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IN MEMORIAM Industry mourns loss of Talmadge Reed, Sr.


4 spICE

Happy Holidays...besides food, drink and merriment, let's remember why we're here


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Happy Holidays...besides food, drink and merriment, let's remember why we're here No end of year editorial should ignore the massive changes taking place in public life in the United States and the world. Yet the news cycle, political and social changes don’t change the fundamental facts about why you are in business, and why what you do every day should continue regardless of what goes on in the world. Our business is driven by a need that is constant and unaffected by outside issues. People want refreshment and leisure time and we are part of that industry. People want fresh food and drink and we are part of that industry. The need is affected by things out of our control – we’re seasonal, and demand in Maine, Chicago and Boise is marginal in January. When the economy is off, people decide not to spend as much on leisure activities and our demand may decline. Industry-wide changes affect everyone across the board, so if your cost of doing business is increasing so will everyone else’s. New diesel emissions regulations hit everyone. The Food Safety Modernization Act hits everyone. These won’t change your competitive position. Most of us are too busy with our day to day to worry about running the world anyway. I highly recommend that you get and stay engaged in the civic affairs of your local government. You are an employer, part of the tax base. They may make decisions that directly affect you. Vote. Run for office if you feel like it. Will a local sales tax issue affect healthcare delivery in the U.S.? Maybe in a tiny tiny way, but in a bigger sense not at all. Will city regulations on large truck operation change the balance of power on the Korean peninsula? Here, we can say with certainty that it will not. Will either affect you? Yes, to varying degrees, and you should know about it. It’s easy to watch cable news and get depressed about things. Cable news is a business that depends on people wanting to watch, and to do so it has to put things on the air that grab your attention. Ever watched C-Span? It’s boring, by definition. Things happen there, but cable news grabs the highlights and runs them every 15 minutes. Yes, the world is changing. Always has been, always will. You got into your business for different reasons. Some of your families have been in business since before you were born. Some of you saw an opportunity for a steady demand business using equipment that lenders were happy to give you money to buy. Some of you came into it through your association with the grocery or convenience store industry because you realized there was a local demand. No matter how you got into this business, the reason is still there: customers want the refreshment and food preservation that your product provides. Let’s take a few moments here at year’s end to reflect on why we got into this business, and why it’s still a good one. The world will continue to revolve without our help. I’m glad of it. Happy Holidays!


"No matter how you got into this business, the reason is still there: customers want the refreshment and food preservation that your product provides."


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Plant tour time

Plant tour and ice bag toss

Missouri Valley Ice Manufacturers Association

meets in Kansas City It’s Fall, and that means the Mo. Valley is meeting amid beautiful autumn colors in a fun convention town. This time the long-time successful ice manufacturing group held their gathering at the Westin Kansas City at Town Center, in Kansas City, Mo. Several informative sessions were held to keep new ideas and current challenges out front for discussion and solutions. Supplier Time, an ice plant tour and golf were also enjoyed by all in attendance.

Ice Bag Toss

6 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

Mo. Valley Ice Manufacturers Association Officers and Directors 2016 – 2017 Officers PRESIDENT


Scott Currie Bags, Inc. 800-622-2470 Jeff Messerschmitt Messerschmitt Ice 641-684-6207


Jerry Burns J & K Delta Ice 870-735-1352


Tom Howat Modern Ice 800-235-9088

Directors 2015 – 2020

Tommy Sedler Home City Ice 513-574-1800 John Whitmer Vogt Ice 800-853-8648

2014 – 2019

Saad Abbo U.S. Ice Corporation Inc 313-862-3344 Brett Beeksma Arctic Ice LLC 715-682-5108

2013 – 2018 Convention Chair

Laron Hilke Hilke’s Ice Co. 573-744-5500 Walter Berry Berry’s Arctic Ice 785-357-4466

2012 – 2017

Jeff Tyler Tyler's Super Quality Ice 903-597-8245 Shawn Messmore Modern Ice 800-543-1581

