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25 AUGUST 2016

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Some Build, Whyte Creates.

We offer the complete package - the support of architects, designers, structural engineers and geotechnical specialists to assist with your project. From alterations to earthquake repairs or residential rebuilds, we’re committed to you.


Whether you’re building an architectural home or undertaking a residential repair, our master build team ensures we deliver to your timeframe and budget. The commitment to you is to provide continuity from the start of your project through to completion.

Your vision, our skill, your dream home.

2 August 25, 2016 Metropol

You’re protected by the 10 year fully comprehensive guarantee (covering workmanship, building products and completion of your contract). This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Kate Pierson Kate Pierson


Kate Pierson

PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S ith Canterbury FashionPERSPECTIVE Week next week, and our latest cover a “For it is in giving that we receive” – Francis of Assisi Kate Pierson


fashionable nodFashion to whatWeek we can expect show, a I've ith Canterbury next week,from and this our year's latest cover been thinking quite a lot about the subject. fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, Random acts of kindness and generosity of spirit areweek, everywhere our community. ith Canterbury Fashion Week next and ourinlatest cover aI've Generating billions of dollars perthe annum incars, Newthrough Zealand,tofashion is From extra hands being off ered to carry groceries out to the I've thousands been thinking quite a lot about subject. fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like of dollars donatedbeen toCanterbury charity, each and every act counts. More often thancover not, I’m Generating billions of dollars per annum in New fashion ith Fashion Week next week, and ourZealand, latest a inis thinking quite a lot about the subject. nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' their high-gear, operating on turbo-pilot and Iof perhaps forget to stop, listen toon and observe the untameable beast at the heart consumer culture. The chameleon like fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, I'veis the Generating billions of dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion toes, and leaves rest of usloyalists who consider ourselves a 'work innot' progress' wonderful ways ofbeen thethe world. nature of the industry keeps to 'what's hot and what's on their thinking quite a lot about the subject. the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like rather perplexed. Sometimes, these generous acts are blink-and-you-miss-them kind – like an extra toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider 'work in progress' Generating billions of the dollars perourselves annum inaNew Zealand, nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' onfashion their is All of this 'threads and kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and rather cringelong the and knowing smile from a colleague; a tray of baked goods waiting in the rather perplexed. untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon likestaffroom; toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider ourselves a 'work in progress' inducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish a surprise dinner on the table, or a door being held open. One could argue that some All of this 'threads andkeeps kicks'loyalists talk hasto inspired nostalgic cringenature of the industry 'what'ssome hot and what'sand not'rather on their rather perplexed. evolution. It would be difficult to determine which the styles I we donned as a kid of these are common courtesy –as and they are –my but in aof world where are -constantly inducing memories for me I reflect on style – or rather unstylish toes, the rest of ustalk who consider a 'work and in progress' All of and this leaves 'threads and kicks' has inspiredourselves some nostalgic rather cringebombarded with negative storieseras daydeserves in and day out, I celebrate them as something more. of the eighties and nineties the 'most heinous' fashion faux as pas evolution. It would be difficult to determine which of the styles I donned a kid rather perplexed. inducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish Thetitle. magazine you hold in your hands today was a true labour of love as I-spent most of of of thethis eighties andand nineties the some 'most heinous' fashion fauxcringeAll 'threads kicks'eras talk has inspired nostalgic and rather evolution. Itcycle would be difficult to deserves determine of the styles I donned aspas aand kid ears, the production sick with a virus. With aoversized, redwhich nose,wideleg puff y face and itchy eyes My obsession with unflattering fabrics; jeans, and tie-dye title. inducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas I felt leggings quite sorry forslouch myself.socks Lucky for me colleagues to 'cowgirl' the partystyled with lots of with spring tomy mind as doeswideleg acame denim My obsession withbe unflattering oversized, jeans, and tie-dye evolution. It would difficult tofabrics; determine which of the styles I donned as a kid moraltitle. support, tissues, smiley face notes left on my desk, and even somewith delicious dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping my chicken leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, widelegasjeans, and tie-dye soup.My Looking back on the last couple of weeks, as miserable they were at times, this Mum and worein tosequins, the point of itsI extinction. That was a sad day in our dress covered which picked up second-hand shopping with my title. leggings with slouch socks spring mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled generosity of spirit from my peers was to a true silver lining. household. Mum and Magazine, wore the point of its extinction. That was a sad day in our My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans, and tie-dye covered into sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my like this At dress Metropol we are fortunate to learn about share many stories Ihousehold. also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that and my friend and I wore on leggings with spring to mind asThat does a denim styled and we areand witness to incredible philanthropy in was our community. recently, a Mum woreslouch to some thesocks point of its extinction. a sad 'cowgirl' day inJust our girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (nofriend longer theI wore case these I also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my and on dress sequins, whichenough I pickedto upattend second-hand withAuction my number of covered our teaminwere fortunate the Korushopping Care Charity Ball household. days) in fact out. started at around the age ofheeled six when I begged my parents forthese my girls' nights My preoccupation with shoes (no longer the case Mum and wore to the point of its extinction. That was a sad day in our dedicated to raising money for 24 special children tothat go on trip and of a Ilifetime. I also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels mythe friend wore on own pair of 'clip clops'. still vividly remember whenI they took me to buyfor them. days) in fact started at Iaround the with age of six when begged parents my household. In September, Ronald House South Island is running amy new fundraising girls' nights out. MyMcDonald preoccupation heeled shoes (no longer the case these Iown thinkpair I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. Idays) alsocalled can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore on initiative ‘Host A Roast’ where supporters invite their family or friends over for in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for my white, pointed heels with bows on. I think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 dinner and each guest makes a $20 donation to Ronald McDonald House South Island. girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (no longer the case these own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. The interesting thing with about a lot of theyour styles wefriends have banished to the back of Perhaps this is something you can do with own and family? Find out more at white, heels bows on. in fact started at around the agein ofthem six when begged my of parents for Idays) think Ipointed probably insisted on sleeping such Iwas the love these $20my our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style The pair interesting thing about a lot of remember the styles we have banished toto the back of own of 'clip clops'. I still vividly when they took me buy them. white, pointed heels with bows on. royalists decide giveisthem aof second wind. Have a minds/wardrobes think aboutto ainsisted random act kindness you’d like to off a friend, family that they back in er vogue style Iour think I probably on them such was the love ofwhen these $20member The interesting thing about asleeping lot offind theinthemselves styles we have banished to the back of Ultimately, fashion is anyou extremely subjective, personal thing, but I an believe one or even a stranger. Perhaps want to save it for when you’re having awful royalists decide to give them a second wind. white, pointed heels with bows on.find themselves back in vogue when styleday and our minds/wardrobes is that they of thetobest about donning something feelabout really proud of, isnot theexpecting you need findparts a silver lining. Because that’s theyou thing giving and Ultimately, fashion is anthem extremely personal thing, butto I the believe The interesting thing about a alot of subjective, the wind. styles we have banished backone of royalists decide to give second confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, I know I anything in return – it feels amazing. of the best parts about donning something you feel really proud of, is the our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, but I believe one also love theinjection. feeling that comes oversomewhat me when wearing a beautiful garment. confidence Despite a Tomboy theseof,days, I know I royalists decide give them abeing second wind.youof of the best partstoabout donning something feel really proud is the Ialso hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, but I believe one I confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, I know provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of The entire team at Metropol would like to dedicate today’s I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth of the best parts about donning something you feel really proud of, is the also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. RIP your own sartorial sins with friends and family. editor’s perspective tothis the late Margaret Quinn – some an some great Despite conversation weekend as these you share of I confidence injection. somewhat of a Tomboy days, Iyouth know Iprovides hope reading through some being of thestarters not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my Margaret irreplaceable part of our Christchurch community. Someone yourlove ownsome sartorial sins with friends and family. also the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. provides great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of Quinn whose generosity and legacy will always liveof on. I hope reading through some of theand not-so-fashionable hallmarks my youth your own sartorial sins with friends family. provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of your own sartorial sins with friends and family.

Kate Pierson Kate Pierson Kate Pierson Kate Pierson

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49 WEDDINGS Laid back locks


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Weddings Laid back locks





Cuisine Urban foraging


National Multi Award Winning Magazine






Metropol’s annual Fashion Forecast brings the best of seasonal style to your fingertips. The entire team expresses thanks to the amazing retailers involved as well as stylist, Tracy Ilton; photographer, Marcus Nee; Portfolio Models; Kristen Stewart School Of Makeup; O.G.B Bar & Café, and Dux Central. Front cover model: Lucy Wyma/ Portfolio Models Photographer: Allen Carbon/Carbon Journal Designer: Bridie Alman.


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25 AUGUST 2016 VOL 19 ISSUE 17

4 August 25, 2016 Metropol



Previously United Travel


VOUCHER for every new booking*

We’re still united by one thing... Welcome to YOU, the new travel company that’s all about one thing. YOU isn’t just our new name; it’s our whole philosophy of delivering an unrivalled travel experience to our customers. And while the faces are still the same, we’ve made a lot of changes that will take our service and products to the next level and beyond.

No one sees the world like you! YOU Travel Tower Junction

3/4 Troup Drive, Addington 03 341 8965

YOU Travel Ferrymead

960 Ferry Road 03 384 2700

*Conditions: The $100 voucher will apply to any new bookings made for a minimum of 2 people or more and must include air and land content to a minimum spend of $3,000. This promotion applies for bookings made from 20/8/16 - 30/9/16.

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Wizard Commodore AND THE

By Hans Petrovic

There’s no better way to get to know the Chatham Islands than to go on a tour there with two of the most eccentric characters of the isolated group of islands and Christchurch. © Samuel Miller 2016


6 August 25, 2016 Metropol


he light-hearted documentary, The Wizard & the Commodore, certainly does this by teaming up the Wizard of New Zealand and the Commodore of the Chathams. Film director Samuel Miller first met the Commodore (who likes to be known as Peat) about three years ago on a film scouting trip to the Chathams, the lowlying archipelago about 800 kilometres east of Christchurch. Samuel Miller made the documentary, Charles Luney – Master Builder, a couple of years ago. “I realised that he’s a real character. He does crayfishing and lives on freehold in the centre of the main island. He’s cantankerous and has been banned from the pub on many occasions,” Sam says. The islanders wanted to have a film made that truly reflected the people and the way they lived there, and Sam realised there couldn’t be a better person to team up with the Commodore than the Wizard (known to his friends as ‘Jack’) in such a documentary. Sam asked Peat to come to Christchurch so that he could meet Jack

and invite him to the islands, which the Wizard visited a couple of months ago. “It was a lot of fun. The Commodore is seriously weird, whereas I consider myself colourful - a radical activist and independent entrepreneur,” Jack says. “We got in the Commodore’s old car and drove around to meet people, and visit children at schools. It was a treat to go back to highly integrated rural communities on remote farms. There was also evidence of the unique Moriori culture and carvings. “We used to drink with people in pubs at night. They love to drink and smoke, and do other bad things that we’re not allowed to do in big cities.” There will be a single public screening of The Wizard & the Commodore at the Hollywood Cinema in Sumner at 7.30pm this Friday, 26 August, before it is taken to overseas film-festival screenings. Booking is essential, so be in quick! There will also be a two-week exhibition of the work of three Chathams artists at the adjoining Salt Restaurant.

poetic licence By Céline Gibson

On 19 August, in the Sydenham Room at South Library, some of Canterbury’s finest poets mingled with budding, emerging poets to read, recite and perform their poems in a celebration of this richly diverse literary genre. The event was Poetic Licence – an increasingly popular and highly respected night for poetry lovers.


n 2013, the South Island Writers Association (SIWA) was looking for ways to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary and three members - Gail Ingram, Barbara Strang and Mary Ridge – who were also members of Airing Cupboard Women Poets (ACWP), decided to bring the two organisations together for a poetry event. Recognising that National Poetry Day is 26 August (tomorrow!), they envisaged a night that would celebrate poetry and be a fitting prelude to NPD. Their vision became a reality and now Poetic Licence is affiliated with National Poetry Day, and has run for four years. Gail explains that the name Poetic Licence was born from their desire to give everyone the ‘licence’

to read, from novice poets through to established poets such as Bernadette Hall, Sugu Pillay, Roger Hickin, Karen Zelas, Barbara Strang and Helen Yong to name a few. In 2014, Lynn Tara Austin from ACWP and Kay Luff from SIWA joined Gail in running the event; this year Lynn and Kay co-hosted the event and what a fabulous job they did. Kay encapsulates what the event means to her. “Poetic Licence is an opportunity for poets of all levels to come together and share what they’ve created. It’s a supportive group where many in the audience catch the bug that is poetry.” Visit and

An increasingly popular and highly respected night for poetry lovers.

THE REVOLUTIONARY CONCERTINA LOUVRE Discover Australasia’s first retractable opening roof louvre. Unique Slideaway Technology. Designed and manufactured right here in Christchurch by Johnson & Couzins. 0800 664 083


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A crafty celebration

On Thursday 14 July, a crafty celebration took place at Monza Sports Bar, Christchurch Casino. The launch of the bar’s very own craft beer saw guests coming together to celebrate the journey of its creation.

Anna Taylor, Chris Horne

El Hulio Dimitrijevic, Sean Hutchinson, Steve Keats Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

George & Anna Deb Simpson Steph Stevens, Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Denise & Penny Liz Mills, Tracey Prince

Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey Sandra & Darryn Hintz, Vanessa Hutchins

Paul Mairan, Lewis McCue, Paul Donaldson, Christina Jo Nunnery, Lucy Beams, Peter Gill Andrew Myles Brown,Brown, Lawrence Dawson, Janet Vincent, Clayton Wallwork JanetWatson Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Liz Mills Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:




03 982 8280 73 Roydvale Ave, Christchurch For enquiries contact Nola Lamb 8 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Making your retirement move is even more accommodating, with a choice of two sought-after locations in Christchurch. The Russley Village, is set within 8 acres of award-winning gardens, creating the benchmark for quality over the past 5 years. Enquire now about the Sefton Apartments, this building will also contain the indoor swimming pool complex. Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds with an extensive range of facilities including restaurant, café, garden lounge, cinema, library and hair salon. The village offers a range of care and extra support services delivered to your apartment. We currently have a beautiful selection of studio, one and two bedroom apartments available.

03 351 2679 123 Fendalton Rd, Christchurch For enquiries contact Nola Lamb

SHOWROOM: 293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137 75 Kingsley St. Sydenham Christchurch Ph.03 366 7199 Metropol August 25, 2016 9

Living The


Lara Marshall, founder of THE COLLECT and all-round creative legend, is a breath of fresh air. Living the professional dream, she is a bona fide and self-made success story in every sense of the expression. Opposed to sycophancy and greatly in favour of determination, Lara talks to Metropol about how leaving home as a teenager to travel the world was the making of a life less ordinary.

How would you describe your occupation? Like most people these days I wear a number of hats. Firstly I am the Studio Manager of THE COLLECT co-working space in the CBD. Secondly I am a freelance event producer and thirdly, I am a freelance illustrator and artist. How did your career evolve to this point? I studied Fashion and Textiles at the Istituto di Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy where I explored the different facets of the Fashion Design Industry. After this I moved to Sydney with the intention of getting an internship at a fashion design studio where I managed to secure a position with Sydney based designer Daniel Avakian. Following this I interned for his PR agency who was a sister company to experiential events agency

10 August 25, 2016 Metropol

the projects*; they gave me a shot and offered me a full time job as an Account Manager working with clients such as ABSOLUT, Stoneleigh Wines, Vodafone, Audi, Red Bull, Westfield, EA Sports, Bauer Media etc. I worked full time with the projects* on various events and wound up becoming an Account Executive, Producer and Fashion Show Caller. As a freelancer I work with various companies in Australia and Hong Kong including producing shows for Australia and Hong Kong Fashion Weeks. All of my freelance work is based overseas so I initially work from New Zealand on pre-production and then travel over to execute the event. As an illustrator I have often been contracted to sketch up the event which I end up producing so it’s quite a nice little symbiotic work relationship.

