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STC: New Regulatory Body Starts Work for Queensland Plumbers


Technical: Blocked Drains


Backflow: What Do You Need to be a Successful Backflow Testing Business?


Feature: Plumbing and Gas Industry’s Night of Nights


Feature: MPAQ Membership Survey


Business: Opening of the Queensland Government Office of Small Business


Business: How to lead your business through times of change


Insurance: Asbestos Liability


Workplace Relations: Changes to Annual Leave Entitlements That May Affect Your Business


Feature: MPAQ Out and About


Legal: When can an employee be dismissed for swearing in the workplace?


Legal: Renting Out Equipment?


Safety: Safe Work Month this October


Safety: Alarming Rise in Electrical Incidents


Partners in Plumbing: Introducing Mandy Slade


Events: Partners in Plumbing Melbourne Cup Luncheon




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| September / October 2016

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Editor’s Note Lisa Hilton Editor Welcome to the September / October issue of the magazine. Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Awards Presentation Dinner which was held on Friday 22 July in Brisbane. Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists that were recognised at this prestigious event. Please turn to pages 14 - 17 for a full write up including photos from the night. Safe Work Month is on in October, please refer to page 18 for details about upcoming forums in your local area. This year these forums are addressing leadership, culture and return on investment. Join Queensland’s Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke and a host of work health and safety experts, celebrities and industry success stories, and show your commitment to improving work health and safety. This issue also contains important information about changes to annual leave entitlements that may affect your business as well as an interesting article on swearing in the workplace. MPAQ has created a “Partners in Plumbing” group and has recently released a new “Partners in Plumbing” newsletter. If you have not yet subscribed to receive your newsletter please email to have your name added. For more details refer to page 30 and 31. MPAQ recognises that partners are the life blood of the business, working and supporting them is critical for their own development and for their business. I look forward to seeing you at the Melbourne Cup Luncheon on 1 November in Brisbane. We have hosted a number of events in the past two months, please visit pages 32 and 33 to see all the photos. We are currently putting together events and activities for 2017, if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please call 07 3273 0800 or email me: Welcome to all new members and congratulations to those reaching milestone achievements.

Lisa September / October 2016 |


executive 

Perspective Penny Cornah Executive Director

In my last article I talked about the benefits of membership. This issue I would like to focus on our Corporate Associates. Corporate Associates are organisations supplying or operating within the plumbing and gas industry who have taken up a membership with MPAQ. We encourage you, our members to build relationships and utilise the products and services provided by our corporate associates as they are actively involved in supporting our industry. To view or find out more about our corporate supporters please turn to the inside back page of the magazine for their contact details or for more information please visit, click on membership and then on the corporates tab. This provides a full list of companies supporting our industry. Corporate Associates receive a number of benefits and services for being an Associate of MPAQ but the majority of them join to give back to the industry that they are part of. I would like to thank each and every corporate associate who has joined and partnered with MPAQ. Thank you for all your support and commitment. Our corporate associates support a number of different events and activities that we run throughout the year. These include our PIPE’s, World Plumbing Day, Golf days, Qld Plumbing and Gas Conference and our Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards presentation dinner. Without their support we would not be able to host all of these events which are beneficial to the industry.

Changes since the last issue Since our last edition of the magazine, Australia has had a Federal election, with the results taking a couple of weeks to play out. As you read this issue Federal Parliament would have already had its first sitting with members being sworn into Parliament. The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland is part of Master Plumbers Australia (MPA) Ltd. MPA represents Master Plumber Associations across the country in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. We are the collective voice for the Australian plumbing industry and each association collaborates together on a National level. In recent months, the MPA has grown in strength, working on the excellent co-operative relationships that exist between member organisations. This has led to the adoption of a unified MPA policy position in the areas of licensing, qualifications and regulation. Our position is that MPA should strive to: • Provide a national perspective to both Government and industry; • Work together on national issues to provide a united front; and • Explore national opportunities for the Australian plumbing industry.

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored and attended our Plumbing and Gas Industry’s Night of Nights or as I refer to it the “Logies for the plumbing and gas industry”. The awards presentation dinner celebrated its 17th year with over 530 people.

I am fortunate enough to hold the Secretariat position for MPA, so I am actively involved in lobbying the new Federal government on a range of National issues that impact our industry. We are currently arranging to meet with new Ministers to advise them of the important work plumbers play in protecting the health of the community. If you have a National issue you would like to raise please call or send me an email.

The outstanding level of competition this year highlights the huge developments within the industry in recent times. As a profession the emphasis on further training and technical development of the workforce is now really coming to the fore and being reflected in innovative and clever approaches to work.

Ernie Kretschmer, MPAQ’s Technical Services Manager has recently been appointed as MPA’s representative on the Plumbing Codes Committee (PCC). The PCC is a high level committee that reviews proposed National changes for the industry and is organised through the Australian Building Codes Board. Congratulations to Ernie on your appointment.

MPAQ has hosted a record number of events, activities and regional trips this year. I think we counted 65 events in total for the year. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication the team put in to deliver these events and activities. Lisa Hilton our Events and Communications Manager is driving the team forward with her experience and dedication to ensure we can deliver quality outcomes to the industry. Supporting Lisa are her team members Stephanie McGuinness, Summer Adams and Alana Anstey.

Before I sign off for this issue, I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Esther Blest on her appointment as our new Assistant Commissioner for the Service Trades Council. The team at MPAQ look forward to working together with Esther and her team at QBCC for the betterment of the plumbing industry.


| September / October 2016

If you would like to contact me please do so on 3273 0800 or email


President’s Message Kelvin Slade President

For the plumbing industry it’s an interesting time of the year and an interesting time in general, in many ways. We recently held our Plumbing & Gas Industry Awards night, and what a night it was. I will go so far as to say it was the best we have run so far. That’s not just my opinion but one I heard from many on the night. It’s the only event of its kind in Queensland where we celebrate excellence in our industry. It really is a premiere event in the Queensland construction industry calendar. By the time you receive this issue our bi-annual joint plumbing and gas conference would have been held, and as always a very successful event with informative speakers. Our PIPE events are well and truly underway with the Hon Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works or as we call him the Minister for Plumbing attending a few of these events. This has given the Minister the opportunity to talk to industry first hand. In August we have seen the re-establishment of an industry dedicated regulatory body, the Service Trades Council (STC) with Penny Cornah being appointed as Chair of the STC. This is undeniable evidence of the level of respect that MPAQ now holds at all levels of government and industry. For this, Penny must be congratulated. As you can see, it’s been a busy and exciting time. Another great event put on by the team was the Brisbane North PIPE which I attended in early August. We had a variety of displays in the room, which gave me the opportunity to learn about new products and touch base with our existing supporters. Thank you to all of our exhibitors for your support and attendance. Following the trade expo we held a plumbing forum with representatives from all aspects of the industry in attendance including the Minister. At this point I’m unashamedly going to start blowing our own trumpet (so to speak), as these events are very note worthy and somewhat motivational. Now I can imagine some

of you saying “motivational? What are you smoking?” I say this for a few reasons, mainly because the awards night received support and recognition at the highest level. Penny’s opening speech at the awards night was very direct, very true and very well delivered. The Hon Mick de Brenni MP also delivered a very supportive speech and acknowledged how often MPAQ engages with him and his department. I must acknowledge the Minister for his participation at MPAQ events and his genuine recognition of the worth of the plumbing industry and its value to the wider community. I would also like to thank all of our sponsors at the awards night and in particular our Event sponsor Tradelink. Alan Ball, the General Manager of Tradelink, spoke briefly regarding the need to ensure apprentices are properly trained and mentored. This was very encouraging and well received by those in attendance. I made mention on the night and I’ll repeat myself here, where else do we receive recognition and acknowledgement for our work, for our contribution to the standard of living and the facilities our work makes available? At the PIPE event I mentioned, the panel generated good informative discussion including a briefing from the Minister. Following the panel session there was a great opportunity where several people were able to talk directly to Minister de Brenni MP, while representatives from the QBCC and local government made themselves available for private discussion and questions. This is the aim of the forum sessions and precisely why they are held. I only wish more people saw the benefit and made the effort to join in, they most probably would walk away better informed and the wiser for it. Attendance at events such as these, are run for your benefit and they provide un-paralleled opportunities to expand your network and your knowledge. Being insular never benefited anyone. Get out and about, get connected and reap the benefits.

Happy Plumbing

news 

Industry News New Assistant Commissioner to Head Plumbing Regulation Esther Blest has been appointed as the new Assistant Commissioner, Service Trades Division of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, said that plumbing, drainage and other service trades play an important role in protecting the health and safety of all Queenslanders.

New Chief Gas Inspector Appointed The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate, Department of Natural Resources and Mines – Queensland has been actively recruiting for the position of Chief Inspector for Petroleum & Gas (P & G). In July, Rachel Cronin, Deputy Director General, Mineral & Energy Resources (DNRM), announced that Mr Bill Date was the successful candidate and commenced in the role from 11 July 2016. Bill was previously the Executive Director of the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Compliance Unit and is well versed in the on ground impacts of the petroleum sector. The P&G Inspectorate has a broad base of experience across the sectors it’s responsible for. Bill’s leadership will add to the competencies of this team. Congratulations to Bill on his new appointment.

