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Develop a baseline awareness into recognising some of the human behaviours that often proceed criminal or violent acts. Learn from former intelligence and special forces soldiers to identify threats from people that conceal their intent by blending in with the local population. We will show you what to look for and how to look for it.

Take a proactive approach to safety and book a workshop for your business or group today. Location - Christchurch Duration - 3 hours Cost - $115 per person

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About Neighbourhood Support Message from the editorial team All ships, all ships, all ships Junior Neighbourhood Support Bevington Street marks its 10th Anniversary Good neighbours are like gold Being a good neighbour South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support’s new co-ordinator

25 A safety message from Selwyn District 27 A message from North Canterbury 31 The importance of tool engraving 33 Operation Whakahaumanu

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The New Brighton and Districts Historical Society & Museum

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How safe is my information?

City to Sumner Community Patrol’s 25th anniversary

Keeping safe from gambling harm Staying safe in dangerous situations Gets Ready – about looking out for each other How safe is your home? Civil Defence evacuation plan Make a household plan Important contact numbers Contact information

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About Neighbourhood Support

History Neighbourhood Watch was introduced to New Zealand as a crime prevention initiative in the late 1970s. The initiative evolved to become Neighbourhood Support New Zealand, a community owned and managed organisation with a wide-ranging interest in community support, safety and crime prevention. Neighbourhood Support became an Incorporated Society in 2000. In 2001 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Zealand Police. The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between Neighbourhood Support New Zealand Incorporated and the Police.

Objectives Neighbourhood Support aims to make homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live. This is primarily achieved through the establishment of small cells of households known as a “Neighbourhood Support Group�, comprising anywhere from 4 to 50 residential households in a single street or suburb. Groups throughout a single suburb or a wider town or city area are co-ordinated either via a civilian co-ordinator, or through a Community Constable based at a local Police station. The main purpose of the groups is to encourage neighbours to know one another and share information on crime or suspicious activities in their area. Early contact with authorities such as the Police is also encouraged for reporting of unusual observations or unacceptable behaviour. Crime prevention information can also be shared with group members via Community Constables, or Neighbourhood Support Area Co-ordinators. A secondary objective of Neighbourhood Support is to facilitate communication between Civil Defence (Emergency Management) and the community during a manmade or natural disaster affecting residents.

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Message from the Editorial Team Sadly, the world in which we live is not as law abiding as it was a generation or two ago, which makes the work of all sorts of government and voluntary organisations vital. Neighbourhood Support is a lively, worthwhile and necessary organisation which provides avenues for neighbours and communities to socialise, and look out for each other. Our sincere thanks to the contributors of all the articles contained here. A lot of hours have gone in to making this book as relevant, useful and convenient to use as possible. This book is a vehicle for the latest news and messages of many of the above, in an easy to use format. Please keep it by your phone for ready reference. The community-minded advertisers represented in this book have provided the finance for its manufacture and distribution, as well as critical funding for your local Neighbourhood Support groups to continue their important work.

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All Ships, all ships, all ships A few years ago I was helping a mate shift a couple of rental vehicles to Auckland. As there is a piece of water called Cook Strait in the way, I had to take passage on one of the Bluebridge vessels. The service was great; back in the day when the vessels only took the drivers of the vehicles being carried, a great truckie’s meal and pretty much free run of the ship was part of the deal. I found the bridge and watched proceedings. I couldn’t get over how small the ship’s wheel was - smaller than a car steering wheel. We were only a short distance from the entrance/exit to Cook Strait when on channel 16 came this message. “All ships, all ships, all ships, this is HMAS Sydney entering Tory Channel”.

He then said “time to test the warship’s crew on naval history” and promptly radioed the crewman on the aft deck to dip the ensign. Then back to me “let’s see how long it takes to get a reaction”. A few seconds later a hatch on Sydney’s port side opened and a sailor ran to the aft of the ship and dipped their ensign. The helmsman filled in my lack of knowledge on what had just transpired. Back in the day when Pontius was a pilot, smaller warships dipped their ensigns to larger warships as a sign of respect. Merchant ships had to dip their ensigns to all warships but that ceased years ago. Some merchant ships today still dip their ensign as a mark of respect. I find history interesting, especially when you dig down to find out why things are done. ARRRGH Jim Lad.

I asked the guy on the bridge (helmsman) what that was all about and was told it was standard procedure for ships entering or leaving Tory Channel to warn other vessels in the area, as it was a bit of a squeeze if two large vessels got there at the same time. Not long after HMAS Sydney hove into view and I remarked that she was a guided missile destroyer, ie no gun on the fore deck. To which the helmsman replied “you know your Grey Funnel line”.

Dave Wilkinson Manager Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Incorporated

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The Sustainable Living Programme is a practical, fun way to learn and use actions which reduce your environmental impacts.

It offers you future living skills for a healthier lifestyle and a new approach to making consumer choices. Waimakariri District’s residents can download the learning guides to find eco-building design or house renovation suggestions, see how to make their homes healthier, drier and warmer, and reduce their power bills (among other sustainable actions). To register on-line go to click on the link for “Waimakariri” and then on “sign up for access to the Sustainable Living study guide”.

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Being prepared for any situation Being prepared for any situation can only be a positive thing. At any one time there are a number of threats to a community and understanding the components of threat will better the likelihood of a proactive response and a potentially better outcome. A recent survey revealed that one such threat people feel underprepared for is terrorism. Terrorism can be defined as the ‘unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims’. The one common denominator across all terror groups and acts of terror is violent or criminal intent. The weapons used are variable (interchangeable) and the means of the attacker is variable (interchangeable) – it is intent that drives criminal behaviour. Police rely on community support groups as their ‘eyes and ears on the ground’ to help them prevent threats to the community.

are to practice street awareness and prevent threats to the community, says former Defence Force risk management consultant, Halo Training’s Tony Groves. One such tool is situational awareness – the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space. By being situationally aware, there is less potential for threats to go undetected. For example, people-watching while waiting in line at the bank, on your coffee break, during your daily commute and grocery shop are all excellent contexts in which to practice situation awareness skills. Halo Training is a full-spectrum leadership consultant and training provider. Based on the team’s experience as military battle group intelligence specialists, Halo Training is in an excellent position to help people be mentally prepared to lead by example through all types of crises.

