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Mark Lyttleton

Geneva, Switzerland

Mark Lyttleton is a professional business mentor, angel investor and speaker. In addition to providing entrepreneurs with the funding and business advice necessary to get their venture off the ground, Mr Lyttleton also mentors aspiring business leaders on a personal level, providing them with the tools and coping mechanisms necessary to deal with the significant pressures of building and operating a successful business. Mr Lyttleton currently has stakes in 40 separate business ventures, having guided many early stage businesses created with the objective of achieving a positive planetary impact. Mark Lyttleton attended the University of York, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree with honours. He spent much of his career at Mercury Asset Management, which later became Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and then Blackrock. During his time with the company, Mr Lyttleton launched the trailblazing UK Absolute Alpha fund, which he grew to more than $4 billion of assets.