“The Assistant Commissioner will support the Service Trades Council to ensure the State’s plumbing, drainage, air-conditioning, fire protection and mechanical services industries achieve worldleading health and safety outcomes,” Mr de Brenni said. QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said that Ms Blest would bring extensive licensing and regulatory experience to the role, including senior roles with organisations ranging from Building Codes Queensland to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. “Ms Blest’s success while representing Building Codes Queensland in legal matters is one of many skills which will be invaluable in her role at the QBCC,” Mr Bassett said. “Her experience and abilities in policy development, investigations, compliance, licensing and dispute resolution in a variety of tough business environments make Ms Blest ideally suited to the challenges that arise in the building and construction industry,” Mr Bassett said. For further information visit

Bill Date with Penny Cornah, MPAQ Executive Director

Payroll Tax Incentive Doubled to Boost Queensland Jobs The State Government is doubling an incentive for Queensland businesses to employ apprentices and trainees as part of the Government’s drive to create jobs. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Government’s scheme offering a 25% payroll tax rebate for employing apprentices or trainees would be doubled to 50%. Ms Palaszczuk said the higher incentive would be available for 12 months backdated to 1 July this year and would also apply to all apprentice and trainees, including those hired under the scheme announced in last year’s State Budget. While apprentice and trainee wages are generally exempt from payroll tax, employers can claim the rebate based on the total exempt wages bill of any new apprentices or trainees they employ. For this financial year any employer in the state with apprentices or trainees on staff will be able to claim a 50% rebate. For some businesses, this incentive could make the difference between hiring or not hiring a young person and giving them a start to their career. Increasing the rebate to 50% doubles the benefit to employers, equating to around $500 to $1,000 per year per apprentice or trainee which again is money that is able to be reinvested into a business. It will help to tackle youth unemployment and allow the development of a skilled workforce to support economic growth for Queensland in coming years.

Esther Blest with the Hon Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works


| September / October 2016

For more information about the Back to Work Regional Employment Package call MPAQ on 07 3273 0800.


New Regulatory Body Starts Work for Queensland Plumbers Queensland’s plumbing industry now has a new dedicated regulatory body made up of experts who hail from industry organisations, union and government. The Service Trades Council (STC) will give the plumbing industry a voice again and replaces the disbanded Plumbing Industry Council (PIC). Minister for Housing and Public Works the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP said the establishment of the STC fulfils another election commitment. Congratulations to Penny Cornah who has been appointed as Chair of this important regulatory body. “The STC delivers on the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to strengthen the plumbing industry and help continue to strive for high quality plumbing standards,” Minister de Brenni said.

Minister de Brenni said the decision to establish the STC followed a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process and strong industry support including from the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland and the Queensland Plumbers Union. “The STC, now with full legislative support, will continue the work undertaken since December 2015 by the Interim STC,” he said. The confirmed members and deputy members of the STC are as follows: • Penny Cornah, Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (chairperson) • Janet Cumming, Queensland Health (deputy chairperson) • Sharon Simmers, Department of Justice and Attorney-General

“It’s been recognised time and time again that plumbing is essential to ensure the protection of public health and safety. It keeps our sewerage and drainage systems operating hygienically, and gives us access to a clean water supply.”

• Catherine McCahon, Department of Housing and Public Works

The plumbing industry regulatory body would have a number of critical roles. The government will be able to draw on members’ expertise regarding policy development around licensing, discipline and dispute resolution, as well as general issues relating to plumbing and drainage.

• Andrew Hickman, National Fire Industry Association

The STC will be able to consider complex licensing applications, such as when workers enter the industry with international qualifications. It also has the power to undertake internal reviews of disciplinary decisions made by the QBCC. This, for example, means if a licensee is not satisfied with a penalty received for a disciplinary matter they can have the decision reviewed independently.

• Ray Smith, The Institute of Plumbing Inspectors Queensland

Town & Country

• Bradley Hodgkinson, Local Government Association of Queensland • Gary O’Halloran, Plumbers Union Queensland • Linda Bradley, Department of Education and Training • Graham MacKrill, Air-conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association • Esther Blest, Queensland Building and Construction Commission For more information please call Penny at MPAQ on 07 3273 0800. Above image: The New Service Trades Council Board, with the Hon Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works.

Pumps & Pipes “Keeping it Green”

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Authorised dealers and service agents for most major brands On site & workshop repairs


t(07) 3289


September / October 2016 |


technical 

Blocked Drains Article written by Ernie Kretschmer

Some readers may find this article slightly controversial and it is not my intention to try and teach you to “suck eggs”, these tips are in direct response to legitimate questions, queries and issues the technical department quite often receive in regards to blocked drains, so I thought we would put together some do’s and don’ts in regards to blocked drains using standard electric machine and cables. Also, I am writing this article with some tips from my father Ernie Snr who has a countless amount of experience, so in this article you get two Ern’s for the price of one… This information is intended for standard 100mm – 150mm drain but may apply to both smaller and larger applications: 99% of the time these can be cleared with an electric cable machine as opposed to a jet rodder.

DO’s: •

Always start with a small cutter

o This will reduce the chances of the cables getting stuck

Try and gain access to the drain via a vent, stack or IO – avoid traps (DG / ORG) if possible (ALWAYS AVOID PVC TRAPS) •

Make sure you have water available

o Both to act as a lubricant on your hands and a visual indicator when the drain clears •

Reverse pulls the cables in

o Due to the winding of the cables, reverse pulls into the drain and forward winds cables out (CAUTION – Reverse puts the most strain on cable windings and fittings) •

Blocked drains are easier with two

o Whilst by no means a necessity – having two people makes locating drains, cables and blockages much easier o Many hands make light work – Machines and cables are heavy •

Grease can be tedious

o Drains blocked with grease can be cleared with repeatedly passing the cable and cutter through the blockage (this can take some time) •

The above analogy is to outline the views of a divided industry. A percentage of the plumbers I talk to believe when clearing a blocked drain, if they get their machine stuck / broken it is their fault and they take it upon themselves to retrieve the cable or dig up the drain, sometimes in consultation with the owner to repair the cause of the stuck cable at the same time. The remaining percentage of the industry believe that the cable got stuck / broken because of the poorly maintained drain and is therefore the owner of the drains fault and charge accordingly. I sit firmly within the first group.

Getting Stuck: If you feel the cables binding and getting stuck, it’s best to back off immediately and slowly ease onto the blockage, slowly cutting it away (remember brute force is not your friend). If your cables do get stuck, there are various things you can try to free them up, but if they are stuck solid the best thing you can do is locate the pipe, dig up the drain and try and free / clear the drain from a closer location to the blockage. (The closer to the blockage you are the more torque the machine cutter has).

Broken Pipes: Broken pipes are the responsibility of the property owner. It is the owners perogative to clear the drain only as required (3/6/12 monthly) or they may opt to have the damaged section repaired at time of clearing.

Leave cables in the cable carrier

o If you have to access the drain from inside (by removing the pan) – this will minimize mess. The rear guide hose will also assist

Don’ts: •

Last week I had to put my car in for a service, about two hours later I received a call from the mechanic advising whilst doing something mechanical (as mechanics do) he dropped and lost a socket inside the engine which took 6 hours to pull apart and remove… Should I be charged for this work?

Don’t put 10+ cables down a drain via a tight ORG / DG

Broken Cables: I contend that if a cable gets stuck, it is the operator’s responsibility to remove it from the drain (as mentioned above) as this is all part of a blocked drain. I have always looked on broken cables as the operators responsibility as the tradesperson, therefore not the owners problem.

o This puts excess stress on the cables as they pass through the trap – the longer the cable the less torque at the cutting head (longer cables get stuck easier) •

Don’t try and free stuck cables with brute force

o This will lead to cable damage / breaks

Don’t just throw your cables down a drain – use caution and approach a blockage slowly

Due to the winding of the cables, reverse is when the cable is at its weakest. If you do need to reverse into a drain try and attack the blockage in forward gear


| September / October 2016

These are just a few tips in regards to blocked drains that really only scratches the surface of many years in the field. If you have any technical topics you would like to discuss, tips for future issues or any feedback please contact me on 07 3273 0800 or email

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Is it worth the risk? With Zetco’s new range of tested DZR brass swing check valves, licenced plumbers can be assured that they are fulfilling the requirements of AS 3500. Available now in sizes 15mm to 100mm. Full specifications are available at

IAPMO WM-022360 AS 1628


Quality ISO 9001

Innovative Valve Solutions

1300 659 639 January / February 2016 |


backflow 

What do you need to be a successful backflow testing business? Backflow prevention testing has been a common area where the astute plumber can focus his energies and develop a successful and prosperous business. There are many examples of these companies across Australia but what makes them so different to you? They are a plumber, they have their backflow endorsement, they have the equipment and they have the desire…..., BUT…... they have some other things too.

