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President’s Message


Industry News


QBCC’s Minimum Financial Requirements Explained


Technical: Changes to the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme


Technical: Ways to Comply with the Roof Drainage Requirements of the BCA


Feature: Queensland Plumbing and Gas Conference


Backflow: RPZ Relief Valve Discharge – Are you Ready for the Flood?


Technical: Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate – Q & A


Q & A Fee Increase Notifiable Work


Technical: MPAQ Secures Australian Standards for Members


AHSCA: Legionella in Queensland – A Snapshot


Business: How to Reduce Your Payroll and Increase Your Profits at the Same Time


Business: Be Reimbursed by QLeave for Long Service Leave Paid to Your Workers


Legal: Will Your Contracts Meet the New Unfair Contract Laws?


Health: Injury Hotspots


MPAQ Out and About


Workplace Realtions: 2017 RDO’s and Public Holidays


Majors: MPAQ Major Contractors Update




Training Calendar


Training: Rheem Training Courses MPAQ Online Courses


MPAQ Member Benefits


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MPAQ Membership: New Members and Milestones


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Editor’s Note


N O V E M BER / D ECE M BER 2 0 1 6

Lisa Hilton Editor

Welcome to the November/December, and last edition of the Master Plumber Magazine for 2016! I’m still in shock that 2017 is just around the corner, when did that happen? As usual, the end of the year seems to be busier than ever (I feel like I say this every edition, is anyone ever not busy?). It’s good to know though that people are not only busy with work this time of year, but also with the many end of year catch-ups and Christmas Party’s to attend. It’s good to let your hair down and celebrate every now and then! Our industry should be proud of the milestones we have reached in 2016. We have a new voice for the plumbing industry, The Service Trades Council (STC), we’re learning more about important issues facing our industry, such as the facts surrounding legionella, and we’re determined more than ever to educate the public better about how important using licensed individuals to perform plumbing and gas work is. I want to say a particular thank you to everyone who participated in the QLD Plumbing & Gas Conference on the Gold Coast in September. This includes all the delegates, partners, speakers and of course, the sponsors. Over two days, there was so much information consumed by participants, so many conversations between people who were old friends or new acquaintances, and plenty of positive discussions between various sectors of the industry on how we as a collective can make a difference for our industry. People laughed and enjoyed themselves, possibly ate too much food (Royal Pines certainly put on a good spread) and a few might have consumed a bit too much red wine, but the biggest impact from the conference was the way our industry united – as plumbers, gasfitters, hydraulic consultants and plumbing inspectors, to collaboratively learn together and challenge industry representatives through the forum discussions. This in itself is a great achievement, because one of the most important things we can do as an industry is work together to drive change, and take charge of the direction our industry takes. Make sure you read the full write-up of what came out of the Conference on pages 14 and 15, and also check out all the photos from the event. A big development MPAQ is proud to announce for its members is the new deal with SAI Global, giving all our members the opportunity to view ten Australian Standards FREE online! If you haven’t got your website log-in and password yet, call the office (07 3273 0800) and get onto our website to start accessing this service. Hard copies for all these Standards would normally cost you over $2,000, and we’re so excited to bring this benefit to our valued members. Thank you for reading my note and listening to me waffle on the things I’m passionate about. I am grateful for the opportunity to put this publication together as I feel it’s an important communication tool. I hope you appreciate the content included as much as I do. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas!

Lisa 5


Perspective Penny Cornah

Executive Director

Where did 2016 go? But we have achieved so much!

MPAQ Partners with the Services Trades College Australia

I hope your year was productive not only professionally but personally. As a busy mum of two young children, I understand the challenges around work life balance and the juggling act that many business owners face. The Christmas and New Year period provides an opportunity to not only reflect on the past year but hopefully gives you the chance to take a break and recharge, ready to set goals for 2017.

Recently, MPAQ has formed a partnership with Services Trades College Australia. The College is a Services Trades Training College, born from industry, owned by industry and run for industry. Apart from MPAQ, its partners include the Plumbers Union Queensland, the National Fire Industry Association and the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre.

As I reflect on 2016, I feel very fortunate to lead an exceptional team at MPAQ and I would like to thank the MPAQ staff for their hard work and commitment during 2016. What makes it all the more worthwhile is knowing the difference that we are making for our industry. I would also like to recognise and thank our dedicated board members for giving up their time to actively engage with MPAQ and the industry. Special thanks to our President, Kelvin Slade who frequently sacrifices his time to contribute to our industry through events, meetings and representation. Kel is so highly regarded across our trade and within Government that his contribution is simply invaluable.

N ovember


D ecember


The last twelve months have seen some momentous achievements at MPAQ, including the creation of the Service Trades Council. This important achievement demonstrates that MPAQ is a strong voice for the plumbing and gas community and that we initiate, as well as spearhead change to increase the professional standards of the industry. It also shows that we are willing to be vocal when it comes to Government policy and initiatives, and to be the body that decision makers call and ask “What do you think?�.


The Council means not only that our voice has been heard in getting an industry specific body re-established, but moving forward it means that we can engage more with key stakeholders. We are also a key party at the negotiating table, and we are front and centre when it comes to all things plumbing related. This is not the sort of achievement where change will happen overnight, but it is a momentous accomplishment and will pave the way for so many issues / initiatives / projects and strategies to take shape, giving the plumbing community the recognition it truly deserves. Apart from the creation of the new Service Trades Council, our membership statistics show that MPAQ has continued to grow each year over the last five years, and we have reached our highest membership numbers ever. This is a positive and rewarding achievement for our Association. Whether it is technical advice, employee advice, training, lobbying or events and communications, all of these services are available specifically to help members.

It is a centre of excellence for trade training with state of the art facilities based in Salisbury with a smaller facility at Brendale. The College has proudly achieved a 90% apprenticeship completion rate, which is well above the national average completion rate of 55%. The college takes pride in their reliability and level of service displayed. In 2016, the college has not cancelled or moved a single apprenticeship training block, delivering all blocks scheduled and adding additional blocks for the apprentice numbers as required. The modern classrooms have computer integrated audio visual equipment and our workshops are fully equipped with modern, quality tools. I hold a position on the College Board to drive the strategic direction for the college. The college runs regular consultation sessions across the services trades welcoming direct feedback from employers. If something is working well, the college does more of it. If something can be done better, the college adjusts to address it. Genuine consultation leads to improved training and service delivery outcomes for employers, apprentices and industry. For this reason the college welcomes the development of strong working relationships with our students, employers and industry. If you would like to enrol your apprentice please call 07 3255 5698. The college can facilitate a tour of the college for host employers or apprentices. Plumbing is the most important trade in the world and is a life saving profession. Our members are on the front line and we as an Association are on the front line with you. Thank you for the service you provide to our community. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year. If you would like to contact me please do so on 07 3273 0800 or email



The thing is, it has been around since Adam was encouraged by Eve to pick the apple off the tree. But it wasn’t discovered by the scientific community until 1976, with concentrated and wide ranging research happening over the last 10 years or so, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

Here is a brief summary of some key points: •

The number of cases detected annually in Europe is increasing with 7,000 cases reported in 2015 - an increase of 17% compared to 2014.

The trend is increasing due to improved surveillance, aging population, warmer weather with 2014 and 2015 being the hottest years on record in Europe.

80% of all infections are pneumofila sero group 1 (the most dangerous type).

There are 336 known strains of pneumofila sero group 1.

In one study, 60% of all accommodation sites tested reported positive for legionella phneumofila.

In Germany, two separate outbreaks six months apart were found to be from the same source.

The control of biofilm in any water service is crucial in controlling legionella. Chemical dosing alone is considered to be insufficient.

The control of water temperature is crucial, especially cold water temperature.

Some strains of legionella can become active in as little as 12 hours but generally between 12-24 hours.

The use of flex connectors is strongly discouraged.

The material used to make some non-metallic pipe is believed to promote legionella growth 100 times faster when compared to inert material such as glass. Copper is considered to be more inert and is the preferred material of choice for water services.

Germany has put in place a program where any private and public facilities with more than 3 litres of potable hot water in pipes must be cleansed and sterilized. The project is estimated to cost up to €5 billion.

In the UK, all schools and hospitals are required to have a main cold water supply temperature below 25 degrees C. It is a legal requirement to de-scale and sterilize shower heads and aerators in hospitals and schools, and has to be documented. Hospital strains of legionella can survive for many years.

So why the sudden interest? We previously reported that in May this year, legislation was passed mandating the introduction of Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP) in early 2017 for public and private hospitals and public aged care facilities, with private aged and health care facilities proposed to commence in 2019. This is recognition by the Government that in recent times there has been an increase in detections in hospitals and aged care facilities in Queensland. Why? Because the prevalence of the bacteria has been recognised, it is better understood and surveillance has become more stringent in the public sector, but not always in the private sector. The concern around legionella certainly has been there for some time, with scant regard and blatant avoidance of the subject by some operators, and an appropriate level of concern by others with the chatter about the bacteria ramping up in the last 12 months. There was a presentation by the Department of Health on legionella at the QLD Plumbing and Gas Conference held in September. By the time you read this, a one and a half day Legionella Conference organised by the Institute of Plumbing Inspectors Queensland (IPIQ) would have been held on the Gold Coast. My interest in this area began when I started delivering the TMV course for MPAQ, and I have been conducting my own research on legionella bacteria. In September there was a two day conference run in Amsterdam by a legionella study group which is part of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Attendees learnt about the legionella surveillance network they have in the E.U - ELDSNet, along with detection methods and processes. I will probably upset some people here, again, but the reality is that compared to the UK, Europe and Singapore, Australia is lacking with regards to the emphasis on Legionella policy, management and training.


