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Manufacturing Success through Innovation NZ MANUFACTURER works closely with New Zealand manufacturing and engineering companies. We pride ourselves on innovative, inspiring and ground breaking stories which celebrate the efforts (and successes) of companies throughout New Zealand. Our highly respected Advisors offer professional advice and vision on New Zealand’s economic future. These include: Catherine Beard; Bruce Goldsworthy; Kim Campbell and Gary Hartley. And our specialist contributors and business writers are there to write your story on your Innovations and Developments and assist in getting your message ‘out there’ to our national and international readers. NZ MANUFACTURER is distributed Digitally throughout the country and overseas. You may receive an enquiry from Philadelphia or Invercargill, Shanghai or London...NZ MANUFACTURER is read in all those far away places! Economic development agencies, central government and chambers of commerce play a key role in Distribution throughout the country and we work closely with approved clients whom we partner. These are readers deeply committed to New Zealand’s manufacturing and engineering future who develop products and services for local and overseas markets. In each issue, we provide the inspiration for all readers to achieve. We focus on the latest (and best) manufacturing technology, workshop tools, food processing, supply chain or automation equipment. NZ MANUFACTURER provides you with case studies and examples for success as we consider: • The Future of Manufacturing • The Future of Jobs • The Factory Floor • Export Success • Visionaries • Productivity 2014 is proving to be an exciting year. One in which NZ MANUFACTURER continues to represent your interests and assist your company in its endeavours for success. Our by-line on Page 1 of every issue says it all: Success through Innovation. That’s what we want for you and your company in the years ahead. – Doug Green



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COPY DEADLINES Advertising copy deadline: 12th of the month of issue • Editorial copy deadline 12th of the month of issue Distributed 23rd of the month

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NZ MANUFACTURER • Editorial Calendar 2014

NZ Manufacturer is rich with the latest news and developments from New Zealand manufacturers which can be read about in the following Departments:

Regular Sections provide cutting edge and in-depth manufacturing assistance through products and services and they include: The Future of Manufacturing Manufacturing Technology Additive Manufacturing Composites Nanomaterials Food Manufacturing The Aviation Industry The Marine Industry Supply Chain Lean Manufacturing Project Management Control & Automation Electronic Plastics Outsourcing Energy Environment The Construction Industry Business Services Industry Training Production Management Preventative Maintenance Health & Safety Forestry

Business News Developments Analysis Rear really is the last word! Export Success The Interview Opinion Our Readers are: CEOs Purchasing Officers Engineers Plant Managers Production Managers Quality Control Managers Production Managers Shop Floor Managers Manufacturers Industry Associations Government Departments Consultants Design Engineers … throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand

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NZ MANUFACTURER welcomes your news. We invite advertisers to send us editorial and pictures for consideration for our website. To find out more email: Doug Green

Our Reach Is the length and breadth of New Zealand to over 15,000 readers and around the world through our databases and close working relationship with MSC via the MSCNewsWire and the EIN Newswire where the reader numbers can literally be in the millions. Our Distribution Also includes key organisations and associations who send each Digital issue of NZ Manufacturer to their members. These readers are in NZ and overseas. Our Advisors Are experts in their field, highly regarded and widly respected for their commitment to NZ manufacturing. Their experience is paramount to the publication as they comment, make suggestions, impart their knowledge for our country’s manufacturers.


Doug Green Tel: 06 870 9029

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Media Hawke’s Bay, Level 1, 121 Russell Street North, Hastings. PO Box 1109, Hastings 4150. P: 06 870 4506

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