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Health Food Store Renovations Foster Health and Embrace Nature


20 THE JOURNEY HOME John Butler Inspires Hope and Awareness


We can help.

Taking a Home Off the Grid

Cutting-Edge | Non-Invasive | Drug-Free


Our unique approach is non-invasive and has helped dementia patients that originally scored in the teens on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment be restored to the point of scoring normal (26-30) on the same assessment.


Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive neurological evaluation (includes Quantitative EEG) to identify the potential for brain pathway improvement. Once a treatment program is put in place, many patients see notable improvements within a few weeks, but the benefits can last a lifetime.


Outdoor Adventures for Kids

SPOTLIGHTS SPECIES Protection Is the Focus of 2019 Campaign



Bringing Bliss to Every Room

Treating a range of brain disorders including Dementia | Depression | Brain Injuries | ADHD

Dr. J Douglas Brown DC DACNB, Board Certified Neurology-Chiropractic Dr. Brown is one of only a few functional neurologists in the U.S. providing brain pathway activation therapy in conjunction with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and Bredesen’s science-based nutritional program.

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251-597-8787 240 West Laurel Avenue, Foley, AL (Located inside Path To Wellness)


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30 THE ART OF HEALING Creative Therapy Aids Recovery

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Do you believe your hair can change your life?”

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s I pulled into our neighborhood on a recent Saturday morning, I did a doubletake when I saw a large clearing in what used to be a naturally wooded area. I circled the block to get a closer look and that’s when the kids took notice from the back seat. Mays (9 years old) asked with dismay, “Why would anyone do that?” I showed him the tightly packed houses that already occupied the southern half of the block and explained that more people are moving to Fairhope and developers are having to find space to build houses. That answer didn’t satisfy him. He wanted to know why they couldn’t live in existing houses or why they couldn’t build on open land where there aren’t trees to cut down. He wondered why the houses were so close together and noticed they had virtually no yards. Then he said, “Shortcuts always lead to disaster.” I asked him where he heard that quote and he said he just thought of it because it’s true. Since that day I’ve been trying to gauge the reaction of my neighbors to see if they, like Mays, see the changes as a disaster in the making. A few people are happy with the development because it’s raising our property values, but many are saddened by the changing landscape and frustrated by the increase in flooding. When that much forested land is replaced by impervious surfaces such as rooftops and driveways, storm water is unable to be absorbed by the soil. This causes surface runoff, which can cause flooding and the washing away of yards, plus pollution in our waterways. The other wooded lots in the neighborhood serve as daily reminders to me that this is a concern that cannot be ignored. I quickly turned my sadness into motivation and sought out advice from knowledgeable friends and city officials. We are far from a solution, but the ideas are flowing and the conversation has started. As success stories from other towns gave me hope, the production of our April issue also boosted my optimism by bringing to light many planet-friendly initiatives that are taking place locally. This edition explores national trends in alternative energy, emphasizes the value of outdoor adventures for kids and provides many “go green” tips, but the standout stories are the ones happening in our own community. In “Wellness by Design”, you’ll read how Fairhope Health Foods’ renovations take healthy living to a new level. You’ll learn about biophilia design principles and see the term mentioned again in the profile on Judges Square—a new development that seeks to integrate nature into the built environment. In “The Journey to Home”, I give you a glimpse of the conversation I had with singer-songwriter and environmental activist John Butler to illustrate how he brings people together with his music while also inspiring hope and awareness with his actions. Mays is on the right track—the easier path often comes with some unintended consequences, just as taking the time to make larger investments may reap more long-term rewards. In terms of sustainability, you don’t have to install solar panels, become an outspoken activist or buy an electric car to make a difference, but you can conserve energy, express your opinions to city leaders and drive a little less. In honor of Earth Day, let’s all try to go an extra mile where we can, choosing the path that is attainable in the present, yet mindful of the future. With Gratitude,

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Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

news briefs

A Natural Neuropathy Treatment that Works Spencer Chiropractic, in Gulfport, offers K-Laser therapy as a natural neuropathy treatment. This drugfree solution does not involve injections or surgery and is proven in clinical studies to be 90 percent effective in the treatment of neuropathy symptoms. An estimated 42.5 million Americans suffer from neuropathy, many of whom experience pain and loss of function so significant that their quality life is dramatically reduced. It is not uncommon for some to entirely lose feeling in their feet and hands, frequently fall because of loss of sensation and suffer debilitating pain that limits their enjoyment of life. If left untreated, neuropathy can develop into a serious disorder and lead to permanent nerve damage. Laser therapy has been used in Europe since the 1970s and was cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2002. During a K-Laser session, infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level, which promotes increased circulation by drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. This creates an optimal healing environment, reducing inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. There is little or no sensation during treatment and as the injured area returns to normal, pain is relieved and function is restored. Dr. Sonya Spencer says, “We focus on giving you better patient outcomes through clinical excellence, and we are happy to offer this K-Laser neuropathy solution.” Location: 38 Pass Rd., Ste. C, Gulfport, MS. For more information, call 228-5758660 or visit See ad, back page.

Wellness Centers Host Educational Classes on Gardening and More Syda Productions/

Healing Acres Wellness Center, in Robertsdale, and Avalon Education & Wellness Center, in Loxley, are teaming up to offer a schedule of wellness and gardening classes this spring. With two outdoor labyrinths on site, Healing Acres will host a class on the history and how to use a labyrinth on April 20. On April 27 they will be teaching interested individuals how to preserve food from the garden. Avalon hosts doTERRA oil classes every Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. to educate the public on the use of essential oils. Gardening classes are coming to both locations in May and will cover topics such as herb and vegetable gardens, elderberry, tea gardens and bee keeping.

Self-Treatment for Pain-Free Living Synergy Yoga & Pilates, in Mobile, hosts MELT classes at noon on Mondays and Thursdays, and at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays. MELT is a self-treatment method that restores balance in the nervous system while fostering healthy connective tissue for support and optimal mind-body communication. These practical exercises can naturally erase pain and tension in hands, feet, neck and low back caused by everyday stress, overuse, age or chronic conditions such as arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The MELT treatments, which can complement other fitness routines, are having a positive impact on practitioners in Mobile who experience the immediate effects of the method. “MELT is for anyone that wants to slow down the aging process, including older adults that want to stay active, mobile and independent, and athletes who want to achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear,” says studio owner and MELT Instructor Dana Garrett. Location: 3152 Old Shell Rd., Ste. 2, Mobile, AL. For more information, call 251-473-1104 or visit and MELTMethod. com. See ad, page 16.

Locations: Healing Acres, 22355 Price Grubbs Rd., Robertsdale, AL; Avalon, 19260 Co. Rd. 64, Loxley, AL. For more information, call 251-300-9052 and find Healing Acres Wellness Retreat and Avalon Education & Wellness Center on Facebook. See ad, page 27. April 2019


news briefs

Enroll Your Healing Hands in Massage, Yoga & Reiki School

Every Day is Earth Day at This Fairhope Salon B-Butterfly Salon, in Fairhope, recently added something new to their list of environmentally friendly practices—the recycling of the foils used in their hair color processes. By enlisting the help of a local recycler, the salon is diverting a trash bag full of foil per day from the landfill. B-Butterfly specializes in using color processes that contain organic ingredients which are better for clients’ health and the environment. Their products are not tested on animals and do not contain ammonia, SLS, plastics or parabens. With a filtered water system and filtered air, this locally-owned business is committed to providing a clean and healthy experience for the safety and well-being of their clients.

B-Butterfly Location: 103A N. Bancroft St., Fairhope, AL. To schedSALON

ule a free hair consultation, call 251-990-9934. See ad, page 5.

Non-Invasive Stroke Treatment Improves Quality of Life The Mind Performance Center, LLC, in Foley provides non-drug rehabilitation for a range of brain disorders, including stroke and brain injuries. Owner Dr. J. Douglas Brown, DC, DACNB, helps The Mind Performance Team patients improve speech and communication, balance and gait, and limb and finger control. Other improvements may include better short-term memory and mental focus, plus the restoration of personality traits such as humor or an interest in music. Stroke often causes damage to the communication pathways of the brain and Brown’s unique treatment approach can rehabilitate these pathways for improved quality of life. “The results of our treatments are tangible, often delivering improvement when nothing else has,” says Brown, who spends 90 minutes with new patients, fully examining their brain activity so that a detailed treatment program can be recommended. Brown is one of a few functional neurologists in the U.S. providing brain pathway activation therapy in conjunction with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (which regenerates abundant release of neurotransmitters) and the sciencebased nutritional program of Alzheimer’s researcher Dale Bredesen. “Our approach fosters brain balance and performance without negative side effects,” he says. “Adding years to our patients’ lives—high-quality-oflife years—inspires me to constantly research the latest breakthroughs in functional neurology and apply those as they fit into the treatment programs for my patients.” Location: Inside Path for Wellness, 240 W. Laurel St., Foley, AL. For more information, call 251-597-8787 or visit See ad, page 4. 8

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

Alabama Healing Arts (AHA), occupational college and wellness center, is accepting applications for enrollment in all programs. AHA educators have over 25 years of teaching experience to assist students in becoming a licensed massage therapist (LMT). “Therapeutic massage is a beautiful healing practice. It makes a perfect adjunct therapy to many healthcare professions. This fulfilling career allows for great flexibility, versatility and creativity. LMTs are becoming more and more in demand each year,” says owner Kelly Laurendine. Massage classes are scheduled to begin July 8. The 650hour curriculum meets state requirements for preparing students to become licensed therapists. This interactive massage program emphasizes hands-on technique demonstration and practice, includes specialty techniques, fundamental sciences, student clinic and outreach practicum. AHA maintains a 100 percent pass rate for students taking the licensure exam. AHA also offers three levels of reiki certification that can be purchased individually. Level I will be offered April 27 and continuing education credits are available. The school’s 200-, 300- and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs will begin July 13. For more information or to apply, call 251-753-1937, email  or visit See ad, page 16.

Shopping Event Helps Rescue Animals in Need

Gulf Shores Café Adds Smoothie Bowls to the Menu

Uptail Resale, the official resale shop of the Baldwin Humane Society, is hosting an Easter Egg-Stravaganza sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 13. Customers will enjoy a fun spin on their shopping experience when they choose an egg to win a discount on marked products. Uptail Resale is a resale boutique specializing in quality home furnishings, decor, jewelry and much more. New inventory is regularly posted on Facebook and all proceeds benefit the nonprofit organization’s mission to rescue animals in need, provide the appropriate rehabilitation and safely relocate them to good homes. “All proceeds from the Easter Egg-Stravaganza sale help us continue to care for the animals of the Baldwin Humane Society,” says Executive Director Abby Pruet.

Agapé Juices, in Gulf Shores, now has smoothie bowls and they’re offering Natural Awakenings readers 10 percent off their order. Choose a nutter butter, strawberry banana or triple berry smoothie base and have it topped with healthy ingredients such as sliced fresh fruit (bananas, apples and berries), nuts (cashews, walnuts and almonds), seeds (chia and pumpkin), dates, granola, coconut, dried fruit and more. By combining high quality organic ingredients, this juice and smoothie café also serves a full menu of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, wraps and snacks. Custom juices by the gallon and nut butters are available and all recipes are free of soy and canola oils. Their Kangen machine alkalizes and ionizes water, which is used to clean produce, make almond milk and enhance some of their juices.

Location: 22886-D US Hwy 98, Fairhope, AL. For more information, call shop manager Vicki Garrett at 251-928-8020 or visit UptailResale. See listing, page 38.

Location: 7369 Alamo Circle, Ste. C, Gulf Shores, AL. For more information, visit See ad, page 21.

Holistic Mercury-Free Dentistry GENERAL, COSMETIC AND BIOLOGICAL Mercury-Free, BPA-Free Fillings Bio-Compatible Materials•Dental Homeopathy Cosmetic Dental Restorations•Implants Microscopic Bacterial Analysis P3-Certified Practitioner for Medically-Relevant Gum Therapy CEREC Crowns In A Day•Extractions Clear or Removable Orthodontics Snoring Prevention•Teeth Whitening

Dr. Dayton Hart, DMD 251-943-2471

225 W. Laurel Ave • Foley, AL 36535

NEW PATIENT SPECIAL: FREE Consultation FREE Exam FREE Bitewing Xrays FREE Nitrous

Early detection can mean life.

