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Ianglin Club § FDUMDED 1865


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April 2004

400 luxury hotels, under our covers

The 2004 Leading Hotels of the World hotel directory is again the benchmark for luxury hotels and resort accommodation. Within the directory there are over 400 hotels waiting for you to slip under their covers. To obtain your copy of this exclusive directory, please contact your Leading Hotels of the World Reservations Centre. Singapore:(65)6737-9955 or 1800-737-9955 toll free

presidenfsmessage 1

My dear fellow members, MEMBERS VOTED FOR THE CLUB TO MOVE ON!

both expatriates and locals who have gone onto Permanent Absent status.

The 22 March SGM was a landmark in our

history and a culmination of the hard work

We look forward to further improvements

put in by the General Committee and various

to F&B with our new executive chef coming

working groups over the past two-plus years.

on board and renovations to the main and Tavern kitchens to commence soon.

After all views were considered,the outcome

Further, works to enable provision of

was to develop the Master Plan offered to

cabievision is near completion.

the full extent. I urge all members to pull together to bring this to fruition so that we will have a better Club for everyone to enjoy

With best personal regards,

- the young and the not-so-young alike! In the process, it was unfortunate that the Club had to suffer unnecessary bad press publicity (again!). Healthy debate is always welcome but not misplaced allegations that cast aspersions and cause dissension. Dr Alex Ooi

I am happy to report that the Club is doing


well post-SARS. Patronage has improved and activity levels increased. Jackpot collections are now at par with past levels.

Ourjoining fee income was over $4 million, about double our regular annual rate. The effect was to help cushion the loss of subscription income and patronage from The Tangiin Club 1


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Dr Albert Wee

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Mary Shotam Purchasing Manager Editor KC Yuen (

Magazine Co-ordinator Cheryl Lim ( Graphic Designer Nazrin (

To advertise In the TOM, please contact Alex Zecha, Ria Media Singapore at 6473 7462 or or find out our ad rates and booking procedures via

Candice Tan

Sports & Recreation Manager Danny Loh Executive Housekeeper

Peggy Lim

Opinions expressed in the Tanglin Ciub Magazine are soieiy those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the Tangiin Ciub. The Magazine welcomes articles and other contributions from members. However, the Magazine I Website Sub-Committee reserves the right to edit all materials or decline publication. MiTA (P) 143/05/2003. Published by The Tanglin Ciub. Colour separation and printing by Ad Graphic.

fromriiegeneralmanager kitchen. Long overdue but well worth the

Dear Members,


We are now in the month of the April showers. I do not think we will get many as I beiieve we have received our full allowance

in March. So hopefully sunny days ahead in every sense of the word.

The new Executive Chef and his team

cannot wait to spoil you with a range of cooking that will titillate the palate.

Swimming Pool Retiling This month we have said goodbye and said weicome to some of my senior staff.

The swimming pooi tiiing and surrounding works wiii be done this year and we are hoping to have this done within the next few



Sebastian Tan has, after 34 years and 9 months, decided it is time to move on and

ve one attempt at trying something new.

'^hat a loss. A whole lifetime of service to this Club is remarkable, if not unbelievable. We ail wish him well, and a short article can

Sunday Family Dinner The Sunday Family Lunches have been a great success in the Churchill Room and have been constantly fully booked. We thank you all for your support.

be seen on page 8. Welcome

Mr Carsten Kjeldmann will join us this month as the Executive Chef (Head of Food Services). He is an extremely talented young man who will undoubtedly enhance our food production. Weil known in Asia including being the Executive Chef of Amanresorts at 23 years old, and being Executive Chef in the American Club in Hong Kong, he is also a talented sommelier who will be

Now we have decided to offer Sunday Family Dinner in the Churchiil Room for famiiies in the early evening starting 4 April. There will still be activities for the youngsters, but something different from the iunches.

Club Noticeboards

I would very much appreciate the practice of not removing notices from our Club noticeboards. This is not only irritating but

Reduced Price For Members

can iead to misinformation and occasional

The British Theatre Production of"How the


Other Half Loves" will be commencing on 27 to 30 April at the Tower Ballroom,

Shangri-La Hotel, starting at 7.00 pm daily.

responsible for all our wines and beverages. We look forward to welcoming him towards "

end, we are considering the feasibility of having a discreet back page of members' ciassified ads. if you have any views on this matter, piease contact me and I will pass it on to the convenor for judgement.

llou The

end of this month.

Other Half


Copies of most notices and posters are kept by Reception or the Admin Office and we also have a photocopying facility. Please avail yourself of this service for personal use at a smaii charge rather than depriving other members of general notice information.

Ms Michelle Chua joined us as the new Financial


South African Food & Wine


Administration Manager. Michelle is a highly experienced FC who has previously worked for Sembcorp Gas Pte Ltd and Sembcorp Power

The South African Food & Wine promotion and the dinner are highlights of this month and they should not be missed as they are enjoyable events. Please check noticeboards and website for more information.

the Finance Department

The producers have very kindly offered Tanglin Club members a 10% reduction on all seating on production of a valid Tanglin

and be instrumental in

Club Membership Card. Further details and

heading the IT and club management team that will modernise our present archaic system.

brochures can be obtained from the Front

Pte Ltd. She will head

Desk. Brian Toft

Classified Ads In Kitchen Renovations

The Magazine

The kitchens are coming along nicely and management are working very closely with the kitchen consultants. We are waiting for the tenders to be completed and then we

Our very popular Magazine is always striving to improve and

will move into modern times with an "all

welcome addition to our

singing and dancing Fred Astaire" type

home mail delivery. To that

TANGU^ > â–

General Manager


modernise this very

Hie Tanglin Club 3


Decision At The SGM The long-awaited decision on the Club's future development has finally been taken.

months! The figures are (at 31 January)

We wish to inform members that the General

2004: 5,688.

Committee has decided to terminate the

At the SGM on 22 March 2004, members

voted for the $23 million option. There was a sigh of relief among some members that we now can move forward with the Master

Plan. See fuller report on page 5.

Reciprocal Club News

Year 2002: 5,467. Year 2003: 5,437. Year

Club Movies Members will note that a new film rating system is now in effect in Singapore. Naturally we follow this rating system which was announced last week by the Media Development Authority.

reciprocal arrangement with The Royal Commonwealth Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This termination takes effect from 1 April 2004. The numerous requests for reciprocity that we constantly receive from clubs around the world leaves the Committee with no

The previous R(A) rating is now known as R21, for adults age 21 and above. Such movies contain themes or scenes that have

a greater degree of realism and explicitness. Two R21 movies to be shown in April are

Correcting Misconceptions Just prior to the SGM,sloppy reporting in a local tabloid (Streats)on 16 March made reference to our Club's membership, placing the figure at "9,000 members." As many of us know, this figure is dead wrong. The tabloid also referred to "a decline in

membership"- also incorrect! Let's set the record straight. Our Planned Total Membership(PTM)is 6,900. Principal members who are officially known as Ordinary Members and who have voting rights (along with a few Life Members)total about 3,700. Together with their spouses who are known as Associate Members, plus Honorary and Term Members, our actual membership is just a tad below 6,000. In keeping with the cosmopolitan character of our Club, our membership comprises almost 70 nationalities. The Tanglin Club has a unique rule which says "no citizens

choice but to limit the list to clubs in

destinations more frequented by our members. We currently have slightly over ICQ reciprocal clubs.

Cold Mountain and Lost in Translation. The

In Kuala Lumpur, we currently ha^^

Club is required to ensure compliance with

reciprocity with two other outstanding clubs, namely the Royal Selangor Club and Kelab Taman Perdana (formerly known as the Lake Club).

this rule; so members and their children should take note.

New Cinema Policy? Talking about Club movies, there's some

AGM In May

discussion in recent weeks about a

Finally, just a reminder that the date of our AGM, which is usually held in the month of May, should be announced soon. Watch

proposed policy which would permit eating and drinking in ourTheatrette. The rationale being to encourage better attendance, increased revenue from sale of popcorn and soda, and making the place more like other cinemas. Some members may have strong views on this. If you do, please let the General Manager know your views. We would also need to amend our existing byelaws before such a change can be implemented.

for this announcement on the Club's Notice

Board, and on our website. KC Yuen

A Cyber Activity? In keeping with the times, there are also plans to introduce computer games for


members' children and more computer

of any one country shall comprise more

stations for members to check their emails

than 51% of the PTM." There is in fact a

We bid farewell to the following members converting to Permanent Absent Membership (PAM):

long waitlist of Singaporeans wanting to

and surf the net while they are in the Club. This will be a sort of prelude to having a

join, but unable to do so due to the 51%

proper cyber cafe eventually.

rule. The 900-odd vacancies, however, exist

Prel iminary

Mr Chong Leigh Hsiang

in the non-Singaporean category, brought about by some expatriate members returning to their home countries, the

discussions are

Mr & Mrs Chanrai Mithu

employment situation and natural attrition.

little or no cost to

Our membership has remained quite constant in the past few years, and there was an actual increase in the past 12

going on with some suppliers, at the Club, except for those wanting to play computer games. Feedback to management is always welcome.