Tools of Trade

The following are things that will give you an advantage and help you build that successful business.

The successful testers tell me that their most important tool is their data base. It has their customer’s details and has been built over the years. They have software that gives them the edge. It logs the appointment, shows the test time, date, location etc. It sends the reports to the customer and the authority, it sends the invoice and then sends out follow up letters at a future date to remind the customer that the test is due again. Also, they always leave a test tag on the device with the date of test and their details so the customer has an easy way to contact you should something go wrong.

Professional approach Does your company name reflect what you do? A name that tells your prospective customers what you do gives them the feeling they are getting a specialist. For example, a company name like East Coast Backflow Testing and Maintenance stands out over something like Fred’s Plumbing. How do you look when you turn up on the site? Neat clean and in a uniform or corporate clothing showing the company name? Is your vehicle in good shape? All these things reflect on you personally and gives confidence to the customer.

Skill Levels What do you know about backflow preventers? Have you done any further skills development since you received your endorsement or your last revalidation? Take the time to learn about the models on the market. Be able to identify them and understand how to dismantle and reassemble them. Every manufacturer has built in various features and benefits that when known by you will allow you to identify the best option and most suitable item for your customer. Take advantage of any training that is available to upskill you on the industry. Join the relevant industry association and get involved so you can mix with your peers and learn from the people who can teach you.

Having a backflow test gauge, regularly calibrated and serviced is the basic tool you will need, but what about the tools that will make you efficient? How do you log your customers? How do you log your reports? What follow up process have you got so you can keep on top of your previous jobs and quotes?

Attitude If you struggle to get out of bed and turn up looking like death, the customer won’t call you again. Focus on the positive and look for the opportunities as they present themselves. By getting your skills up and knowing which valve is which will instil greater confidence in you and this will be obvious to your customer. People like dealing with friendly helpful people, how do you appear to your customer?

Provide first class customer service Make it easy for your customer to find you, contact you, approach you and pay you. In a world full of hassles, if it is easy for your customer, they will use you again. Nothing is easy and success won’t come to you by waiting for it. If you apply these few simple concepts to your business and be consistent in following the process, you will be able to build a strong successful backflow prevention testing business and be one of the few who really do succeed.

(Peter McLennan has been involved with Backflow Prevention in Australia since the late 1980s. He is the President of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc., and Secretary of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. Queensland Chapter. Visit to find out more about how the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. can help you understand Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention.)


| September / October 2016

September / October 2016 |


feature 

Plumbing and Gas Industry’s

Night of Nights Over 530 people united at the annual Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards Presentation dinner. This prestigious event was held on Friday 22 July at the Royal International Convention Centre, in Brisbane. Several VIP guests attended the event including the Hon Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works, Michael Hart MP, Shadow Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply, Stephen Bennett MP, Shadow Minister for the Department of Housing and Public Works and Mr Brett Bassett, Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The event hosted by Channel 9’s Eva Milic, celebrated the outstanding achievements of apprentices, and honoured those plumbers, gas fitters, individuals and hydraulic consultants who provided exceptional work to their clients. The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland is proud to present this event which acknowledges the great achievements of our industry, for the 17th year in a row.

The outstanding level of competition this year highlights the huge developments within the industry in recent times. As a profession the emphasis on further training and technical development of the workforce is now really coming to the fore and being reflected in innovative and clever approaches to work. Penny Cornah, MPAQ’s Executive Director


| September / October 2016


Sponsors Event Sponsor

award Sponsors


Special thanks to Tradelink, our Event Partner for partnering with us to deliver this special event that celebrates our industry’s finest in plumbing and gas. Thank you to Alan Ball, General Manager for Tradelink for delivering important messages around training and representation.

A special thanks to all our sponsors for this event:




September / October 2016 |


feature 

The Hon. Mick de Brenni MP and Penny Cornah with the 2016 award winners

AHSCA Qld Hydraulic Consultant of the Year Sponsor: Chris Tritton, AHSCA Winner: Paul McKenna, Brisbane

Australian Industry Trade College School Based Apprentice of the Year Sponsor: Olivija Komadina, AITC Winner: Mitchell Rennie-Sia, Brisbane


| September / October 2016

Plumbe rs’ Unio n Queen Employ sland ee of th Winner: e Year Allan Afo nso, Go ld Coas t

BERT Industry Leadership Award Sponsor: John Shenfield, BERT Winner: Dale Robinson, Bundaberg

Andrea Vogler Women in Business Award Presented by: Rebecca Senyard, The Plumbette Winner: Jody Monaghan, Dalby

Queensland Building and Construction Commission Women in Plumbing and Gas Award Sponsor: Brett Bassett, QBCC Winner: Carlie Low, Brisbane


BUSSQ 3rd Year Apprentice of the Year Sponsor: Troy Wolter, BUSSQ Winner: Christopher Powell, Brisbane

Construction Skills Queensland Merv Harris Memorial Bursary Award Sponsor: Stacey Ozolins, CSQ Winner: Linken Brown, Brisbane

Services Trades Queensland Major Contractor of the Year Sponsor: Adrian Shackleton, Service Trades College Winner: Christopher Contracting Pty Ltd (Brett Slingsby), Gold Coast

al Award Technic l a ti n e id and Res erston, CBUS omestic lk CBUS D onsor: Glen Ha g & Gas Sp Plumbin swich k ic v ra G ), Ip Winner: Vickers nd Kylie (Grant a

Reece Apprentice of the Year Sponsor: Sam Ansell, Reece Winner: David Lowry, Brisbane

WFI Busin ess Start er Award Sponsor: . Tui Steel, Winner: WFI Plumbin (Greg Be g Logix P nce and ty Ltd Jason Ve ness), Bri sbane

QLeave Commercial and Industrial Technical Award Sponsor: Brent Fewkes, QLeave Winner: Central Queensland Plumbing, Rockhampton


Queensland Gas Association Commercial and Industrial Gas Installation of the Year Sponsor: Darrel Vecchio, QGA Winner: James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd (Justin Giles), Goomeri

Department of Housing and Public Works Environmental Company of the Year Presented by: The Hon. Mick de Brenni MP Winner: Christopher Contracting Pty Ltd (Peter Sowry), Gold Coast

simPRO Service Excellence Award Sponsor: Ash Parrott, simPRO Winner: Central Queensland Plumbing (Ben Crew), Rockhampton

Tradelink Industry Mentor of the Year Sponsor: Daniel Roberts, Tradelink Winner: Jim Mahon, Brisbane September / October 2016 |


feature 

MPAQ Membership Survey The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland has been in operation now for over 115 years. In that time, the plumbing, gas and drainage industry has seen some dramatic changes in terms of new products, legislation, technology, consumer demand and general business conditions. The best way for MPAQ to prepare for the future is to find out what our members and those plumbers / gas fitters who are not members think about us as an Association and what we do for the industry. In July 2016, MPAQ conducted two robust market research programs – one of our members, and one of non-members throughout Queensland. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the results of this feedback.

For non-members...

It was important to find out why they were not members The results included: They don’t know what MPAQ do Unsure what they would get for their membership Too busy to think about joining Don’t see the need Interestingly, when these non-members were given information about the services that MPAQ now offers, more than 50% acknowledged that they hadn’t looked into how much was on offer and had no idea about the convenience of monthly payment plans available for membership. • • • •

For members...

We wanted to know what activities and services they considered to be important

Very clearly, it is the elements of information and assistance on-demand that are the primary reasons for joining our Association.

We wanted to know why they joined MPAQ


| September / October 2016


MPAQ Membership Survey (cont’d) These results highlight the importance of MPAQ communicating as clear as possible what services we offer and how being a member with our organisation will greatly benefit businesses. By far the most frequent responses were technical information, guidance and assistance with HR and to support the plumbing and gas profession. These were also the highest ranked responses when asked why members have retained their membership. For MPAQ though, it means that we will be re-focusing our communications – not just on the content, but also on how we communicate with our members. We are investing in online forums, webinars, videos and face to face regional meetings. The aim is to improve both the quantity and the quality of our touch-points with members.

For members and non-members – We asked both groups for their perceived / actual biggest benefit of being a part of MPAQ. The results were: 1. Professional advice 2. Information 3. Training 4. Benefits We also asked both groups what MPAQ should be doing better. The results ranked as: •

One-on-one attention / interaction

More information – plumbing products, road testing, gas, roofing, etc.

Plumbing specific tools – i.e. contracts

Stop illegal plumbing work

There were several proposals raised for additional services that MPAQ might consider offering. These included:

1. Certegy No Interest Ever Payment Plans •

More than 50% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

More than 65% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

Certegy is now in place and is a very active partner with MPAQ. The take up rate for our current members is exceptional and is growing daily. Clearly this initiative is helping plumbers with their cash flow and in securing business with consumers for hot water systems, solar systems and other expensive purchases.

