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EPA And Ammonia The Ice Man Stayeth Away After Irma


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Doug Carpenter Named President of AIS

19 AIS Named Vogt® Tube-Ice® Machine Top Distributor 20 PIQCS Class

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How Do You Measure Whether Your Sanitation Program Is Effective?


EPA Region 1 Increasingly Targeting Ammonia Refrigeration Processes for RMP and General Duty Clause Enforcement

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the ice man stayeth away. Why?

Ice Trivia



A Cold, Hard Hurricane Lesson


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A Cold, Hard Hurricane Lesson In August of 2012, as Hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Louisiana, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness bought 773 truckloads of bagged ice from Pelican Ice in Kenner for $17.4 million. Only $2.4 million worth actually got distributed by the Louisiana National Guard to the public. Some was given away for free to restaurants and other private businesses. One retailer even repackaged and sold some. Nearly half of the ice was allowed to melt in an un-refrigerated warehouse in Lacombe. A year later in August 2013, the state Inspector General issued a scathing report about the blunder. GOHSEP spokesman Mike Steele and the Guard’s public affairs officer Lt. Col. Michael Kazmierzak said they revised supplier contracts and improved tracking to prevent so much ice from going to waste again. This past hurricane season, ice and its distribution were handled very differently. According to Archie Harris, Disaster Committee Chairman for the IPIA, the old method was costly and completely inefficient. “FEMA made a decision, sometime after New Orleans, in that period, to no longer supply ice. It was detrimental to the ice industry, but it was a good decision. Being realistic, and knowing what the end result was, it makes more sense.” Refrigeration Magazine looks at the changes in procedure in the wake of Hurricane Irma, and how it is much more beneficial. That story begins on page 16. Our supplier strength continues to gain momentum and lead the industry in a positive direction. Automatic Ice Systems is enjoying just this, and we cover the recent news on the company in two articles: pages 7 and 19. Congratulations to AIS. In legal and environmental news related to us, much of EPA Region 1’s recent enforcement activity has been focused on ammonia refrigeration processes, and most of the cases arise from compliance inspections. Region 1 is located in New England. Standards and penalties are listed and explained in our article on page 11. By this printing, the IPIA will be happening in Huntington Beach, Calif., and is the group’s Centennial Celebration. Refrigeration Magazine wishes this incredible, tirelessly working-for-the-good group the very best. We are grateful to have had 100 years and more together with our sibling in the ice industry. All the Best!


"Refrigeration Magazine wishes this incredible, tirelessly workingfor-the-good group [IPIA] the very best. We are grateful to have had 100 years and more together with our sibling in the ice industry."


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Leer heralds the Dawn of a New Ice Age – Retailing your own Packaged Ice Leer’s product innovation and industry leadership is once again crystal clear with the introduction of the new Ice Breaker TM – providing a superior selling experience for Ice Companies with the desired buying experience for consumers. Search for those new locations where there is a demand for ice, but currently no supply – rest stops, parks, marinas, campgrounds, state and county fairs. Set an Ice Breaker at these strategic locations and begin retailing your own ice - 24/7. Your profit potential is limitless. Sell more ice, more often with the Ice BreakerTM and open up new channels of opportunity and profitability.

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Doug Carpenter Named President of AIS building very efficient, and reliable, ice manufacturing systems, but the typical ice processing system still had lots of room for improvement.”


oug Carpenter has been promoted to President of Automatic Ice Systems, Inc. Doug transitions from his long-time role of Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing. Doug joined the AIS team in 1992. His early focus was custom ice packaging sales and company marketing. Over the years, Doug led a 10fold increase in custom packaging sales, while forming lasting client relationships which continue to drive efforts today. His marketing leadership has given AIS the tools and industry exposure to bring its products and services to a growing number of clients worldwide to establish AIS as a market leader. In 2000 Doug was promoted to Vice President, and he became a vital part of the management team. His management efforts led a restructuring of internal operations, a stronger focus on client development and management, company re-branding, and a renewed focus on continual product improvement. Around this time, Doug also began to focus on building better packaged ice manufacturing platforms. “I began visiting a lot of ice plants, and kept seeing the same operational short comings and frustrations… there had to be a better way to manufacture packaged ice,” recalls Doug. “We had just installed the first Keith® WALKING FLOOR® into a new plant built for Arctic Ice in St Louis. We were excited at the opportunity to bring this new bulk ice handling solution to other customers, and we began focusing on other opportunities to re-engineer ice handling and processing systems. We were already

