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impressive escapes Turn a trip into a rewarding escape at Mรถvenpick Hotel Bahrain Give weekend getaways and business trips a splash of excitement and luxury this year with our award-winning Friday Brunch, delicious theme nights, luxury spa treatments at Rimal Spa and our upscale hotel rooms. Mรถvenpick Hotel Bahrain is a five-star property situated close to Bahrain International Airport and less than a 15-minute drive from the centre of Manama. With magnificent views of the sweeping lagoon, it was the first hotel to form part of the now-iconic skyline of the historic town of Muharraq. Enjoy the view! For more information email us at or call 973 17 460000

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Publisher’s Note

As the year’s change and the weather becomes chilly enough to keep us indoors, it provides us with a chance to look back at our achievements and to make new goals for the year ahead. Marhaba fil Bahrain’s 2017 ended on a high, with our magazine being recognised for its support of one of last year’s greatest sporting events – BRAVE 9 MMA Championships, with the award ceremony featuring a warm message of acknowledgement from His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, and the award being presented by His Highness Sh. Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Rowena Mariano AlMusawi Publisher

2018 kicks off with one of Bahrain’s most fun festivals – Shop Bahrain, in its 4th year and going from strength to strength, with offers from many retailers on the Island as well as our many great restaurants, known as the Taste Tour. Let’s also extend a warm welcome to our Diplomatic personality for this issue, the newly appointed Korean Ambassador. We’ll soon be accelerating towards the always hugely popular Formula 1, with its high octane excitement. For a change of pace, Muharraq has been named the Capital of Islamic Culture 2018, with events planned throughout the year. We’ll also be enjoying this year’s Spring of Culture. For these and many more highlights throughout the year, check out our Events Calendar on our “News-Bits” page. And to keep you fit enough to enjoy Bahrain’s marathon shopping and eating sprees? Spartan Run is back! The water may still be a bit chilly, but head on down to the Bahrain Rowing and Canoe Centre to see what they have on offer – a bit of paddling should keep you warm. Prefer dry land? Try the Bike Tour we feature. This issue’s cover story is close to MfB’s heart – promoting locally grown, fresh produce and we’re so proud to support the #eatlocal initiative.

H.H. Sh. Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa presenting MfB’s publisher Rowena AlMusawi with an appreciation award for Brave 9 MMA event.

So grab a cup of tea, get yourself comfortable and enjoy our first issue of 2018!





Bahrain Rowing & Canoe Centre (BRC)


Reef Island


Diplomatic Personality Korean Ambassador to Bahrain


Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018


17 Abdul Rahim Al Sayed General Manager Golden Tulip Bahrain

21 Frank Normann Eikeland   General Manager The Domain Hotel & Spa

25 Desmond Acheson General Manager Ramada Manama City Centre

29 Pasquale Baiguera General Manager Movenpick Hotel Bahrain


33 Anna Marie Dowling Complex General Manager The Westin and Le Méridien Bahrain City Centre

Island Buzz

30 Love is in the Air 11 Signature Taste at Signature Grill

27 400 Gradi


36 24 Hours in Bahrain

40 Picture Perfect: Scottish Highlands

32 unbound Bahrain

Bahrain History which first attracted explorers over 2000 years ago. The numerous settlements throughout the millennia can now be seen in the rich archaeological sites around the Island. The springs also encouraged the most lustrous of pearls – the trade which helped build the Island’s early fortunes. One of the most notable features of the archaeological heritage of Bahrain are the numerous burial mounds, sometime labeled as the world’s largest ancient cemetery, which are scattered over a wide area of Bahrain.

Stories passed on from the time of the Sumerians mentioned a settlement in the deserts of the Middle East - an oasis of life flowing with sweet water springs. It has been suggested that the legendary verdant island may have been the inspiration for the Garden of Eden, described as “Paradise” in the world’s oldest poetic saga - The Epic of Gilgamesh. “The Sacred Land” or the “Land of Eternal Life”, previously known as ‘Dilmun’, is now known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. Early explorers also knew Bahrain as the “Island of a million palm trees”. At least twenty-three varieties of dates were grown on the Island and the leaves, branches, buds and flowers of the date palm were all used extensively. As a result of this bounty, Bahrain had its first natural export. Only Bahrain can claim a truly integral connection with the sweet-water springs that bubble off-shore, water 6

Despite modernization and a cosmopolitan outlook, Bahrain is a unique land with fascinating culture that spans many centuries. A sense of history is tangible even today when you explore the Island’s imposing forts and atmospheric streets, or stroll through its bustling market areas and admire its many magnificent examples of Islamic architecture. While you explore, you are sure to come across another of Bahrain’s most traditional and attractive characteristics – its people, who are among the most welcoming, easy going, friendly and courteous you will meet anywhere in the Arabian Gulf. Marhaba fil Bahrain!

Calendar of Events 2018 January 11 to February 10

January 11 to February 10

January 19 to June 30

January 21 to February 25

Shop Bahrain Festival

Taste Tour

Al-Fann: Art from the Islamic Civilization from The al-Sabah Collection

Food is Culture III

Venue: Bahrain Bay

Various location (Participating Restaurant & Hotels)

Venue: National Museum

Venue: National Museum

February 25

January 17 to March 7

February 1 to March 31

February 22-24

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The 44th Bahrain Annual Art Exhibition

Suq Al Basta Venue: Gravity Village

Bahrain’s Strongest Man

Venue: National Theatre

Venue: Arad Fort

February 22-25

March 15-17

March 15-18

March 22-24

Bahrain Garden Show

The Property Show

Art Bahrain Across Borders (Art Bab)

Bahrain Hospitality & Restaurant Expo

Venue: Bahrain Exhibition Centre

Venue: Hall 2 Bahrain Exhibition Centre

Venue: Bahrain Bay

Venue: National Museum

Venue: Bahrain Exhibition Centre

April 6-8

March 28 to April 7

December 2, 2017 to April 1

April 24-26

The 2018 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

18th Bahrain International Book Fair

Bahraini Farmers Market

Gulf Property Show

Venue: Bahrain International Circuit

Venue: Arad Fort Tent

Venue: Budaiya Botanical Garden

Venue: Bahrain Exhibition Centre

For more event updates visit 7


#eatlocal Bahrain residents all love the cooler weather, looking forward to seeing the farms turning green with fresh produce, bringing smiles to the farmers after a good harvest. This is the time when we get the chance to indulge in locally grown food, to #eatlocal.


The Island was known as the land of a million palm trees, where spring water was abundant, making Bahrain an oasis in the Arabian Peninsula.


Locally grown and prepared food is a must for all travel aficionados, with authentic cuisine featuring home grown vegetables, herbs and spices as well as freshly caught fish, crabs and shrimp. Having lives in Bahrain for many years, I am still captivated by the tastes that local cooks conjure up with recipes passed down through the family and featuring “special, secret spices”. I can still remember being overwhelmed by the supermarkets stocking fruits and vegetables from across the globe; however, given the choice I eat local every chance I get, visiting the local farmer’s markets where I can meet the farmers and get my ingredients straight from the land. The atmosphere at these markets is fantastic, with locals and expats jostling for space, bargaining loudly amidst lots of smiles and laughter. The main market is the Bahraini Farmer’s Market in Budaiya’s Botanical Garden, which runs during the winter months (December to April), every Saturday (8am -12noon), but there are also smaller markets scattered throughout the villages.

Not only does the Bahraini Farmer’s Market sell fresh and affordable veggies, herbs and spices but there is also a thriving trade in flowers, shrubs, traditional handicrafts such as basket weaving – and a lovely food garden which serves traditional breakfasts, burgers, fruit cups and much more. And if you get the chance, end your meal times with a crepe, either with the traditional cheese filling or cheat a little and have Nutella or peanut butter – you’ll have to queue, they’re very popular. Families and friends get together for a lovely morning out, with picnics under the trees and kids running through the park.

with green houses and polytunnels in order to provide locally grown produce throughout the year. We’re even seeing the new generation of farms, such as hydroponics – an eco-aware farming technique. Seeing the #eatlocal campaign trending in Bahrain is a fantastic sign, giving the Island’s farms a resurgence they sorely need. So get yourself to the Farmer’s Market, grab some fresh ingredients and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Not only do the farmers get the chance to interact directly with the public, but they are also able to promote their wares to restaurant owners, hotel managers and chefs, getting their locally grown produce onto restaurant tables throughout the Island. This concept of farm to table is hugely popular worldwide, and it’s fantastic to see it gaining popularity in Bahrain. Some farmers, sensing the growth of this trend, are already outfitting their lands 9



Farm to Table Peninsula Farms, started in 2012 and situated in Sakhir on oncearid land, is home to Bahrain’s largest commercial farm. With over 40,000m2 of cultivated land, the farm produces over 1000 packs of lettuce and 2000 boxes of tomatoes every day and has expanded to include livestock and by-products.

Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa General Manager Peninsula Farms


Tell us more about Peninsula Farm? The farm uses hydroponic farming which is a soil-less process and consumes a lot less water than conventional farming. The farm consists of two sections – vegetables, herbs and fruits and the dairy section, where we offer goat meat and milk, goat cheese. Our new offering is goat milk soap with honey, coconut oil, olive oil and lavender. What inspired you to start this venture? We wanted Bahrain to produce more local harvest for local consumption, and as an end result create a selfsustainable Island. We love food

and would much prefer to consume fresh, local crops that are able to be grown here. Do you have a year-round harvest and what is your fastest selling product? Our harvest depends on the seasons – in winter we have lettuce, cherries and local tomatoes, capsicum and big chilies. During summer we continue lettuces and also kale and herbs such as mint. A very popular product of ours is the mixed salad. Any other services? Home delivery is available with a minimum order of BD5. What are your future goals for Peninsula Farms? Our harvests are being served in 5 star hotels and fine dining restaurants, and we hope to expand on this service. We’re also looking forward to reaching more households on the Island as we support the Farm to Table and Eat Local campaigns.


Farm to Table

Signature Taste at Signature Grill Combining local ingredients and international flavours, Signature Grill at Capital Club Bahrain boasts a new menu that captivates the taste buds.

“I came to Bahrain a couple of months back and was happy to discovered that the Island has enough resources and products that I can incorporate in my dishes. Once I visited a farm located in a small village in Karannah where I met a 3rd generation family of farmers producing exquisite fresh vegetables. The Club also had the chance to collaborate with Peninsula Farms which produces import quality vegetables and dairy products which has resulted in one of the most tasteful dish in the new menu,” says Chef Hübler. Using the local ingredients in the dishes not only adds local flavours to the food, but Capital Club is also keen on working with the local farms towards the same end goal of promoting the use of local produce and supporting local businesses. “We believe the use of local products promotes sustainability and encourages local farmers to grow their products knowing that restaurant and hotel operators will give preference to their products than their imported counterpart,” Capital Club General Manager Sumeet Jhingan adds. Designing the menu so that each of the dishes can be shared, the Signature Grill offers its members a completely new dining experience, and pays an homage to the culture and taste of the Kingdom in more ways than one.

The menu boasts soups, starters, mains (vegetarian, seafood, and meat), and dessert. Chef Hübler carefully picked the ingredients and designed the dishes to produce a wholesome menu that satisfies different palettes. Using jarjir and fennel as spices, to main ingredients such as goats cheese, kale, eggplants and fish, all sourced from Peninsula Farms, Chef Hübler brings a Bahraini touch to each of his dishes, with a little twist from Hungary. The dishes are healthy and carry a unique flavour that is carefully hand-crafted by Chef Hübler and his team at Capital Club Bahrain.