There is a new buzz word around, and its called legionella.


Kelvin Slade


President’s Message

The recent legislative changes in Queensland with regards to WQMP are really focused around a draft set of guidelines published earlier this year by enHealth, a Federal Government body. Within this document there is a heavy emphasis on understanding the water system infrastructure within the building. Considering that only a licensed plumber can work on water system infrastructure, and endorsements are required to service and maintain TMV’s, it is obvious that an appropriate education program for legionella awareness and control needs be put in place. There are a number of courses available in the UK and the qualifications are a must for anyone working in the field of legionella control and management.

Happy Plumbing 7


Industry News Crackdown on Unlicensed Gas Fitters

MPAQ at the REIQ Summit

Queenslanders are being warned to only use licensed gas fitters in a state-wide crackdown on shonky and dangerous repairs and installations.

MPAQ exhibited at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Summit from 6 - 7 October at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane.

On Sunday 18 September, MPAQ Vice President, Kent Vickers was with Queensland Gas Association President, Darrel Vecchio and the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate on Channel 7 talking about the importance of using a licensed gasfitter. Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Anthony Lynham said photo identification for gasfitters and new fines would help protect customers from dodgy operators and shonky work. “It’s critical that people use one of Queensland’s 6000-plus licensed gas fitters for domestic and commercial work to ensure a safe and efficient job.” You can check out the Channel 7 video on the MPAQ Facebook page, or for further information call the MPAQ Technical Department on 07 3273 0800.

The REIQ Summit was attended by over 800 Real Estate Agents and Property Managers throughout Queensland. David Bryant, MPAQ Corporate Services Manager, attended the two day summit to lobby the use of only licensed plumbers for any plumbing, drainage and/or gas work. David met with hundreds of the attendees during the two day summit, and also spoke about water efficiency certificates, the importance of using MPAQ members and the ease of using the website. This was a rewarding and highly effective opportunity for MPAQ to touch base with this industry, and the feedback received from attendees about MPAQ and its members was exceptionally positive. MPAQ takes a very active role in lobbying and advocating for our members in forums like the REIQ Summit, and we will continue our endeavours to promote MPAQ members to the wider community. Check out photos from the event on the MPAQ Facebook page (Master Plumbers Association of Queensland).

MPAQ Vice President, Kent Vickers with Darrel Vecchio, President, Queensland Gas Association and the Hon. Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for State Development, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines

REIQ Summit

N ovember


D ecember


MPAQ Executive Director, Penny Cornah with the Hon. Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for State Development, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines and MPAQ Vice President, Kent Vickers


‘NO DIG’ pipe repair system - repairs underground pipes without disturbing driveways, landscaping, verandahs, paving, roadways, parking lots, gas, electrical and water lines.

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Tra Cam ctor C C era Ava TV ilab le

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QBCC’s Minimum Financial Requirements Explained


The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) introduced the Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) policy in October 2014, which requires licensed contractors to pay all debts within industry trading terms.


QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said that licensees operating in the plumbing industry must remain financially viable and, for this reason, licensed contractors must meet the MFR at all times. “Failure to pay a legitimately owed debt that is not subject to a genuine dispute will result in suspension or cancellation of licence,” he said. The QBCC has suspended 178 licences and cancelled 110 licences for non-payment of debts, since the commencement of MFR (as of 31 August 2016). Mr Bassett said that contractors with annual turnovers of more than $600,000 must submit a financial report to the QBCC when they first apply for a licence, or in order to upgrade their turnover limit. “It is important for licensed contractors to be aware that there are different requirements depending on the size of the business, which extend to the type of reports needed, financial monitoring obligations and the age of financial information,” he said. Mr Bassett said that the MFR applied the same fundamental rules to all licensees, which were based on good business and accounting practices, to encourage profitable and viable businesses within the sector. He said that the MFR required all licensed contractors to monitor their financial performance at least quarterly, which aligned with BAS (GST) reporting requirements so as not to impose any additional administrative burden on licensees. “If a licensee has an accountant who manages their financial matters, they must request that any audits and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards. “This may sound obvious to some, but it is often where things can go amiss.” Mr Bassett said that the MFR had self-certification categories of $200,000 and $600,000 to ensure entry into the building and plumbing industry was not a costly exercise for smaller businesses and also provided opportunity for them to grow.

Town & Country

“The aim of the MFR is to promote financially viable businesses and foster professional business practices, and this starts with business owners diligently monitoring their financial performance. “In a nutshell, our message to QBCC licensees is to keep an eye on the financial performance of your business – this is for your own benefit and for the greater good of the construction sector as a whole,” he said. Mr Bassett said that there was no room in the plumbing industry for licensed contractors who were unable to maintain the necessary business cash flow to pay their debts within industry trading terms. He said that licensees who failed to pay their debts within industry trading terms may find themselves with a case to answer when industry participants submit monies-owed complaints to the QBCC. “The QBCC introduced a free monies-owed complaint service in October 2014, in conjunction with the MFR policy, as a way to increase security of payment for those working in and supplying to the construction sector in Queensland. “Since the introduction of this service, the QBCC has received 1,733 complaints about non-payment of debts and recovered more than $10.8 million for industry participants. “It is a condition of holding a licence that licensees meet the MFR at all times, which includes paying debts as and when debts fall due, or be subject to loss of licence,” Mr Bassett said. Find out more about the QBCC’s MFR at or call (24/7) 139 333.

Pumps & Pipes “Keeping it Green”

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Changes to the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme New laws expanding the scope of the Queensland Home Warranty will save plumbing businesses money. These laws commenced as of 28 October 2016.

If you are a subcontractor then you will not need to lodge a premium. The head contractor will continue to lodge one premium covering all work under the contract with the consumer. You will need to inform the home owner of this and adjust your prices accordingly (if the contract has not been signed prior to 28 October 2016).

What is the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme?

If the contract for the relevant work is entered into on or after 28 October 2016, you will need to collect a premium from the consumer and pay it to the QBCC within 10 business days of entering into the contract, and in any event before work commences under the contract. The changes will benefit consumers who previously did not have access to the Scheme for certain work. The Scheme will now allow consumers to make a claim where the work proves to be defective or is left in an incomplete state.

The Scheme is administered by the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) and provides consumers with cover for loss where a building contractor fails to complete residential construction work or performs defective residential construction work and fails to rectify it.

This Means Savings for You

Impacts for Industry Under the Scheme, a licensed contractor who contracts with a consumer to carry out residential construction work valued at more than $3,300 must pay a premium on behalf of the consumer to the QBCC. The Scheme applies to work for detached houses, unit buildings (not more than three storeys) and duplexes. For example, if you perform residential construction work within the boundaries of a building and are contracting directly with the consumer, you will be required to collect a premium and pay it to the QBCC.

The changes also introduce a new premium structure which reduces cross-subsidisation and charges premiums in line with the risk of a particular project. This means that many building policies will receive a material reduction in premiums, whilst a small proportion will get a large increase. For example, a $50,000 contract for a renovation will be subject to a $481.45 premium under the new structure, instead of a $564.35 premium under the old structure (a saving of $82.90). The changes will mean that licensed contractors performing such work newly covered by the Scheme can promote the fact that the work will be covered by the Scheme. For further information, please contact MPAQ Technical Services on 07 3273 0800, or the QBCC on 139 333.




N ovember


D ecember



Contact with overhead powerlines can kill. So for your sake and your mate’s, please look up and live. For electrical safety information specific to your industry, visit

Tested WaterMarked to AS 1628 Suitable for potable water Dezincification resistant brass PN 16  Untested  Not WaterMarked  Not suitable for potable water  Standard brass  Low PN ratings

Is it worth the risk? With Zetco’s new range of tested DZR brass swing check valves, licenced plumbers can be assured that they are fulfilling the requirements of AS 3500. Available now in sizes 15mm to 100mm. Full specifications are available at

IAPMO WM-022360 AS 1628


Quality ISO 9001

Innovative Valve Solutions

1300 659 639 January / February 2016 |

11 11


Ways to Comply with the Roof Drainage Requirements of the BCA Rainwater Overflow Provisions The National Construction Code (NCC) 2016 part 3.5.2 sets out the appropriate performance requirements for the overflow measures of eave and valley gutters. This has recently been updated and incorporates the requirements for rainfall intensities for 1 in 20 and 1 in 100 year intervals for locations Australia wide. It is important that the drainage system diverts water away from the building. Part 3.5.2 of the NCC 2016 sets out the acceptable construction practice and gives consideration to materials, gutter selection, gutter installation, and downpipe size and installation. The code also provides information on rainfall duration intensities, gutter and downpipe selection, overflow volumes and acceptable overflow measures both continuous and dedicated.

