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One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. - Tom Wolfe New York City has always been a city of heroes. It doesn’t take a pandemic or a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 to realize this is a city of heroes and fighters. Our fire department, our police, our doctors and nurses, our small business owners, and corporations even our cultural institutions will not be kept down no matter what the crisis. This city is not only the epicenter of the world it is the melting pot and great American experiment in action. A city where people from all corners of the globe have come together to live together, work together, speak freely, worship freely and say to the rest of the world-- it can be done. We must go on. As a city, as a country as a world. We must find our collective and individual strength to persevere during this global pandemic and to work together as a global community to combat and conquer Covid-19. At Metropolitan Magazine we are trying to do our part to inform and inspire during these difficult days. We will get through this together. Our cover star is Paul Teutul Sr. The popular patriarch of American Chopper. What a terrific guy! Check out our social media platform where Paul Sr. will share BTS video and the secrets to creating amazing motorcycles and discuss the challenges of being a good dad. Paul Sr.’s relationship with his sons has always been one of the most fascinating aspects of his TV show. In the worlds of beauty and luxury, Dorota Wallace is leading the way with new techniques and procedures to help her guests look amazing and enjoy the very best in post-operative care. From Venice, Italy to Argentina to Orange County, New York we have sought out artists, designers, media personalities, and everyday heroes sharing their efforts to cope with the pandemic and bring a smile to others. From the world of art, contributing editor extraordinaire Rachel Vancelette keeps us all up to date on trends in art and jewelry. Another artist in the spotlight is Robin Koffler with her amazing cityscapes of the greatest city in the world. Her painting of the Reservoir is simply sublime. Just like New York City in the fall. Enjoy! Be safe and watch out for each other.

Chase Backer Publisher, Metropolitan/25A

From simple to intricate designs, California Closets systems are custom designed specifically for you and the way you live.


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This ain’t no Mudd Club or CBGB I ain’t got time for that now -Talking Heads, “Life During Wartime” It’s September and the Yankees and Mets are playing ball and giving New Yorkers and sports fans a much-needed sense of normalcy. School is back in session and our City continues to show signs that we are tough and smart and kind. We wear our masks and social distance and continue on with our lives cautiously optimistic that we will eventually make it through this pandemic thanks in large part to the endless courage of our frontline heroes. New York lost some legendary figures recently with the passing of New York Mets Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver and respected journalist and writer Pete Hamill. They now belong to the annals of New York’s rich history. The current issue has a little bit of everything from American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr. who invited our publisher Chase Backer into his garage at Orange County Choppers to talk about motorcycles and life to a new player in Manhattan’s luxury beauty business in the form of Dorota Wallace and her Berry Blonde Spa. Talking Heads Drummer Chris Frantz takes readers on a trip down memory lane to the Bowery section of New York where a little club called CBGB would be home to The Ramones, Talking Heads, Television, Blondie, The New York Dolls and Patti Smith to name just a few. The Drummer’s new autobiography offers incredible anecdotes and memories of the New York City music scene that would eventually travel across the pond to England to inspire the birth of Punk Music. A full, no-holds-barred interview with Frantz about former band members David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, and Jerry Harrison will be something to look forward to in October. Fall is the best time of the year in New York City. There is excitement and change and hope. Wishing that New Yorkers continue to show the rest of the world that no crisis is too big for the fighters and heroes that make up our Metropolis. That together we shall overcome. Together we shall heal. Together we shall rise again. Stay Safe. Be strong. Be kind.

Adam Kluger Editor in Chief, Metropolitan Magazine/25A

“Perfect Morning” By Robin Koffler


JeanChou Photographer | David White Wardrobe | Maggie Norris Couture Styled by | Cynthia Altoriso Hair | Hadiiya Barbel Make Up | Legend

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Experience in Venice THE MOST SERENE ONE BY SEHRA You incorporate a lot of images of Venice in your art photography why is Venice a magical place? La Serenissima ~ “The Most Serene One” Inspired by beautiful city Venice in Italy. “Happiness” to me is being alone with my own thoughts in a gloriously old-fashioned paradise to wander around in a silent winter midnight and create beauty in the art of art. The incredible feeling of renaissance to the city with its untouched architectural heritage, spectacular centuries old buildings, stone walk which is five hundred years old, canals, alleys, bridges and unmatched romantic vibes giving the 13th and 18th centuries uniqueness of Venice. “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” What’s the back story to these amazing photos of you? I did a most recent photo shoot with a very talented Italian photographer, Wladimiro Speranzoni in a historical XV Century Venetian Palazzo hotel leaning majestically on the banks of the Grand Canal. The 14th century Palazzo very well managed by Lorenza Lain, director of the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo and the director of Associazione Venezia Albergatori has been declared a National Monument and still preserves the untouched beauty of an ancient noble residence whose details are emphasized by a rare preciousness and elegance. A real treasure, the restoration carefully enhances the original noble features, delighting while evoking an extraordinary history. The ballrooms and the rooms are home to important artworks, including paintings by the most representative Venetian artists of the 17th and 18th centuries, such as Sebastiano Ricci, Giambattista Tiepolo, Niccolò Bambini and Pietro Longhi. A Private Palazzo, a Noble Residence, a Museum, a Luxury Hotel and much more… this all is Ca’ Sagredo.

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Tell us about your next event... I spent a day trying beautiful dresses at Antionia Sautter’s showroom located in San Marco for the next big event “Il Ballo del Doge” the most famous Venice Carnival Party taking place on February 13th of 2021 to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Venice. It was born in Venice in 1994 and it takes place every year during the Carnival of Venice. Each year’s edition has a different theme that is inspired by childhood dreams of Antonia Sautter, creative soul and art director of the event. An invitation to break free from our daily comfort zone, to get away from what is predictable in the daily routine and to dress in a mask and costume with a new identity, perhaps the one that displays our true self existence. A glamorous evening of non stop entertainment, delicious Venetian food, colorful cocktails and meeting new diverse set of people from around the globe, all under a magical spell in a Venezia vibe that you will always remember, a must have once in a lifetime experience. What is the story of those amazing costumes? The Carnevale di Venezia is an annual festival famous for its elaborate masks held in Venice, Italy every year in February and ends forty days before Easter. It was first held in Venice in the 11th century and fell into decline during the 18th century but was later revived in 1979 with great success. Fantastic costumes are

displayed in St Mark’s Square and Venice is the perfect back-drop for amazing photographs. Local Venetian Ateliers provide a wide range of hand-made Carnival Costumes and Accessories in precious fabrics. I enjoyed a fun photo shoot for Antiona Sautter who is an Italian icon, famous and renowned around the world....the queen of fabulous costumes who developed an innovative concept of luxury events founded upon the fantastic: Stories, Costumes and Theatrical design, all entirely orchestrated through her artistic innovation. In 1999 she was selected by Stanley Kubrick to be the creator of the masks used in his cinematic masterpiece called the “Eyes wide shut”. How is Venice handling the Pandemic, Italy was hit hard in the beginning. In the past months the country was in a government mandated lock down in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. Travel restrictions were placed in the area, in addition to other measures affecting the functioning of the cities and its services. Shops, restaurants, bars and hotels were all closed but the groceries and pharmacies were open until 6pm during the lockdown. I was safe in my apartment in San Marco and much welcomed by Venetians from my neighbors, friends, restaurant employees to the stores and supermarket staff I see every single day passing through dreamy alleys and bridges. The mood was calm and life was somewhat normal. Rising like a magical city from the waters, Venice

that infects only its beauty has been brought to its knees after the flooding episode in November 2019. Beauty is difficult and Venice, so lethally seductive, is beautiful and difficult beyond words precisely from silent isolation. Its in the air, the renaissance architecture, silent streets and piazzas, boats parked and no one can leave the city. The canals of Venice run clear bringing back lagoon waters of ancient times and the fish, dolphin and swans making their reappearance. In Thomas Mann’s novella, “Death in Venice” where the whiff of disinfectant first signals that all is not well, the offender is cholera. Venice is not meant to be deserted. Beauty is useless unless it is shared. Because one thing, over the days, emerges with ever greater clarity and awareness, after the nightmare is over, nothing will be as before. And Venice is no different. No more waves....All of a sudden, a hauntingly beautiful jewel of a city is in a new kind of different just like the rest of the world at this difficult time of Pandemic, like lights off and complete silence. Italia’s resilient spirit will survive corona virus and the countries effected by the diseases! “There is no rush, no rush to come nor to go, because all that waits is the return home. Everyone basks in the warm spring sun and chats – while keeping the required meter distance. I am able to see Venetian life now that it’s no longer hidden behind a curtain of tourists.” September/October 2020 | 25


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Venice in Italy P H O T O G R A P H Y BY O S VA L D O D I P I E T R A N T O N I O I N A N T ON I A S AU T T E R C O S T U M E S

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Hamptons Vintage B Y L U C I A N A PA M PA L O N E

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Don’t Call It A Comeback Model Ashley Heather Remy is Ready to Make an Impact BY LILLIAN LANGTRY Since childhood, Model Ashley Heather Remy was poised to become a star, but health issues and personal tragedy derailed her dreams early on. However, the young talented model, and former actress, is now ready to step out in the spotlight. Early on, the native Long Islander knew she was destined to be an entertainer, and has dabbled in many fields. Ashley started taking various dance lessons from grade school until the age of 16. During that time, Ashley would find her nitch for acting and later on modeling. At the tender age of nine, Ashley was taking numerous TV commercials and TV shows. A few years later, she would get her big break landing the role of Stellan Skarsgård’s daughter in the independent film, Signs & Wonders (2002), where she lived in Europe for a year during filming. A couple of years later, Ashley started taking various modeling gigs. Everything was going well until Ashley started suffering from severe and debilitating abdominal pains at the age of 14 that sidelined her budding career. After 10 years of agonizing tests, Ashley was diagnosed with the extremely rare superior mesenteric artery syndrome. At 24, Ashley went through an excruciating surgery that left her on feeding tubes but unfortunately never fixed the issue. Soon after though, the strong headed blonde bombshell began her modeling career again with hopes of continuing where she left off a decade before. Then in 2015, Ashley was heartbroken and lost after the passing of mother, who was not only the driving force behind Ashley’s career but also her best friend. After months of sorrow, Ashley took her emotional and physical pain, and turned it into determination. Now, Ashley has started modeling again appearing in a few magazines. She is hoping to take another shot at acting where she can eventually use her star power to raise awareness to superior mesenteric artery syndrome which she still suffers from to this day; with the hope of starting a charity to raise funds for research. When not modeling, the multitalented Ashley operates a doggy daycare and dog sitting service. She is an avid dog lover, living with 3 dogs of her own in Long Beach, NY where she operates and also hopes to also expand her services. Photo credit: MemMaurice Photography Instagram: @ashleylillianax Facebook: @Ashleylilliana

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orota Wallace, the owner of the luxurious Berry Blonde Spa, located at 767 Lexington Ave in Manhattan, has spent the last 20 years at the forefront of beauty and wellness. She has traveled the globe in search of the latest, most efficient, and cuttingedge beauty procedures and technological advances to pamper her guests with the best and most innovative care. One of her main areas of focus are plastic surgery postoperative care, where the days and weeks following the actual procedures are just as crucial as surgery itself. Post-operative care aims to speed up the overall recovery process after surgery, enhancing a doctor’s work through additional treatments and customized services.

and DON’Ts. It makes the doctor’s job easier, so we welcome a consultation both before the surgery and of course afterward. Her expert care decreases post-surgery discomfort, pain, anxiety, and body trauma. It prevents post-surgery swelling, water retention, and infections, it breaks up existing scar tissue, and prevents the formation of new scar tissue.”