For more information and reservations: Phone: (00973) 1710 0100 11


Beef and Prawn Chiu Chow 12

Wolfgang Puck’s culinary team have created a 5 and 7 course menu for Chinese New Year, based on the “The Five Blessings” of the New Year: longevity, riches, peace, wisdom and virtue. Available between 17-28 February 2018. For bookings or information call +973 1711 5046.


Brave Combat Week

Lightweight Champion Champion: Ottman Azaitar Country Representing: Morocco Team Representing: Team Azaitar Opponent: Alejandro Martinez

Bantamweight Champion

Preliminary card

Champion: Stephan Loman Country Representing: Philippines Team Representing: Team Lakay Opponent: Gurdarshan Mangat

Winner: Hamza Kooheji Country Representing: Bahrain Gym Representing: KHK-MMA Opponent: Mohammed Farhad

Five highly acclaimed international bands and three of Bahrain’s best jazz acts played to an audience of more than 3,000, with over ten hours of fantastic music.

There was a wide range of food trucks and comfy picnic-style seating areas on the grass, as well as an all-day market with stalls selling homemade goods and activities for the whole family, including an interactive children’s tent.

Jazz it up!

The Bahrain Jazz Fest was staged for the first time in October 2017 at the scenic Royal Golf Club and entertained music enthusiasts of all ages with the vibrant sounds of jazz, blues, swing, gypsy jazz and electro.

The festival featured international artists Electric Swing Circus and Swing Zazou (UK), Dihann Moore & the SheGroovee Band (USA), The Ska Vengers (India) and the Speakeasies Swing Band (Greece). Popular local acts were AQ’s Jazz Experience, led by Ahmed AlQasim and the Mohammed Rashid Trio featuring Banah. The show was complimented by Captain Tea, playing groovy electronic jazz.

The prestigious Royal Golf Club in Riffa Views is home to Bahrain’s only 18 hole championship standard golf course and to a par-3 9-hole course, both designed by course architect and golfing legend Colin Montgomerie. Due to the success of the Jazz Fest, the Royal Golf Club is planning to host a second edition in October 2018, with other events being organized throughout the year. 13

Island Buzz

Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018 envisages a year-long cultural program aimed at promoting Islamic Arts and Culture.

In 2018, the Kingdom of Bahrain celebrates Muharraq as Capital of Islamic Culture following its designation by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO). On this occasion, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities

In celebration of Muharraq, Capital of Islamic Culture 2018, the Bahrain Authority for Culture (BACA) is announcing an open call for submission of texts and manuscripts to be published by BACA in relation to the city of Muharraq. Participation is open to all cultural topics, including: poetry, prose, novels, short stories, studies, heritage and archeology. The published books will be launched during the 18th Bahrain International Book Fair in 2018.

Ta’a al Shabab’ Festival

Al Basta Market Gravity village is hosting this year’s Suq Al Basta from February to the end of March during the ​weekends. It will welcome visitors of all ages. Suq Al Basta contributes to supporting productive families and new youth projects. It encourages participants to practice trade as a community partnership that contributes to creating a healthy society, aware of the important opportunities available to increase income and improve living sta ndards. This year, the market will host kids’ activiti es, local bands, musicians and artists throughout the dura tion of the festival. 14

The 9th edition of Ta’a al Shabab’ Festival at Bu Maher Fort, Muharraq, under the slogan (Tarmeez, Tadheeb, Tatweej). The festival is supported and sponsored by Tamkeen. The access to Bu Maher Fort will be made possible by Bus from 7pm-8pm and the meeting point is set at the Parking of the Bahrain National Museum). This year’s edition of the festival coincides with BACA’s celebrations of Muharraq as the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2018. The 9th edition will cover eight initiatives masterminded by the Ta’a youths; “ Muharraq Reads”, “Darayesh”, “Tashkeel”, “Technique”, “ Hayat”, Harmony”, “ Adwar” and Hafawa”.


Bahrain Rowing & Canoe Centre (BRC) The Bahrain Rowing & Canoe Centre (BRC) was established in 2016 to reconnect the Island’s residents with the sea and Bahrain’s rich maritime heritage. Boating has been a part of Bahrain’s economic history as it was heavily dependent on the pearling industry and fishing. However, the modern lifestyle has seen physical activities shift to mainly land-based, and the BRC is hoping to turn this trend around.

• •

term goals; even the finish line is just the start. Determination: To be stronger, faster and better today than yesterday. Dedication: From early starts and hard work, to achieving the perfect stroke.

Not only will the BRC showcase the Island’s water-based heritage; another very important aim is to groom future Olympic contenders. The personal benefits of rowing are also, a big plus:

The basic difference between rowing, kayaking and canoeing is down to what paddle is being used and the rower’s sitting position, both of which affect the movement of the boat.

BRC aims to provide world class experience, training and know-how in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere. As such they train teams on Dragon

Balance: Mind and body, boat and water, all working in perfect harmony. Focus: Concentration on long

Boat racing. 2018 goals for the BRC are to accelerate the outreach programme, particularly to schools and universities; to deepen ties with major institutions such as CRI Boston, FISA, ICF and regional clubs; to widen their sponsor base and enhance their development programmes. BRC’s plans for this year also include reaching a mass membership so they can organized domestic regattas and ‘varsity races. Following that they’ll be able to bid for regional events, all with an eye. For more information visit 15

Spotlight Abdul Rahim Al Sayed General Manager Golden Tulip Bahrain

Golden Tulip Bahrain I am proud to be a Bahraini and my heart will always be of service to my country. My road to success It all began when I accompanied a friend to a job interview as support, and out of 50 applicants I was the one hired! I started as a bellboy and worked my way up to my current position. I have worked abroad but my passion to serve my country lead me home, where I can continue to grow and in turn be an inspiration to not only my fellow Bahrainis but also anyone who wishes to work in the hospitality industry. Paying it forward After being given the opportunity to grow I was determined to pass this on to others and I’ve initiated training for my staff, either locally or abroad, to challenge them to grow. I believe that if one sees talent, one should offer guidance and encouragement.

Golden Tulip achievements Golden Tulip was one of the first hotels built on the Island and is now in its 45th year. The hotel is maintained perfectly and has a very special, prime location. The Golden Tulip standard is respected worldwide and is enjoyed on the Island. F&B highlight Great service and food is a huge part of why our guests return. We also have amazing theme nights, open to all: Seafood Night, BBQ Night and Friday Brunch. Our wonderful Japanese restaurant is famous on the Island. A message to all Throughout the years, Bahrainis have shown themselves to be welcoming, food loving and good

communicators in many languages – we are a genuine personality in the hospitality industry. We must pass this natural talent on to the next generation. I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Majid Rashid al Zayani who saw my potential and sent me to Cornell University to further my education, then arranged training at the Holiday Inn, London. His encouragement led me to where I am today. 17


Reef Island Reef Island is celebrating over 10 years of excellence since their groundbreaking ceremony. Tucked away in the Seef District, but with easy access to The Bahrain Financial Harbour and Manama, the Island offers a relaxing haven from everyday stresses. Having retained ownership of the ‘City of Water’ Residences, with other residences on the island sold to developers, The Mouawad Group continue to manage the facilities and gardens on the Island as a whole. Each residence is named after a precious jewel and with corresponding exterior and interior décor; for example, Ruby is painted a beautifully rich red and the apartment décor is in corresponding 18

hues of red. No two apartments are decorated the same, giving you the feeling of individual attention to detail. All restaurants have a minikitchen, ironing facilities, lounge/ sitting area, a comfortable bedroom and spacious bathroom. And let’s not forget the gorgeous views. Each building comes with 24 hour concierge service. The Island boasts a swimming pool, tennis court and children’s play area. Right alongside the residences is the restaurant area, boasting 5 cuisines – Fish Market, Chez Alain, Coffee World, Pasquale and Al Fayez, so you really are spoiled for choice. Food and service is excellent and the views are stunning.


And as one would expect from a development from The Mouawad Group, attention is given to even the smallest details. The Island boasts 40% greenery and the grounds are immaculately kept, with plants flown in from across the world to provide wonderfully serene areas. There is also a 3km promenade, strictly for tenants, which is a fantastic area for exercising or just a gentle stroll. Not content with their success (96% occupancy is very impressive), the Island will soon be launching their latest development – Reef Resort. Launching in Q1 2018, Reef Resort will offer a range of over a 100 gorgeously decorated villas, suites and rooms, all nestled within expansive date gardens. A gated village with its own security, the Resort will offer business and leisure facilities as well as pool, spa, kid’s club and a fantastic white sand, infinity pool facing the bay.

The rooms are individually designed to a very high standard and boast a fully-stocked refreshment bar, WiFi and Jacuzzis and rain showers in each marble-tiled bathrooms. Guests are offered the best of inhouse services including 24-hour in-room dining, business centre, babysitting, concierge service, daily newspapers and a barber shop. As for restaurants – well, you’ll be spoiled for choice: Chocolatier, Sushi, Fine Dining, Cigar Lounge, Shisha Club, Pool and Snack bar - all within walking distance.

The Spa is richly designed to ease one into relaxation with separate spas for men and women, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, Yoga Room, Fitness Studios and a Beauty Salon. The Kids Club means that parents can enjoy a relaxing day whilst their children are looked after by experienced caregivers, with the Club offering loads of activities to keep the kids entertained. Reef Resort is perfect for a laid back family holiday or a romantic escape, another great destination for a holiday within Bahrain. 19



BAHRAIN By Shafeeka Fakier

Galiena Verton, Jaap, Dragan and Tyrza Nationality: Dutch Length of stay in Bahrain: 7 years Favorite places and things to do in Bahrain Sofitel Zallaq, the Souk (Bab al Bahrain) and eating breakfast at Saffron, sailing and being on the water, in the winter time the camping and biking in the desert, greenery in Barbar Area. Message to new comers Enjoy your time in Bahrain, become friends with the locals, try to speak Arabic and embrace your journey in Bahrain. It will be a special time on this little island. Unforgettable experience We have so many, to be on a multicultural island we made so many friends. However, our experience with the military hospital is top of the list. They saved my husband by detecting that he had a blocked artery, and before we knew it he was on the operating table – it would have been deadly if they’d not found it. 20

Jennifer Alwanger Nationality: Filipina Length of stay in Bahrain: 14 years Favorite places in Bahrain • Amwaj Island • Lost Paradise • Ritz Carlton • Bahrain Country Club Message to new comers Enjoy and explore Bahrain Culture Bahrain is a Home away from Home. I must say, I really had a great time and enjoyed my stay in Bahrain. We left in 2009 and I’m looking forward to visiting Bahrain again. Bahrain was our 2nd Home and will always be here in our heart! Unfrogettable experience: • Meeting my lifetime partner • Attending Arabic party/wedding • German Embassy dinner party • F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Yolandi Janeke – Moore Nationality: South African Length of stay in Bahrain: 11 years Favorite places in Bahrain • Dilmun Club • Yacht Club • Seef Mall • The Souq Message to new comers Embrace the multicultural experience the Kingdom of Bahrain provides. Unforgettable experience I’ve had so many. I met my husband in Bahrain, gave birth to our son at Awali hospital and we met some of the best people and friends in Bahrain. We miss Bahrain and speak of our time there often.

