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Prostate Cancer Awareness – It’s a Big Club


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Aussie Mate’s Bold Fashion Raising Awareness for Men’s Mental Health


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Editor’s Note LISA HILTON – Editor Welcome to the November/December edition of the Master Plumber Magazine! What a year it has been! Let’s wrap up the last few months before we start looking forward to 2019. The Trades Industry Conference ran in early September, with over 300 people in attendance. The speaker’s presentations and topics for discussion covered many parts of the industry and provided valuable insight to everyone who attended. A sincere thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along, and a special thank you to the sponsors and exhibitors, this event isn’t possible without you! You can read up on the conference highlights on pages 12 and 13. In the same month, landmark legislation was passed for medical gas in Queensland, with new reforms ensuring that work associated with medical gas would soon be licensed work. This legislation will lead the way in ensuring tragic circumstances, such as the incident in 2016 at the Bankstown Hospital, New South Wales, do not happen again. Find out what’s involved with the new legislation on page 19. The MPAQ staff and council is proud of the acknowledgement our Executive Director, Penny Cornah received in October at the recent National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Queensland Awards. Penny was awarded the ADCO Constructions Award for Achievement as a Business Woman, which recognises an outstanding businesswoman who plays a pivotal role in an organisation directly related to the construction industry. It acknowledges her significant contribution to the industry and the dedication she has shown to make a greater difference. Read more about her win on page 23. At the 2018 Melbourne Cup function in November, MPAQ presented the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) with a cheque totalling all the donations received from members over our 2018 events. Early in the year we asked members who they wanted to raise funds for, and with our Past President, Kelvin Slade’s recent diagnosis, it was fitting that PCFA were the chosen charity. Kelvin along with two other well-known industry individuals, Ray Smith from Toowoomba and Brad Hodgkinson from the Moreton Bay region, have shared their personal stories of battling prostate cancer on pages 20 – 21, and how early detection and open conversations can make the world of difference. We’re grateful these three people have opened up and been willing to share their own personal journeys with us. We will announce in the January/February 2019 edition of the Master Plumber how much was raised through our members for the PCFA. As the New Year draws closer, the MPAQ team is working hard behind the scenes to plan out the goals and objectives of the Association, and our member’s needs are at the forefront of our minds. 2019 is going to be a big year, with a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for the Association. You can take a look at the suite of training courses that’ll be offered in all the different regions on page 27 and also the range of events and activities on page 34. Congratulations to any of our members reaching membership milestones with MPAQ recently and a huge welcome to our new members in this edition. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and we’ll see you soon!



6 executive

Perspective PENNY CORNAH Executive Director

As 2018 draws to a close, I hope you have had a productive and successful year both professionally and personally. Have you achieved the things you set out to at the beginning of the year? It has been a huge year for MPAQ, and we are really proud of the work our members undertake each and every day. We are an Association that is here to support you. Below highlights some of our key achievements in 2018.

Advocacy & Representation MPAQ has been lobbying for many years for work associated with medical gas to be licensed work. These reforms were passed in September 2018 with the Plumbing and Drainage Bill. The new legislation also introduces a plumbing - mechanical services category of licence, which doesn’t currently exist. MPAQ have also worked closely with the Government and are proud to have advocated for the strong commitments they have made on: • Security of payment laws, passed and being rolled out • The Services Trades Council, implemented and committed to, with MPAQ appointed as the Chair • Non-conforming building products legislation, including point of sale, passed and implemented

Training The Training Centre of Excellence in Beenleigh, which MPAQ is building in partnership with the National Fire Industry Association (NFIA) and the Plumbers Union, is due to commence construction shortly. The starting focus of The Centre will be apprenticeship training. This facility will be world leading and should turbo charge the productivity of our industry’s future; our apprentices. With MPAQ’s current post-trade training opportunities, Kelvin Slade, MPAQ’s Past President and Trainer, has delivered over 30 training courses in the last twelve months throughout Queensland, delivering Backflow Prevention,TMV and gas units of competency. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018

President’s Message KENT VICKERS


It’s a Balancing Act!

MPAQ has continued to focus on developing an extensive array of valuable benefits specifically for members. With the various benefits available to members, our most favored benefits in 2018 have been the free access to electronic standards, work and employment contracts that have been developed as plumbing specific, as well as ongoing technical and HR support.

Over 30 years ago when I stared my apprenticeship, there were no mobile phones and very few computers, stamps were licked, mail was posted, and a hand shake was as good as a contract. The only way to contact a customer or supplier during the day was to pull over to a phone box or physically stop in and talk face to face. Trust and friendships were made, and loyalty was earned.

MPAQ is proud of the continued growth of the Women’s Plumbing Alliance (WPA) Group, specifically supporting women in the trade and those working in the business. The WPA is built around recognising, empowering and connecting women in the industry. The Large Maintenance and Minor Commercial Contractors Group was also formed this year, with members of the group consisting of the industry’s elite companies within these sectors. MPAQ also established another important group, The MPAQ Corporate Associates Committee (MCAC). The purpose of the MCAC is to address current and topical issues facing products and their supply in the industry in Queensland. Participation in the committee is open to all financial MPAQ Corporate Associates.

Events MPAQ has hosted over 35 events this year, the largest including the World Plumbing Day Breakfast in March, the Plumbing & Gas Industry Awards in July, and the bi-ennial Trades Industry Conference in September, which we partnered with six other industry bodies in delivering. The value we see attendees receive at these events encourages us to ensure we maintain relevant opportunities across all the regions each year. MPAQ will endeavor to conduct similarly valuable events in 2019. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2019! If you would like to contact me please do so on 07 3273 0800 or via email at

Back then we worked just as hard as we do now (some will say we worked harder) but with the advances in technology over the last 20 years, we have become so accessible, that what used to be our “family time” has been swallowed up by running our businesses. The smart phone never gets switched off, the tablet is always in reach and the “PING!!” to let you know you have received another email can sometimes sound like a clock ticking. 30 years later, after surviving all this change, I often wonder if being so accessible to our customers is such a good thing. There is only 168 hours in a week and most of us would be contactable for all 168 of these hours. This begs the question, when do we get the balance? When do we get to spend quality time with our family and friends? When do we get to kick back and enjoy the lives we have all worked so hard to build? There is no right or wrong answer to this question because some of us really do love getting up and going to work six or even seven days a week. Some of us love heading home to the family and chilling in front of the tele with the kids, and some of us can’t wait to knock off on a Friday, head off camping and fishing for the weekend. It doesn’t matter what you do to achieve the balance, just as long as you do. In the last Master Plumber issue I wrote about the appalling suicide rates in the Australian construction industry and the three main triggers that are affecting our young men and women in the construction trades. I think that getting the balance between work and life would go a long way to making all of us realise that we work to live, not live to work. Merry Christmas to you all and stay safe over the break.

Life’s Good!

member benefits 7

MPAQ Member Benefits Whether its technology to help you automise your business or seeking a professional to outsource some of the workload, getting a helping hand can really help you streamline your business processes. Here are some of the offers and discounts available to MPAQ members that can help you.

Modus Operandi is committed to offering a complete business and system improvement for local trades businesses. Working directly with trades businesses, Modus Operandi works to identify, observe and analyse the existing methods and processes implemented by businesses. MPAQ members receive: • Free 30 minute phone consult with Modus Operandi • Efficiency Workshop: $199 (inc. GST) - Discounted from $299 • System Optimisation Workshop: $199 (inc. GST) Discounted from $299 • MPAQ Membership Rebate*: 5% of the total system implementation - (project value must be above $500)

PROTRADE United provide business services to the trade industry, incorporating business strategy, financial services, marketing guidance, and team training.

*Rebates will be given up to the value of MPAQ membership

MPAQ members receive: • 50% off PROTRADE United’s quarterly Business Innovation Workshop tickets • Complimentary Business Success Webinars • 10% off their Fast Track Online Program • A complimentary Business Strategy Session valued at $495 Hire Xact Accounting for one easily digestible monthly fixed fee, and they’ll take care of every aspect of your bookkeeping, accounting and tax for your plumbing business. You’ll be left with bonus time to focus on more important things like family or servicing your clients and growing your business, knowing everything is under control. At 9th Day they’re in the business of connecting you to and providing you with support services to use the smartest products and services for you. Their bookkeeping and business support services start from $99.00 per month*.

MPAQ members receive exclusive discounted bundle packages.

MPAQ members can get a $250 credit voucher and one hour free phone and email business support per month applied to any of their services. * Conditions apply. Offer is inclusive of GST and excludes software subscriptions.

Tradify is the app of choice for thousands of tradies. Track jobs from quote to invoice and everything in between. Say goodbye to complicated scheduling and manual invoicing. Tradify is the simplest, most efficient way to run a plumbing business. Tradify are proud to offer MPAQ members access to the Tradify Job Management app FREE for three months!

For more information about these offers, please visit the member benefits page at

MYOB have partnered with ServiceM8, MySOS and ezyCollect to provide a full package accounting solution for plumbing and gas companies. MYOB will be able to deliver customer tailored solutions and training through these providers, increase efficiency and reduce overheads for companies in construction. MPAQ members receive: • MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials FREE for 3 months! Plus 25% off the life of the subscription; • 50% off ezyCollect website price for 12 months, discounted transaction fees and free set up and training; and • 10% off RRP for the life of a ServiceM8 subscription.


8 news

Industry News Training Boost for Industry Support Staff

WorkCover Pilots a New Approach to Managing Claims WorkCover Queensland is piloting a new approach to managing workplace injury claims, which is designed to achieve better claim and return to work outcomes. Partnering with Monash University, WorkCover has researched, designed and is now testing the types of care different workers may need as part of its “Recovery Blueprint” pilot. The pilot is the result of 12 months of work to better identify workers who may be at risk of a delayed return to work after injury and offer them the right rehabilitation support.

The staff behind the teams on the tools will now be recognised.

Phase one of the pilot ran until October, and phase two has now commenced. WorkCover and Monash are gathering feedback throughout the pilot to monitor its effectiveness in improving the experience of injured workers and employers.

As of October 2018, clerical and administration staff in the building and construction industry are able to access training course subsidies previously only available to front line tradies, following eligibility changes announced by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ).

WorkCover Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Watson said WorkCover is committed to understanding the hidden factors that can influence return to work.

