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Fall 2020

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a word fromthe


Our 'Dark ' Theatre Meets the Sun by Michael Cochran It’s hard to believe that fall has started; it’s been a busy summer at the theatre! When COVID-19 first hit and we had to shut our doors in March mid-show, we just weren't sure what that was going to mean for our programming. After many weeks of uncertainty, planning and replanning, we decided to start the summer out with virtual summer workshops for May and June. Finally, in July and August we were able to transition to some in-person, outdoor classes in Market House Square. All the while, the new, outdoor MHT Courtyard was taking shape. That space was created with a vision to allow outdoor programming in a time when indoors just wasn't feasible. Now, here we are in September with Footlights and dance classes back in session! The MHT Courtyard, thankfully, has seen quite a few performances outside this summer and we were ecstatic to welcome back audiences for Playtimes' Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood, with a staged play reading, with Love Letters and now with The Rainbow Fish - the first show in our Family Series for this season. We were also pleased to have Opera in Overalls on our outdoor stage - a brand new theatrical opera education group from two MHT alumni, the very talented Emily Black and Maria Miller. As we head out of summer and into the fall, we will take down the stage and the scaffolding in our back courtyard at the end of October in preparation for work on a more permanent setup for the courtyard. I definitely won’t miss climbing up and down that scaffolding every time we have thunderstorms in the forecast! It’s been a challenge to keep programming going with 3/4 of our production staff still laid off due to the pandemic. However, we're doing all that we can to keep the show going on. We just held auditions for the first show of our 57th Signature Season which opens in November and we are happily receiving season ticket renewals. We’ve just posted the River City

Downtown Walking Ghost Tours and Oak Grove Cemetery Lantern Tours for October as well. All of these events have been scaled down and socially distanced with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting to follow COVID-19 protocols from the Event Safety Alliance, Healthy at Work guidelines from the state and local health departments. Donations Keep Us Going Some of the bright spots in the past few months have been the incredible support from donors who helped raise double the amount we did last year from the Paxton Challenge. The opportunity presented by the Community Foundation of West KY and the Fred and Peggy Paxton Endowment Fund have been a real blessing to the theatre over the years. This year that opportunity was especially important. The additional $20,000 raised this year above what we raised last year will help the theatre cover the upfront costs of getting a season started and pay for the additional cleaning and disinfecting that have to be done between classes and rehearsals. Many of these cost were a significant increase over what we had to pay last year. In addition, by putting season ticket funds into a reserve account so that we could provide timely refunds if needed, we suddenly didn’t have funds for royalties and production costs upfront to get the shows ready before opening. We still depend on all of the annual donations we receive throughout the year and this additional support has been critical to keep the theatre on firm financial footing. MHT has operated in the black for several years and we intend to keep up that practice. We are a nonprofit that depends on covering 50% of our operational budget from contributions, and the other 50% from earned income from ticket sales and class fees to balance our budgets. With earned income this year going to be significantly reduced, your contributions are more important than ever and we are extremely grateful for the support we have received so far.

Reopening Readiness

As we move indoors in November for the opening of our 57th season, it’s important to share our reopening plans, designed to keep everyone safe while also having a good time. Here are some of the measures the theatre will be taking: • Reduced audience capacity by 75% - only having 50 seats per performance. • Seating will be socially distanced - at least two seats of distance will be between seating groups on the sides and 6’ of clear space behind and in front. • Face masks will be required for all audience members for the entire performance. We have learned from other theatres that have already performed for thousands of audience members since last June, that having the audience wear masks during the performance is the most important protocol in preventing any transmission of the virus. MHT will follow this success and require all of our audiences to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose for the entire performance inside the theatre. • At-home ticket printing is encouraged to reduce handing out tickets at the show or sending them in the mail. • All playbills will be digital for this season so you can look ahead of time on your computer or your smart phone. The primary information about the play will also be projected on the screen before the performance. • Seating will start 45 minutes before show time instead of our usual 30 minutes - to give audiences more time to get to their seats. • There are multiple entry and exit points for the shows to avoid large group gatherings in the lobby. • Reducing the amount of “ touch points” and providing hand sanitizer at entrances. • Enhanced cleaning eff orts including cleaning and disinfecting all seats, and touch surfaces before every performance with a CDC-approved products and cleaning and disinfecting restrooms before the show and again before intermission. • We have increased our HVAC filtering capacity by installing equipment that filters out 99.5% of viruses as the units run continuously during the performances. • Because of reduced capacity, we will add additional performances so that our season ticket holders can have their same seats or same night to see the show. • We are securing the streaming rights to some of our plays so that audience members who are unable to attend in person will have the opportunity to see the production from the comfort of their home. • The ticket exchange policy now allows exchanges up to show time for any reason. • We have selected shows that are a little shorter in length with smaller casts. • Because of the requirement to wear masks, we will not off er concessions or the bar during the shows. However, we will be offering bottled water at intermission that can be consumed outside the theatre.

