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Singapore's largest private property developer offers you the widest choice in service apartments Our wide selection of service apartments ranges from the prestigious Orchard Parksuites, the choice of top corporate executives, to the suburban Central Place. Our other equally attractive dwellings include the luxurious Leonie View comprising mostly large apartments, chic Riverside View located next to the Singapore River, Far East Plaza in the heart of Singapore's shopping paradise, and Ginza Plaza apartments with scenic seaview and spacious interior in the West Coast.

Leonie View I Leonie Hill

Cairnhill Towers SI Cairnhill RoaJ

Singapore 239219

Singapaiv 2296S3

Regency House

Central .Square

121 Penang Road

20 Havclock Road

Singapore 23S46-f

Singa/mre 059765

■ JiJ ® 'J ■ ■ ■ B

Central Place

I Uougang Street 91 Singapore 53S692

Ginza Plaza 154 ll'w/ Cousi Road

Far East Plaza 14 Scolls Road

Singapore 127371

Singapore 22S213

Riverside View

30 Robertson Quay Singapore 238251

Log on for more information.

(S. Far East Organization Cairnhill Towers • Leonie View • Orchard Parksuites • Regency House

Tel:(65)6839 1233 Fax:(65) 6737 5463 Email: lease_svc@fareas( Far East Plaza • Ginza Plaza

Tel: (65) 6235 2411 Fax:(65) 6235 3316 Email: Central Place • Central Square • Riverside View

Tel;(65)6428 8600 Fax:(65)6536 1411 Email:

presideiifsmessage contract with the architects. As you will appreciate, the main contract must be thoroughly thought through and executed with a very high degree of confidence as we move into the tendering and construction phases. Our new Project Manager John Ong has his hands full and is proving to be

an asset with his experience in other similar project works. We have a short write up on John for your information. Please refer to page 6.

The Swimming Pool resurfacing project is Members,

under review by the Property & Maintenance Sub-Committee. The bids we received were

Our kitchen redevelopment work is

way above the estimates provided earlier.

progressing on schedule, most of the heavy

Unfortunately, this has delayed the

work of digging, drilling and hacking out of

beginning of work. The GO has a budget of

the old kitchen is completed. We apologise

$350,000 approved by membership,

for the noise, which has no doubt been a

therefore we have a commitment to work

nuisance, and that is largely behind us.

within the approved budget and the scope of work is being re-evaluated.

membership entrance fees alone, this

represents $10 million. A lot of revenue on

F&B staff is coping very well in maintaining a good standard of service, despite working

I have mentioned previously that

the table. If you have a family friend or

under difficult conditions. The Wheelhouse

Management, supported by input from the

business colleague who may have an

kitchen, supported by a temporary kitchen,

Sub-Committees, is being tasked to develop

interest in becoming a Member, please

is preparing all cooked meals for the

a 5-year plan for the Club, a significant and

introduce them to The Tanglin Club. We

Churchill Room and The Tavern, as well as

important exercise if we are to successfully

are the most prestigious Club, and we are

for the Wheelhouse and Terrace restaurants.

integrate Members' activities and organ

on the move!

consolidated menu available during the

isational structure with the new building and

renovation period is quite comprehensive

the additional facilities which will be available

and most of our favourite dishes are still

to us when the Master Plan redevelopment


is completed. It will take three months to

Let's enjoy our Club.

complete the plan, which will provide a According to the schedule, the new kitchen

vision, objectives and a road map to guide

will be operating by early October. We are

Management over the next three to five

preparing to hold an opening Cocktail


Reception inside the new kitchen, to give you a chance to look at the new kitchen

This month's Magazine has included more

and to have an insight into its operation.

than a page devoted specifically for

Alan Jones

More news on this a little later. Thank you

children's activities. This will be a regular


again for patience as we go forward with

feature and will be expanded upon in future

the kitchen improvements.

issues. Our children will be able to turn to

their own page and easily see what we have Redevelopment is a topic close to our hearts

in store for them in the coming month.

right now. We are progressing with the Master Plan project as communicated last

And finally, do you know we have around

month. We are still In the planning phase

500 non-Singaporean memberships vacant

and concentrating on completion of the

and available? In terms of revenue in

The Tonglm Club 1


President's Message 1 From The General Manager 3 News Bites


Cover story... Changing Memt^ership Profile... The Cyber Cafe... Wine Aficionados... Mountain Biking...Entertainment Activities...

Cover Story Development News

5 6



Auditions Evening... Robert Bacsafra Plays Till End Of August... New Band Comes To The

Wines Of The Month... Passion For Wine

Ladies Events


A Talk On Eurasian Culture & Cuisine... Mind

Your Step - A Talk On Foot Problems... September Ladies Tea - Preventing The Preventable And Delaying The Inevitable... September Ladies Luncheon - Anne Klein New York Fall Collection

i/Tj THE

Tanglin Club rOUNOED "1865

New Members


Calendar Of Events


Recent Events


5 Stevens Road, Singapore 257814 Tel: 6737 6011 Fax: 6733 2391

Giorgio Ferrari Prosecco Tasting

Churchill Room... Pianist Paul Gostelow Comes

To Tanglin... Cruise Your Way To A Luxury Holiday... Turkish Evening

From The Kitchen


Pasta And Roast In The Churchill Room...

Sunday Family Lunch & Dinner... Nafonal Day Celebration Buffet... Sports And Spicy

Activities For Children


Robotics Workshop... Little Wizards' Spells & Potions Workshop... Tae Kwon Do For


Children... Hip Hop For Children... Cyber Cafe Upcoming Events - Counterstrike Competition

Alan Jones

President Vice>President Edwin Khew

Honorary Treasurer Glenn Bryce

Meatballs... Churchill Room Closure

Committee Convenors

Development Glenn Bryce

Entertainment I Jackpot

- V.

Nancy Lum Finance

Glenn Bryce Food & Beverage

TÂŤmi>Kw( ÂŤ For

Edwin Khew

Library I PR


Nanette Sandford


Magazine I Website


Top 10 Titles... New Books

PojtaJlf Roctft

Holiday Ideas


Wild New Zealand

From The Cellar


New Draft Beer... Rhone Valley Wine Tasting & French County Cuisine... Gemtree Vneyards Tasting... Steilenzicht And Drostdy-Hof Wine Tastings... Cocktails Of The Month... Premium


Or Albert Wee

Membership & Rules Graham Dare

Property & Maintenance David Haslam


Golf: Members Nev^...Spedal For Golf Section Members... Overseas Golf Tours... Annual Golf

Championships... Tennis: Friendly vs British Club... Victors in The Chan Cup... Junior Tennis

Sports / Recreation &

Children's Programmes


Roland Tan Staff Robert Wiener

Tenders & Purchasing Dr Kaizad Heerjee

Championships... Squash: Friendly vs SICC... Hawaiian Day Cum James Day At The Squash Centre... Friendly vs Penang Sports Club...

Executive Staff Committee

Bridge Schedule... Balut: Squash vs Balut...

Dr Kaizad Heerjee

Edwin Khew

Internal Audits & Controls

Inter-Ciub Balut... Lawn Bowls: Steve Wright Trophy... Fitness: Tae Kwon Do For Children... Myth informed: Part 2... Fitness Schedule



Laws Of Attraction... Troy... Kill Bill 2... Van

Helsing... Scooby Doo 2... The Day After Tomorrow


General Manager Brian Toft

Financial Controller/Admin Manager Michelle Chua Head Of Food Services

Carsten Kjeldmann Maintenance Manager Bill Cheong

Membership Manager Editor KC Yuen (

Magazine Co-ordinator Cheryl Lim ( Graphic Designer Nazrin (

Mary Shotam

Purchasing Manager Candice Tan

Sports & Recreation Manager

To advertise in the TCM, please contact Danielle Rossetti, Ria Media Singapore at 6726 2602 or email Find out our ad rates and booking procedures via

Danny Loh

Executive Housekeeper Peggy Lim Opinions expressed in the Tanglm Club Magazine are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the Tanglin Club. The Magazine welcomes articles and other contributions from members. However, the Magazine / Website Sub-Committee reserves the right to edit all materials or decline publication. MITA (P) 143/05/2003. Published by The Tanglin Club. Colour separation and printing by Ad Graphic.

fromlhegeneralmanager Dress Code Please be reminded to adhere to the Dress

Code. Champagne Brunch in the Churchill Room Is not the same as the Sunday Family Lunch and therefore dress code of Club Standard Is In force.

Term Memberships We are delighted to say that we are accepting Teim Members on a regular basis. However we are capable of taking more at

Dear Members,

present, so If you know of anyone who would like to take up the one-year

The kitchens are underway and the noise been somewhat persistent to say the St, but at last this has quietened down.

Membership and Is compatible with The Tanglin Club, please let me know and I will follow it through.

The Executive Chef, the Project Manager

Cable TV and Broadband

and myself are daily scrutineers of the kitchens, ensuring everything goes to plan

Yes, we now have cable TV fibre-optics

and without any delay or unnecessary costs being incurred.

Project Manager We have added a Project Manager, Mr John Ong to our staff. A very experienced man who will be a valuable asset to Management and the Club in the months and years to

installed around the Club and broadband

facility in the guest-rooms.

Churchill Room with the Singapore Sling

going for only $3 per glass. We have a very Now you have many more channels

appetising menu over at the Sports Centre

including a large variety of sports channels. No excuse for not joining me in supporting

Why not try it out after a gentle workout.

being introduced from Monday 2 August.

Manchester United games!

The Big Club Party Is confirmed for Saturday Our 'Not So Tail' Members

16 October-fun for all around the Club till

the wee hours of the morning.

come. Welcome John.

We are excited to inform you that we are


our younger members which I am sure they

Junior Library

We are re-vamping the entertainment scene at the Club and are delighted to be able to •r you another range of bands, groups

will all enjoy. Danny,the Sports & Recreation Manager, Is working on the details and they

Please be reminded that young children

will be published for you all shortly.

Library unaccompanied. It is dangerous and worrying for the staff who are unable to

putting together a schedule of activities for

2!fd solo performers for your enjoyment In the Churchill Room.


and toddlers cannot be left In the Junior

keep an eye on them whilst they are working.

Our overnight family rooms are becoming

Many thanks.

A big thank you to the Groovemasters who have played a big part in getting the Churchill

very difficult to book as they are in great demand! However, we have a few spare

Finally, don't forget to keep checking the

Room back on its feet. They finished their contract at the end of July.

dates for anyone who wishes to have the opportunity of taking a break at the Club.

website for up-to-date Information on the Club. Just log on to

We also Intend having entertainment of all

They are from 15 to 21 August with seven rooms available, and from 21 to 31 August

sorts in other areas of the Club so that you

with six rooms available. Please contact

can while away the hours either dancing or

Jenny at 6737 6011 as soon as possible.

listening to these fabulous artistes. Come

and join us In the Churchill Room to start

For Your Diary

with. Check the Magazine, website and posters for further details.