Mr Brian Bolton

Mr & Mrs Daniel Koh

Mr & Mrs Khor Buck Chye Mr & Mrs Peter Knoppien Mr & Mrs Lim Jiu Kok Ms Katherine Mak & Mr Tetsuo Sato Mr & Mrs John Tucker

Mr & Mrs Tong Kok Wan


Library 67394 127 •

Main Reception 6737 6011 •

Magazine/Website 67394 129 / 172• Sports & Recreation Dept 67394 148 •

Executive Office 6737 2692•

Accounts Dept 67394 134 / 136 •

F & B/Banquet Dept 67394 139/ 140 / 176 • Membership Dept 67394 108 •

4 The Tanglin Club

Tennis & Squash Booking 6235 848216734 0707 Swimming Booking 6737 0742 or 9276 5900 Executive Sous Chef 67394 157 •

In one of the largest turnouts for such a meeting, 472 members

came for the Special General Meeting on Monday 22 March 2004,

packing the Churchill Room and much of the Main Lobby. The meeting started shortly after 6.00 pm with the President Dr Alex Ool presenting the proposal to adopt the Master Plan for the Club's future development. This was followed by another half hour

of Q&A, with some members seeking clarifications on the project, especially the financial aspects, and the voting procedures.

The Honorary Treasurer Philip Beng commented on the set of

figures presented in the printed brochure which, he said, was really a cash availability projection over the next eight years. He also

showed a revised presentation of the cash flow position if the project was based on a 3 to 4-year construction period, and costing $19m 323m.

Before the voting by secret ballot commenced, a proposal from the floor to postpone the voting was put to the members. This was narrowly defeated by a vote of 170 to 150. At the end of the evening, the votes were tallied and the results

announced by the General Manager were as follows:

On Resolution 1A (To adopt the Master Plan): Yes- 231 votes. No - 179 votes. Spoilt votes - 2. On Resolution 1B:

For Option 1 (Phase 1 costing $11 m)- 55 votes

For Option 2(Phases 1 & 2 costing $19m)- 82 votes For Option 3 (All 3 phases costing $23m)-93 votes Spoilt vote - 1.

On Resolution 2(In the event Resolution 1 was not carried, to proceed to consider one ofthe two other prize-winning designs): Yes- 187 votes. No - 172 votes. Spoilt vote - 1. The Tanglin Club 5


Saturday Night Live Entertainment Presents


Saturday 3& 17 April Saturday 1,8, 15,22 & 29 May Two girls with four guys, do make for some tight grooves! Backed by four guys who provide the tight rhythm section, Jade McLean and Wendy Chua are the essential cogs of this dance band, recreating the dynamic vocal harmonies of the classic 60s and the latest hits of today. If you like to dance, groove, boogie and rock 'n' roll all night, come join us as we

perform the popular dance hits of the decade for a fun-filled night, just for you. Showtime

: 9.45 pm to 12,45 am


: The Churchill Room

Dress Code : Club Standard

The Churchill Room will be closed at

7.30 pm on Saturday 10 April for a private dinner function. http;// news.asp

South African Dinner Plus

Live Performance - Friday 23 April In conjunction with the South African Wine & Food promotion, the Churchill Room will

present a South African Dinner with live performance by KUBASHA, entertainers from South Africa on the last day of the promotion on Friday 23 April.

KUBASHA: The Sound Of Rebirth The South African group that will be performing during the gala evening on Friday 23 April is KUBASHA. which means rebirth. This is a very fitting name because they represent the spirit of rebirth of South Africa since 27 April 1994. Rarely in the history of humanity was there such transparent reconciliation between a government that was

seen as the oppressor and those that were oppressed as happened in South Africa. This year, South Africans are celebrating the 10th anniversary or the country's rebirth and the performance on 23 April gives us. South Africans, the opportunity to share with Singaporeans a cross section of South African music. It ranges from the rhythms of

Churchill Room from

the Zulu drums to the heartbeat of the township Kwaito (an original form of music that

7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Is found in the townships of South Africa): from the Malayan influences of the Cape Minstrels of Cape Town to the spicy Indian rhythms of the sun-drenched beaches of

$58.00 (Member), $65.00 (Guest).

Durban and from the cool sounds of true South African jazz to the fusion of the different

Dress Code; Club Standard

cultures of South African dance.

Make your bookings now to ovoid disappointment!!

6 The Tonglin Club

Prices inclusive of GST.

Booking opening date: Monday 5 April (Member) Monday 12 April (Guest) Last day for cancellation: Friday 16 April.

frorrrthdcilchen Extended By Popular Demand Thursday Lunch Special At The Tavern Extended Till Dinner Time

Friday 16 To 23 April In this month of April, we will be having a Culinary Consultant from South Africa, Ms Elsa van Der Nest. She will be featuring some of South Africa's favourite cuisine.

Main Courses

With effect from Thursday 1 April, our Fish Soup With Thick Bee Hoon for Thursday Lunch will be extended till dinner time.

Only limited portions are prepared. So come early to avoid disappointment.

Venison pie with caramelised onions & quince jelly. Ostrich medallion with Cape velvet sauce. Cape spiced fish with coconut and lemongrass broth. Duck bobotie.

Ostrich carpachio with peach chutney & avocado parfait. Timbale of smoked trout with capers dressing. Black mussels in ginger broth. Seafood broth spiced with saffron. Desserts Traditional malva pudding. Orange blossom creme brulee. Red wine pear with cinnamon mousse. Roasted fruit kebab with rooibos creme aglaise.

Sunday 25 April

Churchiil Room Dinner • Ala carte - The Tavern Lunch & Dinner • Ala carte Wheelhouse Limited menu

An enjoyable event with delicious food, free flow of fine champagne and background music. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity for a truly relaxing Sunday! Children of ail ages are welcome.

* y* X • Sunday Family Lunch Assorted specialties salads • Sashimi of salmon

• House smoked salmon ♦ Assorted Japanese sushi • Authentic Thai dishes• North Indian

Churchill Room from

11.00 am to 2.30 pm

$47.25 (Adult with Champagne), $31.50 (Adult without Champagne), $15.75 (Child below 12 years). All prices inclusive of GST. Dress Code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

specialties • Tanglin local specials * Assorted

international dishes • Crepe suzette with ice cream • Doner kebabs • And for the kids, their very own buffet.

Churchill Room from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.

$19.90(Member), $9.90(Child below 12 years). No charge for children under 3 years. All prices inclusive of GST.

The Tanglin Club 7


Calli & Zaini Assume Sebastian's Duties

Homemade Sausages The Club's homemade sausages can


be ordered from either the F&B Dept or the Wheelhouse Restaurant for


Veal Sausage Chicken Sausage English Pork Sausage Spicy Podc Sausage

$14.80/kg $14.80/kg $12.80Ag $12.80/kg

All prices are Inclusive of GST.

After almost 35 years with the Club, F&B Operations Manager Sebastian Tan last month decided to call it a day. An active and regular face at almost every major social and food

No advance order needed

for 1 kg and below.

event, Sebastian, age 53, started work right after school in 1969 as a squash court attendant. He trained and moved up, handling a variety of jobs as waiter, cook, barman, supervisor and restaurant manager. For the last 15 years, he was F&B Operations Manager. Sebastian will be missed at the Club. At a farewell chat, he said: "Over the years, many members have become friends." He plans to work with a company in the food and beverage business which has some overseas operations.

wheelhouse Buffet With the new Sunday Family Dinner

Taking over Sebastian's responsibilities are two equally familiar faces, Zaini Rahamat and Callista Wong. Within the F&B Dept, Callista has been appointed Events & Training

buffet commencing on Sunday 4

Manager, while Zaini looks after the day-to-day operations as Assistant F&B Ops Manager.