Over the next few years, Doug worked with the engineering team to build better ice processing and packaging systems. Doug began participating in the equipment installs and system start-ups. He didn’t just push for system improvements; he became part of the solution process. These efforts led to full-scale system modeling, mechanically engineered, purpose-built equipment, and truly integrated packaged solutions. In 2008 Doug began to work with the original owner of RAESCO to develop the first ever fully automated packaged ice palletizing system. At this time, RAESCO's palletizing machines had proven themselves to be a reliable tool, but operators still were required to load/ unload pallets and stretch wrap finished pallets. Doug wanted to deliver a more complete solution that he believed would greatly increase overall manufacturing productivity.

operations. Today, Automatic Ice Systems stands alone as the market leader for the most efficient and productive highcapacity packaged ice manufacturing platforms. Doug replaces his brother Don as president of Automatic Ice Systems. Don began his leadership role as President of Automatic Ice System in 2000. He was instrumental in the development of the company's international client base. He has directed projects throughout Canada, Europe, Central and South American, the Middle East, and Asia. Don’s long-time partnership with Doug has allowed AIS to deliver more complete solutions to the growing world-wide packaged ice market and other industrial market applications. Don has been with the AIS Team since 1982, just three years after his father founded the company in 1979. Don’s industry experience, commitment to clients, and management diligence has helped AIS to become a market leader. Don has stepped down from a management role to focus on transitioning his son Mike into the AIS Leadership Team.

Doug [participated] in the equipment installs and system start-ups. He didn’t just push for system improvements; he became part of the solution process. These efforts led to fullscale system modeling, mechanically engineered, purposebuilt equipment, and truly integrated packaged solutions. In 2009 AIS and RAESCO built two fully automated solutions. Each system was engineered to produce over 250 pallets of packaged ice per day and required only one person to operate. Since then, Doug has led the development and installation of over a dozen automated palletizing solutions. In 2015, Doug led an AIS collaboration with two long-time palletizing system partners to produce its own line of packaged ice palletizing machines. This collaboration fast-tracked mechanical, electrical, and programming updates throughout our automatic palletizing platform to yield even more reliable packaging and palletizing

Don started working with Mike when he joined the AIS Team in June of 2017. He will continue to travel with Mike and mentor his efforts to continue growth within international markets, while maintaining client relationships and solutions both domestically and world-wide. For 38 years AIS has had the opportunity to serve the packaged ice industry. They are grateful for each, and every client relationship and opportunity to develop custom solutions. The company is excited to enter this new era of growth, and feel privileged to be a third generation, privately owned and operated company. November 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 7

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How Do You Measure Whether Your Sanitation Program Is Effective?

making is bacteria and mold free. In this test you simply collect a sample of the water you want to test using a dipper and then insert the dipper into the test solution. Just like the surface testing, you will have results in 30 seconds.

Modern Ice has assisted clients with sanitation and quality control documentation and processes for many years. As our clients are challenged with the new FSMA requirements, Modern Ice recognized the need for a simple and economical monitoring system to easily and reliably test and document the effectiveness of ice plant sanitation procedures.

Modern Ice offers meters and test swabs for you to purchase or you can contract the testing services through our Freeze Force Technical Services team. They can test your surfaces and provide you with documentation while they are at your location for other installation, maintenance, or technical service work.

Our Engineering and Product Development Team members attended FSMA training and then researched options and recommendations to identify the best solution for the Packaged Ice Industry. The ATP Monitoring System is the answer.

The meter can then transfer these readings to a data analysis software package for verification and trending reports.

ATP monitoring is a great way to verify that you are producing a safe ice which is suitable as a food product. Contact your Modern Ice sales consultant today for more information.

The testing is very simple. Test swabs are utilized to swipe a small area of the surface you want to test, then the swab is inserted into the test solution, gently shaken for 10 seconds, and then the swab is placed into the test meter. Thirty seconds later, you have a reading that tells you if the surface is clean and properly sanitized. This system uses ATP bioluminescence to measure extremely low levels of organic contamination to provide an instant indication of cleanliness. The science behind this simple testing system is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy molecule found in all living and once-living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not. With this monitoring system, ATP is brought into contact with a reagent in the test device. Light is then emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present in the sample and this value is read on your meter providing information on the level of contamination in just a few seconds. In addition, the same ATP test device can be used to verify that water in tanks or sumps used for ice

“This product is a quick, convenient, and easy to use instrument that gives you the assurance that your plant’s equipment is properly sanitized. It will help ensure that you are minimizing the risk of any contamination of your product.” - Brian Ballman, Director of Engineering and Product Development – Modern Ice