N ovember


D ecember


It is important to note that a combination of overflow measures may be required in order to achieve a complying drainage system. As high fronted gutters have become very popular, overflow systems must be considered in the totality of the drainage system, as relying on gutter capacity alone may not be sufficient.


Designers Responsibility

Installers Responsibility

The designer may be the builder, hydraulic engineer, architect, building designer, roofing and guttering contractor, plumber or home owner. It is up to the designer to design a complete rainwater drainage system that meets the relevant requirements of the NCC / Building Code and relevant Australian Standards.

The installer is responsible for installing the rainwater drainage system as per the design provided by the designer. Section of NCC 2016 sets out the minimum requirements for the installation of gutters.

Designers should take note of AS/NZS 3500.3. Broadly, the steps a roof drainage designer takes are as follows: •

Ascertain duration rainfall intensity

Consider the roof design, roof catchment area, slope, number and position of downpipes, length of gutter, ridge to gutter length, etc.

Calculate the overflow volume

Select downpipes, gutters and overflow measures that are suitable given the required overflow volume

Homeowners Responsibility A rainwater drainage system is only as good as the maintenance of the system. Blocked gutters, downpipes or other overflow measures will negatively impact on the performance of the drainage system. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring basic maintenance of the drainage system is completed at regular intervals. Further information can be found at, or contact the MPAQ Technical Department on 07 3273 0800. (Information provided by the Met-tech Technical Bulletin – May 2016)



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Taking Charge of Change Article written by Lisa Hilton, MPAQ The 2016 Conference Committee proudly presented the QLD Plumbing & Gas Conference, a biennial, whole of industry event that provided a unique opportunity for contracting business owners, designers, installers and inspectors to come together, discuss common issues and ideas, and drive change for the betterment of the industry. The event was held from 31 August – 2 September at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast with over 170 people in attendance!

N ovember


D ecember


Making memories


One of the best aspects of the conference is the opportunity to catch up with old friends, reminisce on past laughs and make some new friends to create more great memories! 53% of delegates and partners had attended previous conferences between 2010 and 2016, and 47% were new attendees. It’s great to see that those who have attended previously are hungry for more and see the value in attending their industry conference, while having new blood come through shows the growth and development of this event.

Darrel Vecchio, Kelvin Slade, Chris Tritton, Bill Date, the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Peter McLennan, Chiz Ruxton and Brett Bassett

Providing a voice for change After each block of sessions, a Q & A panel was conducted so attendees could question industry experts about their presentations and provide their opinions on ways they felt could better our industry. At the Closing Lunch Presentation, a panel was held with important industry body representatives who answered questions from the floor and ignited healthy discussions between individuals. Included on the panel was the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works, Brett Bassett, Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Bill Date, Chief Gas Inspector for the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate and Robert Sobyra, Director Evidence and Data for Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ).


Value gained

On the second day of the conference, attendees had the unique opportunity to do a site-tour of the RACV Royal Pines Resort, including going onto the roof to see the boiler systems, out onto the golf course for the irrigation system, to the waterpark and the hotel kitchens.

Speaker sessions, networking and panel discussions were found to be the most valuable

97% of attendees said they would attend a future conference

93% of attendees said the conference was value for money

Thank you It’s important to ensure that we as a collective are providing the opportunity for individuals to be educated frequently, so our industry maintains it’s professionalism and is continuously developing and adapting to changes and demands.


Conference attendees also participated in ‘trade dating’, where they were required to spend time with each of the exhibitors on the trade stands to gain points towards their total tally from the interactive quiz. Delegates later commented that this activity enhanced their conference experience, as they spoke with exhibitors about products and services they didn’t even know existed.


The 2016 Conference had a vast amount of industry professionals present on various topics, including legionella management, common defects in the industry, best practice in gasfitting, the realities of reactive soils, changes for on-site training with our apprentices, cashflow do’s and don’ts, as well as many other important topics. This year however, attendees also participated in an onscreen interactive quiz session, where attendees utilised their phones and tablets to complete the questions and compete against other conference goers. This challenged their knowledge and provided an easy opportunity to utilise technology.

At the conclusion of the conference, we asked our attendees what they gained the most value from.


New ways to learn and interact

Thank you to everyone involved in this important event, and for helping us drive more development for the plumbing and gas industry, by taking charge of change! Visit for further information on the conference program and sponsors, or you can view more photos from the event on the MPAQ Facebook Page.

This event was not possible without the wonderful support of all our sponsors!

Event Sponsors

Function Sponsors

Major Sponsor

Welcome Cocktail by the Pool

Breakfast Presentation

Closing Lunch Presentation

Moulin Rouge Gala Dinner


Trade Sponsors Barista Coffee

Water Bottle

Conference Shirts

Trade Displays



ee d Glen McG e, Adrian an ail ev kt St oc a, C on e m Kent, Fi at the Welco

Deneita and Craig Gilder, Kent Vickers, the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Alan and Rhonda Jackson

MPAQ Staff wearing their Totally Workwear sponsored shirts

Ian and Rhonda Smith with Bill Watson

David Bryant, MPAQ speaking on princess management

Gaming tabl e at the Mou lin Rouge Gala Dinne r Fiona and Kent Vickers, Qld Industrial Gasfitting Services

Kerrielee and Kerry Mather, Kerry Mather Plumbing

Roma, Kaye and Rhonda One of the groups on the site tour

istian, James Chr Natalie and mbing lu P d an JRW Gas

The Rinnai trade displa y

The Service Trades College trade display The Halgan trade display

The Zip Indu stries trade display

The GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens trade display

Thank you to everyone who participated in this important industry event! 16

resulting discharge is around 720 litres per minute. How much is this? Well you could empty an Olympic swimming pool in just 6 hours and if the water could not drain, you will have a flood on your hands.


Many installers and designers don’t understand how the devices work and are ignorant of the damage this could cause. Maybe they think their insurances will protect them. Whatever the case, an RPZ installed in an area where water discharge may cause damage or concern needs to be provided with adequate drainage through either correctly sized floor drains to cope with the potential volumes of water discharged, or moved to an area where the discharge causes no concern.


RPZ Relief Valve Discharge – Are you Ready for the Flood?

Mechanical backflow preventers are just that, mechanical devices that can fail, whether through wear and tear, age deterioration or internal damage from a foreign object. Consider then if the valve is defective and a major backpressure incident occurs, how much water will it actually dump? The reality is that it will continue dumping the water whilst there is water to dump or it is repaired. One example might be if the device is installed in a ring main where two or more supplies are interconnected. Whilst the device is dumping, it is being fed by the ring main, so will continue to dump indefinitely. So, how much can they dump? All manufacturers publish relief valve discharge rates, but these are rarely taken into consideration.

RV Discharge Rates RP4A 1/2" to 2" 250





The installation comments in AS/NZS 3500.1 2015, Section 4 Cross Connection Control are quite detailed in outlining acceptable installation criteria, but too often installers don’t consider, or are not aware what happens if a major failure occurs and how much water can pass through the relief valve and onto the surrounding surface.

Diagram 1


The Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow preventer has revolutionised modern plumbing installations. It allows direct connections where once only complete breaks were acceptable. They protect against both Backpressure and Backsiphonage and can be installed out of the way, as long as access is available for periodic testing and maintenance.


The best way to protect yourself and your customer’s property is to read the installation instructions and consider all the possibilities before positioning the device.


1-1/4" & 1-1/2" 100



1/2", 3/4" & 1"


0 0











As diagram 1 shows, if the second check in a 50mm RPZ failed with backpressure of 700 kPa, the resulting discharge is around 720 litres per minute. How much is this? Well you could empty an Olympic swimming pool in just 6 hours and if the water could not drain, you will have a flood on your hands. Many installers and designers don’t understand how the devices work and are ignorant of the damage this could cause. Maybe they think their insurances will protect them. Whatever the case, an RPZ installed in an area where water discharge may cause damage or concern needs to be provided with adequate drainage through either correctly sized floor drains to cope with the potential volumes of water discharged, or moved to an area where the discharge causes no concern. The best way to protect yourself and your customer’s property is to read the installation instructions and consider all the possibilities before positioning the device.

(Peter McLennan has been involved with Backflow Prevention in Australia since the late 1980s. He is the President of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc., and Secretary of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. Queensland Chapter. Visit www. to find out more about how the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. can help you understand Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention.)



Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate – Q&A

The MPAQ Major Contractors Group queried the current practices for their employees performing gas work with MPAQ. We met with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate to clarify these concerns. Listed below are some of the key questions raised. Q: Can you outline the process for a gasfitter doing partial sections of gas work on a system? A: It is both the responsibility of the person directing a person to do gas work to ensure the person is licensed to perform that work (s726 (2)) and the responsibility of the person undertaking the work to ensure they are appropriately licensed to perform that work (s726 (a)). The holder of a full Gas Work Licence completing gas work must provide a Gas System Compliance Certificate for the work that they have completed (s734). Q: Can an interim licence holder perform work and sign off? A: The holder of an interim Gas Work Licence can perform gas work, but cannot certify (or ‘sign off’) the work (see the Queensland Gas Work Licence and Gas Work Authorisation Requirements Part A). Q: Can an apprentice sign off on tests? A: An apprentice can perform tests under the supervision of a Gas Work Licence holder but they cannot certify (or ‘sign off’) the work (see the Queensland Gas Work Licence and Gas Work Authorisation Requirements Part A).

