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elcome to our June issue of 20/20 Europe and Vedere International, and our first ever “What’s Brand New In Europe Edition.” Inspired by the American “What’s Brand New” which many of you will know, written by our esteemed colleagues at 20/20 Mag (www.2020mag. com) this concept is designed as a reference tool, packed with what’s coming up for the A/W season, 2011/12, and profiling a selection of brands that include heritage labels, new names, fashion greats, and all manner of products, from optical frames and sunglasses through to new technology. In all economic climates but particularly in the challenging ones we continue to face, the concept of branding and how it is designed to captivate today’s ever-cautious consumer is more crucial than ever. From equipment to sunglasses, everyone wants to feel that the product they are purchasing will improve their everyday lives, whether that be to see more safely and more clearly, or to achieve higher business goals more efficiently. Innovation and originality are the key words that spring to mind when you turn the pages of this colourful edition. So much so we would suggest keeping this special copy of 20/20 Europe/Vedere International as a reference for the months ahead, and for SILMO, should this international exhibition, held in Paris, be on your travel agenda. The issue includes a selection of companies who will be exhibiting the products showcased here, and more! Eyewear or course has become a fashion accessory, delivering practical benefits but very importantly offering the chance for consumers to change or enhance their image according to their tastes and lifestyles. This edition is also a chance to get closer to some clever marketing by brands that are dedicated to excellence in this field – many of those profiled exhibit the materials and advertising images they offer for in-store POS support, from pretty accessories, posters and window banners, to creative, colourful logo cubes and frame stands. These materials remain a crucial tool for optical retailers and like the eyewear collections themselves, they have an important fashion and lifestyle message which is an immediate draw to customers. Also in our European Lenses & Technology section, we include an informative article on contact lens fitting for kids. The author tackles some of the most difficult issues regarding children and contact lens wear and care, and spells out some of the priorities that must be addressed when undertaking fittings for and offering practical advice to your youngest customers. Enjoy this great issue of the magazine over the Summer! Clodagh Norton, Editorial Director, 20/20 Europe, - PS Remember you can purchase an online subscription to 20/20 Europe. Contact for your trial subscription.

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what’s BRAND new

in europe advertisers’ list

Branding is about naming names that have meaning to optical retailers and their customers. Understanding the growing power of names in the optical industry, 20/20 presents the names of frame and technology brands shaping the vision of the optical arena.

anyview europe gold & wood

Ph. +352 92 05 35

ogi eyewear

Ph. +1 7635921493 optim

Ph. +34 93 480 9393

henry jullien




Ph. +33 384 35 88 28

Ph. +39 0302424155 international vision expo mondottica

Ph. +44 1159 677 912

Ph. +39 035 830340 Ph. +41 43 3117152 pramaor

Ph. +39 0437660523 silmo

Ph. +33 149098910

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Anyview Europe

One of the daily challenges facing opticians is explaining the geometry of progressives and identifying aspherics and which solution will suit the customer’s occupation or lifestyle. We make verbal descriptions, we draw diagrams and we use printed material or i-pad images provided by manufacturers. What if the customer could see and experience the difference between an inexpensive progressive and the latest free form design? What if the customer could see and experience the difference between a spherical lens and a double-sided aspheric? Welcome to the world of Actual & Virtual Reality dispensing. Welcome to AnyPad. The AnyPad Tablet PC uses revolutionary Actual & Virtual Reality demonstrations enabling the comparison of the visual advantages of progressive designs according to near and far dioptric values. The Actual Vision Simulation Function sends live images to the user screen over which the simulated effect of a progressive design is placed. As the tablet is used to view a near, intermediate or distant object, the effect of the chosen design on the “actual” image is simulated. Similarly the performance of high base lenses in wrap frames or aspherics can be simulated. The Virtual Vision Simulation Function detects the patient position using a reference jig attached to the frame. The system then tracks head movement and “virtual” background images move in and out of focus according to the progressive zone being viewed. AnyPad has 2D and 3D demonstrations for Hi-Index and coated lenses, “Frames on Face” & “Contact Lens Teach” functions and measures Head/Eye Rotation and Near PD enabling accurate positioning of the near vision point.

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[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact Anyview Europe, Website:

international eye fashion 5

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Gold & Wood: Wood Optic

Founded in 1995 by Maurice Leonard, Gold & Wood is a gateway to a world of subtle luxury, where the quality and opulence of the materials and workmanship speak for themselves. Luxury is best expressed in a certain style, a certain talent, a certain rare quality that gives you a daily elegance that is quite unique. Every set of frames bearing the Gold & Wood signature has received the most attentive care by our eyewear designers and craftsmen. At Gold & Wood workshops, passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Because everything here is handmade, it takes three days to craft a pair of temples of such remarkable quality. Taking the time to do it well: There lies the expression of the luxury. The naturalness of rare and exotic woods, the incomparable quality of buffalo horn from Asia or Africa, the originality of carbon fibre and the exceptional properties of titanium. All these magnificent materials enhance the inimitable style of Gold & wood frames.

About the horn The African and Vietnamese buffalo horn used in our products is taken from domesticated animals meant for the butcher’s shop. Indian horns are taken without mutilation or cruelty, mindful of cows’ sacred nature in this country. A Health Certificate issued by Indian authorities attests to the veterinary origin and good health of the animals. About the wood Very little wood is used in manufacturing the eyeglass settings. For all woods used in its collections, Gold & Wood resorts to an FSC-certified supplier, a guarantee of the right and proper monitoring of the wood’s traceability by an independent certification agency. Its raw woods, from a controlled provenance, come exclusively from regions of the world where systematic reforestation is in effect and monitored by local authorities. Design and technical feats: B13- B16-B17 model. For a slim 50s look, the favorite theme of Gold & Wood, the 1950s paved the way for an eyewear line with a strong character, pairing design and technical feats with infinite agility. The latest addition to the range, the B16, showcases this creative stance designed for contemporary men in a totally unprecedented dual-material frame front. The new technique, developed by the House craftsmen to assemble the horn and wood, makes it possible to achieve an extreme level of precision. 6 20/20 Europe

[ PHILOSOPHY ] Gold and wood creates emotion through exclusivity and rarity. Thanks to the ability of our craftsmen each Gold and Wood frame is unique. Gold and Wood develops charismatic products for people with a distinct taste for remarkable objects, like sophisticated pieces in the purest eyewear making tradition. Beyond its aesthetic or emotional value, a Gold and Wood frame also reflects the wearer’s personality. These are glasses that can be worn in any situation and at any age. In other words, their style is timeless. The expertise of know-how underlines the search for the unique, the «just for me»; To get away from ordinariness, the object claims perfect osmosis with each individual. It needs to tell an intimate story and limit its effects to a few initiated people who share a concern for extreme aesthetics.