Design and illustration was always a strong element of my studies so it’s great to be able to improve my skills working on the different client briefs sent my way. THE COLLECT shared office space evolved from my desire to create something for the city. The initiative could have only eventuated from my experience as a producer handling large accounts and creativity born from an artistic background. What have been some of the biggest hurdles you have overcome? One of the major hurdles I have overcome were the limitations that one sets in one’s mind when embarking on opening up a business. You always have the struggle of self-doubt and fear of failure that can cripple plans. Even though there have been some tough

moments, by developing a positive mindset and strong support network, the challenges could be navigated. Moving out of home and overseas to a foreign country when I was 17 was definitely a hurdle to overcome. I think this experience really helped shape me and gave me the capacity to take risks and put myself into unchartered territories where I developed a strong sense of self. What are the three top standout moments from your career to date? Having my illustration work accepted and published in international publication CURVY was a major win as it has always inspired me with pages filled with amazing female artists from all over the world. The same piece of artwork was also a finalist in the Cliftons International Art Prize, so that was nice too. My first year producing and calling shows at Hong Kong Fashion Week was initially an imposing experience as I had to liaise with a whole new set of clients and a different culture to pull off shows all in the space of a month. It was terrifying but rewarding and when it all went to plan it was a moment that I can reflect on with a smile (and a sigh of relief!). Thirdly, the pure energy and output that has gone into actually conceptualising a space, creating it from scratch, and opening it up as a business has been a standout moment. I have to say I’ve learnt a lot and am still learning! What are your top goals for the next five years? One goal I am working towards is to produce a body of artworks in order to put on my first solo exhibition. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ve created enough pieces to confidently say, ‘I’m ready’. Another goal is to progress THE COLLECT by continuing to strengthen our working community and to open our doors to members of the public

with some compelling after hours creative workshops etc…watch this space. Lastly I’d love to embark on a major surf holiday to a remote location with my close friends where we can divide our time between riding glassy waves and helping out the local community with volunteer work so we can give back to their environment. I think what Surfaid charity does is brilliant so if I could do anything like that in my lifetime then that would be one to tick off the bucket list.

central city needed an inspiring working environment similar to the communities I was involved with overseas and thus the idea of THE COLLECT was born. The office has been thoughtfully curated using a selection of new and recycled materials to create a warm and inviting space where people instantly feel at home. The office is fully serviced including a selection of meeting rooms,

Tell us about your co-sharing workspace THE COLLECT was born from the desire to bring together a collaborative community in the heart of the citys’ CBD. I was living in Sydney when the quakes hit and following this I felt a real pull to come home and help pour my energy back into the rebuild. At first I didn’t quite know how this would look but I noticed a real distribution and spread of professional creatives over Chistchurch with no specific space to come together and connect. Working remotely I personally felt displaced and that the

kitchens and bathroom facilities and is fortunate to be located within Kensington House, a strengthened 1930’s heritage building standing proudly at it’s original site on Manchester Street. We have a variety of different individuals and industries rubbing shoulders here including: digital marketers, PR & communications specialists, education recruiters, commercial project managers, geotechnical engineers, a journalist, designers, photographers and even a cake maker.

I work with various companies in Australia and Hong Kong including producing shows for Australia and Hong Kong Fashion Weeks.

No one understands the value of a family home better than a family. It pays to shop around to compare all your options. Call us today.

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Ray White Merivale 174a Papanui Road (03) 929 0272 • 0272 28 28 46 Metropol August 25, 2016 11

The tale of the handsome

SILVER TABBY There is nothing Ourvets loves more than a furry ‘tail’ (pun intended) with a happy ending.


By Geoff Mehrtens, Veterinarian at Our Vets


12 August 25, 2016 Metropol

ilem is a handsome silver tabby whose ‘nine-lives’ luck has definitely been tested. After he disappeared for a couple of weeks and his owner had almost given up hope of seeing him again, he miraculously appeared. Limping on arrival home, it was clear Silem’s wild adventure had got him into a lot of trouble. He had a terrible open sore under his left foreleg. Dirty, smelly and underweight, he was very much worse for wear. When owner Tina examined him closely she was able to see his left foreleg had become caught through his collar. The collar had then sawed through the tissue in his armpit as he moved around. Maybe he had been trapped somewhere and got caught up as he tried to escape? Over the course of a couple of months, Silem underwent multiple surgeries in an attempt to close the wound – a common occurrence unfortunately due to the excessive movement that occurs in this location.

With no resolution in sight, Tina brought her lovely boy to see us at Ourvets to see what we could do to help. We were pleased to see that Silem had maintained a great attitude throughout, and when I met him, he was still very friendly and allowed me to examine him without protest. My favourite kind of cat! Due to the ongoing issues with his wound, we needed to take a more radical approach to repair the wound once and for all. A broad curving incision was made up towards the spine. This mobilised a large skin flap from the shoulder, which was then rotated down to the elbow to allow the wound to heal without tension. Cool, calm and collected, Silem had to tolerate a restrictive bandage for several days as the wound healed - his relaxed temperament was just what the doctor ordered! With the sutures eventually removed, the wound had healed well and Silem is back doing whatever he pleases, just as a cat should.


It is no coincidence that success stories involving a tenacious individual disproving the odds are the ones that resonate most with us. They appeal to our sense of justice and the survival instinct that has remained with us throughout evolution.


t takes mere moments with award-winning Mike Pero Northwood owner, Tariq Kundan, to see that his journey and his success have been extraordinary. Tariq has never been the type to let circumstances dictate his fortune - his ambition, accrued knowledge and hardearned experience are at the heart of his first-class reputation and sales history. Originally from Pakistan, Tariq grew up in an impoverished environment – a stark contrast from his current success. “I have been working in real estate since 2003. In 2008, there was a Global Financial Crisis. I sold more properties than ever before. When others were giving up, I kept going.” Wedded to a simple but significant philosophy ‘hard work pays in the long-term’, Tariq’s customer centric approach definitely fits in the ‘above and beyond duty’ category. “Hard work beats any degree. Every day I

make my ten most important calls before 10am. I am knocking on doors when clients wish to purchase a house on a particular street where there are no houses for sale. “My focus is never on the commission, I am all about making the seller and buyer happy.” Tariq is an impressive orator and a great communicator – he doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ though. He passionately practices what he preaches and believes he can sell a client house within three weeks of a marketing campaign. “Houses are like a wheelbarrow – lift them up and give them a push every day. “I am true to my word and my clients hear from me every step of the way – I communicate with them at least three to four times a week during a sale.” See the evidence for yourself – visit Tariq at Mike Pero Northwood, 356F Main North Road or call 0800 700 111.

“Houses are like a wheelbarrow – lift them up and give them a push every day.” Tariq Kundan

Tariq Kundan Brand & Territory Owner 0800 700 111 • 027 440 1908 356F Main North Road, Christchurch Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)


Architectural Design

Interior Designer

Quantity Surveyor

Design & Build

Project Management

Properties for Sale

Visit or call Colin 027 432 2364 Metropol August 25, 2016 13


It all began with Lauren discussing her approaching fiftieth birthday with her friend Mandy. She wanted to make it a special celebration and Mandy mentioned Lauren’s long held desire to go Horse Trekking. A plan was formulated and the ‘accidental society’ was born.


An accidental society

By Céline Gibson

“Our treks are about comradeship and having time out from family and work pressures.”

n July 2013, Lauren, Mandy and four friends embarked on their first trek in the breathtaking Rubicon Valley. Their second trek, for Mandy’s fiftieth, was to Erewhon, but this time their party numbered eight. Their third trek was to Peel Forest which they repeated this year. Ladies Who Trek comprises a chef; a florist; a viticulturist; a helicopter pilot; two farmers; two gift shop owners; an equestrian mum, and a very busy mum. “We’re like-minded women but we have different lives,” Lynda explains. “Our treks are about comradeship and having time out from family and work pressures.” Gourmet food is a must on their treks – cheese and fruit platters, delicatessen meats and hearty soups. Every trek begins with the

mandatory ‘Lavish Breakfast’ accompanied by bubbles. When asked where the ladies see themselves in ten years time, there’s a chorus of exclamations. “Still trekking – the big six zero!” They reel off their ‘Bucket List’: Hyde Park, Melbourne vineyards and Central Park, New York. Closer to home would be Wanaka, Queenstown and Glenorchy. “Glenorchy would be amazing,” Sandy says. “Beautiful!” sigh the others. The photos on their Facebook page are a worthy testament to some remarkable journeys. “We wanted to show that turning fifty isn’t the end of the world; it’s only a number,” Lauren says. Ladies – you’re an inspiration to us all; long may your trekking continue.



14 August 25, 2016 Metropol



Shooting for the


On Wednesday 29 June, a very attractive brand joined the already generous offering at Barrington. A celebration took place to mark the opening of the iconic Silvermoon store.

Sarah Gilogley, Laura Clarke, Debbie Gilogley

Kelly McCall, Stephanie Kaye

Stephanie Kaye, Melissa Wieblitz

Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Liz Mills, Tracey Prince

Chris & Janice Barnes Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey

Alana Rose, Sarah Taal, Rosie Hebden

Sue Holt (winner of Pandora bracelet), Simon Thwaites Hayley Smith, Jessica Smith, Kate Dowman (Store Manager), Simon Thwaites (Managing Andrew Brown, Janet Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Michaela Fenton Director), MelissaLawrence WieblitzDawson, (Operations Manager) Janet Vincent, (Managing Director) Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Liz Mills Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder Photos PhotosbybyJane JaneWyles WylesPhotography Photography- -for forcopies copiesemail:

Metropol August 25, 2016 15

A fashionable fundraiser for philanthropy Many women can relate to having that ‘I have nothing to wear moment!’ as their wardrobe looms ominously in front of them.


ortunately, fashionistas need never fear this reality again thanks to a comedy-filled fundraiser for Plunket. On Monday 5 September the doors of a Lincoln University lecture theatre will be thrown wide open for the Plunket hosted ‘What a Woman Wants Make your Look New Collection’ event. With bubbles and tapas on offer, and raffles throughout, the night promises giggles aplenty with the famed New Zealand stylist Lisa O’Neill taking front and centre stage. Lisa is the author of the book Look Gorgeous, Be Happy: What a Woman Wants and has appeared on TVNZ’s Good Morning programme. The name of Lisa’s Lincoln show, ‘What a Woman Wants’ is taken from the title of her book. It is all about learning what to wear, how to dress, how to make the

best of yourself and feel great. “Never before have the areas of Lincoln and Rolleston had such a residential expansion of families, many of them with babies and pre-schoolers. This has made the services of Plunket increasingly important locally,” says Lincoln Plunket Committee member Penny Curran. The event is a fundraiser for the Lincoln and Rolleston Plunket groups and all profits will go towards the local work of Plunket in the Lincoln and Rolleston areas. “Volunteers to support the services and activities of Plunket in the Lincoln-Rolleston areas are urgently needed,” Penny says. Tickets are on sale at For further information about volunteering or the event please phone Kate Lindsay on 027 276 9275.

All profits will go towards the local work of Plunket in the Lincoln and Rolleston areas.



WHAT A WOMAN WANTS Monday 5 September 2016 Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 7.30pm Stewart 1 Lecture Theatre, Lincoln University Tickets $30 include a complimentary glass of bubbles/wine and finger food on arrival. Cash bar and raffles available. Tickets available from For more information please contact Kate Lindsay on 027 276 9275 or

Proudly sponsored by

16 August 25, 2016 Metropol

in support of

move On the

with independence

An electric mobility scooter can restore independence and self-confidence. Kim Hix of More Mobility explains. “If for whatever reason someone is no longer able to drive a vehicle, but still wants to be able to get around on their own and not be a burden on others, then a mobility scooter may well be the solution.”


A scooter provides freedom.

ore Mobility certainly has a wide range of mobility scooters to choose from. In the showroom you can see five different brands with a variety of models under each brand. There are small ones that can be pulled apart to fit into a car and then there are large ones that can often replace a car and have a range up to 50 kilometres on fully charged batteries. “We match the person to the scooter, assessing a person’s height and weight and the type of terrain that the scooter will be used on. It’s a bit like buying a pair of shoes; one size doesn’t fit all. The scooter must be the right fit. Customers receive tuition at the shop

Do you struggle to get out of your chair or operate your lazy boy?

to begin with and then, on delivery, we spend up to an hour tutoring in their own environment ensuring familiarity and safety.” Kim says that malls, shops and supermarkets are very receptive to mobility scooters. There are other advantages too in that no registration or W.O.F is required and scooters are covered as part of contents insurance. “People may no longer be able to drive, but their life is definitely not over. A scooter provides freedom.” More Mobility is located at 113 Blenheim Road, Riccarton. Phone 0800 666 222 or email

Bes Rangt Ope e Satu n rday s

A lift chair is the answer to lift you to a standing position by the simple push of a button, also lifts the leg rest and reclines with ease. Various models and colours available in store now.

113 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 3460 or 0800 666 222

Rooms Available

Beautifully appointed with award winning gardens located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, restaurants, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries and facility tours welcome, please telephone 3555888 for an appointment.

Metropol August 25, 2016 17



Sweet tunes come to Christchurch

Cindy, Briged, Kelly, Natalie, Monique Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

Janet Vincent, Ameria,Maria Lava O’Halloran, Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder

On Saturday 2 July Dim 7th Jazz and Whisky Bar came alive with the beautiful sound of the iconic musician Stan Walker. Coined ‘an intimate gig’, the event offered a VIP package involving a 10 course degustation menu with wine matching.

Helen & Hayley Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Dean & Jo, Mary & John Liz Mills, Tracey Prince

Andrew Brown, Lawrence Dawson, Amber, Jemma Paul Tweedale

Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey

Vincent, Diane, Janet Michelle, Debbie, Jimmy Maria O’Halloran Liz Mills

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Are you or someone you know considering buying or selling property? I would love to help! I am committed to outstanding service and a professional experience. Call me today for a free appraisal or no obligation chat. Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

03 322 1197 M: 021 388 924



18 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Manny McIvor Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY There is more than one path to a successful career. Hagley College acknowledges that each of its students is different from the other; in fact it welcomes this diversity, in the way they think, look and learn.


ourses available at Hagley are similarly diverse, catering to a wide range of learners from Year 9 through to specialist courses, After 3 education classes, and Tertiary Pathways programmes. Hagley offers a number of Tertiary Pathways, either pre-tertiary programmes such as its School of Animation and Design and the well-known School of Fashion, or a number of other courses that have been developed in conjunction with the University of Canterbury. “Our new options through the Schools of Pre-Tertiary Computing, Pre-Engineering, and Sports and Recreation Leadership,

are aimed at people who are looking to follow a university pathway,” Principal Mike Fowler says. This allows for a little flexibility for students; if a senior student is interested in animation and design then they are able to follow this direction, and if University Entrance has been missed or someone has been out of study for some time, a Certificate in University Preparation is available. A staggering 150 subjects are available to senior students, with Hagley’s flexible multi-level approach to learning meaning students are better able to individualise their education options.

With Hagley’s flexible multilevel approach students are better able to individualise their education options. “We work from the level that’s right for you,” Mike says. Hagley College will be holding its Senior College Open Night on Thursday 15 September from 5.30 – 7.30 pm. For more information and to view the prospectus for 2016, visit or call 379 3090.

We’ve got your next step sorted.

Take the next step with one of Hagley’s tertiary pathway programmes or specialist courses. From Pre-Engineering and Sports Leadership to Cuisine, Fashion, Pre-Health and Animation, Hagley has a range of courses designed to pathway you to tertiary study or help you gain real skills for work. Visit our website today for more information on your study options for 2017!

Senior College Open Night | September 15, 5:30pm-7:30pm | (03) 379 3090

AN OPEN DAY NOT TO BE MISSED!! For Indoor & Outdoor Living


You are welcome to visit my display area here at Knockdolian September 3rd & 4th

Knockdolian 505 - Deans Road, Rd1, Dareld Ph. 03 318 3636 or 027 324 2327 Metropol August 25, 2016 19

buyer and a seller, we’ll make it work.” Local salesperson Slade Hocking knows the Canterbury market extremely well, including negotiating around any earthquake related issues and working through recent changes to legislation. For those wishing to sell, Property Ventures

“ In the world of investment property it can be very helpful to have experienced advice from those who own rental properties themselves. Property Ventures has expert knowledge in the local markets, providing services in property investment sales and purchases.