Supplier Representative 2016 - 2018

Charlotte Maginnis Leer, Inc. 815-505-1342

Immediate Past President Bob Moelter American Ice Co. 715-834-9236 December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 7


Leer heralds the Dawn of a New Ice Age – Retailing your own Packaged Ice Leer’s product innovation and industry leadership is once again crystal clear with the introduction of the new Ice Breaker TM – providing a superior selling experience for Ice Companies with the desired buying experience for consumers. Search for those new locations where there is a demand for ice, but currently no supply – rest stops, parks, marinas, campgrounds, state and county fairs. Set an Ice Breaker at these strategic locations and begin retailing your own ice - 24/7. Your profit potential is limitless. Sell more ice, more often with the Ice BreakerTM and open up new channels of opportunity and profitability.

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Company Profile

NIA Officers PRESIDENT Craig Rossi Eastern Ice Company, Inc. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT & TREASURER Don Hutton Cascades Flexible Packagin g, Inc. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Derek Rudzinski Laconia Ice Company

NIA Enjoys

Beautiful, Historic Setting

For Fall Meeting The NIA convention was held October 22-25, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island at the historic Providence Biltmore Hotel. Several tours of historic areas were enjoyed, as well as round table discussions and a most successful ‘pub crawl.’

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Bruce Hanson Bayo's Ice Company MANAGING DIRECTOR Jacquie Wells Meeting Expectations BOARD MEMBERS Kevin Barlow, Southern Connecticut Ice & Fuel Fred Lomangino, Ice King & Cold Storage Jake Genna, Genna Ice Walt Ribeiro,Jr., Modern Ice Company Corry Hanson, Bayo Ice Comp any Billy Kerl, Kerl Ice, Inc. SUPPLIER REPRESENTATIVES Don Hutton, Cascades Flex ible Packaging, Inc. Walt Ribeiro, Jr., Modern Ice Company Charlotte Maginnis, Leer, Inc.

From top left, clockwise: RouteMan, Banquet, Meeting, NIA Tour, The Ice House Truck.


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KEITH Mfg. Co. 1.800.547.6161

KEITH can handle it. 2016 KEITH Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.

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More Scenes from the NIA Convention

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RS 300-DH Automatic Packaging Machine • Proven ice packaging reliability with less operational disruptions • Very low annual parts consumption, typically under $1000/ year • Long service life with minimal annual PM requirements • No wasted packaging film The industry proven Coalza RS series, DH packaging machines are specially designed for food-safe ice packaging operations. This vertical form, film and seal packaging machine has been re-designed to better accommodate the needs of North American packaged ice producers. More operational up time, less packaging disruptions, and low PM cost make this proven packaging platform a better solution.

MODEL: RS300-DH Dimensions (WxLxH): Power:

48.8”x 81.5”x 97”

(1240mm x 2070 mm x 2463mm)

460V., 3P., 60Hz

Air Consumption*:


Bags Per Minute*:


Max Bag Width**:



*Depends on the product and the film. **Empty bags.

12 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017


Wrocław, Poland


By: Stan Williams, EPIA Managing Director


efore I highlight the events of our 2017 Convention, I must recognize the outstanding efforts of our host, Wieslaw Swierzynski and his staff at Ice Art. It’s hard to believe Wieslaw could outdo himself the second time around (having hosted the 2009 Convention), but he never disappoints! Thank you for providing a fantastic venue, engaging activities, and delightful entertainment for all EPIA members! Also it is appropriate to thank each attendee for making the convention both fun and informative. Without your participation, the convention would not be interesting or serve the purpose of exchanging ideas. We began with the BoD meeting on Wednesday afternoon to resolve a few outstanding issues pertaining to the

direction that EPIA will be headed in 2018 and beyond. We are proud to reach the point as of 2018 that all packaged ice producer members must be HACCP certified by a third-party certification organization. The BoD has decided to engage the firm of Baker-Tilly to survey the European market for food processing certification authorities to determine which certification awards meet or exceed the Euro PIQUES Manual that provides the standards for EPIA HACCP Certification. This list will be distributed once compiled. This same publication will advise as to what certifying organizations participate in the food industry with experience in investigating ice production facilities. FYI: the Euro PIQUES Manual is available on the EPIA website in the “Members Only” area. Our tag line of “Ice you can trust” has the ring of truth to it that we want all our customers to understand.

