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Dear friends and family of Bishop Blanchet, We are pleased to share with you the Bishop Blanchet High School Annual Report, which covers school activities and achievements from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. This report gives us the opportunity to reflect upon the success of the past year and highlight the positive impact of your investments on the lives of the young men and women we serve each day. In this issue of the annual report, we recognize members of the BBHS family who have made special efforts to give back to our beloved school through their time, talents and treasure. You will also read about recent graduates who are excelling in the fields of science and engineering thanks to their excellent formation and the support of the Bishop Blanchet community. As you will see in this report, we ended this fiscal year with a modest surplus and endowment growth. Thanks to our engaged and enthusiastic community, we had a recordsetting number of donors supporting our school. In our first year of the Brave Future Capital Campaign, we have been blessed with historic levels of generosity, enabling us to install lights on the Mickey Naish athletic field and update our classrooms with new, dynamic furniture. We are excited about additional improvements planned in the year ahead and look forward to reporting our progress in the next report! We are so grateful for the energy and generosity of all our parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, friends, faculty and staff. Your commitment to Bishop Blanchet ensures that we can continue to form the minds and hearts of the precious young men and women we are so blessed to serve. We thank you for your continued support and dedication to this Brave Family! Antonio DeSapio President John Traynor Advisory Board Chair

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T



Pam (Mitchell) Cory ’79 When describing her decision to attend BBHS, Pam (Mitchell) Cory says, “I am one of five Mitchells who attended Blanchet in the 70s and 80s. As number four in the family, there was never even a thought of attending anywhere else after graduating from Assumption-St. Bridget.” Pam dedicated her four years at Bishop Blanchet to a variety of pursuits: she played volleyball, performed in the plays and musicals and was part of the Homecoming Court. She is quick to note, however, that she is most proud of her Blanchet Bowling Team shirt and notes her 1979 bowling average of 207. Following her time at BBHS, Pam attended the University of Washington, where she met her husband Steve. After attending Seattle U for graduate school, she and Steve started a family and the work of raising three future Braves – Mitch ’09, Tess ’12 and Meg ’16. While the kids were young, Pam devoted her time to coaching CYO volleyball at ASB and teaching Sunday school at St. Bridget. When Mitch started at Blanchet, Pam became incredibly involved and has held a number of important volunteer positions. She has served as an Alumni Board member for three years, an Advisory Board member for eight years (including chairwoman for two years), has helped guide the school through two accreditation and strategic planning processes and served on the marketing committee for eight years. Pam’s description of the Brave community suggests why she is so generous with her time: “Being part of the BBHS community means supporting those suffering from a family loss, celebrating victories on the field, performing on stage, cherishing those acceptance letters, serving others in need, gathering for reunions and giving back to a community that many never get to experience.”


B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T



B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


Mike Derr ’80 Much like Pam’s story, Mike Derr knew that becoming a Brave was predestined. He explains, “Growing up in Wedgwood at Our Lady of the Lake, there really wasn’t another option and we were fine with that!” Mike graduated from Bishop Blanchet in 1980 and was one of those rare athletes who not only played basketball all four years but did the Spring Musical all four years as well. He has continued to put his musical talent to good use singing with the Seattle Symphony Chorale and with the Sacred Heart Choir since 1991. When his kids, Adam ’14 and Amanda ’16, came to Blanchet, Mike came back to us for round 2! Not only has he coached CYO volleyball, he continued to support his kids by photographing Blanchet football, lacrosse and volleyball games. He took on the Booster Board President position two years ago and despite his daughter graduating last year, he has graciously assumed the role again this year – Bishop Blanchet is a place he continues to want to support. He explains the evolution of BBHS since the time he was a student by sharing, “The term ‘Brave’ has become so much more powerful now. Back in the day, it was just a mascot. Now it is a concept, a philosophy, an attitude that speaks to anyone and everyone – a touchstone for guiding our decision making that we make for our entire adult lives.” When asked about why he is grateful for the Bishop Blanchet community, he notes the transformation he saw in his own children: “I think our kids have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Spirit within them that imparts a quiet confidence that they will achieve peace and a full life in any way they see fit.”

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


This year at the President’s Leadership Reception, we honored the Fulcrum Foundation with the Brave Leader Award in recognition of our close partnership and collaboration in making Bishop Blanchet accessible to all families seeking a Catholic high school education. Established in 2002, the Fulcrum Foundation provides financial assistance to promote and support Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle primarily through tuition assistance, assistance to schools in need and initiatives that promote academic excellence and faith formation. Over the past decade, the Fulcrum Foundation has supported Bishop Blanchet with over $1.1 million in assistance – helping over 900 of our families make the dream of a BBHS education a reality. In this section, we hear from two of our recent graduates who were also Fulcrum Scholars as to the benefits of their Bishop Blanchet experience and why an investment in our mission is so important.



Alumni Profiles: The Impact of Your Support

Tuan Nguyen ’11 Tuan, a grad from the class of 2011, spent much of his time split between academic pursuits and serving others during his high school years. At BBHS, he was a member of the National Honor Society, served meals through Teen Feed, was part of our Brave Connection mentoring program and was very active in the Relay for Life supporting cancer research. Tuan continued his education at the University of Washington – graduating in 2015 with a degree in civil and environmental engineering. He now works for Transpo in Kirkland as a transportation engineer and in between projects and meetings, he squeezed in some time to visit with us about how his experience at Bishop Blanchet helped shape his future. What does being “Brave” mean to you? Being a “Brave” means being an individual that is well rounded in all aspects of life from academic to extracurricular. It also means giving back and serving others, which is a theme that I have carried after graduating from BBHS and will for the rest of my life. Fill in the blank: The BBHS community is… ...a kind and welcoming community that respects individuals from all walks of life and prepares them for the next steps in their life. Why should people give financially to Bishop Blanchet? Why is our tuition assistance program important? People should give to Bishop Blanchet because you are making a difference by helping to prepare the world’s next future engineer, scientist, teacher and more. The students that graduate from BBHS are wide reaching and make an impact in the local community as well as worldwide. The tuition assistance program is so important to help families like mine. When we were going through a tough time, it allowed for me to finish my studies at BBHS and prepare me for college, which was a dream of my parents.

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Being a “Brave� means being an individual that is well rounded in all aspects of life from academic to extracurricular.

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


The opportunity to be a part of the Blanchet community is truly a great gift, and without financial support, a gift that only a few could hope to receive.


B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

One of our recent grads, Adree came to us from St. Pius and spent her time at BBHS playing in the band, tutoring through the National Honor Society and was a founding member of our Robotics team. While at Bishop Blanchet, Adree further developed her love of math and became deeply interested in biology. After graduating in 2014, Adree moved on to the University of Washington, where she now studies cellular biology with a minor in applied math. When she came in to chat with us, she brought along her school backpack depicting Euler’s identity and excitedly told us that “the most amazing thing about this is that it distills everything we know about mathematics into one equation…there’s no other subject that works like that.” Adree is clearly passionate and curious and it was a delight to hear about what she is working on now and how BBHS prepared her for her current studies.


Adree Aguas ’14

What makes BBHS special? BBHS is different from other schools in the commitment the instructors have to their students’ learning. In many of my classes, it was obvious that the focus was not content; rather, it was learning how to think. This is an important skill I’ve used in both my undergraduate coursework as well as my independent research. What does being “Brave” mean to you? For me, being a “Brave” means to be curious about the world – and to have the tenacity and drive to study it. Share a funny store about your time at Bishop Blanchet. As a sophomore, Ms. Murphy (science dept.) gave me an HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) snap-back cap from a conference from which she had recently returned. This was because my instructor at the time, Ms. Seeley (science dept), had told her about how I was beginning to delve into academic research through watching HHMI seminar DVDs. The great thing about this story is that the lab I currently work in is HHMI affiliated! So I do wear the hat somewhat regularly now. What would you say to our donors about the impact of their support? Donating to the school allows students from low-income backgrounds, like me and my younger sister, to attend. The opportunity to be a part of the Bishop Blanchet community is truly a great gift, and without financial support, a gift that only a few could hope to receive.

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


Ask any graduate of Bishop Blanchet about what makes the school special and they will invariably answer “the faculty.” Since opening our doors in 1954, BBHS teachers and staff have been known as an incredibly hard working and talented group of professionals. They are committed to bringing the mission of Bishop Blanchet to life every day through modeling faith, leadership and compassion. The Jim Pinsoneault Beyond the Classroom Award recognizes those faculty and staff members who go the extra mile to create an extraordinary experience for our students and a welcoming community for all of our families.


2 0 1 5 / 2 0 1 6 J I M P I N S O N E A U LT B E Y O N D T H E C L A S S R O O M A W A R D

Beyond the Classroom Award

At the Cutting Edge of Technology: Dixie Strunk It’s not surprising that Dixie Strunk was nominated for the Jim Pinsoneault award by a number of people – she has been an essential part of our faculty/staff community (and instrumental in the running of our school) since she joined the staff in 1996. She has served as the Registrar, Administrative Assistant to the Academic VP, Substitute Coordinator, Database Administrator, Business/ Technology Department Chair and has still found time to teach some of our most popular classes over the past 15 years. She is currently a fulltime instructor in our Business/Technology department and teaches 3D Modeling, Robotics, Intro to Computer Science, Game Development and Personal Finance. She is also the founding moderator of our Robotic Team, BraveBots. The award nomination forms have a consistent theme: Dixie is one of the hardest working staff members on campus – you can count on her to be the first one in at 6 a.m. and to put in countless hours above and beyond time spent in the classroom. She is noted for her passion in working with a wide range of kids and for being an innovator in education – bringing computer science, robotics and gaming instruction to BBHS before it was common at the high school level. To Dixie, this dedication is simply part of being a Brave. She says, “Brave means doing what needs to be done even when it seems there are no more hours in the day to do them. Brave means helping those in need even when one doesn’t feel like it. We call this ‘Gracious Professionalism’ in FIRST Robotics.” Dixie is quick to note that however appreciative we are of her service, she is equally thankful to be part of the BBHS community. She says, “Bishop Blanchet is different from other schools because it has a spiritual life. Faculty, staff and students live this life out in the Bishop Blanchet Community and grow from each other’s support, inspiration and faith.”