N ovember


D ecember


Q: Who is ultimately liable for defective work on a commercial project?


A: The Gas Work Licence holder who did the noncompliant work and if applicable, the person who directed the licence holder to undertake the work if they directed them to do the work in a noncompliant way. Q: Who is responsible for the design on commercial projects? A: Designers should ensure the project complies with all relevant laws; however, the responsibility rests with the Gas Work Licence holder (the installer) carrying out gas work to ensure that their work complies with a relevant safety requirement. Q: Is filling out a Gas System Compliance Certificate reporting to a statutory authority? A: Providing a Gas System Compliance Certificate (GSCC) and a Compliance Plate are requirements for Gas Work Licence holders carrying out gas work; however, as these are not submitted to the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate, this is not a report. Q: Should our members/workers have liability insurance? A: Gas Work Licence holders should seek their own independent legal advice in relation to the potential liability related to carrying out gas work.

Q: What records should individuals keep? A: There is currently no legislative requirement to retain Gas System Compliance Certificate (GSCC) books when completed; however, it is recommended that anyone doing gas work retain a copy of the GSCC books for at least five years. Q: Can a person who does not hold a licence direct gas fitting work? A: Yes; however, the person must not direct a person to carry out gas work without a Gas Work Licence or to carry out gas work in a way that contravenes a relevant safety requirement. Q: Workers come and go e.g. move jobs, have sick days and holidays. How should this be managed? The Gas Work Licence holder must certify any gas work they carry out by completing a Gas System Compliance Certificate (GSCC). This can be done progressively throughout a larger project using multiple certificates. Q: Who should be doing the final sign off? A worker or a company who holds the contractor’s license? A: A worker or company who holds the contractor’s license cannot certify gas work. The Gas Work Licence holder must certify any gas work they carry out by completing a Gas System Compliance Certificate (GSCC). Q: Do you have to fill out a form if the system is incomplete and not ready for test? A: Yes, a Gas Work Licence holder must certify any gas work they carry out by completing a Gas System Compliance Certificate (GSCC). For further information, contact the MPAQ Technical Department on 07 3273 0800.

Q&A Fee Increase Notifiable Work Are fees the same if I lodge online or manually? From 1 July 2016, the fee for lodging Form 4s online and lodging them manually changed. Online lodgement is now $28.70 per form and manually lodged forms are $38.75 each. How much is the increase? The fee increase is a 3.5% increase on the fees currently provided in the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2006. This is the standard annual increase for fees and charges in Queensland. As QBCC previously discounted this rate, the increase this financial year is larger. Why is there an increase? Every year, the Queensland Government approves an increase in fees and charges in line with inflation, and as of 1 July 2016 fees and charges have increased by 3.5%. QBCC previously offered a discount on Form 4s lodgement due to system performance issues. As the operation of the system has improved, from 1 July 2016 the QBCC is no longer offering this discount. Is the increase due to a new lodgement system? No. The Form 4 lodgement systems have not changed and licensees can continue to use the online Plumbing Application Service or lodge manual Form 4s as they have done previously. Why is online lodgement cheaper than manual? Information from forms provided manually needs to transferred into the system by staff. As this is a manual task there is an administration fee. Online lodgement is an automated process and because it is cheaper for the QBCC, they pass this saving on to you. What do I pay if I completed the work before 1 July but lodge my form after this?

Enware Rimless Toilet A modern and minimalist toilet suite with rimless flush and clean lines for an easy to clean solution and raised seating height to suit a broad range of applications.

The fee paid is determined by the date the Form 4 is lodged. If a Form 4 is lodged prior to 1 July 2016, the reduced fees apply. Any Form 4s lodged after 1 July 2016 must include the new fee.

For further information, contact the MPAQ Technical Department on 07 3273 0800.


Viega Propress Press-Fit Technology

Celebrating Ten Years Successful Partnership with Australian Plumbers. 1800 4 VIEGA

Quality and reliability you can build your reputation on! Since Viega Propress copper tube press-fit technology was introduced to the Australian market in 2006, it has been widely adopted around Australia for gas and water installations by the plumbing, construction and HVAC industries. It has constantly proven itself across a myriad of installations from retail centres to apartment towers, hospitals to aquatic centres, landmark office towers to gas and water utilities. A Viega innovation, Propress press-fit technology enables projects to be completed quickly, efficiently and safely, and delivers German quality and reliability you can build your reputation on. Viega. Connected in quality.

Available from

technical MASTER

MPAQ Secures Australian Standards for Members


MPAQ have partnered with SAI Global to give all contracting members access to view a total of ten (10) Australian Standards for the plumbing and gas industry online.


Access to these standards is FREE OF CHARGE to MPAQ contracting members and is valued at over $2,000! All you need is a log-in and password for the MPAQ website. The standards members can view for free are: • AS2845.3 2010 Water Supply - Backflow prevention devices • AS4032.3 2004 Water Supply - Valves for the control of heated water supply temperatures • ASNZS1596 2014 The Storage and Handling of LP Gas • ASNZS3500.0 2003 Plumbing and Drainage - Glossary of terms • ASNZS3500.1 2015 Plumbing and Drainage - Water services • ASNZS3500.2 2015 Plumbing and Drainage - Sanitary plumbing and drainage • ASNZS3500.3 2015 Plumbing and Drainage - Storm water drainage • ASNZS3500.4 2015 Plumbing and Drainage - Heated water services • ASNZS5601.1-2013 Gas installations - General installations • ASNZS5601.2-2013 Gas installations - LP gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes This is yet another example of how MPAQ is working hard to secure great deals and benefits for you, our valued members!

This is a limited offer and is only valid until the end of August 2017. It is part of a feasibility trial to determine the take-up rate by MPAQ members, and we will be collecting feedback in the coming months to see what our members think of the deal. Hard copies of the Australian Standards are also available through the MPAQ Shop Online, or you can contact us on 07 3273 0800 if you would like further information.

Always Dial Before You Dig around power and gas infrastructure under the ground.




Legionella in Queensland A Snapshot Article written by Warren Keep, AHSCA On 10 October, following the recent passing of the Public Health (Water Risk Management) Amendment Act 2016, Queensland Health’s Water Unit provided an update to drinking water providers and plumbing industry professionals providing water supply and/or water risk assessment related services to Queensland hospitals, health care and aged care facilities. The update provided an overview of the Public Health (Water Risk Management) Amendment Act 2016, details of the regulatory support tools that are currently being prepared, and an opportunity to raise questions and discuss industry requirements such as the need for new guidance on design and commissioning requirements for new facilities.

N ovember


D ecember


The Act will come into effect on 1 February 2017. It will require prescribed facilities to develop and comply with a water risk management plan, and to report on legionella detections and testing regimes associated with their water supply.


Queensland will now have some of the most stringent water risk management requirements for hospitals and residential aged care facilities in Australia. The Act will apply to all public sector hospitals with inpatients, Queensland Health run residential aged care facilities and all private health facilities licensed under the Private Health Facilities Act 1999. The requirements will also be extended to the private residential aged care sector at a later date, following further consultation. The Act will require facilities to periodically submit reports summarising the results of their legionella tests, which will be published on the Queensland Health website. It will also

require the person in charge of a facility to notify the Department of Health within one business day after becoming aware of a test result confirming the presence of legionella bacteria.

specific experience in water systems for these projects. Offering such a partnership at the bid phase can also significantly improve your chances of being awarded the commission.

This will ensure the Department of Health is aware of the detection and will enable the Department to determine whether the facility is responding appropriately to the detection. This is aimed at providing greater public transparency and to give the community confidence that facilities are regularly testing their water supplies.

If not already proposed, encourage your client to directly engage a third party audit consultancy to critique the key design elements. Such arrangements are now quite commonplace and should be seen not as a point of defensive disagreement, but more a positive opportunity to debate solutions aimed at providing the best outcome for your client.

The new laws also set out significant penalties associated with noncompliance. Penalties range from 200 penalty units currently equivalent to $24,380 up to 1,000 penalty units or $121,900 for the most serious offences. Provisions of the Act may impact upon your professional interactions with clients in these sectors.