2. Online Business Training •

Nearly 80% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

More than 55% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

MPAQ have commenced its transition to a new Customer Relationship Management software system which will greatly improve not only our record keeping, but our communications through our website, online training, emails and reporting.

3. Free Access to Standards •

Over 95% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

More than 85% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

This process has already been initiated with SAI Global, and if we are successful in lobbying to get this access for our members, it will be a major coup and dramatically increase the value of being a member of MPAQ.

4. Group Apprenticeship Scheme •

Over 60% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

Just under 60% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

Although trialled some years ago, it was worth revisiting due to the fact that MPAQ wants to encourage more plumbing apprenticeships into the industry. By being a more integral part of the apprenticeship process, MPAQ might be able to influence the growth of apprenticeships in Queensland. This initiative will be investigated further in the coming months.

5. Online Business Support •

Over 70% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

Just under 55% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

This is clearly the future for education and information – having data, resources and advice on hand and on demand. This will of course require significant development of both the content and medium, and is linked to the new CRM software outlined earlier. But it is an important step and will be undertaken as we progress in the coming months.

6. 24/7 Telephone Support •

Over 50% of members thought this was an excellent initiative

Just under 55% of non-members thought this was an excellent initiative that might strongly influence their decision to join MPAQ

Most plumbing activities occur during business hours, but often it is the more complex planning / investigative queries along with the back office queries where plumbers do their paperwork when they get home each day that perhaps MPAQ can be of service. To operate an after-hour call support centre will be costly, and demand for such a service would need to be investigated further, but it clearly has some merit in the plumbing community. Overall, the data provided is invaluable to MPAQ, as this tells us our future direction and where we need to focus. Our sincerest thanks to all of our members and non-members who gave up their valuable time to contribute their thoughts and ideas. MPAQ is an organisation driven by and for its members, so your feedback is so very important to us. Once again thank you very much, and please watch this space as we prepare MPAQ for the long-term future prosperity of both the Association and its members. September / October 2016 |


business 

Queensland Government Office of Small Business Opening The Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 identified the formation of the Office as key to delivering stronger advocacy, connecting businesses and empowering them to work smarter. The Office of Small Business will lead the implementation of the Strategy, as well as collaborate with small businesses to deliver outcomes that matter. It will achieve this by:

AQUABLEND™ 1500 with Thermal Flush

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Making it easier for small businesses to interact with government, by working proactively across government to reduce duplication and achieve better co-ordination and connectivity regarding services, customer interactions, procurement, policy development and program development and delivery.

Streamlining regulations and work with industry on concerns, by supporting the Queensland Government’s Small Business Advisory Council and the Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council and strengthening relationships with key stakeholder groups.

Ensuring the views and concerns of small businesses are heard, by appointing a Small Business Champion to liaise with all levels of government and ensure Queensland is providing input into the national small business agenda.

Making it easier for small businesses to access the tools, resources and services they need, by providing them online through the Business Queensland online portal (Business and Industry Portal).

Helping small businesses to drive business growth, harness innovation and build digital capacity, by developing and implementing targeted programs such as:


Accelerate Small Business Grants - grants of up to $10 000, matched by recipients, to help small businesses to achieve their high growth and employment aspirations.


Small Business Digital Grants - grants of up to $10 000, matched by recipients, to help small businesses enter the digital economy or build their digital capabilities.


Small Business Entrepreneur Grants - grants of up to $5000, matched by recipients, to start new and home- based businesses.

o Mentoring for Growth program - panel mentoring sessions to assist with business growth and innovation. At MPAQ we work side by side with our member businesses, the significant majority of whom are small businesses, to help them advance and grow, to meet their various goals. MPAQ welcomes the opening of an Office of Small Business and supports the Government to assist our members growth. The Office of Small Business will be instrumental in achieving the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 to work proactively across the Government to attain better coordination and connectivity. MPAQ have requested the opportunity to meet with the Minister for Small Business, the Hon Leeanne Enoch MP to discuss how our membership contractors may be further involved. The Minister has accepted our invitation and we look forward to meeting with her soon. For more information please contact MPAQ on 07 3273 0800.


| September / October 2016


How to lead your business through times of change Top tips to help you lead your business successfully through the change management process…

Create a change management plan Once you’ve got a clear idea of your desired outcome, it can be helpful to write it down in a change management plan. Although it can seem timeconsuming, getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help you start planning for the change, documenting the process and communicating it to staff or stakeholders.

Strong leadership is crucial when managing change in a business. It can set the tone for the change, give staff a clear direction and help get people on board with the process. Change is a normal and essential part of business. It’s an important step in improving your staff performance, enhancing goods or services and expanding.

Here are some things you might like to include in your change management plan: •

Causes of change in business The need for change can arise from sources both inside or outside your business. It can also be reactive or proactive. •

Internal change could include changes in staff attitude, staff turnover, skilling requirements, employee duties or changes to management policies and styles.

External change could include changes in technology, changes in the needs of your customers, new laws or government regulations, or new competitors in your industry.

Reactive change is a change your business is forced to react to, such as a new law in your industry.

Proactive change is where you as the owner make the decision to change – usually to improve your business. These types of changes can come about from reviewing your business processes, innovating and coming up with ways to improve your business.

the reasons, benefits and aim of the change

what tasks needs to be done and who will do what

goals and targets for the change

potential milestones to hit.

Set the tone for the change As a leader you have the opportunity to set the tone for the change. The way you talk about it and communicate with your staff will impact on the way they will think about the change in the future. To create an attitude of acceptance and positivity, you’ll need to lead by example and motivate your staff. Getting your staff involved in the planning process, communicating with them and giving them clear goals and defined roles can go a long way in setting a positive tone.

Regardless of whether the change is due to an internal or external source, all change involves adopting new processes, policies, behaviour and attitudes, so it makes sense to look at how to manage it effectively.

Encourage a culture of change Change is a normal and essential part of running a business. By promoting a culture of change and flexibility from the get-go, you can help your staff become comfortable with change, so they can adapt easier in the future.

Have a clear picture Whether you’re expanding, taking on a new employee or moving locations, having a clear picture of your desired outcome is important. It can help people understand the big picture and keep in mind what they’re working towards.

what your desired outcome looks like

Tips to help you encourage culture of change: •

start with small changes

• invite your staff to participate, share ideas and observations

recognise input and celebrate successes

keep looking for ways for your business to improve and implement those suggestions!

These tips can help your staff recognise change as a positive part of continuous improvement which can help build their morale and investment in the process. For more information please contact MPAQ on 07 3273 0800. September / October 2016 |


insurance 

Asbestos Liability Written by Marcus Hamill, Comsure

Publicity surrounds the hazards of asbestos and the associated health issues that may be caused from exposure. In terms of your Insurance cover, it is very likely that asbestos related activities are a standard exclusion. The MPAQ Liability package also has the same exclusion used by the industry with a specific wording of;

Asbestos Exclusion 7.2 Asbestos or asbestosis, or any actual or alleged asbestos related Injury or damage in any way relating to or arising out of the use, presence, existence, detection, decontamination, treatment, removal, elimination or avoidance of asbestos. So how does this relate to the accidental incident which is what most claims are based on; a scenario that is unplanned and unavoidable resulting in financial loss or injury? The case could be a discovery of asbestos that was not included in the scope of works. There may be additional costs to remove and clean up the site. This is not an insurable event. You would hope the customer would recognise the additional costs if not disclosed to the tradesperson earlier who has been put at risk and incurred costs. The case of where the insurance may respond is where there has been damage by impact. To elaborate, there may be a case of a foot through a ceiling resulting in asbestos dust or material falling onto contents below. The polluted areas are not covered under the policy due to damage by asbestos under the exclusion. The area covered is the damage to the customer’s roof which is not a result of the asbestos contamination, it is property damage by the foot through the ceiling, falling under your Public Liability definition. This is not the case when referring to resultant damage for other scenarios that may be relevant to plumbing; a burst pipe that may be degraded and has caused damage to a floor. The pipe due to wear and tear with depreciation is not covered, but the subsequent resultant damage is water damage. So can you obtain Asbestos Liability cover? Yes, but the criteria is relative to the industry in terms of if you are licensed appropriately, your qualifications, experience and quality control procedures. There are different categories of asbestos removal contractors to those tradespeople that require the cover due to working with or making safe the job sites. The premium is also relative, which can be three to four times what you would pay for a standard liability cover and offered by specialist insurers with specific wordings to accommodate the higher risks. The wording is also a consideration whether it be “occurrence” or “claims made” as the risk of injury may present symptoms many years later. A “claims made” wording must be in force at the time of the claim and cover be retroactive to include past work. Ideally as a broker we would favour the broadest cover possible which would be an Asbestos Liability cover to prevent issues with tradespeople however the decision becomes cost effective both in premium and the higher excess which is usually $2500. Your standard Liability cover has the asbestos exclusion but with good business risk management you may need to review your terms and conditions with quotes and work orders to notify your customers of this exclusion with all care but no responsibility if asbestos is discovered or damaged. Contact Comsure for information on your business insurance needs. or 07 3434 7800.


| September / October 2016

workplace relations

Changes to Annual Leave Entitlements That May Affect Your Business The Fair Work Commission recently handed down a decision as part of the four year Modern Award review. The decision is in relation to model terms for cashing out of annual leave, taking leave in advance, annual leave payments and excessive leave for most Modern Awards.