December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 13

December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 15

Upon arrival in Wrocław, the first thing that our members were greeted with as they checked into the Haston Hotel was EPIA key cards for entry to their hotel rooms, courtesy of Automatic Ice Systems (AIS) for the third consecutive year. Two interesting things happened with these key cards this year. First, my bag containing 120 of the key cards was pulled out of the airport security check for having a possible explosive device inside. It seems that how I had them packed, tied in a tight package, looked like a block of explosives or a deck of counterfeit credit cards, neither of which was acceptable to airport security. Once removed from my carryon bag in a separate search area and a full explanation provide as to why I had them, all was well and they made their way to the hotel for distribution to all EPIA attendees at the Registration Desk. The instructions were clear that as people checked in to the hotel the desk-clerk was to only use these key cards for EPIA convention attendees. Who do you suppose came to me during the Welcome Cocktail Party with a standard Haston Hotel card key? Don Carpenter and Michael Carpenter from AIS both were given the generic card. Needless to say, I was embarrassed and reminded the hotel desk to only use the AIS-sponsored key cards. We officially kicked off the convention with the traditional Welcome Cocktail Party on Wednesday night. The event was again sponsored by Automatic Ice Systems and became the traditional ice breaker with an open bar for the party duration and more canapes than could possibly be consumed by our attendees.

"Our tag line of 'Ice you can trust' has the ring of truth to it that we want all our customers to understand." - Stan Thursday morning started with morning greetings in the hotel restaurant followed by coffee with our supplier members in the foyer of the meeting and display hall. Following coffee, the general assembly was addressed by Pedro Torres to set the tone and explain how the convention would proceed. Our first presentation was a guest who is a customer of several of our Spanish ice producers, Juan Carlos Martinez and Ivan Garcia of Mercadona S.A. Mercadona is a grocery chain with over 1600 sales outlets throughout Spain. Juan Carlos spoke about the corporate philosophy regarding packaged ice and how it fits into their mix of products sold. One very important point that was made clear is the expectation by their customers and guarantee from Mercadona as to the quality that Mercadona products have in order to maintain the confidence of their customers. That requirement for quality extends to all packaged ice being supplied only from HACCP-certified packaged ice producers. Juan Carlos' presentation was followed by a lively questionand-answer session that continued until the mid-morning coffee and refreshment break sponsored by Patkol and Wessamat. Patkol and Wessamat again this year sponsored all four coffee and refreshment breaks strategically placed to enhance the mingling of producers and supplier members in the convention meeting areas. Our thanks go out to other sponsors for 2018 that have not already been mentioned; Leer, for sponsoring the name tag lanyards we each were provided during registration and wore throughout the convention; Coalza, IMC, and Polimur (each contributing to our evening festivities); and Ice World Journal (the IWJ is sent to each member quarterly at no cost to you) for helping to promote the future of packaged ice in Europe and around the world. Prior to lunch we had a panel discussion about how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) affects all commerce today and how some of our supplier members provide products and technical support to help our ice producers and other supplier members incorporate IIoT components and procedures in their supply chain, production, sales, distribution, and back-office activities to stay competitive in this fast changing industry. I introduced the topic with some industry experiences and then introduced the panel for open audience participation. Our panel consisted of Don Carpenter, AIS; Darrel Mount, Keet

16 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

From top left, counter-clockwise Ice Art Fleet, EPIA Banquet, panel discussion, Ice Plant Tour, Polish Packaged Ice, Plant Tour, Ice Plant Tour