Hotelier Frank Normann Eikeland   General Manager The Domain Hotel & Spa

The Domain Hotel & Spa A Norwegian Nationality who graduated from the Hotel Management School of Hospitality Management in Norway.

What would you be if you weren’t an hotelier? I would be a writer, writing about people, travels and cultures as I love dealing with people and travelling. What goals are you most proud to have reached in your 2nd year at Domain? Reaching targets and budget are the basic and the constant challenge for all business leaders. Further to this I have worked closely with my team to create unique theme nights and events at the Domain. So far, we’ve received great response to these activities making Domain stand apart as a unique destination and venue, with breath taking views and award winning culinary

experiences. Do visit our website for our very unique theme nights What events can we expect for next year? For 2018 we’re looking forward to welcoming more lady guests from Saudi, most of whom arrive from across the causeway, as we have assigned ladies only floor which is already becoming sought after. We also have an award-winning ladies’ spa, with the latest services in health, wellness and beauty so they can look forward to a pampered stay. Message Domain’s statement has always been “We are not here to blend in, we are here to stand out!” Our Hallmarks is

“Work – Stay – Play” which simply reflects the facts, that within the four walls of The Domain, you will find all that you need to enjoy a perfect stay, regardless if you are here for work or you are here for pure pleasure. Me and my Staff are here to take care of you! Be welcome!!! 21


Ansam Al Oud Asgharali Perfumes was inspired to create their latest scent for the winter season, a unisex fragrance carefully created for fashionistas and trendsetters. The spicy aroma of Amber is a sensual reminder of warm evenings by the fire; this is a bold and woody oriental scent that compliments a strong personality. Available in a modern and innovatively edged bottle, you know you’re in for something unique and sophisticated. Upon applying Ansam Al Oud, the top note is a heady combination of sweet/ fruity/ woody aromas, which soothes and tones the skin due to the use of olibanum oil. The middle scent (heart note), once the perfume has been warmed by your body heat, is a little sweeter and with cedar in the mix. The third scent, commonly called the base note, is the fragrance which lingers on your skin – sandalwood, a fresh edge with relaxing properties. Throughout you’ll enjoy the spicy, woody notes which weave throughout.

Fragrance name: Ansam Al Oud Segment: Unisex Fragrance: Woody Oriental Top Note: Woody Notes, Olibanum, Dried Notes, Earthy Notes, Balsamic Notes & Floral Notes Heart Note: Woody Notes, Balsamic Notes, Earthy Notes, Cedar & Floral Notes Base Note: Woody Notes, Sandalwood, Amber & Oud. Olibanum oil: Asgharali uses frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii), otherwise known as olibanum oil, to give a sweet, woody, fruity and refreshing scent to their products. It also soothes and tones the skin, covering it with a thin protective film, which softens, soothes, and minimises the appearance of fine lines. Sandalwood: Sandalwood reduces stress and promotes restful sleep. It is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood oil provides perfumes with a striking woody base note, but with a bright and fresh edge.



New Appointments Gulf Air Appoints New CEO H.E. Mr. Zayed Bin Rashid Alzayani, Chairman of Gulf Air’s Board of Directors welcomed Mr. Kučko to his new post: “On behalf of the airline’s Board of Directors and executive management team I welcome Mr. Kučko to the Gulf Air family”.Mr. Kučko brings a wealth of 25 years international aviation experience to his new position at Gulf Air. He joins the airline’s recently appointed Deputy

Eslam Fouad Director of Sales and Marketing Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Fouad began his career as a sales manager before shifting to the hospitality industry. He worked for Radisson SAS Resort for four years, and then moved to Le Meridien in Dubai. In 2006, he joined Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Soon after moving to Riyadh he was promoted to Director of Sales and spent eight years working and exceling in the position in May 2014. “I find moving from Riyadh to Bahrain to be exciting and challenging at the same time”. Fouad quickly established himself as a leading sales figure in the new market and was recently promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.


Chief Executive Officer, Captain Waleed Abdulhameed Al Alawi, at a significant time in the airline’s history as it prepares to receive a new fleet consisting of 39 new Boeing and Airbus aircraft due for delivery commencing in early 2018. The modern fleet will herald a new era for Gulf Air as it continues to enhance its product and service offering.

Radim Marek Executive Assistant Manager for Food and Beverage The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

Ryme Lansari Executive Assistant Manager for Rooms The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

Radim obtained his Diploma for Hotel and Catering at the Integrated Secondary School of Hospitality Industry Management and started his career in Germany as a Demi Chef de Rang in 2002. He worked in several restaurants in Germany and England including the 1 Michelin-starred Waldos and the 2 Michelin-starred Haerlin Restaurant. Before coming to Bahrain, Radim served as Director of Food and Beverage at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg,

Originally from Morocco, Ryme studies at La Sorbonne before graduating at Strayer University in Washington DC. Ryme started as a server at Indebleu restaurant, working her way up to her present position at Ritz Carlton properties.

“I am deeply honored to be working closely with the property’s dedicated staff, I am excited to start a new journey while holding the key role in adding value to the hotel’s success.”

“I am extremely honoured to be part of a sophisticated property that I admire for its renowned high level of exceptional service, perfect location and immaculate facilities. I look forward to working closely with the outstanding team at Ritz-Carlton Bahrain in order to take the property to greater heights.

Hotelier Desmond Acheson General Manager Ramada Manama City Centre

Ramada Manama City Centre A Canadian hotel veteran who graduated from hotel schools in UK and Switzerland, Desmond has lived in South Africa, Egypt, Asia and North America before taking on his first assignment in the Gulf.

What differences have you noticed between Bahrain and your other postings? I’ve only been here four months, but the main ones so far are the culture, the geography and the temperature all have an impact on how you do business. This means being sensitive to local expectations; managing what you do in your food and beverage outlets and what promotions you might create. Having said that, I should also add that the essential goals of any hotel are rather similar - to keep guests happy, to obtain revenue, to manage expenses and ultimately, to make a profit. We are fortunate here to have some terrific owners, so it’s a pleasure to work with them in trying to jointly achieve those goals.

What is your favorite part of your job? The Hospitality industry gives me the opportunity to deal with people from all walks of life and with different aspirations and expectations – both from guests and from team members. This requires flexibility, an open mind and a natural interest and curiosity. It is exciting to bring the team members closer together, so that we are all focused on a singular goal – taking care of the guest. You have to constantly work in harmony and when this is achieved, it is truly the most rewarding part of my job. What are your future plans? We have only recently opened more of the property’s facilities –the rooftop pool, the pool bar, Palm lobby lounge and the Patio restaurant. We are a modest four-star

property but of exceptionally good quality, without huge prices, and with quietly discreet and effective personal service. My goal is to really make this one of Bahrain’s top quality boutique hotels where you can enjoy a five-star experience with a four-star price. We are working with the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority and will be participating in the “Shop Bahrain” campaign which takes place from 11 January to 10 February 2018. We are doing this with our Patio and Reem Al Bawadi restaurants, whereby we contribute three menus per restaurant and these become part of the campaign’s “Taste Tour”. 25

Island Buzz

THEATRE by Rhodes The first of its kind in Bahrain, THEATRE by Rhodes brings unrivalled indulgence to the new VOX Cinemas venue by delivering a perfect combination of the best of film and food. With an exclusive menu created by Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes, THEATRE by Rhodes sets a new standard for “dinner and a movie”. The concept’s gourmet in-cinema dining allows movie enthusiasts to revel in unsurpassed VIP treatment, lavish lounge areas, dedicated in-theatre waiter service and an outstanding menu with made-to-order fine food. Enjoy the comfort of a reclining couch, a personal butler and if you fancy popcorn your order will have unlimited refill.


All day dining Ramada Manama City Centre Patio, on the first floor of the upscale Ramada Manama City Centre hotel, is a spacious eatery where diners can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and the city’s skyline.

VOX Cinemas Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia opens its first standalone VOX Cinemas location at The Avenues – Bahrain in Manama.

Breakfast is served buffet-style for in-house as well as walk-in guests, while lunch and dinner can be ordered à la carte. The restaurant offers an extensive menu with a focus on modern international cuisine, with Asian, Mexican and French delicacies in the mix., Serves variety of hot and cold drinks with option of healthy – detox beverages for. For Reservations call 17 104-050

Spanning 4,877 square meters, the new ten-screen cinema is positioned to deliver unmatched entertainment levels to movie fans across the country. Bringing two of VOX Cinemas’ signature concepts to Bahrain audiences for the very first time, customers will now be able to watch their favourite blockbusters in the premium MAX experiences. Dubbed as VOX Cinemas’ mega-screen experience, the MAX concept provides audiences with extraordinary sensory entertainment thanks to state-of-the-art technology that includes Dolby Atmos surround sound and dual projector systems that deliver ultra-realistic, 100% digital imagery. Spacious MAX seating options also provide guests with an extra layer of comfort when watching the biggest blockbusters.

Nutella Bar A dedicated Nutella Bar to enjoy with your favorite movie. Indulge with the much-loved chocolate spread in a variety of delicious forms, including crepes, pancakes and waffles. 26


400 Gradi is brought to us by the world’s best pizza maker – Chef Di Francesco, whose family’s roots are in Naples but who was raised in Australia. 400 Gradi is his first Middle East branch, a partnership with international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya Co, and a fantastic new addition to the Kingdom’s excellent restaurants. But don’t fill up on pizza alone, tempting as it may be. There are still traditional Italian dishes like handmade gnocchi (delicious), succulent lamb (mouthwatering), pistachio cutlets (heavenly) – and we’ve not even hit the desserts yet! Trust me, try the gelato… A very reasonably priced restaurant, with a meal for two (2 starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts with drinks) averaging to around BD30. If you’re looking at a large group of friends and ordering several dishes to table share, then the spend drops to around BD15.

400 Gradi Owner: Johnny Di Francesco (aka Melbourne’s Mr. Pizza) Franchisee: M.H Alshaya Co Location: The Avenues Bahrain, Gate 2

Australia + Naples = Bahrain, the simple equation for 400 Gradi, an Italian-with-a-difference restaurant that recently opened in Bahrain’s highly anticipated latest venue, The Avenues. Step inside and you’re transported to a Melbourne restaurant with a Napolitano style, handcrafted Italian dining experience.

Buon appetite!

If you’re like Marhaba fil Bahrain’s writers and consider yourself a pizza aficionado, then do yourself a favour and make 400 Gradi your next gastronomic stop. Here you’ll find a mouth-wateringly authentic Napolitano-style pizza cooked in 400-degree heat for just 90 seconds (this is where the restaurant gets its name). All prepared from scratch, dough freshly mixed and cured at a specific temperature, making a perfect crust. 27

Island Buzz

Chef Jeff Tan Multi-Awarded China Garden is once again taking diners to a delightful journey, featuring award winning guest chef, Jeff Tan Seng Han. From 21st - 25th of February, for the first time in Bahrain Chef Jeff Tan Seng Han will be featuring his Chinese cuisine. Guaranteed to give you a taste to remember! Chef Jeff Tan Seng Han has 28 years of diverse culinary experience in the food and service industry, awarded among the top 10 Timeout Restaurant in London. He has served as Chef de Cuisine at the Hakkasan Mayfair London UK for 10 yrs. “We look forward to welcoming Chef Jeff to Bahrain” stated Charbel Hanna Executive Assistant Manager. In addition, Chef Jeff Tan will be hosting a cooking master class on 24th February for only BD 39 net per person, inclusive of lunch. For more details contact +973 1774 6273

Bicycle Tours Manama Tours sets new standards in Bahrain offering special guided bike tours through the vibrant ambience of Manama Souq. Bike tours are available for all sports levels and ages. The Manama Tours cycling tour takes guests where buses cannot go and gives an excellent opportunity to explore this historical place from a new perspective. The guided tour cycles around to the most iconic sites within the souq such as the Post Museum, the Gold Souk, the Shri Krishna Temple, Little India, Matam Al Ajam, Al Fadhel Mosque and many more. Bike enthusiasts will learn about the history and culture, and also explore the culinary delights this authentic spot has to offer during a hearty lunch at Haji Café and sample local snacks at Aloo Basher or some tasty samosa at Swagat, one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Bahrain.

