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R.N.I No. DELBIL/2013/49281

December 2016

The inflight magazine of Air India

December 2016 | Vol 4 | Issue 11

Waltz through Vienna Best winter balls

Veg in vogue

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Cmd's note

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Ashwani Lohani

Chairman and Managing Director

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Dear Air India passengers,

BaM dh nLrd ds lkFk ge uoo"kZ ds vkxeu ds fy, mRlkfgr gSaA ge lHkh dks fo'okl gS fd ljdkj }kjk fy, x, lkgfld o vHkwriwoZ fu.kZ; jk"Vª ds fodkl vkSj le`f) esa ,d ubZ lqcg dk vkxkt+ djsaxsA vkidh viuh jk"Vªokgd ,;jykbu Hkh viuh lsokvksa dks vkidh vis{kkuqlkj cukus dh fn'kk esa vxzlj gSA

Winters are around the corner and so is New Year. The unprecedented and bold initiatives taken by our government will usher in a new dawn of prosperity and probity in the nation. Your national carrier is also putting in its best efforts to improve services and live up to your expectations.

fiNys ekg geus ,d u;k eksckby ,si ykap fd;k gS ftldh izkjafHkd izfrfØ;k vR;ar mRlkgo/kZd gSA ;kf=;ksa dh lqfo/kk ds fy, vxys nks ekg esa ge viuh osclkbV dks u;k :i nsus ds fy, iz;kljr gSaA gky gh esa gesa viuk 22oka Mªheykbuj foeku izkIr gqvk gS tks orZeku esa u, cgqizrhf{kr fnYyh&esfMªM ekxZ ij mM+ku Hkj jgk gSA blds vfrfjDr vki lcdh Hkkjh ekax ij fiNys ekg ls geus lSu ÝkaflLdks ds fy, izfr lIrkg mM+kuksa dh la[;k rhu ls c<+kdj N% dj nh gSA geus fnYyh&Hkksiky vkSj fnYyh&lwjr ds chp izkr%dkyhu mM+kusa Hkh 'kq: dh gSa vkSj bl ekg ds nkSjku dkuiqj vkSj HkfVaMk Hkh Hkkjr ds gokbZ ekufp= ls tqM+ tk,axsA

We launched a new mobile app last month and the initial reports are very favourable. In the next two months we hope to revamp our website as well and provide a superior experience to all our flyers. We recently received our 22nd Dreamliner, which is now flying between Delhi and Madrid, a brand new connection that had been on the cards since long. Also, on popular demand, from November, we have increased our weekly frequency to San Francisco from three to six days. We have also started morning Airbus flights between Delhi and Bhopal and Delhi and Surat, and in December we will put Kanpur and Bhatinda on the aviation map of India.

o"kZ 2017 esa Hkkjr vkSj ’ks"k fo'o ds chp N% ,dne u, varjjk"Vªh; gokbZ laidZ 'kq: gksaxs ftlesa ;kf=;ksa dh vkoktkgh c<+us ls i;ZVu dks Hkkjh c<+kok feysxk vkSj lkFk gh ok;k&dusD'ku ds dkj.k vkidks vDlj gksus okyh vlqfo/kk dks Hkh nwj fd;k tk ldsxkA bl o"kZ 16 vDVwcj ls iz'kkar egklkxj gksrs gq, fnYyh vkSj lSu ÝkaflLdks ds chp 15]300 fdyksehVj dh nwjh 14-5 ?kaVs esa iwjh djds fo'o dh lcls yach mM+ku Hkjus dk fo'o fjdkWMZ cukus ij ,vj bafM;k dks xoZ gSA [kq'kuqek BaM vius lkFk /kqa/k Hkh ysdj vkrh gS fo’ks"kdj ns'k ds mÙkjh Hkkx esaA /kqa/k ds nkSjku lqpk: gokbZ izpkyu ds fy, ,vj bafM;k iwjh rjg ls rS;kj gS D;ksafd gekjs ikl [kjkc n`';rk esa mM+ku izpkyu ds fy, i;kZIr la[;k esa izf'kf{kr vkSj ik;yV miyC/k gSaA rFkkfi vuqjks/k gS fd vki ,sls ekSle esa le; jgrs ,;jiksVZ igqapsa rFkk vkj{k.k djokrs le; vius laidZ uEcj vo'; nsa rkfd vkidks v|ru mM+ku lwpuk nh tk ldsA gkykafd ,;jykbu esa mYys[kuh; lq/kkj ykus ds fy, ge fujarj iz;Ru'khy gSa fQj Hkh ;fn dHkh gekjh vksj ls fdlh deh ds dkj.k vkidks dksbZ vlqfo/kk gks rks ge ân; ls {kekizkFkhZ gSaA lsokvksa dks csgrj cukus ds fy, viuh izfrfØ;k,a gesa Hkstrs jgsaA vkidh izfrfØ;k gekjs fy, vewY; gS vkSj ge ml ij vo'; dkjZokbZ djsaxsA 'kqHk ;k=kA t; fgan!

In 2017 we will introduce six new international connections from India, thereby giving a big thrust to both inbound and outbound tourism, besides removing the inconvenience you often face due to via-connections. It is also a matter of pride that Air India set a world record on October 16 this year by operating the longest flight in the world – between Delhi and San Francisco via the Pacific Ocean, covering a distance of 15,300 km in 14.5 hours. The winter, besides happiness, also brings with it fog, especially in the northern parts of the country. However, Air India is geared up to ensure smooth operations during this season, as we have an adequate number of pilots who are well trained and certified to operate flights in low visibility. Yet on your part, coming to the airport on time and mentioning contact details while booking will help us keep you updated about flight information. While we are putting in our best efforts to improve the airline, at times you may be inconvenienced due to inadequacies on our part that we sincerely regret. Yet, do keep sharing your feedback to help us improve. We will definitely act upon it. Bon voyage. Jai Hind!

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 3

editor's letter

pg 80

pg 54

Twitter chatter

pg 66 pg 72 Lekjdksa dk x<+] lŸkk dh uxjh] Kku dk HkaMkj ,oa dykvksa dk 'kgj---'kqHk ;k=k ds fnlEcj laLdj.k esa ge vfHkHkwr dj nsus okyh fnYyh dh ppkZ dj jgs gSAa D;wjVs j buk iqjh us Nk;kfp=ksa ds ek/;e ls bl 'kgj dk iqu% voyksdu fd;k vkSj ns'k dh jkt/kkuh ds fofHkUu Lo:iksa ,oa LoHkko dks lesVkA fnYyh ls ge caxky dh mM+ku Hkj jgs gS]a tgka ge lqna jcu jk"Vªh; m|ku ds vklikl ds {ks=ksa dk Hkze.k djds ck?k ls lacfa /kr yksd&dFkkvksa ds ckjs esa tkusx a As varjjk"Vªh; xarO; ds rgr ge fo;uk ds ckWy:e dh lSj djk jgs gSa tgka ijh&dFkk tSlk vuqHko feysxkA gekjs lkFk ckWy:e esa ukps]a ge vkidks vkWfLVª;k dh jkt/kkuh esa lht+u dh csgrjhu ikfVZ;ksa esa ys pysx a As ge ;wjksi ds 'khrdkyhu yksdfiz; xarO;ksa esa ls ,d vkblySM a ds ckjs esa Hkh crk jgs gSAa Hkkjr esa vkblySM a ds jktnwr Fkksfjj bClu us crk;k fd vkf[+kj Hkkjrh; muds ns'k dks D;ksa ilan djrs gSAa ,d vksj e/; izn's k esa ck| ns[kus ds muds vuqHko i<+us dks feysx a As bl laLdj.k esa e/; izn's k ,d ckj fQ+j dsna z esa gS] tSlk fd ge Vhdex<+ esa cuus okys ihry ds mRiknksa dh ljkguk dj jgs gSAa dyk ds ckjs esa tkus]a in~e Jh 'kksouk ukjk;.k Hkkjrh; 'kkL=h; u`R;ksa fo'ks"kdj dFkd ds fodkl dh xkFkk c;ka dj jgh gSAa ,d vU; jpukRed ;k=k esa vcq tkuh o lanhi [kkslyk Hkkjr esa fMt+kbu ds fodkl dh xkFkk o vkRe&vUos"k.kksa ds ckjs esa crk jgs gSAa uoo"kZ vkus dks gS] gekjk oknk gS fd vkuan dh vuqHkwfr gksxh o ubZ ;k=k,a djsx a As A city of monuments, a city of power, a city of muses and a city of the arts… In Shubh Yatra's December issue, Delhi steals our heart. Curator Ina Puri revisits the city through photographs that capture the capital's shades and spirit.

tf;rk ca/kksik/;k; izca/k laiknd

Jayita Bandyopadhyay Managing Editor (

From Delhi, we fly to Bengal for a cruise in the Sunderbans, exploring tiger tales and folklore. Internationally, we bring you the fairytale experience of a Viennese ball. Waltz with us, as we take you through the best parties of the season in the Austrian capital. Also from Europe, we bring you one of the most popular winter destinations, Iceland, as the ambassador of Iceland to India, Thorir Ibsen, tells us why Indians love his country. On the side, read about his wild encounter in Madhya Pradesh. The state comes into focus once again in the issue, as we admire the brass art of Tikamgarh near Orchha. Exploring arts, Padma Shri Shovana Narayan traces the evolution of classical Indian dances, and Kathak in particular. Another creative journey unfolds, as couturiers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla talk about India's design progress and their self-explorations. As this year ends and another readies to begin, we promise you more joy and many more new journeys.

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4 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

I was flying in AI 839 in Economy class. They have surprised me and upgraded to Business Class. Thank airindia. B Govind Rao

Had a great Experience with AIR INDIA plane for OMAN... Now I'm in Oman... Saiyad Shadab. Z @airindiain you'll be my all time favourite airline. It gives pleasure and proud connection flying with your flights. Singh K Vijay

Flying @airindiain back to Bombay after Diwali break, and LOVING it. 25 kg baggage, spacious seats and elegant, clean craft. Dipen Sheth Most impressed by the exceptionally efficient and polite ground staff of @airindiain at Heathrow specifically Ms Shashi Advani. Shunali Shroff

@airindiain wife wth infant son travelled alone 1st time yest frm hyd to maa. great service and help through out till the car. thank you. Varun Iravatham Excellent performance by #airindia on Vadodara Delhi sector. Travelled thrice in last month, before time arrival, delicious food n smiles RS Sodhi

Bon Voyage

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6 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Contents I december 2016


Qutab Minar photographed by Paresh Maity

sure shorts 28-44 Snapshots of travel and festivals, food and culture, books and events

special feature 46   delhi by art How the capital's architecture and aura inspire artists

open house 54   mudras of evolution The journey of Indian classical dance through the years

The city of Patna, the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, is gearing up for the 350th Prakash Parv, a glorious celebration of his birth anniversary to be held in January, 2017. The main venue will be Takht Sri Harmandir Ji Patna Sahib

8 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

62   designed for the world A fashion label that's Indian at heart and global in appearance 66   the future is electric Why electricity is the panacea for all things mobility in India

Contents I december 2016


72   happily vegetarian A nutritious guide for a globe-trotting vegetarian 80   'India's the place to be now' Ambassador of Iceland to India on his love for India

footprints 92 Cinderella in Vienna Dance your way through exquisite New Year balls in the city of dreams 136 in bonbibi's land Take a cruise through the Sunderban forest 142 true brew delight Discover the coffee lore of Chikmagalur, Karnataka


Pop pourri 146 like dad, like daughter Kalki Koechlin on her bond with her father, Joel Koechlin


166 TAROT TROTTING December on the cards





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air india Behind The Scenes Entertainment Guide Fleet AI Schedule Route Map: Domestic Route Map: Middle-East Route Map: International

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10 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

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pg 46

pg 54

ina Puri

shovana narayan

A writer, biographer, art curator and collector, Ina Puri is the author of several books, including In Black and White - a biography of Manjit Bawa - Faces of Indian Art and Journey with a Hundred Strings.

pg 66

One of India's most celebrated classical dancers, Padma Shri Guru Shovana Narayan is a renowned name in the field of Kathak. She is also an author and has penned several books.

pg 72

chetan maini

The pioneer of electric cars in India, Chetan Maini has developed more than 10 electric, solar and hybrid cars, and holds several patents in battery and energy management systems in electric vehicle technologies.

ryan fernando

Ryan Fernando is an awardwinning nutrition coach to several sportspersons. Founder of Qua Nutrition, he is credited for the look of actor Aamir Khan in the movie Dangal.

pg 92

becca hensley

A freelance travel writer from Texas, Becca Hensley loves to explore unfamilar places. She is a regular contributor to many international publications, including National Geographic Traveller.

pg 136

tej narayan

A veteran freelance photographer, journalist and avid travel writer, Tej Narayan has written for noted newspapers, journals and magazines in India as well as internationally.

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VsDlkl fuoklh csDdk gsaLys ,d Lora= ys[kd gSaA mUgsa u,&u, xarO; ?kweuk o muds ckjs esa fy[kuk ilan gSA og fujarj varjjk"Vªh; i=&if=dkvksa ds fy, fy[krh jgh gSaA buesa us'kuy T;ksxzkfQ+d Vªsoyj Hkh 'kkfey gSA

og ofj"B Lora= Q+ksVksxzkQ+j] i=dkj gksus ds lkFk&lkFk i;ZVu ij fy[kus okys ys[kd Hkh gSaA rst ukjk;.k ns'k ds izeq[k lekpkji=ksa o i=&if=dkvksa ds vykok varjjk"Vªh; Lrj dh if=dkvksa esa Hkh ys[k fy[k pqds gSaA

On the Cover Nestled within the heart of Delhi's multi-hued, multi-layered cityscape, Jantar Mantar is imbued with a sense of movement and stasis, all at once. Encircled by busy office buildings and busier people, it weaves into its modern surroundings one among the many narratives of the capital's past that are inscribed upon its architectural vistas. Photographer Mukul Banerjee captures it in a rare moment of solitude and silence, and frames one of Delhi's many moods. Look through the lens of photographers and artists like Banerjee and rediscover the city as an eternal muse.

12 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Association of Business Communicators of India - (ABCI) Awards for Shubh Yatra magazine YEAR: 2012, CATEGORY: Language Feature-Hindi Bronze YEAR: 2013, CATEGORY: External Magazine Silver YEAR: 2013, CATEGORY: Magazine Design Silver YEAR: 2013, CATEGORY: Bilingual Publication Silver YEAR: 2013, CATEGORY: Photo Feature Bronze YEAR: 2014, CATEGORY: Best Bi-lingual Publication GOLD YEAR: 2014, CATEGORY: Photo Feature silver YEAR: 2014, CATEGORY: Photography Silver YEAR: 2015, CATEGORY: Photo Feature bronze

Air India behind the scenes

Connecting India, For You Air India has added new domestic and international destinations to its network in its winter schedule that came into effect recently. On the domestic front Kolkata-Agartala will now have a second frequency in the evening by an A319 aircraft. Delhi will now be connected to Coimbatore via Chennai. Kolkata-Silchar sector will see increased frequency with a daily flight instead of four flights a week. Frequency between DelhiVijayawada and Delhi–Vadodra have been increased from existing five flights a week to daily connections. Air India has introduced five direct flights from Kolkata to Dimapur and to Dibrugarh. Also Kolkata-AizawlKolkata will have five flights a week and Kolkata-ImphalKolkata will have four flights a week. In addition there will be a triangular flight on the Kolkata-Aizawl-ImphalKolkata route twice a week, thus providing improved connectivity.

ready for

take off

Vsd vkWQ+ ds fy, rS;kj Offers and discounts to make flying happier ;k=k dks vkSj vf/kd lq[kn cukus ds fy, vkWQ+lZ ,oa NwV

On the international sector, Air India has launched a new non-stop flight between Delhi and Madrid. This thrice-a-week flight is being operated by a B-787 aircraft on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Delhi and Male will be connected via Thiruvananthapuram giving same-day return option. On popular demand we have doubled the frequency of flights between Delhi and San Francisco from the existing thrice a week. We are also introducing Dreamliners between Delhi and Moscow. Frequency of flights between Delhi and Kathmandu has been increased from existing 10 to 14 flights a week.

dusfDVax bafM;k] vkids fy, ,vj bafM;k us gky gh esa ykxw gq, vius ’khrdkyhu ’ksM;~ y w esa vius usVodZ esa u, ?kjsyw vkSj varjjk"Vªh; xarO; lfEefyr fd, gSAa ?kjsyw Ý+Va ij dksydkrk&vxjryk lsDVj ij ,&319 foeku }kjk ’kke dks vc nwljh Ý+hDosl a h miyC/k gksxhA mlh fnu okilh dk fodYi nsrs gq, fr#ouariqje gksrs gq, fnYyh vkSj ekys dks tksMk+ tk,xkA fnYyh dks vc psUuS gksrs gq, dks;Ecrw: ls tksMk+ tk,xkA dksydkrk&flYpj lsDVj ij lIrkg esa pkj mM+kuksa ds LFkku ij nSfud mM+ku dh Ý+hDosl a h iznku dh tk,xhA fnYyh&fot;okM+k vkSj fnYyh&oMksnjk ds chp Ý+hDosl a h dks ekStnw k ikap mM+kusa izfr lIrkg ls c<+kdj nSfud mM+ku dj fn;k x;k gSA ,vj bafM;k us dksydkrk ls nhekiqj vkSj fMczx w <+ ds fy, ikap lh/kh mM+kusa ’kq: dh gSAa dksydkrk&vkbZtk+ y s &dksydkrk lsDVj ij Hkh lIrkg esa ikap mM+kusa gksx a h vkSj dksydkrk&bEQ+ky&dksydkrk lsDVj ij lIrkg esa pkj mM+kusa izpkfyr dh tk,axhA blds vfrfjDr dksydkrk& vkbZtk+ y s &bEQ+ky&dksydkrk :V ij lIrkg esa nks ckj; mM+ku izpkfyr dh tk,xh ftlls laidZ esa lq/kkj gksxkA varjjk"Vªh; lsDVj ij] ,vj bafM;k us fnYyh vkSj esfMªM ds chp ubZ ukWu&LVkWi mM+ku vkjaHk dh gSA ;g mM+ku ch&787 foeku }kjk lIrkg esa rhu fnu eaxyokj] ohjokj vkSj ’kfuokj dks izpkfyr dh tk jgh gSA ;kf=;ksa dh Hkkjh ekax ij geus fnYyh vkSj lSu ÝkaflLdks ds fy, chp mM+kuksa dh Ý+hDosl a h dks lIrkg esa ekStnw k rhu mM+kuksa ls c<+kdj nksxuq k dj fn;k gSA fnYyh vkSj ekLdks ds chp Hkh ge Mªheykbuj dh ’kq#vkr dj jgs gSAa fnYyh vkSj dkBekaMw ds chp mM+kuksa dh Ý+hDosl a h ekStnw k 10 mM+kuksa ls c<+kdj 14 mM+kusa izfr lIrkg dj nh xbZ gSA

14 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Air India behind the scenes AI-SBI credit card, loaded with benefits Looking for a credit card with travel benefits? Look no further than the Air India-SBI credit card. Get the best in-class travel benefits like miles and lounges. Available in two variants, the Air India-SBI Signature Card and Air India-SBI Platinum Card, with an attractive rewards structure. Get details under Special Offers on

ykHk ls Hkjiwj ,vj bafM;k& ,lchvkbZ ØsfMV dkMZ D;k vki ;k=k ykHk ls Hkjiwj ØsfMV dkMZ dh ryk’k esa gSa\ rks ,vj bafM;k&,lchvkbZ ØsfMV dkMZ vkidh bl ryk’k dks iwjk djrk gSA bl dkMZ ls vki ekbYl rFkk ykmat tSls loksZŸke ykHk izkIr dj ldrs gSaA vkd"kZd fjokWMZ ds lkFk ;g dkMZ&,vj bafM;k ,lchvkbZ flXuspj dkMZ rFkk ,vj bafM;k ,lchvkbZ IysfVue dkMZ nks :iksa esa miyC/k gSA iwjh tkudkjh ds fy, osclkbV esa Lis’ky vkWQ+j ns[ksaA

More baggage allowance, than the rest

cSxst vykmal esa o`f) We offer you an unbelievable free baggage allowance of 25 kg on domestic sectors, in Economy Class on all fare levels. We also understand the baggage needs of the little ones and have allowed a free baggage allowance of 10 kg for infants. Those of you travelling on Alliance Air flights and connecting to Air India domestic flights and vice versa, holding a single ticket, will also be eligible for 25 kg. For journey applicable only on Alliance Air Flights (Aircraft types - CRJ/ATR 42) Free Baggage Allowance is 15 kg. ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij bdksukWeh esa lHkh fdjk;k Lrjksa ij ge vkidks 25 fd-xzk- Ý+h cSxst vykmal dh vfo’oluh; NwV nsrs gSaA ge vkids uUgsa&eqUuksa dh cSxst vko’;drkvksa dks Hkh le>rs gSa vkSj f’k’kqvksa ds fy, 10 fd-xzk- rd dk fu%’kqYd cSxst vykmal ns jgs gaSA vki esa ls tks ;k=h ,d gh fVdV ls ,yk;al ,;j dh mM+kuksa ij ;k=k djrs gq, ,vj bafM;k dh mM+kuksa ls ;k For more information about blds foijhr dusDV gks our offers, facilities, fares or to jgs gSa] os Hkh 25 fd-xzkmake bookings for travel and cSxst ds Ý+h vykmal holiday packages, and much dk ykHk ys ldrs gSaA dsoy ,yk;al ,;j more, log on to dh mM+kuksa ¼,;jØk¶+V Vkbi&lhvkjts@,Vhvkj 42½ ij ;k=k djus okyksa dks 15 fd-xzk- rd ds fu%’kqYd cSxst vykmal dh NwV nh tk,xhA

16 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

new app makes flying easier Flying with the Maharajah just became smoother. With the launch of a new mobile app, which is more user friendly, Air India passengers will now be able to experience the comfort of booking tickets, checking in and issuance of boarding pass through their mobile phone. Apart from this, the app will also let them enjoy reward points and flying returns. It also enables users to fully manage their bookings, including seat selection, choice of meal and additional services across Air India’s global network. Registration can be done by scanning the flyer’s passport. The app has been built by global technology provider SITA and is available to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

u, ,i ls mM+ku gqbZ vklku egkjktk ds lkFk mM+ku Hkjuk vc vkSj Hkh vklku gqvkA ,d u, vkSj vf/kd miHkksDrk lqyHk eksckby ,i ds ykap ls ,vj bafM;k ds ;k=hx.k vc vius eksckby Q+kus ds ek/;e ls fVdV cqfdax] pSd&bu vkSj cksfMZx a ikl tkjh djus dh lqfo/kk dk vuqHko ys ldsx a As blds vykok ;g ,i mUgsa fjokMZ IokbaVl ~ vkSj ¶+ykbax fjVUlZ ds ykHk Hkh iznku djsxkA blls ;k=h gekjs iwjs oSf’od usVodZ ij lhV p;u] ilanhnk Hkkstu vkSj vU; vfrfjDr lqfo/kkvksa ds lkFk viuh cqfdaXl dks iw.kZr% eSut s dj ldsx a As ;k=h ds ikliksVZ dks LdSu djds blesa jftLVª’s ku djk;k tk ldrk gSA ;g ,i oSf’od rduhd iznkrk lhVk ¼SITA½ }kjk rS;kj fd;k x;k gS vkSj ,aMªkW;M] vkbZvks rFkk foaMkst+ miHkksDrkvksa ds fy, miyC/k gSA

Book early, save with D-90 fares Plan your travel prior to 90 days in advance and get economical fares on select domestic sectors in Economy Class travel almost matching Railways AC-2T fares.

igys cqd djs]a Mh&90 fdjk;ksa esa cpr djsa viuh ;k=k 90 fnu igys Iyku djsa vkSj bdksukWeh esa pqfuank ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij yxHkx jsyos ds ,lh&2Vh fdjk;ksa ds cjkcj lLrs fdjk, ik,aA

Legends of love woven in gold.

Udupi: 0820 4297777, Silver: 0820 4297710 | Mangaluru: 0824 2216111 | Shivamogga: 08182 270458 | Karkala: 08258 234444 Kundapur: 08254 234444 | Namma @ Hebri: 08253 250444 | Byndoor: 08254 252222, Karnataka, India.

Air India behind the scenes

Plan your travel in advance and get super economical fares, on select domestic sectors prepaid baggage allowance

Discover India scheme / fMLdoj

bafM;k ;kstuk

The Air India Discover India Scheme has been designed exclusively for Indians residing overseas, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and foreign nationals, to experience India. It has two variants – with 15-day and 30-day travel validity, from the commencement of the first leg of the journey. The fare, exclusive of taxes, for the 15-day ticket is `32,500 and for the 30-day ticket is `60,000.

n ,vj bafM;k fMLdoj bafM;k ;kstuk fons’kksa esa cls Hkkjrh;ksa] Hkkjrh; ewy ds yksxksa ¼ihvkbZvks½ vkSj fonsf’k;ksa dks Hkkjr ls ifjfpr djkus ds fy, fo’ks"k :i ls rS;kj dh xbZ gSA ;k=k ds izFke pj.k dh ’kq#vkr ls 15 fnu vkSj 30 fnuksa dh ;k=k oS/krk lfgr blds nks :i gSaA 15 fnu dh fVdV ds fy, fdjk;k 32]500 #i, rFkk 30 fnu dh fVdV ds fy, 60]000 #i, fdjk;k j[kk x;k gS ftl ij dj vyx ls izHkkfjr fd, tk,axsA

Preferred Seat Selection ilanhnk

lhV dk p;u

Air India now offers its passengers the facility of preferred seat in Economy Class on all domestic and international routes. ‘Seat Selection’ is a convenient option that lets you reserve your preferred seat in advance, offering the comfort of extra legroom. For details visit

,vj bafM;k vc vius ;kf=;ksa dks lHkh varjns’kh; ,oa varjjk"Vªh; ekxksaZ ij bdksukWeh esa viuh ilan dh lhV pquus dh lqfo/kk iznku djrh gSA ^lhV lysD’ku^ lqfo/kktud fodYi gS tks vkidks ,Mokal esa vfrfjDr ysx:e dh lqfo/kk iznku djus okyh ilanhnk lhV dks vkjf{kr djus dk fodYi nsrh gSA vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, ij ns[ksAa

Flight information, 24x7

Save time and money on your next travel, on any Air India domestic and international flights. Pre-purchase your additional baggage allowance now through Air India’s Call Centre or at any of the Air India Booking Offices till six hours of departure of flight and save 20 per cent vis-a-vis airport rates.

izhisM cSxt s vykmal ,vj bafM;k dh fdlh Hkh ?kjsyw vkSj varjjk"Vªh; mM+ku ij viuh vxyh ;k=k ij le; vkSj /ku dh cpr djsaA vki viuk vfrfjDr cSxst vykmal ,vj bafM;k ds dkWy lsaVj vFkok fdlh Hkh ,vj bafM;k cqfdax dk;kZy; ds ek/;e ls izLFkku ls 6 ?kaVs igys rd izh&ijpst+ djsa vkSj ,;jiksVZ njksa dh rqyuk esa 20 izfr’kr dh cpr ik,aA

Get Upfront Offer Now you can upgrade to First or Business Class at the airport itself on domestic and international flights with lounge facility for a nominal charge. For details visit

xsV viÝaV vkWQj+ vc vki ukeek= izHkkj nsdj ykmat lqfo/kk ds lkFk ?kjsyw vkSj varjjk"Vªh; mM+kuksa ij ,;jiksVZ ij gh izFke ;k fct+usl esa vixzsM dj ldrs gSaA foLr`r tkudkjh ds fy, ns[ksaA

Air India has set up the following dedicated telephone numbers for 24X7 flight information. These numbers are in addition to the all-India toll free call center number 1800-180-1407.

,vj bafM;k us 24x7 mM+ku lwpuk nsus gsrq fuEufyf[kr fo'ks"k VsyhQ+kus uacj vkjEHk fd, gSAa ;s uacj vkWy&bafM;k Vksy Ý+h dkWy lsVa j uacj 1800 -180 -1407 ds vykok gSAa

Delhi: 011-49637522, 011-25653385 Mumbai: 022-66858097, 022-26168250 Kolkata: 033-25119982, 08336918921 Chennai: 044-22562011, 044-22566002 This is yet another step to connect with our passengers and provide them information on the status of Air India flights, round the clock.

fnYyh % 011- 49637522 ,oa 011-25653385 eqca bZ% 022-66858097 ,oa 022 -26168250 dksydkrk% 033 -25119982 ,oa 08336918921 psUuS% 044 -22562011 ,oa 044 -22566002 ;g gekjs ;kf=;ksa ls tqMu+ s vkSj mUgsa 24 ?kaVs ,vj bafM;k mM+kuksa dh fLFkfr dh lwpuk iznku djus dh fn'kk esa ,d vkSj dne gSA

18 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Air India behind the scenes

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@airindiain eSuperSaver scheme

^^bZ&lqijlsoj ;kstuk**

Explore the world, with AI Holidays Planning a vacation that is simple, exciting and affordable? Air India Holidays offers you more than 235 packages across 21 destinations in India, besides packages to Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Air Complimentary limousine India Holidays, in partnership with service for First and Business MakeMyTrip, Class passengers. Available on adopts a unique, specific routes and fare classes. online, interacContact your nearest Air India tive B2C format, office for details where customers have direct access to the product. Packages have been well-designed to offer an extensive choice of destinations in every region, quality hotels, simple and complex itineraries and duration, in all classes of travel. Domestic packages include Rajasthan, Kerala, Andaman and Lakshadweep, Northeast, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Goa and many more exotic locations. Complete details and bookings can be done on

20 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

fo’o dh lSj] ,vkbZ gkWyhMst+ ds lkFk D;k vki lgt] vkd"kZd vkSj fdQ+k;rh NqfV~V;ksa dh ;kstuk cuk jgs gS\a ,vj bafM;k Hkkjr esa 21 xarO;ksa ds fy, 235 ls vf/kd gkWyhMs iSdt s vkWQj+ dj jgh gSA blds vfrfjDr cSd a kWd] nqcbZ] gkaxdkax] dkBekaMks] flaxkiqj] flMuh vkSj esycuZ ds fy, Hkh gkWyhMs vkWQj+ gSAa ,vj bafM;k gkWyhMst+ esa esd ekbZ fVªi ds lkFk Hkkxhnkjh dj ,d vuks[kk vkWu&ykbu] baVj,fDVo ch2lh Q+kWeVZs viuk;k x;k gS ftlds rgr ;k=h viuk iSdt s lh/ks ,Dlsl dj ldrs gSAa ;s iSdt s brus csgrjhu rjhds ls rS;kj fd, x, gSa fd ;s izR;sd {ks= ds xarO;ks]a vPNs gksVyks]a lkekU; vkSj fefJr ;k=kØe vkSj vof/k ds O;kid fodYi ;k=k dh izR;sd esa vkWQj+ gSAa ?kjsyw iSdt s ksa esa jktLFkku] dsjy] vaMeku o y{k}hi] iwoksŸZ kj] tEew&d’ehj] dukZVd] xksok ,oa vU; vkd"kZd LFky ’kkfey gSAa blls lacfa /kr vf/kd tkudkjh vki ij izkIr o cqfdax dj ldrs gSAa

Do you have special needs for travel? Give us details on the request form available on www.airindinia.dia


The eSuperSaver scheme offers the frequent traveller handsome savings. The scheme is available in multiple variants on all domestic sectors, in Business and Economy Class and on select sectors in the Northeast. On International Sector the scheme is applicable for return journeys ex-India to Bangkok or Singapore. The scheme is open for single-users only and fares depend upon the distance, class of travel and the number of coupons. For details, visit

bZ&lqijlsoj ;kstuk Ý+hDosaV ;kf=;ksa dks vf/kd cpr vkWQ+j djrh gSA ;g ;kstuk lHkh ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij fct+usl o bdksukWeh esa rFkk iwoksZÙkj ds pqfuank lsDVjksa ij fHkUu&fHkUu :iksa esa miyC/k gSA varjjk"Vªh; lsDVj ij ;g ;kstuk Hkkjr ls cSadkWd ;k flaxkiqj dh okilh ;k=kvksa ds fy, ykxw gSA ;g ;kstuk dsoy flaxy ;wt+lZ ds fy, gh [kqyh gS vkSj fdjk, ;k=k dh vkSj dwiuksa dh la[;k ij fuHkZj gSA vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, d`i;k ij ns[ksaA

Air India know-how

Air India family

flight of a lifetime The pilots who manned the record-breaking Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco and back, relive their experience of making history

due recognition A function was held on October 17 at the Air India Building, Mumbai, to appreciate the efforts of Air Indians. A cash reward of `5,000 and a memento each was given to SB Nikalji, manager, security and JB Singh, assistant manager, security, by Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani as a token of appreciation for their commendable work. RD (NR) Meenakshi Dua and RD (WR) Mukesh Bhatia were also present on the occasion.

Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani congratulates the four pilots who were a part of the historic Delhi-San Francisco-Delhi flight

As Air India made its way into the record books with its Delhi-San Francisco-Delhi flight on October 16, Captain Rajneesh Sharma was among a select few for whom the achievement meant more than just a world record. Each member of the team he was a part of, had worked tirelessly to make the trans-Pacific flight a reality. “We came together not to break records, but to celebrate Air India’s 84th birthday by circumnavigating the earth. We arrived at San Francisco 15 minutes early and as we completed our paperwork, the sense of accomplishment we felt was out of this world,” he shares. Captain Gautam Verma, another member of the team, is already a celebrated figure in aviation circles. He was recently applauded for his airmanship after flawlessly manoeuvering a distressed B777 back to safety at Newark, USA. Recalling his experience on the historic trans-Pacific flight he says, “I went across the mountain tops and the brilliant blue ocean, cross-

24 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

ing all lines. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life and has given me many stories to share with my loved ones too. I am proud to have been a part of something like this.” For the youngest member of the crew, Captain Mohammad Ali Khan - who had just completed his command and earned his 4th gold stripe - this was his maiden flight as a commander. The fourth member of the team, Captain Samir M Palekar, brought to the table his experience and expertise gained through years spent in the field of aviation. He has been appreciated for his significant contribution to the certification process (Table Top Meeting with DGCA). “It is an honour to have been a part of the epic flight that propelled Air India into the record books. Being the first Air India crew to cross the vast Pacific Ocean, it was a truly exhilarating experience for us all, even with the added responsibility of executing this maiden flight efficiently,” he says.

Air India Sports Promotion Board organised a friendly T-20 match between Air India XI and PTI XI at National Stadium, New Delhi. Eminent sportspersons like Gagan Narang, Nikhil Chopra and Jagbir Singh were part of the Air India team that won the match by two wickets

Air India family

band of brothers Achievements and success stories of Air Indians from across the country

Singh, manager, Vigilance department, pedalled across a distance of 470 km that tested his patience and grit as he tamed high-altitude motorable passes on the way. He recalls, “The highlight of the route is the magnificence of the mighty and picturesque Himalayas - pristine, pure and untouched. The gusty winds added to the experience. It was beautiful to see the landscape change terrain and colour with each passing hour.” The ride started from Manali and took him to Sissu, Patseo, Sarchu, Pang, Lato and finally, Leh. On the trip, he had the company of seven more riders. Together, they scaled an altitude of 18,000 m and crossed five passes in six days.

Yogendra Singh (centre) with members of the cycling team

the road less Travelled The road connecting Manali to Leh is a cyclist’s and motorcyclist’s must-travel route. And why not? With pristine clear waters, plenty of scenic beauty and

beautiful weather, it is an adventurer’s paradise. On July 10, 2016, cyclist and marathoner Yogendra Singh started his exhilarating journey through this stretch on his cycle.

accomplish it all

job well done

Somnath Ghosh, officer (Finance), Eastern Region, is a multi-talented employee posted at the Regional Director’s Office, Kolkata. Not only is he a finance whiz, having done a commendable job in several crucial areas in the finance department, but he has also been adept at handling the challenging working environment at the Airport Manager’s Office (Kolkata). With all the hats he dons, Ghosh has also been entrusted with collateral duties such as assisting canteen services and coordinating the upkeep of hangars. An accomplished sportsman, he is also a reputed badminton player and a district champion, having brought laurels to the organisation at various meets.

26 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

“If you are in love with the mountains and want to push your limits, there is nothing better than conquering the Himalayas. It is a different experience on a cycle, as compared to a motorbike or a car,” adds Singh.

A lot can be said about an airline from the look of its aircraft cabin. The upkeep and maintenance of aircraft cabin was entrusted to Inderjeet Singh Sethi, senior AGM, Line Maintenance, Northern region. His remarkable work has significantly improved the cabin ambience. Some of the initiatives taken by him are as follows: Setting up separate cabin stores and speedy arrangement of spares for rectification of cabin snags without delay Periodic cleaning and fumigation Monitoring cabin-related snags through dedicated cabin supervisors for the 320-strong aircraft fleet After deactivation of IFE in Narrow body fleet he was instrumental in covering video screens, giving them an aesthetic look


Hot & happening Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing like an event or a festival to soak up the spirit of a place

fdlh Hkh txg dks tkuus ds fy, vk;kstu ,oa ioZ ls csgrj dqN ugha gSA


28 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

1. December 1-10 For 10 days, Nagaland hosts the Hornbill Festival, a cultural extravaganza to celebrate its tribal heritage through a display of costumes and art.

ukxkySaM esa nl fnuksa ds fy, ,d HkO; lkaLd`frd dk;ZØe gkWuZfcy QsfLVoy dk vk;kstu gksrk gSA bl vuks[ks dk;ZØe esa ukxkySaM ds fuoklh viuh le`) fojklr] iks’kkdsa o u`R; izLrqr djrs gSaA

2. December 1-5 At the International Sand

Art Festival in Odisha, watch the best sand artists from across the world at work at Chandrabhaga beach, Konark.

vksfM’kk esa dks.kkdZ ds fudV panzHkkx uked leqnzh rV ij baVjus’kuy lSaM vkVZ QsfLVoy gksrk gSA blesa nqfu;kHkj ds lSaM vkfVZLV dh izLrqfr ns[kus dks feysxhA

3. December 1-4 Feast your eyes on exquisite contemporary artworks at Art Basel in Miami, the US.

fe;keh esa vk;ksftr gksus okys vkVZ csly esa vkidks vk/kqfud dky dh vuks[kh ,oa vn~Hkqr dyk ds uk;kc uewus ns[kus dks feysaxsA

4. December 25 Keep your socks ready and decorate the Christmas tree, because Santa Claus will be coming to town.

migkjksa ds fy, vki vius ekst+s rS;kj j[ksa rFkk fØlel Vªh dks vPNh rjg ls ltk,a D;ksafd lkark DykWt vkids ’kgj esa vkus okyk gSA




5. December 23-25

6. December 16-23

Witness Bengal’s folk culture and tradition through music and dance, and also buy some colourful indigenous works of art at the Poush Mela in Shantiniketan.

The first edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa boasts a lineup of renowned artists from across disciplines such as visual, culinary and performing arts. This event includes workshops, exhibitions and more.