Breast thermography is one of the easiest and safest methods for spotting inflammation, a major precursor to disease. It offers earlier detection of breast disease than self examination, doctor examination or mammography.


Thermography Advantage

Mobile & Foley, AL | Pensacola, Destin & Milton, FL | Brandon & Hattiesburg, MS | Covington, LA

Carolyn Olson, Owner and Certified Clinical Thermographer

CALL US TODAY: 251-623-2225 Learn more at April 2019


Masters of Massage

GULFPORT, MS HEALING GARDEN THERAPIES 12100 Highway 49, Bldg. 706 228-832-7666

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS YOUR MASSAGE STUDIO HERE! Our readers are looking for more Mississippi LMT’s. Advertise your massage business here. Call 251-990-9552 for SPECIAL MISSISSIPPI PRICING!

FAIRHOPE, AL MOUNTAIN MASSAGE & DAY SPA 101 Lottie Ln., Ste. 5 251-928-0214 MYSTIC MASSAGE D’vora Power RN, LMT and Author Massage, Reiki, EFT, Access Bars, Craniosacral Therapy • 931-982-2226 TAMMY S. ANDERSON, LMT AL#1087 Call/text for an appointment  251-510-1415

DAPHNE, AL JUBILEE HEALING ARTS Formerly Jen Adams, LMT in Montrose 28170 N. Main St., Ste. C 251-616-4201

ALABAMA HEALING ARTS 6304 Cottage Hill Rd. 251-753-1937 See ad, page 16. ELEMENTS THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE 6920 Airport Blvd., Ste. 111 251-342-6415 LAUREN ROSE, LMT AL Lic #2044 6157 Airport Blvd., Ste. 115 251-643-4300

FOLEY, AL THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Charlene Rester, RN, LMT Historical Downtown 117 West Orange Ave. 251-550-0117

Advertise on this page for $20/month! Contact us today: 251-990-9552 10


Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

ROBERTSDALE, AL HEALING ACRES Massage, Reflexology, Colonics, Reiki 22355 Price Grubbs Rd. 251-300-9052 See ad, page 27.

news briefs

From seed to end product, we are a family farm rooted in your health & wellness.

Organic Berries, Live Music and Family Fun Weeks Bay Plantation’s Harvest Night celebrations are scheduled for April 20, May 18 and June 15. These family-friendly events kick off at 9 a.m. with blueberry picking and kids’ activities. As the live entertainment begins at 4 p.m., food trucks and a marketplace will also open. In addition to the u-pick experience, packaged berries will be for sale. “The fun will last until the final note has been sung at 8 p.m.,” says owner Tynes Stringfellow. The live entertainment for the April event will be the funky sounds of GypsySpark with Gram Rea and future acts will be announced soon. These are BYOB events and attendees should also bring their own blankets and chairs. Admission is $10 per event (kids 12 and under get in free) or purchase a Friend of the Farm Pass for $20 and gain access to all three Harvest Nights. “Plan on spending time on the farm stocking up on organic blueberries, shopping local vendors, enjoying delicious and local eats, watching the kids have a blast and listening to some amazing music under the stars,” says Stringfellow. “We can’t wait to celebrate our Harvest Nights with you.” For more information, email, visit or find Weeks Bay Plantation on Facebook. See listing, page 37.



Boost your immune system from the inside out with our elderberry line of syrup, hand sanitizer and bath products.

Manage pain and enhance healing naturally with our arnica emulsions and creams. Visit us at Farmers Markets in Pascagoula | Ocean Springs | Gulfport | Hattiesburg Find our products at these businesses: MOBILE: Virginia’s, Tillman’s Chiropractic Clinic, Family Pharmacy BALDWIN CO: Fairhope Health Foods, Elsanor Feed Store, Healing Acres LUCEDALE: Jim’s Discount Drugstore, Herbal Shoppe PASCAGOULA River Audubon Ctr; GULFPORT: Coast Health & Nutrition OCEAN SPRINGS: Mary O’Keeffe Cultural Center D’IBERVILLE: Flourish Grab-Go, Maternal Instincts ROOTS to HOME 601-947-7692


Fun Bicycle Ride Raises Awareness The Alabama Coastal Foundation will be hosting The Good Life Ride on May 11. This scenic ride in Coastal Alabama encourages people to pause from their busy lives so they can enjoy the beautiful coastal environment on Mother’s Day weekend. Using the trails of Gulf State Park, three routes are offered—2-, 9- and 19-mile options. To celebrate the event’s tenth anniversary, The Good Life Ride is partnering with The Lodge at Gulf State Park to offer a discount on reservations for the weekend of the ride (book by April 17). The Lodge, an environmentally conscious hotel and a leader in the sustainable tourism movement, will serve as the start and finish of the routes, as well as the location of the post-ride party. Registration includes the ride, plus complimentary food and two drink tickets at the after-party. Proceeds benefit a bicycle safety campaign. For more information, call 251-990-6002 or visit or ImAthlete. com/events/2019GLR.

OsteoStrong is unique because it delivers massive physical performace gains with minimal effort. It’s the Ultimate Biohack. 60 seconds of effort once-a-week improves balance, posture & strength.

scientifically-advanced, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, accessible to all ages and fitness levels 333 Greeno Rd S., Unit 2B, Fairhope 251-210-6955

Schedule your session today. April 2019


action alert

health briefs

Every minute, the equivalent of an entire garbage truck of plastic gets dumped into our oceans, reports the World Economic Forum. Many of the materials are disposable, single-use plastic products like straws, bags and Styrofoam containers, which some cities and towns have banned. This type of citizen action is increasingly blocked by the Plastic Industry Association (PIA), which has spent big money to successfully ban plastic bag ordinances in 10 states where 70 million Americans live. This means local communities are prohibited from taking effective action that could reduce the plastics that litter our streets and pollute our waterways. The Sierra Club is calling on nine major corporations that are members of the PIA to withdraw from it with an online petition. So far, two have indicated they will not be renewing their memberships this year: Clorox (which owns companies like Burt’s Bees, Brita and Glad) and the Ascena Retail Group (which includes Ann Taylor and Loft). To participate, sign the online petition at Other action steps, including tweeting and involving friends, are also detailed. 12

Twin Design/

Support Citizen Action Against Plastics

The heavy use of household cleaning disinfectants may contribute to changes in infant gut bacteria and weight gain, reports a new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. University of Alberta researchers collected fecal samples and studied the gut health of 757 babies between the ages of 3 and 4 months; then restudied the children at 1 and 3 years old. They found that children in households that used disinfectants at least once a week had higher body mass index (BMI) scores and elevated levels of Lachnospiraceae, gut microbes linked in other studies to insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. Babies in households that used vinegar or other eco-friendly cleaners had lower BMI scores and much lower levels of a family of bacteria that includes E. coli.

Smoking Bans Lower Blood Pressure Non-smokers that live in areas that have banned smoking in public spaces such as restaurants, bars and workplaces have lower systolic blood pressure. In a Northwestern University study reported by the American Heart Association, blood pressure readings of 5,115 adults ages 18 to 30 in Birmingham, Chicago, Minneapolis and Oakland were taken over a 30-year period and correlated with changes in local laws that banned public smoking. A meaningful decrease in systolic blood pressure readings was found in non-smokers when no-smoking laws were enacted, indicating a reduction in heart disease risk.

Probiotics Ease Bipolar Disorder Research on 66 patients with bipolar disorder found that patients receiving probiotic supplements were three times less likely to be rehospitalized than those given a placebo. The study from the Sheppard Pratt Health System, in Baltimore, gave half of discharged patients a placebo and the other half a capsule containing two probiotics, Bifidobacterium lactis (BB-12) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG). Within 26 weeks, 24 of the 33 people that received the placebo returned to the hospital, but only eight of the 33 on probiotics were readmitted. The probiotic treatment was especially effective for those experiencing considerable inflammation, say researchers.

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition



Household Cleaning Products Affect Babies’ Guts and Weight

“I lost 35 pounds of stressful, depressing fat!” “Seven months ago I called myself a ‘hot mess’. I was depressed, out of energy and ready to give up at every turn. I couldn’t stand the way I looked and felt any more. During my hypnosis screening I cried because things I wanted for myself finally seemed possible. I felt relief and started seeing things differently from that day. I’ve lost another 5 pounds since this picture was taken for a total of 40! Why? Because it’s so easy to do, and I feel better with every pound gone. I’ll be at my goal weight and in my bikini by June!”

~Melinda G.

Pensacola, FL

It’s time to dump your diet.

Diets aren’t fun and they aren’t sustainable because they never deal with the reason people become overweight. People don’t overeat because they’re hungry. They overeat because they want to change the way they feel.

Change the way you think today.

See if you can be accepted into a hypnosis program to lose weight.

Call for your

FREE 30-Minute Hypnosis Screening

and dump dieting forever.


22622 B Hwy 59 South | Robertsdale, AL |

Muddled Message GMO Labeling Diluted

Zoltan Acs/

a katz/

global briefs

Fuel Folly

Nuclear Waste Disposal Remains Elusive

Under final rules released by the current administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s national labeling standard for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) completely exempts foods made with highly processed ingredients grown with GMOs, including sugar made from sugar beets, high-fructose corn syrup and refined soybean and canola oils. The change will allow 78 percent of products containing GMOs to avoid disclosure, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Companies don’t have to comply until January 1, 2022, and the new labels will use the term “bioengineered” instead of more common identifiers like “genetically engineered” or “GMO”. Small businesses, to-go food prepared at grocery stores, and meat, eggs or dairy from animals that are fed GMOs, which involves virtually all livestock not certified organic, are exempt from the labeling requirements.

A new report issued by environmental watchdog Greenpeace details the growing global dangers of accumulating nuclear waste that will remain hazardous for hundreds of centuries. Several of the designated storage facilities in the seven countries surveyed are nearly filled to capacity now. Unresolved safety issues across the industry include fire risk, venting of radioactive gases, environmental contamination, failure of containers, terrorist attacks and escalating costs. More than 65 years after the start of the civil use of nuclear power, 250,000 tons of highly radioactive spent fuel exists in 14 countries, and underground storage, seemingly the most viable option, has encountered major obstacles.

Over Dose

Citrus Crops to Receive Human Antibiotics

Scientists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expressed concern over a recent ruling by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that opens the door to widespread use of the antibiotics streptomycin and oxytetracycline to spray commercial citrus crops. The antibiotics, which are often used on people, can kill insects that transmit a bacterium that causes citrus greening, which renders fruit small and bitter. But the EPA ultimately ruled that the economic benefits outweigh concerns about antibiotic resistance and potential harm to the environment, people and wildlife. The USDA says the amount of antibiotic exposure to people who eat fruit or juices still will be far less than what people are exposed to when prescribed antibiotics by their doctor. The antibiotics will have to be sprayed repeatedly over years just to keep the trees alive and producing fruit until they succumb to citrus greening. Public interest groups are protesting the action.



Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition


Earth Day with us!

bile Bay on April 20 at Come see us at Earth Day Mo ples of supplements, Fairhope Pier Park for free sam ts & snacks. cleaning products, pet produc

20% OFF Garden of Life, New Chapter & Nordic Naturals everyday!

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FAIRHOPE HEALTH FOODS 251-928-0644 280 Eastern Shore Shopping Center in Fairhope, AL

VIRGINIA’S HEALTH FOODS 251-479-3952 3055 A Dauphin Street in Mobile, AL vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options

free-range meats, farm-fresh produce and organic beer and wine

a delicious and organic dining experience Asian Fusion • Mediterranean • Italian • Tex-Mex • Thai • Pizza • Sandwiches • Pasta • Salads Catering service and take-out available. Menus online. Call for specials. Fairhope Cafe: 251-929-0055 Located next door to Fairhope Health Foods

Mon-Sat 10:30am-4pm; Sunday Brunch 10:30am-2pm

Mobile Cafe: 251-479-3200

Located inside Virginia’s Health Foods in Mobile

Mon-Sat 10:30am-4pm; Sunday 11am-2pm

April 2019


Masters of Yoga SYNERGY Yoga & Pilates

Group Classes

Private Sessions

Dana B. Garrett

Alabama Healing Arts, LLC

MS, ACSM, RYT Merrithew IM and IR Certified Merrithew CCB and ISP Trained MELT Instructor

50-min yoga classes | beginner-friendly | props provided

6-Class Pass for $50

3152 Old Shell Road, Suite 2 Mobile, Alabama 36607


SHOULD YOUR YOGA BUSINESS BE ON THIS PAGE? Ask about special rates for Mississippi studios.


