Canterbury Eye on Communities, Summer 2020

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About Neighbourhood Support


Holiday security tips


Message from the editorial team


Hohepa at the Front Room café


And its goodnight from me…



Helping younger employees get the tone of an email right

Well done that man!



Identity theft

Goodbye to Dave Wilkinson



What you need to know about Phishing

Introducing Murray McGusty


Junior Neighbourhood Support


Off the wall – the Graffiti Volunteer Programme


An update from Makora Street



Gets Ready – it’s about looking out for each other

How to ‘action change’ in your community


Neighbourhood Support Canterbury


Contact information


How safe is your home?

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About Neighbourhood Support

History Neighbourhood Watch was introduced to New Zealand as a crime prevention initiative in the late 1970s. The initiative evolved to become Neighbourhood Support New Zealand, a community owned and managed organisation with a wide-ranging interest in community support, safety and crime prevention. Neighbourhood Support became an Incorporated Society in 2000. In 2001 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Zealand Police. The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between Neighbourhood Support New Zealand Incorporated and the Police.

Objectives Neighbourhood Support aims to make homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live. This is primarily achieved through the establishment of small cells of households known as a “Neighbourhood Support Group�, comprising anywhere from 4 to 50 residential households in a single street or suburb. Groups throughout a single suburb or a wider town or city area are co-ordinated either via a civilian co-ordinator, or through a Community Constable based at a local Police station. The main purpose of the groups is to encourage neighbours to know one another and share information on crime or suspicious activities in their area. Early contact with authorities such as the Police is also encouraged for reporting of unusual observations or unacceptable behaviour. Crime prevention information can also be shared with group members via Community Constables, or Neighbourhood Support Area Co-ordinators. A secondary objective of Neighbourhood Support is to facilitate communication between Civil Defence (Emergency Management) and the community during a manmade or natural disaster affecting residents.

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Message from the Editorial Team Sadly, the world in which we live is not as law abiding as it was a generation or two ago, which makes the work of all sorts of government and voluntary organisations vital. Neighbourhood Support is a lively, worthwhile and necessary organisation which provides avenues for neighbours and communities to socialise, and look out for each other. Our sincere thanks to the contributors of all the articles contained here. A lot of hours have gone in to making this book as relevant, useful and convenient to use as possible. This book is a vehicle for the latest news and messages of many of the above, in an easy to use format. Please keep it by your phone for ready reference. The community-minded advertisers represented in this book have provided the finance for its manufacture and distribution, as well as critical funding for your local Neighbourhood Support groups to continue their important work.

Please support these advertisers as they are supporting you!

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…and it’s goodnight from me In the words of the two Ronnies, “It’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him”. In the words of the two Ronnies, “It’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him”.

If the event was the AF8 (Alpine Fault magnitude 8) being triggered, the county as a whole would be affected - from minor to major degrees and that there would be no “cavalry riding to our aid”. We would be in it all together. The Gets Ready system was put to the test again with the Port Hills fires using the text messaging system to advise of evacuation requests.

It has been an amazing 9 ½ years sometimes serene, sometimes full on. What with the earthquakes of September 2010 followed by February 2011, it was all-on.

The email system was used to keep residents up to date with information about road closures etc.

There followed a long but steady rebuilding project as we had lost over 700 Neighbourhood Support Groups (NSGs) mainly in the red zones.

On the 24th December I will stand-down from the manager’s position and “hand the keys” over to Murray McGusty who has been selected as my replacement.

We had over 2,000 groups prior to September 2010 and as of a few months ago we had reached and passed that number with new groups in new subdivisions and older groups being resurrected.

In his 23 years with the Police, Murray had a strong community focus and will take Canterbury Neighbourhood Support to the next level.

We found that active NSGs rarely asked for assistance as they had it all sorted before the traumatic seismic events took place. They just put their plans into action. In various parts of the city groups of neighbours took things to the next level and started setting up Emergency Response Groups with advice and assistance from Civil Defence and Neighbourhood Support. These people looked at local issues and came up with local solutions as they realised that any major events would have to be dealt with at the local level initially.

I have worked with some amazing staff: Glenda Burt, Andrea Haberfield, Elissa Smith and Barbara Brothers. They made the job so much easier. Farewell and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Dave Wilkinson Manager Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Incorporated Page 7

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Well done that man! Dave Wilkinson is leaving us; his boots will be hard to fill. When you think of all the things he has done since taking the reins from Pat Creasey, it is truly a ‘mark of the man’. There have been some disasters that he has covered during his time – the earthquakes shook the whole system to its core, but Neighbourhood Support came out stronger for it – that was Dave. The comms system did not exist when he took the job on. He took it upon himself to establish a system that was fully mobile and capable of functioning, even though his office was totally inaccessible from the quakes. With a satellite station set up in another location, and repeaters throughout Canterbury, Dave has set up a comms system to be proud of. He set up the Gets Ready network online and obtained another vehicle for Elissa [JNS Support] to use to go to schools and young-people gatherings, where she is a readily recognised face. His normal day-to-day activities consist of initiating and co-ordinating the formation of new, along with maintaining support to the existing Neighbourhood Support groups in the defined areas of Christchurch City and Banks Peninsula, allowing them to function effectively. He maintains and updates on a regular basis the Christchurch Gets Ready website, liaisons with city councils, district and regional councils and community boards within the Canterbury District.

available to answer queries as they come in, is all in a day’s work. Dave was nominated for the Civic Award; recognition for those who go above and beyond the call of duty for Christchurch and its people. Dave received word that he had been a successful recipient. Just a few of the things that Dave does now that were not in his job description when he took the job are: Prison visits, liaising with the Otautahi Community Housing Trust project, Age Concern driving tester, collating articles and information for the Eye on Communities magazine. Whilst not wishing to blow trumpets, or whistles… the people that put Dave up for recognition are: Mike Mora, Tori Peden and Stioux Rankin. These three people have worked with Dave for a very long time – like back to when he was a Youth Aid Police Officer and have seen his workload increase, along with his ability to deal with everything, in a very laid-back manner. His colleagues Elissa and Barbara along with Hilary of Victim Support and the numerous friends at the Hornby Police Station agree that he has thoroughly earned the award. He will be thus recognised at a ceremony on held in the City Council Town Hall on the 16th December and he will retire soon thereafter. A Civic Award is the least we owe Dave for his efforts.

