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A Christmas Wish

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December 2003

I* ssoiohcTi



My dear fellow members,

It is that time of year to take stock and make


resolutions. Given the events of 2003,there

is little to wonder why most people are happy to see It go and look forward to 2004! Deepavali was over not too long ago and Hari Raya recently. The month ahead continues to see-a holiday mood Christmas, new calendar year and then The President and Mrs Lucy Ooi

Chinese New Year. It Is indeed a time for

at theTanglin Bali.

family and friends.

The Club has also gone through tough times

Considerations in my November message

and, gladly, would have put quite a lot behind us come financial year-end 31 January

are not linked to the Master Plan. They are but suggestions to trim the deficit more

2004. This General Committee (GC)took office in May and has had to immediately

definitively. GC will study the many cash

tackle the aftermath of SARS. Much time

flow projections and make suitable recommendations on this separate Issue at

has been spent on looking into organization

the Annual General Meeting in May 2004.

and operation efficiencies. Some were devoted to finding short term measures to curb the runaway seven-figure operational

felicitations and good wishes with you.

Lucy, my family and I share greetings,


Yours in the interests of the TC,

No apologies for our considering It imperative to place monetary consequences at higher prominence, In these economic times. Much as we would like to, we cannot simply take the stance of those who advocate the singular maintenance of

"business as usual" as management philosophy. Dr Alex Ooi

Our Master Plan, after a long process and


three general meeting deliberations to build consensus, should be ready for adoption by January. It is envisaged that there will

NOT be need for Members to pay for it as our reserve fund is sufficiently healthy. Only a portion of these will be used and the

features built in will likely ensure that the Master Plan, upon its completion, will more

than self-recover Increased operational expenses, even to such an extent as to enable help cut the deficit.

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fromlhegeneralmcinager relaxed for a trial period of three months

beginning from 9 November.(Please see tfie Bye-law on page 22 which is also posted on the Club's notice board.) Mobile Phones

Please also read the amended bye-law governing the use of mobile phones, on

page 22. You can no longer use mobile phones in air-conditioned areas. They must Dear members,

be on silent mode at all times in the Club

premises. SMS may be used in the Club. The festive season is upon us yet again. It appears to come around faster each year. We are barely eating our Easter eggs when we can hear people carol singing!

This month, I have the chance of clarifying some areas of concern for you. The Vibrations

Sam Gan

At the end of the festive season, we shall

be releasing Sam Gan from his full contractual duties after many years of fun and excellence. Sam will always be part of The Tanglin Club and he will be around to assist and perform on an ad hoc basis. Thank you, Sam,for a sterling service.

No, we are not making a re-make of

"Earthquake", but we are in the piling zone of the major building works taking place

December Events

next door. The authorities, contractors,

December Is full of activities for your enjoyment. We have a comedy show, ladies

consultants and my team are monitoring each vibration on specially-designed monitoring machines and to dale we are

lunch, talent search, GM's Christmas Quiz, Christmas Eve Dinner & Dance, Christmas Day Lunch, New Year's Eve Ball and

well within the limits prescribed by the building authorities. I do know the swimmers

pear tree!

disagree with me as when the vibrations start, they have to swim uphill over the waves!!

poolside celebrations...and a partridge in a

So let's have fun this festive season! A time

Sunday Family Lunch

for merriment, jollity. Father Christmas, carol singing, presents, family reunions, turkey, reindeer and snowmen (cannot

We would like to thank you all for your

guarantee the last two due to the humidityl).

support of this new idea of having a full

family day in the Churchill Room. Bookings

Season's Greetings

are very popular and we advise you to make sure you book early to avoid any disappointment. The dress code has been

Finally, on behalf of the Management and staff, may I wish you all peace, goodwill, good health, success in everything that you do, and a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your support throughout 2003. We really do appreciate it. Have fun!

Brian Toft

General Manager

The Tanglin Club 3


Star Search II

mailboxes. Therefore starting from 2

contributed articles, photos and images for

Following the huge success of Star Search

January, social events will have a booking opening date, and members will have first

the magazine. I also value the feedback

I (see report on pages 6 & 7), a line shouid going to be even better than the first one.

priority. After seven days, if places are still available, members can book to have their

Here's why!!

guests attend the event. Fair enough! Let's

be forming for SS II. Sam Gan tells me it's

try it out. Look out for a really good flamenco guitarist with the initials HVT. Another member, Paul

Low, will bring back memories of the Fifties with his Hawaiian guitar.

and encouragement you have given me, especially on the recent changes to the

design which have been overwhelmingly positive and complimentary. Credit for the new layout rightly goes to our graphic designer Nazrin and Magazine Committee


member Terry Ng who guided him. Thank

There's so much happening in the Club at this time of the year. From the F&B Department, there's a wine sale on Saturday

you ali.

I understand some of the iadies have formed

13 December. The Club's "home-made"

a choir and wili perform special songs of

special sausages are also available, but no

the Christmas season. Then there's Peter

longer at the prices during the trial period.

de Braux at the piano, plus former Club

Do check it out on page 14.

Last, but certainly not the least, our thanks to all our advertisers for your support this

past year. All the best for the New Year! KC Yuen

president Richard Eu, Dee Page, Kathy Birkbeck, Freddie & Soo Lee, and severai

Master Plan Update

others - all contributing about a dozen items of varied entertainment, I won't be surprised

Although we cannot confirm the date of the

if it's a sellout!

proposed SGM at presstime, we do want to tell you what's happening on that development. A lot of work is going on to

New Booking Policy

obtain all the essential information in time

Talking of sellouts, there's a new policy on

for this important meeting. A separate report

bookings for social events which will take

is given on page 5 to update ali members,

effect from the second day of the new year.

and the requisite amount of notice wiil be given when the meeting is called.

(Please see page 10.) It seems the overwhelming response to the recent Celebrity Chefs Night had caused some unhappiness as the event was soid out even before the TCM reached members'

Farewell We bid farewell to the following members converting to Permanent Absent Membership (RAM); Mr & Mrs Chan Hung Git Mr & Mrs Chew Tai Cheng Ms Carolyn Fong & Mr John Murphy Mr & Mrs Malcolm Kelsey

Magazine Contributors As we come to the end of another busy year, 1 want to thank members who have

Mr & Mrs Lutz Schuessler

Mr & Mrs Timothy Tan Mr & Mrs Dennis Wlasichuk

The General Committee, Management

& Staff of The Tonglin Club wish all Members and their families

4 The Tonglin Club

Master Plan Update

The Master Plan being developed centres around the philosophy of keeping ours a members' club without having to expand membership, unless we really want It. Not only is It planned that

The Master Plan Committee and the General Committee are close

members will not have to make fresh payment for the construction

to finalising an improved version of the winning design for adoption as our Master Plan at a Special General Meeting (SGM)to be

cost, but also that it will more than self-recover the additional

convened most likely in January or February 2004. At this same

tired amenities to a more efficient and better, but Inexorbitant,

SGM,some rule changes, e.g. the limited buy-back scheme and

quality. Among the many features members have been asking for over the years (which will be addressed) is the Importance of a good and sizeable gymnasium, health centre and spa, presently

AGM voting procedures, will be presented.

This SGM should turn out to be a landmark meeting, after so many Improvement plans having fallen away and the clubhouse, completed In 1981, continuing to degenerate and pale In comparison with other clubs. It will be the culmination of several years' hard work

maintenance cost. It will enhance our facilities all round and correct

sorely lacking, at Plot B's new building.

Also planned for is a deli and drive-ln takeaway that will provide a new service to members and also exploring a totally untapped

by a series of special committees tasked with planning for the Club's

market. A few loose ends still have to be tied up such as rate of

needs for the next few decades.

development charge. If any, new egress at the main entrance.

Our Club needs direction and a co-ordinated execution plan that

Increase In car parks, better segregation of goods vehicles from members' areas, preliminary costings for the entire project and

saves us from the pain of high costs, Infighting and obsolescence.

reserve fund cash flow projections.

We expect the whole project cost to be funded by only part of our reserves - such reserves will otherwise generate only low-interest

A document detailing all the above will be mailed to members In

return instead of being put to good use to enhance club value and

due course. So, watch for the SGM date and make a decision to

service to memberehip.

come and make a difference -for our Club to move on.