Wheelhouse Restaurant will be

Meet Our New Head

Of Food Services

In the third week of April, we'll be welcoming a new man in charge of food and beverage services. Meet Carsten Kjeldmann, who joins the Club as Head Of Food Services.

April in the Churchill Room, discontinuing our Hawker Fare Buffet on Sundays. However, do keep a lookout for our Steamboat Buffet coming up In June at the Wheelhouse Restaurant's old

gazebo. Born in Denmark 36 years ago, Mr Kjeldmann comes with an impressive background of more than 18 years in the food service industry in Asia and Europe, where he is finishing his present work as

Buffet Specials Wednesday Dinner Teo Chew Porridge Buffet Saturday Dinner Hawker Fare Buffet Sunday Lunch Curry Buffet Lunch Sunday Dinner Ala carte only

Executive Chef/F&B Director at the

Connoisseur Club (a new sister restaurant of the highly acclaimed Gourmet Club) in Marbella, Spain. Prior to that, he had worked in executive

positions at the American Club in Hong Kong, the Amanklla resort in Bali, and various restaurants and hotels in Japan, Hong Kong and Denmark.


For more info call the F&B Dept at 6739 4139 or log on to nts/upcoming.asp

ynday Family Dinne Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Sunday Family Lunch, we will be introducing our new Sunday Family Dinner in the Churchill Room.

Starting Sunday 4 April, this new exciting offer will be available to your entire family. Children of all ages are welcome. Churchill Room from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm. Buffet dinner; $21.50 (Member), $10.70 (Child below 12 years).

StoHiintgi.^ 8 The Tanglin Club

No charge for children under 3 years. All prices inclusive of GST. Dress Code: Club Standard


Wine Tasting Evening

Monday 26 April


Join us and be part of our selection panel for The Tanglin Club house pour wines of the month.

Sunday 11 April • Churchill Room Between 20 and 24

types of wines Canapes and

Join us as we celebrate this Easter with a great variety of sumptuous dishes from our buffet table. Besides a mouth-watering meal, we also have fun and entertaining programme for the whole family to enjoy!

small bites

Churchill Room from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm.

$36.75(Member), $15.75 (Child below 12 years) & $42.00 (Guest). No charge for children under 3 years. All prices inclusive of GST. Dress Code: Club Standard

Raffles Room from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. $5.25(Member). Price inclusive of GST. No guests please. Limited to first 60 members. Booking opening date: Thursday 1 April. Last day for cancellation: Monday 19 April.

Booking opening date:

Thursday 1 April (Member), Thursday 8 April (Guest) Last day for cancellation: Sunday 4 April.


1, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: 604-886 8888 • Fax: 604-885 2829

Website: • E-mail: salpg(^ Toll freel worldwide)- 800 8800 3838 or (Malaysia) 1800-88 -3838 omqf^b^^gadiBt^Hot^aftbeFl^bHd*



The Tongiln Club 9


Premium Wines of the Month White Wines

Calling All Wine Enthusiasts!! Come & Join The Tonglin Wine Group At The Club • Have the opportunity to sample some of


the best wines available,



• Learn & experience through wine experts. • Get to know other wine enthusiasts.

A wine of pungent tropical fruit flavours, full of ripe richness.


Sign up now and be part of our Tangiin Wine Group.

Price: $6.501 Glass

$38.00 / Bottle


Interested members can submit their names

and contact numbers to the F&B Dept.


Moss Wood Wine Dinner

Wednesday 12 May



Churchill Room

(NAPA VALLEY) Apple and citrus flavours balance this chardonnay's creamy, nutty richness. Price: $8.201 Glass $48.00 I Bottle


(AUSTRALIA) A wine with soft grained tannins, chocolate and earthy flavours with an underlay of vanillin American oak.


$8.201 Glass $48.00 I Bottle Keith & Clare Mugford, owners & winemakers of Moss Wood & Ribonvale Estates, Margaret River, will be giving a wine talk at this dinner. Taste some of the


best wines available from Moss Wood.



Wines For Dinner

Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvlgnon 1991, 1996, 2000 & 2001

Medium bodied with mixed

Moss WoodPlnotNoir 1991, 1996, & 2001

berry and ripe plum flavours,

Moss Wood Semillon 2003

subtle vanilla oak, soft tannins

and a lingering dry finish.


Price: $8.20 I Glass

$48.00 I Bottle


Moss Wood Chardonnay 2003 Churchill Room from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm. Set dinner :$98.00 per person. Price inclusive of GST. Limited to 60 members only. Dress Code: Club Standard

Alt prices inclusive of GST. Order your party wines using the order form inserted in this magazine or visit htip:// wine_order_form.asp

10 The Tangiin Club

Booking opening date: Monday 26 April (Members only)

Last day for cancellation: Wednesday 5 May.



Romancing History & Art

Jewelry With A Difference l9 February 2004 After a sumptuous buffet lunch, the speaker Ms Lai Choi Kuen took us on an informative

bureaucratic Song Dynasty (960-1279AD). Intellectual grace was favoured and

ride through 7000 years of history on Chinese adomments. Ms Lai, a Singaporean

adomments of this period conveyed a feeling of simplicity and naturalness.

dealer in Chinese works of art since 1995,

designed a unique range of jewelry by rejuvenating age-old Chinese ornaments previously mounted headdresses, hairpins and

TJ^its. The Chinese had

Ms Lai wrapped up her talk with a brief discussion on the differences

between nephrite Qade) and jadeite. Jade is mined in the northern slopes of the

used adornments to signify

Kunlun Mountains in the

their status and rank.

Southern Xingjiang Uygur Autonomous region of China. It was revered by

We got a glimpse of the colourful cosmopolitan

the Chinese for 6500

Changan city (present day

years and was deemed to embody the essence of

Xian), capital of the Tang Dynasty (618-906AD). During


this era, Chinese taste for




supernatural power. Jadeite was

adornments was enriched and

believed to have trickled into China

influenced by art and culture imported from the Central West region and

from Burma in the 13th Century AD.

from as far as the

heart of the Chinese in the 1780s.

Favoured by the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty,jadeite found its place in the

Eastern Roman


We enjoyed the well-illustrated fascinating

We saw how

journey of Romancing History & Art. Keen interest was shown by the ladies who crowded to admire and inquire about the

new ideologies had a great impact on the taste

of elite

exquisitely-crafted jewelry creations. Winnie Temple

Chinese society u ri ng the

The Tanglin Club 11


May Ladies' Luncheon A Weave In Time -

Pashminas From Nepal Thursday 20 May Gerald Heng, a Singaporean, works very closely with women groups in Nepal,following his tenure there with an Asian Development Bank project. He was sent under the auspices of the Singapore International Foundation as a volunteer business advisor and was attached to a Canadian NGO.

Funded mostly by the Japanese and Norwegir

governments, the Micro-Credit Project for WomdÂŤ^ provides small loans to poor Nepalese women to start small enterprises so as to alleviate the poverty

April Ladies' Tea

of their families.

Appreciate And invest in


Now on his own, he is continuing the work but is specifically involved with developing skills and designs for pashminas for these groups and their families. AA PASHMINA creates only high quality and unique pashminas, using traditional handlooms and techniques. He uses the best pashmina fleece and dyes that are eco-friendly,

Philippine Contemporary Art Thursday 15 April Relish the beauty of Philippine

Contemporary Art in this talk by BBC news journalist Rico Hizon, who has

colour-fast and cancer-free.

one of the biggest Philippine art collections in Singapore.

June Ladies' Luncheon

Learn what Philippine art is all about,

Talk On Eurasian Culture & Cuisine

its history and tradition, and its various themes

of expression


impressionist, expressionist, surrealist,

Thursday 17 June

to social realism. And find out, why it could be a perfect investment choice.

Learn and experience the unique

In this talk, Mr Hizon will showcase a

culture and cuisine of Eurasians

wide selection of works from the

in this fascinating and informative talk by Edwin

Filipino masters who have graced the world's two leading auction houses.


Sotheby's and Christie's including Bencab, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Ang Kiukok and Arturo Luz. And the rising stars of the new generation including

So, do remember to make a date with us this ÂŤv

coming June for this interesting talk.

Mark Justiniani, Marcel Antonio, Ronald Ventura




Look out for more details in the next issue

Date :Thursday 15 April Time ; 4.00 pm

of the TCM.

