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September 2003


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2 The premier IDD service by Ml For office, home and mobile lines.

FAR EAST PLAZA i Deluxe Serviced


( next to Grand Hyatt Hate!)



• Located near Orchard Road's famous entertainment

and leisure hotspots • Orchard MRT Station's just a few minutes away • Close to Mount Elizabeth Specialist Centre COMFORT AND LUXURY

• Eight types of deluxe apartments • 5 types of luxurious penthouses • Fully equipped kitchen • Balcony with scenic view FULL FACILITIES

• Laundry and general maid service • Ample carpark facilities •24 hr security • Gymnasium • Swimming pool • Children Wading Pool • Sauna • Tennis court

• Squash court • Tropical Garden • Barbeque facilities • Children Playground • Jacuzzi

• Billard room

For Leasing Enquiries:

Far East Organization 14 Scotts Road # 06-00 Far East Plaza

(next to Crand Hyatt Hotel) Singapore 228213

Tel: 62352411


President's Message My dear fellow members, lOUNUED 1865

5 Stevens Road

Singapore 257814 Tel: 67376011

Fax: 67332391 (Admin. Office) 6737 2692(Exec. Office)

Happily, we have concluded our Architects' Design Competition for a Master Plan (MR) definitively. The identities of the winners were only known after the judging process was completed. What we have is very nearly all of our "needs" and "wishes" and within the phasing, low maintenance and budgetary constraints.


Vice-president Yap Boh Pin

Honorary Treasurer Philip Seng

Committee Members Master Plan & Development Dr Alex K H Ooi Entertainment Clare F Moreton

Finance Philip Beng

The General Committee (GC) and sub-committees will fine-tune and rationalize the features included in the Winning Design. We will then recommend "The Master Plan" and the course of action based on cash

flow computations, encompassing all fees and charges. We have to ensure the prudent and careful use of reserves whilst enhancing membership value. No levy is envisaged and the philosophy of keeping ours a members' club remains. The MP is not a grandiose plan but one that cost-effectively and concertedly ties in all our needs of upgrading jaded facilities with expansion/addition of inadequate/new ones as per consensually identified membership wishes.

F 8i B Edwin Khew

Library I PR Nanette Sandford

Magazine I Website Dr Kaizad Bomi Heerjee

GC has set up an ad-hoc committee to execute the approved Churchill/Tavern kitchen upgrading as Phase 1A (phase one being that which at least looks

Membership & Rules Alan Jones

after all of our "needs") of the MP. It was clear and now confirmed. Indeed

Property / Maintenance Yap Boh Pin

sensibly, that we have to combine much-needed repairs to our drainage

Sports Gienn Bryce

system (and also possibly, the ventilation system) in conjunction with such

Staff Dr Albert Wee

Tenders & Purchasing Roland Tan


General Manager Brian Toft Financial Controller Andrea Fung Executive Housekeeper Peggy Urn


Let us ensure our sustainable viability and appeal for generations to come.

Let us pull together to ensure ourselves a club that has kept abreast of changed times, built at best possible prices in a well-supervised manner, befitting of a premier club. I hope for members to look positively on this uncompromising need and cast aside piecemeal sub-optimal and wasteful gains by looking at the bigger picture. Come to support it at the SGM to be called within the next months.

F & B Operations Manager Sebastian Tan Maintenance Manager Bill Cheong Membership Manager Mary Shotam Purchasing Manager CandiceTan

The lobby and tea-lounge renovation completes in early September, with needed above-ceiling air-conditioning works done. Come and partake of the refreshing breeze of change brought about by necessity.

Sports & Recreation Manager Danny Loh

Check out the many exciting events lined up for us. Remember our tradition and pride - The Annual Tanglin Bail - and put aside Saturday 25 October for it.

Key Telephone Numbers Main Reception 6737 6011

See you at the Club!

Accounts Department 67394 134/136 F & B / Banquet Department 67394 139/140/176

Yours in the interests of the TC,

Tennis & Squash Booking 6235 8482 / 6734 0707

Sports & Recreation Department 67394 148

Dr Alex Ooi President

Human Resource Department 67394 135

Opinions expressed in the Tanglin Club Magazine are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily

represent those of the Tanglin Club. The Magazine welcomes articles and other contributions from members. However, the Magazine / Website Sub-Committee reserves the right to edit all materials

or decline publication, MITA (P) 143/05/2003. Published by The Tanglin Club. Colour separation and printing by Ad Graphic.

Singapore's largest private property developer offers you the widest choice in accommodation a

iHi 5 ii



a a

Regency House 12!Peiiang Road.Singapore 23S464

9] ÂŤ B) ra

n a

Cairnhill Towers

81 Cairnhii!Road. Singapore 229683

9 !

Orchard Parksuites

Far Fast Plaza

Leonie ITew

II Oivhard Turn, Singapore 23H800

14 Scotts Road. Singapore 228213

I Lennic Hill. Singapore 239219 -.V=^ —

KB e



I Hougang Street 91. Singapore 538692

tSFar East Organization




CentralSquare 20 Havelock Road. Singapore 059765

Riverside Mew

30 Robertson Quay. Singapore 238251

Our wide selection of accomodation ranges from the prestigious Orchard Parksuites, the choice of top corporate executives, to the suburban Central Place; the luxurious Leonie View comprising mostly large apartments to chic Riverside View located next to the Singapore River.

Log on or email us at for more information.

Cairnhill Towers, Leonie View

Central Place, Central Square

Orchard Parksuites, Regency House

Far East Plaza

Riverside View

Tel:(65)6839 1233

Tel:(65)6235 4211

Tel: (65)6428 8600

Fax:(65)6737 5463

Fax:(65) 6235 3316

Fax:(65)6536 1411

news bites Ongoing Renovations It's almost over! At presstime, there's talk the celling renovations in the Foyer and Tea Lounge areas may even be completed before the scheduled 15 September deadline. Let's hope so. Some members wondered why such work needs to be done. Truth is. our

Clubhouse Is 22 years old, and essential maintenance required that the airconditioning ducts had to be replaced along with the sprinklers. The new ceiling, together with the refurbished areas when completed, will give the Tanglin Club the distinguished look that it deserves.

completed. Do come to the Club and acquaint yourselves with this exciting development. See cover story on the Master Plan on pages 6 to 8.

Violin Duet

Club Party Encore Last year's Big Big Party was such a success (almost 1,000 turned up)that we're doing it again on Saturday 27 September. It's a great time to let your hair down and celebrate the completion of the Foyer and Tea Lounge refurbishment. There's top talent in the Club, as we all discovered happily last year. Wonder what's in store this time around. I hear there's even talk of bar-

The Tanglin Ball

The winning design has been selected by the jurors and all three award winners are currently on display in the

The other big event coming right up is our traditional Tanglin Ball on Saturday 25 October. It's an elegant affair, made even more so with an Evening of Glamour put up by the ladies. More

Foyer soon when the ceiling work is

But more immediately, an exquisite musical entertainment featuring two talented



make a

memorable dinner evening for you at the Churchill Room. The date is Friday 5 September and the talents are Alexander Souptel, Concert Master with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and


White, who has

participated in masterclass with the great Itzak Perlman.

top dancing.

Design Competition

Theatrette. These will be moved to the

details will be given in next month's magazine. Do mark down the date in your diary now.

They will be playing a programme of light classicals from Elgar (Salut d'amour), Khatchatrian (Sabre Dance) to Joplin (The Entertainer) and selections of Russian and Hungarian folk and gypsy tunes. It's going to be a great treat! KG Yuen


Editor: KC Yuen (

Magazine Co-ordinator: Cheryl Lim { Graphic Designer: Nazrin (

Photography : Erick Lo // Advertising : Alex Zecha (6473 7462) Media Representative : Ria Media Singapore ( MAGAZINE DEADLINES

Editorial contributions & advertising bookings : 10th of each month. Advertising materials : 15th of each month.

4• Tanglin Club

President's Message


News Bites


From The General Manager


Special Report On Master Plan


Treasurer's Report




F&B /Dining


Happenings In September














From the General Manager Dear members,

Time to get our house back after all those contractors have


been climbing all over It. Yes, we should be back to normal In a couple of weeks at the latest. The Tanglln Club will be ready for you ail to enjoy in Its entirety. The accommodation bookings are healthy and many old

friends will be popping In to enjoy the Club. The lobby lounge will have a new look and a new ambience befitting of The Tanglin Club.