[ MARKETING ] Each Gold & Wood frame comes with an outer box, black hard case with a lime crushed velour lining. Each frame comes with an embossed cleaning cloth and a warranty card. Point-of-purchase materials include a Gold & Wood logo kit, counter cards and large window banners.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact, Wood Optic Diffusion Global Headquarters, +352 92 05 35 Website:

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Henry Jullien Intimately linked with the history of eyewear manufacture in France, in which it is one of the key players, Henry Jullien is without doubt one of the top luxury names that to lies behind the excellent reputation of French expertise. In the birthplace of the French eyewear industry, the Jura, the men and women at HENRY JULLIEN are keeping alive the long-established know-how of the brand. A visit to the workshops reveals a mastery of the production process from A to Z, meticulous attention to detail, a quest for perfection in frames that are 100% “Made in France”. Les “Signatures”: Gold filled for classical and high-end frames Gold filled frames offer exceptional quality, far superior to gold plated products: • By this method a heavy layer of solid gold overlays and encapsulates the core of the frame. Using the gold filled technique the gold layer cannot be detached from its core base; unlike the gold plating process. • Protection against allergies: Gold is the hypoallergenic material par excellence. • Exceptional longevity: the gold filled process protects frames against corrosion or oxidisation caused by contact with the skin, or aggression by external elements. These frames reflect the expertise of Henry Jullien and are guaranteed for 5 years Les “Contemporaines”: Comfort and lightness Since 2006, HENRY JULLIEN has been working with Sandvik Nanoflex, a material which is entirely new to the eyewear industry. This material is more commonly used in surgery and for high-tech industries. Stronger and lighter than titanium for equivalent stiffness. Easy to shape, and presenting excellent elasticity and resistance, this high quality is perfectly hypo-allergenic, and enables HENRY JULLIEN to create extremely light and comfortable frames for the wearer: just 3 grams for the lightest.

Les Urbaines: Style and design The association of different materials, and the contrasts between them, a design led by fashion: a modern and stylish collection which attracts positive attention.

[ PHILOSOPHY ] “Eyewear design is our profession. Our objective? To create high-quality, elegant, comfortable frames, suited to all faces.” “Lunetier, c’est notre métier. Notre objectif? Façonner des montures de qualité, élégantes, confortables et adaptées à tous les visages”. Pierre Fauveau - Président.

[ MARKETING ] At the time of its launch in 2008, the communication campaign “Highlighting all the beauties of the world” was directed at men and women from different cultures across the world, with an outstandingly beautiful Henry Jullien frame. The objective? To highlight the expertise of Henry Jullien, Lunetier, by means of a highly visible campaign, full of emotion, immediately positioning and reinforcing the brand worldwide with its high end status, whilst also stressing its unique expertise in the art of skilfully and stylishly ‘dressing’ the face. Today as their 90th anniversary dawns, and at the time of launching their new line of products “Les Urbaines”, Henry Jullien have set out to create a sequel to this saga with a new strongly expressed concept. The face is used as a means of expression, the wearers strongly claiming their allegiance to the brand they have adopted. At a time when “Made in France” can be a subject of confusion, Henry Jullien has set out to reaffirm its status as a true French eyewear manufacturer, emphasizing its 90 year history.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact Henry Jullien, Website:

8 20/20 Europe

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Inottica presents the new eyewear collections for girls The 3 main collections of Inottica’s portfolio are Barbie, Winx and Hello Kitty, inspired by the most loved girls’ characters. Barbie is inspired by the world of vintage, but with elements that make these models up-to-date and very detailed. The main feature is a very strong combination of white and black, fuchsia and violet, soft shaded tones or solid and intense colours. The plastics have been embellished with glitter, rhinestones, studs or very “iconic” metal applications: shoes, dogs, each well aligned with the Barbie brand image. Winx is a large collection, rich in detail, the representation of the spirit of the Winx magical fairy-like world, made of spells and fantasy. There are transparent plastic models, subject to strict controls, and shapes which are adaptable to the ergonomic needs of girls. Many materials were chosen for the eyeglass models including metals embellished with coloured resins, acetate and plastics, which in many models blend together and draw character from the choice of solid, cheerful, lively colours, like sky blue paired with fuchsia, the combination of orange and purple, and even the combination of green and pink... the result is super bright and very fun glasses. In some models of the new collection there are both the names and stylized faces of the fairy favoured by little girls. The common thread of the Winx collection is the presence of two elements that repeat throughout the different models, although in different forms: the stars and the wings. The latter in some cases completely replace the temple to give the eyewear a really magical touch. Hello Kitty collection is a very straightforward, basic, clean collection that exudes a freshness and simplicity, typical of the most famous cat in the world. With high level technical elements these eyeglasses are easy and beautiful to wear, for both the shape and for the fit and comfort of each model. Solid and rich pastels, or Havana-style models, are original once again thanks to the combination with coloured or transparent acetates for an astonishing effect. The effect of the transparencies is enhanced by shading or laser inlays. The choice of iconography for the Hello Kitty collection focuses on just a few elements, but with great appeal and typical of this brand: the sweet little face of Hello Kitty and her ever-present bow on the temple, also called to mind in the shape and details on the front.

[ PHILOSOPHY ] Each collection for little girls by Inottica represents an accurate mix between creativity and design, advanced research and attention to traditional technologies in order to realize innovative concepts and ideas but respecting the eyeglasses functionality. But most of girls’ collections are fully inspired by the most succesful girls’ brands, by translating little girls’ emotional desires through an accurate selection of colors, shapes and decorations.

[ MARKETING ] For each collection, merchandising materials currently include counter displays, posters, specific gadgets and an accessories program. All frames and sunglasses come with a customized collectible case, inspired by the specific character, that is a real reason for buying.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact Inottica, +39 0302424155, Website:

All the eyewear collections by Inottica are equipped with the special OBE-FlexUno hinge, very flexible and robust enough to withstand the most extreme twisting (it can also be easily replaced if broken, preventing the complete replacement of the temple).

10 2 0 / 2 0 E u r o p e

J u n e 2 011

what’s BRAND new

in europe

Mondottica Drawing inspiration from Anna Sui’s fashion and accessories, Anna Sui Eyewear incorporates the same fanciful details that have defined the brand since its beginning including the signature rosebud, Anna’s favorite butterfly motif and classic fretwork design. Anna herself has always been known for her signature eyewear style and loves incorporating Sunglasses and Optical frames into her head to toe looks, both on and off the runway. Produced in collaboration with Mondottica International, the collection includes a wide range of Sunglasses and Optical frames. The quality and attention to detail that give Anna Sui’s clothes a distinct richness is infused into every piece in the Anna Sui Eyewear collection - combining the highest quality materials in acetate, metal, hardware and lenses, and finishing with the universal bridge design.