Invest in the best I

t is a case of bringing the business back to its roots, with owner Mark Honeybone recently expanding Property Ventures to his original hometown of Christchurch. “We do things a little bit differently,” says Mark, with the team also acting as buyers agents for select clients. “If we’ve got a

THE TEAM PREFERS TO WORK CLOSELY WITH THE TENANTS TO ENSURE THE SALE PROCESS FLOWS AS SMOOTHLY AS POSSIBLE. has the adaptability to work around its clients’ needs. If this means no open homes or ‘For Sale’ sign out front, no problem. The team prefers to work closely with the tenants to ensure the sale process flows as smoothly as possible, bringing through only truly interested buyers sourced from its own vast database. Recent sales of investment properties have included 19 apartments at Leicester Executive Apartments on Madras Street, and properties at St Martins Green, with some of the latter still open for purchase. Visit for more information. To register for the New Zealand Property Podcast featuring interviews with property specialists and top performers in the New Zealand property industry, visit Facebook, and contact Property Ventures on 0800 NZ PROPERTY and

Good things come in 4’s 442 Armagh Street, Christchurch

Sponsored by Property Ventures

New Zealand’s only Property Podcast Listen to: • Free education • New Zealand Property Experts • Successful Property Investors 20 August 25, 2016 Metropol

• • • • • • •

4 stylish 4-bedroom Townhouses Close to city centre and the 2 avenues Split over two levels All units come tenanted until February 2017 with the combined rents totalling $1960 per week Solid investment to enhance your portfolio Can buy one, two or all four $470,000 for one or $1,850,000 for all four

Slade Hocking Christchurch Salesperson Licensed under REAA 2008

Phone: 0800 NZ PROPERTY Mobile: 021 224 0440 Email:

Property Ventures Real Estate Limited REAA 2008



Rocking it out

On Friday 1 July, rockabilly and vintage inspired clothing and accessory brand Kabella Baby celebrated the opening of its store. Based at Shop 2, Parkside Plaza, 333 Harewood Road, the beautiful store is a treasure trove of visual treats.

Tasha Pearson, Martha Baxendell, Kaye Clyne, Harley, Danielle Jasmine Clark, Robbie Baigent, Carl Taylor & Tyler Cooper Judy Wilson, Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Liz Mills, Tracey Prince Tracey Dempsey Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

Kaye Clyne (owner)

Jennine White,Lyn JanetKaye Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Bates, Clyne Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder

Andy & Kaye Clyne Dawson, Andrew Brown, Lawrence Paul Tweedale

Janet Vincent, Maria O’Halloran

Liz Mills

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol August 25, 2016 21


“There are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the Milky Way—about 422 trees per person” – National Geographic, 2016


t is difficult to overstate the beauty of our natural environment. In recognition and full appreciation of this fact, it is fair to surmise that the gifted ‘green fingers’ among us should be credited with carrying out some of the most important work in the world. The extensive network of strategic partners and loyal clients of arborist icon Treetech would hardly beg to differ. Synonymous with environmentally responsible operation, Treetech is the largest and most successful privately owned tree company in New Zealand. In 2016, the highly regarded business is celebrating 20 years of helping to shape our environment in Christchurch. Working across residential and commercial markets, Treetech is leading the way in urban forestry. The very fabric of the business was built around a genuine desire to care for and preserve trees or ‘assets’ for future generations. The establishment and success of this innovative enterprise by Chris Walsh was no mean feat. Explained with gusto and palpable adoration by wife Nikki Walsh, also at the helm of the organisation, Treetech came about when Chris was busy fighting fires – of the literal kind. Founded in 1994, Treetech set down roots in

22 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Christchurch a couple of years later (’96) and swiftly earned itself a commendable reputation. From pruning and stump grinding to tree removal, hedge trimming and landscaping, the business does it all. Maintaining impeccable standards, Chris and his team have cultivated an incredible work ethic that transcends all departments of the business. The strategic partnerships Treetech has built with local Councils and businesses across industry is true testament to how highly regarded the team is. Its work with local Government means Treetech is responsible for all the gardens and street trees in the beautiful Garden City. The iconic red and yellow Treetech uniforms are seemingly as much a part of our recreational and residential landscapes as the native flora and fauna in our midst. Despite the palpable competition that exists in the marketplace, Nikki says it is Chris’ unwavering tenacity that has seen the business go from strength to strength. “He has created a well-established, large company and goes above and beyond for his staff. “He is naturally a very fair and approachable person with an open door for staff facing challenges. The culture at Treetech is very open and if someone was to knock on Chris’ door for work, he would open it. The staff are well looked after with rewards, staff




functions and accolades like ‘arborist of the month’. We give away movie vouchers and gifts at Christmas.” The business continually invests in training and development for staff. Chris takes 20 people on each year and guides them through a three year apprenticeship. “Our apprentices are really fortunate to work alongside some of the wisest and most skilled heads in the arboriculture industry - they end up with an internationally recognised qualification they can travel the world with,” Nikki comments.

He has created a well-established, large company and goes above and beyond for his staff.”

Hayden, Paige & Sarah Wells

Nikki & Chris Walsh

Tom Pearce, Sam Cody

Christine, Chris & Howard Walsh, Amy Harding

Nikki Walsh In addition to a strong team environment, the success of Treetech harks back to its innovative technology – an area of the business Chris is particularly passionate about having studied off-shore. Chris accrued experience studying and working in England and as a member of the International Society of Arboriculture Board, he brings international technological advances to Aotearoa. New to the fleet is the largest Treespade in the South Island, which allows the team to seamlessly transplant substantial trees at a much lower cost than competitors still digging by hand. “Our Consultancy Team is also developing innovative Plant Healthcare practices that will keep us ahead of the rest of the market for years to come,” Nikki explains. Needless to say, Chris’ entrepreneurialism is innate and has been so since day dot. “Chris actually started Treetech when he was a full-time fire fighter and was running a cucumber plant too,” Nikki explains. “Chris is driven because he wants to be the best – moving forward, our acceleration of growth will require us to relocate and we are very much focused on this, as well as continuing to deliver excellence. The team is regularly competing in regional and national tree climbing competitions and we normally win – for us the sky’s the limit!” Watch this space… P. 0800 192 172 E.

Sheldon Tuhi, Tim Rilstone

Kyah Tooley

Ash (Tree!), Nikki, Cohnor, Chris, Bridie & Caitlin Walsh

The Team Metropol August 25, 2016 23


nest of thoughtfully chosen eclectic pieces of jewellery from around the globe - or create your own in store with the unrivalled collections of beads and gewgaws, as myriad as the candy colours reflected in the windows. Bespoke diamond jewellers rub shoulders with artisan cuisine and handcrafted foods – cookies, gelato, pizza, patisserie or cakes, fabulous wines and malt whiskies.

Change upon change, it has always retained its quirky identity.

A beauty for the


Famed for its historical significance and Spanish mission style architecture, New Regent Street in the heart of the Garden City is a beauty for the ages.


fficially opened in 1932 as a ray of colour and hope in the depth of The Depression, the colourful, terraced street has witnessed profound change throughout the years, most notably during the Canterbury Earthquakes. Change upon change, it has always retained its quirky identity. Christchurch’s only complete heritage streetscape, New Regent Street’s

distinctive pastel colour scheme and generous helping of decadent eateries along with a stylish showcase of retail hotspots, delights locals and foreigners alike. The hustle and bustle of outdoor dining and socialising is pleasantly interrupted by the rumble of the trams. Fossick in each and every store, and find treasures in abundance – Beadz Unlimited is a magpies’

Indulge the senses further via newly opened ‘The Piano’ Music Centre. The stunning space is an acoustic paradise for songbirds and the musically gifted. From grand opera through to grassroots performances, chamber music to Indian Street Theatre, The Piano is ‘the’ stomping ground for the culturally hungry and adventurous. Music Alive (formerly The Christchurch Clef Music Club) is beyond thrilled at this new addition to the recreational scene as it lost its performance venue – the Christchurch Music Centre – following the earthquakes. The Piano will play the beautiful and ever-accommodating host to the club moving forward, with a celebration taking place on Wednesday 28 September. The Isaac Theatre Royal (ITR) sits regally at the other end of New Regent Street. From ballet to bellylaughs, the ITR’s season is as rich as the gilded ceiling check out Top Dog Theatre’s Teechers in the new Gloucester Room Fringe theatre space, for wacky wit and mayhem; marvel at watching one of the fabulous NZIFF films showcased in a real theatre; for that ultimate feel of luxury, soar with Evita, and sigh with Swan Lake. Cathedral Junction is across the way, and the Danceomat and Margaret Mahy playground all add to this quirky, unique space in the heart of the city.






Kristin Cameron, Rudy Ann-Marie Gomez, Bronwyn MansonSheehan, Andrew Hamilton

On Thursday 7 July guests at Chinwag were treated to complimentary cocktails and canapes to celebrate the launch of the restaurant’s Belvedere Vodka “win a trip to New York” promotion.

Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb & (Ballantynes) Christine Charlotte Lewis-West

Liz Mills, Tracey Prince Andrew Kidd, Larissa & Andrew Hamilton

Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey

Andrew Brown, Lawrence Dawson, Janet Vincent, Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Tony Astle, DavidJanet Warring, Marianne & Aimee Whall, Jenna Cox Ally & Lee Morris Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Paul Johnston Liz Mills Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder Steve Wolvekamp Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Chris Casserole, Nick Henare

Peter Tawa, Sarah Deaker, Kristine Durie

Andy Lamont, Marcus Stufkens

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol August 25, 2016 25


TOP By Nicholas Henare


QUEENSTOWN Realistically, what’s not to love about Queenstown? This geographical beauty is infinitely generous – our top ten list goes some way to showcasing its sensational perks.

Skiing. Just twenty minutes from Queenstown is Coronet Peak. Easy access up a sealed road, modern facilities, extensive snowmaking and grooming plus the rolling off-piste terrain makes it a truly world class ski area. Night Skiing on Fridays and Saturdays until 9pm (unique to Coronet Peak).

Hulbert House. Queenstown’s newest offer, this beautifully restored Victorian Villa dates back to 1888. Hulbert House offers a luxury, boutique accommodation experience suitable for all discerning international and domestic travellers. Situated a short walk from the Queenstown centre, six uniquely designed suites all offer stunning views. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, refreshments during the day and pre-dinner drinks and canapes before you head downtown to one of the many restaurants and bars.

The Fox. There’s a world first happening in Queenstown’s Shotover Canyon and it’s guaranteed to start a new ‘fox’ revolution. Shotover Canyon Swing, the world’s highest cliff jump operator, has taken ‘scariness’ to whole new levels with its latest product – a gnarly ‘Zipline’ The much anticipated Shotover Canyon Fox drops adrenalin junkies from the world’s first ‘rail launch’ system 182 metres above the Shotover River.

Paint ‘n’ Sip. Paint ‘n’ Sip has been attracting locals and tourists since it opened two years ago, quickly growing to become a well-loved Queenstown establishment. Express your inner artist and enjoy a tipple at the same time. Great for hens nights or weekends away! 26 August 25, 2016 Metropol

1.2. 3. 4.







The Rata. Michelin Chef, Josh Emmet, and Fleur Caulton have created a hidden gem of dining in central Queenstown. Tucked away, this culinary delight is a must do - every mouthful is a taste sensation. 43 Ballarat Street, find it! The luge and the gondola. Two adventures to be experienced at the same time. The vista from the stratosphere bar at the top is truly memorable and taking the luge is a real pulse raiser.

The TSS Earnslaw. A real taste of yesteryear, it’s a wonderful way to experience Lake Wakatipu and take a journey back in time. A 1.5 hour trip is well worth the cost and you can experience the romance of steam ship travel. Bungy Jumping! The birth place of AJ Hackett’s bungee jump. Based at the Kawarau bridge at the entry to Queenstown, do you have the inner strength to face the perilous drop to the river below? A stunning vista worth visiting in it’s own right. The adrenaline flows and many a peer has been pressured to take the mighty plunge.

The Shotover jet. The world’s most exciting jet boat ride, in winter it can be a brisk experience to power down the Shotover in these Hamilton Jet boats. The skill of the driver leaves you gasping for every chilled breath on this iconic Queenstown experience. Appellation Central Wine Tours. Departing from Queenstown these wine tours take you off the beaten track into the heart of Central Otago, a wine region famous for its outstanding coolclimate wines, boutique vineyards, dramatic scenery and a fascinating pioneering history – the perfect South Island and New Zealand wine tour destination.


here are many brands of hair extensions currently on the market, and unfortunately, many are of low standards. However, Hair Art & Beauty only stocks Great Lengths hair extensions, which are hugely different: they are ethically sourced, 100% natural human hair, treated with the utmost care, and in perfect condition ready for you. Starting with their ground-breaking keratin bonds, Great Lengths extensions have much more to offer than other brands can. These bonds boast a structure designed to mimic human hair; the bonds are able to expand and contract with hair, therefore maintaining the condition of both the extensions and the hair.


“ Great Lengths Hair extensions give us the freedom to experiment with different lengths, colours, and textures without the damage or commitment. Almost all your favourite Hollywood stars have used hair extensions to change their look at some point- so why not try it for yourself? H&B is proud to offer clients the opportunity to experience high grade hair extensions; tailored to their style and preferences!

The initial 15-minute consultation at H&B is complimentary. The process of applying Great Lengths extensions at H&B involves the use of a specially designed machine, molding the bonds around tiny sections of hair. As the tong is only heated to about the lowest temperature of a curling wand, there is no need to fear damage to hair, and the result is unnoticeable bonds that are brush-able and durable. The 100% human hair is bought from temples at the top of the Tirumala Hills in India, then carefully de-pigmented and pigmented to create the exact colour needed. In fact, Great Lengths is the only hair extension company that does not use harmful chemicals such as ammonia in the de-pigmentation process, preserving the perfect condition of the hair! The application process at H&B takes 2-4 hours, depending on the number of packets that are needed, and the team also offers maintenance programmes and Great Length products to keep up the optimum quality of extensions. The initial 15-minute consultation at H&B is complimentary, so why not go in for a chat with one of the friendly team members? It could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to give you confidence, glamour, and sophistication! Give the salon a call on: 381 8939 to book a consultation appointment, or alternatively, read more information or book online at

Metropol August 25, 2016 27

Victoria, Portfolio Models.

FASHION FORECAST Come Spring our closets are pining for a sartorial spruce up. Play with the possibilities & wear what’s in vogue your way. Photographer: Marcus Nee. Stylist: Tracy Ilton.

Curate by Trelise Cooper dress, $249. Adidas sneakers $150. Status Anxiety bag, $275. Le Specs sunglasses, $159. From Ballantynes. Curate by Trelise Cooper dress, $249. Adidas sneakers $150. Status Anxiety bag, $275. Le Specs sunglasses, $159. From Ballantynes.

28 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Bella, Portfolio Models.

From floaty frocks in romantic fabrics through to pants tailored to perfection, the stylish vision for this Spring is focused on functional beauty.

Mary & Lou Indian Princess Boheme Goddess Day Dress, $169.

Now in Merivale #xp›ħ



176a Papanui Road - Merivale Metropol August 25, 2016 29

Bree, Portfolio Models.

Retrospec’d Tahitian Dream dress, $220. Hell Bunny petticoat, $79. Pop that Cassette hair accessory, $25. Splendette earrings, $22. Splendette bangle, $25. From Kabella Baby.

