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They say there’s no joy like reading a good book. We bring you the month’s top four


Don’t DIET! 50 habits of thin people

Flying in High WInds

charlotte’s end

the third wave

By Kavita Devgan, Jaico Publishing, 264 pages, `350

By SK Misra, Rupa Publications, 288 pages, `500

By Veena S Rao, Vitastaa Publishing, 236 pages, `295

By Steve Case, Simon & Schuster, 240 pages, `1,299

Diet plans often are generic and thus rarely effective. Kavita Devgan, nutritionist and weight management consultant, says that longterm weight loss can be achieved only by changing the way you eat. She lists 50 “stay-thin” habits for the mind, body and lifestyle, and explains how to easily adopt these. She also includes easy-to-do workouts and interesting recipes. The writing style is light and the tone is friendly and reassuring.

SK Misra has served as principal secretary to ex-PM Chandra Shekhar and three chief ministers and secretary in various ministries. The book chronicles his experiences as a member of the bureaucracy and his achievements such as setting up the National Institute of Fashion Technology and chairing INTACH. Filled with interesting facets of personalities such as Jawaharlal Nehru, MF Husain and Prince Charles, it is an entertaining read.

This novel takes you through the lives of the De Villiers family, English aristocrats living on the Devon coast. Raymond de Villiers, whose first wife Charlotte died under mysterious circumstances, and his second wife – a young and adoring lady – face dramatic events, including the outbreak of the second World War and the Battle of the Atlantic. The literary style and excellent language make it an enjoyable and easy read.

Major “real world” sectors such as health, education, and food are set to be transformed by the Internet and thus vastly impact how we live our daily lives. Case, co-founder of America Online (AOL), pays homage to the work of Alvin Toffler in this book and offers insights on the consequences of some riveting business decisions of our time. Direct and candid, this is an interesting perspective on the Internet.

Air India has been my favourite for over 50 years. Once, Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh, asked several airline officials to list their favourites. All of them listed their own airline as the best, but agreed Air India came a close second. Corbusier was convinced Air India was the best of them all. That still holds. Former bureaucrat and author SK Misra

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Shubhyatra May 2016