When did the new terms take effect? The new terms are relevant for any employees who are covered by a modern Award, but please note that the new terms do not currently apply to non-Award employees. The four main Awards that cover MPAQ Members are: •

Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award

Building and Construction General On-site Award

Clerks – Private Sector Award

General Retail Industry Award.

Requiring an employee to take excessive annual leave Employers will be able to request employees take annual leave where employees have excessive accruals. An employee will have ‘excessive leave’ if they have accrued more than eight weeks’ paid annual leave (or ten weeks’ paid annual leave for a shift worker). Parties will be required to first try to reach genuine agreement on how to reduce or eliminate an excessive leave balance. Where an agreement is not reached, an employee can be directed to take annual leave as long as the: •

Employee’s remaining leave balance is not less than six weeks;

Employee takes a period of paid leave of at least one week; and

The new terms took effect from the start of the first pay period on or after 29 July 2016.

Leave is taken at least eight weeks after the direction is given.

Cashing out Annual Leave

What do the new annual leave terms mean for your business?

Employees now have an entitlement to cash out accrued annual leave where: •

There is an agreement in writing between the employee and the employer;

The payment does not result in an employee’s remaining leave balance being less than four weeks; and

The maximum amount of leave that may be cashed out in any 12 month period is two weeks.

Taking leave in advance Employees now have an entitlement to request a period of annual leave in advance before the employee has an accrued entitlement to that leave. There must be an agreement in writing between the employee and the employer for leave taken in advance, and the agreement kept as an employee record.

It is an offence to contravene a term of a modern award under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). It is therefore important for you to examine the new annual leave terms and the varied Modern Awards that apply to your employees, and apply these terms going forward. You should also look at your current policies and procedures around annual leave entitlements to ensure these are updated to reflect the changes. The modern awards have now been updated to reflect these changes and they also provide template forms covering the Agreement to take annual leave in advance and the cashing out of annual leave. Please contact the MPAQ Workplace Relations team to request a copy of these templates.

If, on termination of employment, the employee has not accrued an entitlement to all of a period of paid annual leave taken in advance, the employer may deduct a corresponding equal amount from monies due to the employee upon termination.

The MPAQ Workplace Relations team are here to assist you if you have any questions or queries regarding these changes or any other HR questions. Please call 07 3273 0800 for assistance.

September / October 2016 |





The Dux Plumbers Handbook is a comprehensive product and technical guide. It is a valuable tool which will make it easier than ever to access vital hot water information on site, right when you need it. The Dux Plumbers Handbook offers: specification details technical & spare parts information rough-in diagrams installation guides and animations



MPAQ Out and About Regional Trip Central Queensland MPAQ Executive Director, Penny Cornah and Councillor, Ben Crew hit the road in early July to visit members from Gladstone, Yeppoon and Rockhampton. Check out some of the people they met!

Dale from Bailey Plumbing with MPAQ Councillor, Ben Crew in Gladstone

Rockhampton Regional Meeting

Geoff and Linda from Bluewater Contracting with Ben Crew, MPAQ Councillor in Gladstone

The Team at Plumbcall in Rockhampton

Central Highlands Trip Following this trip, Don Nunn, MPAQ Trustee and Penny Cornah travelled in late July to visit members in Moranbah, Emerald and Rockhampton.

Deb, John and Jason with Don Nunn at Gem Plumbing in Emerald

Craig Robertson, Robertson Plumbing, Penny Cornah and Brett Robertson in Clermont

Our next stop is the Cairns to Port Douglas region in late September.

Sean O’Keefe, O’Keefe Plumbing Services with Don Nunn, MPAQ Trustee in Moranbah

Cliff Tucker, Cliff Tucker Plumbing, Don Nunn, MPAQ Trustee and John Wenke, Gem Plumbing in Emerald September / October 2016 |


legal 

When can an employee be dismissed for swearing in the workplace? We all know that swearing is common in many workplaces. When does it cross the line and warrant termination of employment? Some recent cases have provided more guidance about this issue.

What does this mean for employers?

Hennigan v Xmplar Building Solutions Pty Ltd [2016] FWC 2938

These decisions highlight that employees cannot behave poorly without consequences.

The Fair Work Commission upheld the summary dismissal of a worker who repeatedly swore and made threats to his employer, and was previously given a written warning.

Bad language causing financial and reputational damage to the employer, or that is repeated and malicious, can be a valid reason for dismissal. When disciplining an employee, employers must think carefully about the issues and follow a fair process.

Treen v Allwater – Adelaide Services Alliance [2016] FWC 2737

Employers should also consider clarifying expectations and standards of behaviour in a Code of Conduct and ensure this Code is clearly communicated to all staff.

A cleaner was reinstated to his position after being terminated for an offensive message on a colleague’s phone calling him a “f—king scab”. The Fair Work Commission agreed the “grossly inappropriate” conduct was a valid reason for dismissal, but said it was a stand alone event in the employee’s 7 years of otherwise good conduct. The FWC found the termination was a disproportionate outcome and ordered reinstatement but refused to order wages compensation for the 20 weeks since the dismissal.

Contact the McKays Employment Law team for all aspects of employment issues.

Hain v Ace Recycling Pty Ltd [2016] FWC 1690

Brisbane Office Ian Heathwood P (07) 3223 5942 E Robert King P (07) 3223 5956 E

The Fair Work Commission found that a company had a valid reason for dismissing an employee after a verbal altercation with its Chief Executive that involved aggressive and inappropriate language. The company dismissed the employee by text message, and failing to give procedural fairness, along with it “systematically ignoring every opportunity to submit a response to the unfair dismissal claim”. The employer was ordered to pay compensation.

Mackay Office Scott McSwan P (07) 4963 0860 E

‘NO DIG’ pipe repair system - repairs underground pipes without disturbing driveways, landscaping, verandahs, paving, roadways, parking lots, gas, electrical and water lines.

A cost effective solution to repair blocked or damaged pipes without any disruptive excavations to your property.

Tra Cam ctor C C era Ava TV ilab le

‘NO DIG’ Pipe Repairs Licensed Installer Sewer & Stormwater Drain Clearing & Cleaning CCTV Camera & Tractor Camera Inspection and Surveys All General and Commercial Maintenance Plumbing Vaporoot Tree Root Inhibitor Treatments


| September / October 2016

Before Reline

During Reline

After Reline

QBCC: 1029573

81 Reginald Street, Rocklea Qld 4106 PO Box 283, Archerfield Qld 4108 Email:

Ph: 07

3277 5742 Fax: 07 3276 7653


Renting Out Equipment? Think PPSR Do you lease equipment (either formally or informally) to clients and friends? What about that cement mixer or excavator you let your mate borrow over a year ago? If yes, you need to consider the Personal Property and Securities Register (“PPSR”) to ensure you are able to get your equipment back in the event that your client or mate goes broke. Imagine the loss to your business if you were to lose 1 or more pieces of equipment in this situation! The PPSR is a national online register where parties can record their security interests in particular items of personal property. It can assist in protecting your business and assets from creditors. It is available 24/7, and for approximately $10.00, you can record your interests in equipment that you might have out on hire, for 7 years. For example, you loan your cement mixer to a mate’s business, and register this hire correctly on the PPSR. The business unexpectedly has liquidators appointed 18 months down the track. Thankfully, the PPSR will provide you with some protection and a leg to stand on in asserting your rights to the cement mixer, when it was not in your possession. If you had not correctly registered your interests in the cement mixer (and were required to do so) whilst on hire to your mate’s business, and other conditions were satisfied, you could lose your cement mixer to the liquidators, even though you own it!

When do you need to register? You will need to record your interests on the PPSR on any equipment that is: 1. Out on hire for a term of greater than one year, or for an indefinite period of time (that is, on terms such as “just take it for as long as you need it”) 2. Considered personal property – provided it is not affixed to the land, most types of plant and equipment used in the construction industry will be considered personal property. For a registration to be required under the legislation, there are also some additional conditions that need to be satisfied, such as that your business is “regularly engaged in the business” of hiring equipment, and that the hire was provided “for value”. These conditions may not be satisfied if you are just loaning a piece of equipment to a mate, on a once-off occasion, however, you should always seek appropriate advice. Your hire agreement should be in writing and signed by the hirer.

What do I need to register? To register on the PPSR, you will need: 1. To set up your business as a secured party on the PPSR ( 2. Full details about your customer who has your equipment 3. Full details about the equipment – for example, if a motor vehicle you will need a VIN number. As you can see, the PPSR regime is complex, and can be fatal if not adhered to, or you get it wrong. For further information or advice in relation to PPSR, please call McKays Solicitors.