To All Tanglin Club Magazine Advertisers

Advertise and Win! Spend $5,000 between March 2003 and February 2004 in the Tanglin Club Magazine with Ria Media Singapore and qualify for the Lucky Draw to win 2 of4 possible room nights complimentary stay at any Amanresorts property in Bali. For more information, please email: arz.ria( Airfare is not included, and Terms & Conditions apply.

The Tanglin Club 5


The inaugural Star Search I has come and gone. What an entertaining night! It was a

The near full-house crowd of mostly friends and relatives of the performers sat back in

"star-studded" night alright, in more ways

great anticipation of the show labelled

than one. We discovered we had several

"Come To The Cabaret!". First off with a

truly good entertainers among our membership. But what surprised most that evening was they performed for an even

relaxed rendition of Broadway hits was Terry Ng singing "On the street where you live" from "My Fair Lady", followed by soprano Li Hwee Bin with the haunting "Memories"

more luminary group of "stars" in the audience: the wife of our Prime Minister,

Mrs Goh Chok Jong,former House Speaker

from "Cats." Both were well received by the appreciative audience.

Mr Tan Soo Khoon, ex-Finance Minister Dr

Richard Hu, and several past and present Members of Parliament, Dr Lily Neo and Mr Peter Chen - just to name a few. The fun-filled

evening in the Churchill Room on 7 November started

normally with an excellent set


comprising a prawn and mango salad, ch i cken consomme,

baked salmon, and



baked banana

Things began to hot up when Frederick Francis brought out his guitar and belted

wrapped with

out"La Bamba" with vigorous shakes of the


pelvis! K.K. and Irene Wong gave a polished



pancake and


' m 6 The Tanglin Club

performance of ballroom dancing.


After intermission, there was tenor T.K. Chan's rendition of "Granada",followed by



keyboardist Dawn Kwok. George This gave a sexy display of how to move with the music

while crooning to the audience. Other plucky performers were Catherine Ng, Alice & Richard Kong and Seah Pong Pin. The finale was line dancing by three gals and a guy -

Carmee, Sylvia, Wendy and Jerry. Well done, everyone! The MC extraordinaire, of course, was our very own funny man, Brian

Toft. And many thanks to the entertainment co-ordinator Sam Gan. Those who missed Star Search I can catch

SS II which has a totally different cast with familiar names like Dee Page, Kathy Birkbeck, Richard Eu and Peter de Braux.

That's on Friday 12 December. It should be another great evening of fun. Don't miss It!!


Children's Christmas Party Tuesday 2 December and Thursday 4 December Fairy Tale Theme Christmas Party (4 to 6 years old)Tuesday 2 December Join Snow White and her sweet Christmas Dwarf for a magical

afternoon of fun & laughter, Games, face painting, balloon sculpting, craft session & interesting magic show await all of you!

Younger Children's Christmas Party Tuesday 2 December

Pirate Theme Christmas Party (7 years and above) Thursday 4 December Get ready for the exciting Christmas adventures of Captain Hook & Peter Pan in a Pirate Christmas Party. Be transformed into a fearsome pirate or if you prefer, support Peter Pan in his crusade against the cunning Captain Hook.

Come join us and you might just find out for yourself.

Function Rooms from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. $20.60 inclusive of GST.

Older Children's Christmas Party

For ages 4-6 years old.

Thursday 4 December

Guests' chiidren are welcome.

Function Rooms from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm $20.60 inclusive of GST. For ages 7 years old & above.

Parents are not allowed.

Guests' children are welcome. Parents are not allowed.

Missed Saigon Wednesday 3 December

<rD l-X'fdaruiC^^y hciich



W The Closest naysia's

^ ^BeM Reson

The irrepressible Chestnuts comedy duo Sean Yeo and Jonathan Lim strike again, this time at ciose quarters! Witness the madness up close as our nutters bring their roiler-coaster comedy show from the West End


stage, tackiing Broadway's biggies with their their standard streak of schizoid seriousness.

Hit shows iike Miss Saigon and Oliver! are dragged through the mud as the duo present some of their classic Chestnuts musical

popular Chang & Eng spoof (featuring tunes from Chicago

Special Offer for Tanglin Club Members

and Cabaret).

Gall. 6223-2157 Fax.6227-8330

Churchill Room at 7.30 pm. Dinner at 8.00 pm. Showtime at 9.45 pm.

Singapore Sales

parodies, as well the ever-


Set dinner and show at $60.00

P.O. Box 29, Bandar Penawar 81900

Prices inclusive of GST. Guests are welcome.

8 The Tanglin Club

Malaysia Resort/Reservation Office

(Member)& $68.00 (Guest). Dress code: Club Standard.

Reservation Office

The AdelphI, 1 Coleman Street #02-04

Kota Tinggi, Johdr, Malaysia â&#x20AC;˘

TEL (07)822-2222

FAX. (07)822-2223


Star Search II 'Let Me Entertain You'

Friday 12 December At The Churchill Room An evening of entertainment withi your host Mr Brian Toft and music by The Sam Gan Band. A 4-course dinner will be served and you could stand a chance to win some mystery prizes!!

Churchill Room at 7.30 pm. Set dinner and show by Club's own artistes.

$39.00(Member), $45.00(Guest). Prices inclusive of GST.

Dress code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation : Friday 5 December.

General Manager's

Champagne Brunch Sunday 28 December


Quiz Night Saturday 20 December How many colours are there in the

rainbow? Which tree gives us syrup? What was Red Rum? Who wrote The Hobbit? Where is the Black Forest?

You know the answers?

An enjoyable event with delicious food,

free fiow of fine champagne and Then come & have fun!!

Put on your thinking caps & book a tabie for the evening!!

Pub grub buffet & prizes.

background music. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity for a truly relaxing Sunday! Children of all ages are welcome. Churchill Room from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm

Churchill Room from 7.30 pm .

$30.00(Member). $35.00(Guest) Prices inclusive of GST.

Dress Code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation; Saturday 13 December.

$47.25 (Adult with Champagne), $31.50(Aduit without Champagne) $15.75(Child below 12 years). All prices inclusive of GST Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation: Sunday 21 December.

For bookings of events, log on to The Tanglin Club 9


New Year's Eve Ball

Wednesday 31 December This is one celebration that you will not want to miss. Join in the countdown to welcome the new year and prepare yourself for a night of non-stop hard partying!

Fill yourself up with good food and dance the night away and into the new year to the beats of Groove Masters.

Groove Masters Dining at Churchill Room, The Tavern and Foyer Lounge. Champagne cocktails, dancing and countdown at Lobby. Party starts at 7.30 pm.

Set dinner at $130.00(Member) & $140.00 (Guest).Includes hats, novelties, champagne cocktails from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, 1 bottle of wine for every 2 persons, dinner and late supper. Prices inclusive of GST.

Dress Code: Black Tie or Red Sea Rig. Guests are welcome.

St day for cancellation: Wednesday 24 December. Late night entry after 11.30 pm : $45.00 per person.

New Policy On Bookings For All Social Events With effect from 2 January 2004,

New Year's Eve Celebration & BBQ At The Poolside

Wednesday 31 December The entire family can dine and boogie the night away under the starry sky in your own style. There will be a mobile disco and DJ

Spinning the latest hits. So hurry and make your bookings today!

bookings for all social events will be open to all members only on a first-come-first-served basis.

Guests will only be accepted seven

(7) days after bookings are open and subject to availability of places. Your attention and co-operation in

this matter is greatly appreciated. F & B Department

Poolside at 7.30 pm. $60.00(Member), $34.00(Child) & $66.00(Guest). Includes hats and novelties. Excludes champagnes and wines. Prices inclusive of GST. Dress code; Your own 'fancy'style. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation: Wednesday 24 December. 10 The Tanglin Club

food&beverage Lunch Here's something new for the entire family! A new buffet for everyone, including the tiny tots. Yes, in the Churchill Room every Sunday from 11.30 am (except for the Champagne Brunch on every last Sunday of the month). The ambience will be casual. The dress code will be relaxed, although Sunday smart is recommended. So bring the entire family along. There will be a special children's buffet too.

Churchill Room from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. $19.90(Member), 59.90(Child below 12

years). No charge for children under 3 years. All prices inclusive of GST.

Christmas Eve Dinner & Dance

Bin End Wine Sales Saturday 13 December

Wednesday 24 December

Some very good value wines and vintage

Come down to the Club on the night before Christmas and join in the merry

champagnes will be on sale at almost cost prices.

making with family and friends. Enjoy traditional Christmas dinner and wines with performances by the Victoria Chorale. Dancing till 1.00 am.