Consulting; Jason Dulle, Modern; and Ben Albregts, Leer. The panel discussion continued for 30-40 minutes and served the purpose that was intended. Supplier and producer members conversed before the general assembly and shared ideas and experiences for all to learn. One interesting point that surfaced is that our producer members are of vastly different sizes and number of production facilities, but all understand the importance of automation and facility expansion in a methodical and well planned approach to reduce unnecessary equipment disposal when plants are expanded. Most, if not all, indicated that the plant expansion planning takes into account starting with equipment capable of more production than initially needed so that increased production does not always require scrapping current equipment, but rather December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 17

18 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

adding components to maximize the unused capacity of existing equipment. Wrocław has a beautiful town center. Like so many European cities, the center is the focus of life for the residents and tourists. We were treated to a team building event sponsored by IMC S.A. this year that was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. One of Wrocław’s most popular, memorable and iconic attractions is not a cathedral, not a castle or monument, but a legion of little people: gnomes, or ‘krasnale’ (in local parlance). In Wrocław’s city center, these merry munchkins are simply ubiquitous - constantly dotting doorways, alleyways and street corners. You may well overlook the first few that cross your path, but inevitably – and often literally - you will stumble upon these popular local resident objects. Our team building challenge was to find a specific seventeen of these gnomes hidden in plain sight on the streets. This was somewhat challenging in the dark after sundown, but the winner was rewarded with a bottle of Polish vodka while we ate more Polish food and listened to a jam session at the Liverpool Bar in the basement of a building near the city center.

Found outside the city jail is a prisoner enjoying the sunshine and this Sisyphean task performed by two gnomes working against each other on the main walkway near the center of town where these 20 spheres were found.

Two very important topics were on the agenda prior to lunch and then further mingling with our supplier members during the entire afternoon.

The next morning we were once again treated to a very informative and enjoyable presentation from another guest, Alex Abuafia of Bell’s Pure Ice at Bell’s Pure Ice is the largest packaged ice producer in Australia and provided the general assembly the story of Bell’s Pure Ice and its idea of the packaged ice industry moving forward. We were all impressed with Alex’s strategy for keeping entrepreneurial family ideas and young energy in each branch of the business as it grew to the current size. This presentation was followed by Pedro Torres explaining the results of the marketing survey conducted by Baker-Tilly, a market research organization in Spain. In summary a SWOT analysis was provided along with some indication of market penetration in the EU countries. This study can be found on the EPIA website in the “members only” section. The BoD will use this information to determine marketing initiatives for 2018 and beyond.

As a group, we discussed the options of where the ten-year anniversary of our official founding of the EPIA in Seville Spain in 2008 should be held in 2018. The proposed locations were as follows: London, Paris, Malta, South Africa, and Venice. When we took the vote and counted the ballots, it was confirmed that Venice had the most interest and the tentative dates are 17 through 20 October 2018. As such, Jose Ramirez of Premium Italia SRL will be our host for the convention. This will be a first, since Premium Italia has only just joined the EPIA this year and has a newly built factory near Venice. Talk about membership initiation! The BoD and staff look forward to working with Jose to once again make the annual convention the culmination of another successful year for the EPIA members. After the fun of selecting the next party place, we heard from each of the members who felt a responsibility and desire to serve on the 2018 Board of Directors. The 2017 President, Pedro Torres, having served on the Board as Treasurer

December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 19

during our transition from Germany to Spain and for the last two years as President/Chairman, resigned to allow an opening on the Board and encourage more members to join the BoD. After each aspiring member had a moment to speak, we voted by secret ballot (one ballot per member company). The results were as follows: PRESIDENT/CHAIRMAN |

Francisco Wendt

Francisco is now the fifth person to hold this position of President/Chairman. He previously served as Treasurer for two years and will provide the calm levelheadedness to lead the EPIA during 2018. VICE PRESIDENT | Jack Stensland Jack was re-elected to the position he held in 2017.

Found outside the city jail is a prisoner enjoying the sunshine and this Sisyphean task performed by two gnomes two working against each other on the main walkway near the center of town where these 20 spheres were found.

A Quote from Stan "All I can do to summarize the 2017 convention is to say 'Wow, what a ride!' See you all in Venice in 2018."