He must maintain a close liaison with the Canterbury district of the NZ Police and adopt a public education role, speaking to community groups, operating a pop-up centre at community events and by regular media contacts. While being Page 9

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Goodbye to Dave Wilkinson How selfish! How rude! What about us, you can’t just leave and swan off into the sunset. Can I come too? After more than nine years with Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Dave is retiring at the end of December. An energetic and positive fellow who always has a joke and a laugh at the ready. He will be missed by many. I asked him a few questions about his career in law enforcement and with NHS. How long were you employed in law enforcement, both the Ministry of Transport and Police? I served a total of 32 years (14 years 6 months with MOT and 18 years in the Police) Why did you decide to join the Ministry of Transport? I loved riding motorcycles, to get paid to ride them was a no brainer. What made you want to become involved with Neighbourhood Support? As a Community Constable based at Papanui it was part of my job to liaise with and grow the number of groups in my area (Burnside and Avonhead). I quickly realised that effective Neighbourhood Support Groups were a way of reducing crimes, especially burglary and vehicle crimes. I grew the number of groups in my area from 100 to over 150 in a two year period.

What are some of your career highlights - work that you were very proud of? I think my career highlight was the six months I spent as an Advisor in the Solomon Islands (March to September 2009). Not only was I involved with matters of a traffic nature, I managed to get communications taking place between the Police and Ministry of Works about road repairs. Sounds simple, but it had not happened for many years. I was instrumental in having selected members of the Traffic Group to plan and run a traffic training course as it had been many years since this had happened. I was also asked to take part in the selection of Police recruits in an upcoming Recruit course. What are some of the most memorable moments – good or bad? I have enjoyed immensely working with members of Neighbourhood Support, another bunch of volunteers this country seems to produce. Some of these people wear many hats in their volunteering roles. I have had the privilege of working alongside some really great people, MOT and Police. There were many good moments. In the days of the MOT we had a motorcycle display team and carried out displays all over Canterbury. It was in the era of the TV programme called CHIPS so the kids loved it. Page 11

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Goodbye to Dave Wilkinson I think one of the saddest moments was having to tell a mother that her only son had been killed in a collision on his way to school. What life lessons have you learned? Life is too short so make the most of it. Not everything is black or white but various shades of grey. Based on your experiences in your working life is there any advice or words or wisdom to pass on? If you plan on making Police a long term career you need to have a survival plan, not just day to day, but more long term. In the words of Phil Esterhaus (Sergeant on Hill Street Blues), “let’s be careful out there”.

Where to now – what are your plans for the next 12 months? Early next year my wife and I are planning on heading away with our caravan and spending time exploring one of the most beautiful counties in the world – three million tourists can’t be wrong. Later on I will probably look at volunteering at the Community Garden (100 metres from our house) and getting involved in the Men’s Shed. My neighbour says it is great! Goodbye Dave and happy travels with the caravan. Lucky Sod. Deb Smalley, Hornby Police


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Hello everyone My name is Murray McGusty. I have been chosen to take over from Dave when he retires at the end of this year. I have held various positions while serving as a Police Officer for over 23 years in Christchurch, with

Dave, all the very best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

the last seven years in Neighbourhood Policing. I see the move from this area of policing to a role in

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your predecessor Pat Creasey over the years.

Neighbourhood Support as a natural progression. I am also looking forward to building on the good work Dave, Elissa and Barbara have already achieved.

Ask your builder if they are using Securescaffold – it will save you money.

To everyone - take care, and have a safe and happy festive season - Murray. |

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Junior Neighbourhood Support It is always an exciting time for children to be heading into the last weeks of school. The days are filled with the desire to be outside enjoying any warm days. I enjoy seeing the traditional games being played, such as skipping, hopscotch and even a tame version of bull-rush has made a comeback. It makes me feel pleased that within all the changes in life the young generation face, there is still the joy of childhood evident. This is a strength that I like to work with, the children love relationships, doing good things for others and having a special visitor to their school that invests time into them. Children naturally want to engage with their surroundings and community. The JNS programme facilitates students to use their natural skills and do something for their community, thus setting them towards a future of acting as leaders in general, but also within their residential area, in-line with the goals of Neighbourhood Support. There are some new schools being finalised to come into the programme next year,



so I extend a welcome to them. I’m also preparing for Culture Galore and Children’s Day so please look out for me there. We have covered a lot this year, every school doing different things that are chosen by the children or relate to school inquiry learning. One school has looked at safety in their school carpark, another collected items for the SPCA, there were also emergency grab bags which were important to feel prepared, learning about 111 and 105 numbers for the Police, Fire and Home safety, and the very beneficial help to clean and enhance our environment. Well done leaders, teachers and students your schools are fantastic and I love to visit you.

Pics 1. Jack from Belfast School received an

award for helping his grandmother when she needed medical assistance.

2. Charlie and Anika collated items for

emergency grab bags for each class at Waltham School.

3. Harrison and Ollie tell South New

Brighton School Whanau Hui about how to check smoke alarms.