’kkafr fudsru esa vk;ksftr gksus okys ikS"k egksRlo esa vkidks yksdlaxhr o yksdu`R; ds ek/;e ls caxky dh le`) laLd`fr] ,oa ijaijk,a ns[kus dks feysaxhA bruk gh ugha bl vk;kstu ds nkSjku vki dykRed oLrqvksa dh [+kjhnkjh Hkh dj ldrs gSaA

This image is for representational purpose only



xksok esa igyh ckj vk;ksftr gksus okys lsjafMiVh vkVZ QsfLVoy esa fo’o fo[;kr dykdkjksa dh izLrqfr ns[kus dks feysxhA bl dyk egksRlo esa dk;Z’kkyk,a o izn’kZfu;ka Hkh vk;ksftr dh tk,axhA

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 29

sure shorts


Go out, travel, discover ... From hotspots, festivals and culture to cuisines, automobiles and technology

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L'escalade, Geneva y*,LdkysM] ftusok It is customary to eat a chocolate pot at L'escalade, the annual winter festival of Geneva. The festival commemorates the defeat of troops sent by Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, for a surprise attack on the city in 1602. Be part of the festivities in the first week of December. ftusok esa gj lky lfnZ;ksa esa gksus okys egksRlo y*,LdkysM ds nkSjku pkWdysV ls Hkjk dVksjk [kkus dh ijaijk gSA 1602 esa M~;wd vkWQ+ lokWbZ pkYlZ ,Eekuq,y }kjk Hksts lSfudksa us 'kgj ij vpkud geyk dj fn;k FkkA ml ?kVuk dh ;kn esa ;g egksRlo euk;k tkrk gSA fnlEcj ds igys lIrkg gksus okys QsfLVoy esa 'kkfey gksaA

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Turkey lwQh+ ioZ] rqdhZ The Mevlevi Order in Konya, Turkey, has been commemorating revered poet Jalaluddin Rumi (Mevlâna) with this whirling festival (this year from December 10-17) since his death in 1273. rqdhZ ds dksU;k esa yksdfiz; 'kk;j tykyqn~nhu :eh ¼ekSykuk½ dh ;kn esa lwQ+h mRlo eukrs gSaA bl volj ij J)kyqx.k lwQ+h;kuk rjhds ls pDdj yxkrs gSaA ¼bl lky ;g ioZ fnlEcj 10&17 dks gksxk½ tks muds bardky 1273 ls gh euk;k tk jgk gSA

30 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY One of the most prestigious research universities with â&#x20AC;&#x153;the most beautiful campusâ&#x20AC;? in Japan located at the heart of Sapporo would welcome many international students around the world including India.

Why Hokkaido University? 1. 2. 3. 4.

One of the most prestigious universities World class research and education Worldwide network for research and education Cordial support for international students and researchers 5. Great location

eighTeen gradUaTe SchoolS l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Letters Law Education Public Policy Economics and Business Administration International Media and Tourism Studies Medicine Dental Medicine Veterinary Medicine* Health Sciences Science* Agriculture* Engineering* Fisheries Sciences Life Sciences* Environmental Science* Information Science and Technology Chemical Sciences and Engineering*

Twelve UndergradUaTe SchoolS l l l l l l l l l l l l

Letters Law Education Economics and Business Administration Medicine Dental Medicine Veterinary Medicine Pharmaceutical Sciences Science Agriculture Engineering Fisheries Sciences

*Degrees offered in English

For More Information : Youtube : Contact :

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Christmas tour, Madrid Enjoy Christmas and New Year tours in Madrid. Till January 6, the city is draped in ecofriendly colourful lights, including popular landmarks like Puerta de Alcalá and Palacio de Cibeles. Fly with Air India to Madrid for a wonderful holiday!

An art installation at Fort Kochi set up last year

fØlel Vwj] esfMªM vki esfMªM esa fØlel ,oa u, lky ds nkSjku vk;ksftr Vwj dk vkuan ys ldrs gSaA budk vk;kstu 6 tuojh rd fd;k tk,xkA e'kgwj flVMsy xsV ,oa lk,csys iSysl lfgr leLr 'kgj dks i;kZoj.k vuqdwy jaxhu jks'kuh ls ltk;k tkrk gSA et+snkj NqfV~V;ka fcrkus vki ,vj bafM;k dh mM+ku ls esfMªM tk ldrs gSa!

Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kerala Kochi is buzzing as it readies for the third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, to be held from December 12, 2016 to March 29, 2017. More than 97 artists from 30 countries are expected to engage 10 lakh visitors at the event. The interesting projects to look out for are Uru Art Harbour, an interactive hub for arts and philosophy, and the children’s biennale.

dksfPp&eqftfjl fcusyh] dsjy dksfPp 'kgj ;gka vk;ksftr gksus okys dksfPp&eqftfjl fcusyh ds rhljs laLdj.k ds fy, rS;kj gks pqdk gSA ;g vk;kstu fnlEcj 12] 2016 ls ekpZ 29] 2017 rd euk;k tk,xkA blesa nqfu;k Hkj ds 30 ns'kksa ds 97 ls vf/kd dykdkj fgLlk ysaxsA bls ns[kus 10 yk[k ls vf/kd n'kZd vk,axsA vU; vkd"kZd vk;kstuksa ds vfrfjDr m: vkVZ gkcZj ns[kus yk;d gksrk gSA ;g vk;kstu dyk o n'kZu ds lkFk&lkFk cPpksa ds fy, dyk izn'kZuh dk izeq[k dsanz lkfcr gksrk gSA

32 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

infocus japan

Greening hospitality

Four directly managed Imperial Hotel properties in Tokyo have received the Eco Mark from the Japan Environment Association for their commitment to ecological conservation

(Left to right) An Imperial Floor Junior Suite; the special guest attendant on the Imperial Floors

Tokyo's legendary 125-year-old Imperial Hotel and its three affiliate properties have received the Japan Environment Association's Eco Mark designation this year. The Eco Mark is presented to companies whose operations effectively reduce demands on the environment or offer constructive environmental protection systems and services. The designation allows users to select goods and services which contribute to the maintenance of a healthier public environment in their daily lives. The flagship Imperial Hotel, Tokyo; the new riverside Imperial Hotel, Osaka; the secluded Kamikochi Imperial Hotel in the Japan Alps and the lower-tier Crest Hotel Kashiwa in a suburban district of greater Tokyo, all received the designation. Imperial Hotel, Ltd. had applied for accreditation for the Japan Environment Association designation, for its Tokyo flagship, Osaka hotel, Kamikochi mountain resort and the Crest Hotel in Kashiwa in May. After each property's

34 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

performance records had been examined in detail, the designation was awarded in June. The Eco Mark accreditation criteria for hotels and inns indicate facilities and systems wherein guests are able to sense and support ecological conservation. The Imperial Hotel first opened its doors in 1890 on the same spot in central Tokyo that it occupies today, as Japan's first fully western-style Japanese hotel. It has consistently inaugurated the latest in industry reforms and innovations throughout its 125-year history and remains a favourite among business leaders, heads of state and celebrities.

Regal welcome Among its newest initiatives in upping its hospitality game, the Imperial Hotel now offers its guests accessing the city from Narita or Haneda, or bullet trains via Tokyo station, personalised welcomes by porters and kimono-clad hotel staff upon arrival in Tokyo along with deluxe, chauffeur-driven transportation from

the station to the hotel. This is a part of the hotel's Japanese-style 'Imperial Rendezvous' plan. The personalised welcome allows Imperial staff the opportunity to assess the guests' specific interests and requirements that may arise throughout their stay, and arrange for services suited to their tastes and preferences. This is one of the many elements that constitute individually tailored packaged plans offered by the hotel, which also include the station reception, accommodation on the exclusive Imperial Floors in the main building and certain meals.

Guest attendants The Imperial Floors and the Premier Tower Floors are administered by highly experienced veteran guest attendants who, in the grand tradition of Japanese inns, not only oversee all guest room arrangements but serve as dedicated personal assistants for each guest. They make dining reservations, take care of laundry and dry cleaning needs, room service and more.

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Pavilion 75, WelcomHotel, Delhi


It's the elaborate and colourful dessert counter that catches the eye as you walk towards Pavilion 75 at WelcomHotel Dwarka in southwest Delhi. And it sets the mood right for the lavish winter brunch laid out inside the all-day dining restaurant. A spacious place, it may take a while to go around and recce the spread before you start picking. With a mix of Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian flavours, the brunch offers a serious variety. Pick from cheeses and salads to oysters and fresh fish grills, and from chicken liver pate and Thai curry to tandoori bangra. Do stop by the Indian counter for true desi flavours, a trademark of all ITC restaurants!

Anise, Courtyard by Marriott, Agra Great food and a grand sight! That's what makes a vacation perfect. So, the next time you travel to Agra, don't miss out on the chance to end your day with a grand meal at Anise, the new Indian restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott. Open only for dinner, the menu is royal and the open-air ambience with gigantic torches adds to the romance. The menu boasts a sumptuous selection of authentic Awadhi and Northwest Frontier delicacies, with succulent kebabs, spicy curries, aromatic biryanis and much more. A smart option is to order the Table d'HĂ´te menu, which offers a multi-course meal with signature dishes. Perfectly balancing taste, feel and finesse, Anise is a definite addition to your Agra check-list.

1.Enjoy your meal with foottapping music at Pavilion 75. Meal for two is priced at `2,000 (plus taxes) 2. A meal for two at Anise is priced at `2,000

36 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

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E for easy

E-wallets have made travel easier and safer. Here are the popular five... The demonetisation step taken by the Indian government is proving to be a boon for the traveller, who can now do away with cash and use digital or mobile wallets to make travel

simple and safe. From air tickets, hotel bookings and taxi services to eating out and shopping, digital or e-wallets can do anything with just a few clicks!

A Paytm customer can choose from a wide variety of over 20,000 hotels, BnBs, resorts, villas and homestays across India. Shekhar Sharma


CEO, Paytm

Use it to recharge your mobile, DTH, Metro card and also use it for payments at Redbus and Goibibo for travel.

Yes, you can pay your Ola taxi bill through it. And you can also pay for your travel through partner brands like Cleartrip and OYO Rooms.


This is another popular wallet option that has several travel partners, including MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Goibibo and Travelyaari.

We have increased our on-ground workforce 12 times and MobiKwik payments will soon be accepted by an additional 1 million retailers directly. Upasana Taku

Co-founder, MobiKwik

You can transfer cash into the wallet through online banking, debit and credit cards, or even by depositing cash via select banks. Use it to book tickets for flights, buses, taxis, trains and hotel rooms. It works offline too, and has an e-commerce store that offers discounts.

A popular digital wallet for its option of cash pickup from your doorstep. You can request for an agent to come to your house to collect cash. It also offers cashbacks and offline deals at partner restaurants. Its travel partners include Makemytrip, Cleartrip and Yatra. Compiled by NB Rao

38 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

pocket guide Unlike credit or debit cards that can have big balances or a huge credit limit, e-wallets can be loaded with small or exact amounts.

infocus bihar

A CELEBRATION OF LIGHT AND WISDOM Patna is gearing up with fervour for the 350th Prakash Parv, a glorious celebration of the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, with preparations in full swing across the cityscape


s a state sought out by pilgrims across faiths, Bihar enjoys a unique position in India. It is a centre of education, scenic beauty, rich minerals, and ageold religious practices and culture. Nalanda, the world’s first university, was established here; democracy began here; Gandhiji launched his Satyagraha movement against British rule, here; and Buddhism and Jainism were born here, even as Hinduism and Sikhism thrived. Bihar certainly bears the heavy weight of history, but does so with much sensitivity and awareness. For both Buddhists and Jains, the landscape is dotted with monuments and sacred pilgrimage centres, while the Hindus have no less a number of places of worship. For Sikhs, in particular, the upcoming 350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh has created an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. Prakash Parv The birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, celebrated as Prakash Parv in Bihar, is one of the most important guru purabs in the Sikh calendar. He was born in Patna, and so the celebration of his birthday holds special significance within the city’s religious and cultural milieu. Guru Gobind Singh’s father Guru Teg Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, had come

40 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

to Patna on a missionary tour of the East accompanied by his wife Mata Gujri, mother Nanki Ji, brother-in-law Kirpal Chand and a band of devotees. As Mata Gujri was expecting a child, the Guru decided to leave his family in the city and proceed alone to Bengal and Assam. Before leaving, he expressed a wish that if a son were born, he should be named Gobind Rai – in memory of his grandfather, Guru Hargobind. According to oral tradition, Guru Hargobind had prophesied at the time of Guru Teg Bahadur’s birth that he would be blessed with a son who would defend the people against the tyranny of the Mughals. Guru Teg Bahadur was in Dacca, engaged in organisational work, when news of his son’s birth reached him. The Guru was beside himself with joy on hearing the good news. Considerable sums were given away generously as alms and charity to the poor and the needy. Raja Ram Singh, who was accompanying him, also participated in the joyous celebration. Devotees flocked to Patna for a glimpse of the newborn Gobind Rai. Celebrations were organised in Patna and Monghyr by the Sangats that had come up during Guru Nanak’s first Udasi (divine journey). While this historic occasion is celebrated with fervour in Patna every year, this year has been witness to an International Sikh Conclave in the city, in the run-up to the celebrations of the 350th Prakash Utsav of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in January. The Conclave brought together accomplished Sikh luminaries from various walks of life (academics, sports, arts, politics and more) on a common platform. Panel discussions on the life of the Sikh Guru and visits to sacred Sikh sites within the state were organised. Special cultural evenings with performances by noted Bihari and Sikh artists further livened up the event.

Takht Sri Harmandir Ji Patna Sahib, Bihar

Patna Sahib Takht Sri Patna Sahib, also known as Harmandir Sahib, is an important shrine for Sikhs from all over the world. It is considered the second most important Takht among members of the Sikh community and most of the celebrations during the 350th Prakash Parv will be held near its location. With a budget of `100 crore from the Central government, beautification work is on

On the glorious occassion of his


in full swing at Harmandir Sahib. The gurudwara campus is being revamped with a new look, and hundreds of rooms are being constructed for visitors who will be attending the mega celebrations in January 2017. An over-bridge is being constructed to connect Guru Gobind Path with the National Highway and there is also a proposal for an underground subway to connect Takht Harmandir Patna Sahib with the nearby Kangat Ghat Sahib. The drainage system is being refurbished across the city to maintain cleanliness and all major roads connecting Patna Sahib to other areas are being widened to ensure smooth and hassle-free traffic flow during Prakash Parv.

PRAKASH PARV 5th January 2017

Visit TAKHAT SRI HARMANDIR JI PATNA SAHIB and feel truly blessed

For more information, visit:

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 41

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The mighty steam engines got a new lease of life at the Rewari Heritage Steam Loco Shed


gathering steam A group of railway enthusiasts ensures that the steam engine lives on The mighty steam engines, fondly called the black beauties, came to this land of the maharajas and magic in the early 1880s. Revered and respected for their majestic and dynamic personalities, they left a lasting impression on everyone who encountered them. People would run out of their homes to see the majestic iron horses chugging along, whistling and thundering on the tracks, stamping their presence with smoke, steam and smouldering ash, which lingered on in the air long after they had disappeared into the horizon. These magnificent machines made a rather quiet and unceremonious exit from our mainline tracks in 1995, when they were formally withdrawn from service by the Railways. They, however, could never be withdrawn from our memories. The unforgettable romance that these machines brought to the railroads, the sweet sound of the whistle and the magnetic persona of these machines were forever etched in our hearts. We missed the steam engines and longed for these relics from the bygone era to come back again . . . and come back they did! In 2010, the small town of Rewari, 82 km south of Delhi, became the site for a unique project by a dedicated team of 25-odd â&#x20AC;&#x153;steam

42 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

menâ&#x20AC;? of Indian Railways in the twilight of their careers. They committed themselves to reviving nine vintage steam locomotives and a closed 1892-built steam engine maintenance depot to create the finest steam locomotive destination in the world.

Veiled in Vapor, a coffee-table book authored by Vikas Arya, Indian Railways officer and team leader of the revival project, chronicles the resurrection. It talks about the trials and tribulations of the team that worked against all odds, dreamt the impossible and saw it to fruition. These men gave the Indian Railways a unique gift - its symbol, the steam engine - and this finds place of pride on the organisationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s logo. Beautifully documenting the revival project with photographs clicked by the author, the book takes us back in time to the days when the steam engines ruled the roost. The coffee-table book showcases the steam shed at Rewari, with striking photographs of live broad-gauge steam locomotives and the history and the technical parameters of every engine stationed in the shed. A must-have for every railway fan, the book is available for purchase at the National Rail Museum at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

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buzz words They say there’s no joy like reading a good book. We bring you the month’s top four


SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT By Murray Laurence, Rupa Publications, 248 pages, `399

The book recollects the author’s experiences in India, starting way back in the 1970s. From his early journeys to small towns and villages in local trains and buses, to his encounters with local people and politicians, all pervaded by the spontaneous warmth and generosity of Indians, the book is a well-written, entertaining read.

this was a man

the code of the extraordinary mind

By Jeffrey Archer, Pan Macmillan, 403 pages, `599

By Vishen Lakhani, Rodale, 288 pages, `499

The captivating final instalment of the seven-novel series Clifton Chronicles, the story encompasses many twists and turns - from the opening gunshot, to Harry Clifton’s magnum opus, Emma’s job offer from Margaret Thatcher and a tragic diagnosis that engulfs the Clifton family in turmoil. A satisfying conclusion for all passionate followers of the series!

The book provides a 10-point plan to redefine one’s life and live it on one’s own terms. Teaching you about bending reality, consciousness engineering and other kinds of framework developed during the author’s interactions with personalities such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson, this is an easy-to-read guide to self-improvement.

the kaunteyas

By Madhavi S Mahadevan, Tranquebar, 397 pages, `350 Relating the Mahabharata from Kunti’s point of view, the story takes you through the period she was given away at birth, her marriage to Pandu, the retreat to the jungle with her family and their return to Hastinapur as she guides her sons to their inheritance. Presenting Kunti not just as an idealised mother but a multi-dimensional character, the new insights into the epic make for good reading.

On an Air India flight to Delhi, while we were circling the airport due to congestion, a co-passenger remarked that I resembled Bill Clinton! The flight attendant suggested we tell the captain that Clinton was on board so we could skip to the head of the VIP queue! - Author Murray Laurence

44 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

special feature city trail

Capital muse

Art curator Ina Puri revisits Delhi through photographs that capture its myriad moods

46 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016


Air India connects New Delhi to all major cities in India and the world

It was an early spring morning, about three decades ago, when I first saw the Parliament House. It was my first visit to Delhi and the stately building had seemed like a manysplendoured apparition; immense and solid. That first impression of the scope and ambition of Delhi has stayed with me ever since. I found an echo of my impression of the city in acclaimed photographer Raghu Rai’s iconic shot of the Parliament House. The angle of Rai’s camera reflected my view and I was struck anew by the sheer architectural

grandeur of the structure. As it stands with the Indian flag flying on its crown, there is an air of hushed expectancy as the horses stand in a row, a twitch of the ears or a mild stomp of the hoof betraying their impatience as they await a cavalcade or the start of an official programme.

Parliament House by Raghu Rai

Over the years, I have witnessed Delhi seep into artistic consciousness; there are several canvases and photographs by celebrated artists that pay homage to the city’s intensity and vibrancy. Photographer Raghu Rai’s roving lens seeks out the mundane in the

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 47

special feature city trail


Sarojini Nagar, Palika Bazaar, Janpath and Lajpat Nagar are the best places for street shopping in Delhi.

Delhi is best known for its street food and you can find some of the best in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk.

The Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb and the Red Fort complex are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Lutyens' Delhi is named after British architect Edwin Lutyens, who designed large parts of the city.


48 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

It is perhaps the ephemeral beauty of the city that never fails to beguile and enchant the painter, the poet and photographer city and turns it into a visual narrative for instance, a sea of people navigating their way along the labyrinthine lanes that criss-cross Delhi, as it wakes up to the muezzin’s call in some areas and to the sound of conch shells in others. It is perhaps this ephemeral beauty of the city of djinns that never fails to beguile and enchant the painter, the poet and the photographer.

gradations of black and white, heightening the capital’s dramatic appeal.

When I came to live in the city, a few years after my first visit, I fell in love with its wide avenues, Shanti Path, the leafy Lodhi Garden, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Jahanpanah, Hauz Khas and Tughlaqabad Fort. Master colourist Paresh Maity reflects a similar enchantment with Delhi. A look at his black-and-white photographs reveals his interpretation of what lies at the heart of the city. A stunning glimpse of the Qutab Minar, for instance, seems to have been captured with brush strokes. The landscape is defined with nuanced

It was March and Holi was near. Purani Dilli’s streets were dotted with women in bright ghaghra-choli selling mounds of gulal and pichkari. Carts of bangle-sellers, shops lined with sequinned salwarkameez-dupattas, juttis and parandis jostled for space, along with sweetmeat shops and little eateries serving piping hot pakoras and parathas… Though Chandni Chowk has changed since then, its vibrant colours, flavours, joy and rustic charm never fail to impress. Even today, Old Delhi transports you to a bygone era.

The charming sights and sounds of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi or Purani Dilli entice both the city resident and tourist alike. But nothing I had heard about it could have prepared me for the sight I beheld when I first visited the oldest and the busiest marketplace in the city.

Delhi has some of the most iconic monuments in the country. They remind me of India’s rich history and grandeur. Neelam Pratap Rudy Golfer

Every Indian community has its local theatre form and glimpses of each can be experienced in Delhi. The city also hosts the Bharat Rang Mahotsav, which can be called India’s broadway. MK Raina

Theatre actor and director


1. A photograph of the Qutab Minar by Nabarun Mookerjee 2. Walking in the Deer Park by Saba Hasan The images in the story are from the exhibition titled ‘Delhi’ held recently at the Pullman Aerocity Art Zone in New Delhi

With institutions such as NSD, IGNCA and Sahitya Akademi, the city is a fertile ground for arts and culture. Jaya Jaitly

Founder, Dastkari Haat Samiti

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 49

special feature city trail

A photograph clicked at ISKCON, Delhi, by Claudia Sanchez de la Barquera

There are several canvases and photographs by celebrated artists, which pay homage to the city’s intensity and vibrancy

Delhi is a food lover's paradise. The city's delicacies are a reflection of the people who live here. You will find almost every kind of cuisine in the world here. Rocky Mohan Le Cordon Bleu cook and author

50 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

The colours and spirit of the city seem to have rubbed off on photographer Amit Mehra’s collection of images titled Twilight of My City, which evocatively recalls memories of Old Delhi. Says Mehra, “The vast grounds in front of Red Fort used to be our regular playground and as children, we could guess the hours of the day by the call of the azaan that reverberated from Jama Masjid. Our ancestral haveli located in Old Delhi’s Ballimaran area remained our home for years. My photographs attempt to resurrect those times.” Unusually, his nostalgic associations are not sepia-tinted – the pictures are vivid and lively. Delhi’s charming hues have been framed by photographer Dinesh Khanna in the form of colourful collages. They capture, with an expert’s precision, the minutiae and trivia of the commonplace. Talking about a particular photograph

titled Delhi ka Haat, the photographer says: “In recent years, Delhi has been overtaken by malls and fancy shops. However, tucked away in the colonies and the bylanes of the city are weekly haats, where the common man shops. The stalls seem ephemeral, appearing for a day and then disappearing for a week, but the effect of their colour lingers on.” So what is it about Delhi that fascinates the artist? Is it a coincidence or do creative minds deliberately choose to delve into Delhi’s past that is both different from and akin to the present? This is perhaps what defines the capital: a coexistence of eras, lifestyles and sensibilities.

- The author is a well-known art curator and the views expressed in the article are her own

special feature city trail


On December 12, 1911, Delhi replaced Calcutta as the capital of British-India. The announcement was made at the Delhi Durbar held at the Coronation Park in North Delhi.

The city holds Asia’s largest wholesale spice market – Khari Baoli, situated in the popular Chandni Chowk neighbourhood.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) runs the largest group of ecofriendly buses in the world. DTC buses run on CNG, which is non-hazardous to the environment.

52 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Delhi Metro is positioned as the second-most efficient Metro service in the world – the first being New York.

Apart from Calcutta, trams were also part of the means of commute in Delhi and were started in the city in 1903. The service though didn’t last for too long.

Traditionally, historians refer to “the seven cities of Delhi”, because over the centuries, several dynasties have had their capital cities located here – each built around a fortress that doubled up as a palace.

Originally, the walled city of Delhi had 14 gates, of which now only five stand – Kashmiri Gate (pointing to Kashmir); Ajmeri Gate (facing Ajmer); Lahori Gate (facing Lahore in Pakistan); Delhi Gate (road to earlier cities of Delhi) and Turkman Gate (named after the pious saint Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani).

Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi is the second-oldest international cricket stadium after the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

The 27-tonne, 3rd-century BC Ashoka Pillar at Feroz Shah Kotla was brought from Topra (near Ambala) to Delhi by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq, and erected by Emperor Ashok.

Connaught Place is pegged as the world’s fifth most expensive corporate hotspot after London, Hong Kong (central), and Finance Street and CBD in Beijing.

Delhi isn’t just about sass and spice, but also health. With Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market, Azadpur Mandi, the city is a foodie’s heaven!

open house culture

Mudras of evolution Rooted in tradition and in step with the changing times, Indian classical dances are ever-evolving, says Padma Shri Shovana Narayan Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a common perception that Indian classical dances are frozen in time and, hence, somewhat irrelevant. But this is far from true. Indian classical dances have evolved over the years while strictly following the principles and canons such as the Natya Shastra (a treatise on dramatic art). These ancient guidelines, characterised by grace, precision of movement and elaborate formal gestures, steps, expressions and poses, have helped classical dance develop while retaining its praxis and ethos.

Despite the impact of changing times, at the heart of Indian classical dance forms is a pursuit of the elevation of the self and the attainment of higher levels of enlightenment through bhakti marg, involving darsana (direct vision). Today, the world speaks in a new language that combines the vocabularies of technology, social ethos and environmental concerns. The point to ponder really is: can Indian classical dance reinterpret itself within this new language and address the demands of the world as it continues to change?

A Kathak performance

54 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

open house culture

1. Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj 1



The second half of the 19th century holds special significance, since it witnessed the formalisation of all recognised Indian classical dance forms. Dasiattam, Kathak and other forms were officially recognised, courtesy of efforts by the likes of the Tanjore Quartet (four brothers who lived in the early 19th century and contributed to the development of Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music) and Nawab Wajid Ali Shah (the last Nawab of Awadh, a great patron of the performing arts).

the queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tribute A special postage stamp was created in Great Britain in 1995, under Queen Elizabeth II, depicting two women in a Kathak pose

In the second half of the 20th century, efforts towards the classification of dance forms saw a revolutionary phase. Names of dance forms were changed, presentations were formalised and items were restructured. Additions to the classical panorama were made possible due to a restructuring of old dance practices - so much so that today we have eight recognised classical dance forms, as against the four that had been bequeathed at the time of Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Independence in 1947. Speaking as a Kathak dancer, the fact that the dance form (whose earliest reference occurs in a 4th-century BC Prakrit inscription) is still fresh in the consciousness of the 21st century is significant. It has survived two-and-a-half millennia because of its innate spirit of evolution.

56 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

2. Padma Shri Shovana Narayan

The early medieval period ushered in Sufi philosophy. On the other hand, Vaishnavism, with KrishnaRadha as the symbols for atma-parmatma, rose to prominence. The written word at this time was heavily influenced by the prevailing social ethos and found its way into dance. Over the 12th and 13th centuries, themes of classical dance forms acquired Radha and Krishna as their favourite subjects. The languages used within the classical dance realm also changed. Sanskrit had already given way to regional languages and dialects in texts delineating abhinaya (expressional pieces). And major gods, though still forming central pillars of the classical fraternity, did not preclude the inclusion of local deities. In fact, even the evergreen subject of romance and solah sringar (the 16 steps of beautification) of maidens underwent subtle changes. The prevailing social conditions of the medieval period saw the introduction of the ghunghat, or veil, which eventually found its way into texts as well as dance, leading to the creation of its hasta mudra (hand gesture). Romance now became suggestive, with shy glances and trembling hands and long tresses, in sharp contrast to the earlier explicit refer-


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Legendary Kathak dancers:

Despite the impact of changing times, at the heart of Indian classical dance forms is a pursuit of the elevation of the self

1. Shambhu Maharajji 2. Sitara Devi, the doyen of Kathak

ences to romantic fervour. Thus, ghunghat ki gat (movement showing the drawing of the veil across the face) and various kinds of glances through the diaphanous screen became part of the Kathak repertoire. Today, we see a contemporisation of mythological stories. Draupadi’s story has been reinterpreted in terms of environmental degradation and exploitation of our planet, while Lord Krishna’s Kaliya daman lore has been recreated to draw attention to the issue of water pollution. Another popular reinterpretation of mythology has been in terms of women’s empowerment, where traditional stories about goddesses, queens and even Radha are narrated to emphasise women’s power.

tales retold Today a lot of Indian classical dances draw upon mythology and retell familiar narratives to express contemporary concerns.

Technology, change of venue and the timings of dance performances have influenced the use of lighting too. And this is an element that has been used intelligently by classical dance performers of today. From candles and oil wick lamps to gas lamps and electric lights, the tenor of evening and night performances has undergone a transformation. The extent of the performing area that can now be covered by light has grown manifold. A three-dimensional approach to lighting has also been adopted

58 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

where necessary to focus on important sections. Lights are used to add to the drama of the story being narrated. This, in turn, has impacted movements where the artiste is now able to share the beauty of both expansive as well as contained movements. And this holds true for all traditional dance forms in the country. In terms of the performers themselves I can affirm that the traditional male Kathak performers have given way to women performers. Also, the traditional mantle of male gurus has been taken over by women over the years. And this again is applicable to most classical dance forms practised in India. There is then, of course, the question of maintaining classical tradition. But what is classical tradition? A tarana, a certain raga or a thumri may be part of the classical tradition today, but all three have been fruits of new frontiers in earlier ages. The truth is that many aspects of what is termed classical tradition today have stood the test of time. This reflects the spirit of the verse from the Aitareya Upanishad that says, “Charaiveti, charaiveti”, which means “keep moving, keep moving”.

- The author is a renowned Kathak danseuse and the views expressed in the article are her own




Heritage Street to Sri Harmandir Sahib


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Shweta Nanda Bachchan walks the ramp for Khosla Janiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s India debut in Mumbai

62 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Designed for the world Opulent Indian couture has been their calling card. And as fashion stalwarts Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla foray into Indian-at-heart Westernwear, they pen down their thoughts for Shubh Yatra India has been our eternal muse. Indian traditions, heritage, crafts and arts have inspired our work throughout. While we kept re-inventing ourselves every season, we had never experimented with Westernwear as we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to do anything just to be part of the herd. We wanted to be unique. And now, as we work on our first season of Westernwear under the label Khosla Jani, we feel this is ultimate couture: a meld of the finest craftsmanship and techniques and hand embroideries, motifs and influences from diverse localities, cultures and eras. We have re-imagined our creative sensibilities and Indian inspirations for new audiences and geographies. It

is a label thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been conceptualised, designed and produced in India for the world. Africa, Europe, Japan and India figure prominently in the first collection, as do art, architecture and nature.

The journey

The first year was spent making samples. It was a long and tedious process, as we wanted to perfect the cuts and the embroideries. Interestingly, these sample pieces found instant recognition and were selected by stylists in Hollywood. And then they were sported by international celebrities such as Dame Judi Dench, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Carrie Under-

Models sport ensembles from the collection at the Mumbai show

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 63

open house fashion

We love Air India’s cabin crew. They are charming and warm. Air India’s hospitality makes every journey luxurious. They’re the safest hands to be in. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

life and times

first steps Khosla Jani was launched in Mumbai in November 2016, with Shweta Nanda Bachchan walking the ramp. Khosla Jani is a standalone label, which will be retailed in India and abroad.

music and magic Pop star Beyonce Knowles wore a creation from the Khosla Jani label in British rock band Coldplay’s music video Hymn For The Weekend.

The line is global in look but Indian in inspiration

wood. So in an unplanned manner, the label had an international debut before being launched in India. But even though the ensembles have Western silhouettes, they are intrinsically Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla. Our sensibilities and aesthetics remain the same. The new label is as fine, eternally elegant and completely original as any other collection designed by us ever.

try and work towards better and more affordable infrastructure. We need to ensure our crafts and artisans get their due and get a fair representation on the global platform. And for this we need investor support. Japanese design and designers became an international sensation when corporate Japan started funding them.

We haven’t taken to the minimalism route to go international. We are maximalists. For us, more is better. More detailing and more finesse translate into more beauty. And this has only become stronger as we mature. We are nitpickers, never content and always yearning to set impossible standards for ourselves, meet them and then break our own bar.

We need a similar show of faith from our own. We are not against international luxury brands being brought to India through joint ventures between Indian and international brands but it’s important to promote Indian brands internationally as well.

Designing has never been a business for us. Like all artists, we make terrible businessmen because the compulsion to remain true to ourselves and to create with authenticity is what drives us. Our work is always an act of passion and never a product. What we have found is that our hunger, stamina and madness have increased as we have aged. Yet we see everything with a newborn’s eyes. We keep learning every day and we want to learn forever. One has to be a student always and it is for the rest of the world to call you a master.

Evolution of Indian fashion

There is no dearth of talent in India and our ideas are brilliant. We need to stand united as an indus-

64 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Design across genres

Creativity cannot be contained and it will always spill over into new media of expression. As artistes, we are always stretching our limits, something that led to the launch of our furniture line in the 1990s. We began with a collection of furniture inspired by architecture and that led to residential interiors. It was a natural progression rather than a conscious, intellect-driven decision. And one home led to another. When you are inspired, you make it all happen. It’s astonishing how much you can juggle when you do what you love.

- The authors are celebrated Indian fashion designers and the views expressed in this article are their own

open house tech

THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC Electric vehicles could transform energy and mobility in the next decade, says Chetan Maini, the man who gave India its first mass-market electric car

An electric car, powered by a battery charged through renewable energy sources, would be a true zero-emission solution for India’s mobility concerns

My interest in electric mobility dates back to when I was studying in the US. My university team raced across the country in a solar car and stood first. Then, we raced across Australia, and stood third in the world. The fact that we could do 3,200 km using solar energy and an electric vehicle convinced me that this was the future of transportation. This also inspired me to think: what does it require to be successful in India? Here, our primary challenges include energy security, local pollution and climate change, coupled with the fact that we, as a country, want to grow but need to do it sustainably. How do we turn these challenges into opportunities? Electric mobility is the answer. In 2001, when we launched the Reva electric car, we were a little too early for the market. But the launch did seed the imagination and demonstrate that elec-

66 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

trics can work. Today, we see the coming together of technology, governance and people’s perspectives, which will harness the true potential of electric vehicles (EVs). The world’s best production EVs can go 500 km on a full charge, and can be charged in under 30 minutes; 10 years ago, the numbers were 100 km and six to eight hours. Battery technology is getting eight per cent better and cheaper every year, so you will soon see a huge shift in how it could be used. Electric mobility works well with shorter distances, slower speeds and lighter platforms – all of which exist in India, where 90 per cent of fleet vehicles are smaller vehicles, and 90 per cent of trips are shortdistance ones. Also, the stop-and-go driving is great for EVs – whenever you brake, the motor recharges the battery. This surely augurs well for us, considering that by 2030, we will have 300-400 million vehicles on the road.

open house tech

advantage india

The government’s FAME Scheme has demonstrated positive intent and policy support, bringing the promise of a bright future

India meets all the requirements for electric mobility to succeed

Short distances, light vehicle platforms, slower speeds - all exist in India, and work well for electric mobility

India’s target of 100 GW solar energy by 2022 means that every vehicle manufactured in that year could be powered by solar energy, with 4x excess capacity left over

Stop-and-go driving is a boon of sorts - it charges the car battery through regenerative braking

Real-life Indian examples of transportation firms using charging infrastructure and electric cars demonstrate that the system can work!

India has a target to produce 100 GW of solar energy by 2022. To put that in perspective, all vehicles manufactured in 2022 – about 30 million – could be powered by solar energy. By 2030, with a target of 300 GW, we could power all vehicles produced up to that date (350 million) by renewable energy. Thus, this is a great prospect for our country, and EVs can definitely transform energy and mobility in the next decade or so.

Technology advances will make the cost structure of electric vehicles similar to petrol or diesel cars

However, the challenge is a chicken-and-egg issue – if volumes are high, costs will dip. American auto giant Tesla had a pre-order for 4,00,000 vehicles – they had anticipated building 5,00,000 vehicles and constructed a battery plant accordingly, allowing 40-50 per cent lower production cost that let them price the car accordingly. A mature market, government tax credits and a host of other functionalities facilitated this. The model can be successfully followed in India, where the biggest concerns remain cost, performance, and range anxiety. Battery costs are falling every year; performance levels are comparable to petrol/diesel vehicles already (even surpassing them in some flagship vehicles); and range and charging times will get better with updated technology as well as arrangements for battery swapping within minutes. This technology ecosystem

68 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

will make the cost structure of EVs similar to petrol or diesel cars, with no change in performance levels. That’s when we will have the big take-off! But how do we create the right incentives for higher volumes? Proper policy support is essential, and the government’s Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles India (FAME India) Scheme is a great step. Given the recent announcement of going all-electric by 2030, a lot more must be done, publicprivate partnerships for stronger infrastructure being essential. A good start would be public transport applications in select cities, as taxis, buses and three-wheelers currently consume the most electricity and cause the most pollution; they, though, will also have the quickest payback with electric mobility - the more you drive, the more you save! We have a chance to make a big shift. Capacities across the world have grown at 1 to 2 per cent; India is growing much faster. We can redefine mobility in five areas: electric, shared, connected, with large levels of autonomy, and powered by renewable energy. All this could take us from point A to point B at a third of the cost. This is real, and this is happening!

- The author is an Indian automobile pioneer and the views expressed in this article are his own

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vegetarian Ryan Fernando offers a guide to globe-trotting vegetarian travellers on a quest for balanced food If you have been born and brought up in a vegetarian household, the Indian thali of dal, roti, chawal and sabzi probably qualifies as your most satisfying mealâ&#x20AC;Ś and happily, one that you would be served quite regularly. Researchers say an Indian diet is ideal, serving up a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Our ancestors, too, thrived on these foods and this was the reason they werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t prone to lifestyle diseases at an early age. However, times were different then. Our forefathers were not under the constant pressure of deadlines and long hours. Unlike them, we are always on the move â&#x20AC;&#x201C; mostly for professional reasons. So naturally, on a work tour to a foreign country, one topic often running through the mind of a vegetarian is food! More than anybody else, working executives have a difficult time during official meetings, which are often held at restaurants or hotels. Limited variety in the vegetarian menu can compel them to settle for either fresh fruits and salads or the regular paneer, or assorted vegetable dishes. The important question here is: where is the balance of nutrients?

72 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

open house food


1. Quinoa is rich in protein and is filling, too



2. Hummus, made from chickpeas, is an excellent source of protein and keeps you full for a long time 3. The good bacteria in Greek yoghurt helps fight gut problems 4. Chia seeds keep you full for a longer time


5. Peanuts and peanut chikkis are also good options


Similar concerns plague students about to commence studies abroad. Concerned mothers teach their children to cook before they leave home, or generously pack pickles, desi ghee, khakras and laddoos to carry along on the trip. Hectic academic schedules and daily classes leave students with little time to prepare a proper meal; instead, they find it more convenient to munch on packaged food, or khakras and laddoos that lack adequate nutrition in themselves.

It is important to keep yourself hydrated on a flight, so keep sipping water and juices

For a vegetarian, finding a meal of choice in a foreign land – and sometimes even in a different city – is tough. And finding one that is nutritious, even more so. The following tips can serve as a useful guide for vegetarian travellers in their quest for balanced food: a) Ahead of your travel, research the food that your destination is famous for and browse for any health food stores in the vicinity. b) Intimate the hotel in advance that you are a vegetarian. Be specific, as “vegetarian” in a foreign country could also mean food without red meat or with egg, poultry and fish.

74 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

You may consult a nutritionist who can help you with a travel nutrition guide. Also keep the following tips in mind: Consume at least 24 almonds (6 gm of protein). Carry a protein powder that provides 8-10 gm protein per serving. Try consuming at least four to six dates daily. At a restaurant, you could order food that includes kidney beans along with rice. Other than filling you up, this meal combination is an excellent source of protein. To keep ordering at restaurants simple, just ask for the burrito bowl, which is the best example of this combination. When you are on board a flight, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Stick only to water or fresh fruit juices that do not contain any sort of added sugar or preservatives. Also, ask for extra dry fruits and nuts (salted ones would do too) and keep munching on them at regular intervals. It will keep you full.

