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Winter 20-21

We don't just entertain...we change lives!

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What Lies Beyond This Moment by Michael Cochran Market House Theatre and our Board of Directors have been focused on the future beyond the current pandemic year. This past year has been filled with challenges but has also forced us to think about what MHT wants to be after we come out of this and to really take a hard look at “the way we’ve always done things.” It is fitting that the culmination of our Next Stage project this spring, really will set the theatre on a new path for the future. The old Finkel building is being transformed from a 1900’s clothing store into a theatre arts space. The building which was originally five separate buildings cobbled together, over time will be reconfigured as we enlarge the back one-story section opening up a larger space for dance and music recitals as well as new theatre opportunities. This past week the play selection committee finished reading the 12 finalist plays for the 2022 AACT New Play Fest. MHT was selected from theatres across the country to do the world premiere of one of the winners from the competition. We read some exciting new works, and when AACT gives us permission,

we will announce the winner that we will produce in the 58th Season. This is part of a continuing effort the theatre has been making to produce new work. In September of 2019, MHT produced the world premiere of Something Dark. In December of 2020, we produced the world premiere of The

future performance space Christmas Book. As a playwright I can tell you that finding theatres willing to workshop or produce a first production of a script is very difficult. Theatres mostly want to do well known titles that everyone has heard of. Our new studio theatre space will give MHT the opportunity to do some workshops of new works that allow writers to hear their plays read and audiences to give feedback for the first time. This is invaluable in developing a play for future production. It also gives MHT the ability to cast more local actors in workshop productions to gain performing experience without the big budget demand of a fully produced show. In our regular Signature Season about half of the plays we select are new titles for our audiences. With this new studio theatre space in the old Finkel building, MHT has reached out to Kentucky Playwrights and asked them to submit up to 2 scripts for possible workshop or production in our 58th season. So far we have received almost 10 scripts for our reading committee to review.

These new opportunities added to our increased theatre and dance educational programming from the new classrooms finished in 2020 really do add a new layer of excitement about MHT’s future. We want to take a lead role as a community arts organization in creating new work and new visions for what local theatre and the performing arts can be that impact the arts across the state and country. MHT has been recognized for many years as a national leader in community theatre performance and educational programming. This is the culmination of the work the theatre has done over the past 10 years to create our campus of historic buildings preserving and revitalizing Paducah’s downtown with a vision to grow Paducah’s national reputation as a community that people want to live, work, and create in.

February 4 - 14

Welcome to the farm! There is something magical about being in the theatre, watching a story unfold before your eyes, laughing, crying, gasping, even mourning with the people around you to make you feel less alone. It’s a truly communal experience. And what’s more, when the story is as beloved and well known as Charlotte’s Web, it’s a real treat. We all remember E. B. White’s story of a little pig and the friends who help fight for his life including Fern, the girl who nurses him to health, and Charlotte, the spider who spins words of praise for him into her web. It’s a sweet, endearing story cherished by generations of children. So, the mission to stage this production for live audiences is one we at the Market House are thrilled to be undertaking.

The cast is comprised of Market House veterans and newcomers alike. Abbie Dawson (James and the Giant Peach) who played a baby spider last time we staged Charlotte’s Web returns to the production as Wilbur. The Arable family is played by several familiar faces including Christopher Burnett (Making God Laugh) as John, Morgan Workman (The Rainbow Fish) as Martha, Carson Chesnut (The Rainbow Fish) as Avery, and Ashlyn Garner (Stuart Little) as Fern. Phillip Chesnut (James and the Giant Peach) plays Homer Zuckerman alongside Jalin Burnette (The Outsiders) as Edith and Nate Blossom (James and the Giant Peach) as the excitable farmhand, Lurvy. Our barnyard of animals is played by several newcomers to the Market House stage including Addyson Johnson as Goose, Kara Brien as Sheep, and C.S. Page as Lamb. MHT veterans Jude Williams (Ramona Quimby) plays the Gander and Wilson Page (Stuart Little) is Templeton. In the titular role of Charlotte we have Karly Jones (Disney's Frozen Jr.). Additionally, we have a chorus of narrators who weave the story together for us played by Aspyn Burnett (Ramona Quimby), Dagny Page (Disney's Frozen Jr.), and CoryOn Brooks (The Rainbow Fish). Charlotte’s Web is directed by MHT Education Director Emily Griff in, with Technical Direction by Michael Cochran, Set Design by Tom Hansen, and Costume Design by Angela Hoerner. Caleb Buford is Stage Managing the production. There are many things that feel very different about staging a production at this particular moment in time, but one thing will never change and that is the community and love that grows through the process. We are delighted to share this tender show with our greater community and look forward to welcoming you back in February.