Staff in these roles will be able to access higherlevel vocational training to assist their career development with up to 75% of their training costs subsidised through CSQ. Eligibility changes to CSQ’s Higher Level Skills (HLS) program will allow administrative and support staff in the industry to undertake Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications to move into higher level and paraprofessional roles. CSQ Chief Executive Officer Brett Schimming said the subsidy eligibility changes recognised the important contribution made by staff supporting the construction and building industry. “Previously, workers falling into clerical or administration roles have not been eligible to access CSQ programs,” Mr Schimming said. “By including these roles, CSQ is able to support a much larger representation of the industry, and recognise the vital part that these roles play in getting projects off the ground,” he said. Mr Schimming said thousands of small businesses in the building and construction industry were staffed by employees who could benefit from the new training opportunities. “Small businesses in the building and construction industry are quite often familyrun operations with one partner managing the administration of the business while the other is out on site. “These administration managers may not be the face of the industry but they represent a vital part of the business operation of the industry.

“We want to support workers and employers early in the claim process to ensure an improved experience with better long-term outcomes for our customers,” he said. “By making a positive difference early, we can deliver excellent return to work outcomes for workers.” Monash University Senior Research Fellow Ross Iles said it is exciting to see the WorkCover pilot teams using the first elements of Recovery Blueprint. “Recovery Blueprint represents merging what we know from research about helping people recover from work injury with the real world practice of identifying injured workers’ needs and providing the best possible support,” he said. For more information visit Article source:

Permits and Inspections Needed for Temporary Structures Too Industry members are reminded that temporary structures must meet safety expectations and comply with all relevant Queensland laws. Temporary structures are used for a variety of reasons, including on construction sites and at public and private events. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has reiterated the need for licensees to meet their obligations, whether a structure is a temporary or permanent one. “These include site sheds containing food and beverage-preparation areas with sinks, and structures with toilets, showers and other fixtures for personal hygiene purposes,” QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said. In most circumstances, these structures are connected to plumbing and drainage systems requiring assessment and approval, including compliance assessment by local authorities under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (PD Act). The compliance-assessment process requires an application to local government for compliance permits. Work must not commence prior to a compliance permit being issued. Once the work is completed, licensees must ensure that local government inspects the work for compliance with the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003.

“Subsidised training that support staff can now access includes, for example, qualifications in small business, project management and workplace health and safety,” he said.

Performing regulated plumbing work without the correct licence is an offence under the PD Act, and individuals may be fined up to $1,305 per offence. Contracting for the work without the appropriate licence under the QBCC Act is also an offence, and a penalty amount of $2,611 can be applied.

The CSQ Higher Level Skills program aims to provide higher-level qualifications to workers in the building and construction industry so they can develop and expand their existing skills and experience.

A QBCC licence under the PD Act is required to carry out plumbing and drainage work in connection to a building.

To find out more about the 2018/2019 course offering, visit the CSQ website (

Information about the compliance-assessment process and how to obtain application forms is available at For information about submitting an application for the work, please contact the relevant local government.


Performing compliance-assessable work before a permit is issued can incur a penalty of up to $783 per offence, or the QBCC may issue a penalty up to $7,833 and licence suspension.

10 business

Are Business Expenses Getting the Better of You? See Our Top 3 Cost-Cutting Solutions to Get Your Profits Back on Track Have you ever found yourself looking at your bank balance wondering “where is my money?” You were confident you were making money but your bank account says otherwise… a big fat loss. The reality is, running a plumbing business accumulates a lot of additional expenses, and you would be surprised how quickly they can creep up on you. Years ago, we were in the same position with our plumbing business, so I made an appointment with my accountant to chat about our numbers. What an interesting meeting it was. We spent time discussing our statements, in particular the lines that sit under the heading ‘Operating Expenses’. In the end my accountant set us a challenge: to cut our business overheads by 20%. I was stuck on how to do this. It wasn’t like I could just completely say NO to items that were on those P&L lines. So I posed the question to my team and together, we came up with a plan of action. Here are our top 3 cost-cutting solutions:

1. Reduce Stock Massively Back in the day, we had a warehouse that stocked every material you could possibly ever need for our plumbing company. I thought I was saving time and money by doing this as we saved money by buying in bulk and my staff could complete a job without going to the supplier. The problem was, although the office was central to our work, it was costing money for the tradies to drive 30 minutes to pick up stock from the warehouse when there was a supplier 15 minutes away. We soon realised most of the materials we had on hand, we would never actually use. Most of it was collecting dust and wasting space and money. A bigger issue here is cash flow on the business when $XX amount of money is locked up in stock on the floor and not in your bank account.

So what did we do? We made a materials list of stock we wanted to be on hand at all times and sold all our unnecessary stock back to our suppliers. I urge you to do the same.


2. Develop a Material List So, I mentioned a materials list of stock that we wanted on hand at all times… In our process of reducing stock in the warehouse, we developed a one page materials list and distributed it for each vehicle. This list included the quantity and brand of each item they are required to carry at all times. Once a week, we get each tradesperson to complete a stock take. No more chrome tap ware rolling around in the vehicle getting scratched up to a point of no return! Plus, it prevented the staff from purchasing items they did not require. Absolute waste of money!

3. Negotiate a Better Rate To ensure we were getting ‘bang for our buck’ on our materials, we took the time to make a spreadsheet that included all the key products we used and requested price lists for every item from our suppliers. A meeting was arranged with our contact for each supplier with the intent to negotiate better rates on materials, and it worked! We were able to save a considerable amount of money on materials because we were loyal customers (and they wanted to keep it that way). Whilst it may seem daunting taking time off the tools to implement these things and only saving $200 here and $1,500 there, add this all up together and you could end up saving thousands! We challenge you to sit down with your accountant and have a chat about where you can cut costs. Interested in learning more about the critical subject of MONEY? Apart from increasing expenses, the majority of trade businesses struggle with cash flow due to outstanding customer payments. In the past, our plumbing business had $200,000 worth in outstanding payments. Visit to check out the exact steps we took to collect debt and reduce our outstanding payments down to only $10,000! Article written by Andrew & Angela Smith, founders of Lifestyle Tradie Group Pty Ltd.

legislation 11

LEGISLATION CHANGES A S / N Z S 3 5 0 0 2 0 1 8 A D O P T E D M AY 2 0 1 9 The below new editions of the AS/NZS 3500 plumbing standards were published by Standards Australia in June 2018. • AS/NZS 3500.1:2018, Plumbing and drainage Part 1: Water services • AS/NZS 3500.2:2018, Plumbing and drainage Part 2: Sanitary plumbing and drainage • AS/NZS 3500.3:2018, Plumbing and drainage Part 3: Storm water drainage • AS/NZS 3500.4:2018, Plumbing and drainage Part 4: Heated water services

ARE THE NEW AS/NZS 3500:2018 S TA N D A R D S A D O P T E D A S L E G I S L AT I O N I N Q U E E N S L A N D ? It is noted that the 2018 Standards are not adopted as reference Standards of the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) yet. For an Australian Standard to be adopted as a referenced standard under Queensland plumbing legislation, it requires the standard to be adopted as a referenced standard of the National Construction Code Volume 3, Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). The current version of the PCA is National Construction Code (NCC) 2016 and it adopts AS/NZS 3500:2015. It is anticipated that the new PCA, NCC 2019 will adopt the AS/NZS 3500:2018 when released in May 2019. Only after this occurs will AS/NZS 3500:2018 be adopted. There are multiple changes to parts one (1), two (2) and four (4) of the standards between the NCC 2015 and 2018.

CHANGES INCLUDE: PA RT O N E • There is significant re-numbering, including Appendixes; • Backflow prevention - fire services backflow protection requirements reviewed to remove the option of using ‘single check non-testable’ devices and to clarify that containment protection is required; • Plastic pipes in direct sunlight - amended and made consistent as appropriate with the relevant clauses in parts two (2) and four (4) regarding plastics pipes and fittings installed in direct sunlight; • Circulatory heated water - revised to provide Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions for the design, installation and commissioning of circulatory heated water piping systems; • Non-drinking water - section nine (9) ‘Non-drinking water services’ reviewed to address a number of issues; • Other general changes - technical revision to include general minor clarifications, clarify pipe separation from underground electrical supply cables, as well as improve the provisions for installation, testing and commissioning of rain water tanks; • Clarification of jointing methods – revised to simplify and clarify allowable methods for joining tube products; and • The use of soft solder is now restricted, excluding the use of soft solder on any new work.

PA RT T W O • There is significant re-numbering, including Appendixes; • Amendment two (2) to AS/NZS 3500.2:2015 to include a Deemedto-Satisfy solution for the installation of vacuum sanitary drainage systems; • Relining of pipes – Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions relating to the installation of structural plastic liners for renovating sanitary plumbing and drainage systems included; • Plastic pipes in direct sunlight - Amended and made consistent as appropriate with the relevant clauses in Parts one (1) and four (4) regarding plastics pipes and fittings installed in direct sunlight;

• Other general changes - changes to make improvements to the ventilation requirements, as well as various miscellaneous changes including corrections and clarifications to ensure consistent application of the Standard and amendments to the use of “square” junctions; and • A new appendix F.

PA R T F O U R • Amendment one (1) to AS/NZS 3500.4:2018, section six (6), the orientation of Solar Collectors has been amended, separating the requirements for class one (1) and 10 buildings from the requirements for class two (2) to nine (9). It provides a new option for class one (1) and 10 buildings to orientate panels beyond 45° east or west of true north, subject to being reliant on certificates issued by a third party (the Clean Energy Regulator); • Plastic Pipes in Direct Sunlight - amended and made consistent as appropriate with the relevant clauses in parts one (1) and two (2) regarding plastics pipes and fittings installed in direct sunlight; • Circulatory heated water - Revised to provide Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for the design, installation and commissioning of circulatory heated water piping systems; • Clarification of jointing methods - revised text amendments included to simplify and clarify allowable methods for joining tube products; • The use of soft solder is now restricted excluding the use of soft solder on any new work; and • TMV taps - amendment of Clause 1.9.3 (a) to include thermostatically controlled tapware as an additional Deemed-to-Satisfy option for the delivery of 45°C water. The standards published as part of the AS/NZS 3500 series are done to align with the new three year cycle of the NCC. The standards are primary reference documents in the NCC and serve as nationally applicable standards guiding the plumbing sector in each state and territory. MPAQ will provide members with further updates and information in the lead up to the new AS3500 release in 2019. For further information, please contact the MPAQ Technical Services team on 07 3273 0800.