If we can better prepare these support groups in knowing what behaviour(s) to look for and how to look for it, then we are better positioning our communities for a positive outcome.

They have researched and developed their programme around positive reaction and response as well as how to improve survivability before an event.

The better the tools people are given to be street aware, the more likely they

“What better job to have than one that helps people.” Page 9

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Junior Neighbourhood Support I would like to share with you and celebrate what I observe in schools today that gives me confidence in the social future of New Zealand. Many school rewards recognise students for their soft skills and showing school values that relate to caring, trying, being responsible, honesty, showing empathy and taking action. I envisage that what they learn from Junior Neighbourhood Support adds to this, engaging them with their community and understanding roles and responsibilities to be a great citizen.

to learn the words and actions from watching the senior students. There is a lot of respect, care and trust built from this musical culture. I was at this school for lockdown after the tragic events on 15 March and this respect, care and trust worked its magic in that hard time and the children were amazing and calm. I encourage you to get a strong culture in your street groups, whether it be BBQs, visiting each other, sharing produce, waving and greeting by name every day. Develop the respect, care and trust so that in hard times you all are prepared to get through.

These skills can be learnt and used by all students regardless of talents, previous experience, social economies or age. In the hard times our city has faced, we see these skills coming into action, and that’s how we get through. At times everyone is having their own hard time and again someone with these skills can be there to help. The JNS programme acknowledges the children using their soft skills to help others, presenting them with awards at school assemblies or through the focuses actioned at the school.

Elissa Smith Co-ordinator Junior Neighbourhood Support

JNS is in a school that promotes a strong musical culture - the whole school sings together with even the new entrant children fully equipped Page 11

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. E-cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device and are not sold as such. Contains propylene glycol vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavourings.

What is vaping?

Why all the fuss?

The definition of vaping is the act of inhaling smoke-looking vapour from an electronic cigarette or vape device. Vaping simulates smoking but in a less harmful manner. A flavoured nicotine liquid called e-juice is what’s in a vaporiser, but not all e-juice’s contain nicotine. The user decides the flavour and amount of nicotine they wish to use, if any at all.

International studies on the use of vaping for cigarette cessation consistently point out that smokers have been able to quit smoking using vaporisers as a means of fulfilling their nicotine needs in a far safer manner than smoking. In fact, the international research on vaping has been so positive that the New Zealand Government recently made a proposal to amend the 1990 Smoke Free Act to improve smoker’s access to quality vaping products. An amendment to the Smoke Free Act would allow the public greater access to information on vaping and support switching to a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

How much safer is vaping than smoking?

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The definition of vaping is the act of inhaling smoke-looking vapour from an electronic cigarette or vape device. Vaping simulates smoking but in a less harmful manner. A flavoured nicotine liquid called e-juice is what’s in a vaporiser, but not all e-juice’s contain nicotine. The user decides the flavour and amount of nicotine they wish to use, if any at all.

Bevington Street, Avonhead - 10th Anniversary By Pam Templeton

This year we will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of our group.

We have been very fortunate in using Malcolm’s large backyard that has plenty of space for our gatherings.

We are proud to still be going strong and to know each other much better.

At the beginning, we had name tags to help introduce each other, but now there is always a buzz of recognition as people arrive.

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury gave great support to set up the group. After the initial meeting, two people volunteered to be the co-ordinators. They set up the current co-ordinators rotation system. Each year one co-ordinator stands down and a new one comes on board. This means that everyone shares responsibility for the group and are more willing to take on the co-ordinator role as it is only for a short time. Each year we have two get-togethers, one in November and one in February. Generally, one is an afternoon tea while the other is a barbecue. People bring food to share on both occasions.

As we began meeting a year before the first earthquake, we had begun to connect with each other and were better able to look out for others and give help as needed. Neighbours have supported each other through tragedy and we have celebrated engagements, birthdays and even a 60th wedding anniversary. We are privileged to have people with diverse cultures and languages, and are able to support those who are still learning the English language. Over the years, our meetings together have fostered a real sense of community with people supporting one another in many ways. Page 13

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Arowhenua Whānau Services Many families/whānau in small and rural communities rely on local health and social services organisations for their wellness and wellbeing needs. These organisations play a key role in the integration and better co-ordination of providers delivering health, education and social services to Māori, aligned with a broad vision for local Rūnanga development and whānau ora outcomes: • Provide best practice models of health and wellbeing services • Are inclusive of Māori models of health and wellbeing services • Develop and deliver Whānau Centered Services

• • •

Are effective by providing services that are culturally appropriate and address the diverse needs of Māori Identify and are responsive to the needs of Māori and the wider community Develop strong relationships with all key stakeholders.

Arowhenua Whānau Services (AWS) is a non-government organisation delivering health and social services through the South Canterbury region.

94 King Street Temuka P: 03 615 5180 F: 03 615 5181 E:

Call in and talk to our staff about your health, social and educational needs. If we can’t help we will make sure we refer you to the right service Page 15

Ashburton District - Good neighbours are like gold This is a personal story that I would like to share with you. My husband and I live in a suburban cul-de-sac with our three legged ex-stray cat. We knew our next door neighbours – a young couple with two primary age children - by sight, to wave and say hello to, but that was about the extent of it. Out of their family tragedy we became very close neighbours and even though they have now moved, we are still firm friends and will be for life. Sadly, Moro, one of their cats, was hit by a car and died from his injuries. The person who found Moro’s body put a post on Facebook with a description of him and the location where he was found. I read the post and immediately had the sinking feeling that it was Moro.