Swiss Fondue Silks Restaurant Movenpick Hotel Saturday Sunday & Wednesday 7 PM onwards | Price starts BD 15++ Come fondue with us this winter! Dip into the divine cheesy sensation and celebrate the classic Gruyere cheese fondue with a selection of breads and dip-ables, as we offer a wide selection of authentic, freshly prepared cheese fondue specials. There’s even a chocolate fondue to finish! Call +973 17460017 or email us at hotel.bahrain.fb@ movenpick.comuest. 28

Book Now: 17540990

Hotelier Pasquale Baiguera General Manager Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

Hotelier from Italy to Bahrain I have considered all my travel destinations as my home and I have been lucky to be assigned to countries that are easy to adjust to. How I started my career I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I knew that in order to travel I needed money. As it happens my first part time job ended up being a lifetime adventure – I call it “career by coincidence”. I love travelling and being a tourist; I have been lucky that my career involves travelling from country to country, and I’m happy now to be in Bahrain. Getting to know my new home Local tours are fantastic and I look forward to visiting more local points of interest. I’ve already been to the National Museum, the Tree of Life and the Muharraq Fort. As the weather becomes better, we’ll get out more and explore.

What we expect in 2018 We are in the process of a grand renovation and by the end of 2018 we’ll be able to welcome 2019 with a brand new ambiance. We’re also looking forward to the airport expansion as that will bring more passenger inflow. F&B highlight Brunch will continue during the renovation, plus our fantastic Theme Nights so that we can continue to provide our guests with an excellent experience. I’m very lucky to work at a property with such deep and exceptional F&B roots. We’ll soon be introducing a BBQ Buffet night too. • Monday: Seafood Night with live music • Tuesday: Kebab Night

• • •

Wednesday: Fondue Night (Jan to Feb) Thursday: Thursday Night out Friday – Brunch

Message Bahraini’s – continue your fantastic hospitality, build on it! It’s part of your nature and is fantastic to encourage tourism growth And for all my colleagues in the industry keep hospitality natural and grounded, be true to your guest. Benvenuto. 29

Island Buzz

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Couples Retreat

Enjoy 50% off on all food and cocktails to pamper your beloved one and dance all night long in the vivid ambiance of Downtown. (For couples only). Date: 14th February, Valentine’s Day For booking call +973 1722 777

Stay be loved!

Celebrate Valentine’s day with our exclusive room package BD 100++ for Deluxe Room inclusive of dinner in Fusions or La Pergola. For Bookings please call. 17 713 000 or email us on:

Silk’s Restaurant

Valentine promotion: 14TH February 2018 at 7.00 pm All I want for Valentine’s is …. Chocolate It will be a night to remember this Valentine’s at Silk’s restaurant, as we serve up our finest five-course set menu with paired wines in the intimate atmosphere of the smoothest and heart-beating live violin music. Seasonal ingredients come together in an exquisite presentation of delicious dishes from land and sea, rounded off with a stunning chocolate-inspired dessert menu, priced at BHD 32 net per person. To avoid disappointment, call +973 17460017 or email us at


Say It With Dinner

Celebrate your love alongside a culinary masterpiece created by our Executive Chef this Valentine’s Day with Patio at Ramada Manama City Centre. Couples may choose to enjoy the ultimate Valentine’s Day three-course meal with a special Valentine dessert at the end for only BD 20 net per couple. For table reservations, kindly call +973 17104050 or email patio@ramadamanama-citycentre. Follow our Instagram account @patiobh for special offers and a sneak peek at our secret dessert created exclusively for our Valentine’s Day diners.

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Valentine’s Special

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other half at Swiss-Belhotel Seef and enjoy 1 night accommodation for 2 on February 14th in a spacious junior suite for BD 50 net per couple including: • Valentine’s Day dinner for 2 at SwissCafe restaurant • International Buffet Breakfast • Special Valentine’s room amenities For Information and booking call 66310000

Pampering Spa Heaven for Two

Couples looking to spend Valentine’s Day revitalizing their body and mind, indulge in the Valentine’s Spa Bliss promotion, which includes 75-minute full body massage. The Valentine’s Spa Bliss package also offers guests a chance to de-stress in style at the Hotel’s tranquil indoor pool after their massages.

Chocolate Treatment

Enjoy a sensational chocolate treatment with your loved one. One-hour relaxing massage will start the treatment, then followed by a 30 minutes scrub with chocolate and sugar. In the end, you will be both kept cocooned and warm with a nourishing body wrap for another 30 minutes. The treatment is exclusively created for the month of February. • •

BD120 per Couple for 2 Hours. BD 70 per person for 2 Hours. Bodylines Fitness & Wellness - ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands

For information or reservations, please contact us at or call 16000111.

This romantic package is available from February 1 to 28, 2018 and is priced at BHD 90 per person for non-Hotel guests. In-house guests will enjoy the Valentine’s Spa Bliss promotion at BHD 65 per person. For information or reservations call 1711 5000

Casa Mexicana

Celebrate Valentines in a Mexican way!!! Enjoy live entertainment whilst savoring 3 course menu, inclusive of bubbly, specially prepared by our Mexican chef. For table booking call +973 17715521 31

Island Buzz Spotlight

unbound Bahrain A two-day festival to celebrate the most innovative start-ups in the GCC, will be taking place in March 2018 at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The festival will bring together fifty influential speakers from fintech, adtech, travel, e-commerce and more, for two days of panels and keynote speeches. Sessions will highlight the latest trends supporting the transition to a digital economy, as well as the creation of a supportive environment for innovation and e-commerce in the Gulf, the role that governments play in innovation, reaching the connected consumer and the future of finance. The festival will also feature a Female Founders Startup Challenge, startupinvestor pitching, exhibitions and hackathons. 32

HE Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chief Executive of the EDB, said: “Technological advancements are revolutionising the way we do business and transforming our economies into digital powerhouses. Start-ups are playing a crucial role in driving this transformation, and in Bahrain, we are working hard to put in place a supportive ecosystem that will encourage the innovation the region needs. We are delighted to be the partner for the first “unbound” festival to be held in the GCC.” “Having helped fuel innovation ecosystems around the world over the past five years, I recognise

the opportunity for growth of the knowledge economy of the Gulf and believe the kingdom to be an important strategic gateway for the region,” said Daniel Seal, Founder and CEO of unbound. “We’re thrilled to be working closely with the visionary EDB to bridge the gap between disruptive, emerging companies and established, international brands.”

When: March 7 & 8, 20189:00am – 6pm Where: Bahrain International Circuit Who: 1000 attendees

Hotelier Anna Marie Dowling Complex General Manager The Westin and Le Méridien Bahrain City Centre

The Westin and Le Meridian Bahrain City Centre Being my first middle-eastern post, I am very much enjoying my time here and relishing the challenges that are still ahead. What differences do you face working in Bahrain/Middle East from other parts of the world? The Middle East market and clientele have exacting standards; however, the expectations of our guests remain the same – they expect value for money and excellent service with close attention to detail, as our clients really appreciate that. As a five-star luxury hotel, expectations are always high. So, first and foremost, I need to make sure those expectations are met – it’s the customer first. What is your favorite part of your job? One of the greatest parts of my job as GM is meeting and interacting with people – not only our guests, but also local business leaders, visiting dignitaries and our associates who come from various

countries and backgrounds. I have a strong empathy with each of the departments, having gone through work experience in each one. That experience still lives with me and every week I try and go and speak to the room attendants and see how they are getting on. We are one team and we are all on the same side. What was the most unusual situation you came across in your career so far? I have had to deal with hotel openings, closings and buy outs but my most relevant experience now is managing two hotels in an exceptionally challenging marketplace whilst also leading these two hotels through the integration to Marriott systems and processes after Marriott acquired Starwood in October 2016. We are half way through a two year process and an integration this size brings an

enormous additional workload, but also many opportunities to learn new things. I am sure at the end of 2018 there will be a sense of achievement and satisfaction in a job well done. 33

Island Buzz Spotlight

Fever Band Fever Band was formed in the U.K and has flavours from all of Europe, with members from France, Ireland and the U.K. With years of international experience, Fever is now prepared to rock Bahrain’s nights as they start the new adventure in Downtown. Join us and let the entertainment begins! For Reservations please call: +973 1722 7777 or +973 17 208 308

Boulevard Circus

The first GCC-based circus brand Twenty-five performers from Russia, Ukraine, China, and Egypt including jugglers, magicians, clowns, tight rope walkers and death-defying acrobats, will be part of the circus’s initial act lineup. Two daily shows will be available to the public, starting at 4:30pm and 6:30pm on weekday and at 5pm and 7pm on weekends. Tickets is available at the entrance, at BD4 per person for regular tickets and BD8 per person for VIP tickets. For more information about Boulevard Circus, follow them on Instagram: @boulevardcircus or like their Facebook page:

Dilmun: Love & Peace Swiss-Belhotel Seef in partnership with Rowaq Al-Balqa Foundation for Arts (Jordan) present a new limited-edition coffee table book. The 300 pages volume focuses on the Dilmun civilization and goes back three thousand years B.C., to shed light on the life of this civilization, its geographical expansion and its arts and legends. Resulting from the collaboration of more than 20 Bahraini, Jordanian and international artists, the book gathers dozens of paintings and photographs to illustrate the lifestyle of one of the oldest civilizations in the Middle East. Translated into 5 languages - Arabic, English, French, German and Italian, the old myth and legends conveyed in the book highlight themes of existence and immortality. Dilmun: Love & Peace book is available for sale exclusively at Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain for BD 60 per volume. Contact: +973 6631 0000 E-mail: 34

Island Buzz

Gulf Air Holidays – The Better Way to Holiday Making the process of holiday planning even easier and more affordable, Gulf Air has officially launched one of the airline’s most highly anticipated initiatives “Gulf Air Holidays”, offering travellers a wide range of holiday packages and tailor-made travel solutions to destinations worldwide – across the Gulf Air network – available via Gulf Air Holidays is a comprehensive, dedicated holidays unit that develops and promotes attractive

holiday packages including airfares, hotel accommodation, car rental, guided tours, excursions as well as the airline’s own add-on travel enhancement items such as advance excess baggage purchasing, lounge access and prepaid seat selection. Gulf Air Holidays can be accessed via, any local Gulf Air sales offices across its network of 42 destinations or the airline’s 24hour Worldwide Contact Centre on (+973) 17373737 – option 3.