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EPA Region 1 Increasingly Targeting Ammonia Refrigeration Processes for RMP and General Duty Clause Enforcement

In another settlement, EPA Region 1 explained that the list of minimum safety measures “is not intended to be a complete list of important safety measures but rather a subset of easily verifiable items that EPA and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration believe could help facilities prevent ammonia releases and prepare for any releases that do occur.” In re Carla’s Pasta Inc., CAA-01-2016-0073 (January 2017). In an informal discussion we had with the EPA Region 1 counsel who led the effort to develop the list of minimum safety measures, we understand the intent in developing these standards was that all EPA regions would use them in settlements of RMP Program 1 and 2 enforcement cases, but to date we have not seen any other regions adopt them.

Over the course of 2017, U.S. EPA Region 1 has settled several significant enforcement matters arising under the risk management provisions of the Clean Air Act, Section 112(r). The risk management requirements are intended to minimize accidental releases of hazardous substances to the air and to reduce the severity of releases that do occur. Much of EPA Region 1’s recent enforcement activity has been focused on ammonia refrigeration processes, and most of the cases arise from compliance inspections. EPA Region 1 inspections consider both the Risk Management Plan (RMP) program rules at 40 CFR Part 68 and the General Duty Clause (GDC) statutory language at 42 USC 7412(r)(1). Several settlements this year have adopted a set of “Minimum Safety Measures” as required injunctive relief. These measures were developed by a cross regional team led by EPA Region 1 prior to the change in administrations at the beginning of this year. This article focuses on a few of the significant enforcement matters that EPA Region 1 has recently settled.


General Duty Clause Administrative Penalty Settlement

n May 2017, Pawtucket Power Associates, LP entered into a Consent Agreement and Final Order with EPA Region 1, resolving alleged RMP violations involving the company’s ammonia refrigeration system at its facility in Rhode Island. See In re Pawtucket Power Associates, LP, CAA-01-2017-0004 (May 2017). Among other issues, EPA alleged that the facility’s ammonia refrigeration system did not meet industry standards for signage, labeling, emergency switches, and warning alarms, and that Pawtucket failed to inspect ammonia piping for damage to insulation and corrosion in accordance with standard industry practice and the mechanical integrity requirements of the RMP program rules. EPA further alleged that the company had failed to document incident investigations of at least two ammonia release incidents that had occurred in 2010 that had caused injuries, and failed to have an adequate emergency response program.

facility’s refrigeration system or achieved certain “minimum safety measures.” These minimum requirements are a collection of process safety program components that EPA has determined should be present at every facility with an ammonia refrigeration system, whether or not the facility is subject to the process safety management standard that is enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and by EPA for RMP Program 3 facilities.

The parties agreed to a $109,375 civil administrative penalty to settle the matter. The settlement agreement also included a requirement that Pawtucket certify that it had decommissioned the

• Releases from backpressure and overpressure

THE SAFETY MEASURES FOCUS ON THE FOLLOWING HAZARDS: • Releases or safety deficiencies that stem from a failure to identify hazards in design/operation of system • High risks of release from operating or maintenance activity • Leaks/releases from maintenance neglect • Inability to isolate and properly vent releases

• Inability to regain control and reduce release impacts

In August 2017, Demakes Enterprises, Inc., the owner and operator of a meat processing, cooking, packaging, and storage facility in Lynn, Mass., entered into a Consent Agreement and Final Order with EPA Region 1, resolving alleged GDC violations involving the company’s anhydrous ammonia refrigeration system. See In re Demakes Enterprises, CAA-01-2017-0011 (August 2017).

Based on a compliance inspection in July 2014 and subsequent information received, EPA Region 1 alleged that Demakes failed to design and maintain a safe facility. Among other issues, the company allegedly failed to adequately label refrigeration piping, protect refrigeration piping located near the ground from physical damage, post ammonia warning signs near locations containing significant quantities of ammonia, provide emergency shutdown controls or ventilation switches immediately outside refrigeration system machinery room entrances, maintain and calibrate in accordance with industry standards the facility’s ammonia detection systems, test or replace within five years vessel pressure relief valves, and require hot work permits for contractors performing hot work. EPA Region 1 also