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

‘Brave’ means helping those in need even when one doesn’t feel like it. We call this ‘Gracious Professionalism’ in FIRST Robotics.

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


An endowment is a gift that provides a stable source of economic support in perpetuity. When an endowment is established, the money becomes a permanent investment for the school, with the annual interest from that investment providing financial resources to support an area of need. An endowment offers the opportunity to leave a legacy for future students. Contributions to endowments can be made with cash, securities, property or other assets. The Bishop Blanchet High School Endowment was formed in 1980 for the purpose of building permanent assistance in funding the ongoing operations of the school. Since its inception, the endowment has continued to grow from a combination of donations, bequests and investment growth, with the principal value of the fund at $6.3 million as of June 30, 2016. The school receives annual income from endowment earnings and growth, which is used to cover

Bishop Blanchet Named Endowments and Annual Scholarships Bishop Blanchet General Endowment Chris Connors Memorial Endowment Fr. Gordon Douglas Scholarship Endowment Haggerty Scholarship Endowment Little Scholarship Endowment Martin Scholarship Endowment Mo Mershon Truth & Courage Enduring Arts Scholarship Endowment Michael Ufer Program for Academic Success Endowment Jim Pinsoneault Beyond the Classroom Endowment Roberts Scholarship Endowment Rose Family Scholarship Watson Family Scholarship Endowment Kevin, Linda and Henry ’09 Wold Scholarship Endowment 14













operating costs, financial aid, academic programs and capital improvements. The fund’s commitment of income to the school budget for the 2015-2016 school year was $491,000, however the school out performed its budget and no endowment transfer was necessary. Currently our endowments, which are often named for individual donors, their families or specific classes, are established with a $25,000 minimum gift amount. Following is a list of our named endowment funds. The total balance of named endowments was $1,826,000 as of June 30, 2016.

Combined Memorial Endowment: Brabant Scholarship Endowment Brinck-Sauvage Scholarship Endowment Forbush Scholarship Endowment Gill Scholarship Endowment Fr. James Healy Scholarship Endowment Popovich Scholarship Endowment Marilyn Rey Sherman Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award Sheehan Scholarship

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


2015/2016 Balance Sheet and Income Statement Bishop Blanchet continues to be fiscally sound. Our balance sheet is free from debt and we ended the 2016 fiscal year ahead of budget. As a result, no transfer from our Endowment was made. Our cash balance as of June 30, 2016, includes approximately $3,000,000 in restricted capital campaign funds to support the upcoming capital projects. Income Statement Revenues Tuition and Fees Fund Raising Cafeteria Endowment Transfer Other Total Revenue

2015 2016 12,381,396 13,016,856 1,196,978 935,774 368,488 393,530 284,987 0 278,225 354,759 14,510,074 14,700,919

Expenses Salaries and Benefits Tuition Assistance Supplies and Outside Services Facility Costs General and Administrative Other Expenses Total Expenses

9,436,962 2,263,997 971,725 843,211 635,435 358,744 14,510,074

9,493,714 2,289,738 1,058,075 868,844 656,505 332,327 14,699,203

Balance Sheet Current Assets Cash Endowments Fixed Assets Other Assets Total Assets Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Salaries and Wages Deferred Tuition Payments Other Liabilities Total Current Liabilities

2015 2016 3,805,849 6,378,358 8,314,954 8,088,884 3,552,538 4,092,419 433,768 383,148 16,107,109 18,942,809

56,190 1,363,611 1,864,303 633,354 3,917,458

74,583 1,346,658 2,531,970 596,042 4,549,253

Fund Balance Capital Campaign Funds Endowed Funds Real Estate Fund General Operating Fund Total Fund Balance

1,155,956 8,042,206 1,745,136 1,246,353 12,189,651

2,940,297 8,120,528 1,745,136 1,587,595 14,393,556

Total Liabilites and Fund Balance



B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T



Thank You


To our generous donors for your thoughtful support of Bishop Blanchet High School. This report reflects all gifts made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 We strive to produce an accurate listing of our donors. The following list represents combined and tax-deductible giving to the following activities and funds: Annual Fund, A Brave Future-Capital Campaign, Brave Venture Gala and Online Auctions, Booster Club, Spring Musical Patrons, named endowments, memorials/honorariums, restricted gifts, gifts from reunions, performing arts and special projects. We apologize for any discrepancies or omissions. Please report any errors to Mary Williams Beard ’81, Director of Development, at 206.527.7733.

Ways to Give Cash Gifts Cash gifts can be made through credit/debit card transactions, cash or check, electronic funds transfers (EFTs – set up with our business office) made payable to Bishop Blanchet High School Annual Fund. To donate online or make a pledge visit Matching Gifts Matching gifts are an easy way to double or even triple your donation to Bishop Blanchet. Please check with your human resources department to see if your company matches tax-deducible contributions. Employee Giving Campaign & United Way Many companies have employee giving programs: Microsoft and Boeing, just to name a few, are companies that offer payroll deduction for your donations. For United Way campaigns, you can designate BBHS #93037 for your gift. Contact Shirley Epton, for more information. Gifts-in-Kind Tangible items can be donated to the school or individual departments. The Development Department can help you determine the acceptability of gifts as well as potential tax benefits of gifts-in-kind. Contact Shirley Epton, for more information. Stock Gifts Many individuals choose to give appreciated stock in order to avoid capital gains tax and support Bishop Blanchet. If you would like to gift electronically-held securities, please contact Mary Williams Beard ’81 at or (206) 527-7733. Planned Gifts You can remember Bishop Blanchet High School by leaving a gift in your will or estate plan. If you are interested in making a planned gift, please contact Robert Lukevich at or (206) 527-3981. B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Diamond Circle $1,000,000+ The Norcliffe Foundation

Platinum Circle $100,000+

Anonymous David J. Hovind ‘58 and Shelley Hovind Moccasin Lake Foundation The Pinsoneault Family The Moraine Foundation Patrick and Mary Hermann ‘65 Welch

Legacy $20,000+

Anonymous Archdiocese of Seattle BBHS Booster Club Robert and Sara Blair Beau and Julie Gould Leo & Elizabeth Puckett Family Trust Microsoft Corporation Jeffrey and Perri Roe Kenneth and Hope Wiljanen

Brave Circle $10,000+

Pam ‘79 and Steve Cory Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation Martin Holberg ‘77 and Alyson Stewart ‘77 Kerry ‘87 and Catherine Loveland Heather ‘88 and Carlo Mears Barbara and Chris Moe

John and Angela Traynor Thomas and Lendy Vail Peter and Karen Wickstrand

Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program Bill and Suzanne Anderson Rock and Beverly Andrews Anonymous (4) Green and Gold Circle $5,000+ David Arganian and Elizabeth Benson Boeing Gift Matching Program Susan and Matthew Arksey Mauricio Del Carpio Calderon Randall and Julie Back Antonio* and Martha DeSapio Richard Baker ‘58 Fr. Gordon Douglas Ballard Health Club Daniel and Susan Foley Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Joseph and Gwen Geivett R. Charles and Gaye Barrett GM Nameplate Paul and Colleen Battaglia John Hempelmann ‘60 Gregory Beach and Kirsten Beck Scott and Catherine Henson John and Molly Beaudoin Robert and Debora Horvath Bob and Bonne Bejan Tom Parkhurst II and Terri Blair-Parkhurst Barbara* and Dave Belfie T.J. and Nicole Petrizzo David Bergsvik and Scarlett Cava Nigel and Susan Pope Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Adam and Lynn Rauch Matching Gift Program Edie ‘62 and Ed Wartelle Blair Family Foundation Boeing Retirees Matching Gift Program President’s Circle $1,000+ Kristin Boston Brian ‘85 and Chrissy Acarregui Robert A. Branson and Judith C. Raab Daniel and Lisa Adams Jeff and Erin Breyman AGC Education Foundation Randall and Maureen Broom Charlene Aguilar Frank and Shelley Buhler Scott and Suzie Alan Lynn Burns ‘64* Thomas Allen and Mary Ransom Christopher and Kimberly Butler Richard and Nancy Alvord Matthew and Teresa Byers

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


Kelly and Jacquie Byrne Renato and Melanie Canto Renee Carroll ‘68 Kristine Charboneau and Joel Wilbur Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Kenn and Ann Christianson Class of 1965 Class of 1985 Dr. Pauline M. Cline ‘65 Colleen Cook ‘80 and Rob Bartlett Patty ‘68 and Gary Corum Patrick and Karen Crumb Darryl and Debbie Custer Mathias and Kristine Dangla Theresa Deisher Scott and Monica DeMeulemeester Michael ‘80 and Ann Derr Greg and Bev DiMartino Steve and Marie DiPietro DirecTV Sports Networks Alan and Kristen Dittmaier Esther Volpe-Drouin ‘77 and Thomas Drouin Robert and Monica Dunlop Michael ‘65 and Becky Egan Electronic Arts Outreach Gift Match Ashley and Linda Emery William and Laurie Farmer Mike and Katie Fleming Eric and Jayne Freeman Tiffany Gorton Ken and Nina Graff Craig and Jennifer Gryniewicz Patricia Gudrian-Crawford and Tobias Crawford Uli and Patty Haller Ryan and Kimberly Hamilton Wayne ‘83 and Joni Hampson Julie ‘85 and Greg Hanon Ryan and Nicole Hardie David and Kari Hatlen Patricia ‘87 and Michael Heffernan Paul and Ida Henricksen Bill Herber Bryan and Elizabeth Hester Randy and Tina Hodgins Harold and Karen Hogan Arthur and Tana Irish Gregory M. Jelinek and Ingrid Emerick Derek and Kristin Jensen John and Marisol Joynt Dennis Jumaquio and Tim Donlan Daniel and Corrie Kahn Barry ‘81 and Shellee Kaimakis Tom Kaupe Bob and Annmarie Kelly Joseph Kenny and Jennifer Siegel Molly Kledzik ‘71 * denotes employee of BBHS + denotes deceased 18