Some of the wines on sale: Chateau

Branaire Du Cru, Sassicaia Tenuta San

Cuido, Tignanello Marchese, Hermitage La Chapelle, Bonnes Mares Grand Cru and many other mid-range good value wines.

Don't miss this opportunity! To be held the Lobby on Saturday 13 December 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Churchill Room at 7.30 pm. $85.00(Member)& $90.00(Guest). Prices inclusive of GST. One bottle of wine for every two persons. Dress code: Club Standard.

Guests are welcome. Last day for cancellationilVec/nesc/ay 17 December. Hie Tangiin Club 11

food&beverage Premium Wines of the Month Red Wines









2000(CALIFORNIA) Lovely and Intense, with toast and nut nuances swirling around a core pear, apple, spice and lemon flavours with a hint of

Price: $7.201 Glass

sweet cream.



An elegant wine offering a gentle aroma of blossom, citrus fruit and spices with a longlasting nutty aftertaste.

(CALIFORNIA) A good, dry and full-bodied wine. Instantly drinkable and likeable with pleasant blackberry and cassis flavours.

$42.001 Bottle

$8.40 I Glass


Price: $8.401 Glass

$49.001 Bottle

Deep ruby red hues with scents of ripe cherries,fresh blackcurrants and violets on the

nose. Soft and approachable luscious berry flavours with a wonderful complexity and lingering finish.

$49.00/Bottle Price:




rciUNOKKS i-.S-fAIl-:,

$8.501 Glass $50.00 I Bottle





^ N N M




All prices inclusive of GST. Order your party wines using the order form inserted in this magazine or visit

Christmas Day Lunch

Yu Sheng Promotion

Thursday 25 December

15 January to 5 February 2004 Usher in the prosperous New Year of the Chinese calendar with a toss of

Yu Sheng together with fellow members, family and friends.

Loved by many, Yu Sheng (salmon) or raw fish


wi ll


Enjoy traditional Christmas fare with family, friends and

available from Thursday 15 January 2004 to Thursday 5 February at

fellow members. And be entertained by the Francis Llew

all F&B outlets.

Choir as they perform at the Lobby from 12 noon to 12.30 pm.

Churchill Room, The Tavern, Foyer Lounge and Raffles

Room at 12 noon. Set lunch at $42.00(Member), $26.00

(Child) & $50.00(Guest). Prices Inclusive of GST. Dress code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation: Thursday 18 December. 12 The Tanglin Club

Time : 12 noon to 2.30 pm (Lunch) 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Dinner) Price : $28.50 (Large) $23.50 (Small) Prices inclusive of GST. Takeaways are also available.

food&beverage New Year's Day Champagne Brunch What better way to start a brand new year than to brunch with friends and family in the Churchill Room.

So make sure you come on down to the Club on 1 January 2004 and savour the mouth-watering spread and wash It

down with free-flowing fine champagne. Children of all ages are welcome.

Churchill Room from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm. $47.25(Adult with Champagne), $31.50(Adult without Champagne), $15.75(Child below 12 years). All prices inciusive of GST. Dress code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome.

Last day for cancellation: Thursday 25 December.

Closure Of Churchill Room

New Year's Day

Family Buffet Lunch Come and start the new year with a hearty meal together with your whole family and close friends. Tuck into our Irresistible buffet

The Churchill Room will be closed

spread specially prepared for this joyous occasion.

at 7.30 pm for private dinner functions on Friday 26 & Sunday 28

The Tavern and Foyer Lounge at 12 noon to 3.00 pm.


The Churchill Room will also be


closed at 12 noon for private lunch

$28.90(Guest). Free for children

functions on Tuesday 2 December

under 3 years old. Prices inclusive

and Friday 12 December.

of GST. Dress code: Club Standard. Guests are welcome. events/news.asp

Last day for cancellation: Thursday 25 December.

For bookings of events log on to The Tanglln Club 13


Homemade Sausages New Pricing For December 2003


Local Daily Specials Monday •Indian Special • Pilau Rice with Chicken Masala

& Vegetable Jalfrezy served with Papadom • Mango Lassi Tuesday

• Wanton Noodle (Dry or Soup) served with Char Siew &

Pork Dumpling • Cheng Tng Wednesday - Thai Special • Fried Rice with Black Olive,

Honey Chicken &Thai Kailan • Warm Banana & Sago in Coconut Milk

The Tanglin Club's homemade sausages can be ordered from either the F&B Office or the Wheelhouse Restaurant

for takeaway.

Thursday • Mee Siam

• Bobo Terigu

Veal Sausage Chicken Sausage

English Pork Sausage Spicy Pork Sausage

$14.80/kg $14.80/kg $12.80/kg $i2.80Ag

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Friday • Laksa

• Cream of Peanut Soup Saturday • Roast Chicken Rice • Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk

There's A loose Ti^er At The Tannin Cluh Stock up for the Festive Season. Pick up your carton of Tiger Beer from 3 December at a special price to all Members More goodies : Every carton purchased is entitled to a $10 Churchill Room F&B Voucher.

Call or fax in your order to F&B office Fax No: 6736 1160 or phone 6739 4139 Pick-up-point: Basement carpark. Time : 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm daily.

Liui'L'V litil'oi'e TLlo:. 'LVo:L' ^

14 The Tanglin Club


ladies 'ents

Ladies' Christmas Luncheon Thursday 11 December

Festive Cooking 13 November 2003

Featuring Entertainment With A Difference

Joyous Belles In

p^^tSTlVE FROLIC REVu^ Ladies! Your Ladles' Christmas Luncheon In 2003 promises to be one with a difference. To help spark the festive mood,feast with friends on a wide

variety of Christmas fare at our sumptuous buffet. When your appetites are replete, sit back, revel, and laugh with some lighthearted amusement.

You'll be entertained by a short, Christmas revue, produced and performed by members for fellow members.

The show includes surprise performers, festive song, some nostalgic moments and others that will tickle your sense of humour. Bring along your cheer and voice to join in singing some of your favourites.

Fifty eager ladles, replete from a scrumptious afternoon tea on Thursday 13 November, sat eager to learn the secrets of preparing a gourmet meal from sous chef Dennis

Thng. He made everything look so simple and easy. He peppered this demonstration with many Interesting hints and useful Information. I

for one now can Identify the different types of lettuce and know that the roma tomato Is the sweetest.

Pastry chef Jimmy Kea then gave us the finer points on preparing a perfect chestnut creme brulee. Time

:12 noon

Venue :The Churchill Room

We are looking forward to their next cooking

Prices :$29.10(Member)& $34.95 (Guest).


Prices Inclusive of GST.

Last day for cancellation: 4 December

January Ladies' Luncheon Thursday 8 January

Bridget Kwong

Springtime Festival

Usher in the next Lunar New Year (the year of the monkey) with creative Ideas to bring Springtime Festival Into your home.

Learn to decorate and to delight the eye with vibrant settings and displays of Spring flowers and plants. So let Edwin show you how. Date

:Thursday 8 January 2004


: 12 noon

Venue :The Churchill Room

Prices r $23.10(Member) & $27.80(Guest). Prices Inclusive of GST Booking Opening Date: Wednesday 3 December

Last day for cancellation: Thursday 1 January 2004

Participants need to fill up the usual F&B booking slip & submit to Reception or fax to 6736 1195,

or make your bookings online at The Tanglln Club 15


Introduction Night

Ms Rachel Tang Ai Chun & Choo Heng Kek Ms Abigail Tay Tsai Lyn &

10 November 2003

Mr Johan Mahmood Merican

We extend a warm welcome to the following new Members:

Mr Jason Chen Yung-Hui Dr & Mrs Cheong Choong Kong Mr & Mrs Victor Chua B K Mr Keith de Vaz

Mr Dilip P Doshi Mr Sandy Eu Dr Mark Lee Fernandes

Ms Stacey Foo E-Wing & Mr Lawrence Ang Ghee Leong Ms Nicole Goh Ser Ling

Mr & Mrs Timothy Teo Lai Wah Ms Toh Hooi Min & Mr Kenneth Cheng Mr Ian Davidson (Term Member) Mr & Mrs Clive Knott(Term Members) We extend a warm welcome to the following Honorary Members:

HE & Mrs Ryu Kwang-Sok (Korea) HE Thakur Phanit (Thailand) We extend a warm welcome to the following Associate Member:

Amy Kuek SH (wife of Mr Phillip Maw)

Mr Patrick Grove Ms Adrienne Ho Poh Choo & Mr Lim Kwok Pin

Mr Guy Hoh Min-Kean Ms Tricia Huang Ying Peng & Mr Foo Lai Yong Ms Dorothy Loke & Mr Lee Tek Kong Mr Jonathan Ng Yu Ping Ms Melissa Ong Mr Terence Peh Siong Woon Mr & Mrs Roy Phua Yue Keng

The Tanglin Club has a cosmopolitan membership of almost 70 different nationalities. Expatriates working in

Singapore can now join the Club either

Ms Sharon Quek Jan Gee

as Term or Ordinary Members. For more information, please contact the Membership Manager at or

Ms Bharati Madhu Ramchand

fax to 6735 5367.