"These many changes and actions will allow us to continue to provide award-winning entertainment to our region and continue to provide educational programming in our classrooms and in the schools. The theatre has faced many challenges over the years and this one like so many other challenges has forced us to come up with creative solutions. I feel confident that with the guidance fromour board of directors and the hard work of our staff and volunteers, the 57th season will still be a success and one that we will all be proud of now and into the future." - Michael Cochran, Executive Director

Keeping Our People Safe We are also practicing #HealthyatWork with our performers, staff, and volunteers. • Actors are rehearsing with masks and all props are disinfected each night before rehearsal and performances. • With smaller casts, we are giving cast members socially distanced space in the dressing rooms and backstage areas. The only time the casts will not wear masks is during performance of the show but they will be 12-15 feet from the audience front row and will be wearing masks in backstage areas where others are gathered. • We will do socially distanced staging in our rehearsals and performances. • We have not scheduled any musical performances with actors singing until next June with Jesus Christ Superstar the final show of the 57th season. • Staff work in separate areas - always more than six feet apart. Masks are worn whenever staff come within six feet of each other. • Work places are cleaned regularly. • Masks are worn at all classes and temperature checks are being administered.

an interview with

Jennifer Miller

Costumer for The Rainbow Fish

Q: When you first heard the plan for Rainbow Fish - where did your design inspiration come from? A: I remember reading the book when I was in elementary school so I immediately found it online to reread. It's a wonderful book and the visuals are stunning! I wanted to design a show that represents the original as Rainbow Fish is a well-known and well-loved character. Q: What was it like building puppets for this show? What were some challenges you faced and what were your solutions? A: This is the best challenge I have ever taken on as I have never made a puppet before! To design and build puppets is completely different from clothing. There are mechanics involved and every element has to work together to create a successful puppet. For Rainbow Fish, we wanted his mouth to open and fins to move so a frame had to be built first with working parts before he could be covered with fabric and completed. Q: How many fish will you end up with at the end of the build? A: There are 9 characters in the show but we're also adding a few ‘background’ characters. For example, a giant purple jellyfish! Q: How many hours have you put into this build? A: I work on the show every day and have been for the past few weeks! I’m measuring actors, designing costumes, creating and sewing costumes, fitting actors, and working hard to make this a fantastic performance. Q: What are some of the challenges of outdoor shows and double casting in terms of costuming? A: I personally love outdoor performances, I think they're the perfect summertime activity. For costuming, you have to be aware of the weather during performances so you can costume actors appropriately. (You don’t want your actor to

be onstage in a winter coat when it's 100 degrees out!) Double casting means some of our costumes will need to be made in multiples. Luckily, I’ve designed the fish costumes where it will fit both actors playing that role. Q: In terms of costuming, how is MHT keeping the actors safe? A: The costume department is taking COVID-19 safety very seriously. I made ditty bags (a hangable bag with lots of pockets) for each actor so they have a clean, safe place backstage to store their personal belongings. Shared costumes will also be sanitized between each performance so actors won’t have to worry about germs. Q: What was your favorite part of building Rainbow Fish? A: All the puppets and fabulous fabrics and sparkle and, well, just about everything! Q: Tell us a little about you - how long you’ve been at MHT, some of your other experience, etc. A: I’ve been working at Market House Theatre a little over a year. I moved from Philadelphia where I was working at the Walnut Street Theatre. Before that I was in Bournemouth, England getting my bachelor's degree in Costume and Performance Design! I’m very excited to be part of the MHT family and work in my dream field. Q: Anything else you want to tell us about costuming at MHT? What’s your favorite part? A: I love all the wonderful people who I have met since moving to Paducah! This is the best decision I have ever made and I hope to work with MHT for many years to come. It truly is a community theatre and now more than ever we need the community's help. Both to keep theatre alive and to continue to thrive after this pandemic is over. I’m so excited for performances to start back up!