- The author is a celebrity nutritionist and the views expressed in the article are his own

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Vegetarian food combinations you could choose from while travelling abroad USA

When in the US, the best option is to dig into the combination of kidney beans and rice. It is a good meal for vegetarians looking for adequate protein. The burrito bowl is an excellent example of this combination. Tacos and black/mixed beans with salsa is also a good option.


Europe is famous for its meat, bread and potatoes. Breads, in fact, occupy a major portion of European cuisine. So when you head off on that trip across Europe, you will have easy access to cheese, bread and jacket potatoes with delicious sour cream and chives. And the trusted pastas and pizzas are always there to fall back on. Just be careful while choosing your toppings.


Welcome to the land of fresh and exotic fruits. And rice is Asiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s staple food, so be ready for a variety of rice items. Do try the mango sticky rice; thukpa - a popular noodle soup - and laksa - a noodle soup served in a rich coconut milk-based spiced broth, along with eggplant, green beans, fresh herbs and tofu. And, of course, bite into tropical fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen, dragon fruit and jackfruit.

76 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

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‘india’s the place to be now’ Thorir Ibsen, ambassador of Iceland to India, on his love for tandoori food, Shah Rukh Khan and the Himalayas India-bound

I could hardly contain my excitement when I was told I would be coming to India. The country is going through exciting times; economically, India has been doing very well. India has been making itself known in the world community and holds a strong position among BRICS

Photo: Ashish Singh

Two years ago, Thorir Ibsen was deputed as the ambassador of Iceland to India, but the traveller in him was more excited than the diplomat. Along with serving his official responsibilities, he enjoys travelling around India, and he plans to keep doing that. He talks to Shubh Yatra about his experiences in the country:

80 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

open house foreign impressions

what’s my favourite

It is a pleasure to fly Air India because the friendly and helpful cabin staff and crew make you feel so comfortable Bollywood bug Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are my favourite Indian actors and I loved them in Dilwale

countries. Now is the time to be here, and observe and engage with everything. It was all the more exciting because my wife and I enjoy travelling, and neither of us had been to India. So it was a completely new experience.

Looking back at the past two years a fond memory I will never forget spotting a tiger at the Kanha tiger reserve - it is my best memory in India flying the maharajaH The Air India staff and crew are friendly and very helpful being in india Diwali, with all the lights, is the one Indian festival that fascinates me the most

wanderlust I can never have enough of the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas

For us, India was an exotic land. So after we arrived, we had to learn to adjust. Climate was a factor. I’ve experienced warm countries but it was the first time that I experienced 50°C. That was one thing we had to get used to. We also had to come to terms with the diversity - we only realised its sheer magnitude when we started travelling in India.

Favourite places

We’ve been pretty much everywhere: Chennai, Puducherry, Kolkata, Mumbai, Udaipur, Varanasi and also the Northeast - Manipur, Assam (the Kaziranga National Park) and Sikkim. We did a six-day trek in the Ladakhi Himalayas. I don’t think I can go back to a place I’ve already been to because there is so much left to visit. I am yet to go to the other northeastern states as well as Goa and Rishikesh.

Favourite food

I’m a non-vegetarian and I love the tandoori and Punjabi food here. Indian cuisine is fragrant and colourful but can be a tad challenging for the expat’s palate. I love the spices, but in moderation. When my cook prepares Indian food for me, I ask him to make it mild. I find south Indian cuisine strong as well as interesting.

82 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

An Icelander’s to-do list in India

There are so many things I would ask an Icelander to do in India. First, I would suggest they explore Rajasthan - its art, colours, music and forts. Also the Taj Mahal in Agra. I think they would find South India interesting, especially Kochi. They should explore both the eastern and the western coasts of India and cities such as Varanasi and Rishikesh, to see the mesmerising rituals around the Ganges. If they enjoy trekking and adventure, they should either go to Sikkim or Ladakh.

An Indian’s to-do list in Iceland

There are two things an Indian can do in Iceland. When I came here first, I highlighted summer Iceland, because we love that phase from June to August. That’s the best time to enjoy nature, the midnight sun, the glaciers and the huge lakes with their lava fields. But later I discovered that Indians were more eager to travel to Iceland in winter, from October to February, to see the northern lights also known as the Aurora Borealis. If that is indeed what interests them, this year is set to offer an extremely good view. The strength of the northern lights is related to the constellations and the temperature, and the predictions for this year are quite spectacular. People would not need to go out of the city of Reykjavik to see it. So I would ask an Indian to visit Iceland twice a year - in summer and in winter - to experience the different sides of the beautiful country. - As told to Shrabasti Mallik

infocus manipur

Manipur The jewel of india

Under able leadership, this picturesque state has become one of the most progressive regions in the country


estled in the breathtaking peaks and valleys in northeast India, Manipur is a land of royal fables, stunning landscapes and beautiful people. And today, under able leadership, it is also one of the most progressive states in the country, growing in leaps and bounds and scaling new heights. From achieving breakthroughs in scientific research and producing and supporting international sportspersons to

84 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

promoting local crafts and upgrading its education system, Manipur can truly be called India's crown jewel. Art and culture In the last 15 years, the Department of Art and Culture of Manipur has notched up several achievements and has developed drastically in terms of infrastructure and academics. Adoption of Manipur Culture Policy, publication of the Manipur State Gazetteer, Gazetteer of Churachandpur

and Gazetteer of Ukhrul Districts; establishment of the Manipur University of Culture and Manipur State Film and Television Institute and adoption of the Manipur Public Library Bill 2005 were among its major achievements. Environment The main function of the Directorate of Environment in Manipur is policy planning, conservation, regulation, coordination and promotion of

Manipur's popular Raslila performance

environment-related issues along with its meaningful application in various developmental programmes to achieve the socio-economic objectives of the state. The Directorate enforces the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and subsequent rules in the state. The Directorate of Environment implements 17 plan schemes/works projects for advancing mass awareness and protection of the fragile environment in order to maintain a consistent balance between the development programmes and restoration of the natural environment of Manipur. Some of the schemes and programmes being promoted are as follows: 1) Beautification and eco-development of Kangla 2) Improvement of State Botanical garden at Khonghampat

Okram Ibobi Singh Chief Minister, Manipur

The Manipur Forest Department has taken up afforestation through various schemes over an area of 114,000 ha in the last 15 years, planting about 13 crore saplings. According to the FSI State Forest Report, 2015, the forest cover of the state is 16,994 sqkm about 76.11 per cent of total land area with an increase of 4 sq km and change of 1,200 sq km scrub to forests since

2013. In the last 15 years, the revenue credited to the state account by the Department is `32 crore.  Also, the population of Manipur's state animal Sangai has increased from 180 in 2003 to 260 in 2015. Similarly, there has also been an increase in the wildlife population outside protected areas of forests in the state.   Language planning In pursuance of a resolution passed in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, the Government of Manipur established and strengthened a Language Cell in the Department of Education(s) in 1998 for taking care of development and implementation of Manipuri language (as an official language of the state and also an eighth Scheduled Language of the nation) and for all-round

Manipur Legislative Assembly

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 85

infocus manipur

(Above) The beautiful Loktak lake and (right) World Environment Day 2016 being marked in the state

development of all the tribal languages spoken across various regions in the state. The Language Cell was upgraded to a full-fledged Directorate of Language Planning and Implementation under the state government in 2013. Some of the major activities of the Language Directorate (from 2002 to 2016) are as follows: i. Institution of Annual Manipuri Literary Award of `3 lakh; ii. Introduction of Meetei Mayek as the only script for Manipuri language from Class I (2006 onwards) iii. Preparation and production of Manipuri medium (Meetei Mayek) textbooks and reference books for classes XI and XII under the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (which is making good progress) iv. Preparation of a standard Manipuri bilingual and multi-script dictionary (which is making good progress) v. Recognition of 17 Major tribal languages and teaching them upto class XII as major Indian language (MIL) subjects vi. Preparation of standard

86 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

grammar for 13 major tribal languages for effective teaching in schools Tribal affairs As per the 2011 population census, Manipur has a total population of 28.56 lakh with Scheduled Tribe population of 11.67 lakh (40.88 per cent) and

A Kom dance performance at the Festival of Tribal Dance

Scheduled Caste population of 0.97 lakh (3.41 per cent), which still constitute the weaker section of society. The State Tribal Affairs Department has taken up various schemes for socioeconomic development of SC and ST people through implementation of developmental programmes like familyoriented scheme, welfare schemes, and infrastructure schemes for speedy development. These schemes and programmes are all supplemental in nature to the programmes implemented by other concerned departments of the state government. Some of the major achievements made by the Department are as follows: i) Family-Oriented Income generating Scheme: Under this scheme, programmes like land development, rearing of animals, assistance to the tribal weavers/artisans

One of the dams in the state that's a part of the irrigation system

are implemented. ii) During the period 2002-2016, the Department provided assistance to 12,600 ST and 560 SC families. iii) Welfare programmes: During the same period (2002-2016), the Department registered the following achievements: a) 10,262 ST families and 420 SC families were provided with GCI sheets for roofing of their dwelling houses. b) 980 tribal women societies/ organisations were given financial assistance for various activities. c) 4,66,368 ST and 21,560 SC students have been awarded Post-Matric Scholarships. d) 44,665 ST and 2,450 SC students have been awarded Pre-Matric Scholarships. e) 18,900 tribal patients were given financial assistance for their medical treatment, both inside and outside the state, and another 1,050 disabled tribal

people were also assisted. f) Under the Skill Development Programme, the department trained SC and ST youths in various trades. g) Three health centres were established during 2014-2015 by Autonomous District Councils of Tamenglong, Churachandpur and Ukhrul. Minor Irrigation Department The Minor Irrigation (MI) Department in Manipur has taken up MI schemes with Central assistance under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) funding - now Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, and with the funds from other funding agencies such as Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR), North Eastern

Council (NEC) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in both surface flow and lift irrigation schemes. These schemes are implemented with proper assessment of the suitability of sites and feasibility of the particular schemes like construction of mini barrage or weir, lift irrigation schemes, or irrigation tanks according to the requirement of specific localities in the State. Under AIBP, launched in the state from the year 1999-2000 by the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, the Department has so far completed 945 minor irrigation schemes at a total cost of `473.80 crore and 53,914 Ha of cultivable land has been brought under its command. It has played a commendable role in promoting agricultural productivity in the areas

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 87

infocus manipur under its operation. Under NLCPR funding, the Department completed five projects at a total cost of `2,003 lakh covering a total area of 4,889 Ha under the command of all these projects. As a part of the Twenty-Point Programme (TPP), renovation of 87 under-performing minor irrigation schemes, including modernisation of a number of RLI schemes by replacing the old diesel pumping sets with electric motors, was undertaken with loan assistance from NABARD at a cost of `22 crore during 2011-12 and `9.50 crore during 2015-16. Around `6.45 lakh has been released for taking up 20 schemes, which are in progress. Under the North East Council, Shillong, four MI schemes were approved at an estimated cost of `17.44 crore. The schemes are in progress. Since the creation of the MI department in 1981 upto 2000, the department had taken up only State Plan works costing about `5-10/20 lakh from a marginal budget amount of only 10/25 crore in a year. After that during 1999-2000 to 200102, the department had taken up 108 schemes under AIBP at an estimated cost of `4.28 crore with a potential creation of 3,740 Ha. Irrigation and Flood Control The major irrigation projects of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department include the Khuga Multipurpose Project sanctioned in July 1980 for `15 crore to create irrigation potential of 14,760 Ha. The latest approved revised cost of the project is `433.91 crore. Only 65 per cent of the dam and 75 per cent of the spillway were completed during 20022003. However, all the components of the dam and spillway were completed and commissioned on November 12, 2010 with a partial irrigation potential of 10,000 Ha. The Thoubal Multipurpose Project was approved in 1980 for `47.25 crore to create 35,160 Ha of annual irrigation, provide 10 MGD of drinking water and generate 7.50 MW of hydropower. The latest approved revised cost of the project is `1,694.27 crore.

88 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

The Mirror Magic Gallery at Manipur Science Centre, Takyelpat

A part of Manipur's power distribution grid

Science & Technology The Department of Science and Technology in Manipur works on programmes that cover science and technology, non-conventional energy sources and information technology sectors. The Manipur Science Centre at Takyelpat, which was completed and opened to the public in May 2005, is one of its most popular achievements. The Centre's objective is to encourage and build a scientific temperament among the public, especially children. The Centre was upgraded with 3-Dimension Science Theatre and Mirror Magic Gallery this year.

Lauding the department, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh said that other than working to improve the Manipur Science Centre, the government has also taken the initiative to set up science centres in the hill districts. In time, the Manipur government also proposes to have one Science Centre in every district of the State. Power As per the Indian Constitution, the power sector is a concurrent subject and is the joint responsibility of the State and Central governments. The power sector in India is dominated by

Progress in 15 years Welfare of minorities and other backward classes: Constructed and handed over three OBC boys’ hostels Constructed and handed over three OBC girls’ hostels Two OBC boys’ hostels under construction Three OBC girls’ hostels under construction OBC Pre-Matric scholarship given to 207,559 students Manipur CM Okram Ibobi Singh inspecting power tillers

the government. In Manipur, the bulk of the transmission and distribution of electricity within the state is with State utilities. Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) is looking after transmission of electricity whereas Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) is looking after distribution of electricity. Till date, no private sector company has made an entry in transmission and distribution of electrical energy here. The power sector in Manipur is funded mainly through budgetary support and other specific development plans, like NEC and Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources. The growth of power sector infrastructure in Manipur since Independence has been noteworthy. The commissioning of the two micro hydel sets with capacities of 100 kW and 56 kW at Leimakhong in 1930 by the then Manipur State HE Board marked the beginning of the use of electricity in Manipur. The royal palace and main areas of Imphal town received electricity generated from this captive hydel station. During World War II, two more DG sets of 62 kW and 46 kW capacities were installed at the old Imphal Power House by the armed forces for electrification of Imphal town and its suburbs. The

OBC Post-Matric scholarship given to 109,740 students installed capacity remained the same till the end of the first Five Year Plan (1951-56) of the post-Independence period. The second Five Year Plan (1956-61), however, saw a significant change in the demand for power in the state. The demand had been growing rapidly due to increasing social acceptance and the gradual awareness of the people towards the use of electricity for different purposes. This had necessitated further addition in the generation capacity and it was accomplished with the installation of a few more DG sets of various capacities in and around Imphal. Commerce and industries Handloom and textiles: Manipuri handloom products have always been in demand. Handloom is the most important and fast-growing

Minority Pre-Matric scholarship given to 39,873 students Minority Post-Matric scholarship given to 25,780 students Minority MCM scholarship given to 2,383 students Achievements in education: Five private colleges upgraded to aided college status in 2011 Enrollment strength increased by 80 per cent during the last five years Manipur University converted into a Central University in 2005 Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) Manipur, Regional Campus established in 2009  Manipur Technical University established in 2016 Bill for establishment of DM University passed State Higher Education Council established in 2013

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infocus manipur

Handicrafts products are organic, ecofriendly, exportable, attract tourists, and offer high returns ad low cost.

Manipur's handwoven textiles are very popular across the world

cottage industry in Manipur and the state has the highest concentration of weavers and of the possession of looms in the country. The primary objective of the Handlooms & Textiles section under the Department of Commerce & Industries, Government of Manipur, is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the handloom weavers and to work for the harmonious growth of this sector. The National Handloom Census 2009-10 reported that Manipur has 2.04 lakh handloom workers (5.3 per cent of the all-India number) and 1.9 lakh looms (8.02 per cent of the all-India number). Mineral sector: The Geology & Mining Division of the Ministry of Commerce has continued the exploration of minerals in the state. The exploration of limestone at Ukhrul, Hundung and Phungyar was completed by the GSI and State Geology and Mining Division in 2002. The investigation of limestone, chromite, platinum group of elements (PGEs), copper, cobalt, soapstone, serpentinites, and rodingites were taken up during the last 15 years.

90 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Handicraft: Handicrafts in Manipur is a labour-intensive, cottage-based and traditional industry. It has its own unique identity amongst the various crafts of the country. It is regarded as one of the most suitable industries that can easily be set up by the local artisans with minimal investment at their own home by utilising locallyavailable raw materials and applying the skill already inherited by them.

Sericulture The Sericulture Department, Manipur, has been implementing various schemes and projects since the lX-Plan period till the end of September 2016 of XII-Plan, in addition to the State's normal plan schemes. The following are the major projects implemented by the department during the last 15 years: 1) Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) 2) Manipur Sericulture Project (MSP-l) 3) Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) Youth affairs and sports The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Manipur, has taken care of games, sports and youth welfare activities in the State since its inception. The

Manipur has produced several sports-stars, including Olympian Mary Kom

London Olympics. Commonwealth Games medallists from the state are Sanamacha Chanu, N Kunjarani Devi, Tingongleima, W Surjalata Devi, Pakpi, Sangai Chanu Ibemhal, Dingku Singh, L Brojeshwori Devi, A Anita Chanu in 2002 (Manchester); N Kunjarani Devi, Y Renubala Devi, L Monica in 2006 (Melbourne); M Suranjoy Singh, Y Renubala Devi, L Bombayla Devi, Sonia, Bheigyabati, A Sandhyarani, L Monica in 2010 (Delhi); Sanjita Chanu, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, Shushila Devi, L Devendro Singh, L Sarita Devi, and Kunjarani Devi wins gold at Commonwealth Games, 2006 Kothajit Singh, K Chinglensana, Kalpana Devi in 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland). Asian Games medallists are Tingongleima Department has been implementing Chanu, W Surjalata Devi in 1989 (Bangvarious programmes and schemes kok); Dingku Singh in 2002 (Busan); relating to students and non-student M Bimoljit Singh in 2006 (Doha); youth of the state by organising W Sandhyarani, M Bimoljit Singh, programmes like mass physical fitM Suranjoy, MC Mary Kom and ness programmes, sports and games, K Sanahanbi Devi in 2010 (Guangzhou). training and coaching programmes,  implementation of Central schemes Child affairs related to sports and youth welfare, The Integrated Child Development providing financial assistance to the Services (ICDS) Scheme was launched state and district level sports associain 1975 at Ukhrul TD Block in Ukhtions and building sports infrastructure rul district under the central sector. facilities with State, Central and other Now, the scheme has been expanded agencies. So far, Manipur has produced throughout the entire state covering 43 13 Olympians, including MC Mary Kom, CD/TD blocks, and all these projects are who won a bronze medal in the 2012 operational.   

The state has launched several projects for child welfare

A brief Note on Manipur Development Society The Manipur Development Society, one of the pilot projects of the country set up under the auspices of the Planning Commission of India, has been taking up employmentgeneration schemes in the field of handloom, minor irrigation, miscellaneous engineering works, and agriculture, covering mostly rural areas in the valley and hill districts of the State of Manipur. The main objective of the society is to bring about comprehensive all-round development in the rural areas of the State. The schemes to be implemented by the Society are in addition to the normal schemes of the concerned government departments. Apart from implementing work programmes chalked out and approved for a particular financial year, the Society has been taking up deposit works of different departments under the state government.

In order to reach out to all children, in particular to those in difficult circumstances, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, has combined its existing child protection schemes under one centrally-sponsored scheme - the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS). This Centrally-sponsored scheme brings together multiple vertical schemes under one comprehensive child protection programme and integrates interventions for protecting children and preventing harm. The state government signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Central Government on November 5, 2009 for the implementation of the ICPS.

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Air India has direct flights to Vienna three times a week from New Delhi.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra annual ball

92 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016


in Vienna Becca Hensley lives a fairytale as she attends a ball in the stunning Austrian capital I feel like a princess. Until I start to dance. I descend a gilded staircase in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, once home to the Hapsburg dynasty, and join a throng of waltzing revellers. Inept in my step, despite lessons at the renowned Elmayer dancing academy, I can’t quite perfect the elegant twirls and whirls required to move to music that emits a playful 100 beats a minute. Feeling like a failed Cinderella, I stomp on toes and hear my partner sigh, then whisper: “Backward, between, left, right, together, turn.” Finally, giving up, he picks me up just inches off the floor and I glide to his prowess, appearing to dance as beautifully as the others in the ornate room - Austrians born to the rhythm of the waltz. When the dance ends, he proffers me a glass of Champagne, shrugs his tuxedo-clad shoulders and tries to ameliorate the situation: “Not everyone can waltz on their first attempt. Some special people require extra lessons.” Not to be disheartened, I spend the rest of the night exploring the stunning gilded palace, a magnificent building along the Ringstrasse, which has more than 70 rooms. Home tonight to the prestigious Coffee House Owners’ Ball, the stately space (which includes storied portions such as the Spanish Riding School, a gorgeous example of Viennese largesse that includes tumbles of ornamental stucco, 46 decorated chandeliers and haunting paintings) has been transformed

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New Year Balls

1. Dancing couples in a ballroom 2. A representative horse carriage at the annual Viennese Opera Ball


hofburg silvester ball December 31, 2016 This ball rings in the New Year at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, the former imperial residence.

flower ball January 13, 2017 For this ball, held by the garden workers of Vienna, the City Hall transforms into a stunning sea of flowers.

vienna philharmonic ball February 19, 2017 All halls of the Musikverein building turn into a ballroom for the Vienna Philharmonic Ball.

opera ball February 23, 2017 Held at the iconic Vienna State Opera, this ball lets guests experience the famous opera house backstage, too.

to host a vibrant night-time soiree. Once the lively gathering has disbursed, I exit the building accompanied by my friends to join in another local tradition. We board a fiaker (a horse-drawn carriage) and clip-clop to Café Landtmann, one of the city’s most revered coffee houses, to wash down a bowl of spicy goulash with local beer — an after-ball tradition. Ball gown dishevelled and bun askew, my shoes thrown off beneath the table, I check the time. It’s 5 o’ clock in the morning. Will my Cinderella night conclude like the one in the fairytale? Will the carriage we arrived in transform into a pumpkin now? No, my Viennese companions assure me. “We do this all the time!” they say.

coffee house owners’ ball February 17, 2017 The Imperial Palace hosts the annual Kaffeesieder Ball, one of the most glamorous in Vienna.

The storybook ball tradition might just be the most appropriate metaphor for elegant, edgy Vienna - a lustrous city steeped in artistic and intellectual heritage. Ball season, an annual ritual embraced by the young and the old alike, animates with celebration during the months leading to spring. More than 300 balls are held between New Year’s Eve and the Lent season most of them black-tie events and many among them fundraisers or coming-of-age celebrations.

94 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

The custom began more than a century ago. Emperor Franz Joseph feared a revolt from his royal subjects and to quell the disharmony before it began, he invited the populace en masse into the castle for an evening of extravagant revelry, a social act that proved to be brilliantly successful. Merrymaking cut across social classes. This corresponded handily with the sudden popularity of an upstart local composer — Johann Strauss — who had invented a peppy form of music (the waltz) and the fast-paced dance that accompanied it — also called the waltz. The dance made hearts race and brought couples closer. As popular as ever, balls today are ubiquitous during Fasching (carnival season in Austria and Germany). Varying in style and mood, not all are formal galas. Soirees such as the Wallflower Ball, for instance, tread a slightly different path. The Wallflower Ball encourages inconspicuous, mousy clothing (with the worst dressed dancer winning a prize) — a perfect foil to the glitz and glamour of the dressier affairs. There are balls that celebrate professions (such as the Pharmacist’s Ball), balls that raise funds for important causes (such as the Life Ball) and balls that pay

+91 80 6622 6622 +91 95388 74444 / 5

Quality Education

is not simply our goal


er Now Regist or f

EET REVVAAUniversity (RE gineering t) En ce Tes Entran

Computer Science Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering

B.Arch. | B.A. LL.B | B.B.A. LL.B B.Com | B.Com (Hons.) | BBA | BBA (Hons.) BCA | B.S. in Cloud Computing & Big Data POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS M.Tech. (Full time and Part time) MBA | M.Com. | MCA | MA in English MS in Computer Science M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics / Biochemistry Biotechnology / Chemistry

SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER Accredited Center of excellence

Integrating Earn While Learn

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Career Scholarship for Girls

Letter of Placement on Admission



Campus - Rukmini Knowledge Park, Kattigenahalli, Yelahanka, Bengaluru - 560 064.

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1. The Vienna Town Hall at dusk


ball etiquettes


homage to the arts (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Ball). Interestingly, today, most Austrians learn how to waltz as teenagers and attend classes throughout the year. The day after the ball, my feet are sore from dancing but I can’t get the music out of my head. Having retired my (metaphorical) glass slippers, I wear sensible shoes and take a stroll around the city, still enchanted from the night before. It is now easy to imagine the stories behind every piece of historic architecture, art-dotted green space and humming coffee house. To the rhythm of my inner Strauss soundtrack, I visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum to gaze at the Bruegel masterpieces and other works collected by the Hapsburg dynasty. Tired, I sit for a while in the museum’s café, beneath its lavish octagonal dome, feeling every bit the spent Cinderella. But while I wait for cake and coffee, the memories of last night’s fairytale magic enliven me — as does the building’s splendid artistic display. Suddenly, as if by the wave of a wand, I feel like a princess again.

Floor-length ball gown and black tie (unless otherwise indicated, or if it is a themed ball). Don’t go to a ball alone! Go with a partner or a group of friends. Always dance with the flow (same direction as everybody else). Ballroom dancing experience (at least a little) is required if you want to dance on the main floor. Join the midnight quadrille. Everybody gets on the dance floor. It is so much fun to be part of the crowd, even if you have never done it before.

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2. Graben street, one of the most famous streets of Vienna

- The author is a well-known travel writer and the views expressed in the article are her own

infocus austria

the land of dreams Austria is the Indian traveller's paradise with a strategic location at the heart of Europe, rich cultural attractions and stunning mountainscapes Since April 2016, Air India has been connecting the capitals of India and Austria, Delhi and Vienna, with each other. The strong relations that already exist between the two countries have, as a result, grown even stronger on account of the convenient direct flights that are making tourism, business and official visits easier.

location for the Indian film industry too, having featured in over 80 films - most recently Karan Johar-directed romantic drama Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Austria offers to every traveller a unique combination of cultural attractions, including nine World Heritage Sites, and stunning mountainscapes. The sights the country has to offer are known around the world - not least through the iconic 1965 Hollywood production, The Sound of Music, which has enchanted generations of film enthusiasts across the world. Austria is an important

Austria, home to one of the major United Nations office sites as well as other international organisations, is also an important location for political, business and scientific conferences. Located at the heart of Europe, Vienna International Airport is also an ideal hub for travellers. Convenient connections by air, road and rail provide for stress-free travel within Austria and beyond.

Austria is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, with its citizens enjoying some of the highest levels of purchasing power Georg Zehetner

Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Austrian Embassy, New Delhi

Image: Spitz an der Donau / Danube / Wachau Valley © Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Weinhaeupl

This year, Austria has seen a substantial increase in the number of tourists from India, the fastest-growing major economy in the world, with arrivals going up by 21 per cent and nights spent by them in the country by 25 pr cent.

Austria is also one of the most prosperous countries in the world, with its consumers enjoying some of the highest levels of purchasing power. Access to the integrated European market through European Union membership, political and social stability and high labour productivity through a well-educated and trained workforce make the country a very attractive business destination.

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A NEW ERA OF WONDER Open daily from 8:30 – 19:30, last entry 18:30 July and August daily from 8:30 – 22:00, last entry 21:00 Kristallweltenstraße 1, 6112 Wattens, Austria

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camaraderie shines


ndia has had warm and friendly relations with Austria since 1949. Indo-Austrian relations were established in May 1949 by the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Chancellor of Austria, Leopold Figl. With India’s intervention in June 1953 in favour of Austria while negotiations were going on with the Soviet Union about the Austrian State Treaty, Indo-Austrian ties strengthened further. A series of highranking visits by Indian politicians to Austria since then has further cemented Indo-Austrian diplomatic ties. Economic relations Austria as a member of the European Union since 1995 has played a vital role in establishing India’s relationship with the European Union, especially with

100 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Image: Zillertal Alps, view of Schwarzstein, Tirol © Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Popp Hackner

Diplomatic ties between India and Austria have, over the last 60 years, grown stronger and have led to tremendous expansion in bilateral business relations, tourism and cultural exchange

countries of central and Eastern Europe. The Indo- Austrian Joint Economic Commission (JEC) established in 1983 is active and on-going between the governmental Ministries and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the two countries. Both countries have mutually cooperated in the fields of steel, manufacturing technology, railway and transport, equipment and metallurgy through a large number of MoUs, collaborations, technology transfers and joint ventures. Indo-Austrian bilateral trade India’s main exports to Austria are garments, textiles and accessories including yarn, fabric, leather and leather products including footwear and carpets, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, auto ancillary products, electrical power

A large number of Indian tourists visit Austria every year. In 2013, about 25,000 Indians visited Vienna, a city famous for opera, coffee houses and nightlife

Image: Brandner Valley © Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Popp Hackner

The five most important sectors of Indian exports to Austria are vehicle parts and accessories thereof (10.19% of total exports), articles of apparel and clothing accessories (9.24%), electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof (8.94%), footwear (8.32%) and organic chemicals (8.13%). On the imports side, the five most important sectors are machinery and parts thereof (26.77% of total imports), electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof (14.23%), iron and steel (9.82%), optical, photographic, measuring, precision and medical equipment (7.79%) and organic chemicals (4.11%). According to the Embassy of India in Vienna, India exported

Image: Silent Night Chapel © Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Weinhäupl

Image: Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Homberger

instruments, computer software, handicrafts, spices, coffee and tea. Austria’s main exports to India include machinery and equipment including projects goods, newsprint, paper and paper products, iron and steel products and professional instruments. The first IndoAustrian industrial collaboration was signed as early as 1956, for supply of steel manufacturing technology for the Rourkela steel plant. Since then, there have been 200 collaborations including 100 technical collaborations and 60 joint venture agreements between Indian and Austrian firms.

goods to Austria worth €558.72 million in 2011, which was an increase of 210% in the first decade of the 21st century. In 2011, India imported goods worth €817.74 million from Austria which was an increase by 320% from the decade 2002–2011. Culture A MoU in the field of culture has been signed between India and Austria in February 2016; artistes from both countries continue performing regularly on the basis of exchange. Moreover, certain cultural exchanges go back to as early as the 19th century. In 1845, Sanskrit began to be taught at the University of Vienna. A chair for Sanskrit studies was established and was later converted into a chair for Indology. In 1955, it transformed itself into a separate Institute for South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies whose main focus is Indology. An MoU for establishing a Short-term Chair of Indian Studies at the University of Vienna was signed between the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the University of Vienna in February 2011. Also, to promote Indian culture in Austria, the Embassy of India in Vienna in cooperation with the Indian Council

for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) organises the Festival of India in Vienna. The Festival of India has multiple components such as cultural performances, a food festival, a film week, an exhibition-cum-sale handicraft fair, business to business meetings, and seminars on Indian dance, Indian music, Indian handicrafts and information technology in Sanskrit-based studies. Tourism There are reportedly over 20,000 Indians (the majority from Kerala and Punjab) living in Austria – working primarily in the healthcare business and selfemployment sectors. Austria is one of the most preferred tourist destination for Indians travelling to Europe. A large number of Indian tourists visit Austria every year. In 2015, about 40,355 Indians visited Vienna, a city famous for opera, coffee houses and nightlife.

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Image: Tourismus Salzburg, Photographer: Popp Hackner

infocus austria

The land of

warm hearts Along with the sights and sounds of Austria, what makes a visit to the country most memorable are the people, who welcome tourists and leave no stone unturned in making them feel at home


o matter how you look at it and no matter how many guests are surveyed, the results are always the same: what makes a country truly unique is the people who live there. After all, what would a holiday country be without hosts?

would a hike in the Tirolean Alps be without hearing the traditional greeting Griass enk of the locals or the Mohlzeit! (the Alpine equivalent of bon appétit!) of the hut keeper when she serves you the delicious spinach–filled pasta parcels known as Schlutzkrapfen?

Or rather, what would Austria be without the Austrian hosts? What

And what would a spectacular performance at the State Opera

102 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

be if you couldn’t share the great feeling of happiness it gives you, with other people? Austria impresses with its hosts and with hospitality. When people talk about Austrians, they invariably mention the special mentality of these people. And this mentality is very much appreciated by the guests; it is something they always remember. This is confirmed by a comprehensive survey conducted by

Image: Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Popp Hackner Image: Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Fankhauser

(Clockwise from top) The city of Salzburg; Innsbruck; cattle being driven down an Alpine pasture near Hintertux

Austria is a land of many ethnic groups and the genes from the imperial past are still well preserved by the natives of this beautiful country

tourism analyst Zoover among 30,000 people in 22 foreign markets. The impressive results are a good reason to investigate exactly where the mentality of the country comes from. How do the hosts here differ from those in other countries? What cultural influences shaped them? And above all, what binds the people in the country together and why do visitors from abroad enjoy visiting Austria so much? We are not talking about Austria’s most familiar, visible features such as skiing, waltzing, dirndls, schnapps, Alpine huts, mountains, bacon or cheese. This is about a certain attitude, a mind set that did not just suddenly appear but rather evolved over centuries. When we take a brief look at the history of this country, what looms large is Austria’s

grand past as part of the Danube Monarchy. For over 500 years, Austria was the geographical centre of Europe and Vienna the political centre of the Habsburg Empire. It was the Habsburgs who, during this period, transformed the country into a huge multi-national land. People ranging from Germans, Czechs and Hungarians to Slovaks and Bosnians were united under the Habsburg crown. Long live compromise! Today, Austria – as a result of this very history – is still a land of many ethnic groups and the genes from the imperial past are still well preserved. The people here develop a very special ability that comes from living within multicultural diversity: they are able to make compromises and after they do, they are able to live them very well.

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Austrian Anadi Bank, a full-service bank with 120 years of heritage, is attempting to bring Central European companies closer to India’s booming economy, says its CEO Christoph Raninger and retail customers. The takeover by renowned British-Indian entrepreneur, Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria in 2013 opened up new perspectives for the bank.

Christoph Raninger

CEO, Austrian Anadi Bank

You are one of the oldest banks in the country. Can you briefly describe the rich legacy of Austrian Anadi Bank and how it has evolved over its 120-year journey so far? The bank was founded in 1896 and has a strong record of working for the public sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

How does the Indian connection differentiate your bank from others in Austria? It allows us to combine the best of two worlds for the benefit of our customers. India has become our extended home market and therefore we can provide our clients with a unique proposition: being a specialist export bank for small-to-mediumsized trade and manufacturing enterprises, we offer simple product solutions in combination with an unparalleled market access into India via one of India’s most influential families. Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria, through his family network in India, has interests in infrastructure, IT, healthcare and construction. In particular, the co-operation with SREI infrastructure finance gives us valuable access to local market opportunities for Austrian and German companies in India, which we accompany as a reliable partner for trade and project finance.

Being a specialist export bank for smallto-medium-sized trade and manufacturing enterprises, we offer simple product solutions in combination with an unparalleled market access into India

104 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Dr Sanjeev Kanoria (FRCS, MBA, PhD)

British-Indian owner of Austrian Anadi Bank and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

What are your bank’s efforts in realising its mission, especially towards uniting people and corporations and opening up new possibilities for your customers? Firstly, we offer tailored advisory, payment, trade and financing solutions for both business development and execution phases. Secondly, we continuously organise and support foreign trade and export events, establishing a formidable network that offers insights and opens doors for our customers. What are your plans for further growth while assuring quality services, in the near future? We want to build bridges. India’s current growth momentum and its modernisation initiatives are probably among the most dynamic worldwide. Austria and Germany are renowned for their superior technology, know-how and high-quality machinery across many industries. Our mission is to match the supply and demand by providing our Indian-European network and by being a strong financing partner and advisor for our customers. By doing so, we create opportunities and added value for all parties involved.

The expert bank for India The for India and expert exportbank business and export business Exclusive: One-stop shop Exclusive: for India One-stop shop for India

Unique support in your growth markets Unique support in your Servicing of goods andgrowth capitalmarkets flows in the business development and business Servicing of goods and capital flowsexecution in the phases business development and business execution phases

Austrian Anadi Bank AG | Domgasse 5 | 9020 Klagenfurt am Wรถrthersee | Tel. +43 (0)50202 0 | Austrian Anadi Bank AG | Domgasse 5 | 9020 Klagenfurt am Wรถrthersee | Tel. +43 (0)50202 0 ŠVienna Tourist Board/P.â&#x20AC;&#x2030;Rigaud


Strolling along historic paths. And not one leads to the everyday

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Skis and snow in Styria Mathias Schattleitner, CEO of Schladming-Dachstein Tourism, on what makes the stunning Austrian region a traveller's paradise all year round

Mag. FH Mathias Schattleitner

CEO, Schladming-Dachstein Tourism

What awaits travellers in the SchladmingDachstein region? In the winters, Schladming-Dachstein is a great skiing destination. Activities offpiste, such as walking through the snowy winter landscape, snowshoeing and shopping have been gaining popularity

recently. During the summer, a mountain forged by nature and a natural landscape with 300 mountain lakes, 100 waterfalls, 1000 km of hiking and walking trails, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dachstein Glacier with all its attractions await our guests. The Dachstein Glacier in particular, at a height of almost 3,000 meter above sea level, is an absolute must-see. It is home to Austriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highest suspension footbridge with its spectacular Stairways to Nothingness, Ice Palace, the Sky Walk and the Panorama Gondola. In October, in fact, it was the shooting location for Ekta Kapoor's Star Plus series Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. Which season would you recommend for a trip to Schladming-Dachstein? Schladming-Dachstein is an all-year destination. Parts of it are covered in snow the whole year round too. It is worth a trip in every season. What makes Schladming-Dachstein an ideal destination for all kinds of travellers?

SchladmingDachstein Region, Austria

108 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Our guests include families, active vacationers, sports enthusiasts and people who are looking for some quiet time. They appreciate our wide and varied range of activities and sights, accommodations in all categories, hospitality, as well as the value for their money and the special charm of the region. SchladmingDachstein's central location, giving them easy access to well-known spots such as Salzburg and Hallstatt - only an hour away - also make it an ideal destination in Austria. The Vienna International Airport is 280 km away from it, the Salzburg Airport only 90 km and Munich 218 km away. Convenient transfers to the region are available by taxi or train. Shooting at Dachstein Ice Palace for Indian TV show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

Your Holiday

in Schladming Dachstein, Austria Dachstein Glacier at almost 3,000 m with snow experience Dachstein “Panorama Gondola” “Austria’s highest suspension footbridge” with the spectacular “Stairway to Nothingness” Ice Palace & “Sky Walk” – a panorama glass platform 300 mountain lakes and 100 waterfalls 1,000 km walking trails, 7 summer lifts, programs for children and families Refreshing alpine valleys with clear water and clean air

Schladming-Dachstein Region | Ramsauerstraße 756 | 8970 Schladming | Austria | Telefon + 43 (0) 36 87 / 233 10 | Fax + 43 (0) 36 87 / 232 32 | | Instagram: #SchladmingDachstein |

infocus austria The Park Hyatt Vienna is the first Hyatt hotel in Austria, and is a perfect reflection of the brand's commitment to luxury and elegance

Luxury, Vienna style The Park Hyatt Vienna stands tall as the ultimate luxury hotel in the city of dreams


he first Hyatt hotel in Austria, the Park Hyatt Vienna is a perfect reflection of the Park Hyatt brand's unparalleled elegance. Ensuring a sophisticated and enriching experience for business and leisure travellers alike, the luxury hotel is located in Vienna’s new Goldenes Quartier at the square Am Hof. It occupies a 100-year-old building that formerly served as an Austrian Hungarian Monarchy Bank, forms part of Vienna’s First District and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located at the heart of the most exclusive shopping district in Vienna, just steps away from celebrated fashion houses and boutiques in Kohlmarkt, the hotel is walking distance from the city’s most important sights, historical monuments and museums.