3 Page 17

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Makora Street’s water and liquor store woes - and a cockatiel rescue Once again the existence of a Neighbourhood Support Group and email list for the residents of Makora Street, Fendalton, has proved very useful. Incidently, many streets in our area are named after birds: Tui, Weka, Kotare and many more. Makora is a Maori name for the red-billed gull.

Water woes Makora Street has had a number of water breaks over recent years. So we were pleased to learn a new main was to be put in part of Weka Street and in our street in May-June last. Before work started in May one water meter started a leak. Because of the amount of work the Council had with this problem city-wide, we had it fixed six and a half weeks later because the leak had become a fountain. No sooner after this, and after the mains work had started in Weka Street, on three consecutive nights the submain on the west side of the street burst in different places. Two weeks later when work on the new main was going ahead in our street, it happened a fourth time. Each time we could use our email to tell residents why they had no water when they woke up in the morning and when to expect it back on. Once work started on the new mains in the street (which became one-way) we were able to keep everyone up to date on events and progress. The work crew were absolutely marvellous telling us what was happening and making sure no one was inconvenienced and prevented from access to their driveways. It was with dismay when we learned by email from a street member that the crew had just learned their Auckland-based firm were pulling

out of Christchurch and were about to be made redundant. We rallied around, provided them with morning teas and wrote a reference for each member to say what a wonderful team they were in the hope it might help in getting them further jobs. We do appreciate having a reliable water supply again.

A cockatiel One of our residents saw and managed to catch a young cockatiel. An email to the street did not find an owner, so the finder took it to the SPCA, but also told a friend who found an email about a lost cockatiel on her street group email. This resulted in the owner at distant Innes Road being able to recover her bird from the SPCA.

A liquor store Residents in our area were dismayed to learn of an application for a liquor store licence for 5 Memorial Avenue, by the BP station in Clyde Road, where there used to be a fish shop. We had no idea and only a week to file an objection. Having a Neighbour Support Group allowed us to quickly put together a draft submission specific to how such an outlet would affect Makora Street and email this to the residents. Members made some suggestions to improve it and we printed out 50 copies of a one page submission. Forty-five members filled in their personal details and we collected these and took these individual submissions to the Fendalton Service Centre in Jeffreys Road, where we were told submissions from around the area were pouring in. We know that several residents wrote and filed their own objections. John - Street Co-ordinator Page 19

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Independently Owned

How to ‘action change’ in your community Communities often face issues where it becomes obvious that decisive action is needed. Here are some insights from our experience that may help you establish a formal group or community voice to achieve what you need in your community.

information about starting a society. Community Development advisors at Council Service Centres also help community groups in this and many other areas. These advisors are an excellent source of information.

When communities gather to discuss an issue, some people may be angry and want to voice their opinions. Take the time to listen to their views and take notes. Ensure you have an attendance list for people to write their names and email addresses on to contact them later. When everyone has been heard, arrange a second working group meeting. This will give everyone time to think and to consider opposing points of view.

All group members should talk to as many people as they can about the information you have discovered and your group’s ideas. Actively investigate different points of view and discuss alternative scenarios. Find out as much as you can from all viewpoints. Gather facts, statistics, maps and robust evidence to discuss. Talk confidently using your group’s agreed community voice about your objectives. It is important group members’ conversations reflect the group’s agreed goals and objectives, rather than members’ own personal thoughts, which may differ slightly.

The people who turn up to the second meeting are likely to be those who will contribute time and effort to the cause. Get to know each other. A core group of 10 – 12 people is ideal to start with. Document the skills people have within your group. It’s surprising how many different skills you can use to get things done. Develop contact lists for group members and supporters. Consider your notes from the first meeting to develop a group position and goals based on measurable outcomes such as safety, cost, health and demographics. Think about the best outcomes for all concerned, the solutions and ongoing developments. Create and document positive statements for your goals and objectives that are free from anger and emotion. At this stage you should pause momentarily. You need to protect your group members from any possible legal liability resulting from any of your group’s actions by becoming an Incorporated Society. Alternatively, you might find an incorporated society that supports your goals and objectives, which will agree to include you, protecting your group under its established constitution. Although this might look daunting, the Incorporated Societies website has clear

Involve your group members in as much consultation as you can access. Become visible in the community. You might create a logo, website, Facebook page or posters to inform people and to encourage the community to talk about your goals and activities. Hold public meetings if they will be beneficial. You want to educate the community about your objectives. As you progress, evaluate your achievements against your group’s goals and objectives. Have you achieved them partially or fully? Have your goals and objectives changed and need updating? Take time to celebrate your group’s successes and communicate them to your community. Remember to acknowledge people and businesses who have contributed to your group’s achievements. Amanda Williams Chairperson, Christchurch North East Secondary Education Committee Inc. Page 21

Holiday security tips Most burglaries are opportunist and happen when owners are away. Unfortunately, it is necessary to be especially careful at Christmas time, as homes are more often empty with many people out shopping, socialising or on holiday. Burglars are also aware that most houses have presents to steal. While enjoying the festive season and your holiday, please don’t overlook your home security. Taking a few simple precautions will help to deter all but the most determined burglar.

Remember Shut and lock all doors, even if you’re only going out for a short time. Close and lock all windows - burglars don’t like to smash glass.

Make your home look occupied when you’re away by using timers on radios and lights. When you buy new items like DVD players or video recorders, don’t advertise by leaving the empty boxes out for recycling - turn the boxes inside out and fold them down. Hide or lock away passports and official documents - identity fraud is on the rise. Don’t leave car keys near doors or windows - car theft through burglary is also on the rise. Consider engraving your property - this puts thieves off because it makes it harder to re-sell. Ensure you have an up to date list and photographs of your valuables and keep copies in a safe place. Homes with good security are much less likely to be burgled than those without.