Because our neighbours’ contact details were on the Neighbourhood Support street list, I was able to contact Roz about what I had read. She went to where the cat had been placed wrapped in a towel and confirmed that it was their beloved Moro. Roz knew Moro was missing, but didn’t think too much of it, as he was a free spirit. Needless to say the family were heartbroken at their loss, so we gave them as much support and acts of kindness as we could muster. We gained so much from getting to know our neighbours on a whole new level - spending time with them, celebrating special times, sharing food and supporting each other. And the bonus is that we now have two more grandchildren to add to our brood of 10! It just goes to show me two things: • That good neighbours are like gold and can enrich our lives immensely • Out of a tragedy beautiful and long- lasting friendships can develop.

“Life is simple; you get out what you put in.” - RIP Moro Page 16

Ashburton District - Being a good neighbour Good neighbours are an important part of living in a community A good neighbour is: • • • • •

Considerate and respects people’s rights and privacy Tolerant and understands that people have different ways of doing things Concerned when something is wrong and does something about it Responsible for the actions of their families, guests and pets Law abiding and reports illegal activity to the Police.

Talking things over when there are problems, listening and trying to come to an agreement that works for everyone. Most problems can be solved by talking about them.

If none of this works, start writing down the details of the problem, including what happens and when it happens. If you can’t sort out the problem, you should go to the proper authorities. Courtesy of the Ministry of Social Development – New Zealand

As a neighbour you can help by: • Keeping the noise at your place down to a reasonable level • Being tolerant of neighbours’ children playing outside • Keeping shared driveways clear • Keeping your section tidy • Keeping an eye on neighbours’ properties


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Having lived here for most of my life, I have been very involved in the local community including being part of the South Canterbury Racing Committee’s five founding Trustees of the Phar Lap Statue being instrumental in overseeing the creation of the statue, fountain and plaques at the Phar Lap Raceway. I am also highly involved with my six grandchildren’s lives; having coached one granddaughters netball team for Mountain View High School and another granddaughters ‘T’ Ball team for Grantlea Downs Primary. I am also a member of Timaru U3A Club and currently the President of the Timaru Bridge Club for 2019 where I have been a member for a number of years. Being an active salesperson and being involved in the community is something I take great pride in, this comes from my previous working background which included working for thirteen years with the

New Zealand Police here in South Canterbury on the front line as a Constable and also as a Police Instructor at the New Zealand Police Academy in Porirua, Wellington. I have also had experience in owning and operating businesses ranging from Landscaping, Aluminium here in Timaru and a Courier business on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I have been in the Real Estate industry since the early 2000’s, and have a proven record of assisting in numerous residential sales in South Canterbury including several lifestyle properties. I would describe myself as “an experienced professional that gives consistent, dependable performance with results that come from wellplanned profile advertising and great marketing solutions for all types of properties”. Page 18

Timaru District Council - Zero Waste Events As a Zero Waste Council, the Timaru District Council helps event organisers provide a successful waste management plan for events within the Timaru District and provides a significant level of assistance to groups planning public events. A Zero Waste Event is not merely providing composting and recycling services at the event, but with careful planning, ensuring that no residual waste is generated. By holding a Zero Waste Event, you will minimise the disposal of valuable materials to landfill

and increase the amount of compostable and recyclable material recovered. By good planning at the early stages to ensure that all materials to be discarded are reusable, recyclable or compostable, waste bins should not be needed. This is the goal. With this goal in mind, the Council provides assistance to event organisers to ensure that waste materials generated at their events are recovered for composting and recycling.

The Timaru District Council is a Zero Waste Council and is committed to reducing, re-using, recycling and composting waste materials.

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New South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support would like to welcome Betty-Ann Smart as the new part time Co-ordinator. Betty-Ann joined the team on 1st April and is now settling into her new role well. Betty-Ann is originally from the UK, near Cambridge, but has now enjoyed living in New Zealand for over 10 years, initially in Hawke’s Bay in the North Island, and more recently relocated South, first to Central Otago and then to South Canterbury.

to meet members and street contacts to introduce herself and find out how she can help and support local communities to look after one another. A month into the job and Betty-Ann has been busy building partnerships with other local lead agencies. Betty-Ann is based at Timaru Police Station and will be available at the office most mornings during the week. If you would like to contact Betty-Ann you can call 03 687 9802 or email:

Betty-Ann has previously enjoyed working for a National Early Years National Charity in the UK and then in the busy office of a High School in Hawke’s Bay. Betty-Ann is now enjoying getting out and about around South Canterbury


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Your local vet right here in the heart of Selwyn!

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A safety message from Selwyn District New Zealand has been rocked in a way we’ve never seen before. I refer to the mass shooting in Christchurch – focused on those who are different to us… whoever ‘us’ is?! There’s been a wonderful counteraction to hatred and many of us, perhaps most of us have experienced, personally, the deep caring and love of standing in solidarity with those who are more recently Kiwis than most of us. We’ve seen neighbours being neighbours in very special ways. Gets Ready’s online tools grew out of the awful Canterbury earthquakes and the need to know stuff about our neighbours. Things like specific needs, special skills and helpful resources. When our community was shaken and thrown about I thought of my Uncle needing power for his oxygen pump, people needing high ropes skills to sort broken chimneys on big old houses, and front-end loaders to put water tanks on towers again. There were our local needs, skills and resources. Gets Ready maps locations and puts people in touch with each other in powerful ways. Back in 2016 Civil Defence’s director, Sarah Stuart-Black, honoured the tools with a Director’s Award. Neighbourhood support groups around