Brisbane Office Paul Agnew P (07) 3223 5908 E Ian Heathwood P (07) 3223 5942 E

Mackay Office Dannielle Sanderson P (07) 4968 5431 E Kristy Dobson P (07) 4968 5409 E September / October 2016 |


safety 

Safe Work Month this October - start planning now! Join Queensland’s Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke and a host of work health and safety experts, celebrities and industry success stories, and show your commitment to improving work health and safety this October during Safe Work Month. With a range of community and professional development events to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Statewide Breakfast Forums

King George Square Big Breakfast Kick-start the month with a free breakfast from 7am in Brisbane’s King George Square on Wednesday 5 October. Meet Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke, Asbestos Ambassador Trevor Gillmeister, celebrity chef Alastair McLeod and The Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall. Stick around for free health checks, safety advice and resources and a chance to win some great giveaways, including Fitbits, NutriBullets a signed State of Origin jersey and signed footballs.

Breakfast forums will be held at regional centres around the state - this year addressing leadership, culture and return on investment. Each will feature Safety Ambassador, Shane Webcke, keynote speaker Paul Spinks and journalist, author and commentator Madonna King as Master of Ceremonies. Queensland businesses who’ve turned around their safety performance will also share the secrets of their success with tips for delegates to implement in their workplace. Tickets to the breakfast forums are limited, for details please visit

The Essential First Step.

Always Dial Before You Dig around power and gas infrastructure under the ground.


| September / October 2016



Alarming rise in electrical incidents

Construction and building industry urged to Look up and Live

“And the statistics involving this group of trades people and electricity is quite alarming,” he said.

An alarming rise in electrical incidents involving the building and construction industry has prompted Ergon Energy to urge them to Look up and Live.

There are many more incidents that remain unreported to Ergon Energy, where workers have just been “lucky” and no damage or injuries have been received.

Ergon Energy Senior Community Health and Safety Advisor, Glen Cook said the traditional agricultural industry safety message also applies to the building and construction industries.

Some of these could possibly have been avoided through simple safety precautions including:

“Workers in the building industry are often on roofs with long lengths of roofing materials such as guttering or flashing that have the potential contact the powerlines, causing severe injuries or worse electrocution. Cranes unloading supplies at building sites can also come into contact with overhead powerlines if proper safety procedures are not followed.

“In the 2014/15 financial year there were 34 reported incidents where powerlines had been contacted in the building and contracting industry sector, rising to 44 in 2015/16. “

always use a trained safety observer (spotter) when using machinery near powerlines, this includes vehicle loading cranes, excavators/backhoes and elevated work platforms.

taking care when working around the mains connection point of attachment to a premise where the service wires enters the house from a power pole.

be aware of powerlines when moving equipment and ladders around the property – including when cleaning and painting.

take extra care when handling roofing materials, especially in windy conditions or at heights.

ensure long objects such as ladders and trestle planks are carried horizontally.

activities such as making repairs to roofing or guttering, painting, water blasting and scaffolding can be dangerous if carried out too close to overhead service lines and powerlines

and never attach anything to or build around powerlines, poles, pillar boxes or other Ergon Energy equipment.

Mr Cook said Ergon’s network across regional Queensland consists of around 160,000 kilometres of powerlines and 1 million power poles and inadvertent contact with powerlines, poles and stay wires is a major risk. “That’s why Look up and Live is our primary safety message and awareness campaign for overhead powerlines – not just for the agricultural industry but other industries too. “The impact of losing a loved one as a result of an electrical accident can have a disastrous effect not only on family and friends, but can have far reaching flow on effects on the entire community”, he said.

Ergon Energy has developed a range of tips to help workers in the building and construction industries to keep safe around network equipment here: business-safety/the-outdoor-workplace/workingnear-powerlines September / October 2016 |


partners in plumbing 

Partners in Plumbing Group MPAQ has created a “Partners in Plumbing” Newsletter. The Partners in Plumbing group was established for the Partners working behind the scenes in plumbing and gas businesses. This group provide updates and networking opportunities and allows the opportunity to build a support base. To date we have been able to offer the networking opportunities but we have not had a specific way to communicate specifically with the Partners. This Newsletter is, what we believe to be, the way forward! In these Newsletter’s we will introduce you to some fellow Partners in our “Pleased to meet you...” section, update you on upcoming events and provide you with relevant articles and information. Our next Partner’s in Plumbing event will be held on Melbourne Cup Day, please refer to page 31 for details. To register to receive the Partners in Plumbing newsletter please email

MPAQ would like to introduce

Mandy Slade

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend

One is not defined by their title but for the purpose of this article these words can assist in the description of me, Mandy Slade. I have been working in the administration side of our plumbing business since August Mandy Slade 1992, after moving from New South Wales to re join the family business that originally started in Sydney. Life was fairly busy with two small boys, learning the “Queensland” way to say and do things and also working part time outside our business as an Optical Dispenser- that is my trade. So a little bit on me, I have a love of travel, singing, dancing, and enjoying a good wine with friends. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite perfume is Channel No. 5. Kelvin bought a small bottle of perfume on our honeymoon and this was my introduction to the beautiful scent and even though I use other scents I always come back to my Channel No 5, it is my scent of choice. Kelvin and I have been married for 34 years this last June and we have two adult sons. Our eldest Christopher and his wife Alicia introduced us to the joy of grandchildren in November 2015, a little man – Harvey. Our youngest has moved to sunny Cairns for his career to progress. Joshua has a lovely lady to accompany him in Cairns, as they both pursue their careers as young pilots.


| September / October 2016

My role in the business is administration but this also means getting the tradesmen out the door to start the day, picking up product, managing calls and everything else. What is the saying – “Jack of all trades “ master of none? That is how it feels most days. Maybe like yourself, I struggle with business challenges – eg. time, HR management – time spent on general compliance. Our association with MPAQ started in 1994. In the early years it assisted me with so much knowledge and assistance from the other ladies, and now I hope that I can assist others likewise. The one thing that I have found over the years that no matter how big or small your problem is, someone else has had the same problem before and someone will assist you, you just need to ask. I have made some great friends through MPAQ, some of who love to dance with me at functions. If you have ever wondered who is that lady that is always on the dance floor, that’s me. Some of my friends from MPAQ love to travel with me, some who share a good meal and wine and plus others that I can call on at any time with the current admin struggle. These ladies are also not only in Brisbane, I have ladies that I can call on located in Bundaberg, Toowoomba and Cairns. This is what a network of ladies can offer. Associates who understand our struggles, everything from how to get through compliance issues, getting paperwork out of tradesmen and creating a web page. Someone will have a suggestion. I would like to put to you a question - What are your thoughts on social media? Even though we have the ability to find an answer to an issue, I have noticed a return to the actual connection of person to person. The joy of actually receiving a card in the mail as a thank you for helping someone, actually picking up the phone and saying “how are you?”, a gift voucher for a business referral. This is another way that the network grows. We can grow in friendship, improve our knowledge but also take some time to have some fun. This is important. I know that not all the ladies are married to the boss (as in my situation) but the struggles are similar. It’s important to: •

Take the time to have some fun

Celebrate your successes – stop and smell the roses!!

Celebrate with family and friends

Pay it forward

See you on the dance floor!


Final PIPE’s for 2016! The PIPE’s are an open to all of industry event where plumbers across Queensland are given the opportunity to have direct access to industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. The panel and information sessions that coincide with the event give you the chance to speak to industry regulators and learn valuable information that will better your business. Don’t miss out on the final two PIPE’s for 2016!


Expo - 4pm – 6pm Information session - 6pm – 8pm. Dates and Locations:

Tuesday 11 October Fraser Coast

Surf Air Marcoola 923 David Low Way Marcoola

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Guest speaker: Bec Senyard

Enjoy the race that stops the nation in style with other partners in your industry! Prepare to network, laugh and enjoy yourself at this special event. In 2015, MPAQ formed a “Partners in Plumbing Group” in the Brisbane region. This is a group of business owners and admin staff working in the plumbing and gas industry. The Partners in Plumbing Group provides an opportunity for women in the industry to connect and collaborate on issues currently facing their own business and the industry as a whole. MPAQ is keen to increase female participation within the industry and we have taken significant strides in this area through the appointment of an official female plumbing ambassador, Rebecca Senyard from the Plumbette. Rebecca will be the guest speaker at the event. MPAQ recognises that partners are the life blood of the business and working and supporting them is critical for their own development and for their business. DATE: TUESDAY 1 NOVEMBER 2016

Beach House Hotel 344 The Esplanade Scarness

Thursday 13 October Sunshine Coast


Time: 12:00pm - 3:30pm Venue: Cloudland, Fortitude Valley

Check out pictures from our most recent PIPE’s on pages 32 and 33.