What part do you play in this supply chain and what does this mean to you? As part of the plumbing industry delivering projects for QLD Health, you will need to consider, and may be required to demonstrate your legionella mitigation strategy for each of the proposed water systems you may design or install. One of the key design objectives will be to deliver outcomes aimed at ensuring the facility can produce an effective risk management plan and achieve consistent reporting results. Design verification will be imperative and third party external design auditing will be advantageous. If you have successfully won a health or aged care project, congratulations! They are both challenging and rewarding. If however they are not your normal field of expertise, consider engaging with a partner firm with

Ensure documentation is clear and unambiguous, particularly in respect to these particular elements of the design, and participate extensively during the construction phase to ensure compliance. Given that the Act is aimed at eliminating the risk of preventable death or illness from a legionella infection and that it will in due time be expanded to include private residential aged care, there is no conceivable reason not to adopt the same design principles for these facilities. Further information, including some of the key elements you should consider as a designer, contractor supplying water services, or a supplier of water supply systems or system components including piping, valves, water heating, water treatment, mixing valves and tap outlets, please visit the MPAQ website ( About the author: Warren Keep is a current committee member of the AHSCA QLD Chapter and is the Senior Hydraulic Services Designer at NDY in their Brisbane Office. Warren was a contributor to the enHealth publication “Guidelines for legionella Control in the Operation and Maintenance of Water Distribution Systems in Health and Aged Care Facilities�.

business MASTER

How to Reduce Your Payroll and Increase Your Profits at the Same Time


Article written by Jon Mailer, CEO, PROTRADE United

All too often there are hardworking business owners almost held to ransom by certain employees that are infecting the team with bad attitudes and behaviour. This not only reduces morale, it impacts productivity and also bleeds valuable profits. You know this type of person. This employee is adequately skilled, in some cases highly skilled, and can produce results. However, their bad attitude, negativity, gossiping and continual whining and moaning impacts the rest of the team and also consumes valuable head space in your mind. You recognise that the right thing to do is to let this person go, as their behaviour is like a cancer. It impacts the team. No one wants to work with them and this has people questioning your leadership, and they may even look elsewhere for employment. If you allow fear and scarcity to control your decision, you will hang on to this person with the belief that you need their skills. Jon Mailer from PROTRADE United knows through experience and observation of businesses that he has coached, that letting this person go is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your team and the business.

For guidance and coaching to have these types of courageous conversations, you can call one of the team at PROTRADE United on 1300 767 774 or visit

Here is why…


As soon as they are gone, there will be a collective sigh of relief from your team. Your team will also share with you other aspects of how their bad behaviour has impacted the team. It’s almost like the skeletons are out of the closet.


The rest of the team will step up, to cover for their short fall because they’ll respect your decision for letting them go.


It will be an absolute relief for you. Even though there may be short-term discomfort in having fewer employees, you can finally sleep at night knowing this person is not continuing to infect your team, talk badly about the business and pull down the image of you and the hard work that you have put in to developing your organisation.


You may find out that you don’t need to replace this person and the business will save thousands annually; increasing the bottom line.

This will not be an easy decision and conversation with this destructive type of team player, however it is a simple one that you know you should and must have.



MPAQ members can use simPRO for free! *



Leave Paid By You If you pay Long Service Leave to a worker, you can claim reimbursement for some, or all, of the amount you paid. You can claim this reimbursement from QLeave within three months of the day you paid leave to the worker. Please notify QLeave before paying long service leave to any of your workers. This ensures the worker is not seeking two leave payments. Before QLeave can pay you (the employer), your worker must be registered with QLeave and have an up-to-date Worker Service Return. The rate of pay is calculated on a 38 hour working week. A maximum claim payment cap of $1,980 per week applies.

GET DOWN to Downtown Toyota

How Do You Claim Reimbursement?


If any of your workers have been with you for ten or more continuous years, they may be able to take long service leave under the Industrial Relations Act 1999. Workers can either take leave paid by their employer, or receive a payment from QLeave.


QLeave administers a portable long service leave scheme for Queensland’s building and construction industry. The Scheme makes sure your workers receive long service leave benefits for service in the building and construction industry, even if they change employers.


Be Reimbursed by QLeave for Long Service Leave Paid to Your Workers The easiest way to claim reimbursement is through the QLeave website ( au). Log in to “Employer Online Services” and select “Online Claims” to submit a new claim.

Leave Paid by QLeave If one of your workers chooses to make a claim with QLeave, you have no further liability for that particular period of employment. When your worker lodges a claim with QLeave, they will need to confirm that they have not been paid from any other source. You will receive an email from QLeave that the worker has been paid. Further information can be found in QLeave’s Guide for Registered Employers, available at

Save on 2016 clearance models with Toyota Gold Fleet Discounts*

See Fleet Consultant Andrew Tulip for your best deal today

Downtown Toyota

753 Wynnum Road, MORNINGSIDE T 1800 983 920 1804348

2016 *Excluding special edition models. Must be a paid member of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland to receive Gold Fleet Discounts. For full terms, conditions and exclusions visit DT Fleet ad 10.16.indd 1

6/10/2016 11:20 AM


Will Your Contracts Meet the New Unfair Contract Laws? As of 12 November 2016, amendments to the Australian Consumer Law will take affect and will open the field for certain contractual terms to be challenged by parties negatively affected by standard form contracts, or if a party to the contract is a small business.

How does it affect me?

What contracts does this apply to?

A contract term is unfair if:

The new laws apply to ‘standard form contracts’ as well as ‘small business contracts’. Unfortunately, the Australian Consumer Law doesn’t define what a ‘standard form contract’ is. However, in general terms, it is any contract that is provided on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis that is prepared by one party without any input from the other party, and which is not open for negotiation. A ‘small business contract’ is any contract where:

If you use either a standard form contract or you fall within the definition for a small business contract, then the contractual terms are open to be challenged if they are unfair. 1. It would cause a significant imbalance in the parties’ rights and obligations under the contract. 2. It is not reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the party who would be advantaged by the term. 3. It would cause detriment (whether financial or otherwise) to a party if it were to be applied or relied on. Examples of unfair contract terms could include: 1. Termination for convenience clauses.

1. The contract is for the supply of goods or services (such as contracting services); and

2. Clauses that act as time bars for making certain claims (such as for seeking an extension of time) where the time for providing notice is too short.

2. At least one party is a small business (with less than 20 employees); and

3. Clauses that limits one party’s right to sue the other party.

3. The contract price is under:

a. $300,000 if the contract period is less than one year; or

b. $1 Million if the contract period is more than one year.

An example of a small business contract is where a builder has issued a plumber with a subcontract to carry out plumbing works for $50,000 and the plumber is a family run business with 6 employees. From this, it can be seen that a large number of contractors will fall within either of these definitions and the industry will be affected by the new Australian Consumer Law.

If a term is considered to be unfair, then it can be declared void and will no longer apply to the contractual relationship.

What should I do? We recommend that you review your contracts to ensure that they are enforceable and that you don’t get caught out. This would also be a good time to discuss how you can go about negotiating contract terms to help limit your risk and to better protect yourself. McKays Solicitors can review and amend your contracts or draft new contracts, provide you with advice on best practises in the lead up to entering into contracts, as well as help you with any contract administration.

For further information, please contact McKays Solicitors.


Brisbane Office

Mackay Office

Gold Coast Office

Ian Heathwood P (07) 3223 5942 E Michael Cope P (07) 3223 5939 E Crystal Ray P (07) 3223 5932 E

Dannielle Sanderson P (07) 4968 5431 E Scott McSwan P (07) 4963 0860 E

Sean Diljore P (07) 5553 8403 E

Surat Basin Office Gilda Clarke P (07) 4668 9800 E

September / October 2016 |



The next great partnership is here! Proudly presented by

MPAQ are excited to be partnering with The Service Trades College Australia (The College) to offer dedicated training for plumbing apprentices! The College is BORN from industry, OWNED by industry and RUN for industry. The College is: »

Specialised - Training only plumbing and fire services trades all day every day with industry tradesmen as training staff


Reliable - In 2016, the College has not cancelled or moved a single apprenticeship training block, delivering all blocks scheduled and adding additional blocks as apprentice numbers required


Responsive to Individual and Industry Needs - The College believes that genuine consultation, leads to improved training and service delivery outcomes for employers, apprentices and industry.


Contactable - A line of communication is always open to reach trainers, the lead trainer and the General Manager.

Spots are now open for Apprentices looking to train in 2017! Contact the College today on 07 3255 5698! 27



Plumbers have a highly labour intensive role which results in 16% of injuries being sustained a result of manual handling. Plumbers have a highly labour intensiveas role which results in 16% of injuries being

RECOMMENDED CONTROLS sustained as a result of manual handling. •

Deliver goods directly to the location they will be used to avoid double handling RECOMMENDED CONTROLS

Use mechanical aids to lift heavy or bulky items or ask a mate for help

Order materials in smaller sizes e.g. 20kg bags of concrete instead of will bebags used to avoid double handling 40kg

Use mechanical aidswith to lift heavy or bulky Replace hand tools power tools to reduce the level of force required to do the taska mate for help items or ask

Avoid digging by using Ordermanual materials in smaller sizesmechanical e.g. 20kg excavation methods where possible bags of concrete instead of 40kg bags

Deliver goods directly to the location they

Avoid overexposure repetitive Replace hand tools to with power tools to tasks – use job rotation and good reduce the level of force required to do ergonomics

the task

For safety tips and advice, visit Avoid manual digging by using or mechanical email excavation methods where possible, and

Avoid overexposure to repetitive tasks – use job rotation and good ergonomics.


D ecember


3 ways Cbus is building super futures for plumbers in Queensland Investing in property and development projects through our wholly owned subsidiary Cbus Property1, creating jobs and delivering returns


Easy administration for employers, with online options to join Cbus and pay employees’ super


Industry–specific super products for members, including insurance cover, financial advice and free access to the Cbus smartphone app

Contact Glen for your business super needs Glen Halkerston

Business Development Manager, QLD

0447 113 282

/ N ovember


Cbus Property commercial project, 1 William Street, Brisbane

Cbus Property Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cbus and has responsibility for the strategic performance and management of all Cbus direct property developments and investments. This information is about Cbus. It doesn’t take into account your specific needs, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions. Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Contact 1300 361 784 or visit for a copy. Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792 Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262.