TREASURER | Stuart Bean Stuart serves as the CFO of Eskimo Ice and will help mold the restructuring of the EPIA financial system along with Francisco’s overall guidance. The restructuring is to offload some of the Treasurer’s activities to our bookkeeper and accountant contractors. This will allow more member participation on the BoD in the future by negating the need for our Treasurer to have an accounting background.


Alberto Carvajal

Alberto works at Keith Walking Floor and resides in Madrid. Alberto will add a fresh ear to producer ideas and encourage producer member involvement in activities during the year. PRODUCER REPRESENTATIVE |

Lars Christensen

Lars was re-elected from the 2017 BoD where he held the same position.

20 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

The celebration for the Gala Dinner was held in the hotel ballroom and we were treated to African fire dancers and a carved ice sculpture set on fire by Frank de Conynck. We were simply delighted by the roasted pigs that were being carved for our culinary enjoyment (WOW! They were so sweet, tender, and delicious.) Did I mention that the evening was greatly enhanced by copious amounts of food, disco lights, and dancing while trying to consume the seemingly never ending wine and vodka provided in large ice buckets on all tables throughout the ballroom? As always, our annual conventions must come to an end. This year we visited the factory of our host, Wieslaw Swierzynski of Ice Art, where we were treated to a tour of one of the largest ice block manufacturing factories on Europe. Of course, eating traditional Polish sausages and beef barbequed over charcoal as we participated in the annual ice bag throwing contest was the perfect ending to our convention. Once again we should have known to disqualify Phillip Marr from entering the contest for being a professional ice bag thrower because he’s won every year since the York contest in 2012! Phil, we will give you an enduring trophy if you agree to stand down and let us mere mortals compete. Finally, we must all thank Maryse Prior. Maryse, our Correspondence Secretary, works throughout the year to keep the EPIA running smoothly. Without Maryse all the questions you have during the year and things you see at the convention would not be there. I think of Maryse as a beautiful mother duck with her ducklings (we members) gliding over a still lake. Above the water everything is serene and controlled, but below Maryse’s feet are paddling as fast as they can go. I think it is safe to say that each of us in the EPIA owe our EPIA existence to Maryse. Thank you, Maryse. All I can do to summarize the 2017 convention is to say "Wow, what a ride!" See you all in Venice in 2018.


Industry mourns loss of Talmadge Reed, Sr. Mr. Talmadge Bowers Reed, Sr., 88, entered into rest on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at University Hospital, Augusta (Georgia). Mr. Reed, son of the late Fletcher and Era Lois Bowers Reed, was a lifelong resident of Lincoln County. He followed in his father’s footsteps in the poultry business and as he matured, he grew the poultry processing business from humble beginnings and became a major supplier of processed poultry in east central Georgia and parts of South Carolina until he sold the business in the 1980’s. In addition to the poultry industry, Mr. Talmadge was also successful in many other business endeavors during the 1970’s, including the home construction industry, forestry products and Talmadge Reed Chevrolet. Later, he fostered more businesses including Reed Ice Company, Reed

Propane, the Reed Cylinder Exchange and Reed Trucking. A visionary public servant, many improvements were made through his service of 36 years as a Lincoln County District Commissioner. In addition, he had been involved in many community organizations including Lincolnton F&AM #354, Athletic Booster Club, and Pine Grove United Methodist Church where he served in many capacities. He was preceded in death by his wife, Kathleen Wright Reed, brothers, Mack Reed, Howard Reed, Lester Reed, Evelyn Thigpen and infant brother, Clarence Reed. Survivors include daughters, Kathy Reed McWhorter and husband, Tom, and Havalyn Reed; sons, Kenneth Reed and wife, Debby and Tab Reed and wife, Sherri all of Lincolnton; sister, Glenda Hines of

Evans, Ga.; 11 grandchildren and 14 greatgrandchildren; and special friend, Virginia Aycock.