Karen Klepper Marc-Andrea Klimaschewski William and Mary Knapp Scott and Laura Kosinski Sheila* and Doug Kries Kristin Kuzmanich Darcy LaBelle and Tim Burkart Mark and Deirdre Lacambra Mitchell Levy and Rebecca Albiani Chaozi Liu and Daiyun Fang Mark and Stacie Ludden Peter ‘71 and Linda Lukevich Michael and Barbara Maher Thomas and Melissa Maider Ann ‘82 and David Mann Maple Leaf Management LLC David and Rachel Martin Robert and Marta McCullough Thomas and Jeanne McDonagh Kathleen McGuane Robert and Shona McLaughlin McMillen Jacobs Associates Joseph ‘87 and Carmela ‘90 Mele Thomas ‘77 and Catherine ‘77 Mentele Meredith Corporation Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Merrill Lynch Matching Gifts Scott and Tiffany Merriman Maureen Mershon* and Frank Siderius Patricia and Richard Miailovich David and Heather Miller Milliman Match Gift Program George ‘67* and Leah ‘86 Monica Steven and Lynnette Muenzberg Joyce ‘58 and Dan Murphy Michael and Patty Murphy Ira Murray and Esther Tuesta-Murray James and Jill Navone Linda Neumann ‘81 Donald and Melissa Nielsen Kurt and Sandy Nielsen Dermot and Kelly Noonan Nordstrom Employee Giving & Gift Match Program Michael and Shelley O’Clair Mary (LaFond) Odermat ‘60 and Victor Odermat Peter and Julia Odland John and Betsy O’Kane Dennis ‘85 and Carla O’Leary Anthony Olney and Mary McHugh Marek and Marzanna Omilian

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Thomas and Janice Savidge Alison* and Doug Scott Cass ‘65 and Paul Seely Mark Seto Patrick M. Shanahan ‘80 Mary T. Sheehan ‘70 James Sheldrup and Luisa Alvarez de Sheldrup Michael and Diann Smith Edward Snyders and Julie Renick SPEEA--IFPTE Local 2001 Starbucks Matching Gifts Program Lee Storgaard and Cintra Rene Carlos ‘83 and Sara Strazzara Mark and Kathryn Strecker Michael Striefel and Laura Wellington Michelle ‘88 and Scott Summers The Seattle Foundation Edward ‘80 and Lynn Thenell Molly ‘87 and Tim Thole Patrick Timson and Barbara Winkler Timson Norman and Carin Tonina Catherine ‘83 and Douglas Tveter Timothy Ufkes and Julie Santos John ‘73 and Diane Ulacia John Vanderzanden and Sandra Harui Jerry and Ruth Verhoff Steve and Lisa Visintainer Wells Fargo Bank Matching Gifts Program Marianne ‘83 and Matt Wells Bob and Jane Williams Kenneth ‘86 and Esmee Williams Rob and Nichelle Williams Brian and Diane Wilson Sally ‘87 and David Wright Dean Oquist and Melissa Meier Eric Orse and Margaret Cunningham Orse Rhonda* and Joe Osborne Kevin and Cheryl Overbey Sam Pailca Jeffrey and Holly Parker Lee and Alison Parsons Jay Paulus and Michelle Madigan Tony Perucca Michael Pierce ‘86* James ‘80 and Janelle Pinsoneault Walter and Deborah Pisano William and Sherry Portuese Piero Procaccio and Rebecca Cook Christopher and Karen Prohaska Raikes Foundation Carlyle and Sally Rampersad Thomas* and Mary ‘80 Ramsey Katherine C. Reinke Allan and Karla Romano Stephen Romein and Ty Cramer Steven A. Roselli ‘80 Matthew Rowley and Elizabeth Gauer Mark and Ursula Saltvig Savidge Investment Real Estate, LLC

Julie Brown Michael and Carolynn Brown Roberta ‘58 and Robert Brown Timothy Brown and Helen Sullivan Eric and Angie Browne Thomas ‘86 and Angela Budinich Margaret Buechel and James Frost James and Molly Bullard Raymond and Kate Burdick John Byrum and Karen Tanzy Matthew ‘85 and Amy Campbell Robert and Wendy Champagne Anastasios and Anne-Marie Chrisafis Rev. Timothy J. Clark Tom and Jane Clemente Wendy ‘86 and William Codd Columbia Funding Mortgage Comcast Bill and Lori Conroy William ‘81 and Shannon Crowley Thomas and Catherine Cunningham Sean Curran and Lori Mason Curran Howard ‘58+ and Dolores Davis Tamera Dean Luke and Judy Delen Kaarn Dempsey Susan Denning Peter and Ellen Derrick Cathy Dinehart Keith Dingfield and Susan Slonecker Steven Donaldson ‘75 William J. Dooris ‘79 Frederick ‘76 and Pamela-Marie Dore John and Eva Dougherty Dawn Dwyer ‘69 Keihan Ebrahimi and Shirin Sarikhani Patron $500+ Elmecco Electrical Contractors Rick and Refawne Acarregui Michael and Angela Ensminger Advanced Leadership Consulting Ren Erickson Alaska Airlines Matching Gift Program Michael and Karla Essig J. Brent and Mary Alinger Barbara ‘62 and Patrick ‘60 Fahey Mark and Michelle Allen Shawn ‘82 and Michael Falcone Christopher and Annette Anderson Mark and Denise Farthing Frank and Evelyn Anduvate Pamela Faulkner and Brigid Stackpool Anonymous (2) Hector and Jennifer Fernandes Peter and Connelia Aylett Edward and Carolyn Foster Steven and Jennifer Bader Fred H. & Mary S. Dore Charitable Dean and Sonya Baker Foundation Matthew and Kathleen Bean Debbie Fremer Dan and Mary Williams ‘81 Beard* Frank Fuoco and Benjamin Liu Andrew and Paula Benson Timothy and Teresa Spellman ‘82 Gamble Theresa Bigler ‘74 Charles and Sally Garneski Martin Blackburn and Jill Naas-Blackburn Alton Gaskill and Susan Kelly Colleen ‘79 and Tom Blaikie Terry Glick Robert and Ellen Bollard Margaret ‘81 and Guy Golliver James ‘82 and Andrea Bowers Chris* and Julie ‘79 Grasseschi Colleen ‘77 and Paul Brajcich Christopher ‘83 and Kirsti Griffin Randall Bremgartner and Victoria Silecchio Kristen ‘90 and Ashley Guberman Geoff Briggs and Clare Moroney Jeff Hardan Eric and Shelley Brodersen Kristian and Karine Harjo Grant and Catherine Brown Michael and Kimberly Harmon Ian and Anne Brown Ryan and Kristen Hatton

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


Steve and Fatima Hayatsu Brian and Geri Henling David Hennes and Caroline Anderson Paul and Alison Herber Juan and Rica Herrera Luis Hillon-Mendoza and Diana Grusczynski Sean and Christine Hilt James ‘66 and Carol Hoffman William D. Hood Steve Horsman and Pat Chaney Martino and Maura Hoss Stephen Houghton ‘65 Kenneth Howard and Mary C. O’Connor Robert and Susan Hoxie Larry Hubbell and Shelley Butler Charles ‘82 and Brenda Huber Douglas and Maria Hunter Troy Hussing and Liliana Lengua Eric and Carrie James Russell Janney Mary Kay* and David* Jebousek Kirk and Ann-Margaret Johnson Michael and Trisha Jonas Kevin and Carol Ann Joyce Stephanie ‘89 and William Judy Steven Kallick and Marlyn Twitchell Michael and Susan Kalousis Ray Keane and Helen McHugh Mary and Joseph Kearney David Keene William and Kelly Kennedy Joseph ‘89 and Kristin Kenny Shaun Kerins and Dawn Owen-Kerins Ross and Cora King Richard Kinssies ‘67 Shannon ‘89 and Brad Knowles Valerie A. Krueger-Stahnke ‘83 William and Gloria Kruzner Jeneil Lagasse and Shelley Engelhardt Tom ‘84 and Susan Lamb Christen* and Ryan Lambert Daniel and Kathryn Lambros David and Christine Langley John Leonard and Stacy Chagnon David ‘65 and Kasha ‘65 Leptich Donald and Ruth Lewis Eben and Jane Lewis Dale Linhoff Shawna ‘80 and Stephan Litterski Charlene Madden Nicola Maguire-Rampe and Dennis Rampe Joseph ‘85 and Erin ‘85 Manca Michael and Shannon Manley Gregory and Pamela Marchand Tadeusz and Joy Markow Michael and Riley Martin Scott and Glorilyn Maw Anne McBroom-Flanagan * denotes employee of BBHS + denotes deceased 20