Vienna’s rooms are among the largest in the city, ranging in size from 35 sq m to 170 sq m (376 to 1,829 sq ft). Offering a variety of recreational outlets designed to appeal to hotel guests and local residents alike, visitors to the hotel can enjoy brasserie classics and cosmopolitan drinks at the historic The Bank Brasserie & Bar, a cocktail at the whisky and cigar lounge Living Room, a typical Viennese coffee specialty at the Café Am Hof (with outdoor terrace seating during the summer months) or an afternoon tea at the Lounge. For relaxation, guests can retreat into the tranquil sanctuary of Arany Spa and indulge in a selection of exclusive body treatments and facials. Moreover, the hotel hosts an extensive fitness centre and a 15 m (49 ft) indoor swimming pool for exercise.

Featuring 143 generously-sized guest rooms including 35 suites, Park Hyatt

For business or social events, Park Hyatt Vienna offers 800 sq m (8,611 sq

110 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

The Park Hyatt Vienna occupies a 100-yearold building that formerly served as an Austrian Hungarian Monarchy Bank, forms part of Vienna’s First District and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ft) of premier meeting space that caters to all occasions, from a boardroom meeting to a large cocktail reception, in beautifully refurbished, historical spaces. All meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology and are perfectly suited for presentations, exhibitions, fashion shows and cultural events.



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GLACER, MOUNTAINS AND LAKE MUST DO: • visit “Top of Salzburg” on the glacier Kitzsteinhorn • boat cruises on the lake Zell • visit the “Sisi Chapel” on the mountain Schmittenhöhe with the most beautiful view of the world WITH THE ZELL AM SEE-KAPRUN SUMMER CARD ALL MAIN ATTRACTIONS ARE INCLUDED: cable cars up to mountain Schmittenhöhe | cable cars up to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier | Sigmund Thun Gorge | buses and the Lärchwand inclined lift up to the High Altitude Reservoirs in Kaprun | boat trips | indoor swimming pool Zell am See-Kaprun | 3 lidos …. At partner establishments from 15.05. – 15.10. Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus, 5700 Zell am See, T. +43 (0) 6542-770 welcome@zellamsee–,

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Puriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s much-revered Jagannath Temple, one of Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most sacred destinations, occupies a special place in Hindu faith


hree Jagannath Mahaprabhu, Lord of the Universe, is the supreme solace and saviour of countless devotees around the world. His magnificent temples at Shree Purusottam-Kshetra (Puri, Odisha), one of the four major dhams of India, have been a sacred centre of pilgrimage and worship symbolising one of the greatest spiritual and cultural heritages of the world. Traditional authorities strongly hold that Lord Jagannath is perhaps as old as human civilisation. A passage is frequently quoted from the Rig Veda and explained in the light of the well-known commentary of Sayana to show that the history of Lord Jagannath dates back to the age of the Rig Veda itself. The Puranas present elaborate accounts pertaining to the origin of the Lord in an

112 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

atmosphere filled with mystery and divine inspiration. The temple is built on a gigantic, raised platform in the heart of the city of Puri. The area of this platform is more than 4,20,000 sqft. The temple complex is enclosed by a wall about seven metres high. The wall is pierced by four gates, facing the four directions. On the eastfacing gate, which is called the Lions Gate and is the main gate to the complex, there are stone images of two lions. Similarly, the north-, south- and west-facing gates are known as the Elephant Gate, the Horse Gate and the Tiger Gate (also called the Khanja Gate), respectively. The north gate is mainly meant for the God himself, in as much as the logs of wood out of which the idols are made, make their entry into the temple premises through this gate, when the Nabakalebara ceremony

takes place. There are pyramidal structures over the four gates, which are not very old. The largest crowds in Puri are seen during the Ratha Yatra (chariot festival) of Lord Jagannath, which takes place in JuneJuly every year. Also known as Ratha Jatra, during this festival, the presiding deities of the main temple, Sri Mandira, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra, with the celestial wheel Sudarshan are taken from the temple precincts in an elaborate ritual procession to their respective chariots. The huge, colourfully decorated chariots, are drawn by thousands of devotees on the Bada Danda, the grand avenue to the Gundicha temple, two miles to the north. After a stay of seven days, the deities return to their abode in Sri Mandira. - Courtesy

Infocus education

Schooled for the world World-class educational institutions across India are improving the country’s education scenario, says Namita Kumar

“Life isn’t about finding your self. Life is about creating your self.” — Dilip Vasu, Principal, Choithram International,Indore


The Indore Public School

ducation is one of the major backbones of the Indian economy and has become an indispensable part of the burgeoning Indian financial system. While a significant improvement has been witnessed in the quality of education facilities throughout the country, the scenario is particularly buoyant in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. This growth has been fuelled by the worldclass schools that have come up in these cities. These institutes not only offer excellent infrastructure but also focus on the overall development of students. According to an education report prepared by IBEF, a trust established by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, the country has approximately a total of 808,802 recognised primary/ junior basic schools, 375,103 middle/ senior basic schools, and 202,381 high/ higher secondary schools (2010-2011). There are 1,048,046 government schools, which account for 80.4% of the total number of schools. The increase in the number of schools has resulted in 99% of the rural population having a primary

114 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

school within 1 km. Additionally, there are about 700 universities and 26,000 colleges in India including 42 Central, 270 state, 81 private, 130 deemed universities and 324 autonomous colleges. There are 10,364 technical institutions, out of which 799 were added in 2010-11 alone. The total number of management institutions in India currently is 10,700. These institutions are not just educators but also are an important means of modernisation of the nation. It has been seen across the world and over years that all progressive societies emphasise on universalisation of education as a mode for sustained economic development. One of the institutions that is doing a commendable job in this regard in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities is the Birla International School in Kishangarh, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Founded by the Birla Education Trust, this is a fully residential co-educational school affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. Says the school’s management, “We have created this school for the future global leaders, individuals who in the knowledge society can think globally and create a better world. At the same time, they will

also be able to intervene pragmatically on local issues to create a better India.” In Ajmer is located another noteworthy institution, the Sanskriti School. “At Sanskriti, we believe in a child-centric pedagogy with the right balance of co-curricular activities,” says the school management. Another school that deserves a mention is the Indore Public School. One of the best-known schools in Indore, this institution believes in and allows young minds to explore their inner self with a spectrum of dynamic opportunities. “Our children are mentored by friendly and experienced teachers in a lively atmosphere. We provide them with all essential facilities needed for their academic, artistic, sports, technical and social growth,” says the school. The other school from Indore setting new milestones in quality education is Choithram International School. An IB World School that follows an international curriculum, the school’s motto is to “impart education as a means of providing students with a philosophy of life, thereby facilitating their overall growth, intellectual development and thinking and learning skills, so they may integrate themselves into the community with respect, confidence and purpose.”

Infocus education

Educating a nation

GROOMED for growth

The Indore Public School in Indore nurtures and defines lives

The aim of the Sanskriti School in Ajmer is to build leaders of the future

In the last quarter of the century, Indore has expanded geographically, economically as well as academically. The city can also be termed as the education hub of central India in which leading the way and imparting quality education is the IPS Group. Ar Achal K Choudhary, The Indore Public School (IPS) was President, IPS Group setup in 1986 as an institute that could of Institutions, Indore provide ‘public school’ facilities to everyone. An English-medium coeducational school, IPS is affiliated to CBSE for 10+2 pattern. The institute is set in a sprawling 50-acre green campus at the Agra-Mumbai highway.

Says Smita Rathore, principal, Indore Public School, Indore, “at IPS, students’ physical and mental fitness are enriched with compulsory activities such as karate, judo, equestrian sport, shooting and yoga. Meanwhile, students are also given cultural exposure with the Bharat Darshan programme. This programme was later adapted and promoted by CBSE as well, as it gives students a feeling of being one with the nation.” The IPS curriculum and academic programme helps students be well-informed about their career choices, empowers them and helps them become socially aware of their responsibilities. Also, IPS alumni are role models for the next generation. The 30-year-old IPS Group caters from prenursery to post-graduate studies. Spreading wings With Indore expanding, the IPS Group launched its Eastern Campus in 2009, in an effort to reach out to the city. Five years later, the group is now launching its third campus, which will be near the airport. Apart from Indore, the group has also spread out to embrace nearby districts with campuses in Jhabua (2010), Sanwer (2011) and Mhow (2012). A home away from home At IPS, a child lives in his home and not a hostel. Apart from all basic facilities, which include top-class dormitories, a well-equipped infirmary and a dining facility that receives praise after every meal, IPS takes care of a child’s recreational facilities as well, thus helping in the holistic development of a child. The hostel staff nurtures every child and monitors their progress and helps them to become independent. Thus, at IPS a child will never feel homesick!

116 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Students of Sanskriti School inside the campus

Since 2004, the Sanskriti School in Ajmer has been nurturing impressionable, bright minds with the best of education and curriculum. The aim of Sanskriti School is to build leaders of tomorrow. Sanskriti School is an institution that believes in providing a broad and balanced curriculum to children and promote Indian traditions, culture and values, and make the student prepared for striving for excellence in all spheres. The school emphasises on fostering creativity to develop each pupil's capacity for original ideas and action. "At Sanskriti, we believe in a child-centric pedagogy with the right balance of co-curricular activities. The school makes the maximum use of technology in the form of audio-visual aids in classrooms and various labs to make learning a truly enjoyable experience. At Sanskriti school, we handpick faculties who are highly dedicated, dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic. The mentors, as we call them, have the ability to create a homely atmosphere in which the child can express his or her opinions, without fear," says the school. The school has fully air-conditioned classes and hostels along with facilities for co-curricular activities and sports. It has Science and Mathematics laboratries, sports grounds, facilities for horse-riding, a shooting range and swimming pools etc. Apart from these, the school also encourages students to actively participate in activities such as weather-reporting, educational outings, recycling waste and plantation of trees. Sanskriti School is a firm believer in the holistic development of a child and is fully committed to the same. The school is spread over 40 acres overlooking the Aravalli hills and is easily accessible from the Ajmer railway station and bus stand.

Infocus education

World-class schooling

global Education

AT Choithram SCHOOL

Choithram International provides world-class education for holistic development of students

The Birla International School, Kishangarh, offers the best of facilities and curriculum

Choithram International (CI) has played a proactive role in the promotion of global unity since it commenced operations in 2003, while at the same time being well-connected with the local cultural and social ethos. CI offers Google classrooms, Internet and laptop facility, and a teacher-pupil ratio 1:16. To maintain high standards, it periodically invites experienced workshop leaders to train the faculty and enhance their professional calibre. International Baccalaureate Affiliation Choithram International is one of the seven International Baccalaureate (IB) world schools in India with all the three IB Programmes: PYP, MYP and DP. “We aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school. Our school provides a broad and differentiated curriculum that caters to varied interests and abilities,” says the school. IBDP Batch 2014-2016 CI has once again proved its excellence in the field of international education by achieving 100% success in the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). On July 5, 2016, Sreevidya Ayyar, the IGCSE World topper (2014), broke all previous records and scored a perfect 45/45 points in the IBDP Examination 2016. She is one of the 146 students all over the world, who achieved a perfect score. Following in line is Anushka Goyal who has achieved 41/45. This has raised the benchmark of performance for all students of IBDP at CI. The overall performance of the students is commendable and their performance in DP’s Core Components is also appreciable. IB has always advocated the core components TOK and EE due to the high academic rigor that is necessary for higher education and CAS for experiential learning. CAS and TOK are complementary to each other. CAS promotes acquisition of personal knowledge through experiences while TOK trains the students to critically reflect on their own learning. The school provides ample of such opportunities to students to make them “learning to learn”. Students are also encouraged to research and find out more about various universities and their application procedures. Workshops are held to apprise the students about the requirements for applications, procedures and the various deadlines. Choithram International has tied-up with Univariety, a college planning and career counseling set-up. Its career experts constantly scrutinise student’s academic performance. Backed by a two-year performance report, it advises students on universities in India and abroad and also on scholarships available. Alumni CI renders its constant support to its students, helping them to seek admissions into the top universities of the world and also of India, such as St Xaviers, GD Goenka, DY Patil, and others.

118 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

The school has several sports grounds along with an area for horse riding, air rifle shooting, skating, athletics and a swimming pool

Birla International School, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, has grown into a full-fledged world class school of repute within a short span of five years. The school is run by the Birla Education Trust (BET), Pilani, founded by great visionary, renowned industrialist and patriot, Dr GD Birla. It is a fully residential co-educational CBSE affiliated school with a strong and professional faculty and teacher student ratio of 1:12. Located on the Jaipur-Ajmer express highway, the institute is designed along the lines of Rajasthan’s resplendent architecture on 48 acres. The school features a fully airconditioned building, with separate air-conditioned hostels for boys and girls, prep rooms, common rooms and suite toilets. Classrooms are spacious and creative work centres are configured to include a staff preparation room and an interaction room in every cluster. The use of ICT in learning is a conspicuous feature, as are the Computer Labs, Science Laboratory, Language Lab facilities, School Library and Resource Centre. The campus has Wi-Fi connectivity. The state of the art Central Dining Hall for 700 students and staff is monitored by qualified nutritionists. The school also maintains a well-equipped 12-bed hospital with a residential doctor and nurse. An important feature of the curriculum is the liberal provision for music, art, craft, clay modeling, woodcraft, theatre, brass band, information technology and photography. Every student has to opt for at least two hobbies and two sports per year. Twice a year, the school conducts a midterm activity, ‘Explorations’. Students accompanied by a staff member, undergo trekking, camping, excursions, social and community service projects. The school is India’s first ever to have received the prestigious Gold Rating Green Building Certification from LEED India for its splendid environment friendly green building.

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No: 1730551


The school has been accredited with

British Council International School Award(ISA) 2015-2018.

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL KISHANGARH, AJMER An English Medium Co-educational Fully Residential School

Nourishing future leaders with Indian values.

Awarded ‘Gold Rating’ by IGBC

Birla International School is a global community of students. Reasons to choose Birla International School Separate air-conditioned hostels for boys and girls, airconditioned classrooms Teacher pupil ratio is 1:12. Wi-fi campus with Smart classrooms, Library fully equipped with digital content, tablets for learners. Indian classical and instrumental music, Dance, Art & Craft, Painting, Dramatics, Debate, Public Speaking, Wood work, Gardening, Students’ Guild, National & International tours etc. A wide spectrum of Sports facilities including Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming,Volleyball, Gymnastics, Horse riding, Skating, Rifle shooting backed by the expertise of professional coaches. International Exchange Programs. Spacious dining hall backed with an ultramodern kitchen serving a wholesome diet of vegetarian delicacies. A well equipped wellness centre with paramedical staff and a resident doctor available for 24 x 7. Coaching classes for entry into professional streams by outsourced faculty.

Birla International School, 82 Km, Jaipur-Ajmer Highway, Kishangarh, Ajmer-305801,Rajasthan Call: 9251028301/311/307/330 | E-mail:,

Admission Open for the session

2017-18 in classes III to IX and XI (Science, Commerce & Humanities stream) Online registration is available on the website:

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Isle of wonders The stunning island nation of Mauritius is strengthening its centuries' old relations with India through cultural exchange, relaxed tourism rules and commercial initiatives The pristine white beaches of Mauritius are ideal for a relaxed vacation any time of the year

Mark Twain once wrote, 'Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius'. The stunning island nation is rightly famed for its sapphire-blue waters, powder-white beaches and, yes, luxury resorts that provide a front-row seat to some of the most beautiful views in the Indian Ocean. These are places of the utmost refinement, impeccable service, facilities that range from pampering spas, designer rooms and extensive water sports to dreamy swimming pools, expansive palm-strewn grounds and world class restaurants. To increase tourism inflow from India, the Mauritian government had introduced a visa-free regime for Indian tourists in October 2004, wherein Indian tourists visiting Mauritius for a period up to 60 days do not require a visa, provided they can show sufficient funds to cover their stay.

122 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Cultural relations with India A brief stopover by Mahatma Gandhi en route to India from South Africa (October 29 to November 15, 1901), while awaiting departure of his ship SS Nowshera, is still etched in the consciousness of Mauritius. Barrister Manillal Doctor, who came to Mauritius in 1907 on the suggestion of Gandhiji, helped the Mauritian Indian community to organise themselves and laid the foundation for their struggle for political and social rights. As a tribute to Gandhiji and the Indian freedom struggle, the National Day of Mauritius is celebrated annually on March 12 (the date that saw the commencement of the Dandi Salt March). The Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC) at Phoenix is one of the largest centres of ICCR and has emerged as an important venue for the promotion of Indian cultural activities

Blue Safari Submarine, Mauritius

Air India operates a total of nine weekly flights to Mauritius from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru

infocus mauritius (Left to right) Indian PM Narendra Modi and Mauritius PM Anerood Jugnauth during the former's state visit in March 2015; Narendra Modi prays at a temple in Port Louis, Mauritius

India is Mauritius’ largest trading partner and has been the largest exporter of goods and services to Mauritius since 2007 in Mauritius. The IGCIC holds classes in disciplines of Hindustani music, Kathak, tabla and yoga for Mauritian students. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) was established in 1970 as a joint venture between the Indian and Mauritian governments for the promotion of Indian culture and education in Mauritius. The Rabindranath Tagore Institute was established with the assistance of the Indian government in 2000 as a centre of studies on Indian culture and traditions. Commercial Relations India is Mauritius’ largest trading partner and has been the largest exporter of goods and services to Mauritius since 2007. In FY 2013-2014, India exported goods worth US$ 1,000.8 million to Mauritius and imported goods worth US$ 20.79 million from Mauritius. India’s exports to Mauritius largely comprise petroleum products. A three-year agreement between the Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) and the State Trading Corporation of Mauritius for supply of all petroleum requirements of Mauritius

124 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

was renewed in July 2013. Besides petroleum products, India’s main exports to Mauritius are pharmaceuticals, cereals, cotton, electrical machinery, apparel and accessories. Mauritius’ main exports to India are iron and steel, pearls, precious/semi-precious stones and optical, photographic and precision instruments. Eight Indian Public Sector Enterprises are currently functioning in Mauritius. The Bank of Baroda (BoB), Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and New India Assurance Corporation (NIAC) were the first to establish operations followed by other PSUs including India Handloom House, Telecommunications Consultant India Ltd (TCIL), Indian Oil (Mauritius) Limited (IOML), Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd. and State Bank of India (Mauritius) Limited. Besides their core activities, the PSUs have also contributed to various activities in Mauritius under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) schemes. Over the past 40 years, India has extended several Lines of Credit to

Mauritius to assist in the development of its infrastructure, human resources, skills development, capacity building, project appraisal, etc. The Mauritius Police Force has shown interest in utilising a substantial portion of the most recent economic package announced in 2012 (comprising credit line of US$ 250 million and a grant of US$ 20 million) for the purchase of defence and security related equipment. Tourism Besides being a strategic business partner, Mauritius continues to be the most preferred tourist destination for Indian and international travellers alike. For Indian travellers in particular, Mauritius offers a wide range of options for every kind of holiday: from vast, pristine beaches ideal for quiet strolls to adrenaline-driven adventure sports such as snorkelling and kayaking; from plentiful souvenir shops for little knickknacks to swanky malls such as the Bagatelle – Mall of Mauritius and the Cascavelle mall – there is something for every traveller. The island nation is reportedly also becoming increasingly popular as an Indian wedding destination, with a significant rise in the demand for grand weddings by Indians over the last few years.

BANK OF THE FUTURE Owned by some 18,000 domestic and international shareholders, with over 500,000 customers, SBM Holdings Ltd is a leading financial holding company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Besides Mauritius, SBM Group is present in Madagascar and India, with a representative office in Myanmar, and expanding into the region mainly the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa. In line with its expansion plans, the Group has recently been granted a banking licence in Seychelles subject to conditions which it has undertaken to fulfil. Its portfolio of services covers banking, non-banking financial services and nonfinancial investments. Innovation, flexibility, accessibility and reliability are at the root of the SBM reputation and brand. Established in 1973 as its banking entity in Mauritius, SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd is the Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flagship. With a domestic market share of over 20%, the Bank delivers solutions for its diverse customer base: Consumer, SME, Corporate, International and Financial Institutions. SBMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s major products and services are: * Global Business & International Banking * Investment Solutions * Treasury Services * Cross Border Financing * E-commerce * Trade Finance * Wealth Management To tap the potential of emerging markets, the Group is gearing up for further expansion plans in the East African, Indian and Asian regions, thus further strengthening the existing continental links with Mauritius.

T: (230) 202 1111 E:

infocus mauritius

banking on the future As MauBank Ltd gears up to complete its first year of operations in Mauritius - in January, 2017 - CEO Sridhar Nagarajan recounts the bank's journey so far

Sridhar Nagarajan CEO, MauBank

You are completing your first year of operations as MauBank Ltd on January 4, 2017. Could you share your experience and the progress made in this first year? We merged two banks facing difficulties in January 2016 and successfully integrated the operating systems by May 2016 - a record time of five months. Infosys, our core banking solution provider, has recently acknowledged this commendable feat with the runner-up award for project management. Our firm's positive direction is reflected in the positive profit for the first quarter of FY 2016-17, which commenced on 1st July this year. Another tangible evidence of our journey in the right direction is the decision of high caliber banking professionals from key international and domestic banks to join MauBank over the past few months. How does MauBank's association with The Mauritius Post Ltd to provide basic banking services make it different from other banks in the country? Owing to our legacy of being formed through a merger of the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) and the New Co-operative Bank Ltd (NCBL) in 2003,

126 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

MauBank is unique among our peers in its ability to service customers through the 86 post offices strategically located across the country, including far-flung islands like Agalega and Rodrigues. The fact that post offices offer services on Saturday, when bank branches are generally closed, is a significant advantage. The association with The Mauritius Post Ltd gives our customers both proximity and convenience. Other regular services provided by post offices, such as payment of utility bills, pensions and road tax make the linkage with MauBank even more powerful for customers. Also, channel innovation has revolutionised the face of banking around the world. MauBank is working on implementing a suitable technology to provide real-time banking services and value-added services such as account opening and cross selling of other banking products through the post office network. According to you, what impact will the amendments in the tax treaty have on India-Mauritius investment relations after its implementation from April 1, 2017? Given that a phased approach has been adopted for the shift from residencebased taxation to source-based taxation through the implementation of a grandfathering provision for investments acquired prior to April 1, 2017 and a twoyear transition period from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019, we expect a shortterm increase in business flows. However, given that the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) smokescreen has been finally lifted through the amendment, we strongly believe that Indian businesses would now recognise the full potential of Mauritius as the hub and International Finance Centre (IFC) of Africa. We predict immense growth in Indian businesses, housing their Africa Regional Treasury Centres and Holding

Companies in Mauritius to manage the fragmented markets of Africa more economically and efficiently. Your bank is known for innovative banking. Can you highlight a few instances of innovative solutions that you have extended to your customers? With the early adoption of the EMV technology (chip and PIN) by MauBank - a standard in more than 80 countries customers can now transact more safely with MauBank cards, as it is harder for fraudsters to commit counterfeit fraud on such cards. Our endeavour to offer agency banking services at the 86 post offices using an innovative technology sourced from an Indian technology company is another instance of our approach to innovation. The financial services industry has made great progress in recent years towards eliminating paper-driven processes. Going paperless has opened the door to more efficient operations, lower costs, improved compliance and better knowledge management. MauBank has also taken a commitment to reduce its dependency on the physical flow of paper for customer-facing activities. It is, for instance, the first bank in Mauritius to manage its board proceedings in a paperless and secure manner using the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Boardpadâ&#x20AC;? application. What are MauBank's plans to extend its operations and banking network in future? We are currently focusing on the domestic banking market and our strategy is to gradually build our international banking capabilities. Within the next three to five years, we aim to have branches or representative offices in five strategic locations: Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

infocus bangladesh

United for progress

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to New Delhi in December is likely to boost Indo-Bangladesh diplomatic ties as the two nations discuss terrorism and security among other crucial bilateral issues desh in 2015, on the latter’s invitation, wherein the two nations came up with a joint declaration, ‘Notun Projonmo – Nayi Disha’, giving a new direction to Indo-Bangladesh diplomatic ties.


Indian PM Narendra Modi shakes hands with Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina at a recent bilateral meeting

ollowing up her crucial twoday bilateral visit to India in October, where she attended the BRICS-BIMSTEC outreach summit, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is all set to visit India again in the month of December. She is likely to make a three-day visit to New Delhi in the third week of December. Bangladesh’s foreign secretary M Shahidul Haque reportedly met his Indian counterpart, Dr. S Jaishankar recently to discuss various aspects of the impending visit. Counter-terrorism and water issues, especially those pertaining to the sharing of the water of the Teesta river, are likely to remain high on the agenda, with both governments hoping for a breakthrough in the matter. Defense cooperation, trade and the future of the eight-nation group, SAARC are likely to be the other important issues dominating the discussion between Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A number of bilateral documents are also likely to be signed during this visit and both heads of state are slated to cover

128 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

a wide range of bilateral issues in order to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries. This will be Hasina’s maiden standalone state visit to India after PM Modi came to power. Earlier, in October, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader spoke about how Bangladesh is hoping for a positive outcome on the Teesta water sharing issue in particular, depending on the Indian government’s stance on the same. Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Harsh Vardhan Shringla also had a lengthy meeting with Haque at the latter’s office recently to discuss a few bilateral issues, including Hasina’s forthcoming India visit. During the Bangladesh Prime Minister’s October visit to India, PM Modi and she emphasised the need for the two nations to support each other towards the larger goal of development in the subcontinent, especially in terms of innovations in the fields of science and technology. This came after the former’s breakthrough visit to Bangla-

Several high-level officials are expected to visit Dhaka and New Delhi in the coming weeks in order to prepare the groundwork for Hasina’s proposed visit in December. Indian defense minister Manohar Parrikar is also expected to pay an official visit to Dhaka soon, besides a round of visits by the Indian national security advisor, Ajit Doval, and Bangladesh foreign minister A H Mahmood Ali. Apart from crucial dialogues around issues of security and defense, it is being hoped that the meeting will help engender further cooperation between the two countries, enabling them to come together for a collaborative fight against terrorism and violent extremism in key regions on both sides of the border. New Delhi also wants Hasina’s government to take effective measures towards ensuring the safety and security of religious minorities in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Prime Minister’s visit to New Delhi might coincide with PM Modi’s planned international conference in the city, where several heads of state and experts would share their experiences about guarding against radicalisation of the youth – a major problem in South Asia. Hasina is understood to have expressed a desire to visit the dargah of Ajmer Sharif and the Bangladesh Bhavan in Viswabharati University in Shantiniketan during her India visit.

infocus bangladesh

knitting cooperation Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) president Salim Osman feels that greater cooperation and collaboration between India and Bangladesh in the knitwear sector is in the offing How is the Bangladeshi knitwear sector doing currently? The knitwear sector in Bangladesh is performing really well in terms of export earnings and value addition. Right now, the country holds the 2nd position in knitwear exports, following China, in the world. In readymade garments, knitwear is a strategic sector that exported products equivalent to US$ 13.35 billion in FY 2015-16, accounting for 47.54% of the total RMG export of Bangladesh and creating direct employment opportunities for 1.6 million people. It has also been maintaining a domestic value addition of about 75% over the last couple of years.

130 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

As the country is poised to get developing nation status in 2021, how are you planning your market strategies? Well, as it has been learnt, the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), representing approximately 2,050 knitwear factories, aims at achieving export earnings of US$ 21 billion through knitwear items by 2021 to enable Bangladesh to become a developing nation by that time. Currently, the knitwear sector alone has an impact of 6.04% on the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We would like to increase its contribution to the GDP as soon as possible, with an export earnings

AKM Salim Osman, MP President, BKMEA

growth rate of 9%-10% every year. In line with these visionary plans, we would like to go for more concentrated regional, technical, technological, investment and trade cooperation between India and Bangladesh. We believe that trans-boundary cooperation with India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar will bolster regional trade, unlocking a huge market for the socio-economic development of all nations involved.

market channel led by India and Bangladesh, starting with the initiative to remove CVD on RMG items and draft a future action plan. How important are markets like India and China for the Bangladeshi knitwear industry? In 2015, India imported US$ 132.645 million worth of knitwear items and imported US$ 561.245 million from the world, indicating that Bangladesh holds only 23.63% of the market share in knitwear in India. In China, Bangladesh knitwear export experienced a staggering growth of 27.23% in 2015 and now aims at grabbing a greater market share there.

BKMEA is working on market diversification to secure markets for knitwear products. We are urging the Bangladesh government to go for bilateral and regional trade agreements as Bangladesh will no longer enjoy the Duty Free Quota Free (DFQF) facility provided by developed countries once it has graduated to being a middle-income country. Perhaps we are looking for product diversification within knitwear items and better export market concentration to expand further. Are there any initiatives you are expecting from the Bangladesh government’s side? We are fortunate enough that the present government is very business, industry and international trade-friendly, and that is why we have witnessed Bangladesh experiencing 7.11% GDP growth in the last fiscal year - the first time it has ever crossed the 7% threshold. This has

been possible due to policy reforms that were adequate to facilitate any business. What are your expectations from IndoBangladesh relations after the BIMSTEC Leader’s Retreat, 2016, held in October in Goa? There are a few bilateral trade related issues that exist between India and Bangladesh. Effective Countervailing Duty (CVD) on RMG has increased from 1.8% to 7.42% after the 2016-17 Budget was passed in India. We seek the complete abolishment of CVD on RMG exported by Bangladesh to India, as we are now looking towards establishing regional and global retail brands in an integrated manner with Indian apparel manufacturers, with a view to realise more monetary value from selling an RMG product. We could establish a BIMSTEC RMG grid, an uninterrupted RMG production and

Markets like India and China are emerging markets for the knitwear sector in Bangladesh. Our mission is to match the supply with the demand by providing to our Indian-European network and by being a strong financing partner and advisor to our customers. By doing so, we create opportunities and added value for all parties involved. What are your expectations from Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India in December? PM Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India holds great significance for both countries. It could shed light on various issues related to bilateral trade and also on regional trading arrangements. Both nations can benefit from strengthening their collaboration under the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). We expect that some barriers such as non-tariff measures in the Indian market will be removed after PM Hasina’s visit to the country. As a result, Bangladesh will be able to export more knitwear products to Indian markets in future.

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 131

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Kolkata is connected to all metro cities in India and to several destinations abroad.

136 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

In bonbibi’s


The Sundarbans mangrove forest is not just a visual delight, it provides succour for the mind, body and soul, says Tej Narayan It’s a green rainbow. Or that’s what it looks like, as hues of green paint the world around me in shades of serenity and peace. The dense forest lining the river is a dark olive, camouflaging the hunter and the hunted, as the water, a rippling sheet of emerald, plays touch-and-go with the drooping tree branches. The boat’s engine is switched off and I can hear the water lapping along its side as a breeze blows through the sundari trees, the “beautiful” grove that inspires the name of the forest - Sundarbans! Sandwiched between Bengal in India and Bangladesh, and merging into the Bay of Bengal, Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   The deep green mystique of the mangrove forest is an experience to indulge in. Thriving on the marshy delta formed by the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers, the magnificent mangroves embrace unique varieties of flora and fauna. And interestingly, Kolkata owes its survival to them as a bulwark against the onslaught of high tides. 

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world

A fisherman’s boat passes us, the men hunched over, engrossed in loud discussion. I notice a masked face among them. And then the wearer turns and looks at me. “Fishermen wear masks at the back of their heads to confuse the tigers,” explains a co-passenger. My trip has been inspired equally by Amitav Ghosh’s Hungry Tide as by stories of tigers of Sundarbans!

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 137

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1 1. Traditional fishing boat in the delta of the Ganges river in the national park


My journey starts one morning on the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two-day tour to Sajnekhali. Boarding the bus from its tourism centre in Kolkata, we arrive at Basanti village, one of the entry points to the national park, in about three hours. The bus ride sets the mood, as we ramble across villages with charming thatched huts and green paddy fields. At Basanti, we board a motor boat, to reach the marine vessel Chitralekha that takes us on the Sundarbans cruise.

2. A saltwater crocodile

Sundarbans is criss-crossed by hundreds of creeks and tributaries and is the largest single block of tidal, halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It spans a vast area across India and Bangladesh and is the largest tiger reserve and national park in India. By the time we start sailing, it is noon. Our guide, Ashish Ranjan Mondal, is a veteran of the waters here and informs us that Sundarbans is only accessible by waterways. A traditional Bengali lunch is served on board as we cruise along the river and eventually a canal, on whose bank stands the Sudhanykhali watch

138 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

Picturesque location with mesmerising views of the Himalayas

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On lucky days, you may spot a tiger

The Sundarbans forest is named after the sundari tree, the main vegetation of the area. Sundari in Bengali translates into “beautiful”


Estuarine forest The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest in the world, lies on the delta of the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal.

World heritage Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the area is known for its wide range of fauna, including 260 bird species, the Bengal tiger and other threatened species, such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python.

tower from where you can observe wildlife. The guide warns us to watch out for saltwater crocodiles and instructs us to not dip our hands or feet into the water. The tower offers a bird’s-eye view of the green expanse. We spot a large number of coots, pintails, whistling teals and terns in the nearby wetlands. The national park is also noted for its conservation of the rare Ridley sea turtle.

the dry leaves of the hetal trees. The yellow leaves carpeting the ground form a perfect camouflage for the tiger’s stripes. Finally, we meander to Panchmukhani, where the waters of five rivers come together in a spectacular confluence. Our cameras don’t stop clicking as we try to capture the merging waters, each river a different shade of blue and muddy brown.

By the time we reach Sajnekhali, night descends. After dinner on board, we retire to the WBTDC tourist lodge close by. Silent by the day, at night, the forest comes to life with barks and calls - a symphony of nature.

But we have more watery ground to cover, and after five more hours of sailing, we reach Netidhopani, popular for tiger sightings. A motor boat from here can take a visitor along the delta to the temple of Bonbibi - the goddess of the jungle. An old Shiva temple is also nearby. A ride along the Matla river brings us back to Basanti village. The journey is over all too soon, but the memories remain - tempting me to return to unveil more secrets of the Sundarbans forest!

Morning comes early, bright and brilliant and we sail into the wide Pichkhali river. From here, we make our way into the narrow Chora Gazikhali river. Along the banks, we spot pug marks. The narrower Deulbharani river follows and we look around eagerly for a glimpse of the Bengal tiger, which, our guide informs, stays sheltered among

140 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

- The author is a veteran journalist and the views expressed in the article are his own

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brew delight Coffee lore came alive as Gustasp and Jeroo Irani took a walk through the lush plantations in and around Chikmagalur, Karnataka Singer Madonna, and many other celebrities, drink only Kopi luwak or civet coffee, one of the most expensive coffees in the world. What makes the rich brew special is that it is concocted from the beans of coffee berries that have passed through the digestive tract of the civet and collected from its droppings. The enzymes that seep into the beans while in the animal’s stomach are said to stem the process of ageing. That aside, these beans are thoroughly washed, sun-dried and lightly roasted to produce an incredibly aromatic brew. Production of this prized coffee is limited to about 400 tonnes a year and available in only a handful of countries. India does not figure in that list. However, coffee grown in our country is prized for another reason - it is the finest shade-grown coffee in the world, infused with subtle tropical and sometimes monsoon flavours. Many such coffee lores came alive as we strolled through the lush coffee plantations in and around Chikmagalur in Karnataka, with Dr Pradip Kenjige, director of research and development, Coffee Day Global, the brand behind

142 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

one of the major café chains in the country. The story of coffee is laced with romance and dramatic subterfuge. As Europeans steamrolled into the New World to extend their colonial footprint, they used all kinds of ploys and wiles to obtain the legendary beans, and soon the hillsides of South America grew verdant with lush plantations. The huge plantations in Brazil, for example, had innocent-enough beginnings - a few coffee plants were smuggled by a governor’s wife in a colourful floral bouquet to her dashing lover! The beverage’s origins in India go back to Sufi saint Baba Budan, who discovered the brew while on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He decided to take the berry back with him, but faced a major hurdle as the coffee bean was fiercely protected in the Middle East and North Africa. He got around the problem by sewing seven beans into his cloak and bringing them back to his hometown. He then planted these in his garden and on a hill near modernday Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Little did he know at the time that this act would change the course of history and


Mangaluru is the nearest airport and is connected to Mumbai by daily flights.

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in a bean?

Plantation India produces shade-grown coffee, where estates share boundaries with forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

Beauty secrets Because of its antioxidant properties and the ability to tighten and firm the skin, coffee and caffeine figure in scrubs and creams.

the way people now enjoy their breakfast in the subcontinent. Later in his research lab, Dr Kenjige introduced us to the nuances of making the perfect cup of coffee. Surrounded by the tools of his trade, he looked like an alchemist who could turn base metal into gold. He spun a web of colour and enchantment around this heady beverage and, before we knew it, we had become coffee snobs. After four days in Chikmagalur, the birthplace of Indian coffee that lies 250km away from Bengaluru, we vowed never to drink a cup of instant coffee again - unless under duress. According to K Venkatesh, a coffee quality specialist at the Coffee Board in Chikmagalur, the discovery of the brew dates back to 800 AD, when an Ethiopian goatherd found that his flocks frolicked and gambolled with wild abandon after eating berries from a certain bush. He reported his observation to fellow villagers, and, soon, monks from a neighbouring monastery started munching on the berries to stay awake during the long prayer services. Over the next 900 years, coffee drinking spread like wildfire to the Middle East and North Africa, and distribution of the bean was tightly controlled by these countries. Venkatesh also gave us an interesting nugget on ancient Turkey. Apparently, an

144 I Shubh Yatra I December 2016

ancient law in the country allowed women to file for divorce if their husbands failed to provide them with the perfect cup of coffee! The Turks love their coffee and, not surprisingly, the first coffee cafĂŠ in the world opened in Constantinople - presentday Istanbul - way back in 1475. Of the 80 cultivable varieties of coffee beans, only two - Arabica and Robusta - have been commercially exploited. In India, the Arabica, the fragrant gift of Baba Budan, grows at higher altitudes, while Robusta delivers a stronger caffeine high. While other countries have felled their forests to produce sun-grown coffee, as it produces higher yield, the plantations in India are more eco-friendly, as they thrive in natural forest cover. The spell at the coffee plantations did not end our addiction to the brew. We sipped a cup of hot filter coffee South Indianstyle, as the wind hooted outside and the graceful silver oaks whispered secrets to the night. In the adjoining plantation, the cicadas set up their nocturnal chorus - all of it adding up to the magic of the finest shade-grown coffee in the world.

- The authors are well-known travel writers and the views expressed in the article are their own

1. A coffee plantation at Chikmagalur 2. The white coffee bloom 3. Red coffee berries

Photo: Kalki’s Great Escape - FOX Life

pop pourri celeb travel

Kalki and Joel Koechlin

like dad, like daughter Actor Kalki Koechlin gives us a glimpse of her relationship with her father as the duo bike through Northeast India armed with memories, grit and an undying thirst for adventure Most fathers teach their daughters how to balance a cycle, swim, drive or fly a kite. But not my dad. He taught me how to ride a bike! I grew up riding pillion behind my dad Joel Koechlin, and I learnt most of life’s lessons during our two-wheeler escapades. Then adulthood happened. Riding a bike full-throttle was replaced by being driven around by a chauffeur. There were times when I missed the impromptu road trips that dad and I used to set out on. My father, however, never gave them up. He still went on road trips, sometimes on his own and sometimes with his biker friends. Yet both of us yearned to leave routine life behind and set out together for an unknown destination. Just the two of us and a bike! After eight months of meticulous planning, the dream trip materialised but it was slightly different: two of us together, on two bikes. And we were off to Northeast India. We started our trip from Guwahati

146 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

in Assam. We were riding together after almost 10 years and I did not realise that we would have so much to catch up on. It’s not that we don’t talk when I visit my family in Bengaluru, but those visits are short. We never have enough time to sit, talk and recollect memories. Riding a bike let us bond again. A bike sets you free; you experience the weather and almost merge with the landscape. We started in May (2016) and covered 4,000 km in the two-week trip, ending it in Meghalaya. The first lap of our journey through Assam to Arunachal Pradesh was a rocky ride on rough roads. But we knew that this was just the beginning. We were tired but we kept each other going, much like we used to. We created many cherished memories - we would stop for tea breaks, sit, talk, play football with the locals along the way and at times stare at the map trying to figure out which turn to take next. I was reliving some of the best years of my childhood.