We have a new wine list being Introduced

on Monday 16 August. The Wine Section is now very active and is looking for more

Club Hours

members to join. Contact the F&B Dept at

We have adjusted the Club hours for the next couple of months due to the kitchen

6739 4176 for more details on joining the

Brian Toft

General Manager

Wine Section.

renovations. Please check details in the

inside back cover of this Magazine for the slight adjustments.

We have a National Day Buffet Lunch lined up for you on Monday 9 August in the The Tanglin Club 3


August is the month Singaporeans celebrate

Wine Aficionados

10 September (instead of

National Day. and on the 9th we're having

The fastest growing activity in the Club must

October as previously

a very special buffet lunch in the Churchill

belong to the Wine Section. Since its inaugural function on Friday 18 June, the

time remains the same,

Room. Come and celebrate with us!

Cover Story Our cover story is about five members who

stand out in very different areas of activity to give us additional reasons to celebrate. From a National Day TV presenter to

Olympic Games competitor in Athens this month to being named China's Friendship Ambassador. Read about them on page 5. We congratulate them all!

announced). The place and

Section now has over 75 members. There

from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm in

are about three wine functions each month, and the Section members pay only $5.00 a month. So what are we waiting for!

the Multi-Purpose Hall. Interested members may contact

Incidentally, Chef Carsten now pens a

regular monthly column on wine in this Magazine. Read his Passion For Wine on page 12.

Proposed Choir

Mountain Biking, Anyone?

of The Tanglln Club choir. Spearheading

There's been a suggestion that there might

this activity will be Ms Birgitte Lund who w'H

Cal l ista


As announced last month, here's more on the formation

Changing Membership Profile

be some members interested in mountain

be assisted by Ms Dee Page, both memb^^

Talking of membership, did you notice more

biking, and hence may want to organise

in the Entertainment Sub-Committee. With

and more young members are using the

some group activity. If that's your thing, please contact our Sports & Recreation Manager Danny Loh at 6739 4148 or email

Mrs Aileen Yeo conducting, choir rehearsals will begin in September, and interested members may contact Cheryl at 6739 4129

Club facilities these days? An interesting statistic is that some 181 children of

members "in the queue for eight years" have

or email

managed to join the Club since January 2003. Many have young children, so we now have a special Children's Activities section in this Magazine.

KC Yuen

Entertainment Activities The Entertainment Sub-Committee has

been extra busy these days. There's an "Auditions Evening" in the Churchi ll



Wednesday 4 August at 7.00 pm. Members can come for a relaxing dinner and at the same time help in the selection process to pick new entertainers for the Club.

The Cyber Cafe After a slow start, the Cyber Cafe is coming alive in the Theatrette Lobby. The operator is introducing some exciting games and a new competition this month and in September. Why not send your kids there, where they can meet new friends and become computer savvy in a bright, supervised environment?

Farewell We bid farewell to the following members converting to Permanent

Absent Membership (PAM):

Sounds like fun!

Mr Ralph Benjamin Mr Jeremy Cama Mr & Mrs Foong Yin Cheok

Then there's an exciting new

Mr & Mrs Alan Flanders

band, the Bivita from the

Mr & Mrs David B. Grant

Philippines, playing In the

Mr& Mrs Kim Hun Su

Churchill Room commencing Monday 2 August from 9.00 pm nightly, except Sunday. And a Turkish Evening on Saturday 18 September, featuring a professional belly


Mr & Mrs Leong Hua Tong

Ms Genevieve Lim & Mr Jelfe Anthony Ms Lee Tze Mei Mr & Mrs Bharat Parashar Ms Wee Li Ann

dancer from Istanbul.

Ms Virginia Wong & Mr Jonathan Seah

Beliy Dancing Classes

Mr &MrsJWR White

By the way, our own belly dancing classes

Mr& Mrs Paul Yeap

have been re-scheduled for Friday 3 and


Main Reception 6737 6011 •

Magazine/Website 67394 129 / 172•

Executive Office 6737 2692 •

Sports & Recreation Dept 67394 148•

Accounts Dept 67394 134 /136 •

Tennis & Squash Booking 6235 8482 / 6734 0707

F & B/Banquet Dept 67394 139/140 / 176 •

Swimming Lessons 6737 0742 or 9276 5900

Membership Dept 67394 108 •

Head Of Food Services 6739 4140 •

Library 67394 127 •

Executive Sous Chef 6739 4157 •

4 The Tanglin Club


The Company We Keep

Denlse Tan,

TV presenter of the Year" lita Tiro with S.R. Nathan




For a premier club of some 6,000 members, there's always someone making some achievements, sometimes hitting the headlines, but

quite often going unnoticed. This month, we learn of a few rare accomplishments of members, two of whom had just joined The Tanglin Club after a very long wait. First, there's Denise Tan, a vivacious young lady who became a member two months ago. Denise is one of five TV presenters who will be hosting the National Day pre-parade segment along with the likes of Gurmit Singh,

at this year's National Day Parade.

A junior member in the news is Christel Bouvron who is one of 16 Singaporeans selected to participate in the Athens Olympic Games this month. The daughter of former GC member Andre Bouvron, Christel will be competing in her second Olympics in the women's 200-metres butterfly event. Also swimming for Singapore Is veteran Olympian and Club junior member Joscelin Yeo. Not to be outdone by the youngsters, two older members won kudos in different fields recently. A member of our Club for many years, Perlita Tiro last month

aron Au and other TV/radio

was honoured as the "Rotarian

iJCfsonalltles on 9 August at the

of the Year" - the first woman

National Stadium.

to be so honoured in the 75-

year history of the Singapore Rotary Club. Born in the Philippines, Perlita has lived here for 33 years and is a Singapore citizen.

A graduate of the University of Leeds in the UK, Denise

majored in English literature and theatre studies, and had

appeared in local theatrical productions as well as radio

Oldest of the lot to win


recognition is Sia Yong, age 78 and a former GC member in the

Both Lorimer and Denise are among the 181 "children of members"

mid 1990s. Mr Sia was recently honoured by the Beijing-based Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and appointed "China's Friendship Ambassador" in Singapore. He is one of only 44 such ambassadors worldwide to hold ttiis appointment since the founding of the CPAFFC by the late Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai. The list includes author Han Suyin,former British Prime Minister Edward Heath and Russia's

who waited eight to nine years to become Ordinary Members. This

female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Well done, everyone!

was made possible when the Club increased its Planned Total Membership to 6,900 some two years ago.

We're proud of you.

An even more recent new

member is Lorlmer Yong,a first

officer with Singapore Airlines, who joined the Club only last month. Lorlmer quietly made aviation history on 28 June when he was one of the four crew members who flew the first ever

non-stop commercial flight from Singapore to New York.

KC Yuen

The Tangfin Club 5


Idub's Project

iManager ^tarfs Work

Meet John Ong, The Tanglin Club's new Project Manager, who commenced

the Asian economic crisis hit almost

work on 28 June 2004 on the Club's

everyone in 1996, John closed his

development. He was selected from some 200 applicants who responded

business and moved on to do full-time

to our recent advertisement.

tendering for government jobs. When

project management work for Robertson Quay Hotel. That led on to a condominium project called Emerald

For a start, John will concentrate on

Garden at Club Street, and later Ubi

overseeing the major renovation to the

Tech Park with the Japanese contractor

Churchill and Tavern kitchens in the


main Clubhouse. This is part of the overall long-term upgrading of our Club.

His last major job prior to joining us, was to oversee the construction and

"The biggest challenge for me in the current project will be to make the kitchen renovation a showpiece for the members," said Mr Ong, adding quickly that it has to be completed within budget and on schedule. That means it must be ready by early October 2004. As for the budget, members will recall

completion of the 1800-seat Ngee Ann Polytechnic's convention centre and a seven-storey teaching hub. Commenting on his chosen career, John said: "I love construction. You

approved a sum of $1,82 million for

may say it's my passion! It's a tough industry, and over the years, I've seen many of my classmates quit. But not me. I will want to continue doing

the kitchen renovation.

construction till I cannot do anymore!

John should know. Trained as an

"I'm now more into construction

engineer, he graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987 with a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering. His first job as an engineer was with HDB where he spent five years doing design, supervision

management practice, with a solid feel of the ground. I've been at all levels from project manager to consultant to

that the SGM of November 2002 had

and contract administration.

contractor, and even sub-contractor,"

he added. So welcome, John, to The Tanglin Club upgrading and development project.

Next he started a G1 construction

KC Yuen

company in 1993 with a partner

Club!! Why not celebrate your birthday or your family member's birthday at The Tanglin Club!!! It's our pleasure to add a small touch to your big day, or surprise your dearest with a one pound chocolate or vanilla cake absolutely free.

The Development SubCommittee for 2004/05 comprises of the following members: Glenn Bryce - Convenor Edwin Khew - Deputy Convenor Alan Jones Roland Tan

Douglas Cheam V Krishna

With just two days' notice, if you dine within the Club and celebrate that special day, you will enjoy a complimentary gesture from our pastry team.

Dr Alex Ooi

Members of other Sub-Committees

are listed in their respective sections.

Entertainment on page 8 and Library on page 24. More will be listed in next month's Magazine. For enquiries or reservations, please call the F&B Dept at 6739 413914176.

6 The Tanglin Club


Wednesday 4 August Churchill Room

7.00 pm Be a part of the decision-making for upcoming bands, strollers, pianists and

there is any talent waiting to be discovered.

stand-up comedians. $25 for the famous Churchill Room

Who are going to be piaying at our Ciub parties and year-end Balis? The

Smorgasbord inclusive of a glass of wine and GST.

Entertainment Sub-Committee in

Booking is necessary. Reservation has

conjunction with our talented F&B team have put together what promises to be

to be made at the Churchill Room. Dinner

an entertaining evening with good music

from 7.00 pm. Entertainment starts at

and a three-course dinner.

8.00 pm.

So book now for The Tanglin Club's own

-^_^ersion of"American Idol" and Judge if

New Bond Comes To Churchill Room

Pianist Paul Gostelow Comes To

Tanglin. This piano entertainer really needs no introduction. Paul Gostelow has

Snap your fingers, tap your feet! A new band called Bivita will get you into that swinging beat. Come Monday 2 August, this talented trio will liven up the Churchill Room from 9.00 pm to closing, every night except Sundays.

been making music in Singapore since the Sixties, playing at the Tropicana (remember?), the Goodwood Park and the Shangri-La till the mid-Seventies.

Comprising superb vocalists Annabelle and Vanessa, whose dance routines and singing will captivate you, there's also that versatile and dynamic Caesar at the keyboard. They hail from the Philippines, playing every musical genre

Then he "disappeared" for seven years, inlaying at the Bali Beach Hotel and moved around the Indonesian hotel circuit, at the

Hyatt, Intercontinental, Borobudur and the Hilton in Jakarta, besides opening a chain of music schools in the region. Returning to Singapore in the early Eighties, Paul continued playing at the Mandarin Hotel and Maxim's de Paris at the then

Pavilion Intercon (now the Regent), Sheraton

Towers and

Singapore Hilton.

from Top 40's, Latin American dance music to Rock & Roll, Oldies, Jazz,

Blues and many more.