Security Term Membership

There has been some concern by members regarding the

We are now trying to increase our membership numbers and

loss of some of the security guards. A small number of security guards were recently made redundant due to the

have identified an area that may appeal to friends of yours who are of a foreign nationality but are keen to have the

privilege of joining our Club on an annual or bi-annual basis. Ideal for those who do not expect to remain In Singapore for

advent of new technology In the Club in the form of a modern CCTV system.

a long period.

Please be assured that now Big Brother is watching you

If you know of any such colleagues or friends who would like

from various angles whilst the security guards are patrolling, checking and carrying out a variety of tasks associated with

to consider our offer, please contact Mary Shotam, our

the ever-changing security concerns that we all have.

Membership Manager, for further details (email or phone 67394108). I will conduct tours of the Club for all Interested parties. Please do not wait to consider this offer as It Is only for a limited number of new Term Memberships.

My staff and I spend many hours a day here and consequently are even more aware of all aspects of security In our working environment. Your support, understanding and patience Is much apprclated in all the dealings you have with my security

personnel and all the other staff who also act as eyes and ears of the Tanglin system. Please join us and report anything

Food & Beverage

or anyone suspicious around the premises of our home.

We reduced the beer and wine prices for the months of July

and August. This has been much appreciated by you all and therefore It will be extended for another month. Then we

will review our pricing policy of giving great value for money.

The Dark Corner Despite the security cameras, we do allow privacy In the changing rooms. Sadly the number of thefts from these areas Is on the Increase and may result In extra costs of having

The new menu in The Wheelhouse will commence on

permanent staff stationed in there! Help us to help you,

Monday 15 September and will be full of new ideas along with ail your old favourites.

lock everything away in the Club lockers. Finally, thank you for all your support at recent functions Including the Quiz Night that I held on Saturday last. Hope you all had fun and maybe we will try It again around Christmas time. How about a fun bingo night? The Churchill Room is pleading for your custom. The excellent staff, the new menu and musical soirees are all

reasons why we would be delighted to host you there any day of the week or weekend.

The Budget figures have hurt us badly over the past six months. But we are determined to recover ourselves over

the next six months with hard work and even better service

and a better variety and quality of menus. No prices will be There will be a new Japanese fusion menu In the Churchill

Increased unnecessarily.

Room created by our Sous Chef Kenneth. Give It a try. It really looks good.

Please help us to help you. Come and enjoy one of the friendliest spots In town. Look forward to seeing you around

The Club Party is looming on the horizon on Saturday 27

the Club.

September. A Whole Club Party - free flow of food and drinks, coupled with a German flavour normally associated

Brian Toft

with Oktoberfest.

General Manager Tanglin Club•5


The W/nn/ng Des/grt^^bwfrom Stevens Road.

Design Competition Ends With Seiectien of Award Winners At long last, the design competition for a Master Plan to guide the Club's upgrading and development has come




conclusion. The panel ofjurors met on 4 August and selected the winning design by secret ballot after a three-hour deliberation.

open sessions with members, the General Committee (GC) of

1st Piace

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Mr Loh Choon Tong)

of 27 November 2002.

ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism

A total of 45 architects responded

(Ms Belinda Agnes Huang Wan Jing)

to our advertisement in the Straits

Two other entries were judged 3rd Place

winning designs have been on display in the Theatrette since 6 August. The display will be moved to the Foyer Lobby when the current renovations are completed

SAA Architects(Mr Sonny Tan)

3rd place winners will receive

open design competition after approval was obtained at the SGM

2nd Place

second and third, and all three

later this month.The 1st, 2nd and

2002/03 moved ahead with an

Times of 24 and 25 January 2003, and 19 entries eventually were accepted by the closing deadline in March.


Surviving the first elimination, the

Design Metabolists(Mr Tan Su Kong) K2LD Architects(Mr Ko Shiou Hee) SOFT Architects(Mr Toh Kok Soon)

It was a necessarily long journey,for there have been several failed attempts in the past decade to do something about

withheld until after the jurors' selection, went through another

round of careful assessment by

prizes of $25, $20 and $15 thousand respectively.

six finalists whose identities were

three engineers on the current MP Committee, and Peter von Selkey (the consulting architect who drew up the Design Brief) on 26 July.

A second panel of jurors comprising the GC members and

developing the sports complex site. Further, piecemeal upgrading efforts of existing facilities have been slow and

two architects, namely Mr John Ting, president of the

costly. The Master Plan & Development Sub-Committee of 2001/02 got things moving again when it drew up the

Singapore Institute of Architects, and Mr Charles Ho, a past president of our Club, met and deliberated on 19 July before

members' need and wish lists which were adopted by the AGM of 10 May 2002.

the final vote was taken.

Using the two lists (see page 8) as a basis for a Master Plan (MP)concept and further supplemented by feedback from 6• Tanglin Club

So we now have a winning design awaiting members' endorsement at an SGM to be convened probably in October or November.

special report on master plan Criteria Used in the Judging

The Way Forward

The main criteria used in the selection process were: 1. The degree of compliance with the basic parameters of the Design Brief,

Now that the design competition has ended, where do we go from here?

2. Compliance with the members' need and wish lists (see

finding out the quantum of development charges, if any,from the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Right now, the winning design will be used as the basis for page 8), 3. The building's costs and phased construction, and 4. How the construction would affect the Club's operations

A series of meetings with the winnning architect, Mr Loh Choon Tong of RSP Architects are expected to be held in the coming weeks to "fine tune" the design to accommodate the members' needs and wishes.

and ambience.

The cost estimates are $28 million for the entire project,

including fees and the $11 million for phase 1 which covers all items in the need list.

When the above are ready, an SGM will be convened towards the end of the year for members to endorse the winning

design and adopt it as The Master Plan for upgrading and development. KC Yuen

1. Club president Dr Alex Ooi addressing GC members & other participants on 4 August. 2. Three architects lending a helping hand at the judging: (from left) Charles Ho, John Ting and Peter von Selkey. 3. SIA President John Ting with GC members Dr Kaizad Heerjee and Dr Albert Wee. 4. GC member Nan Sandford watches colleague Edwin Khew cast his vote while Maintenance Manager Bill Cheong assists.


5. GC members Alan Jones and Glenn Bryce discussing the merits of the architect's design.


Tanglin Club •7


^The Winning Design: View from Cleymore Hill:-m

Members' Need List

1) A smaller fine dining room with an adjoining wine bar and pre-dinner drink area for 50 to 60 people, thus releasing Churchill Room for functions only. Expand/improve gymnasium and health facilities such as spa/jacuzzi/steam room. 3) Ensure our physical environment is more

handicapped and elderly friendly. 4) A total of 200 to 300 car parking lots. {Existing: 176) 5) More children-friendly activity rooms such as games machine room, snack kiosks, play area, etc.

6) Increase the space available for staff facilities and improve usage such as better gents and ladies changing rooms, rest/dining areas, etc.

7) Increase floor area for centralized iiimc-r:

administration office.

iliC Sluuio Aicliil'iduie -i Uibani^m

8) Rationalize storage areas for more efficient running of the Club.

9) Restructuring and improving the Churchill Room and the Tavern kitchens.

Members' Wish List

1) A multi-purpose hall for indoor activities. 2) A cyber cafe/computer room.

3) Improve sports facilities e.g. covered tennis courts and lawn bowls green. 4) A smoking bar. The above lists, obtained from feedback and

deliberations, were adopted by the AGM of 10 May 2002. The Churchill Room, Tavern, Theatrette and Guest Rooms are not to be altered. 8• Tanglin Club

treasurer's report expected to be completed only in mid September.

Revenue for the first half of the current financial year totalled

$6,065,000. A comparison with the corresponding period last year shows a revenue reduction of 12% or $808,000.

A series of revenue enhancement events and activities to

coincide with the reopening of the Lobby and Guest Rooms are planned. Cost containment in all areas has already been achieved to date and is ongoing. It is hoped that these activities and the ongoing containment exercises will contribute towards stabilising the deficit for the full financial year.