AS/NZS 2845.3:2018 Requests for Public Comment The Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee WS-023, Backflow Prevention Devices for Water Supply have prepared the AS/NZS 2845.3: 2018 to supersede the AS 2845.3 - 2010. After consultation with stakeholders in both countries, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand developed this Standard as a joint Australia/New Zealand Standard. The objective of this Standard is to outline minimum requirements for the testing and maintenance of testable backflow prevention devices in the field. Comments are welcome on the technical content, wording and general arrangement of the draft. How the requirements of this draft coordinate with other Standards is of particular importance and you are invited to point out any areas where changes or additions to this draft may be necessary. Editorial matters (i.e. spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.) will be corrected before final publication. Comments can be provided directly through MPAQ by emailing MASTER PLUMBER MAGAZINE

12 feature


Uniting the Plumbing, Gas, Fire and Mechanical Trades

Trade Indust Confere

That’s a Wrap!

into the workplace. Attendees were given On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 an exclusive insight into Paul’s journey and September, at the world renowned as an Advanced Care Paramedic Plumbing Gasexperiences Mechanical Hydraulic Backflow Brisbane Convention andFire


and how there needs to be a greater focus Exhibition Centre, the plumbing, on the significance of mental health and fire, gas, mechanical and hydraulic it’s prevalence in the construction industry. trades andThe professions came Bryan, a field officer from Mates in trades and plumbing, fire, gas, Paul mechanical and hydraulic together to pull off one of the Construction, also touched on mental professions together to bring you one of the most most unique joint tradeshave basedjoined health and how the rates of suicide for The Conex Banninger prize winner was conferences in Australia. unique joint trades basedmale conferences in Australia. construction workers continue to be Brant Petrus from Coral Sea Plumbing

Keep Pace, Then Accelerate.

Proudly presented by seven leading industry associations, the two-day schedule Platinum Partners was jam-packed with informative sessions, Q & A panel discussions, networking opportunities and social functions, including a Spring Racing Gala Dinner and Aussie BBQ Lunch. This year, streams were designed specifically for each trade to ensure the speakers and content of presentations was specific to those areas and of the most relevance to attendees participating in that stream. Over 30 suppliers, manufacturers and service providers exhibited at the event in the trade area, with product demonstrations, competitions and hands-on activities conducted over the two days.

Keep Pace, Then Accelerate This year’s theme was about the importance of individuals and companies keeping pace in their industry, by advancing their skills so they can accelerate to be a leader navigating the changing trends. The program had a strong focus on topical industry issues with informative and innovative speakers. Keynote speaker, Paul Spinks, discussed micro-managing, how to inspire change and how to provide a tool kit that brings about purpose, direction, retention and meaning

consistently higher than the general male working population, and how there’s always more that we can be doing to look out for our mates. In a different direction, the second keynote speaker, Steve Keating, shared insights regarding the future direction of Brisbane as a leading city, with the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Development. As Executive Director – Stakeholder Engagement Special Projects Unit (SPU) in the Department of State Development, Steve covered the many exciting projects underway, with Brisbane airport’s new runway and a proposed cruise ship terminal to be completed by 2020. The development is expected to bring more than 2,000 jobs during peak construction and 8,000 jobs once operational around 2022, with a $1.69 billion annual increase in the Queensland tourism spend.

Thursday 6 Friday 7 Sep

Brisbane Conve Exhibition Centr

South Bank, South Bri Gala Dinner - place your bets!

Ian Savage, Townsville City Council and David Lutley, CBUS

Over 30 professionals presented across the two days and provided valuable insights into various areas of the industry. The committee would like to acknowledge and thank all the speakers who took the time to educate attendees at the event and provide healthy, important discussions in a collaborative environment.

Proudly Presented by

David Greenwood, Victaulic Australia

Proudly presented by


feature 13 Robin U Blind were the gala dinner bookies that made you want to splash your cash!

Think Different Business Program

To conclude the Trades Industry Conference, an Australian BBQ lunch was held in the trade area, proudly sponsored by the Service Trades College Australia (TSTCA). This part of the event provided the final chance to catch up with exhibitors and sponsors, network with industry peers and enjoy a smorgasbord of barbecue classics. ‘Trade dating’ was also encouraged where attendees needed to visit as many trade stands as possible to be able to enter the draw of over 20 giveaways! A special thank you to everyone who participated and all our sponsors and exhibitors that donated prizes.

The Think Different Business Program was hosted in conjunction with the Trades Industry Conference on Thursday 6 September. The program was uniquely tailored to suit business owners, directors and administration professionals in the plumbing, fire, gas, mechanical and hydraulic trades. Designed to get individuals thinking differently about their business, interactive workshops were held with a focus on social media and managing profit and loss. There was also a panel session with a wide range of industry experts covering technical, human resources, financial and debt collection topics. The program wrapped up with a unique networking function where guests experienced wine and food matching with an expert Sommelier.

That’s a wrap for the 2018 Trades Industry Conference, we hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves and will be participating in the next bi-ennial conference. The 2020 conference date will be released in early 2019 so make sure you keep an eye out on the MPAQ website ( or you can opt in to be contacted by emailing

Valuable Networks The conference included two important networking functions to provide attendees the best opportunity to get to know one-another and have an enjoyable time with like-minded individuals. The Spring Racing Gala Dinner on the first day was proudly sponsored by Emerson Valvcheq Backflow and delivered the goods in terms of betting, networking and plenty of drinks and food. With authentic horse racing and a live race call, Lou Zitall and

A special thank you to all of our partners for this event, without your support it would not have been the great success it was!

Shane Yourell and Peter Piroso, Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Michael Renton, Xact Accounting

Keynote Speaker Paul Spinks

Industry Panel - Philip Halton, Lindsay Walker, Michael Essery

G a la D in n e r b o o k ie s Spring Racing Gala Dinner

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14 technical

What’s the Link between WaterMark and the PCA? As a plumbing practitioner, are you aware of where to go and how to identify which plumbing or drainage products are appropriate for installation? The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) Part A (Suitability of materials and products) requires certain products to be certified and authorised through the WaterMark Certification Scheme. It references the WaterMark Schedule of Products, which lists the products and materials that are required to be certified in accordance with the Scheme. Products not requiring WaterMark certification are identified in the WaterMark Schedule of Excluded Products.

What’s the link? WaterMark is a mandatory scheme for the certification of plumbing and drainage products. It aims to ensure that these products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. To give legal effect to the Scheme, it is referenced in the PCA, which in turn is called up in the State and Territory Plumbing Acts and Regulations.

Want to know if a product is certified? The WaterMark Product Database lists products that have been certified and marked in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme. These products are recognised by authorities having jurisdiction as being authorised for use in a plumbing or drainage installation.

Quick facts • • • • • • • •

WaterMark applies to most but not all plumbing and drainage products. The PCA references the Scheme. WaterMark is a mandatory product certification scheme. Products are certified by WaterMark Conformity Assessment Bodies (WMCABs). The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) manages and administers the Scheme and also authors the PCA. A database listing all products that are certified and authorised for use in plumbing or drainage installations is available. A WaterMark certified product must be marked with the WaterMark and the licence number as listed on the WaterMark Product Database. There’s lots of other information about WaterMark available.

Looking to get a WaterMark Certificate for your product? Organisations seeking WaterMark certification for their product should apply directly to a WaterMark Conformity Assessment Body (WMCAB).

How do I access the PCA? Register at to get free access. When you register, don’t forget to opt in to receive emails from the ABCB. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with our plumbing news! Article source:


are you ready to


Don’t risk being non-compliant with the new Queensland Building & Construction Commission regulations. Only Zetco has the full range of WaterMarked valves to suit your requirements.

years 1968-2018 1300 659 639

16 contributions



Casual Employees Entitled to Annual Leave

Does a New Granny Flat Fall under Notifiable Works?

A New Risk for Contractors

Written by Ernie Kretschmer, Technical Services Manager, MPAQ

Written by Ian Heathwood Principal, McKays Solicitors

There has been a lot of focus on security of payments and project bank accounts recently, and whilst that is essential, it is also important not to overlook developments in the employment law space. One recent Full Federal Court decision could affect dozens, if not hundreds, of contractors and cost them a lot of money.

We have had a few enquiries regarding this over the past few months, with owners, builders and certifiers attempting to bluff or force plumbers into potentially doing the wrong thing. Granny flats are usually a standalone building erected adjacent to the main dwelling, initially intended for a relative (granny) to reside in to remain close to the family. These are fully self-contained Class 1A dwellings usually consisting of a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, etc.

In a recent Full Federal Court decision (WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene [2018] FCAFC 131), despite Workpac having paid casual loading throughout the term of a worker’s employment, the Full Federal Court held that the employee had been entitled to annual leave for the period during which he was employed as a “casual” and to be paid out that annual leave when the employment finished. The Court also held that he should have been paid out his notice period, again despite having been employed as a “casual”.

Section 6C of the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation identifies notifiable work is only applicable to plumbing and drainage work on existing buildings as they will have already been subject to compliance assessment by the relevant local government. Extensions to buildings other than class 1 buildings have also been excluded from notifiable work, due to the complexities of hydraulic design on buildings other than class 1.

Today’s warning, therefore, is that any contractor employing “casuals” need to check whether they are at risk of ending up in the same position Workpac found itself in. Contractors employing “casuals” are likely to have to pay out annual leave and a notice period upon termination of employment (despite paying leave loading), if they: 1. Have given the worker a firm commitment to ongoing employment;

A standalone/detached granny flat is not an extension to the original dwelling.

2. The worker works regular, certain and predictable work patterns; and 3. The reason you call them a “casual employee” is because of an award or an employment contract, rather than because of the nature of the employment relationship.

The initial construction and plumbing/drainage works associated with a standalone detached dwelling DOES NOT fall under Notifiable Works. This is also the case with prefabricated granny flats as they are also deemed “new construction”.