This group has performed in several pubs and hotels In Singapore, Malaysia and even the Middle East. At once

passionate yet refined, typically stark yet grand, sometimes startling yet

graceful - discover the

From Wednesday 1 September, Paul will be at

sublime sounds of one

the Churchill Room from

of the most compelling and extraordinary

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, and

bands in town!

after that, at the Tea

Lounge till closing. Great



reverberate at the Club

almost every night. So come and unwind, and let these entertainers

sooth your worries away!

There's a possibility the Bivitas may also play at the Poolside from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm before moving to the Churchill. So come and

be entertained as you dine at the Club.

The Tanglin Club 7


Speaker*# Programme

Cruise Yo

A Luxury I Thursday 12 Au Have you ever dreamt of the perfect holiday where leisure facilities, mouth watering cuisine, great entertainment and exotic destinations are the only things you had to worry about? Mr Ronnie Yeo, a cruise and travel

specialist, will be talking about the many possibilities with modem cruises, exciting destinations and the comfort within.

Thursday 12 August in the Churchill Room at 12 noon.

$22.90 (Member), $27.50 (Guest). Dress Code: Club Standard. Prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.

Booking opening date: Monday 2 August. Last day for cancellation: Tuesday 10 August.

Turkish Evening iOMfrfay This is HOT! HOT! HOT! Once again we present Hale Cakar, that delightful belly dancer from Istanbul for an eye-catching and breathtaking performance. Sample true Turkish cuisine with its unique characteristics and spices from Mousakka's, shish kebabs and doner kebabs to baklava.

The Entertainment/ Jackpot Subcommittee for 2004/05

comprises of the following members: Nancy Lum - Convenor Dr Albert Wee - Deputy Convenor MC Cheong KK Chong Peter de Braux Gerti Iwatake

Birgitte Lund Geraldine Page Dr Patricia Teoh Prema Thiele

Churchill Room at 7.30 pm.

$55.00(Member), $65.00 (Guest). Dress Code: Club Standard. Prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.

Booking opening dates: Tuesday 3 August(Members), Tuesday 10 August (Guests). Last day for cancellation: Saturday 11 September. 8 The Tonglin Club


Whet your appetite and delight your taste buds with a wide variety of appetisers and mouthwatering pasta dishes along with a selection of daily roasts - NOW in The Churchill

Room during lunch.


t/iUiidk Assorted specialty salads • Sashimi of salmon • House smoked salmon • Assorted Japanese sushi • Authentic Thai dishes • North Indian specialties • Tangiin local specials »Assorted international dishes • Crepe suzette with ice-cream • Doner kebabs • And for the kids, their very own buffet. Churchill Room from 12 noon to 3.00 pm. •niKdaKaiiu.Ktxn;

$19.90 (Adult members & Guests), $9.90 (Child below 12 years). No charge for children under 3 years. Prices inclusive of GST.


Sunday 29August An enjoyable event with delicious food, free flow of fine champagne and soft music. Make sure you

don't miss this opportunity for a Due to the ovenwhelming popularity of our Sunday Family Lunch, we are continuing our Sunday Family Dinner in the Churchill Room.

truly relaxing Sunday! Children of ail ages are welcome. Churchill Room from

This exciting offer is now available to your entire family to enjoy. Children of all ages are welcome.

11.00 am to 2.30 pm

$47.25 (Adult with Champagne), $31.50 (Adult without

Churchill Room from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Champagne). $15.75 (Child

Buffet dinner: $21.50 (Adult members & Guests), $10.70 (Child

below 12 years). All prices

below 12 years). No charge for children under 3 years. Prices

inclusive of GST. Dress Code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

inclusive of GST.

The Tangiin Club 9


f*: Make the National Day a Family Day. Bring the whole family and enjoy some of Singapore's most loved local "hawker stall" specialties.

The Tanglin Club's wonderftjl Intematlonal delicacies and freshly prepared desserts will naturally be displayed as well. The

famous Singapore Sling will be available at $3.00 per glass.

Churchill Room from 12 noon to 3.00 pm.

$28.50 (Adult), $13.50 (Child below 12 years). Dress Code: Club Standard.

All prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.



Churchill Room Closure The Churchill Room will be closed during the evening of Monday 9 August.

For latest updates, log on to http://www.tanglinclub.

Sporf% Visit the Churchill Room and try out our Chefs new hot Smorgasbord concept during lunch and dinner hours.

Whenever you wish to, relax during lunch with one of our freshly prepared signature pasta dishes or experience the gourmet hors d'oeuvers, famous

flamb6s or your favourite desserts. The new and exciting Churchill Room is the place for healthy and creative food for your enjoyment. No corkage charge from Monday to Friday - Dinner only. An opportunity to enjoy your favourite connoisseur wine. Lunch: Monday to Friday ♌ 12 noon to 3.00 pm (Last order: 2.00 pm)

Dinner: Monday to Saturday • 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm (Last order: 10.30 pm) Excellent news for members "on the other side"

Note: The Executive Set Lunch will be discontinued until further notice. There will

be no Ala Carte Menu. For queries, please call the F&B Dept at 6739 413914176 or log on to our website at Churchill Room will be closed during the evening of Monday 9 August.

10 The Tanglin Club

Try out our new exciting snack menu offered from 2 August at the Sports Bar from 12 noon to 9.30 pm every day. Quench your thirst and hunger with healthy salads, grilled sandwiches and spiced Mexican delights.


New Draft Beer Come on down to the Club and enjoy a jug or two of your favourite Tiger Beer or sample other cool refreshing draft beers by the glass.


$5.40 $9.05




$7.85 $3.90

Erdinger Yeast 300ml Heineken Draft

Tiger Draft Heinekeii







strike up a conversation with our talented Bar staff and sample one of their refreshing cocktails or non alcoholic beverages of the month.

The Wine Section Presents

Rhone Valley Wine Tasting Wieners Beefeater

& French Count]^ Cuisine

Triple Sec,

Thursday 12 August • Raffles Room


de Menthej, syrup and fruit.

After two successful events with excellent wine,food

Price: $

and camaraderie, reserve now for what promises

to be another extraordinary Wine Section evening. Prominent guest speaker Mr Tan Kah HIn, well known as a wine lecturer for SOPEXA and his involvement

in many international wine and food societies, will host this tasting. Raffles Room on Thursday 12 August at 7.00 pm. $45.00 for Wine Section Members, $50.00 for Non Wine Section Members. Please make your reservation at the F&B Dept using the Social Events Reservation

Slip inserted in the Magazine or at the website, Last date for cancellation: Monday 9 August. Mind

fellow Chartreuse, i^ointreau and

emtree Vineyards Tasting

fresh Lime Juice. Price: $4.90

Friday 20 August • Churchill Room Don't miss this pre-dinner opportunity to meet one of Singapore's finest sommeliers, Leon Tan from The Ninth Vine Company.

Mr Tan will introduce members to these superb wines from Gemtree winery in McLaren KVale, South Australia.


Friday 20 August at 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

Free for all Wine Section members,$6 for Non Wine Section members. Please make


your reservation at the F&B Dept using the Social Events Reservation Slip inserted in the Magazine or at the website,

Stellenzicht & Drostdy-Hof Wine Tastings Hot Honejf

The Club has the pleasure in hosting a casual wine tasting from two splendid South African wineries.

Cranberry juice, Apple JuicSB, honey and strawberry syruft;

Stellenzicht has a reputation as one of the top five farms in the Cape,

No^-alcoholic. Price; $3.90

whilst Drostdy-Hof, established in 1964, boasts one of the oldest cellars in the Western Cape. Presented by Mr Andy Maltett a native South African and the Asia Pacific Regional Manager who now lives in Singapore.

Tuesday 31 August at 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm in the Raffles Room. Free for all Wine Section Members,$8 for Non Wine Section Members.

All prices inclusive of Available In all F&B outlets.

The Tanglin Club 11


Premium Wines of the Month

Passion For Wine Wine Me Up - Cork Or Screw


The invention that made airtight wine storage possible was the cork, the greatest revoiution in the history of wine; a discovery made some time in the 17th century,

now naturally known to everyone who enjoys drinking

(AUSTRALIA) b tone This fresh and flavoursome wine

shows tropicai fruit characters of pineappie and melon with lemon/lime flavours and a


smooth, creamy palate. If air could be excluded from the wine barrel or the bottle, its iifespan was increased enormously. Even better, it

couid take on a range of flavours and interesting

20 0 3

Price: $9.20 I Glass $50.40 I Bottle

' â– a ii t h a T-'y CHARDONNAY


Although screw caps, crown closures and synthetic corks now offer an alternative, cork still remains the way fine wines are sealed today.


2001(GERMANY) Riesling Classic Rheinhessen, floral, with attractive freshness,

The French company Pechiney developed in the 1970s the aluminum screw cap under the name Steivin, which has just within recent years won acknowledgment and was chosen by Australian, New Zealand and Caiifornian wineries as the perfect seal for partial or all of the wine production.

green apple and citrus fruit. Harmoniously dry finish with spice and fine fruits. Ideal for light and elegant cuisine, in particular grilled fish and Japanese dishes. Price: $8.10

In a recent article, Keith Mugford winemaker of Moss Wood (for those members who did have the pleasure of attending the Moss Wood Wine Dinner at the Club in May, surely remember the conversation regarding the above subject) said "with the inconsistent seal of cork you get significant variation between bottles" and with an estimated 10% of wines worldwide being corked, "is there anywhere in the world you would tolerate such a high failure rate in your food, like milk, tea or soft drinks?"









This full-bodied wine shows

characters of ripe blackcurrant, chocolate and mint, with smooth

Corked wine which applies to penicillin infection is the musty smell infected by a fungus within the cork, a problem which is instantly noticeable and naturally always disappointing, there is nothing to be done but to open

tannins and fine lingering texture.

j 2 00 2

Price: $9.20

'n a to e r r o

I Glass

$50.40 I Bottle




another bottle.

Interest is growing among wineries around the world for the implementation of screw caps, obviously foremost for the quality although convenience surely also plays its part. So whatever you do, be it popping corks or screw capping, don't miss out on our exciting monthly wine events at the Club. ,


2001(FRANCE) I>E lio^

This prizewinning wine, has aged six months in oak barrels. Light purple in colour with great aromas, berry notes and dark fruit. Displays soft tannins and medium-bodied structure, great with oxtails and red meats.

Clidlcau dc Scauin BOflDEACSX SUPlUtUR

Carsten Kjeldmann Price: $10.00 / Glass $52.50 I Bottle

nitio rAA ii> nuwurTA^a

All prices inclusive of GST. Order your party wines using the order form inserted in this magazine or visit wine_order_form.asp

12 The Tanglin Club


recreations of their festivals and milestones in their lives?

Do they enjoy the same food, whip up the same recipes that have been handed down, sometimes surreptitiously, through the generations? Of course they do! He convinced us of that.