Do not “hide” keys outside your home, nor leave them in an obvious place near doors or windows.

• Deadlocks make it harder for burglars to get out with your goods if they got in through a window. Don’t forget to put a deadlock on the internal access door between the garage and the house

Make sure your valuables - including televisions and stereo systems - cannot be seen from outside.

• Window locks deter burglars because smashing glass attracts attention and can leave forensic evidence

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• Visible burglar alarms are a great deterrent - though it’s courteous to your neighbours to ensure that they shut off after a few minutes

report it. If they are in a vehicle, write down the number plate.

• Security lighting is also a good deterrent, but should be placed carefully near entry points so as not to disturb neighbours

When you go on holiday

• Timers on radios and lights make it look like you’re there when you aren’t

• Cancel milk, newspaper and mail deliveries

• Spy holes and chains on doors let you see who’s there without opening up.

• Use timers on radios and lights

• Have a neighbour stop by to collect junk mail, and open and close curtains • Make sure your neighbours know where they can contact you in an emergency and when you will be home

If moving home • Ensure that you use reputable removers and trades people - many will belong to a professional association • Only give out keys to people you trust, and don’t label them with your name and address • Consider changing the locks to your new home. Remember, if you see anyone committing a crime or behaving suspiciously, phone the Police Emergency number - 111 - and

NEW BUILD & ALTERATION SPECIALISTS No detail is too small, We are all about the detail

• Invite neighbours to use your driveway and clothesline to make it look like someone is home • Lock away garden tools and ladders that could be used by a would-be thief to gain access to your house • Make arrangements for family pets to be looked after • If you are away for more than a few days, arrange to have your lawns mown • Consider inviting a relative or friend to house sit for you • Whatever you do, don’t leave a message on your answer phone that you away. Instead, clear the messages yourself or arrange to have a friend check them regularly for you.

Phone 027 227 3377 | Email Page 23

Free electric cars provided you save up to $8k per year! It’s worth changing your postcode for. We have free electric cars for residents to use, so there’s no more petrol, depreciation, maintenance, registration or insurance costs to worry about. More space for gardens, fruit trees, bowling greens & BBQ decks. Brilliant! Why not take a tour of our new apartments and try an e-car out while you’re here? 35 Whiteleigh Ave, Tower Junction, Christchurch. Park on-site. Call Julie on 021 489 784 or 03 338 4495 or email Page 24

I love our new car! For many Kiwis, owning our own car provides the ultimate freedom and fun. For those of us who value our independence as we age, these valuable commodities also enable us to maintain our lifestyles and continue to be engaged with our families, friends and the great outdoors. Motor vehicles have always been expensive to run, insure and maintain, so a retirement community in Christchurch is offering an alternative for those wanting to maintain their independence without the worries of high annual overheads. Living Well Park Lane is providing brand new electric and hybrid cars free for residents, which they hope will be a win-win for all those living in the community. Not only are the purchase and maintenance costs covered by the village, but the resident also doesn’t have to worry about registration, insurance, petrol costs, garaging and depreciation each year. Two new residents who recently moved into Living Well Park Lane; Peter and Marjorie, were initially a bit nervous about giving up their beloved car. They liked the idea of the free vehicles provided, but they had never driven an electric car before. They had always been fiercely independent and kept their own car for three months. Finally, after a test run around the carpark, they realized how easy electric cars are to drive, and how there were always several available to use at any one time. They were hooked!

“You don’t need your own car here - they give you one! We’ve never driven such expensive cars - it’s great having sensors and a camera for backing into tight spaces,” says Peter. The Living Well Park Lane fleet currently includes a BMW i3, 2 Hyundai Ionics, and a Hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD. More cars are being added as the population of the community grows. The best part about being offered new cars to share is that there is no need for lots of unsightly garages, which means there’s more space for gardens, fruit trees, BBQ and recreational areas. The two huge outdoor bowling greens adjoin the social deck in front of the 5 Acres Café, which is also open to the public to enjoy. There will also be an indoor pool complex and Wellness Centre, due to be started in the new year. This will be a fabulous amenity for both the apartment residents and the greater local community, making Living Well Park Lane a truly unique retirement apartment offering for Christchurch. Living Well Park Lane has brand new luxury apartments ideal for independent living available right now. If you’re looking at your retirement options, why not take a look at this truly unique offer, and have a test drive of an electric car while you’re there? You might just fall in love!

35 Whiteleigh Ave, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8024 Phone Julie Proctor on 021 489 784 or 0800 278 432 or email

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Safe, trusted, expert care For more than 30 years, HealthCare NZ has been supporting older New Zealanders to enjoy independent, high-quality lives in their own homes. Our home support, nursing and specialist services support you to live independently, keep doing the things you enjoy, and maintain your connections with family and friends. You’re the one in charge, so our personalised care packages are developed with you and designed around your needs, values and goals. To learn more about what we offer and how we can help you, please visit our website at

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For peace of mind, choose Freedom A Freedom Medical Alarm helps assure your continued independence, safety, and quality of life as you get older. The only medical alarm that’s directly connected to the Central Emergency Ambulance Communication Centre, Freedom means emergency help is just moments away if you ever need it. You can get on with the things you love doing, knowing a push of a button will connect you to highly trained emergency operators. You don’t even need to be near your phone. That’s a lot of peace of mind from such a small device.