“If post-op care is not done properly, it can be extremely painful and it can potentially damage the surgeon’s artwork. But expert gentle care enhances the doctor’s work and delivers the most amazing results” - Dorota Wallace, Owner, Berry Blonde Spa

“Some of the most common plastic surgeries our guests undergo are facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction of the abdomen, arms and thighs, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts,” Wallace tells us. She is particularly proud of her achievements in shifting the burden of post-op away from busy plastic surgeons and enhancing the results of their work through services specifically tailored to each patient. The patients have the opportunity to get in touch with Berry Blonde Spa even before their surgery, so Wallace can ease their concerns about their post-op care. She offers valuable advice on how best to prepare for one’s recovery and what to expect shortly after the surgery. She is able to help guests with compression garments selection, foams, abdominal boards, belly button shapers, etc. “We also give tips on diet, and all general DOs

When describing her post-op work, Wallace explains that while plastic surgery is inherently associated with outward results, there is often internal trauma to the body that needs to be treated carefully, ideally by a trained professionals like herself. Many of her techniques promote rapid post-surgery recovery and aid in tissue repair, scar tissue reduction, proper skin reattachment, and collagen production by delivering blood, nutrients, and oxygen flow to the affected areas. The popularity of Wallace’s treatments is growing as more and more plastic surgeons recommend her post-op services to their patients. Dr. Joshua Zuckerman, MD, FACS, an excellent, top-ranked Board Certified plastic surgeon, who operates on patients from all over the world, has worked with Wallace for a significant amount of time, agrees that the practice of post-operative massage can provide tremendous benefit post-surgery. September/October 2020 | 37


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“Dorota and the Berry Blonde team provide simply great postop care. This is basically postop care in the hands of someone experienced and knowledgeable, who works along with the surgeon, and significantly eases and shortens the recovery process. That can make the difference between a good result and a truly excellent result after plastic surgery” -Dr. Joshua D. Zuckerman, MD FACS (ABC, CBS, Cosmopolitan, NYPost, NYTimes), Zuckerman Plastic Surgery.

Says Wallace, “I wanted to make the postoperative journey as easy and effective as I could, to help people achieve optimal results from their plastic surgery. For example, there’s a difference between a classic lymphatic drainage massage that is meant to detox the body and a post-operative lymphatic drainage treatment which is specifically for post plastic surgery. This type of post-op treatment is meant not only to drain the fluid but also to carefully palpate the tissue to detect and effectively treat any issues: scarring, infections, fat deposits, etc. During surgery, the skin becomes significantly detached from the underlying tissue. If the postop massage is too aggressive, it can prevent the skin from re-attaching correctly, and can lead to the formation of additional scar tissue and other complications. So it’s important to be meticulous and qualified for this type of care. A proper post-operative lymphatic massage treatment is highly effective when paired with other, similarly beneficial techniques and treatments such as those involving infrared light, LED laser light, radiofrequency skin tightening, and scar reduction.” “So I trained and got certified in this type of care, both in the U.S. and, most recently, in Brazil, one of the plastic surgery meccas of the world, Wallace further explains. One of the things I picked up there is the benefit of using kinesiology (or KT) tape. It’s similar to the athletic tape you see professional athletes wearing on various parts of their bodies to prevent injury, but it can also have significant benefits in the recovery of some plastic surgery patients. It works wonderfully to reduce swelling, bruising, and scar tissue formation if it’s

applied correctly. More specifically, the KT tape lifts the post-operative skin very gently and allows the healing process to begin, so there is better blood flow, oxygen flow, and nutrition delivery to the affected area.” After the initial post-op period, which can often be as long as 12 weeks but with constantly-improving results, Wallace recommends additional lymphatic drainage massages that are gentle enough to not cause any unwanted stretching of the skin. She explains that an expert lymphatic drainage massage helps deliver cellular waste and microscopic villains like viruses and bacteria, which may cause cellulite, to the lymph nodes. “This drainage is essential because the lymphatic system lacks a pump of its own to transport the lymph through the body, and must instead rely on movement, muscular contraction, and massage to flush the fluid. The treatment consists of gentle, whispery-soft finger strokes, with rhythmic pressure, or ultra-light drumming on the skin in the direction of the lymph pathways toward the lymph nodes. The result? Proper lymphatic drainage helps prevent swelling and bruising, further advances the healing process post plastic surgery, and even enhances the immune system. “

“We’ll pamper you with carefully selected products, highly effective techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment, all in the hands of our skilled beauty experts. We love to listen and we’ll address all your concerns with recommended beauty regimens and tailored packages. We’re all about a body-positive image and helping you be the best... you!” For her guests who prefer other alternatives to plastic surgery, Wallace offers a pioneering and highly effective body sculpting treatment called Trigli Fat Freeze. It’s one of her most soughtafter procedures and for good reason. The innovation lies in alternating the temperature during treatment, between hot and cold, an approach credited by the latest research with creating even better results than traditional fat freeze. Moreover, at Berry Blonde Spa, the actual temperature change is tailored individually to each and every client, for optimal results. September/October 2020 | 41


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Wallace explains that “this non-invasive, groundbreaking treatment is an ideal way to help reduce stubborn fat cells by freezing them at the subcutaneous level without damaging surrounding tissue. It’s also a great way to help reduce extremely stubborn fat areas that we often inherit genetically. This system combines a small amount of laser heat (3-5 min.) followed by Trigli alternating hot/cold application (40 min.) for the non- invasive fat reduction of unwanted fat deposits in order to reshape and redesign the body. The laser heat supports the skin tightening at the beginning of the treatment, and the Trigli hot/cold affects the fat cells that are further eliminated from the body as waste. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, under buttocks, calves, side knees, over the knees, arms, under-bra, flanks, and chin. We recommend adding our manual body sculpting treatments once a week, to further break fat pockets and cellulite, and achieve your ideal body shape.”

Last but not least, for stubborn fat dimples and never-ending cellulite wars, Berry Blonde Spa offers a novel and popular Italian treatment called Endospheres Cellulite Therapy. During the sessions, a combination of compressive microvibrations and other innovative techniques help with cellulite reduction and skin tightening, firming up and reshaping the body. As a recommended addition to any cellulite treatment, the spa offers gentle yet efficient shock waves therapy to reduce stubborn deep cellulite dimples. These, Wallace explains, are actually not a fat-related problem, as common sense might indicate, but in fact an issue of connective tissue. Listening to Wallace explain her myriad treatments passionately, one can’t help but wonder about the source of her enthusiasm. She goes back to a childhood story and the life-changing impact a cosmetologist had on her, after treating her acne. It may sound like an ordinary story, but Wallace’s journey and vision are anything but. She views her work as deeply connected to her guests’ life goals.

“We help you be the best you can be by creating an authentic loving, supportive experience in body transformation, she explains. Our promise is to always cultivate a positive body image and relentlessly elevate our guest’s self-image to help them create loving connections with others. Basically, we try to help change our guest’s perceptions of themselves, to make them feel beautiful so they can fulfill their life’s purpose, whatever that might be. You’re the architect of your journey but we’re happy to come along for the ride and help you be your most authentic, happiest self.” To schedule an appointment: 767 Lexington Ave suite 402 New York NY 10065 p: 917-446-7720

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Paul Teutul, Sr. Keeps the Pedal to the Metal BY ADAM KLUGER Paul, how are you and your family handling the pandemic? It has been pretty difficult for all of us. I think the hardest thing is I did not get to see my grandkids for a few months. I just saw them for the first time this week and it was great! Are you working on any cool new bikes? We just completed a really cool bobber style for a law firm in Arkansas. We did a killer chopper for ABC building supply. The ABC bike will be on the upcoming American Chopper episode airing on August 3rd, at 9 pm, on the Discovery channel. You don’t want to miss this one. Do you find yourself riding more during the pandemic? We did get to ride a lot more. Me and Joan ride every chance we get. It is still never enough for me. How are you staying in shape?

I work out 4 days a week. I don’t go heavy like I used to, I do lighter weight and more reps. I think it is all about consistency. As for diet, I struggle every day to keep weight on. I drink “weight gain” and eat twice what most people would ever eat. It makes Joan crazy that I can eat so much and never gain weight. I am really fortunate, I just got my blood work back and it was close to perfect. Big fans of American Chopper-- what kind of feedback do you get from fans on why they love the show? We really have great fans all over the world. Some people are all about bikes and how they are built, others can relate to the family dynamics. I think that I have really always been a blue-collar guy that wound up on a television show and for better or worse I was just myself. The number one comment we get at Orange County Choppers is how much people identify with the everyday struggles that come with being in business, and how hard it can be to work with family.

September/October 2020 | 45


American Chopper is fascinating on a number of levels-- the artistic process, the camaraderie, the father-son family dynamic, the small business aspect, client and fan interaction...what are some of the biggest takeaways for you on why the show has such resonance for so many people? The art and work that goes into every bike is pretty cool to watch whether you are a rider or not. Orange County Choppers has been fortunate enough to have some of the greatest talent in the world working here. I also think it was because it was really just everyday life. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a scripted guy or an actor. Even if I was asked to do a script I could never remember the lines. A lot is made about the relationship between you and your sons- there really has never been a reality show that has gone into these types of father-son relationships so honestly... what have you learned about your sons and yourself over the course of American Chopper? If your sons were to read this article in the future- what would you want them each to know? I think that I would have the same rules for everyone in the company. I think that if you want to be successful in a business the rules have to apply to all. We are all guilty of wanting more for our kids, but some times more is not better. I would want my kids to know I did the best I could to be a power of example. I worked 6 sometimes 7 days a week because I loved them and did not want them to ever have to live the way I did growing up. Any regrets in opening up your life to the public in this way? No I am ok with it. I think that by opening up my life, I was able to help others. I hope they could learn from my mistakes

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You and Joannie are very involved in pet charities...why is this such a passion?

opportunities I was given to work with heroes and heads of companies, I am truly blessed.

Joannie and I have been animal lovers back to our first memories. My childhood was pretty horrific and I am not sure I would have made it without my dog. My love of animals was always there, but through Joannie, I became aware of how much all animals needed our voice. I did not know that there were so many amazing animals waiting to be rescued. I did not know what really goes on every day with abuse and neglect of so many animals. We work every day to help stop this abuse and rescue as many lives as we can. We are both on the board of a great Shelter called the Hudson Valley SPCA in New Windsor NY

What’s the most challenging part of putting a bike together? What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Looking back over the years-- you have created some very memorable bikes-- which ones stand out in your mind the most? That is a tough question because they all had meaning. I loved building the Make A Wish bike, and having an opportunity to meet so many of these amazing kids. They always stole my heart. They had so much going on and were the most positive and full of smiles. They made my day more than I could ever make theirs. The 9/11 Firemans bike was also very meaningful. Like a lot of people, I felt like we needed to do something to show our appreciation for the brave men and women of the FDNY and to so many who lost their lives that day. A bike seemed like a small token but it was the only way I knew how to show how much they meant to all of us. Our military bikes have also been at the top of my list as I never forget that our freedom is not free. We built a bike for every branch of the military as well as the POW bike, Fallen Heros, and Commanche bike. I could go on about the great

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For me, the most challenging part is the wiring. The most rewarding part is the first ride. What don’t fans know about you that might surprise them? Most people don’t know I served in the Merchant Marines delivering ammunition in Vietnam. I am a pescatarian. I have not eaten meat or chicken in over 7 years. My favorite musicians are: Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Junior Walker, Gladys Knight, Bob Seeger and Neil Young. There are more but those are my top pics. No surprise my favorite movies are action movies and documentaries. What would you like to accomplish in the future? I think for me and the team at OCC we strive to make every day and every build better than the last. Personally we want to continue to expand the animal shelter and raise more awareness for the animals. What can fans of American Chopper expect in the future? I think they will see more of a window into where I am in life today. I may be 71 but I am not slowing down anytime soon. I have just learned to make better choices on how I want to spend the rest of my life.