SARS has taken its toll on revenue. Revenue shortfalls in

F&B(9%), Guest Rooms(55%)and Jackpot(45%) were the major reasons for the revenue drop. Higher F&B cost of sales during SARS and increased Jackpot

Projections however indicate that revenues for the next six

payouts in the first quarter of 2003 contributed further to the Club's operating deficit of $806,000. This compares to the

months may not match 2002 and the present deficit may widen for the full financial year.

deficit of $160,000 for the first 6 months of last year; a loss increase of $646,000.

Philip Beng

Honorary Treasurer

With the passing of SARS, Jackpot, F&B and Guest Rooms revenues have yet to show any significant increase. August will be another slow month with the ongoing renovations at

the Lobby and the refurbishment of the Guest Rooms Operating Deficits Before Depreciation &

Summary of Accounts

Interest For 6 Months Ended 31 July

2002 & 2003($'000)

Six months comparison of the results of the Club's operating activities for the period ended 31 July 2003



(Unfavourable) variance

$'000 $'000



Food & Beverage Subscriptions Guest Room Rentals

Jackpot Machines Sports & Others Total Revenue








160 412 135


744 141

(198) (332) (6)




441 805

479 819

38 14





Operating Deficits After Depreciation & Interest For 6 Months Ended 31 July

2002 & 2003($'000)

Cost of Sales

Beverage / Cigarettes Cost Food Cost Total Cost of Sales



Expenses 3,641



88 361 539 996


(4) (57)

541 793


Total Expenses




Operating Surplus /(Deficit)



Labour Cost

Property Tax Upkeep of Buildings & Equipment Utilities Other Overheads


F&B Outlets Revenue For 6 Months

Ended 31 July 2002 ($'000)



228* 1029 525


Add: Interest Income Less: Tax on Interest Income

286 71

259 69



Less: Depreciation







Net Operating (Deficit)



after Taxation

Entrance Fees

Surplus / (Deficit) after Taxation


F&B Outlets Revenue For 6 Months







Ended 31 July 2003 {$'000) _ -38

185" 975

Beverage/Cigarette Cost %



Food Cost % Labour Cost %


35.4 58.4

Staff Strength as at 31 July Note: Revenue Is before direct expenses

60.0 247


(1.5) (5.1) (1.6) (8)





Tanglin Club •9






$35 [JHembetJ ■ $45 (9mstJ[Toir Bass Cede: Club StamUud Mast rtau tm tanteUatitm: 2B September


Friday 5 September at 7.3^ pm Come to the Churchill Room for a relaxing evening offine dining

followed by exquisite music by Concert Master Alexander Souptel of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Masako White. They will play well-loved music from light classics to Russian folk & Hungarian gypsy tunes.

Born in 1948, Alexander Souptel grew up in a musical family^

7 where hisfather was a conductor ofthe orchestra of his birthplace in the southern part of Russia. He began his violin studies at the

Masako White

age offive and also spent seven years on the piano.

, A 4-course set dinner

Alexander has been an honoured musician

ofRussia since 1980.In 1986, he won the 'Honoured Artist of Russia' medal. He has worked with several well-known orchestras in Moscow, both as Leader and soloist

$47.50(member)& $57.00 (guest) Non-diner:$15.00 per person inclusive 1 drink (house wine, beer or juices)

Before joining the SSO as Concert Master in 1993, Alexander Souptel was the Leader with the Moscow

Alexander Souptel

with musical entertainment

Symphony Orchestra.

Dress code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

^(i»5!5«§OilG WSt? Snl©



Take part in the "Bring Along Y Most Creative lantern" &

win attractive prizes. Highlights include Chinese Bniiet Dinner, Nooncakes ior dessert a

Sriow Your Talei\


The Tanglin Star

Hooncake Festival storytelling

Coming up in N

periortnance hy Kevin Ho.



A/C no Contact No

Poolside Area •Buffet Dinner at 7pm •Showtime at 9 pm $30(Adults), $15(Children)• Club Standard or Casual


All prices inclusive of GST.

Last day for cancellation ; Thursday 4 September

Our very own Sam Gan will be in touch to fill you In on more details. Tanglin Club • 11



Rhythm & Champagne Brunch Sunday 28 Septemner



Sam Oan & Friejids

vava WAV

An enjoyable event with delicious food,free flow of champagne and great live music. Make sure you

Tuesday 16 September Featuring music & dance by a Mexican Performance Troupe and a buffet dinner prepared by visiting chef, Gabrlela Jones.




opportunity for a truly relaxing Sunday! Children of all ages are welcome.

Churchill Room from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm $46.80(Adult with Champagne), $30.70(Adult without Champagne), $15.60(Child below 12 years)

Churchill Room at 7.30 pm. Showtime at 9.45 pm. Buffet Dinner at $39.00(Member), $45.00(Guest). All prices inclusive of GST

All prices inclusive of GST

Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation Tuesday 9 September.

Last day for cancellation Sunday 21 September.


The International Expo of exclusive gifts p.


' h






a nf1 q u e^

aJu f *t'f ^u r^n i sh i ings -lonaicrar TS 1..*^ handicraf , . pa i nt i ngs^


-i e ; t a b®I ^ e w a r e -^

■ant 'iques ^ ® ® j ewe ^i ^l e eryb f V b e a Q

u U tflHW t


At The Grand Hyatt Hotei, Scotts Road Vando and Magnolia Rooms, 3rd floor



Copyright 2002 Foir^ and Bozoors. All right? reserved.

12 • Tanglin Club


t O Vb||S0

a g






^u tt yy

g i f t s |- a !s








On Wednesday, 10 September 2003 -10:00am to 7:00pm & Thursday, 11 September 2003 -10:00am to 5:00pm For enquiries contact: 6235 3608

w e I tI ea r,by i


All visitors entitled to Fabulous Lucky Draw Prizes!



An Evening Of Glamour Saturday 25 October Come & join in the Club's most glamorous event of the year. Soak in the limelight & be entertained by a spectacular FASHION & JEWELLERY SHOW, plus live music by the talented DANNY KOH & HIS BIG BAND.

An evening of glamour & unsurpassed entertainment.

Menu Includes a five-course set dinner

& one bottle of wine for every two persons.

SHOWTIME: 8.15 pm (prompt) Show made possible by AVANA Boutique, ASPREY the Jewellery, MOOROO Bags from Charlotte and make-up by IPSA. Hair by Salon


le Point.


: Churchill Room & The Tavern


: Saturday 25 October

Time Price

: 7.15 pm (Champagne Cocktail), 8.45 pm (Dinner) : $110.00 (Member), $130.00 (Guest). Inclusive of GST.


; Gentlemen - Black Tie, Ladies - Glamorous

^ .V'A-Vh:- -'-V.

Premium Wines of the Month WHITE WINES

JORDAN CHEN/N BLANC 1999 Layers of rich, tropical fruit and creamy citrus flavours, interlaced with a spicy complexity from barrel-

ALKOOMI SOUTHLANDS 2001 Medium red with a crimson rim.


fermentation create a well-balanced

dry mine with a natural fruity acidity.



Shows lively cherry and red berry characters with a touch of toasty oak. Medium bodied with intense fruit and

spice characters combined with subtle oak and soft tannin flavours.


$ 6.90/Glass $41.00/Bottle

Price: $ 7.501 Glass $45.00 I Bottle


GROOT CONSTANHA 1997 A slightly lighter style wine with wafts

of tobacco and spicy berries. Elegant, soft yet dry with minerally red berry

CARLYLE CABERNETSAUVIGNON 2000 Dark medium maroon, with hints of

Root idsstaNTi*.

flavours. Easy fruit with gentle

purple. Soft berry fruit nose with a gentle oak lift. Rich ripe fruits and a soft tannin.


Price: $ 8.251 Glass $49.50 / Bottle

Price: $ 7.501 Glass $45.00 / Bottle

All prices Inclusive of GST. For home delivery, please use the order form inserted in this magazine.

Oyster Buffet Discontinued The Oyster Buffet at The Churchill Room on every Wednesday evenings

M'pm'ES'E CUlSm'E Pm'mTiM

will be discontinued with effect from

Wednesday 3 September. Moon cakes For Sale Mooncakes are available for take-away at The Wheelhouse till

Thursday 11 September.

Starting mid-September, The Churchill Room on Sunday

evenings will feature Japanese Fusion Cuisine. Our ala carte menu offers

New Menu

Roast Beef Japanese Style with

with teriyaki dressing.