NZ continue to join up – Wellington is the latest to start using Gets Ready. Now it seems the heart or foundation of Gets Ready’s tools continue to support neighbours being neighbours. This was what we needed in this most recent of tragedies. Gets Ready strengthens the aim of Neighbourhood Support through each street group being more connected, particularly to those new to the street. Barbeques and gatherings will continue to be a special way of being Kiwi together. Perhaps after these tragedies we will exercise greater care to ensure those new comers are invited and able to share in our feed together… by making it clear that pork and bacon are not part of the menu – or at least one BBQ is devoted to food that is fully acceptable. Out of hatred and tragedy good is happening. This week we here in Darfield will celebrate that kind of meal with a class full of those learning English as a second language. One of our women has lost two friends and two others injured. Neighbourhood support really does have a strong place in our communities. Go, then, and be a great neighbour to those near you. Cheers, Dave Askin Page 25

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A safety message from North Canterbury What a busy few months we have had. North Canterbury has doubled its members joining up to the Gets Ready system for emergency and critical information and the feedback is that people love what they are hearing. The Gets Ready system is designed to be there to help you prepare or be in the know when/if there is a problem, be it weather, Civil Defence information, Council information and Police. We send most information out on email, but in the case of urgent requirements, we will text you. Knowing your neighbours is so important. It can and does strengthen our communities, makes them safer and all in all a more pleasant time for everyone. You can join Gets Ready as a group or an individual and ALL information is private. The only people who can see your details are ourselves and the Police and Civil Defence. If they need to contact you in an emergency they can. This means all information sent out is direct and not filtered down or a guess from a Facebook page. Often Facebook, due to the way it reads what you want to see, doesn’t pop up on the feed with critical information and the information from the Gets Ready

system is only sent when it will protect you, warn you, prepare you, and help you. Belonging to a Neighbourhood Support Group is a great way to get to know your neighbours and enhance a feeling of safety in your immediate neighbourhood. It is easy to start a group and has many benefits and we would love for you to join. A group can be any number of people and you are welcome to join as an individual to receive the information from Gets Ready if you didn’t want to be part of an arranged group. The Benefits of a Neighbourhood Group are: • You get to know your neighbours and meet new people • Creates safer neighbourhoods • Creates a vigilance with an aim to reduce crime • Sharing resources in the event of an emergency • Working with agencies such as the police for crime prevention and Civil defence to help our neighbourhoods prepare for any given emergency situation. • And that the street group can be supportive in the event of a personal emergency. By Tracy Doe Co-ordinator, North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Page 27

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North Canterbury - Know your neighbour • Hey neighbour over the fence - do not be a stranger • Let’s talk, let’s share. Make our street safe remove any danger • Say hello, collect my mail, keep an eye on the place • Great neighbours we are as we embrace all culture, creed and race • Be there for each other, sharing contacts and your time in need

By joining a Neighbourhood Support group you can: 1. Connect 2. Share 3. Be safe 4. Enjoy GET INVOLVED NOW!

• Join a Neighbourhood Support group as it will benefit - Indeed! Neighbourhood Support plays an important part in reducing crime in your neighbourhood and/or rural area with its aim to make where you live safer. Not only can you live in a ‘safe’ place, you can enjoy a sense of unity, friendship and involvement through ‘knowing your neighbours’. You will be building a stronger, safer community and in addition, the sense of helping others by being part of the Neighbourhood Support network. Strong communities are built from strong relations formed through knowing and helping your neighbours, engaging with emergency services and sharing of information.

K D ELECTRICAL We are based in Hanmer Springs, and service throughout Hurunui, Hanmer Springs, Waiau, Rotherham, Culverden and Waikari

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Life is busy, but never too busy to KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR. Embrace what you have, what you can give and know those around you. Page 29

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Tool engraving Throughout the year Police recover thousands of dollars worth of stolen property when conducting Search Warrants. Power tools are a hot commodity traded amongst the criminal fraternity. They are readily obtainable and easy to on-sell. Often these recovered items end up in the police auctions because we have no way of identifying them so that they can be returned to their rightful owners. Police are keen to shut down this black market trade and encourage ‘tradies’ (builders, electricians, plumbers etc) to be more vigilant around protecting their property. A market only exists when there are buyers. Seeing items being sold on social media sites at cheap prices immediately sets off alarm bells and should be reported to the Police. By engraving their tools with their Driver’s License number, which is unique to the person, significantly reduces the opportunity for these items to be stolen. It also means if police recover these items they are able to be returned to their rightful owners. Ensuring valuable tools are not left on building sites and securing the vehicles storing these items also reduces the opportunity. Ways in which tradies can do this are by: not parking these vehicles on the street

overnight, ensuring the vehicle is locked and ideally secured in a garage or up a driveway out of site from the street. Sensor Lights, audible alarm, steering locks, a dog or video surveillance are all good crime prevention measures to discourage would-be thieves. This may seem like a lot of measures to take, but to wake up one morning to find your tools, or worse still, your vehicle stolen is a very costly exercise, not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to continue working. In recent times Police have attended most of the trade store promotions, such as tool sale days or trade breakfasts, to offer a free engraving service. This has been well received by all parties attending these events and our Community Patrol partners are also willing to visit construction sites to assist in engraving tools. Community Patrols are a voluntary organisation who assist police in many crime prevention activities. It is good to see some of our tradies have taken measures to prevent them being victims of crime, but unfortunately this is often only after they have suffered a previous loss. If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact: Helen Todd Canterbury Safety Patrol Coordinator ( Page 31



Thousands of jobs ready & waiting for you right now!

Signals● Parking Systems ● Message Signs ● Video Systems



PHONE 338-2305 service@ 106 Wigram Road, Christchurch

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Specialising in

■ Tractor & Implement Tyres ■ Cars & 4WD ■ Trucks & Trailers ■ Puncture Repairs ■ 24 hour call out

03 688 9358 ● 027 610 9020 9 King Street, Timaru E:

A small highly experienced team providing state of the art care in a comfortable environment. Clinicians: MFDS RCS (ENG)


Page 32

Operation Whakahaumanu

Since the tragic events of March 15th we’ve visited hundreds of schools, places of worship, businesses and community centres across Christchurch, talking to people and providing reassurance. This is all part of Operation Whakahaumanu - meaning to restore with a focus on places and people.