November 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 11

alleged that Demakes did not minimize the consequences of accidental releases that do occur by, among other reasons, failing to provide eye and body shower units near machinery rooms, equip machinery rooms with self-closing and tight-fitting doors equipped with panictype hardware, provide adequate air circulation and ventilation in machinery rooms, and include emergency response contact information and chemical inventory information in the facility’s emergency action plan. General Duty Clause cases typically address situations where there is no RMP plan required, or where EPA believes that there is a recognized hazard that the RMP rules do not address at a specific facility. As illustrated by the alleged violations in the Demakes case, EPA has increasingly viewed as enforceable requirements those applicable industry practices and standards that can act to reduce the likelihood or severity of release events.

of accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia by failing to have adequate emergency design mechanisms, signs and labels, and basic safety practices. The company allegedly violated the RMP program by failing to submit an RMP for the facility’s refrigeration system. EPA issued a $184,717 administrative penalty, with $172,055 of that penalty attributable to the CAA violations and the rest attributable to EPCRA violations. In addition, Performance Food Group certified that it had analyzed ammonia inventories at its other facilities nationwide and filed RMPs for those facilities meeting the 10,000-pound RMP threshold for ammonia, and would review its other

The follow up investigation eventually implicated 29 facilities, including a number of warehouses, in Regions 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. In the proposed Consent Decree, Harcros agrees to pay a $950,000 civil penalty, complete a Supplemental Environmental Project at a cost of $2,500,000, and engage in a substantial audit process across all of the facilities, using a third party auditor and including review of both RMP and GDC requirements. The proposed audit procedures require significant EPA oversight for audit findings and corrective action planning, and contains a twopage list of industry standards that must be audited against as part of the GDC review. The audit requirements in the

According to EPA Region 1’s press release announcing the settlement, Demakes reportedly addressed the conditions alleged by EPA at a cost of $300,000. The parties ultimately agreed to a $132,183 civil administrative penalty to settle the matter, with $117,094 of this amount attributable to the CAA violations and $15,089 to EPCRA violations. The settlement also required Demakes to certify compliance with EPA’s list of minimum safety measures.

RMP and GDC Administrative Penalty Settlement

EPA Region 1 settled with Performance Food Group, Inc. earlier this year for alleged violations of both the GDC and the RMP program rules at the company’s Springfield, Mass. facility. The company allegedly violated the GDC by failing to identify hazards associated with the facility’s refrigeration system using industryrecognized hazard assessment techniques; design and maintain a safe facility by failing to post signs warning of the presence of ammonia and restricting entry, label piping systems, prevent corrosion on ammonia piping, insulate piping to prevent condensation, implement basic safety practices such as audible and visual alarms; and minimize the consequences

facilities nationwide to determine whether “bare minimum safety measures” were in place. If not, the company would develop a schedule to put them in place within 12 months.

Multi-Regional Settlement

Lastly, there has also been a significant RMP/GDC settlement proposed by the U.S. Department of Justice and several EPA regions, including Region 1, against Harcros Chemicals Inc. United States v. Harcros Chemicals Inc., No. 2:17-cv-2432 (proposed July 31, 2017). The proposed settlement arises from a voluntary disclosure that Harcros made to EPA concerning RMP violations at three chemical blending, packaging and distribution facilities.

12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

proposed Consent Decree are significant, particularly given that EPA has recently announced a delay by several years of the implementation of a pending amendment to the RMP rule which contains enhanced auditing provisions. One explanation for the severity of the enforcement response might be that the type of facilities involved may appear to EPA to be similar to the chemical warehouse that was involved in the catastrophic 2013 warehouse explosion in West, Texas. Another possibility might be the large number of facilities that the company was operating outside of the RMP framework that are potentially subject to RMP requirements. Stephen M. Richmond is an environmental lawyer and a Principal of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C © 2017 Beveridge & Diamond PC

RS 300-DH Automatic Packaging Machine • Proven ice packaging reliability with less operational disruptions • Very low annual parts consumption, typically under $1000/ year • Long service life with minimal annual PM requirements • No wasted packaging film The industry proven Coalza RS series, DH packaging machines are specially designed for food-safe ice packaging operations. This vertical form, film and seal packaging machine has been re-designed to better accommodate the needs of North American packaged ice producers. More operational up time, less packaging disruptions, and low PM cost make this proven packaging platform a better solution.

MODEL: RS300-DH Dimensions (WxLxH): Power:

48.8”x 81.5”x 97”

(1240mm x 2070 mm x 2463mm)

460V., 3P., 60Hz

Air Consumption*:


Bags Per Minute*:


Max Bag Width**:



*Depends on the product and the film. **Empty bags.