[ PHILOSOPHY ] “My signature style has always been about a head to toe look. I love accessories because they give you even more opportunity to add personality to your look. Even if you have the most amazing dress, inevitably everyone will be looking at your face, so great sunglasses or eyeglasses can make such a statement”. “I have always been inspired by intricate designs – from the beautiful laces in my designs, to the ornate baroque style of the furniture in my store and home. We incorporated several intricate design details in the frames such as the rose and thorns pattern in a classic fretwork design, a lace pattern and laser engraved detail. These details add a vintage feel to the frames that matches the vintage feel of many of my fashion designs”. Anna Sui

[ MARKETING ] Point of sale materials include the Rose Display which beautifully holds six key pieces on the stems of three black roses. Also available is the Keyhole Display, Key Hand Mirror and logo block. Banners, counter cards and tent cards feature the Anna Sui Eyewear illustrated campaign by Hiroshi Tanabe - past recipient of British Vogue’s esteemed Vogue/Sotheby’s Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration. Case packaging in signature Anna Sui black with a purple interior, available in a small hard case for optical and large hard or soft case for sunglasses.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information please contact Mondottica International, +44 1159 677 912 Website: 12 20/20 Europe

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what’s BRAND new

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Ogi Eyewear

The Evolution Collection: Ogi Eyewear re-defines affordable luxury in the latest release from the Evolution Collection Offering luxurious eyewear at unprecedented price points allows the chic, sought after elements of the finest eyewear collections in the world to become accessible to more offices. Ogi’s spring collection defines the company as an extension of their customers’ essence and allows them access to the most elite branches of fashion. The twelve new additions to the Evolution collection are testaments to Ogi’s commitment to the category of affordable luxury. Features: Finely crafted materials including: - OBE Hinges and Screws | Premium German hinges - Premium Acetate | Mazzucchelli (Italy), Takaron (Japan)

[ PHILOSOPHY ] “The Evolution Collection embraces Ogi’s heritage but adds an element of distinction, appealing to a larger audience by introducing a wider range of sizes for added versatility. Additions to the Evolution Collection closely mirror the latest trends in eyewear while keeping a firm grasp on functionality. Hallmarks of this evolving category can be seen in the use of premium materials and inventive forms”. Phil Windyk - Director of Marketing

[ MARKETING ] All Ogi frames come with a black clamshell hardcase with a lime crushed velour lining. Each frame comes with an embossed cleaning cloth. Point-of-purchase materials include an Ogi logo cube, counter cards and large window banners.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information please contact Ogi Eyewear Global Headquarters, +1 763 592 1493 Website:

14 20/20 Europe

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what’s BRAND new

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Ogi Eyewear

The Seraphin Collection: The Rise of Neoclassic Eyewear Ogi Eyewear is composing an eyewear revolution by defining a new eyewear segment know as Neoclassic eyewear. Neoclassic eyewear styles challenge our perceptions of tradition and shape our vision of eyewear in the future. The Seraphin line by Ogi Eyewear is an elite Neoclassic collection that reflects the essence of classic eyewear with a sharp modernistic edge. The line does not aim to simply bring back to life eyewear from the past. Seraphin synthesizes the tradition anew. - The 2011 Collection consists of 18 new optical styles and 6 new additions to the sunwear collection. Features: Finely crafted materials including: - OBE Hinges and Screws | Premium German hinges - Premium Acetate | Mazzucchelli (Italy), Takaron (Japan) - 100% Pure Titanium | Finest metal in the world - Vintage eyewire | 30 Year Old Titanium Eyewire - Austrian Crystals | Legendary crystal distributor - Aluminum | Light-weight and inventive qualities

[ PHILOSOPHY ] Seraphin is re-defining eyewear by adapting the finest elements of luxury eyewear from the past into fresh, contemporary interpretations intended to please the eyewear aspirant with a keen intellectual perception of fashion. Within each frame lies a unique story that exemplifies the characteristics of the model and validates its place in the collection. Each captivating style reflects a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era through the placement of acute details, rich color and handmade materials. Phil Windyk - Director of Marketing

[ MARKETING ] All Seraphin eyewear styles come with a leather hardcase and microfiber cleaning cloth. Point-of-purchase materials include a Seraphin logo plaque, counter cards and large window banners.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information please, contact Ogi Eyewear, Global Headquarters, +1 763 592 1493 Website:

16 20/20 Europe

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what’s BRAND new

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Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Sunglasses collection for 2011 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada continues to stand out for her colourful creations and her habitual optimistic attitude, a true revolution against the establishment with her characteristic brushstroke of humour. Agatha’s new collection of sunglasses for 2011 is dominated by large rounded lenses, for both metal and plastic models. A sixties style designed for daring and uninhibited women. The collection is characterised by frames in colours with much energy and freshness, with decoration on the fronts and sides true to the designer’s iconic personality. Some models have organic textures or some more considered details. Agatha continues using colour down to the last detail for her sunglasses, thus reflecting her primitive universe in a cheerful play of colours and shapes. Optim designs, manufactures and distributes this collection in the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada shops and in the best opticians in Spain and at an international level, bringing the designer closer to her fans around the world. AR 21206 col.592 Sunglasses of sixties inspiration with acetate frame and original metal decoration on the sides, with Agatha’s classic heart symbol decorated in filigree. Available in other colours.

AR 21228 col.553 Injection sunglasses with very striking colours and decorated with silkscreen printed floral motifs which extend from the corners of the eyes and all along the sides. Available in other colours.

AR 21220 col.518 Rounded metal sunglasses, with lateral half rims and striking colours with leser decoration in lines and dots on the sides. Available in other colours.

18 20/20 Europe

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact OPTIM, Website:

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Security, Design, Technology, Innovation: a single word... Plasti-Max Security! For more than thirty years we have been a major player in the ‘security devices for frames’ market’ and today, Plasti-Max wants to be the leading company in the International market through its unique range of products and dedication to security. Plasti-Max has focused its development strategy on product innovation, over the last decade alone registering more than 10 international patents for security systems dedicated to the optical industry. It has also maintained the centre of its production and R&D in Italy. This object of the Plasti-Max Mission is to become a major European supplier of security device for glasses by dedication to a policy of “constant improvement and customer commitment”. The greatest appeal of any system is the convenience and ease of its use at the right price. Plasti-Max has always designed and manufactured security systems that meet such criteria whilst at the same time offering excellent value for money. Plasti-Max meets the challenge of combining quality and service, and thanks to their production in China, is also able to offer a quality product close to new and growing market demands.

[ PHILOSOPHY ] Nobody pays more attention than Plasti-Max to making a safety product. They don’t put into the market any new products without rigorously testing it for at least 6 months in their laboratory. All security products offered by Plasti-Max combine design, convenience and value for the protection of your display merchandise.

[ MARKETING ] Today Plasti-Max is the only one company in the World that can offer different solutions of security devices for any needs that the market request: smart, safe and ease of fitting. We target our customer in two groups: the big distributors (GDO) and the optical shops. For every target we have developed a precise solution: practical and without management costs for the first one, and for the second - extremely easy to use products of special design that compliment the display criteria of the most fashion shops. Thanks to continuous research and continuous relationships Plasti-Max now can offer two new products that appeal to a target of increasingly discerning customers with a quest for detail: Secur Clip Tag - Memory and Lock 2011. The devices are designed to be used in conjunction with any technology: the most common AM (magnetic sound) to the latest generation of RFID.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact, Plasti-Max Spa, +39 035830340, Website:

20 20/20 Europe

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Capture a moment in time with Polaroid eyewear’s new heritage collection - “Best under the Sun” Polaroid Eyewear has created something truly unique with its new “Best under the sun” range bursting with celebrity style. It’s a collection of “greatest hits” from its own design archives featuring stunning sunglasses dating from the 1930s to the 1980s, so advanced they still look fresh and exciting today. This collection faithfully recreates Polaroid’s greatest landmark designs, but now made in the latest super lightweight materials, and all fitted with Polaroid’s premium polarized UltraSight™ lenses. It’s utterly wearable retro-fashion combined with 21st century technology giving consumers total UV protection, glare-free vision and a great look! When they were first launched, these Polaroid sunglasses were so radical they took the fashion industry to new levels – people started thinking about them as style accessories over and above their value as a functional item. Polaroid brings that excitement and anticipation back – with a Collection that really is the Best under the sun! As a next step, Polaroid encourages anyone with a design background or with a keen eye for fashion and design to take part in its first ever design contest. Have your design be part of Polaroid’s next “Best under the sun” Collection, that will feature 10 brand new designs, each inspired by a certain decade.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact Polaroid, Website:

what’s BRAND new

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Blackfin, my advanced style A design all “neomadeinitaly” for the Blackfin collection: glasses with taut and well defined lines, completely made of titanium for a perfect combination of style, personality and high quality. Blackfin is not merely a brand, but a creative inspiration that originates from an attentive eye on art and the colors of the world. The Contemporary line interprets this new approach to contemporary society, creating original models that combine the elegance of titanium with the liveliness of particularly determined and appealing nuances. Color, combined materials and a refined design are the defining characteristics of the Blackfin eyewear, made of acetate and titanium. The special processing of the acetate grants the frames a “tactile” effect and permits to obtain a refined interplay of light that, together with the lightness of a pure, technical and strong material like titanium, characterizes a truly high-impact eyewear. More precious and sophisticated tones define the models of the Precious line, where the elegance and the refinement of the black and gold plating applied to the titanium synthesize in a product of image and prestige that is unmatched in the market. The Blackfin glasses are designed and manufactured for a dynamic, sophisticated and modern target, always moving and focused on innovation. The Blackfin frames enhance the personality of the wearer through combinations of colors, shades and laser engraving which produce unique aesthetic effects and really permit to stand out thanks to a perfect blend of style and technology. The titanium core of the eyewear ensures a remarkable lightness and high mechanical performance that make titanium the material with the best mechanical strength/weight ratio, absolutely biocompatible, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. The Blackfin frames are created by a process of 47 working stages which are constantly monitored and controlled, starting from the raw material, the plate of Pure Titanium, to the finished product, in order to optimize resources and to ensure maximum quality.

[ PHILOSOPHY ] The Blackfin collection synthesizes all the main features of the Pramaor DNA and represents better than any other brand a new all Italian model for application and working recognized by the term “neomadeinitaly™”. “In 2011, the new models of the collection will further consolidate the leadership of the brand in the production of designer eyewear made of pure titanium - says Nicola Del Din, President of Pramaor - We are very pleased to celebrate Pramaor’s 40th Anniversary with the achievement of such an important goal”. neomadeinitaly™ is the choice of development pursued by Pramaor.

[ MARKETING ] The values of creative research, elegance and technical quality associated with this brand permeate every aspect of communication: website, P.O.P. materials and packaging. The Blackfin frames live in the best points of purchase, presented in displays with a unique design, studied in every detail, and made with noble materials. The Blackfin collection signed by Pramaor italian titanium eyewear is the culmination of a process of continuous improvement, started in 1971, which has led the Italian company to be the world leader in the management of production processes of optical frames in titanium. An excellence achieved through sustained efforts in research and innovation and confirmed by obtaining exclusive international patents related to technical solutions and the processing of titanium.

[ AVAILABILITY ] For additional information, please contact Pramaor, +39 0437660523, Website: 24 20/20 Europe

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COLOURS! Dossier Silmo Paris 29.9- 02.10.11 Hall 5A Hong Kong Optical Fair 03.11- 05.11.11 at VOS


by Isabella Morpurgo

In biophysics, colour (a term derived from the Latin color) is the visual perception generated by the nerve signals that the retina’s photoreceptors send to the brain when they absorb electromagnetic radiation of certain wavelengths and intensities in the so-called visible spectrum, or light. Colours have taken on different meanings throughout history and, since the perception of colour is also associated with emotional sensations, each colour has been interpreted by different cultures at different times and in different manners, 30 20/20 Europe

thus resulting in diversified meanings. Some societies do not perceive or distinguish between certain hues. In other cases, the words used to describe the colour in the Western context do not exist. The Eskimos distinguish between seven different shades of white, while the Maori tribes recognize more than one hundred shades of red. The 21st century metropolitan man differentiates between over a hundred tones of grey, while the tribes of the African savannah don’t distinguish green and blue.

Mormaii J u n e 2 011



Some populations of New Guinea have no names for colours and only use the terms light and dark. Because they associate materials with tactile sensations, many African civilizations describe colours using adjectives, such as wet or dry, soft or hard, smooth or rough, dull or rich, etc. In West Africa, the words used to refer to colours are different for men and women. For European civilization, blue is a highly significant colour. All of the surveys taken since the second world war have J u n e 2 011

shown that blue was indicated as the preferred colour by more than 50 percent of the respondents in all of the Western European countries (except Spain). Followed by green (20%), white and red (10% and 9%). Preference is given to “cold� colours. These figures are quite similar in Canada, the USA and Australia. In Japan, the preferred colour is white, followed by black and yellow. Children up to 10 years of age prefer warm colours, like red and yellow, while adults are more inclined towards colder colours.

There are about ten million different shades of colours, not including those that can only be seen by certain animals. In fact, cats and owls can distinguish between shades that are invisible to us, such as the infrared spectrum, while bees can even see ultraviolet hues. In India, Ayurvedic medicine has always taken into account the effects of colours on the equilibrium of the individual. It would also appear that colour transforms our perception. American researcher, Kurt Goldstein, has shown that objects tend to appear larger


i n t e r n a t i o n a l e y e f a s h i o n 31


Barton Perreira

and heavier under red light, and smaller and lighter under blue light. The digital age has changed our approach to colour and has affected not only the way people communicate, but also our chromatic tendencies in every artistic field. Lights and colours are the true exponents of architecture and, today, sophisticated colour tones are increasingly being selected over uniform colours, thus resulting in environments with magical and evocative atmospheres. The surfaces of the materials, which are treated based on the diffe32 20/20 Europe

rent colour variations, take on vibrant, innovative and iridescent aspects. Thus, colour becomes an essential element of matter, which is capable of better interpreting and communicating the objectives and the design requirements. For communications purposes, with their clear visibility and sharp contrasts, colours have the ability to immediately attract the eye of the observer. In today’s society, colour has become a useful tool for increasing sales and has been the object of various studies in the fields of both marketing or merchandising.

With the clever use of more intense colour tones, less intriguing display areas can be transformed into much more impressive environments, capable of seducing and attracting the consumer. With the diffusion of environmental protection issues, on the other hand, the future of colours seems to be favouring a more respectful attitude towards the planet. In fact, by protecting our health and the environment, colours have the ability to improve both the appearance and the quality of our lives. As far as the fashions for the J u n e 2 011


Dilem Roussilhe

summer of 2011 are concerned, this year’s new alluring and feminine colour will be Coral. Pink has been holding on for a number of seasons, although it’s best suited to individuals who are self-confident and prefer a more childish style. Powder pink, on the other hand, is much easier to wear and is quite popular with designers. Sky blue is a shade that can be worn both day and evening, and can even be combined with other bright colours or else the classic black and white. Blue is deep, nocturnal and elegant. It’s a great alternative to black or brown. J u n e 2 011

Turquoise is a sparkling and fresh colour. Light green is delicate and elegant. Orange always goes well in the summer, and for that of 2011 it can be worn wholeheartedly. Burnt Sienna is warmer and more original than the usual brown. During the Fall and Winter of 2011/2012, in addition to the inevitable black, we’ll also see many shades of Rust and Green, along with more striking colours like orange, green, ochre, fuchsia, royal blue, purple and yellow, even in mustard tones.