Venue : Raffles Room

Prices : $13.00(Member)&

$15.50 (Guest). Prices inclusive of GST. Gentleman members and

guests are welcome. Last day for cancellation: Thursday 8 April. 12 The Tanglin Club

Participants need to fill up the usual F&B booking slip & submit to Reception or fax to 6736 1195, or make your bookings online at /events/upcoming.asp


He also markets his fine pashminas to the world at large, directly and in limited quantity. He differs from the others in that he creates and makes them, and adds value to the chain by giving work to the people and channelling proceeds back to the local Nepalese community, in particular children in need. This is his purpose. Gerald hopes that people will be more conscious of what they are buying, and that his pieces will appeal to you. By buying with more awareness, you will own not only a genuine, beautiful and practical pashmina of international standard, but also support traditional

Nepalese weavers, in order that they can uplift themselves and their community,


:Thursday 20 May


: 12 noon

Venue : Raffles Room

Prices :$22.90(Member)& $27.50 (Guest). Prices inclusive of GST.

Gentleman members and guests are welcome. Booking opening dates; Saturday 3 April (Members only) Saturday 10 April (For members' guests) Last day for cancellation: Thursday 13 May.

July Ladies' Tea

Mind Your Step Thursday 15 July Talk On Foot Problems

By Brian J. Tracey

Need Insurance? Request a no-obiigation insurance quote to fit your unique

needs - Home Insurance, Valuable Articles, Wine Coverage, Personal Accident (covers terrorism) among others.

Masterpiece Home and Contents insurance offers;

• All Risk, World-Wide Coverage • No depreciation - New for old • Option to Repair, Replace or Cash Settlement based on Cost

• Recognition of Pairs and Sets Please call Judith Saflrstein Craiu at 9637 2253

or email Agent representing Chubb/Federal Insurance, recognized world-wide for the QUALITY of their CLAIMS SERVICE.


Look out for more details in the


next issues of the TCM.

The Tanglin Club 13



Ms Jacinta Yew Wen Huey

Mr & Mrs Soh Yew Hock.

with her mother. Mrs Yew.

Ms Gail Ong Sze Shuen & MrChua Kwan Ping.

Mr & Mrs Chang Jung-Fu with proposer, Mr Ronald Chang & Mrs Chang .

Proposer, Ms Chen Yu Hua

10 Mr & Mrs Derek Ho Thean Aik.

& Ms Helena Lim Wei Lin.


Mr Adrian Tan Han Wang.

12 Mr & Mrs Allan Leddra

Mr & Mrs Leonard Ong.

Mr & Mrs Peter Zapf.

receiving the book Forty Good Men from Membership

Mr & Mrs Peter Wissel.

Manager,Mrs Mary Shotam.

Mr & Mrs Tan Wen Tai.

Introduction Night 8 March 2004 We extend a warm welcome to the following new Members;

Mr & Mrs Andrew Ang Mr & Mrs Chang Jung-Fu Mr & Mrs Derek Ho Thean Aik Mr & Mrs Allan Leddra Ms Helena Lim Wei Lin Ms Low Chin Loo

The Tanglin Club has a cosmopolitan membership of almost 70 different

nationalities. Expatriates working in Singapore can now join the Club either as Term or Ordinary Members. For more information, please

contact the Membership Manager at or fax to 6735 5367.

14 The Tanglin Club

Mr James Aden Merchant III

Ms Gail Ong Sze Shuen & Mr Chua Kwan Ping Dr & Mrs Jonathan Pang Mr & Mrs Soh Yew Hock

Mr Adrian Tan Han Wang

new sembers

Ms Magdalene Tan Mr & Mrs Tan Wen Tai

Mr Jeremy Tan Mr & Mrs Eric Wong Shew Yee Ms Tracy Wee Suan-ln & Mr Steven Tan Mr & Mrs Peter Wissel

Dr & Mrs Richard Wing Mr & Mrs Renny Yeo Ah Kiang Ms Jacinta Yew Wen Huey

Mr & Mrs Jean-Marie Savidan (Term Members) Mr & Mrs Peter Zapf(Term Members) We extend a warm welcome to the following Associate Members:

Mrs Monique Ong (wife of Mr Leonard Ong) Dr Chia Kee Seng (husband of Ms Jennifer Wong)

calendar events






a o

9.30 am (Draycott Room)



$3.90 per Glass

$15.00 per Jug Available at all F&B outlets Prices inclusive of GST.

BILLIARDS Francis Graham Non-



Handicap Competition

6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

9.30 am (Drayostt Room)

Till Saturday 24 April




6.00 pm (Raffles Room)

BGB Game 1.00 pm (Raffles Room)

9,30 am (Draycott Room)



6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

Appreciate & Invest In Philippine Contemporary Art 4.00 pm (Raffles Room)





Friendly match vs ChangI Beach Club

9.30 am (Draycott Room)



6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

Monthly compedtlon 7.30 pm (Card Room)




Annual Tennis Championships -

6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

9.30 am (Draycott Room)

Men's & Ladles' Singles Championships (Tennis Courts) Till Sunday 2 May WINE TASTING EVENING

6.30 pm (Raffles Room)

(B, »»

No corkage charge for Monday dinner In Churchill Room.






u r^Jbioolic





www.tcingnnc 9*9




Annual Tennis Championships -

6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

9.30 am (Draycott Room)

Mixed Doubles Championships

(Tennis Courts) Till Sunday 9 May

16 The Tanglin Club





7.30 pm (Churchill Room)

9Good Friday Public Holiday

CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Cold Mounlain- R21 (Theatrette) LIVE MUSIC BY THE GROOVE MASTERS (Churchill Room) BILLIARDS The Biscuit Cup - Friendly match vs British Club


LAWNBOWLS Pairs Competition SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) MOVIE Cold Mountain- R21 (Theatrette)

10 CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Pirates Of The Carribean - PG (Theatrette) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

■ FITNESS - No classes.

EASTER BRUNCH 11.00 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) MOVIE Pirates Of The Carribean - PG (Theatrette)

The Churchill Room will be closed for a private dinner function.



3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) • SOUTH AFRICAN WINE & FOOD

PROMOTION Till 23 April (Churchill Room Tavern, Wheelhouse)

CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Seabiscuit - PG (Theatrette) LIVE MUSIC BY THE GROOVE MASTERS (Churchill Room)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) MOVIE Seabiscuit• PG (Theatrette)



CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Lost In Translation - R21 (Theatrette)


SQUASH Cosmo Tournament Weekend


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

7.30 pm (Churchill Room)

CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH 11.00 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) MOVIE Lost In Translation - R21 (Theatrette) SQUASH Cosmo Tournament Weekend





I Lost In TensI




1 Labour Day Public Holiday CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room)

SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) MOVIE Mystic River- NC16 (Theatrette)

MOVIE Mystic River- NC16 (Theatrette)



CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse)

3.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

MOVIE Big Fish •PG (Theatrette) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Whe^house) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room)


MOVIE Big Fish - PG (Theatrette)

The Tonglln Club 17

holidayideas Lamas putting up Tangka

Tibet is one of the most isolated regions in the world. Much of the landscape is harsh but there are some relatively green valleys. We flew in from Singapore to Chengdu,

When we reached the hotel, we were told to rest to 'recover' from altitude sickness -

headaches and palpitations. After two hours, we decided to explore the town.

which Is located at the foot of the Tibetan

plateau. From the airport to the town, the roads are very bumpy and willows and

junipers tine both sides of the road. There were few cars but many bicycles, rickshaws and motorbikes.

Houses were mainly one storeyed and owned by Han Chinese. The poorer Tibetans handle menial jobs and some are peddlers selling paraphernalia. Tibetans are generally darker complexioned than

Han Chinese. Tibetans don western garbs in town but at the countryside, they wear their traditional dresses. The women

traditionally wear their hair in multiple braids while the men would plait their hair with red Typical Tibetan shops in a popular tourist square.

18 The Tanglln Club

or black tassels and both would wind it round their heads.

holiday Farming communities in Tibet comprise of

and carried to the

a cluster of homes surrounded by

nearest "burial" site.

agricultural lands owned by the nearest

Here, special body

large monastery. Toiling the land is carried

breakers cut off the

out with the assistance of the dzo, a crossbreed between a bull and a female

chop up the body for


the vultures and wild

deceased hair and


dogs to eat. There is Tibetans are deeply religious people.

no sadness as the

Everywhere, one can see Tibetans holding

soul is considered to

beads and chanting prayers as their fingers

have departed from the body. Foreigners

moved along the beads and winding the prayer wheels in a clockwise direction

are not allowed to

especially at the entrance of temples and

witness the sky

at town squares.