Bahrain’s national carrier currently serves 42 cities in 25 countries, spanning three continents. The airline operates double daily flights or more to 10 regional cities, in addition to select destinations in the Indian Subcontinent and Europe, from its hub at Bahrain International Airport. Gulf Air tickets can be purchased via the airline’s official website, its 24-hour Worldwide Contact Centre on (+973) 17373737 in Bahrain, or any Gulf Air sales offices and approved travel agencies. 35


24 Hours

in Bahrain Let us give you options of where to go during your stay on the island.


Oil Museum and the First Oil Well As the name suggests, this is the first oil production well in the Arabian Gulf and is located in Bahrain. The museum showcases the history of the oil industry in Bahrain for over a century. The Oil Museum houses some fascinating exhibits, including drilling equipment, documents, old photographs and a working model of an oil rig.


Arad Fort Arad Fort is a 15th century fort in Arad built in a typical Arab style. Close to the Bahrain International Airport, the fort has been extensively renovated and presents a magnificent sight when it is illuminated at night. Little is known of the history of the fort and there is no firm evidence of the precise date of construction; however, comprehensive excavations are in process in order to discover its past.


The Tree of Life The Tree of Life is a 400-year old mesquite tree in Bahrain considered a natural wonder. This lone tree rises from the desert and nurtured by a source of water the origin of which remains a mystery as no aquifers are known to exist at the tree’s location.



Barbar Temple Barbar Temple is an important archaeological site located in the village of Barbar. The most recent of the three Barbar temples was discovered by a Danish archaeological team in 1954. A further two temples were discovered on the site with the oldest dating back to 3,000 BCE.



Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort Standing on a low escarpment overlooking the valley between East and West Riffa, the fort held an ideal strategic position during the 18th century. In more recent times, it was used as a private dwelling, but it has now been restored and is open to the public. A section in Arabic calligraphy, including a beautiful display of illuminated Qur’an and other religious documents, is breathtaking, and of course a visit.... would not be complete without viewing the traditional trades and crafts which have been cleverly displayed in a reconstruction of a typical suq of the 1930s.


Al-Jasra House The house was built by Shaikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al Khalifa in 1907, and was the birthplace of the late Amir in July 1933. When the family moved to Riffa later in the 1930s the building fell into disrepair, but was restored in 1986 and is now open to the public.

7 Dilmun Burial Mounds The Dilmun Burial Mounds is a necropolis dating back to the Dilmun era. A Danish group excavating what they considered a city of the Bronze Age came across artifacts dating back to around 4,100 - 3,700 BCE within the mounds.



Diplomatic Personality Korean Ambassador to Bahrain H.E. Ambassador Koo Hyunmo experienced his very first Holy Month in the Middle East and was charmed by the local hospitality during his very first Majlis visit. The warm friendliness of the locals and expatriates has made the whole family, including Boxy the diplomatic furry pet, feel welcome and settled. H. E. Koo Hyunmo also mentioned his pride in the collaboration between the Kingdom of Bahrain and South Korea, where HIRA (Health Insurance & Review and Assessment Services) will be used in Bahrain. We asked His Excellency to suggest top destinations when visiting South Korea. Seoul: Capital of South Korea, and a combination of ancient and modern architectural sites, from Buddhist temples to palaces and street markets, all complemented by skyscrapers, state-of-the-art subways and rooftop parks. Busan (South Korean Pronunciation Pusan): Southern port city where you can enjoy white sandy beaches, swimming, hiking trails and a view of the famous Diamond Bridge, which boasts more than 100,000 colours. This is where the biggest Lotus Lantern Festival takes place, at Samkwang Temple. His Excellency Koo Hyunmo Korean Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

• • • •


Best time to visit South Korea: Late April to June; enjoy Spring and Autumn seasons A common activity shared by both South Koreans and Bahrainis is fishing. Bahrain and South Korea use the Lunar calendar Average travel time is 11 hours, with one stop

Junjou/Hanok villages: A first-hand experience of traditional South Korean living and ancient traditional lifestyle. This is where the world famous Bibimbap food originated. Jeju Volcanic Island: The biggest island in South Korea, with a semi-tropical climate, famous for its beaches and a top destination for Chinese and Japanese tourists. Visit the Volcano’s UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, where you can marvel at lava tubes and see a crater which was formed 5,000 years ago. Pyeongchang: Where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. Popular with mountain hikers, skiers and snowboarders.


H.E. Ambassador Koo Hyunmo shared more reasons to make South Korea your next holiday destination: • • • • • • • •

Free Visa on Arrival for GCC Nationals Four distinctive seasons Most locals understand English Over 200 Halal certified restaurants Major attractions and hotels provide prayer rooms Easy and convenient public transportation (Bus, Subway, High Speed train) 4-5 Star hotels are found in major cities All year-round activities & events (Shopping, sports, cultural, K-Pop etc.) Busan

Seoul 39


Picture Perfect:

Scottish Highlands Although born in southern Africa, my mother’s ancestors hailed from the highlands of Scotland. I was thrilled to finally get the chance to walk in my family’s footsteps. The trip began with an early start, as the ‘surprise tour’ I’d promised my father left from Edinburgh at 8am. I’d chosen a 4 day tour hosted by Real Scottish Journeys and Bill, our tour guide, was a true Scotsman - in love with his country and full of knowledge which he was eager to share. The drive takes you past Stirling Castle, the National Wallace Monument and stops at Doune Castle for some photos – very picturesque. There’s just time for a quick stop at a traditional Scottish bakery in the Trossachs, a small woodland glen.


Continuing north the mountains and lochs provide one with a sumptuous view of the Scottish landscape - dramatic crags, rolling green hills and smooth lochs. With a stop at Glencoe, one of the most famous glens and breathtakingly beautiful, it’s on to the Glenfinnan Viaduct, made famous in the Harry Potter films as the bridge which the Hogwarts Express train crosses. Arriving at Mallaigh harbor, a ferry takes you across to the island of Skye. A quick drive then brings you to Portree, the island’s capital, our base for two nights. Portree

is a very pretty town, pastel coloured houses stacked tightly together above a small harbor – there are some lovely walks around here. The following day was a full day tour of the island, including a gloriously scenic drive alongside Trotternish Ridge. Stops are made at the Old Man of Storr and Kilt Rock – again, absolutely beautiful and very photogenic. Next was a walk at the Quiraing - incredible 360 degree views that will make your jaw drop. The tour carried on so we could explore the


Colourful houses in the harbor of Portree Fairy Glen, legendary home of the ‘wee people’! After lunch (the restaurants on Skye serve excellent meals – try the seafood) it was off to the westernmost point of the island, and a walk to Neist Point lighthouse. Take a leisurely amble down to the Fairy Pool and marvel at the Cuillin Mountains. Day three was more leisurely, crossing back to the mainland and on to Inverness. The first stop is Eilean Donan Castle, one of the most famous images of Highland Scotland - situated on a tiny island and surrounded by incredible scenery. The drive takes you past the Five Sisters of

Kintail, a high mountain ridge. The next stop got everyone excited - Loch Ness. Would we see the monster? Alas, not this time. On to Fort Augustus at the southern tip of Loch Ness to see the canal and lock system. Late afternoon arrival in Inverness, where accommodation is close to the city centre with many pubs and restaurants offering live traditional music. The final leg of the tour visits 4000 year old stone circles and burial mounds; you can feel the history around you. Next stop is Culloden Moor, the battlefield where the Jacobites were finally defeated

Highland Cattle

by government soldiers in 1746. You then enter the Cairngorm National Park, a wonderfully wild landscape with lunch at the Museum of Highland Life, and then on to Pitlochry, a quaint town with lovely shops and restaurants where you can squeeze in a visit to a whiskey distillery if you want to. The last stop is a truly relaxing walk through Big Tree Country, to the famous waterfall and salmon leap at The Hermitage.

Eilean Donan Castle

This is a fantastic bite-sized tour of the Highlands, and the Isle of Skye is stunning – even my father was hooked. For more information on the various tours offered, visit www.realscottishjourneys. com. 41


Bahrain International Circuit

The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East, and a visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain would not be complete without a trip to the Sakhir desert, to see one of the most modern motor racing venues in the world. The circuit’s luxurious, top-of-the-line facilities make it the perfect place to host all sorts of events, be it a sporting, business, cultural or leisurely occasion. Since it was opened by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in 2004, the circuit has been the cornerstone of the rapid development of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it has placed the tiny Gulf Island on a pedestal in the world map. Bahrain International Circuit continues to flourish today and it remains as a pioneer in regional motor racing and


entertainment. Visitors can opt for an exclusive behindthe-scenes tour of Bahrain International Circuit, which is a must for every motorsport fan. Beginning at the landmark eight-storey Sakhir Tower, the tour will visit the Media Centre, the region’s most advanced global communication centre, stop by at the state-of-theart Race Control Tower — and even take a lap around Bahrain’s world famous Formula One circuit (subject to availability). Then visitors can pop into the BIC Pit Shop to find a souvenir of a wonderful trip. The OpenTour runs every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; throughout the year (10am to 2pm). Book by calling BIC’s Contact Centre on +973 1745 0000 or emailing the sales team on The guides are bilingual (Arabic and English).


Horse Riding Dilmun Club Aside from being a well-liked hobby, horse riding in Bahrain has further developed into a very popular sport. Several clubs in the Island offer lessons on horseback riding. The Dilmun club is one of them. Located in Saar, the ‘Dilly’ is a Sports and social club with a broad range of facilities. The riding section offers visitors friendly welcome and excellent facilities. Efficient and highly experienced team runs a large variety of lessons most days of the week. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy some good local hacking through beautiful palm gardens or gallop in the sea. For further information please call the Stables Office on +973 17693766

Golf Royal Golf Club People of all ages and from all backgrounds can enhance their lives through the wonderful sport of golf. The Royal Golf Club’s two golf courses offer something for golfers of all abilities. The Montgomeriedesigned Championship course will be a challenging option for even the most seasoned golfer but will also appeal to the less experienced as there are plenty of holes giving risk/reward opportunities for those daring enough to take them. The par 3 Wee Monty course provides a gentle introduction to the sport for beginners but, like the Championship course, offers more demanding options to the more experienced. For further information please call the RGC reception on +973 17750777 43


Seyadi House Seyadi House is located in Seyadi neighborhood in Muharraq city on the northern side of Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa House. The house was built in 1905 by Ahmed bin Qassim Seyadi. A short stroll from Sheikh Isa’s house in Muharraq is the Siyadi house, which belonged to a pearl merchant in the 19th century. Today, only a small part of the immense residence exists. The steps to the top floor features a salon and antechamber have remarkable ceiling and wall designs, using mirrors to splendid effect.

Sh. Isa Bin Ali House Sheikh isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa House is located in the center of the old capital of Bahrain (Muharraq City). Sheikh Hassan Bin Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Fateh built it at the middle of the 19th century during the rule of his father, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa. The house is characterized by its huge walls and small doors designed to protect them from the heat in summer and the severe cold in winter. Timings: Sunday to Wednesday 8:00am - 2:00pm, Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm, Friday 3:00pm - 6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm



Bahrain National Museum Situated at the junction of Al-Fatih Highway and Shaikh Hamad Bridge leading to Muharraq, the Museum was officially opened in December 1988 to become one of the latest and largest museums in the Middle East. The museum complex covers 27,800 square meters and consists of two buildings. The museum possesses a rich collection of Bahrain’s ancient archaeological artifacts acquired since 1988, and covers 6000 years of Bahrain’s history. This US $30 million complex includes three halls devoted to archaeology and the ancient civilization of the Dilmun, while two other halls depict the culture and lifestyle of Bahrain’s recent pre-industrial past.