Be well connected with Freedom Medical Alarm. To learn more, call 0800 380 280, or visit

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Your customers want to do business with you if it’s easy... Is your website a help or a hinderance? Lawn Specialists in: • Preparing and installing of new lawns • Repair of existing lawns • Proven lawn management programs • Lawn Dethaching (scarification) aeration/coring • Spraying - certified sprayer and approved chemical handlers for weeds, moss, fungus and pest control (grass grubs)

Fattastic websites from $997+GST Simply email your domain / website address, and we’ll send you a comprehensive audit of your current website. And if you’d like to chew the fat after, we’re here to help. - With 15 years’ experience - we know what we’re doing.

Phone: 0800 375 296 or 342 7113




GLOBAL OUTLOOK, LOCAL REACH TRENDS KITCHENS have been importing the best innovative materials since 1996. We list TriStone benchtops, AGT doors and panels and Lazio sinks as game-changers in the industry - with four new TriStone colours now launched. From design to manufacture and installation, Trends provides an individual, holistic service to all. Experience the difference contact us today.


Hohepa at the Front Room cafe


KathyBartlett - CommunityDevelopment Co-ordinator

Developing extensive knowledge during years of recruitment and sales, both in the UK and New Zealand, we wanted to bring this platform and provide a service to help and develop your recruitment needs. NZ Recruit is offering services to help reach and fill your current vacancies by advertising your current jobs on Seek , Trademe and Myjobspace, also by expanding your reach through social media. Not only can NZ Recruit offer advertising services, we will ensure applicants





We understand that sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to help for a few days or a few weeks; not a problem, we can provide both short and long term solutions to help your company during those busier times.



are contacted accordingly. Communication is key. We can help write your advert, screen and prepare for interviews. What takes your time and puts pressure on you; we can help manage. Building long- term working relationships is essential to us both, understanding your business and your recruitment needs.


The Front Room is the café run by the Mt Pleasant Resident’s Association and all profits support the work of the community centre. Serving Switch coffee and a range of light meals and snacks, it is open six days a week 9am – 2pm in the community centre at 3 McCormacks Bay Rd, Mt Pleasant.


These include barista skills, front of house skills (setting up, serving customers) and back of house skills (cleaning, using the steriliser, closing up). Their learning is supervised by Greg Campbell, one of our baristas, and Rebekah McCullough.

The Front Room has also begun hosting students doing work experience from Linwood College supervised by café manager Di Richardson with the first students coming in last term.



This is a collaboration between Hohepa Canterbury and Mt. Pleasant Community Centre. They come in every Monday from 1-3pm to our community cafe, the Front Room, to learn a range of skills.

We have been delighted with their enthusiasm, skill development and reliability and we are all having lots of fun too!


Hi – we’d like to introduce Tracy and Elizabeth along with Greg, the barista. Tracy and Elizabeth are doing a six week LEAP “Cafe Experience” course.


K (03) 943 9505 | 022 648 5960 | Page 29

Timaru District Council - Zero Waste Events As a Zero Waste Council, the Timaru District Council helps event organisers provide a successful waste management plan for events within the Timaru District and provides a significant level of assistance to groups planning public events. A Zero Waste Event is not merely providing composting and recycling services at the event, but with careful planning, ensuring that no residual waste is generated. By holding a Zero Waste Event, you will minimise the disposal of valuable materials to landfill and increase the

amount of compostable and recyclable material recovered. By good planning at the early stages to ensure that all materials to be discarded are reusable, recyclable or compostable, waste bins should not be needed. This is the goal. With this goal in mind, the Council provides assistance to event organisers to ensure that waste materials generated at their events are recovered for composting and recycling.

The Timaru District Council is a Zero Waste Council and is committed to reducing, re-using, recycling and composting waste materials.

Contact Briony Woodnorth

03 687 7489 2 King George Place, PO Box 522, Timaru, 7940 Page 30

Helping younger employees get the tone of an email right One of the things many junior employees get wrong when sending an email (apart from grammar, spelling and punctuation!) is its tone. Believe it or not, the tone of your emails is just as important as the tone in which you speak to somebody. In emails, tone is given by your attention to the social niceties and degree of formality. I have reviewed, and received, emails that start and end as if we are all best friends: ‘Hi Carla… Cheers’, but in the middle I suddenly become a stranger and am transported back to the 1950s: ‘We are contacting you in regard to the matter of… We would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.’

People just don’t write like this anymore. So here are some tips for young employees.

Greeting While ‘Hi [Christian name]’ is commonly accepted, think about your recipient. Older/ senior level/ unfamiliar recipients might appreciate a more businesslike tone: ‘Hello/ Good morning Mr/Ms [Surname]’. I have a friend in her seventies who objects when young unknown employees from the businesses she patronises contact her with ‘Hi Velma’. “I’m probably old enough to be their grandmother. Can’t they look up my surname?” she asks! In terms of PR, acknowledging someone’s status in this way doesn’t go astray. Do not begin an email with just your customer’s name: ‘Carla!’ While it may sound low-key and friendly in your head, when it is read it can come across as the equivalent of a bark or summons!

AllergyRate allows you to search/rate restaurants 2.6 and cafes according to how well and how willing they are to accommodate the needs of people with allergies. 3.4

SICK of dealing with restaurant

staff that just don’t quite understand?


5 1.6




4 3.8


WE OFFER FREE TO YOU: Books, magazines, puzzles, audio books, DVDs, eBooks and eAudiobooks ● Fun School Holiday Programmes ● Kanopy – movie streaming service ● Spark Jump ●

Timaru Library: 03 687 7202 ■ Temuka Library: 03 687 7591 Geraldine Library: 03 693 9336

Phrasing • Forget about ‘in regard to’ and ‘regarding the matter of’. Use a heading on your email, which your customer can immediately see. E.g. ‘RE: The quote you requested’. Note: This heading should match or expand on your subject line (which does not require the word ‘RE’) • Open with a brief sentence: ‘Thank you for your query.’ OR ‘Just a follow-up on my email of last week’ • Get to the point – use ‘I’ statements and everyday language: ‘I am wondering if we could have [X] delivered ASAP as our deadline of 1 December is fast approaching’ • Close with the desired action: ‘Can you let me know when I can expect it/ pick them up?’


becomes less formal – but you don’t want to start out that way.