Discover our NEW Concept store

HAIR COFFEE CLOTHING 485 Papanui Rd (Bellvue Ave) P. 03 354 4994

嘀椀攀眀 琀栀攀 猀瀀爀椀渀最  挀漀氀氀攀挀琀椀漀渀猀 漀渀氀椀渀攀⸀⸀⸀⸀  氀漀漀欀戀漀漀欀猀Ⰰ 椀搀攀愀猀Ⰰ  猀栀漀瀀瀀椀渀最⸀⸀⸀⸀  漀爀 琀爀礀 琀栀攀 爀愀渀最攀 椀渀 猀琀漀爀攀

昀愀猀栀椀漀渀簀猀椀稀攀猀 ㄀㐀⬀

圀圀圀⸀娀䔀䈀刀䄀一伀⸀䌀伀⸀一娀  ㄀㘀㤀 嘀椀挀琀漀爀椀愀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䌀栀爀椀猀琀挀栀甀爀挀栀  吀  ㌀ ㌀㔀㔀 㠀㠀㈀   䄀氀猀漀 䄀甀挀欀氀愀渀搀Ⰰ 䠀愀洀椀氀琀漀渀Ⰰ 圀攀氀氀椀渀最琀漀渀     稀攀戀爀愀渀漀⸀挀漀⸀渀稀 30 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Lily, Portfolio Models.

Obi Opaque Soft Coat, $347. Obi Serpent Dress, $377. From Zebrano.

Sumarie, Portfolio Models.

Soeur Design pants, $169. Silk vest, $230.

Mary, Portfolio Models.

Untouched World lofty merino cardi, $379. Singlet in ecru, $149. Wide pant, $299.

Metropol August 25, 2016 31

Ashleigh, Portfolio Models.

Loose curls or tamed updos are the perfect companion for pared-back makeup or a lip that pops. Come Spring, make a spectacle of yourself – in a good way – with elegant eyewear. Be playful with accessories and opt for some arm-candy in the form of an oversized handbag that boasts looks, form and function. Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend so let yourself shine this season.

JNBY dress, $299.99. Classic biker jacket, $849.99

32 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Hair: Corkin + Friends. Makeup: Kristen Stewart School of Makeup. Models: Portfolio Models. Locations: O.G.B Bar & Cafe. Emerald Room & Poplar Social Club, Dux Central.

Mel, Portfolio Models.

Polished Diamonds: Diamond pendant: 1.00ct, $7950. Martini stud earrings: 2.00ct total, $15950. Diamond tennis bracelet: 5.50ct, $9820. Cushion cut halo ring: 1.80ct, $12500.

Metropol August 25, 2016 33

The gift of professional photography. Father’s Day Black and White mini session special $245 Includes sitting fee and a 10x8” B&W print of your children. Conditions apply, see website for details.

Nails to impress Quality Professional Nail Supplies, Education and Nail Art, Professional INM Products.

Nailx Beauty Supplies

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Photography by Catherine Smith Ph. 022 3245092

‘Adding the edge’ Maya Top $269.90 Plaza Pant $269.90 Available from

Repertoire in The Colombo Mall 363 Colombo Street, Sydenham Ph. 366 1200

Our focus is on handcrafted clothing using the finest natural materials. With truly styling, and a following overseas for the past 22 years...we are excited to have the very first New Zealand flagship store open in Merivale, Christchurch.

JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) 205c Papanui Road, Merivale Phone: 03 355 4012 Opens 6 days

Peaks of perfect dress. Hot pink $189. Check our Facebook for the complete range, or call 03 3561511 for pre-orders.

Dear No-One

36 Holmwood Road, Merivale 34 August 25, 2016 Metropol

The stunning new Untouched World™ Spring/Summer 1617 Collection is now in store and online…. Untouched World™ Flagship Store and Café: 155 Roydvale Avenue, Ph: 357 9399 Untouched World™ Re:START Store: N13/96 Oxford Tce, Ph: 365 9533


Jovy - Beautique Brow Bar Manager

It is beauty from the inside out at Life Pharmacy in Northlands. The large retail pharmacy specialises in natural health products for your inner health, and beauty products to ensure you look your best on the outside too.


or skincare and makeup it has all the top names including Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancôme, Elizabeth Arden and new lines Dermalogica and Beautique. Exclusive to Life Pharmacy, the Beautique Brow and Beauty Bar combine their cruelty free skincare and makeup range with a Brows by Design service. Qualified Beauty Therapist, Jovy, creates an individual brow shape for each client, a complete 45 minute consultation including measurements and design, followed by shaping, wax and tinting, with products available to ensure brows continue to look their best in the following weeks.

“Brows are my thing – they frame your face,” says Jovy. “We discuss different styles and make a choice based on what look each client prefers, what will look best for their face shape and what will suit their lifestyle.” Beautique also offers a selection of other brow and lash treatments at its Beauty Bar, or in the privacy of the Beauty Room, as well as Medik8, a British cosmeceutical skincare range developed to assist with the common signs of skin aging. Visit Life Pharmacy Northlands, Shop 84 in Northlands Mall on Main North Road. Call 352 7805 to book in your Brow by Design experience.

Brows are my thing - they frame your face

Tailoring And Clothing Alteration Experts

A perfect fit looks amazing!

sacs Tailoring

Made to measure Weddings Drycleaning Altera�ons �or both Men & Women

44 Clyde Rd, Riccarton Ph. 343 5438,

See website for all services available! Metropol August 25, 2016 35


FOOTWEAR Merrell is not just footwear. A New Zealand name for over 35 years, Merrell’s passion for the outdoors and travel has led the brand to become so much more, with new lines in apparel, accessories and bags. The business’ DNA is about technology: out of the box comfort, high quality materials made to last, functional good looks and empowering people to get out in the great outdoors.


36 August 25, 2016 Metropol

he new Spring/Summer women’s and men’s apparel collection is an exciting mix of colour and functionality. Colour palettes include Tropicolor’s bright mandarin red and Parakeet Pastel with peach nectar and cockatoo, and for the men, the Jungle Canopy range with legion blue and timber wolf colourways. Footwear continues to push technology boundaries. Winter brought the arrival of Arctic Grip, the first ever boot designed specifically for walking over ice without slipping, which is exclusive to Merrell. The Spring/Summer collection is a mix of hiking, trail and lifestyle

ranges. The Moab FST is a new evolution of the traditional Moab range – but lighter and faster with a fresh contemporary look. The Around Town collection for women features a new premium leather upper and includes sandals, slides and jandals as well a shoe and slip on - all combining comfort, functionality and style. New spring looks are available soon – simply ask one of the experienced staff what will best suit your needs, be it for outdoor adventures or casual city living. Find Merrell at Westfield Riccarton Mall, 11 The Mall in Queenstown, and

All About People “We’re built around people,” says Moana Williams, owner of Bodyfix gym. For Bodyfix it is all about the people – the team and the clients, and the community it has built.


t makes for a unique experience with Bodyfix choosing to remain a small boutique gym. It offers a wide variety of classes each week, 35 all up, at very competitive rates. The team is equally diverse – a mix of experience and fresh enthusiasm from the group exercise instructors and personal trainers. “Our vision has never wavered. It’s a place for everyone to come to – to work out and have fun,” Moana says. “We are a gym...but we are more than a gym.”

This sense of community has steadily grown since opening in 2011. New to the website is Bodyfix Community, a resource page where members are able to list their businesses. In July, Bodyfix held a charity month focusing on Mental Health awareness. Donations were taken to attend selected exercise classes, a series of speakers and a Ladies Night. For Moana, mental health awareness is all about recognising life balance and ensuring the team takes a holistic approach with clients. This may mean relaxing with a glass of


wine and chocolate, as much as the setting and achieving of realistic and responsible goals, and providing further resources and support if needed. Pop into Bodyfix at 450 Tuam Street or call 389 9892 to see what the team is all about. Visit and Facebook.


450 Tuam Street, Christchurch

Ph. 389 9892

Metropol August 25, 2016 37

To enter the draw to win simply head to (or scan our QR code with your smart phone), put in your details and tick the competitions you want to be in to win. Entries close on Monday 5 September and the winners will be notified on Tuesday 6 September.



he cooler months can really take their toll on your skin’s health. Indoor heating combined with the outside chill often leave our skin feeling dryer and often more sensitive. We have a Winter Skin Hydration Prize Pack from NZ made skincare company Linden Leaves to giveaway containing a Moisture Replenishing Masque, Miraculous Facial Oil and Regenerating Night Cream value at $150 and certified 100% Natural and Cruelty free

Linden Leaves Regenerating Night Cream $49.99

Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Masque with Fennel & Green Tea $34.99

NEW LOCATION 676 Marshland Road P: 03 323 6536

38 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil with Organic White Tea $64.99

Top Make Up

Tips for Spring Ever-generous, Charlotte has filled us in on her top looks and tips for the coming season:

1. We’ve got so much ‘Spring’ in our step right now as the warmer days come our way.


hile waiting, rather impatiently, for the sunshine to descend, we put our investigation skills to good use to prepare for the impending preening. We consulted with senior makeup artist and bona fide beauty guru, Charlotte Woodley, to find out what’s on the horizon. Charlotte says, “This is always an exciting time of the year with the social scene in full swing. I work with a number of clients who may be preparing for their wedding or an annual event like the Christchurch races.”

Nude is front and centre: “A nude lip is still very much in vogue for the coming season. I absolutely love working on a matte lip as it gives the illusion of a fuller lip, which is always flattering.” Au naturale: “A dewy, natural looking foundation is definitely the focus for Spring. My number one piece of advice with foundation is to always start the application process with a great primer. Great doesn’t mean expensive – there are some great primer bargains that you can discover at a pharmacy.” Clumps are not cool: “Mascara is a really important makeup feature to get right. Once the top lash line is complete, I advise clients that they should never ‘double dip’ and to use the excess



on the the wand for the bottom lashes. I personally love M.A.C as it is affordable and achieves a great result. Gear up: “Having practical tools to work with is essential – you can definitely make do with three or four brushes. The key pieces to have in your collection include a powder brush and foundation brush. The latter is particularly important as the oil from your hands will affect the durability of your foundation.” Eye up the prize: “In Christchurch we favour a more pared-back brow look. The super ‘filled in’ trend we’ve seen doesn’t resonate so much with us. I suggest brow mascara, which is applied and then brushed through with a comb, or a trusted pencil. Healthy looking brows are the aim.”



For more top tips, a consult, or a booking, reach out to Charlotte at or phone 027 388 7609.

Introducing Dermapen™

Makeup Artistr y to pamper and per fect. Specialising in weddings, school balls and special occasions

The world’s most advanced vertical skin needling technology, providing patients with a more effective, minimally invasive and affordable treatment option that works to tighten, lift, rejuvenate and resurface the skin.

Who’s it for?

Dermapen™ dermal needling is the perfect solution to a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including: 027 388 7609


Skin tightening, natural collagen induction, lifting and rejuvenation Healing acne scars and wounds Improving wrinkles and fine lines Open pore minimisation Treating alopecia (when used in conjunction with a topical treatment) Aiding penetration of treatment solutions

We are offering: 3 x Dermapen treatments valued at 299.95 each 1 x Post care kit valued at $161.00 and a home roller valued at 99.95 All together it is valued at $1160.80 and you only pay


allaboutyou the science of skincare

Vintage 9ct Gold and Smokey Quartz

162 Clarence St | Riccarton | Ph: 348 3949 30 Rossmore Tce | Cashmere | Ph: 3327017 Metropol August 25, 2016 39


EYES By Majka Kaiser

Apart from keeping your fluids up, getting enough sleep and maintaining a balanced diet, we offer a few sneaky make up tricks to have up your sleeve when all else fails.





Keep bloodshot eyes at bay by bathing them in soy milk. Simply soak a few cotton pads in cold soy milk and place them over your eyes. It is said that the anti-inflammatory proteins in soy milk shrink blood vessels which reduces red eyes and minimises puffiness. Maintain sparkly eyes by using this clever make up artistry trick; apply a shimmery white eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Another canny tip is to use blue eyeliner or mascara to counteract any yellowish tinge in the whites of the eyes.

Beautiful clothes for everyone no matter age or sizE Kabella Baby brings back the feminity to clothing.


Banish dark circles forever by using the layer approach. Conquer dark bags that can make the eyes look smaller by first applying a pink-toned concealer for fair skinned lasses or peach for dark beauties, followed by a yellow-toned concealer on top.

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts Combining 40 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the nest quality, natural looking dentures

Widen eyes by using a white liner on the inner rim of your lashes, which makes them look bigger by extending the whites of the eyes and makes you look wide awake even before your first shot of espresso for the day. Nothing opens up the eye better than a good pair of eyelash curlers. Follow with lashings of mascara and avoid mascara from clumping with a lash comb. Replace the rubber in your curler regularly to ensure maximum curl and prevent damage to your lashes.

Helping you get your Spine to work optimally and keeping it that way

4 REASONS TO SEE US We help you with: • • • •

Better Balance Increased Flexibility Improve Movement Restore function to the nervous system

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

*Complimentary check ups ACC Accredited

Dr Mary Patterson Shop 2, Parkside Plaza. Opposite The Tavern Harewood, Bishopdale Kaye: 0274352056 40 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

390 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Ph: 03 357 9222 M: 021 560 870 Mon - Fri 7.30am - 7.30pm Complimentary Spinal Check 50% OFF initial exam (limited time)


Healing Body And Mind

From left to right: Anne, Massage Therapist, Fiona, Receptionist, Kaela, Beauty Therapist, Orn, Massage Therapist.

Would you be interested in better health, more relaxation, better circulation, greater flexibility, higher levels of peace of mind, an improved feeling of wellbeing, a great way to relieve stress, and a feeling of being totally revitalised?


hen this is why a visit to Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa for a traditional Thai Massage could be just the antidote you need to re-energise your body and mind. With three treatment rooms available including doubles, (yes you can have a massage with your partner) you can enjoy a truly therapeutic experience. One of the most popular treatments for men and women at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa is the Thai Therapeutic massage concentrating on the relief of specific stress points and muscle tension, the treatment is perfect for those who suffer from muscle pain. To celebrate two years of Thai Massage at Beauty Progress, and just in time for Father’s Day they are offering a special promotion on the Executive Package. The 90 minutes Executive Treatment for hard working feet and body incorporates a 30 minute

Reflexology Foot Massage to ease those sore and tired feet, plus a divine one hour full body massage using traditional Thai techniques to deeply massage and release the knots in your muscles. A tension relieving scalp massage is included. Although normally worth over $160, you can treat yourself or your Dad to this 90 minutes’ executive treatment for $99 until the end of September 2016. Gift vouchers are also available at the spa if you want to treat Dad this Father’s Day on 4 September. Don’t miss out on this fabulous deal, phone 379 4315 to book yourself in, or to find out about the other treatments at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa. Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa is located at 1/171 Waltham Road, Sydenham, Christchurch. Visit

Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

Day! Gorgeous colours!

Free Invisalign consultation

valued at


Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom made invisible aligners. No one will even know. Call today to make your appointment.


Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Open 7 days

Sheila Larsen Helping you make and find solutions

Confidential & Trustworthy Support

Registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor R.P.N., Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy M.N.Z.A.P

Phone: 03 338 6433 Metropol August 25, 2016 41

Did you know? New Zealand has one of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world.

Beat Bowel Cancer – have a Colonoscopy CHRISTCHURCH COLORECTAL Assoc Prof Tim Eglinton Prof Frank Frizelle Mr Richard Tapper

Mr John Frye Mr Chris Wakeman

PH: 968 3140

Based at the Specialist Centre Level 2, 21 Caledonian Road, (on Southern Cross Campus)

The Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has invested 55 years and more than $20 million into life-saving research. Your contribution matters. Visit to donate today.

42 August 25, 2016 Metropol



Leading Medical

Innovation Clinical trials are a key research tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. A clinical trial involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge.


n a clinical trial, participants receive specific interventions or treatment according to the research plan or protocol. All parties involved with the development and testing of the study medicine must follow the study protocol and a specific set of international guidelines called Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Are clinical trials safe? For the most part, yes. However, sometimes clinical trials are for experimental medications intended for very sick people, so in those cases there are generally more risks involved. Participants will always be advised of the risks involved. Who can take part in a clinical trial? All clinical trials have guidelines about who can participate. Criteria may include age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history and other medical conditions. You can access new research treatments before they are widely available and your participation may also help others by contributing to medical research. Can I quit after a clinical trial starts? Yes. You can leave a clinical trial at any time without it affecting your future care.


is Osteoarthritis (OA) m for on mm co st the mo se ea of arthritis with dis of the knee and hip of affecting about 4% people.


Phase I Trials. Phase I trials test an experimental drug or treatment in a small group of people (2080) for the first time to evaluate its safety and identify side effects.