Beit Al Qur’an The Beit Al Qur’an houses ancient manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an, that have been collected from various parts of the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, India, and China. It also displays great Islamic artifacts, jewelry and gold-ornamented glass utensil and Islamic heritage arts that have had an influence throughout the world. The building also includes a lecture hall provided with sophisticated equipment’s, a library of scientific and Islamic reference books, and an Arabic calligraphy exhibition and translation of the Qur’an into several languages.



Al Areen Wildlife Park The Al Areen Wildlife Park houses a wide variety of flora and fauna. Access to the park is by bus from the main entrance. This takes parties around a tarmac road from which visitors will be able to obtain good views of a variety of Arabian mammals, some roaming free and others in pens. There are also some African animals, which remain from the initial establishment of the park. Near to the administrative building is a walkway, which gives close views of various species of birds and animals. Tel.: +973 17836116 Timings: open everyday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Camel Farm The Camel Farm, located on Junaibiya Highway, is open all day every day to members of the public. Visitors can take a picture and pose with the camels, take a ride or just watch the hundred or so camels as they race for their evening feed. The Farm was set up to preserve the presence of the camel in Bahrain. Camel rides around the farm can be arranged, and there is the occasional sale of camel milk for those who fancy a taste. Tel.: +973 39808574 Timings: anytime




Bahrain Profile Middle East, archipelago in the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia Geographic Coordinates: 26 00 N, 50 33 E Map References: Bahrain Total Land Area: 750 sq. km. Area - Comparative: 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC Coastline: 100 miles (161 km) Maritime Claims: Contiguous zone: 24 NM Territorial sea: 12 NM Continental shelf: Extending to boundaries to be determined Climate: Mild winters (December - March) with occasional chilly and rainy days in January and February. Warm and balmy Spring (April) and Autumn (October and November). Hot dry summers (May September), during the height of Summer (August), the Heat and high humidity become extreme. Average daily sunshine is 9 hours Average annual rainfall is 2.75 inch (70mm)

Winter temp. range: 60-77°F (15-25°C) Spring temp. range: 68-86°F (20-30°C) Summer temp. Range: 87-107°F (31-42°C) Autumn temp. range: 77-95°F (25-35°C) Terrain: Mostly low desert plain rising gently to low central escarpment.



Government: Bahrain is a constitutional hereditary monarchy:

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister

His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister

Elevation Extremes: Lowest point: Arabian Gulf 0 feet (0 m) Highest point: Jabal al Dukhan 400 feet (122 m) Governorates (5): Capital, Central, Muharraq, Northern and Southern

His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain

His Highness Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa the late Amir of Bahrain

Roman denarius. The dinar was introduced in 1965, replacing the Gulf rupee at a rate of 10 rupees = 1 dinar. The Bahraini Dinar is abbreviated BHD. It is usually represented with three decimal places denoting the fils.

Natural Resources: Oil, associated and non-associated natural gas, fish and pearls Natural Hazards: Periodic droughts; dust storms Population: 1,214,705, which includes 235,108 non-nationals (July 2011 est.) Currency: The Dinar is the currency of Bahrain. It is divided into 1000 fils. The name Dinar derives from the

Bahrain Flag: The national flag of Bahrain consists of a white band on the left, separated from a red area on the right by five triangles that serve as a serrated line. Red is the traditional colour for flags of the Arab states of the Arabian Gulf. The white is on the hoist side; the five points represent the five pillars of Islam. 49


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Embassies/Consulates in Bahrain Albania Consulate 17530808 17530818 Manama

French Embassy 17298660 17298607 Manama 319

Lebanon Embassy 17579001 17232535 Manama

Senegal Embassy 17821060 17721650 Mahooz

Algerian Embassy 17740659 17740652 Um Al-Hassam

German Embassy 17745277 17714314 Manama 309

Libya Embassy 17722252 17722611 Umalhassam

Spanish Consulate 17480048 New Seef

Embassy of Bangladesh 17233683 Salihya 356

Greek Consulate 17598800 17598801 Janussan 502

Malaysian Embassy 17564551 17564552 Seef District 428

British Embassy 17574100 17574101 Manama 306

Hungarian Consulate 17792470 17792470

Brunai Darussalam 17720222 17741757 Mahooz

Indian Embassy 17712683 17715527 Al Seef

Moroccan Embassy 17180444 17180555 Manama 327

Canadian Consulate 17536270 17532520 BFH

Indonesia Embassy 17400164 17400267 Juffair 324

Chinese Embassy 17723800 17727304 Manama 341

Irish Consulate 17728146 17727683 Juffair

Cypriot Consulate 17598800 17598801 Janussan 502

Italian Embassy 17252424 17277020 Salhiya 356

Czech Consulate 17764961 17744436 Saar 517

Japanese Embassy 17716565 17715059 Manama 327

Danish Consulate 17216473 17216468 Manama

Jordanian Embassy 17291109 17291980 Hoora 319

Dutch Consulate 17600110 17600110 Hamala 1009

Korean Embassy 17531120 17530577 Salmanya

Egyptian Embassy 17720005 17721518 Mahooz 332

Kuwait Embassy 17534040 17536475 Diplomatic Area 317

Nepal Embassy 17725583 17720787 Juffair Norway Consulate 13112811 17227616 Manama Oman Embassy 17293663 17293540 Diplomatic Area Pakistan Embassy 17244113 17255960 New Zinj 319 Palestinian Embassy 17276099 17273890 Umm Al Hassam 333 Phillipine Embassy 17721234 17720827 New Zinj 319 Russian Embassy 17725222 Â 17725921 Zinj 331 Saudi Arabian Embassy 17537722 17533261 Diplomatic area

Sri Lankan Embassy 17008410 17660407 Mahooz Sudan Embassy 17717959 1771011 Adliya Swedish Consulate 17339799 17320498 Muharraq 224 Swiss Consulate 17517780 17531158 WTC Manama Thai Embassy 17246242 17272714 Zinj 360 Tunisian Embassy 17714149 17715702 Adliya Turkish Embassy 17533448 17536557 Manama 332 UAE Embassy 17748333 17717724 Gudaibiya 325 US Embassy 17242700 17272594 Zinj Yemen Embassy 17822110 17822078 Umm Al Hassam 335



Bahrain Airlines

Connecting the heart of the Gulf to over 50 destinations worldwide, Bahrain International Airport provides services to over 35 Airlines around the world. * Commercial **Carg0

Air Arabia

Air India Express


British Airways

Egypt Air

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Flynas Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Gulf Air

Jazeera Airways

Mahan Air

Jet Airways

Kuwait Airways

Jordan Aviation


Air India

Iran Air

Oman Air

Etihad Airways

Iraqi Airways

Mihin Lanka

Turkish Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Syrian Air

Pegasus Airlines

Taban Air

Fly Dubai 52

Zagros Airlines

Rotana Jet

Pakistan International Airlines

Cathay Pacific


Travel Agency Dadabhai Travel 1710 3030

AL Gosaibi Travel 1721 2333

Suha Travel and Tours 17294215

ITL Tourism & Travel 1732 5557

Bahrain Express Travel & Tours 1721 4948

Al Fanar Travel 17227114

Nasser Travel & Tours 1724 1333 1721 1330

Capital Travel 1724 2323

Bahraini German International Services 1774 2282

Orange Travel 1782 2480

Enjoy Travel and Tours 1721 1787

Manama Tours 17540990

House of Travel 17578578

Kudos Travel 1330 1222

Aryan Travel & Tours 1710 0083

Kanoo Travel 17756487

World Travel Service 17225650

Farhat International Tours & Travels 1721 6411

Sanad Travel and Tourism 1721 2033

Sixt Rent A Car 17711770

Oscar rent a car 1721 1682

Udrive 17580208

Limousina 17329339

Budget Rent A Car 1721 7788

Elite Car Rental 1772 8202

National rent a car 17311169

Marshall Rent a Car 1772 7567

Tooranco Rent A Car 1772 8998

Value Car Rental 1782 2050

Hanco 17310656

Regent rent a car 17825222

Bahrain Car Hiring (BACH) 1753 4343

Alhadeel Car Rental 1759 6000

Bahrain Limo 17266266

Urban Rent a Car 37744473

Rent A Car

Exchange Bahrain India International Exchange Co. 1721 0440 BFC Bahrain 1722 8888 Phil. National Bank (remittance) Tel +973 17 224 707 NAFEX National Finance & Exchange Co. 1718 0320 Nonoo Exchange Company 1723 0767

Cargo Modern Exchange Bahrain 1745 3201

FedEx 1733 4448

Aramex 1733 0434

Travelex 1749 0960

First Freight International WLL 1721 7523

UPS Bahrain WLL 1722 3123

UAE Exchange Bahrain 1764 0001 Zenj Exchange 1768 2345 Gulf International Exchange Co. 1771 0772

Link World Packers & Movers 3982 5024 AGIL Freight, Bahrain 7701 2445 Gulf Agency Co.(Bahrain) W.L.L 1733 9777

DHL 1736 4100 TNT Express Shipping | TNT Bahrain 17 349 199 Skynet Bahrain 1782 0888


Star Hotels

Al Areen Palace & Spa

ART Rotana - Amwaj Island

Crowne Plaza Bahrain

Downtown Rotana

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Golden Tulip Bahrain

InterContinental Regency Bahrain

Le MĂŠridien Hotel City Centre Bahrain

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa

Tel. No.: +973 1784 5000 Fax: +973 1784 5001 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1311 9999 Fax: +973 1311 9997 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1722 7777 Toll Free: 800 897 1461 Email:


Tel. No.: +973 1600 0111 Toll Free: 8000 4039 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1711 5000 Fax: +973 1711 5001 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1 717 1000 Fax: +973 1717 1005 Email: info.bahrainhotels

Tel. No.: +973 1753 1122 Fax: +973 1753 0154 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1 7535000 Toll Free: 800 358 0846 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1711 1999 Fax: +973 1711 1998 Email:


The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa

The Domain Bahrain Hotel

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

The Mรถvenpick Hotel Bahrain

The Westin Bahrain City Centre

Wyndham Grand Manama

Tel. No.: +973 1758 0000 Fax: +973 1758 0333 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1753 1666 Fax: +973 1753 0843 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1746 0000 Fax: +973 1746 0001 Email: hotel.bahrain@

Tel. No.: +973 1753 3533 Fax: +973 1753 4069 Email: reservations.manama.