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Let your soul shine

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eco tip

Rolfing® is a holistic approach

that resolves physical discomfort, releases tension and alleviates pain while restoring flexibility and enhancing energy.

Healthier Dry Cleaning Non-Toxic Ways to Lower Risks

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Chemicals used in dry cleaning clothes have long been linked to health concerns for both people and the environment. Perchloroethylene (“perc” for short) is most commonly used in this process. Federal regulatory agencies have documented myriad negative effects from exposure to the petroleumbased solvent. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration links it to dizziness, blurred vision, loss of coordination and other nervous system effects, including memory loss. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls perc a likely human carcinogen “by all routes of exposure.” The EPA also warns that the chemical can leak into the ground, contaminating water supplies, and react in the air to form smog, which has been associated with respiratory effects. suggests there are safer alternatives through products and processes used by independent “green” dry cleaners nationwide. These include a biodegradable liquid silicone—essentially liquefied sand— which doesn’t chemically react with fabric fibers. It’s safe to use on delicate garments like beads, lace, silk and cashmere, and won’t cause shrinkage. includes a store locator function. Another good option is wet cleaning, whereby fabric is laundered in a computer-controlled washer and dryer that uses water—along with specialized soaps and conditioners instead of solvents—and spins its contents much more slowly than a typical home washing machine. Because wet cleaning is free of hazardous volatile organic compounds like those in perc, it eliminates health and safety risks, as well as environmental hazards associated with traditional dry cleaning, according to As an added benefit, the equipment and operating costs are lower. While the biggest disadvantage to wet cleaning is that it produces waste water, it’s still a highly energy-efficient method. Another method is liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning, in which some commercial cleaners use the pressurized gas in combination with other gentle cleaning agents to dissolve and remove dirt, fats and oils in clothing instead of using perc; or consider simply handwashing delicate clothes and fabrics in a mild, non-toxic detergent, and then hanging them outside to dry.


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Adults* with hearing loss experience a

30-40% faster decline in cognitive abilities than their peers with normal hearing.

Get an annual hearing screening once you reach age 50.

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*75 years and older SOURCES: Lin, F. R., Yaffe, K., Xia, J., Xue, Q., Harris, T.B., Purchase-Helzner, E., … Simonsick, E.M. (2013). Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults. JAMA Internal Medicine, 173(4), 293-299. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.1868 © 2019 Starkey Hearing Technologies. All Rights Reserved. 3/19 328304599

April 2019


business spotlight

Wellness by Design

Health Food Store Renovations Foster Health and Embrace Nature by Meredith Montgomery


airhope Health Foods employees smile when they hear customers say, “We love your new expansion!” When you walk through the new double-door entrance, the updated space does feel bigger, but in reality, it’s not. “It shows you how much good lighting, fresh color and views to the outdoors can transform your experience of a space,” says architect and owner of WATERSHED, Rebecca Bryant, who guided the design of the store’s recent renovations. Fairhope Health Foods, the first health food store in Lower Alabama, opened in 1975. Along with Virginia’s Health Foods (their sister store in Mobile), they are known for excellent customer service and expansive product inventory. In addition to supplements and health foods (including fresh, organic produce), the stores stock a variety of products that include natural cosmetics, natural pet food and products, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and fair trade gifts. Bryant has been working on plans for their remodel with owner Lynnora Ash since 2017 and construction started around Thanksgiving of last year. “It’s like we do with our bodies—you say you want a healthier, newer you. That’s what we wanted for our store,” says Ash. This health-centered mission inspired Bryant to focus on two strategies—active design (which promotes physical, mental and social well-being) and biophilia design (which connects people to nature).

construction. The implementation of a green cleaning program for after construction is also required by the certification. To foster the health of their staff, the break room was made more private and includes an area for breastfeeding employees that need to pump, plus space for everyone to store their own fresh foods. Better ergonomics is a priority that influenced the addition of sit-to-stand desks. Accessibility upgrades for disabled customers and employees (including restrooms) is a part of Fitwel’s standards and something Ash emphasized early in the process. Since moving to their current location in 2001, they have expanded several times. “That’s why there were poles in the middle of some of the aisles—the current space used to be three separate stores. Lynnora started in one of the spaces and expanded her store into two more,” explains Bryant. By shifting the aisles so the poles are no longer blocking the path, they appear wider and are now more accessible for wheelchairs.

Connecting With Nature Biophilia, a term coined by Alabama native E. O. Wilson, describes our innate affinity with nature. When applied to design, biophilia tries to connect people to nature using spatial relationships, materials, lighting, ventilation, views and actual nature (often in the form of plants). To open the store to outside views,

Healthy Design WATERSHED used the Fitwel guidelines, created by the Center for Active Living, to inspire the design. Custom bike racks are being installed to accommodate customers and employees who wish to take advantage of the sidewalks and bike lanes that are accessible from the store. Inside they used certified low-emitting materials for the floor, ceiling, paints and adhesives, and care was taken to protect the store from indoor air contaminants during 18

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

Lynnora Ash, owner

the mirrored tint on the storefront windows was replaced with a transparent, energy efficient window film that reflects heat. A louvered screen wall made out of naturally weathered cedar is also being installed. “The west-facing windows act as an oven in the afternoon and the wooden screen filters the strong afternoon light while still allowing people to see in and out of the store,” says Bryant. “We also looked for opportunities to introduce natural materials because people respond physically and emotionally to them like they respond to views of nature.” The base of the checkout counter will mimic the window screen with the same maple and the top is granite. To reduce waste they used existing shelving but updated their look by painting the backboards black and enlisting a local cabinet maker to build endcaps with another natural material—maple. In addition to switching to highly efficient LED light fixtures that are closer to the color temperature of sunlight, highly-reflective paint colors were used on the walls. Compared to the previous earth tones, the color palette is simpler but the walls are more dynamic, since they react to natural light as it changes throughout the day. A green screen of vines outside the store will soften the views of the parking lot and create better outdoor seating for the Sunflower Café next door. This element will also establish a visual identity for the store so they are more easily identifiable in the long retail strip. Additional standard practice environmental improvements include enhanced energy efficiency via new insulation that is formaldehyde-free and high in recycled content, plus the installation of Water Sense certified plumbing fixtures. Ash was immediately rewarded for the energy and water conserving updates with a savings of approximately $1,000 on her monthly utility bill.

Supporting Community Bryant acknowledges the community that Ash has built around the store and café, noting, “Her customers really feel at home here— someone said walking into the store was like walking into ‘Cheers’ and I love that. It was important that this renovation was more than retail design; it was design to support that community.” The store remained open during the entire renovation process and Ash expresses immense gratitude for the patience of everyone involved. “Our customers have been so supportive and complimentary along the way. They appreciate the green choices we made and were impressed that there were no toxic smells with all that was going on,” she says. “Some came into the store even when they didn’t need anything, just to see what was new since their last visit.” Ash and her staff have prioritized the health of their customers for more than four decades. This renovation not only supports that commitment, it demonstrates an elevation in their wellness standards that will likely have an impact beyond the store’s walls. Fairhope Health Foods has raised the bar for smart design, and we look forward to seeing how their actions and intentions inspire others community-wide. Location: 280 Eastern Shore Shopping Center, Fairhope, AL. For more information, call 251-928-0644 or visit Va-FairhopeHealthFoods. com. See ad, page 15.

Green Building Design | Consulting | Education l I p:251.929.0514 April 2019


Everyone has a responsibility to take an active role in life— participating in one’s family, community and society. I care about life, justice and equality. It’s not a political thing, it’s common sense.

artist spotlight

photo by Kane Hibberd

~John Butler

The Journey to Home John Butler Inspires Hope and Awareness by Meredith Montgomery


hen singer-songwriter John Butler sees a performance that gives him chills, he leaves the show feeling like he could do anything. “If I can give that feeling to one person at every gig I play—because of what that experience gives to them, what it gives to me and in turn, what it gives to the world—if I can be a vehicle of that energy, then I’m doing my job.” But Butler, who is now Australia’s highest selling independent artist of all time, never thought this would be his job. “I thought I’d be in Special Forces, a professional skateboarder, an artist or a teacher, never a musician,” he says. Butler was 11 when his family moved from Los Angeles to Pinjarra, Australia. He lived a Huckleberry Finn-like life in this beautiful but isolated riverside town, but he also experienced xenophobia and racism firsthand. “It seemed my skin was the right color, but I had the wrong accent. Things could change really quickly when I’d begin to speak—like suddenly I was getting chased,” he recalls. 20

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

These experiences have kept him humble and down-to-earth through his musical success, but they’ve also helped fuel his outspoken and impassioned advocacy efforts for peace, environmental protection and global harmony. “We live in an opulent society where everything is done for us. Our trash gets taken away—we put it in a bin, put the top on it and it’s like putting the top on your mind. We don’t know what hole it’s going in and there’s no sense of responsibility once it leaves our hands. And the opportunity to pollute and use plastic is getting easier and easier. It’s a convoluted situation,” he reflects. His activism efforts are currently focused on the anti-fracking movement in Western Australia and speaking out against plans for the world’s largest coal mine to be built in North Queensland (which poses a threat to the Great Barrier Reef). A portion of his ticket and album sales often benefit charitable organizations, meet-and-greet experiences include a reusable water bottle and the band has utilized Globelet’s system to eliminate single-use plastic at some of his concerts. Butler carries his own straw, utensils and water bottle and has a garden and rain catchment system at home, but he wishes it was easier to do more, noting, “If we’re sending people to Mars, we should be able to have greater access to green energy.” As a parent, Butler is careful not to discourage the future stewards of our earth, so he keeps his fatherly advice simple—treat others as you wish to be treated, and recognize that everything has a cost. “When our kids say ‘I want this’ or ‘I want that’, I remind them to think about the cost of having those things. What resources were used to make it? How does that affect the environment? Is it worth it?”

He also encourages his son and daughter to find a form of self-expression that they love as they navigate their teen years. “I want them to have a friend in something they can do on their own,” he says. “Whether it’s making something with their hands, playing music, sewing—there’s something really beautiful about escaping with yourself and your tools, something you can’t get with anybody else.” For Butler, his guitar is that unwavering companion. While making his latest album, Home, a flood of emotions and anxieties surfaced once he stopped touring. “Bringing a song into the world is an enlightening process, and each one demands different things from me,” he says. He worked through intense introspection, which was challenging yet therapeutic and productive. “Throughout the years that it took to make this album there were tears and frustration, confusion and chaos. But, there was family and friends, honesty and vulnerability, gardens and harvest, service and surrender. And amongst it all, ultimately, there was joy,” Butler reflects.

To balance the demands of his career, Butler leans on family and friends for love and laughter, plus skateboarding, running and meditation to clear his mind. He regularly seeks solace in nature and is also very spiritual. Traveling with a portable altar while on tour, he carries a collection of tokens from his ancestors, candles, photos, feathers and sage—bits and pieces that represent the tapestry of his faith. “I am struck by spirituality’s ability to bind cultures in story, song, ethics and morals for generations to come, so we can somehow make life a little bit more doable,” he says. Butler’s music and actions have a similar effect on the audiences it touches. The band’s deep layers of chant-like vocals and heart-pounding drums can bring a sea of strangers together in song and dance, while the words he speaks and the life he leads inspire reflection and action by multiple populations. He’s doing more than his job—he’s cultivating hope and awareness on a global level.

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Centered around John Butler’s virtuoso guitar stylings and powerful, progressive lyricism, the John Butler Trio draws upon a remarkable variety of musical genres, spanning folk, blues, funk, classic rock ‘n’ roll and beyond.


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Every drop in the ocean counts. ~Yoko Ono April 2019


Treat your locavore palate to farm-fresh foods that contribute to a healthier planet and a more prosperous local economy. Support these Gulf Coast businesses!

CSA SHIPSHAPE URBAN FARMS Mobile and Irvington, AL 251-367-0160

An urban container farm offering year-round produce subscriptions of pesticide-free, hydroponically-grown lettuces, herbs and seasonal vegetables. Pick-up locations in Mobile, Irvington and Fairhope. See ad, page 24.