Working out how the third element applies can be a bit complex and you might need assistance from MPAQ or an employment lawyer (such as we have at McKays).

All new works fall under “compliance assessable” work and would require the usual form submissions (forms 1 and 7) and the associated inspections.

If you are at risk, you should consider changing the employment basis to part-time or full-time, rather than casual. Any such change would need to be formally documented in a proper contract, and this would be a good opportunity to start using the suite of standard employment contracts MPAQ (in conjunction with McKays) has recently developed, exclusively for MPAQ members.

Renovations to existing dwellings or granny flats would fall under notifiable works as long as the relevant caveats are met (i.e. not on a combined drain etc.).

For more information you can visit MPAQ members who have any queries about employee entitlements or the MPAQ plumbing specific employment contracts can call the MPAQ Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800.

MPAQ members who have any queries can contact the MPAQ Technical Services team on 07 3273 0800.

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Christmas Party Overview

Update on the Queensland Building Scene

Written by Kym Campbell Senior Human Resources Advisor, MPAQ

With the festive season and holiday break almost upon us, it is important to remind everyone about acceptable standards of behaviour at workplace Christmas parties. End-of-year celebrations can promote office relationships. They can also increase staff morale and are an ideal opportunity for management to thank their employees for their services throughout the year, but it is not uncommon for the festivities to get out of hand.

Christmas Party Conduct Overview Office Christmas parties are classified as work-related activities; therefore, employers have an ongoing duty in relation to harassment, discrimination, bullying and workplace health and safety. The rules that apply at work also apply to work functions, even though the activity is occurring away from the usual workplace and outside typical business hours. Employers can be held liable for employees’ actions while attending after-hours functions and, as such, all workplace policies should be adhered to by employees.

What You Should do to Minimise Risk To prevent complaints following the Christmas party, you should endeavour to take the following steps: 1. Ensure workplace policies and codes of conduct are up to date and have been circulated to employees. 2. Send a friendly reminder to employees prior to the party reminding them of their responsibilities – including that they are still ‘at work’ when attending the party. 3. Set a clear finishing time for the party. 4. Follow responsible service of alcohol guidelines. 5. Provide food and non-alcoholic drinks. 6. Ensure management lead by example.

Written by Robert Sobyra Director of Evidence and Data - CSQ

First, let’s look at Brisbane. The residential building boom that gripped the south-east corner peaked in mid-2016. At that time, we were starting around 30,000 new dwellings a year in Greater Brisbane alone. That’s nearly double our normal rate of building. It’s no secret that apartments were a big part of that story – they were nearly two-thirds of the pipeline at peak. Historically, the apartment share is around one-third. Brisbane’s apartment boom is now about half-way through its correction. Some projects are still coming out of the ground, but new starts will continue to thin until 2021. Meanwhile, detached housing and non-residential building projects continue to plug away. It’s often missed that houses also had their own little mini-boom during this last cycle. Housing commencements will probably soften a little from here, but nowhere near as much as apartments – approvals for new housing projects continue to flood in. Non-residential jobs are also set to make a strong contribution, with a solid pipeline of retail, education, office and industrial projects. Of course, there is much more to the state than its south-east corner. And if you work in regional Queensland, there is much to be optimistic about. It is fair to say that regional Queensland has been in a funk these last few years. That is finally turning around, with growth returning to most major centres on the back of falling unemployment and green shoots in the economy. Whether its Cairns, Townsville, Mackay or Rocky, we expect to see double-digit growth in building activity over the next few years. This means that labour will start to get harder to find in some areas. The Cairns market is looking particularly tight. If you’re a regional builder, now might be a good time to look at putting on that new apprentice. Contact Construction Skills Queensland on 07 3846 8700 for further information.

7. Make it clear that festivities that continue after the party are not endorsed by the employer.

What If Bad Behaviour Does Take Place? The most common workplace complaint post-Christmas party is sexual harassment and can include unwelcome touching and familiarity, suggestive comments and jokes, inappropriate gifts, and invasive personal questions. Employers should ensure that appropriate action is taken in the following days and in accordance with usual workplace policies and procedures. The best thing is to ask the MPAQ HR team for advice on how to handle this, as each case is different and may require a specific action plan. MPAQ members who have any queries regarding this can call the MPAQ Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800.


18 workplace relations

New Casual Conversion Provisions On 1 October 2018 a new standard conversion clause was incorporated into 85 Awards, giving some casual workers the right to request full-time or part-time employment if they have worked certain regular hours over a 12 month period. This clause could potentially have a major impact on small businesses who employ casual bookkeepers and/or administration staff. The Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010 and the Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010 have already had the casual conversion clause for some time; however, the Clerks (Private Sector) Award 2010 will have the new casual conversion clause incorporated: “A regular casual employee who has worked equivalent full-time/part-time hours over the preceding period of 12 months’ casual employment may request to have their employment converted to either full-time/part-time employment consistent with the pattern of hours previously worked.” You, as the employer, have the right to refuse the request in writing on reasonable grounds, including that it would require a significant adjustment to a casual employee’s hours of work or you can foresee their position would no longer exist in the next 12 months. There has already been a Federal Court decision handed down that has impacted an employer significantly and has resulted in the employer having to back pay the employee $21,000 in annual leave plus interest of approximately $7,000. If you are an MPAQ member and believe you may be affected by these changes please contact the MPAQ Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800 to discuss.


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Save Time & Stay Organised Conveniently record, save and email test results from your smart phone or tablet on site without returning to the office, direct to council and clients.


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technical 19

Queensland Law Reforms

Introduction of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 On 5 September 2018, the Queensland Government passed the Plumbing and Drainage Bill 2018 (Bill), which replaces the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (Qld) and introduces a new act of the same name - Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld) (New Act).

When does this take place? The New Act commenced on 19 October 2018. It is important to understand how the New Act will affect you. There are certain transitional provisions throughout the New Act to allow the plumbing industry to adopt these significant changes.

What is achieved by this new legislation? The key objectives behind the New Act were to: 1. establish a contemporary, streamlined and flexible legal framework that is clear and simple, protects the public health and the environment, and meets industry and community expectations over the next decade; 2. provide clear and easy to use regulation, reduce the regulatory burden and improve the requirements for obtaining approvals for plumbing and drainage work; 3. provide authority for making a contemporary plumbing code that will include all plumbing standards required to vary and complement national plumbing standards; and 4. regulate mechanical services work, including medical gas work, under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (QBCC Act)1.

How is this achieved? The New Act recognises and adopts the Plumbing Code of Australia (part of the National Construction Code) (PCA) and provides for the revision from time to time of the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code (QPWC). The New Act allows for the QPWC to vary from the national standards of the PCA so the regulation may be tailored for Queensland2. The New Act prohibits the supervision, direction or carrying out of plumbing and drainage work without the appropriate licence, subject to certain exemptions such as work classed as ‘unregulated work’ under the New Act. Tougher, scaling penalties have also been introduced for repeated breaches of these sections, which can carry maximum penalties of one year imprisonment and fines of over $45,0003. The maximum penalty will also apply to offences that involve grossly defective work4 or tier one (1) defective work under QBCC Act5.

3. a prohibition on individuals carrying out or supervising mechanical services work (unless that individual holds the required licence or authority); and 4. tough penalty provisions for those who carry out mechanical service work or contractors who engage persons who are not authorised to carry out mechanical service work. While the New Act now recognises WaterMark products (plumbing and drainage products that have been specifically manufactured and certified under a nationally recognised regime) in the Queensland plumbing industry, it also: 1. gives the government regulatory power to prohibit certain WaterMark products (for example, a product found to be hazardous or defective despite its certification) to protect consumers;7 2. prohibits a person to install a ‘thing’ as part of plumbing and drainage work, unless that ‘thing’ is a WaterMark product or is another product allowed under the New Act, such as if the ‘thing’ is part of an on-site sewerage treatment plant;8 and 3. prohibits the false advertising or misleading representations in relation to advertising a product to be a WaterMark product when it is not. MPAQ will keep members informed of any developments with the New Act and can be contacted on 07 3273 0800 for further information. Article written and supplied by Michael Burgess, Solicitor and Crystal Ray, Senior Associate for Construct Law Group. Visit for further information. see Plumbing and Drainage Bill 2018 Explanatory Notes at page 1. 2 see sections 8 and 9 Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld). 3 see sections 56, 57, 186 and 187 Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld). 4 defined under Schedule 1 of the New Act. 5 defined in section 67AB of Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991. 6 See sections 182 to 196 Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld). 7 See definition of ‘WaterMark product’ and ‘prohibited WaterMark product’ under Schedule 1 of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld). 8 See sections 65(1)(a)-(f) Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld). 1

Prompted by the Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital gas line tragedy, which resulted in the death and permanent brain damage of two infants in 2016, the New Act sets out various amendments to the QBCC Act6 that include: 1. a new “mechanical service occupational licence” class of licence; 2. a new definition of what is “mechanical service works” that includes work done to “medical gas systems”;

Construct Law Group is a boutique law firm specialising in domestic and commercial building and construction law. Their team of senior construction lawyers are dedicated to resolving building disputes so you can get on with the job.

Their services include: • Building contract advice • Advice on QBCC legislation and decisions • Building dispute resolution and litigation • Security of payment/adjudication • Subcontractors’ charges Visit their website for more information or call them on 07 3139 1874 to discuss your requirements. MASTER PLUMBER MAGAZINE

20 health and wellbeing

Brad Hodgkinson, Kelvin Slade and Ray Smith

Prostate Cancer Awareness

In support of this year’s nominated charity, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, three men from the plumbing industry who were diagnosed with prostate cancer tell of their experience in the hope that anyone who is apprehensive about being tested and checked will be prompted to do so. The prevalence of the disease is startling and no one is immune.

Brad Hodgkinson Licensed plumber and drainer (41 years)

Recently I caught up with Kelvin and Ray in Gladstone at a Services Trades Council Forum. We got talking after the forum and thought it would be a good idea to share, individually, our personal experience with prostate cancer. One thing we all agreed on is that it would be great if we could save the life of one of our readers.

Brad Hodgkinson with his wife Sandra

Here’s the message if you don’t read on: get your doctor to check your Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level. It’s a simple blood test that may save your life; it certainly saved mine.