Tel. No.: +973 1600 0000 Fax: +973 1600 1100 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1717 1000 Fax: +973 1717 1005 Email: info.bahrainhotels@

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Tel. No.: +973 1763 6363 Toll Free: 8008110450 (KSA) Email:

Tel. No.: +973 1771 3000 Fax: +973 1771 5373 Email:

Tel. No.: +973 7736 1661 Email:



Star Hotels

AlMurooj Hotel 1736 6222 Juffair Al Safeer Tower Hotel 1782 7999 Juffair Baisan International Hotel 1729 0600 Hoora Manama Best Western Olaya Suites Hotel 1716 1616 Hoora Manama The Palace Bahrain Hotel (Boutique Hotel) 1772 5000 Adliya Days Hotel 1729 0555 Hoora Manama Delmon International Hotel 1722 4000 Manama Diva Hotel 1310 0131 Juffair Elite Crystal Hotel 1736 0360 Juffair Elite Grande Hotel 1756 5888 Seef Area 56

Elite Resort and SPA 1731 3333 Manama

Juffair Grand Hotel 1782 7600 Juffair

Elite Seef Residence 1758 3388 Seef Area

Majestic Arjaan by Rotana 1737 0000 Busaiteen, Muharraq

Floating Hotel - C Hotel 1731 2700 Al Fateh Highway Manama

Manama Tower Hotel 1729 5111 Hoora Manama

Florida Hotel 1729 3232 Manama

Mansouri Mansions Hotel 1771 6999 Adliya

Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area 1616 1800 Diplomatic Area

Mashtan Hotel 1721 7333 Manama

Fraser Suites Seef 1717 1626 Seef Area

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef 1758 4400 Seef Area

Grand Safir 1736 5999 Juffair

Mirador Hotel 1731 2000 Hoora Manama

Gulf Gate Hotel 1721 0210 Manama

Monroe Hotel 1729 6237 Hoora Manama

Gulf Pearl Hotel 1721 7333 Manama

Novotel Aldana Resort Bahrain 1729 8008 Manama

Hani Royal Hotel 1758 1100 Seef Area

Best Western Plus The Olive Hotel 1721 1133 Juffair

Hawar Resort Hotel 1784 9111 Hawar Island

Panorama Hotel 17826888 Juffair

Holiday Express Bahrain 1731 3030 Hoora Manama

Pars International Hotel 17814777 Juffair

Holiday Villa Hotel 1731 3070 Hoora Manama

Phoenicia Tower Hotel 1731 1666 Hoora Manama


Ramada Hotel 1774 2000 Adliya

Samada Hoora Hotel &Suites 1731 8899 Hoora Manama

Ramada Palace 1729 6660 Gudaibiya Ave

Sea Loft 1603 3833 Amwaj Island Muharraq

Premier Atiram Hotel 1781 1811 Juffair

Swiss Belhotel Seef 6631 0000 Seef Area

Ramee International Hotel 1772 7230 Juffair

Taj Plaza Hotel 1781 5815 Manama

Ramee Palace Hotel 1781 1688 Seef Area

The K-Hotel 1736 0000 Juffair

Royal Phoenicia Hotel 1729 5544 Um Al Hassam

Tulip Inn Bahrain 1755 5060 Manama

Resort Al Hamala Beach Resort 1760 8222 Hamala Al Bander Resort 1770 1201 Sitra Al Dar Resort 1770 4600 Sitra Al Rafahiya Beach 1784 0141 South Governorate Dragon Resort 16031111 Amwaj Island Muharraq

Bahrain Gallery List Abbas Almosawi Gallary 3944 8486 Janabiya

Busaad Art Gallery 1700 0020 Muharraq

Albareh Art Gallery 1771 3533 Adliya Manama

Amina Gallery 3508 04 74 Road No. 3212 A’ali

Gallery One 1717 8315 Store T05 Bahrain City Centre Al Riwaq Art Space 1771 7441 Osama Bin Zaid Ave. Manama Arabesque Art Gallery 1772 2916 Road No, 3703 Manama

Nadine Gallery 7744 2222/3952 0200 Um Al Hassam Ave. Manama Naqsh Gallery 3838 4919/1758 11 22 Seef District, Manama La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art 17230123 Hoora Avenue, Manama

Ella Art Gallery 1729 2815 or 3907 3299 Adliya, Manama Seana Mercedes Mallen 3953 8691 Awali Rashid Al Oraifi Gallery 1753 5112 Sheraton Complex The Bahrain Arts Society 1759 0551 Budaiya Highway Bin Matar House 1732 2549 Al MUharraq 57



Motorox Adliya +973 1725 3030

1664 Asdal Gulf Inn Seef District +973 6631 1311

Café T Royal Gulf Club - Riffa +973 1775 0777

Brazil Braza de Brazil Seef Area +973 1758 2225

Fiddlers Green Diplomat Radisson Blu +973 1753 1666

Champions Sports Lounge The K Hotel - Juffair +973 1736 0000

Brazil Rodizio Grill & Lounge Adliya +973 1782 6686

Bennigan’s Juffair +973 1781 3750

Chili’s Seef Area/Diplomatic Area +973 1750 6070 Fuddruckers Seef Mall/Adliya +973 1758 2722 Hard Rock Café Exhibition Road +973 1729 1569



B28 Swiss Belhotel - Seef +973 6631 0000 Downtown Bar InterCon Regency Manama +973 1722 7777 JJ’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Adliya +973 3932 9083


Butcher Shop & Grill BCC / Seef area +973 1717 7771 CUT by Wolfgang Puck Four Seasons Bahrain Bay +973 1711 5000 Klouds The K Hotel - Juffair +973 1736 0000 Le Sauvage Steakhouse The Domain Hotel level 34 +973 1600 0222 Legendz Steakhouse InterCon Regency Manama +973 1722 7777

Al Yacout Novotel Muhharaq +973 1729 8432 Rimal Al Areen Palace & Spa +973 1784 5000 Wafi Gourmet BCC – Seef area +973 17 179 999


Golestan Sheraton Bahrain Manama +973 1753 3533 Takht Jamsheed Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6431


Abd El Wahab Moda Mall World Trade Center +973 1713 1111

Johnny Rockets Al Aali Mall - Seef Area +9731756 6565

Le Bellevue Novotel - Muharraq +973 1729 8008

Rics Kountry Kitchen Juffair +973 1772 5550

Rocky’s Café Ramee International Juffair +973 1729 6237

Sizzlers Restaurant Mansouri Mansions - Adliya +973 1771 6999

Sherlock Holmes Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1771 2450

TGI Friday BCC -Seef / Juffair +973 1717 9041

Shift 7 Elite Resort & Spa +973 1731 3000

Tony Roma’s Zayed Town +973 1787 0070

Trader Vic’s Ritz-Carlton Seef Area +973 1758 0000

Reef Garden Reef Island +973 1723 1945

Typhoon Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1771 6395

Al Hamra Delmon International Hotel +973 1722 4000

Palace Lounge Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6434

Zodiac Lounge Elite Grand Seef Area +973 1756 5888

Al Mawal Restaurant Monroe Hotel Hoora +973 1729 6699

Flavors of Morocco Ramada Hotel Amwaj +973 1600 0097

Polo Lounge The Palace Hotel Adliya +973 1772 5000

Repartee Lounge Riffa Golf Club +973 1775 0777

Al Shama Winsor Hotel Hoora +973 1729 7000

Moroccan House Manama +973 1727 1170

Plums Ritz-Carlton Bahrain – Seef +973 1758 0000 The Meat Co Adliya +973 1774 2080

CLASSIC ARABIC FUSION Al Abraaj Budaiya / Adliya +973 1759 5656

Al Bindaria Adliya +973 1774 4066

Al Arisha Umalhassam +973 17725414 Zahle Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 17 746417 Raye’s Lebanese Restaurant Coral Bay Corniche +973 1731 2700 Tarbouche City Center – Gold Souk +973 17 229 979


Dar Al Tajine Phoenicia Tower Hoora +973 1731 1167



Kosebasi BCC Seef / Seef Mall Muharraq +973 1717 2322



Déjà vu Adliya +973 1365 7770


Beijing Chinese Adliya +973 1771 7969

Sticky Fingers American Alley - Juffair +973 1700 1345

Ching Seef +973 17564424

Tia Betty Gudaibiya/Hoora +973 1361 6985/1753 2250

Calexico Adliya +973 1766 5544

Daffodils Adliya +973 7773 1111

Bahay Kubo Gudaibiya +973 1723 1996

Burrito Loco Hamala +973 1700 2979

First Chinese Adliya +973 1771 3603

Margarita Mexicana Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1771 3000

Foli Um Al Hassan +973 1772 2199

Senor Paco’s Adliya +973 1772 5873

Hong Kong Um Al Hassan +973 1772 8700

Sombrero Juffair +973 38294827

Magic Wok Juffair +973 1769 4105

Florence Adliya +973 1733 6373

La Vinoteca Barcelona Adliya +973 3200 0171


Nicoles Adliya +973 1728 0700 Helios Argan Village Buqowa +973 3362 4108


Chou Zaki Bahrain Adliya +973 1771 6747


Isfahani Hoora +973 1755 0567 Parsian Adliya +973 1781 1511 Persian Garden Seef +973 1758 0600 Persian Room Amwaj Island +973 1601 0166 Yas-e- Isfahani Seef Mall +973 17 581 151


Anatolia Turkish Restaurant Budaiya +973 1769 0601 Layali Turkiye Al Fateh Corniche +973 1729 5270

Casa Mexicana Adliya +973 1771 5521 Cantina Khalo The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Seef +973 1758 0000


Bambu Adliya +973 17 714 424

Hot Pot Gudaibiya +973 1725 1565


Asha’s Bahrain City Center - Seef +973 1717 9751 Charcoal Grill Um al Hassam/Manama +973 17729115 Clay Oven Adliya +973 17 71 7008 Lanterns Budaiya / Adliya / Juffair +973 1759 0591

Kiezo Al Areen Palace & Spa +973 1784 5000

Moti Mahal Juffair +973 1782 5333

China Garden Gulf hotel - Adliya +973 17713000

Mumbai Spice Bahrain Mall-New Seef Area +973 1738 2255

Monsoon Adliya +973 1774 9222

Soie Sheraton Bahrain Hotel +973 1753 3533

Nirvana Seef Area +973 1758 0000

Kontiki Diplomat Radisson Blu +973 1753 1666

Memories Bahrain City Centre Seef +973 1717 8646

Papadom Seef Mall - Seef Area +973 17 564 434

Mo Kan The K Hotel - Juffair +973 1736 0000

re Asian Cuisine Four Seasons Bahrain Bay +973 1711 5000

Spices Diplomatic Area +973 1753 1122

WU Asian ART Rotana Amwaj +973 1600 0111

Nu Asia Seef Area / Juffair +973 1758 7171

Rasoi by Vineet Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6461

Fusion Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1771 3000 Little Chef Budaiya +973 1759 5980



The Great Kebab Factory Budaiya +973 1769 0629

Sumo Sushi & Bento Juffair +973 1771 8090

Royal Thai The Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1774 6421

Cucina Italiana Juffair +973 1700 1317


Seoul Tokyo Asdal Gulf Inn - Seef Area +973 6631 1527

Thai Chi Bahrain City Centre Seef Area +973 1717 9747

Fatto Al Aali Mall - Seef Area +973 6677 8822

Bushido Seef Area +973 1758 3555 Fuji Sushi Bar Diplomatic Area +973 17 533 336 Fuji Teppan Yaki Sheza Tower – Diplomatic Area +973 17533383 Frangipani Seef Mall +973 7730 0777 Hakisushi Juffair +973 17725638 Imari The Domain Diplomatic Area +973 1600 0000 Kei Golden Tulip Diplomatic Area +973 1753 5000 Maki MODA Mall - Manama +973 1752 2733 Meisei Adliya +973 1700 7770

Wagamama Bahrain City Centre Seef +973 1650 5051


Barbeque Delights Seef Mall - Seef area +973 1756 4282 Salt & Pepper Isa Town +973 1762 3535 Tabakh Plus Manama Near Awal Cinema +973 1727 6386