20733 Miflin Rd. (Co. Rd. 20), Foley, AL 251-709-4469 Open year round Tuesdays (10am-3pm, NovMar. 2-6pm, Apr-Oct.) and Saturdays (9am-2pm). Local farms with seasonal produce, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, honey, jellies, baked goods, seafood, hand-crafted soaps and more. Follow us! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.


Jones Park Pavillion, Highway 90 Gulfport, MS • 228-257-2496 Open year round on Wednesdays from 9am-1pm. For more info:


Joanie Stiff, Market Coordinator Mobile, AL 251-208-1550 • 2019 Markets: Saturdays in Cathedral Square from 7:30 a.m. to noon (April 27 to July 27; October 12 to November 23). Thursdays in Lavretta Park 3 to 6 p.m. (May 31-Aug 1). See ad, page 35.



Summerdale, AL We carry a variety of goods from our farm and other local farms based on season and availability. Email for a list of what’s currently available.


Natural Elder Products Lucedale, MS 601-791-0943 • 601-947-7692 Boost your immune system with locally-made natural elderberry products including syrup, hand sanitizer and bath products. Also offering arnica products for pain relief and seasonal produce. See ad, page 11.


280 Eastern Shore Shopping Center Fairhope, AL • 251-928-0644 Comprehensive health food store featuring local products: organic produce, meat, eggs, honey, soap and more. See ad, page 15.

VIRGINIA'S HEALTH FOODS 3055 A Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 251-479-3952

Comprehensive health food store featuring local products: organic produce, meat, eggs, honey, soap and more. See ad, page 15.

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition


320 Eastern Shore Shopping Center Fairhope, AL • 251-929-0055 Organic cafe serving lunch Mon-Sat and Sunday brunch. We use locally-grown produce, herbs and meat. See our six-page menu online. See ad, page 15.


3055 A Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 251-479-3200 Organic cafe and juice bar serving lunch MondaySunday (brunch specials on Sundays). We use locally-grown produce, herbs and meat. See our six-page menu online. See ad, page 15.


12562 Mary Ann Beach Rd., Fairhope, AL 251-279-8745 Weeks Bay Plantation/LA Berry Farms is the regional destination of choice for pick-your-own blueberries, herbs and heirloom tomatoes—all organically grown. Check website for picking dates and greenhouse sales.

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Preliminary Considerations Power source: Choose from among

solar ($12,000 to $50,000, depending on the system’s size), wind ($6,000 to $22,000, including installation) or geothermal ($20,000 to $25,000).

Ample resources: Find out if there’s

steady wind, plentiful sun, a place to install geothermal pipes and whether the home is properly oriented for solar without obstruction by trees or tall buildings.

Herr Loeffler/

Electricity needed: Get a quick average

POWER SWITCH Taking a Home Off the Grid by Jim Motavalli


esse Stafford and Alyssa Craft quit their jobs in 2015, bought five acres of remote land far away from utilities and began building their 36-foot-by-36-foot timber frame home from scratch. Next up was a septic system, then a clean water source and, of course, alternative energy. Their rooftop solar panels are backed up by a reliable Honda generator. They had some setbacks, which is to be expected. Now they’re blogging about it. “We didn’t want corporate jobs, we didn’t want to live in the city, commute to work or have a mortgage payment,” they write in their online homestead journey at Off-the-grid living has become downright fashionable, especially for the eco-conscious. But leaving the rat race isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone. Yet, anyone that wants to become more energy-independent can succeed without moving to an isolated cabin; and there’s never been a better time, because prices keep coming down and technology keeps improving. Choosing the best option depends on several factors, including the specific residence, climatic zone, town and neighborhood.

by adding up the wattage of all appliances, and then add 50 percent. The American average is 10,000 kilowatt-hours annually, although frugal folks can make do with less. The local utility company can also estimate energy needs based on past usage. Realize that alternative energy doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing proposition. For instance, a solar system doesn’t have to power the whole house. A smaller and cheaper array with battery backup can be connected to essential services like the water heater, refrigerator and electric stove, with the grid handling heavier loads. Advantages are lower upfront cost and access to the grid when needed. Connecting to the grid makes sense for all alternative power sources, because wind and solar are intermittent, and don’t always provide power. Also, most states offer net metering, which requires the local utility to pay for the electricity a homeowner puts back into the grid.

Solar: Plunging Costs Solar panels for electricity, usually made of silicon, consist of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC). Their cost has come down dramatically in recent years. In January, the average solar panel cost $3.14 a watt, a bottom line of roughly $18,000 with a six-kilowatt system big enough for most homes. The price fell 6.5 percent from January 2018, reports, a solar vendor pricing source. A federal tax credit covers 30 percent of the cost, so the out-of-pocket cost for a system would be approximately $13,000 if installed before year’s end, when the full residential tax credit is available. Partial tax credits will be available until they are phased out in 2022. Ron Blumenfeld, a retired doctor in April 2019


Fairfield, Connecticut, serves on his town’s sustainability task force and “went live” with his rooftop installation six years ago. “It’s turned out to be one of the best investments we’ve ever made—financially and environmentally,” he says. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is working toward residential solar to generate power at just five cents per kilowatthour by 2030, which means it will be far cheaper than grid electricity. Consumers can either buy a system outright or—as a popular alternative—lease the system with no upfront costs. Leasing companies like SolarCity (now part of Tesla) pioneered this approach, in which consumers agree to buy electricity from the system installed on their roof. Whether to add the extra expense of battery backup is important. A pair of Tesla Powerwalls will cost about $14,000 installed and store enough electricity to power a home for seven days. It’s suitable for people looking to go off the grid because the sun doesn’t always shine, and power generated on sunny days can be stored and used when it’s overcast.

local hydroponic container farm offering

Year-Round CSA

with Weekly Produce Deliveries Pick-up locations:

45 Fitness, Mobile Sway Yoga, Downtown Mobile Hillcrest Orthodontics, Mobile Old Shell Market, Mobile Soul Shine Yoga, Fairhope Shipshape Test Farm, Irvington

Residential wind power is in its infancy in the U.S. Off-the-grid solar is not just for those living in sun-rich states. Installers can look at a property—often remotely, through applications like Google Earth—and determine if solar is appropriate. Sometimes a few trees will have to be sacrificed, but the benefits are manifold, and not just because there will be power during grid blackouts.

Wind: If the Resource is Right Wind power accounted for the largest share of renewable energy growth in 2017, reports the International Energy Agency, but it’s in its infancy for homeowners, partly due to an average cost of $48,000 to $65,000 per installed project. Residential turbines have been installed in all 50 states, but many parts of the U.S. have marginal resources. Check the Department of Energy wind resource guide for local data at WindExchange.Energy.Gov. The best-case scenario is strong winds plus few neighbors close to a large property (and lenient zoning laws). Wind may work for the 19.3 percent of the population that lives in rural areas and the 21 million American homes built on properties of an acre or more.

Hydroponic systems require 90% less water and significantly less energy and space versus traditional farming practices.



Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

However, it isn’t for everyone. James Weston, of Greene, Maine, installed his turbine 10 years ago, and considers his rooftop solar panels a better investment. “By the time you put up your 100-foot tower to get the tower above the tree line and optimize the wind resource, the return isn’t there,” he says, noting that his savings from the turbine amount to a few hundred dollars a year. Bergey WindPower, maker of the 10-kilowatt BWC Excel 10 turbine ($31,770), recommends that a property have at least a 10 mph average wind speed, coupled with high electricity prices of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour or more. Also consider the neighbors: The system’s turbine is typically installed on an 80-to-100-foot tower, and so-called “viewshed” objections have taken down many projects (including Cape Wind, in Massachusetts). With annual maintenance, the DOE reports that small wind turbines should last about 20 years, the same basic lifespan as solar panels. The federal production tax credit for wind is available this year, but won’t be available afterwards. Some states offer incentives. A useful small wind guidebook can be found at small-wind-guidebook.

Geothermal: Available Anywhere Some common misconceptions about home geothermal are that consumers need to live in one of the planet’s “hot spots” (think Iceland, California or Utah). But the truth is the Earth’s temperature just below the surface almost anywhere is a constant 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Northeast and Midwest have the highest geothermal adoption rates. Geothermal doesn’t necessarily require a large

If a Stream Runs Through It Properties with moving water have a fourth sustainable power source available to them: hydroelectric. If opting to harness the energy in a nearby flowing stream or river, 10-kilowatt micro-hydropower systems can power even large homes. They combine piping from the water source to a turbine, pump or waterwheel with an alternator or generator, regulator and wiring. According to Home Power magazine, a fully installed hydro system for the average use of a modern household might cost $20,000 to $100,000.

piece of property. Local geology will be a factor in siting and sizing the system. Geothermal systems use underground pipes filled with refrigerant that absorbs warmth from the ground through a heat exchanger. In summer, that same underground temperature can be tapped to cool a home, combining heating and air conditioning in one system. While it necessitates a relatively high upfront cost, low operating costs mean the systems can pay for themselves in less than 10 years. Most include a ground-source heat pump with a 50-year warranty. For a 2,500-squarefoot home, an average off-the-electrical-grid system will cost $20,000 to $25,000 to install. Bill Martin, in Quincy, California, runs an efficient three-ton geothermal system installed in 2014. “It’s been a very good experience,” he says. “I’m ecstatically happy.” The same 30 percent federal tax credit that applies to solar also applies to geothermal for systems installed by 2020. States also provide incentives. A detailed guide on availability is available at GeothermalHeatPumpListing.

Tickle Creative Brings Biophilic Design to Judges Square


udges Square, the initial project of Ameri’ca and Jason Tickle of Tickle Creative, seeks to integrate nature into the built environment. Construction has begun on the Daphne property that was once home to the iconic Judge Roy Bean, and concepts of biophilia (E.O. Wilson’s term for the need to connect people to nature for their well-being and happiness) and new urbanism are inspiring the design. While mixed-use buildings with residential flats and unique-to-market shops and eateries are part of the plan, much of the nearly two-acre property will be used for village-green style outdoor spaces. Nationally lauded for his environmentally-sensitive projects, Campion Hruby landscape architect Kevin Campion plans for more than 125 trees to accompany native plants and water features that create natural habitats alongside pathways and sidewalks connecting Montrose and Daphne. “Although we live in a highly connected and integrated world, it is easy to feel disconnected from both each other and from the natural world that surrounds us. Our vision for Judges Square is a place for community to come together,” says Jason. “A recent news story recounted a trend where doctors are prescribing vitamin-N—meaning nature—to treat anxiety issues. The movement to restore vitamin N to our built environment is a major influence on the design team behind Judges Square. We’re investing in the future of this community, investing in our children and the vitality of their environment for years to come.” For more information, visit See ad, page 3.

Special Considerations

Jim Motavalli, of Fairfield, CT, is an author, and freelance journalist, specializing in alternative energy, clean automotive and other environmental topics. Connect at


photo by Kate Mercer Photography

Buildings, especially older structures, are usually sieves in terms of energy loss, so before investing in a system, check to see if the local utility provides free energy audits. Even if it’s not free, it’s worth finding out if the home needs new windows or strategically applied insulation. There are scammers in every field, and alternative energy is no exception. Ask providers for references to previous customers and check for online cautions from the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and others. Alternative energy in any form can save money and precious resources. Explore the options thoroughly and choose wisely before pulling the plug.

Ameri’ca and Jason Tickle of Tickle Creative

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DID YOU KNOW? Natural Awakenings is printed on newsprint. When you're finished with it, this publication can easily be recycled or composted. April 2019


healthy kids


Tom Wang/


Outdoor Adventures for Kids by Ronica A. O’Hara


etting kids off the couch and into the great outdoors can be a challenge when they tend to be better acquainted with the popular Angry Birds video game characters than with the real warbling ones. Unfortunately, studies show that digital devices, parental work overload and media-stoked fears of the outside world are currently making our kids nature-deprived. Yet, they have an instinctive love of the outdoors, experts agree. “When given free access to nature, children’s play follows the same patterns all around the world,” says prominent environmental educator David Sobel, author of Wild Play: Parenting Adventures in the Great Outdoors. “All kids like creating special places, going on adventures, befriending animals, following maps and paths, and so on.” The more we encourage them, the more likely they’ll discover the thrills of the natural world—and numerous studies show that they’ll then be calmer and less stressed, better able to concentrate and less likely to be obese. Kids also are more “responsive and connected” when they are talking outdoors with adults than talking indoors, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Here are some simple ideas to get started:

Build fairy houses. In a park, forest or backyard, ask the child

to find a quiet spot, like the base of a tree or under a bush, and build a tiny house using only their imagination and natural materials such as sticks, bark, grass, pebbles, feathers and pinecones. “The fun is ageless and connects you to nature in magical and memorable ways,” says Tracy Kane of Maine, whose website,, offers ideas and books.