the more he gave away Well-known for his beautiful shimmering scales, the Rainbow Fish is the envy of the reef. Fawned over and beloved, all of the attention seems to have gone to his head so when the Little Fish musters up the courage to ask him to share one of those shiny scales, the Rainbow Fish loses his cool along with the adoration of the other fish in the reef. Not sure where else to turn, the Rainbow Fish is encouraged to seek the wisdom of the Octopus who helps him to see that happiness doesn’t always come from what we have, but in how we give. The Rainbow Fish is adapted by Austin Zumbro, from the book written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister, and translated into English by J. Alison James.

Carson Chesnut The Rainbow Fish Star Cast

CoryOn Brooks The Rainbow Fish Rainbow Cast

Lucia Martin Pufferfish/Sardine Star Cast

Lilly Watson Pufferfish/Sardine Rainbow Cast

the happier he became!

The Rainbow Fish performs in the new MHT Courtyard running Sept. 24 - 27 and Oct. 1 - 4. The show has two casts that will alternate performance nights. Seating will be in socially distant "pods" which can comfortably hold a family of 4 or 5. The Rainbow cast consists of CoryOn Brooks in his second MHT show as The Rainbow Fish, newcomer Owen Enlow as Little Fish, MHT veteran Therese Watson as Starfish, her sister and another MHT veteran Lilly Watson as Pufferfish/Sardine, MHT veteran Maddie Englert as Clownfish/ Hermit Crab, and newcomer Morgan Workman as Ms. Minnow/Octopus. The Rainbow cast performs on September 24, 26, Oct. 2, 4.

Zurinia Ames Little Fish Star Cast

Owen Enlow Little Fish Rainbow Cast

meet our

Madison Miller Clownfish/Hermit Crab Star Cast

Maddie Englert Clownfish/Hermit Crab Star Rainbow

The Star cast features MHT veteran Carson Chesnut as Rainbow Fish, newcomer Zurinia Ames as Little Fish, another newcomer Sam Eichelberger as Starfish, returning MHT actor Lucia Martin as Pufferfish/ Sardine, Madison Miller in her second MHT show as Clownfish/Hermit Crab, and newcomer Morgan Workman as Ms. Minnow/Octopus. The Star cast performs September 25, 27, Oct. 1, 3. Directed by Emily Griff in with Clara Pierce, Assistant Director. Costume design by Jennifer Miller, scenic art by Kelli Salchli, and lighting/sound design by Michael Cochran.

Sam Eichelberger Starfish Star Cast

Therese Watson Starfish Rainbow Cast

Morgan Workman Ms. Minnow/Octopus Rainbow & Star Cast

funny little school of fish!

a letter fromthe


It is a vast understatement to say that 2020 has been filled with challenging moments for Market House Theatre. Yet, we have overcome these challenges and continue to see the arts flourish in our community. I have been continually amazed at the leadership and foresight demonstrated by our Executive Director, Michael Cochran, as we navigate these unfamiliar waters. Michael and his staff have worked tirelessly for months to continue providing arts education to our students and quality entertainment using the Theatre’s new outdoor space. This team has devoted hours to working with board members to develop a reopening plan that allows the Theatre to safely open its doors to our patrons this fall for indoor performances. While the 57th Season is likely to feel different for most of us, I truly believe this season’s productions will provide a much-needed respite for all who attend. From Making God Laugh to Steel Magnolias and Jesus Christ Superstar, our actors and staff have created a delightful season that is sure to bring laughter to our lives again. Who doesn’t need a little more of that right now? Thank you for all you do to support Market House Theatre, from your ongoing donations to our capital campaign and operations budget to your annual ticket purchases, we cannot provide the services that we do to this community without your support. Thanks to our volunteers and actors for allowing us to be the theatre we are today. And may we end this year with the same hope from which it launched.