Ms Mumta Manik Shahani


new lembers



Patience pays. More young ladles, on the waitlist for 8 to 9 years, have joined in recent months. Ordinary memberships for ladies became available in 1996.

2 Ms Tricia Huang Ylng Peng & Mr Foo Lai Yong.

3 Mr & Mrs Lee Tek Kong. 4 Mr Guy Hoh MIn-Kean & GC Member Dr Kaizad Heerjee. 5

Mr & Mrs Clive Knott with our

General Manager, Mr Brian Toft (centre).

6 Almost a dozen young men were also admitted last month. More children of members are able to

join since the Planned Total Membership was raised to 6900 early this year.

7 Dr & Mrs Cheong Choong Kong. 8 Mr & Mrs Roy Phua Yue Keng.

The Tanglin Club 17

calendar events





BRIDGE - Christmas Lunch




12 noon {Raffles Room)

PARTY 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm (Raffles Room)

7.30 pm (Churchill Room)

9.30 am (Draycott Room) OLDER CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS, PARTY 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm (Raffles Room)

The Churchill Room will t>e closed at

12 noon for a private lunch function.



SQUASH â&#x20AC;¢Friendly vs JCC(Away)


9.30 am (Draycott Room)

6.00 pm (Raffles Room)


12 noon (Churchill Room)




9.30 am (Draycott Rcom) BILLIARDS

Section Fund Night 7.00 pm (Billiards Room)




25 Christmas Day



7.30 pm (Churchill Room)

9.30 am (Draycott Room) CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH

12 noon (Churchill Room.Tavern, Foyei

Lounge & Raffles Room)





31 NEW YEAR'S EVE BALL 7.30 pm (Churchill Room, Tavern & Foyer Lounge) NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION &

BBQ 7.30 pm (Poolside)

No corkage charge for Monday dinner In Churchill Room.





1 New Year's Da^ ADULT ART CLASS 9.30 am

(Draycott Room)



BRUNCH 11.00 am to 2.30 pm (Churchill Room) NEW YEAR'S DAY FAMILY BUFFET

LUNCH 12 noon to 3.00 pm (The Tavern & Foyer Lounge)




9.30 am (Draycott Room) JANUARY LADIES' LUNCHEON -

A Springtime Festival 12 noon (Churchill Room)

18 The Tanglin Club



t 3.00 pm (Wheethousd)


CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) MOVIE Home Run - PG (Theatrette)

HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse) STAR SEARCH II


7.30 pm (Churchill Room)

13 CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) MOVIE The fvledalllon - PG (Theatrette)

HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) BIN END WINE SALES 11.00 am to 3.00 pm (Lobby) SQUASH - 30-a-slde vs SCC(Squash Courts) BILLIARDS • Christmas Marathon 2.00 pm (Billiards Room)


• SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) • SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE Home Run - PG (Theatrette) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

14 • • • •

SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) MOVIE The Medallion - PG (Theatrette) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

The Churchill Room will be closed at

12 noon for a private lunch function.


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

20 CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) MOVIE American Pie - PG (Theatrette)


SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) MOVIE American Pie - PG (Theatrette) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

7.30 pm (Churchill Room) TENNIS - Annual Team Tennis Tournament

2.30 pm to 7.30 pm (Tennis Courts)


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

27 • CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE The Italian Job - NCI6(Theatrette) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

The Churchill Room will be closed at

28 CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH 11.00 am (Churchill Room) SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse).. MOVIE The Italian Job - NC16 (Theatrette) HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

7.30 pm for a pnvate dinner function. The Churchill Room will be dosed at 7.30 pm for a private dinner function.


3.00 pm (VWieelhouse)



• CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE Once Upon A Time In Mexico - PG (Theatrette) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

• SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) • SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse)

• MOVIE Once Upon A Time In Mexico - PG (Theatrette) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

The Churchill Room will be closed at 7.30 pm for a private dinner function. The Churchill Room will be closed at 7.30 pm for a private dinner funcdon.


3.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

• CHILDREN'S ART CLASS 9.00 am (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE Second Hand Lions - PG (Theatrette) • HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse) • TENNIS - Tennis Quadrangular Tournament(Tennis Coi

• SUNDAY FAMILY LUNCH 11.30 am (Churchill Room) • SUNDAY CURRY BUFFET LUNCH 12 noon (Wheelhouse) • MOVIE Second Hand Lions - PG (Theatrette)

• HAWKER FARE BUFFET 6.00 pm (Wheelhouse)

The Tonglin Club 19






This year's Tanglin Bali on 25 October celebrated the Club's 138th anniversary. It was another gala affair, with an extra touch

of elegance provided by an exquisite fashion and jewellery show in the recently renovated main foyer. The occasion also saw the formal

presentation of awards to the three prize winners in the architectural design competition for the Club's Master Plan. It was a superb evening and heralded the start of the festive season.




John Leslie Michael Gorrle, OBE It is with deep sadness that we record the passing of "Mike" Gorrie on 14 September 2003. Mr Gorrie, age 79, had been a member of The Tanglin Club since 1950. He had a remarkable zest for life and was a very active member, having served on many sub-committees, as well as the General Committee In 1966.

A graduate of Oxford University, Mr Gorrie first came to

Singapore in 1949. He served as private secretary to the British Governor of Singapore, Sir Franklin Gimson, from 1949 to 1951. He later became a Singapore citizen and had

Cricket Great

Geoff Boycott Visits The Tanglin Club Geoff Boycott, former England cricket captain, and his wife were dinner guests of Steve Houghton at the Tavern last month. Cricket fans will know that Geoff is one of the great cricketers from England, having captained his country four times In the 1970s.

lived here ever since.

Our sincere condolences go to his wife Mrs Joan Gorrie,

Pictured above are Steve (extreme left) with Geoff (in blue shirt) and his other dinner guests.

his son Christopher and daughter-in-law Adeline, and three grandchildren, Warrick, Alistair and Leslie.

Relaxation Of Dress Code

For Sunday Family Lunch Use Of Mobile Phones The dress code for the Churchill Room has been relaxed

The following amendments to Bye-law 11(d) governing Mobile Telephones took effect from Tuesday 4 November

to "Sunday Smart Casual"for the Sunday Family Lunch for a trial period of three months with effect from Sunday

2003 and reads as follows :

9 November 2003 and reads as follows:

(d) Mobile Telephones

Gentlemen: Shirt (including polo shirt) with collar; or

Mobile telephones may not be used

safari jacket, trousers, jeans, bermudas and casual

(including receiving calls) (i) In all air-conditioned areas in the Club (except the Changing Rooms by the Poolside and the Sports



Ladles: Dress or skirt, trousers,jeans or bermudas with suitable top or blouse and casual footwear.

(ii) All mobile telephones must be put on silent mode throughout the Club.

(iii) Members inviting guests to the Club shall ensure that their guests do not contravene this Bye-law.

Children: Boys - Shirt (including polo shirt) with collar,

trousers, jeans or shorts and casual footwear. Girls Dress or skirt, trousers, jeans or shorts with suitable top or blouse and casual footwear.

By order of the General Committee. By order of the General Committee.

22 The Tanglin Club


Children In The Churchill Room

Art Exhibition By Club Artists

The following amendment to Bye-

Our 15-year-old Tanglln Club Painting Group

law 6(b)(ii) governing Children took

will be mounting an exhibition of their art in mid-April 2004, tentatively from 15 to 18 April. This exhibition will show the works from this group which comprises ladies and gentlemen drawn together by a love of art.

effect from Sunday 9 November 2003 for a trial period of three months and reads as follows:

(b) Children (ii) Children of all ages may accompany their parents or

guardians for Sunday Family Lunch in the Churchill Room.