Befriend a bug. Help them look for bugs and crawling things


Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

in the dirt and on leaves, then ask them to draw them. Back home or at the library, kids can search in guidebooks or online to learn the critters’ names and traits.

Engage in real-life tweets. Show them how to listen

carefully for bird songs and count how many different ones they

hiding place, stocked with lemonade, apples and fun books.

Incorporate digital delights. Rather

Make dolls and critters. Kids can use

Try geocaching. This game for older

Create mud art. “Make a batch of mud

hibiscus or hollyhock flowers and toothpicks to make dolls with flowing skirts. Or they can collect leaves of different shapes and sizes and glue them together to create leafy creatures. “You can take it an extra step by inventing a story and creating a one-of-akind storybook,” says Mateleska.

Grow a garden. Using a kid-sized plot of

land—it can even be a big pot of dirt—give them a trowel, a watering can and easy-togrow seeds such as radishes and carrots. Not only will they get exercise, a Texas A&M University study shows gardening makes kids more likely to choose veggies for snacks.

Invent a cozy hideaway. Under the

limbs of a big tree, old blankets and pillows can be used by a child to build a “secret”

l Cu

and use it to create sculptures, paint a masterpiece or just use it to jump in and get messy with,” suggests MaryEllen Mateleska, director of education and conservation at the Mystic Aquarium, in Connecticut.

than competing with digital devices, integrate them into the nature experience. “A phone app like iNaturalist lets kids take a picture and will identify the creature or plant for them,” says science teacher Jemma Smith, of The Education Hotel, a UK-based tutoring service. “Or have them take three artistic pictures of nature.”

nin g

hear. See if they can imitate the tweets or find words that describe them. Check out a bird-song beginner’s guide at Audubon. org/news/a-beginners-guide-common-birdsounds-and-what-they-mean.

tiv atin ear L g Wo f nder and a Love o

ENROLL NOW For Coastal ALABAMA programs::


kids requires them to use their phones as a GPS to find tiny treasure boxes that have already been hidden all over the countryside. “Most boxes have small trinkets to swap and a tiny book to sign their name,” says Smith.

Time It. Simply set the timer for an hour,

open the door into the back yard and let the kids “go at it,” as does writer Attiyya Atkins, a mother of four in Pompano Beach, Florida. “Mostly it’s self-play, but I come out sometimes and teach them about nature, or we do art projects with leaves, rocks or dirt. It’s always naturally fun, and they’re pretty tired afterwards!” Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based natural health writer. Connect at OHaraRonica@

Nurturing Inquisitive Minds Since 1907

An organic education is one that honors the growth of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. Students learn through exploration and hands-on experiences. Enrolling Pre-K to 4th Grade

251-928-9347 8 Marietta Drive, Fairhope, AL 36532


Healing Acres A Place of Wellness

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22355 Price Grubbs Rd in Robertsdale 251-300-9052 April 2019


City of Gautier’s Earth Day Celebration

earth day events

10 a.m. to noon, April 13 George Martin City Park, Gautier, MS This annual event features a farmers’ market, free eco-tours, vendors and children’s activities. Local vendors will teach about efficient, money-saving and earth-friendly practices. Additionally, a free household hazardous waste collection will be taking place the same day at Singing River Mall parking lot. For more information, visit


Foley Earth Day

EARTH DAY SPOTLIGHTS SPECIES Protection Is the Focus of 2019 Campaign by Ronica A. O’Hara


n April 22, eco-conscious citizens will come together again in communities across the country to celebrate Earth Day and work for the planet’s healthy, sustainable future. This year, the Earth Day Network (EDN) is asking people to join its Protect Our Species campaign to raise awareness of the crucial roles that plants and animals play in the ecosystem and the current threats faced by many of them. The nonprofit cites that the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction in 60 million years because of human activity, including climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides. But the good news, EDN says, is that the rate of extinctions can be slowed, and many of our declining, threatened and endangered species can still recover if we work together now. This will necessitate a united global movement of consumers, voters, educators, faith leaders and scientists that demands immediate action. EDN is asking people to advocate for government policies that protect species and their habitats, and to continue to build on the worldwide efforts that embrace the value of nature. It is also asking people to undertake such individual actions as adopting a plant-based diet and stopping pesticide and herbicide use. More information, including teach-in toolkits and facts on threatened species, from whales to insects, can be found at Help the Gulf Coast celebrate and promote progress in species sustainability efforts by participating in these free local Earth Day events. 28

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

9 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 20 Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market, Foley, AL Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market  will celebrate  Earth  Day  with displays, live music, crafts and a yart sale (yard and art sale) at the farmers’ market. For more information, call Alescia Forland at 251-709-4469.

Earth Day Mobile Bay

10 a.m. to 6 p.m., April 20 Fairhope Pier Park, Fairhope, AL Alabama’s largest Earth Day celebration hosts more than 100 environmental displays. Highlights include a children’s parade, educational activities, environmental film festival, electronics recycling and live entertainment throughout the day. Free shuttle service is provided from Big Lots parking lot, plus free valet bike parking is available at the event. For more information, call 702-496-5050 or visit

Earth Day Pensacola 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 20 Bayview Park, Pensacola, FL

This annual celebration and educational forum promotes green lifestyles with a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. The theme is Energy, Transportation and Sustainability and vendors will represent ride sharing, public transportation, hybrid vehicles, alternative energy sources and gardening. Enjoy live music, dancing, yoga and a children’s area. For more information, call 850-293-3578 or visit



Photo by nicollazzi xiong from Pexels


SACRED SPACE Bringing Bliss to Every Room by Maya Whitman

Relieve Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, OCD, PTSD, Neurological Disorders


Norwood Village Shopping Center 12100 HWY 49, Ste 730, Gulfport, MS 39503 Open Tue-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 10am-4pm



acred space is most often associated with places of worship, but it can be any place that connects us to meaning or joy. In the blur of daily living, nooks of inspiration and beauty provide spiritual sustenance, remind us of our dreams or celebrate lovely memories. Having “bliss corners” in the home or workplace is a wonderful way to stay connected to the positive. Most parents or grandparents can confess to having a bliss corner on the refrigerator door where drawings and accomplishments of young family members are proudly displayed. Having a place of inspiration in any room doesn’t have to take up much space and can easily add to the décor. It can be as simple as a wedding veil hanging on a bedroom wall or a bowl of shells, sea glass or sand from a beach vacation in the bathroom. It can be sentimental with dried flowers from a momentous occasion or a small table dedicated to loved ones with framed photos or letters and a piece of cloth that holds special memories. Corners of bliss fulfill their purpose best in places where they can remind us to follow our heart’s “true north” or help us to foster inner peace during busy days. Such places are office desks and bedroom nightstands near an alarm clock. The kitchen is an ideal room in the house for sacred space; designating a corner to light a candle during meal prep; filling an old teapot with fresh flowers every week; and displaying the photo of someone who once nourished us are all beautiful ways to bring more meaning into our relationship with food. Cultivating bliss can be a form of active meditation, simple rituals that can include prayer or other forms of mindfulness. On more practical levels, it can be an opportunity to bond with loved ones. Creating a bliss corner can be a creative and fun activity for teens to express a passion, whether it be a hobby, sport or favorite singer. Many of us have boxes of mementos or nostalgic things from childhood taking up space in a closet. Making a bliss corner is the perfect way to remind us why we kept them in the first place. Maya Whitman writes about natural health and living a more beautiful life. Connect at


Reduce Pain & Inflammation, Relieve Nausea, Promote Cardiovascular Health, Treat Seizures, Reduce Acne

What are your pets trying to tell you?? Heart-Centered Telepathic

Animal Communication & Counseling Resolve behavior issues and discord between household members of all species through agreeable compromise.

Babette de Jongh is a Reiki master and Body Talk practitioner trained in advanced-level animal communication. Learn more today:

SKINCARE ANTI-AGING MAKE-UP FEED YOUR SKIN A HEALTHY DIET. TruAura’s microbiome-friendly skincare nurtures your skin’s natural balance.

simple formulas | effective products Free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates & synthetic fragrances.

Karen Watson

TruAura Founding Consultant Based in Daphne, Serving the Gulf Coast


April 2019


Malchiodi also incorporates mindfulness practices, visual arts, music and some simple forms of yoga in her sessions.

healing ways /

Creative Arts Therapy for Multiple Diagnoses

THE ART OF HEALING Creative Therapy Aids Recovery by Marlaina Donato


or decades, creative expression has been a valuable tool in healing, and expressive arts therapy—the integrated application of two or more art forms—is now considered a life-changing modality for veterans and anyone else struggling with anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Also called creative arts therapy, this form of psychotherapy helps patients to process and express what is often beyond verbal language using music, art, dance, theater and writing as its primary modes of communication. “Individuals need no previous arts experience in order to benefit from working with a certified creative arts therapist,” explains Azizi Marshall, founder and CEO of the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, in Downers Grove, Illinois. The National Intrepid Center of Excellence—an outpatient clinic specializing in traumatic brain injuries at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, in Bethesda, Maryland—ranks creative arts therapy among the top five most effective approaches in helping veterans. A study of combat veterans and creative arts therapy conducted at Concordia University, in Montreal, reported considerable progress, especially in areas of expressing emotions resulting from trauma and gaining understanding of symptoms such as depression, thoughts of suicide and insomnia. Psychotherapist Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D., has authored several books, including The Art Therapy Sourcebook, and uses expressive arts therapy in her Louisville practice. “I’ve worked with soldiers for the past 10 years, and find that much of their healing comes about through telling their stories on stage or participating as an actor within a play or improvisation.” 30

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

Expressive arts therapy is also making a positive impact on those suffering from panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, eating and attention disorders, dementia and chronic physical illness. “Creative arts therapy can be used across life challenges; for example, dance or movement therapy has supported women with breast cancer and eating disorders,” says Marshall, who has also witnessed the power of drama therapy to help reduce feelings of fear in clients diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD. A 2015 study at Butler University, in Indianapolis published in the Journal of Speech Pathology & Therapy shows the significant effects of theater arts on individuals with autism spectrum disorder. “Creative arts therapy can be successful in supporting children with autism, especially ways to practice social skills,” says Marshall. “The drama therapist uses role play, improv and games in order to facilitate interpersonal communication.”

Dopamine and Creating Art

The multitasking neurotransmitter dopamine is one of the brain’s natural antidepressants and plays a key role in feeling pleasure and reinforcing habits. It reaches its highest levels during the initial stages of love, observing something of beauty or creating art. A recent Drexel University study published in The Arts in Psychotherapy shows the neurological effects of drawing, coloring and simple doodling. Increased circulation in the area of the brain correlating to pleasure and reward was evident, and this dopamine-dominant response is responsible for decreasing symptoms of anxiety and increasing feelings of joy and accomplishment. Psychotherapist Doreen Meister, in Oakland, California, encourages her clients to focus on the process of creating, rather than the result. “Expressive therapies are an extension of the self-discovery continuum. I often hear, ‘I draw like a 2-year-old.’ To this I say, ‘Great! Draw like a 2-year-old!’ I believe

that somewhere, many of us are told that creative expression must be a certain way. Creativity is a natural state, a human quality that we are born with, and the product of creation is not as important as the process.” Creativity from a clinical perspective allows for new emotional vantage points, distance from situations and viewing experiences through a different lens. “Bringing in creativity offers a wider palette of tools or access points, and gives us another way to understand ourselves,” says Meister. “Creativity as a life force is accessible to all of us.” Marlaina Donato is an author and composer. Connect at


American Art Therapy Association, International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, American Dance Therapy Association, North American Drama Therapy Association, American Music Therapy Association,


Arts with the Brain in Mind, by Eric Jensen ( Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval, by James W. Pennebaker (


51 Art Therapy ideas to decrease stress: National Organization for Arts in Health: For anxious kids: TherapyBasics

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FAMILY CARE NATURALLY, DR. MARY SABAL, DC RN Ft. Morgan Rd., behind Walgreens in Gulf Shores

Your Path to Self-Discovery and Personal Wellness REFLEX-OIL-OGY™ OF THE BODY SYSTEMS Utilizing Essential Oils and the AAA Technique

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM CLASS April 27 in Pace, FL .............................