2. 3.

Phase II Trials. After safety has been confirmed, Phase II trials test the experimental drug or treatment in a larger group of people (100-300).


Phase III Trials. Phase III trials test the experimental drug or treatment in a large group of people (1,000-20,000) to confirm its effectiveness. Usually, two successful Phase III trials are required before a drug or treatment is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Phase IV Trials. Phase IV trials acquire additional information about an experimental drug or treatment after it has been approved.

Southern Clinical Trials is currently doing a study using a new pain relieving medication for osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis with disease of the knee and hip affecting about 4% of people. Among those over 60 years old about 10% of males and 18% of females are affected. OA is a type of joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. The most common symptoms are joint pain and stiffness. Initially, symptoms may occur only following exercise, but over time may become constant. Other symptoms may include joint swelling and decreased range of motion. The first pain relieving medication usually tried is paracetamol. If this doesn’t relieve symptoms, antiinflammatory agents such as diclofenac or ibuprofen may be used, but these medications are associated with more side effects. If used, opioids are generally only recommended short term due to the risk of addiction. If pain interferes with normal life despite other treatments, joint replacement surgery may help.

Metropol August 25, 2016 43



metamorphosis For the very latest in appearance medicine, combined with the professional expertise of two decades in the industry, Transform Clinic offers a range of treatments and procedures to bring new life to your skin.


sing the safest and most upto-date medical technologies is essential, says owner Jenny Little. “We consistently keep up with the latest technology and have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the best results and also provide the best service. Most of our treatments are non-invasive, and have minimal side effects.” Transform Clinic’s Dr Ian Little, one of New Zealand’s most experienced practitioners in Appearance Medicine, leads a highly trained team of registered nurses and qualified beauty therapists. While the clinic commonly carries out services such as Botox, dermal fillers, and varicose vein treatments, clinical facials such as the PRP ‘vampire’ facial

and the HydraFacial are also very popular, Jenny says. “We are the only clinic in Christchurch to offer the HydraFacial, which is a brilliant, fast treatment for freshening up the skin, while treating fine lines, wrinkles and other skin concerns. Our clients love it and have been really impressed with the results.” Other clinical facials include fruit peels, Vitamin C sonophoresis, phototherapy, microdermabrasion, and radiofrequency skin tightening. The clinic offers a free consultation, monthly specials, and is open six days a week. Phone 343 2880 or 0800 256 654. Alternatively, book a consultation online

Would you like the secret to

Youthful Beautiful Skin?

Dr Ian Little leads a highly trained team of registered nurses and qualified beauty therapists.

Using the latest techniques and technology in cosmetic medicine to transform & maintain beautiful skin, come and see us.

Christchurch Auckland Dunedin Queenstown 0800 2 lookgood 343 2880 44 August 25, 2016 Metropol

52A Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Fast facts

By Melinda Collins

Rangiora History: Rangiora was occupied by Maori for several hundred years before Canterbury surveyor, Charles Obins Torlesse built the first dwelling in 1851. Great spot for a drop: There’s some great little spots for a tipple or two in this welcoming township including Monteith’s Brewery Bar and the Plough Hotel. Built heritage: The town has several interesting museums and some wonderful heritage buildings, including one of Canterbury’s oldest wooden churches. Fun stop: Just off High Street, Conway Lane is home to Fools of Desire Cafe (F.O.D for short), a new café that brings the cool factor, with a graffiti pop-art wall, industrial furniture and a bright yellow solarpowered coffee machine.

We simply love to explore – it’s because we’re nosy – we mean, curious types! We’ve done a recce on all there is to know about key North Canterbury townships and villages and we’re in the mood for sharing the goods! So here we go… The road to North Canterbury adventure

Oxford Population: Urban and rural Oxford is home to about 3,860 residents; the population expected to grow to around 4,220 by 2031 Why stop: The Oxford Farmers’ Market in Main Street is the social event of the week, which runs from 9am to noon on Sundays. Top shops: A destination popular with foodies and fashionistas alike, with historic villas featuring everything from homewares and furnishings, to fashions, arts and crafts.

Kaiapoi History: Just north of the Waimakariri River, the attractive township was an important trading centre in the 1850s and 60s, when its waterways allowed cutters, schooners and paddle steamers to service the needs of the pioneering settlers. Bigger and better than ever: Kaiapoi is a hive of activity as the North Canterbury township finds its commercial feet, headed by council-led upgrades to the main street and the reopening of a number of damaged buildings.

Slogan: ‘Best Little Town in New Zealand’.






helloworld Rangiora

99 High Street

03 310 6288

Terms & conditions: 15% discount applies to 2017 Globus or Cosmos UK & Europe Preview bookings made between 20/08/16 – 13/09/16. A non-transferable non-refundable deposit of $250 per person/per tour is required within 7 days (or by 13/09/16; whichever comes first) to secure reservation. Not combinable with any other offer except for Save 5% Second Tour discount and/or Save 5% Repeat Traveller (Journeys Club) discount (standard conditions apply) for Globus and except for Save $50pp Second Tour discount and/ or Save 5% Repeat Traveller (Journeys Club) discount (standard conditions apply) for Cosmos. All discounts are based on land-only portion of core tour on twin share price, not including extra night accommodations, extensions, taxes/fees, tips and supplements/ reductions. Offer reliant on space availability. Offer can be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Additional restrictions may apply. For full terms & conditions please contact helloworld Rangiora. HW0583

Metropol August 25, 2016 45

Rest your

WEARY HEAD By Kate Pierson

We regularly extol the virtues of North Canterbury as a place to live, visit and adventure. With rolling green landscapes, endless skylines and cultural hot-spots dotted all over the region, what’s not to love?


ne important experiential area we’ve yet to tackle is where to rest your weary head after a day or weekend spent wanderlusting through the quaint townships and villages. For fans of boutique accommodation that doesn’t break the bank, we’ve put together a few of our favourite places to rest, recuperate and kick back. Luxury Country Accommodation B&B - located in Ohoka, this rural gem is approximately 20 minutes’ drive to

Your destination store for all things beautiful & unique Professional Customised Designs Available

treat yourself or that special someone. 6 Markham St, Amberley Ph.03 314 8847 Open 7 Days 46 August 25, 2016 Metropol

UPSTAIRS at 5 Good St Rangiora

PH. 03 310 6669

Private message us through our facebook page!

Christchurch and the airport. Located on a picturesque lifestyle block with a selection of farm animals, the luxurious rooms boast super king beds and elegant ensuite bathrooms. P. 327 0450. Lacebark - a stunning new wedding venue and function centre, Lacebark features a rustic, modern and luxurious barn set in a beautiful garden in Ohoka. A great place for the bigger celebrations in your life, as well as the TGIF kind! P. 327 5296 Hielan House – nestled close to the Oxford Foothills, the extensive grounds at Hielan House grow vegetables and provide a grazing point for stock as part of this accommodation’s paddock to plate philosophy. Private relaxing areas and ensuites are on offer in the beautiful guest rooms. P. 03 312 4382.

Sew popular

Nestled in the quaint township of Rangiora is a sewing hotspot bursting with inspiration.


uilters Quarters has become an institution of sorts and attracts hobbyists and professionals from far and wide. “We get a lot of interest from out of town,” owner Pauline confirms. “We are always welcoming people from Christchurch and the surrounding areas, the West Coast, Lyttelton and even overseas!” A treasure trove of all things you would expect to find in the wider sewing family, Quilters Quarters is represented by a dedicated team that takes pride in its service and offering. “Our days are so busy so it’s very important to us to have good support – we want all our customers to leave the store happy.” Offering top of the line sewing machines by brands including Elna, Janome and Husqvarna, the team is thrilled to have ‘The Epic’ model from the latter on offer. “We stock all of these as well as Babylock overlockers. The Epic model is wonderful as it combines sewing and

embroidery machines.” Catering to what’s in vogue, Pauline says she has noticed that chunky style wool is particularly popular right now and the store stocks all different types. New to Quilters

A treasure trove of all things you would expect to find in the wider sewing family. Quarters is the Debbie Bliss brand of wool, which is wonderful for children’s knitwear. To boot, the store has patchwork fabrics in 100% cotton with no polyester – ideal for Spring. From bags and clothes to rugs and wall tapestries, anything is possible thanks to the countless books, magazines, patterns, threads, fabrics and accessories on offer. “We’re also starting to offer crochet classes as we want to meet the interest in this area.” Visit Quilters Quarters at 9 High Street (Warehouse complex) or phone 03 313 6765.

CHANGING OWNERSHIP 17th AUGUST Stan would like to thank everyone for their support and trust.

Now in Kaiapoi

Opposite McDonalds 99 Williams St.

NEW EXCITING MENU Cassels & Sons Cra� beers & Local Waipara Wines, Gourmet Pizzas Garden Conservatory & available for Private �unc�ons Treat Dad this Father’s Day. 4th of September Open 7 days – 10am �ll late Ph 03 314 8030 150 Ashworths Road, SH 1, Amberley

Specialists in natural fibres, fair trade & NZ made 49A Main Street, Oxford Tel: 03 312 3382

Phone for delivery or pick up 0800 113 113 or 03 3773113 See CLICK on LOCATIONS link for maps of delivery areas Open Mon-Wed 4pm to 9pm Thurs, Fri & Sat 4pm to 9.30pm Sun 4pm to 9pm Metropol August 25, 2016 47

lights; beautiful napery; sparkling crystal; shining cutlery and magnificent floral arrangements. The venue offers a sumptuous visual feast, to be matched by guests in their very best finery and the stunning gardens surrounding The Vineyard@Rossendale. With spring on the horizon, the gardens will be decorated with tulips and daffodils as well as roses. Under the magnificent kauri, copper beech and oak trees are captivating settings for a formal wedding ceremony and the white iceberg rose-lined walkway provides a stunning entrance for the most graceful and stylish of brides. There can be few more picturesque locations for a wedding that ooze such tastefulness and discernment.


What words tend to come to mind when you think about a wedding in a vineyard - casual, informal, laid-back, even rustic?

Metropol Advert 65 x 190 v3 23122015.pdf 1

100 Old Tai Tapu Road, Halswell, Christchurch 48 August 25, 2016 Metropol


erhaps so, but Graham Jones, events manager at The Vineyard@ Rossendale says, “A wedding at a vineyard doesn’t need to be rustic”. Indeed, The Vineyard@Rossendale’s modern, purpose-built venue lends itself to being dressed up, achieving sophistication and elegance in its table settings and interior decoration. Think 23/12/2015 10:24:15 a.m. tall candelabras with twinkling, romantic

The venue offers a sumptuous visual feast, to be matched by guests in their very best finery and the stunning gardens. Not only is the setting splendid, but so is the food produced onsite by the venue’s team of chefs. Using the freshest of local ingredients the chefs produce outstanding and delicious dishes for which they consistently receive rave reviews. Whether you have dreamed of a lavish wedding breakfast, a sophisticated cocktail party, or an elegant lunch, Graham’s team will listen to your special ideas and then use their knowledge and experience to “make it happen.” The Vineyard specialises in great hospitality and in creating wonderful memories. The Vineyard@Rossendale is able to cater for up to 200 guests. The venue is available for viewing by appointment and couples are invited to speak with Graham Jones to discuss their wedding ideas. Phone 322 7780 or email You can take a 360o tour on line at or visit

Phone 03 322 7780

View our 360° Tour




Imagine being transported to a place where you can explore 25,000 diamonds, 300 designs, and create your own bespoke piece of jewellery where the options are only limited to the imagination.

By Majka Kaiser

The hair highlights for brides direct from New York’s recent 2016 Bridal Show are feminine, soft, and above all, refreshingly unstyled. Bohemian Braids Youthful and innocent, braids made a bold statement on the catwalk this season from leading international bridal designers. We loved the loose, fishtail braids trailing down the back or a roughly woven braid around the head creating the ‘halo’ effect. By allowing a few wavy strands to break free, it softens the look and frames the nape of the neck. Worn up or down, pretty plaits are all the rage for younger brides.

olished Diamonds has provided a beautiful platform for creative experimentation through its brand new website – With new international websites the world over including Canada, the US, Italy, the United Kingdom and South Africa, Polished Diamonds is offering a truly global service with world class results. A seamless navigation provides the opportunity to select the diamond shape, carat, colour, clarity and price. Every diamond is GIA certified, ethically mined and approved as conflict free by the United Nations. Connoisseurs of beautiful jewellery can browse with effortless ease and create their dream diamond piece benefiting from a comprehensive online service with live chat support on hand. Alternatively, the owner of Polished Diamonds, Dan Joines, works from a plush parlour-esque location in quaint New Regent Street. Dan and his team are brimming with innovation and inspiration. Every day they turn designer diamond dreams into reality. See for yourself at 30 New Regent Street.


New Website

Laissez-faire Hair The ever-romantic ‘deconstructed’ ‘do that looks as if you’ve just stumbled out of a hay stack is the new ‘bed hair’ for brides this season. Free-flowing locks with a subtle wave and undone up-dos are a breath of fresh air for blushing brides. The perfect style for the laid-back lass, consider how this unfussy yet utterly romantic style could give a contemporary edge to a classic formal gown.


Tousled Waves Medium to long hair will suit wavy locks that can be left down or swept up off the face. Perfect glossy curls have been replaced by fuss-free waves and a combination of both wavy and straight sections of hair was also a big theme seen on the runway. Whether you prefer your hair up in a romantic chignon, or you let your tresses tumble free, pump up the volume by asking your hair stylist to either tease sections or add waves before piling it up and pulling it back.


» Quality custom made » Life time guarantee » Workshop direct prices 0800 233 299 30 New Regent Street, Christchurch

Metropol August 25, 2016 49

More than just

Hot Pools By Melinda Collins.

Even in the coolest of winters, Hanmer Springs is a North Canterbury hot spot – both in the literal and figurative sense, due to the natural hot springs to which this tantalising township owes its name.

B The Pied Piper of Hanmer

Join the Hanmer Bakery gourmet pie fans and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer Open from early morning until late afternoon 7 days a week, 6am - 4pm. Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714 Email:

ordered by dramatic mountains and towering forests, Hanmer is somewhat of a haven; a charming town filled with boutique shops, cafes and eateries. There is a veritable oasis of adventure activities in Hanmer, including mountain biking, quad biking tours, horse trekking, heli-tours, bungy jumping and jet boating. In winter, hit the slopes with some skiing. More and more visitors are being drawn to this alpine destination for its tramping trails, including the waterfall track – just five minutes from the township. The 41-metre-high Dog Stream Waterfall at one end is the perfect climax to the sheltered two-hour tramp. The variety of walks is diverse – from

short leisurely strolls along forest paths to hikes up Mt Isobel. Some of the tracks traverse the Heritage Forest Area where the exotic trees were planted more than 100 years ago, while others pass through

The 41-metre-high Dog Stream Waterfall at one end is the perfect climax to the sheltered two-hour tramp. pockets of native mountain beech. All the forest walks are facilitated by an excellent series of carpark access points and marked with good signage. Find out more about the short tramps, half-day tramps and even whole-day excursions at the Hanmer Springs i-SITE Visitor Centre, with maps available.

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Hanmer Springs


and feel the difference...

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20% Discount * Conditions apply

Ph. 0800 587 873

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B.Com Economics & Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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creating a strong sense of pride and respect for the country’s natural, edible resources. Initiated by chefs and people in the food industry with the aim of highlighting the quality and vast array of edible resources available in New Zealand, ConversatioNZ is about providing a forum to encourage and


A forum to encourage and enable collaboration between all levels of the culinary chain. It is a move towards more sustainable food systems.