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When E. B. White wrote Charl otte’s Web, he wante d to be as scientific as possi ble even when it came to namin g Charl otte. Her name is Charl otte A. Cavat ica based on the scientific name Arane us cavat icus, which is just a fancy name for a comm on barn spide r.

Can you find them all?

Can you guess which chara cter wasn’ t part of the story until the final draft? It wasn’ t Wilbu r and it wasn’ t Charl otte... .it was Fern! Can you imagi ne this story witho ut the love betwe en Fern and her rescu ed pig? We certai nly can’ t!


E .B . Wh it e wa s a n e xc e p ti o na ll y ta le nte d a u th o r o f c h ild re n ’s book s in c lu d in g a n o th e r st o ry yo u ma y have se e n o n th e M a rk e t Ho use st a g e la st se a so n. Ca n yo u g u e ss w h a t it wa s? Stua rt Lit tl e is th e a nsw e r to tha t ri d d le .

Despite White’s efforts to be as scientific as possible, the illustrator of the book wanted to draw Charlotte with the face of a woman to make her look more friendly and charming. It didn’ t work out and science prevailed.

Yo u may kn ow th e na m e E . B . Whi te as th e au th or of Cha rl otte ’s Web , bu t do yo u kn ow w ha t E . B . st an ds fo r? If yo u gu es se d Elw yn B ro ok s. ... you wou ld be corr ec t!

In a typical year, class fees and ticket sales account for about 38% of the Market House Theatre budget. Our 57th Season has proven to be nowhere near a typical year, thanks to the pandemic. In light of restrictions and safety measures, we had to cancel some of our summer programming and we still have to limit our ticket sales to live shows, which makes a big impact on our operational budget. Thankfully, we’ve sustained a good bit of local support to re-open our theatre and keep the programming going! That local support includes a very faithful group of sponsors who believe that the arts and arts education are a vital part of our community. Two of those sponsors include Computer Services Inc. (CSI) and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. We appreciate the dedication of our sponsors and their support of our programming both on-stage and off. If your company is interested in playing a part of Market House Theatre, we always have opportunities available for you. Contact Ronda Gibson at 270.444.6828 x 103 for details.



In business for more than 50 years, CSI has been a key sponsor for our Signature Series programming for well over a decade. In 2016, they made the jump to a Gold Sponsorship, one of only two sponsors this year at that level. They’ve also made a significant contribution to our Next Stage project, allowing Market House Theatre to expand its campus and provide more programming than ever before. “For many years, CSI has been an avid supporter of the Market House Theatre,” says CSI President and COO, David Culbertson. “ We love that our local community is blessed with so many cultural offerings, including performances, workshops, classes, and education in the schools. The theatre touches many generations in Paducah, and across our region, through its various arts programs. Many thanks to Director Michael Cochran, his staff, and the theatre’s many volunteers for their time, talent and dedication.” We thank you too, CSI, for your continued dedication to community and the arts.

Education Sponsor Spotlight The Ronald McDonald House Charities, one of our long-time Imagination Level Sponsors, was founded in 1992 with a mission to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. Cathy Elliot, who represents RMHC in western Kentucky, southern Illinois and southeast Missouri says there’s no better way for students to learn and retain information than by having fun while being taught – and we agree! Market House's Theatre in Schools program helps teachers achieve this goal by connecting core content to arts education. Students learn language arts, math, science, and social studies while also participating in theatre arts, proving that learning can happen while having fun! Cathy says, “Ronald McDonald House Charities has been a strong supporter of Theatre in Schools for many years. We have seen firsthand how engaged the students are when Theatre in Schools is visiting their classroom. We are so proud that, with our support, young people our region are having a positive impact from this program. Our schools are fortunate to have Theatre in Schools to add another dimension to educating their students and RMHC is happy to sponsor a program that is truly enriching children's lives.”

MHT Tribute Gifts: Recognize Someone You Love by Ronda Gibson

Ever find yourself scratching your head, wishing you could find the perfect gift for someone, but coming up short on ideas? Entertain this thought: you could make a tribute gift in their honor to Market House Theatre! Double win! What is a tribute gift, you ask? A tribute gift is a way to celebrate a life, a friendship, a birthday, or an anniversary ( just to name a few). You can choose a gift in honor of someone or in the memory of a beloved friend or family member. If you wish, we will send a card to them or, in the case of a memorial, a family member letting them know a gift has been made in their or their loved one’s honor. We’ll also recognize the tribute in our Signature Series playbills for a 12-month period. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we can do that too. Tributes are welcome all year long and we make it easy for you. You can use our online donation form found at or send a check to: Tribute Gifts; Market House Theatre; 132 Market House Square; Paducah, KY 42001. Your gift provides a meaningful way to recognize someone important in your life and helps Market House Theatre fulfill its mission of providing affordable arts and arts education opportunities to our region. If you have any questions, call or email Ronda Gibson, our development director, at 270.442.6828 x 103. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Coming up at MHT!