We are pleased to announce that the

new menu for The Wheelhouse will

commence on Monday 15 September.

Fresh Tuna Sashimi served with

wasabi & soy sauce.

• Sake Teriyaki - Salmon fillet glazed with teriyaki sauce. •

And other fusion dishes.

For enquiries, please call the F & B Office at 67394 139 I 176.

14• Tanglin Club



dishes come


fresh fruits & green tea ice-cream.

8 to 15 September Under the guidance of Executive Sous Chef Kenneth Francisco, we will feature classic

French food at the Tavern during this

promotion. Dishes include cog an vin, pan roasted duck breast with braised endives, beef

bourguignon, lobster thermidor and bouillabaisse.

At the Churchill Room, we will be preparing fine French food. Caviar with blinis, potato

and leek soup with black truffles, fillet oflamb with honey, and monkfish with caviar sauce are just a few of the dishes served.

Bon appetit! Available ala carte for lunch & dinner.

Experience Germany's fine food and beer at The Churchill Room. More rustic fares are served at the Tavern Restaurant & The Wheelhouse. Available ala carte for lunch & dinner.

Homemade Sausages



The Tanglin Club s homemade sausages for sale at The Wheelhouse

Beer pricee

for take away. Orders can be made at the F&B office orThe

Wheelhouse Restaurant. All sausages are in 500gm packs

(50 grams pcs). Please order 2 days in advance for 3 kg or less.


For orders above 3 kg, please order 5 days in advance. Any special sizes will be a minimum order of 10 kg and 5 days advance.



3.50 Price inclusive of GST

iS Tanglin Club • 15

happenings in September... WZ


with Alexander Souptel & Masako White

7.30 pm (CR)






PROMOTION (CR) (till 15 September)

7.00 pm (Poolside)

12 • ANNUAL POT GAMES Golf Match

President's Trophy hosted by see.


6.00 pm (RR) SNOOKER: Ian Braslln

Handicap Competition

SQUASH: Autumn Handicap Tournament (till 20 September)






7.30 pm (CR)


A Talk On Hormone

Replacement Therapy 4.00 pm (RR)




Section Fund Night 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm (BR)

25 ' BALUT:

Monthly competition.




26 • SCUBA:

Intro Nite (Poolside)



FESTIVAL( CR. TT, WH) (till 13 October)




8.30 am (TC) Hatha & Raja Yoga (Advance) 8.30 am (MPH)

8.30 am (Pool)

8.30 am (MPH) Keep Fit

Ladies' Tennis

8.30 am (TC)

9.30 am (MPH) Duplicate Bridge

Aquacise 8.30 am (Pool) Hatha & Raja Yoga 9.30 am (MPH) Chinese Brush Painting (adult) 9.30 am (OR)

Ladles' Tennis

8.30 am (TC) Flexible Strength

8.30 am (MPH) Keep Fit


Novice Bridge 1.00 pm (CD)

10.00 am (MPH) Duplicate Bridge 1 pm (CD)

Club Tennis

Club Tennis

Club Tennis

5.00 pm (TC) Firm It Up

5.00 pm (TC)

5.00 pm (TC)

Social & Duplicate Bridge

Line Dance

Children's Art Class

Club Tennis

6.30 pm (MPH)

7.00 pm (CD)

3.00 pm(WH)

1.00 pm (CD)

9.30 am (MPH) Duplicate Bridge 1.00 pm (CD)

5 pm (TC)


5.00 pm (MPH) Squash Section Fund Night

Squash Club Night 5.15 pm (SC)

7.30 pm (MPH)

6.00 pm (SC)

5.00 pm (TC)

Social Latin Dance

Dance Fitness

Weekly Squash Section Fund Handicap

Squash Club Night 5.15 pm (SC)

6.00 pm (MPH)

Tournament 6.45 pm


7.30 pm(MPH) No Corkage Charge on Monday Dinner(CR)

16• Tanglin Club

6.30 pm (MPH) Pilates

8.15 pm (MPH)

Club Tennis

...and looking ahead :c-h-



The Hours-PG (TH)

The Hours - PG(TH)


10.00 pm (CR)

German Food & Beer Festival


Friendly Match vs JCC(Away)]

Monday 29 September to Monday 13 October

ANNUAL POT GAMES Lawn Bowls Malch.

Movie: 13 • MOVIE:

Bowling For Columbine - NC16 (TH)

Finding Nemo - PG Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 October

14 • MOVIE:

Bowling For Columbine• NC16 (TH)



hosted by SCO.

The Matrix Reloaded - PG


10.00 pm (CR)

Saturday 11

Sunday 12 October

Ladies Luncheon with Indian Cultural Event 20




X-Men 2 - PG (TH) • SAM GAN & HIS BAND

10.00 pm (CR) • BILLIARDS:

Thursday 16 October

X-Men 2 - PG (TH)

The Tanglin Ball &. An Evening of Glamour Saturday 25 October


Try-A-Dive 2.00 pm (Poolside)

Friendly vs British Club(Home)

Rhythm & Champagne Brunch Sunday 26 October 27




7.00 pm to 2.00 am

(Throughout the Club)

Tanglin Star Search Friday 7 November

11.00 am (CR) • MOVIE:

Bruce Almighty - PG (TH)

i Junior Tennis

Sunday Curry


Buffet Lunch

8.30 am-11.30 am (TC)

12 noon (CR, WH)

Children's Art Class

Club Tennis

9.00 am(WH) Taijiquan 10.00 am (MPH) Taijiquan 11.30 am (MPH)

4.00 pm (TC) Hawker Fare Buffet Dinner

AN EVENING OF GLAMOUR Fashion & Jewellery Show

6.00 pm (WH)

in conjunction with THE TANGLIN BALL.

Power Hour

2.00 pm (MPH) Social Squash


3.00 pm (SC) AR

- Ardmore Room


- Foyer Lounge


- Tennis Courts

4.00 pm (MPH)


- Billiards Room


- Foyer Ratio


- Theatrette

Club Tennis


- Card Room


- Lobby Lounge


■ The Library

4.00 pm (TC)


- Churchill Room

MPH - Multl-Purpose Hall


- The Tavern

WH - Wheelhouse


Hawker Fare CL

- Claymore Room


- Raffles Room


- Draycott Room


- Squash Courts

Buffet Dinner

6.00 pm(WH)

Tanglin Club • 17

ladies TANGUN CLUB ART EXHIBITION 12 -15 November 2003. Proceeds in aid

of Children's Charity Christmas Fund


Our 15-year-old Tanglin Club Painting Group will be mounting an exhibition of their art in November. The exhibition will be

opened by Club President Dr Alex Doi and followed by a cocktail reception. All TO members are invited to view the products of this talented group of amateur artists in the new Club lobby. Proceeds from purchases from the Tanglin Club Art Exhibition will go towards a children's charity in aid of their Christmas Fund.

This exhibition will show the work of the past year from this group, which comprises ladies and gentlemen drawn together by a love of art. Despite their heavy schedules, they have decided to devote

their time and effort to ensure that these children are not forgotten in the traditional season of merry-making. The art pieces will cover a wide range of styles, themes and media. From oils to watercolour; landscapes and flowers to

animals and still life; Chinese brush painting to French impressionist to semi-abstract.

Come visit the exhibition and enjoy the therapeutic effects of art.