By Melinda Collins

We are a land of innovators, our geographical isolation from our Gondwanian siblings pushing us to think outside the box. It’s a trait characterised by the ability to question the status quo, rather than doing something because that’s what we’ve always done - the very premise behind a new culinary movement gaining

momentum in the local food industry. A not-for-profit movement created to share the story of New Zealand food and push culinary boundaries, ConversatioNZ aims to “inspire and empower” by

enable collaboration between all levels of the culinary chain. It is a move towards more sustainable food systems. ConversatioNZ is pioneered by culinary greats, including Moeraki restauranteur Fleur Sullivan from the highly renowned Fleur’s Place, which she formed when she saw local fishing byproduct – brains, heads and livers – being thrown overboard. Fleur knew she could use what was being thrown away and over 13 years, the resulting restaurant has gained an enviable reputation. Also on the ConversatioNZ advisory board is Bevan Smith, whose North Otago restaurant won Cuisine magazine’s 2010 national award for Best Restaurant. His passion for using local product and ethically produced food has been instrumental in the success of Riverstone Kitchen, established when, on his return to New Zealand, Bevan wasn’t able to source product he had taken for granted overseas - Jerusalem artichokes, cavolo nero (black kale), celeriac, kohlrabi, or fennel. Bevan has developed his own garden to supply the kitchen. He is now part of the ConversatioNZ advisory board and wants people to think harder about their food. We are lucky to live in such a fertile country. It is time to begin a new conversation.



This distinctive centrally located restaurant & bar provides an inviting atmosphere in which to while away some time.



48 WORCESTER BLVD / PHONE 03 365 0533 Metropol August 25, 2016 51

Where the heart is Great service and a first name basis relationship can be rare finds in today’s contemporary hospitality environment. At Bakermans in Fendalton Mall, you will find both of these benefits and more.


aving marked an important milestone in its history – a well-deserved relocation to a larger site in the vicinity in partnership with husband Peter – co-owner Yvonne Bakermans is justly brimming with enthusiasm about what the future holds. “We have customers who have been coming here for 35 years thanks to the consistency we have achieved. “We patiently waited in the wings for this larger site and we are so happy to be able to continue to offer the same fresh, flavoursome food our customers love – we achieve this by preparing everything from scratch on site.” Proudly catering for culinary connoisseurs that fancy something sweet and savoury, Bakermans has community and family at its heart. “My husband Peter is the brains behind the baking – in fact, we both met through our love of baking. “Jordan, our son, is our manager and really the face of Bakermans, along with 20 carefully selected staff, who have so much passion and flair for everything we do.” Operating with a ‘no half standards’ philosophy in mind, Yvonne says, “I am looking for perfection with every single product I turn my hand to and we work hard to ensure our customers have a great experience every time.” Having attracted an additional 100-200 customers per day at the new site, Bakermans is at its busiest juncture yet, but this hasn’t compromised its personal touches in any way. Yvonne is still happily greeting customers by name, and coffees are still being sent out with names inscribed on top. Effortlessly emanating a relaxed, welcoming vibe, Bakermans provides an elegant backdrop for catching up with friends or some welldeserved ‘me’ time. Visit 19-23 Memorial Avenue and see for yourself!


03 359 2930 119 Farrington Avenue, Bishopdale

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Urban foraging By Melinda Collins

Pasteis de nata By Des O’Neill, The Villas


asteis de nata or Portuguese tarts have been a favourite of mine for years now and whenever I see them stacked to the sky on my travels around the world I feel compelled to buy 1 or 2 and enjoy them with a coffee. Here’s a simple adaptation for you to try at home.


‘The Garden City’ was an apt description for the transplanted slice of England founded in the 1850s by the Canterbury Association.


he label became internationally recognised in 1997 when Christchurch won the inaugural Nations in Bloom contest and was named the Garden City of the World. From walnuts to nettles, apples, feijoas, pears, plums, chestnuts, watercress, kawa-kawa, puha and lemons, Christchurch has been blessed with a beaut’ of a bounty when it comes to produce. There are a reported 1800 fruit and nut trees in the Residential Red Zone, as catalogued by CERA. And since the earthquake, redzoning has become a verb used to describe foraging to collect the surplus fruit from those areas. It’s free food untouched by chemicals, processes, hands, even taxes. What could be better than that? Visit to find a foraging map.

• • • • • • •

1 whole egg (large) 2 egg yolks (large) 115g golden caster sugar 2 tbsp cornflour 400ml full fat (creamy) milk 2 tsp vanilla extract 1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry

Method 1. Pre-heat oven to 200°C/180°C & grease a 12 hole muffin tin 2. Put egg, yolks, sugar & cornflour in a saucepan & mix well. Gradually add milk and combine to a smooth texture 3. Place pan on medium heat and stir constantly until mixture thickens and comes to the boil. Remove pan from heat and stir in vanilla extract 4. Put custard in a glass bowl to cool. Cover with cling film to prevent skin forming 5. Cut pastry sheet into two

pieces and place on top of each other. Roll pastry tightly from the short side, into a log and cut the log into 12 even sized rounds 6. On a lightly floured board, roll each round into a disc (approx. 10cm) and press pastry discs into the muffin tin 7. Spoon in the cooled custard and bake for 20-25mins until golden on top. Leave to cool in the tin for five mins then move to a cooling rack to finish cooling, although they can be eaten warm.

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner The Villas on Montreal St is THE place for functions and parties. Book now for Fathers Day, 4th September. $30 Lunch special just for Dad.

• 290/292 Montreal St • • 03 365 6066 • Metropol August 25, 2016 53



High tea

for a cause

On Sunday 31 July Christchurch Casino held its ‘Cuppa for a Cause’ high tea buffet. The pastry team at the venue turned their hands to creating beautiful pastries in support of a great cause – Alzheimers Canterbury.

Lorraine Mitchell, Rachel McErlain Darren Tait (Food & Beverage Manager), Annelies Basten (Communications & Marketing Advisor at Alzheimers Canterbury), Jan & John Suckling (Zonta) Julie Rice, Tiffany & Darren Tait Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Kristin Cameron, Liz Mills, Tracey Prince Emily Glubb (Ballantynes) Ann-Marie Manson

Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey Alice Lee, Eunsook Kim

Sarah Saunders, Mary Banks, Vivien Dunlop, Kay Thomas, Andrew Brown, Lawrence Dawson, Janet Vincent, Sinead Ferry JanetSmith, Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Charlotte Clara Sung, Mila Hsu Jan Suckling, Raylene Hunter Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Liz Mills Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder PhotosPhotos by Jane Photography - for copies email:email: byWyles Jane Wyles Photography - for copies

get your free entry forms today!


BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, COFFEE, DRINKS & BAR SNACKS MONDAY - SUNDAY OPEN 6.30am UNTIL LATE ddi: 943 8555 e : p o l o b a r @ h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z w : h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z


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Club or visit e Players z For details se hurc

www.christc TERMS & CO


NOW TO 2016 16 OCT R20 VENUE

A Generous

HELPING of HOSPITALITY Noemie, Anya, David, Ena, Sarah & Bethany

Milieu Café serves up a large helping of friendly hospitality with its fabulous food.


wner David Dai says service is an extremely important part of the experience and he’s especially proud of his dedicated team. Having staff that enjoy their jobs creates a great atmosphere. “Front of house manager Bethany pours a barista-perfect organic Hummingbird coffee - with many a loyal fan,” David says. “The front of house team - Anya, Sarah, Sam - and all the local and international staff were hired for their big smiles and enthusiasm. Ena, the 73-year-old dishwasher, loves her job and will only go home once every plate is sparkling.” David is hands on with Milieu and enjoys

coming out from his role as chef to chat with diners. Bustling during weekdays, the sunny environment’s pace is relaxed in weekends and evenings, when table service can be offered. It’s a spacious haven to sit and talk with families and friends. In fact, Milieu definitely blurs the boundaries between café and restaurant. The licensed cafe offers delectable fusion dishes of the day such as slow roast duck leg with a plum jus. David’s longstanding local experience from creating burgers to up-market Japanese dining shows in the extensive choices, from house-made cabinet offerings and classic


breakfasts through to the sumptuous dining menu. With seating for 50 inside and 40 outside, Milieu caters from three-course sit down functions to lively cocktail parties. The caring café also delivers hot lunches, at cost, to Tiggers Pre-School – noodles and rice proving more popular than sandwiches! Milieu Café at 112 Wrights Road Addington opens every day except public holidays with late nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Phone 03 962 9629.

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In k tchen Love Making Cakes? Everything you need to create fabulous cakes including expert advice. 10 % OFF your purchase with this advertisement.

Penelope’s Cakery Deli Now Open for You! Freshly handmade cakes and a variety of food available for your selection

Canterbury Cake Supplies

32 New Regent Street, Christchurch Ph.03 365 3264

Cavalier sugar free chocolate bars Full range available now at Ballantynes and fresh choice supermarkets Sweetened with all natural stevia perfect for Diabetics

56 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Wondering what to have for dinner tonight? Check us out at Enquire about our products and place an order for pick up on the way home. Check out the Butchers with a Difference. PETER TIMBS MEATS LTD. 70 Edgeware Road, Ph (03) 366 1780 Farrington Ave Bishopdale, Ph (03) 359 5729

Whole Cafe Switch beans, artfully extracted, paired with your choice of milk. Hot and cold breakfast, lunch or snack options made from healthy ingredients to keep you pumping. Text through your coffee order 027 6633 139 Monday - Friday 6:30 - 3:00 Saturday 8:00 - 2:00 100 Bealey Ave, parking around the back

Weddings - Parties - Anything

Everyone’s catering needs are different, let Catering Belle customise a menu to suit you and your occasion.

Catering Belle

Specialists in location catering. Ring Food Service: 021 4 BELLE

Don’t know where to go for that coffe catch up? Head over to delishimoes bakery 263 Greers road for a cake jar (flavour of your choice) and a small coffee/hot chocolate of your choice for only $10!!!

Delishimoes Bakery

263 Greers Road, Christchurch. Ph. 03 3597815

Pescatore returning to the Sea. Celebrating the rich flavours from New Zealand’s finest cold water catches Chef de Cuisine Reon Hobson and his team have created unique and contemporary dishes predominantly focused on the finest New Zealand seafood. Pescatore 50 Park Terrace P: 371 0257 E:

Tohu Hawkes Bay Merlot 2014 Fruit driven with smooth, silky tannins leading to a dry, richly textured finish. Tohu Awatere Valley Pinot Gris 2016 White peach & juicy pear are balanced with smooth acidity, creating a dry, fresh style. Treat yourself today!


TO PLATE By Nicholas Henare

From the Pen of the Tiger Hanmer Springs is a destination easily accessible to locals of Christchurch and wider Canterbury, yet you must ask yourself – when did you last enjoy the relaxing retreat in our backyard? With the famous hot pools complex recently doubling in size, along with the arrival of several new shopping outlets, Hanmer Springs has been growing well lately – you’d be forgiven for thinking Corianders have just opened a branch in the middle of the village – however, it has already been a trusted local for six years. Just like the other four Corianders locations, fresh meat is supplied by the well-renowned Peter Timbs Meats, with herbs & spices sourced directly from India by a trusted associate of Amar. My recent dinner for two in Corianders Hanmer Springs consisted of a mouth-watering Corianders Platter to start, followed by a sweet and sumptuous Mango Chicken, and a powerful and succulent Lamb Bhuna Masala. Of special note was the Kashmiri Naan – a delicious bread stuffed with nuts and sultanas. With such a beautiful restaurant, and impeccable service, there are so many reasons why you should leave the city behind for a day and enjoy an easy getaway with Corianders in Hanmer Springs. Don’t forget to collect your entry card for the Corianders Great Indian Adventure – go in the draw to win a luxury trip for two to India! Take a look at the Corianders website for more info.

Alex Green


NZ INE O. AYS NL .C AW R O RS TAKE 001 1 DE OR N D E T ON 8 11 N 50 R I A COU E 0 C O 0 % D I SR P H O N

An invite to Maddisons ‘Paddock to Plate’ at the Heritage Hotel (14 July) led to being treated to seven courses of artistic food, stunning company and incredible wine.



addisons flexed its culinary skill with the brilliant chef, Simo, walking us through each dish - the first course being Tuatua with buckwheat custard and macadamia. The second course delivered fresh market fish tartar with miso butter and seaweed. It was at this point I was amazed at the range of tastes. Truly stunning.

This is one to put on the gastronomic calendar.

Third course tempted the tastebuds serving up duck and quail pastilla with pear, orange and cucumber salad. Palate cleansers were served throughout, ranging from orange and carrot to liquid nitrogen frozen smoked crème fresh - truly a work of art. The evening conversation was wonderful with Georgina from Continental Catering keeping myself and the other guests informed and entertained. Fourth course followed with line caught Ikejime culled fish with smoked barley broth. Confit belly, loin and shin croquette of lamb compromised fifth course with a deconstructed apple crumble with a pine and yoghurt sorbet appealing to our sweeth tooth for dessert. The finale? A frozen cheese parfait. The wines from Pegasus Bay were a perfect accompaniment for each dish ranging from the 2013 Semillon Sauvignon through to the 2012 Pinot Noir, 2014 Bel Canto Riesling and my personal favourite - and a surprise - the 2014 Gewurztraminer. This is one to put on the gastronomic calendar and Maddisons is the right venue to have something this special. I’m lucky to have a membership to the Heritage Health Club that neighbours the restaurant. With another ‘Paddock to Plate’ due soon, I’m really going to need it!



BYO + Fully Licensed Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square

Fully Licensed 222 St Asaph Street, City Centre

BUSH INN Fully Licensed Bush Inn Centre Riccarton Road

HANMER SPRINGS Fully Licensed Conical Hill Road Hanmer Springs

E D G E WA R E BYO + Fully Licensed 76 Edgeware Road, Edgeware

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It’s a foodie & shoppers heaven



with a delicious

BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER. (Friday Nights) Enjoy an adventure shopping at our Emporium like Aladdin’s cave


1697 Cust Road, Cust Phone (03) 312 5595 Open Tuesday to Sunday

For six years Veuve Clicquot has held it’s annual luxury champagne celebration. With events for the public to enjoy spanning four days, Clicquot in the Snow offers locals and visitors to Queenstown a chance to toast winter with one of the world’s finest champagnes and indulge in some après ski fun.


y adventure this year (4-7 August) would begin with ‘The Long Lunch’ at The Rata - Josh Emett’s and Fleur Caulton’s restaurant. Lunch consisted of Ceviche with Rata bread followed by Manuka smoked Stewart Island salmon with beets. A third course introduced Wakanui beef short rib and agria puree before a Puhoi Valley goat cheese sorbet with candied walnuts. All dishes were served with various vintage Veuve Clicquots - the 2004 being exceptional along with the La Grande Dame. “Clicquot in the Snow is the highlight of the winter calendar and each year is better than the last,” said Ali Campbell, Veuve Clicquot Senior Brand Manager, in the lead up to the event. “The event is known for its audacious style and this year guests are in store for a series of fantastic surprise moments.” I sat with New Zealand’s premier footwear designer, Kathryn Wilson, over lunch and found the event mesmerising. She is continuing her long-standing affiliation with Clicquot in the Snow and that night we boarded the TSS Earnslaw for what was to be a runway show to launch her spring/summer ’16 collection. More Veuve Clicqout flowed with platters of sumptuous food and after the fashion came

Dangerously good coffee for the true connoisseur to enjoy with the finest of deli food

Veuve Clicquot

dancing and laughter. A truly spectacular evening. Après Ski Clicquot style was on offer at Coronet Peak with the Clicquot Snow Bar and The Clicquot Cabin. The gastronomic side of the programme also included a Gondola High Tea at the Skyline. New to the programme this year was the Clicquot Laneway Party, an open street party for all over 18 to enjoy on Church Lane. DJ Justin Sweeny kicked off the festivities. A great way to finish such a lavish event and most certainly one to put on the itinerary for next year

Gold Award Winner

Available for functions & catering services


Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-Late Sat & Sun 8.30am-3.30pm

Ph: 962 9629 112 Wrights Rd Addington Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Tapa’s Menu 58 August 25, 2016 Metropol

The event is known le for its audacious sty ts es gu ar ye is th and s are in store for a serie e ris rp su of fantastic moments.”


376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421



The mission is to create healthy gourmet restaurantquality meals.


Eat Fit. Live Well.