Antoinette McChesney Angus ‘80* and Twila McDonell* Jeanne ‘72 and Tim McGinnis James and Virginia McIntyre Kathryn McNamara Michael I. McNellis, M.D. ‘78 Scott and Kathleen McVey Daniel and Sydne Mead-Smith Leslie Mehren and Troy Helm Christopher and Jodi Merrywell Metal Shorts Inc. Jeanne Mikesell* Juan and Catherine Millan Patricia Mills Steven and Kimberly Miska Mehrdad and Dawna Moini Thomas and Sarah Moloney Chris Moore ‘80 and Susanne Quistgaard Portia Moore Cristian and Monica Mora Michael Morgan Jesper Mortensen and Karlene Harold-Mortensen Michael and Kristen Mulick Frank and Mia Murphy James and Theresa Murphy Leon and Jolanda Denise Neal John and Sara Needham Garet and Lisette Nenninger Newtown Builders Inc. Seth and Sarah Noble John and Janie Norton John and Isabelle Ochsner Lynn M. O’Connor ‘88 Teresa ‘80 and Stewart O’Leary Steve Peerce and Wendy Garrison Robert and Jennifer Peters Selina Petosa David and Ellen Petre Joe ‘85 and Lisa ‘85 Petschl Bruce and Katherine Pieper Erica and Mark Pierson Jim and Madeline Pinsoneault Massimo Ramella-Pezza and Melinda Roy Christopher and Fleda Ramos Steven and Tiffanie Ranta Richard and Anna Rappé Mark and Julie Rathbun David Raubvogel and Annette Kraus-Raubvogel Matthew G. and Kristin Reese Michelle ‘87 and Mike Reilly Paul and Nerie Roa Bernard and Christine Robel Joseph Robertson and Deborah Harris Scott and Marguerite Roza Robert and Antonette Ruppin Anne Russell Hugh and Wendy Saffel Paul and Shawn Saline Saltchuk Resources Inc. Mark and Jan Satterthwaite

David and Margie Schmutz Joseph ‘82 and Debra Schober David and Jan Schrader Barbara (Peterson) Schwabe ‘80 Michael and Kristine Sendelbach Sterling Sessions Bruce and Lynn Shamulka Kelly ‘74 and Valerie Sheehan Marilyn Rey Sherman and James Sherman Catherine Shoaf and Chad Otis Deana Shoffitt and Shannon D. Galassi Steven and Gail Siebert James ‘72 and Cathy ‘73 Skraba Doug ‘85 and Susan Smith Paul A. Smith and Karen Cerosaletti Stanton Plumbing Andrew ‘81 and Johanna Steele Dan and Diane Steinke Dixie Strunk* Mary (Egan) ‘66 and Thomas Surbridge Bruce and Kathleen Szymanski Lionel Tamez and Colleen Wylde Patricia Thenell Lisa ‘83 and Robert Thompson Thor and Caroline Thompson Tom and Stephanie Thompson Kim Nea Toy Patrick and Donna Tracey Tupper Mack Wells, PLLC Roger Ufkes Edwin and Excel Valdez Patrick and Debbie Van Der Hyde Christopher ‘83 and Charlotte Van Hollebeke Gregory Van Liew and Jennifer Kerns Christine Vaughan Michael and Sandra Walls Todd ‘83 and Laurel Waltier Greg ‘82 and Renee Wass Paul and Laura Weinand Brian ‘96 and Katie Welch James ‘81 and Delayne ‘83 Welch Brad and Tricia Westin Dorie White Jeff ‘92 and Stacey Williams Frank and Joanie Williamson Brent Wisse and Jodi Smith Solomon Woldeyes and Emebet Seifu Ann ‘87 and Matthew Wood Robert and Veronica Wood Galen Worthington and Joni Walters Nikolaus and Virginia Wuehrer John Yeung and Shing-Chun Tsui Eric and Amy Zimbelman

Benefactor $100+

Meth and Ismael Abila Christopher and Lynn Adkisson Adobe Systems Incorporated Peter and Kimberly Albert Christopher and Christie Allemand Clinton and Nicole Allen

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Michael and Michelle Allen Ally Financial Jafar and Agnes Al-Shibibi Larry ‘58 and Charon Alvar Eduardo Alvarez Marquard Nancy Amato ‘82 and Lawrence Rauchwerger Alan and Gilda Amort Thomas ‘70 and Marilee ‘70 Anderson Gina Andolfi Patricia ‘68 and Rick Andre’ Fr. Michael Angelovic Anonymous (14) Romel and Marilyn Antolin Danny and Gina Ardiente Deborah Augustavo Edward Augustavo ‘75 Jeffrey ‘85 and Gina ‘85 Auter James and Virginia Axtman Marilyn ‘65 and Bill Bailey Dirk and Luci Bakker Bob and Liz Baldwin Philip and Diane Baldwin Richard and Joanne Barber Katie L. Barrett James Bartel and Antonella* Vesponi-Bartel Gina Baumgartner-Marinov ‘86 and Nick Marinov Ariel and Maria-Teresa Bautista Melinda Beck ‘63

Stephen E. Beck, Jr. ‘58 Carol Becknell Carol Belveal ‘62 Joseph ‘82 and Susan Bennett David and Kari Berge Don ‘63 and Susanne Betz Theresa Bicknell ‘81 Sean ‘84 and Katharine Biermanski Peter and Gabriela Binder Jane* and George Bissonnette Robert and Machelle Bjolstad Mike and Cheri Blackbourn BBHS International Thespian Society Troupe #5342 Christopher ‘87 and Alana Blunt Charles ‘73* and Rebecca ‘73 Bocian Boeing Political Action Committee Janice ‘75 and Rick Boman JoAnne ‘71 and Gregory Booth Sandra and James Borland Lorin Boynton Dan ‘82 and Michelle Branley Susan Brems Aaron Bresko ‘82 Lee Brettin Kevin and Bridget Brewer Thomas ‘81 and Carolyn ‘82 Breysse Michael ‘68 and Judy Briney Jeffrey A. Broderick ‘89 Eric E. Brown and Michelle Murray-Brown Richard Brown and Susan Pierson-Brown

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Michael Bruce and Mary Eileen Hood Richard Brunkan and Lisa Layera Thomas and Kimberly Brush Paul and Connie Buckholtz Diane Bunce ‘61 Erin Burke Thomas Burns and Julia Walters-Burns Patrick and Holly Butler Mary P. Byington ‘83 Christina ‘81 and Adam Caballero Noly and Victorina Cainglet Mary and Jonathan Campbell Patrick Carr ‘69 William and Sharon Carver Paul Chao and Amanda Phan Sharlane Chase and David High Ted and Julie Chesledon Nicole Chicoine Mooney and Robert Mooney Anthony and Andrea Chiodo Min and Veronica Cho Kelli Christensen* Peter and Rita Chudecke Class of 1975 Mylene ‘82 and Benjamin Claveria James M. Clawson and Jules A. Gilman Laurie Coddington-McCoy James Cogar Lauren Cole William and Angela Collins Steven and Karen Condon


William ‘99 and Jenni Condon Sheila Connolly* Keith and Valerie Conti Kenneth and Sandra Convery Brian Cooper Sheila K. Cooper ‘83 Kristin L. Cordova ‘00 Katy Corum ‘06 Pedro Costa and Frieda Hoops Kaleen Covington and Paul Sebik Michael Cowden Jordan Crawford ‘10 Carlos Cuevas and Tita Subercaseaux Paul Cyr D.A. Davidson Companies Eugenio and Marissa Dacayanan Bobby Dampier and Jocelyn Angsioco Peter and Monica Dapper Diosdado and Veronica Dato Anne-Marie Davids-Puzzo and Nick Puzzo Kathleen Davis-Hayfield ‘78 and Brett Hayfield Trinity Dawson Andrew and Marie Day Bertrand and Brooke de Boutray Ben and Carolyn de Rubertis Heidi ‘84 and Charles Deane Jacqueline Degel Norman ‘67 and Janice Des Rosiers John Jay Deubler and Heather Goad-Deubler Brian and Mary Dimak Maria ‘84 and John Dixon Derrill Dizard and Patty Shanks-Dizard Colleen Doherty ‘65 Edita A. Dolan-Mayo ‘99 Michael ‘91 and Laura Donahue Erin E. Donohue-Zink ‘82 and Rodger Zink Mary ‘82 and Jose Doquilo David ‘84 and Erica Dorland Timothy ‘79 and Mary ‘80 Dowling Darcy Doyle-Hupf Jeffrey ‘87 and Jennifer ‘89 Droppelman Patricia ‘60 and Patrick ‘60 Druxman John ‘72 and Allison Durkin Van and Wendy Durr Christopher and Elizabeth Dyer Carolyn ‘63 and Chris Eagan Rick ‘84 and Dayna Eberhardt Bruce Eckmann ‘65 Terry Egan ‘64 Michael Ehl and Beth Pearson David and Diana Einmo Cherine Elsayed Darren and Lisa Emmens Jack Eng and Patty Buckingham Shirley P. Epton* Dr. James Erhardt ‘71 Andrew and Cecilia Erickson

Corey* and Joni ‘99 Eriksen Jan Evans Karen ‘59 and Donald Even F5 Networks Gift Matching Program Benjamin and Hilary Facer Anthony and Charlotte Fallarme Tina ‘76 and David Ferguson Jennifer ‘90 and Andrew Feucht Laura ‘74* and Gerard ‘74 Fieser Sara J. Finlay ‘70 David and Teresa Fiorini Thomas and Maura FitzMacken Peter Fitzpatrick ‘08 Timothy and Marcey Flood Pamela ‘82 and Harold James Foos David ‘79 and Joan Forbush Kevin Ford Dana Frank ‘82 Tran Frank and Ann Richardson Margaret ‘66 and Hank Franklin Joel and Michelle Frauenheim Paul and Mary Freiburger Joseph and Kathleen French John Freyman* and Melinda Early Bryan and Carol Friend

Debra Frost Tim Frost* Edson and Julie Gallaudet Luis* and Jamie Gamez Suzanne Gang Karl and Pam Garand Gregory Garcia and Erica Pascarelli William Garcia Kenneth ‘77 and Julie Gardner Jefty and Eileen Geller Mario and Chrissy Gelmini John and Robin Gemza Arnaldo Gerona and Dr. Donah Bajet-Gerona Karen ‘65 and Leverett Giffin Patrick and Kellene Gilbrough John F. Gillespie and Kimberly L. Cook Peter R. Gillooly ‘90 Sharon Gill-Riley ‘79 and Michael Riley Gregory Giordano Thomas and Lisa Gleason Howard Goldberg and Alicia L. Berry Hector and Josephine Golla Domingo and Dawn Gomez Nelson and Vivian Gomez