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~Rabindranath Tagore

April 2019


calendar of events


Dates and times may change. Please call ahead to confirm. All calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Go to to submit entries.

TUESDAY, APRIL 2 Soul Shine Yoga Beginner Series 5:30-6:30pm. New to yoga or need a refresher? In this 3-wk series, learn the principles of alignment for the most common yoga + basic breathing and meditation. Unheated. Meets on 3 consecutive Tuesdays. $49 includes unlimited yoga during series. Soul Shine Yoga, 103B N Bancroft St, Fairhope, AL.

FRIDAY, APRIL 5 Raindrop Rreflex-OIL-ogy™ 1-5pm. This 4-hr class will teach you how to effectively and intentionally apply each Raindrop Oil onto the appropriate reflexes of the feet as a natural wellness tool to use on family, friends, self and clients. 4 CEUs. Sonya’s Dance Studio, 508 E Commerce St, Greenville, AL. 850-380-4943. Contact@Reflex-OIL-ogy. com.

SATURDAY, APRIL 6 Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Skeletal System 8am-5pm. The number one most common aliment is back and joint pain. This 1-day class will empower you with natural tools including essential oil usage, stretches, reflex areas on the feet, anatomy and pathologies, emotional impact and energy flow. 8 CEUs. Sonya’s Dance Studio, 508 E Commerce St, Greenville, AL. 850-380-4943. Mindful Market at Thrive on 181 11am-4pm, Apr 6-7. Mindful Market offers mindful products and local vendors in the Orchard with free activities, music and other attractions throughout the day. A portion of event proceeds and market sales go to Ecumenical Ministries. Thrive Yoga & Massage, 21180 State Hwy 181, Fairhope, AL. 251-929-4020. Reverse Engineer Your Yoga Poses with Sybil Nance 2-5pm. Submit your favorite or most challenging yoga postures and we’ll reverse engineer them together, building “how to” vignettes so the yoga poses will arrive in your body with more ease. $55. Advance registration required. Soul Shine Yoga, 103B N Bancroft St, Fairhope, AL. Namaste@ $5 Soul Shine Community Yoga Classes April 6, 13, 20, 27. Classes are $5 at both Fairhope and Daphne locations! Options include Foundations of Yoga, Hot Power Hour and Core Fusion Fit classes. Advance registration recommended. Soul Shine Yoga, 103B N Bancroft St, Fairhope, AL and 28623 N. Main St, Daphne, AL.


Majestic Experience & Meditation Event 4-7pm. Join D’vora Power and Rhea Devilbiss and learn to raise your vibration with a discussion on chakras, spiritual exercises and guided meditation. Advanced registration required. $20. Blue Sky Collective, 265 Young Street, Fairhope, AL.

SUNDAY, APRIL 7 Prenatal Yoga Series 4:30-5:30pm, Apr 7, 14, 28. Prenatal yoga gives a woman energy to enjoy her pregnancy, serenity to build a deeper intimacy with her own body and baby, and the presence of mind to expect the unexpected and be present. $49 includes unlimited yoga during series. Soul Shine Yoga, 103B N Bancroft St, Fairhope, AL.

FRIDAY, APRIL 12 AHA Student Massage Clinic Apr 12 & 26. School-supervised internship gives opportunity for student practitioners to work with clients in a professional setting and clients to receive quality, full-length healing treatments at a great value. Call 251-753-1937 to schedule appointments at 10:15, 11:30, 12:45. $25 for 50-min full-body student massage. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL.

SATURDAY, APRIL 13 Easter Egg-Stravaganza Sale 10am-2pm. Uptail Resale, the official resale shop of the Baldwin Humane Society, is hosting this sale where customers will choose an egg to win a discount for marked products. New inventory posted on Facebook. All proceeds benefit Baldwin Humane Society. 22886-D US Hwy 98, Fairhope, AL. 251-928-8020. The Joy of Yoga with Sybil Nance 2-6pm. This playful workshop is guaranteed to do a little karmic spring cleaning. Yoga, breathwork, mantra, philosophy and guided meditation. Advanced registration required. $55. Blue Sky Collective, 265 Young St, Fairhope, AL.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17 Green Drinks Mobile 5-7pm. Join us for an informal yet engaging happy hour with like-minded folks and a monthly speaker every third Wednesday. Free to attend except the cost of your drinks. Alchemy Tavern, 7 South Joachim St., Mobile, AL.

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

Weeks Bay Plantation’s Harvest Night 9am: Organic blueberry picking and kids activities begin. 4-8pm: Live entertainment, food trucks and marketplace. Bring the whole family to spend the day at Weeks Bay Plantation! BYOB, bring chair/ blanket. $10 per event (kids 12 and under get in free) or purchase a Friend of the Farm Pass for $20 and gain access to all three Harvest Nights. Jessica@ Learn about Labyrinths Healing Acres has 2 outdoor labyrinths that are open to the public. Learn the history of labyrinths and how to use them. Find us on Facebook for a full list of wellness and gardening classes. Healing Acres, 22355 Price Grubbs Rd., Robertsdale, AL. 251-300-9052. Earth Day Mobile Bay 10am. Alabama’s largest Earth Day celebration. Free. Fairhope Pier Park, Fairhope.

THURSDAY, APRIL 25 Essential Oils for Animals 7-9:50pm. Do you consider your pets family? Of course you do! Tonya Halterman’s horses are her family and therapists as she helps Autistic children. Come join us to discover how you can support and enrich the lives of your pets with essential oils. Bay Branch Estates, 28347 Turkey Branch Dr, Daphne, AL. 850-380-4943.

SATURDAY, APRIL 27 AHA Reiki Certification Training Offered tri-annually. Upon completion, which begins with the Level I Usui Ryoho Reiki training, participants can perform self-treatments and practice professionally. Each of the three levels may be purchased individually, and for continuing education. For more details or application: AlabamaHealingArts@gmail. com. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL. Spring/Summer Market in the Park Opening Day 7:30am-12pm. The downtown Spring/Summer market will be open Saturdays, Apr 27-Jul 27. Local produce, baked goods, honey, flowers, soaps, live music and more. Cathedral Square, Mobile, AL. 251-208-1550.  Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Endocrine System 8am-5pm. Your hormones affect all aspects of your health: digestion, sleep, weight, muscle, skin, bone health, sexual function and more. Learn how to effectively balance your hormones using essential oils on the reflex areas of your feet and hands. 8 CEUs. The Shoppe Restoration & Wellness, 4363 5th Ave, Pace, FL. 850-380-4943. Contact@ Food Preservation Class Learn how to preserve food from the garden. Find us on Facebook for a full list of wellness and gardening classes. Healing Acres, 22355 Price Grubbs Rd., Robertsdale, AL. 251-300-9052. Blue Boy Herb Festival Apr 27-28. A semi-annual herb festival with local herbalist extraordinaire Darrell Martin. Carriere, MS. 1-800-798-9951.

SATURDAY, MAY 4 Holistic Health Practitioner Certification Certify as a naturopathic practitioner. Learn the basics of herbalism, aromatherapy and natural therapies for common complaints. Study natural cancer support, meditation and more. Meets 1 Saturday a month for 12 months. Southern Institute of Natural Health, Ocean Springs, MS. 228-257-1946.

SATURDAY, MAY 11 The Good Life Ride Scenic ride in Coastal Alabama using the trails of Gulf State Park. 3 routes offered—2, 9 and 19 mile options. Starts and finishes at The Lodge at Gulf State Park. Registration includes ride plus food and drinks at the after-party. Proceeds benefit a bicycle safety campaign. 251-990-6002.

SATURDAY, MAY 18 Weeks Bay Plantation’s Harvest Night 9am: Organic blueberry picking and kids activities begin. 4-8pm: Live entertainment, food trucks and marketplace. Bring the whole family to spend the day at Weeks Bay Plantation! BYOB, bring chair/ blanket. $10 per event (kids 12 and under get in free) or purchase a Friend of the Farm Pass for $20 and gain access to all three Harvest Nights. Jessica@

THURSDAY, MAY 30 Spring/Summer Market in the Park Opening Day 3-6pm. The Spring/Summer market will be open Thursdays, May 30-Aug 1. Local produce, baked goods, honey, flowers, soaps, live music and more. Lavretta Park, Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL. 251-208-1550.

MONDAY, JULY 8 AHA Massage Therapy School Scheduled start date for the 650-hour program. Curriculum meets state requirements to prepare students as licensed therapists. Emphasizes hands-on techniques and practice, specialty techniques, fundamental sciences, student clinic and outreach practicum. AHA maintains a 100% pass rate for students taking licensure exam. For details or application: AlabamaHealingArts@gmail. com. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL.

SATURDAY, JULY 13 AHA Yoga Teacher Training Scheduled start date for the 200-, 300- & 500-hour yoga teacher trainings. Available for aspiring teachers or personal development. Eclectic training with emphasis on Iyengar-style instruction and utilization of props to ensure safety and alignment. Graduates are eligible to become registered with Yoga Alliance. For details: AlabamaHealingArts@gmail. com. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL.

ongoing calendar SUNDAYS Discounts on Supplements Every Sunday get 15% off supplements at Fairhope Health Foods (251-928-0644) and Virginia’s Health Foods (251-479-3952). 280 Eastern Shore Shopping Center, Fairhope, AL and 3055-A Dauphin St, Mobile, AL. Open Table Worship Service (United Church of Christ) 10:30am. Weekly progressive Christian worship. Gathering in the chapel at All Saints Episcopal Church, 151 S Ann St, Mobile, AL. 251-545-1011. Sunday Service 10:30am. Explore a spiritual pathway with Mobile Unitarian Universalists, 6345 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL. Sunday Service at Unity Church of Gulfport 10:30-11:45am. Join us for a spiritual message given by Rev. Judy Voght. Let her inspire your week ahead with uplifting, positive messages from the heart. Join us every third Sunday, after service, for fellowship potluck. Unity Church of Gulfport, 1700 E Railroad St, Gulfport, MS. 228-871-7004. Unity Sunday Service and Celebration 10:30am. Weekly service welcomes people of all races, cultures, lifestyles and creeds. Services followed by cake and coffee for birthdays on 1st Sundays, eating out together 2nd Sundays, potluck and fellowship 3rd Sundays, healing circle/pet blessing 4th Sundays, Q&A and eat out 5th Sundays. Unity on the Eastern Shore, 22979 US Hwy 98, Fairhope, AL. 251-9908934. Fairhope Unitarian Sunday Service 11am-12pm. Our Sunday services feature a different guest speaker each week, either a member of our congregation or someone from the surrounding community. We address a variety of topics, from literature and history to religious thought and social issues. Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship, 1150 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL. FairhopeUnitarianFellowship@ Unity Church of Mobile Sunday Service 11am. Unity offers a positive path for spiritual living. Join us on Sundays for a peace-filled experience, and joyous fellowship, with uplifting messages and music, and centering meditations. 5859 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL. 251-285-3440. UnityOfMobileAL@ Baha’i’s of Fairhope Diversity Devotions 3-5pm. Every 4th Sunday. Join us in the coming together of people from diverse religions and backgrounds to celebrate our unity and strengthen the spiritual health of the community. Refreshments served immediately following the shared devotional program. 81 Magnolia Ave, Fairhope, AL.

Ecstatic Dance 4:30-6pm. We bring community together to dance, breathe, sweat and celebrate in a supportive and fun environment which facilitates personal empowerment, conscious connection and deep transformation. Suggested donation $15. Blue Sky, 265 Young St, Fairhope, AL. 251-929-4634. Counseling@RebeccaWashburn. com.

MONDAYS Gentle Yoga with Dana 4:15-5:15pm. Join Dana for a calming yoga class to ease your stress and both soothe and quiet your mind. Find your bliss in the land of “ahhhhs”. Leave feeling on top of the world and really enjoy the splendor of the day. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104. Doggie Happy Hour 5-7pm. 1st Mon. A rescue networking event hosted by My Happy Dog 123. Bring your dog for drinks and live music while raising money for a local rescue foundation. Q&A with local vets. Free grainfree dog treats. Raffle prizes. Puppy photo booth. Free. OK Bicycle Shop, 661 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL. Viviane Hentschel: MyHappyDog123@gmail. com.