28 QLD Master Plumbers Brand Ad GLEN_210wx145mm_v1.indd 1

14/10/2016 1:43

feature MASTER

MPAQ Out and About

David and Bill drove to Mareeba to catch up with some members in the area, including Ray O’Brien and the team at Mareeba Shire Council.

Rob Prizmic and Ray O’Brien from Mareeba Shire Council, with Bart Kapteyn, Waterboard Plumber and Bill Watson, MPAQ Trustee

Attendees at the Cairns Plumbing Forum

MPAQ hosted a Plumbing Forum in Cairns on Thursday 22 September that was well attended and received by MPAQ members, with discussions from the group including: •

The re-establishment of a dedicated plumbing industry regulatory body, the Service Trades Council (STC)

The appointment of Mr Brett Bassett to the role of QBCC Commissioner

Changes to licence requirements

Licensing review

Security of payments review

Legionella Water Health Amendment Bill

Orientation of solar panels

Non-conforming products

The Plumbing Forum also had the Queensland Building and Construction

Commission and Cairns Regional Council attending and speaking at the event. It was great to hear about the role both organisations play in the region, and how they are working with local tradespeople, addressing the issue of handymen and providing examples to local plumbers of some of the “questionable” work practices identified in unlicensed work in the area.


From 22 - 23 September, David Bryant, MPAQ Corporate Services Manager and Bill Watson, MPAQ Trustee travelled to Cairns and Mareeba to meet with MPAQ members and plumbers in the region.


MPAQ Cairns Road Trip

Thank you to everyone who made the time to catch up with Bill and David, and those who attended the Plumbing Forum. MPAQ is committed to continuing to visit as many members within a faceto-face setting as possible and providing opportunities such as Plumbing Forums for each region to have a voice. For further information on the MPAQ Road Trips, please contact the office on 07 3273 0800.

Townsville Members: Unique Showcase and Dinner On Thursday 20 October, Townsville Division members were given the unique opportunity to view local retired member Ron Dundas from Dundas Plumbing’s antique cast iron collection. Over 30 people gathered at Ron’s home for this exceptional opportunity to view his vast collection of historic items.

Stalwarts Dinner Following the viewing, members enjoyed dinner at Irish Finnegans. A memorial was read for past member Graham Nissen from the Burdekin who was tragically taken in a freak accident two weeks prior. The dinner also had special guests, retired Townsville City Council Inspectors Graham Mullins, Don Ross, Vic Sorohan, Warren Cavanagh and Graham Smedley.

The collection was featured in the Townsville Eye in 2015, with Ron Other special guests included two previous and his wife Prim explaining how Managers of JR Wyllie & Sons, Kirk Rains they have been all over the country collecting and buying pieces to add to (Townsville Manager, 1944 – 1983) and Mick McGill (Mount Isa Manager, 1959 – 1993). their ensemble for over 11 years. This event is now planned to be an annual Thank you to Ron and Prim for North Queensland Division Stalwarts providing local members with such a function for future years. special once-off opportunity!

Townsville Division Members who attended Ron’s Showcase

Ron Dundas and his collection of iron cast pieces

Some of Ron’s collection pieces

MPAQ Member Allan Coughlan presenting Ron and Prim with a certificate of appreciation


workplace relations

2017 RDO’s and Public Holidays 2017 Queensland Public Holidays Public Holiday

2017 Industry and EBA RDO’s





New Years Day

Sunday 1 January


3 and 27

4, 5 and 6

New Years Day Holiday

Monday 2 January




Australia Day

Thursday 26 January




Good Friday

Friday 14 April



18, 19, 20 and 21

Easter Saturday

Saturday 15 April




Easter Monday

Monday 17 April





Tuesday 25 April




Labour Day

Monday 1 May




Brisbane EKKA Holiday

Wednesday 16 August




Queen’s Birthday

Monday 2 October




Christmas Day

Monday 25 December



7 and 8

Boxing Day

Tuesday 26 December



27, 28 and 29

Note: The new Queensland Industrial Relations Bill 2016 is currently before Parliament and will include a Public Holiday for Easter Sunday to bring Queensland in line with other States. If this Bill is passed, Easter Sunday on 16 April 2017 will be also a Public Holiday. MPAQ will inform members once this Bill is passed.

MPAQ members can access further information under the ‘Workplace Relations’ section of the MPAQ Website ( or can call the Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800.

N ovember


D ecember


$10,000,000 Public Liability


$1,000,000 Professional Indemnity $1,000,000 Management Liability


majors MASTER

MPAQ Major Contractors Update


The MPAQ Major Contractors have met frequently in 2016, including various networking events and meetings to discuss issues directly relating to the group.

Mr Brett Bassett, Commissioner for the QBCC outlined the tasks, responsibilities and priorities of the QBCC moving forward and the future direction of communicating, engaging and educating stakeholders.

Representatives from Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) were also in attendance to inform the group on: •

Unlawful industrial action

The new Assistant Commissioner Service Trades Unit, Esther Blest spoke about the importance of the QBCC getting out to the entire state to educate stakeholders that they have a dedicated plumbing body representing them. Ms Blest also spoke about the importance for the QBCC to be part of the solution when it comes to dispute resolution, and that early intervention is critical.

Right of entry

Coercion and discrimination

Freedom of association

The Building Code

Ian White, Assistant Commissioner Building Industry Services, QBCC provided a valuable overview of the number of requests received to inspect work and defects in the building and construction industry, and also reiterated that education is key to the future of the industry.


The latest meeting was held on 12 September at the MPAQ Plumbing Industry House, Acacia Ridge with representatives of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) in attendance.

They also outlined that there is currently a FWBC app available for use, which outlines different scenarios and provides information in terms of rights and responsibilities for employers, employees, union representatives and other stakeholders. This can be accessed through the FWBC website:

Thank you to the MPAQ Major Contractors Supporters



Attendees at the annual MPAQ Stalwarts Function

Fraser Coast PIPE - Bill and Mick

- Forum attend ees

Shane Filip and Batman, , s u rc a E-M oast PIP Fraser C


Fraser Coast PIPE - Chris and Gary

Fraser Coast PI PE

N ovember


D ecember

Fraser Coast PIPE - Kevin and Austen

MPAQ Members and Staff participated in the Walk for Awareness in Brisbane in October


Steph, Pen ny and Lisa from MPAQ the Walk fo at r Awarenes s event


Stephanie McGuinness, MPAQ at the Natural Gas Golf Day on MPAQ’s sponsored hole

Sunshine Coast PIPE - Joel, Alex and Marty

and Gil, Bill t PIPE – s a o VG C A e m Sunshin Harry fro

Sunshine Coast PIPE - Alex, Tom, Dean and Darren

The trade area at Sunshine Coast PIPE Sunshine Coast PIPE - Campbell and Mark

To check out all the photos from these events, visit the MPAQ Facebook Page Toowoomba division members on their Fraser Island trip




SAVE UP TO $3,800 ON


As a paying Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD member, you’ll save stacks on HiLux SR5, awarded Australia’s Best 4x4 Dual Cab Ute by Australia’s Best Cars. For unbreakable performance at an unbeatable price, you can’t go past HiLux.

To find your local Fleet Specialist Dealer, call 1800 444 847





TFM1932 MPA QLD 08/16



Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD membership details required to redeem Gold Fleet Discounts.




Commission & Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices

Commission & Maintain Hot & Heated Water Temperature Control Devices

23 - 25 January


6 - 8 March

Gold Coast

20 - 22 March




13 - 14 March

Gold Coast

27 - 28 March



Service Type A Gas Appliances 6 - 9 February

30 - 31 January

Estimate and Cost Work


27 - 28 February

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) funding is available to MPAQ students undertaking the following courses: •

CPCPWT4023A Commission & Maintain Hot & Heated Water Temperature Control Devices - $150 subsidy


Visit to view a full list of courses and dates provided by MPAQ, or contact Training on 07 3273 0800.

* Participants may be required to purchase further materials to undertake these courses.

Funding Assistance

RTO Code: 30473

CPCPWT4022A Commission & Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices - $150 subsidy

CPCPGS4022A Service Type A Gas Appliances - $750 subsidy

CPCPCM4012A Estimate and Cost Work - $180 subsidy

Students must pay full course fees upfront. Refunds will be given to students who meet the CSQ eligibility criteria.


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*Conditions apply and are available on request. Offer is on selected limited stock and ends on 24.12.2016 or when selected stock runs out. Offer is only available to approved ABN holders registered for GST residing in Queensland who are using the equipment predominantly for business purposes. Credit provided by Kubota Tractor Australia Pty Ltd (KTA). Terms, conditions, fees, charges and credit criteria apply. Minimum deposit 20%. Maximum term 36 months. Maximum residual 0%. Machine must be paid for and installed prior to the 24.12.2016. Pictures herein for illustration purposes only. For any queries please contact Allclass.