By order of the General Committee.

for a visit. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to paint. Shirley Low J ■

f -


The art pieces will cover a wide range of styles, themes and media. From oils to watercoiour; landscapes and flowers to animals and still life; Chinese brush painting to French impressionist and semi-abstract.

The painting group was formed under the expert guidance of artist Mr Tan Khim Ser.

Members are welcome to join this class, which meets every Thursday morning at the Draycott Room. To the uninitiated, we invite you to pop in

SAT'GAAAT'GRE'TOEFL INCREASE YOUR SCORE! To avoid the risk of being rejected by their choice University, thousands of students and MBA applicants come to High Q (Singapore) every year for help in getting a high score. Since 1983, High Q has helped over 250,000 students worldwide to improve their scores significantly.

-£ o



Tels A 33 SS 1 ilKjil #04-208 Marina Square (2 levels above indoor foodcourt)


Education Center


When opportunity and occasion coincide, fate can take one to unexpected places. We were tossing ideas for a special anniversary when an email arrived extolling the charms of Anantara in Hua Hin, Thailand.

"Anantara Resort and Spa is a boutique hideaway at the quiet end of a iong sandy beach... The 14 acres of luxuriant gardens are a botanical wonderland... HM the King of Thailand lives here, almost permanently,

Asia abounds in mini havens along the ocean, each a gleaming star that stirs the

The resort is located on the sunrise coast

imagination. For us, the name Hua Hin had

of Bangkok. Hua Hin is the Thais' Thailand, the antithesis of the holiday destination where exuberant nightlife spills out of a main strip ofjammed bars. It is where harried

a special cache that invited exploration. Now the Anantara Resort & Spa was beckoning us to Thailand's gentle seaside resort. Within days, we were on our way.

of the Gulf of Thailand, around 190 km south

Bangkokians escape to at the weekend and where revered King Bhumibol resides. So, with the current tourism Zeitgeist being

security, we felt it would be one of the safest resorts in South East Asia.

in his palace called Far From Wom'es."This sounded enticing...

From Bangkok airport, an air-conditioned limousine transferred us to the resort in a

"Executive Chef David Bedinghaus has

smooth journey of three hours. We were

passionately researched Thai food and

greeted by the warmth of Thai smiles, the

loved to scour the Thai markets forjust that

fragrance of lemon grass and pathways

one exact ingredient he has heard of." Very

lined by foliage. There were benches in


corner gardens, beds with thick white

"The hideaway resort specializes in

mattresses under gazebos,large umbrellas, statuary and the sound of water.

hedonistic honeymoons for newly weds seeking serene sequestration" Hmmm...

resort is a unique blend of traditional

Designed in the style of a Thai village, the architecture and exotic interiors. There are

"Anyone in need of energizing, relaxing, calming or lying beside their loved one while being covered in a luxuriant blend of Thai

12 clusters of two-storey villas and lagoon

coffee beans and natural volcanic pumice

can indulge their sybaritic side" at the

cushioned seats and a view of the lagoon. The bathroom has an open tub that can be

Mandara Spa. Perfect!

screened by glass sliding doors.

24 The Tonglin Club

rooms. Our woody lagoon room is spacious

with high ceilings and opens to a patio with

holidoy^deas Gateways to the Mandara Spa experience.

Romantic Sai Thong Beach Restaurant at the water's edge

There is much to appease the senses. A stroll leads us through the landscaped gardens. The trunk of a tree Is decoratively wrapped with a palm leaf inserted with hibiscus and cannas. Statues of elephants and tall jars stand amidst brilliant foliage. We walk along a pathway of pebbles that

mini gardens. Girts in white pant suits join their palms and welcome us. Our feet are soaked in a basin of petals, brushed and

offer the benefits of reflexology. Lotus

only Thai, work in silence. After an occasional peek, to see that my husband is not getting more than his fair share of attention, my mind floats into blissful oblivion.

sprayed with fragrance. Then, as we lay side by side on treatment tables, the girls lather and massage us with oils. Music

heightens the mood as the girls, who speak

flowers float in the pond spanned by a pretty bridge. The resort knows how to make an occasion

special. When we return from the walk, a cake, a huge bouquet of red roses, fruit and

Suna Kanga

NOTE: A new Anantara Resort and Spa

tea are in the room. The bath tub is afloat

with rose petals. Soon, the champagne is

at the elegant Baan Thalia which serves

Golden Triangle hasjust opened in northern

chilling in the fridge and CDs spinning

Italian cuisine with international wines is

memorable music as we watch the sunlight slip away.

memorable. Chef Bedinghaus divulges the

Thailand, in the heart of tribal country. It promises a three-country view (Myanmar,

secret of the great taste of the tomato-based seafood soup - a careful, painstaking

an elephant mahout and gardens with

Laos and Thailand), lessons in becoming

There is no reason to leave our verdant

process of 'reduction' of the simmered and

California and Iceland poppies, instead of

world as the in-house dining options are attractive (and the resort's links with five championship golf courses is not a temptation for us.) We celebrate at the Sal

sieved tomatoes.

lotus blooms. Located near the historic town

The Mandara Spa is pure indulgence. Although my spouse is not keen on

infinity swimming pool, elephant camp, bird watching tours and culinary school. The

Thong Beach Restaurant at the edge of the

massages, on this occasion, he accepts my

resort is 70 miles from Chang Rai airport.

water and pronounce the salt-baked fish,

with a crispy crust of eggwhite and salt,

invitation to "come spa with me." Carved gateways lead us to a complex within stony

7344. Web:

superb. Next evening we try the creative Thai food by the pool at Rim Nam. The meal

walls with a row of treatment rooms, each with an open tub and outdoor shower within

of Chiang Saen, its facilities include an

Tel: 66(0)2 877 7495, mobile 66(0)1 904

Decorative wall at the Anantara Resort & Spa, Hiia HIn.


The Tanglin Club 25


Top 10 Popular Titles A six-month survey of the books acquired In June 2003 showed that the following titles were most frequently borrowed by members.

Fiction • The Last Detective Robert Crais

• Darkslde P.T.Deutermann • Tha Last Kashmiri Rose

Barbara Cleverly • The Arraignment Steve Martini • Fox Evil Minette Walters

Non Fiction • The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search For Love Of

A Family Dave Pelzer

• Manias, Panics And

Crashes: A History Of Financial Crises

Charles P. Kindleberger • Intelligence Wars: American Secret History

Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story Of A Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers David Edmonds & John Eidinow

Savage Girls And Wild Boys: A History Of Feral Children

Michael Newton

From Hitler To Al-Qaeda Thomas Powers

New Books

Cold Ridge Caria Meggers Star of the Sea

Adult Library Fiction Yellow Dog

Joseph O'Connor Less of A Stranger

The Kingmaker Brian Halq Bad Company Jack Higglns The Murder Room

Eyewitness Travel Guide 2003 - Corsica Donatella Ceriani Genuine Authentic: The Real

Life of Ralph Lauren

Nora Roberts

P. D James

Michael Gross

Still Life with Crows

Secrets of The Heart

The Wedding Nicholas Sparks

Candace Camp

Lucia, Lucia

Crisis: The Anatomy of Two Major Foreign Policy Crises Henry Kissinger

About Adam

Adriana Trigiani

Fashion Victim: Our Love -

Catch The Moon

Science Fiction

Diana Dempsey

Naked Empire Terry Goodkind

Hate Relationship with Dressing, Shopping and The Cost of Style

Martin Amis

Douglas Preston

Stella Cameron

Wicked Beauty


Michelle Lee

Reading Lolita in Tehran: A

Susan Lewis

Trading Places Fern Michaels


Memoir In Books

Crime & Thriller A Prison Diary Volume Purgatory Jeffrey Archer Spilt Second

Sandra Brown Blind Side Catherine Coulter Death & The Jubilee David Dickinson Medusa Michael Dibdin


Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Mary Roach Spies Beneath Berlin