As a child, I would take Air India flights to Paris to visit my grandparents, and I remember the air hostesses taking good care of me as an unaccompanied minor 1

Kalki Koechlin 2

make momos in the kitchen and we even tried our hands at archery! But my most cherished memory of the journey is when an elderly woman from the Sangti village brewed rice wine and served it to us in litres. And my father, who stays away from alcohol, gulped it all down. The two of us indulged in a lot of crazy adventures, such as ziplining and riding on dirt tracks in open cars - both exhilarating and scary. But being together and drawing strength from each other, we were more than ready to take them on. 1. Kalki and Joel take a brief stop on their journey 2. Father and daughter with a musician in Meghalaya

The roads in Arunachal Pradesh were a challenge, with narrow stretches and deep valleys dropping inches away from the road - stunning yet at the same time, frightening. But the pristine view made up for the riding challenges, with a spectacle unveiled at every turn. Arunachal Pradesh is also my favourite because it is remote yet extremely beautiful. The people, too, have a certain innocence – they are not pretentious. There is also a oneness between them and their natural environment – they know how to take care of their surroundings and are very respectful of them.

travel diaries In the two weeks that the father-daughter duo travelled in the Northeast, they also visited the Tawang monastery, fished, and took ferry rides on River Brahmaputra in Assam, and also went kayaking in Meghalaya.

The best thing about the people we met during our trip, though, was that they were not starstruck. They accepted me and my father as part of their everyday life and treated us like their own. Most of the villagers didn’t even recognise me as a Bollywood actor! I had to convince some that I was in the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani! In Arunachal’s Sangti village, we stayed with a family. Dad and I learnt how to

It had started to rain when we left Arunachal and by the time we reached Majuli village in Assam (on the way to Meghalaya), the clouds descended on us. The roads turned into slushy streams and balancing a bike in the moving mud was very tiring. Although the lightweight Royal Enfield Himalayan bikes that we were riding helped, but there were times when I was ready to give up. But my dad had been on such roads and he was there with me every inch of the way, guiding me and supporting me in navigating the rough terrain, just like he always had. As a child, my father was my hero - a pilot, a mountaineer, a ski instructor, a friend, philosopher and guide, all rolled into one. He was the true adventurer who, in the 1970s, had hitchhiked from France to India. I re-discovered that hero on this amazing trip. My dad often says, “a journey can only be measured in memories”. Our journey together has made me believe in this like never before.

- The author is an acclaimed theatre and film actor and the views expressed in the article are her own

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 147

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infocus mixed bag

towards better banking Karnataka Bank Limited is making banking easier through digital initiatives

P. Jayarama Bhat MD and CEO, Karnataka Bank Limited

Karnataka Bank Limited, a private sector bank with headquarters at Mengaluru, carries with it a history of 92 years and has presence in 21 states and two union territories in India. It operates with a network of 736 branches, 1,319 ATMs and 93 e-lobbies/mini e-lobbies (as on September 30, 2016). The bank has also taken several digital initiatives to render essential banking services round the clock. Online account facilities include: • Mobile Apps - ‘KBL-SMARTz’ –(UPI app), KBL-mPassBook and KBL ApnaApp (SMS Banking) • Mobile banking services • MoneyClick internet banking facility • Missed call banking facility • Interactive voice response (IVR) system • Various types of debit cards, gift cards and travel cards • Payment gateway facility • KBL-Online Loan Junction • POS facility along with KBL POS Manager mobile app for merchants to manage their activities around POS, which is the first of its kind in the banking industry The Karnataka Bank Limited has received excellence awards from reputed organisations during FY 2016-17, such as: • FIEO - Southern Region Export Excellence Award: Best Financial Institution (Southern Region) for the support extended to export business for the year 2013-14 under Gold Category, instituted by Federation of Indian Export Organisations, received on 08-10-2016

Corrigendum: In the November 2016 issue of Shubh Yatra, in the (In Focus) article headlined, "Unlocking the Power of Atoms", under the sub-section Societal Applications, the first sentence should read as: NISARGRUNA, the decentralised urban waste management system converts bio-waste into cooking-gas.

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infocus mixed bag

THE WHITE WONDER and a desert carnival Enjoy the beauty and vibrant colours of the Rann Utsav from the beautiful White Rann Resort The silvery white expanse of the Rann of Kutch is filled with colours and sounds during the annual Rann Utsav. A celebration of traditions and culture of Gujaratâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kutch region, the festival is equally popular with international and Indian tourists. It offers a great festive experience as well as an experience of the exotic, breathtaking terrain of the region. Enhancing your experience is the White Rann Resort located at Dhordo, Kutch. Guests staying at the resort can choose from among a variety of excellent accommodation options, including premium air-conditioned tents and rajwadi air-conditioned bhungas. The experience includes a fabulous glimpse of local culture and handicrafts, a taste of lip-smacking Gujarati/Kutchi cuisine provided by Courtyard Marriott, a desert safari on an open-air double-decker bus, and other activities. From reveling in the colourful desert carnival, enjoying the picturesque Kutch landscape to understanding the local culture, the White Rann Resort makes sure guests get a wholesome experience, without any hassle! For more information, please visit For booking, email at or contact: +91 9712936233.

Please bring this coupon to avail of this offer. Valid till 31st Jan. 2017

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Issue 4·2016


issue-18 seP-NOV 2016

ThE ON-BOaRd M agazINE Of INdI aN RaILwayS


Volume 30 n Issue 6 n November-December 2016



A Place for eternal worship



Gauri Khan on what she loves about the three-pointed star

A royal & resplendent sojourn




makeup picks to shine like a diva

Lewis Hamilton on fashion Mike Horn’s journey from pole to pole Jazz with Gregory Porter

RAJASTHAN A journey through the rural Rajasthan

The magazine is for on-board reading only. Kindly do not take away. Read it online at or download the Rail Bandhu App on your device. ;g if=dk dsoy Vªus esa i<+us ds fy, gSA d`i;k lkFk u ys tk,aA ij vkWuykbu i<+as ,oa jsy ca/kq ,i MkmuyksM djsAa





Volume 2 | Issue 1


to impress



Rotterdam: from bustling seaport city to creative hub for new architecture




spruce up your festive celebrations with our decoration ideas



Mercedes-Benz GLC: where muscle and motion come together




indulge your loved ones as it’s good to gift this festive season


Trendy ensembles for men & women


trend forecast for women to stand out from the crowd


Look Ethnic

Shaping a new world order

RATlAm & RAilwAyS

always festive ISSUE 9 • 2016


get fashionable with Kangana Ranaut and Farhan Akhtar


explore new-age

workout regimeS to stay fit

cafe culture

styling inspiration and fashion advice for men’s wardrobe



up now

look effortlessly fashion forward with our style guide


haute spot denim trendS for men Shimmer ShadeS to don thiS SeaSon

Cover_Final_Purple.indd 1


Fusion A MaXposure Media Group Publication

30/08/16 7:01 PM

Tathaastu_2016.indb 1

08/07/16 11:32 AM

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Vkbxj Q+kWy

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fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 165

pop pourri predictions

tarot trotting

VSjks dfgu

See what December has on the cards. By Karmel Nair

ns[ksa dkM~lZ esa fnlEcj dSlk jgsxkA crk jgh gSa dkjesy uk;jA

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

By the time you end the year, you will balance things in life. You may either do some charity work or receive charity in the form of money without any expectation of return.

A family elderly or a friend could give you some sound advice which will help resolve some pending issues. Consider spending some time off to connect with your inner self in peace.

Expect to receive a sudden surplus of wealth and money probably from your workplace. Put it away for better days. If you have been considering a business, now is the time to go ahead.

lky ds var rd vki thou esa larqyu yk ik,axsA ijksidkj ds :i esa vki dqN nku dj ldrs gSa vFkok dksbZ ijksidkj ds :i esa vkidks /ku iznku djsxkA ml /ku dks ykSVkus dh Hkh vko’;drk ugha gksxhA

ifjokj esa cqtqxZ vFkok fe= vkidks lgh lykg nsxk ftlls yafcr elys gy gksaxsA vius varjeu ls laidZ lk/kus ds fy, ,dkar esa dqN le; fcrkus ij fopkj djsaA

vkidks dk;kZy; ls vfrfjDr lEink ;k /ku dh izkfIr gksxhA mfpr le; ij O;; djus ds fy, bls laHkkydj j[ksaA vki vxj u;k dkjksckj vkjaHk djuk pkgrs gSa rks ;g mi;qDr le; gSA

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

You might face a small set back this month. Keep an eye out for people who may try to cheat and deceive you. Stay vigilant and aware to avoid such negative things from happening.

You are very clear with what you want to do career wise. This clarity emerges from a firm decision to quit or move forward. You might get an opportunity to work or expand your business overseas.

Look out for awkward situations at the workplace or in relationships. Do not be disheartened by a defeat that was not meant to be yours. Be positive and let time do its work.

bl ekg vkidks gYdk lk uqdlku gksus dh vk’kadk gSA vkidks Bxus o /kks[kk nsus okys yksxksa ij dM+h ut+j j[ksaA lrdZ jgsa rFkk ,slh udkjkRed ?kVuk,a u ?kVsa blds fy, csgn pkSdUus jgsaA

vki Hkyh&Hkkafr tkurs gSa fd dWfj;j ds {ks= esa vki D;k pkgrs gSaA blh Li"V lksp ds lkFk vki iqjkuk dke NksM+us ;k vkxs c<+us dk fu.kZ; ysaxsA vkidks fons’k esa dkjksckj Q+Sykus dk volj feyus dh laHkkouk gSA

dk;kZy; ;k fj’rksa esa mRiUu vlgt fLFkfr;ksa ls mcjus dk iz;kl djsaA vlQyrk ls grksRlkfgr u gksaA ldkjkRed lksp j[ksaA le; ds lkFk lHkh leL;kvksa dk gy laHko gks tk,xkA

166 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016



NUMEROLOGY Honoured to receive Global Achievers Award by his excellency Shri. T.P Seetharam, the Ambassador of India to UAE in Dubai, (Jan2016)

In the bollywood glam-city awarded with Savvy honours woman 2016 from the hands of Dharmendra and Poonam Dhillon.

Received the 'Pride of India' award by the hands of The Ex Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dixit in april 2016.

‘Titled Indian Nostradamus’ for her precise political predictions, since 2001 for our country.

Sandhiya Mehta is a Ace Numerologist, vast expert and now a worldwide brand who represents success and growth, for herself and for people she counsels. She has expanded the numerological field with her research and knowledge, and with advanced experiences has helped her to help every human soul in return, to guide them to their enchanting dreams, gain power over their fortunes and to come alive. With an aura au of bright lights and her charismatic personality, she has achieved of what many dream. She is in the field for more than thirty years, and in this journey has helped and exchanged energies and ideas, guided people to lead better lives, has received dozens of honours and recognitions, like ‘The Nari Ratna award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Award, Rastriya Ratan award, Mahila Shiromani award, 4p Brand recognitions, ‘The Global Indian Leaders excellence award and many more such appreciations. ————Numerology is the most accurate predictive science, and has evolved from the ages of people counting stars as numerical references to today where we add up all the calculations and we have an outcome that guides you to the events in your life, and stay prepared for them.“To a person who seeks success, my system will bring success, happiness and prosperity. And to those who are already successful it will bring sustainability, positive reinforcements, further success and introduce to a new and higher perspective and lifestyle.” The Journey to my methods “I am someone who has evolved, and with every step of my life have just tried to be better in what I love, I don't just predict your future, I communicate, consult and help you empower your energies.” Every person is having an energy, a combination and each combination is different, hence they have only certain types of energy and lack other ones. This is what makes us human, that we can’t be perfect but we have to strive to be. My exclusive research and study of missing numbers in your birth graph helps me to determine what are the strong energies that I can see in you and uplift the missing energies to suit to your dreams and ambitions. With my years or research and extremely positive results, I help these missing energies in your graph. Its like providing nutrition to a body, by way of simple remedies and self improvement improveme tools that I have developed by myself. The curious case of 4 & 8 “In my research, nearly 70% people are connected to these numbers, and this loop then influences your further generations too.’ One usually guards themselves because we have all heard a lot about disappointments and delays, sorrows and hardships of 4 & 8 and with 7 they form a trio of these energies. But I see them powerful steroids, to be handled carefully. Then I will channelize it to positive planning and maximise your fortune’s profits. Feel blessed if you belong to them, we will empower your life li and, learn through 4 & 8 and reap more fruits of your hard work than you would have previously did. Handle your energies well, because only in the right hands they will empower with 4 & 8.

Spotlight: what is my remedy? My remedy is a tool I have devised to balance your energies in your birth graph. By Precisely studying the effect of each energy, and its powers we can efficiently develop the missing energies and help you get successful results. Its not an overnight change, nothing is a miracle, but I will guide you to work on your missing energies, in return for you to create your own miracle. The universe is balanced, hence if you want to gain something you will have to lose something, in this case we will help you lose your negativities, and help you stay positive, strong and successful.


Numerologist and Vastu consultant with activated Third Eye

Is life simpler without 4 & 8: The other side of the story Individually every number has its massive merits but if it doesn’t get the support of your fadic/destiny number it cannot do much for you. 1, 9, 5 & 3 are very powerful numbers and should get magnanimous success as per individual calculations, but if you are still struggling and have faced certain problems you should try and understand your state of energies and detangle the web, to create a free path for your future. “A bright star has its own energy, but lighting a lamp in the dark is much more meaningful.” We all are a mix of many numbers, their combinations play us differently and affects us differently. We have to empower these combinations in our fortune, to achieve what is extraordinary, which makes us exemplary individuals, that help themselves and in addition help their families, society, help someone in need who looks unto you. My advice “Knowledge empowers you, and there is nothing more powerful than to understand yourself, your potentials, what holds you back, what drives you forward.” I provide you this knowledge about yourself, though numerology. Knowledge about finances, career, turnaround years, lucky dates, months, years, things that help you have a strong backup plan for everything in life. “No mantra, fasting, name changes singularly guarantees you anything. Ultimately its you who has to foresee the future, and I help you to do so.” Follow a simplistic solution Meh that I call Sandhiya Mehhta’s remedy system, and we will work on your energies and align them in the right direction Get going with My success road There is a Buddhist saying, “You yourself must strive; the Buddha’s just point the way.” If you believe in yourself and the universe let me just show you a direction, you yourself will lead on the right path and achieve the results within no desired time. I have received tremendous positive feedbacks to have faith in the universe myself. “I am not god; I just understand my field of work and use it to help people, guide them and provide them with some efficient ways to be happy, peaceful, ever-glorious and a good part of our society & I continue to achieve results with all my clients."- Sandhiya Mehhta.

Are you aware about your Past, present and future?

The only Successful Numerologist, to have devised Self-Help remedies for your fortune for your prosperity, growth and sustainable success. For any further personalised details about yourself or your family, children, guidelines to positive living, numerological analysis of yourself and SANDHIYA MEHHTA’S REMEDY tools, write in or call up on the following: Sandhiya Mehhta / Yellow soul +91 – 9819921673, +91 9769071673 HO: Mumbai: 022-26371670, 71 Delhi: +91-9654483695 co Email: Website: Follow us for daily predictions:




pop pourri predictions

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

You will come across a very authoritative man who may change your work scene. He could step in as a boss or a colleague, bring in much value and help you through difficulties.

You will be executing some brilliant concepts exceptionally well at work. Your senior will guide you through this. In matters of the heart, you may bump into someone smart and vivacious.

You will embrace every luxury that you have desired throughout the year in December, an indication of abundant wealth. You would be willing to shell out a lot to pamper yourself.

vkidk ,sls vf/kdkjh ls ikyk iM+sxk tks laHkor% dk;kZy; esa vkidh fLFkfr esa cnyko yk,A og vkidk ckWl ;k lg;ksxh gks ldrk gS tks vkids fy, lgk;d fl) gksxk vkSj vkidks fodV ifjfLFkfr;ksa ls mckjsxkA

vki vius dk;Z esa viuh mRd`"V lksp dks lQy :i nsaxsA bl dk;Z esa vkids ofj"B vkidh enn djsaxsA fny ds ekeys esa vki fdlh LekVZ o vkd"kZd O;fDr ls feysaxsA

fnlEcj esa izpqj ek=k esa /ku feyus ds ladsr gSaA blls vki vius lq[k dh os lHkh pht+sa ys ldsaxs ftlds fy, vkius iwjk lky bart+kj fd;kA vki vius lq[k ds fy, cgqr lkjh pht+sa [+kjhnus dh lksp jgs gSaA

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Everything in December will be in proportion - expenses will match with incomes, love with efforts and work with rewards. Try avoiding situations involving the law and order.

If you are confused or dealing with a difficult situation, listen to your inner voice, it will help you take better decisions. Try weighing the consequences of the decisions you take.

Expect to have a perfect closure to the year. You may recover from deficits you have incurred, begin to up your game and return to action again. You will also maintain good health.

fnlEcj esa lc dqN vuqikr esa gksxk&vk; ds vuq:i [kpkZ gksxk] izse&izlax esa iz;kl lQy gksaxs rFkk dke dk buke feysxkA dkuwu&O;oLFkk ls lacaf/kr fdlh ekeys esa Q+alus ls cpsaA

vki ;fn Hkze esa gSa ;k fodV ifjfLFkfr dk lkeuk dj jgs gSa rks vius fny dh lqusaA blls vkidks mfpr fu.kZ; ysus esa enn feysxhA vki tks Hkh Q+Slyk ysa mlds ifj.kkeksa ij fopkj voâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;; djsaA

vkids fy, lky dk var cgqr vPNk jgsxkA vki viuk dt+kZ pqdkus esa dke;kc gksaxsA u;k dke vkjaHk djsaxs o mlesa mUufr djsaxsA vki viuh lsgr dk Hkh mfpr /;ku j[ksaxsA

168 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)


LEISURE entertainment guide

time eu¨jatu

We welcome you aboard with a promise to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and programmes as available on each IFE system foeku esa ge vkidk Lokxr djrs gSa] vkbZ,Q+bZ iz.kkyh ij miyC/k gekjs vla[; pSuy vkSj mu ij izlkfjr gksus okys fofHkUu dk;ZØe vkidh ;k=k esa euksjatu dk iqV Hkj nsaxs


fganh fQ+Yesa

B787,B777 & B747 content (The movies marked with an asterisk are available on B787 only)

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼fpfºur fQ+Yesa dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½

Waiting osfVax

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin, Rajat Kapoor

dykdkj% ulh#n~nhu ’kkg] dYdh dkspfyu] jtr diwj Chauranga pkSjaxk

recent Releases

Cast: Sanjay Suri, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Soham Maitra

Madaari enkjh

dykdkj% lat; lwjh] rfu"Bk pSVthZ] lksge eS=k

ubZ fjyht+

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Vishesh Bansal

dykdkj% bjQ+ku [+kku] ftEeh ’ksjfxy] fo’ks"k caly sultan lqYrku

Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Marrese Crump

Gour Hari Dastaan- The Freedom File xkSj gjh

nkLrka&n Ý+hMe Q+kby Cast: Vinay Pathak, Konkona Sen Sharma, Ranvir Shorey

dykdkj% fou; ikBd] dks.kd.kk lsu ’kekZ] j.kohj ’kkSjh


dykdkj% iqyfdr lezkV] ;keh xkSre] _f"k diwj] moZ’kh jkSrsyk Te3N rhu

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan

dykdkj% vferkHk cPPku] uoktqn~nhu fln~nhdh] fo|k ckyu Dhanak /kud

Cast: Hetal Gadda, Krrish Chhabria, Vipin Sharma, Gulfam Khan

dykdkj% gsry xM~Mk] d`"k NkcfM+;k] fofiu ’kekZ] xqyQ+ke [+kku Dilwale fnyokys


Baaghi ckxh

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor

dykdkj% j.knhi gqM~Mk] v{k; vkscjkW;] fi;k cktisbZ

dykdkj% Vkbxj JkWQ+] J)k diwj

Sarbjit ljcthr

Fan Q+Su

dykdkj% ,s’o;Z jk; cPpu] j.knhi gqM~Mk

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha De Sousa, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Sayani Gupta

dykdkj% ’kkg#[k [+kku] okyqpk fM lqt+k] fJ;k fiYxkaodj] l;kuh xqIrk

Cast: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda

Traffic VªsfQ+d

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Jimmy Shergill, Prosenjit Chatterjee

dykdkj% eukst cktisbZ] ftEeh ’ksjfxy] izksluthr pSVthZ

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kirti Sanon

Kapoor & Sons

Cast: Sara Loren, Adhyayan Suman, Aaryansh Arora

dykdkj% ’kkg#[k [+kku] dktksy] o#.k /kou] d`fr lSuksu

Cast: Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan, Rishi Kapoor

*Rocky Handsome

Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vicky Kaushal, Sobhita Dhulipala

dykdkj% lkjk yksjsu] v/;;u lqeu] vk;kZa’k vjksM+k

Azhar vt+gj

dykdkj% vkfy;k HkV~V] fl)kFkZ eYgks=k] Q+okn [+kku] _f"k diwj

Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nathalia Kaur, Baby Diya Chalwad

dykdkj% uoktqn~nhu fln~nhdh] foDdh dkS’ky] ’kksfHkrk /kwyhikyk

Sanam Re lue

dykdkj% lyeku [+kku] vuq"dk ’kekZ] j.knhi gqM~Mk] esjsZls ØEi Raman Raghav 2.0

jeu jk?ko 2-0

Ishq Click b’d



Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam, Rishi Kapoor, Urvashi Rautela

170 I Shubh Yatra I DeCEmber 2016

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Nargis Fakhri, Prachi Desai

dykdkj% bejku gk’keh] ujfxl Q+kdjh] izkph nslkbZ

diwj ,aM lUl

Laal Rang yky


Cast: Randeep Hooda, Akshay Oberoi, Piaa Bajpai

jkWdh gSaMle

dykdkj% tkWu vczkã] Jqfr glu] uFkkfy;k dkSj] csch nh;k NkyokM+ Saala Khadoos




dykdkj% d`".k prqosZnh] :gh flag

dykdkj% /kesaZnz] feFkqu pØorhZ] ulh#n~nhu ’kkg] jhuk jkW;] fLerk ikfVy

*Wazir ot+hj

Mere Jeevan Saathi

Ruhi Singh

Mere Jeevan Saathi

lkyk [kM+wl Cast: R Madhavan, Ritika Singh

dykdkj% vkj ek/kou] fjfrdk flag

*Fitoor fQ+rwj

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur,

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Aditi Rao Hydari

dykdkj% vferkHk cPpu] Q+jgku v[+rj] vfnfr jko gSnjh

Contemporary and classic

dUVsEijsjh o Dykfld Ek Chadar Maili Si

Katrina Kaif

,d pknj eSyh lh Cast: Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor, Kulbhushan Kharbanda


Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] fue`r dkSj

*Chalk N Duster pkWd ,u MLVj Cast: Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Divya Dutta

dykdkj% twgh pkoyk] ’kckuk vkt+eh] t+jhuk ogkc] fnO;k nÙkk

*Ishq Forever b’d Q+kWj,oj Cast: Krishna Chaturvedi,

Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Sujit Kumar

dykdkj% jkts’k [kUuk] ruwtk] lqthr dqekj Sharmilee ’kfeZyh

dykdkj% vkfnR; jkW; diwj] dVjhuk dSQ+ Airlift

esjs thou lkFkh

dykdkj% gsek ekfyuh] _f"k diwj] dqyHkw"k.k [kjcank

Cast: Shashi Kapoor, Raakhee, Nazir Hussain

dykdkj% ’kf’k diwj] jk[kh] ut+hj gqlSu Dil Ek Mandir

fny ,d eafnj Cast: Rajendra Kumar, Meena Kumari, Raaj Kumar

dykdkj% jktsanz dqekj] ehuk dqekjh] jkt dqekj

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Naseeruddin Shah

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] lquhy ’ksV~Vh] johuk VaMu] ulh#n~nhu ’kkg Ghulami xqykeh

Cast: Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, Reena Roy, Smita Patil

Konkona Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi

dykdkj% bjQ+ku [+kku] dks.kd.kk lsu ’kekZ] uhjt dch 3 Idiots 3


Cast: Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor Khan

dykdkj% vkfej [+kku] ek/kou] ’kjeu tks’kh] djhuk diwj [+kku Andaz Apna Apna

vankt+ viuk viuk

Cast: Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor

dykdkj% vkfej [+kku] lyeku [+kku] johuk VaMu] dfj’ek diwj Faasle Q+klys

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Farah, Rohan

fny fn;k nnZ fy;k Cast: Dilip Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Pran

Kabhi Kabhie dHkh

dykdkj% fnyhi dqekj] oghnk jgeku] izk.k Kathputli dBiqryh

Cast: Vyjayanthimala, Balraj Sahni, Jawahar Kaul

dykdkj% oSt;arhekyk] cyjkt lkguh] tokgj dkWy Talvar ryokj

Cast: Irrfan Khan,


dykdkj% jkts’k [kUuk] ’kfeZyk VSxksj] jk[kh BahAron Ki Manzil

cgkjksa dh eaft+y

Cast: Meena Kumari, Dharmendra, Farida Jalal

dykdkj% ehuk dqekjh] /kesaZnz] Q+jhnk tyky Jaanwar tkuoj

Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Rajshree

dykdkj% ’kEeh diwj] jktJh xsLV

Paying Guest isbax

dykdkj% lquhy nÙk] js[kk] Q+jkg] jksgu

Dil Diya Dard Liya mohra eksgjk

Gour Hari Dastaan- The Freedom File


Raman Raghav 2.0


Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Rakhee

dykdkj% vferkHk cPpu] ’kf’k diwj] oghnk jgeku] jk[kh Daag: A Poem of Love

nkx% , iks;e vkWQ+ yo Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore,

Cast: Dev Anand, Nutan

dykdkj% nso vkuan] uwru

*AbCD 2 ,chlhMh 2

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhudeva

dykdkj% o#.k /kou] J)k diwj] izHkqnsok abhaas vkHkkl

Cast: Akshay Anand, Bijaya Jena

dykdkj% v{k; vkuan] fct;k tsuk

*Bol Radha Bol cksy jk/kk cksy Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Kader Khan

dykdkj% _f"k diwj] twgh pkoyk] dknj [+kku

*baaghi ckxh

Cast: Salman Khan,

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 171

LEISURE entertainment guide Nagma

*Hera Pheri gsjk Q+sjh

ran Khan, Vivan Bhatena


dykdkj% daxuk jukSr] bejku [+kku] fooku HkVsuk

dykdkj% o#.k /kou] vkfy;k HkV~V

*drishyam n`’;e


dykdkj% lyeku [+kku] uxek

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal

*bang bang cSax cSax

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] lquhy ’ksV~Vh] ijs’k jkoy

dykdkj% fjfrd jks’ku] dVjhuk dSQ+

*Laadla ykM+yk

*bombay velvet

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Ravina Tandon

dykdkj% vt; nsoxu] Jh;k lju] rCcw] jtr diwj

dykdkj% vfuy diwj] Jhnsoh] johuk VaMu

*masaan elku

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif

ckWEcs osYosV

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma

dykdkj% j.kchj diwj] vuq"dk ’kekZ *Bhoothnath Returns

HkwrukFk fjVUlZ

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, Parth Bhalerao

dykdkj% vferkHk cPpu] ckseu bjkuh] ikFkZ Hkkysjko band baaja baarat

cSaM cktk ckjkr

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh

dykdkj% vuq"dk ’kekZ] j.kohj flag

*Brothers cznlZ

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] fl)kFkZ eYgks=k] tSDyhu Q+ukZaMhl

*city lights flVh ykbV~l

Cast: Rajkummar Roa, Patralekha

dykdkj% jktdqekj jko] i=ys[kk

*Naram Garam uje xje Cast: Amol Palekar, Swaroop Sampat, Utpal Dutt

dykdkj% veksy ikysdj] Lo:i lEir] mRiy nŸk Maine Pyar Kiya

eSua s I;kj fd;k

Cast: Salman Khan, Bhagyashree Patwardhan

*lamhe yEgs

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Anupam Kher

dykdkj% vfuy diwj] Jhnsoh] vuqie [ksj *chandni pkanuh

Cast: Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna

dykdkj% Jhnsoh] _f"k diwj] fouksn [kUuk

*shaandaar ’kkunkj

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt

dykdkj% ’kkfgn diwj] vkfy;k HkV~V

*pyaar ka punchnama 2 I;kj dk iapukek 2 Cast: Sunny Singh Nijjar, Omkar Kapoor, Sonali Sehgal

dykdkj% luh flag fuTtj] vksedkj diwj] lksukyh lgxy

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu, Rajat Kapoor

Cast: Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Sanjay Mishra, Shweta Tripathi

dykdkj% fjpk pM~<k] foDdh dkS’ky] lat; feJk] ’osrk f=ikBh

Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Sadhana


dykdkj% ’kEeh diwj] lk/kuk

galh rks Qa+lh Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Parineeti Chopra, Adah Sharma

*Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se vf[k;ksa ds

dykdkj% fl)kFkZ eYgks=k] ifjuhfr pksiM+k] vnk ’kekZ

Cast: Sachin, Ranjeeta

piku ihdw

*Queen Dohu

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan

dykdkj% nhfidk ikMqdks.k] vferkHk cPpu] bjQ+ku [+kku

*Hamari Adhuri Kahani gekjh v/kwjh dgkuh Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan

dykdkj% bejku gk’keh] fo|k ckyu

*Gabbar Is Back

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] Jqfr gklu

*prem ratan dhan payo

*Rahasya jgL;

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shruti Haasan

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Tisca Chopra, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mita Vashisht


Cast: Partho Gupte, Saqib Saleem, Ashfaque Khan

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao

dykdkj% daxuk jukSr] jktdqekj jko

*no one killed jessica uks ou fdYM tsfldk Cast: Rani Mukerji, Vidya Balan

dykdkj% jkuh eq[kthZ] fo|k ckyu

*mary kom eSjh dkWe

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumaar, Sunil Thapa

dykdkj% fiz;adk pksiM+k] n’kZu dqekj] lquhy Fkkik

*gulaab gang xqykc xSax Cast: Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Juhi Chawla

dykdkj% ek/kqjh nhf{kr&usus] twgh pkoyk

*jazbaa tT+ck

*Kis Kisko Pyaar

dykdkj% ds ds esuu] fVLdk pksiM+k] vk’kh"k fo|kFkhZ] ehrk of’k"V

fdl fdldks I;kj d:a

*ugly vXyh

dykdkj% ,s’o;Z jk;] bjQ+ku [+kku] ’kckuk vkt+eh

dykdkj% lyeku [+kku] lksue diwj Karoon

Cast: Ronit Roy, Rahul Bhat, Tejaswini Kolhapure

dykdkj% lyeku [+kku] HkkX;Jh iVo/kZu

*Vaastav okLro

dykdkj% dfiy ’kekZ] vjckt+ [+kku] lkbZ yksdqj] eatjh Q+Muhl

*Humpty Sharma Ki

*Katti Batti dV~Vh cV~Vh

gEiVh ’kekZ dh nqYgfu;k

dykdkj% lat; nŸk] uezrk f’kjksMdj] eksguh"k cgy

*Budtameez cnreht+

dykdkj% v{k; dqekj] lksuk{kh flUgk

dykdkj% ikFkksZ xqIrs] lkfdc lyhe] v’Q+kd [+kku

Cast: Kapil Sharma, Arbaaz Khan, Sai Lokur, Manjari Fadnis

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Namrata Shirodkar, Mohnish Bahl

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha

dykdkj% uoktqn~nhu fln~nhdh] jkf/kdk vkIVs

Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte

dykdkj% j.kchj diwj] nhfidk ikMqdksu

Cast: Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor

dykdkj% lquhy nŸk] oghnk jgeku] tkWuh okWdj

*Hawaa Hawaai gok

*tamasha rek’kk

izse jru /ku ik;ks

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Johnny Walker

*manjhi eka>h

xCcj bt+ cSd

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

,d Qwy pkj dkaVs

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Im-

172 I Shubh Yatra I DeCEmber 2016

dykdkj% jksfur jkW;] jkgqy HkV~V] rstfLouh dksYgkiqjs Dulhania

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Alia

Cast: Aishwarya Rai, Irrfan Khan, Shabana Azmi

>jks[kksa ls dykdkj% lfpu] jathrk

*kaala pathar dkyk iRFkj

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Rakhee, Nitu Singh dykdkj% vferkHk cPpu] ’kf’k diwj] ’k=q?u flUgk] jk[kh] uhrw flag


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B787,B777 & B747 content (The movies marked with an asterisk are available on B787 only)

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼fpfºur fQ+Yesa dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½ Ebar Shabor (Bengali)

,ckj ’kkcksj ¼caxkyh½

Cast: Saswata Chatterjee, Swastika Mukherjee, Abir Chatterjee dykdkj% ’kk’or pSVthZ] LokfLrd eq[kthZ] vchj pSVthZ Le Halua Le (Bengali)

ys gyqvk ys ¼caxkyh½

Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Soham Chakraborty, Payel Hiran dykdkj% feFkqu pØorhZ] lksge pØorhZ] ik;y ghju

*Autograph (Bengali) vkWVksxzkQ+ ¼caxkyh½

Kumar, Nargis, Nimmi

Cast: Prosenjit Chatterjee, Nandana Sen, Indraneil Sengupta dykdkj% izkslUuthr pSVthZ] uanuk lsu] banzkuhy lsuxqIrk

dykdkj% v’kksd dqekj] fnyhi dqekj] ujfxl] fuEeh

*Har Har Byomkesh

Deedar nhnkj

Cast: Ashok Kumar, Dilip

*Ek Phool char Kaante


gj gj C;kseds’k ¼caxkyh½

Cast: Abir Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, Ritwick Chakraborty

dykdkj% vchj pSVthZ] lksfguh ljdkj] fjfRod pØorhZ

*Shudhu Tomari Jonyo (Bengali)

’kq/kq rksekjh tksU;ks ¼caxkyh½

Cast: Dev, Srabanti, Mimi Chakraborty, Soham, Biswanath Basu, Kharaj Mukherjee, Arindam Sil

dykdkj% nso] Jkcafr] feeh pØorhZ] lksge] fo’oukFk clq] [kjkt eq[kthZ] vfjane fly

*Chokher Bali (Bengali) pks[ksj ckyh ¼caxkyh½

Cast: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raima Sen


osRFkk ¼ey;kye½ Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Manju Warrier, Indrajith

dykdkj% dqapkdks ckscu] eatw okfj;j] banzthr Ee Adutha Kaalath (malayalam)

bZ vnwFkk dkyFk ¼ey;kye½ Cast: Indrajith, Tanushree Ghosh, Murali Gopy

dykdkj% banzthr] ruqJh ?kks"k] eqjyh xksih

cPpu ¼dUuM+½

Cast: Sudeep, Jagapathi Babu, Bhavana

dykdkj% lqnhi] txifr ckcw] Hkkouk

*Raja Huli (kannada) jktk gqyh ¼dUuM+½

Cast: Yash, Meghana Raj, Vasishta N. Simha

dykdkj% ;’k] es?kuk jkt] of’k"V ,u- flEgk

*Luv U Alia (kannada)

yo ;w vkfy;k ¼dUuM+½

Cast: V. Ravichandran, Bhoomika Chawla, Chandan Kumar, Sangeetha

dykdkj% oh- jfopanzu] Hkwfedkpkoyk] panu dqekj] laxhrk

*Siddhartha (kannada) fl)kFkZ ¼dUuM+½

Cast: Raghavendra Rajkumar, Apoorva Arora

dykdkj% jk?kosanz jktdqekj] viwokZ vjksM+k

*Aatagara (kannada)

dykdkj% fuohu ikWyh] bZ’kk ryokj] vtq oxhZl (malayalam) tks


,aM n ckW;

dykdkj% eatw okfj;j] ekLVj luwi

*Sevenes (malayalam) lsoUl ¼ey;kye½

Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Nivin Pauly, Asif Ali, Mithun Ramesh

dykdkj% dapkdks ckscu] fufou ikWmyh] vkflQ+ vyh] feFkqu jes’k

*Charlie (malayalam) pkyhZ ¼ey;kye½

Cast: Dulquer Salman, Parvathy, Aparna Gopinath

dykdkj% nydsj lyeku] ikoZrh] vi.kkZ xksihukFk Sandook (marathi)

lanwd ¼ejkBh½

Cast: Sumeet Raghavan, Bhargavi Chirmule

dykdkj% lqfer jk?kou] HkkxZoh fpjeqys

Laal Ishq (marathi)

jErk tksxh ¼iatkch½

Cast: Deep Sidhu, Ronica Singh, Rahul Dev, Girish Sahdev, Zafar Dhilon, Anil Grover

dykdkj% nhi fl/kq] jksfudk flag] jkgqy nso] fxjh’k lgnso] tQ+j f<Yyks] vfuy xzksoj 22g Tussi Ghaint Ho (Punjabi)

22th rqlh ?kaV gks ¼iatkch½

Cast: Bhagwant Mann, Rupan Bal, Upasana Singh dykdkj% Hkxoar eku] :iu cky] mikluk flag

*Control Bhaji Control (Punjabi) daVªksy


HkTth daVªksy

Cast: Karan Kundra, Sangram Singh, Nachattar Gill dykdkj% dj.k dqanzk] laxzke

flag] uN= fxy

*Punjabian Da King (Punjabi)

iatkfc;ka nk fdax ¼iatkch½

Cast: Navraj Hans, Keeya Khanna, Hobby Dhaliwal, Bhanu Sri Mehra

dykdkj% uojkt gal] dh;k [kUuk] gkWch /kkyhoky] Hkkuq Jh esgjk

*Munde Kamaal De

Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Anjana Sukhani, Sneha Chavan


*Natsamrat (marathi)

dykdkj% vefjanj fxy] fcUuw f<Yyksa] tlfoanj HkYyk

dykdkj% LofIuy tks’kh] vatuk lq[kkuh] Lusg pOgk.k uVlezkV ¼ejkBh½

Cast: Nana Patekar, Medha Manjrekar, Vikram Gokhale

dykdkj% ukuk ikVsdj] es/kk ekatjsdj] foØe xks[kys

*Por Bazaar (marathi) iksj ckt+kj ¼ejkBh½

dykdkj% fpjathoh ljtk] ik#y ;kno] es?kuk jkt

dykdkj% vadq’k pkS/kjh] lkbZ regadj] fp=k uokFks

Vettah (malayalam)

Cast: Sonalee Kulkarni, Jitendra Joshi, Hrishikesh Joshi, Aniket Vishwasrao, Hemant Dhome

yky b’d ¼ejkBh½

vkrxjk ¼dUuM+½

Cast: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Parul Yadav, Meghana Raj

iksLVj xyZ ¼ejkBh½

Ramta Jogi (Punjabi)

Cast: Nivin Pauly, Isha Talwar, Aju Varghese

Cast: Manju Warrier, Master Sanoop

Bachchan (kannada)

*Poshter Girl (marathi)

ekjk;kFkq ¼ey;kye½

(malayalam) FkkFkkfFku

Devara Naadalli (kannada)

dykdkj% izdk’k jkt] vP;qr dqekj] ekaM~;k jes’k] flgh dkgh panzq

dykdkj% vrqy dqyd.khZ] lfpu [ksMsdj] e`.kky dqyd.khZ

dykdkj% lksukyh dqyd.khZ] ftrsanz tks’kh] _f"kds’k tks’kh] vfudsr fo’okljko] gsear /kkses