September/October 2020 | 51


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Paul Teutul, Sr. & Joan Kay Discussing “The Last Ride” BY ADAM KLUGER The ABC Bike build was promoted as The Last Ride... and it certainly did not disappoint --what has the reaction been to the episode? It was definitely not the last ride for me or OCC. We are all the ride till you die kind, not just with motorcycles but everything in life. No matter how many times you get knocked down you have to pick yourself back up, get steady on your feet, and put one foot in front of the other. How sentimental/emotional was it to return to the place where OCC began before it closed down? It was very sentimental for me. I had my steel shop there for so many years. I did the bike building there as a passion, and then I started Orange County Choppers. A lot of great memories in both. While the episode started off with the best of intentions--it quickly got derailed over “creative differences” and client protocol--between Jr. & Sr., only for Mikey to eventually “save the day” by suggesting a non-motorcycle activity (cooking together) to help father and son to reconnect. We truly started this episode off with the best of intentions. I was looking forward to it. I was pretty blown away that after all these years my son tried to make a fool out of me in front of my client. I started out angry but to be honest I was really hurt. Not something I say often. It was not


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creative differences, as we had all spoke before doing the show that this was a client we already had a rendering on etc. Paulie said he didn’t care I could build any bike I wanted. That all changes quickly when the cameras started rolling. We decided to invite him to that first meeting because we thought it would be a good way to bring everyone together. It was like walking into a place that you think are your friends and getting sucker punched. I had to get past that and move on and make sure my client got everything we promised and more. It set the tone for the rest. I still really can’t make sense of it. I learned another hard lesson there. Mikey always brings some positive energy and fun wherever he goes. We share a lot of laughs even in the toughest of times. Paul, what was your take on the episode and on the final look of the ABC bike? My take on the episode was that after hundreds of hours of filming they wanted drama and needed to paint a picture of a bad guy, so they used whatever fit the agenda. (My opinion) I know in the past I gave them plenty of ammo, but I feel this was pretty one-sided. Like I said before I went in I felt excited about trying this one last time, and It felt like a setup. No one can hurt you deeper than family. That I know for sure Also, let’s give a shout out to Mikey as well- who through the years has been cast in the playful role of comic relief but almost always provides some helpful common sense wisdom when it comes to making sense of any “family drama.” Mikey is a blessing for sure. No matter how mad I get, one word from him and I am cracking up. Mikey is not only funny, he is really smart. When he puts his mind on something he just goes with it. He is creative for sure. He produces some short films and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Was that the “last ride”-- or will future collaborations still be in the offing-- i.e. “never say never” Never the last ride for me or OCC. In the first quarter of 2021 there will be some big things happening for Orange County Choppers. Stay tuned Joan, a couple of questions for the you-how special was it to be asked to ride the ABC bike into the event? Joan: I was honored to ride a bike that represented everything you want in a company. ABC is more than just a huge brand, they are a company that stands behind their employees, helps their employees excel. Diane Hendricks is the Cofounder and Chair of ABC supply which is a billion-dollar company, yet she stops to say hello to each passing staff member. She rebuilds communities by buying and renovating abandoned properties that she knows will bring back tourism and improve the neighborhood. I was so proud that OCC was able to build a bike that showed strength, character, and diversity. Our publisher Chase, is a pretty hands-on leader like Paul--how did the two get along? Any bike rides in the future for Chase and Paul? Joan: They get along great. Both have that drive and tenacity to get the job done. I see a lot of riding in the future. Any future projects you want to share? We have three very exciting ones now. A very cool one with a company called CrowVote, Captain America, and the big one end of March you will have to wait and see.

September/October 2020 | 55




hough saddened by the cancellation of the 11th Annual Unconditional Love Gala due the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) is still raising funds and awareness for homeless animals. The SASF relies heavily on the funds generated by the Gala to care for their shelter animals. While they remain committed to saving the lives of pets in need, this reduction in funding will impact the scope of the SASF mission. They not only take in community pets but also partner with other rescues, located on Long Island and areas in the South including Puerto Rico, to save animals that are in dire situations. Oftentimes, the SASF shelter is their last resort. This past year, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation found homes for over 800 animals and provided the community with necessary resources like their Wellness Clinic, Advo-Cats Program, low-cost spay/neuter mobile clinic, as well as other community outreach programs. These services help pet owners who fall on hard times keep their animals with them and out of the shelters. During these times of great uncertainty, we will keep providing the community with these vital resources to ensure the health and safety of animals in our township and beyond; and continue their mission to provide care for every animal. DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT Introducing Match Your Gift program...all donations up to $150,000 will be matched! The SASF is asking their friends and family to give what you can to help us help them. This season, SASF is excited to announce that a few generous donors have graciously offered to match donations up to $150,000. If you give $500,

56 | |

their shelter pets get $1000. This will accelerate their goal to reach $500,000. While this goal is ambitious, SASF knows that they can continue to count on the community as they always have. Together they can make a difference and save the lives of animals that rely on us each and every day. Join Foundation Chair Jean Shafiroff; Junior Chairs Georgina Bloomberg, Katie McEntee, Nathania Nisonson; and Committee members Antonella Bertello, Amy Cosman, Kingsley Crawford, Missy Hargraves, Merritt Piro, Randi Schatz, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Jacqueline Shafiroff, and Sarah Vacchiano in reaching this goal in unprecedented times. SASF just finished up their MASK UP partnership

with Dylan’s Candy Bar where masks from Dylan’s Candy Bar were available for purchase, and a portion of the proceeds from every mask purchased went directly to the care and comfort of SASF shelter pets. ⁠ The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of their donors and volunteers to care to for the homeless animals in its community, and to place them in loving “forever homes.” The number of animals in need of help is growing every day. The overpopulation of pets on Long Island is a major issue. Whether caring for strays found wandering the streets, rescuing neglected and abandoned animals, or saving dogs from the

horrors of the puppy mill industry, the shelter is a safe haven for all animals and for some, a last resort. Without SASF, these animals would not be able to survive. The shelter provides a stepping stone for animals to find a loving home. It offers them housing, food, medical treatment, training, and rehabilitation when necessary. Facebook: southamptonanimalshelter | Twitter: shelterhampton | Instagram: southamptonanimalshelteradopt




vVO ART presents AD ART SHOW 2020, September 1 to 30, 2020, at the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in New York and online on the Artsy gallery platform. MvVO ART, the creator of AD ART SHOW, with the ongoing support of presenting sponsor NBCUniversal and in partnership with Westfield World Trade Center, will open this alldigital, month-long, contemporary art show with a virtual opening by Bravo’s Project Runway Judge, Brandon Maxwell on September 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST on the MvVO ART website. During this virtual opening and tour of the show, the 2020 winning artist will be announced and will receive a creative immersion day at NBCUniversal, expert art curation consultations, and a specialty Clio Award.

58 | |

BY ELIZABETH DARWEN AD ART SHOW, now in its third year, features artwork by the artists of advertising—artists following in the footsteps of Warhol, Haring, Rockwell, Magritte and many famous names in Art who worked in advertising and related fields. This innovative all-digital show displays artworks by 135 talented contemporary artists on the monumental screens of the Oculus. The art is for sale on the MvVO ART Artsy gallery as of September 1, 2020 via “Nothing, not even a pandemic, stops the creative spirit of our artists. The resilience of our art-ists—and of New Yorkers—is evident in our determination to go forward and bring the pleasure of discovering new artists, both in person and online, during these challenging times.” Maria van Vlo-drop, MvVO ART- AD ART SHOW Founder & CEO, also named top ten cultural shaper in the

pandem-ic and beyond in Adweek’s 100 creative list, commented. “At NBCUniversal, creativity is central to our DNA,” said Josh Feldman, Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing & Advertising Creative, NBCUniversal. “We’re thrilled to once again be a part of the AD ART SHOW, which highlights both the artists of advertising and demonstrates the power of creativity in a whole new way.” The location in the Westfield World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan is emblematic of the revitalization of the neighborhood and of New York’s role as world leader in the arts. The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center is thrilled to welcome MvVO ART- AD ART SHOW back to our expansive digital screens,” said Danielle Hascoe, General Manager at the

Westfield World Trade Center. “The opportunity for our shoppers to view this collection throughout the center adds to the rich experience we strive to offer to our visitors.” While most of New York’s famous arts institutions are closed or slowly reopening, AD ART SHOW at the Oculus offers art lovers a spacious and FREE art destination. Visitors will also receive a free coffee and sweet to go from Eataly situated inside the Oculus on the third floor. The free coupon can be downloaded on the MvVO ART website and you can ask for it at Eataly at the Oculus, all as of September 1. MvVO ART also announced a fundraising effort for City Harvest during the monthlong art show

at the Oculus in the Westfield World Trade Center and online on the Artsy gallery platform. All profits from the sale of AD ART SHOW 2020 commemorative branded merchandise will be donated to City Harvest. Visiting hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm & Sunday, 12am-6pm (September 1-30/Free entrance) MvVO ART is closely working with NBCUniversal as presenting sponsor and in partnership with West-field. Other sponsors and partners include: The Clio Awards, 600 & Rising, Artnet, Artsy, Artful Cir-cle, The One Club for Creativity, WPP, GroupM, Zenith, Morzy and MRY, SVA (the School for Visual Art), The Downtown Alliance, NYCxDESIGN,

Franklin Furnace, Lawlor Media Group, the Gradient, To Practice_Practice, Gameday Creative, Corea Creative, VRWAIBAIO and Eataly. The MvVO ART team includes: Maria Van Vlodrop Founder & CEO; Isaac Aden, Chief Curator, Roger Allen Bentley, Chief Creative and a team of Art, Advertising and marketing professionals. For more information about the MvVO ART team:

September/October 2020 | 59




earing hair out over botched home cuts and dye jobs? Dreaming about the day when you can go back to the salon?

Worry no more. My Darling Ivy, the hotter-than-tongs Chelsea salon owned by Manny Rolon, Mark Bustos and VJ Moscaritola, is again open for business. “The days of talking to yourself in the mirror as if you are your own client, while you attempt to color or cut your hair are safely coming to an end,” says VJ. “Women are thirsting for a return to glamour,” explains Manny, New York City’s stylist du jour, “but after months of being cooped up inside, they’re seeking a new elegance—unstudied and unfussy, but always effortlessly chic.” Of course, a lot of effort goes into looking effortless. Whether it’s correcting the self-inflicted wounds of quarantine or adding life and luster to dull hair, landing on a new everyday look, or choosing a style for a special event, Manny and his team go over every detail with a fine toothcomb. According to Manny, having been caught off-guard these past few months his clients not only want to look great but also want to be better informed. Which is just as well as Manny, who hails from three generations of hairdressers, and is an educator for the revered Oribe brand, is a font of hair knowledge. As is his team of star stylists. And it’s not just the women who are treading a path to My Darling Ivy, and evolving. “Male clients have learned to deal with the awkward grown-out phase through the stay-at-home months,” says Mark. “And sometimes a good reshaping is all it takes to convince them that they can pull off more than one look.” Although the layout and design of My Darling Ivy already allows for over six feet of separation between styling

60 | |

chairs, in an effort to further adhere to social distancing measures, the salon will be expanding its business hours to allow for a lower occupancy level throughout the day/week. “More than ever, we as hairdressers and salon owners realize how important our roles are in people’s lives,” says Mark. “We are going above

and beyond to keep everyone comfortable, safe, healthy, and feeling more beautiful again.” Adds VJ: “At My Darling Ivy and Silver Vine Room”— the New Jersey salon also owned by the trio—“we think it’s key to spend extra time with guests, not only to focusing on their look but also conversing and sharing stories and experiences about these

unprecedented times. This has been a time of much solitude, and having the time to sit and catch up is as important as hair care itself!” My Darling Ivy 444 West 17th St, New York, NY 10011




ore than 200 supporters virtually attended Northwell Health’s second annual Summer Hamptons Evening (SHE). The event — named “SHE at Home” for 2020 — benefitted Northwell’s Katz Institute for Women’s Health and raised more than $675,000 for research and programs that will continue to advance care and transform treatment for women across the New York metropolitan area. The virtual event was made possible by presenting sponsors Victoria Moran-Furman; Iris and Saul

62 | |

Katz, the lead benefactors of the Katz Institute for Women’s Health; Eric Moran; and celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events. Rosanna Scotto, co-host of Fox 5’s Good Day New York, emceed the evening and hosted a conversation with Stacey Rosen, MD, senior vice president of women’s health at Northwell and the Partners Council Professor of Women’s Health at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Rosanna and Dr. Rosen covered topics including COVID-19 and the ways in which the pandemic has expanded women’s roles, Northwell’s gender-focused

research to discover how diseases impact men and women differently, and how the Katz Institute is uniquely suited to care for women at every stage of their lives. “The Katz institute is committed to addressing the disparities women experience in their medical care,” said Dr. Rosen. “With the support of our communities and in collaboration with the exceptional clinical programs at Northwell, we promote gender-focused clinical services, research and health education aimed at empowering women to improve their health. We work every day to incite that women’s

health needs are addressed and evaluated for their uniqueness, which leads to better health outcomes for women and their families.” Additional sponsors for the evening included: Premier Sponsors: American Securities Foundation/Michael G. Fisch, and Iris & Michael Smith; Champion Sponsor: Lipsay Family Charitable Foundation; Trailblazer Sponsors: Burner Law Group, P.C., Nancy & Jeffrey Lane, Dayle & Michael Katz, Judith & Fred Wilpon, Merry & Richard Slone, Susan & David Edelstein, Susan & Mark Claster, Marron Foundation, and Christie & Bob Donaldson.