P: 03 315 3033 | F: 03 315 8413

For all your cartage requirements ● Stock ● Accredited Deer Carriers ● Wool ● Bulk Grain ● Weighbridge ● Daily Freight Service ● HIAB Hire ● General ● Coal ● Cement ● Premix & Shingle Supplies ● Lime & Super Spreading (Spreadmark Certification) ● Bulk Fertiliser Store

The response we have received from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and the messages of support and thanks are much appreciated. The safety of the public is our top priority and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our community. Inspector Leairne Dow Area Prevention Manager Christchurch Metro Police

Livestock - Fertiliser - Freight -

56 St Leonards Road, Culverden

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For peace of mind, choose Freedom A Freedom Medical Alarm helps assure your continued independence, safety, and quality of life as you get older. The only medical alarm that’s directly connected to the Central Emergency Ambulance Communication Centre, Freedom means emergency help is just moments away if you ever need it. You can get on with the things you love doing, knowing a push of a button will connect you to highly trained emergency operators. You don’t even need to be near your phone. That’s a lot of peace of mind from such a small device.

Be well connected with Freedom Medical Alarm. To learn more, call 0800 380 280, or visit

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Page 35

Licensed REAA 2008

• Honesty and integrity • 17 years’ experience • Selling property citywide • Brands don’t sell houses, people do

Christine Binnie Licensed REAA 2008

Mobile 021 711 243

Challenge Opawa 9kg gas bottles for






*Terms and Conditions Apply


per litre

11 Opawa Road, Opawa Christchurch

Open 24/7

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Moving On By Deb Smalley

Regular readers may remember that our lifestyle block has been for sale for some time. Just when we had decided to give up and withdraw from the market the damned thing sold! Six weeks to pack up and move out.

Some 24 hours before possession and tempers were getting a bit short. I love cleaning kitchen cupboards and ovens at midnight… doesn’t everyone?

A few weeks prior was when the bloke injured himself running the Buller half marathon and ended up hobbling around in moon boot. A helpful contribution! He knew he was in hot water and kept his head down.

We ended up taking the last boxes out of the workshop as the new owner was moving his stuff in. We each jibing the other about how much ‘crap’ we had.

OMG - not just a house but garages, sheds and hay barns full of tools, fire wood, building materials and all manner of other useful farm stuff.

• Know where the coffee supplies, loo paper & alcohol are at all times.

You need the strength of an Ox, the stamina of long distance runner and the patience of a saint. I’m not qualified - I only have stubbornness and bad language.

• 90 percent of those who have offered to help will be busy on the day.

Our systems clash - I want an orderly system when packing. I like the contents of boxes to fit neatly like a jigsaw puzzle. I like labels and marker pen descriptions like ‘Bathroom’ and ‘Fragile’ - Mr Bloke likes speed and not too much thought. His system is freestyle chaos. He can move and stack boxes like a champion, but does he know where anything is – No!

I have noted down some ‘Rules of Moving House’ for future reference.

• Cooking is for fools and overachievers during the moving process.

• You cannot have too many cardboard boxes and packing tape. • You will never be able to find the knife to cut the packing tape. •

The cheese grater and your electric toothbrush will never be seen again – they now exist in a parallel universe. Blame the bloke.

• It is perfectly normal to seriously consider divorce while moving house. There were no breakages and no major arguments. No husbands were harmed during the relocation operation and I’m calling that an amazing success! Page 37


Buyers and sellers of Recycled and New Building Materials and Joinery

Get materials to go at Musgroves Musgroves is an established part of the Canterbury building industry, supplying recycled and new building materials and joinery to tradies and diy-ers. Known for its quality recycled products, Musgroves stocks an extensive range of reclaimed building materials at its yard at 3 Musgrove Close, Wigram Christchurch. With 1.3 hectares full of building products, manager Sue Brown says, “Most people can find exactly what they need for their project, but if they can’t the team at Musgroves are happy to keep their eye out until the right product comes in.” She says, “People visiting for the first time are often surprised at the quality of the products along with the huge range available.” Buying at Musgroves not only gives access to a diverse range of products, including many rare finds, but using recycled products is also cost-effective and good for the planet.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm.

Musgroves extensive range of new and recycled building products includes: • Timber, including tongue and groove and character timbers • Cladding • Landscaping products • Roofing materials • Doors • Windows • Kitchens, including benchtops, cabinetry, sink inserts and compete kitchens • Bathroom and Laundry, including baths, hand basins, toilets, vanities, showers, bathroom fittings • Heating and Insulation products, including character fireplaces • Homeware and Hardware. Along with quality recycled products Musgroves also has an increasing range of unused products including: • Home insulation • Gypsum plasterboard • Corrugated iron • Plywood • Timber. Many of Musgroves products are listed on their website, making it even more convenient for clients to find exactly what they are looking for. Plus, they run regular specials at the yard and on the website.

Phone: 03 322 7922 or Tollfree 0508 468 747 3 Musgrove Close, Wigram Christchurch Page 38


Buyers and sellers of Recycled and New Building Materials and Joinery

• Doors • Windows • Roofing • Cladding • Kitchens • Heating and insulation • Hardware • Landscaping • Timber • Bathroom and Laundry • Flooring

Leadlight Door Transformation You won’t see a better example of front door recycling. Here’s some before and after pics of a leadlight door at the moment of purchase at the Musgroves yard and later in all its post-metamor-phosis grandeur. Check out Musgroves for all your building material needs! From flooring to roofing and everything in between.