A message for managers High schools don’t teach grammar these days and some of your younger employees might need some mentoring. It doesn’t hurt for managers to be aware of the quality of the emails being sent from their office and you might find that taking that extra bit of effort improves communications generally. An email in answer to a query is often a customer’s first contact with your business, so written communications are just as important as they have ever been in attracting and keeping clients.

The standard business sign-off is ‘Kind regards’ and full name – unless you are known to the recipient. The more casual ‘Cheers’ sends too much of a ‘she’ll be right’ message to me.

You want your communications to be readerfriendly and accurate because your first chance to generate goodwill and demonstrate attention to detail may well be your last chance. Worst mistake from young employees: ‘Your welcome’. It’s: ‘You’re welcome.’

People generally want their business contacts to be businesslike. Having said that, as you get to know your contacts, your tone naturally

Carla Heslop ProofreadingNZ

NEED MORE SPACE? Standard 3.6m x 2.4m Large 4.2m x 2.4m Xtra-Large 4.8m x 2.4m Fully insulated with lockable ranchslider, large window, power, exterior light, curtains, carpet, smoke alarm and small deck. Minimum 6 month rental period (Shorter terms available by arrangement) Locally owned and operated. Give us a call now! Page 33


3 Rotary boom irrigators service and repairs 3 Pk trailer repairs and maintenance 3 Dairy shed yard work - gates, rails etc. 3 Wire rope supply and splicing 3 Trailer manufacturing and repairs 3 Alloy and stainless welding 3 Full time workshop attendance for emergency repairs 3 All lubrication needs 3 Over counter sales and courier deliveries 3 Custom-made ute decks 3 Chains, bearings 3 Mainline repair 3 General engineering 3 Pivot mechanical maintenance, gear boxes & fence walkers 3 Bale feeder - calf feeder 3

Phone: 308 5903 weekdays Email: On call 7 days: Doug: 027 282 2245 Matt (Tomo): 021 518 538 15 Malcolm McDowell Ave, Ashburton

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Fresh imports and Lapsed registrations, Light vehicles and Motorcycles CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS Heavy Vehicles

Services Performed at 106 South Street Ashburton Bookings 03 308 2275

Site Located at 12 Milton Road RD2, Ashburton 7772 Telephone 03 308 2275 / 027 472 5233 (Flo)

Identity theft Identity theft has become an increasingly common and widespread crime overseas. It is also on the rise in New Zealand.

The following items can be used to obtain and assume someone else’s identity: • Credit card • Drivers Licence • Firearms Licence

Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses another person’s personal information to take on that person’s identity. This mainly involves stealing personal details to commit theft or fraud. Theft of your personal information takes many forms, from stealing your wallet to intercepting your mail.

• Birth Certificate • Passport • Any other card or documentation carrying personal details such as a bank statement, power or phone bill.

The following tips provide practical advice for reducing the opportunity of identity theft:

Once the thief has successfully assumed your identity there are many things they can do with it, from buying and using a mobile phone to writing cheques and opening a credit card account in your name.

• Keep your personal information secure (see the fact sheets on cheque, credit and Eftpos card fraud)

Identity theft can ruin your good name and credit rating, which can be very time-consuming and expensive to rectify.

• Restrict the number of people you share personal information with either in person, over the phone or online

• Order a copy of your credit report at least once a year and check it carefully


To be a finalist ONCE AGAIN in the last NetGuide Best Employment site category!

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The Sustainable Living Programme is a practical, fun way to learn and use actions which reduce your environmental impacts.

It offers you future living skills for a healthier lifestyle and a new approach to making consumer choices. Waimakariri District’s residents can download the learning guides to find eco-building design or house renovation suggestions, see how to make their homes healthier, drier and warmer, and reduce their power bills (among other sustainable actions). To register on-line go to click on the link for “Waimakariri” and then on “sign up for access to the Sustainable Living study guide”.

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• Shred or burn bank and credit card statements and other items with personal information before putting them out with the rubbish • Put a lock on your letterbox • Check you are receiving credit card statements or bills regularly and on time (someone may have changed your address details) • If providing personal information, ask why it’s needed, how it will be used and how it will be kept safe • Only make telephone transactions when you have instigated the call and are familiar with the company.

Online Internet trading and e-mail scams are also common ways of obtaining bank account or credit card details for fraudulent means, so: • Know who you’re dealing with online. Check the website you order from has a physical address, phone and fax number. Make a note of all details, including the company’s name and Internet address, amounts to be charged, shipping costs, and the time and date you placed the order • A secure server is usually used to send confidential information across the Internet. This information is encrypted and can only be decoded by the host site that requested it. Secure sites generally advertise this fact and provide information about the security of their server. Sending personal identity information over the Internet to an insecure server is not recommended • Use virus protection software, install a firewall programme or password to protect personal documents on your computer

• Avoid using publicly accessible computers for online transactions. There have been instances in New Zealand of people installing keystroke recording software, returning to the computer after it has been used and retrieving other people’s access codes, personal and account information • Never create access codes with numbers that may be easily discoverable, such as your phone number or car registration • Change access codes frequently and delete them when no longer required. If you ever need to obtain proof of identification from someone, a photo driver’s licence or passport should be the only form of identification accepted. Document details should be recorded. Even then be wary, as some fraudsters have obtained a photo driver’s licence or passport using the birth certificate of someone they are pretending to be or intend to steal from. Bankcards should not be accepted as ID, because it’s possible for a fraudster to remove the original hand-written signature and replace it with a signature in their own handwriting. If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, contact your bank or credit card provider immediately and explain the circumstances. You should also notify the Police. To minimise the risk of identity theft, remember to manage your personal information wisely and cautiously.

