and lighting for the show and began setting up the night before from 6pm until 11pm. The team then returned early on Monday morning to complete the final touches to the space for the live show. Simon Kershaw, head of events and catering at the Natural History Museum, added: ìThe event requires a very slick production and demands a quick set up

and de-rig to fit outside of the Museumís opening hours of 10am to 6pm. ìThe Natural History Museum is no stranger to hosting London Fashion Week having been the central location for the shows in 2009 before it moved to Somerset House. The Darwin Centre is a unique venue space and lends itself perfectly to this event.


From Superyacht to Jaguar Land Rover: 2016 Superyacht Design Symposium takes luxury design to new heights

For the first time in its eight-year history, the Superyacht Design Symposium is connecting the world of superyachts with a stellar list of influential designers across the automotive, interiors, jewellery and fashion worlds, for two days of lively debate in the Austrian Alps, from 21st-23rd February 2016. Chaired by Stephen Bayley, co-creator of London’s influential Design Museum and one of the industry’s best-known commentators, the conference will encompass challenging debates on the cutting-edge ideas and trends shaping the future of the superyacht and luxury design markets, mirroring Boat International Media’s strategy to break new ground and celebrate luxury lifestyle among an increasingly diverse audience of taste-makers. World-class designers, CEOs and superyacht owners taking to the stage for the first time include Lapo Elkann, entrepreneur and heir to the FIAT fortune; Nicky Haslam, one of London's most renowned interior designers; and Gerry McGovern, the distinguished automotive design director at Jaguar Land Rover.Returning legendary yacht designers Tim Heywood, Espen Oeino, Terence Disdale and Andrew Winch, will join them in engaging and authoritative panel discussions on the hottest design topics, including:“Is beauty a science or an art?”; “What is the new luxury?”; and “What has a superyacht got in common with a warship?”

The winner of the prestigious Young Designer of the Year Award 2016– which celebrates the wealth of upcoming talent that will define the next generation of superyachts – will also be crowned at the event and receive a Neptune trophy and €5,000 cash prize. The highly coveted award has already attracted entrants from across the globe, including the USA, Brazil, Bangladesh, Jamaica, British Colombia, Moscow, Norway and Austria, and submissions are being accepted until Monday 30th November at 12.00 GMT. Following the success of previous events – which year after year have attracted hundreds of superyacht owners, builders and designers, naval architects, interior specialists, and captains – the 2016 Symposium is moving to K3 KitzKongress, a state-of-the-art facility in the idyllic heart of Kitzbühel, Austria. Early bird tickets for the event are currently available until 13th November at £695 plus VAT, andstudents can purchase the Young Designer Ticket for the discounted price of £500 plus VAT. Sacha Bonsor, editorial director of Boat International, said: “This flagship event reflects the shift in content and design in the Boat International and ShowBoats International magazines – celebrating luxury lifestyle in all its facets. It is also a fabulous networking opportunity for those keen to rub shoulders with industry greats and superyacht owners in an exclusive setting.”

Stephen Bayley, chairman of the Superyacht Design Symposium, said: “The Superyacht Design Symposium will be a fascinating market of ideas. When I see a superyacht, I do not just see a spectacular boat, but a floating laboratory where taste and technology are in busy competition. We'll bring together some of the most interesting personalities from design, architecture, fashion and media to debate the superyacht's future. I've always believed the best designers are the ones with most ideas and information. That applies to clients too. The Symposium will float an armada of clever opinion and privileged insights.” Lapo Elkann, president and founder of Italia Independent Group and Garage Italia Customs, said: “The sea and cars are my greatest passions. I have been able to express this in the automotive sector through the launch of Garage Italia Customs with my partners. I have also just taken delivery of a superb customised Baglietto called Lap-1. I can’t wait to share my views on design and boat customisation with such an incredibly talented group of designers, thinkers and personalities.” More info: Tickets:


porcelain paver system The Levato Mono porcelain paver system is the pinnacle of external raised flooring technology; enabling the specification of lightweight, slip resistant and attractive raised flooring solutions, combining incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics; making them the ideal choice for commercial and domestic use alike. Just a few benefits at a glance: • • • • • • • • • • • •

T: 0845 2700 696


20mm porcelain pavers 40x70 45x90 60x60 75x75 30x120 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ - installation over single ply membranes Extremely low maintenance required offering massive over-life savings Highly abrasion and stain resistant Highly slip resistant; R11 and achieved up to +65 wet in the BS pendulum test Lightweight - 45kgs per m2 High load bearing and impact resistance Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial & residential use Completely non porous Fire & frost proof Height-adjustable supports from 9mm up to 550mm

The Art Of Design - Issue 17 2015  
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