Includes: Two-course lunch, champagne and drinks, sweeps, prizes and a fashion show! Special Guest Speaker Bec Senyard from Plumbette will speak to attendees about taking a punt as a female in the industry! Betting available, watch the race live! Cost: $110 (inc. GST) per person Special offer: Register two attendees and receive the third attendee for free! To purchase tickets please visit or call 07 3273 0800. September / October 2016 |


social ď‚Ż

Russell Mahon , Absolute Plum bing with Stephanie McG uinness, MPA Q Mark Collinson, MPAQ Membership Development Executive with new member and female plumber Alana Mulqueen


Austen Morse from BUSSQ with Paul Brinkworth The Hon Mick de Brenni MP with attendees at the Brisbane North PIPE


Players at the Gold Coast Golf Day

Winners of the day APC Plumbing & Drainage

Photo comp winners on the Tradelink team


| September / October 2016

won ices team erty Serv p day ro e P th e s r 3rd fo The Ea

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The crew from Tradelink with a lucky winner

Damo n O’B rien at the Rhee m sta nd

GOLD COAST PIPE CQ Soil Testing Team

Paul and Carol, Dial Before You Dig


Michael with Kev Waller, Quantum Heat Pumps

Harry Steinheuer, AVG

Boden, Cancer Council Qld with Rob Weaver and Darren Lebeter, Metroll

Wes Graham from Ken’s Plumbing with Rob Roser, Roser’s Plumbing

Roy Sturdy with Glenn, BUSSQ September / October 2016 |


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| September / October 2016


MPAQ Training Calendar July to December 2016 RTO: 30473

Accredited Face to Face Training CPCPWT4023A - Commission & Maintain Hot & Heated Water Temperature Control Devices

CPCPWT4022A - Commission & Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices







24 - 26 OCTOBER

Sunshine Coast





10 - 11 OCTOBER


21 - 23 NOVEMBER


27 - 28 OCTOBER

Sunshine Coast



MPAQ Online Training Courses Backflow Prevention Revalidation NON-ACCREDITED course required every 5 years to keep your backflow endorsement valid Evaluating and Planning the Installation of Solar and Heat Pump Water Systems NON-ACCREDITED course required for your QBCC endorsement BSBSMB401 - Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business ACCREDITED course required to obtain a QBCC trade contractor licence

Outsourced Courses Asbestos Worker Program CPCPBC4051A – Supervise Asbestos Removal CPCPDE3015A – Remove Friable Asbestos CPCPDE3014A – Remove Non-Friable Asbestos ATEC offer training through training centres in Brisbane and Gladstone as well as onsite at your premises. Please contact ATEC directly on 1300 002 832 (ATEC RTO code: 40554) NB: MPAQ does not deliver this training and cannot take bookings or payment on your behalf.

Version 13.1

Call us on 07 3273 0800 or email us at today! RTO Code: 30473

September / October 2016 |


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MPAQ members can use simPRO for free! *


| September / October 2016


MPAQ Member Benefits As an MPAQ member you are entitled to multiple member benefits, please see details about three key benefits below:


Toyota has over 50 years experience in the Australian market. From passenger vehicles through to SUVs and light commercial vehicles, Toyota offers a wide range of options to cover every need. Toyota Fleet provides a solution to all Fleet sizes from small to mediumsized businesses to large organisations purchasing hundreds of vehicles.

Through a well-established partnership with Master Plumbers Australia Ltd, paying MPAQ members are eligible to enjoy the same discounts as Toyota’s Gold Fleet customers on the All-New HiLux range, as well as all other Toyota models1 and save thousands. This level of discount gives paying MPAQ members the buying power that is usually only accessible by large national businesses. Members have saved thousands of dollars through this member benefit. To find out more, please contact your preferred Toyota Dealership or call 1800 444 847 or MPAQ on 07 3273 0800. To be eligible for a Gold Fleet discount you must present your MPAQ membership card when you visit your preferred Toyota Dealership.

simPRO offer to MPAQ Members

MPAQ are proud to partner with simPRO Software to provide a benefit to our members. MPAQ members receive 1 x simPRO Service office licence* and 1 x simPRO Connect mobile licence* free of charge for the life of their MPAQ membership. simPRO Software develops business management cloud solutions for the trades and services industries. Their office and mobile products are designed to optimise business workflow to refine processes, improve productivity and increase profitability. simPRO Service is designed for businesses that primarily undertake do-and-charge or install work. The system optimises the service workflow, assisting with quoting, scheduling, invoicing and more. Implementing the new system into your business doesn’t have to be difficult. With a comprehensive range of online training programs designed to show you all that Service is capable of, you’ll soon reap the rewards of having the system operating to its full value in your own business processes. Service works seamlessly with most major accounting software packages. For more information please call MPAQ on 07 3273 0800 or visit

1 Excluding Special Edition models.


WFI’s business has grown throughout its history by giving clients a high level of personal service from insurance professionals, and providing a fast, efficient claims settlement service. WFI specialises in offering a wide range of insurance products for business owners, plumbers, tradespeople, and strata complex managers. WFI’s business model is based upon providing clients with personalised and efficient service. Their network of over 160 local Area Managers are available to visit clients at their workplace, at home, or at one of WFI’s offices. WFI has partnered with MPAQ, if members take out a policy with WFI, MPAQ members receive a commission from WFI of 5% of the value of the premium payment (excluding taxes and charges) which is applied to your membership renewal. For more information contact WFI on 1300 934 934 or visit

September / October 2016 |


The improved Viega Pressgun Picco

It’s made to get into tight corners so you stay out of tight situations! or call 1800 4 viega

The new Viega Pressgun Picco has the goods to impress! Fast, accurate and reliable pressing of DN15, DN18, DN20, DN25 and DN32 Propress copper fittings for gas and water applications. Also suitable for Sanpress Inox stainless steel fittings from 15 to 35mm. The all new blow-moulded carry case offers greater impact resistance, improved jaw slots and two battery slots. An improved trigger action with new LED light provides better job visibility and safety. The small dimensions and the 180°-rotatable press head combine with the patented Viega press-rings to deliver infinite access flexibility. And a list of quality technology features including high-performance 18V Li-ion battery, 32,000 cycles between servicing, TÜV-approved safety technology, automatic forced compression, bolt monitoring, self diagnostics and inbuilt tool protection delivers peace-of-mind.

Available from


Corporate Profiles Dial Before You Dig Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services. Dial Before You Dig creates a unique partnership with Australia’s underground asset owners. They act as a single point of contact for you to receive information about underground networks at excavation sites so you don’t have to contact the utility organisations individually. You tell them your dig location and they pass on this referral to the affected asset owners. They then send the information directly to you. The Dial Before You Dig service is also designed to protect Australia’s excavators. Obtaining accurate information about your work site significantly minimises these risks. Dial Before You Dig aims to provide a fast and effective referral service enabling excavators to access information on the location of all underground assets at their work site. Their priorities are: • To ensure Australia’s underground assets are protected • To assist in the protection of Australia’s excavators • To reduce the number of accidents and disruptions to services • To ensure their service is used by all involved in any form of excavation – builders, contractors, plumbers, developers etc… • Along with their members and industry partners, promote safe digging practices to all • Grow their membership base to ultimately include all Australia’s underground asset owners For more information please visit

Make It Cheaper Each year, the average business in Queensland pays more than $500 too much for their electricity* In partnership with MPAQ, Make It Cheaper would like to run a free bill comparison for you. Their free energy healthcheck compares your current retailer against the latest rates on their panel of retailers. There’s no cost, no obligation and no pressure to switch. If they find you a better deal they’ll tell you. And if they think you’re already on the best deal, they’ll tell you that too. Just think - a fiveminute conversation with Make It Cheaper could unearth some massive savings for your business. Plus they take care of the switching process too. Make It Cheaper estimates that 80% of businesses pay too much for their electricity*. The rates in the energy market change regularly, so the trick to coming out on top is to compare your prices regularly. But when you’re running a business, do you really have time for all that? It’s smart to let the energy experts do it all for you. They are also partnered with Bakers Delight, Harvey Norman, Motor Traders Association and Police Association NSW – amongst others; so you are in good hands. Make It Cheaper’s service is completely free. To see what you could save, call them directly on the MPAQ Members Hotline on 1300 235 371 or email a copy of your bill, with contact details, to for a free quote. *Based on analysis of 10,400 bills between Oct, 2015 & March, 2016

Master Hire Master Hire is a multi award winning, family owned and operated business which has been serving the construction, industrial, professional trades and DIY industries for over 25 years. Commencing operations in 1990, Master Hire’s extensive fleet of plant and equipment includes small hand tools through to large construction machinery. Master Hire has 10 store locations servicing Central and Western Queensland, the Darling Downs, South East Queensland and the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service by offering equipment hire solutions for every type of project.