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Receiver 12’ x 30” with warming loop used with Vogt ice makerLike new condition - $6,000.00


Toshiba 125 HP Motor, Premium Efficiency

• 140 ft. York herring bone • 4 ton bridge crane • Two Tuffy upenders • Perfection block scorers • Tip tables • 14 can filler Plus other equipment

Contact Kyle at Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp.

(631) 727-3010 or (516) 790-6842


Call Gary Evans, Clayville Ice Co., Inc.

(315) 839-5405

40’ Frick herring bone coil & new coil 1,800 block ice 40 gal. cans, 50 36-can grids, 2 5-HP Pond Agitators 2 Shephard Niles 9–ton cranes, 40’ span, controls, spare parts


50 ton Turbo TIGAR ice maker, 2 CB 50 Turbo rakes and controls Compressors: 150 HP FES screw, 350 HP Frick screw, 4 – CrePaco 100 HP recips. Accumulators, Surge vessels, receiver, valves & VFD controls 20 HP fan IMECO & 50 HP BAC evaporative condensers

Plastic liners for clear block makers $1.24/ea

Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice Company, Gloucester, MA

Reusable drip pans – from $6.50/ea

Tel. 978-283-0174; email:

Over 500 items in stock for Ice Carvers

or (440) 717-1940

ICE FOR SALE Vogt Mini tube ice, 8, 20 & 40 lb. bags. All ice is screened, palletized & stretch wrapped. We deliver or you pick up. Our water is treated with ozone for sterilization. No Chlorine Added!

Martin's Ice Company

Phone (717) 733-7968 or fax (717) 733-1981 PA December 2017 │ REFRIGERATION Magazine 25




(1) Vogt P118 Reconditioned, runs on R404 Freon (1) Mini Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Mid Tube Vogt, air-cooled 404 Freon (1) Rebuilt CB P118 Call Charlie Bolton (Houston, TX)

(713) 643-0573 FOR SALE

2005 12 Ton Kamco Bin in good condition. $5000. Contact Greg LeBlanc at Orange County Ice, Bridge City, TX

(409) 920-0037 WANTED Vogt 6000 and Vogt 9000 Call Charlie Bolton Houston, TX

(713) 643-0573

4 P118 7/8 tube with cooling towers, 16 ton Kamco steel bin, 1 Matthiessen VLS top load bagger and 1 bottom load bagger. 4 Hamer 125 bag tiers Screw conveyors with drive motors

For information call Tom

(817) 475-2459 COMPLETE ICE PLANT FOR SALE P24 Freon Vogt w/ cooling tower (no compressor) P18 Freon Vogt w/ compressor (no cooling tower) Matthiesen 10 ton bin Screw conveyors from maker to bin Matthiesen bottom feed bagger

Visit f or more info

email call (210) 842-1977

WEST BUSINESS FOR SALE Full service ice manufacturing and water purification business for sale. Located in western Arizona on three parcels with living quarters consisting of one bedroom. Two 10-ton ice machines as well as commercial water purification system. Too many assets to list: trucks with refrigeration, store front with 24-hour vending, trucks with 10,000+ water tanks, over 60 ice merchandisers. Solid customer base in addition to seasonal contractors during growing seasons. Owners wish to retire.

Please call 928-859-4233.

26 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

ICE CRUSHER/SNOW BLOWER FOR SALE Snow Blower-Tri-Pak 300lb. Block Ice Crusher/Blower on Tandem Trailer. Ford 300 Inline 6 Industrial Gas Engine Original owner, well-maintained, very clean, unabused machine! Will sling ice 70'. In Southern California.

Will ship anywhere!

$29,000 Call (661) 269-2093

Modern works with packaged ice clients who face increasing costs and require financing solutions and technical and engineering assistance to decrease downtime and increase their profits.

Modern helps those clients with sales and terms programs, the best equipment and automation solutions, our Freeze Force technical support team, and by utilizing the best buying practices and inventory controls. Contact us to review your critical concerns – we are the company to partner with to create solutions for your business!



Learn more about Modern at



28 REFRIGERATION Magazine │ December 2017

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