Rheem Training Courses Rheem offer training courses specifically designed for plumbers that install and service water heaters. Keep your teams skills up to date and attend a free course that suits your business needs. Their training courses include the full range of Rheem Australia domestic products as well as in depth commercial water heater servicing training. For more details and course availability, please email

MPAQ Online Courses Master Plumbers offer a range of online courses for plumbers wishing to expand their services. If you don’t have time to attend a face to face course then perhaps one of these courses is the right option for you!

RTO Code: 30473

For further information, visit or contact the MPAQ Training Department on 07 3273 0800.

The online learning system is easy to use, with current and engaging interactive learning material suitable for all ages and experience levels. Registration, payment and completion of these courses is completely online, and if you are not tech savvy, full support is available from our friendly training department staff. The following online courses are available through the MPAQ website: •

BSBSMB401 – Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements for Small Business (accredited course required for your Trade Contractors Licence)

Backflow Prevention Revalidation (non-accredited course required every five years to keep your Backflow endorsement valid)

Evaluating and Planning the Installation of Solar and Heat Pump Water Systems (non-accredited course required for the Solar and Heat Pump licence endorsement)


The perfect above ground pumping solution

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For every application, go with Sanicubic From a small granny flat to a large public building, the Sanicubic range has you covered.

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2XL WP › Intensive commercial use › Application: public bar/restaurant/building › 2x2000w motors (backup) › Vortex technology - 65mm free space

2Pro WP

1WP › Domestic use › Application: granny flat › 1500w motor › Alarm system

(blockage free) › Alarm system

› Medium-heavy commercial use › Application: large house/office › 2x1500w motors (backup) › Alarm system 2016 technical product guide out now

Call 1300 554 779 or visit The original leaders in macerating technology

Endless posibilities

membership MASTER

MPAQ Member Benefits


Totally Workwear


Representing your business with a professional appearance can make all the difference when it comes to finding and retaining customers. You can idnetify your business as a reliable, professional service provider by ensuring yourself and your employees have a clean and well branded presentation. A corporate uniform that clearly identifies your company’s brand can make all the difference to your customers, as your business will be easily recognisable and well represented as a professional company. MPAQ have a long-standing partnership with Totally Workwear to help members build this professional image for their business. All MPAQ members receive a 15% discount on Totally Workwear’s range of products, plus they have the benefit of invoicing to an MPAQ account so payment is made to MPAQ at the end of the month with any other invoicing. All you need to do is quote your membership number at your local Totally Workwear store. Visit Totally Workwear for a store location near you.

Workplace Relations Your employees are your most important, and often the most expensive asset to the business. It is all very well and good to have great technical knowledge around plumbing, drainage and gas fitting; products behave as they are designed, and most times they perform their job as specified. Humans however have a totally different take on things. It is not easy to predict human behaviour; common sense, decision making, distractions, emotions and general drama goes on in the day to day world. Even the basics of communication are shifting rapidly in this modern technological workplace. To help you sort through the good, the bad, and the complicated staff members in your business, MPAQ offer a full suite of workplace relations advisory services, all included as part of your membership. You receive access to: •

Information sheets

Wages summary sheets

Policies and procedures

Employment contracts

Unlimited HR advice on anything from payroll queries, recruitment, training, performance management and terminations

We encourage all MPAQ members to call the office and talk to either Kym Campbell or David Bryant about any HR issues you are having before you take matters into your own hands. It is much easier to guide you through the best way to handle a situation, than to have to represent you in a legal arena! MPAQ is here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask the question. Call the Workplace Relations Team on 07 3273 0800. We are here to be of service to you!


product news

Product & Supplier News Stiebel’s New SHC Decentralised hot water system to save energy and water Stiebel Eltron’s latest product launch comes with the unbeatable advantages of a decentralised hot water system. The mains pressure storage water heaters, SHC 10 AU and SHC 15 AU, are installed directly underneath the basin or sink and deliver hot water immediately and more efficiently. One of the many highlights of the product is their compact design. Compared to conventional 25 litre storage heaters, the SHC’s small size frees up precious space in the cupboard. In many households, lots of energy is wasted pumping hot water from a central storage tank to its actual point of use in the bathroom and kitchen. By installing the hot water right where it is needed, you eliminate dead legs and save water, energy and money; and long waiting times for hot water to arrive at the outlet belong to the past. Wise use of advanced technology can make a significant difference. Stiebel Eltron is known for high quality products – the SHCs are no exception and come with a generous 7 year cylinder warranty.

Tradelink Opens Fifth New Store in QLD Tradelink’s bold expansion strategy will see the business significantly expand its national footprint by 20 new stores each year for the next two or three years. General Manager, Alan Ball said that Tradelink has a clear strategy for upgrading and investing in its network, with a focus on improving customer service and convenience for SME plumbers. “We engage with our local network to understand where the gaps are, then we put a dot on the map and effectively fill that gap,” he said. “Feedback shows that plumbers prefer not to travel more than 15 minutes from a job to get parts, so we want to make sure that no matter where our customers are working, there is a Tradelink store nearby. “Mansfield is the fifth new branch we’ve opened in Queensland in as many months, with another four new stores due to open before the end of the financial year.” The new Queensland stores are located at: •

2/12 Morrison Close, Mansfield

22 Finsbury Street, Newmarket

24/160 Lytton Road, Morningside

5–7 Seils Drive, Jimboomba

Unit 3, 5 Premier Circuit, Warana

Read more about Tradelink’s network expansion strategy at

For further information visit

Enware’s New Wellbeing™ Range Enhances the Well-being of Aged Users

N ovember


D ecember


Enware is proud to announce their new WELLBEING™ Lever Range of tapware.


Designed with aged care, nursing and health applications in mind, the WELLBEING™ Lever Range has been designed to enhance the well-being of users through empowering them with easier access to the daily use and consumption of water. Inspired by research and open discussions with industry experts, the complete range has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the aged care user right now and into the future. The result is a simple, intuitive and familiar designed product, which still addresses the wider requirements of comfort, ease of use and strong colour indication. The unique design combines ergonomic principles, tactile materials, contrasting colours and bold geometric shapes to optimise the users comfort, strength and capabilities. For further details on Enware’s new Wellbeing™ Range, visit their website


Established in 2011 and based in Brisbane Queensland, Site Safety Solutions Pty Ltd has emerged as a market leading provider of workplace health and safety management solutions. Site Safety Solutions Pty Ltd has developed unique Pay-As-You-Go Safety Plans specific for Plumbers. These Plans allow Plumbers to have a one stop safety shop for all WHS related services required to undertake their business operations safely. It’s like having your very own safety department!

ALS is the largest and most diverse provider of commercial Environmental Analytical Services in Australia. Their services cater to a number of distinct environmental market sectors including drinking and water resources, site assessment and remediation, mining sector monitoring, Occupational Hygiene, acid sulfate soil, acid mine drainage, air, dust, soil gas, coal seam gas, mine gas and fugitive emissions plus sediment and biota testing. In regards to water monitoring, ALS is the leading provider of specialist services to the Australian Water and Environmental Industries. We offer innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions through tailored services which cover the complete water system from catchment through to recycling. Services include: •

Analytical Services (physical, chemical and biological analysis for water, sediment, air and environmental matrices).

Water Sciences Group (aquatic ecology, catchment management, drinking water source/supply analysis, treatment processes, ecological monitoring, predictive modelling and research). Monitoring and Technical Services (MATS) (water infrastructure, realtime instrumentation, data management and analysis).

For just $5 per day, Site Safety Solutions will:•

Develop a Contractors WHS Management Plan

Annual review of WHS Management Plan

Develop Safe Work Method Statement’s (SWMS’s)

Develop Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s)

Test and Tag (Electrical, Extinguishers, Oxy Fuel FBA’s and Harnesses)

On call WHS Management and

ALS has also been working with health facilities to sample and test potable water for legionella in compliance with the recently revised QLD Health guidelines. They can assist facilities to implement a routine water monitoring plan and can send their dedicated field technicians to take samples from showers, toilets and basins and send to their laboratory for analysis. ALS is the only commercially available laboratory to have a low detection Legionella test, which can ensure that health facilities are not only meeting the guideline, but exceeding it.

Consultancy Services..

Their ability to combine an extensive range of products and services required to meet mandatory workplace health and safety requirements make them the number one choice for hassle free WHS compliance. Their other products and services include (but not limited to):•

Company and Project Safety Management

Site Auditing and Risk Assessments

Various Test / Tag and Inspection Services

HSE Products Online (we won’t be beaten on price with height safety / roofing kits!)

PAYG Safety Plans

And more…

Visit or their online store to find out more.


At Site Safety Solutions, they take the hassle out of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliance!



Site Safety Solutions


Corporate Profiles

Visit: Environmental or phone 07 3243 7222.

Supakwik Supakwik was established in 1999, as a small Australian owned manufacturing business, with the sole purpose of becoming a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of quality boiling water appliances. Supakwik has brought significant innovation to the industry, including ‘supasilent’ standby modes, ‘power management’ and they are further achieving their purpose in leading the industry with patented energy saving technology. They aim to build long term relationships with their esteemed customers by pursuing business through continued innovation and advanced technology, backed by service that exceeds expectations. The core values of the Supakwik team are to treat their customers with respect, to demonstrate integrity and honesty in all aspects of their business functionality. Today, Supakwik services the local and export markets of the world with leading water heating products. Visit and take a look at the special offer supakwik are offering MPAQ members! Valid until 31 December 2016.