^ came to know that Tibetans do not bury Their dead. The very poor dump the corpses

Next, we went by bus for two hours to Jokhang Palace where it is famous for its

nside Pota a Pa ac

giant rolled-up Tangka cloth carried by the lamas and upon reaching the top of the

in rivers. Others give a sky burial which means the body is kept In a sitting position for three days while a Lama recites prayers. After which, the body is blessed, folded up

Jokhang Palace.

slope, the lamas slowly unfurled it to reveal the picture of

a Tangka. At the same time, prayers were thrown by the faithful. On our way back to Lhasa, we

stopped by a tent for a taste of salty yak tea.

When we flew back from



Chengdu, our guide took us to a street

exquisite architecture and lively murals. It

was poorly lit with yak oil candles inside.

selling antiques and I bought a 5-tiered porcelain cosmetic set and a snuff bottle.

There were many statues, some with three faces. Some tourists and Tibetans would

place their offerings at the base of the statues, which are later collected by the monks for their upkeep. The next day, we went to Potola Palace which was a sight to behold. Situated high on a hilltop, there were countless steps, steep and almost vertical staircases to climb. To get to the top, one needs to pay 10 yuan.

The next morning, the group went off to see pandas. 1 gave it a miss and waited for their return to depart for the airport, back to Singapore. This journey to Tibet is truly an experience - a tour only fit for agile elders. Dr Adela Sawyer

Next, we drove six hours from Lhasa to

Drepong Monastery. At a height of 51,000 metres, some of us in the bus breathed

from oxygen cylinders which we bought in Lhasa for 5 yuan due to the slow ascent.

The Drepong Monastery is also lit with yak candies and there were many statues.

The next morning at 4.00 am, we reached Old, poor peasant in the countryside.

the Monastery of the Yellow Hat Sect which is located on a steep hillside and we were

told to climb the rocky slopes. 1 could hardly see in the dark but eventually, we made it to a flat ledge. At dawn, the whole hillside was covered with people. We could see a The Tonglin Club 19


It's Good Seeing Old Friends Appreciation Evening - 23 February 2004 Over 100 "senior" members and their spouses turned up in the Churchill Room on Monday 23 February for an informal buffet dinner for those who have been members for 35 years or more. As far as one can remember, this is the first time such a function

had been organised for these senior members. Many are in relatively good health, though a few needed the aid of a walking stick or wheelchair.

Delighted to be able to see so many old friends, they expressed gratitude to the Club for arranging the "Appreciation Evening".


20 The Tgnglin Club

miscellariy Obituary

Art Classes For Adults & CFiildren ADULT CHiNESE BRUSH PAINTtNG Conducted by Mr Tan Khim Ser. Every Thursday, from 10.00 am to 12 noon

at the Draycott Room. Fee - $94.50 per month.

David W. Morgan Died peacefully on 3 February 2004,

CHILDREN'S ART Conducted by Mr Yap Sin Guan.

aged 80, at home. Forder Farm, Buckfastleigh,

Friday at 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm or

Devon, UK.

Saturday at 9.00 am to 10.30 am at the Wheeihouse Restaurant.

Memorial Service at

Fee - $52.50 per month.


RNAS Yeovilton UK, at

12 noon, 21 May 2004. Details 6012 405 1977 or .

Fees include 5% GST * Registration forms are available at the Front Desk.

Thinking of advertising? Think Tonglin Club Magazinel

Cr-' N.

The Tanglin Club Magazine offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach an exclusive and affluent consumer group.

Members of The Tanglin Club and their spouses total 6,000 Singaporeans and expatriates from 70 countries, many of whom hold senior positions in government, commerce, industry and the professions.

More than 3,600 copies of the Magazine go out every month to 3,500 local households and overseas members who request them, plus 100 reciprocal clubs around the world.

Rates start from as low as S$400 for a quarter page to S$1400 for a full page colour advertisement.

For our full ad rates and booking procedures, please log on to To advertise In the Tanglin Club Magazine, please contact Alex Zecha, Ria Media Singapore at 6743 7462 or The Tanglin Club 21

library Top 10 Popular Titles A six-month survey of the books acquired in October 2003 showed that the following titles were most

frequently borrowed by members.

Fiction • No Second Chance Harlan Coben

New Books Adult Library

James Siege! • Miss Marple Omnibus: The

Body In The Library, The Moving Finger, A Murder is Announced, 4.50 From Paddington Agatha Christie • Death In Dark Waters

Palazzo D' Oro

Non Fiction • God's Secretaries' The Making Of The King James Bible Adam Nicolson

• The

Most Evil



Chair: A Story Of Light And Death

Elizabeth Adier

Angels And Demons

Mark Essig

The Adventures Of Augie

Dan Brown

Arrogance: Rescuing


The Know

America From The

Saul Bellow

Martina Cole

Media Elite

Trojan Odyssey

Bernard Goldberg

Of Love

Clive Cussler

Inside Al Qaeda; Global

Catherine Brady


Network Of Terror

Emma's Secret

Jeffery Deaver

Rohan Gunaratna

Barbara Taylor Bradford Sunny Chandler's Return


Imperial America: The

Pete Dexter

Bush Assault On The

Sandra Brown

The Last Juror

World Order

Family Trust

John Grisham

John Newhouse

Amanda Brown

The Last Red Death

Cinderella Dream: The

The Good Wife

Paul Johnston

Allure Of The Lavish

Strikes Back

The Conspiracy Club


Elizabeth Buchan

Jonathan Kellerman

Cele C. Otnes &

The Dark Tower Vol 1 - 4

Elizabeth H. Pleck

Sarah Challis

Stephen King

No One's Perfect

A Sunday At The Pool In Kigali

Absolute Friends

H. Ototake

John LeCarre

In An Uncertain World

Gil Courtemanche

Mr Paradise

Robert E. Rubin &

Bad Boy Jack Josephine Cox

Elmore Leonard

Dark Winter

Jacob Weisberg Mayada Daughter Of Iraq:

The Fox's Walk

Annabel Davis - Goff

Andy McNab Rumpole And

Saddam Hussein's

Seal Team Seven:

The Primrose Path

Torture Jail

Deadly Force Keith Douglass Pride And Promiscuity

John Mortimer

Jean Sasson

The Watchman

Schott's Food & Drink

Ian Rankin


Arielle Eckstut &


Ben Schott

Dennis Ashton

Anne Rice

Wine Report 2004

The Great Fire

Dead Ringer

Tom Stevenson

Shirley Hazzard

Lisa Scottoline

Eats, Shoots & Leaves:

Azur Like It

Miranda Twiss

Wendy Holden

Ainsley Harriott • Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution Dr Robert C.Atkins

• The Cheeky Guide To

Man Of War

The Grandmothers

Doris Lessing

David Bramwell

Joint Task Force: Liberia David E. Meadows Crown Jewel

Fern Michaels

God Still Don't Like Ugly Mary Monroe The Sight Of The Stars Belva Plain

at 6739 4127/

22 The Tonglin Club

Operation Monsoon Shona Ramaya Mr Golightty's Holiday Sally Vickers Mulliner Nights P.G. Wodehouse


Approach To Punctuation Lynne Truss Glimpses And Reflections

Michael Backman &

Wee Kim Wee

Charlotte Butler

I Ching: The Book Of Change Cheng Yi

Havoc's Sword

Dewey Lambdin

One Woman's Survival In

The Zero Tolerance

Non Fiction Big In Asia: 25 Strategies For Business Success

Alexander Kent

Student Life

For enquiries, contact the Library

Lilian Jackson Braun Dan Brown

Women In History • Low Fat Meals In Minutes

Keith Davitt Edison & The Electric

The Hotel Riviera

Blackthorn Winter

Paul Theroux

Turkey Digital Fortress

Patricia Hall

• The Stranger At The

Water Features For Small Gardens


Curled In The Bed

• Derailed

Crime & Thriller The Cat Who Talked

Charles Darwin Voyaging: A Biography Janet Browne

Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism And The American Empire General Wesley K. Clark The End Of The

For General Information

Beginning: From The

Siege Of Malta To The Allied Victory At El Alamein

Tim Clayton & Phil Craig Charlie Wilson's War: The

Extraordinary Story Of The Largest Covert Operation In History George Crile

Newspapers of the previous seven days are kept in the Library and are available for

members' use upon request.

sports&recreorion Tennis Friendly vs SCC 31 January 2004 k

The Tanglin Club renewed Its friendly rivalry with the Singapore Cricket Club on this particular Saturday in January. We were grateful for the fine weather after the damp of the previous months and managed to get in a number of good matches. SCC fielded a youthful team, which added that extra bit of"wham-bam" and sizzle to the exchanges. The Tanglin Ciub once again put up a gallant fight but sadly had to concede defeat to the better side for the afternoon, eventually going down 100 to 80. Mark Fernandas

Tennis Mixed Doubles

The Tanglin Club vs The British Club Af The British Club

7 February 2004 It was a perfect day, with a clear blue sky, for some competitive tennis after a whole month of rain in January. We were invited to play at the British Club on 7 February for a round robin of mixed doubles. It was a

perfect setting for some competitive tennis.