The Katz Institute for Women’s Health provides an innovative model of care, delivering an integrated approach to women’s health and wellness. Supporters of SHE and the Katz Institute join our effort to Outpace the Impossible and become champions for women. For more information about supporting the Katz Institute for Women’s Health and Northwell Health, visit give.northwell. edu/katz-institute-womens-health.

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uxury Hair Salon, Angelo David Salon was featured in The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY), now in its 12th season. In the episode, Luann de Lesseps along with The Fortune Society gave formerly incarcerated women a spa day and makeovers courtesy of Angelo David Pisacreta, owner and creative director of Angelo David Salon. With their new looks, the hope is these women will have a chance to better themselves and feel confident starting their new lives outside of prison. RHONY airs Thursday nights at 9PM EST on Bravo, featuring Dorinda Medley, Leah McSweeney, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Tinsley Mortimer. About Angelo David Salon Located on Madison Avenue, the salon boasts a team of highly trained staff members, who are dedicated to making each client feel welcome

64 | |

BY ANN GRENIER and appreciated. Renowned for Couture Hair Extensions, thinning hair solutions, and Couture Wigs, Angelo David Salon also offers a full range of services and includes five private VIP Hair Suites. The full-service salon offers—in addition to thinning hair solutions—the best in cut, color, color correction and styling. Angelo’s vast experience with hair, hair health and hair growth led him to realize that hair health issues often begin inside the body, not on the surface. Angelo David Hair Care products, the Hair Detox® hair revival supplement, The Flex Brush™— the ultimate detangling brush for wet and dry hair; and the Angelo David Couture Brush Collection, are all available online at For more than a decade, Angelo has been a media fixture. In creating his signature looks, Angelo has worked with many celebrities, including Christie Brinkley, Luann De Lesseps, Aviva Drescher, Sonja Morgan, Carrie Preston, Tamara Tunie, Alexa Ray Joel, Coco Rocha, Shoshanna Lonstein, Danielle

Savre and Kelly Rutherford. Angelo’s passions include his clients, his talented team and his family, who continually inspire him to create new hair care products and hair pieces that help men and women look and feel their very best. The Angelo David Salon is a modern, meticulously designed facility that offers a spa-like experience, where guests can receive cuts, color and styling from master stylists with over 25 years of experience. Conveniently located on Madison Avenue, the salon boasts 2,500 square feet with five private VIP hair suites, as well as a hair extension styling bar, a couture wig department, and a beauty salon lounge where clients can shop the full range of Angelo David Hair Care products. The salon also provides a private VIP consultation suite where the client can discuss their needs and what they are looking to achieve. Facebook: @AngeloDavidSalon | Instagram & Twitter: @AngeloDavidHair

5 5 E 5 4TH ST • NEW YO RK , N EW YO RK • M .M E/N ERAIN YC • (21 2) 759-5554 September/October 2020 | 65

©Little Bobos, Cleveland


Geraldo Rivera



his Labor Day, 2020 marks G e r a l d o R i v e r a’s 5 0 t h Anniversary in television. One of America’s most enduring public figures, the Emmy and Peabodyaward winning correspondent shares stories of his wild life and high times in a hugely entertaining series available right now on Fox Nation, the Fox News Channels’ digital platform. Titled “I Am Geraldo, 50 years,” the series chronicles Geraldo’s amazing half-century in broadcasting, beginning with his epic expose on the conditions of the “Willowbrook State School.” In that riveting crusade to close down America’s grim institutions for the developmentally disabled, Geraldo made history. His work is literally still being taught in every school of social work in the nation, forever changing attitudes about the care and treatment of the mentally challenged. On a personal level, the impact of the series

66 | |


propelled the little-known New York reporter to international stardom. The arc of his unique career and vivid personal life took Geraldo from gritty street reporter to jet set playboy to host of saucy late night and raucous daytime television programs. Probably the last of the Rock and Roll newsmen, Geraldo went everywhere from the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Central America, Africa and around the globe, including America’s inner cities. He’s interviewed everyone from Yasir Arafat to Fidel Castro, Muhammad Ali to Charles Manson to Donald Trump. Sometimes, the line between news and entertainment blurred in his unplanned, improvisational travel through the everchanging pop culture landscape, 1970-2020. The Fox Nation series re-airs his infamous, ratings record busting “Al Capones Vault,” as well as his classic interviews with Mick Jagger, Barbra Streisand and Paul McCartney. It also airs Geraldo’s confrontation with violent skinheads, the best studio brawl ever caught

on tape. The series culminates with Geraldo returning to reporting. After losing friends and neighbors on 9/11 the series shows how Geraldo left a high profile, highly rated hosting gig at CNBC, taking a huge pay cut to become a War Correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Now FNC’s Correspondent-at-Large, Geraldo relives history as he shares a treasure trove of amazing footage like the Zapruder film of the assassination of the young and gracious 35th President JFK, and includes interviews with the totally unconventional 45th president, their decades long friendship, their rendezvous on Celebrity Apprentice, and the odds President Trump will be re-elected. In addition to the four hours on Fox Nation, on Labor Day, Geraldo’s actual 50th anniversary, the Fox News Channel will also air a One-Hour Geraldo Special on their broadcast channel. Follow Geraldo @GeraldoRivera

ERIC PAYSON September/October 2020 | 67


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We are vain and we are blind I hate people when they’re not polite -Psycho Killer by Talking Heads


s a former CNN entertainment writer/producer, It has always been my practice to be objective and try to find the heart of a story. There are always at least two sides to every tale. Sometimes many more. So, it was not without curiosity that I recently poured through Remain in Love (St. Martin’s Press), a terrific autobiography by drummer Chris Frantz on the birth and demise of one of the greatest music acts of all-time. The name of this band is Talking Heads. Remain in Love, is chock full of interesting band stories and amazing anecdotes, like the time Lou Reed advised that David Byrne should wear long sleeve shirts onstage to cover his hairy arms, or the time at CBGBs that Chris

tried to recruit Debbie Harry to become the lead singer of the band. Debbie already had a band that would be called Blondie, but she was happy to accept Chris’s offer of a drink. Not surprisingly, CBGBs, a club on the Bowery section of the city plays a seminal role in the birth of the band and the vibrant music scene that would include Talking Heads, The Ramones, Blondie, Television, The New York Dolls, Patti Smith, and others outside NYC like Iggy Pop in Ann Arbor, The Modern Lovers in Boston to the Germs and X in California. That CBGB’s mid-70’s spark would then travel across the Atlantic and light the fuse that would start a new British trend called Punk Music with The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and a cultural revolution spawning other colorful bands like the Buzzcocks, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and X-Ray Spex just to name a few.

Chris Frantz brings the reader into the club and the scene adeptly with detailed descriptions and the backstories, fans love to read about. All while the story of the band is being told, there are interspersed throughout the book, beautiful sections dedicated to Frantz’s unabashed admiration and love for his former RISD classmate, Talking Heads (and Tom Tom Club) bandmate and life mate Tina Weymouth. It was Frantz who prompted Weymouth to learn to play the bass guitar and join him and RISD dropout David Byrne to form a band. Weymouth was skittish at first only to rise to the occasion and eventually go on to become one of the most influential female guitar players of all time. Remain in Love skillfully captures and breaks down the collaborative process that started immediately between the trio as they took Byrne’s song Psycho Killer and brought it

September/October 2020 | 69


70 | |

to life into what would eventually become one of their most recognizable hits. Eventually, Chris would recruit former Modern Lovers keyboardist Jerry Harrison to join the trio and the Talking Heads would quickly become an important band creating a very unique sound. Frantz provides fascinating recollections about being courted by record labels, and the band’s friendships with future musical collaborators like Brian Eno and Adrian Belew. I’ve loved the Talking Heads ever since my high school friend Steve introduced me to some of

their records. The first album (Talking Heads 77) was like a first love. From Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town to Pulled Up and the monster hit Psycho Killer. Talking Heads 77 is an album where songs flow into each other with emotion, discordance, and nervous excitement. More Songs About Buildings and Food followed in 1978 with a similar vibe and another irresistible song I would play over and over on my record player, a haunting cover of Al Green’s, Take Me to the River. 1979 brought Fear of Music with its foreboding and industrial designed black album cover. Inside was more Talking Heads magic. Drugs, Electric Guitar, Air, Heaven, I Zimbra, and hits like Cities and Life During

Wartime with the familiar lyric “This ain’t no Mudd Club or CBGB, I ain’t got time for that now.” As the book title Remain In Love would suggest, the next Talking Heads album, Remain In Light may just be the band’s most enduring masterpiece fusing African polyrhythms and funk that still remains ahead of its time. Sadly, while the band’s early collaborations would consistently generate critically acclaimed album after album, it also brought with it an undercurrent of tension between the band members over song credits and royalties and clashing personalities. There is no doubt in Chris Frantz’s mind who is to blame for this. September/October 2020 | 71


Throughout the book, Frantz shares stories about ongoing slights by David Byrne that marginalized and alienated the other band members. Still, Frantz, Weymouth, and Harrison continued to give Byrne the benefit of the doubt for the sake of the band. A clash of egos is often the reason behind bands breaking up. The break-up of the Talking Heads was a very sad thing. The real losers of the breakup were the band’s many loyal fans. Remain in Love, which is arguably one of the best rock and roll autobiographies ever written, reads in some parts like a bad divorce with charges of cruelty, pettiness, and questionable ethics. As a CNN producer, I was thrilled to have first met David Byrne in the mid-’90s at the 20th anniversary of CBGB’s event attended by Joey Ramone and club owner Hilly Crystal. After chatting in the backstage area with Byrne for a bit, I asked him if the Talking Heads would ever 72 | |

September/October 2020 | 73


74 | |

get back together. David shot me a look and replied coldly, “that’s like asking a divorced guy are you ever going to get back together with your ex-wife? ... snowball’s chance in Hell! “ Clearly, the question had touched a nerve. Bands break up. That’s what they do. It often ends ugly. That’s what happened with the Talking Heads. Don’t believe me-- read Remain in Love. The title is a testament to the over 40year love affair between Frantz and Weymouth. But throughout this remarkable book, there is little love lost for their former lead singer David Byrne who has been quoted as saying that he didn’t plan to read the book. That’s a shame. He should. Then he should be a big man, as big as the guy who once wore a giant white suit in the critically acclaimed concert film Stop Making Sense, and bury the hatchet with his former bandmates. Maybe even have an impromptu jam session like the old days. The music Talking Heads created together is arguably better than anything David Byrne has done in his very respectable, varied, and prolific solo career since breaking up the band. I don’t care if Spike Lee disagrees. Take that assessment from a long-time, loyal David Byrne fan. From the wonderful My Life in The Bush of Ghosts with Brian Eno to the Catherine Wheel to Rei Momo to all the various albums and fascinating musical explorations that preceded American Utopia, I have been rooting for consistently great music from Byrne since he left the Talking Heads- music as exceptional as those early Talking Heads albums. Still waiting. I hope David reads this article and this fantastic, brutally honest book and that he discovers how much generations of Talking Heads fans lost when he abandoned the band. 2020 has been a year of terrible surprises. We could all use a little good news. Your move, David. Make the call already. America is waiting for a message of some sort. The world needs some new Talking Heads magic. Only you can make that happen. I have it on good authority that Chris, Tina, and Jerry would all still love to make music and have fun with you again. Once you fall in love someone or something a part of you will always remain in love. The world moves on a woman’s hips the world moves and it swivels and bops (The Great Curve) September/October 2020 | 75


Graig Weich of INTERVIEW WITH CELEBRITY AWARD WINNING COMIC BOOK ARTIST/WRITER/DIRECTOR OF THE STARS BY W. A. MULLER Graig- how did you first get into comic books? Favorite superheroes growing up? I love the vulnerability and unique powers of Spider-Man, the will to fight through the darkness of Batman and the feeling to hope for a better tomorrow of Superman.

home movies of me walking out wearing it at my birthday party that day, closing my eyes and “Feeling” empowered when I wore it. I remember my mother, Pat, telling me at age 6 I should work for myself and create original superheroes. I guess that stuck with me, lol…

I can’t remember a time when superhero comic books weren’t a part of my life.