The food was there for the tasting. And it was delicious and as exciting as is informal, chatty introduction Into the world of the 'Seranis'(Eurasian in Malay and what we fondly refer to them as). The feel for the culture was further enhanced

by songs and colorfully dressed dancers

from the Singapore Eurasian Association. It was deja vu for me in a way. I enjoyed the event with a friend whose wedding reception venue Edwin decorated beautifully

24 years ago, almost to the day. Glad to know he's still doing his thing so nicely! Rosalind Heng

A Talk On Eurasian Culture & Cuisine Thursday 17 June How skillfully Edwin Pereira opened a window to Eurasian culture and cuisine at

our Club on Thursday 17 June.

%#Ce managing director of Petals And Leaves, who is known by many in the hotel and retail industries for his innovative ways with flowers and for party events decor,

transported an audience of mostly ladies in

a packed Churchill Room a little way down memory lane. Do Eurasians - that small and sometimes

forgotten community In our midst - still subscribe to the customs and traditions that

he so interestingly spoke of and so artfully presented in a several tableaux as


The Tonglin Club 13


made shoes in any style or design we desire at affordable prices in Singapore. The sheer thought that neglect of my own feet could very well lead to a less active lifestyle for me, is enough reason for me to, from now onwards, treat my feet with "Tender Loving Care".

1 hope those who attended Brian's session feel the same way as i do. For members who missed out on this very informative talk, but would like to seek advice on foot problems, Brian can be contacted for consultations at Monarch Medica.

Sybil Schwencke

izint V uv

This statement by our guest speaker Mr Brian Tracey of Monarch Medica, that on an average, a human being walks a distance of two and a half times around the equator in our life time made me sit up and pay full attention to his presentation that was given over tea at the Raffles Room on Thursday 15 July. Our two feet are the basic fundamental structure of the human

body, intricately made up of 52 bones, one-quarter of total bones in our body.

Although they are such an important feature in the make-up of the human physique, the sad truth is, they are usually the most neglected

and uncared for part of our bodies. Yes! 1 am just as guilty of neglecting my feet. As a result of improper care and neglect, 75% of people will have

foot problems at some time in their lives. Foot pain can lead to a diminished sense of well-being. At an advanced stage, it causes the development of back and hip pain. We learnt from Brian to treat

out feet with the respect they deserve ... most importantly

wearing well-fitting, good shoes. Many a nasty accident could most certainly have been

prevented with the use of proper footwear. We also

picked up useful tips when shopping for the correct type, dress shoes or sports shoes to buy, where to order custom-

14 The Tanglln Club

ladies "^^enls

September Ladies Tea

Preventing The Preventable & Delaying The inevitable - A Talk For Ladies Only Given today's demands, some of us are ageing faster than we know it. Our biological age can be older than our chronological age but we do not even realise It. Have you ever wondered why you

feel tired, have problems sleeping, have accumulated body fat that will not go away even with exercise, experience memory lapse, feel less energetic, anxious, irritable or depressed, lose our hair, have aches and pains, have a lower sex drive and Increasingly drier and wrinkled skin? Yes, these are all the signs and symptoms of

ageing, but if you are only in your forties and display these signs and symptoms, you could in fact, be ageing prematurely. We have arranged a special talk for the ladies by an Endocrinologist Dr Kevin Tan and Obstetrics and Gynaecologist Dr Gordon Tan

Date Time

: Thursday 9 September : 3.00 pm

from the Well-Life Medical Centre. Both Dr Kevin Tan and Dr Gordon

Venue : Raffles Room

Tan will talk about the ageing process and how you can better

Prices :$13.00(Member)& $15.50 (Guest).

manage it. They will focus on problems and issues specific to women and ageing, while at the same time answer all your queries and debunk any myths about the different anti-ageing therapies.

Prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.

Join us and be informed so that you can truly prevent the preventable

and delay the inevitable.

Booking opening dates : Tuesday 3 August(Members) Tuesday 10 August (Guests) Last day for cancellation : Thursday 2 September










The Tanglin Club 15



Introduction Evening 5 July 2004 We extend a warm welcome to the

following new Members:

Mr & Mrs Chung Swee Teng Mr & Mrs William Han

Mr & Mrs Martin Huang Dr Marcus Lim

Mr & Mrs Arjun Samtani Ms SImone Tracy Tan Mr& Mrs Phillip Wang Ms Joey Wu-Lee Ms Boon Chia Pei Ms Isabel Claire Chan

Ms Stefanie Chye & Mr Lim Cher Ping Ms Lynn Ee Yuen-Lin Mr & Mrs Mark David Gabriel Ms Goh Jo-An

Mr George Huang Joon Yoong Ms Piyapahn Mayda Jutahkiti & Mr Colin Kew

Ms Leona May Lim Ai Ting Ms Clara Ong Min Wen

Mr & Mrs Ong Sin Beng Mr Julian Leslie Reis Mr Roberto Enrico Sirtori

Mr & Mrs Alexander Tan King Luen Mr Lorimer Yong Kin Yan


Ms SImone Tracy Tan with seconder Ms Joyce Choy.


GC member Dr Albert Wee with Mr & Mrs Mark David Gabriel.

3 Mr & Mrs Ong Beng Hock with 4

Ms Clara Ong Min Wen. Ms Leona May Lim Ai Ting with parents Mr & Mrs Lim Theng Wah.


Mr & Mrs Alexander Tan King Luen.


Ms Isabel Claire Chan with

proposer Mr Chan Sek Keong. 7

Ms Goh Jo-An with proposer


Mr Goh Kheng Chong. Mr & Mrs Phillip Wang.


Mr & Mrs Arjun Samtani.

10 Mr & Mrs Martin Huang. 11 GC member Miss Nancy Lum with Mr & Mrs Ong Sin Beng.

The Tanglin Club has a cosmopolitan membership of almost 70 different nationalities. Expatriates working in Singapore can now Join the Club either as Term or Ordinary Members. For

more information, please contact the Membership Manager at or fax to 6735 5367.

16 The Tanglin Club



new lembers

The Tanglin Club 17

calendar events





Rhone Valley Wine Tasting & French Country Cuisine Thursday 12 August/ 7.00 pm Raffles Room


6.00 pm (Raffles Room) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET (The Tavern) PORK KNUCKLES (The Tavem)


LIVE MUSIC by Bivita. 9.00 pm nightly



10 FISH HEAD CURRY(Wheelhouse) THAI BUFFET (The Tavem)

Friday 20




6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)



(The Tavern) THAI BUFFET(The Tavem)

7.00 pm (Churchill Room)

TENNIS Social & Guests Night

except Sunday (Churchill Room) NEW SNACK MENU (Sports Bar)

9 National Day

Gemlree Vine) Tofring






6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET (The Tavem)

BUFFET 12 noon (Churchill Room)

(The Tavern)

BALUT Inter-Club Balul at NUSS



Cruise YourWay To A Luxury Holiday 12 noon (Churchill Room) RHONE VALLEY WINE TASTING &



for the evening.



7.00 pm (Raffles Room)

17 FISH HEAD CURRY(Wheelhouse) THAI BUFFET (The Tavem)

24 FISH HEAD CURRY(Wheelhouse) THAI BUFFET(The Tavem)





6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET (The Tavem)



(The Tavern) THAI BUFFET(The Tavem) BILLIARDS Section Fund Night

26 SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)


6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET(The Tavem) -at



(The Tavem) THAI BUFFET(The Tavern) BALUT Monthly competition (Cards Room)

• DAILY LOCAL SET LUNCH & WESTERN SET LUNCH ■ Monday to Saturday(Wheelhouse & The Tavem) • NO CORKAGE CHARGE from Monday to Friday - Dinner only


30 August NORTH INDIAN BUFFET(The Tavem)




31 August

1 September


6.30 pm to 8.00 pm(Raff!es Room)^


a 0)

6.00 pm (Raffles Room) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET (The Tavem) PORK KNUCKLES (The Tavern) BILLIARDS Ian Raslin Handicap Competition. Till 25 September.

18 The Tangiin Club

RSH HEAD CURRY(Wheelhouse) THAI BUFFET (The Tavem)


6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET(The Tavem) NEW RESIDENT PIANIST Paul Gostelow

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm (Churchill Room)


6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) NORTH INDIAN BUFFET(The Tavem)


(ITie Tavern) THAI BUFFET (The Tavem) TENNIS Social & Guests Night


(The Tavern) THAI BUFFET (The Tavem) LADIES TEA - Preventing The Preventable And Delaying The Inevitable 3.00 pm (Raffles Room)





The Day After'/^ Tomorrow

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Laws Of Attraction - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse) ART EXHIBITION Last day (Main Lobby)


CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse)

10.00 am (Draycott Room)

HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Troy - PG (Theatrette) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavern/Wbeelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)


3.00 pm (Wtieelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm {The TavemAWheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)




10.00 am {Draycott Room) CHILDREN'S ART CLASS

3.00 pm {Wheelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm {The Tavern/Wheethouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse) GOLF Annual Golf Championships (Tanah Merah Golf & Country Club)


SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11,30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churrtilll Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Troy - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)


CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room)

MOVIE Kill Bill 2 - M1S (Theatrette) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Kill Bill 2 - M18(Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)

BILLIARDS John Simpson Trophy - Staff vs Members(Billiards Room)

SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse)



10.00 am (Draycott Room) CHILDREN'S ART CLASS

3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)

• CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE Van Helsing - PG (Theatrette) • BBQ 5.00 pm (The Tavern/Wheelhouse) • SRI i-ANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Van Helsing - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)


6.30 pm to 8.00 pm (Churchill Room)





1 (Draycott Room)

CHl^^N'S ART CLASS 3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm (The TavernWVheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)


CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Scooby Doo 2 - PG (Theatrette) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)


CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH 11.00 am (Churchill Room)

SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY(Wheelhouse) MOVIE Scooby Doo 2 - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)



10.00 am (Draycott Room)

CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) ROBOTICS WORKSHOP 1.00 pm (Claymore Room) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6-00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE The Day After Tomonow - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)


MOVIE The Day After Tomorrow •PG (Theatrette)

3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)

BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)


CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse)


10.00 am (Draycott Room)

HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Shrek 2 - PG (Theatrette) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavem/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS(Wheelhouse)

9.00 am (Claymore Room) SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER 6.00 pm (Churchill Room) FISH HEAD CURRY (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Shrek 2 - PG (Theatrette) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse)


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) BBQ 6.00 pm (The Tavern/Wheelhouse) SRI LANKAN CRABS (Wheelhouse) SQUASH Raintree International Doubles Tournament.

The Tangiin Club 19


©D®[P^D® P(i[P[P®[PD [?[P®g(i(§ Corks were popping, to what turned out to be a sparkling night. Forty or so members gathered to taste Italy's answer to French champagne at yet another Wine Section's organised event.

The owner himself Dr Giorgio Ferrari, a handsome and charming young Italian explained the method of Prosecco-making and the philosophy behind the three very colourful bottles. Red, blue and green bottles all grafted to suit different peoples' palates and

taste preferences, from Extra Brut to Guvee.