We played at the hilltop amid lush green

surroundings. Judging by the results, our players are definitely high-altitude players.

Annual Junior Tennis

We were not in awe of the smartly attired

Sahjrday 12& Sunday 13 June

British Club players, with their sporty outfits, six rounds of mixed doubles were played according to Lorna Gibson's (British Club


Captain) round robin format. It took a while for some of us to figure out how it worked. Matches were played in a highly organised and efficient manner. Credit goes to the

Championships Annual



Championships will be held on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13. The championships will be held over one weekend so the kids can

expect to play a lot of matches.

captains of both clubs. All matches were

intensely fought, but friendly. Our opponents were and so were we, stunned by our combination of devastating groundstrokes

Ail events will be singles as we will be holding a Junior Doubles Tournament later in the year.

and crisp volleys. It was an ovenwhelming victory to The Tanglin Club, with a score of 206 against 80 for The British Club.

Age categories will be under 12, 14, 16 and 18. Entry forms will be available

Congratulations to CT Khoo and Koh Ming

and we look forward to seeing all the upcoming junior tennis stars out on the

early May so keep an eye out for them Ling, who both won the highest number of games respectively among the man

court in June.

and lady members of The Tanglin Club. No recount was needed!

After the game we relaxed around the bar of this rustic environment and were treated to rounds of ice cold beer and

lemonade, together with the delicious sausage rolls and quiches. It was a great day to have fun and we thanked

The British Club for hosting the event and we are looking forward to a re-match at The Tanglin Club sometime this year. Norman Ip




professionals/Director of Tennis at sports_and_rec/ tennis.asp and find out more about the tennis

sessions that are going on.

The Tangiin Club 23


School Holiday Tennis Camps 31 May To 4 June & 7 To 10 June There will be 2 tennis camps held prior to the start of the Annual Junior Tennis Championships which will be a good opportunity for those kids entered in the tournament to practice their skills prior to the competition. For those kids entering for the first time, all scoring and playing aspects of tournament play will be covered, while for the more

seasoned players, there will be extra match play and training involved. These camps are open for players of all ages and abilities and registration forms will be available

early May. More information can be obtained by calling Ken








Annual Tennis


The Annual Tennis Championships are on again this month and members are eagerly encouraged to dust off their racquets and get out on court and participate in this annual

Tanglin bowlers at the see


Events being held are the Club Men's and Ladies' Singles Championships, the Club Mixed Doubles Championships, and the Club Men's and Ladies' Doubles Championships. Each event will run for a week with semi-finals being played on a Saturday, followed by the finals on a Sunday. Dates for each event are listed below and we encourage all members to come along and support the competitors during their matches.

Lawn Bowls - KL Fours

February 2004 Three TC bowlers attended the KL Fours which were played over

four days at the Bukit Kiara Centre in Kuala Lumpur and which boasts five immaculate grass greens. 27 men's teams and 12 ladies' teams took part and completed the tournament despite the

interruptions of heavy rain. The standard of play was high, particularly

Monday 26 April to Sunday 2 May Men's and Ladles' Singles Championships Closing date for entries : Monday 19 April

from the Malaysian teams, who were predominantly young, often

teenagers. Typically, each team played two or three games each day, quite a time to stay alert and concentrated.

Monday 3 May to Sunday 9 May

Chris Petrie

Mixed Doubles Championships

Closing date for entries : Monday 26 April


Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May

Men's and Ladies' Doubles Championships

Closing date for entries : Monday 3 May

lawnbowls.asp for more information on Lawn Bowls activities.

Registration forms are avaiiable from the Sports & Recreation Dept and the Tennis Hut or call 6739 4128/4148for more details. Entries for each event will

close one


prior to the

commencement of the event.

24 The Tanglin Club



Lawn Bowls The Tanglin Club vs see

7 March 2004 The Tanglin Club fielded a team of 15 bowlers, who

played as five teams of three. Each team played three games 3-bowl triples of 6 ends, changing both opposing team and green for each game. The weather stayed fair and at times sunny, the grass was fast and hard. While a good time was had by all, the SCO had the edge once more. Refreshments, provided by the SCO, completed a splendid afternoon. Chris Petrie

The Tanglin Club Singles Lawn Bowls Championship ^teve Wright Cup

Happiness is ... Hitting a long straight drive. Hitting your approach shot close,

The annual competition for the Steve Wright Cup is once more upon us. Full details are available from the Sports & Recreation Dept or Steve Wright or Rodger Kimpton if you wish to participate.

Hitting your putt Into the hole.

Happiness is the As per last year, there will be a plate as well as trophies for runners-

up. Games, to 21 shots, will be at the SCC at the players' convenience.

SIMPLHiOLF SYSTEM (ii)irsÂŤiii^ is in Safe Ma mis

Lawn Bowls Pairs Competition On Every First Sunday Of The

To discover true golfing happiness visit

Month To give us all a bit more competition and match practice, we will

play a pairs competition on every first Sunday of each month starting from 4 April. Teams will be agreed on the day to give everyone a chance to get better and to win. A small entry fee will be charged and there will be prizes to be won.

For the golfing adventure of your lifetime and the opportunity for "fast track" personal golf training, click on the Simpli 333 Loyalty Club flashing button on the Welcome Page.

Chris Petrie

The Tonglln Club 25

sports&recreorion Snakes & Ladders



I Bad Form| Ladder Good Co^rdinotionH




Prolonged absenteeism



G ide

Continuously late for lessons

Well Done!!

Ladder of Confidence

Ready,Set, Go

Blow Bubbles


Swimming - IHAEA 2000 There are both snakes and ladders from the start of the route. Together let us work hard, advancing step by step and climb our way to

the top. Beware of sliding down these snakes because it hurts, but with determination nothing will stop us. Come splash with us and have fun in the pooll Visit our website at for more information or call Zarena at 9276 5900. See you soon!!

Welcome On Board New sign-ups in March We wish to welcome Huw Jones, Timothy Kuah, Alexandra Koh & Joshua Sundarson.

26 The Tanglin Club

Needing swimming lessons at the Club? Please call Zarena at 9276 5900 or 6737 0742.

Alternatively, visit /swimming.asp

swimming&fhness Snakes & Ladders Programme

Eight Weeks To A New You


Small Group Personal Training At The Tanglin Club

Aim: introduction to water, buoyancy, mobiiity, enjoyment, venture,

water expioration, identify stress, correct appiication and use of personai floatation devices, parent education process.

There's no such thing as a quick fix but a good beginning is half the journey.

Teaching points: Expioring the water, kicking on front, entering and exiting the pool.

Have you ever wondered if there was a happy medium between an exercise class and a one-on-one personal training session in


the gym, ail within an attainable time frame? Eight Weeks To A

Aim: Water awareness and confidence, buoyancy, mobiiity, introduction to propulsion, water discovery, water games, introduction to water safety principles.

the expert guidance of Lorna Burns, a personal trainer new at The

New You is proving just the thing for three Club members, under Tanglin Club.

Teaching points: Arms gliding, opening eyes under water, kicking on front and back,jump from the side of the pool.

Lorna is a Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a particular interest in women's health and fitness. The key to her training

W3• MINNOWS - WATER DISCOVERY AND ADVENTURE Aim: Water awareness & confidence, buoyancy, mobility, introduction

philosophy Is "making sustainable changes without feeling burdened by impossible ideals". The aim of this eight-week training programme

to propulsion, water discovery, water games, introduction to water

offers just that in the form of a sound beginning to a sustainable

safety principles.