Phone: 03 322 7922 or Tollfree 0508 468 747 3 Musgrove Close, Wigram Christchurch Page 39



Structures of any size can be coated Thickness of coating can be built up as desired Extended life up to 40 years An ideal corrosion protection system


P: 03 962 0505 E:


PO Box 16-255 19 Smarts Road, Hornby, Christchurch E-mail:

Gate 4 Lunns Rd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ph: 349 8554

Your customers want to do business with you if it’s easy... Contact us Today 027 419 2554

Is your website a help or a hinderance?

Fattastic websites from $997+GST The only company providing a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee! Simply email your domain/website address, and we’ll send you a comprehensive audit of your current website. And if you’d like to chew the fat after, we’re here to help. With 15 years’ experience - we know what we’re doing.

76 Bremners Road, Ashburton

Email: Visit our website:

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0800 FATWEB |

City to Sumner Community Patrol 1



1. Gloria Brown and Alan Christie cutting cake. 2. Allan Bain, Helen Todd, Helen Mulis, Darryn Perfect. 3. Receiving long service certificates (From left) Pat Owen, Helen Todd and Ray Adams.

The City to Sumner Community Patrol celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday, 19 February with a lunch at the Cashmere Club.

the Patrol and thanked the patrollers for their efforts.

Both patrol cars were parked at the entrance and the room was decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers. Chairman Allan Bain welcomed over 40 patrollers, invited guests and partners, spoke on the history and successes of

Alan Christie thanked Allan for his commitment as Chairman over many years and two terms.

Long-time patroller Gloria Brown talked about how she became involved and the Patrol’s early days.

Certificates were presented by Helen Todd, Police Community Officer, for 20+, 10, 5 & 2 year’s service, and Gloria & Alan cut the anniversary cake.

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Available for all your roong & metal wall cladding requirements


ROOFING 2015 LTD Daniel Hay

Mobile: 027 555 3551 Email: roo



Sydenham Bakery Quality Ingredients, Quality Products, Quality Prices

Bakery & Shop

424 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

T: (03) 366-9358 E:


8/501 Wairakei Road, Harewood, Christchurch T: (03) 359-2166

Page 42

New Brighton and Districts Historical Society & Museum The New Brighton and Districts Historical Society & Museum is housed in the old Saint Enochs Church built in 1915s. There are photographic displays and memorabilia of New Brighton and the surrounding districts of bygone days: The old Pier; the New Brighton Trotting Club; the Champion Surf Life Saving Clubs; the Aranui Speedway and Commonwealth Games at QEII. We also have items from a former well known shop in the area displayed along with the Mayoral Chain when New Brighton was a Borough, along with photos of the first South Island Saturday shopping. Experience what it was like to travel to the beach and wear only black and blue neck to knee swimming gear while dressing in an overcoat or garment to leave the beach for modesty. See the donkeys and mules you could ride at the beach and the games played in the old Pier Arcade. In days gone by, New Brighton increased in population as soon as the tramline was extended to the beach in 1887. There was a Beach School three years later. In 1891 the New Brighton Improvement Association was formed.

Tree planting had been undertaken on the city reserves there as early as 1883. The pier was in the course of construction from 1889 to 1894. For a time, small coastal steamers used to set passengers ashore here. In 1896 New Brighton was proclaimed a Borough. Its area was then 1,500 acres. A very strong community had developed as there were now many permanent residents. Besides those who worked in the district or nearby, there were now residents who went by tram or bicycle to work in the city. The population in 1901 reached 1,008. Come along and enjoy the memories. On Monday’s at 1.30pm we turn ourselves into a movie theatre to watch the famous actors of old, then from Tuesday to Sunday we are open from 1-3pm. New Brighton and Districts Historical Society & Museum 8 Hardy Street, New Brighton. Page 43

Dairy, Fresh Homemade Bakery. 100% New Zealand owned and operated

Ph 03 313 2838 Shop 2-3 Lilybrook Village, Rangiora

Strong supporter of keeping our community safe.

V Walker Flooring No job to big or small

Installation, repairs or just friendly advise Christchurch Region 40+ years in the Industry Floorsure - Your assurance of quality. • Domestic • Small Commercial • Holiday Homes • Caravans

Ph: 027 4321 406 | A/H: 366 2124 Page 44

Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance First we arrange your mortgage. Then we protect it. Freephone 0800 668 623 Phone 03 365 8625 Email

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melissa 03 377 0509 | 021 703 023 1/357 Madras Street, Christchurch Licensed Agent REA

Exposed Aggregate Stamped Concrete Plain Concrete Resurfacing We offer: • Competitive/affordable pricing • Attention to detail • Professional service • Free quotes/insurance scopes Mark Glanville - Manager & Funeral Director Mike Chandler - Funeral Director

0278 145 848

Fun Social Dance Classes Graeme Gorrie GCM Ltd PO Box 83 Culverden 7345 22 Lyndon st, Culverden

Gorrie Contracting & Mechanical Ltd W.O.F, Vehicle Servicing & General Repairs Ph. 03 315 8660 or 027 329 0848

with Fevah Modern Jive Be part of the biggest social partner dance scene in Christchurch. Ideal for dancing at bars, clubs, parties, weddings, anywhere!

3 No partner needed (we rotate in the classes) 3 Two left feet welcome! (this is where we all start from) 3 Fun, friendly classes around Christchurch This is the easiest way to learn to partner dance.