The grape - Prosecco - only grown in the northen part of Italy makes a

20 The Tanglin Club

wonderful and refreshing sparkling wine, which is paired perfectly with airdried cold cuts, mild cheeses or on its

own as an aperitif. There were good comments all around, big smiles and lively discussions whilst members were nipping into a selection of Italian canapes. If you missed this enjoyable evening, don't despair. The sparkling Proseccos will now also be offered at our popular Champagne Brunches. It's now your choice, French or Italian!



Tae Kioon Oo For Children iscover the worid of Science and technology through hands-on activities. Through this workshop, your child will team how to build and programme their own robots that can move and think on their own. Participants will also be introduced to the logic, design and control of the robots. After which they will be challenged to complete tasks and missions. It promotes creativity and teamwork too! Each session promises fun-filled and creative activities that will inspire your child.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

• Fundamental footwork exercises,

hand and leg movements. • Defensive pattern.

• Self-defense techniques with simulated situations.

• Release form holding techniques. • Grabbing and counter-attack techniques.

• Pre-arranged and free-sparring to build confidence.

Date ; Sunday 5 September • Time : 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm • Venue : Claymore Room Fee : $90 per participant Registration forms are available at the Reception and from the Sports & Recreation Dept • Closing date : Sunday 29 August.

For more information about Tae Kwon Do

For further details, please call the Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 412814148.

Recreation Dept at 6739 4128 / 4148.

and the classes at the Club, call Patrick

Tan at 9386 8690 or the Sports &



Spells &


Sunday 12 September 9.00 am to 1.00 pm Claymore Room For all Harry Potter diehard fans, this is a chance for you to learn how to concoct potions and cast spells at your friends, adapted from the famous young wizard. Be amazed by the application of science that is used

for each spell and potion!

Want to move and dance like your favourite MTV stars? This fun and exciting class is for you. You will learn the cool moves of Britney, Beyonce, Justin and many more, easily with lots of fun!

Classes are held weekly on Saturdays,

Join In this interesting and fascinating workshop with fun and creative games and discover how chemistry works in our everyday life.

Date : Sunday 12 September • Time : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm • Venue : Claymore Room • Fee :$70 per participant• Registration forms are available at the Reception and from the Sports & Recreation Dept• Closing date:Sunday 5 September • For further details, please call the Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128 I 4148.

commencing on 21 August 2004 if there

is a minimum of six persons registered. Time : 1.00 pm to 1.45 pm Fees :$50/month (Member) $60/month (Guest) Age :7 to 12 years old Please register your interest with Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128 / 4148 by Monday 16 August.

The Tanglin Club 21

acrivHiesfoi children

Cyber Cafe Upcoming Events Counterstrike• Mission Briefing Brace yourself for an entire month of

Counterstrike. We are recruiting young and fresh forces to form a new CS Platoon.

The door Is only open to those who dare to accept the challenges. Please take note of the following important dates:

commence on the same day. Multiple platoons will be formed if demand Is high.

Time Detail

: 2.30 pm to 8.30 pm : Different Platoons will be put

Mission 3

compete in the same mission for Platoon Proficiency Ranking.

to a test for assessment. Inter-Platoon will

Codename : Teamwork Training Dates : 28 and 29 August Time : 11.00 am to 10.00 pm Detail : Training will be oriented to teamwork to accomplish missions. The objective is for the team members to get to

Final Mission Codename : Best Platoon Survives

know each other better and to learn how to

Dates Time Detail

: 18 and 19 September : 2.30 pm to 9.30 pm :Counterstrike competition will

cooperate in the same mission.

commence to determine the best Platoon

after a month-long training. Mission 1


Recruitment Drive



14 and 15 August 11.00 am to 10.30 pm


An assessment trial will be

Obituary B. Krishna Kumar

conducted on the same day of recruitment to determine your proficiency In weaponshandling and tactical-movement skills.

It Is with deep sadness that we record the passing away of 8. Krishna Kumar

Mission 2 Codename : Formation of Platoons


: 21 and 22 August : 11.00 am to 10.00 pm


:Administration of the Platoons


formation (selection of Platoon Commanders and naming of the Platoons). Training will

on 11 July 2004. He was 52. Krishna Kumar was a popular and active Mission 4

Codename : Platoons Ranking Dates :4, 5, 11 and 12 September

Expatriate Mortgage ^evest Rates q..

member of The Tanglin Club since 1979. His many friends will miss him.

SIMPlI(iOLF system ViHir (iiiirSwill,; is in Snfi' iliiiids

The Premium Australian E-Learning Golf Training System only available

Gram Wcsllhuqj. Principal. Simpii Cinlf Sy-<iciti

to the select few.

The SGS covers your golfing MIND.BODY and SOUL.NOT just your golf swing. The System offers no "Quick Fixes". Commitment to the SGS will secure you eternal happiness on the golf course. The key to the Simpii Golf System is keeping the golf instruction to the golfer easy to understand and comfortable to perform. The SGS has evolved over a 28-year period with constant upgrading and is based on successful results. Eternal happiness on the golf course for only US$888.00 SEPTEMBER "Perth Golf Tour"

• From 2.5% pa. • All nationalities.

.Available in SGD, AUD, USD, GBP, NZD. • Finance for existing and new properties. • No penalty for letting or early repayment.

Call Sam or George at 65 9473 3905 • +6012 777 1713

Email: Select Asset Management (L) Ltd, #25-08 Menara Landmark. 12 Jin Ngee Heng, JB 80000, Johior, Malaysia Tel: +60 7 222 7713, Fax: +60 7 222 7712.

22 The Tanglin Club

Join the Simpii 333 Loyalty Club and extend your stay in Western Australia to include Albany on the South Coast(I hour flight south). Experience the ultimate in Simpii Golf System "FAST TRACK" personal training. Enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, play and become an INTERNATIONAL MEMBER of the Albany Golf Club a premier links golf course, taste great food and fine wine and above all secure eternal golfing happiness. LIMITED PLACES / PRICE ON APPLICATION Visit WWW'.SIMPLIGOLFSYSTEM.COM for details.

"There's always tomorrow." "1 become embarrassed about my

ignorance of all things financial." "I haven't got enough money for anyone to be interested in."

"I'll only be here for a couple of years so why bother?" "I talk myself out of listening to people because I find it difficult to trust their advice."

When you leave Singapore, don't make these excuses for not taking advantage of your financial opportunities. There may well be many reasons why you never get around to

^ffeklng financial arrangements while you're working here In Singapore.

Before we tell you about the services that we can provide, we'd like to tell you a few facts about the Fry Group itself. We're a British company, with our head office based in Worthing. The business was established in 1898 and we've been helping British expatriates

Time may be one of them. You spend so long at work that the spare time you do have you want to make the most of.

in Singapore since 1967.

Opportunity may be another. You've only been here a short while and haven't had the chance to meet anybody who knows anything about money.

the Monetary Authority of Singapore to run a financial planning lousiness.

Most importantly of all, we're the only British company licensed by

Not thinking that you have enough money, may be another. After all, It takes a lot of spare cash to start investments, doesn't it? But probably one reason more than any other is trust. There are many companies out there who call you up and claim to be able to help you make the most of your money. But how can you rely on their advice?

At the Fry Group we pride ourselves on the fact that we don't cold-call customers. All of our clients have come to us. They've

heard of us through word of mouth or read about us in advertisements like this one.

Impressive stuff you think. But how, you wonder, can we help you with your money? Simple. Just have a chat with one of our advisors. He'll take a look at your finances together with your current and future

UK tax position and work out the best way forward. Whether it's bonds, cash, property, hedge funds or equities, he'll suggest what's right for you. So call us today to arrange to see one of our advisors, he'll be more than glad to talk to you. Our number is 6225 0825, or, you can visit to find our more about the services we provide. And remember, you don't have to take our word for it. We'll gladly give you the

We think that this is important, because to us your money is

names of clients who have taken our advice before. We're sure he'll be able to

important. After all, you've worked hard enough for it. So, when it comes to deciding what to do with it you deserve the best advice

give you an even better picture of what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing

you can get.

fiom you soon.

ThpFrvrrnun "7 P tiVfit tdi andfnarKul

tlncp 1898

library The Line Of Beauty

Just One Look

France; The Essential Guide

Marian Coben

To Viewing Art In Paris And

Sleeping Beauty Phillip Margolin Double Play

Its Surrounds

Soros: The Life And Times Of

Winter Fire

Alan Hollinghurst Can You Keep A Secret? Sophie Kinsella The Lady Chosen Stephanie Laurens

Robert B. Parker

a Messianic Billionaire

Jo Beverley

Little Children

Black Creek Crossing

Michael T. Kaufman

The Rule Of Four

Tom Perrotta

John Saul

Ian Caidwell & Dustin Thomson

The Paid Companion

Sharpe's Escape

Amanda Quick

The Iraq War John Keegan Origins Of The Crash: The

New Books Adult Library Fiction

Bill & Lorna Hannan


Great Bubble And Its Undoing

Bernard Cornwell

Miss Julia Hits The Road

The Summer I Dared

Ann B. Ross

Barbara Delinsky The Goodbye Summer Patricia Gaffney Dumping Billy

Andrea Seigel The Last Song Of Dusk

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

James Mann

Olivia Goldsmith

The Baroque Circle Volume

Elvis Still Lives In Katong:

The Priestly Sins Andrew M. Greeley

Two: The Confusion

Personal Singapore


Brother And Sister

Lev Grossman

Joanna Trollops

Best Enemies


Jane Heller

Marlene Van Niekerk

Like The Red Panda




Eurasiana ■


• .iw>

BlAd' Creek Crossing

Sarah Willis

Denyse Tessensohn The Best Travelers' Tales 2004 Simon Winchester Plan Of Attack Bob Woodward

Village Of Stone

The Full Cupboard Of Life

Guo Xiaolu

Alexander McCali Smith Reckless Abandon

The Library/PR

Crime & Thriller

Stuart Woods

Sub-Committee for

Hits tlie Murder On The Leviathan

2004/05 comprises of the following

Boris Akunin

Non Fiction

Whisker Of Evil


The Beauty Bible Paula Begoun A Brief History Of

Nan Sandford - Convenor^

The Enemy

The Human Race

Robert Wiener - Deputy

Lee Child

Michael Cook

Night Time Is My Time Mary Higgins Clark

Betty Crocker Bisquick II

Convenor Chris Bonnichsen

Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie

A"n B. Ross

Rise Of The Vulcans:

The History Of Bush's War Cabinet

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Top 10 Popular Titles

Frank Newman

A six-month survey of the books acquired in February 2004 showed that the following

Dan Ooi

titles were most frequently borrowed by members.