*Jo and the Boy

Cast: Prakash Raj, Achyuth Kumar, Mandya Ramesh, Sihi Kahi Chandru

Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar, Mrinal Kulkarni

*Thattathin Marayathu

dykdkj% ,s’o;Z jk; cPpu] izkslUuthr pSVthZ] jk;ek lsu

nsojk ukMkyh ¼dUuM+½

jtokM+s ,aM lal ¼ejkBh½

Cast: Ankush Chaudhari, Sai Tamhankar, Chitra Nawathe

*Rajwade and Sons

(Punjabi) eqaMs

deky ns

Cast: Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla

Su... Karisu (gujarati)

lq---djhlq ¼xqtjkrh½

Cast: Asrani, Rittesh Mobh, Bhakti Rathod, Kishore Bhanushali

dykdkj% vljkuh] fjrs’k eksHk] HkfDr jkBkSj] fd’kksj Hkkuq’kkyh

Ee Adutha Kaalath

Mamta Soni, Firoz Irani

dykdkj% foØe Bkdksj] eerk lksuh] fQ+jkst+ bjkuh

*Vedalam (tamil)

*Jo Baka (gujarati)

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Lakshmi Menon

tks ckdk ¼xqtjkrh½

Cast: Preyshi Nayak, Nishith Brahmbhatt

dykdkj% izs;"kh uk;d] fuf’kFk czãHkV~V

*Preet Na Saugandh (gujarati) izhr uk lqxa/k


Cast: Chandan Rathod, Pal Raval, Sunny Khatri, Rekha Rabari

dykdkj% panu jkBkSj] iky jkoy] luh [k=h] js[kk jkcjh

dykdkj% vthr dqekj] Jqfr glu] y{eh esuu *Eetti (tamil) bZV~Vh ¼rfey½ Cast: Atharvaa, Sri Divya, Jayaprakash, Naren

dykdkj% vFkokZ] Jh fnO;k] t;izdk’k] ujsu

*Kirumi (tamil) fd#eh ¼rfey½

Cast: Kathir, Reshmi Menon, Charle, Yogi Babu, Vanitha Thennavan

*Preet Gheli Radha

dykdkj% [k+kfrj] js’eh esuu] pkyhZ] ;ksxh ckcw] ofurk rsUukou


*Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

(gujarati) izhr

?ksyh jk/kk

Cast: Naresh Kanodia, Jayshree T, Dhavan Mevada

dykdkj% ujs’k duksfM;k] t;Jh Vh] /kou esoknk


ukuqe jkmMh /kku ¼rfey½ Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Parthiban

*Bas Ek Chance (gujarati)

dykdkj% fot; lsrqifr] u;urkjk] ikFkhZcu

Cast: Rajeev Mehta, Falguni Dave, Aditya Kapadia, Bhakti Kubavat

Express Raja (Telugu)

cl ,d pkal ¼xqtjkrh½

dykdkj% jktho esgrk] Q+kxquh nos] vkfnR; dikfM+;k] HkfDr dqckor

,Dlizsl jktk ¼rsyqxw½

Cast: Sharwanand, Surabhi, Brahmaji

dykdkj% Jokuan] lqjfHk] czºekth]

Pichaikkaran (tamil)

Gundello Godari (Telugu)

Cast: Vijay Antony, Satna Titus, Bagavathi Perumal

Cast: Aadhi, Lakshmi Manchu, Sundeep Kishan, Taapsee Pannu

fipk,ddj.k ¼rfey½

dykdkj% fot; ,aVksuh] lruk fVVwl] Hkxorh is#ey

Aakha Jagthi Nirali Mari Saajna (gujarati)

Bhooloham (tamil)

Cast: Vikram Thakore,

dykdkj% ts;e jfo] f=’kk d`".ku] izdk’k jkt

vD[kk tkxFkh fujkyh ekjh lktuk ¼xqtjkrh½

osnye ¼rfey½

Hkwyksge ¼rfey½

Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj

xquMsyks xksnkjh ¼rsyqxw½

dykdkj% vkfn] y{eh eaNw] lanhi fd’ku] rkilh iUuq

*Soggade Chinni NayanaLavanya (Telugu)

lksxkns fpUuh u;uk& yko.;k ¼rsyqxw½

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 173

LEISURE entertainment guide Cast: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishnan, Lavanya Tripathi

dykdkj% ukxktqZu vfDdusuh] jkE;k d`".ku] yko.; f=ikBh

*Shiva Manasulo Shruti (Telugu) f’kok eulqyks Jqfr ¼rsyqxw½

Cast: Sudheer Babu, Regina Cassandra

dykdkj% lq/khj ckcw] jsfxuk dslsaMªk

*Baadshah (Telugu) ckn’kkg ¼rsyqxw½

Cast: Junior N.T.R., Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep

dykdkj% twfu;j ,u-Vh-vkj] dkty vxzoky] uonhi

ness the dalai lama

v lsØsM ykbQ+ fgt+ gksyhusl n nykbZ ykek

Cast: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Rebecca Hall


dykdkj% ekdZ fjykal] :ch ckuZfgy] jscsdk gkWy Abandoned vcaMaM

ewoht+ bafXy’k B787, B777 & B747 content

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k fQ+Yesa

hollywood latest

gkWyhoqM ysVsLV Finding Dory Q+kbafMax

dykdkj% foXxks eksVsZalu] Ý+Sad ySaxsyk] dSfFkzu gSu The BFG n ch,Q+th


Cast: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neil

Cast: Dominic Purcell, Peter Feeney, Owen Black

dykdkj% Mksfefud ilZsy] ihVj Qhus] vksosu CySd Little Men fyfVy eSu Cast: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, Alfred Molina

dykdkj% xzsx fdfu;j] tSfuQ+j ,ys] ,YÝ+sM eksfyuk

dykdkj% gsysu fejsu] j;ku jsukWYM~l] Msfuvy czy Slumdog Millionaire

LyeMkWx fefy;us;j

Cast: Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla

dykdkj% nso iVsy] vfuy diwj] lkSjHk ’kqDyk The Longest Ride

n ykWUxsLV jkbM

Cast: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston

Cast: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Bill Pullman

hollywood gkWyhoqM

Central Intelligence

Ali vyh

Bonnie And Clyde

Audio books

vkWfM;ks fdrkcsa

B787, B777 & B747 content

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k lkexzh A Quiet Courage - Manohar Devadoss , DokbV

djst&euksgj nsonkl

The Happy Prince and Other Stories- Oscar Wilde n gSih fizal ,aM vnj

LVksjht+&vkWLdj okbYM

The Recognition of Shakuntala-kalidasa

n fjdksfXu’ku vkWQ+ ’kdqaryk&dkyhnkl

‘Beyond the Last Blue Mountain- R. M. Lala’

^fc;kWUM n ykLV Cyw ekmaVsu&vkj- ,e- ykyk*

the story of my experiments with truth m. k. gandhi

n LVksjh vkWQ+ ekbZ ,DlisfjesaV fon VªqFk&,e- ds- xka/kh a sacred life his holi-

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan

dykdkj% M~osu tkWulu] dsfou gkVZ] ,seh j;ku Star Trek Beyond

LVkj VªSd fc;kWUM

Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Pinto, Zoe Saldana

dykdkj% fØl ikbu] tkdkjh fiaVks] tks lYMkuk Now You See Me 2

ukvks ;w lh eh 2

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo dykdkj% tslh ,slsacxZ]

oqMh gsjsylu] ekdZ :Qsyks

Ice Age: Collision Course

vkbZl ,st% dksfytu dkslZ

Cast: Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo

dykdkj% js; jksekuks] Msful fyvjh] tkWu ysxqbt+keks Ben-Hur csu&gj

Cast: Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, Morgan Freeman

dykdkj% tSd gLVu] VkWch dsccsy] eksxZu Ý+heSu Captain Fantastic

dSIVu Q+saVkfLVd

Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, Kathryn Hahn

dykdkj% foy fLeFk] tkWu okbV] tseh Q+kWDl

Alvin and the Chipmunks

,fYou ,aM n fpieaDl

Cast: Jason Lee, Jesse McCartney, Matthew Gray Gubler

dykdkj% tSlu yh] tslh esdkVZuh] eSF;w xzs xCyj The A-Team n ,&Vhe

Cast: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

dykdkj% fu;ke uhlu] czSMyh dwij] fDoaVksu ^jsEist* tSdlu The Women n oweSu Cast: Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell

dykdkj% uksekZ f’k,jsj] tkWu ØkWQ+ksMZ] jkst+kfyaM :lsy Avatar vorkj

Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez

dykdkj% okWjsu csV~Vh] Qs; Mqukos] thu gSdeSu Hugo gqxks

Cast: Asa Butterfield, Ben Kingsley, Chloe Moretz

dykdkj% ,lk cVjQ+hYM] csu fdaxLys] DyksbZ eksjsV~t+ The Devil wears Prada

n Msfoy fo;lZ izkMk

Cast: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci

dykdkj% esfjy LVªhi] ,su gSFkos] LVsuys Vqdh

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button n D;wfj;l

dsl vkWQ+ csat+kfeu cVu

Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton

dykdkj% czsM fiV] dsV CySad’ksV] frYnk fLoaVu American Sniper

vesfjdu fLuij

dykdkj% csu ,Q+ysd] czs;ku ØsuLVksu] tkWu xqMeSu Entourage ,aVqjkW’k

Cast: Rebecca De Mornay, Madeline Carroll, Callan McAulife

,afMªu xzsfu;j] tsjseh fiosu] dsfou fMykWu Now You See Me

ukvks ;w lh eh

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher

dykdkj% tslh ,slsacxZ] oqMh gsjsylu] b’kk fQ+’kj Woman In Gold

oweSu bu xksYM

174 I Shubh Yatra I DeCEmber 2016

Cast: Warren Beatty, Faye Dunnaway, Gene Hackman

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes

Cast: Adrien Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon dykdkj%

Captain Fantastic©Skeye

cksuh ,aM DykbM

dykdkj% lSe ofFkZaxVksu] tks lYMkuk] fe’ksy jkWfMªXt+ Argo vkxksZ Cast: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman

Cast: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl

dykdkj% tSd ,Ý+ksu] fczVuh Luks] tkWu VªsoksYVk] fØLVksQ+j okWdsu

Cast: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard

Lyhiysl bu fl,Vy

Cast: Ravi Teja, Tamanna, Raashi Khanna

dykdkj% jfo rstk] reUuk] jkf’k [kUuk

Cast: Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, John Travolta, Christopher Walken

Sleepless in Seattle

*Bengal Tiger (Telugu)

Cast: Will Smith, Jon Voight, Jamie Foxx

dykdkj% MsfoM vks;yksoks] dkjeSu btksxks] fVe jkWFk Hairspray gs;jLizs

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

dykdkj% esx j;ku] VkWe gsaDl] fcy iqyeSu

lsaVªy baVsfytsal

Cast: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Tim Roth

dykdkj% LdkWV bZLVoqM] fczV jkWcVZlu] tSd gLVu

dykdkj% ,sysu Mstsusjl] ,YcVZ czwDl] ,Mks uhy

caxky Vkbxj ¼rsyqxw½

Selma lsYek

dykdkj% czSMyh dwij] fl,uk feyj] Y;wd fxzEl Flipped f¶+yIM

dykdkj% jscsdk fM eksuZs] esMfyu dSjksy] dSysu eSDvkWfyQ+ Gone with the Wind

xkWu fon n foaM

Cast: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard

dykdkj% DykdZ xscy] fofo;u ysg] ysLyh gkWoMZ Rebel Without A Cause

jscsy fonkmV , dkWt+

Cast: James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo

dykdkj% tsEl Mhu] urkyh oqM] lsy fefuvks

czsdQ+kLV ,V fV¶+uhl

dykdkj% vkWMªh gsIcuZ] tkWtZ isIikMZ The Water Diviner

n okWVj fMokbuj

Cast: Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Yilmaz Erdogan

dykdkj% jlsy Øks] vksYxk dysZUdks] f;Yekt+ ,MksZxu

MOVIES international

ewoht+ baVjus’kuy B787, B777 & B747 content

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k fQ+Yesa Rag Union jSx ;wfu;u

Cast: Vasiliy Butkevich, Pavel Chinaryov, Fyodor Lavrov

dykdkj% osflyh cVdsfop] ikosy fpukWjoks,] Q+;ksMksj ykojkso Paparazzi ikikjkt+h

Cast: Rami Ayach, Imane El Assi, Wissam Sabbagh

dykdkj% jseh ;kp] besu ,Yyklh] foLlSe lCckx

When Larry Met Mary

osu ySjh esV eSjh

Cast: Bao Beier, Song Jia, Zhu Yawen

dykdkj% ckvks cs;j] lksax ft+;k] >w ;kosu The Kodai Family

n dksMkbZ Q+Sfeyh

Cast: Haruka Ayase, Takumi Saito, Kiko Mizuhara

dykdkj% g:dk v;kls] rkdqeh lk,rks] dhdks fetqgkjk Familyhood Q+SfeyhgqM Cast: Kim Hye-Soo, Ma Dong-Seok, Kim Hyun-Soo, Kwak Si-Yang

dykdkj% fde gs;&lw] ek Mksax&flvksd] fde g;wu&lw] Dokd lh&;kax

Usted No Sabe Quien Soy Yo? vLVsM uks lkcs Dohu

lkW; ;ks\

Cast: Ricardo Quevedo,

Freddy Beltrán, Iván Marín

dykdkj% fjdkMksZ DosMks] ÝsMh csYVªsu] boku ekfju They Call Me Jeeg Robot

ns dkWy eh thx jkscksV

Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Luca Marinelli, Stefano Ambrogi

dykdkj% DyksfM;ks lsaVkekfj;k] yqdk esfjusyh] LVsQ+kuks ,Eczksxh Retour chez ma mère

jhVwj pst+ ek esjs

Cast: Josiane Balasko, Alexandra Lamy, Mathilde Seigner

*Best Of Katrina Kaif

csLV vkWQ+ dVjhuk dSQ+ *Stars Special LVklZ Lis’ky *Disco Hits fMLdks fgV~l *Best Of Anushka Sharma

csLV vkWQ+ vuq"dk ’kekZ

*The Diva Series - Rani Mukerji

n nhok lhjht+&jkuh eq[kthZ *The Diva Series - Madhuri Dixit

n nhok lhjht+&ek/kqjh nhf{kr

*Wedding Songs And Rain Melodies osfMax lkWUXl ,aM jsu

dykdkj% tkslsu cykLdks] ,ysDtsaMªk yseh] ekfFkYMs flxusj



*Up-Tempo Hits

*Shahrukh Khan Special

’kkg#[+k [+kku Lis’ky vi&VsEiks fgV~l


Cast: Claudia Eisinger, Katja Riemann, Barbara Schöne

dykdkj% DyksfM;k blhaftj] dkt+k jseSu] ckjcjk ’kksu

AUDIO vkWfM;ks B787,B777 & B747 content (The content marked with an asterisk is available only on B787)


’kkWVZ lctsDV daVsaV~l

(Apart from the ones mentioned, there are other programmes available on the system as well)

¼crk, x, dk;ZØeksa ds vykok bl flLVe ij vU; dk;ZØe miyC/k gS½a

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼fpfºur xkusa dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½


Duo Special - Arjun & Ranveer Singh Mwvks

All About Ads Ep Iconic Brands That Were Phased Out vkWy vckmV ,M~l ,filksM

Lis’ky&vtquZ vkSj j.kohj flag Hit Songs - Parineeti Chopra fgV lkWUXl&ifjuhfr


Romantic Hits jksekafVd


Dance Hits – Hindi

Mkal fgV~l&fganh Khan Hits [+kku fgV~l Punjabi Tadka iatkch rM+dk Evergreen Melodies

,ojxzhu esyksMht+

Hits Of Shreya Ghoshal

fgV~l vkWQ+ Js;k ?kks"kky

*Hits Of Saif Ali Khan

fgV~l vkWQ+ lSQ+ vyh [+kku Hits Of Sunidhi Chauhan

fgV~l vkWQ+ lqfuf/k pkSgku *Hits Of Abhishek Bachchan

fgV~l vkWQ+ vfHk"ksd cPpu Mix Divas Special

feDl nhokt+ Lis’ky

Multi-Starrer Hits

eYVh&LVkjj fgV~l

Salim-Sulaiman Hits

lyhe&lqyes ku fgV~l

Modern Melodies

ekWMuZ esyksMht+

Hit Instrumental Songs

fgV baLVªew Vas y lkWUXl

Vhoh bafXy’k

vkbdkWfud czkM a l ~ nSV oj Q+Ts k+M vkmV

The EDGE- Future of the Mind n ,M~t&¶;wpj vkWQ+

n ekbaM

CNBC Conversation: Ep Arun Jaitley lh,uchlh

daols’Z ku% ,filksM v#.k tsVyh Bada Weekend Ep Sikkim

cM+k ohd,aM ,filksM flfDde Best from the Rest Ep - Top 5 Traditional Things In Kerala Ep - 5 Most Beautiful Places In Kerala csLV ÝkWe

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Brand Equity Ep In Conversation With Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz czkM a bfDoVh ,filksM

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*The Perfect Body, Built By Tech Ep Weekend Warrior: Smart Strategy or Digging an Early Grave? n ijQ+D sV

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The Getaway *Ep When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time? Ep A Weekend Getaway to Corbett

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Young Turks Ep Blippar And The Better India *Ep Amit Agarwal on Amazon’s $3Bn Bet, Alexandre Mars On Disrupting Philanthropy With Technology & Veeba - The Home-Grown Sauce Maker ;ax VDlZ ,filksM

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Fresh Off the Boat- S1 Ep8Phillip Goldstein Ýs’k vkWQ+

Whack Ep Mad Over Music, What’s In Your Makeup & What If We Never Aged?

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Bodylicious *Ep Improve sleeping

Will Travel For Food Ep

Mike & Molly©Warner Bros. Television. All rights reserved.

Discovering New Orleans - A City That Lives by Its Kitchens foy Vªo s y Q+kWj

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Black-ish- S2 Ep4- Daddy’s Day CySd&b’k&,l2

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Design It Yourself Ep 29

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On Art *Ep The Future of an Indigenous Art *Ep A Glimpse Into Paintings and Classical Music of India

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Paradise Wedding S1 Ep 1

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*Luxe Interiors Ep Invite Nature Indoors Ep North And South India Have Distinct Architectural Styles yDl

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Gotham S2 Ep18 – Pinewood

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Great OverLand Adventure Ep Best of Africa xzV s

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The Middle- S7 Ep3- The Shirt, S7 Ep2- Cutting the Cord n feMy&,l7 ,filksM

30 Minute Mein Daawat Ep Brown Rice and Lentil Casserole 30 feuV esa nkor

How To Ep HOW To Outsource Tasks With Your Smartphone *Ep How To Gives Google Earth a Spin

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LEISURE entertainment guide Ep15- The Comic Book Store Regeneration S8 Ep14- The Troll Manifestation

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*Happy Life Series Ep Hobbies And Relaxation

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*Get The Look - Ep Nargis Fakhri Reveals Her Fitness Mantra xsV n yqd & ,filksM

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Yarri Dostii Shaadi Ep Fall in Love With This PunjabiParsi Style Wedding

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Golf Passport- Road to Ryder Cup xksYQ+ ikliksV& Z jksM

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*Unboxed: The Ultimate Tech Buying Guide Ep The Ultimate Travel Guide

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TV hindi Vhoh fganh Comedy Nights Bachao Ep 43 Fun Time with Farah Khan and Khali Ep 44 ‘Great Grand Masti’ on Comedy Nights Bachao

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Comedy Nights Live S1 Ep24 Anil Kapoor and the Cast of ‘24’ Add to the Fun

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Hasmukh Saab Ki Wasihat

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Adaalat S2 Ep19 Car racer ka Khoon vnkyr ,l2

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Crime Patrol Satark - Ep 659 - Bojh Økbe isVªky s lrdZ&

,filksM 659 Hkkst

CID Ep 1354 Murder Invitation, *Ep-1352 Water Park Mein Khoon lhvkbZMh

,filksM 1354 eMZj bafoVs’ku] ,filksM 1352 okWVj ikdZ esa [kwu Sanrachana Ep 10 Architectural Wonders

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Savdhaan India - India Fights Back Ep Ep 1722 The Greedy Brother

Comedy Nights Bachao Ep Fun Time with Farah Khan and Khali

*maan na maan main tera mehmaan - ep 19

Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahi Ep 19 Naya Mehmaan

Palak Pe Jhalak Ep 13 Claus Escape

Yaar Mera Superstar Ep John Abraham

Adhe Adhure vk/ks

Bollywood Tarana 13 - 18 & *19 - 24

eku u eku eSa rsjk esgeku&,filksM 19

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Ep Maya and Indravadan at Scrabble Ep Poetry competition between Indravadan and Rosesh lkjkHkkbZ oflZl

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Dariba Diaries Ep 12 Kaatil Khat njhck Mk;jht+

,filksM 12 dkfry [+kr Malgudi Days Ep 45 Rupiya *Ep Dhakia

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Ep14 Bodyguard ;s

Agent Raghav Crime Branch Ep 44 ,tsV a jk?ko

Walk The Talk With Ajinkya Rahane okWd n VkWd fon

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*Comedy Nights Bachao Ep 38 Let the Madness Begin- Housefull 3 Promotion

Face Time Ep Nagraj Manjule & Rinku Rajguru of ‘Sairat’ Q+l s Vkbe ,filksM

dkWeM s h ukbV~l cpkvks&,filksM 38 ysV n eSMusl fcfxu& gkmlQqy 3 izeks’ku The Kapil Sharma Show ep 17-24 n dfiy ’kekZ ’kks &

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Jalsa Music For the Soul Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

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,filksM 17&24

176 I Shubh Yatra I DeCEmber 2016

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Vhoh dkVwZUl B787, B777 & B747 content

ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k lkexzh ACK Heroes Series Ep - Akbar, Tulsidas Ep - Swami Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh

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NksVk Hkhe Hkkx 4 ,oa Hkkx 3 Karadi Tales Ep Hiss, Don’t Bite! Ep The Foolish Crow *Ep Eyes On The Peacock’s Tail *Ep The Fox and the Squirrel *Ep The Monkey King *Ep The Four  Friends *Ep The Monkey and the Crocodile *EP The Blue Jackal

djkMh VsYl&,filksM fgLl] MksVa ckbV!

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aircraft guide fleet

,vj bafM;k ¶yhV / air india fleet


B777-300ER Typical Seating F/J/Y 12/26/385

Wing Span 64.4 m

Height 19.6 m

Cruising Speed 0.86 mach

Cockpit crew 2

Wing Span 64.8 m

Height 18.8 m

Cruising Speed 0.84 mach

Length 70.7 m


Cockpit crew 2

Length 73.9 m

B-787 Dreamliner Typical Seating F/J/Y 8/35/195

Wing Span 64.8 m

Height 18.8 m

Cruising Speed 0.84 mach

Wing Span 60.13 m Cockpit crew 2

Height 16.91 m

Cruising Speed 0.85 Mach

Length 63.7 m

A321 Typical Seating F/J/Y -/12/170

Wing Span 34.1 m

Height 11.8 m

Cruising Speed 0.78 mach

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/18/238

Cockpit crew 2

Length 56.72 m

CRJ-700 Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/68 -/-/74 Wing Span Cockpit crew 2 -/-/70 23 m

Cockpit crew 2

Height 7.3 m Length 44.5 m

A320 Seating Configuration VariantsF/J/Y -/12/138 Wing Span -/-/180 34.1 m -/-/168

Height 11.8 m

Cruising Speed 0.78 mach


Typical Seating F/J/Y 4/35/303

Cockpit crew 2


Height 11.8 m

Wing Span 27.05m

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/70

Length 37.6 m

Wing Span 34.1 m

Cruising Speed 0.78 mach

Length 32.4 m

Height 7.65m

Cockpit crew 2

Seating Configuration Variants F/J/Y -/8/114 -/-/144 Cockpit crew 2

Cruising Speed 275 kts

Length 27.166m

Cruising Speed 0.78 mach


Length 33.8 m

B737-800 Wing Span 35.7 m

Height 12.6 m

Cruising Speed 0.79 mach

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/186

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/48 Cockpit crew 2

Passengers can access Air India on toll free number 1800 180 1407 through MTNL/BSNL numbers and mobile/ land lines of most private telecom operators from within India only. Air India’s contact numbers outside India are: Australia:1800247463* Canada: 1800 625 6424* France: 0033-1-76545741 (9am to 9pm) (Local) Germany: 49 69 12009821 (9am to 9pm) (Local) Singapore: 62259411 (Local) UK: 44 207 760 3290 (Local) US: 1800 223 7776* Callers from all foreign locations can also call on: +91 44 66921455 (international call rates applicable) +91 22 25818515 (international call rates applicable) *Toll-free numbers Please give your contact number at the time of ticketing to help

us reach you, in case of a delay/disruption.

178 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Height 7.6 m

Cockpit crew 2

Length 22.7 m

Length 39.5 m

call centres

Wing Span 24.6 m

dkWy lsUVlZ

Cruising Speed 250 kts

;k=h Hkkjr ds Hkhrj ,eVh,u,y@ch,l,u,y uEcjksa ls rFkk vf/kdrj futh VsyhdkWe vkWijsVjksa ds eksckby@ySMa ykbu uEcjksa ls Vksy Ý+h uEcj 1800 180 1407 rFkk Vksy uEcj 1860 233 1407 ij Mk;y djus ij ,vj bafM;k ls lEidZ dj ldrs gSAa fons'kksa esa ,vj bafM;k ds lEidZ uEcj gS%a vkWLVªfs y;k% 1800247463* dukMk% 1800 625 6424* Ýkal% 0033&1&76545741 ¼izkr% 9cts ls jkf= 9cts rd½ ¼LFkkuh;½ teZuh% 49 69 12009821 ¼izkr% 9cts ls jkf= 9cts rd½ ¼LFkkuh;½ flaxkiqj% 62259411 ¼LFkkuh;½ ;wd%s 44 207 760 3290 ¼LFkkuh;½ ;w,l% 1800 223 7776* lHkh fons'kh LVs'kuksa ls dkWy djus okys fuEu uEcjksa ij Hkh dkWy dj ldrs gS%a $91 44 66921455 ¼varjjk"Vªh; dkWy njsa ykxw gksxa h½ $91 22 25818515 ¼varjjk"Vªh; dkWy njsa ykxw gksxa h½ *Vksy Ý+h uEcj Ñi;k fVdfVax ds le; viuk dkWUVsDV uEcj nsa rkfd nsjh@

ck/kk gksus ij vki ls laidZ fd;k tk ldsA


çfrfØ;k Passenger feedback is very valuable to us. Do write in with your suggestions/ observations through feedback-form.htm

;kf=;ksa dk QhMcSd gekjs fy, cgqr egÙoiw.kZ gSA Ñi;k feedback-form.htm

ij vki gesa vius lq>ko@fVIif.k;ka HkstAas



3 metro stations within 500 metres

24/7 security

Ample parking space

24/7 surveillance

24/7 power backup

PRE-REGISTER NOW For leasing queries, contact:

THREE HANDS INFRASTRUCTURE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company Plot No 62, Okhla Phase-3, New Delhi-110020

011.43011111, 97187 44474

Air India network

Air India Timetable

Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (AUH) eaqcbZ Mumbai 9I 0652 .....6. 19:30 21:00 ATR-70 eqacbZ Hkksiky Bhopal (BHO) Mumbai AI 0946 1234567 01:35 05:50 A-319 vxjryk Agartala (IXA) fnYyh Delhi AI 0436 1234567 07:45 09:15 A-319 dksydkrk fnYyh Kolkata AI 0744 1234567 11:30 12:20 A-319 Delhi AI 0438 1234567 21:50 23:25 A-319 dksydkrk gSnjkckn Kolkata AI 0746 1234567 19:40 20:30 A-319 Hyderabad 9I 0863 .2.4.67 10:25 14:00 ATR-70 1 vxkrh Agatti Island (AGX) tcyiqj Jabalpur 9I 0863 .2.4.67 10:25 11:30 ATR-70 csaxyw: eaqcbZ Bengaluru 9I 0506 123456 11:55 15:05 ATR-42 1 Mumbai AI 0634 1234567 08:00 09:20 A-319 dksfPp eaqcbZ Kochi 9I 0506 123456 11:55 13:10 ATR-42 Mumbai AI 0632 1234567 21:00 22:35 A-319 vkxjk Agra (AGR) iq.ks Pune 9I 0865 1.3.5.. 09:30 14:00 ATR-70 1 [ktqjkgks jk;iqj Khajuraho AI 0406 1.3..6. 13:55 14:40 A-319 Raipur 9I 0865 1.3.5.. 09:30 11:00 ATR-70 vgenkckn Ahmedabad (AMD) Hkqous’oj Bhubaneswar (BBI) psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0982 1...5.. 06:50 09:10 A-320 Delhi AI 0078 1234567 09:55 12:20 A-320 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0018 1234567 07:10 08:50 A-321 Delhi AI 0076 1234567 13:40 16:00 A-321 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0011 1234567 18:50 20:20 A-320 Delhi AI 0474 1234567 21:10 23:30 A-320 fnYyh eaqcbZ Delhi AI 0014 1234567 22:10 23:40 A-321 Mumbai AI 0670 1234567 14:00 16:25 A-321 dqoSr okjk.klh Kuwait AI 0981 ...4..7 20:55 22:25 A-320 Varanasi AI 0420 .2.45.7 14:20 15:40 A-319 Hkqt Bhuj (BHJ) yanu London AI 0171 1.3.5.. 07:00 11:05 B787 yanu eaqcbZ London AI 0175 ......7 07:00 11:05 B787 Mumbai 9I 0626 12.4.6. 09:00 10:55 ATR-70 cfeZ?a ke Birmingham (BHX) eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0030 1234567 04:00 05:15 B787 eqacbZ ve`rlj Mumbai AI 0614 1234567 07:30 08:40 A-320 Amritsar AI 0114 1234567 20:30 13:45+1 B787 1 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0092 1234567 19:20 20:40 A-321 Delhi AI 0114 1234567 20:30 9:55+1 B787 paMhx<+ Chandigarh (IXC) U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0171 1.3.5.. 07:00 16:20 B787 1 vkbZtkWy Aizawl (AJL) fnYyh Delhi AI 0464 1234567 12:40 13:40 A-321 bEQky psUuS Chennai (MAA) Imphal AI 0715 ....5.7 14:40 15:25 A-319 dksydkrk vgenkckn Kolkata AI 0712 1234.6. 14:35 15:45 A-319 Ahmedabad AI 0981 ...4..7 17:20 20:00 A-320 dksydkrk csaxyw: Kolkata AI 0715 ....5.7 14:40 17:10 A-319 1 Bengaluru AI 0563 1.34567 13:15 14:10 A-319 bykgkckn Allahabad (IXD) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0563 .2..... 14:25 15:20 A-319 fnYyh dks;Ecrw: Delhi 9I 0620 .23.56. 09:50 11:35 ATR-70 Coimbatore AI 0429 1234567 13:25 14:20 A-321 fnYyh dksyacks Delhi 9I 0604 1234567 15:00 16:45 ATR-70 Colombo AI 0273 1234567 06:00 07:20 A-321 ve`rlj Amritsar (ATQ) fnYyh Delhi AI 0440 1234567 06:15 09:05 A-321 cfeZa?ke fnYyh Birmingham AI 0113 1234567 10:30 17:15 B787 1 Delhi AI 0143 1234567 08:45 11:35 A-320 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0454 1234567 06:55 07:55 A-321 Delhi AI 0430 1234567 09:35 12:15 A-321 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0113 1234567 10:30 11:45 B787 Delhi AI 0539 1234567 17:00 19:50 A-321 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0462 1234567 14:45 15:50 B787 Delhi AI 0043 1234567 21:05 23:55 A-321 fnYyh nqcbZ Delhi AI 0115 1234567 19:00 20:10 A-321 Dubai AI 0905 1234567 19:35 22:00 A-321 vkSjx a kckn Aurangabad (IXU) xksok Goa AI 0975 1.3.5.. 18:15 19:35 A-320 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0442 1234567 16:10 18:00 A-319 Hyderabad AI 0545 1234567 14:30 15:35 A-319 eqacbZ gSnjkckn Mumbai AI 0441 1234567 20:10 21:20 A-319 Hyderabad AI 0987 .2...6. 18:05 19:10 A-320 ckxMksxjk B agdogra (IXB) dksfPp Kochi AI 0509 1234567 08:55 10:10 A-319 fnYyh dksydkrk Delhi AI 0880 1234567 13:45 15:50 A-320 Kolkata AI 0766 1234567 11:50 14:00 A-321 dksydkrk dqoSr Kolkata AI 0722 ..3.5.7 15:30 16:35 A-319 Kuwait AI 0981 ...4..7 17:20 22:25 A-320 1 cgjhu Bahrain (BAH) dqoSr Kuwait AI 0987 .2...6. 18:05 22:25 A-320 1 fnYyh dqoSr Delhi AI 0940 12.4.6. 23:00 5:00+1 A-319 Kuwait AI 0975 1.3.5.. 18:15 22:25 A-320 1 csx a yw: Bengaluru (BLR) enqjS Madurai AI 0671 1234567 11:25 12:40 A-319 vxkrh eaqcbZ Agatti Island 9I 0505 123456 08:15 11:25 ATR-42 1 Mumbai AI 0569 1234567 06:20 08:10 A-319 psUuS eaqcbZ Chennai AI 0564 1234567 11:40 12:20 A-319 Mumbai AI 0672 1234567 14:55 16:45 A-319 fnYyh eaqcbZ Delhi AI 0804 .2..... 06:00 08:35 A-321 Mumbai AI 0093 1234567 21:05 22:55 A-319 fnYyh eLdV Delhi AI 0804 1.34567 06:10 08:55 A-321 Muscat AI 0907 1234567 19:25 22:00 A-319 fnYyh isfjl Delhi AI 0505 1234567 10:00 12:45 A-321 Paris AI 0143 1234567 08:45 18:00 A-320 1 fnYyh iksVZ Cys;j Delhi AI 0501 1.34567 13:30 16:15 A-321 Port Blair AI 0549 1234567 05:10 07:20 A-321 fnYyh iksVZ Cys;j Delhi AI 0503 1.34567 17:00 19:45 A-321 Port Blair AI 0551 .2.45.7 10:30 12:40 A-320 fnYyh 'kkjtkg Delhi AI 0503 .2..... 17:00 19:45 A-320 Sharjah AI 0967 1234567 16:15 20:40 A-320 1 fnYyh flaxkiqj Delhi AI 0087 1...... 21:10 23:55 A-321 Singapore AI 0346 1234567 11:35 18:30 B787 fnYyh f=osanze Delhi AI 0173 0.234567 21:10 23:55 A-321 Trivandrum AI 0967 1234567 16:15 17:30 A-320 nqcbZ f’kdkxks Chicago (ORD) Dubai AI 0993 .2.4.67 17:00 21:15 A-319 1 xksok fnYyh Goa AI 0513 12345.7 08:15 12:45 A-319 2 Delhi AI 0126 1234567 13:30 15:15+1 B777-ER xksok gSnjkckn Goa AI 0993 .2.4.67 17:00 18:10 A-319 Hyderabad AI 0126 1234567 13:30 19:45+1 B777-ER 1 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore (CJB) gqcyh Hubli 9I 0509 123.5.. 15:45 17:05 ATR-42 gSnjkckn psUuS Hyderabad AI 0513 1234567 08:15 09:15 A-319 Chennai AI 0539 1234567 15:05 16:15 A-321 gSnjkckn fnYyh Hyderabad AI 0977 1.3.5.. 17:00 18:05 A-319 Delhi AI 0539 1234567 15:05 19:50 A-321 1 gSnjkckn eqacbZ Hyderabad AI 0516 1234567 19:10 20:10 A-319 Mumbai AI 0658 1234567 13:25 15:00 A-319 dksfPp dksyEcks Colombo (CMB) Kochi 9I 0505 123456 08:15 09:35 ATR-42 dksydkrk psUuS Kolkata AI 0772 1234567 11:05 13:40 A-320 Chennai AI 0274 12.4567 17:05 18:25 A-321 ekys psUuS Male AI 0265 1.34567 14:20 15:45 A-319 Chennai AI 0274 ..3.... 18:20 19:40 A-321 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0640 1234567 06:45 08:20 A-319 Delhi AI 0282 1234567 08:30 12:05 A-321 eqacbZ nEeke Dammam (DMM) Mumbai AI 0604 1234567 08:50 10:30 A-321 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0608 1.34567 17:20 19:00 A-320 Delhi AI 0914 1234567 03:45 10:00 A-321 nsgjknwu Dehra Dun (DED) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0608 .2..... 17:20 19:00 A-321 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0610 1234567 19:20 21:10 A-319 Delhi 9I 0646 1234567 10:30 11:40 ATR-70 eqacbZ fnYyh Muscat AI 0977 1.3.5.. 17:00 21:05 A-319 1 Delhi 9I 0610 1234567 19:00 20:00 ATR-70 iq.ks fnYyh Delhi (DEL) Pune AI 0513 12345.7 08:15 11:15 A-319 1 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI 0173 vkxjk 0.234567 21:10 06:00 A-321 1 Agra AI 0406 1.3..6. 10:15 13:20 A-319 1 f=osanze vgenkckn Trivandrum AI 0583 1234567 07:30 08:40 A-320 Ahmedabad AI 0019 1234567 05:00 06:30 A-321 cSd a kWd Bangkok (BKK) vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0010 1234567 16:40 18:10 A-320 fnYyh vgenkckn Delhi AI 0333 1234567 08:50 12:05 B787 Ahmedabad AI 0013 1234567 20:05 21:30 A-321 eqacbZ bykgkckn Mumbai AI 0331 1234567 20:30 23:15 B787 Allahabad 9I 0619 .23.56. 07:35 09:20 ATR-70 bykgkckn Allahabad 9I 0603 1234567 12:45 14:30 ATR-70 Hkkouxj Bhavnagar (BHU) eaqcbZ Mumbai 9I 0652 12.4... 19:00 20:15 ATR-70

180 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Origin / dest

ve`rlj ve`rlj ve`rlj ve`rlj vkSjaxkckn ckxMksxjk cgjhu csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: csaxyw: cSadkWd Hkksiky Hkksiky Hkqous'oj Hkqous'oj Hkqous'oj cfeZa?ke paMhx<+ psUuS psUuS psUuS psUuS psUuS f'kdkxks dks;Ecrw: dksyacks dksyacks nEeke nsgjknwu nsgjknwu /keZ'kkyk nqcbZ ÝsadQVZ x;k x;k xksok xksj[kiqj xqokgkVh gkax dkax gkax dkax gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn bEQky bankSj tcyiqj t;iqj t;iqj tEew tEew tsn~nkg tks/kiqj dkcqy dkBekaMw dkBekaMw [ktqjkgks dksfPp dksfPp dksydkrk dksydkrk dksydkrk dksydkrk dqYyw ysg yanu yanu y[kuÅ y[kuÅ y[kuÅ y[kuÅ