Western society has always associated colours with certain concepts or meanings. This can be seen in certain expressions, such as: Green with envy = from the colour of bile Account in the red = a bank account with a negative balance To be in a black mood = a bad mood A red light film = a pornographic film To turn red = to get embarrassed A grey day = a bad day To see red = to be extremely angry To see everything pink = have an enchanted and extremely optimistic vision of the world To have a green thumb = to be good at gardening To be in a blue funk = to be extremely disappointed or nervous To have blue blood = to be of aristocratic origins Green years = childhood

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RED Red is the first colour to have been recognized by man and for centuries was regarded as the only pure colour. All others were considered to be byproducts of white and black. It’s the colour of movement and activity. It’s the one that best stimulates our emotions and conveys a sense of danger and alarm. Red makes us breath faster, makes our hearts beat stronger and makes us feel overheated. A drink in a red cup will seem warmer. A message written in red will appear larger. It’s a colour that stands out and is well suited to messages that should not be overlooked. It seems to press us to courageously make faster decisions and, when combined with yellow, stimulates the appetite. Red also signifies love and passion. In Eastern cultures, new year’s gifts are adorned red bows, which are meant as symbol of good luck. It was the official colour of Imperial Rome, the colour of the Caesars, a sign of power and a colour that everyone aspired to, because it represented high social standing.



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Sonia Rykiel

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BLUE Blue is a noble colour often associated with positive concepts. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, integrity and fidelity. It’s the antithesis to red and observing it will often relax the breathing and lower the heart rate. It indicates reliability and austerity, and is thus often used as a base colour for trademarks associated with computers or data processing. It’s a relaxing colour that favours concentration. It’s associated with the geometric shape of the circle, the symbol of the eternal movement of the spirit, as well as with calm and dynamism. In a blue room, the heartbeat decreases, sensitivity to cold increases, and time seems to pass more slowly, while objects tend to appear smaller and lighter. In blue environments, people tend to work better and are more productive. It’s considered a protective colour. In the Middle East, doors are painted blue to ward off evil spirits. In Asia, blue is the colour of immortality. In ancient times, being tattooed with the colour blue was a sign of distinction from nature, a symbol of growth and of belonging to a group: the application of the colour blue to the skin was considered as a means of keeping the vital energy of the blood within the body. It is hypothesized that the Greeks suffered from a sort of colour-blindness that prevented them from seeing this colour, as it does not appear in any records.


Blackfin J u n e 2 011

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YELLOW Yellow is the colour of the sun, of gold and of cheerfulness. It’s associated with optimism, joy, spontaneity and abundance. It was reserved for the clothes of the Chinese emperor, who was recognized as the centre of the world, just as the sun is the centre of the solar system. In India, it is believed that evil forces can be warded off by wearing something yellow. The American Indians wore yellow makeup on their eyes because they associated this colour with hypnotic powers, and also wore yellow and black jackets to simulate the aggressiveness and venomousness of wasps. It would appear that yellow’s high visibility also fosters clear and direct thinking. A yellow background with black writing is considered to be the most readable combination for printed materials and is also recognized as the most functional for assimilating the material being read. Not surprisingly, it’s also used for road signs that indicate caution. Yellow stimulates thought and is associated with contemplation and intelligence (it is said that it was the favourite colour of Confucius).

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ORANGE Ferragamo

Before the discovery of the fruit of the orange, there was no specific notion of this colour, which was often considered to be a shade of red. That’s why certain descriptors have remained in use, such as the terms “red cat” or “red hair”, despite the fact that these elements appear to be of the colour orange. It denotes strength, honour and generosity. Orange stimulates movement, independence and self-confidence. It liberates us from our fears, frustrations, inhibitions and constraints, and even seems to be effective in cases of depression. A preference for the colour orange indicates a strong desire for intense experiences from which new feelings of pleasure and knowledge can be drawn and experimented with. Orange is the colour of enthusiasm, of ardour and of will power.


Italiana Design

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GREEN Green is the colour of nature and of chlorophyll, and is the most common colour on our planet. It’s a neutral and relaxing colour that encourages calm and meditation. It signifies life, growth, luck, youth, spring, fertility and religion. It’s the colour of hope, of those who want to grow, to succeed and to command. For Buddhists, it represents life. It’s the colour of balanced forces, of the evolution of mind and body. A preference for the colour green also indicates self-esteem. It’s also the colour of Islam, for which it represents Heaven, because it was the colour worn by Muhammad when he met the angel Gabriel. On an international level, green is the symbol of permission (as is the case with traffic lights).

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PURPLE Eschenbach

Purple is the colour of metamorphosis, of transition, of mystery and of magic. It’s the traditional colour of mysticism and spirituality, but also of erotic fascination. Purple signifies a union of opposites. Its lighter shades express sensuality, while its darker shades convey spirituality. Purple is used in clothing as a symbol of authority and rank.



Face Ă Face

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YOU’S YOUR EYES AND FEEL THE 2011 SUMMER VIBES Designers at Dutch eyewear manufacturer Eurovisie know how important it is for wearers to find their own style. They’re looking for models and styles that don’t just fit the current fashion, but also give them that personal touch. Every season is a challenge, with fashion and taste needing to be translated into a trendy and coherent collection. And that’s just what this Dutch Design brand is all about! You’S and Youpi! designers were inspired by the latest catwalk trends for the summer collections. Naturally with a good dose of Dutch design thrown in. The vintage-inspired frames take you back to the elegance of the fifties and sixties - chic, classic basics and the starting point of any stylish wardrobe. The designers are throwing open the windows, offering us bright colours and exotic prints. Colour is definitely ‘hot’ this summer. The influential Pantone Fashion Color Report sees redish pink as this spring’s top fashion colour – closely followed by other vibrant colours like orange, pink, red, purple, lime and lemon, preferably combined. We are seeing the longing for light and playful elements not only in the use of colour. This season’s prints are full of flowers, butterflies, insects, bows, naive drawings and landscapes. ‘The Bohemian seventies’ is the buzzword here, combined with a generous dose of ‘glam’. Romance is never far away in You’S & Youpi! collections. And as with this style, you’ll be seeing that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ touch everywhere. The designers have let themselves be tickled by the ultimate summer feeling. And what is particularly fun about this trend: anything goes! Play with colour and print combinations as much as you want. Anything to make you be ‘seen’!

Model 21215 is a simple, clean and basic frame that is nonetheless full of striking elements, such as the Transformers logo contained in an arrow that runs the length of the temple. Thin frame front and medium thickness temples.