• Delete personal information if you dispose of your computer Page 37


Carpet Court Timaru 30 Barnard Street Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 10am-12pm Ph 03 684 9898

100% New Zealand owned and operated

Structural, Civil & Geotechnical Engineers

Innovation is at our core 03 366 7955

ASNZS 2312 2014

SERVICE FOR EVERY TYPE OF JET BOAT, JET UNIT AND ENGINE Part Boat & Hulls ● Turn Key Packages ● New Jet Units Custom Fabrication ● Expert Advice ● Spare Parts Retailer Jet Unit Refurbishment ● Engine Tune-Ups Insurance Repairs ● Impellor Reconditioning Anode Replacement ● Hull Repairs New Trailers & Trailer Repairs ● Boat Restorations Dent Pressing ● Keel Plate & Strake Replacement Re-Painting, Grooming & Deck Buffing Boat Safety Testing ● Use of Test Pool (by appointment)

John Connelly 03 962 0505 Page 38

Phishing “Phishing” is where a criminal attempts to fraudulently acquire personal information such as Internet usernames and passwords, or credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy organisation, such as a bank. An email or instant message “phisher” will use a message directing users to enter details on a provided website link that looks genuine when opened. Examples have included the subject line “Visa credit card Customer Support - Validate your information”. Be aware - banks will never ask customers to disclose their PIN and they advise people never to disclose their PIN to anyone including the bank or the Police. Attempts to obtain personal information may also come via a phone call. The caller states they are from a bank or business and confidently offers some seemingly valid reason, such as verifying your order, to ask for your credit card details. The caller may already have obtained some of your personal details, but needs some further information - such as the bank card expiry date so they can start to use your bank card. Be cautious! Be suspicious of unexpected phone calls asking you to divulge personal information. Visit the bank or business or phone them using the phone number that you find in the phone book.

The intention of the phisher is to fool the receiver in to believing the message or call is from a trustworthy organisation so that you will provide the personal information that will allow the phisher, usually located overseas, to take money from your bank accounts, purchase goods or sell your personnel information to other criminals. It can be very time-consuming and expensive to put right the effects of identity theft. The Police advise that people should never respond to unsolicited emails and should never divulge sensitive personal information unless they are quite sure where it is going. A good question to consider is, “Would you give the same information away to a stranger who walked up to you in the street and requested all your credit card or banking information?” The Ministry of Economic Development Scamwatch Internet site has information on types of scams and reporting scams. It also offers good advice on protecting yourself, your money, your phone, your computer and your identity. The Police also have information on spam, scams and frauds.

Your customers want to do business with you if it’s easy... Is your website a help or a hinderance?


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Golden Mile Motels & Tavern Trents Road Templeton PO Box 23001, Christchurch Ph: (03) 3497 022 ◉ M: (03) 3496 153 Email: Host: Murray 027 249 0754 GST No. 73-460-182

We’ll arrive within 30 minutes of the arranged time or the first hour of labour will be free. Phone us 24/7 on 0800 30 35 30 or visit

Quality Construction & Workmanship Specialise in • Renovations • Driveways • New builds • Joinery • Landscaping • Stairs

Mobile 021 0222 6227

Offering supply and install of all forms of insulation. 237 Annex Rd, Middleton, Christchurch 8024 Ph: 0800 768 848 | Email Ask your builder if they are using Securescaffold – it will save you money. |

0800 66 00 22

Head Office - 38 Lowe Street, Addington, Christchurch 8011 Christchurch Yard - 72 Shortland Street, Wainoni, Christchurch 8061 Auckland Yard - 250 Oruarangi Road, Mangere, Auckland 2022

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SPECIALISING IN THE CONTROL OF: Temperature ● Humidity ● Level ● Flow Pressure ● pH/OPR ● Power Transducers MANUFACTURERS OF: Data Loggers ● Process Transmitters Energy Management Systems SERVICING & CALIBRATION OF INSTRUMENTS

Call James in Phone 358 9088 Mob 021 843 235

Phone (03) 343 0646 ● P.O Box 8568 59 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch

In full support of local community safety

Paterson Bros Tyre Services We provide a range of tyre services. Use our enquiry form to get in touch for what you're after


• We make tyre fitting and maintenance more convenient for you. • We are a friendly, helpful and professional group of people. • Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of tyre and car services. • We get the job done right — the first time.

Ph 03 3650-876 | Email:

Accounting Services

Financial Services

Auditing Services

Phone: 03 687 7122 Postal Address: PO Box 58, Timaru Office: Level 1, 26 Canon Street, Timaru Email:


Gets Ready - It’s about looking out for each other Why Join our Gets Ready Database Tool? The Gets Ready website is a database. It contains contact information for local residents that is used by local community response teams to identify who needs assistance in an emergency and who has skills or resources (like first aid skills or generators) that could help in a disaster. Gets Ready is used to send emergency texts or emails. These can include boil water notices, uncontrolled fire, wind and snow alerts.

What are the advantages being registered in Gets Ready? You can be alerted very quickly if a boil water notice is issued for your specific water supply. You can receive a flood warning if you live near a river. You will receive warnings relating to severe weather. Emails and text messages can be sent to keep everyone advised about local issues of concern i.e. burglaries in your street. Join now to receive emergency alerts and warnings.