* denotes employee of BBHS + denotes deceased 2 2

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Cheryl ‘64* and John ‘64 Goodspeed James ‘90 and Kristine Goodspeed John T. Gordon Donald Graham and Gayle Gray June Grandison Geri Gravelle Mike and Gaylynn Green Robert Green and Barbara Sinn John Grillo and Jessica Fletcher Raymond and Jeanne Guethe Greg ‘83 and Susan ‘85 Guise Mariellen ‘65 and Brad Gunn Jennifer Gustafson Jennifer* and Mark Hallenbeck Colleen ‘67 and John Hallett Michael and Kimberly Halvorson James and Bernadette Hanay James and Joan Harkins Linda Hartwich Courtney Harvey Nancy* and Erik Haugaard Matthew and Stephanie Hawk Ron and Sara Hawk Holly Hawkins Winslow and Rita Hayes

Brett* and Kerrie Hecko Joseph Heffernan ‘81 and Brenna Bond Charles and Maureen Heitz Brian Henn and Sudie Allen-Henn Jennifer and Robert Henning Micaela Hernandez-Lopez Kathleen Hill Michael Hinshaw and Meg Wellnitz-Hinshaw Dat Hoang and Thuan Nguyen Tina Hogan* and Thomas Barger Barbara Holleran Douglas and Diane Honeyman Kelly and Lisa Hoonan Jennifer Houghtaling Paul ‘65 and Christina Hovind Katherine Huber George ‘62 and Nancy Hughes Collin P. Hurlocker and Katherine A. Foster Chris and Carol Hutyler Linda M. Hylland Vince and Mary Pat Iaci John Incardona and Megan Thomas Jacobson Jarvis & Co, PLLC Dawn Jansen Mark and Megan Jarman Michael Jerrett and Roberta Ruppin Richard Wes Johns and Candida Johns Crane Al and Jane Johnson George P. Johnson ‘63 Rachel Johnson Shirley Johnson-Jabbi and Omar Jabbi Anthony ‘71 and Ann Jones Kevin and Susan Jones Philip and Kathleen Jones Wade and Cynthia Kahaialii Ashley Kane John J. Kane and Michele Love Sung Min Kang Matthew Kanyer Michael and Gayle Kaplan Albert C. and Mary R. Karges Kimberly Karrick John Katsandres ‘92 Patricia Keegan ‘70 John Kelly and Kelly Winkler-Kelly Tracey and Lucy Kelly Kevin and Sandy Kennedy Bill ‘96 and Holly Kessler James ‘79 and Wende Keyes Tsion Kidane Mark ‘79 and Elizabeth Kieffer Desta Kiflemariam and Azieb Tesfu Jennifer ‘90 and Damien King Lawrence Kingsbury ‘65 Alasdair and Stacia Kirby Raymond and Remedios Kirwan Peter and Carolyn Klauser Kristi Klee Brian E. Klein ‘92 Todd and Catherine Knauerhase

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Fred and Lorie Knoblich Shannon ‘80 and Greg Komen John Korhumel and Holland Stephens Brian J. Kraus Julee Kraus ‘82 Linda ‘67 and Ronald Krell Victor Kubo Andrzej and Anna Kulawiuk Patricia Martin Kulgren ‘65 Joseph and Kala Kunthara Denise ‘67 and Frank Ladenburg Lake & Company Real Estate, Inc Jacob Lamb ‘09 John ‘79 and Deonne Lamb David ‘96 and Ericka Lamsek Adam Landry Julie Landry Jeffrey and Bethany Larsen Kathleen ‘79 and Robert Larson Thuan and Hang Le Dr. David Lee and Dr. Qi G. Yan Joshua and Joan Lee Joy Lee ‘08 Kay ‘67 and Arthur Lee Mitch and Sue Legel Ross Lemire ‘83 Joel and Delia Lemus Bruce and Barbara Leon Jeffrey Leppo and Robin McManamin Sandra Lewis Paul Lin and Lynn Reilly-Lin Gregory and Kathleen Link Tai-Yun Lo and Debbie Fong Janet and Edwin Lobo Karin ‘82 and Brock Loen John and Eileen Loesch David and Melissa Lonczak Elijah Long Mary Pat ‘58 and Tom Lord Steve and Margaret Lorentzen Theresa Lourde and Laura Sylvia Margaret M. Lucia ‘74 Robert ‘04* and Andrea Lukevich Mark and M. Patricia Lunde Kine and Reatsamay Ly Kathleen MacPherson ‘76 BT Robert Mahoney Richard and Sally Maider Elsa and Patrick ‘65+ Major Laurie Mallett ‘63 and Carol Dahl ‘65 Stephen and Catherine Malshuk Edward and Kathryn Mandity John and Mary Marchese Jeanine Marek ‘89 Patrick ‘69 and Barbara Marker Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Ann and Steve Marsh Paula Marter ‘68 Andy Martin ‘89 Tom and Tami Martin Elissa Martino William and Sheila Marty


Charlie* and Lynda Mason Jane ‘87 and Shane Mason Katy ‘75* and Brian Mathews Pamela ‘74 and Anthony Mayfield Kathleen McClain ‘67 Susan McCloskey ‘65 Donald ‘59 and Carol McClure Nathan McCoy Karen McCray Brian ‘77 and Mary Kay McDevitt David ‘62 and Janella McDonald Lisa A. McDonald ‘82 Theresa McDonald Patrick E. McDowall and Nancie B. White Molly McFarland* Michael and Jessica McFarlane Jesse ‘96* and Caitlin McFeron Jayla McGill Toby ‘96* and Linda McGill Daniel and Nancy McGinnis Rachel* and Padraic McGovern R. Michael McNulty ‘64 Thomas ‘81 and Jane ‘85 McNulty Laura (Milne) ‘01* and Nicholas Meaux Andrea L. Mebust-Boscolo ‘86 and Marco Boscolo Michele Mecum Sandra A. Meditch ‘84 Jerry and Debbie Medved Hector and Amelia Mendoza Eric Messenger and Jennifer West Steve and Ann Catherine Miller Milne Electric & Technologies Michael ‘70 and Roxanne Milne Joseph Misenti Andreas and Irene Mitalas Maria Molina and Glenn Schubert Anne (Sullivan) ‘73* and Denis Monica Ross and Erin Monroe Tim C. Montero and May V. R. Alipao Sharon Moody James Moore and Jeannine Daigle Moore Martin Moore* Shawn and Randy Moore Tina Morales Kristine ‘68 and James Moran Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program Lori ‘87 and Daniel Moriarty Timothy and Sharon Patos Morris William Mueting and Jane Rygg Ermias and Patricia Mulate Jill Murphy Micaela and Robert Murray Patricia Murray Eric ‘80 and Mimi ‘80 Myhre John M. Nagle and Carol M. D’Ambrosio Kevin and Jean Nelson Richard Nelson ‘79 and Jian Qu Margaret* and Theodore Newcomb * denotes employee of BBHS + denotes deceased 24

Lawrence and Lori Newman Margaret ‘82 and Eric Newman Cuong Manh Nguyen Hung and Cecilia Nguyen Tuan and Lan Nguyen Jeffrey and Angela Nichols Jose Nicolás Hernandez and Adelina Nicolás Cortes Nintendo of America Inc. Dennis Nollette ‘69 Amanda Norwine Luke Noury Riek Nyajany Thomas O’Connor Christina Odom ‘86 Michael ‘82 and Hong O’Donnell Patrick and Janet Oishi Yoshiaki and Melanie Oishi Gregory B. Olsen Maureen ‘65 and Don Olsen Kristopher ‘92 and Milli Olson John and Kathryn O’Meara Ed ‘83 and Gina O’Neill Elena Ortiz John A. Osborn Erin Overbey and Jim Pugel Dean A. Paglialunga ‘83 Tony L. Parente, Sr. Robert Peck and Kim Cannova Ken and Donna Pedersen Kelly and Laura Pendergraft Alina Perez-Campos Timothy ‘72 and Shaun Perry Catherine ‘59 and Roger Peters Annah Petersen-Benitez and Rudy Benitez Kryssa Petersen-Benitez ‘13 Christian ‘83 and Patricia ‘83 Peterson Dennis Phillips ‘63 Tom and Katie Phillips Pedro and Kristen Piedra Fiore and Marianna Pignataro James and Jenny Pinkerton Joseph ‘85 and Cheryl Pinsoneault Pakie and Olga Plastino James and Juli Plourde Teresa ‘76 and Doug Polonis Ryan and Laurie Ponti Teresa Posakony Thaddeus Pritchett Puetz Golf Catherine Purpur ‘85 and Scott Hanson Pamela Queen ‘63 Nicolas and Cheryl Quesnell Kathleen M. Quinn* and Dean Averill Kathleen Rafter ‘62 Raytheon Company Thomas ‘76 and Tracy ‘78 Read Mary Anne Reeder ‘76 and Paul Griffith Colleen* and Michael Reinhardt Annette Rembold* and Edgar Haimerl Scott Remillard and Gladys Cuellar Jose and Melissa Reyes