David Baldacci

Sleepyhead Mark Bitlingham The Crush


Azar Naflsl

Cradle Song Robert Edric

David Stafford

Non Fiction

30 Days: A Month at the Heart

Fodor's 2003 - Israel

of Blair's War

Beatrice Aranow

Peter Stothard

Sleeping with The Devil: How Washington sold for Saudi

Krakotoa The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883


Simon Winchester

Robert Baer

David Beckham: My Side Tom Watt

The Bradt Travel Guide 2002

- Ethiopia Philip Briggs

A Place of Hiding Elizabeth George 26 The Tonglin Club


The Hills & Lakes Of Tuos Golf The newly rebuilt 18 holes of the Raffles Country Club Lake Course wind their way around ponds, marshes and the shores of Lake Tenga with the hills of Pasa Laba as a backdrop. In 1941 these hills saw the first waves of attack which led to the fall of Singapore when Japanese dive bombers took out the six-inch battery and fierce hand-to-hand combat forced the Malay Regiment to pull back to Normanton Camp and finally to Kent Ridge. In sharp contrast to the turmoil of the past, today the course is one of the most tranquil in Singapore and with kind permission of Raffles Country Club, 27 Tanglin Club members took a monthly social match to Tuas and enjoyed a day that produced some of the more interesting results we have had all year. After a bad start on the relatively easy par five first hole, ST Lee played steady par golf and with five birdies and two eagles won the day with a nett 65. Noel Hawkes played an erratic game with a single eagle, five birdies, and six bogies but was finally saved by his hard-won handicap to take a second place 71 and five birdies gave Sunny Bay third place with a 72.

and Bennet for their pin-point accuracy on the Par 3s and to the long-hitting Zimbabwean Fred Kloppers for yet another longest drive.

Further down the field, Henry Chan had two eagles and three

Our thanks to Raj and his team for flawlessly arranging the day

birdies, Teo Meng Toon and Nicholas Menken both carded eagle twos on the index one fourth hole and committee member Krishna

and again to Raffles Country Club who also kindly host a weekly social game on Wednesday mornings for a regular group of Tanglin

scorched an eagle two on the index two seventeenth.

Club members.

Glenn Bryce interrupted his busy schedule to officiate at the prize giving and in addition to the top three scores on the day, Glenn presented awards to Jane Parmley and Messrs Claridge, Menken

Raffles Country Club The Tanglin Club has a reciprocal agreement with Raffles Country Club for morning play on weekdays for $84 per round. As a result of this there is an informal group of Tanglin Club Golf Section

members who play a social game each Wednesday that any member is welcome to join. Please call Danny at the Sports Office for details of how to book

a game or to play with the Wednesday group.

The Tanglin Club Roars At Jurong Singapore hosted the Asian Seniors Pro-Am at Jurong Country Club in November and 75 professionals from the US. Europe, Asia and Australia battled it out for the coveted prize.

Amongst the amateur competitors were a number of Tanglin Club Golf Section members and Messrs Bryce, Gartshore, Weiner and Claridge gave seasoned professionals from Korea

and Australia a run for their money on the opening day but failed to qualify. The Tanglin Club 27


Tennis Friendly vs Raintree Club Our friends from The Raintree Club in Kuala Lumpur made the short trip down to Singapore on the Saturday 18 October 2003. Old acquaintances were renewed as The Tanglin Club had sent a team

to participate in The Raintree Invitational Tournament in KL, just a few weeks prior to the current visit by The Raintree Club. This friendly match was played in the best of spirits with the result of the match secondary to the enjoyment of the game.

Meanwhile The Tanglin Club General Committee member Alan Jones played his qualifier during the week and then had what he described as the game of his life when on the second day of the competition, he was drawn in a flight with Australian golf legends Randall Vines and Ian Stanley. Ian Stanley is the winner of more than 20 Tour titles and has twice represented Australia in the World Gup. Randall Vines has two Australian PGA and three European Tours in his bag and is one of Australia's greatest ever players. When not playing squash, Alan can be found at SICC maintaining his low single digit handicap. On his game with the professionals

Alan commented,"20 years ago when I lived In Australia I used to pay to see these guys play and followed them virtually everywhere. I just could not believe it when I found myself teeing up to play with them. Unbelievable!"

As for his score - that's something you can ask Alan when you see him around the Club!

Chris Claridge

Golf Tour to Perth The Golf Section is considering running a four-day tour to

Perth the last weekend of January. The cost will be around

$1500 per person including air fares, three nights at Burswood Hotel and Casino, green fees for golf games at four top courses and all land transfers.

All interested parties please contact Danny at the Sports Office to register their interest.

Check out the privileges of being a golf section fund member at rec/golf.asp 28 The Tanglin Club

Both teams had players of varying skill levels and both captains tried to match the players according to strength. At the end of the day, The Raintree Club emerged narrow winners but nobody was really counting anyway by the time dinner was served!

Dr Harvey Teo


The STROKERS are the progression class from the GRIPPERS. In these classes

students will now refine their strokes,

working on more correct technique, and incorporating movement skills. More intensive work will be done with the

forehand, backhand, volleys, serves and smashes. Point play will also be introduced. Day I Times; Tuesday 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm, Thursday 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm. Saturday 8.30 am - 9.30 am.

The HITTERS are those kids with solid

tennis experience. They fully understand all the shots covered in the GRIPPERS and

STROKERS and are able to play points. More movement skills will be Introduced as

Tennis Allegiance Group And The Tonglin Club As of 1 November, The Tanglin Club has contracted Tennis Allegiance Group(T A.G.) to oversee and run the tennis programs. T.A.G. is a company owned and operated by Ken Smith, the foimer Director of Tennis at The Tanglin Club in 2002. Ken now returns as director of T A G. and is looking forward to working with the Club again. Any information regarding the tennis programs can be directed to Ken on 9004 2294 or via

catered for and any parents keen to have their children involved In tennis in 2004,

please don't hesitate to call me on 9004 2294, or pick up a registration form from the Tennis Hut or Sports Office. Tennis Allegiance Group's motto is Educate, Motivate and Participate. Educate through quality coaching, teaching new skills, and modern day coaching techniques. Motivate

through quality professionals offering assistance, encouragement, motivation, and direction. Participate comes from exciting and enjoyable tennis activities, in addition to the positive experiences gained through the "Education" and "Motivation" phases.

email at kensmith@tennisallegiance

The Tonglin Club

Hello From Ken Smith Junior Tennis

(Director Of Tennis)


I would like to pass on my introductions to

The Junior Tennis Program at The Tanglin Club will be based on a progressive system

all Club members and I look forward to

broken into three categories. The

meeting many of you in the near future. As of 1 November, I will be overseeing a lot of the tennis activities going on at The Tanglin Club. There is a lot of rebuilding to do in regards to tennis and I feel with some time and effort, tennis at The Tanglin Club can once again return to a very active and


enjoyable state. Initially I will be looking to rebuild the Junior Tennis Program at the

Each category will initially be based on ages, GRIPPERS will cater for 4 to 7 years old, STROKERS will be ages 8 to 10, and


Bubbo Tennis Bubba Tennis is for the bubba's. The

youngest of the young generation of future tennis players. These classes will be held in the air-conditioned multi-purpose hall at the Squash Centre and will cater for kids from 2 to 4 years old. These classes will be pure fun, teaching catching, hand/eye co ordination, throwing and hitting, all with small racquets and soft balls. Classes will be offered during mid-mornings and early afternoons and each class will be 30 minutes

in duration. Initially, those mums and dads interested in these classes, please grab an "expression of interest"form from the Sports

Office or Tennis Hut. We will be looking to kick these classes off in the new year. Pricing and schedules will be posted In the near future.

the HITTERS will be ages 10 to 13. Once

in the groups, then children will be separated by ability.

Club. Currently there are very few junior


coaching classes offered but I will be looking to add several new classes during the week.

GRIPPERS as the name suggests, the

Information sheets and registration forms

GRIPPERS will be where the basics are

will be available from the Sports Office and

the Tennis Hut. I am very keen to have an

learned. Grips, forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. All will be covered in

active Junior Tennis Program at the Club,

the 6/?/PPERS with a big emphasis on fun

which will greatly affect the overall

and enjoyment. The focus will be on hitting the ball and having a ball. Day / Times: Tuesday 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm,Thursday 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm, Saturday 8.30 am - 9.30 am.

participation and quality of the tennis program. The kids are the future of tennis at the Club and all ages and abilities will be

part of an overall "playing" emphasis. Kids will be able to fully incorporate all the skills that they have learned and use them in a matchplay situation. Day I Times: Wednesday 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm, Friday 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm, Saturday 9.30 am - 10.30

The Tonglin Club 29


Annual Team Tennis Tournament

On Saturday 20 December 2003 Hurry! Sign up for the biggest tennis event of the year - The Annual Team

tangun club SINGAPUBE

Tennis Tournament. 1


Participation is limited! Only the first 40 players signed up will be accepted. First come first served basis.