Please call ahead to confirm dates and times.

classifieds Fee for classified listings is $1 per word. Volunteer opportunities are listed for free as space is available. OPPORTUNITIES BECOME A PUBLISHER – Natural Awakenings Gulf Coast AL/MS is for sale. Homebased business opportunity. No publishing experience required. See ad, page 2. FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY– OsteoStrong is looking for motivated, healthconscious individuals to open new franchises in Alabama. Our proven system for success offers an exceptional business opportunity. More info: 251-210-6955;

SERVICES UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE - Consult Spirit Guides, Masters of the Universe and departed loved ones. Ask questions, get answers to transform your life. Betsey Grady: 251752-6509.

April 2019


MONDAYS CONTINUED Vinyasa Flow 5:30-6:30pm. A dynamic style of yoga which joins physical postures (asanas) and breathing. Class is usually set to music. Vinyasa builds strength, flexibility and focus, while cleansing the body and calming the mind. CryoYoga, 12 N Section St, Fairhope, AL. 256826-4140. Responsible Parenting Class 6-8pm. Free course for parents, together or separate, that covers co-parenting issues, positive parenting methods, money management and economic stability. Open to parents of children 18 and under. Also taught on Wednesday mornings. Family Center Baldwin County, 22671 Hwy 59 S, Robertsdale, AL. 251-947-4700.

TUESDAYS 10% Off Facials Tues & Thurs. Book your appointments at Wellness Spa of Ocean Springs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and receive 10% off of any facial treatment or microdermabrasion when you mention this listing. Excludes any other offers, coupons or specials. 2900 Government St, Ocean Springs, MS. 228-209-4090. Slow Flow Yoga with Anna-Marie 8:15-9:15am. Enjoy Anna-Marie Babington’s zest, grace and refreshing energy as she puts you back in touch with your body, restores the mind and leaves you refreshed, energized, and focused. Revel in the bliss and embrace the joy as you start the day. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104. Positive Parenting Classes 9-11:30am. 8-week course focused on parenting techniques that work without using corporal punishment. Also taught in our Baldwin County office as well as Mobile on Thursdays 9-11:30am. The Family Center, 22671 Hwy 59 S, Robertsdale, AL. 251-947-4700. Akashic Records in Fairhope 9:30am-6pm. Akashic Records sessions in-person with Betsey Grady: 30 min, 60 min, couples sessions available. Seek guidance. Connect with departed loved ones. Achieve clarity. Leave soothed, inspired and uplifted. 400 Fairhope Ave, Suite 2G, Fairhope, AL. 251-752-6509. Grief Recovery Meeting 1-2:30pm. This is a Christian-based grief recovery program for all losses. Experienced, professional and compassionate staff members support you through the grief process with the goal of transitioning into a renewed life of purpose and fulfillment. Ascension Funerals & Cremations, 1016 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile, AL. 251-634-8055.

Farmers Market 10am-3pm, Nov-Mar. 2-6pm, Apr-Oct. Farmers market offering direct farm sales to the public. Fresh seasonal produce, meat, eggs, honey, jellies, baked goods, handcrafted soaps and local artistry. Open Tuesdays and Saturdays year round. Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market, 20733 Miflin Rd, Foley, AL. 251-709-4469. FoleyMarketMgr@gmail. com. Gentle Yoga with Rhonda Jones 12-1pm. A stressful morning? We can fix that! Join Rhonda Jones in the land of “ahhhhs” for a relaxing hour long gentle yoga class to soothe the spirit, calm the mind and replenish the soul—leave class refreshed and focused. Also with Virginia on Thursdays. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104. AHA PM Iyengar-Style Yoga 5:45pm. Tues & Thurs. This centering tune-up improves posture, muscle-tone, strength and flexibility. Beginner-friendly. Props provided. Register: call/text 251-377-8940 for Tues; 251-382-7895 for Thurs. $10/class; $50/6-class pass; $100/12-class pass. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL.  Outstretched Christ-Centered Yoga Class 5:45pm. Also at 8:15am on Wed. Each week Pneuma offers two donation-only yoga classes open to the public. Classes are appropriate for all levels and include a Christ-centered devotion. Donation only. 1901 Main St, Daphne, AL. More info: doTERRA Oil Classes 6-7pm. Learn how to use essential oils at Avalon. Find us on Facebook for more wellness and gardening classes. Avalon Education & Wellness Center, 19260 Co. Rd. 64, Loxley, AL. 251-300-9052. Sierra Club Meeting 6-8pm. 1st Tues. Public welcome. 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, Spanish Fort, AL. Pet Loss Support Group 6:30-7:30pm. Every 1st Tues. Support group for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet, a grief most people don’t recognize or understand. This is a free, confidential and safe group—all of us have been in your shoes. Unable to attend? Phone sessions available. Dr. Lynne Lohmeier: 228-4971394. Ocean Springs Library, 525 Dewey Ave, Ocean Springs, MS. PM Tai Chi Class 6:30-7:45pm. Join Master Jude Forsyth for this beginning Qigong Tai Chi class to explore how the ancient moving meditation can make a difference for you. Class fees range from $10-$12. Central Presbyterian Church, 1260 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL. 251-207-0007. Jude@BlueWillowWellness. com.



Please call ahead to confirm dates and times.


MELT Method Class 9-9:30am. Learn simple MELT self-treatments you can do to remain active, healthy and pain-free for life. Eliminate “stuck” stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains and unwanted signs of aging. Keep your whole body feeling great at any age. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104.

Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

AHA AM Iyengar-Style Yoga  9:30am. This class emphasizes detailed instruction and proper body alignment, utilizes the aid of props when needed, to improve posture, muscle-tone, strength and flexibility. Call/text  251-753-1937  to register.  $10/ class; $50/6-class pass;$100/12-class pass. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL. Free Chair Yoga for MS 10:30-11:30am. The MS Foundation provides one free yoga class a week at Thrive Yoga & Massage. Most members of the Fairhope MS support group come on Wed at 10:30 am. Fill out a couple forms with your doctor to attend. Thrive Yoga & Massage, 21180 Alabama 181, Fairhope, AL. 251-929-4020. Green Drinks Mobile 5-7pm. 3rd Wed. Join us for an informal yet engaging happy hour with like-minded folks and monthly speaker at most meetings. Connect with other progressive people in our area. Free to attend except the cost of your drinks. Alchemy Tavern, 7 S Joachim St, Mobile, AL. MobileBayGreenDrinks@gmail. com. Eastern Shore MS Support Group 5:30pm. 2nd Wed. Eastern Shore MS Support Group meets each month at Ruby Tuesday in Fairhope, AL. Family, friends and caregivers are always welcome. Weezer: 251-928-7606. Near Death (NDEs) and Related Experiences 6pm. 2nd Wed. Mobile affiliate group of IANDS. All are welcome to share experiences and support. Free. West Regional Branch, Mobile Public Library, Grelot Rd (near University Blvd), Mobile, AL. 251340-8565.

THURSDAYS Gulf Coast Herb Society 10am-12pm, 2nd Thursdays. Meetings explore herbalism, and in particular, native medicinal herbs. Speakers/topics vary each month. The Nourishing Place, 606 Tennessee St, Gulfport, MS. More info: Akashic Records in Mobile 10:30am-5pm, every Thursday. Akashic Records sessions in-person with Betsey Grady: 30 min, 60 min, couples sessions available. Seek guidance. Connect with departed loved ones. Achieve clarity. Leave soothed, inspired and uplifted. Simply Life Learning Center, 2065 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL. 251-752-6509. Agape Food Truck 11am-1:15pm. Enjoy Agape’s cold-pressed juices, smoothies and snacks for a healthy lunch option on the go. Don’t panic, it’s organic! Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL. 251-979-6201. Market in the Park Springhill 3-6pm. May 23-Aug 1. Local produce, baked goods, honey, flowers, soaps, live music and more. Lavretta Park, Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL. 251-2081550.

Aerial Flow 5:45-6:45pm. Our aerial yoga class creates a space for fun and engaging movements to help you use the silks to build strength, flexibility and learn some fun skills and tricks. Some previous experience in the silks will be helpful but all are welcome. CryoYoga, 12 N Section St, Fairhope, AL. 256-826-4140. Support@ AHA PM Iyengar-StyleYoga  5:45pm. Tues & Thurs. This centering, end-of-the-week tune-up improves posture, muscle-tone, strength & flexibility. Beginner-friendly. Props provided. Register: call/ text 251-382-7895. $10/class; $50/6-class pass;$100/12class pass. Alabama Healing Arts, 6304 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL.  Yoga with Chris McFadyen 5:45-7pm. Chris McFadyen is back! Join him for some energizing yoga as his breath work, asana and flow calms the mind and also enhances and refocuses the body. Relocate your passion and find your humor after a long day. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104. Group Reformer Class 6-7pm. Catch the wave of classical fitness and join Adrienne at the end of your day for a Pilates group reformer class. Stand taller, get toned and be both leaner and stronger. Leave class feeling great! Please log onto the website to make reservations. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104.

Personal Wellness and Self-Discovery Classes 6:30pm. Every last Thurs. Monthly classes designed to empower oneself to heal, uplift and detoxify the body, mind and spirit. Daphne, AL. 850-380-4943.

Saturday Morning Yoga with Augusta 7:30-8:45am. All levels. The movements will challenge you to stay mindful and your mindfulness will allow you to honor your limits without judging yourself. $15 drop-in. $10 students and instructors. Creative Outlet, 66 1/2 S Section St, Fairhope, AL. 251-928-5363.


Farmers Market 9am-2pm. Farmers market offering direct farm sales to the public. Fresh seasonal produce, meat, eggs, honey, jellies, baked goods, handcrafted soaps and local artistry. Open Tuesdays and Saturdays year round. Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market, 20733 Miflin Rd, Foley, AL. 251-709-4469.

Friday Morning Serial 8-9am. A weekly public gathering and networking event featuring a 10-15 min speaker and group discussion. Topics, speakers and attendees are from diverse backgrounds and provide specialized insight. Free. Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, 769 Howard Ave, Biloxi, MS. 228-436-4661. Sunset Yoga for Charity 2nd & 4th Fridays, Mar-Oct. 11th annual Sunset Yoga season. A different teacher for a different charity every Start time depending on sunset time. Bring your mat, your donation and a friend. The Bluff (1 Beach Rd), Fairhope, AL. Rain site: Thrive Yoga and Massage, 21180 Hwy 181. 251-929-4020. Thrive@

SATURDAY Market in the Park Downtown 7:30am-12pm. Apr 27-Jul 27; Oct 12-Nov 23. Local produce, baked goods, honey, flowers, soaps, live music and more. Cathedral Square, Mobile, AL. 251208-1550.

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Majestic Mindfulness & Meditation 1-3pm. 1st Saturdays. We meet to practice mindfulness and meditation. Our sessions are fun and enlightening. Our flow is natural and creative. We believe our 2019 dreams and desires shall manifest thru mindfulness and meditation. RSVP a must. $5. Blue Sky, 265 Young St, Fairhope, AL. 931-982-2226. Weekend Yoga 9-10:15am. Join Chris M, Rhonda, Valerie or Jill and begin your weekend with a revitalizing and bliss inducing yoga class. Refresh and renew the spirit—bring the joy and zest back as you kick start your weekend. Check the website to see who is teaching. Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL. 251-473-1104.

live music • produce • baked goods • honey flowers • soaps • handcrafted goods • seafood

Cathedral Square

Lavretta Park



April 27 to July 27

7:30AM to noon

May 30 to Aug 1

3PM to 6PM

251-208-1550 | April 2019


natural directory


Connecting you to the local leaders in natural and green living. To find out how you can be included in the Natural Directory email Publisher@ or call 251-990-9552.



GREEN Living


Have you picked up the 2019 Healthy & Green Living Directory issue? Contact us to find out where you can pick up a copy of this expanded edition or read it online at


Akashic Records Consultant 251-752-6509 • From a soul’s inception, all of its experiences are recorded in the Akasha. Make time to explore your Akashic Records for clarity, understanding, inspiration and guidance. Seek guidance. Get answers. Connect with departed loved ones. See ad, page 21.



Old Government, Mobile: 251-607-6666 2101 Hwy. 98, Daphne: 251-725-4334 A relaxing salon environment that is free of harmful chemicals, impurities and fragrance. Offering hair services, facials and massage with 100% organic products. See ad, page 21.