Brian P. Reynolds Leslie B. Reynolds Grant A. Richmond Kristin Rickels ‘96 Nicholas and Lisa Roach Carl Robinson Daniel ‘76 and Karen Robinson Kathryn Robinson Yadira Rodriguez Eric and Kristin Rogers David and Rosa Romero Christopher and Mary Grace Roske Susan ‘72 and Clive Ross Julie Ross-Radan and Neil Radan Brian ‘69 and Helena Rowse Rafael and Tricia Ruiz Stephen* and Jen* Russell Mary K. (Lancaster) Ryan ‘68* Dmitri S. Rybalkin ‘01 Laura Salle* Christopher and Liesl Sallquist Christopher and Shelli Sams Estrellita Sapida Kathleen ‘68 and John Sarten William and Chris Sauvage Wende Sauvage-Miller and John Miller Albert and Angela Savelio James ‘68 and Susan ‘69 Scanlon Andrew ‘01 and Megan Schatz Gary and Mary Beth Schornak Randy ‘62 and Shirley Schroers Greg ‘74 and Stephanie ‘74 Schuler Ralf and Petra Schuler James Schwartz ‘79 and Renee M. Willette ‘79 Andrea* and Lane Seeley Mary Segle Dale and Elizabeth Senzek Robert ‘79 and Kimberly Serwold Trevor ‘90 and Bridget Sevigny Stephen and Emer Sexton Cyndi Shahan Marcia Shepherd Dan ‘91 and Meg Sheridan Joseph ‘76 and Pam Sherman Samuel and Jodi Sherwood Workalemahu Shewaye Stsiapan Shliazhko* Nate and Kim Short William and Shannon Shugart Brian and Renee Shurm Elizabeth H. Silverberg Steve Silverberg Michael and Dianna Simmonds Jackson and Michele Simmons Ellen Skugstad Mark and Luisa Sliger Aileen ‘82 and Brian Smith Bryan and Mary Smith Denise Smith ‘82 and Tracy Brown James and Laura Smith Newell and Marie Smith

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Sandra Barton Smith ‘78 and Shaun Smith Steve ‘87 and Erin Snorsky Curt and Kim Snyder William and Janet Solan Amanuel Solomon and Azenegash Alemu Sandra Solon Kim Spanier Briget ‘83 and Michael Spear Margaret ‘84 and Thomas Spencer Lisa Srithongsuk ‘88 and Scott Richardson

Yen Thu Thi Tran Michael and Elizabeth Tyler Joseph ‘78 and Melissa Uhrich Roseann M. Ursino Paul and Paula Van Hollebeke John ‘76 and Elizabeth Vandenberg Mary ‘82 and Brett VandePutte Gina Vangelos ‘73 and James Schneidmiller Manuel and Heather Vasquez

Charles and Christie Wickstrand J. Gregory ‘92 and Nicole Wickstrand Christine Williams ‘73 Kari Williams ‘82 Mary Williams ‘79 and Joe Prall Miriam ‘78 and Joseph Williams Jeff and Teresa Williamson Ralph and Mary Willison Jenny ‘99* and Kyle Willoughby Douglas and Sherri Woods

Samantha ‘98 and Tim Stack Lizabeth Stanfield William Starks and Pamela Hinrichs Lawrence ‘80 and Stasia ‘83 Steele Barbara Steinhauser Jennifer and Sudrajat Stevanus John ‘70 and LaVern ‘70 Stevenson Mark Stoeck ‘83 and Michelle Nielsen Stokes Lawrence Charitable Foundation Ronan Stokes and Elizabeth M. Keenan Joseph Stone and Rahel Fekade Conan Storlie and Audrey Kovacs-Storlie Howard and Anne Stott Allen ‘66 and Janet Stover David Stover ‘73 Tara* and Jonathan Suchland Rick Suehring Leilani J. Sundt Liliosa Sundy Neal ‘59 and Janice Supplee Tracey ‘90 and Jason Svendsen Target Take Charge of Education Brandy Taylor Robert Thompson and Laura Vida Dawn Thornburg Mark and Mary Thornton Michael Tibbles ‘87 Thomas ‘85 and Jennifer Tiesi Mihret B. Tirfu Mark Tormey Michele ‘79 and Patrick ‘79 Toulouse

Eduardo and Maria Vazquez Megan Vecchio Todd Vecchio Eduardo and Marcela Velasquez Marilyn ‘65 and George Veomett Patricia ‘72 and Roger Vermilion Gina Vickrey Yara Villacrez Andrea Vodegel Matthew Volta Vincent Vonada and Francesca Benoit Derek ‘90 and Stephanie Wade Devin ‘88 and Jennifer Wade William and Kimberly Waechter Gary and Tracie Wall Janet Walsh James M. and Susan J. S. Walters Anthony ‘81 and Ann Marie Waltier John and Jonna Ward Debra Watt Robert and Arianne Weber Dick and Sheryl Welch Shannon Weldon* Jennifer Wellnitz-Walker ‘76 and Stan Walker Julie (Barnes) ‘71 and Tim Wen John and Wendy Werner Sally Wesley R. Ray ‘61 and Mary Jo Westfall John and Rhonda Weston Sharon ‘78 and John Westphalen

Jonathan Woods ‘99 Bruce Woolsey Thomas E. Workman ‘63 John and Sally Wright Kris and Katherine Yandl Robert and Nicole Yates Chong Boon Yi Amelework Yoseph Mary ‘87 and Steven Zajaczkowski Michelle Zeasman and Chris Gibbon Chad Zottoli Kurt and Linda Zumdieck Andrei and Svetlana Zverev

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Friend Gifts to $99

Kathleen ‘61 and Carlos Aiken Gail Akiyama and Csaba Pallos Anonymous (5) Monica Armstrong* and Mike Finnegan* Sarah Arnesen ‘12 Lauren Augustavo ‘16 Bruce Avenell Mary Baehm ‘74 Robbie Barrett ‘16 Anne ‘88 and John Bartol Abigail Beach ‘13 Christine ‘84 and Ben Bennett Eskedar K. Beyene Chris* and Katie Bilanko BlackRock Matching Gift Program Kori* and Brendan Boyd


Glen ‘86 and Christine Bradburn Meghan Brady Sandy Buckner Grace Budinich ‘16 Samantha Bulger ‘06 Val Buono-Spannaus ‘88 and David Spannaus Thomas Burke ‘65 Judy Burnstin ‘62 Eleanor Cain ‘12 Emily Cain ‘10 Jim Cain ‘06 Benito Calderon and Ethel Soto Hunt and Stacie Caley Sonya Campion Anna and Geoffrey Cardwell David J. Carew ‘14 John ‘70 and Kathleen Carr Mary Ann Carr ‘70 and Dale Cox Elaine Chang Katherine Clancy ‘62 Rosemarie Cook ‘73 Austin Cornell ‘16 Ralph and Monica Corriz Conor Corum ‘08 Margaret Cory ‘16 Katherine Crha ‘10 Samuel Dankers ‘13 Luke Decker ‘04 Neil ‘74 and Mary Dermody Amanda Derr ‘16 Raymond ‘65 and Becky Dion Joseph Donovan ‘66 Pamela ‘89 and Brian Dressel Alex Dugdale* Dr. Judy Eaton ‘67 Dawnita Ehl Lee C. Erickson ‘16 Alexandra C. Evans ‘02 Tabitha Farthing ‘16 Gerald ‘66 and Susan Favero Michael J. Feyes ‘59 Alex Field ‘06 Amy Field ‘09 Allison Fiorini ‘16 Valeriy ‘02* and Vita Firsov Sandra Flaherty Suzette ‘67 and Ron Fowler Alexander Freeman ‘16 Zachary C. Gadian ‘15 Mary Lou ‘75 and Ed Gallagher Christine Gerdes Clara A. Gilbrough ‘14 Georgia V. Golla ‘15 Adam M. Gryniewicz ‘16 Jane Healy Elizabeth ‘86 and Rob Hendry Molly Henling ‘16 Michael and Andrea Hensen * denotes employee of BBHS + denotes deceased 26

Lauren G. Herber ‘16 Paul Herstein and Bernadette Laqueur Chantel Hilton Bernard Joseph Hinnebusch ‘69 Frank P. Hogenhout ‘61 David ‘84 and Teresa ‘84 Holt Jessica ‘92 and Paul Hooper Matt Hovind Ryan Howard ‘16 William ‘59 and Linda Hoyer Clarice* and Dana Hunter Scott and Sheryl Huston Intel Foundation Matching Gifts Program Jordan and Jana Jansen Genavon ‘63 and Gary Jens Arnie Johnson Donald ‘65 and Mary Lee Johnson Andrea Johnson McAlister ‘90 James Jordan William Kirby ‘16 Maureen ‘65 and Larry Kirk Kaela T. Knoblich ‘16 Kathy ‘07* and Yuri Kondratyuk Therese ‘81 and Bruce Kroon Kelly Laird ‘12 Keith J. Lawson ‘98 Anthony ‘79 and Betty L’Esperance Gebreyesus Lisanu and Lemlem Bekele Chuanmin Liu Claudia Lord ‘60 Sharon Lowenborg Elizabeth ‘88 and Jeffrey Maciolek Sally (Zongker) Mackey ‘58 Czarina M. Manzano ‘15 Roger ‘58 and Vicki Martain Ann* and Tom Martin Laura M. Marty ‘16 Elaine Mattson ‘80 William ‘64 and Patricia McHatton Timothy ‘91 and Kristi McQuillan Serena ‘83 and Paul Messner Antonio and Mary-Ann Micale Jeffrey T. Miller Janice* and Steve Moehring Steve and Becky Mounce Gretchen Murphy ‘60 Hugh Murphy ‘65 Michael Murphy ‘63 Mary Murphy Powers Robyn* and Chad Murphy James W. Murray Network for Good Georgina M. Newcomb ‘16 Geoff and Doreen Newman Ashley Nguyen ‘09 Lina Nguyen ‘13 Christine ‘65 and Jim Niblack Megan Nichols ‘06* Erik Nielsen ‘16 Kathleen Odland ‘16 Erin O’Donnell ‘16 Julia P. Oishi ‘16