Amritsar Amritsar Amritsar Amritsar Aurangabad Bagdogra Bahrain Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bangkok Bhopal Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Birmingham Chandigarh Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chicago Coimbatore Colombo Colombo Dammam Dehra Dun Dehra Dun Dharamsala Dubai Frankfurt Gaya Gaya Goa Gorakhpur Guwahati Hong Kong Hong Kong Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Imphal Indore Jabalpur Jaipur Jaipur Jammu Jammu Jeddah Jodhpur Kabul Kathmandu Kathmandu Khajuraho Kochi Kochi Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kulu Leh London London Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow

flight no freq AI 0453 1234567 AI 0461 1234567 AI 0114 1234567 AI 0016 1234567 AI 0441 1234567 AI 0879 1234567 AI 0939 12.4.6. AI 0803 1234567 AI 0506 .2..... AI 0506 1.34567 AI 0502 1.34567 AI 0088 ..3.... AI 0174 12.4567 AI 0504 1.34567 AI 0504 .2..... AI 0332 1234567 AI 0435 1234567 AI 0437 1234567 AI 0077 1234567 AI 0075 1234567 AI 0473 1234567 AI 0113 1234567 AI 0463 1234567 AI 0439 1234567 AI 0429 1234567 AI 0142 1234567 AI 0042 1234567 AI 0540 1234567 AI 0127 1234567 AI 0429 1234567 AI 0281 12.4567 AI 0281 ..3.... AI 0913 1234567 9I 0645 1234567 9I 0609 1234567 9I 0813 1234567 AI 0995 1234567 AI 0121 1234567 AI 0235 ..3.... AI 0433 1234567 AI 0156 1234567 9I 0809 1234567 AI 0889 1234567 AI 0310 .2.4.67 AI 0314 1.3.5.. AI 0560 1234567 AI 0542 1234567 AI 0544 1234567 AI 0126 1234567 AI 0839 1234567 AI 0889 1234567 AI 0636 1234567 9I 0617 1234567 AI 0491 1234567 9I 0643 .23.5.. 9I 0613 1..4..7 AI 0821 1234567 AI 0991 .2.4.6. AI 0475 1234567 AI 0243 .2.4.67 AI 0213 1234567 AI 0215 1234567 AI 0406 1.3..6. AI 0831 1234567 AI 0048 1234567 AI 0401 1234567 AI 0020 1234567 AI 0764 1234567 AI 0022 1234567 9I 0805 1234567 AI 0445 1234567 AI 0161 1234567 AI 0111 1234567 AI 0411 AI 0992 .2.4.6. AI 0431 1.3.5.. AI 0431 .2.4.67

dep 05:00 08:10 12:40 17:15 17:50 11:00 19:50 06:10 09:30 09:45 13:40 17:45 17:45 20:30 20:30 13:45 05:45 19:05 07:00 11:00 18:30 13:15 11:00 06:10 09:45 12:30 17:20 20:45 02:00 09:45 12:30 13:40 00:20 08:30 17:25 10:40 20:25 13:35 07:00 12:10 10:55 12:15 09:45 23:15 23:15 07:10 09:50 13:15 17:30 20:55 09:45 15:20 12:50 12:00 18:50 07:35 11:00 16:20 16:00 12:35 07:40 12:45 10:15 05:20 18:05 06:50 14:25 17:00 20:15 06:45 05:55 02:30 14:45 07:10 07:10 12:25 12:25

arr 06:10 09:15 13:45 18:20 19:35 12:55 21:55 08:50 12:00 12:30 16:15 20:25 20:25 23:10 23:10 19:20 07:10 20:25 09:15 13:00 20:30 17:15 12:00 08:55 12:40 15:15 20:00 23:30 06:30 14:20 16:05 17:20 02:30 09:30 18:30 12:20 22:45 18:00 08:30 13:40 13:30 14:15 12:00 6:30+1 6:30+1 09:00 11:55 15:15 19:45 23:05 13:25 16:35 14:50 12:50 19:50 09:20 12:00 19:45 17:10 13:45 09:30 14:35 14:40 08:25 21:10 09:00 16:35 19:10 22:20 08:00 07:15 06:35 18:55 08:15 08:15 13:35 13:25

Aircraft A-321 B787 B787 A-321 A-319 A-320 A-319 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-320 B787 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-321 A-320 B787 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-321 B777-ER A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 ATR-70 ATR-70 ATR-70 B787 B787 A-320 A-319 A-320 ATR-70 A-321 B787 B787 A-320 A-321 A-320 B777-ER A-321 A-321 A-319 ATR-70 A-321 ATR-70 ATR-70 A-319 B777-ER A-321 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-321 B787 B787 A-321 A-321 ATR-70 A-319 B787 B777-LR A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320





Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

y[kuÅ Lucknow AI 0811 1234567 18:10 19:15 A-319 esfMªM Madrid AI 0135 .2.4.6. 14:25 20:20 B787 ekys Male AI 0263 1234567 05:15 10:05 A-319 1 esycuZ Melbourne AI 0308 ..3.5.7 13:15 7:00+1 B787 feyku Milan AI 0137 12.4.6. 14:20 18:30 B787 ekWLdks Moscow AI 0155 1....6. 19:30 23:20 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0349 1.3.567 04:00 06:15 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0887 1234567 07:00 09:05 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0665 1234567 08:00 10:05 A-320 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0678 1234567 09:00 11:10 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0865 1234567 10:00 12:20 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0863 1234567 13:00 15:15 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0636 1234567 15:20 18:10 A-319 1 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0102 1234567 17:00 19:10 B777-ER eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0441 1234567 17:50 21:20 A-319 1 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0024 1234567 18:00 20:10 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0624 1234567 19:00 21:15 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0805 1234567 20:00 22:25 A-320 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0191 1234567 21:00 23:10 B777-ER eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0315 .2.4.6. 23:00 1:05+1 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0317 23:00 1:05+1 B787 eLdV Muscat AI 0973 1234567 19:20 21:25 A-321 ukxiqj Nagpur AI 0469 1234567 06:05 07:40 A-320 U;w;kWdZ New York AI 0101 1234567 01:35 06:35 B777-ER U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0191 1234567 21:00 07:15 B777-ER 1 vkslkdk Osaka AI 0314 1.3.5.. 23:15 12:05+1 B787 1 iaruxj Pantnagar 9I 0815 .23.56. 13:00 14:00 ATR-70 isfjl Paris AI 0143 1234567 13:10 18:00 B787 iVuk Patna AI 0409 1234567 10:30 12:00 A-319 iVuk Patna AI 0407 1234567 13:05 14:50 A-319 iVuk Patna AI 0415 1234567 18:40 20:15 A-320 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair AI 0487 1...5.. 06:55 11:45 A-320 1 iq.ks Pune AI 0851 1234567 05:00 07:05 A-320 iq.ks Pune AI 0849 1234567 16:05 18:10 A-320 iq.ks Pune AI 0853 1234567 18:45 20:45 A-319 jk;iqj Raipur AI 0477 1234567 05:45 07:30 A-320 jktdksV Rajkot 9I 0631 123.56. 05:50 08:25 ATR-70 jkaph Ranchi AI 0417 1234567 11:10 12:40 A-320 fj;kn Riyadh AI 0925 ....5.. 02:05 04:30 B777-ER fj;kn Riyadh AI 0925 .2....7 03:05 05:30 B777-ER jkse Rome AI 0123 ..3.5.7 14:20 18:05 B787 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI 0173 1.34567 04:00 06:00 B777-LR fl;ksy Seoul AI 0310 .2.4.67 23:15 12:05+1 B787 1 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai AI 0348 .2.4567 11:55 20:20 B787 flaxkiqj Singapore AI 0380 1234567 23:00 7:00+1 B787 Jhuxj Srinagar AI 0825 1234567 10:15 11:45 A-321 Jhuxj Srinagar AI 0821 1234567 11:00 13:30 A-319 1 lwjr Surat 9I 0607 1234567 06:20 08:50 ATR-70 lwjr Surat AI 0489 1234567 17:05 18:40 A-320 flMuh Sydney AI 0302 12.4.6. 13:15 7:10+1 B787 fr#ifr Tirupati AI 0542 1234567 09:50 13:30 A-321 1 Vksfd;ks Tokyo AI 0306 .2..567 21:15 8:00+1 B787 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0263 1234567 05:15 08:35 A-319 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0048 1234567 18:05 22:30 A-321 1 mn;iqj Udaipur AI 0471 1234567 13:25 14:35 A-320 oMksnjk Vadodara AI 0819 1234567 18:05 19:35 A-320 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0406 1234567 10:15 11:35 A-319 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0433 1234567 12:10 14:50 A-319 1 fo;uk Vienna AI 0153 ..3.5.7 14:55 18:45 B787 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0459 1234567 06:15 08:30 A-319 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0544 1234567 13:15 16:40 A-320 1 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0467 1234567 17:45 20:00 A-319 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0487 1...5.. 06:55 09:05 A-320 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0451 1234567 15:00 17:05 A-321 ;kaxksu Yangon AI 0235 ..3.... 07:00 12:10 A-320 1 <kdk Dhaka (DAC) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0229 1234567 21:20 21:50 A-319 /keZ’kkyk Dharamsala (DHM) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0814 1234567 12:50 14:30 ATR-70 fMczx w <+ Dibrugarh (DIB) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0706 .2345.7 08:10 09:35 A-319 nhekiqj Dimapur (DMU) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0710 12345.7 13:20 14:35 A-319 nho Diu (DIU) eqacbZ Mumbai 9I 0624 12.4.6. 13:35 14:40 ATR-70 nqcbZ Dubai (DXB) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0994 .2.4.67 23:00 5:35+1 A-319 1

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 181

Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

psUuS eqacbZ Chennai AI 0906 1234567 23:10 4:35+1 A-321 Mumbai AI 0618 1234567 17:00 18:25 A-319 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi AI 0996 1234567 00:05 04:45 B787 Mumbai AI 0051 1234567 22:00 23:25 A-319 xksok eLdV Goa AI 0994 .2.4.67 23:00 3:40+1 A-319 Muscat AI 0977 1.3.5.. 18:50 21:05 A-319 gSnjkckn iq.ks Hyderabad AI 0952 1234567 00:30 05:30 A-321 Pune AI 0513 12345.7 09:55 11:15 A-319 dksfPp fr#ifr Kochi AI 0934 1234567 13:30 19:05 A-320 Tirupati AI 0542 1234567 12:30 13:30 A-321 dksf"kDdksM fot;okM+k Kozhikode AI 0938 1234567 14:45 20:10 A-320 Vijayawada 9I 0530 1234.67 08:25 09:30 ATR-70 eqacbZ fot;okM+k Mumbai AI 0984 1234567 23:40 4:10+1 A-321 Vijayawada AI 0544 1234567 15:50 16:40 A-320 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0952 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0952 1234567 00:30 07:15 A-321 1 1234567 06:10 07:15 A-321 Ýsd a QVZ Frankfurt (FRA) fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0530 1234.67 08:25 11:10 ATR-70 1 fnYyh bEQky Imphal (IMF) Delhi AI 0120 1234567 21:30 9:35+1 B787 x;k Gaya (GAY) fnYyh Delhi AI 0890 1234567 14:00 18:25 A-321 1 fnYyh xqokgkVh Delhi AI 0433 1234567 14:15 17:00 A-319 1 Guwahati AI 0890 1234567 14:00 14:55 A-321 fnYyh dksydkrk Delhi AI 0236 ..3.... 14:35 16:25 A-320 Kolkata AI 0714 .234... 12:40 13:55 A-319 dksydkrk dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0234 1....6. 11:25 12:35 A-319 Kolkata AI 0714 .....6. 15:50 17:10 A-319 okjk.klh dksydkrk Varanasi AI 0433 1234567 14:15 14:50 A-319 Kolkata AI 0715 ....5.7 16:00 17:10 A-319 ;kaxksu bankSj Indore (IDR) Yangon AI 0235 ..3.... 09:10 12:10 A-320 ;kaxksu fnYyh Yangon AI 0233 ....5.. 12:05 15:05 A-319 Delhi AI 0635 1234567 08:50 10:10 A-319 xksok Goa (GOI) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0636 1234567 17:10 18:10 A-319 csaxyw: tcyiqj Jabalpur (JLR) Bengaluru AI 0994 04:30 05:35 A-319 csaxyw: Hkksiky Bengaluru AI 0514 12345.7 13:20 17:55 A-319 2 Bhopal 9I 0864 .2.4.67 17:00 18:05 ATR-70 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0976 .2.4.6. 07:25 08:50 A-320 Delhi 9I 0618 1234567 15:20 17:20 ATR-70 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0155 1234567 14:10 16:45 A-320 Hyderabad 9I 0863 .2.4.67 12:00 14:00 ATR-70 nqcbZ t;iqj Jaipur (JAI) Dubai AI 0993 .2.4.67 19:20 21:15 A-319 gSnjkckn fnYyh Hyderabad AI 0514 12345.7 13:20 16:10 A-319 1 Delhi AI 0492 1234567 13:30 14:25 A-321 dqoSr fnYyh Kuwait AI 0975 1.3.5.. 20:25 22:25 A-320 Delhi 9I 0644 .23.5.. 20:35 21:35 ATR-70 ekWLdks eqacbZ Moscow AI 0155 1....6. 14:10 23:20 A-320 1 Mumbai AI 0612 1234567 13:55 15:35 A-321 eqacbZ tEew Jammu (IXJ) Mumbai AI 0034 1234567 04:00 05:10 A-321 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0684 1234567 07:05 08:10 A-321 Delhi 9I 0614 1..4..7 09:50 11:35 ATR-70 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0664 1234567 15:15 16:25 A-320 Delhi AI 0822 1234567 15:40 17:00 A-319 eqacbZ ysg Mumbai AI 0662 1234567 18:45 19:55 A-319 Leh AI 0450 1...5.7 09:35 10:20 A-319 eqacbZ Jhuxj Mumbai AI 0084 1234567 22:35 23:45 A-319 Srinagar AI 0821 1234567 12:35 13:30 A-319 tkeuxj Jamnagar (JGA) iq.ks Pune AI 0514 12345.7 13:20 14:30 A-319 xksj[kiqj eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0648 1234567 12:45 13:50 A-319 Gorakhpur (GOP) fnYyh tsnn~ kg Jeddah (JED) Delhi 9I 0810 1234567 14:45 16:40 ATR-70 xqokgkVh Guwahati (GAU) fnYyh Delhi AI 0992 1.3.5.. 21:15 4:45+1 B777-ER fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0890 1234567 15:30 18:25 A-321 Hyderabad AI 0966 1..4.6. 23:15 7:10+1 B747 bEQky dksfPp Imphal AI 0889 1234567 12:35 13:25 A-321 Kochi AI 0964 .23.5.7 23:15 7:05+1 B747 dksydkrk y[kuÅ Kolkata 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 09:55 11:30 ATR-42 Lucknow AI 0992 1.3.5.. 21:15 8:15+1 B777-ER 1 dksydkrk eqacbZ Kolkata 9I 0740 10:25 12:00 ATR-42 Mumbai AI 0932 .2.4.67 21:15 4:20+1 B777-ER dksydkrk eqacbZ Kolkata AI 0730 1234.67 11:35 12:50 A-319 Mumbai AI 0966 1..4.6. 23:15 10:40+1 B747 1 dksydkrk tks/kiqj Jodhpur (JDH) Kolkata AI 0730 ....5.. 11:55 13:05 A-319 yhykckM+h fnYyh Lilabari 9I 0739 07:45 08:45 ATR-42 Delhi AI 0476 1234567 17:50 19:00 A-321 rstiqj eqacbZ Tezpur 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 07:45 08:30 ATR-42 Mumbai AI 0646 1234567 11:55 13:20 A-320 Xokfy;j Gwalior (GWL) dkcqy Kabul (KBL) eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai 9I 0628 ..3.5.7 13:45 16:40 ATR-70 Delhi AI 0244 .2.4.67 14:45 17:50 A-320 gkWUx dkWUx Hong Kong (HKG) dkBekaMw K athmandu (KTM) fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0315 .2.4.6. 18:00 21:30 B787 Delhi AI 0214 1234567 10:30 11:45 A-319 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0317 18:00 21:30 B787 Delhi AI 0216 1234567 15:35 16:50 A-319 eqacbZ dksydkrk Mumbai AI 0315 .2.4.6. 18:00 1:05+1 B787 1 Kolkata AI 0248 12.4.6. 16:10 17:25 A-319 [ktqjkgks Khajuraho (HJR) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0317 18:00 1:05+1 B787 1 vkslkdk fnYyh Osaka AI 0314 .2.4.6. 07:45 12:05 B787 Delhi AI 0405 1.3..6. 15:15 18:30 A-319 1 fl;ksy okjk.klh Seoul AI 0310 07:45 12:05 B787 Varanasi AI 0405 1.3..6. 15:15 16:10 A-319 gqcyh Hubli (HBX) dksfPp Kochi (COK) csaxyw: vxkrh Bengaluru 9I 0510 1.3.5.. 17:25 18:45 ATR-42 Agatti Island 9I 0505 123456 10:05 11:25 ATR-42 csaxyw: csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0510 .2..... 17:35 19:00 ATR-42 Bengaluru 9I 0506 123456 13:40 15:05 ATR-42 gSnjkckn Hyderabad (HYD) psUuS Chennai AI 0510 1234567 10:45 12:00 A-319 csaxyw: fnYyh Bengaluru AI 0978 .2.4.6. 03:30 04:35 A-319 Delhi AI 0466 1234567 07:20 10:50 A-321 csaxyw: fnYyh Bengaluru AI 0515 1234567 06:30 07:35 A-319 Delhi AI 0047 1234567 20:15 23:20 A-320 csaxyw: nqcbZ Bengaluru AI 0514 1234567 16:50 17:55 A-319 Dubai AI 0933 1234567 09:30 12:30 A-320 Hkksiky tsn~nkg Bhopal 9I 0864 .2.4.67 14:30 18:05 ATR-70 1 Jeddah AI 0963 1.34.6. 17:30 21:15 B747 psUuS eqacbZ Chennai AI 0988 ..3...7 07:50 09:00 A-320 Mumbai AI 0682 1234567 08:10 10:05 A-319 psUuS eqacbZ Chennai AI 0546 1234567 16:30 17:40 A-319 Mumbai AI 0055 1234567 20:10 22:10 A-320 f'kdkxks fj;kn Chicago AI 0127 1234567 21:00 06:30 B777-ER 1 Riyadh AI 0923 1.3.... 01:45 04:30 B777-ER fnYyh f=osanze Delhi AI 0559 1234567 06:45 08:50 A-321 Trivandrum AI 0048 1234567 21:45 22:30 A-321 fnYyh dksydkrk Kolkata (CCU) Delhi AI 0543 1234567 09:40 11:55 A-320 fnYyh vxjryk Delhi AI 0541 1234567 16:15 18:30 A-321 Agartala AI 0743 1234567 09:55 10:50 A-319 fnYyh vxjryk Delhi AI 0840 1234567 18:45 20:55 A-320 Agartala AI 0745 1234567 18:10 19:05 A-319 fnYyh vkbZtkWy Delhi AI 0127 1234567 21:00 23:10 B777-ER Aizawl AI 0711 1234.6. 12:55 14:00 A-319 nqcbZ vkbZtkWy Dubai AI 0951 1234567 20:10 22:25 A-321 Aizawl AI 0715 ....5.7 12:55 14:00 A-319 xksok ckxMksxjk Goa AI 0513 12345.7 09:55 12:45 A-319 1 Bagdogra AI 0721 ..3.5.7 13:45 14:50 A-319 tcyiqj csaxyw: Jabalpur 9I 0864 .2.4.67 14:30 16:30 ATR-70 Bengaluru AI 0771 1234567 14:15 16:40 A-320 tsn~nkg psUuS Jeddah AI 0965 .2..5.7 17:55 21:15 B747 Chennai AI 0765 1234567 14:35 17:05 A-321 dksydkrk fnYyh Kolkata AI 0525 1234567 06:00 08:10 A-319 Delhi AI 0763 1234567 07:00 09:10 A-321 dqoSr fnYyh Kuwait AI 0987 .2...6. 20:05 22:25 A-320 Delhi AI 0021 1234567 10:00 12:15 B787 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0620 1234567 06:20 07:35 A-319 Delhi AI 0701 1234567 17:30 19:50 B787 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0616 1234567 08:15 09:45 A-319 Delhi AI 0023 1234567 20:15 22:40 A-321 eqacbZ <kdk Mumbai AI 0966 .2..5.7 09:00 10:40 B747 Dhaka AI 0230 1234567 19:00 20:20 A-319

182 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

fMczqx<+ vgenkckn Dibrugarh AI 0705 .2345.7 05:55 07:30 A-319 nhekiqj vgenkckn Dimapur AI 0709 12345.7 11:20 12:40 A-319 x;k vgenkckn Gaya AI 0233 ....5.. 10:30 11:25 A-319 xqokgkVh vkSjaxkckn Guwahati 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 05:50 07:25 ATR-42 xqokgkVh csaxyw: Guwahati 9I 0739 05:50 07:25 ATR-42 xqokgkVh csaxyw: Guwahati AI 0729 1234567 09:50 10:55 A-319 xqokgkVh csaxyw: Guwahati AI 0729 ....5.. 10:15 11:20 A-319 gSnjkckn csaxyw: Hyderabad AI 0526 1234567 19:50 21:55 A-319 bEQky csaxyw: Imphal AI 0713 .234... 10:50 12:05 A-319 bEQky cSadkWd Imphal AI 0715 ....5.7 12:55 15:25 A-319 1 bEQky Hkkouxj Imphal AI 0713 .....6. 13:50 15:05 A-319 dkBekaMw Hkksiky Kathmandu AI 0247 12.4.6. 13:35 15:10 A-319 yhykckM+h Hkksiky Lilabari 9I 0739 05:50 08:45 ATR-42 1 eqacbZ Hkqous'oj Mumbai AI 0676 1234567 09:25 12:20 A-320 eqacbZ Hkqt Mumbai AI 0773 1234567 17:00 19:45 A-319 iksVZ Cys;j psUuS Port Blair AI 0787 1234567 05:40 07:50 A-319 jkaph psUuS Ranchi 9I 0719 123..67 17:25 18:40 ATR-42 f'kykax psUuS Shillong 9I 0711 1234.67 12:45 14:30 ATR-42 flYpj dks;Ecrw: Silchar AI 0753 1234567 05:50 07:05 A-319 rstiqj fnYyh Tezpur 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 05:50 08:30 ATR-42 1 ;kaxksu fnYyh Yangon AI 0227 1....6. 05:45 08:30 A-319 ;kaxksu fnYyh Yangon AI 0233 ....5.. 10:30 15:05 A-319 1 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (CCJ) fnYyh nqcbZ fnYyh Dubai AI 0937 1234567 10:55 13:45 A-320 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0582 1234567 07:45 09:10 A-320 'kkjtkg fnYyh Sharjah AI 0997 1234567 22:00 00:00+1 A-320 dqYyww Kulu (KUU) fnYyh fnYyh fnYyh Delhi 9I 0806 1234567 08:25 09:40 ATR-70 dqorS Kuwait (KWI) fnYyh vgenkckn fnYyh Ahmedabad AI 0982 1...5.. 00:05 06:05 A-320 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0976 .2.4.6. 00:05 08:50 A-320 1 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0982 1...5.. 00:05 09:10 A-320 1 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0988 ..3...7 00:05 09:00 A-320 1 xksok fnYyh Goa AI 0976 .2.4.6. 00:05 06:35 A-320 gSnjkckn nho Hyderabad AI 0988 ..3...7 00:05 07:00 A-320 ysg Leh (IXL) nqcbZ fnYyh xksok Delhi AI 0446 .2.4.6. 07:55 09:20 A-319 fnYyh xksok Delhi AI 0446 11:00 12:20 A-319 tEew xksok Jammu AI 0449 1...5.7 07:55 09:00 A-319 Jhuxj xksok Srinagar AI 0448 ..3.... 07:55 08:45 A-319 yhykckM+h Lilabari (IXI) xksok xqokgkVh Xokfy;j Guwahati 9I 0740 09:05 10:05 ATR-42 dksydkrk gkax dkax Kolkata 9I 0740 09:05 12:00 ATR-42 1 yanu London (LHR) gkax dkax vgenkckn gSnjkckn Ahmedabad AI 0172 .2.4.6. 13:00 2:40+1 B787 vgenkckn gSnjkckn Ahmedabad AI 0176 ......7 13:00 2:40+1 B787 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0162 1234567 08:45 22:35 B787 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0112 1234567 21:30 11:20+1 B777-LR eqacbZ gSnjkckn Mumbai AI 0130 1234567 13:30 4:00+1 B787 U;w vkdZ bankSj Newark AI 0171 1.3.5.. 13:00 16:20 B787 y[kuÅ Lucknow (LKO) t;iqj fnYyh tkeuxj Delhi AI 0412 1234567 08:55 10:15 A-320 fnYyh tsn~nkg Delhi AI 0432 14:05 15:15 A-320 fnYyh tsn~nkg Delhi AI 0991 .2.4.6. 14:05 15:15 A-320 fnYyh tks/kiqj Delhi AI 0812 1234567 19:55 21:15 A-319 tsn~nkg dksfPp Jeddah AI 0991 .2.4.6. 14:05 19:45 A-320 1 eqacbZ dksfPp Mumbai AI 0626 1234567 11:05 13:10 A-319 esfMªM Madrid (MAD) dksydkrk fnYyh dksydkrk Delhi AI 0136 .2.4.6. 21:50 11:05+1 B787 enqjS Madurai (IXM) dksf"kDdksM psUuS yanu Chennai AI 0672 1234567 13:20 14:20 A-319 eqacbZ y[kuÅ Mumbai AI 0672 1234567 13:20 16:45 A-319 1 ekys Male (MLE) enqjS csaxyw: eaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0266 1.34567 10:55 13:20 A-319 fnYyh eLdV Delhi AI 0264 1234567 16:35 22:35 A-319 1 f=osanze ukxiqj Trivandrum AI 0264 1234567 16:35 18:25 A-319 eaxyw: Mangalore (IXE) ukxiqj eqacbZ U;w;kWdZ Mumbai AI 0680 1234567 12:15 13:40 A-319 esyckWuZ Melbourne (MEL) U;w vkdZ fnYyh vkslkdk Delhi AI 0309 1..4.6. 10:45 17:40 B787 feyku Milan (MXP) jk;iqj fnYyh jktdksV Delhi AI 0138 12.4.6. 20:00 7:45+1 B787 ekWLdks Moscow (DME) fj;kn fnYyh fl;ksy Delhi AI 0156 .2....7 01:00 08:55 B787 xksok 'kka?kkbZ Goa AI 0156 .2....7 01:00 13:30 B787 1 eqca bZ Mumbai (BOM) flaxkiqj vcw /kkch lwjr Abu Dhabi AI 0945 1234567 22:30 00:35+1 A-319

Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Aurangabad Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Bangkok Bhavnagar Bhopal Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bhuj Chennai Chennai Chennai Coimbatore Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Diu Dubai Goa Goa Goa Goa Goa Gwalior Hong Kong Hong Kong Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Indore Jaipur Jamnagar Jeddah Jeddah Jodhpur Kochi Kochi Kolkata Kolkata Kozhikode London Lucknow Madurai Mangalore Muscat Nagpur Nagpur New York Newark Osaka Raipur Rajkot Riyadh Seoul Shanghai Singapore Surat

flight no freq AI 0031 1234567 AI 0017 1234567 AI 0091 1234567 AI 0442 1234567 AI 0603 1234567 AI 0639 1234567 AI 0607 1234567 AI 0609 1.34567 AI 0609 .2..... AI 0330 1234567 9I 0651 12.4.6. AI 0633 1234567 AI 0631 1234567 AI 0669 1234567 9I 0625 12.4.6. AI 0570 1234567 AI 0671 1234567 AI 0094 1234567 AI 0657 1234567 AI 0864 1234567 AI 0635 1234567 AI 0806 1234567 AI 0348 .2.4567 AI 0866 1234567 AI 0809 1234567 AI 0677 1234567 AI 0442 1234567 AI 0687 1234567 AI 0144 1234567 AI 0660 1234567 AI 0888 1234567 AI 0310 .2.4.67 AI 0314 1.3.5.. AI 0101 1234567 9I 0623 12.4.6. AI 0983 1234567 AI 0033 1234567 AI 0083 1234567 AI 0663 1234567 AI 0661 1234567 AI 0683 1234567 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 AI 0310 .2.4.67 AI 0314 1.3.5.. AI 0615 1234567 AI 0617 1234567 AI 0965 .2..5.7 AI 0619 1234567 AI 0050 1234567 AI 0635 1234567 AI 0611 1234567 AI 0647 1234567 AI 0965 .2..5.7 AI 0931 AI 0645 1234567 AI 0054 1234567 AI 0681 1234567 AI 0675 1234567 AI 0774 1234567 AI 0581 1234567 AI 0131 1234567 AI 0625 1234567 AI 0671 1234567 AI 0679 1234567 AI 0985 1234567 AI 0627 1234567 AI 0629 1234567 AI 0101 1234567 AI 0191 1234567 AI 0314 1.3.5.. AI 0651 1234567 AI 0655 1234567 AI 0921 1234567 AI 0310 .2.4.67 AI 0348 .2.4567 AI 0342 1234567 9I 0649 ..3.5.7

dep 01:35 05:30 17:30 14:35 06:15 09:10 16:55 20:15 20:15 01:45 17:15 06:00 19:40 11:10 06:35 06:15 09:00 18:30 11:05 07:00 07:05 08:00 08:15 09:00 10:00 13:00 14:35 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 20:00 21:00 12:00 19:50 02:10 05:20 13:30 16:55 20:45 10:30 20:00 20:00 06:15 13:55 15:00 19:30 20:50 07:05 11:35 11:00 15:00 16:50 09:45 05:30 17:15 06:10 20:50 06:25 07:00 08:25 09:00 10:15 22:00 05:55 18:40 21:00 01:30 20:00 10:10 15:25 12:30 20:00 08:15 23:50 06:35

arr 02:50 06:45 18:40 15:35 07:50 11:00 18:30 21:50 21:50 07:20 18:30 07:20 21:10 13:20 08:30 08:10 10:55 20:25 12:50 09:05 10:10 10:15 10:30 11:05 12:15 15:05 18:00 18:15 19:15 20:05 21:05 22:05 22:05 23:15 13:05 21:55 03:20 06:30 14:40 18:05 21:55 13:15 6:30+1 6:30+1 07:35 15:30 16:25 20:45 22:15 08:15 13:15 12:10 21:15 19:45 11:20 07:25 19:15 08:40 23:15 08:10 11:30 10:30 12:40 11:40 23:25 07:15 20:05 06:35 07:15 12:05+1 11:50 16:30 14:30 12:05+1 20:20 7:45+1 07:25

Aircraft B787 A-320 A-321 A-319 A-321 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-321 B787 ATR-70 A-319 A-319 A-321 ATR-70 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-321 A-319 A-320 B787 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-319 A-321 B777-ER A-321 A-320 B787 B787 B777-ER ATR-70 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-320 A-319 A-319 ATR-70 B787 B787 A-319 A-319 B747 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-321 A-319 B747 B777-ER A-320 A-319 A-320 A-320 A-319 A-320 B787 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-321 A-319 A-320 B777-ER B777-ER B787 A-320 A-319 B777-ER B787 B787 B787 ATR-70

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 183




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Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

f=osanze eqacbZ Trivandrum AI 0667 1234567 17:25 19:30 A-320 Mumbai AI 0349 .2.4567 22:00 6:15+1 B787 1 mn;iqj ’kkjtkg Sharjah (SHJ) Udaipur AI 0643 1234567 14:05 15:35 A-320 okjk.klh psUuS Varanasi AI 0695 1234567 10:30 12:40 A-319 Chennai AI 0968 1234567 00:05 07:30 A-320 1 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0651 dksf"kDdksM 1234567 10:10 13:30 A-320 1 Kozhikode AI 0998 1234567 01:00 06:10 A-320 eLdV Muscat (MCT) f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0968 1234567 00:05 05:30 A-320 f’kykWUx Shillong (SHL) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0978 1.3.5.. 22:00 4:35+1 A-319 1 psUuS dksydkrk Chennai AI 0908 1234567 23:00 3:55+1 A-319 Kolkata 9I 0712 1234.67 14:50 16:35 ATR-42 fnYyh flYpj Silchar (IXS) Delhi AI 0974 1234567 23:10 3:45+1 A-321 gSnjkckn dksydkrk Hyderabad AI 0978 1.3.5.. 22:00 2:45+1 A-319 Kolkata AI 0754 1234567 07:45 08:55 A-319 flaxkiqj Singapore (SIN) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0986 1234567 00:20 04:25 A-321 ukxiqj Nagpur (NAG) psUuS Chennai AI 0347 1234567 09:00 10:25 B787 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0470 1234567 08:20 10:00 A-320 Delhi AI 0381 1234567 08:20 11:30 B787 eqacbZ eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0628 1234567 07:55 09:15 A-319 Mumbai AI 0343 1234567 19:45 22:20 B787 eqacbZ Jhuxj Srinagar (SXR) Mumbai AI 0630 1234567 20:40 22:15 A-320 U;w ;kWdZ New York (JFK) fnYyh Delhi AI 0826 1234567 12:20 13:55 A-321 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0102 1234567 14:25 14:50+1 B777-ER Delhi AI 0822 1234567 14:10 17:00 A-319 1 eqacbZ tEew Mumbai AI 0102 1234567 14:25 19:10+1 B777-ER 1 Jammu AI 0822 1234567 14:10 15:00 A-319 U;wvkdZ Newark (EWR) ysg Leh AI 0447 ..3.... 09:20 10:20 A-319 vgenkckn lwjr Surat (STV) Ahmedabad AI 0172 1.3.5.. 23:15 2:40+2 B787 1 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0144 1234567 13:15 19:15+1 B777-ER 1 Delhi 9I 0608 1234567 09:20 11:50 ATR-70 yanu fnYyh London AI 0172 1.3.5.. 23:15 11:05+1 B787 Delhi AI 0490 1234567 19:20 21:20 A-320 eqacbZ eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0144 1234567 13:15 14:10+1 B777-ER Mumbai 9I 0650 ..3.5.7 07:55 08:50 ATR-70 vkslkdk Osaka (KIX) flMUkh Sydney (SYD) fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 21:30 B787 1 Delhi AI 0301 .2..5.7 10:45 17:50 B787 gkax dkax fnYyh Hong Kong AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 16:35 B787 Delhi AI 0301 ..3.... 11:10 18:15 B787 eqacbZ rstiqj Tezpur (TEZ) Mumbai AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 1:05+1 B787 2 iaruxj Pantnagar (PGH) xqokgkVh Guwahati 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 08:50 09:35 ATR-42 fnYyh dksydkrk Delhi 9I 0816 .23.56. 14:30 15:30 ATR-70 Kolkata 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 08:50 11:30 ATR-42 1 isfjl Paris (CDG) fr#ifr Tirupati (TIR) psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0142 1234567 21:30 15:15+1 B787 1 Delhi AI 0541 1234567 14:15 18:30 A-321 1 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0142 1234567 21:30 10:00+1 B787 Hyderabad AI 0541 1234567 14:15 15:10 A-321 iVuk Patna (PAT) Vksfd;ks Tokyo (NRT) fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0410 1234567 12:40 14:25 A-319 Delhi AI 0307 1.3..67 11:30 18:00 B787 f=osna ez T rivandrum (TRV) fnYyh Delhi AI 0408 1234567 15:25 17:10 A-319 fnYyh csaxyw: Delhi AI 0416 1234567 20:55 22:25 A-320 Bengaluru AI 0584 1234567 09:15 10:20 A-320 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair (IXZ) psUuS Chennai AI 0968 1234567 06:15 07:30 A-320 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0550 1234567 08:00 10:10 A-321 Delhi AI 0466 1234567 06:05 10:50 A-321 1 psUuS fnYyh Chennai AI 0552 .2.45.7 13:20 15:35 A-320 Delhi AI 0264 1234567 19:15 22:35 A-319 fnYyh dksfPp Delhi AI 0488 1...5.. 12:25 17:25 A-320 1 Kochi AI 0466 1234567 06:05 06:45 A-321 dksydkrk ekys Kolkata AI 0788 1234567 08:30 10:35 A-319 Male AI 0263 1234567 09:20 10:05 A-319 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0488 eqacbZ 1...5.. 12:25 14:30 A-320 Mumbai AI 0668 1234567 20:10 22:15 A-320 iq.ks Pune (PNQ) fj;kn Riyadh AI 0927 ...4.6. 02:40 05:30 B777-ER csaxyw: 'kkjtkg Bengaluru AI 0514 12345.7 15:05 17:55 A-319 1 Sharjah AI 0967 1234567 18:10 20:40 A-320 Hkksiky mn;iqj U daipur (UDR) Bhopal 9I 0866 1.3.5.. 14:30 19:00 ATR-70 1 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0852 1234567 07:35 10:00 A-320 Delhi AI 0472 1234567 15:10 16:15 A-320 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi AI 0850 1234567 18:50 21:00 A-320 Mumbai AI 0644 1234567 16:15 17:45 A-320 fnYyh oMksnjk V adodara (BDQ) Delhi AI 0854 1234567 21:25 23:40 A-319 xksok fnYyh Goa AI 0513 12345.7 11:50 12:45 A-319 Delhi AI 0820 1234567 20:15 21:45 A-320 gSnjkckn okjk.klh Varanasi (VNS) Hyderabad AI 0514 12345.7 15:05 16:10 A-319 jk;iqj vkxjk Raipur 9I 0866 1.3.5.. 14:30 17:00 ATR-70 Agra AI 0406 1.3..6. 12:10 13:20 A-319 jk;iqj Raipur (RPR) Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0419 .2.45.7 12:15 13:45 A-319 Hkksiky fnYyh Bhopal 9I 0866 1.3.5.. 17:30 19:00 ATR-70 Delhi AI 0433 1234567 15:25 17:00 A-319 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0478 1234567 08:05 09:35 A-320 Delhi AI 0405 1234567 16:50 18:30 A-319 eqacbZ [ktqjkgks Mumbai AI 0651 1234567 12:25 16:05 A-320 1 Khajuraho AI 0406 1.3..6. 12:10 14:40 A-319 1 iq.ks eqacbZ Pune 9I 0865 1.3.5.. 11:30 14:00 ATR-70 Mumbai AI 0696 1234567 13:35 15:35 A-319 fo;uk Vienna (VIE) fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0651 1234567 12:25 13:30 A-320 jktdksV Rajkot (RAJ) fnYyh Delhi AI 0154 ..3.5.7 22:45 10:15+1 B787 fot;okM+k Vijayawada (VGA) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0632 123.56. 08:55 11:30 ATR-70 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0656 1234567 17:05 18:10 A-319 Delhi AI 0460 1234567 09:05 11:20 A-319 jkaph Ranchi (IXR) fnYyh Delhi AI 0840 1234567 17:20 20:55 A-320 1 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0418 1234567 13:35 15:20 A-320 Delhi AI 0468 1234567 20:40 22:55 A-319 dksydkrk gSnjkckn Kolkata 9I 0720 123..67 19:00 20:10 ATR-42 Hyderabad 9I 0531 1234.67 13:20 14:20 ATR-70 fj;kn Riyadh (RUH) gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0840 1234567 17:20 18:10 A-320 fnYyh fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0530 Delhi AI 0926 1..4.6. 15:45 22:10 B777-ER 1234.67 10:00 11:10 ATR-70 dksfPp fo’kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam (VTZ) Kochi AI 0924 .2....7 15:45 22:55 B777-ER eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0922 1234567 06:45 13:20 B777-ER Delhi AI 0452 1234567 07:50 10:20 A-321 f=osanze fnYyh Trivandrum AI 0928 ..3.5.. 15:45 22:50 B777-ER Delhi AI 0488 1...5.. 15:05 17:25 A-320 jkse Rome (FCO) nqcbZ Dubai AI 0951 1234567 18:00 22:25 A-321 1 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0122 ..3.5.7 19:40 7:15+1 B787 Hyderabad 9I 0531 1234.67 11:40 14:20 ATR-70 1 lSu ÝkaflLd¨ San Francisco (SFO) gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0951 1234567 18:00 19:10 A-321 csaxyw: eqacbZ Bengaluru AI 0174 1.34567 10:30 20:25+1 B777-LR 1 Mumbai AI 0651 1234567 14:05 16:05 A-320 fnYyh iksVZ Cys;j Delhi AI 0174 1.34567 10:30 16:15+1 B777-LR Port Blair AI 0487 1...5.. 09:40 11:45 A-320 fl;ksy Seoul (ICN) fot;okM+k Vijayawada 9I 0531 1234.67 11:40 12:50 ATR-70 fnYyh ;kaxksu Yangon (RGN) Delhi AI 0317 13:50 21:30 B787 1 gkax dkax fnYyh Hong Kong AI 0317 13:50 16:35 B787 Delhi AI 0236 ..3.... 12:55 16:25 A-320 1 eqacbZ x;k Mumbai AI 0317 13:50 1:05+1 B787 2 Gaya AI 0234 1....6. 09:20 10:40 A-319 ’kka?kkbZ Shanghai (PVG) x;k Gaya AI 0236 ..3.... 12:55 13:55 A-320 fnYyh dksydkrk Delhi AI 0349 .2.4567 22:00 2:45+1 B787 Kolkata AI 0234 1....6. 09:20 12:35 A-319 1 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0228 ....5.. 15:55 17:15 A-319