Gourmet health food for busy people Premium ingredients, amazing value Meals sealed for freshness

“Health is the new wealth and to eat fit and live well is the focus,” according to the team at Fitfood, the healthy food preparation company.

itfood was created to offer people a new choice for a healthy lifestyle because they see nutrition is an essential step in allowing people to be their best. Fitfood’s mission is to create healthy gourmet restaurant-quality meals that are individually vacuum-bagged for freshness, ready to be delivered and then reheated at home. The chefs take hours to prepare these meals that can then be served up in seconds. Dishes are cooked fresh everyday using free range and, where available, organic produce from sustainable producers. Not only are the meals extremely tasty and time-saving, they are also very affordable. Fitfood’s meals are suitable for everyone from the gym enthusiast to busy working


parents and professionals who struggle to find the necessary time to shop, cook healthy meals and do the washing up. There are three different menus to choose from – the Gourmet, the Preset and the Create. The Gourmet menu features Fitfood’s signature dishes that can be enjoyed in any number customers want. The Preset menu comes in convenient six meal packs, while the Create menu is just that – the chance to customise meals from any of the items available. Fitfood delivers its meals nationwide twice weekly. Visit the website at for the delivery schedule. You can order online or by phone 0508 FITFOOD (348 3663). The company is based at Unit 4, 1004 Ferry Road, and Ferrymead where it also has a café.

Delivered to your door, or click & collect from FitCafé Simply reheat & eat!

Healthy Food Just Got Easy Unit 4, 1004 Ferry Road Ferrymead, Christchurch

0508 348 3663

Online • Delivered or Click & Collect • FitCafé

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A new level of build

Montrose Design and Build is based in Lincoln, with its architecturally designed show home enabling clients to visit and understand the ethos behind the company.


Meals Available All Day Restaurant Booking Essential

Ph. 03 325 2408

ontrose has been operating in Canterbury for two years - a recently established business offering Cantabrians a new level of build. This kind of work is not new to Managing Director Steve. He has a vast amount of knowledge in architectural builds having lived overseas for fourteen years, during which time he owned a successful building company in the USA and was involved in restorations in the United Kingdom. He believes in a well-insulated home from the slab up, and attention to detail while creating a home for your family. Stepping into the show home you can feel the warmth created by the MAXRaft insulated floor slab combined with hydronic underfloor heating. Cathedral ceilings and 2.7 metre stud throughout give a great feeling of space to this 232 square metre four bedroom home, with office and double garage. With a strong focus on customer service, Steve oversees the build of your new home from start through to completion. “I endeavour to make the build process easy and enjoyable,” says Steve, with Montrose recently winning a Gold at the Registered Master Builders House of the Year awards. Montrose also uses Masterplan, an online based software programme allowing clients to see the job calendar right through to the completion day, along with weekly photo updates. If you are looking for a building company with integrity, quality and a focus on customer service, visit Gemma or Steve at the show home in Lincoln - call 03 260 0333, visit Facebook or go to

With a strong focus on customer service, Steve oversees the build of your new home from start through to completion.

Meaningful & Enduring

design & build for life 60 August 25, 2016 Metropol

81 Edwards Street, Lincoln Phone: 03 260 0333

Ethical Homewares Online

3 Gerald St Lincoln Ph. 03 325 7400

and introduce splashes of colour with cushions, bed linen or artwork that is more affordable and easily updated as your children explore their evolving identities. Encourage touches of humour, playfulness and whimsy. Hang colourful bunting made from vintage fabric remnants for a dash of colour, drape strings of paper lanterns over the bed head to create a magical glow at bed time, or create your own mobile of cascading tissue paper flowers hung in clusters above the bed. Allow your child’s unique personality to shine through by incorporating their favourite activities or storybook characters



By Majka Kaiser


A kid’s room is a place where your little one’s imagination can run riot, an oasis where they can explore their creativity and stake their claim on their unique perspective on life.


hatever your child’s favourite colour, whether it’s soft and sedate or loud and bold, think of ways to incorporate your child’s whims in ways that won’t cost a fortune as they change over time. Instead of painting whole walls in one distinctive colour, choose a more neutral palette

Encourage touches of humour, playfulness and whimsy. in wallpaper and textile patterns or framed prints. If they have a love of art, for example, you could create a revolving gallery wall to showcase their latest mini masterpieces. If they love the great outdoors you could erect a tiny teepee in the corner of their room, decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars and adorn the walls with removable decals of fairies in the forest. Floating shelves, cubbyholes and shadow boxes are ideal for displaying your child’s favourite toys and trinkets. Stackable crates are perfect for storing bulky toys and incorporating drawers under the bed is a great space saving solution to keep small spaces tidy. Cork notice boards are great for pinning momentos from fun family outings like movie ticket stubs, photos, and artwork. Magnetic paint gives greater scope to this idea or paint one wall with blackboard paint where kids can really let their hair down with a bigger canvas at their disposal. However you choose to decorate your child’s room, remember to embrace all it means to be a child and inspire them to dream big and discover who they really are.

Exclusive South Island agents for ECC. Unit 3, 75 Blenheim Rd Christchurch +64 3 365 0012

8.30 — 5.30pm Mon to Fri 10 — 2pm Sat

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62 August 25, 2016 Metropol


YELLOW By Kate Pierson

We’ve put together some sage advice in the form of top tips so you can give the colour a whirl in your abode.

One or two hallmarks of Spring are slowly starting to appear like angelic daffodils playing peek-a-boo. It’s a promising sign that we’re due for some sunshine in our lives, and it’s a great excuse to have a Spring clean followed by a Spring splurge.


ellow yellow is making our hearts melt and we’re encouraging fans of fresh, clean hues to adopt this perky colour for this season. Yellow accents can range from fairly innocuous tones to citrus right through to loud and proud neon. Yellow is seen as one of the brightest and most vivid colours in the box so some feel as though they need to proceed with caution. Not so! To allay any concerns, we’ve put together some sage advice in the form of top tips so you can give the colour a whirl in your abode. Such a softie: a more gentle coloured yellow will help imbue a space with warmth without overwhelming it. If you want to introduce yellow paint in a room, you’ll find a small room carries a softer yellow very well.

A match made in heaven: you can avoid tipping the balance by introducing a complementary colour – green is a savvy solution. A cheerful yellow with a grass green, crisp white or sky blue can provide the perfect contrast. If in doubt about the perfect colour pairings, consult the oracle of knowledge – the trusty colour wheel. Dip your toe in yellow: not literally, figuratively! We know taking the plunge with a new colour palette can be quite daunting so if you’re not sure whether you want to fully embrace the golden tones, then start small. Cushions, throws, rugs, lampshades and accessories can be a great way to experiment with a colour. Metropol would love to see how you work with yellow in your space – upload your look to Facebook with the hashtag #metropolhome. Metropol August 25, 2016 63

A great knife is an essential kitchen tool and not just for the professionals. Total Food Equipment has a range of knives to satisfy everyone from the passionate home cook to those who make their living in the kitchen.


he names may sound familiar – European blades by Sabatier, Arcos, Victorinox, Henckels and Wüsthof, Japanese knives by Kai Shun and Miyabi and the Australian designed Füri. These are all quality knives designed to work hard in the kitchen and to last for years. Each line has its own look and feel in the hand, with the team at Total Food Equipment happy to assist in finding the exact piece you are

after, ranging from a small paring knife to a sturdy cleaver. To care for your knives, the business offers a knife sharpening service, as well as a selection of products to sharpen your knife at home. For those who know the correct technique, a steel or sharpening stone works well, with other options of a pull-through or diamond finger sharpener, and even an electric sharpener.

Check out the stylish and practical options. Check out the stylish and practical knife storage options with wooden, ceramic and bamboo knife blocks, as well as magnetic wall strips. Total Food Equipment offers gift vouchers as well as a Wedding Register service. Visit Total Food Equipment - easy parking right outside the door at 218 Moorhouse Avenue, online at or give the team a call on 366 6912.

GOLDMEDAL MEDAL GOLD WINNERS! WINNERS! For your next commercial project be sure to get in touch with the team that wins Gold! From small warehouses, to large commercial developments we can deliver your project on budget, and with the942 flair1977 to make it stand out (03) from the crowd. (03) 942 1977

64 August 25, 2016 Metropol

For your next commercial project be sure to get in touch with the team that wins Gold! From small warehouses, to large commercial developments we can deliver your project on budget, and with the flair to make it stand out from the crowd. THE LABORATORY

THE LABORATORY 17 West Belt Lincoln: Boutique Brewery 17 West Belt Lincoln: Boutique & Gastro Pub extraordinaire! Brewery & Gastro Pub extraordinaire!

Now you see


By Majka Kaiser

Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp

Glas Italia Commodore Storage Unit

Glass, acrylic or polycarbonate materials can be found in tables, chairs, storage, display cabinets and lighting.


n recent years, advancements in technology have given designers greater scope in what can be achieved. On the home stage, transparent forms are both functional and illusory; they are ideal where space is at a premium. Glass cabinets, domes and acrylic

boxes or wall-hung shelving units place your favourite trinkets and collectables centre stage without sharing the limelight with solid materials. Italian furniture and home accessories company, Kartell, is the heavy weight champion

within the industry that has been pushing the boundaries with plastic since 1949. From its latest 2016 collection of translucent beauties comes the delicate, yet majestic Kabuki floor lamp. Using the cutting edge technology for which Kartell is the indisputable world leader, the injection moulded thermoplastic technopolymer is sturdy, yet exudes an ethereal quality – a magical touch to any home.


027 310 0560

Metropol August 25, 2016 65

THE GIFT OF GIVING Coco Gifts is laden with the classical, chic and enchanting – making gift buying a stress-free and indulgent experience.

Riem Flats $239 available in size 37-40. In store and online at

Gifts and flowers for any special occasion, available from Bourbon Rose.


t literally shimmers with beautiful luxuries for the home, baby gifts, and body care. Located in St Albans, quality homeware brands include French Country, Ecoya, Mor and Citta Design. Art Style and Noa Noa clothing complement stylish accessories. This year, owner Liz Van Montfort has delighted customers with a new Corporate and Client gift service. Now is the perfect time to organise your client Christmas gifts to ensure the best choices are available. Liz will meet with you to ascertain what suits your clients, your budget and what best reflects your business. She then sources the gifts, presents the options, and elegantly wraps them for delivery in early December. Gift box and hamper ideas vary from a mohair throw with handmade chocolate, to luxury bathroom items and treat-filled platters. For more information contact Liz at Coco Gifts, 63 Rutland Street, St Albans. Phone 355 3336 or visit

‘Nostalgia’ original painting by Nina Cook from the exhibition ‘Frame of Mind’ at Little River Gallery.

Recycled Teak furniture now available from Impluse Imports.

Wide range wooden Nut Crackers Available at The Christmas Hut.

The perfect gift ‘Home Sweet Home’ gift hampers by CoCo Box. Now available at Coco Gifts.

Spring range in store and online

bourbonROSE the wedding specialist

Shop 5 The Village Shopping Centre, 24 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs Ph. (03) 315 5044



500 Colombo Street - Ph: 365 1664

66 August 25, 2016 Metropol

New premises for

Westland Woodcraft Smart Phone Dock available at The Flock.

French Style bench seat upholstered in lime green fabric $399.99. Size L126cm X D46cm X H 74cm. Available from Y Nots.

local designer Joe Jandals is getting ready to re-open its doors, having moved just a few feet to its new store at The Tannery, offering creatively designed home decor, artwork and furniture.

Best artificial flowers at Terra Viva. Glitzy jewellery at Terra Viva.

Foot Stools available from at Joe Jandals HQ.

Small trays by Bengt & Lotta. Made in Sweden. Available from French Blue.


e’ll be much easier to find and I’m very much looking forward to opening on 2 September,” says project designer and owner Rachael Hemingway. Now situated on Tannery Way, known as ‘The Boardwalk’, the new premises has an exciting refit, creating a layout and space that reflects the Joe Jandals concept. Joe Jandals HQ also offers a project design service where the creative team can work to any budget. “As well as the retail store, we offer an hourly consultation service, or we can look after the project from start to finish,” Rachael says. “We have worked really hard to find the best resources and the best people - so anything is possible.” Phone 389 4100 (business hours) or Rachael on 027 203 0150 (anytime). Visit Joe Jandals at The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, from 2 September. Go to, or find Joe Jandals on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.

take a seat

Shop 7, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 389 9242

Unique home decor & handcrafted furniture


indoor & outdoor - bench seats, barstools, occasional chairs etc

ESPRESSO CAFÉ 2239 Main South Rd, SH1, Burnham Christchurch Ph. 03 347 6190 Open Tues - Sunday from 10am

french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Metropol August 25, 2016 67




the sweet tooth

On Tuesday 12 July, Total Food on Moorhouse played special host to a chef, Nikolai, from Fiddesticks who hosted a cooking class ‘Gluten Free Baking’. Delicious gluten free desserts sweetened the experience.


Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Judy Wilson, Liz Mills, Tracey Prince Tracey Dempsey Frances Boyd & Annette Finnis

Trish Carrick-Leslie & Patricia Borrie

Sandra & Fliss (TFE) Andrew Brown, Lawrence Dawson, Janet Vincent, Janet Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Julie Endacott, Marie Lawder Photos by Aimee Cane Photography - for copies email: Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

68 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Liz Mills

Experience the Gaggenau difference.

Enjoy your complimentary Gaggenau Dishwasher available with purchases $20,000 and over* from the 400 Series Gaggenau range. Offer valid 1 July – 30 September 2016. *Terms & Conditions apply Available from selected Kitchen Things stores: Newmarket (Auckland) Tauranga - Nelson - Moorhouse (Christchurch) - Dunedin Metropol August 25, 2016 69


Pre 2 Carpenter Drive, Woodlands, m - 4pm 12p ust Saturday 27th Aug

Contact: Adam Edwards m: 027 838 6077 e: Office/Showroom: 42 Sherborne Street, St Albans, Christchurch Open: Mon to Fri 9am-4pm Closed Public Holidays Show Home: Prebbleton 2 Carpenter Drive, Woodlands Prebbleton Open: Wed to Sun 12pm-4pm Closed Public Holidays

Whether choosing from one of our plans, or creating something a little different, discover the easiest way to get the home you want.

Discover an expanding private collection of Chinese classical furniture. Each exquisite piece tells a beautiful story

Call A1 homes or visit our website to start building your home today.



03 338 0155 • WWW.MOTILES.CO.NZ 70 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Oriental Furniture




There is a beautiful quiet about the country – in fact, following a leisurely drive from Christchurch, you’ll find yourself transported to another world.


t her Burnham based home, international designer Barbara Pritchard is offering a continually expanding private collection boasting unparalleled elegance. A showcase of Asia throughout the ages, Barbara’s forte is Chinese classical furniture characterised by exquisite craftsmanship, originality and authenticity. Barbara’s burgeoning collection is accompanied by beautiful story after beautiful story, which Barbara regales with the same passion she has evidently selected the pieces with. These pieces have the potential to become part of your personal collection. “In 1970 my husband Neville and I moved to Hong Kong - this is the time I also started to learn about furniture. My very first interior design project was at Lee Gardens Hotel. I had met the general manager of the hotel in Auckland when I worked for the National Publicity Studios on the PATA Conference. “My husband’s profession took him to all Asian countries and he was therefore out of Hong Kong a lot. These periods away offered me the opportunity to explore Hollywood Road and more. During the

seventies, the shops all had open facades. I was fascinated. “One day one of the older guys called out to me ‘Missy? Missy?’ I was looking behind me thinking he was calling to someone else’. He said, ‘Every day I see you here’ to which I replied, ‘I’m just interested. I like to see how you are refinishing the furniture’. And so he started teaching me, telling me, ‘I show you, I show you’”. From Hong Kong, Barbara took her talents to Bangkok, Thailand along with Neville’s new promotion. For 15 years Barbara’s interior design work expanded. She worked extensively for The Oriental Hotel – as evidenced by a beautiful coffee table book that chronicles the work she was involved with. Inside the book, a Polaroid picture of Barbara at the hotel marks the page detailing the opulent furnishings she selected and introduced. After the couple moved to Korea, Barbara was involved with remodelling the Seoul Club - a US $5 million project. “Korea offered fabulous opportunities and I loved the work there very much. It was here also that I learnt about Japanese furniture.” It was during her 23 years in Hawaii that Barbara’s true love affair with Chinese classical furniture began and she embarked

on an importing adventure. “The whole reason the business started in Hawaii was because my husband encouraged me to bring in a 20 foot container full of pots. He suggested that I pick the eyes out of it and sell the rest. I sold them within three weeks. “From there I was bringing in four to six 40 foot containers a year. My design work offered me the opportunity to work with lawyers, bank owners, and famous names in the entertainment business to name a few.” The thing about Barbara’s work though is that she is well prepared to work to a budget. This is what gives Barbara her true flair and competitive edge. She is highly aware of the client’s needs and believes it is through challenge that designers really fulfil their true potential. “Interior design is not just placing a pretty pillow. Projects arise that can be quite outside the parameters of the job description. A painting restored, a table refinished, a treasure repaired – these are usually taken on for personal satisfaction and the appreciation of the client.” To explore the infinitely generous interior design and furniture offerings from Barbara Pritchard, phone 022 358 1690 and email Metropol August 25, 2016 71


Olive Veneer

Bellini Fine Moulding Collection

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this stunning new design is available in a luxurious “natural� stain.