Bernadette O’Leary Gary ‘59 and Beverly O’Rielly Carissa Osborne ‘16 Daniel R. Osmek ‘14 Tony ‘67 and Dolores Partington Brian ‘65 and Cheryl Partridge Theresa Paulette ‘66 Sandra Pettit Merryl T. Pohl ‘05 Sarah Pritchett ‘16 Mark ‘69 and Paula Quinn Sean Richarz* Jack Robel ‘16 Jacqueline Robinette* Loraine Robinson Caroline Roe ‘16 Morgan E. Roe ‘14 James and Joan Rosenberger Teigan Rowley ‘16 Belynda Ruiz ‘97 Shannon Sakshaug ‘70 Ana Santos Lisa A. Sattler ‘83 Mary* and Edward Schau Connor D. Scott ‘14 Taylor Scott ‘12 Scratch Distillery John and Dorothy Seigal Greg Shanahan* Reid Smith ‘13 Ryan Smith ‘10 Kathleen ‘69 and Dave Spalding Barbara Staats ‘66 Nicole E. Stephens ‘08 Steven and Susan Stolle Shea ‘06 and Angela Sullivan Arby Sunga and Liezel Tolentino Eli B. Sylvia Lourde ‘16 Robert Thomas ‘76 Natalie A. Thompson ‘15 Matthew Throckmorton ‘06 Vicky Tiberio* Jackie Tulloch ‘61 Patrick ‘58 and Rebecca Turner Diane* Valach and Matt Willkens Nicole M. VandePutte ‘16 Sally ‘65 and Robert Vandervort Zachary Voelker Dana Waggoner ‘64 and William Gent Lynn and Nancy Walker Carolyn Weimar Joan ‘71 and Robert Weis Richard ‘58 and Lynda Whitcomb Teresa ‘76 and James White Monica ‘66 and Richard Whitty Jordan V. Williams ‘17 Neal ‘65 and Joanie Woods

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

2015-2016 Alumni Donors By Class Year Thank you to the following Bishop Blanchet Alumni for their generous gifts in 2015-2016. The following list primarily represents gifts to the Bishop Blanchet Annual Fund and Alumni Give 5 Appeal. Also included are combined and tax-deductible giving to the following activities and funds: A Brave Future-Capital Campaign, Brave Venture Gala and Online Auctions, Booster Club, Spring Musical Patrons, named endowments, memorials/honorariums, restricted gifts, gifts from class reunions, performing arts and special projects. 1958

Larry Alvar Richard Baker Stephen E. Beck Roberta Brown Howard Davis David J. Hovind Mary Pat Lord Sally Mackey Roger Martain Joyce Murphy Patrick C. Turner Richard Whitcomb


Karen Even Michael J. Feyes William J. Hoyer Donald McClure Gary O’Rielly Catherine Peters Neal E. Supplee


Patricia Druxman Patrick Druxman Patrick Fahey John Hempelmann Claudia Lord Gretchen Murphy Mary Odermat


Kathleen Aiken Diane Bunce Frank P. Hogenhout Jackie Tulloch R. Ray Westfall


Carol Belveal Judy Burnstin Katherine Clancy Barbara Fahey George Hughes James Jordan David McDonald Kathleen Rafter Randy Schroers Edie Wartelle


Melinda Beck Don Betz Carolyn Eagan

Genavon Jens George P. Johnson Laurie Mallett Michael Murphy Dennis Phillips Pamela Queen Thomas E. Workman


Lynn Burns Terry Egan Cheryl Goodspeed John Goodspeed William McHatton R. M. McNulty Dana Waggoner

1965 50 year reunion

Marilyn M. Bailey Thomas Burke Pauline M. Cline Carol A. Dahl Raymond Dion Colleen Doherty Bruce Eckmann Michael Egan Karen S. Giffin Mariellen Gunn Stephen Houghton Paul D. Hovind Donald Johnson Lawrence Kingsbury Maureen Kirk Patricia Kulgren David Leptich Kasha Leptich Patrick Major+ Susan McCloskey Hugh Murphy Christine Niblack Maureen A. Olsen Brian Partridge Kathleen A. Seely Sally Vandervort Marilyn Veomett Mary Welch Neal Woods


Joseph Donovan Gerald Favero Margaret Franklin James Hoffman Theresa Paulette

Barbara Staats Allen Stover Mary E. Surbridge Monica Whitty


Norman Des Rosiers Judy Eaton Suzette Fowler Colleen Hallett Richard Kinssies Linda Krell Denise Ladenburg Kay Lee Kathleen McClain George Monica Tony Partington


Patricia Andre’ Michael Briney Renee Carroll Patty Corum Paula Marter Kristine Moran Mary K. Ryan Kathleen Sarten James Scanlon


Patrick Carr Dawn Dwyer Bernard Joseph Hinnebusch Patrick Marker Dennis Nollette Mark Quinn Brian Rowse Susan Scanlon Kathleen Spalding


Marilee Anderson Thomas Anderson John P. Carr Mary Ann Carr Sara J. Finlay Patricia Keegan Michael P. Milne Shannon Sakshaug Mary T. Sheehan John Stevenson LaVern Stevenson

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


JoAnne Booth James Erhardt Anthony Jones Molly Kledzik Peter Lukevich Joan Weis Julie Wen


John Durkin Jeanne McGinnis Timothy Perry Justin Pirak Susan Ross James Skraba Patricia Vermilion


Charles A. Bocian Rebecca Bocian Rosemarie Cook Anne T. Monica Cathy Skraba David Stover John Ulacia Gina Vangelos Christine Williams


Mary Baehm Theresa Bigler Neil P. Dermody Gerard Fieser Laura Fieser Margaret M. Lucia Pamela Mayfield Greg Schuler Stephanie Schuler Kelly Sheehan

1975 40 year reunion

Edward Augustavo Janice Boman Steven Donaldson Mary Lou Gallagher Katy Mathews


Frederick Dore Tina Ferguson Kathleen MacPherson Teresa Polonis Thomas Read

Mary Anne Reeder Daniel Robinson Joseph Sherman Robert Thomas John W. Vandenberg Jennifer Wellnitz-Walker Teresa White


Colleen Brajcich Esther Drouin Kenneth Gardner Alyson M. Holberg Martin Holberg Brian McDevitt Thomas Mentele


Kathleen Davis-Hayfield Michael I. McNellis Tracy Read Sandra B. Smith Joseph Uhrich Sharon Westphalen Miriam Williams


Colleen Blaikie Pam Cory William J. Dooris Timothy Dowling David W. Forbush Sharon L. Gill-Riley James A. Keyes Mark A. Kieffer John D. Lamb Kathleen Larson Anthony L’Esperance Richard Nelson James J. Schwartz Robert J. Serwold Michele Toulouse Patrick G. Toulouse Renee M. Willette Mary M. Williams


Colleen M. Cook Michael J. Derr Mary Dowling Shannon L. Komen Shawna M. Litterski Elaine Mattson Angus D. McDonell Chris Moore 27

Eric Myhre Mimi Myhre Teresa M. O’Leary James D. Pinsoneault Steven A. Roselli Barbara H. Schwabe Patrick M. Shanahan Eric W. Simmons Lawrence Steele Edward Thenell


Mary Williams Beard Theresa M. Bicknell Thomas Breysse Christina Caballero William Crowley Margaret E. Golliver Joseph S. Heffernan Barry W. Kaimakis Therese R. Kroon Thomas J. McNulty Linda Neumann Andrew P. Steele Anthony D. Waltier James B. Welch


Nancy Amato Joseph Bennett James Bowers Dan Branley Aaron Bresko Carolyn P. Breysse Mylene S. Claveria Erin E. Donohue-Zink Mary J. Doquilo Shawn M. Falcone Pamela Foos Dana Frank Teresa Gamble Charles Huber Julee Kraus Karin Loen Ann T. Mann Lisa A. McDonald Margaret E. Newman Michael J. O’Donnell Joseph T. Schober Aileen K. Smith Denise M. Smith Mary L. VandePutte Greg D. Wass Kari Williams


Mary P. Byington Sheila K. Cooper Christopher J. Griffin Gregory Guise Wayne C. Hampson Valerie A. KruegerStahnke Ross Lemire Serena S. Messner 2 8

Ed J. O’Neill Dean A. Paglialunga Christian M. Peterson Patricia Peterson Lisa A. Sattler Stasia A. Steele Briget K. Spear Mark Stoeck Carlos Strazzara Lisa A. Thompson Catherine A. Tveter Christopher Van Hollebeke Todd B. Waltier Delayne A. Welch Marianne T. Wells



Anne Bartol Geoffrey Cardwell Val Buono-Spannaus Elizabeth Maciolek Heather Mears Lynn M. O’Connor Aletha Pinsoneault John Pinsoneault Lisa Srithongsuk Michelle Summers Devin Wade

Christine F. Bennett Sean Biermanski Heidi M. Deane Maria C. Dixon David K. Dorland Rick T. Eberhardt David Holt Teresa Holt Tom M. Lamb Sandra A. Meditch Margaret E. Spencer Stacey Witt

1985 30 year reunion

Brian Acarregui Gina M. Auter Jeffrey Auter Bruce Avenell Matthew Campbell Susan M. Guise Julie M. Hanon Erin K. Manca Joseph P. Manca Jane M. McNulty Dennis V. O’Leary Joe M. Petschl Lisa M. Petschl Joseph M. Pinsoneault Catherine A. Purpur Doug R. Smith Thomas C. Tiesi Charles P. Wickstrand


Gina BaumgartnerMarinov Glen Bradburn Thomas Budinich Wendy M. Codd Elizabeth G. Hendry Andrea L. MebustBoscolo Leah Monica Christina Odom Michael E. Pierce Kenneth C. Williams

Christopher Blunt Jeffrey T. Droppelman Patricia L. Heffernan Lee K. Loveland Jane Mason Joseph M. Mele Lori Moriarty Michelle Reilly Steve Snorsky Molly B. Thole Michael Tibbles Ann E. Wood Sally Wright Mary Zajaczkowski