Karen Watson, Founding Consultant Daphne, AL • 256-508-0389 A clean and effective line of skincare, anti-aging products and make-up that nurtures y o u r s k i n ’s n a t u r a l balance. Contact us for a complementary skincare and makeup consultation. See ad, page 29.


Locations in Foley, Fairhope and Mobile, AL 251-990-0535 Hearing loss affects everyone uniquely which is why we solve hearing problems one individual at a time. We have the knowledge and technology to guide you on a journey to better hearing. See ad, page 17.


103A N. Bancroft St., Fairhope, AL 251-990-9934 •


A salon offering organic products and services SALON including hair color and shampoo. Make a difference today in your hair, your life and the Earth. Visit us for a free hair exam today and go organic! See ad, page 5.


Carolyn Olson, Certified Thermographer Gulf Coast Locations from LA to FL 251-623-2225 FDA registered thermography (digital infrared thermal imaging) offers breast screenings that are non-invasive and radiation-free, without compression or bodily contact. Valuable for detecting early stage breast disease and more. See ad, page 9.

12100 Hwy. 49, Ste. 730, Gulfport, MS 228-831-1785 A comprehensive health food store offering several brands of CBD products in a range of applications. Visit us to learn more about how CBD can support your healthy lifestyle. See ad, page 29.


809 Gulf Shores Pkwy. Gulf Shores, AL 251-948-7862 Offering full spectrum hemp extract CBD that helps insomnia, inflammation, etc. Lotions, potions, extracts and edibles. Open 7 days a week. Mail orders available. 12% off with coupon from ad. See ad, page 17.

CHURCHES FAIRHOPE UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP 1150 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope, AL 251-929-3207 •

Welcoming people of any age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or cultural background. We seek truth and knowledge, care for the Earth and show kindness to others while creating an atmosphere of love.

THE BAHÁ’ÍS OF FAIRHOPE 81 Magnolia Ave., Fairhope, AL 251-928-5692

Join our gathering of people from diverse religions and backgrounds to celebrate unity and support the spiritual health of the community. Meeting every fourth Sunday. Contact us to learn more.

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Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition







12 N. Section St., Fairhope, AL 256-826-4140 Offering whole body cryotherapy in a Cryo Arctic chamber, weekly yoga classes and a community venue. 2-3 minutes of cryotherapy increases energy, focus and flexibility. See ad, page 16.

Healing Acres, Robertsdale, AL 205-283-2743 Offering therapeutic massages, oil treatments, Zyto scans and classes with doTERRA essential oils for healthy living. 20+ years of essential oil knowledge. 17 years of massage therapy experience. See ad, page 27.


DEMENTIA MIND PERFORMANCE CENTER, LLC (Located inside Path To Wellness) 240 West Laurel Avenue, Foley, AL 251-597-8787

Our non-invasive, drug-free approach helps dementia patients that originally scored in the teens on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment be restored to the point of scoring normal (26-30). See ad, page 4.


IAOMT Protocol 225 W. Laurel Ave., Foley, AL 251-943-2471 • Free book for new patients: Mercury Free Dentistry. Offering ozone; laser (no-suture) gum surgery; testing for compatible materials and cavity-causing bacteria; examine for gum disease and bacteria; laser cavity diagnoses; saliva pH check; oral galvanic screening; no fluoride. See ad, page 9.

DEPRESSION MIND PERFORMANCE CENTER, LLC (Located inside Path to Wellness) 240 W. Laurel Ave., Foley, AL 251-597-8787

Offering Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Brainsway-a proven tool in the fight against depression that is non-invasive, painless and drug-free) with functional medicine and brain pathway rehabilitation for the most robust changes possible. See ad, page 4.

Daphne, AL • 850-380-4943

Experience the healing, uplifting and detoxifying benefits of authentic, genuine therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements. Contact us for personal Zyto Wellness readings and wholesale privileges. Wellness classes on last Thursday of the month. See ad, page 31.


12562 Mary Ann Beach Rd., Fairhope, AL 251-279-8745 Weeks Bay Plantation is the regional destination of choice for pick-your-own blueberries, herbs and heirloom tomatoes—all organically grown. Check Facebook or contact us for greenhouse produce sales and Spring picking dates.


20733 Miflin Rd. (Co. Rd. 20), Foley, AL 251-709-4469

Juice and Smoothie Café 7369 Alamo Cir., Ste C, Gulf Shores, AL 251-979-6201 • Combining the finest ingredients to create fresh and healthy juices, smoothies and snacks. Don’t panic, it’s organic! Visit our café or find our food truck (follow us on Facebook for event schedule). See ad, page 21.


280 Eastern Shore Shopping Center 251-928-0644 • Café: 251-929-0055 Comprehensive health food store and organic café serving the public for 40 years. Extensive supplement selection; organic groceries, produce and meats; bath and body products; bulk bins; pet supplies; baby products and more. See ad, page 15.


2032 Airport, Mobile: 251-473-0277 680 S. Schillinger, Mobile: 251-633-0485 6845 Hwy. 90, Daphne: 251-621-1865 For 30 years The Health Hut has been the go-to place for high quality, whole-food vitamins, herbs and sport supplements at great prices. Serviceoriented, knowledgeable staff. See ad, page 31.


Comprehensive health food store and organic café serving the public for 40 years. Extensive supplement selection; organic groceries, produce and meats; bath and body products; bulk bins; pet supplies; baby products and more. See ad, page 15.

Open year round Tu e s d a y s ( 10am3 p m , N o v - M a r. 2-6pm, Apr-Oct. ) and Saturdays (9am2pm). Local farms with seasonal produce, meat, eggs, honey, jellies, baked goods, seafood, hand-crafted soaps and more. Follow us! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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See listings, page 22.


28170 N. Main St., Ste. C, Daphne, AL (French doors on side of building) 251-616-4201 • Intuitive integrative massage techniques are used to facilitate the body into a state of healing without the “no pain no gain” mentality. Over 15 years experience in the bodywork and natural wellness field.

38 Pass Rd., Ste. C, Gulfport, MS 228-575-8660 Offering K•Laser—a drug-free and painless treatment that is proven to be 90% effective in treating neuropathy symptoms such as pain, numbness, burning, tingling and loss of feeling. See ad, back cover.

Rolfing® is a holistic approach to manual therapy that seeks to improve your health and function by reestablishing the natural alignment and structural integration of the human body. More information at See ad, page 17.





Family Care Naturally 1404B W. 1st St., Gulf Shores, AL Behind Walgreens • 251-970-3605


Enhances natural healing processes, hastens muscle recovery and raises energy See listings, page 10. levels. By breathing oxygen at higher than atmospheric pressures, cells, tissues and organs absorb at Family Care Naturally more oxygen. Intro pricing and multi-session EXPERIENCE discounts. IMPROVEMENT FOR: Head Injuries | Lyme Disease OSTEOSTRONG FAIRHOPE Stroke | Autoimmune Diseases 333 Greeno Rd. S., Unit 2B, Fairhope, AL Arthritis & Other Inflammatory Conditions 251-210-6955 • Cosmetic Surgery Recovery A 7-minute session, once a Athletic Performance | Candida week provides a natural HEAR THEM SPEAK TREATMENT PACKAGES AVAILABLE solution for healthy joints, Babette de Jongh strong bones and muscles, FAMILY CARE NATURALLY better balance and flexibilDR. MARY SABAL,Telepathic DC RN communicaity and pain reduction. Ft. Morgan Rd., behind Walgreens in Gulf Shores tion, counseling and Accessible to all ages; 251-970-3605 healing for multi-species non-invasive; non-pharmaHealing with ceutical. See ad, page 11. I tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapyfamilies. after Body Talk, Reiki, Matrix having a stroke. With just 7 treatments, I was able to climb stairs again. Energetics and more. See ~P.K., Gulf Shores ad, page 29. ROOTS TO HOME



Boost your immune system with locally-made, natural Elderberry products including syrup, hand sanitizer and bath products. Also offering arnica products for pain relief and seasonal produce. See ad, page 11.

8 Marietta Dr., Fairhope, AL 251-928-9347


A progressive school for pre-K through 4th grade that utilizes hands-on activities, small class sizes and inquiry-based learning, to guide students to find answers to their questions. See ad, page 27.



Natural Elder Products, Lucedale, MS 601-791-0943 • 601-947-7692

Pam Reaves, Certified Rolfer® 151 Fly Creek Ave., Ste. 411 Fairhope, AL • 251-990-8383




251-928-8020 22886-D US Hwy. 98, Fairhope, AL Uptail Resale is an upscale thrift shop whose proceeds benefit the animals of the Baldwin Humane Society. We carry quality household items, furniture and jewelry.

SPAS HYDRO ZEN AT PEAK ALKALINITY 217-B Fairhope Ave., Fairhope, AL 251-270-7200 •

Offering cleansing infrared sauna sessions followed by a hydrating collagen shower and detoxifying foot spas. Ask about memberhip packages. See ad, page 27.


22355 Price Grubbs Rd., Robertsdale, AL 251-300-9052 Experience wellness with massage, reflexology, body treatments, Reiki, colonics, essential oils, wellness classes and more. Our labyrinth is open to the public during daylight hours. See ad, page 27.

YOGA MASTERS OF YOGA See ads, page 16.


Gulf Coast Alabama/Mississippi Edition

Copper in new device prevents cold and flu last holidays,” she said. “The kids had colds going around, but not me.” Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if used just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had in years.” Copper may even stop flu if used earNew research: Copper stops colds if used early. ly and for several days. Lab technicians ew research shows you can went away completely.” It worked again placed 25 million live flu viruses on a stop a cold in its tracks if you CopperZap. No viruses were found alive every time he felt a cold coming on and take one simple step with a soon after. he hasn’t had a cold since. new device when you feel a cold about People have used it on cold sores He asked relatives and friends to try to start. and say it can completely prevent ugly it. They said it worked for them, too, so Colds start when cold viruses get in outbreaks. You can also rub it gently he patented CopperZap™ and put it on your nose. Viruses multiply fast. If you on wounds, cuts, or lesions to combat the market. don’t stop them early, they spread in infections. Soon hundreds of people had tried it your airways and cause misery. The handle is curved and finely texand given feedback. Nearly 100% said But scientists have found a quick tured to improve the copper stops way to kill a virus. Touch it with copper. colds if used withcontact. It kills in 3 hours after the Researchers at labs and universities germs picked up first sign. Even up agree, copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills on fingers and microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, to 2 days, if they hands to protect still get the cold it just by touch. you and your That’s why ancient Greeks and Egyp- is milder and they family. tians used copper to purify water and feel better. Copper even heal wounds. They didn’t know about Users wrote kills deadly germs Sinus trouble, stuffiness, cold sores. that have become viruses and bacteria, but now we do. things like, “It Scientists say the high conductance stopped my cold right away,” and “Is it resistant to antibiotics. If you are near of copper disrupts the electrical balsupposed to work that fast?” sick people, a moment of handling it ance in a microbe cell, destroying it in Pat McAllister, age 70, received one may keep serious infection away. It may seconds. as a gift and called it “one of the best even save a life. Tests by the Environmental Protecpresents ever. This little jewel really The EPA says copper still works tion Agency (EPA) show germs die fast works.” Now thousands of users have even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of on copper. Some hospitals tried copper stopped getting colds. different disease germs so it can prevent for surfaces like faucets and doorknobs. People often use CopperZap preserious or even fatal illness. ventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci This cut the spread of MRSA and other CopperZap is made in the U.S. of used to get colds after crowded flights. illnesses by over half, and saved lives. pure copper. It has a 90-day full money Though skeptical, she tried it several The strong scientific evidence gave back guarantee when used as directed times a day on travel days for 2 months. inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When to stop a cold. It is $69.95. Get $10 off he felt a cold coming on he fashioned “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” each CopperZap with code NATA10. a smooth copper probe and rubbed it Businesswoman Rosaleen says when Go to or call people are sick around her she uses Cop- toll-free 1-888-411-6114. gently in his nose for 60 seconds. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold perZap morning and night. “It saved me Buy once, use forever.





This drug-free and painless treatment is proven to be 90% effective in treating neuropathy symptoms such as:



A Natural Health Clinic

38 Pass Road Suite C | Gulfport, MS

Make an appointment today, and experience the difference.


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Sustainability + Creative Therapies + Earth Day + Outdoor Adventures + Sacred Spaces

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