Better still, come join us at the Draycott Room every Thursday morning and watch us at work (rather, at play!). Shirley Low A Walk in the Garden, Oil Painting by Juliana Khoo

"Ohio Wesleyan University offers students the ability to study the great works of literature, explore the fine arts, and pursue the mysteries of science as well as to debate the critical issues of concern to our global society today. The diversity of the student body and the opportunity to engage one-on-

one with your professors both inside and outside of the

classroom enhance the learning possibilities for all persons

Visit our website

attending the University. Ohio Wesleyan provides one of the

or email

highest quality exposures to the traditional liberal arts education and experience."

o\vuintl@o\viLedu I

or write to

Office of Admission

George Conrades

Ohio Wjesleyan University

Chairman and CEO

pelavvare, Ohio 43051,

Akamai Technologies, Inc

Meet Ms Grace Poling, OWU's Associate Dean of Admission / Director of International Recruitment, at the American Educational Opportunities Fair on Saturday 20 September 2003 from 12 noon to 4.00 pm at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Centre. 18 • Tanglin Club

Residential Sales


Residential Lettings


we help you live better Property investments

"Landlords, are you looking to Rent or Sell Your Property in London?" Whether you are looking to rent or sell your property, your appointed agent should satisfy the check list below: 1. Free Advice a Valuations

2. Maximunn Return

3. Effective Marketing

4. Database of Applicants

5. Regular Updates & Accounts

6. Property Management Services

7. Customer Satisfaction

8. Testimonials from Clients

At Saffron^ we fulfU all of the above Call (65) 6832 5123 for more info or


City a Docklands

St John's Wood NW8

Central London W1

Baker St NW1

updated daily 9 Raffles Place *21-01 Republic Plaza Singapore 048619 Tel: (65) 6832 5123

Fax:(65) 6838 5296

81 Parkway London NW1 7PP Fax: (44) 20 7424 9600 Sales: (44) 20 7424 9774 Lettings: (44) 20 7424 9500 P.Management: (44) 20 7424 9974


Turkish Delights 22 July 2003

Ladies Luncheon Featuring An Indian Cultural Event

Thursday 16 October

r Deepavali Mela... A Feast For Your Senses! •



Come enjoy die traditional and cultund

aspects ofthe Festival of Lights,k the Ladies Lunciieon. Look out for more

details in die October magaane.


:16 October 2003


; 12 noon

Venue : The Churchill Room

Prices : $22.90(Member) $27.50 (Guest). Prices inclusive of GST.

Last day for cancellation: 9 October

Participants need to fill up the usual F&B booking slip & submit to Reception or fax to 6736 1195. Tanglin Club * 19

ladies Returning By Popular Request

September Tea For Ladies Only

"Is This The Whole Truth &

About Hormone

Replacement Therapy?" Wednesday 17 September

Come and participate in an interactive session.

Speaker: Dr Alex Ooi. Dr Ooi will share his knowledge and 20 years' experience as consultant and surgeon in obstetrics and gynaecology. He's frequently on the lecture circuit on his particular Interests in his specialty, minimal access surgery and women's health. In recent times, culling from his lectures on the menopause, he provides analysis of the controversies surrounding hormone replacement therapy. Raffles Room at 4.00 pm.

Afternoon Tea at $13.00(Member), $15.50(Guest). All prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation Wednesday 10 September.

FOR RENT Charming and unique 2 bedroom colonial style bungalow on 2 acres of land in quiet, centralized location near expressway and 2 MRT lines. Fully mature garden with Southeast Asian decorative artifacts. Large outdoor covered patio with adjoining tastefully -designed Kol Pond and waterfall. Converted servant's quarter used as office. Reasonable rent. Contact: 9621 0254.

Ma Our brand new. individually handpicked collection of Persian carpets is here! Culled from all across Iran, a vast choice of city, village, and tribal pleces; in every size, shape, and colour. And the/re going at the lowest prices ever. No over-promise, no gimmick, guaranteed lowest prices. Come and see for yourself.

Should you find lower prices anywhere else for the piece you've chosen within 10 days of purchase, we'll give you your money back. Visit us today.

FOR SALE 4-foot high white marble Burmese Buddha. Weight: 1 ton. Presently used as garden decoration. 3-foot terracotta statue of Vishnu. Made in Chiang



Level 3 Units 01 to 06

Mai.Various Balinese garden decorative

Level I Units 12 to 13

statues. Contact; 9621 0254.

Tanglin Shopping Centre Tel: 6737 5626

20• Tanglin Club

open from 10am-7pm(Men-Sat)& 1 lam-4pm(Sun)


On the morning of 17 July, a Thursday which started with heavy rain and passing thoughts of"heck this excursion

maintained, bordered by water where

before "fusion food" became the in-

one can fish or swim. Then we were

thing in the restaurants of the world.

along Sungei Kadut, a place i have Edwin also gave us a demonstration on the presentation of the food in the western and Asian dining, again the ■fusion" way. The combination of colours of the dining table which uses the sight to whet our appetites and set the mood

is going to be spoilt".

always wanted to go but never made the effort to explore that part of

There were 25 female members of The

Singapore, it was worth the trip just to

Tanglin Club with their friends eagerly waiting at the lobby, chatting away and

of Singapore.

determined to enjoy an outing with friends without any complaints of the

When we reached our destination it


was indeed a pleasure, to be greeted The finale was the lunch, of Eurasian

9.15 am - ail participants on the bus,

by beautiful ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers. By then the rains have completely stopped and the sky slightly overcast. It became a nice morning to wander around the 7 acres of the Nyee

equivalent of the Chinese "chap-chye"

listening to instructions from Ms Peggy Lim who also gave a brief on the

programme for the morning.

get the introduction on the countryside

Phoe Gardens.

food, the famous "Devil Curry" was one of the items. The "Devil Curry" is the and the after Christmas Stew, where all the leftovers of the feast were made

into a wonderful dish for the next day.

The rains gradually eased off. The bus meandered via the highway towards Woodlands and gradually turned into

for a feast.

An introduction to Eurasian cuisine,

Kranji Road. My first impression was

Edwin Pereira treated us to a cooking demonstration., a fusion of Asian and

The ladies went on a shopping spree

where are we? We seem to have lost

Western food. We are so familiar with

with the plants and we went away with enjoyable memories of the morning

the city and entered into the country.

Peranakan cuisine, a fusion of Chinese

excursion and a gift of a small plant

Both sides on the scenery were green with matured trees as far as the eye

and Malay food that we miss out on the wonderful part of our heritage of our

from the Garden.

couid see.

cultural diversity, which is manifest in our food. How lucky we are to be in Singapore to taste fusion food long

There was the Kranji Park, very well

Ruth Chia

» ^ i'

Tanglin Club • 21

miscellany OBITUARY

NOTICE OF BYE-LAW AMENDMENT Use of Changing Rooms & Lavatories by Children

With effect from 2 July 2003, boys or girls under the age of 6 are allowed use of the

David Lornle Hack

changing rooms and lavatories, but must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.

22-04-1929 to 05-06-2003

Boys or girls of 6 years of age and over are not permitted use of the changing rooms and

Survived by loving wife Sock Kla and daughters Alison & Lianne.

David came to Singapore from the UK

in 1950 and over the next 53 years worked as a shipping assistant with


Paterson Simons, rubber broker with

Green & Collier, commodity trader & travel agent with Harper Gllfillan, partner in the stockbroking company of Lyall & Evatt and prior to his retirement was a trader with Deutsche Morgan Grenfeil.

lavatories intended for the

opposite sex.

David was an active member of The

Girls under 14 years of age are

Tanglin Club since 1978. He presented the Club with a graphic drawing of the

not allowed in the Powder Room situated in the Main

Foyer, Cinema Foyer and the Ladies Changing Room by the

City of London which is displayed on

Chinese Antiques Smiling Buddha & Rosewood Sofa


the outside wall of the Food & Beverage Department's Office.

His natural friendliness and sharp sense of humour will be greatly missed by his many friends in Singapore and abroad.

For Sale


By order of the General Committee

or call Chan for appointment to view. Tel ; 9857 0310

Judd Kinne

Fax : 6294 5929


Organised by:


cerrpa na. Kind Sponsors:

Official Mover:




iH§ UNoerif

MOW/• Mil/

Put your best foot forward everytlme through our personal grooming workshop. Ring us NOW to enrol.

SPA in the City Discover delicious treats to unwind and

de-stress at our Pampering stop.