Here’s my story. At the age of 51 I dodged a bullet having survived major heart surgery (another story for another day.) Given the law of averages of critical defects on the human body, who would have thought I would be faced at the age of 54 with an aggressive prostate cancer. From the age of 40 I visited my GP each year, where he checked my PSA as being normal. In the 14th consecutive year of testing, my PSA elevated only slightly from the previous year. With the slightly elevated PSA result, my GP told me to come back in three months with the results of another PSA blood test. Guess what? My PSA had elevated now to be a concern. I had no symptoms and would never have known that I had cancer without PSA testing. This was the start of my journey into an unknown future, hoping like hell that what I had was not a life sentence. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018

In the back of my mind I knew I had survived major heart surgery and this one was not going to beat me. I will say that I valued the discussions and support I had from my wife Sandra, family and friends in this time, as it provided a means of dealing with what I was facing. What followed was being referred to an urologist who performed many more tests, including ultrasounds, MRIs, biopsies and bone scans to find out the severity of the cancer and what type of treatment would be best for me. It will stay with me forever the emotion that Sandra and I shared after receiving the news from our urologist that I had an aggressive cancer. We both recall emotions of blind panic when we couldn’t even talk to the receptionist on the way out of the urologist’s surgery. However, as days went by, a little bit of rationalisation and clearer thought returned, and treatment decisions were made in consultation with our urologist and reading up and understanding exactly what I had. With my Gleason score ranging at 7, there was a moderate chance that the cancer was still confined to the prostate. With the different types of prostate cancer treatments available, my decision was easy. I chose to have a radical prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate). All went well with the surgery, with an outcome that the cancer was contained in the prostate (localised) and that some nerves were spared. No further treatment was required. The recovery time after this type of operation is about three months. My PSA level immediately after the operation and today is 0.0 ng/ml, which is where it must stay for the rest of my life. I did return for further surgery late last year as a result of having my prostate out; however, it was nothing life threatening. I now understand more than ever that prostate cancer survival varies considerably dependant on early detection and chosen treatment. I know three really good people who have had prostate cancer treatment, all with different outcomes, some good, some not so good. I wish them all well and offer my support to them as a friend.

health and wellbeing 21

Ray Smith

Plumbing Inspector, Toowoomba Regional Council, Institute of Plumbing Inspectors Queensland member

in doctors’ rooms, and meeting men who I knew, young and old, in my home town. In Brisbane I saw dozens more again of all ages. Eventually after much testing I underwent a robotic procedure in Brisbane and recouped over 8 weeks. I had been told that I had clear margins and didn’t require chemo or radiation treatment, which in itself was a great relief, but there are many items to deal with physically and mentally with this cancer. Fortunately, I had great support from Roma my wife and my family and friends. I was recovering and discovering that so many were not as lucky as I was, so I determined that I would be open to discuss my cancer so that others may get better outcomes through early detection.

Four generations of Ray Smith’s Family

I had been watching my Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) as part of a health program within Toowoomba Regional Council where I work. I was advised by my urologist that if you are active and use or ride machinery you can have a fluctuating PSA. But my father was diagnosed late in 2011 as having an aggressive form of prostate cancer and at this time he told me there was a family history. This was the first I had heard of it! So I informed my doctor and was referred for further tests, which turned out to be biopsied. I was told not to worry, that it may be nothing! You can imagine how a fit 52 year old male feels when he is informed he does have cancer, but it is small and slow. Deciding the next course of action was through discussion with my urologist as to what to do. I asked, “If it was you in my shoes, what would you do?” He advised that I should have it out, and I ended up going to the doctor he recommended. I spent a lot of time researching the doom and gloom on the net, sitting

Kelvin Slade

MPAQ Past President, owner Slade Bros Plumbing 6th December 2017. Three words I never thought I would hear, “You have cancer”. Disbelief, anger, apprehension, numbness are but a few emotions I experienced. At the time I was given the diagnosis I had my wife Mandy with me; we looked at each other and we both welled up. Telling the family, especially our two adult sons was not easy. The diagnosis followed an elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) reading in a blood test during my annual physical. I had no symptoms or any indication something was amiss. The urologist gave me three options: do nothing and see how the disease develops, have a radical prostatectomy, or have radiotherapy with the possibility of surgery in the future if radiotherapy didn’t work. My decision to have a robotic radical prostatectomy was easy. I chose not to research through Dr Google or any online forums. The information I relied on was given to me by the urologist, booklets provided by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and other men I know who have been through the ordeal.

Joshua, Mandy, Kelvin, Christopher, Harvey and Alicia Slade

The Toowoomba Council did an article within the council’s system as I fitted the demographic for most of the council’s employees and the plumbing industry. I can say that I know of four blokes personally that have thanked me for my openness and advice to them, and I know there are more that have followed up with check-ups and treatments. For me, now six years post-operation, I have a nil reading PSA. Some things don’t work like they use to and I have a few scars to talk about, but that’s aging. Life is great. I have travelled overseas many times, seen my grandson born and had many good times and made many memories with lots of people I call family and friends. And I haven’t finished doing that yet! The things I have learned on the way are to talk about family history and support others. Friends and family want you around and care about you. Start PSA testing from late 40s, earlier if there is a family history, even if it is a history of breast cancer as that increases your chances of getting the cancer. Early detection makes a huge difference in treatment options. The only person who will ultimately look after your health, physical and mental, is YOU. So look after yourself and, surprisingly, others will want to help. If you think it’s hard to talk to them just consider how they feel. I am glad I found out when I did and had the surgery when I did, because the post-surgery pathology showed the cancer to be more aggressive than the initial biopsy indicated. All this certainly puts a new slant on the words “life changing”. In September this year, I was given the news the cancer had spread beyond the prostate gland, and I am now facing further surgery to be followed by radio therapy. The news was difficult to take and took us a couple of days to digest. The stages of the experience are in their own way a challenge: the diagnosis, the period leading up to the surgery, the surgery, the recovery period and the post recovery period. Each step along the way presents a challenge both physically and mentally. Mandy has been a great support and a rock through the whole experience. Surprisingly, there was a lack of support from some friends and, just as surprisingly, I received support from people whom I never expected. I am proud to tell you that the moral support from the plumbing fraternity was fantastic. Hence why the three of us agreed to write about our experience. The advice given from the Prostate Cancer Foundation and my urologist was that keeping a positive state of mind is paramount to a good recovery. Keep a positive mental attitude, eat well and stay fit. This is where a support network is invaluable. That support comes by way of conversation, a normal conversation about anything but cancer. There is the odd occasion where you need to talk about what you are going through, after all its reality. To acknowledge it and accept it helps your state of mind. Some of you reading this will have a friend or a family member with prostate cancer, and to you I offer this advice: It’s not contagious! If you think it’s hard to talk to them just consider how they feel.

So there you have three personal stories told from the heart. Our sole reason for writing about our experiences is to encourage every male over the age of 40 to be checked, particularly those who haven’t been and should be. A simple blood test may well save your life. Go well. If you would like more information, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is there to help. You can visit or free call 1800 220 099. MASTER PLUMBER MAGAZINE

22 business

Are You Prepared to go Broke? The Importance of Asset Protection When setting up or running a plumbing business, it is important to be positive about how the business will go, but it is equally important to put systems in place to protect you, should the business not thrive. If you have assets you want to protect, it is foolhardy to not have protection in place. And this applies to all business owners, regardless of the size of the business or the assets you are trying to protect. The good news is, in many cases asset protection can be as easy as a quick 15 minute chat with your accountant or asset protection specialist. That way if the business does fail, you won’t lose the lot, including the family home, and hopefully this can help you avoid stress and pressure that can cost you your marriage as well. There will be more than enough things that will pop up during the running of the business you won’t be able to control, but asset protection isn’t one of them. The way we encourage our clients to think about asset protection is, scary as it may at first sound, doing what you can to be prepared to go broke in the hope that you don’t. Asset protection allows you to protect your assets from creditors through a number of different business structures, including establishing a company or trusts and applying a few other standard principles, some of which cost nothing to implement. The costs involved with establishing companies and trusts is within reach of most people these days and is the closest thing you can get to an insurance policy for your assets against your business. If a company goes broke, you don’t necessarily have to lose your shirt. There are some provisos on that, but in the main they are a separate entity and if something goes wrong, you can cut loose and walk away. From a bankruptcy perspective, trusts are unattackable allowing you to protect your wealth and assets by having them in the trust. You can have multiple trusts and entities. At a recent seminar I conducted, attendees were asked to answer a series of questions about the financial health and set up of their business. It was sobering to see that of the 20 people surveyed, 30 per cent said they did


not feel confident that their house and other assets were safe should their business fail. Alarmingly, only 30 per cent of those responding had had their asset protection structure reviewed by an asset protection specialist in the last two years. Strategies, such as having only one director of the company and the family home in your spouse’s name, allow you to protect assets from creditors. Something this simple can save you, your home and a great deal of stress should you ever have to liquidate your business. I’ll demonstrate with two case studies of small business owners I know - one with asset protection and one without. Both business owners went through the same stress of losing their business and going bankrupt, but one walked away from the disappointment still owning a house while the other didn’t. Bob and Mary were directors in their small business, which their accountant advised them to establish as a company. This meant all assets and trading was done in one entity, no security was taken over the business and the house was in joint names. Both Bob and Mary were directors and, therefore, both guaranteed all of their creditors. Tom and Jane owned a similar business and had also established it as a company entity. Both were directors of the business and the house was held in one name.

When both businesses failed, Bob and Mary lost everything because the business, house and assets were all in both names. Tom and Jane lost their business but kept their house because it had been in one name with one spouse’s ownership shielding the house from creditors. The one small difference between the two (the house being in one name) changed the final outcome enormously. Asset protection is one of those things that you can invest in or not both financially and in terms of time. If you are unsure whether you need to look at asset protection for your business, I strongly recommend you book an appointment with your accountant or asset protection specialist today. It may seem overwhelming, but I can promise you, it will give you additional peace of mind and a safety net should the worst happen with your plumbing business. For more information contact Xact Accounting on (07) 3124 8680. Xact Accounting offer exclusive discounted bookkeeping, accounting and tax bundles for MPAQ members. Visit the member benefits page at for more information. Article written by Michael Renton, CEO of Xact Accounting

women’s plumbing alliance 23

MPAQ’s Female Leader Awarded for Achievements as a Business Woman in the Construction Industry On Friday 19 October, Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) Executive Director, Penny Cornah, was awarded the ADCO Constructions Award for Achievement as a Business Woman at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Queensland Awards. This prestigious award was presented to Penny in front of over 500 industry peers who came together to celebrate the excellent work performed by women in the construction industry. This award recognises an outstanding businesswoman who plays a pivotal role in a company, partnership or organisation directly related to the construction, infrastructure and development industries, and makes a significant contribution to the creation, development or growth of a construction or development related business.

with members of the Women’s Plumbing Alliance Committee in attendance, including both female plumbers, business owners and office managers. A huge congratulations to Penny on this well-deserved achievement and recognition.