Their range of hire equipment available for the plumbing and gas industry includes compaction equipment, concrete saws, drain cleaners, excavators, pipe lasers, portable toilets, water pumps and much more. All of their equipment is thoroughly cleaned and serviced before each hire and can be delivered straight to your job site. All MPAQ member receive 20% off your next hire. For more information about their fleet of equipment available for hire contact 1300 107 107 or or visit

September / October 2016 |


product news

Product & Supplier News New TradePex, even more flexible Tradelink, has announced the addition of a new cross-linked polyethylene pipe, PEX-A to its exclusive TradePex system. TradePex is the most complete and advanced PEX system on the market, combining superior durability and exceptional fit-out versatility across both water and gas installations. The new TradePex PEX - A pipe for water is a cross-linked, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe that is extremely durable – even at temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius – and has a high tolerance to wear and corrosion. Tradelink’s General Manager Merchandise, Steve Lewis, said that PEX-A is a very flexible pipe that is easy to work with and provides fast and flexible installation. “PEX-A is the most flexible of all PEX tubing types and has little to no coil memory – meaning that once straightened it won’t return to the original shape of coil,” he said. “The more cross-linking, the more flexible the pipe, and our TradePex PEX-A pipe is cross-linked to a minimum of 82%, giving plumbers a pipe that is flexible and easy to work with.” Certified as compliant to relevant Australian Standards by ApprovalMark International, featuring a 25 year warranty and backed by multinational company, Fletcher Building, plumbers really do have the best PEX when they buy TradePex. For more information about TradePex, visit any one of Tradelink’s 200 stores nationally or go to

Budget Mini Jetter Australian Pump’s the Black Box pressure cleaner is being adopted by plumbers for cleaning drains. The high pressure blaster is easily converted into a portable mini jetter that is ideal for clearing small drains in apartment blocks or even two storey buildings. “The Aussie Black box is a heavy duty, electric drive pressure cleaner that packs a real punch,” said Andre du Toit, Aussie Pumps’ product manager. “It’s a single phase unit with a 10 amp plug that you can use anywhere. Plumbers tell us that by attaching a ¼” worm hose in place of the normal lance it can be used to effectively clear blocked shower drains, downpipes and small grease traps,” he said. The Black Box is Aussie’s 2,000 PSI, compact pressure cleaner designed for commercial cleaning applications. To convert the pressure cleaner into a jetter, the standard Vario lance is replaced with a 15 metre ¼” sewer hose with a drain cleaning nozzle. The super flexible sewer hose is fed down the drain with the pressure to the nozzle controlled by the gun trigger. The water force delivered through the reverse facing jets propels the nozzle forward through chokes in small diameter drains. The Black Box is available from Aussie Pump Distributors, selected Tool shop chains and Plumbing outlets. For more information visit

RIDGID® STRAPLOCK pipe handle Securely grips plastic pipe from 3”8” (80mm – 220mm) allowing force to be applied confidently in all directions. Simplifies the installation and maintenance of large diameter plastic pipe applications: •

Provides a solid handle on hard to grip plastic pipe to easily align and set glued joints

Specialised strap provides maximum grip and minimizes marring

Innovative locking design for repeatable applications

Rapid size adjustment allows you to quickly move between sizes

Fits all sizes of plastic pipe between 3”and 8”diameter

Works well in cold and wet environments

Gives the user maximum leverage in tight quarters

Can be used in pairs to aid in complex installations

Video link: or contact Ridgid for further information


| September / October 2016



Celebrating Milestone Achievements

Frank Tomasi from FT Plumbing & Drainage receiving his 20 year milestone certificate

Anthony West from ANA Plumbing and Roofing, Mackay was the lucky winner of the membership subscription competition, congratulations on winning a new ipad

Justin Shields, Prime Plumbing in Emerald with Penny Cornah receiving his 10 year milestone certificate

TOP 10 Winners 1. stevel 2. Roser 3. Barnesy01 3. avoledoe 5. OnlinePlumbing 6. Arch Berry 7. chris vella 8. footejealan 9. Noelene Titmarsh 9. darryld September / October 2016 |


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MPAQ Members New Members Name Matthew Dyce

Trading MDP Plumbing & Gas Services

Chapter Gold Coast

Jason Nye

NYE Industries

Brisbane South

Lindsay Norris

Rayliz Services


Craig Brough

Craig Brough Plumbing


Brendan Dawson

Plumb Perfection

Gold Coast

Joel Schrodter

Joel's Plumbing & Gas


Gavin Dolley

Dolley's Gasfitting


Ben Morton

BAM This is Plumbing

North Queensland

Andrew Thwaite

Andrew Thwaite Gas & Plumbing


Ben Gudgeon

Gudgeon Enterprises Pty Ltd


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Jon Rudd Plumbing


Troy McKell

Tromac Plumbing & Gas

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Corey Bowerman

GTO Plumbing Services

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Paul Winterbone

Aqua-Gas Solution Pty Ltd

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Chris Fittock Plumbing & Gas


Darren Wall

Darren Wall


Jordon Henry

Henry Plumbing and Gas


Catherine Vis

Cairns Plumbing & Gas

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Jinsu Plumbing & Gas

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Michelle Ryan

Roofing Plumbing Gas Pty Ltd

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Michael Shepherd

M.A. Shepherd Contracting

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Casey Barrett

Casey's Plumbing & Roofing

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Justin Croft

Precision Plumbing and Gasworks Pty Ltd


Tyron Rathbone

TMR Plumbing

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Darren Dwyer

Darren Dwyer Plumbing and Draining

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Ebin Twine

Ebin Twine

Gold Coast

Milestone Certificates






Dean Mathews

DCM Plumbing & Drainage Pty Ltd

Gold Coast


Andrew Murphy

Murphy Plumbing Service (Qld)

Brisbane South


Joe Aquilina

Ridge Tool (Aust) Pty Ltd

Outside Qld


Les Howson

The Wondercap Company Pty Ltd

Gold Coast


Peter Talbot

All Hydraulics & Estimating

Brisbane South


Ted Chapman

Ted Chapman

Brisbane North


Michael Bennett

Anytime On Tap Anytime Plumbing Services

Gold Coast


Phil Thiess

Phil Thiess Plumbing Pty Ltd



Michael Blair

AK Blair & Co

Brisbane South


Conrad Martens

Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water

Brisbane North


Allan Coughlan

A Coughlan Plumbing Pty Ltd

North Queensland


Nev Wilson

Nev Wilson Plumbing

Brisbane North


Randel South

Randel South Plumbing

Brisbane North


Scott Sloan

Sloan Plumbing (Qld) Pty Ltd



| September / October 2016



The Supporters of our Industry Trading Contact

Platinum Corporate Associates Dial Before You Dig (Qld) Ltd Reece Pty Ltd simPRO Software Pty Ltd Tradelink Plumbing Supplies - National Office

07 3360 7950 03 9274 0000 1300 139 467 07 3260 9777

Gold Corporate Associates BUSSQ Building Super Dux Manufacturing Limited Pentair Valves and Controls Saniflo

07 3369 1111 1300 365 115 07 3260 2555 1300 554 779

Silver Corporate Associates CBUS Rheem Australia Pty Ltd Stiebel Eltron (Aust) Pty Ltd Construction Skills Queensland

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Associate Corporates Advanced Enviro-Septic ALS Environmental Ancra Australia Pty Ltd Apollo Valves Apricus Australia Pty Ltd APT Management Services Pty Ltd Aquacure Water Treatment Pty Ltd Aquatech Solar Technologies Pty Ltd Armacell Australia Pty Ltd Astivita Renewables Limited Astrec Australian Industry Trade College Gold Coast Australian Valve Group AustWorld AutoTender Avis Australia Billi Pty Ltd Blucher (Australia) Pty Ltd Brisbane City Council Bromic Plumbing and Gas Bundaberg Regional Council Business Sight Caroma Industries Ltd CFO On Call Clayton Engineering Con-Serv Corporation Australia Pty Ltd Contractors and Industrial Sales Crowe Horwath Davey Water Products Pty Ltd Decina Bathroomware Pty Ltd Downtown Toyota Ecolife Solutions Pty Ltd EJ Electrolux Home Products Elgas Ltd Enware Australia Pty Ltd Epitomy Pty Ltd Ergon Energy Pty Ltd Everhard Industries Pty Ltd Finlease Fleetmatics Pty Ltd Flowpex Piping Systems Gladstone Regional Council Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd Gympie Regional Council Halgan Pty Ltd Hydroflow Distributors (Aust) Pty Ltd Inform Energy Pty Ltd

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September / October 2016 |


Not all water heaters are created equal.

Only Rheem features the REAL difference. Rheem ‘491/492’ series 250L, 315L & 400L electric water heaters feature REAL enhancements like commercial grade enamel, thicker anodes and a redesigned cylinder top for a stronger, more durable product. All backed by a 10 year cylinder warranty and Rheem’s 75 years of local engineering and manufacturing experience. For more information, visit or call 132 552.



Profile for Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

Master Plumber September/October 2016  

September/October 2016 edition of the Master Plumber magazine.

Master Plumber September/October 2016  

September/October 2016 edition of the Master Plumber magazine.