The Tanglin Club Tennis Team in Bangkok The British Club Bangkok celebrates its centenary this year and in recognition of this momentous occasion, it held a

Centenary Tennis Tournament from 30 October to 2 November. The Tanglin Club was invited to participate in this once-in-alifetime event. Five men and three ladies

formed a team and went to Bangkok to

represent the Club. A total of sixteen teams, including one each from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore,

took part. The teams were divided into four groups and matches of one men's doubles,

Chulalongkorn Univerlsty and the team from the Japanese Association Tennis Club (Bangkok) won the plate event. The highlight of the organised social events was a fancy dress "Roaring 20s" theme party where every person had to wear a hat. The ladies from The Tanglin Club rose to the occasion with an array of hats. The

evening was full of fun and humour with, cheeky poetry recitation and renditions of

All registered participants will receive door prizes. Prizes will also be given

to the Champion and Runner-up Teams.

Lots of Lucky Draw Prizes will also be handed out during the Dinner Function after the matches on

Saturday. So remember, keep the date free, Saturday 20 December at 3.00 pm, for Tennis matches and 7.30 pm for Dinner at Raffles Room. s_and_rec/tennis.asp

songs by brave bathroom-singers as well as more accomplished talents.

one ladies' doubles and one mixed doubles

All in all, it was a memorable event with

were played on a round robin basis. The

great tennis and enjoyable social gatherings

Holiday Tennis

men's doubles and mixed doubles from

befitting the occasion. All participants were invited to return for the next centenary


Tanglin Club put up a gallant fight, especially in the match played by Roland Tan and Harvey Teo. Theirs was the most exciting


Unfortunately we missed clinching the match by two points. The overall standard of play

For all the kids on school holidays, there will be a Holiday Tennis Camp from Monday 8 December to Friday 12 December. Times will be 8.30 am -12 noon. Kids will play a

was very high with many excellent players,

lot of tennis, hit a lot of balls, and

some of whom were national level

most importantly, have a lot of fun. Cost for the week is $280 plus GST. This will include all the tennis, prizes, certificates, photos, and lunch on the final day. Registration forms are available from the Sports Office and Tennis Hut. Get in early to get in the game!!

and nail-biting match, closely fought to the end



neck-to-neck tie-break.

competitors. They ranged from matured, experienced men and women players In their fifties and sixties to young, energetic,

fleet-footed teenagers with power serves and hard strokes. The generation gap was

very apparent in some matches. The Tanglin Club team was amongst the more senior in

age. The overall champion team was from 30 The Tanglin Club

C. C. Urn


Annual Doubles


partnering Chris Ciaridge but the rookies were no match and the defending champions went through to the semi-finals where they met one of the longest standing pairings in the region, Jeffrey Lim and Richard Coventry. After being down in the first set, Jeffrey and Richard squared the match with some brilliant deceptive play at the front from Jeffrey but in the final set Zoher seemed to change gear and the defending champions were easily through to their fourth final. Meanwhile in the lower half of the draw, the father and son pairing of Desmond and Richard Hill made light going of a qualifying match

against Anthony Rawiinson and Glenn Bryce and were momentarily held off by Ross Mackenzie and Milton Wee in the semi-finals. With the stage set for a thrilling final, some 30 Squash section members assembled to watch what promised to be the epic battle of the year. The Hills had just returned that day from a full and hectic week in Vienna and all wondered whether jet lag would play a part In the game.

MA pMH fÂŤtn to tM CBp 28

But that was not going to be the case and the crowd were given a thrilling display of how, when playing at the highest level, concentration and determination is more than half the battle. From uAard and Desmond


the second the referee commenced the match, the Hills kept the pressure on the defending champions and this coupled with tight and accurate play kept the challengers in the driving seat to win comfortably by three games to nil.

Doubles at The Tanglin Club Is becoming increasingly popular. The

Yet another trophy for the Hill household, well done Desmond and

doubles court now hosts an estimated 50 matches each week


excluding the monthly social matches against players from the British, Island and Cricket Club and overseas visits with players coming from Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Each Spring the Club hosts the world's largest international Jumbo Doubles competition and to mark the beginning of the three month

A plate competition Is held for those who did not make it through the first round and this year it was finally won by Bob Gattie and Sylvester Yong who beat Dalip Purl and Norman Wee congratulations to you both.

training programme in the run up to the competition, the Squash Section holds its Annual Doubles Competition for the prestigious

Chris Ciaridge

Kimpton Cup.

This year's tournament attracted 34 players and the defending champions were two-time winners Peter Rogers and Zoher Motiwalia.

In the quarter final Peter and Zoher came up against newcomer and Cricket Club singles tennis champion Rolf Harrison who was

November Kings

shows no sign of slowing down. Say King Heng was runner-up in his first

And Jocks Of The

appearance on court after some rehab


November Kings and Jacks contestants.

for his arm. In the play-off for Jacks, Phua Swee Leng won, while Terry Chua was awarded 'Jack of the Jacks'.

The play-off for Kings saw an

incredible performance by John

Ross Mackenzie

Kuyper, who beat all the rest.

John turns 71 next February and he

The Tonglln Club 31


The Tanglin Club vs British Club The Tanglin Club Invited the British Club's Squash Section to an evening

Lawn Bowls The Tanglin Club participated in the National Triples Championship, which was held at Kallang on Monday evenings from July to November. Other teams included SCC, S.I.A,

Singtel, Singapore Power and DBS. The competition exposed The Tanglin Club players to high level competition and assisted in establishing Tanglin as a member of the Singapore Lawn Bowls Community.

of doubles. Nick Banfield from the

British Club captained his team of nine players and played the best of eleven matches against The Tanglin Club team captained by Ross

Singapore Cricket Club Green will be closed from 7 December to 28 February in order to


allow the grass to recover from the years' wear and tear.

The British Club established an early

Carnivals will be held on 7 December and also on 28 February. Tanglin Lawn Bowls reciprocal section members are welcome to participate in these events.

lead which they held until the final two games. The Tanglin Club managed to win the tenth match to level the competition. Then it was left to the veterans Jeffrey Lim and Richard Coventry who made the day for the home team by winning the last match to give the Tanglin Club a 6-5 victory. Late in the evening two teams of mostly national players from Singapore Island Country Club and Singapore Cricket Club arrived and everyone settled in to watch what

Kallang is scheduled to be closed in December for resurfacing as the synthetic green is now almost 10 years old which is the normal projected lifespan.

Steve Wright

Balut: 23rd SIC

Interport Balut 2003 A total of ICQ balut players (25 teams) including 8 Tanglin Club members gathered In Kota Kinabalu over the weekend 17-20 October.

the National University of Singapore Society (N.U.S.S.) and they will in turn host next year's event. Our two teams both ended up around the middle of the ladder.

The prizes were given away by Sabah's Minister of Tourism with a good coverage in the local press, so all in all, a very eventful weekend.

amounted to an exhibition of international standard doubles

squash - interrupted by frequent trips for drinks and stories at Rogers' bar.

Chris Claridge

The hospitality of the hosts, the Kinabalu was as usual exceptional and participants, apart from the busy official functions and balut, also had time to indulge in boating trips, sightseeing, golf and shopping as one saw fit.

The competition was won by a team from

Squash Upcoming Events

Kristian Bonnichsen

Yacht Club in this 'Land Below the Winds'

Are you aware of the Card Room's opening hours and activities? Log on now to _and_rec/baiut.asp to find out.

receiving 40 Good Men

Here's a date you may wish to pencil into your diaries;

30-a-side vs

Singapore Cricket Club Saturday 6 December

Need to know more of the court rules

or looking for individual coaching?

Log on to http://www.tangllnclub. squash.asp KINABA1.V VAi:HT

32 The Tanglin club


Monthly Baluf

Alicia Brown flanked by October's winners, avid Hughes & Ian Jenkins.