Cameron McBurnie from ADCO Constructions with Penny Cornah, MPAQ

For further information, contact MPAQ on 07 3273 0800.

With such a pivotal and high profile role, Penny identifies her key responsibility as heading the organisation that is the conduit between protecting community health and the environment. Penny is a strong leader in a male dominated industry and has earned respect throughout the plumbing community. She has developed strong relationships within the Queensland Government ensuring the industry’s voice is heard at the highest levels. Penny would humbly decline acknowledgment as a role model in the industry, as she doesn’t always realise the significant influence her behaviour has on others. She always displays a positive, ‘anything is possible’ attitude in everything she does, and is constantly looking for ways to make a greater difference. She has a clear focus on the development of the industry as a whole, not just the Association. This is clear in her roles on various boards within the industry. Penny is a passionate leader who is a hardworking professional with a practical hands-on approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results. The plumbing industry is particularly challenging and constantly evolving, but she is dedicated because she knows plumbers are hardworking and passionate people that make a difference to our community. She is proud to say her role is important for the development of the industry.

MPAQ hosted Rhonda Vermeer, Helen Paddon, Rachael Keiley, Alana Mulqueen, Rebecca Senyard and Jess Pasfield on their table, all of whom are licensed plumbers or apprentices



MPAQ President, Kent Vickers, said, “With her positive attitude, hard work and dedication, and drive to make a greater difference, Penny is an inspiration not only to the women in the construction industry but also to everyone that has the pleasure of working with her.” Penny is clearing the way for many women to follow in her footsteps and is actively working towards increasing the number of qualified female plumbers. MPAQ and the Women’s Plumbing Alliance was proud to support the 2018 NAWIC Awards,

Take the guess work out of excavating. Follow the 5Ps of safe excavation: ● Plan ● Prepare ● Pothole ● Protect ● Proceed

Lodge a free enquiry at Ashleigh Stonehewer and Penny Cornah from MPAQ hosted Women’s Plumbing Alliance members at the dinner

The Essential First Step.


24 safety

Tragic Death of Plumber in WA

Fund Raising for Ryan’s Family The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA and Vivian Plumbing have set up a Go Fund Me page to help Ryan’s family cover funeral expenses and other costs. Every contribution, no matter how small or large, will make a difference.

To donate, visit

Ryan William Duffus, a 26-year-old plumber, was tragically taken in a workplace accident in the Perth suburb of Mosman Park on Wednesday 17 October 2018. His life was tragically cut short after the trench he was working in at a Mosman Park construction site suddenly began filling with water and mud, believed to be from a burst water main. He became stuck, and despite the desperate efforts of his workmates to pull him free and other people who tried to fashion a snorkel from a pipe to breathe through before emergency services arrived, he could not be saved. WorkSafe is investigating what caused the Water Corporation pipe to burst and flood the pit at the Badge Construction site but is not releasing details publicly. Ryan and his fiancée Anita Condran had moved to WA about five years ago after she got a job at a mine. The couple became engaged at Christmas and were looking forward to planning their wedding, building a home and starting a family.

BUSSQ delivers strong long term returns, low fees and profits go to members, not shareholders. It’s no nonsense, straight talking super for you, your employees and family. To join our leading industry super fund call 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 69 2877) or visit The information supplied in this advertisement is general advice only and does not take into account or consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting, you should review the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to ensure you have all the information about the relevant BUSSQ product and how it works and consider the appropriateness of the information to your needs or seek independent advice from a properly qualified professional. Prepared by BUSS(Queensland) Pty Ltd (ABN 15 065 081 281, AFSL 237860) as Trustee for BUSSQ (BUSSQ Fund, ABN 85 571 332 201).


Described by workmates as “A great bloke to be around”, Ryan was a muchloved human being as well as a respected, highly-skilled tradesperson. His passing has left a gaping hole in the lives of everyone who knew him, especially his family, fiancée and co-workers. Article sources: • • identity-of-worker-killed-on-mosman-park-construction-site-revealedas-26-year-old-bennett-springs-plumber/ • • krawGJ427wjFCJxpzizfQdFcosT7pCaQ6_IcCcf-aIwFtEPaPrIulQFk

At least you can rely on a HiAce, come Monday. With its reputation for dependability, the Toyota HiAce is the one part of your plumbing business that will never let you down. Buy a Toyota HiAce through your Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD membership today and get a Gold Fleet discount of $3,450 on any HiAce.*

TFM2077 MPA QLD 09/18 T2018-010919

* Offer available on any HiAce model, purchased by 31/12/18 unless extended.

Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD membership details required to redeem Gold Fleet Discounts.

26 professional development

Have You Considered

Professional Development in 2019?

You’re a qualified plumber, you’ve got your licence, you completed your apprenticeship, and you’ve got years of experience under your belt. So why should you complete more training in 2019 and beyond? As a professional of the plumbing, drainage and gas industry, you have taken on the important task of protecting the health, safety and well-being of our community. With that comes the responsibility of ensuring that you are always at the top of your game, that you have the ability to do the work that is required of you, and sometimes that requires further training and professional development. There are certain areas of the plumbing trade that require endorsements on your licence. In this article we will consider two of them: Backflow Prevention and TMV.

Why should I do a Backflow Prevention course? A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower, etc. When pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze, or if there is unexpectedly high demand

on the water system, then such reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the ground, from storage, or from other sources to be drawn up into the system. You must hold the Backflow Prevention endorsement on your licence if you want to test, commission and maintain backflow prevention devices in water services. To get the endorsement, you need to do an accredited Backflow Prevention course!

Why should I do a TMV course? A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding. • The storage of water at high temperatures removes a possible breeding ground for Legionella. • The use of a thermostat, rather than a static mixing valve, provides increased safety against scalding. • The consistency of the hot water temperature leads to increased user comfort.


Both courses cover preparation for work, identification of testing and commissioning requirements, physical testing and commissioning of devices, maintenance of devices and completion of work finalisation processes. The courses involve lots of handson training and the small class size allows you to get the most out of it. MPAQ runs courses around the state, so take advantage of having this course on offer in your own backyard! Training may be undertaken by apprentices in the plumbing industry who do not hold a current plumber’s license. These students, however, may not receive the endorsement until fully qualified and hold a provisional or full licence. For more information about courses run by MPAQ call the Training team on 07 3273 0800 or email

Many TMVs use a wax element for regulation. They also shut off rapidly in the event of a hot or cold supply failure to prevent scalding or thermal shock. You must hold the TMV endorsement on your licence if you want to test, commission and maintain TMV devices in water services. To get the endorsement, you need to do an accredited TMV course. (air-conditioning) sector and fire protection industry, as well as post trade courses for tradespeople, technicians, designers and project managers.

The Service Trades College Australia (TSTCA) is an industry owned, not-for-profit, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that provides contemporary, industry-specific training and professional development for the plumbing sector, mechanical services

What do the courses involve?

The College operates from a state of the art skills centre at the Construction Training Centre (CTC) in Salisbury (South Brisbane). They also have a campus at Brendale (North Brisbane). They maintain strong links with employer associations, including Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland, the construction, services and resource

industries, as well as the Plumbers Union. This ensures their training is cutting edge and provides value for money. TSTCA excel working productively with industry to meet any skills shortfall by tailoring courses to meet the needs of employers. They pride themselves on producing job ready graduates that go on to enjoy successful and fulfilling careers in the service trades. Contact TSTCA on 07 3255 5698.

training 27

2019 MPAQ

Training Calendar

RTO: 30473 Version 1 - 2019


CPCPWT4022A – Commission and Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices^


CPCPWT4023A – Commission and Maintain Hot and Heated Water Temperature Control Devices^





14 January - 16 January


23 January - 24 January**


25 February - 27 February

Gold Coast

14 March


11 March - 13 March


11 April


8 April - 10 April


3 June


29 April - 1 May


28 June


13 May - 15 May


27 May - 29 May


10 June - 12 June




25 June - 27 June


30 January - 31 January


Design and Size COnsumer Gas Installations CPCPGS4011C Design and Size Consumer Gas Installations^

Estimate and Cost Work

CPCPCM4012A – Estimate and Cost Work^

Carry out work-based risk control

CPCPCM4011A - Carry out Work-Based Risk Control Processes





18 February - 20 February


6 June - 7 June


The above course dates are for the first half of 2019 only. For all 2019 training course dates and nonaccredited course information, please visit the MPAQ website.

ONLINE COURSE - Legal and risk management requirements

BSBSMB401 - Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business^

Accredited course required to obtain a QBCC trade contractor licence Member: $480 (GST Free)

Non-Member: $580 (GST Free)

FUNDING ASSISTANCE As a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) registered training supplier, we provide training that is supported by CSQ funding. This subsidy program is a Construction Skills Queensland initiative. A full list of the short course codes, titles and the maximum funding amount available to eligible participants can be found on the MPAQ website. Disclaimer: ^ Funding Assistance may be available * This course includes an online component that must be completed at least 2 days prior to the commencement of your course ** TMV Night Course will be run from 4pm - 8pm over 2 nights, if enrolling in this course all nights must be attended Dates are subject to change at MPAQ’s discretion.