But a few years later it would really hit home when I was bullied very badly in school as a little kid, being thrown into a garbage can at 7 years old, having a switchblade held against my neck when I was about 9, and I recall thinking that when I grow up, I will create new superheroes to inspire kids to overcome being hurt and make them feel empowered through my creations and now that’s what I do, including donating my art I draw to charities to help sick children and animals in need. Recently I donated my comic

I’ll never forget on my 3rd birthday receiving a Ben Cooper Superman costume from my Mom and Dad. Opening up that pizza-like box and seeing that the costume was for me, I still remember the feeling and thinking, OMG, I’ve been bestowed with the honor to become Superman! LOL! There’s 76 | |

book ‘Gekido’ I signed and drew a sketch on to It sold at the auction and fed about 2500 kids they told me. So in a way, my fictional superheroes actually helped people in real life thus making my heroes real in a way. I broke into comics when I became one of the youngest artists to be hired to draw the pinup art for one of the #1 top selling independent comic book of all time, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn #30 by Image Comics (Publisher of the Walking Dead) when I was only 19 years old. I shouted for joy when I found out, and thus my career began. Todd and I shot a video recently talking about it on my YouTube channel listed below. But when it comes to heroes, the doctors and nurses risking their life during this pandemic

is proof superheroes exist! My father Martin J. Weich was a medical doctor inspired as a child by superhero comic books. I think many doctors and nurses are too and that’s why I create new superheroes, to inspire the next generation of future real-life heroes, doctors, nurses, and others who wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves. What was it like to meet the co-creator of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, Stan Lee? Dream come true! Stan Lee was so kind and supportive, looked at my comic book and told me something like: “That’s great! You’re a young me, kid!” I nearly teared up. To get that type of endorsement from one of the masters was a very emotional moment for me. His photo with me is in my comic book Gekido (co-created by writer Brandon Wilson). How incredible that you have been signed by two of Marvel and DC Comics’ distributors?what does that mean in terms of distribution and future projects? As an independent artist/writer, I am truly honored. Being signed by both distributors allows my comics to have a chance to reach domestic

and abroad. Aside from having my printed comic book distributed in US, Canada and UK, now I’m very honored to have just gotten signed again for international distribution, so my work will be translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. And now the outreach for digital download allows for comics to be distributed online as well as in print. I’m working on my Beyond Comics Universe of all new Superheroes to come. Why do you think it is important to put forth the message to be a hero and wear a mask? Sometimes people don’t listen to the warnings on the news or to authoritative figures due to so much corruption, they don’t know who to trust or believe… so I wanted to use my social media as a platform to reach youth and adults alike when I saw videos of those who weren’t taking the pandemic seriously. So I started my mini online campaign: “You can be a real-life superhero and save lives just by wearing a mask and distancing”. This is a moment in history where people can really team up and save each other for real. I was featured

in a mini documentary series on the pandemic called: ‘Coronavirus: Quarantined’ on Youtube. I’m shocked that the news didn’t explain which types of masks work, which don’t, and why. Also they need to streamline a unified way to handle this globally. Since states like NYC wore masks, and distanced with testing, the infection rate went down to less than 1% finally. That is PROOF masks and distancing with testing work! If everyone would just follow this protocol this would’ve been over by now, there is no reason that the other states should still have this problem but my friends who are nurses in states like Texas said their patients are not wearing masks and thus their death rate is enormous. This is not political, it’s just basic science. Thick masks like N95 block most of the virus very well, period. Let’s all team up and end this damn pandemic together. How fun is it to work with celebrities and immortalize them in comic books and now a legendary actor for your new series -- he plays a villain? -- what other celebrities would you like to work with? Yes! I cast celebrities as characters I draw in my comic books, so it’s like an illustrated-movie September/October 2020 | 77


78 | |

with real stars, one of my investors and stars is the famous Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Star of The Man In The High Castle and the original and new Mortal Kombat 11). Cary is amazing, I directed him in our upcoming short film. I cast him in my 3 different comic book movie projects, playing 3 different roles. It’s top secret and I have revealed too much, lol. Also, I cast Ice-T’s wife, TV model/actress Coco, who featured me drawing her into a superheroine ‘Cleo’ on their TV shows Ice loves Coco on E! Entertainment Television and then on AMC’s Comic Book Men. Plus we got Adrianne Curry (winner of America’s Next Top Model). They are all featured in my comic book GEKIDO (cocreated by writer B. Wilson) which can be seen at: BeyondComics.TV . Some of the TV shows featured my work and I seen here: I would love to work with Keanu Reeves who I met on the set of John Wick 3, he was amazingly kind. Would also like to cast Jim Carrey, he was very serious in person when I met him as well. A deep thinker. Would be great to include them in our upcoming journeys. Talk about how you are expanding from the page to the big screen--how many new TV and film projects are you working on? It’s been hard with so much death in the air here in NY and around the world due to the Coronavirus... But I kept reminding myself of my responsibility to keep creating content to inspire and motivate kids and the kid within us all. Recently before the pandemic, I found out that I made my investors a 4 X profit in the equity valuation of my company after we achieved some major milestones such as winning the HBO UAS Award for the film shorts I directed based on my superheroes, getting signed by Marvel and DC Comics’ distributors, getting a license deal to turn my creations into action figure, which recently sold out worldwide, and just getting signed by Emmy award winning TV and Film producers to turn my comic books into movies, so those are the things that keep me going through these difficult times. I’m working on 9 different movie scripts based on my current and upcoming comic books. I’ve created a whole universe of new superheroes, new super powers, and some new innovative tech to go along with it.

I studied James Cameron’s teacher Syd Field for screenplay writing which taught me how to structure my ideas for global appeal. I also understand the psychology of the consumer now. I’m glad I was able to learn from my past errors so that I can grow as a human and I hope my new work will reflect that. I want to counteract the negativity with positivity through my work and bring smiles to people’s faces… that inspires me to keep going as well. What was it like to act in your walk-on extra rolls in the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie and Spider-Man 1 & 3? It was actually very hard for all 3 movies. For Spidey 1 I was the college student when Uncle Ben got shot, that shoot was great, but for Spidey 3, it was 101 degrees or so and we were outside in the scorching hot sun wearing heavy winter coats because we were supposed to pretend it was the fall. They were handing out sunblock lotion because people were burning and passing out, many walked off set too as we spotted the celebrities in an air-conditioned tent while we were dying, lol. For Dark Knight Rises, 2am call time, till 8pm at night, smoke making us choke for real for this 2 day shoot on Wall Street, they actually blacked out the sun too with a giant shade on a crane the size of a building. The worst part was that in this scene there were hundreds of people lined up, actors playing thugs like me and the other half were mixed with real cops and military who didn’t seem to get the memo not to actually attack us… Christopher Nolan, the director, told us all to run and smash into each other in this epic fight. ACTION! He yelled and then BOOM! Someone hit me dead center in my face for real! Another guy’s jaw got broken and someone’s nose too, carried out on a stretcher. I actually went up to the director and told him what happened and asked if there’s any way to make this safer? They took a 2 hour break and told everyone to put their arms out and stay that far away from each other, that didn’t work, lol. WHAM! Someone threw me against the Tumbler Batmobile, it hurt but how freaking cool is it to be able to say I got tossed onto the Batmobile, haha! (You can see all this in the movie and the behind the scenes and on my YouTube channel). But later when I saw Christian Bale dressed as Batman and Tom Hardy dressed as Bane, both walk out on set next to me, I turned into a 5 year old, smiling from ear to ear. The director shouted: “Hey, you’re supposed to be the villain’s thug, stop smiling”, lol! So when you see a blur for a minute on screen, that was me, haha. September/October 2020 | 79


80 | |

What can you tell us about some of the characters/superheroes that you have created? It’s always been my dream to create new content and these comic books I’m making are the sourcematerial to be licensed into movies, TV, Streaming media, toys, merchandise, etc. Investors can contact us through our web site as well if they would like to be a part of our adventure. In addition to our comic book Gekido, I’m also working on 9 different superhero movie scripts including Ravedactyl, Code Name: Justice and Tricity to name a few. Creating a new comic book universe of new heroes is a dream come true and a lot of work. All new stories, new super powers, new designs, new everything! Here’s a preview: TRICITY: “Her skin is deadly to the touch. “They” made her into a weapon, but instead gave birth to their executioner. She is a victim no more. She will empower the powerless. She was hunted but is now the hunter. Never cross her or face death by electrocution. She is... Tricity!” Code Name: JUSTICE: From the ashes of tragedy rises a new vigilante... Shrouded by corruption and conspiracy theories, the world will be threatened by a doomsday terrorist cult planning world domination. JUSTICE wears a stealth-like outfit with a global flag symbol on his chest to represent the fight for world peace! One ordinary man, a failed musician, who lost his family in a terror-attack disaster, will unleash his own brand of justice and decode the mystery behind the new corruptions to uncover the truth to save the world, while facing his biggest demon of all -- himself.

RAVEDACTYL: Life Beyond Death: An ancient Artifact that holds the secrets to the unknown ‘true’ origins of the universe, will be thrust upon a struggling comic book artist, Pharrell, unlocking 100% of his hidden brain energy, transforming him into a human-weapon of armorized power called Ravedactyl, to stop the return of mythological-like creatures known as G.A.H. (Genetically Altered Humans) from taking over the world. Ravedactyl, must uncover the buried secrets to our past, present and future in order to save humanity and life as we know it from an evil dictator, Sunder, bent on world domination to unleash an apocalypse should he obtain the Artifact, in a hidden war, that will forever be known as: RAVEDACTYL: Life Beyond Death.

I also included a special limited edition version of the Gekido comic with Cleo. It’s an amazing feeling to create and think up a character in your mind that can now be held in people’s hands. They are holding my thought, my ideas and creations. Every object we touch started out as a thought in someone’s mind, even this chair I’m sitting in and this computer keyboard I’m typing on started out as nothing but a thought. So remember, if people tell you you’re stupid for having ideas like the haters used to do to me in school when I was a kid, ignore them and push forward to fulfill your dreams and turn them into a reality, it’s possible, and I’m one of the people that can say I am living proof of it. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams, share them with the world.

GEKIDO: Gekido (Wrath in Japanese) is an intense story of a man of multi-cultural decent who has existed for centuries with modern-day samurai-like bodyarmor. It harnesses his unlimited power. He is on a mission to stop Japan’s oldest Ninja clan, set on enslaving the world, using a mystical ancient crown of power that could destroy mankind unless the assassin known as Gekido stops them.

Where can fans see your work? I’m also offering fans a chance to be immortalized and drawn as a character in my new comic book by going to BeyondComics.TV they can see how to enter.

How cool is it that you have your own line of action figures? Excited beyond words! I worked on that project for a long time and even designed the figures and packaging. Coco stars as our character ‘Cleo’ and Adrianne stars as my superheroine ‘Tricity’. They both appear in our comic book ‘Gekido’. I was thrilled to get signed for a license deal from TBLeague/ Phicen to turn them each into 1/6 scale 12” tall poseable action figures with seamless synthetic skin and 28 points of articulation seen at: BeyondComics.TV. I’m so honored that both action figures sold-out worldwide from the manufacturer!