Jeffrey A. Broderick Anna M. Cardwell Pamela J. Dressel Jennifer E. Droppelman Stephanie Judy Joseph T. Kenny Shannon K. Knowles Jeanine Marek Andy Martin


Jennifer M. Feucht Peter R. Gillooly James A. Goodspeed Kristen E. Guberman Andrea M. Johnson McAlister Jennifer R. King Carmela M. Mele Trevor D. Sevigny Tracey Svendsen Derek J. Wade


Michael B. Donahue Timothy P. McQuillan Dan Sheridan


Jessica L. Hooper John Katsandres Brian E. Klein Kristopher A. Olson J. Gregory Wickstrand Jeff Williams


Stephanie J. Heavner Matthew Kanyer William Kessler David Lamsek Jesse McFeron Toby McGill Kristin Rickels Brian Welch


Belynda Ruiz


Meghan M. Brady Keith J. Lawson Samantha M. Stack


William E. Condon Edita A. Dolan-Mayo Jenny K. Willoughby Jonathan M. Woods


Kristin L. Cordova


Laura M. Meaux Dmitri S. Rybalkin Andrew K. Schatz


Alexandra C. Evans Valeriy V. Firsov


Luke A. Decker Robert M. Lukevich


Merryl T. Pohl


Samantha Bulger Jim Cain Katy Corum Alex Field Megan Nichols Shea Sullivan Matthew Throckmorton


Yekaterina Kondratyuk


Conor Corum Peter Fitzpatrick Joy Lee Nicole E. Stephens


Amy Field Amanda Gadian Jacob Lamb Ashley Nguyen


Emily Cain Jordan Crawford Katherine Crha Ryan Smith


Sarah Arnesen Eleanor Cain Kelly Laird Taylor Scott


Abigail Beach Samuel Dankers Lina Nguyen Kryssa Petersen-Benitez Reid Smith


Kendyl S. Bourland David J. Carew Clara A. Gilbrough Daniel R. Osmek Morgan E. Roe Bryan Santiago-Benitez Connor D. Scott


Zachary C. Gadian Georgia V. Golla Czarina M. Manzano Natalie A. Thompson


Lauren Augustavo Robbie Barrett Grace Budinich Austin Cornell Margaret Cory Amanda Derr Lee C. Erickson Tabitha Farthing Allison Fiorini Alexander Freeman Adam M. Gryniewicz Molly Henling Lauren G. Herber Ryan Howard William Kirby Kaela T. Knoblich Laura M. Marty Georgina M. Newcomb Erik Nielsen Kathleen Odland Erin O’Donnell Julia P. Oishi Carissa Osborne Sarah Pritchett Jack Robel Caroline Roe Teigan Rowley Eli B. Sylvia Lourde Nicole M. VandePutte

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

2015/2016 Brave Booster Club Members Super Brave $1,000

Daniel and Lisa Adams Michael '80 and Ann Derr T.J. and Nicole Petrizzo Steven A. Roselli '80 Edward Snyders and Julie Renick John and Angela Traynor

Brave Leader – $500

Barbara and Dave Belfie Pam '79 and Steve Cory Darryl and Debbie Custer Scott and Monica DeMeulemeester William and Laurie Farmer Patricia Gudrian-Crawford and Tobias Crawford Julie '85 and Greg Hanon John and Marisol Joynt Thomas and Melissa Maider Thomas and Jeanne McDonagh Robert and Shona McLaughlin Scott and Tiffany Merriman Michael and Shelley O'Clair Anthony Olney and Mary McHugh Thomas and Lendy Vail Ken '86 and Esmee Williams

Brave Supporter – $250

Scott and Suzie Alan Bob and Bonne Bejan Michael and Carolynn Brown Christopher and Kimberly Butler Antonio and Martha DeSapio Mike and Katie Fleming Ryan and Nicole Hardie

David and Kari Hatlen Bryan and Elizabeth Hester Kenneth Howard and Mary C. O'Connor Kerry '87 and Catherine Loveland Anne McBroom-Flanagan Christopher and Jodi Merrywell James and Jill Navone Dermot and Kelly Noonan John and Janie Norton Michelle '88 and Scott Summers Kenneth '86 and Esmee Williams Eric and Amy Zimbelman

Brave Fan – $100

Thomas Allen and Mary Ransom Colleen Cook '80 and Rob Bartlett Patrick and Karen Crumb Uli and Patty Haller Eric and Carrie James Gregory M. Jelinek and Ingrid Emerick Daniel and Sydne Mead-Smith Barbara and Chris Moe Paul and Shawn Saline Bruce and Kathleen Szymanski Craig and Jennifer Gryniewicz Shannon '89 and Brad Knowles

Brave Backer – $50

John and Molly Beaudoin William and Kelly Kennedy Robert Peck and Kim Cannova James '72 and Cathy '73 Skraba Greg '82 and Renee Wass

In-Kind Donations

Seattle Espresso Cart, Patty Shanks-Dizard Interbay Food Co., Joe ’85 and Lisa ’85 Petschl

Musical Patrons Brave Club – $1,250

Kenneth and Hope Wiljanen Anonymous (2)

Gold Club – $600

Lynn Burns '64 Randy and Tina Hodgins Scott and Laura Kosinski Patricia and Richard Miailovich David and Ellen Petre Justin '72 and Karen Pirak Carlyle and Sally Rampersad Jim and Margie Rose Cass '65 and Paul Seely John and Angela Traynor Timothy Ufkes and Julie Santos Christine Vaughan Joseph '87 and Carmela '90 Mele (2)

Green Club – $300

Jeff and Erin Breyman Richard Brown and Susan Pierson-Brown Anastasios and Anne-Marie Chrisafis Mathias and Kristine Dangla Antonio and Martha DeSapio Esther Volpe-Drouin '77 and Thomas Drouin William and Laurie Farmer Margaret '66 and Hank Franklin Christopher '83 and Kirsti Griffin Craig and Jennifer Gryniewicz Jeff Hardan William and Mary Knapp Kay '67 and Arthur Lee Michael and Riley Martin Jeanne '72 and Tim McGinnis Jesper Mortensen and Karlene Harold-Mortensen Ira Murray and Esther Tuesta-Murray Kurt and Sandy Nielsen John and Betsy O'Kane (2) Piero Procaccio and Rebecca Cook Alison and Doug Scott Lisa '83 and Robert Thompson Rob and Nichelle Williams Patty '68 and Gary Corum

Individual – $175

Lee Brettin Kenn and Ann Christianson Theresa Deisher Thomas and Maura FitzMacken Scott and Catherine Henson Robert and Debora Horvath Kathleen McGuane James and Virginia McIntyre Patricia Mills Jim and Madeline Pinsoneault Walter and Deborah Pisano (3) Anne Russell Michael and Kristine Sendelbach B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T


Brave Venture Auction 2016

Bishop Blanchet thanks the following donors for participating in our 5th Annual Brave Leaders Preview Party. Thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations and in-kind services. The extra support provided by these families and companies helped to underwrite our 2016 Brave Venture Auction. Brave Leaders

Martha and Antonio DeSapio Laura and Mike Donahue Kellene and Pat Gilbrough John Gordon Nina and Ken Graff Julie and Greg Hanon Catherine and Scott Henson Nancy and George Hughes Russell Janney Julie Brown and Paul Johnson Marisol and John Joynt Kim and Bryan Karrick Holland Stephens and John Korhumel Laura and Scott Kosinski Kathleen MacPherson ’76 Barb and Michael Maher Shannon and Michael Manley Rich Mariott Marta and Bob McCullough

3 0

Barb and Chris Moe Portia Moore Nicole and T.J. Petrizzo Carl Robinson Janice and Blair Savidge Maria Molina and Glenn Schubert Patrick Shanahan ’80 Kim and Nate Short Debbie Kepl Skala Marcie and Tom Spencer Laura Vida and Bob Thompson Angela and John Traynor Paula and Paul Van Hollebeke Lisa and Steve Visintainer Miriam and Gerry Waterman Sarah and Roger Waterman Laura and Scott Waterman Marianne ’83 and Matt Wells Emily Wen Richard and Paula Wesley

Cash Sponsorships

The Alan Family Anonymous Ballard Health Club Advanced Leadership Consulting, Carl Robinson PhD Guild Mortgage Windermere, Lisa Visintainer Maple Leaf Property Management Metal Shorts Savidge Investment Real Estate Stanton Plumbing Tupper Mack Wells Moore-Gordon Family Scratch Distillery Lake and Company Real Estate

Ken Graff Realtor Newtown Builders

In-Kind Sponsorships

AA Rentals Andra Freet Creative Ballard Blossom Stella & Dot, Erin Imler Hollywood Lighting Precision Press, Jim Bowers ’82 Prop Gallery Vireo Design Studio Wine Outlet

2015 Golf Classic Sponsors Cash Sponsorships

Archdiocese of Seattle Team Lukevich, Peter ’71, Thomas ’99 and Robert ’04 Ballard Blossom Precision Press, Jim Bowers ’82 Bishop Blanchet Booster Club

In-Kind Sponsorships

Carolyn Boyle ’61 Dixon Golf Don’s Group Attire Golf Events and J.B. Bracken ’07 Noel Pyatt ’64 Puetz Golf TC Span America, Pam Reuhl ’73 Thomas ‘99 and Gaia Lukevich

B I S H O P B L A N C H E T HIG H S C H O O L 2015/ 2016 A N N UA L R E P O R T

The Development Team Mary (Williams) Beard ’81 Director of Development Shirley Epton Development Assistant Robert Lukevich ’04 Asst. Director of Development, Alumni Relations & Planned Giving   Jacqueline Robinette Asst. Director of Development, Events Manager & Campaign Coordinator   Alison Scott Director of Annual Giving

8200 Wallingford Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103





Bishop Blanchet High School Annual Report  


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