07 3273 0800

PO Box 419 Acacia Ridge Qld 4110

11/243 Bradman Street Acacia Ridge Qld 4110 MASTER PLUMBER MAGAZINE

28 health and wellbeing

Aussie Mate’s Bold Fashion Raising Awareness for Men’s Mental Health Chippy mates Dan and Ed met on a job site nearly five years ago and instantly a friendship of laughter and mateship followed. After discovering they both could recite every word of their favourite movie, Dumb and Dumber, the hard work of a jobsite and the long hours were more enjoyable through a shared love of humour and an unwavering work ethic. Without warning, a close friend of Dan took his life in 2016. It was the first time Dan had been touched by suicide, and he was devastated by his friend’s tragic death and could see the indescribable pain and suffering it caused his mate’s family. It changed the trajectory of Dan’s life. TradeMutt was born. Together, Dan and Ed created TradeMutt, a social enterprise and an Australian Workwear brand consisting of brightly coloured work shirts that aim to make tradies, farmers and construction workers of all kinds, look and feel great at work. TradeMutt’s signature colourful, vibrant shirt patterns also have a more serious objective and act as a catalyst to starting the conversation around mental health in men - a topic that has previously been too challenging and difficult to discuss. In the past, men who admit to having mental health difficulties have generally been perceived as weak. Men are at least three times more likely to die by suicide than women and even more frighteningly, every day in Australia, almost six men die by suicide. TradeMutt’s aim is to take a light hearted and fun approach to mental health, with the objective of helping people understand that, like physical health, we all have mental health. There is a difference between mental health and mental illness, and through practicing mental wellness, we can be better versions of ourselves. Each right pocket of the shirts, feature the letters YNWA, which is a tribute to Dan’s friend and a reminder for anyone wearing one of these shirts, “you’ll never walk alone”. TradeMutt hopes that this can encourage the much-needed cultural shift in the Australian male to seek out and discuss any mental health issues. It is a well-known fact that if intervention is sought early, we can save more young Aussie blokes and effectively lower the rate of suicide in Australia. TradeMutt donates 5% of its profits to mental health and suicide prevention programs throughout Australia. Dan and Ed also travel to Queensland’s regional and remote farming and mining areas to present, educate and speak to tradies about the importance of mental health. People in outer regional, remote or very remote areas of Australia face more barriers to accessing health care than people living in major cities, making it harder for them to maintain good mental health. Remoteness is a major risk factor contributing to suicide, and the likelihood that someone will die by suicide appears to increase the further away from a city they live. TradeMutt is working with schools, communities, and local and state government to educate and raise awareness about men’s mental health. Learn more about TradeMutt and their colourful shirts at As a construction worker, MATES in Construction are there to assist you if you are having any issues. If you need to talk to someone, please call 1300 642 111. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018

lifestyle 29

10 Tips for Towing Your Boat Owning a boat is the ultimate freedom to escape, but the freedom comes with practicalities because unless you’re lucky enough to have a mooring, you’ve got to get your boat to the water. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll spend more time behind the wheel of your boat and less in your car.

1. Do a pre tow safety inspection

4. Room to stop

9. Practice

Give yourself ample controlled stopping distance to the car in front of you, as your car’s braking performance will be compromised by the extra load.

To build your confidence, practice before you head off on a busy long weekend. Take your trailer to a large open parking lot to get the feel of the extension of your car and the additional weight. Practice turning and backing up, as this is the manoeuvre most people find the toughest and most challenging.

5. Extra length Of course you’ll need a bigger space to merge into when changing lanes, and you’ll need a lot more space to overtake in as it will take longer for your car to get going.

6. Be considerate

Ensure things are secure in the boat, the weight is spread evenly and the outboard motor is secure. Check trailer tyre pressure, and see that all trailer lights work. Make sure the trailer is hitched correctly with crossed safety chains to the car.

Speed limits, especially on freeways, may be too fast for you while towing a boat. If you’re driving slower, be considerate, keep in the left hand lane and allow drivers to safely pass you.

2. Get extended side-view mirrors

Don’t remove the winch strap and safety chain until you’ve backed the boat down into the water. If you remove the strap and chain too early, the boat can slide off the trailer and cause all sorts of headaches.

They’re priceless when towing a boat because that’s all you’ll use when manoeuvring. Your rear vision mirror is useless, as your view is likely to be blocked by the boat.

3. Turn wide Make extra wide turns to avoid going over curbs with your trailer. Remember, your trailer has a tighter turning circle than the vehicle you’re driving.

7. Unhooking

10. Grip or slip The importance of tyre grip with towing a boat cannot be over emphasised. The additional towing weight will require tyres with greater traction to ensure the vehicle and trailer don’t slip on the various road surfaces encountered, especially when launching and retrieving from slippery, muddy boat ramps. You also need to make sure your tyres are in good condition. Article source:

8. Boat ramp ready At busy boat ramps you may only have a few minutes to get your boat into the water. You don’t want to be scrambling around looking for bait, hats or sunscreen with a line-up of boats behind you.

Three ways Cbus nails it Cbus super is set up in a unique way to give you benefits other super funds may not have. We deliver...


Outstanding returns over a 30-year history


All profits to members


Conflict-free advice

In 2016, super funds drew a total of $31 billion* in fees, according to a report commissioned by Industry Super Australia.


years of performance

“Not-for-profit funds, as a group, have systematically outperformed for-profit funds.” – Australian Government Productivity Commission, Superannuation draft report, April 2018

Guess who collected more fees from their members... was collected by not-for-profit super funds (including Cbus) was collected by for-profit super funds (including bank funds)

Industry funds only collect fees to pay their administration and operating costs. *Rainmaker Consulting Superannuation Industry Review May 2017

Cbus Advice Services provides information, guidance and advice about a broad range of super or financial planning issues. Cbus Advisers are here to give advice that’s in the best interests of our members. A number of professional advice options are available as part of Cbus membership.

The information is about Cbus. It doesn’t take into account your specific needs, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions. Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement and related documents to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Call 1300 361 784 or visit for a copy. United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792 as Trustee for Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262.

30 out and about


Russell Fingleton, Kelvin Slade & Mark Robertson


Jamie Cunningham, Stephanie Cunningham, Alan Cunningham & Luke Richards

Chris Stothart & Derek Kenyon with John Chapman from OzziKleen Local Member Fiona Simpson MP with Kelvin Slade, Past President, MPAQ David Kimber, Tanyon Hoffman & Tony Jacobs

Peter Senekal, Mitch Ferguson, Darryel Box & Somoe Ferris from Kimbos Quality Plumbing Service

2018 MPAQ

League Tipping Competition

Thomson Stephen & Scott Szucko with Jason Tolman from Viega

Congrats to our Top 10!

1 Rhonda Vermeer - 147 points 2 Tei Beard - 140 points 3 Gain - 137 points - stevel - 137 points 5 Plus passive fire - 135 points 6 jodiGrant - 134 points - Matt Boxall - 134 points 8 soren - 133 points - anita bidgood - 133 points - ian mckenzie - 133 points

Jason Searle, MPAQ with Luke Hilliard

Doug Kelly, Warren Hilliard & Luke Hilliard


Shane Andrew with Nick Moore from Saniflo

Bruce Fyfe from Construction Skills Qld with Local Member Julieanne Gilbert MP & Penny Cornah, MPAQ

Rene VanDenBerg with Trent Farleigh from Global Roto-moulding

Darren Dobson & Klaus Eiben

Kyle Bell & Robbie McGill with Chris Ferguson from Plastec


out and about 31




2018 Stalwarts Kent Vickers, Adrian Shackleton & Penny Cornah

Shane Williamson & Bernard O’Reilly from Zip Industries

Luke Jorgensen & Jason Parsons

Shane Gordon & Emily Lane-Chen from Reece

MPAQ recently held it's annual Stalwarts Function at Plumbing Industry House, where long-term members caught up and bonded for their yearly catchup. Thank you to all our attendees on the day for making the effort to attend, and we appreciate your long-term commitment to the Association.

Michael Ryan, Gil Crause & Steve McDonald


Robert Creedy, Lindsay Norris & Ryan Norris with Jason Searle from MPAQ

Craig Hill with Local Member Barry O’Rourke MP

Mackenzie Vella, Nicolas Magnussen & Wayne Magnussen from Plumb Plus

Darren Hoare, Danny Sypher, Brian Robinson & Luke from the Tradelink Team

Rob Roser, Wayne Coombs, Mark Richards & Craig Hill

MPAQ Board Members Pat Robertson & Kent Vickers with Local Member Barry O’Rourke MP

Metroll Roofing - Winning Golf Team with Stephen Purnell, Rockhampton Division Representative

Roser’s Plumbing Team

Rocky Golf Stats Total: 84 players Charity of the Day: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Amount Raised: $1,498.66

All the players for the Rockhampton Golf Day



Make your New Year’s resolution a dust free workplace. Hilti Dust Control Systems not only improve safety, but contribute to greater productivity. Dust particles generated during cutting, grinding, drilling and breaking operations contain small amounts of Respirable Crystalline Silica or RCS. Exposure to RCS should be prevented where practical as it can be harmful. Hilti products are designed to minimise dust emissions to keep you healthy. Silica is a natural mineral which is found in rocks, sand and clay, which means it is also present in bricks and concrete. A small fraction of Silica occurs in a sharp, hard Crystalline form. Particles smaller than 10 microns in diameter can be breathed directly into the lungs and can cause damage leading to Silicosis. This is called ‘Respirable Crystalline Silica’ (RCS).

The national exposure standard of RCS is 0.1 mg/m3 (in an 8-hour Time Weighted Average period). Hilti is committed to helping you reduce dust exposure and increase your productivity on site with tools and accessories designed to greatly reduce exposure to dust. We have a range of dust hoods that can be attached to angle grinders and then connected to a vacuum cleaner for chasing or cutting. You can also attach an on-board vacuum system to Hilti TE 4-A or TE 6-A cordless rotary hammer drills. It’s time to take advantage of all the benefits of Hilti dust control solutions.