Fans can follow my adventures on my social media below and just by Following gain a free entry for a chance to win being drawn in my next comic book. BeyondComics.TV Together if we each do our part, we can help beat this pandemic. As they say in comics, To Be Continued.... Graig Weich Artist/Writer/Director

September/October 2020 | 81




BY HARRY BRADS raig Singer has directed AwardWinning indie flicks with the likes of Debbie Harry and Neil Patrick Harris (post his Doogie Howser period). He’s received an Academy of Television Arts

82 | |

& Sciences Primetime Emmy Award Nomination and a Silver Telly Award. He’s launched cuttingedge tech companies that integrated film with the internet and social media. He spent almost a decade working as creative VP for Disney. Now, he’s back in the director’s chair with a new edge-

of-your-seat and eerily timely horror film: “6:45.” “I made ’6:45’ with a wonderful, eclectic group of young talented artists about two weeks before the world turned upside down,” says Singer, whose cast includes Thomas G. Waites, Augie

Duke, Michael Reed, Armen Garo, Remy Ma, and Hall of Fame boxer, Ray “Boom-boom” Mancini. Singer’s longtime writing partner Robert Dean Klein penned the script. “The film imagines what it would be like if the best days of your life suddenly turned into your very worst nightmare and you were forced to relive that same day again and again,” he says. “But the interesting thing is that the plot, which is sort of a ‘Groundhog Day’ horror, is now very relevant to what we are all experiencing with Covid-19. We’re all experience the same bad day over and over again. We are all living a sort of ‘6:45.’” With theaters closed and in-person events canceled, the film will make its debut this fall at live- streamed film festivals around the world. Singer first garnered attention at the Cannes Film Festival where he showed his film “A Good Night to Die,” starring Michael Rapaport and Debbie Harry. His films have also shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival and LA TV Fest. He went on to make back-to-back films with Lions Gate, before launching his Tribecabased tech firms FanLib and My2Centences. When Bob Iger bought out those efforts in 2008 for Disney, Singer agreed to join the company developing and producing media for Disney Online Originals. He is also the co-creator of both OLLIE MONGO & CASSI’s POEM with legendary Rugrats creator Arlene Klasky of Klasky Csupo fame. “I’m getting back to my creative roots with ‘6:45,’” says Singer, who has four new films announced, including “TAT,” which explores the dark side of “memorial tattoos” - “I love how it ‘6:45’ echoes what people are really going through right now. None of us could have predicted this but it is incredible if not bittersweet timing.” Singer’s other films include: Animal Room (Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Lillard, Amanda Peet); Dead Dogs Lie (Tommy Flanagan, Peter Greene, Gary Stretch)’ Dark Ride (Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Patrick Renna, Alex Solowitz); and Perkins 14 (Patrick O’Kane, Richard Brake). September/October 2020 | 83




s America commemorates the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., a Board Certified psychiatrist, (who is known as ‘The Terrorist Therapist’-www., shares tips on discussing terrorism with children and the importance of remembering 9/11. Dr. Carole is the author of “Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror,” the first and only book about terrorism for kids. It has won awards at the London, New York City, Paris and Hollywood Book Festivals, and a Mom’s Choice Gold Award. The first half of the book empowers parents and teachers to help children understand the news that

84 | |

BY W. A. MULLER bombards them, without making them feel scared. It also helps grownups recognize and respond to kids’ feelings, and includes 88 ways to raise happy, healthy children in a time of terror. The second half of the book is a picture book for kids that gives them a gentle introduction to terrorism and answers their most pressing questions. BOOK LINK: Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! Paperback [ swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=] About Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. is a board-certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist and an award-winning and bestselling author. She was trained at NYU-Bellevue

and at Anna Freud’s London Clinic. She has served on the Clinical Faculty of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute for years. When Dr. Carole isn’t seeing patients or testifying at trials as a forensic psychiatrist/expert witness, she’s working as a three-time, Emmy-honored TV personality who has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, HLN, ET, ABC, CBS, NBC and many more. Additionally, Dr. Carole hosts two radio shows/ podcasts and travels the world speaking about her books, especially her latest book for children (and their parents and teachers), Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror (Troika Publishing).

September/October 2020 | 85




BY LILLIAN LANGTRY anhattan’s most original new outdoor drinks and dining concept has officially docked.

The USS Baylander, moored in West Harlem Piers Park at 125th Street, is the world’s smallest aircraft carrier, first serving in the Vietnam War in 1968. Now, after a stint as a helicopter landing trainer in Pensacola, the ship’s crew are slinging drinks to civilians atop its flight deck – or “Steel Beach,” in Naval slang.

86 | |

“We wanted to create the casual, fun atmosphere of a beer garden style restaurant on the water that really offered something for everyone,” said Michael Trenk, partner of The Baylander’s owner, Ian Duke. “Then when Covid-19 arrived, we realized that we had one of the largest outdoor spots in Manhattan. The response has been overwhelming.” Open mid-afternoon to evening, The Baylander’s Steel Beach offers beers, frozen drink and classic cocktails with a nautical twist, like its “Port Side

Paloma,” “Admiral’s Punch” and “Damn the Torpedoes” (Cazadores reposado tequila, Chacho jalapeño aguardiente, triple sec, fresh lime and blood orange juice). The ship’s mess offers a menu of waterside favorites like lobster rolls, firecracker flash-fried calamari and beer-battered fish and chips. To ensure safety, The Baylander has reduced capacity to 125 persons on its deck, which is large

enough to land two military-sized helicopters. Before stepping aboard, guests are asked to use hand sanitizer and have their temperatures read. “We have ensured safety, but almost more importantly, we are creating confidence,” says Duke, who is also the restaurateur behind Hamptons hotspots like Southampton Social Club, Union Burger Bar and the new Union Sushi & Steak, as well as Prohibition and Lucky’s Famous Burgers in Manhattan. “Everything about the ship is now geared around social distancing. We really have tried to create the safest environment possible.” Duke adds that there is something for everyone on The Baylander. History buffs will enjoy the authentic military surplus used to preserve and deck out the ship. But everyone will enjoy The Baylander’s stunning views of the George Washington Bridge and Hudson River at sunset. “You’re sitting on an actual military vessel that was used at war,” says Duke, who notes that The Baylander was one of 16 Skilak class lighters used to move men and material around the delta regions of Vietnam. “That’s not something most people get to do. Better still, the sun sets right over our bar. It’s beautiful.” 917.280.3934 September/October 2020 | 87




ining hotspot T-Bar Southampton celebrated its second season in the East End with friends and family. Some notable attendees included T-Bar owner Tony Fortuna, RHONY Ramona Singer, Jean Shafiroff, Leesa Rowland, Lisa Maysonet, Arthur Backal and Liana Silverstein Backal, Michelle Herbert, ex-NFL player Chad Cascadden, and Diane & Alan Lieberman. After a successful 2019 Summer season, the team from T-Bar Steak and Lounge have made their return to Southampton. Just like its sister restaurant

88 | |

on New York’s Upper East Side, T-Bar Southampton offers guests outstanding cuisine in a casual yet elegant space, and the outdoor terrace and garden make it the quintessential location for evening cocktails on those warm summer evenings. With Tony Fortuna, Derek Axelrod, and Executive Chef Segundo Pelaez leading the way, T-Bar Southampton builds on the well-earned reputation of its New York City namesake. The menu features a wide range of dishes, ranging from well-cooked renditions of classics, to refined and inventive plates, providing the ultimate dining experience.

Diners can begin their meal at T-Bar Southampton with the flavorful Zucchini Carpaccio made with goat cheese, capers, basil; the Kale Salad with seasonal apples and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, drizzled in a tangy chili-lime vinaigrette; or Crispy Sushi, Yellowfin Tuna Tartar and Vietnamese Shrimp Roll from their delectable appetizer menu. The entrée menu features an impressive range of superbly cooked certified Black Angus cuts of beef including its Black Angus Porterhouse for two served with your choice of Steak Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce or Poivre Sauce. The menu also includes the signature Crusted Tuna served with soy, wasabi rémoulade

and seaweed salad; and the Chicken Milanese made with chopped Salad and lemon. Cap the evening off with irresistible desserts like the must-try Banana Parfait Mille Feuilles with coconut and caramel sauce or the decadent Strawberry Sundae served with shortcake, meringue, brandy, and cream. : T-Bar Southampton 268 Elm Street Southampton, NY 11968 T: 631.283.0202

September/October 2020 | 89




nion Burger Bar, the hit restaurant by Restaurateur Ian Duke at 40 Bowden Square in Southampton, NY, celebrated its one-year anniversary earlier this year. The first year was a smashing success and looks to continue that success this season and the rest of the year. During the winter season Union Burger Bar went through massive renovations and has moved up to the main restaurant and bar, making way for the all new Union Sushi & Steak which is now open as well in Union Burger Bar’s former location. The restaurant continues to offer an assortment of specialty gourmet burgers, fresh hand-cut fries, maniacal milkshakes & desserts and an elaborate craft beer and small batch bourbon selection. Restaurateur and owner Ian Duke with awardwinning Executive Chef Scott Kampf are excited to continue bringing these culinary offerings to the year-round dining staple of Southampton,

90 | |

NY. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they are encouraging reservations to reduce the possibility of people congregating while waiting. Feel free to try any of their splendid cocktails while waiting for your table. The Burger Bar menu is rich in variety and slathered with flavor. Well-regarded for their fresh Colorado Beef burgers that also are hormone, anti-antibiotic and additive free, the burger bar is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Specials include the Coopers Beach 8 oz black Angus beef burger with avocado, bean sprouts, pineapple marmalade, lettuce, tomato on a multi-grain bun; the Black & Bleu 8 oz black Angus beef burger with bleu cheese, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelized walnut crumble on a brioche bun; and the Mac Attack! 8 oz black Angus beef burger with homemade mac & cheese, onion hay, on a pretzel bun. The restaurant also offers a selection of delectable

sides and salads, including Scotty’s AwardWinning Truffle Fries topped with parmesan cheese; and Health Nut salad with romaine & kale mix, hearts of palm, sweet corn, heirloom tomato, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, oregano lime vinaigrette. On the shakes menu, diners can enjoy dessert-like drinks such as the Cookies & Cream vanilla shake with crushed Oreo frosted rim, topped with a giant Oreo cookie, fresh whipped cream, crumbled Oreos & chocolate drizzle; the Not Sorry shake with Nutella, Reece’s pieces frosted rim, peanut butter milkshake, whipped cream, & Reece’s peanut butter cups; and the boozy Strawberry Shortcake shake with Strawberry milkshake, pinnacle strawberry vodka, fresh strawberries, whipped cream. Union Burger Bar is prepared to lead the 2020 Hamptons dining scene with their finely crafted burgers, shakes and cocktails.

DIANA DEVENDORF RICE D i a n a D e ve n d o r f Ri c e i s pl e a s e d to b e re p re s e n ti n g S o t h eb y ’s In te r n a ti o n a l Re a l t y u n d e r t h e me n to r s h i p of S ta n Po n te, S e n i o r G l oba l Re a l E sta te Adv i s o r, a n d o n e of Ma n h a tta n ’s m o st re s p e cte d a g e n t s.

35 West 15th Street, Apt 9C 4 br, 4 ba, 1 hf ba | Property ID: 99FJWJ | $5,875,000

200 East 66th Street, Apt E2101 4 br, 4 ba | Property ID: VQGRZF | $12,950,000

65 Central Park West, Apt 15A 3 br, 2 ba | Property ID: 864F4G | $2,250,000

2 Park Place, Apt 45A 3 br, 2 ba, 1 hf ba | Property ID: LDW5NQ | $6,295,000 *Listings provided courtesy of Stan Ponte

Diana Devendorf Rice Licensed Salesperson | 212.606.7602 East Side Manhattan Brokerage | 650 Madison Avenue | New York, NY 10022 | 212.606.7660 © Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark. This material is based upon information which we consider reliable but because it has been supplied by third parties, we cannot represent that it is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. This offering is subject to errors, omissions, changes including price or withdrawal without notice. If your property is listed with a real estate broker, please disregard. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Real estate agents affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Equal Housing Opportunity.