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Why ice is such a hot commodity in the wake of Hurricane Irma IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE IRMA, THE ICE MAN STAYETH AWAY. By Brent Batten, Naples News


change in federal disaster response — one an ice industry veteran says was probably a good move — means FEMA no longer rushes ice to a disaster area the same way it does water and food. It is largely up to ice companies to meet the tremendous demand, a task complicated by the local boil water notice, the lack of electricity, damage to stores that normally sell ice and even price gouging laws. Archie Harris is the disaster chairman of the International Packaged Ice Association, a trade group that promotes safety in the ice industry. In the ice business since 1973, Harris said the practice of distributing truckloads of ice in disaster zones was too inefficient and didn’t help the people who needed it most.




“It was very costly and it was taken advantage of,” Harris said. “FEMA made a decision, sometime after New Orleans, in that period, to no longer supply ice. It was detrimental to the ice industry, but it was a good decision. Being realistic, and knowing what the end result was, it makes more sense to leave it to the states and the locals.” Commodities FEMA provides after a disaster now include water, food, cots and blankets, said John Mills, a FEMA public information officer for the region. Collier County spokesman Mike Sheffield said the county has never supplied ice after a disaster. In recent days, a few truckloads of free ice have been appearing in spots of critical need.

16 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

r's N ote

The following article appeared in the Naples News after recent hurricane activity so it may be dated. However, the essential point here is timely.

But for most people the search for ice has taken them from store to store, hoping to get lucky and arrive just after the ice truck. For local ice producers, there are challenges and expenses that come with that demand. Nikki Kent, whose husband owns On Ice, Collier County’s only commercial ice manufacturer, said the company is producing its full capacity of 20 tons of ice a day. But because of the requirement that water from the county’s system must be boiled before consumption, the company’s ice is considered non-potable. It can only be used to keep things cold, like food and medicine. It can’t be sold to the public. Since the company’s plant is still without power, it is renting a generator and buying

250 gallons of diesel fuel per day to run it. “You can imagine the expense,” Kent said. The company is trucking in another 23 tons of potable ice a day from manufacturers in northern Florida and as far away as Missouri. The increased costs mean increased prices for consumers. A bag of ice that two weeks ago cost $1.25 now can run $3, Kent said. That can lead to accusations of price gouging, but Kent said most people understand. “Once we explain it, most of them completely get it,” she said. “As soon as we’re able to turn the electricity on and get rid of the (boil water notice), our prices will go right back down,” Kent said. Harris, the owner of Rose Ice in Wilmington, N.C., said fear of price gouging accusations discourage companies from shipping ice long distances. He used to regularly help a Miami ice producer when hurricanes hit Florida, and the Miami producer would help him when the storms went farther north. He no longer does so, he said.

Osvaldo Guerra volunteered to help distribute ice in Hialeah on Friday, September 15, 2017. Broward County continued, for a time, to distribute water, ice and pre-packaged meals to residents at select locations.

But because of the requirement that water from the county’s system must be boiled before consumption, the company’s ice is considered nonpotable. It can only be used to keep things cold, like food and medicine. It can’t be sold to the public.

"You're selling ice for $1.50 a bag, and it’s going to cost you $2 to get it there,” he said. “A lot of companies have decided they’re not going to go there.” On Ice normally doesn’t sell ice from its plant on Washington Street. But during the emergency, people have been coming there looking for ice. Nikki Kent said the company has been giving away bags to people with special needs — such as the need to keep insulin cold — to those who show up. Another sign of the demand: She said she missed 646 phone calls Monday morning. Lack of power in stores has double or tripled the demand for ice, just so those stores can keep their perishables cold, said Matt Kent, owner of On Ice. Add the relief crews and volunteers working in the heat, and the demand keeps building. Matt Kent said retail outlets aren’t set up to sell bagged ice in large quantities. A cooler with the capacity to hold 90 bags might normally last a store a week, he said. Now it will sell out in 90 minutes. Like On Ice, national and regional ice suppliers who do business in Collier County are working as hard as they can to meet the demand, Matt Kent said. “Everyone’s putting in the same effort. Everyone has the same problems.” “This is the first time we’ve come across anything like this,” added Nikki Kent. November 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 17

18 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017


AIS Named Vogt® Tube-Ice® Machine Top Distributor AIS is once again named the number one Vogt® Tube-Ice® Machine distributor, for both domestic and international sales, in 2017. This is




s N ote or'

This one actually made me more of a Janet Jackson fan! Not so much her music though. You’ll see!

the second year in a row the company has achieved this honor. "We are grateful for this recognition, and look forward to commissioning the 2018 projects that we are already actively working on," the company says. The AIS commitment to the Vogt® Tube-Ice® machine line goes back to the beginning of the company in 1979. At that time cracked, plate-ice was the industry standard. Don Carpenter Sr., the founder of

Contract riders for touring performers often contain unusual backstage demands, such as Van Halen's ban on brown M&Ms and Metallica's insistence on a constant supply of bacon. Singer Janet

Jackson's rider declared: "We will not tolerate the use of anything but fresh, clean, crushed or cubed ice."