Fiction • Don't Look Now Linda Lael Miller • Secret Sanction

Brian Haig

Non Fiction • Food For Fitness Anita Bean

• A Mighty Heart Mariane Pearl & Sarah Crichton

• Havana

• The Last Secrets Of The Silk Road

Stephen Hunter • The Anniversary Amy Gutman

• The Fifth Book Of Peace

• Offer Of Proof Robert Heilbrun

Mimi Somjee Carolyn Yeo

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy Maxine Hong Kingston • The Hypochondriac's Handbook Wendy Marston

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We had been to New Zealand before but had always bypassed Dunedin for the more 'glamorous' locations of the South Island such as Queenstown, Mount Cook and Fiordland. This trip, we explored its Isolated

beaches and observed some of the world's rarest species, including Hooker's sea lions, yellow-eyed penguins and royal albatrosses, in their natural habitat.

Dunedin is a pleasant university city and we spent a couple of days taking in the sights and culture. The older parts around the Octagon and railway station were particularly interesting and a tour round the Speight's Brewery made a refreshing diversion. However, the main focus for us was away from the city to the coast and breezy beaches with our four-wheel drive giving us access to remote locations via unsealed roads.

After admiring the spectacular views over Dunedin from the Otago Peninsula, we headed towards Hooper's Inlet. We stopped regularly to watch the bird life; pukekos in the meadows and dozens of black swans and herons on the mudflats. A flock of 10 royal spoonbills, with glorious white plumage and captivating bright yellow eyes majestically preening and searching for food, held us spellbound.

Continuing we arrived at two ancient volcanic hills known locally as the Pyramids. Climbing the smaller one, with Its protruding pipe-like lava, we had great views over the countryside and ocean. A marked path ied us through the sand dunes, densely covered in metre high

yellow lupins, to Victory Beach. En route, we spotted a stoat, known to steal penguin eggs, and a New Zealand falcon soaring gracefully on the thermals seeking its prey below. Victory Beach is four kilometers long and was completely deserted. In splendid isolation with only the sound of gulls, oyster catchers and the rolling surf, we ambled towards

the rocks where fur seals were recovering from their fishing. Tired and bloated, the adults rested while the young galloped around. A few meters offshore at the southern

end of the beach, we saw the paddle wheel from the wreck of the steamship Victory. Opposite, stretched out below the dunes, were two Hooker's sea lions. They lay peacefully head to toe with the male's flipper over the female's back. The tranquil scene changed as the couple awoke, roared and roughly mated before the male wandered off alone. What a unique experience to witness this performance by the world's rarest breed of sea lion, maybe only 10,000 survive! Our next stop was Taiaroa Head, home to the royal albatross. At the observatory, which overlooks the world's only mainland nesting area, we admired these massive birds, with wingspans of up to three meters, guarding their nests. A 17 year-old 'toy boy' circled above us before doing a three point landing (two feet and a bill) next to his 40 year-old girl-friend. Below

a large colony of Stewart Island, shags nested on the rocky shore and on the cliff edge, we saw hundreds of spotted shags. The parents were feeding the chicks by disgorging food down their throats. Completing the scene,fur seals lay on the rocks and frolicked in the sea below. Even the seaweed was memorable, ten metre long strands of bull kelp looking like massive strands of dark green kway teow swaying on the tidai swell. The protected yellow-eyed penguins are quite large at up to 70 cm. We chose to watch them from Boulder Beach because of its difficult access

26 The Tanglin Club


ÂŽÂŽches & Exotic and bedded down early in the dunes. Penguins started to come ashore three hours before dusk and we were fortunate to see them at

close quarters as they cautiously exited the sea and clumsily waddled across the beach constantly looking out for enemies. They somehow managed to scramble over the dunes and up the hillside to their nests to feed their young and partners.

Having spent a couple of days exploring the Peninsula, we ventured south to wind-swept

Nugget Point. Following the track, high above the coast, to the lighthouse we had a panoramic view of the treacherous terrain. From the viewing platform, we could see a variety of wildlife on the rocks and small islands. Elephant seals with their elongated noses congregate here along with Hooker's sea lions, fur seals and numerous coastal birds.

A 13 km diversion down yet another narrow, winding gravel road led to Cannibal Bay. Our family of three and a family of thirteen Hooker's sea lions were the only mammals present. A mature bull, weighing perhaps 400 kg and three metres long, with his harem and a group of youngsters owned the beach. The females mainly slept, the children played rough and tumble, and dad

gave the kids a friendly slap when things got out of hand. Absolutely fantastic! Returning the next day, we saw two immature males playing in the sea. We followed as one came ashore to try his chance with a resting female. In no time, she was up and chasing him angrily away. We were at least thirty metres away but the frustrated, bad-tempered male starting charging towards us. Alone on an isolated beach, attacked by a sea lion - we quickly retreated. We made several other enjoyable excursions, of

particular note was a trip north to the Moeraki Reserve which contains an unusual fifty- metre stretch of beach with almost spherical three metre boulders formed 60 million years ago on the seabed from a small hard core rather like pearls in oysters. All told, a marvelous holiday and highly recommended. It Is a paradise for nature lovers looking for peace, quiet and wildlife normally only seen In zoos. The friendly people, excellent restaurants and New

Zealand's superb wine will ensure the evenings pass smoothly. Mike Smith

The Tanglin Club 27

golf is non-refundabie once the booking is

Members News Three new members joined the Golf Section in June - Siegfried Beil, Lee Ho Wah and Chua Hui Jin - bringing our membership up above the 200 mark. On behaif of the

confirmed. This fee should be paid by cash or credit upon signing in at Raffles. Your Tangiin Club card must be produced at the same time you pay the green fee.

Special For Golf Section Members - A Regular Weekly Round At Raffles

respectively. Further details of ail tours will be sent to all

Golf Section members in early August.

Committee, welcome, and we look forward

to seeing you at our Annual Tournament in August.

of airfares, hotels, transfers and golf fees is expected to be S$1,100 and S$850

The target tee time will be 7.45 am and slots are made available by Raffles 72 hours ahead of the play time. Occasionally it will not be possible to play due to prior bookings by Raffles members,tournaments or course

Chris Claridge Golf Convenor

closures due to maintenance.

A special arrangement has been made by the Sports & Recreation Dept to enable a group of Golf Section members to have a regular weekly round of golf on Wednesday mornings at Raffles Country Ciub in Tuas, If you wish to play with this group on a particular Wednesday morning then you should register your interest with Daniel on 6739 4148 or by emai l to by 10.00 am the preceding Monday. Your name will then be submitted to Raffles

along with all others in the group who wish to play and confirmation will be sent to you once the flight times are confirmed. The green fee including buggy is $83 and

Overseas Golf Tours in the second haif of this year we will be organising at least two golf tours.

August Friday 13 August Annual Championships at Tanah Merah. i

The first wiil be to Perth from Thursday 23 September to Sunday 26 September. Three courses will be played - Lake Karynup, Joondalup and Araluen - and the cost of

Championship prize-giving dinner at the Churchill Room hosted by a guest PGA Professional with an insight into life on tour, hints and tips and a live golf demonstration.

around S$1500 will include airfares, hotels, September

transfers, golffees etc. Close to 20 members have already expressed an interest in going

Thursday 23 to Wednesday 29 September Tour to Perth playing at Lake Karynup,

to Perth and as numbers are unlimited we

Joondalup and Araluen.

expect this to be our largest overseas tour so far. Mark the dates in your golfing diary.


The second tour wiil be either to China or

Thailand and like Perth will be for four days with three rounds of golf. The cost inclusive

Wednesday 6 October Presidents Trophy

The Tangiin Club vs Singapore Cricket Club at Sentosa.

ANNUAL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS Friday 13 August Tanah Merah Country Club â&#x20AC;˘ Tampines Course Golf Section Fund Member - $110 Non Golf Section Fund Member - $150

Prize Presentation at the Churchill Room at 8.00 pm.

The evening's entertainment will be provided by a PGA golf professional. Guest for Dinner - $55 per person

Registration closing date : Friday 6 August 2004 For registration, please call Sports Office at 6739 4148 / 4128. Places are limited, so first come, first served. This event mainly sponsored by;


28 The Tangiin Club


golf Annual Golf

Championships On Friday 13 August

This year's annual tournament for the 1903 Withers Trophy is to be held at Tanah Merah's Tampines Course on Friday 13 August and will have several new features. For the first time we will award our own

achievement of the tournament's winning golfer. The prize-giving dinner will be held in the Churchill Room Immediately following the match.

Tanglln Club Green Jacket to honour the British Aerospace will be sponsoring tournament golfing shirts for each player. Leadbetter Academy have kindly sponsored the evening's entertainment which will include a light-hearted talk by a PGA Tour Professional, some hints and tips on playing and some short quizzes and games to test your golf knowledge and skills. Also for the first time we will be inviting the Presidents of the American, British and

Singapore Cricket Clubs to join Alan Jones in a Presidents Flight to build stronger links to our fellow Clubs in Singapore. Mark it now in your golfing and social calendar, as it's not a day to miss. Chris Claridge

Interested in becoming a

Relocation Real Estate Specialist with ERA? The job offers you the benefit of time flexibility

With more than 3,000

as there isn't a fixed working schedule for you to work on. The scope of the job encompasses matching expatriates who have relocated to Singapore, with suitable residential needs.

No prior experience in the real estate industry is required as training from experienced managers will be provided. After all, ERA was the 1 in the

industry to provide quality training for our Real Estate Specialists backed by ISO 9002, certified by PSB Certification since 1994. Upon completion of training, an extensive range of ERA marketing channels will be available for you to leverage on.

pioneer in the real estate industry since 1982. Interested applicants may submit resume via email to:

ERA Singapore Pte Ltd I _-


490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #09-10 HDB Hub Singapore 310490 Tel: 6226 2000 Fax: 6220 0066



Tennis Friendly

Victors In The Chan Cup

vs British Club

Congratulations team! Or to all of you, a great

We welcomed our guests from

relief that you can now delete your tennis folder from your email. Although it was a last minute

the British Club on Sunday 6 June for a friendly tennis match. In our previous encounter at the British Club. The Tanglin Club emerged comfortable winners. This time, the British Club were

eager for revenge. But It was not to be their day as we once again emerged victorious after an afternoon of entertaining and hard-fought tennis. Victories are not easy to come by for The Tanglin Club and we look forward to playing the British Club again!

heat and we came out triumphant over Club Oasis in the first round and SICC in the second round.

decision, captain Loke with strong support from our Convenor managed to assemble an 11-

The competition heated up as we approached the semifinal. Mark and Harvey were victorious

in all their matches. Mark, looks like you are going to keep the pair of ear plugs for a while! It seems

Men's Doubles Inter-Club knockout tournament.

Harvey has already marked you as partner for life. Everyone tried their best to win as many games as possible. After winning our matches

A lot of strategising was done by our captain Loke on scheduling training sessions and ranking

semifinal, we met the Singapore Recreational

players. If one wants a word to describe how we managed to win the Chan Cup, it was camaraderie. Under the strong and capable

the last game and finally we came through by

member team to participate in the June STA

against the Malay Sports Association in the Club in the final. It was intensely fought, down to sheer grit and determination.

leadership of captain Loke, all the players were eager and committed to play. Not only did they

arrive early at court, they provided tremendous support to one another during all the matches.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our captain Loke and the team, Mark, Harvâ&#x201A;Ź Dominic, CT Khoo, Bernard, Edwin, Denis, Xun

Ming, Dr Lum and of course, 1 must not forget Fourteen clubs entered the tournament which

myself. As an aside, after doing a post-tournament

analysis of why we won, the fire in our play has a lot to do with the pre-match feasting and the

Dr Harvey Teo

took place at the Kallang Tennis Centre over two consecutive weekends. Each round was played

Tennis Convenor

over three matches of two sets each with the

good team spirit. Chua Cup here we come, 20051

winner of the highest number of sets winning the round. The first weekend was played under intense

Norman Ip

He defeated Ben Franks 9-1.