Baan Saeng Thai Adliya +973 1771 0467 Bali Orchid Gudaibiya +973 1718 0424 Banana Leaf Adliya +973 1774 4171

Thai Express Budaiya +973 1750 6070 Thailand Restaurant Adliya +973 1771 7040

CONTEMPORARY/ EUROPEAN ANGLO - DUTCH Café Amsterdam Adliya +973 1700 7404

FRENCH Camelot Adliya +973 3997 7540 Fauchon Café Moda Mall Manama +973 7735 7775 Chez Alain Reef Island +973 1332 0615


Al Forno Amwaj Lagoon Muharraq +973 1603 0621

Fiamma Sofitel Hotel – Zallaq +973 1763 6414 La Pergola The Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1774 6419 / 20 Medzo Central Manama +973 1722 7777 Mino’s Adliya +973 1774 4777 Masso The Palace Boutique Hotel Adliya +973 1772 1061 Mondo Diplomat Radisson Blu +973 1753 1666 Nino’s Al Aali Mall – Seef +973 1756 6555 Oliveto Adliya +973 1771 6747 Pasquale Reef Island +973 1332 0617

Hash House Adliya +973 1771 5094

Biella Bahrain City Centre Seef +973 1717 8703

Honey’s Gold Souk, Manama +973 3923 8507

Café Italia Al Mahooz +973 3444 4672

Pizzaria Café Italia Seef Mall - Seef Area +973 1758 2823

Sato Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6429

Lanna Thai Budaiya +973 1759 3940

Caffe Spasso Al Mahooz +973 1782 2274

Prego’s Riffa +973 1775 0777

Sugoi BCC - Seef Area +973 1717 8084

Monsoon Adliya +973 1774 9222

Cico’s Adliya +973 1771 3710

Primavera Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Seef +973 1755 8000

Mirai Adliya +973 1771 3113 Ruka Ramee Grand Hotel +973 1711 1999


Ora Restaurant Diva Hotel Juffair +973 3624 6462


Roma Um Al Hassan +973 3314 8611

Lemon Lagoon, Amwaj Island +973 1603 0555

Saraya – Zallaq Sofitel Hotel Zallaq +973 1763 6363

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Juffair +973 1750 6070

Le Jardin Ramada Hotel-Adliya +973 1774 2000

Swiss-Café Restaurant Swiss-Belhotel Seef +973 6631 0041

Rosso Amwaj Island +973 1600 0111

Links Riffa +973 1775 1262


Manos’s Rugby Club Janabiya +973 17 695809

Silk’s Restaurant Movenpick Hotel Bahrain Muharraq +973 1746 0000

Al Waha Restaurant The Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1774 6425 Boutique Café Adliya +973 3731 4444 Casa Bar Mercure Hotel - Seef Area +973 1758 4400 Citrus Ramada Amwaj +973 1600 0099

MeiN Yu Amwaj Island Lagoon Muharraq +973 1601 0160

Zytoun Novotel Muharraq +973 1716 2693

Monte Rosa Adliya +973 3538 9165


MUJU Restaurant & Lounge Dragon Resort Amwaj Muharraq +973 1603 9800

Al Safir Sheraton Hotel Manama +973 1753 3533

Neyran Mercure Grand Seef Area +973 1758 4400

Flavours on 2 Central Manama +973 1311 9999

Olivos Brasserie Radisson Blu Hotel +973 1753 1666

La Fontaine Ras Ruman +973 1723 0123

Zoe Adliya +973 1771 6400

Mezzaluna Adliya +973 1774 2999

Country Club Budaiya +973 1759 3593

Jim’s Restaurant Adliya +973 1771 0654

Upstairs Downstairs Adliya +973 1771 3093

Palm Restaurant Monroe Hotel – Hoora +973 1729 6699 Rendezvous Seef Mall – Seef area +973 1717 8712

La Mediterranee Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seef +973 1758 0000

Rimal Al Areen Palace & Spa Zallaq +973 1784 5000

La Mosaique Diplomatic Area +973 1753 1122

Russo’s Adliya +973 1700 8486

Fareast Seafood Market Ramee International -Juffair +973 1772 7230 Fish House Budaiya +973 1759 4040 Fish Market Al Bander Hotel - Sitra +973 1770 1201

Seafood Market Sheza Tower Diplomatic Area +973 1753 3336 Fish Express Palace Avenue/Budaiya +973 1733 0061 Totally Fish Bahrain City Centre Seef +973 1717 9757 Waves Crowne Plaza Diplomatic Area +973 1753 1122


Basta 23 Muharraq +973 7777 2323 Emmawash Budaiya +973 1730 9030 Sheshabi Budaiya +973 1717 1517 Villa Mama Saar +973 1730 5031


La Marine Budaiya +973 1766 9997

Jollibbee Exhibition Road +973 1777 7900 Burgerland Budaiya +973 1759 1166

La Mer Sofitel – Zallaq +973 1763 6363

Yumyum Tree Exhibition Road +973 1729 6296

La Perle Novotel Muharraq Area +973 1729 8008 Reef Fish Market Reef Island +973 1756 2810

Burger Town Adliya +973 1771 3778

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns Muharraq +973 1711 1151

Hey Hotdog Adliya +973 1774 4604 61



Al Andalus Lounge Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6416 Al Nada Lounge Sheraton Hotel - Manama +973 1753 3533 Al Riwaq Café Adliya +973 17 717441 Café Marisol Al Bander Resort – Sitra +973 17 701201 Cafeccino Swiss-Belhotel Seef +973 6631 0045 Columbus Café BCC / Seef Mall / Muharraq +973 1717 2324 Espressamente Illy Café Sheraton Bahrain Hotel +973 1753 3533 Paul BCC / Seef Mall +973 1717 2321 Med Café Budaiya/ Geant Mall +973 1771 3088 Al Bindaira Café Seef Area +973 1774 4066


New York Coffee Adliya / Seef +973 623584

Brazil Adliya +973 1782 6686

Lemon Tree Ramee Grand Seef +973 1775 0777

Patisserie Valerie Moda Mall Manama +973 1751 0165

Bushido Seef Area +973 1758 3555

Links Royal Gold Club Riffa +973 1775 0777

Skywalk Café Marriott Executive Juffair +973 1736 3999

Country Club Jannusan +973 1759 3593

Tea Club The Lagoon Amwaj +973 3888 7107

Chocoholic Sheraton Hotel +973 1753 3533

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Juffair/Seef +973 17179798 Tilly’s Jawad Dome Budaiya +973 17691358 Tim Hortons Zinj +973 1663 9706


Healthy Calorie Juffair/Manama +973 1736 9399 Lounge Ramada Amwaj +973 1600 0099 Health Watchers Juffair +973 1781 1449


Crown Plaza Bahrain Diplomatic Area +973 1753 1122 Cut by Wolfgang Puck Four Seasons Bahrain Bay +973 1711 5000 Diplomat Radisson Blu Diplomatic Area +973 1753 1666 Elite Resort & Spa Muharraq +973 1731 1333 Golden Tulip Bahrain Central Manama +973 1753 5000 Keizo Al Areen Hotel & Spa +973 1784 5000 Kicks Hotel Diva – Juffair +973 3992 2582

Masso The Palace Hotel Adliya +973 1772 1061 Mecure Seef Area +973 1758 4400 Meisei Adliya +973 1700 7770 MUJU Dargon Hotel Amwaj +973 1603 9800 Movenpick Hotel Muharraq +973 1746 0000 Nicole’s Adliya +973 1728 0700 Ric’s Kountry Kitchen Juffair +973 1772 5550 Ritz Carlton Hotel Seef Area +973 1758 6499 Rosso Art Rotana Amwaj +973 1600 0111

Coco’s Café Adliya +973 1771 6512

Al Waha Gulf Hotel Adliya +973 1771 3000

Café Delices Gulf Hotel - Adliya +973 1774 6435

Bahrain Bay Kitchen Four Season Bahrain Bay +973 1711 5000

La Vinoteca Barcelona Adliya +973 1700 7808

Café Lilou Adliya/ Seef / Riffa +973 1771 4440

BICE MODA Mall +973 1753 3666

Le Domain Diplomatic Area +973 1600 0222

Upstairs Downstairs Adliya +973 1771 3093

Le Chocolat Seef +973 17111144

Big Texas BBQ The Olive Hotel Juffair +973 1736 0063

Legends InterCon Regency Hotel +973 1722 7777

Warbler Ramee Baisan Hotel +973 1729 0600

Klouds K Hotel Juffair +973 1736 0000

Saraya Sofitel Hotel Zallaq +973 1763 6363


Home Away From Home By Claudia Hardt

Full name: Wiebke Heike Bülow Date arrived in Bahrain:

May 29, 2008 Nationality: German

Full name: Melissa Lalande Date arrived in Bahrain:

February, 2017 Nationality: French

Full name: Bernadette Baynie Date arrived in Bahrain:

March, 2007 Nationality: Australian

When you arrived to the island what was your first impression? Bahrain left an immediate impression on me as a warm, friendly, hospitable and easy place to live. What I found the most endearing were its people, who made the genuine effort to get to know you and welcome warmly you to their island country.  Favorite places in Bahrain?  Being anywhere by the seaside and diving around the terrific reef locations off the island. The diverse number of restaurants are great as well, especially the ones where you can enjoy dining outside.  How do you find Bahrain as your second home? A simply easy and wonderful place to live.  64

When you arrived to the island what was your first impression? I had the chance to visit Bahrain in the past so I already knew the island. I remember that I was very surprised with how cold it was when I arrived in February though! But people were so warm and welcoming that it didn’t really matter, I felt home right away. Favorite places in Bahrain? As a big foodie, the first thing that comes to my mind is of course a restaurant! Foods @ Home in Budaiya is my favorite and I bring anyone visiting me in Bahrain there. They serve an amazing local breakfast and the place is very cute, they also have a lovely terrace. Otherwise I love the area of Adliya because you can walk around and there are always artsy things going on! How do you find Bahrain as your second home? So far I am loving it! I think people in Bahrain are absolutely amazing and so welcoming! I have lived in a few countries and it is the first time that I feel I have a whole family here.

When you arrived to the island what was you first impression? Excitement, as I had never travelled before to one of the Gulf countries and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say, I loved Bahrain from the very first moment and it didn’t take my husband much convincing for me to start looking for a job in Bahrain and to make the final move. Warm people. What surprises you the longer you stay on the island? That I still discover new things and places, and that I continue to meet interesting new people. You would think, given the small size of this country, that you can say “I have seen it all” but no – every day something new Sometimes it feels like we are the “centre of the world”. How do you find Bahrain as your second home? To summarize it best “Bahrain is our home, Germany is our homeland”. With every trip back to the island Bahrain feels more and more like home. We have lived here now for 10 years and our son was born here, so we have a very deep connection to the country and its lovely people. Bahrain gave me the chance to do two things very close to my heart - become a racing car driver and also to be a part of Omneyat, a foundation supporting children with special needs.

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Marhaba issue 8 q1 2018  

This issue’s cover story is close to Marhaba heart – promoting locally grown, fresh produce and we’re so proud to support the #eatlocal init...

Marhaba issue 8 q1 2018  

This issue’s cover story is close to Marhaba heart – promoting locally grown, fresh produce and we’re so proud to support the #eatlocal init...