Teaching points: Arms movement, under water exploration,

training regime. The course comprises of one hour per week of group personal training (maximum 4 people) introducing eight key

introducing breaststroke arms and kicks.

elements: resistance exercise: core muscles; lower body blitz; upper


quads; the circuit and Plyometrics (high energy movements to build

Aim: Forward movement and propulsion with breathing, floatation and basic swimming techniques. Teaching points: Fully submerged face, front and back glides,

muscular power). This is achieved by learning how to isolate and work specific areas of the body with readily available equipment.

body toning; using bars, balls and bands; abdominals, glutes and

Clad in The Tanglin Club t-shirts and armed with the statutory water

pencil arms, forward propulsion - froggie kicks and arms, flutter

bottle, we also chose two other fitness classes to attend each week

kick and survival back kick.

and received dietary and fitness advice from Lorna.


Midway through the course Susan Simpson said,"Lorna has given me the motivation that I have been looking for, for years. It's hard work but I'm really enjoying the classes and especially the personal training sessions and can't wait for the next one. I definitely feel better about myself and this small group scenario is ideal for me. I find it more difficult to keep up in a large class where there is a wide range of abilities". Anne Van Der Sande admitted that after three weeks, she had more energy, felt more relaxed and enjoyed

Aim: Learning correct breaststroke technique. Main objectives include technique in ail areas of swimming. Teaching points: Breaststroke action - arms and legs action, swim 200m breaststroke and squat dives. Survival side kick and h-^-'kstroke, sculling, treading water with eggbeater kick. B3• MARLINS - PERFORM FREESTYLE

Aim: Learning correct freestyle technique. Main objectives include technique and distance in all areas of swimming. Teaching points: Freestyle breathing, freestyle arms and legs action, swim 200m freestyle, bilateral breathing and diving. Swim 4 laps survival backstroke. B4 • SHARKS - PERFORM BACKSTROKE

Aim: Learning correct freestyle technique. Main objectives include technique, distance and stamina in all areas of swimming. Teaching points: Back glide, backstroke arms and legs action, swim 200m backstroke. B5 • KILLER WHALES - PERFORM BUTTERFLY

Aim: Learning correct butterfly technique. Main objectives include

having time out for herself. Anne also enjoyed being able to try other fitness classes as part of the course. This is a new initiative for the Fitness Section and it is hoped that there may be more courses of this type in the future. Eight Weeks To A New You isn't going to transform you Into a supermodel

overnight or within eight weeks, but it is a fun beginning to a healthier and fitter lifestyle and is for anyone who wants to get started but, don't know how. If you are interested in this course, please contact

the Sports & Recreation Dept today at 6739 4128/4148 or through email at tcrecreationse@tang

technique, distance, stamina and speed in all areas of swimming. Teaching points: Dolphin kicks, butterfly arms and legs action,

Kim J. Saunders

swim 100m butterfly and timed, able to swim for 4 strokes.

The Tanglin Club 27

sports&recreorion Dance Fitness

Fitness Schedule Monday



6.30 am HATHA & RAJA

8.30 am


8.30 am FITBALL

YOGA (Advance) Margaret



9.30 am KEEP FIT Janet Pool

10.00 am


6.30 pm

6.30 pm

BODY WORX Daniel Chan


Brigid 7.30 pm

This class uses a variety of house music and combines typical dance club moves, latin and jazz with low to mid impact choreography.


A method of exercise in which exercisers are kept in constant motion and use the centre of the body for strength and resistance to tone other muscles, it improves stamina and co-ordination, firms the stomach and better breath control.





8.30 am AQUACISE

8.30 am

10.00 am & 11.30 am TAIJIQUAN



Wong L C 1.45 pm

Marcus Tang

9.30 am HATHA & RAJA

HIP HOP (9-12 years old)


9.30 am KEEP FIT




2.30 pm

5.00 pm

Hafha & Raja Yoga An Indian exercise fonn for stress relief and improvement of flexibility.

Aquacise A total conditioning class in the water.




Jeny 6.30 pm

4.00 pm





These balls are an excellent piece of equipment for anyone who wants to improve posture and overall muscle conditioning.

Jerry 8.15 pm PILATES Clarise

All classes are held at the Multi-Purpose Hall except Aquacise.

Line Dance A low impact, healthy activity, suitable for ail age groups and it is fun.

There will be no Fitness classes on Friday 9 April (Good Friday) & Saturday 1 May (Labour Day).

Social Latin Dance Contemporary dance music of Afro-Cuban origin which incorporates jazz and rock elements.

Body Worx

Sports Schedule Monday



8.30 am

5.00 pm


8.30 am LADIES TENNIS Tennis Courts

5.00 pm

5.00 pm

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

5.15 pm

6.15 pm




Squash Courts

Tennis Courts

Despite its aii-encompassing aspects, Flexible Strength tones without adding bulk to your frame.

Friday 8.30 am

8.30 am to 11.30 am

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts


6.00 pm

5.00 pm



CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts


5.15 pm


Flexible Strength

5.00 pm

Squash Courts

Keep Fit A traditional combination physical fitness class.



and a sexier butt.


Squash Courts


A 60-minute low impact toning class that utilizes bodyweight and light resistance to achieve firmer thighs, leaner arms, slimmer waist


3.00 pm


Squash Courts 4.00 pm



Squash Courts

Tennis Courts

Taijiquon This martial art is excellent for the cardio-pulmonary system and is equally beneficial for both body and mind. At the same time, it promotes mental relaxation similar to yoga exercises.

Taekwondo A martial art form of Korean origin.

Sunday 4.00 pm CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

Hip Hop Want to move and dance like your favourite popstars? Then, this

fun and exciting class is for you. You'll learn the cool moves of Britney, Beyonce, Justin and many more, easily with lots of fun!

Looking for a good workout and fitness guidance?

Log on now to and find out more on the types of classes available. 28 The Tanglin Club


Bridge BGB International Game


The next International Game will be held in the Raffles Room on Wednesday 14

April at 1.00 pm. These games are organised by Bridge Great Britain (BGB). Why not come along and join in? The hands are all set and played simultaneously in many countries. A booklet is

given out after the game so you are able to see how the experts would have played, Want to move and dance like your

and compare how you played the hands yourself.

favourite MTV stars? This fun and

exciting class is for you. You'll leam the cool moves of Britney, Beyonce, Justin nd many more, easily with lots of fun!

Sometimes this might not be good for your ego, but can certainly be of help to improve your skill. You can also log on to the BGB website (the address is in the booklet) to find out your position in the tournament.

Classes will be held weekly on Saturdays and will commence on

Friendly Game On Every Wednesday

Saturday 3 April.

Remember, we have a very friendly evening game on every Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Light refreshments, tea and coffee are provided. You can just turn up without

Time: 1.45 pm to 2.30 pm

a partner as there is always a standby player.

Fees: $50 per month (Member) $60 per month (Guest)

Claire Quinn

Age : 9 to 12 years old Time: 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Fees: $60 per month (Member) $72 per month (Guest) Age : 13 to 16 years old

Class requires minimum of 5 students to begin. Please register your interest with Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128 / 4148 or through email at


Upcoming Events Saturday 3 April The Biscuit Cup Friendly match vs British Club

Monday 5 To Saturday 24 April

Bridge Schedule Date



1,00 pm to 4.30 pm 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Friday


Duplicate Bridge

Rohini Arya


Aisha Elliot

Duplicate Bridge

Anjana Beri

Duplicate Bridge Duplicate Bridge

Claire Quinn Sherna Danani

Francis Graham

Non-Handicap Competition

Monday 17 To Saturday 29 May Senior Handicap Tournament ^

Want To Ploy Bridge? Interested in learning to play Bridge? Do you know what's happening in the Card Room? For further

details or enquiries on Bridge events and games visit sports_and_rec/bndge.asp

or contact the Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128/4148.

The Tonglin Club 29


Squashy Friends & Honeybees! Uganda Limited) was established. Musisi, being a lawyer himself,

was offered a position in the company as the company's lawyer. Most Ugandan beekeepers are still keeping bees in their traditional

ways. Working closely with the Ugandan authorities, Lesster engaged a German expert to help teach the farmers modern methods using catcher boxes which could be baited to attract wild swarms, and

modern hives which provide greater yields. Two years on it, it looks very promising, During his visits

around the Ugandan countryside

Ldsster and Stephen presenting a honey hampe'TBt the recent

visiting bee farms, Lesster has taken many memorable photographs. A few are included in this article.

Jumbo Doubles

Tournament ewell lunch.