Jessica Vasseur

President, Market House Theatre

Sponsor Spotlight Community support is VITAL for Market House Theatre – that’s a nobrainer because we couldn’t be here without you! We are fortunate our community embraces the arts and we are thankful for all the individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and foundations who support MHT. One very important source of funding at the operational level comes to us from sponsors. We’d like to shine the spotlight on just two of the amazing sponsors who continually help Market House Theatre change lives! Paducah Bank has been a partner to Market House Theatre for many, many years. As the returning Platinum Level sponsor for our 57 th Season, Paducah Bank is a steadfast supporter on- and offthe stage by offering production support through its Community Giving program and by leading and supporting The Next Stage Capital Campaign. Paducah Bank’s support goes beyond dollars – we are also very thankful for the volunteer support and leadership of so many of Paducah Bank’s employees, including current Board of Director and Board Secretary Chris Beal as well as Maurie McGarvey, Adrian Holloman, Bev Underwood, and Nikki Fuller. “Paducah Bank has been a proud supporter and Main Stage sponsor of the Market House Theatre for many years. We applaud the superb accomplishments of MHT as they have developed their physical footprint beyond Market House Square in order to provide greatly expanded programming for our community. In addition to their widely recognized performances, MHT provides classes and education for thousands of young people and adults throughout our region. They enrich the cultural life of our community while also preserving the historical significance and beauty of downtown Paducah. Hats off to Michael Cochran , his staff and the many volunteers who have created a successful community theater that is recognized across our country." - Joe Framptom, Paducah Bank CEO


Business Partners with MHT for the 57th Season by Ronda Gibson

As we head into the opening of our 57th season, we salute the businesses that support Market House Theatre. Sponsors and playbill advertisers play a vital role at MHT. These wonderful local businesses help with a myriad of production expenses for plays, keeping our ticket prices low. Their support absorbs some of the expenses associated with our education outreach programs, which lessen fees for schools. Those marketing and charitable giving dollars even help cover youth scholarships so that budding ballerinas with limited household resources can plie their little hearts out without overburdening their parents. Sponsors and advertisers come from a wide array of businesses and industries – from banks to chemical plants and eyewear to eldercare – and all are very important in our not-for-profit world. Whenever you see an ad in the playbill or a hear an accolade onstage, we hope that you’ll take the time to thank our supporting businesses for supporting arts and education in our community. Of course, if your business or organization would like to step into the spotlight, we would openly embrace you as much as we can from a minimum distance of 6 feet. Annual commitments start as low as $150 for advertisers and $1,250 for sponsors. To get more information, contact Ronda Gibson, our development director, at 270/444-6828 x 103.

Education Sponsor Spotlight Our Education sponsors help cover some of the costs associated with the on- and off-campus programs that provide arts education and performance opportunities for area children. We are very proud to have Hibbs Insurance Agency as our Inspiration Sponsor! Celebrating 60 years in business, the Hibbs family has been engaged with Market House Theatre since 2014, coming on board as supporters, sponsors, and Next Stage donors. We appreciate the Hibbs family’s dedication to making sure all children have access to the arts AND we very much appreciate the service of Vice-President and Agent Jason Hibbs who is serving his third term on our Board. "I feel that the education and the experiences my son Owen has at MHT have prepared him for whatever he chooses to do as an adult. The confidence to speak in front of others, the ability to “think on his feet”, along with the camaraderie of shared goals and interests between peers, it’s all there at MHT. " - Jason Hibbs Sponsorships fill an important role in Market House Theatre’s operating budget. The contributions of businesses large and small subsidize the cost of everything from stage productions to summer camps helping MHT keep tickets and fees affordable for our community.

Opening the 57th Season with a Laugh

We just held auditions for our first indoor show of the 57th season. This comedy highlights the famous expression, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans..." We couldn't think of a better season opener for our current global pandemic season. Our cast features MHT veterans Brian Johnson, Rene Dawson, Christopher Burnett, Gracie Craft, and Isaac Galliher. The show runs Nov. 5 - 22 and will be directed by Michael Cochran.

We support the Market House Theatre.