Model 24115 is a super lightweight model, both as regards the frame front and the temples, but with wide enveloping lenses. The main feature is the highly original temples with a carbon effect in memory metal that allows extreme flexibility and greater comfort thanks to the silicon surface.

Inottica presents the New Transformers - Eyewear Collection 2011 ... a year of change and of great anticipation for Transformers fans, since the third episode of the saga, TRANSFORMERS - DARK OF THE MOON, will be in cinemas starting in July 2011. Inottica is riding this winning trend and at Mido 2011 introduced the new Eyeglass Collection inspired by the “giant mutant robots”. The new models have been inspired by the key elements of this brand; they evoke the individual Robots, the sole and unique characters. Even the colours chosen, blue, red, black and yellow, are the colours of the world’s most famous robot mutants. The “metal” element is very strong and present in this collection, with great details on the temples as the two-tone metal logo. In addition to the choice of materials, great care was given to the individual details, such as the very original temples, with a carbon effect, in memory metal that allows extreme flexibility and greater comfort thanks to the silicon surface. The Inottica Transformers eyeglass models are equipped with the special OBE-FlexUno hinge, very flexible and robust enough to withstand the most extreme twisting (it can also be easily replaced if broken, preventing the complete replacement of the temple).

The colors of Valrose With a selection of natural materials and a wide range of colors, Valrose offers a large choice of customized products. We knew the case felt declined in 24 plain colors, now it is available in bicolor, perfect for the summer! Concerning pendants, Acetate sets the tone, amber for the flower and Ivory for the chain, an alliance of colors for a stylish pendant with original shapes. Since 1993, nestled in the hills of Aix en Provence in the south of France, Valrose is specialized in design and manufacturing of eyewear accessories. Now head of the trademark, smelling the south and its colors, Laetitia JUESTZ DYNGLEMARE brings colour to the collection and does not intend to stop there. For three years, Laetitia had the opportunity to learn about all stages of creation and manufacture, so naturally that last September she took the head of the company. Combining the technique and style, she remains faithful to the concept of Valrose of making nice and practical accessories that can be placed in its style and desires. Please note that an online sales site, reserved for opticians, will be operational by the end of June. In this site you will find the entire collection as well as the upcoming appointments. All the Valrose products are designed and handmade in their workshop in France. 40 20/20 Europe

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events report

MIDO 2011

41st Edition 6 Pavilions: Mido Fashion District – Mido Design Lab – Health & Innovation – Mido Tech – Asian Pavilion More than 1.100 Exhibitors +7% Italian Visitors Stable presence of Foreign Visitors

Signs of a recovery in the entire industry have been confirmed at MIDO 2011 in Milan from March 3 to 6. It has been also a big success of the new exhibition layout divided into theme areas. The Mido Fashion District , an exclusive space where the most glamorous eyewear companies showcased their finest brands and product ranges, was the most successful. All the exhibition areas had a great appeal. As always the more creative visitors had a penchant for the Mido Design Lab, now a regular fixture and hosting the most avant-garde companies in terms of testing. The other exhibition and educational areas such as the Health &Innovation Forum, within the Lenses Pavilion, the Asian Pavilion and the Mido TECH area also had a wide appeal. CIRILLO MARCOLIN is the new FIAMP President Cirillo Marcolin, Vice-President of ANFAO delegated to Mido, last March has been elected also President of FIAMP, Federation of Italian Fashion and Personal Accessories. FIAMP brings together all the realities of the accessory world and it is now formed by the associations: AIMPES (leather goods), Anci (footwear), Anfao (eyewear), Federorafi (jewelry), AIP (furs) e UNIC (tanning industry). The main objective of the Federation is to support the different sectors in this project to promote synergy. Among the priorities of the new President are the protection of the Italian creativity and business support. 42 20/20 Europe

THE ITALIAN EYEWEAR Once again Italian eyewear is a star player on the international markets. Sunglasses drive the trend but the domestic market remains sluggish. Before the opening of MIDO, Vittorio Tabacchi, President of Mido and Anfao, stated: ««After the year of the challenge, here comes the year of validation. We braved the crisis that blanketed the entire global economy and now, with 2010 results in hand, we can draw our own conclusions: the worst is behind us and our industry knew how to capitalize on the rise in foreign demand». Italian eyewear production in 2010 topped out at 2,448 million Euros for an 8.7% increase over the previous year. Strongly influencing the increase in manufacturing was the upward swing in exports (+17.3% over 2009), which was decisive for a sector that exports more than 80% of its production. As counterpoint, on the other hand, is a domestic market that is still lacking pep, and fell by 2.5%. The year 2010 closed with 927 companies, an approx. 2.4% reduction in firms compared to 2009, concentrated among the small, family-run businesses, and with a total workforce of 16,150, down 2.7% over the previous year.

CHANGE OF DATES FOR MIDO 2012 The 42nd edition of Mido, will take place Sunday 11, Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 March 2012 at Fieramilano Rho-Pero. The important change of two weekdays for the event, say the organisers, has been done To meet the wishes of the many exhibitors and visitors.

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events report

SILMO at the heart of the fashion week

Under the label PARIS CAPITALE DE LA CRÉATION (Paris capital of creativity) * which brings together stakeholders from all over the world in the fashion, accessories, home and design sectors and thanks to an ideal positioning in the trade fair calendar, SILMO makes the most of the incredible energy of a city pulsating to the rhythm of creativity. From 29 September to 2 October 2011, SILMO, Mondial de l’Optique will enjoy a dynamic cohabitation with PARIS SUR MODE ATELIER which gathers famous designers with young fashion brands, PREMIÈRE CLASSE, a major trade fair dedicated to fashion accessories, TRANOÏ, a platform for creative talents and new women’s trends and not forgetting the defiles du prêt-a-porter des createurs de mode (ready-to-wear fashion shows from fashion designers) that attract journalists and buyers from across the globe. These ideally scheduled dates for the SILMO exhibition illustrate the organisers’ wish to place creativity at the heart of the event and to boost the fair’s appeal both to visitors and exhibitors: glasses and sunglasses have become a fashion accessory in their own right and a symbol of differentiation and identification for millions of people. In fact for many years now, SILMO has continually sought to promote the trends, brands, designers and expertise of the very best eyewear and optical manufacturers. * PARIS CAPITALE DE LA CREATION groups together the most important professional trade fairs held in Paris, specialising in the fashion, accessories and home sectors. These international events attract more than 17,500 exhibitors each year (40% of whom are from outside France), hundreds of thousands of visitors (50% from other countries) and 9,000 journalists from more than 115 countries. J u n e 2 011