You get to share information with your neighbours who may not be connected to the Internet.

A small highly experienced team providing state of the art care in a comfortable environment. Clinicians: MFDS RCS (ENG)


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Based on the information available, and my knowledge of the area...” Do I need to evacuate?” If the answer is “YES”... Do you have a place to go? How will I get there?... Will I take my vehicle? Will transport be provided?, Will I have to walk? What do I need to take with me?

SO... LET’S TAKE THESE DETAILS ONE AT A TIME. DO YOU KNOW: Where will you go? The safest route to get there? How long it will take to get there? What do I need to take with me? Medications (regualry taken) Important documents (Birth/marrigae certifactes; Home insurance; Drivers license; Passport etc)

Sturdy Shoes (especially if leaving on foot) Snacks/Water Warm Jacket (both wind & waterproof)

Do I need to evacuate? If the answer to this is YES... where will you be going? To a friend or family? To a welfare centre? Simply to higher ground?

How will I get there? Am I going by vehicle? Am I going to walk? Is transport provided?

Money (A small amount of cash in small denomations - not $100 bills)


Please pass your magazine on Name



Hint for Co-ordinators – put your name last on the list, that way it should come back to you when it has done the rounds of the group. Page 46

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Creating Safer Communities & Growing Great Neighbours

03 420 9944

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Creating Safer Communities & Growing Great Neighbours

03 420 9944 Page 47

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury I am interested in joining my local Neighbourhood Support Group Name: Address: Suburb/City: Postcode: Email: My skillsets: Home phone: Work: Mobile:

Return to: PO Box 16 794 Christchurch C/O Hornby Police Station, Christchurch

03 420 9944

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury I am interested in joining my local Neighbourhood Support Group Name: Address: Suburb/City: Postcode: Email: My skillsets: Home phone: Work: Mobile:

Return to: PO Box 16 794 Christchurch C/O Hornby Police Station, Christchurch Page 48

03 420 9944

Contact information

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Canterbury Office Phone: 03 420 9944 Barbara Brothers (Office Administrator) Email: Elissa Smith (Junior Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator) Email: Murray McGusty (Manager) Email: Postal Address: PO Box 16794, Hornby 8441 This website for general information about Neighbourhood Support Canterbury. This website to register or amend your group’s information.

Ashburton District Christine Richards c/- Ashburton Police Station Postal Address: P O Box 34 Ashburton 7740 Office Phone: 03 307 8410 Email:

North Canterbury Tracy Doe Neighbourhood Support North Canterbury Postal Address:PO Box 5, Rangiora Mobile: 027 383 0166 Email:

South Canterbury Betty-Ann Smart Neighbourhood Support South Canterbury Phone: 03 687 9802 Email:

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How safe is your home?

Complete this survey — reduce your risk of being burgled. Doors and Windows 1.

Are all locks to outside doors either dead locks or strong bolt locks?


Can door locks be opened by breaking a window and reaching through?


Can internal doors be locked?


Are all locks in good working order?


Do you lock the internal door from your garage?


Can you account for all copies of keys to your home?


Are window locks properly and securely mounted?


Do you keep windows locked when they are shut?


Do you use locks that allow windows to be secured partly open?


Garage 10.

Do you lock your garage door at night?


Do you lock your garage door when away from home?


Do you have good secure locks on garage windows and doors?


Do you lock your car when its parked in your garage?

Holiday 14.

Do you notify neighbours when away on holiday?


Do you have mail and circulars collected for you when you are away?


Do you stop deliveries and newspapers when on holiday?


Do you have shades up and lights on when on holiday?


Do you use timers on lights & radios to make it look like you are home?


Do you arrange to keep lawns and gardens maintained?


Are you a member of a neighbourhood support group?

Environment 21.

Do you have sensor lights around your house?


Are shrubs and bushes well trimmed near your house and boarders?

Safe Practices 23.

Have you recorded all serial numbers and stored them away from home?


Have you uniquely marked valuable items (etch or invisible)?


Do you have a description of valuable property?


Have you displayed a sign that items are marked for identification?


Do you have an alarm?


Have you displayed a sign stating that your house is alarmed?


Do you report suspicious activity or people to Police immediately?


Do you know not to disturb anything if you are burgled? just to call Police?

Every “NO” shows a weak point and may help a burglar. Every “YES”improves your protection. Page 50


Mary Boomer Shining The Spotlight On Your Home Mary’s attributes are her honesty, integrity and working exclusively for her clients with their best interest, a top priority. Testimony to this are her many satisfied customers. She will always keep you well informed to enable you to make decisions based on professional and factual information provided by her throughout any market campaign. Mary believes in spending quality time individually structuring the best, most effective marketing plan for each and every one of her clients. It is her job to shine the spotlight on your home to attract as many potential buyers as possible for her to negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. Call Mary for a confidential chat about any real estate needs.

Mary Boomer Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd REAA (2008)

027 445 5084 • 03 423 9062

Full time residential care Respite care Long and short term care

Kowhai Rest Home is an independent, small and friendly family-like home 25 Aynsley Terrace, Opawa, Christchurch Telephone: (03) 332 6630

STUDY IN 2020 AT TELFORD! We are now a faculty of the Southern Institute of Technology.

Join us in 2020 for Certificate and Diploma level studies in Agriculture, Rural Veterinary Technician, and Equine. Live on-campus or as a day student and become part of the Telford tradition.

3 New Programmes in Photography, Interior DĂŠcor and Project Management. Blended Delivery

Weekend Workshops

Night Classes

Flexible Learning


0800 835 367

For more info visit