AIS, understood the advantages of the Tube-Ice® machine, and he made a concerted effort to change the packaged ice

"The AIS commitment to the Vogt® Tube-Ice® machine line goes back to the beginning of our company in 1979."

industry by incorporating this ice making equipment into better manufacturing platforms. Don worked hard to develop new ways to integrate this more reliable and efficient ice manufacturing

Chicago was built on ice. The use of ice-

cooled warehouses and refrigerator train cars allowed Chicago to become a meatpacking goliath and supply beef and pork to customers far away. Gustavus Swift

pioneered the use of the cooled rail cars, knowing it would be cheaper to send dressed meat than live cows. But the railroads that feared losing a huge source of revenue refused to use his cars. Swift wouldn't give up and found a small railroad willing to take his business. Over time, competition forced the big railroads to accept the refrigerated cars.

equipment into packaged ice manufacturing and other industrial applications. Don’s experience and commitment to Vogt® Tube-Ice® machines dates back to the 1950s when he began working at the Vogt factory as a junior engineer. For 23 years Don worked as an engineer at the factory and was instrumental in the development and refinement of the Tube-Ice® machine line. In 1968 Don was the chief project engineer that developed the Vogt P24A Packaged Ice Maker. This machine became the platform to build other packaged machine models, and today is still a preferred Vogt model. Over the years AIS has developed processing and packaging

You can start a fire with ice. How? Carve a

chunk of ice into a lens so that it works as a sort of magnifying glass, concentrating sunlight on one spot. Outdoors experts can do this with special effort. The rest of us are better off starting our fires with a match.

systems to best integrate with the advantages offered by the Vogt® Tube-Ice® machine. Today, the Vogt® Tube-Ice® machine line is the most utilized, proven ice making platform in the packaged ice manufacturing industry. AIS is grateful for the hundreds of clients, over the years, that have trusted the company to build a better packaged ice manufacturing

A century ago, the Tribune ran headlines reading "Ice famine grips Gotham" and "Kenosha avoids ice famine." What the heck was an ice famine? Before home refrigerators were common, when people still relied on iceboxes to store their food, they needed real ice. Transportation problems or unusually

platforms. "Our clients’ successes are our greatest reward, and it allows us to serve others."

warm weather sometimes disrupted shipments of ice from out of town, causing ice famines.

November 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 19



The IPIA will be having another PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) class conducted by lead instructor Chris Dunn, January 16-18, 2018 in Atlanta, Ga. This class specific to the ice industry and an important FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) component will be at favorable pricing as compared to other PCQI classes offered, according to Jane McEwen, IPIA Executive Director. More information will be printed as it becomes available.

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Vogt, 5










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22 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

Miguel A. Retamoza

• HAMER 310 W/ 125 CLOSER

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Hamer 125 Rebuilds Hamer 310 Form, Fill, & Seal Vivian Manual Block Press Matthiesen Bagger Take-Off System, Less Conveyor Matthiesen VLS, Bottom Load Bagger, Galv Matthiesen VL510, Top Load Bagger, Stainless Matthiesen VL510, Top Load Bagger, Galv Belt Conveyor, Hytrol TA 21’ Belt Conveyor, Hytrol BA 10’ Belt Conveyor, Hytrol TA 12’ Belt Conveyor, Hytrol TA 6’ 9x10 Galvanized Portable Screw conveyor

• 9 x10 Stainless Portable Screw Conveyor • Kalamazoo 4000M-SA Stretch Wrapper • Amcot ST-25 Cooling Tower • Marley 4821 Cooling tower • 19x30x12T Walk In Freezer • Hog ring Staples (for pneumatic gun) • Magliner Ramp 28” x 13’ 4” • 10LB Ice Cans (45) 4.5” x 8” x 14”T • Snow Cone Block Cans • New Jersey Bag Closer Parts • Cat Walk Platform for P34 Vogt • Ice Shaker • 16lb Wicketed “misprint” Ice Bags • 5lb Wicketed Ice Bags • 1/2HP Drop In Refrigeration Units • Large Inventory of Hard To Get Parts


If you have discontinued ice bags or used equipment you would like to sell PLEASE CALL. SEE OUR USED EQUIPMENT WEB PAGE AT WWW.AIEEXCHANGE.COM. Call for surplus ice! Polar Temp Equipment Mike Landino - Toll free - 1-877-376-0367 E-mail (NEW ADDRESS): Don’t forget to call if you have a quality piece of used equipment for sale.