Your future is in

your HANDS Make a stop at our Tarot Card Reader and Astro-Palmist to take a peek

at the > Meritus Mandarin Orchard Ballroom

6th Floor South Wing (333 orchard Road) October 8(Wed)10am - 7pm

October 9(Thurs) 10am - 5pm

Enquiries:9 799704119007 34121$9

announcements DrTan Ken Leon

New Members

Mr Yang Eu Jin We extend a warm welcome to the following new Members;

Ms Karen Yeo Boon Ee & Mr Matthew Ngiam

Ms Pauline Baratham

Dr Chan Ching Wan & Dr Tan Klan Teo

We extend a warm welcome to the following Associate

Mr & Mrs Chen Lian Pang

Member: Ms Gei Su-Yin (wife of Dr Harvey Teo)

Mr Frank Cintamani

Mr & Mrs Goh Lin Piao


Ms Grace Huang Ying Hui Dr Stuart Koe Chi Yeow

We bid farewell to the following members converting to

Dr & Mrs Koh Teng Lam

Permanent Absent Membership (PAM):

Mr & Mrs Vandana Kapoor

Mr & Mrs Howard Ansett

Ms Pul Leng Lajam & Mr Fauzi A Lajam

Mr & Mrs Eric Crane

Dr & Mrs Kenneth Lee Cheng San

Mr & Mrs Rhys Greensill

Mr & Mrs Linus Loo Kah Meng

Mr & Mrs Julian Gray

Mr & Mrs Benny Oh

Mr & Mrs Paul Anthony Giles

Mr & Mrs Ian H F Potter

Mr & Mrs Adam Ion

Mr Giorgio Maria Rosica

Mr & Mrs Koh Hong Wai

Mr & Mrs Jaka A Singgih

Mr & Mrs Michael Francis Murphy

Ms Lauren Tan & Mr Ang Wee Jin

Mr & Mrs Ambrish Thakker

Ms Jacqueline Tan

Miss Tay Khoon Ying

Mr & Mrs Tan Eng Keong



1) Mr & Mrs Chen Lian Pang 2) Mr & Mrs Goh Lin Piao

3) Ms Lauren Tan & Mr Ang Wee Jin 4) Mr & Mrs Linus Loo Kah Meng 5) Dr & Mrs Kenneth Lee Cheng San 6) Mr & Mrs Vandana Kapoor 7) Mr & Mrs Jaka A Singgih 8) Dr & Mrs Koh Teng Lam Tanglin Club •23

library Top 10 Popular Titles Fiction

A six-month survey of the books acquired in March 2003 showed that the

following titles were most frequently borrowed by members.

Non Fiction

Answered Prayers

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret Inspector Ken Wharfe with Robert Jobson A Very English Deceit: The Secret History

Four Blind Mice James Patterson Danielle Steel

Of The South Sea Bubble And The First Great

Chasing The Dime Michael Connelly

Financial Scandal

The Murder Book

A White Rajah: A Biography Of Sir James Brooke Nigel Barley Leadership Rudolph W. Giuliani The Seventy Architectural Wonders

Jonathan Kellerman Green Calder Grass

Janet Dailey

Malcolm Balen

Of Our World

Neil Parkyn

New Books

A Cold Heart Jonathan Kellerman

The American Agent: My Life In The CIA

Adult Library

Shutter Island

Richard L. Holm


Oryx And Crake Margaret Atwood Slightly Married Mary Balogh Dark Champion Jo Beverley

Dennis Lehane

Fodor's 2003 - Mexico

The Protector

Tania Inowlocki

David Morrell

The Crisis Of Islam: Holy

The Jester

War And Unholy Terror

James Patterson &

Bernard Lewis

Andrew Gross

The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts On Writing

Blue Horizon Wilbur Smith

Norman Mailer

Non Fiction

Why Men Can Only Do One Thing At A Time

St Raven

Jo Beverley The Beachcomber

Josephine Cox English Correspondence Janet Davey The Perfect Lover

Stephanie Laurens A Leap Of Love Catherine Urn

Late For The Wedding Amanda Quick

Dating Game Danielle Steel

Crime & Thriiier

Allan & Barbara Pease

How To Cook Everything • The Basics Mark Bittman

Ben Schott

The Age Of The Cloister: The Story of Monastic Life In The Middle Ages Christopher Brooke Living History: Memoirs Hillary Rodham Clinton By The Sword: A History

Off The Beaten Path:

A Traveller's Anthology Laura Stoddart Krakatoa

Simon Winchester Human Instinct: How Our

Samurai, Swashbucklers

Primeval Impulses Shape

And Olympic Champions

Our Modern Lives

Richard Cohen

Robert Winston

Lessons For The

Twenty-First Century

Lee Child

Bill Emmott Death On The Black Sea:

The Untold Story Of The Struma and World War ll's

Tess Gerritsen

Holocaust At Sea.

The Sinister Pig Tony Hillerman

Douglas Frantz and

Linda Howard

24 • Tanglin Club





Dan Brown

Dying To Please


The Day The World Exploded: August 27,1883

Of Gladiators, Musketeers,


Seeking Sanctuary Frances Fyfield The Apprentice


Schott's Original Miscellany

20:21 Vision

The Da Vinci Code


Catherine Collins

human instinct How our primovol tmpwiM*


eur modern

sports GOLF

create a unique 18 hole championship course which combines truly local

The Warren Golf Club

features such as reservoirs, canals,

The Warren Golf Club was founded in

a surprisingly good end result.

HDB estates and man-made hills with

1960 by Brigadier-General Derek Warren, a commanding officer of the Signal Corps. It was originally a watering hole-cum-nine-hote golf course for British servicemen and their families. In 1999 it moved from Folkstone Road

to a new location in Chua Chu Kang where it has maintained its familycentred feel but now has a more

cosmopolitan membership.

However, one drawback of so much

water is that it encourages local wildlife to flourish and the odd crocodilius golfus localis or two, inevitably appear on the course whenever The Tanglin Club plays there and the scores go haywire. To help combat this the committee decided to try the Double Peoria scoring system and, to the amazement of all, it seemed to do the trick!

Locally-based designers Nelson and Haworth were given the opportunity to

At 12.30pm, on 23 July 28 Tanglin golfers teed off in near-perfect weather conditions and five hours later only five strokes separated the top half of the field. Jeremy Yong carded a nett 73 to snap up his first ever win at a Tanglin Club match and he was closely followed by Lim Khoon Hin, Edwin Ng and Lai

Chong Meng who were each only one stroke off the pace. It was a different story at the tail end where the usual 100 plus group maintained their unchallenged position.






8.30 am

8.30 am

8.30 am

8.30 am

HATHA Bl raja




YOGA (Advance] Margaret





9.30 am

9.30 am

3.30 am

KEEP FIT Janet Pooi




8-30 am


Margaret 10.00 am PILATES Clarise

10.00 am TAIJIQUAN

Wong L C

11.30 am TAIJIQUAN


2.00 pm POVI^R HOUR



5.00 pm

4.00 pm




6.00 pm

6.30 pm

6.30 pm








7.30 pm

7.30 pm

8.1 5 pm






Tanglin Club • 25

sports Newcomer to the section Fred Kloppers for once managed to hit one straight at the right time to win the Longest Drive and ladies captain Nancy Miller beat yours truly to take Nearest the Pin with a shot that ail watching thought was in the hole for one.

Danny, Raj and Michelle did a perfect job in organising the day and Warren have to be congratulated for presenting us a course which played as good as any in Singapore. For those interested in the detail of the Double Peoria scoring system, Danny has copies of the rules at the Sports Office. Chris Claridge

CORRECTION: In last month's magazine, we regret a typographical error when we stated Henry Cheong's handicap was 19. His correct handicap is 15.

Squash Vs Tennis Friendly Match

TENNIS Tanglin Club Annual Championship 2003 Men Singles Championship On Sunday 3 August, two young guns

Geoffrey Tan (16 years old) and Nicholas Yeo (19 years old), drilled it out on court for just over 2 hours in a fantastic battle to see who would be

this year's Men Singles Champion.

The good times continued well into the night and a buffet dinner was organised to celebrate the occasion. Tennis and

The Squash section graciously organised squash and tennis games on 12 July 2003. These games involved participation in both games and pitted squash against tennis players. Squash players played tennis and tennis players played squash or played both games. The results are not important except that everyone had good times.

squash players mingled on the same tables, challenged one another to a beer-drinking contest and played minigolf. A good time was had by more than 40 players who came and the squash section must be thanked for taking the initiative to do this. Robert Yeo

After winning the 1st set 6/2 and being 3/0 up in the second set, Geoffrey seemed to be on his way to a comfortable victory. However, Nicholas had other things on his mind and got a second wind once the sun went down,

in fact, Nicholas fought his way back and held two set points at 6/5 in the second set to take the match to one

set all. Geoffrey saved the set points and eventually took out the match in a second set tie-breaker 7/3 to become

the youngest player to ever win the Men Singles Annual Championships at


The Tanglin Club.