Paducah, KY Heath Bowling, CFP® 1249 Broadway 270-444-6220

Benjamin C Brazzell, CFA 4965 Village Square Dr. Suite C 270-442-5636

AJ Collins 3520 Lone Oak Rd. Suite A 270-554-6585

Laura A Duff, CRPC® 3235 Olivet Church Rd Suite H 270-442-3483

Matthew P Moore 1249 Broadway 270-444-6220

Rick Robertson, AAMS® 88 Plantation Drive 270-554-4361

Chris Sims, AAMS® 222 Kentucky Ave Suite 8 270-444-9867

Blake R Summarell, CFP® 4720 Village Square Dr Suite C 270-554-2082

Bryan Shumate 4740 Hansen Rd 270-554-2083

Kurt Sutton 2801 Wayne Sullivan Dr 270-415-9239

Adam Whiteside 131 Nahm St. Suite 1 270-558-4968

Member SPIC

Crissy N Bundren, AAMS® 5446 Reidland Road 270-898-4830 Judd Malone 4975 Alben Barkley Drive Suite 2 270-441-7686

Dancing In a New Studio

By Emi Hensel, DanceMHT Program Director This fall the Market House Theatre’s premiere dance program, DanceMHT is back in action! This semester brings the much anticipated, brand new dance studio space to life. We are thrilled to have dancers finally have a chance to use the two new studios that were slated to open just before we had to end classes due to the pandemic. New features of the studio include: two larger studio spaces with professional grade dance floors, boys and girls dressing rooms, and a lobby. Having the new studio space has felt like a dream for so long and I cannot believe we are finally holding classes in it! When the dance program began back in 2015 as a single class for middle and high school students who wanted to learn more about dance, I never imagined that we would be in our very own studio space just five years later. The dance program has now grown to full on “dance studio” status with 22 classes this year. Last year we had over one hundred students with ages ranging from preschool to adults. This year, I also had the pleasure of adding three new teachers to the program to help with the increasing class load. Quality of instruction is very important to me and I’m happy to have teachers who hold the same value. Classes look a little different this year, as everything does. The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. Temperatures are taken at the door, class sizes are limited, students are distanced throughout class, masks are required for students ages six and up. Thorough cleaning and wiping down of surfaces happen in between classes. I’m just so thankful we are back to doing what we love to do sparking a passion for dance inside each student. Whether they are doing it for fun, exercise, or to follow a dream, there is a place for everyone at DanceMHT. Registration is still open!

"Having the new studio space has felt like a dream for so long..."

EPIC Changes to Educational Programming at MHT By Emily Griffin, MHT Education Director

When we look back on the year 2020, I think each of us will remember it for the way the world saw significant changes in how we live our day to day life. I will certainly remember it for being about significant personal change as I moved here to Paducah to help carry on a legacy of greatness in the Market House Theatre Education program. Back in January, I was working with former Ed. Director April Cochran to dream up some fun summer programming, but by the time I arrived in May it turned out the community had different needs. We quickly had to create a slate of programs that kept kids connected and learning while remaining safe. We did online classes and then, when it felt safe to do so, we offered some oncampus instruction as well. Of course, I never imagined I would be teaching and directing students in masks, in the middle of the street, but we did it and it was fun!

opportunities our teen groups are looking for and from these conversations arose EPIC.

The absolute joy of learning at the Market House is that we have the ability to create a safe environment. Small classes allow students with a passion for theatre to come and socially distance themselves. Our evolution and adaptability do not end around safety either. Through my orientation into this role, I had the chance to meet an incredibly special group of young people known as the TAs. I have had great conversations about the kinds of

Another group member, Addie Beth Franklin had this to say, “EPIC allows me to be myself amidst an accepting group of people all fighting for the same cause: equality and peace for everyone. So many people across the globe are doing their part and we are trying to create awareness and change in our community too. Our world will be a better place if we only put in the effort.” Each group member is truly passionate about justice and makes sure that all voices are heard. Even when group members do not agree about an idea, the sense of community is strong and every player shows kindness and respect to each other. “I love going to EPIC every week because of how open the space feels,” adds Amarie Smith. “No one judges you for what you think or feel.”

EPIC stands for “Educate. Provoke. Instigate Change.” The group, consisting of students in grades 8-12 have been working collectively to create theatre that does just that. Focused on youth voice, the group meets each week to discuss the issues and current events that matter most to them. They educate themselves, engage in deep discussions, and turn those ideas into works of theatre. Eventually, the group's mission is to turn their work of theatre into a conversation starter for other young people that instigates change in their community. One of the group’s members, Jensen Knudsen, says “It’s a good outlet to express your feelings. And it’s a way to express yourself through creating your own moments of theatre.”