Girls Events

Seasoned tournament player, Nicole Rosenberger, won the

12 and under

Under-12 Girls Singles championship by defeating Ananya Laiwani 9-0. This was Ananya's first tournament and she did very well making it through to the final. Well done. The Under-16 Boys Singles final saw a high quality match played between Kenneth Kam and

Chia Han Sheng. Chia Han Sheng won the final 9-2.

Winner: Nicole Rosenberger Runner Up: Ananya Laiwani 14 and under

Winner: Carolyn Lim Runner Up: Laura Lim

Boys Events 12 and under

Winner: Rushaad Heerjee 'w' Runner Up: Choo Wei Yan 14 and under Winner: Nicholas Pua

Runner Up: Ben Franks 16 and under

The Tanglin Club Annual Junior Tennis Championships were

Winner: Chia Han Sheng Runner Up: Kenneth Kam

forward to seeing more juniors follow in their footsteps.

held on 12 and 13 June with

competitors ages ranging from 8 to 16 years old. Although the

disappointing, there were many

The tournament put forth some great matches. The Under-14 Girls Singles was a very hard fought battle between sisters Carolyn and Laura Lim. Carolyn

highlights in this two-day event.

won the match, which featured

number of entries were low and the



For many kids, this tournament

many long, hard hitting rallies,







competitive match play and it's great to see them out on court having a go.

Many thanks go out to all those who participated and hopefully the numbers will keep growing

The largest draw of the tournament was the Boys 12

for this annual event. Also we'd

and under, and the eventual

like to thank PRINCE SPORTS

winner was Rushaad Heerjee,

for supplying racket bags and backpacks as prizes for the

and Alexandra Yung were a few

who overcame Choo Wei Yan,


of our debutante competitors.

9-2. The Under-14 Boys Singles champion was Nicholas Pua.

Jeremy Williams. Mark Yung

All played very well and we look 30 The Tanglin Club

Ken Smith


squash Lets And Strokes From The Convenor Couple of things which might interest Squashers;

2005 International Doubles Tournament Planning for the 2005 International Doubles Tournament is underway under the stewardship of

Peter Rogers. A web page is planned, the details of


which are being worked out, but it promises to add value to the sponsors' dollar as well as provide a whole lot of information on the tournament. Keep a look out @

Have Your Say A vote will be taken at the next Sub-Committee

meeting on whether to retain the present 'all white' attire. The last survey taken two years ago favoured

# The ladies from the Hollandse Club

were out for revenge when they invited the Morning Ladies' Tennis Group to a return match on Monday 31 May. A few months ago, The Tangiin Club

retention of the 'all whites' by two votes. The 'all white'

ladies had a relatively easy win against them and this time they fielded a much stronger team. As a result, we had some excellent games, many of which were closely contested, but once again

The Tangiin Club ladies proved to be the stronger side and we won by 68 games to 43.

rule has been bent frequently to accommodate visiting teams during tournaments and league matches - also in normal circumstances, strict compliance with existing Club rules on attire is difficult. We are not allowed to display names of other clubs on our attire (so it's an infringement if we wear SCC's tees) and brand names can only appear at the front. So those who are passionate about the issue, please lobby your favourite Committee member.

Hope For Shelter In The Beer Garden While competition on the courts was fierce, off the courts we all enjoyed a

friendly chat over light refreshments. It is always lovely to rekindle friendships made on thp tennis courts and we look

forward to more social games with other clubs. Marion White

There is hope yet! Every likelihood that there'll be improved shelter in our beloved Beer Garden. So the days of drinking beer in mud and rainwater may truly be over. Those with extended memories will recall

the times we had a beer with a towel wrapped around our heads to keep the rain away. Priceless pictures, pity no one took snapshots.

Early Notice For Raintree Doubles Event happening in mid-September. So grab your

Bring-A-Guest Night Thursday 1 July 2004 A pleasant surprise for all, this night tumed out to be quite a party. 27 people showed up and play spilled over from the original 4 reserved courts to 6 courts. Was it the char kway teow and other goodies served on the deck, which pulled them in? Or was it good oie'fashion hustling by none other than MC, which did the trick? One of life's


others - what more does one want?

partner before they become somebody else's. Notice

More of the same, it seems, from the

will be sent out early August.

mood of the evening.

will be the next such event.

Monthly Squash Box Ladder Norman Lee

All members are welcome to participate. Newcomers are required to register their name on the sign-up Contact the tennis

professionals/Director of Tennis at sports_and_rec/ tennis.asp and find out more about the tennis

From 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm on the Thursday evening, there was just good

Jeffrey Lim Squash Convenor

Put it in your diary - Thursday 5 August

sessions that are going on.

sheet at the squash courts prior to the beginning of each month. Players are divided into different boxes according to their abilities, with between 5 and 6

players in each box. Players are then required to arrange matches with all of the players in their box during the course of the month, with points awarded according to results. At the end of the month, the

friendly tennis being played and some

players with the most points are usually moved up a

pretty solid games as well. Free for

box, whilst those with the fewest points are usually

Tennis Section members and $5 for

moved down a box.

The Tangiin Club 31

squash&bridge Squash Friendly Match vs SICC Wednesday 7 July 2004

Jonathan Teh and Lee Wah were TC's only winners at Singles. Kevin Connors gave out some excuses about the heat and not having played much singles!! Yong vs Swee Leng looked to be an interesting match - Yong would have been

Another enriching evening over at the Squash Centre - The Tanglin Club hosted

favourite but Swee Leng was running hot -

the SICC for a friendly squash match,

Swee Leng admitted afterwards that he had

Singles and Doubles.

been inspired by watching Ong Beng Hee recently and had studied how well he stroked

We were very pleased to host a friendly squash match against Penang Club (a reciprocal club)on Sunday 4 July. The team was led by How Tat and Johnny Ho, both of whom are very keen Doubles players.

They are frequent participants in The Tangiin Club International Double Championship. The Tanglin Club was led by Jeffrey Lim,

We were very courteous to our guests and in the majority of matches let them take

his balls!!

honour - even our esteemed President was

On the Doubles court, McKenzie and

in generous mood!!

Claridge managed to salvage one match as consolation. In other matches, we were

Stroke player and new TC member Ishwarlal Pranlal, along with Ross McKenzie,

Squash Friendly vs Penang Sports Club

up against powerhouse Patrick Thio - and even though he was in 'cruise' mode, in deference to our ageing bodies, we were unable to win any other games. We adjourned to the pooiside for a wonderful

the new Squash Convenor who was non-

playing Captain for the day. it was tremendous fun and everybody had a good time. Results are not known but who care w

After the formal matches were played, some adhoc doubles matches were arranged with mixed pairings from the two clubs. A very social and enjoyable event.

buffet, taken with much wine and beer. Talk

was lively and most was probably nonsensell A good evening!! Richard Coventry

Highlight of the friendly encounter was the presence of Malaysia's World Class Squash Player Ong Beng Hee who gamely played social singles with Tanglin players of lesser stature - much appreciated. He also played a Doubles Exhibition Match.

Hawaiian Day cum Jarnes Day At The Squash Centre

enough already. Bill Gartshore also won a prize - not quite sure why - probably just for being Bill Gartshore!!

As if Saturday afternoons apres squash were not draining enough on Squash members' antiquated bodies, we were forced to endure an extra speciai session

taken time off from being Denmark's

Jarnes has returned for a brief break and friendliest train driver. Peter left us some

time ago, quite suddenly as he took a turn

to celebrate Brazilian culture and the return

for the worse healthwise and felt more

and departure of our great train driver (not robber), Peter Jarnes.

comfortable having his body drawn and quartered by fellow countrymen. Thankfully he has fully recovered and is now gamefully employed as the welcoming face of Rail

Brazilian culture was courtesy of Steve Wright who must have spent many

Ong Beng Hee was ranked in the top ten players in the World of Squash for a couple of years. He has been a finalist in the British Squash Open. Another interesting aspect to the event was the introduction of Racket Ball by 'â&#x20AC;˘ " Penang guests. They came prepared rackets and balls.


Tangiin Club Squashers and was definitely entertaining!!


weekends when he worked in Brazil not

knowing what day it was -1 think the whole Squash Section can testify to this, especially our well-regarded President, Alan Jones. There were not many men left standing at the evening's roll call. As part of the Brazilian event, Squashers were told to wear loud shirts, with prizes given to the 'loudest' - notably the winner

A special cake was presented to Peter - as Squashers were not in a fit state to consume the said cake, it ended up as a crown on

Another Saturday afternoon over at the squash courts - if you think you can take it, come on down!!

Richard Coventry

Bridge Schedule Date




1.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Duplicate Bridge

Rohini Arya


1.00 pm to 4.30 pm


Aisha Elliot


1.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Duplicate Bridge

Anjana Beri


1.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Duplicate Bridge

Shema Danani

32 The Tanglin Club


I I Following the squash .

' participants

Peter's head.

was Robert Wiener - as if he is not loud

This was a first for

partook in the wonderful Churchill Room Sunday buffet lunch - where new and old friendships abounded aplenty!! Phua Swee Leng

Want To Play Bridge? Interested in learning to play Bridge? Do you know what's happening in the Card Room? For further details or enquiries on Bridge events and games visit or contact the Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128/4148.



Balut Squash vs Balul*

June 2004 was a hectic month for the

Billiards(or is it Snooker)Section. A friendly match against SRC followed the friendly match with Squash Section. Guess what... The Tanglin Club won by six games to one! Rumours were that SRC fronted their B

Team, however, a win is a win! The next

big event was Section Fund Night Dinner under the auspices of the new Committee held on Thursday 24 June and the monthly competition. Chong Zhi Cheng won the prize for the maximum games won and yours truly, juggling a bottle of wine from the monthly Balut game, stole the prize for highest break - please don't ask for the score.

The new Committee held its first meeting on Wednesday 14 June and the members

The annual Squash versus Balut game was


Convenor - Mark Simpson. Members - Ashok Arya, Sachan Kumar, Or Ng Boon Keng , Rodney Ohlers, Joe Raine, G.Sethuraman and Peter Wong (Captain).

combined with our

monthly June 2004 game.

Twelve Squash and twelve Balut players

There must be some attraction for so many volunteers to join the Committee! Before

battled it out in a most

competitive, nearly conjugal, but friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

the month was over, the matches for

Resolution Trophy started and as of press time, Dr Ng Boon Keng claimed the winner's trophy from the seasoned veteran player Chu Tee Seng.