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CIOF 2011

The 24th China International Optics Fair (CIOF 2011) will be staging at the China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing from 14th September to 16th September 2011. The last 23rd CIOF in 2010 attracted a record of 731 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions covering over 44,000 square meters of the exhibition area and 41,970 visitor entries from 66 countries and regions along with 245 international reputed brands on display apart from the Chinese ones. As the Year 2011 marks the beginning of China’s implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development, Chinese Optical Industry will leap forward into a new era facing the need to change the mode of development, adjust product structure and upgrade production. It is estimated that by 2015, China will become the world’s largest luxury goods market and 29% of global luxury product consumption will come from the country. At present, China is one of the biggest consumer markets in eyewear and sunglasses – not only are Chinese consumers willing to pay for premium quality, they are also motivated by the luxurious and international image and the enticement of status and prestige that international brands appeal to them. In addition, Chinese manufacturing enterprises and agencies are incessantly looking for high-technology machinery, materials, components and accessories to cater for China’s optical industry’s need for manufacturing high quality products and upgrading optical industry’s production to meet the demand of the expanding local market. Notwithstanding, China is moving in two directions, one is to change from export-oriented economy to emphasis on its huge internal market and the other one is that China will be shifting to growth much more driven by technical progress and innovation. In order to adapt such changes recognized by overseas and international exhibitors for demanding more exhibiting space, the fair’s organizer and the coorganizer have unanimously agreed to deploying Hall 6 additionally in conjunction with Hall 1 as the International Halls. 44 20/20 Europe

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IOFT 2011

will be Held as Scheduled

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. organizes 24th IOFT 2011 from October 11[Tue] -13[Thur], at Tokyo Big Sight as scheduled. Even though the Show Management office has received numbers of inquiries from industry professionals who are apprehensive about holding the show, exhibitors & buyers from damaged area have been aspiring to hold IOFT 2011. Immediately after the earthquake on March 11 [Fri], IOFT Show Management Office officially announced to hold IOFT 2011 because they thought holding IOFT will enhance and circulate business, and it will be great contributions for affected area and Japanese economy to overcome this situation. Show Management forecasts 550 exhibitors and 17,000 buyers in IOFT 2011. Also, they expect a remarkable number of buyers and distributors from Asia including China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. Besides, Korean Pavilion will newly come on the site IOFT 2011 in addition to French, Italian and Taiwanese pavilions. Of course, other international designers and brands will exhibit as scheduled. 23rd Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards: celebrities including actors, actresses, prominent politicians and others will be presented with awards celebrating their outstanding eyewear fashion sense. The Awards Presentation Ceremony will take place on the first day of the exhibition. J u n e 2 011

EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR: it is one of the industry’s leading awards. It selects and honors distinguished new products excel in design and/or function, to be marketed in the upcoming season. Screening and selection will be conducted by the EOY 2012 Award Committee Members. Award Categories: Men’s Eyewear Category: Men’s frames which increase one’s attractiveness at all scenes. Ladies’ Eyewear: Ladies’ frames which highlight elegance, beauty and charm. Sunglasses & Sports Glasses: Sunglasses & sporty frames for fashion, sports and driving scenes which excel in design and function. Functions & Technologies: Frames & sunglasses with innovative technology and/or superiority in function. Accessories: Accessories that spice up frames and sunglasses (glass chain, glass holder, case etc.) Kids Eyewear: This is a new category. Fashionable frames which also excel in function, e.g. durable and flexible, to support children’s growth and lives.

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VEE in New York on a High

The attendance figures for 25th edition of International Vision Expo East, held last March at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, show a seven percent increase in attendance over 2010 figures. The new layout made it easy for attendees to navigate and spend time with existing vendors and meet with new suppliers. The quality of the attendees at the New York Vision Expo continues to grow and the exhibitors had excellent meetings with their customers, as well as opened up a many new accounts. Friday was a powerful day for all, probably the strongest opening day in many years. With 565 participating exhibitors, and more than 300 hours of CE, the Vision Expos (New York and Las Vegas) remain the optical event for the Americas and are quickly gaining steam from International attendees. Next year, the conference for International Vision Expo East will be held March 22-25, 2012, and the exhibition will be held March 23-25, 2012, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. International Vision Expo East has show dates confirmed with the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center through 2015 and will continue to hold the event each year in the March/April timeframe. 46 20/20 Europe

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Continuing Education

Child’s Play: Fitting The Pediatric Patient By Christopher Miller ABOC, NCLE


ig surprises come in little packages.This is especially true when fitting children at a contact lens practice. They can delight, frustrate and offer rewards like nothing else. Children want contact lenses for many reasons— sports, dance and stage performances such as music or drama, or simply for better cosmetic appearance. Children often have a parent or older sibling who also wears lenses and those fittings are more successful than ever before. Consider having office hours when students can come without taking time off from school. Stay open later one or several evenings a week or on Saturday mornings and schedule only children for these appointments. SUCCESS TIPS Task #1: Inspire Confidence Everyone has different communication styles. When training people some of us tend to get more serious


E u r o p e a n L e n s e s a n d Te c h n o l o g y

than we usually are. Others are more authoritarian and a few fitters may even “talk down” to people or the opposite, explain every little detail. The author thinks of himself as a “coach” when working with children. The goal is to inspire confidence in them to attain something that usually is a bit harder than it looks at first glance. Get kids to focus on learning the skills necessary without giving them all the details unless they ask specific questions. This way they will easily remember the most important items they need to know to safely wear their new lenses including: washing their hands before handling their lenses, safe insertion and removal of their lenses, cleaning/ disinfecting instructions, an initial wearing schedule, the need for back-up glasses, normal and abnormal symptoms, and a few of the “must never do” instructions such as never wetting lenses in their mouth or never letting friends wear them. June • 2011

Continuing Education Task #2: Take a good history when deciding lens choice Good questions are essential when taking the patient’s history. Consider asking the following: • Does anyone else in the family wear contact lenses? • Why do you want contacts (motivation)? • Do any of your friends wear contact lenses? • When do you plan to wear your contact lenses and how often? • How good are you at personal hygiene tasks such as brushing your teeth or washing your hair without being told? Other points to consider include: • Asking the parent or other guardian present might also assist you in deciding which lens is a good option. • For all part-time wearers (two to three times per week or less) daily disposables are usually the best choice. • Cost is an important factor for many parents. Be prepared with a great go-to lens which has a lower price that works well for most new fits. • Consider a few lenses, which come in a smaller diameter such as 13.6 or 13.8. Sometimes these smaller sizes are the only way to get a young patient with narrow lid fissures to be able to insert a lens since they are easier to handle. Task #3: Avoid challenges and frustration Videos work great for training purposes, as they can be an important part of a kid’s everyday world when sourcing information. There are several available and for the five or six minutes while they are viewing it, save time by charting or preparing the order on the computer. It ensures that all patients are given the same instructions and that nothing is overlooked because of time constraints. It is important to avoid all frustration for both you and the patient. When booking the appointment, let the parent know it is best if only one parent is present with no other children. This may not be possible sometimes if a single parent has several children so have coloring books or toys available for different ages to keep them busy. Keep the distractions limited. June • 2011

Another difficulty is the anxious parent that interferes while their child is inserting lenses. The parent actually holds the child’s eyelid or stands nearby with a tissue to dry every tear. Nothing shatters a child’s confidence quicker than when a parent is either too anxious or even worse, when they are laughing at them. Ask parents to be patient; it’s not as easy as it looks so it may take longer to learn this new skill. Remember to always have an adult present when fitting a child or adolescent but ask the parent to sit outside the door (leave it open of course) so that the young patient can concentrate on the training without any interruptions. What works best? Place lenses on the patient immediately following the video. If the child has a high eyelid sensitivity reflex, have them look downward rather than straight ahead to insert the lens. If this doesn’t work, a smaller diameter may be needed. The best practice may be going directly to letting them insert the lens themselves because ultimately, they need to be able to do it on their own. Many children and young adults will surprise you with how easy they can do it on their own after you have tried and failed to insert the lens. After all, who wants someone sticking their finger near your eye? After five minutes of a child trying to insert a lens on their own without being successful, try changing the angle of the mirror, laying it flat on the counter or even E u r o p e a n L e n s e s a n d Te c h n o l o g y