Friendly Match 6 September

In the Ladies Singles competition, 16


JOG (away at JOG)

year old Rita Tan won her second consecutive title by beating every

opponent in the round robin draw. Rita convincingly defeated each opponent

13 September

Annual Pot Games Match at SGG

and looks like dominating for many

years to come. The runner-up in the Ladies singles was another youngster



4 October


31 October to 2 November

British Glub Bangkok Gentenary

Elizabeth Sim who only lost one match to eventual winner Rita Tan.

It's great to see the new generation making inroads into the highly competitive tennis fraternity at the Club.


8 & 9 November

Todd Koning 26• Tanglin Club

Tennis Quadrangular Tournament

sports TENNIS Tennis National Day Dinner & Dance 8 August This Is the first occasion the Tennis Section organised a well

attended dinner function to celebrate the National Day. Members and their guests enjoyed so much that they look forward to another Dinner & Dance at the end of the year.


BILLIARDS Andy Webster Trophy A very successful afternoon with 14 players taking part. Chong Zhi Cheng and Stephen Cheong won the trophy, KK Chan and Sachan Kumar had high breaks of 16 points each. However KK won the playoff and was awarded the trophy.


On 24 July, nine players travelled to Ipoh and Penang. The first game was

against Penang which was tost 7-9. However having lost to Ipoh for the last

5 years they managed to finally bring the cup back with a narrow 10-8 victory.

New Members

Welcome to the following new section fund members, most of whom have

already taken an active part in tournaments and tours. KKChan

KK Chong Mike Bowden

Zhi Cheng Chong Fred Kloppers John Yeo

Joe Raine

We trust you will make the most of the membership.

Fred Kloppers Tanglin Club •27

sports SQUASH

Bharat Parashar) play the less strenuous game.

Friendly Meeting Between Tennis And Squash Sections On 12 July

The games were followed by a well attended dinner in the Raffles Room. With the afternoon ending one sport each, the neutral sport of golf putting was decided to settle the

Following a very successful 'friendly' last year, there was lots of interest again this time.

a squash player) won the day for tennis with some Immaculate

score. After a series of eliminations Phua Swee Leng (really stroking. Other post dinner games included beer boat racing

Saturday 12 July was a great afternoon and dinner afterwards,

and two-up. The invincible Squash boat race team came in

thoroughly enjoyed by all. Special thanks must go to Danny, Raj and Michelle for organising and supervising on the day.

first. The win was disputed by judge M.C., but co-judge Bill Gartshore saw nothing amiss. The Aussie game of two-up saw Merina as the last one standing.

Squash is more demanding on the knees, especially for older Ross MacKenzie

players, as most of us are. It is therefore somewhat easier

for TC squash players to adapt to an occasional game of tennis, than it is for TC tennis players to adapt to squash. Last year, our meeting involved tennis only, but this year a few tennis players took to the squash courts. Squash selected

players to match these tennis players at squash. Although squash won, there were some entertaining matches convenors Graham vs Harvey, GO members Glenn vs Roland,

Alan Jones vs squash renegade Swee Leng, and ladies Merina and Yvonne to play Lily and Lisuan. Lisuan impressed all the squashers by staying on the squash courts most of the afternoon, playing various opponents.

Harvey and M.C. did a good job of matching up pairs for the tennis matches. Although Tennis won comfortably, Squash


did surprise with a couple of wins. The afternoon also saw

a couple of our retired squash players (Richard Doggart and


Putting winner Phua Swee Leng getting his Congrats from the ladies.


All eyes on squash's Glenn Bryce showing his form at the 'neutral' sport. 28• Tanglin Club

All ready to go on the beers before the boat race.

sports King And Jack Of The Boxes Competition - August 2003

Lim and Herbert Loke. In the end,

Jeffrey Lim came out on top and became King of the Jacks. Newcomer

This month the competition was held on 10 August, the second Sunday of the month. The competition was given

a special treat this month with the appearance of our old friend William Yow who was visiting from Australia. Both competitions had a good tum out with 4 and 5 players turning up

Faizal Syed was Jack of the Jacks with some spirited performances. King of

BALUT With Kristian Bonnichsen on holiday, the 'B'team was managing the night's play.

the Kings Sylvester Yong and Sanjay

Iyer played to decide the King for the day. The match was close with each

point being a long one. In the end after much running, Sanjay beat Sylvester to become King for the month of August.

His normal 'well-oiled' organisation was lacking, resulting in no camera being available to record Val Bird's famous victory.

Val led the pack virtually from start

respectively. The Jack of Box

Sanjay Iyer

competition was fiercely contested

to finish, ending up with a score of 608. This was just enough to pip Ashoke Arya and Evelyn Taylor who

between Anthony Rawlinson, Jeffrey

were joint second with 606 points



Val also had the highest column of the evening at 132 but donated her prize of a bottle of wine to Ashoke, for "immediate consumption".

A fun night was had by all and post match "discussions" went on until

closing time.

We remind you of the following up and coming events for your diaries : • Annual 'Pot' Game against The Cricket Club on 13 September. Anyone interested in participating,

please give your names to one of the convenors.

Kings and Jacks of the boxes for June relaxing after their matches.

•23rd Inter-Port Balut Competition at Kinabalu Yacht Club on 17 & 18


Meanwhile, anyone who wants to play at the SCO should become a Reciprocal Member by filling in the form at the

October. We need to finalise

numbers very soon as flights and rooms have to be booked.

Recreations Office, and then come

annual "Pot" game against the SCC will take place on Saturday 6 September 2003, one week before the majority of the "Pot" games take place. The venue

down to the SCC. The Green Is open from 4.00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from 3.00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Bowls can be borrowed from the Club stock during

will be, of course, the SCC and it is

these times.

Lawn bowlers should note that the

expected that six games of triples will be played.

Chris Jones

BRIDGE Very regrettably Heather Flanders has resigned as Bridge Convenor.

Chris Petrie

We would all like to thank her for the hard work she has done. The committee continues.

Tuesday's novice game and

Wednesday's supervised game will continue as usual.

Nan Sandford

Deciding moments

Tanglin Club • 29 Si

ro^y '/'jliM'p


Come, be a part of it! New Novices' Diving Course begins Monday 29 September. Open up a whole new world of fantastic underwater experiences, make new friends and learn a great sport from

well-trained British Sub-Aqua Club divers right here at The Tanglin Club! The Scuba Section has the most number of qualified Open Water Instructors of any BSAC branch in Singapore. You are not only assured of top-quality training with a stringent emphasis on safety, but almost a one-to-one instructor/student ratio in the pool. Upon qualification, the facilities of the efficient Scuba Section are open to you ...well organized weekend Malaysian dive expeditions,

overseas trips, talks and social events, equipment rental and further training if you seek it. You can train all the way to becoming an Instructor yourself!

The Section has a growing number of non-diving spouses and children who join us on trips and social events. So don't let the fact that you have a family deter you. Scuba spouses and kids have fun too. For a taste of scuba diving, come along to our Try-A-Dive at the

Tanglin Pool on Sunday 21 Septemberlrom 2- 4pm. Our instructors will be on hand to answer all your questions and guide you on a short underwater tour. All equipment is provided, just come ready to get in the pool.

Friday 26 September is Intro NIte. Those interested to join the Novices' Course take a simple swimming proficiency test {it's easy!) and then join the rest of the Section for an informal buffet dinner at the Tanglin Poolside. Tanglin Club members who are already qualified divers are warmly welcome to come and join us so you can find out more about the Section, and join in our activities.

Dinner is $25 per head, guests are welcome. For more information please contact Conor McCoole at 9792 8875 or Ai Lin Pow at 6481 2246, or call the Recreations Office at 6739 4148.

Parties Parties!

The buddy system for si

^^Photographs by: ten Reutensl^Kf^ ^CL'J'ajiglin Club

sports ConVIING UP

Swimming Competition

Totally New Learn'ToSwtm Class A new class needs a minimum of 4 students to start.

Time : 2 pm • Duration :30 minutes Days: Monday, Tuesday or Friday

We would like to invite all members to send their children to

represent Tanglin Club in a friendly Swim meet on Saturday 20 September at the Singapore Polo Club Swimming Academy.

For more details, please contact Zarena at 9276 5900.

The event starts at 9 am and concludes at 1 pm.

Regardless of whether your child is swimming in the club swimming programme or not, all members' children are welcome to participate and represent the Club.