The lead changed time several times, but In

^ne end our Squash visitors walked aways with a narrow, but deserved win scoring.

Next big event is John Simpson Trophy

6924 against Balut's 6888 or a difference of 36 points only.

(Staff vs Members)scheduled for Saturday 14 August - hidden talents and supporters

The 3 highest scores for Squash and Balut were:

are welcome!

Squash Graham Dare (631), Ross Mackenzie (620), Chay Creighton (606). Balut G. Sethuraman (610), Kristian Bonnichsen (609), Ashoke Arya (601).

G. Sethuraman

Or in favour of Squash a difference of 37 points - Congratulations to Squash! Merina Mackenzie (Squash)and Ashoke Arya (Balut) each collected a bottle of wine for highest column scores of 129 and 137 respectively.

Inter-Club Balut 2004 We will have played the third game of this year's series at the SCO, when this

article is being read. The penultimate game of the season takes place on

Wednesday 11 August, hosted by the NUSS at their Kent Ridge location within the National University of Singapore compound.

We are then hopefully still participating with three teams as either one of our teams stands a fair chance of running away with this year's honours. Kristian Bonnichsen Balut Convenor

The Tanglin Club 33


Tae Kwon Do For Children Eve r y Saturday afternoon, a dedicated



Club children



minutes in the


Purpose Hall mastering the art of Tae Kwon


which is a traditional Korean martial art now turned into an

U lliU

international sport. It is a form of self-defense using one's han''

and feet to repel an opponent.

Lawn Bowls Steve Wright Trophy Annual Singles Championship

"w As well as providing skills in self-defense,

the physical training improves agility,

The second Annual Singles Championship for the Steve Wright Trophy was held at the SCO over the past two months with the Cup and Plate finals payed on Sunday 11 July.

flexibility, strength and coordination. The associated


training enhances selfdiscipl lne, selfesteem, humility, respect for others and loyalty. These are characteristics we hope to develop In our children, without the

added advantage of the self-defense! The course is systematically structured to achieve optimal performance, including;

5 s' -t i

Drinks at the see,j

Last year's Champion, Zoher Motiwalla was challenged by Rodger Kimpton and the latter prevailed in a close two-hour duel. Rodger started badly and was 6-0 down after three ends but slowly clawed his way back to close the game out 21-16 at the 22nd end. In the Plate finals, Chris Clarldge and Bob Gunning battled it out

and Chris was cruising to victory at 17-11 up when Bob woke up

(or Chris went to sleep). The game finished 21-17 to Bob at the 19th end.

Many thanks to SCC for allowing us to play the matches on their green - hopefully we will have our own facility In the next couple of years.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

• Fundamental footwork exercises, hand and leg movement&._. • • • •

Defensive pattern. Self-defense techniques with simulated situations. Release form holding techniques. Grabbing and counter-attack techniques.

• Pre-arranged and free-sparring to build confidence.

Participants work through a series of grades developing skills and movements along the way, aiming for First Degree Junior Black Belt(before age 16)and then First Degree Black Belt. The Singapore Tae Kwon Do Federation determines progression through grades.

They hold grading sessions every three months or so where each participant performs a pattern, demonstrating skills appropriate to the grade.

Steve Wright Lawn Bowls Convenor

For more Information about Tae Kwon Do and the classes at the

Visit lawnbowls.asp for more information on Lawn Bowls activities.

Club, do call Patrick Tan at 9386 8690 or

the Sports & Recreation Dept at 6739 4128/4148.

34 The Tanglin Club


Myth Informed:Part 2


Running Is A More Effective Exercise Than Walking? All exercise burns calories but different intensities of exercise

use fat and glucose stores In different proportions. At lower intensities, such as a brisk walk, approximately 70% of the fuel used is from fat and 30% is from glucose. As intensity Increases more energy is obtained from glucose and when exercise intensity increases to the point where we are

SilkZE Sporting Clays

gasping for air, the fuel being used is almost all glucose. Running bums calories faster than walking. Although


the proportion of fat burned may be lower the overall calorie expended is higher due to the increased Intensity. But that doesn't mean running is always best. And running isn't for everyone.

To get the most out of your walking, increase the intensity by adding hills (or an incline on the treadmill), increasing your stride and pumping your arms to increase speed.

^ggecCStone JLjrica

Aim to exercise three times a week for at least 45 minutes,

(premier Plains Qame,

pushing intensity levels. And remember that regular strength training and stretching exercises add to the benefits.

(Dangerous ^ame

If you have any questions that you would like to put to us, please do emai l us at _ Bronwyn Dearnley

oi Wing sdooting Safaris (Boo^noivfor2004 <SL 20051 (please call^uy @(65)9795 3167. ^mail guy_fiof@fiotmaiCcom

Fitness Convenor

iports Schedule


Fitness Schedule








8.30 am

5.00 pm

8.30 am




8.30 am FITBALL

Tennis Courts

8.30 am AQUACISE • Lester

S.OO pm

5.00 pm


Carin 9.30 am KEEP FIT

Tennis Courts

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

10.00 am

5.15 pm

6.15 pm


6.30 pm





Squash Courts

Tennis Courts

YOGA (Advance)


6.30 pm





Squash Courts




5.00 pm


8.30 am to 11.30 am JUNIOR TENNIS

Tennis Courts

COACHING Tennis Courts

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts



8.30 am AQUACISE •

8.30 am

11.30 am




6.00 pm

S.OO pm



3.00 pm


Tennis Courts


Squash Courts

5.15 pm

Squash Courts


4.00 pm




Squash Courts

Tennis Courts

Jerry 6.30 pm


Jerry 8.15 pm

4.00 pm




8.30 am


Margaret 5.00 pm

Marcus 9.30 am KEEP FIT Janet

Saturday Wong L C 4.00 pm TAE KWON DO Patrick


Tennis Courts

All classes are held at the Multi-Purpose Hall except for Aquacise.

They are of one-hour duration except for Tae Kwon Do.

'Schedule for Aquacise classes will be subject to changes. Piease call the Sports & Recreation Dept for latest updates.

NOTE:There will be no fitness classes on Monday 9 August due to the National Day public holiday. The Tanglln Club 35


1 August

21 & 22 August Van Helsing - PG Action adventure(130 mins) Starring: Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckingsale. Director: Stephen Sommers.

Laws Of Attraction • PG

Romantic comedy (90 mins) Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Julienne Moore. Director: Peter Howltt.

On opposite sides of a divorce lawsuit

Monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing is

between famous clients, a New York City

summoned to a mysterious land in East Europe to vanquish evil forces like Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein's

attorney and his rival litigator wake up married after a night of inebriation. When they return to the courtroom, they find that their personal lives and the trial are much more complicated.

Monster. Assisting him once he gets there is Anna, the heir of a family committed to hunting down and destroying Dracula.

14 & 15 August Kill Bill 2 - M18

Action (180 mins) Starring: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu. Director: Quentin Tarantino.

The Bride is shot down by Bill, at her wedding that puts her in a coma for five years. Emerging from the coma, the Bride soon sets out to seek revenge on her enemy

and his deadly squad of assassins. One by one, she kills the various members of the

assassin group and saves Bill for last.

7 & 8 August Troy - PG Action (165 mins)


Starring: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana.

Director: Wolfgang Peterson. In 1193 B.C., Prince Paris of Troy stole the beautiful Greek woman, Helen, from her

4 & 5 September The Day After Tomorrow - PG Action adventure (160 mins) Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal. Tornadoes rip Los Angeles, massive snowstorms pound New Delhi, hail the

husband, Menelaus, the King of Sparta, setting the two nations at war with each other, as the Greeks began a bloody siege of Troy which lasted over a decade using their entire army, led by Achilles.

size of grapefruit batters Tokyo and in^ New York City, the temperature swings from sweltering to freezing in one day. An abrupt climate change has cataclysmic consequences for the entire planet.

28 & 29 August

Scooby Doo 2•PG Animation comedy(95 mins) Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Director: Raja Gosnell. The sequel to the 2002 hit that translated the lives of Fred, Daphne, Velma,

Shaggy and Scooby to the big screen as a live-action comic adventure.

For enquiries, please call the Reception at 6737 6011 Or keep track of the showtimes and booking procedure via


Saturday - 9.00 pm • Sunday - 2.30 pm & 8.00 pm Visit for movie trailers. Tickets can be obtained at the Reception.

Moviegoers are to be seated 10 minutes before showtime.

36 The Tonglin Club

Film Ratings G - General viewing •PG - Parental guidance required • N16- No children below 16 M18 - For viewers aged 18 and above • R21 - For adults aged 21 and above.

club Hours Jackpot Room

The Churchill Room

The Terrace

Monday to Friday Lunch 12 noon to 3.00 pm Last order 2.00 pm

Dinner - Sunday to Friday

Monday to Friday

7.00 pm to 11.30 pm

10.30 am to 11.30 pm

Last order 11.00 pm Saturday last order 11.30 pm Sunday Lunch 12 noon to 3.00 pm Last order 2.30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am to 12 midnight

Saturday Lunch Closed Dinner 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm Last order 10.30 pm Sunday Family Lunch & Dinner Lunch 12 noon to 3.00 pm Dinner 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm Last order 9.30 pm Churchill Room Bar

Daily From 12 noon

Squash Courts * Daily 7.30 am to 10.30 pm


Tennis Courts *

Terrace I Wet Bar

Weekdays 12 noon to 11.30 pm Weekdays 10.00 am to 7.00 pm Saturday 7.00 pm to 1.30 am Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Sunday 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm Sunday ^2 noon to 5.00 pm Closed on public holidays. Foyer Lounge Daily Junior Library 11.00 am to 11.00 pm No High Tea during renovation Weekdays 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am to 12.30 pm period. & 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm Wheelhouse Restaurant Sunday 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm Closed on public holidays. Daily Lunch 11.00 am to 3.00 pm Reading Room Last order 2.30 pm Daily 9.00 am to 11.00 pm Dinner 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm Last order 10.00 pm Last order 9.30 pm The Tavern

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Card Room

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Swimming Pool Daily 7.00 am to 10.30 pm

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7.00 am to 11.30 am

2.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Cyber Cafe @ Theatrette Lobby Weekdays 12 noon to 10.00 pm Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am to 10.30 pm Theatrette

Saturday 9.00 pm Sunday 2.30 pm and 8.00 pm Hair Salon

Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Sunday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm For appointments, please call 6734 2523. Closed on Mondays & some public holidays.

12 noon to 1.00 am *For reservations call 6235 8482 or 6734 0707.

Daily 8.00 am to 11.30 pm Gymnasium Daily 6.00 am to 10.00 pm

From 12 noon

Saturday & Sunday From 11.00 am

Editor's Note: Due to slight changes ofserving hours in our restaurants as a result of renovations to the Main and Tavern kitchens, the above Club Hours will be observed until

further notice. The Club Hours are also available on our website at

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Profile for Marlinazrin Ali

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Aug 2004  

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Aug 2004

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Aug 2004  

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Aug 2004