The classic swept back brings focus to the dramatic character of the veneer and creates a handsome finish.

...always something stylish at

- your choice naturally FRAME AND MIRROR COMPANY

394 Colombo St, Sydenham

Ph. 03 377 0223

CURTAIN Customised curtains made to perfection


Stunning selection of fabrics CONNIE 021 2302153 FRANCIS 021 2081110 E: W: 72 August 25, 2016 Metropol


Salvatori style, to very contemporary mouldings with clean, sharp lines, high gloss finishes and natural colourings designed to suit the modern home. “At the launch of our Bellini range we were very fortunate to host Stefano Maffei from Bellini, whose understanding of moulding design and its use for art and mirror framing is unparalleled. Stefano spent time with Eco Frame and Mirror and gave us a great deal of insight into all aspects of the mouldings’ designs and the ways they can be used. “We are now able to combine the Bellini products with the moulding styles of other suppliers to create unique combinations using slip framing and fillets that’s when a smaller piece of moulding is fitted inside a larger frame for decorative purposes.”

Art really matters in interior design. A beautifully framed art work can integrate the elements of a room by being a focal point, a colour inspiration and by bringing a sense of texture.


he team at Eco Frame and Mirror is very much aware of the part art plays in completing a space. That is why for the past 20 years it has been committed to sourcing the most up-to-date and unique mouldings available for framing pictures and mirrors. “We are very excited to now be able to offer the Bellini range of mouldings,” says Graeme Patching, owner of Eco Frame and Mirror. “With a name like Bellini these mouldings must be Italian. They originally come from Naples and their designs and finishes reflect everything that is trend-setting about Italian style.” Graeme explains that the Bellini mouldings are hand-finished, using practices and techniques that are centuries old. This is the standard that makes Bellini different from any other moulding on the market. The designs are many and varied – from the classic

Use of the new Bellini range.

The knowledgeable staff can help guide you to best present and project your beautiful artworks, memorabilia and mementoes.

Eco Frame and Mirror has recently expanded its range of mouldings in pale oak and maple timber and veneer finishes that are especially suitable for framing contemporary art works. But the business can frame anything from certificates to rugby jerseys, from crossstitch to medals. The knowledgeable staff can help guide you to best present and project your beautiful artworks, memorabilia and mementoes. Mirror, mirror on the wall – who has the largest selection of all? Well, the selection at Eco is certainly one of the biggest in the country. The business has a magnificent array lining the walls of the showroom. The currently very popular circular mirrors vie for attention with ornate Baroque, Georgian and Rococo styles, as well as French and sleek modern mirrors. Ready-made mirrors can be purchased right off the walls while Eco also offers custom built mirrors, starting with a free in-home or in-store consultation. In addition, Eco offers a large range of bathroom mirrors, which can include demisters and LED lighting. The showroom is located at 394 Colombo Street, Sydenham. Phone 377 0223 and visit Monday–Friday 9am–5.30pm and on Saturdays 9am–4pm.

The team at Eco Frame and Mirror. Metropol August 25, 2016 73

A renovation Renaissance

With the cost of buying land increasing, it is a good time to start looking at renovations as an alternative to building.

We’ve all been in houses where you walk in and think “this house doesn’t work” or “why did they do that?” Vincent Saunders, Director of Bespoke Architecture.

74 August 25, 2016 Metropol


lthough a house can be undesirable because of the things that you don’t like, changing them can be an easy and cheap way to unlock the hidden returns because there are always better, smarter ways to create value.

It is a good time to start looking at renovations as an alternative to building. Older homes generally are not spatially designed well; frequently they are back to front and consequently, the capital gain is slower to realise than newer, better designed homes. These are normally cheaper to buy as it is sometimes hard to think about what can be achieved to maximise the potential of the home. It is easy to create value by fixing what was wrong with the house. Many existing properties are underutilised and do not make the most of their potential or give that added value to tenants or owners. Our job is to advise what can be done and what is the best way to do it. We use our wealth of experience to make the best of these houses; we get them to work properly for a modern market; we change them to suit current tastes and we make them desirable and valuable buildings once more. Visit or call 0800 23 77 65

Urban g Gardenin By Melinda Collins

Soon after the industrial revolution, people started moving into cities in droves. Despite the new locale, our desire to grow our own foods hasn’t abated.


e may all have dreams of big, expansive gardens, but if space is an issue, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy growing your favourite plants and vegetables. Whether it’s a balcony, rooftop, windowsill or a small strip of under-utilised space along a fence line, planter boxes or hanging gardens can make the most of any urban space. Raised gardens are a great option, with their custom made versatility enabling you to fit any size or shape – fill that under-utilised space, or you could even try window boxes. But it’s not just versatility these raised gardens offer, as they also enable you to counteract poor soil conditions. To boot, there are also herbs, flowers and vegetables available to meet the conditions no matter where your raised gardens

may be – whether it’s sheltered with low-light, or hot and bright. If ground space is at a premium, why not lift the garden up from the ground and try a hanging option? Hang store-bought or custom made planters on the fence, or even on an under-utilised external wall on the house itself. Perhaps you could make a metal framework to hang planters from. Attach them with string or rope to existing structures such as a carport, or they can be hung from hooks in entranceways or porches. Why not re-use containers? Anything from plastic-lined wooden crates, old car tires, plastic buckets, trash cans and wooden pallets to polypropylene bags or small scale hydroponic systems. As they say, good things come in small packages.


Fences that look amazing...

PLUS No more painting, cracking, warping or twisting! · Street Frontage · Privacy Fencing · Boundary Lines · Subdivisions

P. 021 912 826 E. Metropol August 25, 2016 75


By Majka Kaiser

Covering a range of different style themes, from vintage to industrial, Botanical Style explores one common denominator: nature.


his rich and varied source provides endless inspiration for a myriad of decorating possibilities in the home. Packed with innovative styling tips, simple DIY projects and sumptuous images, this gorgeous new book by stylist Selina Lake reveals the many exciting ways you can draw from nature and inject new life into

your interiors. Pretty vintage style goes hand-in-hand with fresh wild and home-grown florals: think cottage garden meets wild-flower meadow. Inspired by old country gardens where fragrant flowers are in full bloom, romantic vintage botanicals are perfect for anyone who loves the vintage or retro



76 August 25, 2016 Metropol


look. Colours are soft, delicate, fresh and retro-pastel, and accessories are covered in ditzy florals and blowsy prints. As well as searching for suitable items for your home at antique fairs, look for independent

This edited excerpt from Botanical Style by Selina Lake with photography by Rachel Whiting, is published by Ryland, Peters & Small and distributed by Bookreps NZ Ltd.

designers of furniture, textiles and artwork made from reclaimed vintage pieces. Simple and stylish, natural botanical interiors feature a gentle mix of textures. Untreated woods work in harmony with white-painted furniture for a clean, calm style that gives a nod to Scandinavian interiors. Woven baskets make perfect plant holders and soft furnishings are fashioned from linen, cotton and worn leather. Plants and greenery give these natural spaces character and interest. The colour palette is based on whites, soft greys and putty shades combined with organic greens, natural wood and touches of pure black. Decorating to achieve an industrial look

has been a growing trend over the past few years, with old office and industry furniture being sought after at flea markets and antique sales. Think battered wooden cabinets, metal pendant light shades and items that were once used for educational purposes at schools. Old lab bottles have been reinvented as stylish vases, and science wall charts, which used to hang on classroom walls, are now super on-trend. To soften this rough-edged style, simply add masses of greenery. The free-spirited bohemian botanical style offers a relaxed, happy vibe with plenty of character and leafy green plants. Textiles can be summery and floaty, embroidered and silky, or rich in tone and

texture. Colours are deep and dark, with muddy yellows, browns and vibrant pops of colour like foxglove purples and hot pink. Furniture is from a mix of cultures and eras with inherited pieces taking centre stage. Patterns are indulgent, with full-on blooms, moody florals and classic William Morris designs. Rooms are brought to life with plants that were popular in the 1970s: think spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) and pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) in large ethnic vases. Layer up textures to create a fun, eclectic style with worn leather armchairs, fringing on cushions and lampshades, and bold florals.

Metropol August 25, 2016 77






On Thursday 7 July, Cavit&Co held a beautiful event to celebrate 25 years. Esteemed guests and friends of the brand were invited to enjoy champagne and canapes at the Christchurch showroom. To mark the occasion, limited edition copies of the book Cavit – Timeless Luxury since 1991 were gifted to guests.

Andrew and Jennifer Simpson, Sian Gillanders

Rachel Rose and Jos Kokx

Steph Stevens, Deb Hymers-Ross, Emily Glubb (Ballantynes)

Kristin Cameron, Ann-Marie Manson

Liz Mills, Tracey Prince

Judy Wilson, Tracey Dempsey

Rob Brook, Jane Meyer, Jeff and Kelly Root Karen, George Patterson, Lynne Howard

Amber and John Hamilton

Cavit & Co Staff – George Andrew Patterson, Debbie Cavit,Dawson, Lynne Howard, Ibbetson and Angelique Brown, Lawrence Janet Sally Vincent, JanetArmstrong Vincent, Maria O’Halloran, Rose, Jo Cameron, Karen Gillam Alan Trenberth and Jessica Paul Tweedale Maria O’Halloran Liz Mills JulieMcKenzie Endacott, MarieRachel Lawder Photos by Helen McLeod for copies email: Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:


peace of mind with the experts Asbestos removal and testing. Methamphetamine testing and property decontamination. Renovations, Earthquake Opt Outs and Repairs.


78 August 25, 2016 Metropol

0800 813 813



Finally ... two months past our expected completion date and with things still to finish we have moved into a newly constructed home, and after a 16-month build I have some tips I’d like to share with anyone else who is considering building. 1) Don’t (!!!!) even start if you think it’s going to be a walk in the park. It’s a massive commitment, financially and emotionally. Constant decisions are required and there are a multitude of places where instructions and interpretations can become entangled and confused, leaving all parties at loggerheads. Think carefully, think ahead and communicate clearly. I’ve noticed that a lot of Kiwi tradespeople tend to be the strong, silent types, so don’t be put off if they don’t say much back. 2) Work to a budget, because no-one enters into a new build without a firm

idea of what the financial commitment should be, but be prepared to have that challenged by concerned contractors trying to help you realise your dreams, because ideas inevitably expand. The supply-and-demand marketplace that exists in Christchurch is also a factor in fluctuating prices. Contractors are busy, some more than others, and this is often reflected in their attendance at the project and in their quotes. The reality, as in my own industry, real estate, is that ‘cheapest is rarely best’. 3) Wipe your feet. This is just an on-site observation. You get to the exciting stage when it’s time to move inside. Some of the floor coverings may be in situ and walls painted, and the odd contractor who you don’t know rocks up with work boots that look like they’ve climbed a mountain pass in Bolivia. As an owner, it’s heart-breaking and it’s given me a new appreciation of what vendors expect and deserve when

they get their agent to put a ‘shoes off, please’ sign in place. Let your expectations be known and short of these, swear!!!!! 4) Expect issues. It’s not plain sailing on most jobs. There will always be compromises and sometimes it actually doesn’t all come together till the last, but be assured that it will. Now if only we could stop setting the alarm off in the early hours and I could sort out how to work the new appliances, then we could get on with completing what has been a significant challenge and the fulfilment of a dream! Thanks to everyone involved helped, you know who you are and also to my ever patient husband John, and in case you are wondering this storyline is now closed! In the meantime, keep warm and enjoy your home.

Now’s the right time to get your property ready for listing as Spring time is premium selling time! Call us today about listing your home and check out our Facebook page for tips to ready your house for selling


FOLLOW US ON... Metropol August 25, 2016 79

An unwavering commitment Thirteen years of satisfied customers says a lot about a business. When Layne Watson Plumbing was started back in 2003 by Layne and Emma Watson, they had an exact idea of what they wanted to offer their clients – a professional plumbing service with quality workmanship.

“We want to be able to stand by everything we install.”


any of these original customers are still with them today, utilising their specialised skills in plumbing for alterations and new homes, as well as roof work and spouting. “We work closely with our clients to resolve any issues that may develop during the process of the project, and our communication systems allow us to resolve any glitches straight away,” Layne says. Documentation throughout the process is an important part of ensuring work flows smoothly. Photographs of each job provide instant confirmation and are part of regular communication with head office, with Layne or a foreman always on hand to

Energy Efficient, Sustainable & Eco Friendly Homes. LIFE STYLE SPECIALISTS.

80 August 25, 2016 Metropol

assist if needed. Layne Watson Plumbing has great contacts within the industry - the architects, builders, electricians and tilers they work alongside - and the team is able to source quality products. Layne is happy to talk over product choices with a great selection of high end front-of-wall pieces available. “We prefer to work with reputable brands,” Layne says. “We want to be able to stand by everything we install.” For more information contact the team at Layne Watson Plumbing Limited on 0800 150 155, at and on Facebook.




25 37

Metropol August 25, 2016 81

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REAA (2008)

VIEW, SUNSHINE & LOCATION! 44 Holliss Ave “As Is Where Is" section. 594 sqm land (more or less) with a slight elevation, capturing the sunshine and amazing views. This is your opportunity to build your dream home on the highly sought after Cashmere Hills. With the bonus of an inground fully fenced swimming pool. Various reports available.

82 August 25, 2016 Metropol

Deadline Sale: Closes 6pm Wednesday 31st August 2016 (unless sold prior) Agent will be onsite: Sunday 28th August 1:00-1:30pm. Private viewings available call Lindsay or Marilyn to arrange your time now.

Deadline Sale

closing 2pm, Thursday 8 September 2016 (not selling prior)

View Thursday/Sunday 2-2.45pm

M ark Lambie DDI 03 390 6675 mark.lambie@

Leissa Price 027 355 3320 leissa.price@ LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Merivale 17a Hawkesbury Ave There is a touch of Provence to this classic yet contemporary residence. A cleverly considered oor plan has created well -proportioned light lled living spaces combining a generous dining and family room, sophisticated formal lounge, and separate den. Both of these rooms feature French doors which open onto an elegant tiled outdoor entertaining area and easy-care garden brimming with beautiful camellias, fragrant roses and owering cherry trees. Three generous bedrooms are situated upstairs, including the spacious master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. All bedrooms open out through French doors onto north facing, sun-soaked wrought iron Juliette balconies. The home also features a sleek family bathroom with a therapeutic spa bath and separate shower, Internally accessed double garaging, plus generous forecourt for additional parking. Within easy walking distance of excellent schools, tree-lined parks and the vibrancy of the excellent restaurants, cafes and shops in Merivale Village, the location speaks for itself.

OPEN HOMES (commencing Saturday 20th): Thursday 12:30-1:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 2:002:45pm (or viewing by appointment) DEADLINE SALE: 6pm Wednesday 14th September 2016 (unless sold prior) Peter Fitzhardinge Licensee Salesperson 027 222 5546 peter. Ofce Ph: 0800 RAYWHITE Amy McGeddie Licensee Salesperson 027 706 5549 Ofce Ph: 0800 RAYWHITE

Ray White Burnside Pip Nielsen Realty Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) 55 Blighs Rd, Strowan, Christchurch, NZ Metropol August 25, 2016 83

84 August 25, 2016 Metropol

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