DEB & MATT Ph: 021 234 7064 | Email:

We’ll arrive within 30 minutes of the arranged time or the first hour of labour will be free. Phone us 24/7 on 0800 30 35 30 or visit

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Keeping Safe from Gambling Harmful gambling can have a significant impact on a person’s life, especially with their finances, their job and their relationships with a partner, family and friends. Other people can be harmed by someone else’s gambling too. It can cause financial difficulties for the whole family, an unhappy home life, domestic violence, alienation from family and friends, and crimes committed against employers or other people. A single person’s harmful gambling can affect five to ten people, and children are vulnerable when it’s their parent or other close relative. Young children can miss out on basic essentials if a parent has gambled away household money. Children are more likely to suffer physical violence or abuse if they have parents with problem gambling, especially when combined

with other problems such as alcohol abuse. Pokie machines are the most harmful form of gambling. The majority of people who seek help for their gambling problems do so because of non-casino pokies (i.e. those found in pubs). At the Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF), qualified counsellors provide free, professional and confidential counselling for gamblers and anyone affected by someone else’s gambling. Counselling is a private, confidential process and is free of charge to the gambler, their family and others affected by problem gambling. If you, or someone you know, has a problem with gambling contact us: Phone 0800 664 262 Email or visit

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Keeping the weather and water where you want it Adhesion Sealing has the professional's seal of approval • Waterproofing and tanking • Concrete protection and repairs • Floor levelling, toppings and coatings • Grouting and sealants • Flooring screeds - epoxy and polyester • Window installation • HP injection epoxy and polyurethane • Swimming pool sealing and coating Christchurch & Dunedin Phone: (03) 365-0914

03 308 6194 102 Harrison Street ASHBURTON

Page 48

OPEN m 7am-7p -F n Mo ri -1pm m a 8 t a S sed Sun clo

Ph. 027 5768 162 481 Blenheim Rd Sockburn Canterbury

Staying Safe in Dangerous Situations The NZ Police offer great strategies to stay safe, however if you do end up in a potentially dangerous situation consider using some or all of the following proven strategies. Act Confident – Stay aggressively alert. Criminals target people who give the appearance of easily surrendering. Make eye contact - Criminals are less likely to attack if you look directly at them. Look like a tough target – too much trouble. Criminals prefer easy pickings.

Time quickly works against you; your chances are as good as they’re going to get when the crime starts. Immediately give up your property to a robber, and then escape After escaping immediately call the Police. Smart use of words - Appeal only to their self-interest, never to their mercy. The more they talk the less chance they will attack. Stay safe!

Smaller people or the elderly obviously present less of a physical threat, but not wanting to be rude makes you even more vulnerable to violent crime. It is better to experience mild guilt at driving away from a potentially legitimate request for help or not opening the door than being attacked.


FOR ALL YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS Call Hoi: 021 130 3364 Email:

Escape – Assess the options and know your limitations.

● · Driveways · Earthquake Repairs · New Home Specialists · Patios & Paths TEL: 0508 873 7483 | EMAIL:

General Repairs Cambelts & Brakes

● ●

Servicing Tyres

Ph: 03 358 9399 Email:

Page 49

BULK CARTAGE Nathan - 021 22 00 881

Experienced Operators

Proud to be supporting safety in our local communities


For a Complete Hose and Hydraulic Service Pneumatics Industrial ● Marine

Agricultural Material Handling ● Hose & Tube Fittings

027 347 4800 | 484 Johns Rd, Harewood, Christchurch 8548

CHANGE YOUR JOB CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Lawn Specialists in: • Preparing and installing of new lawns • Repair of existing lawns • Proven lawn management programs • Lawn Dethaching (scarification) aeration/coring • Spraying - certified sprayer and approved chemical handlers for weeds, moss, fungus and pest control (grass grubs)

Thousands of jobs ready & waiting for you right now!


To be a finalist ONCE AGAIN in the last NetGuide Best Employment site category!

Phone: 0800 375 296 or 342 7113

Email: Page 50


Gets Ready - It’s about looking out for each other Why Join our Gets Ready Database Tool? The Gets Ready website is a database. It contains contact information for local residents that is used by local community response teams to identify who needs assistance in an emergency and who has skills or resources (like first aid skills or generators) that could help in a disaster. Gets Ready is used to send emergency texts or emails. These can include boil water notices, uncontrolled fire, wind and snow alerts.

What are the advantages being registered in Gets Ready? You can be alerted very quickly if a boil water notice is issued for your specific water supply. You can receive a flood warning if you live near a river. You will receive warnings relating to severe weather. Emails and text messages can be sent to keep everyone advised about local issues of concern i.e. burglaries in your street. Join now to receive emergency alerts and warnings.

You get to share information with your neighbours who may not be connected to the internet.


7 days, 10am – 5pm Page 51

Page 52

Gets Ready - Your neighbourhood will become more connected and a safer, friendlier place to live. Privacy We’ve settled on zero information sharing with the public. The public see nothing of the information relating to people in Gets Ready. A household can join — indeed you are encouraged to join and then those community members who have agreed roles in Gets Ready, who look after your area, can see the information you share to allow you to assist in an emergency or be helped in an emergency. There are two kinds of people in a Gets Ready system. 1. The public, who join, but have no role in Gets Ready and they are called members.

Your details may be shared with emergency services, if needed, but otherwise we will not give your details to anyone else.

How safe is my information? Your information is protected by the password you have chosen and the steps our developers have taken to encrypt and keep all information away from hackers. Details are encrypted by https secure transports. Remember – only offer the information you are happy to share with those working to keep you safe during an emergency.

2. Those who join and become street or area contacts. They have roles, often working alongside emergency professionals during an emergency.

Why wait until it’s too late? For more information visit or Phone: 03 420 9944 Christchurch’s only network of neighbours helping neighbours

Page 53

Accounting Services

Financial Services

Auditing Services

Phone: 03 687 7122 Postal Address: PO Box 58, Timaru Office: Level 1, 26 Canon Street, Timaru Email:

“Reaching further for our Customers”

● Land Clearing / Development ● Farm Tracks ● Drain & Laser Work ● Dewatering ● Subdivision Work ● Demolition / Siteworks ● Wheeled & Tracked Excavators ● Roading ● Bulldozing ● Trucks & Trailers YOUR LOCAL CIVIL & RURAL CONTRACTORS OFFERING OVER 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE Ph: (03) 324 3744 • Fax: (03) 324 3778


Providing WOF, service, repairs and maintenance to all cars, 4 wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.

Ph. 03 348 5358 E.