MPAQ Membership Introducing Jason Searle My name is Jason Searle, and I recently joined the MPAQ Membership Services team. I have been actively involved with trade businesses and contractors since 1994 and I therefore bring with me a wealth of knowledge within the construction sector. In 2009, I completed my Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration at QUT and this education has provided me with the vital tools necessary to understand the ever-growing need to be at the forefront of any business. I joined the plumbing industry in early 2012 starting within the solar industry selling Hot Water and Solar Power Systems.

2016 D ecember / N ovember

My specialities are new business development, strategy, key account management and marketing strategies, which can be used to assist your plumbing business in maximising fruitful opportunities. I would like to thank MPAQ for the opportunity to be part of this great plumbing industry representative body, and I look forward to assisting new and existing members of the Association. Jason Searle

You can contact me on 0402 339 762 or email

New Members


Having worked most of my career closely with plumbers, builders and construction personnel, I understand the day to day challenges individual’s face in the plumbing industry today.

Name Darren Simpson

Trading Danean Plumbing

Chapter Brisbane North

Anthony O'Toole

O'Toole Plumbing P/L

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Alana Mulqueen

Al's Plumbing Professionals

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Brett Glazebrook

Totally Drained Plumbing & Gas

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The Paddington Plumbing Co

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FDS Plumbing & Gas P/L

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Malcom Starnes

Starnes Plumbing Services Pty Ltd

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Kim Wherle

Tru-Fix Plumbing & Gas

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Daniel Cooney

Daxx Plumbing


Andrew Grant

Reef City Plumbing Pty Ltd


Gavin Wardle

Gavin Wardle Plumbing Services Pty Ltd


Terry O'Connell

O'Connells Plumbing Pty Ltd

Far North Queensland

Craig Broderick

Craig Broderick Plumbing

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Tahl Young

Tahl Young

Far North Queensland

Benjamin Kempton

Chieftain Plumbing Pty Ltd


Paul Jennings

Emergency Plumbing Solutions


Joe Parrota

JP Piping Systems Pty Ltd


Michael Mcauliffe

Jet It


Ben Power

Powerful Plumbing and Gasfitting

North Queensland

Scott Mackay

G & S Plumbing Group

Sunshine Coast

Garry Morris

Suncoast Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd

Sunshine Coast

Joel Thorogood

Peak Plumbing & Gas Services

Sunshine Coast

Michael Jannusch

Darling Downs Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd


Milestone Achievements Name Doug Turner

Company DG Turner Plumbing

Division Brisbane South

Milestone 40

James Mahon

James Mahon

Brisbane South


Ralph Abel

RA & KM Abel Plumbing

Far North Queensland


Mandy Hobbs

All Plumbing Services

Gold Coast


Edward Vallins

EKV Plumbing Services

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Ted Hunter

Solacare Pty Ltd

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John Kelly

Protek Plumbing Pty Ltd

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Dan Carney

DC Plumbing & Projects Pty Ltd

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Dial Before You Dig (Qld) Ltd Reece Pty Ltd simPRO Software Pty Ltd Tradelink Plumbing Supplies - National Office

07 3360 7950 03 9274 0000 1300 139 467 07 3260 9777

BUSSQ Building Super CBUS Dux Manufacturing Limited Pentair Valves and Controls Saniflo

07 3369 1111 1300 361 784 1300 365 115 07 3260 2555 1300 554 779

Silver Corporate Associates Construction Skills Queensland Rheem Australia Pty Ltd Stiebel Eltron (Aust) Pty Ltd

1800 798 488 132 552 1800 153 351

Associate Corporates Advanced Enviro-Septic ALS Environmental Ancra Australia Pty Ltd Apollo Valves Apricus Australia Pty Ltd APT Management Services Pty Ltd Aquacure Water Treatment Pty Ltd Astivita Renewables Limited Astrec Australian Industry Trade College Gold Coast Australian Valve Group AustWorld AutoTender Avis Australia Billi Pty Ltd Blucher (Australia) Pty Ltd Brisbane City Council Bromic Plumbing and Gas Bundaberg Regional Council Business Sight Caroma Industries Ltd CIVEO Clayton Engineering Con-Serv Corporation Australia Pty Ltd Contractors and Industrial Sales Crowe Horwath Davey Water Products Pty Ltd Decina Bathroomware Pty Ltd Downtown Toyota EC Credit Control Ecolife Solutions Pty Ltd EJ Electro-Training Institute Pty Ltd Electrolux Home Products Elgas Ltd Enware Australia Pty Ltd Epitomy Pty Ltd Ergon Energy Pty Ltd Everhard Industries Pty Ltd Finlease Fleetmatics Pty Ltd Flowpex Piping Systems Gladstone Regional Council Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd Gympie Regional Council Halgan Pty Ltd Hydroflow Distributors (Aust) Pty Ltd

07 5474 4055 07 3243 7222 1800 426 272 0477 223 110 07 3390 4720 07 3215 6636 07 3277 6696 07 3726 2010 0405 800 111 07 5635 0400 03 9462 2666 1300 780 430 1300 882 578 02 9353 9076 07 3267 1384 0425 567 237 133 BNE 1300 276 642 1300 883 699 1300 187 233 07 3131 5999 1300 798 022 07 3630 5744 07 5549 1255 07 3233 3548 07 3370 3700 07 3271 0230 07 3896 0100 07 3896 0100 07 3145 0500 07 3881 2300 07 3216 5000 07 4724 4543 02 9317 9537 07 3893 6134 07 3637 6706 02 9673 6275 131 046 07 3637 6444 07 3324 2655 02 9506 8821 02 9986 0605 07 4977 7021 07 5540 6700 07 5481 0644 07 3208 8339 03 9676 8900

07 3385 0334 07 3868 7888 07 3480 6673 07 4747 3200 07 3421 0999 07 3103 5722 07 5413 4447 07 4922 5697 1300 767 774 02 9699 7444 07 3630 5744 1300 792 239 07 4656 0500 1300 225 565 07 3188 2331 07 3248 9600 07 5527 1833 07 3018 3440 03 9930 7000 07 3137 6600 0417 606 635 1300 225 577 1300 425 433 1300 131 252 07 5546 8571 1300 519 133 0438 589 474 07 3244 0395 07 3390 5420 1300 668 886 07 3440 7645 07 3865 4811 02 4423 1989 07 3451 4444 1300 551 519 07 5420 8618 07 3255 6389 07 3411 5200 03 9549 4444 07 3802 4721 03 8405 3386 07 4841 3027 07 5539 3665 07 3880 8195 07 4773 8362 08 8287 2566 07 3865 1488 02 8853 7867 07 3277 2822 1300 799 310 07 3103 2844 07 5477 0087 07 3908 4000 02 9516 1336 02 9796 3100 03 8301 9499


Gold Corporate Associates

02 9790 8479 07 4981 2806 07 3151 5845 07 3823 0055 1300 657 528 07 4939 9814 07 4961 9011 02 9099 3028 07 4086 4720 1300 885 295 07 4636 2377 07 3223 5942 1300 645 928


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Inform Energy Pty Ltd Isaac Regional Council Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd Kennards Test and Measure Qld Kincrome Tools + Equipment Livingstone Shire Council Mackay Regional Council Make It Cheaper Pty Ltd Mareeba Shire Council Mascot Engineering Group Master Hire McKays Solicitors Milwaukee Tools Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Pty Ltd MM Kembla Moreton Bay Regional Council Mount Isa City Council Mt Gravatt Volkswagen My SOS Plastec Australia Pty Ltd Plumbcall Franchise Systems Pty Ltd PROTRADE United Quantum Energy Technologies Pty Ltd Queensland Brassware Association Queensland Gas Association Quilpie Shire Council Quoject Pty Ltd QUT Facilities Management Rain Harvesting Rehau Pty Ltd Reliance Worldwide Corporation Ridge Tool (Aust) Pty Ltd Rinnai Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd Rockhampton Regional Council Safe Asbestos Samios Head Office Select Water Tanks Pty Ltd Shower Sealed Pty Ltd Site Safety Solutions SkillsTech Australia Snap Fire Systems Pty Ltd SolarEast Australasia Pty Ltd Stoddart Storm Plastics Pty Ltd Stormtech Pty Ltd Stratco (Qld) Pty Ltd Studor Australia Pty Ltd Sunshine Coast Regional Council Supakwik Water Heaters Pty Ltd Taylex Industries Pty Ltd Techrite Controls Australia Pty Ltd Terratrencher Australia The Couta Group The Mac Services Group Pty Ltd The Wondercap Company Pty Ltd Total Eden Townsville City Council Training Prospects Valves R Us Viega Pty Ltd Vinidex Pty Ltd VIRIDIS Consultants Vivax-Metrotech AUS Water Warriors Xylem Water Solutions Zetco Valves Pty Ltd Zip Heaters (Aust) Pty Ltd Zurn Australia Pty Ltd


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Profile for Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

Master Plumber November/December 2016  

Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland November/December 2016 edition of the Master Plumber magazine.

Master Plumber November/December 2016  

Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland November/December 2016 edition of the Master Plumber magazine.