184 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Air India - Code Share Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam (DAR) vnkuk Adana (ADA) bLrkacqy vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7556 .2.45.7 Istanbul AI* 6076 1234567 16:15 18:10 TK 73H 16:45 19:25 ET 738 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa (ADD) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7556 1.3..6. 17:40 20:20 ET 738 nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam AI* 7557 1.3..6. fnYyh Delhi (DEL) 09:10 12:00 ET 738 nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam AI* 7557 .2.45.7 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7553 ....567 10:30 13:20 ET 738 01:15 05:25 ET 738 fnYyh vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7553 1234... Delhi AI* 7552 ....567 02:00 11:00 ET 738 03:10 07:20 ET 738 fnYyh vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7569 123.... Delhi AI* 7568 ...4567 15:30 00:30+1 ET 738 09:05 13:15 ET 738 fnYyh vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7569 ...4567 Delhi AI* 7568 123.... 15:50 00:50+1 ET 738 11:50 16:00 ET 738 fnYyh vYekVh Delhi AI* 7552 123.... 23:15 8:15+1 ET 738 Almaty AI* 6521 1.34.67 12:20 16:40 KC 320 ,UVsch ÝsadQVZ Entebbe AI* 7559 1234567 10:10 12:15 ET 738 Frankfurt AI* 8761 1234567 03:30 07:30 LH 388 gjkjs bLrkacqy Harare AI* 7563 09:25 12:25 ET 77L Istanbul AI* 6071 1234567 06:55 10:25 TK 77W gjkjs ekWfj'kl Harare AI* 7563 .2.4.6. 09:25 14:15 ET 77L 1 Mauritius AI* 6745 ...4..7 08:00 14:00 MK 332 fdxkyh E;wfu[k Kigali AI* 7561 1.3.56. 11:10 12:40 ET 73W Munich AI* 8763 1234567 01:50 05:55 LH 333 fdxkyh fl;ksy Kigali AI* 7561 .2.4... 11:10 12:40 ET 738 Seoul AI* 7148 1.345.7 20:20 6:30+1 OZ 333 fdxkyh T;wfj[k Kigali AI* 7561 ......7 11:10 12:40 ET 73W Zurich AI* 7703 1234567 02:05 06:25 LX 333 MsUoj Denver (DEN) eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7550 1...... 21:00 4:25+1 ET 77L eqacbZ ÝsadQVZ Mumbai AI* 7550 0.234567 21:00 4:25+1 ET 788 Frankfurt AI* 8634 1234567 17:35 11:10+1 LH 744 uSjksch MsVkª ;V Detroit (DTW) Nairobi AI* 7555 12345.7 11:00 13:10 ET 738 uSjksch ÝsadQVZ Nairobi AI* 7555 .....6. 11:00 13:10 ET 788 Frankfurt AI* 8646 1234567 16:20 6:25+1 LH 333 vYekfV Almaty (ALA) MqlyMkQZZ Dusseldorf (DUS) fnYyh ÝsadQVZ Delhi AI* 6520 1.34.67 07:50 11:10 KC 320 Frankfurt AI* 8844 1234567 19:05 20:00 LH 32A ,ElVjMSe A msterdam (AMS) ,fMucxZ Edinburgh (EDI) ÝsadQVZ cfeZa?ke Frankfurt AI* 8538 1...567 18:45 19:50 LH 319 Birmingham AI* 6116 123456 07:00 08:15 BE DH4 ÝsadQVZ cfeZa?ke Frankfurt AI* 8538 .2..... 18:45 19:50 LH 32A Birmingham AI* 6118 12345.7 19:05 20:20 BE DH4 ÝsadQVZ cfeZa?ke Frankfurt AI* 8538 ...4... 18:45 19:50 LH 320 Birmingham AI* 6120 12345.. 20:25 21:40 BE DH4 vUVy;k Antalya (AYT) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6120 ......7 20:30 21:45 BE DH4 bLrkacqy ,UVsch Entebbe (EBB) Istanbul AI* 6080 1.345.. 15:30 17:05 TK 73H bLrkacqy vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7560 123.... Istanbul AI* 6080 .2..... 15:30 17:05 TK 320 18:45 20:50 ET 738 bLrkacqy vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7560 ...4567 Istanbul AI* 6080 .....67 15:30 17:05 TK 73J 20:00 22:05 ET 738 csx a yw: Bengaluru (BLR) Ýsd a QVZ Frankfurt (FRA) ÝsadQVZ ,ElVjMSe Frankfurt AI* 8755 1234567 03:30 08:50 LH 74H Amsterdam AI* 8539 1234567 20:45 22:00 LH 320 ekWfj'kl csaxyw: Mauritius AI* 6746 .2..5.. 05:20 11:55 MK 343 1 Bengaluru AI* 8754 1234567 12:50 1:50+1 LH 74H cSd a kWd Bangkok (BKK) cfyZu Berlin AI* 8867 1.34567 19:45 20:55 LH 321 flaxkiqj cfyZu Singapore AI* 7241 1234567 12:15 15:45 SQ 772 Berlin AI* 8867 .2..... 19:45 20:55 LH 320 csyQkLV Belfast (BHD) psUuS Chennai AI* 8758 1234567 10:15 00:05+1 LH 343 cfeZa?ke f'kdkxks Birmingham AI* 6101 123456 07:00 08:10 BE DH4 Chicago AI* 8637 1234567 10:40 13:10 LH 74H cfeZa?ke dksisugsxu Birmingham AI* 6104 1...... 09:00 10:10 BE DH4 Copenhagen AI* 8576 .2..... 21:50 23:15 LH 320 cfeZa?ke dksisugsxu Birmingham AI* 6103 .....6. 16:25 17:30 BE DH4 Copenhagen AI* 8576 1....6. 21:55 23:20 LH 320 cfeZa?ke dksisugsxu Birmingham AI* 6103 12345.. 16:30 17:40 BE DH4 Copenhagen AI* 8576 ..34..7 21:55 23:20 LH 321 cfeZa?ke dksisugsxu Birmingham AI* 6103 ......7 16:50 18:00 BE DH4 Copenhagen AI* 8576 ....5.. 21:55 23:20 LH 32A cfeZa?ke fnYyh Birmingham AI* 6105 12345.7 18:15 19:25 BE DH4 Delhi AI* 8760 1234567 13:25 1:30+1 LH 388 cfyZu Berlin (TXL) MsUoj Denver AI* 8635 1234567 13:20 15:40 LH 744 ÝsadQVZ MsVªk;V Frankfurt AI* 8876 12.45.7 19:15 20:25 LH 321 Detroit AI* 8647 1234567 10:55 14:30 LH 333 ÝsadQVZ MqlyMkQZ Frankfurt AI* 8876 ..3..6. 19:15 20:25 LH 320 Duesseldorf AI* 8851 .2..... 21:40 22:30 LH 320 cfeZ?a ke Birmingham (BHX) MqlyMkQZ Duesseldorf AI* 8851 1.34567 21:45 22:35 LH 320 csyQkLV yqfCy;kuk Belfast AI* 6102 123456 08:55 10:05 BE DH4 Ljubljana AI* 6381 1234.67 20:30 21:40 JP CR9 csyQkLV yqfCy;kuk Belfast AI* 6106 12345.7 20:00 21:10 BE DH4 Ljubljana AI* 6381 ....5.. 20:30 21:40 JP 319 ,fMucxZ ykWl ,aftYl Edinburgh AI* 6115 1234... 07:00 08:10 BE E75 Los Angeles AI* 8641 1234567 10:05 12:55 LH 388 ,fMucxZ eqacbZ Edinburgh AI* 6115 ....5.. 07:00 08:10 BE DH4 Mumbai AI* 8756 1234567 12:35 1:00+1 LH 74H ,fMucxZ E;wfu[k Edinburgh AI* 6117 123456 18:25 19:35 BE DH4 Munich AI* 8811 12..... 19:15 20:15 LH 321 ,fMucxZ E;wfu[k Edinburgh AI* 6117 ......7 18:45 19:55 BE DH4 Munich AI* 8811 ..3.... 19:15 20:15 LH 320 ,fMucxZ E;wfu[k Edinburgh AI* 6119 12345.7 20:45 22:00 BE DH4 Munich AI* 8811 ...4567 19:15 20:15 LH 32A Xyklxks vkslyks Glasgow AI* 6108 ....5.. 06:30 07:45 BE DH4 Oslo AI* 8534 1234567 21:30 23:35 LH 32A Xyklxks iq.ks Glasgow AI* 6108 1234... 07:00 08:15 BE DH4 Pune AI* 8766 .23.5.7 11:50 00:40+1 LH 73W Xyklxks LVkWdgkse Glasgow AI* 6110 12345.7 17:25 18:40 BE DH4 Stockholm AI* 8504 .2..... 21:30 23:35 LH 321 Xyklxks LVkWdgkse Glasgow AI* 6112 .....6. 18:40 19:55 BE DH4 Stockholm AI* 8504 1...... 21:40 23:45 LH 32A Xyklxks LVkWdgkse Glasgow AI* 6112 .2345.7 19:05 20:15 BE E75 Stockholm AI* 8504 ..34567 21:40 23:45 LH 321 Xyklxks LVqVxkVZ Glasgow AI* 6112 1...... 19:15 20:25 BE E75 Stuttgart AI* 8829 .2..... 21:30 22:10 LH 321 Xyklxks LVqVxkVZ Glasgow AI* 6114 12345.7 20:30 21:45 BE DH4 Stuttgart AI* 8829 1...... 21:35 22:15 LH 321 dkfgjk Cairo (CAI) LVqVxkVZ Stuttgart AI* 8829 ..3.... 21:35 22:15 LH 320 eqacbZ LVqVxkVZ Mumbai AI* 7690 123..6. 16:30 1:20+1 MS 738 Stuttgart AI* 8829 ...4567 21:35 22:15 LH 319 dSyxjh Calgary (YYC) okWf'kaxVu Washington AI* 8645 1234567 12:50 15:45 LH 74H yanu Xyklxks Glasgow (GLA) London AI* 7314 1234567 18:40 10:10+1 AC 788 Vksfd;ks cfeZa?ke Tokyo AI* 7331 ...4.6. 11:45 14:40+1 AC 763 Birmingham AI* 6107 12345.. 06:45 08:05 BE DH4 psUuS Chennai (MAA) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6107 .....6. 07:05 08:25 BE DH4 ÝsadQVZ cfeZa?ke Frankfurt AI* 8759 1234567 01:50 07:55 LH 343 Birmingham AI* 6109 .....6. 17:00 18:15 BE DH4 ekWfj'kl cfeZa?ke Mauritius AI* 6747 .2..5.. 07:40 11:55 MK 343 Birmingham AI* 6109 12345.. 17:15 18:30 BE DH4 lsaV Msful cfeZa?ke St. Denis AI* 7278 ..3..6. 08:20 13:00 UU 738 Birmingham AI* 6111 12345.7 18:45 20:00 BE DH4 f’kdkxks Chicago (ORD) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6113 12345.7 21:05 22:15 BE E75 ÝsadQVZ gSfyQSDl Halifax (YHZ) Frankfurt AI* 8636 1234567 16:15 7:25+1 LH 74H dksius gsxu C openhagen (CPH) yanu London AI* 7304 12.4.6. 23:20 9:10+1 AC 763 ÝsadQVZ gjkjs Harare (HRE) Frankfurt AI* 8571 12..5.. 18:55 20:25 LH 320 ÝsadQVZ vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7564 Frankfurt AI* 8571 ..34..7 18:55 20:25 LH 321 13:40 20:30 ET 77L 1 ÝsadQVZ vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7564 .2.4.6. Frankfurt AI* 8571 .....6. 18:55 20:25 LH 32A 15:15 20:05 ET 77L Mkykeu D alaman (DLM) gkax dkax Hong Kong (HKG) bLrkacqy oSadwoj Istanbul AI* 6082 1...... 08:10 09:40 TK 738 Vancouver AI* 7326 1234567 19:50 15:15 AC 77W bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6082 0.234567 08:10 09:40 TK 73H

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 185

Air India network Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai (PVG) bLrkacy q Istanbul (IST) oSadwoj Vancouver AI* 7330 1.3.567 17:50 12:10 AC 789 Mkyeu Dalaman AI* 6083 1234..7 17:50 19:10 TK 320 flaxkiqj Singapore (SIN) Mkyeu Dalaman AI* 6083 ....5.. 17:50 19:10 TK 321 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7242 1234567 16:00 17:25 SQ 333 Mkyeu Dalaman AI* 6083 .....6. 17:50 19:10 TK 73H dksydkrk Kolkata AI* 7262 1.3.56. 19:00 20:45 SQ 333 fnYyh Delhi AI* 6070 1234567 19:50 5:15+1 TK 77W dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala Lumpur AI* 7244 12345.. 08:30 09:30 SQ 333 bT+kfej Izmir AI* 6079 12345.. 12:05 13:15 TK 738 ykWl ,aftyl Los Angeles AI* 7206 1234567 09:20 11:50 SQ 77W 1 bT+kfej Izmir AI* 6079 .....6. 12:05 13:15 TK 73H lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI* 7204 1234567 18:30 19:40 SQ 77W 1 bT+kfej Izmir AI* 6079 ......7 12:05 13:15 TK 73J lsVa Msful S t. Denis (RUN) eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 6074 1234567 19:35 5:15+1 TK 77W psUuS Chennai AI* 7277 .2..5.. 22:15 5:55+1 UU 738 bt+fej Izmir (ADB) lsVa tkWUl St. Johns (YYT) bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6078 1234567 16:15 17:45 TK 73H yanu London AI* 7302 1..4.6. 00:35 09:10 AC 319 fdxkyh K igali (KGL) LVkWdgkse S tockholm (ARN) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7562 1.3.56. 16:20 19:55 ET 73W ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8507 1234567 16:25 18:35 LH 32A vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7562 ......7 16:20 19:45 ET 73W LVqVxkVZ S tuttgart (STR) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7562 .2.4... 16:25 19:55 ET 738 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8826 1.3456. 18:40 19:30 LH 319 dksydkrk K olkata (CCU) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8826 .2..... 18:40 19:30 LH 321 flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7261 1.3.56. 22:00 4:45+1 SQ 333 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8826 ......7 18:40 19:30 LH 32A dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Vksfd;ks T okyo (NRT) flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7243 12345.. 10:25 11:25 SQ 333 dSyxjh Calgary AI* 7332 ..3...7 16:10 09:45 AC 763 yqfCy;kuk Ljubljana (LJB) oSadwoj Vancouver AI* 7328 1.3..67 19:00 10:40 AC 789 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 6382 1234.67 17:55 19:15 JP CR9 VksjksVa ks T oronto (YYZ) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 6382 ....5.. 17:55 19:15 JP 319 yanu London AI* 7312 0.234567 18:40 6:30+1 AC 788 fo;uk Vienna AI* 6384 ..3.5.7 16:55 17:45 JP CR9 yanu London AI* 7310 1234567 20:40 8:30+1 AC 77W yanu London (LHR) yanu London AI* 7316 1234567 23:55 11:50+1 AC 77L dSyxjh Calgary AI* 7313 1234567 13:25 15:25 AC 788 isfjl Paris AI* 7322 1234567 20:45 9:50+1 AC 789 gSfyQSDl Halifax AI* 7303 .23.5.7 11:10 14:05 AC 763 oSd a ow j Vancouver (YVR) ekWfUVª;y Montreal AI* 7305 1234567 13:00 15:30 AC 333 gkax dkax Hong Kong AI* 7325 1234567 12:10 17:40+1 AC 77W vksVkok Ottawa AI* 7307 1234567 12:05 14:55 AC 763 yanu London AI* 7318 1234567 18:00 11:20+1 AC 77W lsaV tkWUl St. Johns AI* 7301 1..4.6. 11:10 13:30 AC 319 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai AI* 7329 1.3456. 12:20 16:20+1 AC 789 VksjksaVks Toronto AI* 7343 1234567 12:00 14:55 AC 77W Vksfd;ks Tokyo AI* 7327 1..456. 13:50 16:40+1 AC 789 VksjksaVks Toronto AI* 7309 1234567 15:00 17:55 AC 77L fo;uk Vienna (VIE) oSadwoj Vancouver AI* 7317 1234567 14:30 16:05 AC 77W yqfCy;kuk Ljubljana AI* 6383 ..3.5.7 20:00 20:45 JP CR9 ykWl ,aftyl Los Angeles (LAX) okWf’kaxVu Washington (IAD) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8640 1234567 15:15 11:10+1 LH 388 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8644 1234567 18:20 7:55+1 LH 74H flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7205 1234567 09:00 9:40+1 SQ 77W 1 T;wfj[k Zurich (ZRH) ekWfj’kl Mauritius (MRU) fnYyh Delhi AI* 7704 1234567 12:40 00:45+1 LX 333 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI* 6746 1..4... 21:00 4:20+1 MK 343 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7702 1234567 09:45 22:30 LX 333 psUuS Chennai AI* 6746 1..4... 21:00 6:10+1 MK 343 1

fnYyh Delhi AI* 6744 ..3..6. 21:15 6:15+1 MK 332 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 6748 1...5.. 21:20 5:00+1 MK 343 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 6748 .2.4..7 21:20 5:00+1 MK 332 ekWfUVª;y Montreal-PET (YUL) yanu London AI* 7306 1234567 20:00 7:30+1 AC 333 isfjl Paris AI* 7324 1234567 20:10 8:45+1 AC 77W eqca bZ Mumbai (BOM) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7551 12..... 05:15 08:00 ET 77L vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7551 ..34567 05:15 08:00 ET 788 dkfgjk Cairo AI* 7691 .234..7 02:20 05:35 MS 738 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8757 1234567 02:55 07:20 LH 74H bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6075 1234567 06:55 10:35 TK 77W ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6749 1.3.5.. 06:45 11:15 MK 332 ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6749 .2...6. 06:45 11:15 MK 343 E;wfu[k Munich AI* 8765 1234567 01:25 05:50 LH 333 T+;wfj[k Zurich AI* 7701 1234567 01:20 06:15 LX 333 E;wfu[k Munich (MUC) fnYyh Delhi AI* 8762 1234567 12:10 00:10+1 LH 333 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8808 1234567 19:00 20:05 LH 321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 8764 1234567 11:25 23:55 LH 333 uSjksch Nairobi (NBO) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7554 12345.7 17:40 19:45 ET 738 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7554 .....6. 17:40 19:45 ET 788 vkslyks Oslo (OSL) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8531 1234567 17:15 19:25 LH 321 vksVkok Ottawa (YOW) yanu London AI* 7308 1234567 21:50 9:35+1 AC 763 isfjl Paris (CDG) ekWfUVªy Montreal AI* 7323 1234567 13:05 14:40 AC 77W VksjaVks Toronto AI* 7321 1234567 11:30 13:55 AC 789 iq.ks Pune (PNQ) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8767 1.34.6. 02:10 08:45 LH 73W lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco (SFO) flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7203 1234567 00:05 12:00+1 SQ 77W fl;ksy Seoul (ICN) fnYyh Delhi AI* 7147 .234.67 13:20 18:50 OZ 333

Air India Express Timetable

Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (AUH) fnYyh Delhi IX 0116 1234567 00:20 05:20 737-800 fnYyh Delhi IX 0116 1234567 04:45 09:45 737-800 dksfPp Kochi IX 0452 1234567 21:00 02:25 737-800 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0348 1234567 00:40 05:55 737-800 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0348 1234567 00:20 05:35 737-800 eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0816 1357 00:50 05:55 737-800 f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0538 1234567 21:20 02:50 737-800 vy ,su Al Ain (AAN) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0336 36 15:25 20:40 737-800 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0332 15 13:55 20:40 737-800 1 jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaima IX 0332 15 13:55 14:40 737-800 ve`rlj Amritsar (ATQ) nqcbZ Dubai IX 0191 1234567 15:10 17:30 737-800 cgjhu Bahrain (BAH) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0474 1234567 14:45 21:25 737-800 dqoSr Kuwait IX 0889 135 10:10 11:10 737-800 dksfPp Kochi IX 0474 1234567 14:45 23:05 737-800 1 eaxyw: Mangalore IX 889/890 135 10:10 19:05 737-800 1 paMhx<+ Chandigarh (IXC) 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0187 146 18:00 19:55 737-800 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0187 146 16:30 18:25 737-800 psUuS Chennai (MAA) dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala lumpur IX 0622 3457 15:10 21:35 737-800 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0684 1357 07:00 13:40 737-800 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0688 246 07:00 13:40 737-800 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0682 1234567 01:30 09:55 737-800 1 f=ph Trichy IX 0682 1234567 01:30 02:20 737-800

1 1

Schedules and equipment shown in this timetable are based on latest information known at the time of going to press and are subject to change without prior notice.

bl le; esa fn;k x;k ’ksM~;wy izsl esa tkus ds le; rd miyC/k uohure lwpuk ij vk/kkfjr gS rFkk fcuk fdlh iwoZ lwpuk ds bl esa ifjorZu fd;k tk ldrk gSA

186 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

LEGEND OF CODES USED Frequency: 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6= Saturday, 7=Sunday. All times are local. Aircraft: 319= Airbus A319, 320=Airbus A320, 321=Airbus A321, 77W=Boeing 777ER, 77L=Boeing 777LR, B 744=Boeing 747, B 787= Boeing 787 Dreamliner, B 737= Boeing 737-800, ATR42=ATR 42, ATR70=ATR72, CR7=CRJ

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

dqorS Kuwait (KWI) f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0605 1 15:15 16:25 737-800 dksfPp f=osanze Kochi IX 394/474 247 14:10 23:05 737-800 1 Trivandrum IX 6055 5 07:00 08:10 737-800 dksf"kDdksM nEeke D ammam (DMM) Kozhikode IX 0394 247 14:10 21:20 737-800 dksf"kDdksM dksfPp Kozhikode IX 0396 24 02:55 09:55 737-800 Kochi IX 0482 246 05:15 12:20 737-800 eaxyw: dksf"kDdksM Mangalore IX 0890 135 12:10 19:05 737-800 Kozhikode IX 0382 1357 02:30 09:25 737-800 y[kuÅ Lucknow (LKO) eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0886 135 21:10 03:40 737-800 nqcbZ fnYyh Delhi (DEL) Dubai IX 0193 1234567 14:05 17:05 737-800 eaxyw: Mangalore (IXE) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi IX 0115 1234567 20:50 23:10 737-800 vkcw /kkch nqcbZ Abu Dhabi IX 0815 2467 21:30 23:50 737-800 Dubai IX 0141 1234567 13:45 15:55 737-800 cgjhu <kdk Dhaka (DAC) Bahrain IX 0889 135 07:20 09:10 737-800 nEeke dksydkrk Dammam IX 0885 135 18:10 20:10 737-800 Kolkatta IX 0911 1357 19:30 19:50 737-800 nksgk flaxkiqj Doha IX 0821 457 17:35 19:05 737-800 Singapore IX 911/922 1357 19:30 03:30 737-800 1 nqcbZ nksgk Doha (DOH) Dubai IX 0383 1234567 08:40 11:05 737-800 nqcbZ dksfPp Dubai IX 0813 1234567 20:00 22:40 737-800 Kochi IX 373/474 1234567 14:30 23:05 737-800 1 dqoSr dksf"kDdksM Kuwait IX 0889 135 07:20 11:10 737-800 1 Kozhikode IX 0374 1234567 14:30 21:10 737-800 eLdV eaxyw: Muscat IX 0817 247 08:30 10:25 737-800 Mangalore IX 0822 457 09:15 15:50 737-800 eacq bZ Mumbai (BOM) eaqcbZ Mumbai IX 0244 4567 20:05 02:05 737-800 nksgk nqcbZ Dubai (DXB) Doha IX 0243 457 07:00 08:15 737-800 nksgk ve`rlj Doha IX 0243 6 17:50 19:05 737-800 Amritsar IX 0192 1234567 09:50 14:20 737-800 nqcbZ fnYyh Dubai IX 0247 1234567 13:10 14:55 737-800 Delhi IX 0142 1234567 12:50 17:50 737-800 'kkjtkg t;iqj Sharjah IX 0251 1234567 23:40 01:25 737-800 Jaipur IX 0196 2467 23:25 04:00 737-800 eLdV Muscat (MCT) dksfPp Kochi IX 0434 1234567 17:10 22:35 737-800 dksfPp dksf"kDdksM Kochi IX 0442 134567 11:20 16:25 737-800 Kozhikode IX 0344 1234567 02:20 07:35 737-800 dksf"kDdksM dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0350 1234567 02:55 07:50 737-800 Kozhikode IX 0346 1234567 17:00 22:30 737-800 eaxyw: y[kuÅ Mangalore IX 0818 247 11:50 16:30 737-800 Lucknow IX 0194 1234567 07:15 12:15 737-800 f=osanze eaxyw: Trivandrum IX 0554 23567 11:05 16:20 737-800 Mangalore IX 0384 1234567 12:05 17:10 737-800 iq.ks Pune (PNQ) eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0814 1234567 23:40 04:45 737-800 nqcbZ eaqcbZ Dubai IX 0211 246 02:45 04:30 737-800 Mumbai IX 0248 123457 18:00 22:30 737-800 jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaimah (RKT) eaqcbZ Mumbai IX 0248 6 18:10 22:40 737-800 dksf"kDdksM iq.ks Kozhikode IX 0336 36 13:55 20:40 737-800 1 Pune IX 0212 135 21:10 01:40 737-800 vy ,su f=ph Al Ain IX 0336 36 13:55 14:40 737-800 Trichy IX 0612 1234567 18:40 00:10 737-800 dksf"kDdksM f=osanze Kozhikode IX 0332 15 15:25 20:40 737-800 Trivandrum IX 0540 234567 21:05 02:45 737-800 fj;kn Riyadh (RUH) t;iqj Jaipur (JAI) dksf"kDdksM nqcbZ Kozhikode IX 0322 1357 13:15 20:45 737-800 Dubai IX 0195 1357 05:30 07:55 737-800 lykykg Salalah (SLL) dksfPp Kochi (COK) dksfPp vkcw /kkch Kochi IX 0544 5 08:35 13:45 737-800 Abu Dhabi IX 0419 1234567 17:25 20:05 737-800 dksf"kDdksM cgjhu Kozhikode IX 0342 6 03:00 08:15 737-800 Bahrain IX 0473 1234567 09:15 13:20 737-800 1 f=osanze nEeke Trivandrum IX 0544 5 08:35 16:15 737-800 1 Dammam IX 0481 246 02:00 04:15 737-800 ’kkjtkg Sharjah (SHJ) nksgk Doha IX 473/373 1234567 09:15 13:30 737-800 1 paMhx<+ nqcbZ Chandigarh IX 0188 146 12:15 17:00 737-800 Dubai IX 0435 1234567 13:15 16:00 737-800 paMhx<+ dksf"kDdksM Chandigarh IX 0188 146 10:45 15:30 737-800 Kozhikode IX 0473 1234567 09:15 10:00 737-800 dksfPp dqoSr Kochi IX 0412 1234567 03:00 08:25 737-800 Kuwait IX 473/393 247 09:15 13:10 737-800 1 dksf"kDdksM eLdV Kozhikode IX 0354 1234567 14:40 20:00 737-800 Muscat IX 0443 134567 08:05 10:20 737-800 eqacbZ lykykg Mumbai IX 0252 1234567 02:25 06:55 737-800 Salalah IX 0543 5 05:15 07:35 737-800 f=ph 'kkjtkg Trichy IX 0614 1234567 20:50 02:40 737-800 Sharjah IX 0411 1234567 23:35 02:15 737-800 f=osanze f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0536 146 20:50 02:25 737-800 Trivandrum IX 0544 5 15:30 16:15 737-800 okjk.klh dksydkrk Kolkata (CCU) Varanasi IX 0184 1234567 11:00 15:55 737-800 flaxkiqj Singapore (SIN) <kdk Dhaka IX 0912 1357 17:20 18:40 737-800 psUuS flaxkiqj Chennai IX 0661 1246 04:30 06:00 737-800 Singapore IX 0922 1357 21:00 03:30 737-800 psUuS dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (CCJ) Chennai IX 0687 246 15:00 16:30 737-800 psUuS vkcw /kkch Chennai IX 0681 1234567 10:50 14:10 737-800 1 Abu Dhabi IX 0363 124567 20:55 23:30 737-800 <kdk vkcw /kkch Dhaka IX 921/912 1357 15:00 18:40 737-800 1 Abu Dhabi IX 0363 1234567 01:10 03:45 737-800 dksydkrk vy ,su Kolkatta IX 0921 1357 15:00 16:30 737-800 Al Ain IX 0331 15 10:40 13:10 737-800 f=ph vy ,su Trichy IX 0681 1234567 10:50 12:35 737-800 Al Ain IX 335/336 36 10:40 14:40 737-800 1 f=ph Tiruchirapally (TRZ) cgjhu Bahrain IX 0473 1234567 11:30 13:20 737-800 psUuS nEeke Chennai IX 0681 1234567 13:20 14:10 737-800 Dammam IX 0381 2467 23:30 01:30 737-800 nqcbZ nksgk Dubai IX 0611 1234567 01:00 04:00 737-800 Doha IX 0373 1234567 11:40 13:30 737-800 dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala lumpur IX 681/622 3457 nqcbZ 13:20 21:35 737-800 1 Dubai IX 0343 1234567 22:40 01:20 737-800 'kkjtkg nqcbZ Sharjah IX 0613 1234567 03:40 06:10 737-800 Dubai IX 0345 124567 08:55 11:35 737-800 flaxkiqj nqcbZ Singapore IX 0682 1234567 03:10 09:55 737-800 Dubai IX 0345 3 08:45 11:25 737-800 f=osna ez Trivandrum (TRV) dksfPp Kochi IX 0474 1234567 22:20 23:05 737-800 vkcw /kkch dqoSr Abu Dhabi IX 0537 1234567 17:20 20:20 737-800 Kuwait IX 0393 247 10:50 13:10 737-800 psUuS dqoSr Chennai IX 0506 1 20:00 21:10 737-800 Kuwait IX 0395 13 23:40 02:00 737-800 psUuS eLdV Chennai IX 5066 5 05:00 06:10 737-800 Muscat IX 0337 1234567 23:50 01:55 737-800 nqcbZ jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaimah IX 0335 Dubai IX 0539 234567 17:15 20:05 737-800 36 10:40 13:05 737-800 nqcbZ jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaimah IX 331/332 15 Dubai IX 0539 2356 17:15 20:05 737-800 10:40 14:40 737-800 1 nqcbZ fj;kn Dubai IX 0539 4 17:10 20:00 737-800 Riyadh IX 0321 1357 09:15 11:45 737-800 dksfPp lykykg Kochi IX 0543 5 03:45 04:30 737-800 Salalah IX 0341 5 23:30 02:10 737-800 dksf"kDdksM 'kkjtkg Kozhikode IX 0503 2 08:30 09:25 737-800 Sharjah IX 0351 1234567 11:05 13:35 737-800 eLdV f=osanze Muscat IX 0549 23567 07:40 10:05 737-800 Trivandrum IX 0305 2 06:45 07:40 737-800 lykykg dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Salalah IX 0543 5 03:45 07:35 737-800 1 'kkjtkg psUuS Sharjah IX 0535 146 06:40 09:30 737-800 Chennai IX 0621 3457 22:20 23:40 737-800 okjk.klh Varanasi (VNS) f=ph Trichy IX 621/682 3457 22:20 02:20 737-800 1 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0183 1234567 17:10 20:00 737-800

fnlEcj 2016 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 187

Air India route map

¸ÉÒxÉMÉ® Srinagar ú Vɨ¨ÉÖ


+ÆiÉnäǶÉÒªÉ Domestic







,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express

Amritsar Kullu











+ÉMÉ®É Agra











®úÉVÉEòÉä]õ Rajkot








¦ÉÉ´ÉxÉMÉ® Bhavnagar nÒ´É
























EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata









































Pune Hyderabad



















¨ÉèºÉÚ® Mysore EòÉäªÉ¨¤ÉþiÉÚ®ú


Kozhikode Lakshadweep (India)




{ÉÉä]õÇú ¤±ÉäªÉ®ú Port Blair


ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli




Andaman and Nicobar Islands(India)




Thiruvananthapuram ;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gSA


This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

Map not to scale

Cartographers: ttk maps

188 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 189

Ê®úªÉÉn Riyadh

Cartographers: ttk maps

Map not to scale

VÉnÂùnɽù Jeddah

¤É½þ®úÒxÉ Bahrain

+±É BäxÉ Al Ain

,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express

¨ÉºEò] Muscat

Sharjah ¶ÉÉ®VÉɽ nÖù¤É<Ç Dubai

Ras a Khaimah JÉä¨Éɽ ®ÉºÉ B

+ɤÉÚ vÉɤÉÒ Abu Dhabi

nùÉä½þÉ Doha

ºÉ±ÉɱÉÉ Salalah

ùnù¨¨ÉÉ¨É Dammam

EÖò´ÉèiÉ Kuwait

This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gS A

EòÉäʹÉCEòÉäb÷ Kozhikode

¨ÉéMɱÉÉä®û Mangalore


¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai

±ÉJÉxÉ>ð Lucknow

EòÉäÎSSÉ Kochi Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É Thiruvananthapuram

ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli

SÉäxxÉè Chennai

½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad

ʴɶÉÉJÉÉ{É]õxÉ¨É Visakhapatnam


¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û Bengaluru

+½þ¨ÉnùɤÉÉnù Ahmedabad

Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi VɪÉ{ÉÖ®ú Jaipur

+¨ÉþÞiɺɮú Amritsar

{ÉʶSɨÉÒ BʶɪÉÉ West Asia

Air India route map


+ÆiÉ®®É¹]ÅÒªÉ International M±ÉɺMÉÉä

Glasgow BÊb Edi ¤Éä±É¡ ɺ] Belfast ±ÉÆnùxÉ Londo ¤ÉʨÉÇPÆ É¨É Birmingham bֺɱÉbÉ¡Ç Dus {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Pa

´ÉéEÚ ´É®




Eè ±ÉMÉ®Ò Calgary AMERICA ºÉèxÉ £òäÎxºÉºEòÉä


San Francisco





Montreal ]õÉä®úx]õÉä Toronto xªÉÚªÉÉìEÇò






New York

½èʱɢè CºÉ Halifax

ºÉå] VÉÉìxÉ

St. Johns






Los Angeles






;wjksi ¼Hkkjr rFkk ÝSadQVZ@E;wfu[k ds chp lh/kh mM+kuksa dks NksM+dj½ rFkk ;w-,l-,- ds fy, dksM ‘ks;j mM+kusa dsoy rHkh izpkfyr dh tk,axh tc vkWuykbu varjjk”Vªh; laidZ miyC/k gksxk A The Code share fights to Europe (except direct between India and Frankfurt/Munich) and the USA will operate only when there are online AI international connections.

190 I Shubh Yatra I december 2016

Map not to scale Cartographers: ttk maps






Glasgow BÊbxɤÉMÉÇ ¨ÉÉìºEòÉä EòÉä{ÉxɽäþMÉxÉ Edinburgh Moscow Copenhagen Belfast ±ÉÆnùxÉ B¨º]®b÷è¨É London Amsterdam ¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin ¤ÉʨÉÆÇPÉ¨É Birmingham £å ò Eò¡ò]Ç õ Frankfurt bֺɱÉbÉ¡Ç Dusseldorf º]Öõ]õMÉÉ]Çõ Stuttgart {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Paris VªÉÚÊ®JÉ ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô ʴɪÉäxÉÉ Vienna Zurich Munich

¤Éä±É¡ ɺ]


Montreal wa ]õÉä®úx]õÉä Toronto xªÉÚªÉÉìEÇò


½èʱɢè CºÉ Halifax

ºÉå] VÉÉìxÉ

St. Johns

New York





















Dalaman +Æ]ɱªÉÉ Antalya

+nÉxÉÉ Adana


Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi


E ɪɮÉä Cairo


{ÉÖhÉä Pune ¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û



+ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ


Addis Ababa

xÉè®úÉä¤ÉÒ Nairobi



Dar Es Salem







EòÉä±ÉÉ䨤ÉÉä Colombo


nÉ® BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É


½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad ¤ÉåEòÉìEò SÉäxxÉè Chennai Bangkok ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli




EòÉ`ö¨ÉÉÆbÚ÷ Kathmandu ´ÉÉ®úÉhɺÉÒ gøÉEòÉ Varanasi MɪÉÉ Dhaka Gaya INDIA EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata ªÉÉÆMÉÚxÉ Yangon

Ahmedabad ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai



er ouv

anc To V

ʺÉ+Éä±É Seoul Tokyo ]õÉäÊEòªÉÉä


EòɤÉÖ±É Kabul





+ÆE É®É Ankara


E ɪɮÉä Cairo



+nÉxÉÉ Adana



¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin £åòEò¡ò]Çõ Frankfurt º]Öõ]õMÉÉ]Çõ Stuttgart ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô ʴɪÉäxÉÉ Vienna







on Amsterdam

sseldorf aris





+ÆE É®É Ankara


Dalaman +Æ]ɱªÉÉ Antalya






Washington +É亱ÉÉä




+ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ

Addis Ababa

To Calgary

+ÉäºÉÉEòÉ Osaka



Hong Kong

xÉè®úÉä¤OCEAN ÉÒ Nairobi isconÉ®

ranc an F

To S ½®É®ä òÉä EòÉä Harares E º É º x ele òÉÎ s Ang ºÉÉìxÉ £ To Lo EÖò+ɱÉÉ Kuala ä òÉ E É ±É¨{ÉÖ®ú Lumpur ±ÉÉìºÉ BÆÊVɱɺ VÉÉä½èþxºÉ¤ÉMÉÇ Johannesburg ˺ÉMÉÉ{ÉÖ®ú

BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É






SOUTH Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ ATLANTIC Cape Town OCEAN ,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express AUSTRALIA dksM 'ks;j / Code Share ʺÉbxÉÒ

Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ




Dar Es Salem

Durban Cape Town




;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gSA This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

december 2016 I shubh Yatra I 191

sanket odisha tourism 2016

Astaranga BeachA perfect destination for a perfect sunset experience

Website:• E-mail: • Toll Free : 1800 208 1414, OTDC Central Reservation Counter (10 am - 6 pm): Tel. : +91674 2430764

If you’re looking for an extraordinary beach holiday, Odisha is a sun, sand and surf paradise like none other. Dotted with some of the world’s finest pristine beaches such as Puri, Astarang, Chandipur, Bhitarkanika, Gopalpur and Talasari, Odisha promises to be a one-in-a-million holidays.

Chandipur – Come to see the sea playing hide and seek.


Join the revolution!

Make your Salon a part of


To Know More:+91 9599388300



R.N.I No. DELBIL/2013/49281

December 2016

The inflight magazine of Air India

December 2016 | Vol 4 | Issue 11

Waltz through Vienna Best winter balls

Veg in vogue

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Volume 4 Issue 11

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Be a travel-smart vegetarian

Delhi by Art

HoW THe cApITAl's ArcHITecTure And AurA InspIre ArTIsTs

Shubhyatra December 2016  
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