February 1: DanceMHT starts back! February 4 - 14: Charlotte's Web February 5 & 6: Footlights starts back! February 8 & 9: Auditions for Steel Magnolias February 11 - 14: Charlotte's Web on Broadway on Demand March 4 - 21: Rounding Third April 8 - 25: Steel Magnolias

MHT Education Interaction! Fa m il y T h e a t r e Ga m e N

Looking for ways to spice up family game night? Here is a favorite from our Education Director, Emily Griffin!

ig h t !

Mime Down the Line! 1.

This game is a lot like telephone, only you don’ t get to talk!

As a family, stand in a single file line.

We support the Market House Theatre.


Paducah, KY Heath Bowling, CFP® 1249 Broadway 270-444-6220

Benjamin C Brazzell, CFA 4965 Village Square Dr. Suite C 270-442-5636

AJ Collins 3520 Lone Oak Rd. Suite A 270-554-6585

Laura A Duff, CRPC® 3235 Olivet Church Rd Suite H 270-442-3483

Matthew P Moore 1249 Broadway 270-444-6220

Rick Robertson, AAMS® 88 Plantation Drive 270-554-4361

Chris Sims, AAMS® 222 Kentucky Ave Suite 8 270-444-9867

Blake R Summarell, CFP® 4720 Village Square Dr Suite C 270-554-2082

Bryan Shumate 4740 Hansen Rd 270-554-2083

Kurt Sutton 2801 Wayne Sullivan Dr 270-415-9239

Adam Whiteside 131 Nahm St. Suite 1 270-558-4968

Member SPIC

Crissy N Bundren, AAMS® 5446 Reidland Road 270-898-4830


The person at the end of the line (the caboose, as I like to call them), is going to think of an can be anything, like a toaster, a fire extinguisher, a banana - whatever you can think of!


Once they have thought of their object, they will tap on the shoulder of the person in front of them who will then turn to face them. The caboose begins to act out the object.


Once the person in front of them thinks they know the object, they will give the caboose a thumbs up, then turn to tap the person in front of them.


Play continues until the first person in line has a chance to guess the object. Once they think they know it, let everyone in line share what they thought the object was. The caboose will let them know if they were right. Play as many times as you would like! I like to go until each person has had a chance to be the caboose.

Judd Malone 4975 Alben Barkley Drive Suite 2 270-441-7686

Have fun with it, and if you happen to snap a picture of your family playing, share it with us on Facebook @ Market House Theatre!

March 4 - 21, 2021

Written by

Richard Dresser

Rounding Third is the tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches, through an entire season, from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. Don is a coach who believes that winning is what is most important in baseball, and he is all about the game. Michael is his assistant coach, a businessman

who believes that kids should have fun when they play baseball. These conflicting personalities instantly clash. Don's kid is the star pitcher of the team, and Michael's kid can barely remember to keep his shoelaces tied. The audience is the stand-in for the team, so the coaches speak directly to the audience about competition, character, punctuality, and the importance of wearing the right equipment. The two-man cast consists of Steve Schwetman, last seen in Eternity and Josh Morehead, last seen in Something Dark. Rounding Third is directed by Michael Cochran.

Tickets on sale February 15!

Purchase by calling the Box Off ice at 270.444.6828

MHT class registration is now online! DanceMHT and Footlights start back the first week of February - be sure to get registered!

market house theatre

thank you to our 2020 - 2021 season & education sponsors! The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency, provides operational support funding for Market House Theatre with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts



grants Drs. Rheanel & Blair Tolar



AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC • Atlas Door of Paducah • Barbara & Jimmy Allen • Atmos Energy • Eyewear Express • FNB Bank • Henneberger & Flynn Insurance Agency, Inc. • Peel & Holland Insurance • Rotary Club of Paducah • Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub

CREATIVITY Jean L. Truitt & Family Arts-in-Education Initiatives





Jean L. Truitt & Family Arts-in-Education Initiatives

AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC • Atlas Door of Paducah • Barbara & Jimmy Allen • Atmos Energy • Eyewear Express • FNB Bank • Henneberger & Flynn Insurance Agency, Inc. • Peel & Holland Insurance • Rotary Club of Paducah • Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub


Drs. Rheanel & Blair Tolar


grants The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency, provides operational support funding for Market House Theatre with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts



market house theatre thank you to our 2020 - 2021 season & education sponsors!

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