Flutter Board

Individual Freestyle Under 6 years 25m Under 8 years 25m Under 10 years 25m x 2 Under 12 years 25m x 2 Under 14 years 25m x 2 Individual Butterfly

Under 4 years 25m

Under 10 years 25m x 2

Individual Backstroke

Under 12 years 25m x 2

The Categories are as follows: Infants

Under 2 years 15m Pre-beginners

Under 6 years 25m Under 8 years 25m Under 10 years 25m x 2 Under 12 years 25m x 2 Under 14 years 25m x 2

Under 14 years 25m x 2

Inclement Weather - Please be advised that ail lessons

will continue as per normal. If need be, the coaching staff will transfer the lesson to a covered shelter where dry land exercises and/or tutorials will be conducted by the coach.

Freestyle Relay Under 6 years 25m x 2 Under 8 years 25m x 2

do not entertain verbal notices of cancellations. However

Parent & Child

Freestyle Relay Under 10 years 25m x 2 Under 12 years 25m x 2

Under 12 years 25m x 2 Under 14 years 25m x 2

your kind understanding in this matter.

Cancellations - Members who wish to cancel lessons

Under 6 years 25m Under 8 years 25m

Public Holiday - Members are kindly reminded that there will be no lessons taught on public holidays and there will be no refunds or pro-rations for these lessons. We seek

Parent & Child

Individual Breaststroke

Under 10 years 25m x 2

A GENTLE REMINDER On Swimming Registration Terms & Conditions

may do so by submitting a cancellation form one calendar month before leaving the programme. Unfortunately we a no show of4 lessons will be followed up with a telephone call by a swimming staff. It is only at this juncture that a verbal cancellation will take effect followed by a cancellation form.

Under 14 years 25m x 2

With immediate effect, your child's name will be taken off the attendance list and you will not be billed. This means

Swimmers who wish to participate in this meet, please call Zarena at 9276 5900. Closing date for registration Saturday 13 September 2003.

that your time slot is made available for other children on the waiting list to commence their swimming lesson.

IDcrdaiiaC T'I'bcach

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with Ria Media Singapore and qualify for the Lucky Draw to win 2 of 4 possible room nights complimentary stay at any Amanresorts property in Bali. For more Information, please email; Airfare is riot included, and Terms & Conditions apply.

Singapore Soles Reservation Office. The Adeiphi, I Coleman Street #02-04. Email Malaysia Resort/Reservation Office P.O. Box 29, Bandar Peqpwar 81900

Kota Tinggi, Johdr, Malaysia â&#x20AC;˘

TEL (07)822-2222 'FAX. (07)822-2223


6 & 7 September

large neighbour to the south experiences, is examined.

The Hours - PG

underwater adventure. The film follows the comedic and eventful

Adaptation drama (114 mins) Starring: Meryl Streep, Nicole

20 & 21 September

Kidman, Julianne Moore.

X-Men 2 - PG

his son Nemo, who become

Director: Stephen Daldry.

Action adventure (134 mins)

separated in the Great Barrier Reef

journeys of two fishes - Marlin and

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Hugh

when Nemo is unexpectedly taken

Jackman, Famke Janssen.

far from home and thrust into a fish

Director: Bryan Singer. The X-Men have opponents new and old to face this time around. Magneto also a threat to

tank in a dentist's office overlooking Sydney Harbour. Buoyed by the companionship of a fish named Dory, the overly cautious father embarks on a dangerous trek and becomes

In 1929, Virginia Woolf (Kidman) is

Professor Xavier's school for mutants

to rescue his son.

starting to write her novel, 'Mrs Dalloway,' under the care of doctors and family. In 1951, Laura Brown

led by a human named Stryker, not

is back, but there is

to mention a vicious

(Moore) is planning for her husband's

woman named Yuriko who has it in

birthday, but is preoccupied with reading Woolfs novel. In 2001, Clarrisa

Vaughn (Streep) is planning an award party for her friend, an author dying of AIDS. Taking place over one day, all three stories are interconnected with

the novel mentioned before, as one is writing it, one is reading it, and one is living it. 13 & 14 September Bowling For Columbine - NC16 Documentary (125 mins). Starring: Michael Moore, Marilyn Manson, George W Bush. Director: Michael Moore.

A look at America's love affair with

firearms and the pathology of violence

in the United States, which as a country,


P "pRovocAtrvsr* ~INCENDIAnvr^

has the highest gun-murder rate

the unlikely hero of an epic journey

for Wolverine


* 28 September Bruce Almighty - PG Comedy (101 mins)

11 & 12 October

Starring: Jim Carrey, Morgan

The Matrix Reloaded - PG

Freeman, Jennifer Aniston.

Sci-fi adventure (139 mins)

Director: Tom Shadyac.

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence

Bruce Nolan, a "human interest"

Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss.

television reporter in Buffalo, New York

Director: Stephen Daldry.

who Is discontented with almost

Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and the rest

everything in life, despite his popularity and the love of his girlfriend Grace. At the end of the worst day in his life, Bruce angrily ridicules and rages against God - and God responds. He appears in human form, endows Bruce with His divine powers, challenges Bruce to take on the big job and see if he can do it any better.

of their crew continue to battle the machines that have enslaved the

human race in the Matrix. Now, more

humans are waking up out of the matrix and attempting to live in the real world. As their numbers grow, the battle moves to Zion, the last real

world city and centre of human resistance.

in the world. The

question of why Canada - with 7

million guns for its total of 10 million

households doesn't suffer from the same



4 & 5 October

Finding Nemo - PG Animated adventure (100 mins) Starring: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould. Director: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich.


Dive into a whole new world with this

violence, that its * There will be r)o movie screening on 27 September due to the Club Party.

CLUB HOURS *Squash Courts

Churchill Room

Last order: 2200 hrs

Sun: 1100-2345 hrs

Sat: 1000-1230 hrs

Sun - Fri:

The Tavern

The Terrace

& 1300- 1700 hrs

Daily: 0730 - 2230 hrs

Luncft; 1200-1500 hrs Last order: 1400 hrs

Lunc/j; 1200- 1500 hrs

Dinner only:

Sun: 1300-1700 hrs

*Tennis Courts

Last order: 1430 hrs

1900-2345 hrs

PH: Closed

0700- 1130 hrs

Sat: Closed for lunch

Dinner: 1800 - 2345 hrs

Last Order:

Reading Room

1400-2230 hrs

Sun - Fri: Dinner. 1900 - 2345 hrs

Sat Dinner:

Sun - Fri: 2315 hrs

Daily: 0900 - 2300 hrs

*(For reservations call

1800-0100 hrs

Sat: 2400 hrs

Last order: 2200 hrs

6235 8482 or 6734 0707)

Last order: 2230 hrs

Last order:

Terrace Bar

Billiards Room


Closes: 2400 hrs

Sun - Fri: 2315 hrs

Sun - Thu:

Daily: 1200-2330 hrs

Sat: 2100 hrs

Sat; Last order 2300 hrs

Sat: 2400 hrs

1200-2345 hrs

Card Room

Sun: 1430 & 2000 hrs Hair Salon

Closes: 0145 hrs

Sandwiches last order:

Fri: 1200-0045 hrs

Daily: 0800 - 2330 hrs

Churchill Room Bar

Sun -Thu: 2330 hrs

Sat: 1200-0145 hrs


Mondays: Closed

Daily: 1200 - 1500 hrs

Fri: 0030 hrs


Daily: 0600 - 2200 hrs

Tue - Sun:

Wkdays: 1900-2345 hrs

Sat: 0130 hrs

Wkdays: 1000- 1900 hrs

Jackpot Room

1000- 1900 hrs

Sat: 1900-0145 hrs

The Tavern Bar

Sat: 1000-1700 hrs

Sun - Fri:

(For appointments call

Foyer Lounge Daily: 1030-2300 hrs


Sun: 1200- 1700 hrs

0900 - 2330 hrs

6734 2523)

1200-2345 hrs

Junior Library

Sat: 0900-0130 hrs

Wheelhouse Restaurant

Fri; 1200-0145 hrs


Swimming Pool

Daily; 0730 - 2230 hrs

Sat: 1100-0245 hrs

1500- 1800 hrs

Daily: 0700 - 2230 hrs

32â&#x20AC;˘ Tanglin Club



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The Tanglin Club Magazine - Sep 2003

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Sep 2003  

The Tanglin Club Magazine - Sep 2003