Electrical Contracting & Servicing

30 years

of service excellence to Canterbury

38 Stewart Street, PO Box 9044, Christchurch

Ph. 03 365 7077 | Page 54

Alpha Interiors is proud to sponsor Eye on Communities

How safe is your home?

Complete this survey — reduce your risk of being burgled. Doors and Windows 1.

Are all locks to outside doors either dead locks or strong bolt locks?


Can door locks be opened by breaking a window and reaching through?


Can internal doors be locked?


Are all locks in good working order?


Do you lock the internal door from your garage?


Can you account for all copies of keys to your home?


Are window locks properly and securely mounted?


Do you keep windows locked when they are shut?


Do you use locks that allow windows to be secured partly open?



Garage 10.

Do you lock your garage door at night?


Do you lock your garage door when away from home?


Do you have good secure locks on garage windows and doors?


Do you lock your car when its parked in your garage?

Holiday 14.

Do you notify neighbours when away on holiday?


Do you have mail and circulars collected for you when you are away?


Do you stop deliveries and newspapers when on holiday?


Do you have shades up and lights on when on holiday?


Do you use timers on lights & radios to make it look like you are home?


Do you arrange to keep lawns and gardens maintained?


Are you a member of a neighbourhood support group?

Environment 21.

Do you have sensor lights around your house?


Are shrubs and bushes well trimmed near your house and boarders?

Safe Practices 23.

Have you recorded all serial numbers and stored them away from home?


Have you uniquely marked valuable items (etch or invisible)?


Do you have a description of valuable property?


Have you displayed a sign that items are marked for identification?


Do you have an alarm?


Have you displayed a sign stating that your house is alarmed?


Do you report suspicious activity or people to Police immediately?


Do you know not to disturb anything if you are burgled? just to call Police?

Every “NO” shows a weak point and may help a burglar. Every “YES”improves your protection. Page 55

Page 56


Based on the information available, and my knowledge of the area...” Do I need to evacuate?” If the answer is “YES”... Do you have a place to go? How will I get there?... Will I take my vehicle? Will transport be provided?, Will I have to walk? What do I need to take with me?

SO... LET’S TAKE THESE DETAILS ONE AT A TIME. DO YOU KNOW: Where will you go? The safest route to get there? How long it will take to get there? What do I need to take with me? Medications (regualry taken) Important documents (Birth/marrigae certifactes; Home insurance; Drivers license; Passport etc)

Sturdy Shoes (especially if leaving on foot) Snacks/Water Warm Jacket (both wind & waterproof)

Do I need to evacuate? If the answer to this is YES... where will you be going? To a friend or family? To a welfare centre? Simply to higher ground?

How will I get there? Am I going by vehicle? Am I going to walk? Is transport provided?

Money (A small amount of cash in small denomations - not $100 bills)


Page 58

Page 59

Important contact numbers Name Doctor School Police - non emergency

Page 60



Contact information

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Canterbury Office Phone: 03 420 9944 Barbara Brothers (Office Administrator) Email: Elissa Smith (Junior Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator) Email: Dave Wilkinson (Manager) Email: Postal Address: PO Box 16794, Hornby 8441 This website for general information about Neighbourhood Support Canterbury. This website to register or amend your group’s information.

Ashburton District Christine Richards c/- Ashburton Police Station Postal Address: P O Box 34 Ashburton 7740 Office Phone: 03 307 8410 Email:

North Canterbury Tracy Doe Neighbourhood Support North Canterbury Postal Address:PO Box 5, Rangiora Mobile: 027 383 0166 Email:

South Canterbury Betty-Ann Neighbourhood Support South Canterbury Phone: 03 687 9802 Email:

Page 61


Page 62


Page 63

Please pass your magazine on Name



Hint for Co-ordinators – put your name last on the list, that way it should come back to you when it has done the rounds of the group. Page 64

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Creating Safer Communities & Growing Great Neighbours

03 420 9944

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury Creating Safer Communities & Growing Great Neighbours

03 420 9944 Page 65

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury I am interested in joining my local Neighbourhood Support Group Name: Address: Suburb/City: Postcode: Email: My skillsets: Home phone: Work: Mobile:

Return to: PO Box 16 794 Christchurch C/O Hornby Police Station, Christchurch

03 420 9944

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury I am interested in joining my local Neighbourhood Support Group Name: Address: Suburb/City: Postcode: Email: My skillsets: Home phone: Work: Mobile:

Return to: PO Box 16 794 Christchurch C/O Hornby Police Station, Christchurch Page 66

03 420 9944

Your future starts here. Here to save the day. And money. It’s no secret that the latest release at Faringdon has special powers. ‘The Greens’ is a quick dash away from Rolleston town centre, and is selling faster than a speeding locomotive. It has parks and reserves, reticulated gas and lightning fast fibre broadband - not only do you get superhuman value for money, this investment is only going to get stronger.

Faringdon THE GREENS available now. Sections between 444 and 944m2, average size 610m2, prices starting from $165,000. Call Bruce Harvey on 0800 667 849 or go to New information centre located 51 Lanner Drive, Faringdon.

You’re home.

Off Springston-Rolleston Rd, or opposite Dynes Rd.

Hello from the team We are thrilled to be part of the great new community. With our great experienced staff you’ll get great service and we look forward to meeting you. For your convenience we are open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 5pm Sun & public holidays 10am to 5pm

We provide a wide range of services including:

+ Help with understanding your medicines + Vaccinations + Blood pressure testing + Bowel health screening + Pain management + Urinary tract infections + Appearance Medicine + Weight Loss Clinics + Erectile dysfunction treatment + And loads more.

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy Pharmacy in Christchurch Central Phone: (03) 595 1289 Page 67

We clean Ovens, Stoves, Rangehoods, BBQ’s and more. Loven also Services: Commercial Cooking Appliances, Leisure Assets, Holiday, Rental and Real Estate Properties.

0800 683 626