TE 4-A22 rotary hammer in box + TE DRS-4-A dust removal system + 2 x 5.2 Ah Li-Ion batteries


+ gst


Offer valid until 15th December 2018 to MPAQ members only. To redeem this offer please email

To find out more, call 131 292 or visit

product news 33

Australia’s First Solar-Smart Electric Water Heater Revolutionising the Energy Storage Market Solahart, Australia’s original solar brand, has launched the country’s first solar-smart electric water heater – Solahart PowerStore®. The company says it has a dual aim: to offer a more affordable energy storage solution for solar power systems and to reduce energy bills. Solahart PowerStore is more than a standalone water heater, as it is designed to work with your solar power system, providing a more cost-effective storage solution than a battery. The Solahart PowerStore system monitors your solar power production and identifies when excess solar energy is available. It then diverts this energy to heat water, rather than allowing it to be fed back into the grid. “Put simply, Solahart PowerStore is like a battery, in that it stores excess power - only it’s in the form of hot water,” says Stephen Cranch, General Manager of Solahart. “It’s estimated that 1.8 million Aussie families have already installed solar power systems to save money on their energy bills. Many households today fill their available roof space with panels to generate as much power as possible. However, these larger systems can produce more power than the household needs (especially during the weekdays), and this excess power is then fed back to the grid often for little financial return. “That’s why we have gone one step further and developed the Solahart PowerStore system. It delivers hot water when you need it and uses your excess solar power to improve your solar investment. With a much lower up-front cost compared to a solar battery, it makes energy storage more affordable for Aussie families.” As an example, a family of four in Sydney using 25kWh of power each day with a 5.2kW solar power system could export up to 50 per cent of its generation back to the electricity network. To overcome this, they could install a Solahart PowerStore system and divert much of this excess power to heat water. If they had replaced an electric water heater on off-peak tariff 2, the combined solar power and energy storage system could save this family up to $1,700 per year on their energy bills.

HEMS compatibility Solahart PowerStore is also compatible with a third-party Home Energy Management System (HEMS) provider, which will help achieve even greater savings. Adding HEMS to a Solahart PowerStore system allows you to purchase energy when it is cheaper, use daily and seasonal weather patterns to predict solar generation, and spread the load of your high energy appliances like air conditioners and pool pumps. Solahart PowerStore is available now. Visit for more information.

Blueline: Bubbler + Bottle Filler Bubblers are essential in school environments as they allow children to stay hydrated. As part of Enware’s ongoing research and development for products that deliver water that works for life, they are excited to announce the release of the new Blueline bubbler and bottle filler range. Bottle fillers have become an important consideration for schools as it allows children to fill their water bottles. The new design incorporates a bright blue soft rubber mouthpiece with UV and bacteria resistant properties to protect teeth and increase product life. The gentle, tactile and high contrast lever with clearly labelled function, even in Braille, makes it easy to use for kids of all ages; turn one way to drink the other to fill bottles. To meet the high wear and tear demands of the school environment, Blueline maintains peak levels of reliability and performance. There are six different bubbler models available to suit upright, wall mounted and angled back (for troughs) applications, each available as bubbler only or bubbler/bottle filler combination. There are six important benefits for plumbers, which include: • Different models for different installs • Easy to install, with anti-rotation flange and screws included • Requires no adjustment • Vandal resistant • Easy to maintain • Anti-theft Enware products are made to last, designed to conserve water and reduce ongoing maintenance … following key whole of life cost principles. For more information visit

Kennards Hire Set to Jet Plumbers don’t have to buy a drain cleaning high pressure jetter when they can now hire one. Kennards Hire branches are now renting Aussie Cobra A jetters! The Class A jetters do not require operator certification under AS/NZS4233.01. This is a breakthrough for plumbers in efficient drain cleaning, with these powerful machines capable of clearing chokes in drains to 6” in diameter. This month Aussie Pumps, the pioneering company that developed the new jetter, rolled out a Cobra A Safe Jetting training program to Kennards Hire staff in Queensland. The course covered jetter application, safety and maintenance. “The Kennards Hire team were very open to the jetter training and were impressed with the ease of use of the machines”, said Aussie Pumps’ Operations Manager, trainer on the day, Hamish Lorenz. The Aussie Cobra A jetters have revolutionised the way plumbers clear drains using high pressure and lower flows. Professional plumbers now have access to these superior drain cleaners just by renting from Kennards Hire. The Aussie Safe Jetting training program will now be rolled out to Kennards Hire across the country. The Aussie Cobra A jetter is available from Kennards Hire branches throughout Australia. MASTER PLUMBER MAGAZINE

34 events


MPAQ Events Calendar February Friday 22 February

Women’s Plumbing Alliance Launch Brisbane

July Friday 19 July

March Thursday 7 March Thursday 7 March Friday 8 March Friday 15 March

Workshop - Women’s Plumbing Alliance Location TBC - FNQ Plumbing & Gas Trade Expo Toowoomba Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Toowoomba World Plumbing Day Celebration Brisbane

August Friday 9 August Thursday 15 August Friday 16 August Friday 23 August Sunday 25 August

April Thursday 4 April Friday 5 April

Workshop - Women’s Plumbing Alliance Location TBC - CQ Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Cairns

May Tuesday 14 May Thursday 16 May Friday 17 May Friday 24 May

Workshop - Women’s Plumbing Alliance Location TBC - SEQ Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Mackay Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Mackay Small Business Week Luncheon Brisbane

June Thursday 13 June Friday 14 June Thursday 20 June Friday 21 June

Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Townsville Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Townsville Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Gold Coast Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Gold Coast


Plumbing & Gas Industry Awards Brisbane

Womens Networking Function Brisbane Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Rockhampton Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Rockhampton Fraser Island - Family 4WD trip Fraser Coast

September Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Tuesday 17 September

Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Fraser Coast Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Fraser Coast Stalwarts Function Brisbane

October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October

Plumbing & Gas Info Forum/Trade Expo Brisbane Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Brisbane Plumbing & Gas Trade Expo Sunshine Coast Plumbing & Gas Industry Golf Day Sunshine Coast

November Tuesday 5 November

Melbourne Cup Celebration Brisbane

* The full list of MPAQ events for 2019, dates and locations are

subject to change. For more information visit the MPAQ website.

apprentices 35

Top Tips with 50 Years under Their Belt RT& DM Spring is a plumbing and drainage specialist on Brisbane’s southside. Started by grandfather Ray Spring back in 1967, it’s now grown to a team of 25, including seven apprentices. 51 years on we asked RT& DM Spring to share tips on what’s helped them grow in an unpredictable environment. Aaron puts it down to developing areas you specialise in, having an experienced team and commercial common sense. “Our team of apprentices help us provide clients with better value and train the next generation in our growing business. Everyone needs apprentices to pass the trade on to, but it’s also about getting the right balance commercially. Most jobs have tasks that require more than one person – our apprentices allow us to provide value to customers and still be profitable. Our aim is to offer the best training to our team and hold onto that investment when a full-time position is available. It is satisfying giving someone a job after they complete their apprenticeship. Jack is one of many RT& DM Spring apprentice success stories. He completed his apprenticeship with All Trades Queensland in 2017 and was given a full-time position as a qualified plumber.” said Aaron.


Aaron’s top tips for putting on an apprentice include: 1) Do they have a manual licence? Fewer people do, but all our fleet vehicles are manual. 2) Finding a good local team. Through peak periods our team can work longer hours, so we need a local crew.

With every new full-time apprentice employed through All Trades Queensland for 6 months.

3) I’d also recommend going through a group employer rather than managing it direct. We’ve been working with All Trades Queensland for over 17 years and it’s made getting the job done easy because they sort out the back-end stuff, doing all the interviewing and there’s a lot less paperwork. They also sort out the pay and give you a scalable workforce - that’s what group training is all about! When you hire someone directly you have lots of things to set up and don’t have flexibility with staff when work changes seasonally. If you’re considering putting on an apprentice, you can contact All Trades Queensland on 13 18 30.

Ends 5pm 31/01/2019. Available to QLD based host employers with a valid agreement with ATQ who host an ATQ apprentice on a full-time basis for a minimum of 6 continuous months. ^Subject to meeting eligibility criteria, ATQ will provide either a $1,500 rebate for any new 1st year apprentice, or a $500 rebate for any new apprentice who is not a Newstart 1st year. #Limited to the first 500 new apprentices. See for full T+Cs.

Article supplied by All Trades Queensland.


36 new members




Trish Fidow

All Trades Queensland Pty Ltd

Brisbane South

Doug Taylor

Alpha390 Finance

Brisbane South

Tom Baltzer

Baltzer Group Plumbing

Brisbane South

Paul Bambury

Bambury Plumbing and Drainage

Brisbane North

Jeremy Tsing

Brothers Lab Plumbing and Drainage

Gold Coast

Luke Carmont

Carmont Plumbing and Gas

Brisbane North

Zane Crawley

Crawley Co Plumbing & Drainage


Graeme Kaye

G K Plumbing & Handyman Solutions

Sunshine Coast

Jeffrey MacDonald

Jeff MacDonald Plumbing Pty Ltd

Gold Coast

Casey Godfrey

Miluca Plumbing PTY LTD

Gold Coast

Aaron Rivers

Parklands Plumbing and Gasfitting

Brisbane North

Rhys Evans

Plumbcall Harbour City


Darryn Liebenberg

Plumbing Connexion Pty Ltd


Lauren Brooks



Gregory Berends

Reggies Plumbing Service

Brisbane South

Gavin Drake

Repair My Hot Water

Fraser Coast

Isaac Arkadieff

Samsons Plumbing Pty Ltd

Brisbane South

Ryan Solomon

Solomon Plumbing

Brisbane South

Matthew Elson

Superior Gas and Plumbing Pty Ltd

Brisbane North

Adrian Shackleton

The Service Trades College Australia

Brisbane South

Jeremy Stewart


Brisbane South

Thomas Forbes

Tungsten Plumbing

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31 July


Membership of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) gives you immediate access to a vast array of products and services to meet your plumbing, business and lifestyle needs. Learn more about what membership categories are available and what the benefits available to our different members are at, or call the MPAQ office on 07 3273 0800.

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Barry Hage


Engineered by Experts Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction, our recessed backflow cabinets offer complete security storage to suit a wide range of single and dual valve applications.

LWG-CABHR Recessed Single Backflow Cabinet w/ 1x Model 375

Features & Benefits: • Suitable for 15-50mm single/dual valves (WaterMark Approved) • RPZ valves rated max. temp - 82 degrees • Ple-plumbed valve options or cabinet only • Inspection window w/ lockable front access panel • Vented slots to avoid condensation and 40mm waste connections • Adjustable mounting brackets for ease of installation Contact the experts at Zurn Australia for our full range of cabinets.




LWG-CABFR Recessed Double Backflow Cabinet w/ 2x Model 375 1300 00 Z U R N


S TA I N L E S S S T E E L |



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