HARD TO FIND PARTS? Impossible to get? CALL FRANK! If he doesn't have it and he can't get it, it can't be found!

TRAILERS FOR SALE Two 1998 Pup Trailers – Road Ready $7,800 each

Contact Ruben Walden at (239) 936-3876 or


Large Selection of Parts for Compressors,

16ft gooseneck trailer with tandem 8000lb axles. 2hrs low temp condensing unit with cold plates. 7ft wide outside and 78” tall inside. Pulls great with pickup. Call for pictures. Hamilton, Ms. $7,500 OBO

Block Plants.

Call 662-319-7460

We buy all types of used ice making &


refrigeration equipment.

45 foot refrigerated trailer with electric refrigeration. Evaporator in trailer w/ 5 HP condensing unit on the ground. Great for cross-docking.

Compressors, Vilters, Eclips, MRI 90, York, Y & G Series HDI Compressors, Frick, York, Vilter ALSO


(386) 328-1687 | (386) 325-0909 (fax)

Tennessee Valley Ice Company Call Gary at (423) 698-6290

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SOUTHEAST (continued) USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE • Turbo Tig 33 Ice Maker, 98 model • Mycom N6WB Compressors w/125 HP motors skid mounted with oil separators (used with Vogt P34AL ice makers)

"NEW" KAMCO PARTS Ice Systems & Supplies

• Turbo CB38 Rake • Screw Conveyor Drive Packages for 9" and 12" conveyors (great condition)

Rock Hill, SC Toll free (800) 662-1273 or (803) 324-8791

• Hammer RBC with conveyor • Stainless 9" and 12" screw conveyors • 21' Hytrol belt conveyor • Turbo CB87 with plastic chain and sprockets and stainless steel flights • Morris 18 ton Tube Cube Maker, R22, 2006 model complete with evap condensor 1" ice • Vogt 218, rebuilt in 2005, complete with cooling tower

PLANT MANAGER & REFRIGERATION TECH WANTED We are looking for a Plant Manager and a Refrigeration Tech for a distribution center in Southwest Louisiana.

Resumes may be faxed to 337-238-5095, or e-mailed to Candidates may apply in person or mail a resume to: West Louisiana Ice Service, 1707 Smart Street, Leesville, LA 71496-1507.


FOR SALE • 36 " x 8' suction accumulator, 150# vessel good cond.

ICE FOR SALE A Family Owned Ice Company

• 9- 36" 2 hp direct drive fans, 220 volt • 3 evaporators evapco two fan, runs on ammonia, good condition

Tube Ice, 7, 10, 20, 22 lb Bags Over a million bags in stock. Shipped or Picked up

• 200 amp three phase 240 volt,disconnect

PIQCS Plus Accredited

231-218-5868 or

Arctic Ice Inc. Call Steve Camenzind

(314) 989-9090

Contact Jim Riley



Well established plant, wholesale and retail sales in the Ozark Mountains.

Used trailer to haul frozen foods – small, only up to 12'

45 Tom production capacity. Excellent Tourist Area.



Owner Wants To Retire.

Contact Us at CONGR8@COX.NET

ICE FOR SALE Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped. We deliver or you pick up. Our water is treated with ozone for sterilization. No Chlorine Added!

Merchandiser Parts for all brands at competitive prices.

(877) 984-5945

24 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

Martin's Ice Company

Phone (717) 733-7968 or fax (717) 733-1981 PA


NORTHEAST (continued) FOR SALE Arctic Temp 8000 SM 4-Ton ice machine. Very low hours, barely used. Asking $20,000.

Manny Raza

(732) 684-4464

VOGT ICE FOR SALE 5, 7, 16 & 40 lb. bags. Water is lab tested for purity. Delivery or pick-up. Six generations of quality.

Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.

USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 1-800-543-1581 Ice Makers • Vogt Ice Maker – P24A • Morris Ice Maker • Vogt Ice Maker – P118 • Turbo Ice Maker – CAR120 • Turbo Ice Maker – CF40SCER • Vogt Ice Maker – P418 • Vogt Ice Maker – HE30 • Kold Draft Ice Maker

Packaging • Matthiesen Heat Seal Bagger • Matthiesen Baler (3 Available) •H amer Form, Fill, and Seal Machine - 310

Check our most recent inventory online at!

Handling • Matthiesen Shaker Belt with Stand • Shaker •1 2” Stainless Steel Auger (Several Lengths) •1 2” Stainless Steel Shroud Trough Cover


Call (631) 727-3010

Suction Accumulator - Chil-Con, Model #AA24084, 24” x 7’ high, with boil out coil – Like new condition $6,000.00


Receiver 12’ x 30” with warming loop used with Vogt ice makerLike new condition - $6,000.00

• 140 ft. York herring bone • 4 ton bridge crane • Two Tuffy upenders • Perfection block scorers • Tip tables • 14 can filler Plus other equipment

Call Gary Evans, Clayville Ice Co., Inc.

(315) 839-5405

ICE CARVING TOOLS Plastic liners for clear block makers $1.24/ea Reusable drip pans – from $6.50/ea Over 500 items in stock for Ice Carvers

or (440) 717-1940


Toshiba 125 HP Motor, Premium Efficiency Contact Kyle at Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.

(631) 727-3010 or (516) 790-6842

FRICK BLOCK ICE PLANT, TURBO TIGAR & AMMONIA REFRIGERATION COMPONENTS FOR SALE 40’ Frick herring bone coil & new coil 1,800 block ice 40 gal. cans, 50 36-can grids, 2 5-HP Pond Agitators 2 Shephard Niles 9–ton cranes, 40’ span, controls, spare parts 50 ton Turbo TIGAR ice maker, 2 CB 50 Turbo rakes and controls Compressors: 150 HP FES screw, 350 HP Frick screw, 4 – CrePaco 100 HP recips. Accumulators, Surge vessels, receiver, valves & VFD controls 20 HP fan IMECO & 50 HP BAC evaporative condensers Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice Company, Gloucester, MA

Tel. 978-283-0174; email:

FOR SALE 2005 12 Ton Kamco Bin in good condition. $5000.

Vogt 6000 and Vogt 9000

Contact Greg LeBlanc at Orange County Ice, Bridge City, TX

Call Charlie Bolton Houston, TX

(409) 920-0037

(713) 643-0573

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FOR SALE (1) Vogt P118 Reconditioned, runs on R404 Freon (1) Mini Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Mid Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Rebuilt CB P118 Call Charlie Bolton (Houston, TX)

(713) 643-0573

4 P118 7/8 tube with cooling towers, 16 ton Kamco steel bin, 1 Matthiessen VLS top load bagger and 1 bottom load bagger. 4 Hamer 125 bag tiers Screw conveyors with drive motors

For information call Tom

(817) 475-2459



ICE CRUSHER/SNOW BLOWER FOR SALE Snow Blower-Tri-Pak 300lb. Block Ice Crusher/Blower on Tandem Trailer. Ford 300 Inline 6 Industrial Gas Engine Original owner, well-maintained, very clean, unabused machine! Will sling ice 70'. In Southern California.

Will ship anywhere!

$29,000 Call (661) 269-2093

Full service ice manufacturing and water purification business for sale. Located in western Arizona on three parcels with living quarters consisting of one bedroom. Two 10-ton ice machines as well as commercial water purification system. Too many assets to list: trucks with refrigeration, store front with 24-hour vending, trucks with 10,000+ water tanks, over 60 ice merchandisers. Solid customer base in addition to seasonal contractors during growing seasons. Owners wish to retire.

Please call 928-859-4233.

PACIFIC ICE MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY BUSINESS FOR SALE – HAWAII • Strong existing customer base • $200K Annual Sales • Vogt Ice Machines • 3-Ton Stainless Steel Auger • Feed Ice Bin • 2,500lb Storage (Walk-in Freezer) • Isuzu MPR Refrigerated Box Truck • Turn-Key

Call (808) 384-7033 for more information. $80K

26 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

Modern works with packaged ice clients who face increasing costs and require financing solutions and technical and engineering assistance to decrease downtime and increase their profits.

Modern helps those clients with sales and terms programs, the best equipment and automation solutions, our Freeze Force technical support team, and by utilizing the best buying practices and inventory controls. Contact us to review your critical concerns – we are the company to partner with to create solutions for your business!



Learn more about Modern at



28 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ November 2017

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