92 | |



BY ELIZABETH ELSTON ne of Connecticut’s most stunning and discreet equestrian estates is now available for private viewings for the first time.

The sprawling 152-acre country escape comes courtesy of David Wildenstein – whose family controls the Wildenstein Institute, the world’s foremost art organization – and Lucrezia Buccellati – the scion and co-creative director of the renowned Buccellati jewelry brand.

A marriage of rustic American tranquility and Italian luxury, the property is located just 80 minutes from Manhattan at 1 Glenn Brook Farm Road in the quiet town of Sherman in Fairfield County -- where neighbors include bold faced names such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Bob Iger, Jeffrey Toobin and Rob Zombie. “Wildenstein and Buccellati--these names are associated with fine art and the most exquisite jewelries, things that are beautiful, ultra-luxurious and chic” says Classiques Modernes lifestyle and realty expert, Loy Carlos. “David and Lucrezia are

also true nature lovers who wanted to create a forward-looking agricultural estate for the production of eco-friendly, renewable crops like hemp and medicinal plants. It’s a different kind of luxury lifestyle that is both mindful and principled, and very much aligned with who they are.” “Lucrezia and I wanted to build a home where we could enjoy the serenity of the woods, a return to quiet nature,” says Wildenstein. “She loves horses and I enjoy farming. We were growing hemp, for example, to explore its use as a viable alternative for wood to use in construction, to help combat September/October 2020 | 93


94 | |

September/October 2020 | 95


global warming. We are very much into organic farming as well. Sherman feels like a countryside within five minutes of suburban amenities and recreational facilities that are also essential to our family.� Listing agent Kenneth J. Moore, President of Classiques Modernes says the estate is one of just five properties in the area boasting more than 50 acres. Built with easy expansion in mind, the 7,000-square-foot, open loft-style mansion features vaulted cathedral ceilings in the great room, six bedrooms and seven marble baths. Indoor amenities include a recreation room, home theater, gourmet kitchen with custom walnut millwork, Miele appliances and a Grand Terrace overlooking the bucolic grounds. For the owners, the terrace was a very important consideration. “Lucrezia very much wanted the house to feel open and the outdoors to be a part of our everyday living. It is something we enjoy whenever we are in Italy and the type of lifestyle she is accustomed to,� explains Wildenstein. Surrounded by land trusts on three sides, the land is comprised of 25 acres of fields and 127 acres of woods, an 11-horse barn, as well as two scenic ponds and staff quarters. Because there are no conservation easements, the estate is ideal for agricultural and equine use, or even as a serene corporate retreat. Better still, it is subject to Public Act 490, meaning that real estate taxes are just $22,000 per year. 96 | |



98 | |


esidenza Ducato is a newly built residence located in the San Marco district, a few steps from Teatro La Fenice, Rialtobridge, Piazza San Marco and many other places of historical, monumental and tourist interest. Residenza Ducato’s exclusive apartments await you for an unforgettable holiday with total freedom. They are equipped with a lift, air conditioning, WIFI, BOSE bluetooth speakers, 42 flat screen TV in the living room and bedroom, a safe, a fully equipped kitchenette with induction hob, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, drying rack, iron and ironing board, and a minibar with a wide selection of snacks and drinks. In the bathrooms, all of which are fitted with large crystal cabins and AQUADEMY emotional showers, you will find an ORTIGIA courtesy set, towels, bathrobes and terry cloth slippers. Our multilingual staff will welcome you at the concierge desk and there is a lovely internal courtyard with chairs and tables. The exclusive

September/October 2020 | 99


100 | |

apartments of the Residenza Ducato await you for an unforgettable holiday with total freedom. A daily cleaning service is included in the price. Residenza Ducato Contarina is an apartment outside the building that is located a few steps from Piazza San Marco and the fashion district. Elegantly renovated, it is located on the first floor and has its own separate entrance. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower. Its strategic position allows you to reach the main sites easily: Teatro La Fenice, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Peggy Guggenheim gallery, the famous Via XXII Marzo, Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi, the centuries-old church of Madonna della Salute and the many other places of interest that the city of Venice has to offer. Its excellent location also makes it extremely convenient to use public transport to reach every part of the city in a very short time. The San Marco Vallaresso or Giardinetti stops are just a short walk away. We Are Ready To Start In Total Safety In these days Italy will reopen and it will be possible to move within Europe without quarantine. We are happy to inform you that we have thought of initiatives that will allow you to stay in our apartments in maximum safety. Our Proposals – Flexible cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival. – Possibility of self check-in, home automation and intercommunication with the reception. – Special offers in the months of June, July, August. Our apartments will be sanitized by observing the safety standards established by the current protocols. Do not hesitate to contact us now, we are at your complete disposal. Contact Us Address: San Marco 4283 30124 Venezia Italia Phone: +39 041 7241289 Fax: +39 041 7241289 Email: Web: September/October 2020 | 101




espite all the hardships that 2020 has brought on, The East End stayed strong throughout the Summer Season. Now as the Fall season approaches, many establishments will continue to serve the community throughout the year. Restaurants will still be open and serving outside in gardens, on sidewalks, and other creative

102 | |

BY ELIZABETH DARWEN safe spaces. Shops are open and merchandise is unique, social distancing is being practiced within the stores, and seasonal sales have begun. The cultural institutions have a locally sourced farmers market on the lawn at Agawam Park, Drive in movies at Coopers Beach, sculptures and outside programs at the Southampton Cultural Center, and inspired excursions through the Southampton History Museum historic

buildings by appointment. In the heart of it all is the Southampton Inn. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southampton Inn and its restaurant, Claude’s, continued its excellence in customer service and attention to detail. Following the strict CDC protocols, the Inn made extra efforts in assuring the safety of everyone’s health, from staff to

guests. Southampton Inn uses Steri-lite UV lights with ozone after check-outs (to protect housekeepers) and before check-in (to protect their guests). The Inn has seen many extended stays, quite a few families with children, and a lot of pets in their 16 pet friendly rooms. Everyone is enjoying the sprawling lawns, the pool, the tennis courts, and bicycles for site seeing around the village. Shuttle to Coopers Beach is continuing to run on weekends through September or by appointment for guests without cars. Claude’s Restaurant will continue to serve its award-winning breakfast daily as well as the all-day dining in picnic baskets (and small plates and local favorites) through October 11th. Phase 4 of the reopening process permits indoor dining in Southampton as well. Menus consist of all of your favorite breakfasts as well as sandwiches, salads, soups, and freshly baked sweets. As the temperature cools, crowds will start to thin out making social distancing a little easier. You can still visit the beautiful beaches; go on hiking and walking trails; visit gardens; or see the wineries as they prepare for harvest season. There are bicycle excursions throughout the estate areas. The restaurant menus change to some autumnal flavors. For those of you who are working remotely and are able to do so from the idyllic village.... The Inn has a robust Wi-Fi system that allows you to set up your laptop on the lawns, pool patio, courtyard, or in your guest room. The Southampton Inn has several meeting rooms, several small offices in the adjacent 71 Hill Street commercial complex, as well as connecting guest rooms that can be fitted out for extended stays with a living/work area as well as a bedroom and two bathrooms. Looking for the perfect setting for a special event? Plan for that occasion at the Southampton Inn and cater your event at Claude’s restaurant for elegant simplicity itself. The grounds of the Inn consist of several acres of manicured lawns and gardens, ideal for outdoor gatherings. Their ballroom is also available for corporate retreats, meetings, reunions, and destination weddings. Southampton Inn & Claude’s Restaurant 91 Hill Street, Southampton, NY 11968 F: @SouthamptonInn | T: @Southampton_Inn | I: @Southampton_Inn September/October 2020 | 103

BEAUTY fashion




amptons Southampton Social Club is toasting a major milestone, despite the unusual circumstances created by Covid-19. This year marks the big 1-0 for the perennially cool bar and restaurant located at 256 Elm Street. Now, to celebrate a decade of good times, owner Ian Duke says that he has transformed the club into an outdoor sanctuary. “We’ve created an oasis that allows people to escape and have a little normalcy in the lives for an evening,” says Ian Duke, who also owns Southampton favorites Union Burger Bar and the new Union Sushi & Steak, as well as The Baylander, Prohibition and Lucky’s Famous Burgers in Manhattan. “We have an absolutely enormous outdoor space and we have all the safety features in place.” The Southampton Social Club is still serving up its full menu of fresh sushi, seafood and steaks on its new synthetically turfed, high-heel-friendly lawn, which boasts room to seat 200 people while respecting social distancing protocols. “Very fortunately, Southampton Social Club has been very busy over the years and as you can image what that does to a lawn,” says Duke. “So, we replaced the whole lawn with a special synthetic used in the best sports stadiums. People love it because it’s so picturesque. It’s absolutely epic.” The club is also celebrating with a new drinks menu that includes house specials like the Social Cooler (jalapeño infused Don Julio tequila, watermelon purée and fresh lime) Backyard Lemonade (Grey Goose le melon vodka, fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh berries) and The Weekender (Stoli cucumber vodka, Chambord and fresh lime). But the Social Club’s latest and greatest innovation is a unique take on the classic silent disco. Guests receive headphones that change color based on whether you are enjoying the live DJ or any of the multiple stations

104 | |

available, so everyone can see what you listening to and join in. “The silent discos are great because you can come dine with us and stay at your table, let your hair, and relax, while still being socially distance,” says Duke. “Over Labor Day weekend we are actually going to have live dueling DJs competition that you can enjoy through your headphones. It’s something a little bit different.”

About Ian Duke: Ian Duke is dedicated to making a difference in Southampton’s social and culinary scene. He is a partner in 6 restaurants, including: Prohibition, a live music bar, restaurant and lounge on New Yorks’ Upper West Side; 2 Lucky’s Famous Burgers located in Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea in New York City; the prohibition-style speakeasy meets Hamptons’ glam destination, Southampton Social Club; The Baylander in Manhattan; Union

Burger Bar; and most recently, Union Sushi & Steaks, which opened this summer at 40 Bowden Square in Southampton. Catering to a very diverse clientele, Duke’s restaurants are designed to be friendly for families, groups, locals, singles, as well as for parties and events.

September/October 2020 | 105




he ideal family getaway awaits at the members only worldclass Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club. Located only 90-minutes outside of New York City, in the Northwest corner of Westhampton Beach, NY on a 2,000-acre pine and oak tree preserve, Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club offers even more facilities for the family to enjoy.

Recent additions include two tennis courts constructed with the most wellregarded hardcourt surface, DecoTurf, which is specially selected for the Olympic Games and the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. Play like a pro or learn the basics from a specialized tennis instructor offering members, of any skill level, and they also have private complimentary golf lessons for club members children. Completing the Hampton Hills family experience is the children’s playground designed with swing sets, slides, kids putting green and an outdoor patio. At the end of the course, members can enjoy a casual meal inside the clubhouse or on the patio. The stunning view overlooking the 18th green from the Hampton Hills Clubhouse will be a memory the entire family will treasure.

106 | |

Respected as one of the more challenging courses in the Hamptons, the masterfully designed golf and country club promises exciting activities for the entire family. The Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club’s peaceful, wooded setting allows club members to escape the city life and participate in friendly competition against a challenging Par-71 - 148 slope golf course featuring dramatic elevation changes. And, at Hampton Hills, you don’t have to bring your own game. Hampton Hills’s course rating is a 74.6, which is 3.4 shots above the courses par, according to the United States Golf Association (USGA). The course also boasts a slope of 148 out of a maximum 155 for a most difficult course according to USGA’s standard. The club has a full-service pro shop on the premises and along with its PGA and LPGA teaching professionals.