David Hughes after a longish absence came,saw and conquered with a now audited score of 640. Val Bird was 2nd with 620 and Nina Menon 3rd with 614. Newcomer Yvonne Cutts also did

well with a 606. Ian Jenkins looked good after round 1 with the highest column score of 147. When this article is being read, we will have found our 2003 overall winner and the Club will be balut free (apart from the usual bar games) until Thursday 30 January 2004. We would like to wish all Tanglin Club members & staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Kristian Bonnichsen


attended. It will be interesting to see how our players fared against the rest of the world in this simultaneous worldwide pairs

Remember the following: • People with ordinary minds talk about

Hello again Bridge enthusiasts,


• People with great minds talk about ideas.

I am very happy to report that ALL our daytime games are now running at full capacity. This is in no small measure due to the tireless efforts of our voluntary and very capable Directors. We take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts.

Our aim is to make our Bridge games popular because they are friendly and fun. Come and join usill


• People with warped minds talk about bridge hands,

Until next month, may all your finesses work.

Happy holiday season to all.

Heather Flanders

Other members of Committee are also

preparing themselves to become Directors, so this will help spread the work. We also thank them for volunteering. Well done all!!! The Wednesday evening Social Duplicate game is now up to 5-6 tables and we are hoping that over the next few months it will also be running at full capacity. Our new

Social Bridge Evening (Cocktails & Bridge) Wednesday 10 December Please note this will take place on Wednesday 10 December at 6.30 pm onwards. Hope to see you there. Please see flyers for more details.

Convenor has instituted the "Come without

a partner and one will be provided" policy

for this game and we are all sure that this has helped greatly with the numbers. The Convenor is himself the "floating" player, so If you attend alone you will play with him. If, of course, two people arrive alone they will be matched for the game.

Join the Bridge group now!

The BGB Charity Game was held on Monday 10 November and was well

Bridge Schedule Date


Monday Wednesday

1.00 pm to 4.30 pm 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm


Bridge activities are held in the Card Room.


For further details or enquiries on Bridge events and games visit

Duplicate Bridge Duplicate Bridge

Anjana Beri

Social & Duplicate Bridge

Nita & Murii

or contact the Sports & Recreation

Duplicate Bridge

Rohini Arya

Coordinator at 6739 4128 / 4148.

Heather Flanders


The Tanglin Club 33


Fitness Survey The Fitness Committee would like to thank

all the members who responded to the Fitness Survey in the October magazine.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the lucky draw, Mr Ralph Walker, who will

be walking away with a Tanglin Club $100


F&B Voucher.

Swimming: New Programmes No Classes Due to the festive season, the last fitness class will be on 23 December.

1) Keep Fit Swim • This programme is designed for adult swimmers. The main focus will be as follows: Freestyle. Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Tumble Turns, Endurance and Diving.

There will be no fitness classes from

Day : Saturday • Time : 8.30 am • Duration : 1/2 hour ♦ Fee : $100 per 4 sessions.

24 December 2003 to 4 January

Need 4 confirmed registrations for class to start.

2004. All classes will resume on 5

2) New Swimming Class for swimmers on Saturday at 12 noon.

January 2004.

The main focus will be as follows: Basic Stroke Correction, Endurance.

3) Morning Swim Lessons for children who will be attending afternoon school next year, we have not forgotten you! Register for swim classes in 2004. sports_and rec/fitness.asp

Day: Monday to Friday • Time : 10:00am • Duration : 1 hour • Fee :$100 per 4 sessions Need 4 confirmed registrations for class to start. For more information and registration please call Zarena on 9276 5900.

Sports Schedule

Fitness Schedule Monday






8.30 am HATHA & RAJA

8.30 am

8.30 am

5.00 pm



YOGA (Advance)


8.30 am FITBALL Carin

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

8.30 am

9.30 am

5.00 pm

5.00 pm


KEEP FIT Janet Pooi

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

6.30 pm

5.15 pm

6.15 pm

BODY WORX Daniel Chan




CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

Margaret 10.00 am PILATES Clarise

Marcus Tang



Squash Courts



Squash Courts

7.30 pm PILATES Clarise







8.30 am

8.30 am

10.00 am

5.00 pm







Wong L C

Tennis Courts

8.30 am LADIES TENNIS Tennis Courts

8.30 am to 11.30 am JUNIOR TENNIS COACHING

11,30 am

6.00 pm


3.00 pm

Tennis Courts


Tennis Courts

Marcus Tang 9,30 am


9.30 am





Wong L C




Squash Courts

Squash Courts 2.00 pm

5.15 pm

5.00 pm





Squash Courts


4.00 pm CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

4.00 pm 6.30 pm




Jerry 0.1 b pm PILATES Clarise

34 The Tanglin Club

Sunday 4.00 pm CLUB TENNIS Tennis Courts

All classes are held at the Multi-Purpose Hall except Aquacise.


Swimming: 23rd Sprint Chompionships On Saturday 8 November, the Club organised the 23rd Sprint

Swimming Championships. All the rainfall on Saturday morning and afternoon went uninterrupted so all the 44 participants have been able to swim. Some of them even managed to beat records. Boys 7-8: Tan Jun Han, Boys 11-12: Benedict Yeo, Girls 11-12:

Petra Holz, Boys 9-10: Benjamin Holz, Girls 9-10: Sarah Chan, Girls 6 and under: Tan Mae Shuen, Girls 7-8: Stebhan Hartnol. Well done children!

We do hope that in next meeting we will be able to see more


members coming down to the Club and swim. The race Is open to all members even if they are not enrolled in the Club's swimming programmes.

The race - parents and children - was quite popular and it was a real pleasure to see that all the lanes of the swimming pool were put to good use! We do hope that in the next meeting we will see that again, maybe this time mother/child and father/child. Claire

Cocks was the only mother brave enough to swim with her daughter. Hope to see more participants in the next meeting. Emmanuelle Booker

Get your kids started on swimming lessons! Visit and find out more on the Kids' Endurance Programme and KISS(Keep Infants Swimming Simple) Programme. The Tanglin Club 35


20 & 21 December

he Italian Job

American Pie - PG

Comedy (95 mins) Starring: Alyson Hannigan, Casey Affleck. Director: Chris Weitz. In the tradition of PORKY'S comes this

hystericai, yet sensitive, comedy about a group of high school friends who resolve to lose their virginity by the time they graduate. What better occasion to puil this off than the senior prom?

6 & 7 December

27 & 28 December

American Pie

The Italian Job - NC16

Home Run - PG

Action drama (105 mins) Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize

Local drama (110 mins) Starring: Ho Wenlong, Huang Po Ju.


Director: Jack Neo.

Director: F Gary Gray.

Set in 1965 Singapore, the film tracks the

The only threat mastermind thief Charlie Croker never saw was coming from one of his own crew members. After a gold bullion heist In Venice, it's not about the payoff, it's about payback!

passage of two children from a povertystricken family in overcoming the problems involved in sharing the same pair of shoes and a brother's unrelenting quest to acquire a new pair of school shoes for his sister.

13 & 14 December The Medallion - PG

Action comedy (90 mins)

3 & 4 January

Starring: Jackie Chan, Claire Forlani.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - PG

Director: Gordon Chan.

Action crime adventure (90 mins)

A Hong Kong cop, who, after an accident

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp,Salma Hayek.

involving a mysterious medallion, is suddenly

Director: Robert Rodriguez.

transformed into an immortal warrior with

El Mariachi retreated into a life of isolation. Forced out of hiding when recruited to

superhuman powers. He enlists the help of fellow agent Nicole to find the secret of the

sabotage a plot against the president of Mexico conceived by the evil cartel kingpin, the desperado returns with his two capable cohorts Lorenzo and Fideo. And the

medallion and face down the viliians who

legend of El Mariachi reaches new heights of adventure.

desperately want it back. For enquiries, please call the Reception at 6737 6011

Or keep track of the showtimes and booking procedure via


Saturday - 9.00 pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday - 2.30 pm & 8.00 pm Tickets can be obtained at the Reception.

Moviegoers are to be seated 10 minutes before showtime. 36 The Tanglin Club

Visit for movie trailers.

400 luxury hotels. under our covers


The 2004 Leading Hotels of the World hotel directory is again the benchmark for luxury hotels and resort accommodation. Within the directory there are over 400 hotels waiting for yoi to slip under their covers.

To obtain your copy of this exclusive directory, please contact your Leading Hotels of the World Reservations Centre.

Singapore;(65)6737-9955 or 1800-737-9955 toll free

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The Tanglin Club Magazine December 2003  

The Tanglin Club Magazine December 2003

The Tanglin Club Magazine December 2003  

The Tanglin Club Magazine December 2003