Currently the group meets on Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm in the Skylight Classroom. If you would like more information on how to get involved with the work, please email me at We are excited to embrace all of the changes that are in store from us over the coming months. MHT Education wants to offer students the chance to grow and explore the world through theatre and as long as we can continue to do it safely, we will be here for our community.

Rapunzel: One show, three versions. PlayTime adapts to change!

by April Cochran

Last spring, when “the world shut down”, we were just weeks away from presenting our springtime production of Rapunzel for our PlayTime series. For the uninitiated - PlayTime is our interactive, creative theatre performance for very young children and their caregivers. One of the ways PlayTime is described is “a cross between Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room." The same festive format is followed for every show. Ms. April and Jack (a puppet friend) discover the Word of the Day and then lead the audience in a countdown to bring out the Clubhouse at the Market House Players, currently played by Travis and Emi Hensel and Julie Price! The Clubhouse gang teaches everyone the Secret Handshake, the Clubhouse Pledge and then brings out the huge Rainbow storybook to discover the day’s story. After learning a bit about the story’s origins, parts are divided up (often recruiting audience members) and the story is acted out! The story involves young audiences in the telling through song, chants, role playing, answering questions and much more! Then after the closing ritual, the Clubhouse gang gives the audience members a sticker and something to extend the playing at home such as an activity sheet or character headband. This popular program is provided free to audiences through the generosity of the McCracken County Early Childhood Council and the Community Foundation of West Kentucky. The Early Childhood Council also usually provides additional funding to provide a storybook to each family! Since 2013, MHT has followed the above format to provide 3 4 PlayTime productions every season. Then the pandemic hit! We realized we needed to change our model since packing audiences into our small Studio Theatre was no longer an option. Our first challenge, however, was to provide a workable offering for the McCracken County Public Library for their summer program. They asked if we had a virtual offering. Well - not yet!, but PlayTime rose to the challenge and in May/June we rewrote

Rapunzel and filmed it to suit a virtual format - changing the Clubhouse handshake to a Secret Password, modifying the audience participation to work with a TV screen and using the talents of MHT’s marketing director Alex Hilkey to edit together an interactive video with all the hallmark charm of PlayTime, but now with a definite “Blue’s Clues” feel! Meanwhile - MHT was furiously working to get an outdoor space up and functional and PlayTime went back to the editing table to rewrite the format and create a “socially distanced” version of the show where audiences could still participate in telling the story, but no touching or contact involved! Also - the actors rehearsed with masks, but when performing outside went without. It was super safe because the Hensels are a married couple, and Julie is part of their friend group. As an extra layer of protection - Julie is staged to be at least 6’ away from the Hensel duo. Giving a sticker and activity sheet at the end was deemed unsafe, but the Childhood Council came through with additional funding to provide each family with a story book, as well as ensuring we could keep doing PlayTime over the summer. Rapunzel was performed in the new Courtyard space on August 5 & 6. PlayTime immediately went back into rehearsal to create a socially distanced version of Little Red Riding Hood on September 3, 4 & 5 and are now in final rehearsals for their upcoming production of Sleeping Beauty slated for Sept 28, 29 & 30. Future plans for PlayTime include doing a virtual production of their annual offering of The Mitten in Jan/Feb, and then to resume outdoor productions sometime in the spring! Stay tuned!

market house theatre

thank you to our 2020 - 2021 season & education sponsors! The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency, provides operational support funding for Market House Theatre with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts



grants Drs. Rheanel & Blair Tolar



AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC • Atlas Door of Paducah • Barbara & Jimmy Allen • Atmos Energy • Eyewear Express • FNB Bank • Henneberger & Flynn Insurance Agency, Inc. • Peel & Holland Insurance • Rotary Club of Paducah • Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub

CREATIVITY Jean L. Truitt & Family Arts-in-Education Initiatives





Jean L. Truitt & Family Arts-in-Education Initiatives

AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC • Atlas Door of Paducah • Barbara & Jimmy Allen • Atmos Energy • Eyewear Express • FNB Bank • Henneberger & Flynn Insurance Agency, Inc. • Peel & Holland Insurance • Rotary Club of Paducah • Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub


Drs. Rheanel & Blair Tolar


grants The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency, provides operational support funding for Market House Theatre with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts



market house theatre thank you to our 2020 - 2021 season & education sponsors!

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