Hampton Hills is a members-only club. This location may be exclusive, but it’s hardly unknown. When you pick up a club at Hampton Hills, you will join the ranks of such celebrity golfers as Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Hilfiger, Russell Simmons, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, Willie Mosconi, Michael J. Fox, John Starks, FOX’s Bill Hemmer, and Nick Mangold of the New York Jets. Jack McGown has been the Hampton Hills director of golf and giving lessons for the past 35 seasons. Jack’s dominance of the course evidences his knowledge of golf and understanding of the terrain. As such, he holds numerous course records, including two tournament wins on the same day.

position for the past eight years. A Dr. Rick Jensen Certified Golf Coach and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Patricia has had the honor of working with some of the game’s greatest instructors, including Chuck Cook and Todd Anderson. Prior to joining the Hampton Hills’s staff, Patricia played on LPGA circuit and participated in several U.S. Women’s Opens, the Women’s British Open, and the LPGA Championship. She has competed against the likes of Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, and Michele Wie. For more information on Hampton Hills Country Club, please visit Facebook: HamptonHillsGolf | Instagram: HamptonHills | Twitter: @HamptonHillsGC

Hampton Hills’ LPGA teaching professional is Patricia Baxter-Johnson who has held that September/October 2020 | 107




Can you speak about your daily routine in the art studio? In the last years, I become a studio-bound painter, but early on, I was more nomad, like a contractor doing my Environmental Paintants, All around the world. This gigantic mural-like painting needed me to be on site. Now, I can be busy with a square inch of painting for a week, but before, I made 100 meters of painting flowing from a museum to the urban space of the city 108 | |

at the same time. Every new body of work, I do changes my studio routine, often changing my routine to make a new type of work. For example, in order to stop drinking, I start to make the rope paintings. These paintings are challenging to make, so they keep me sober. My studio is like a laboratory. I am running A cluster of 3D printers, testing new fluidic material, making digital paint animations...All at the same time. I love the idea of living in paint, expanding painting. Total painting making...

What inspires you? Everything, everywhere, every moment... it sound pretentious but it is how organic things are for me. Painting is a wet knowledge. I mean, it is not translatable to dry knowledge like language. It is embedded by default. Painting happens in the involuntary split second of that small drop of saliva jumping out of the mouth of somebody pronouncing, “conceptual art�.


That pt...or that t at the end of art... The evolution and flow of painting as knowledge inspires me, how paint shows things as it manifests itself. The becoming and potentiation of painting possibilities The honor of having the not guarantied passage into-paint, flowing with it, altering it, leaving it alone like lava flowing from a volcano, I always wanted to create pictorial evolving models. Dynamic maps that can work in real-time. That can be useful in space-time actual life. 110 | |

That is the way I come up with words like; Paintant, Paint-active or With-ject. Meaning, modeling dynamically with the event, at the same time... not like pro-ject that it is always to late. What are your major influences throughout your career? They are many and paradoxically varied. I don’t tend to be influenced by an artist but instead a constellation of artists moments that somehow realize painting. I will mention some that are important to me. In the late Goya, when he carries

a classic painting to a black hole... the trembling material light combustion of Rembrandt atmosphere. The ineffable camouflage paintings of Eduard Willard early interiors. The nervousness and violence of Francis Bacon’s early moments. The epistemological approach of Gerhard Richter’s continuous paint tests.The peripheral expansion of Rosenquist environmental paintings. The miraculous watercolors of the 70’s by the Argentinian painter Guillermo Roux. Lucio Fontana spatialism and paint wounds... and many more.

How do you know when a painting or artwork is complete? That depends on the body of work. In my 90’s paintings, “the altered genetics of painting�, they were left alone when they achieve enough of a paradoxical state. When the un-paintability was high. Because these paintings were about altering paint itself. Painting in-spite of itself. Mutant painting. In my Environmental paintings, I have to carry the viewer through long spatiotemporal extensions. You could never see all the painting at once.

This painting where provisionally complete onsite, and I let them be when enough tension was present, between the digital paint and actual analog paint. Between the spatial configuration and the urban site, when there was sufficient action painting for the beholder. In my structural canvas 3D paintings, they somehow happen to be something, when the photo, the paint and the sculptural configuration come together. These works develop the idea of materializing a spectral figure coming from a video game. The UV mapping technic used to

paint textures in CG work is amplified in real scale and actual material and space. At present, I am involved with my flex Paintants. These works are made with 3d printed pictorial parts and hand-painted silicone. They are complete when the overall notion of an image emerges from the entanglement of digital and analog material or at list forms a heterogeneous cohesion of micro abstractions. When content, form and perception change activated continuously by the viewers. September/October 2020 | 111


112 | |

September/October 2020 | 113


Do new technologies such as AI and/or new computers affect your current studio practice?

Like life is a continuous flow of moody paint, and I am swimming in its dense mass...

I have been involved with the transition of digital painting sims the middle of the 90’s. I am considered one of the pioneers of digital painting. I use 2D large size digital printing; computer generate pictorial animation, and 3d printing, among other things.

When my father passed away, I went to Rosario, Argentina, for the funeral. In my childhood home, I found a little landscape I paint in 1977 about the road to the local cemetery. Soon I realized that he will be buried there and that my father was my age when I painted lt...

Technology is essential for my production, but at the same time, there is a critic of the alienating side of it. I call my approach: techno brutalism. It is more like the technology beeping in the hospital ER: the human organic machine and de digital machine connected throughout silicone tubes.

I say: you are doing ok... keep commuting with paint... be with paint... think paint...

What would you say and/or advice would you give to your younger artist self? I paint since I was a kid, so I am always in contact with my younger self. Somehow, I think that I always did the same thing. 114 | |

In this time of world change, artists are known to spend a lot of time alone in their studios, what advice would you give to others who are currently undergoing time alone and isolation? It is difficult for sure... but it gives as the opportunity to think and rethink our default inertias. You can teach yourself something difficult that will open a new curiosity and desire. You can detox from

social addiction and information noise listening to a podcasts like: “philosophy this� while you do something else. We have a biological emergency and a social emergency at the same time. On top of that, we have hyper information circulating globally but not many new ideas. We have a lot of mentalities, but not much thinking. We have many communities, but not much communion. We have tolerance, but not much solidarity. We have plenty of art but so little value and innovation. We have a techno-utopian new Renaissance minority, with big capital and a poor majority precariat that live in a new dark age. Perhaps, we

have to really embrace complexity, multiple forms of life and multipolar centers of power. We got to get out of the death end, the fragmentary culture of the 20th Century. We have to understand that universal meaning changes when we know of a running away universe continually expanding. We have to stop saying that everything is connected when we can’t make sense of the relationship between gravity and quantum physics. We have to conceive the solidarity of nonrelations. We can admit that we don’t know, we are not sure and that we are potentialities dragging a huge historic backpack. More important to me is what kind of art world we are entering now... We had a high point of change during Documenta 11 in 2002, the world party of global possibilities. From there, we descend to a new provincialism fueled by distrust and insecurity. Neo-formalism, neo conceptualism, commodity life stile art, and stereotypical illustrations of so call essential identities are symptomatic. In this new situation, I think that there are two vectors of evolution that are significant, multitudinary activist art and total art. I am part of the entire art that somehow expresses as a multiplicity while the activists vibrate toward unity. Quickfire Tips: September/October 2020 | 115


City Shapes By Robin Koffler 116 | |

City Lines By Robin Koffler Art September/October 2020 | 117





ne of the Hamptons most popular summer charity events, the 16th Annual Hamptons Happening, went virtual this year with a concert featuring a medley of rock and pop performances by some of today’s favorite enduring and emerging artists. The charity concert benefitted the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), and its cutting-edge research targeting the abnormal gene functions that cause cancer. The performer lineup included popstars Sophie Beem, Caly Bevier, and Rufus Wainwright, who returned to the Hamptons Happening from prior-year performances. From her home, Beem performed “Petty,” her new single released the day before. Also performing were Grammy-Award nominated pop star, Sophie B. Hawkins, Constantine Maroulis, the Tonynominated star of Rock of Ages on Broadway, and Steven Reineke, musical director and conductor of the New York Pops. The award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix performed “Dreams.” The artists performed from their homes, which has become the norm during the age of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. The SWCRF dedicated this year’s Hamptons Happening to COVID-19 first responders. Rajeev Fernando, M.D., the Director of Infectious Diseases at the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital spoke on behalf of first responders. “By the time we saw it spread in Long Island, we were very prepared,” he said. “The community has been very grateful to first responders. We want to tell the community that we will always be on the front lines saving lives.” Although COVID-19 remains a serious threat to public health, cancer remains the world’s leading cause of death worldwide. “We don’t think of cancer as a pandemic, but in fact, it is. Globally, cancer claims the lives of more than 26,000 people every day,” said Antonella Bertello, co-chair of the Hamptons Happening event committee and proprietor of The Baker House 1650 in East Hampton. “Scientists we have funded over the years have been incredibly impressed with the culture of collaboration we have created. Our collaborative research is focused on answering a number of questions around cancer. For instance, why does the

118 | |

immune system get corrupted by cancer and how to prevent this corruption and prevent cancer? And why does cancer spread or become dormant? Our funded scientists are leading the way in conducting research to answer questions like these,” said Samuel Waxman, M.D., founder and CEO of the SWCRF and distinguished service professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Waxman also made a tribute to COVID-19 first responders. “I can identify with first responders personally because I know what it is like to care for sick people. I have spoken to several front-line healthcare workers who shared with me the sadness of loss and I say to them, you are giving something of yourself, but you are getting so much more back in return. Tonight, we are thinking about those who have saved lives, supported lives, comforted lives and given of themselves and we thank you.” Chris Wragge, anchor of CBS 2 News New York This Morning and co-anchor of CBS 2 New York News at Noon returned to the Hamptons Happening as master of ceremony. He delighted viewers with his blend of humor and energetic news-anchor personality. The Hamptons Happening typically draws large crowds for a fête featuring gourmet food, wine, and spirit tastings, but this year, supporters hosted dozens of small, private viewing parties with friends and family to observe social-distance guidelines. Many supporters opted to receive a delicious four-course catered dinner by renowned Hamptons chef Peter Ambrose that was delivered individually wrapped for each guest. Also, the Hamptons Happening beverage sponsors Out East Rosé and Simple Vodka generously provided bottles of their smallbatch specialties to accompany the boxed dinners. Additional sponsors included Elissa Held Events, Fusion Productions, focus New York, Hank Lane Music & Production, Lawlor Media Group, and MJS Groupe. “To date, the Hamptons Happening has raised more than $5 million for cancer research, and we are tremendously grateful to the community of supporters who participate each year,” said William T. Sullivan, Executive Director of the SWCRF. Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

September/October 2020 | 119



Lawrence Scott Events produced Feinstein Institutes Summer Concert headlined by Usher: Usher ©Northwell Health

RHONY Star Sonja Morgan introduced Sonja by Sonja Morgan at New York Fashion Week 2019: Sonja Morgan with Model Beth Chasteen ©Norman Issacs

Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors OneWoman Cabaret show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC: Ramona Singer, Pamela Morgan ©Rob Rich/

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) hosted Katharine McPhee, David Foster at PCF’s New their 2019 New York Dinner at the Restaurant York Dinner at the Restaurant Daniel Daniel. with a special guest performance by ©Patrick McMullan Jamie Foxx: Jamie Foxx and his band performing ©BFA

Young Friends Steering Committee of Save Venice led by philanthropist and activist Lizzie Asher, cocktail reception in honor of H.R.H. Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Prince of Venice: Anthony Schembri, Joseph B. Giminaro, Lizzie Asher, Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia ©BFA

The American Cancer Society hosted the 14th Annual Taste of Hope at the Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC: Chris Wragge ©Hideki Aono

Decoration & Design Building’s Market Week 2019, Design Confidential presented by Vanguards & Visionaries, D&D Building, NYC: Alexa Hampton, Sophie Donelson, Carson Kressley, Sara Story, Drew McGukin ©Kitty Dadi

120 | |

Manhattan School of Music Celebrated 100 Years with Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall Followed by Dinner at The Onyx Room, NYC: Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Alec Baldwin ©Anna Yatskevich


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