Editor's note: At the recent International Doubles Squash Tournament, a team from Uganda participated for the very first

time. One of the two players was a Ugandan lawyer who partnered a Singaporean businessman now resident in Uganda, East Africa. Who says squash, business and honeybees don't mix! "Uganda is from end to end one beautiful garden, where the staple food of the people grows almost without labour. Does It not sound like a paradise on earth?"- Sir Winston Churchill's The Pearl of

Africa (1908). A love of squash and a search for new ventures Inadvertently led entrepreneur Lesster Leow

By-products derived from honey fanning, like beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and venom are put into good use too. Beeswax candle. Beeswax for example, are used in the production of candles, cosmetics, soaps and even capsules for medicine. Unlike common paraffin candles, which pollute the air with smoke, beeswax candles burn cleanly without dripping or smoking, have a sweet scent and emit negative ions, which help to clean the air of bacteria, viruses and dust mites. It burns longer due to a lower melting point. Before leaving for Uganda, Lesster had been a regular participant in the Jumbo Doubles Squash circuit in S.E. Asia, and had sorely missed these events. In February, Lesster made a visit here with Musisi and they became the first team from the African continent to play In The Tanglin Club International Doubles Tournament.

from the concrete blocks of

Many people in Singapore regard bees as dangerous. Bee coloVft^s

Singapore to becoming the leading apiculturist(bee farming guru) and honey producer in Uganda.

at building blocks are not uncommon. Lesster wants to create an awareness that honeybees are not dangerous unless provoked

In 1999, Lesster chanced upon an opportunity, when Bill Gates

During his visit, Lesster has trained some Singaporeans to capture bee swarms and relocate them, rather than having them killed, as



(Microsoft) offered a US$40 million donation to Uganda for anyone

and can play a vital role in pollination and keeping an ecological balance.

to set up a condom manufacturing plant there. Lesster visited

has happened in the past. He setup the first Bee-Keeping Club in

Uganda and conducted a feasibility study, but discovered the land


was unsuitable for growing rubber trees needed for making condoms. Instead the natural vegetation was great for honey farming and there was a worldwide shortage of honey, the plan of action

Lesster had been invited into the panel of Consultants at the

Singapore Zoological Gardens. He will be setting up a mini apiary,

(bee farm)for the development and educational aspect for the Zoo.

immediately changed and since then, there was no turning back.

Finally when I asked him,"What is the most enriching experience when you embarked on this journey?".

Being a squash fanatic, he called the Ugandan Squash Racquets Association, hoping to gather more leads plus some games. That led him to meeting up with the Association Secretary,

Stephen Musisi. With his assistance, his company (EWI 30 The Tanglin Club

His answer;"When paths cross, lives can change."

Anyone interested in learning more about bees or this story can contact Lesster through the author. Ross Mackenzie


0 ^0 â– 2=' mi A recent study concluded the repetitive and strenuous nature of squash causes memory loss in older players.

A gift of an engraved silver-plated gold wine cooler was presented

to mark both Dare's devotion and the oft forgotten patience and unwaivering support of Vikki.

Anyone doubting these findings should have attended the recent annual squash awards dinner and drinks party held in the Raffles Room in early March.

The verbally promiscuous Convenor finally won the microphone to

Steve Wright sponsored and hosted the pre-dinner cocktails and


compere the Annual Awards Presentation and together we celebrated the many achievements of individual section members over the

introduced some exotic recipes he has collected in his fifty or so years of world travel.

Category awards of mention went to Peter Birch - Best Protected,

It was after several of these the first evidence of memory loss

Faizal - Best Short Game, Steve Wright - Most Frequent Drops, Peter Allen - Best Doubles, Alex Mackenzie - Best Passing Shots,

started to appear with Steve not remembering the recipe proportions. F-^ch glass became a new hepatic adventure.

The evening ended with a special thanks to Danny, Michelle, Raj

As the seventy or so guests filled in for dinner, they discovered the

and Daniel from the Sports & Recreation Dept without whom the smooth running of the Squash Section would not be possible.

Robert Weiner - Best Boasts and Anthony Rawlinson - Best Racket.

event was to be a trip down memory lane. The theme was "A

Decade Of Dare" to celebrate that which all had forgotten - Graham

Everyone said their farewells at 10.00 pm and by the following

Dare's ten years as Squash Convenor.

morning, as the research predicted, few could remember the events

of the preceding evening.

Angular pictures, Austin Powers glasses, a micro Maxply and a vote-winning tribute speech celebrated Graham's ten-year tenure.

Chris Clarldge

We then heard telegrams and tributes from members now living in Australia, England, France. Denmark, Scotland and the USA, none

of whom had forgotten the camaraderie of the Squash Section,

Squash Forthcoming Events Here are some dates you may wish to pencil into your diaries. 24 to 25 April

Cosmo Tournament Weekend

7 to 9 May

Surabaya Jumbo Doubles Tournament The Tanglin Club 31


17 & 18 April Seablscuit•PG

Adaptation drama (140 mIns) Starring: Tobey McGuire, Jeff Bridges. Director: Gary Ross. Johnny Pollard, Charles Howard and Tom Smith found each other and discovered

hope in a down-and-out racehorse who took them and the nation on the ride of a lifetime.

Ti 24 & 25 April Lost In Translation - R21

3 & 4 April

Comedy (105 mins) Starring: Bill Murray,

Cold Mountain - R21

Scarlet Johansson.

Historical adaptation (155 mins) Starring: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman. Director: Anthony Minghella.

Bob is a movie star in town to shoot a


Director: Sofia Coppola. whiskey commercial, while Charlotte is a young woman tagging along with her workaholic husband. Both met one night in a hotel bar and became good friends, venturing through Tokyo and ultimately discovered a new belief in life's possibilities.

Inman is seriously wounded in battle before heading home to his beloved Ada. In inman's long journey home, he meets people who want to both aid and hinder his mission.

Pirates Of The Carribean

8 & 9 May Big Fish - PG Adaptation adventure(125 mIns) Starring: Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup. Director: Tim Burton.

Desperate to know his dying father, Edward pieced together stories he"-

gathered over the years, he winds up re-creating his father's elusive life in a series of legends and myths inspired by the few facts he knows.

10 & 11 April Pirates Of The Carribean - PG

1 &2 May

Action adventure (130 mIns) Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom.

Mystic River - NC 16 Suspense thriller (140 mins) Starring: Sean Penn,

Director: Gore Verblnskl.

Tim Robblns.

Captain Jack Sparrow's life capsizes after Captain Barbossa steals his ship and attacks

Director: Clint Eastwood.

Port Royal, kidnapping Elizabeth Swann. When rescuing her and recapturing his ship,

whose dark, interwoven history forces

he discovered a curse dooming Barbossa

■ ■"%

Mystic River tells the story of three men them to come to terms with a brutal murder on the mean streets of Boston.

and his crew to live forever as the undead.

For enquiries, please call the Reception at 6737 6011 Or keep track of the showtimes and booking procedure via Tickets can be obtained at the Reception.

Moviegoers are to be seated 10 minutes before showtime. 32 The Tanglin Club

Showtimes Saturday - 9.00 pm • Sunday - 2.30 pm & 8.00 pm V\s\i for movie trailers.

In tfie world of buying, selling and renting we're serviee

for your dwelling. Everything you need. Every step of the way. Coldwell Banker has also earned a reputation for professional excellence in providing a comprehensive portfolio of services including:•Residential / Commercial Sale and Leasing •Corporate Residential Services •Tenancy Management COLDIUeU.

banker KS ESTATE


When you need an address, try ours.


Coldwell Banker Real Estate (S) Pte Ltd

490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #09-18 HDB Hub Singapore 310490 Tel: 6227 2000 Fax:6251 2112 E-mail: A wholly-owned subsidiary of Hersing Corporation Ltd


The International Expo of exclusive gifts





^ S\h O^ n ^ fl a

p ja i ne tl l ienr yglisM

Toys a n fhioqn-, u: e deco s jewel ler ^X b « a u r (|Q|Mf Q I f f C beau t


h e a l At The Grand Hyatt Hotel, ScoHs Road Vando and Magnolia Rooms, 3rd floor





jppra n d i c r a f t s a


i ^ V u ^ ^e' ^ ^ decor



On Wednesday,21 April 2004 • 10:00am to 7:00pm & Thursday,22 April 2004 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

All visitors entitled to

Fabulous Lucky Draw Prizes!

For enquiries contact: 6235 3608

A ^ Copyright 2004 Fairs and Bazaars. Ail rights reserved.

Compllmenfary coffee provided by Tfie Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to all visitors!

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Profile for Marlinazrin Ali

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Apr 2004  

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Apr 2004

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Apr 2004  

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Apr 2004