Continuing Education

Case History (Learn from my mistakes):

adolescent fits, thinking it was more efficient to see so many at one time. I stopped doing this one evening when a training included a young man and two girls approximately three or four years younger than him. He was a real show-off until it came time to insert the lenses. Both girls got their lenses on within five minutes and try as he may, he just couldn’t do it. They started laughing at him and to make matters worse he was so embarrassed, he shed a few tears which made them laugh even harder. I booked another individual appointment with him and he finally was able to do it. I sympathized with him knowing how hard it is at that age to get respect from the opposite sex. I saw him in the lobby about six years later. He was now in college and very much grown up. He stopped me when he saw me and asked if I remembered him. There was a quick change of mood in his eyes as he went from embarrassment to laughter. I said yes and asked him how he feels about putting on his lenses in front of girls now. He just laughed and said, “I learned a long time ago, girls rule, and boys just drool.”

raising it to eye level to see if this helps. If this doesn’t work, put the lens back in the container and have them practice holding their eyelid and look straight into the mirror with their finger directly over the iris. Just as it is difficult for some to wink one eye, others may have difficulty keeping both eyes open when touching their eyelashes or lids. The important thing is to take your time and to try to relieve some of their frustration when they don’t get it immediately. Keep encouraging them and say, “You’re really close now.” This is when you get to put on your coach’s hat and cheer them on. Let them know how much you believe they can do this if they are persistent and persevere. Don’t put the lens back on their finger to insert it until they demonstrate they can look forward with their finger over the iris while holding the eyelid with the eyelashes. If they are not able to do this on the first visit, schedule another visit in a few days and have them practice at home. It creates too much frustration if they do not have these skills first as they are concentrating too hard on the lens. Reinforce the need to practice several times per day and let them know how great it will be when they are able to do it at the next visit.


E u r o p e a n L e n s e s a n d Te c h n o l o g y

Task #4: Final and written instructions, wearing schedule, pamphlets and warnings After the child inserts the lenses go over cleaning instructions and wearing schedule with them. Start with six hours for soft and four hours for rigid lenses, increase two hours per day until they are wearing them for 12 hours per day and have them hold at that until they come back to see you in a week. Instruct them not to sleep or bathe with the lenses on and make sure to wear them daily (even if they plan to be a parttime wearer) until their follow-up appointment so they adapt to inserting, removing and wearing them. Check movement, centration and ensure there is no lag following the blink under a slit lamp. Check visual acuities and compare them with the best-corrected acuities recorded in the doctor’s chart or written on the Rx. Make any minor adjustments to the Rx with a handheld loupe for 0.25 or 0.50D power changes while they look at the acuity chart and note it in the chart for the doctor. Then highlight the final lens parameters in the chart in bold so that it can be quickly seen during any follow-up visits. After checking the fit and visual acuities, have them June • 2011

Photos of children © Getty images/photodisc


few years ago I trained up to six youths at a time on late evening appointments for first time


Continuing Education

Don’t put the lens back on their finger to insert it until they demonstrate they can look forward with their finger over the iris while holding the eyelid with the eyelashes.

remove one lens and repeat back to you the cleaning/ disinfecting instructions before reinserting it. Go over abnormal symptoms such as itching, burning or scratchy sensations while wearing the lenses and tell them to remove the lenses and return for a visit if these sensations continue. Also tell them that their eyes may get slightly red when first inserting their lenses for a few days but shouldn’t stay red during the entire time. If it does stay red, remove the lenses. They should also know that any time they have pain in their eyes, they should remove the lenses and return immediately to see the doctor. If all goes well, give the patient a written copy of their wearing schedule, a few pamphlets on taking care of their eyes with contact lenses, inserting/removing lenses and the cleaning/disinfecting instructions. Schedule a followup appointment for one week away and let them know they should come in before the appointment if they lose or damage a lens or if they are having any handling difficulties. Give the parents your card and tell them to call with any questions or concerns that may arise.


E u r o p e a n L e n s e s a n d Te c h n o l o g y

The Follow-up Appointment At the follow-up appointment, first ask how they did with their lenses during the previous week, and if there was a need to use comfort drops or if the lens felt dry during the last hour of wearing. Re-examine the fit under the slit lamp and recheck the visual acuities. If anything looks different from the initial fitting, note it in the chart and refit into a different lens if necessary. Have them go over the cleaning/disinfecting steps with you again and increase their wearing time to what feels comfortable, stressing the importance of not over wearing their lenses. Remind them of the importance of regular eye visits, go over the abnormal symptoms with them again and finish the visit with answering their questions or concerns. Schedule a final/follow-up appointment with the doctor to sign off on their prescription, give them a copy and deliver the lenses ordered previously after the doctor’s final approval. Specialty Fittings There is another class of fittings for infants and young

June • 2011


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Continuing Education


Case History (Eyeing the gold):

et me close by telling you about one of my special little patients. Tracy was about six years old and needed to be fit with RGP lenses because of her Rx and corneal measurements. I have a picture of her on my desk to remind me of that first day when she came running into the office ahead of her mother. It would be an understatement to say she was excited about not having to wear her high minus glasses to school, which was starting in a few weeks. Tracy’s experience in kindergarten was less than pleasant with many children teasing her about her thick lenses. Lucky for her, her dad also wore RGP lenses and her mom agreed to them without any hesitation. After taking keratometer readings, I took a pair of trial lenses from the cabinet and proceeded to put the first one on her. Because of the initial discomfort she started to cry and I quickly asked if she wanted me to take them out. She bravely held up her head and said, “No, I really want to wear them instead of my glasses.” Because of the courage, determination and motivation she showed that day, I knew she had something special to teach me as a fitter. Her appointments took place during the Olympics, and at our last appointment about three weeks later the doctor and I presented her with a signed certificate for courage and a small medal I purchased from a local gift store. We took pictures of the three of us with her parents, and her accomplishment and newfound esteem was evident to us all. I often look at that picture and remind myself how lucky I am to have such an opportunity to help someone like her.

patients for congenital aphakia and other childhood conditions but that includes more than I can write about at this point and needs another article to address the many considerations that must be taken into account. I will only say at this time that a special price and fitting time structure similar to adult specialty fits must be decided by the fitter and the doctors involved. These fittings need the involvement of both parents if possible.


E u r o p e a n L e n s e s a n d Te c h n o l o g y

Take classes on this important service that you could be offering your patients and slowly expand the scope of your practice. Overall I am amazed at how resilient and adaptive my young patients are and I find these fittings are easier than I first believed. They have given me more confidence in my own abilities to enhance my skill set. By expanding your practice to include fitting younger patients, you will find this to be true for yourself as well.

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Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens Italia

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Inottica 10-11

PixelOptics 1

International Vision Expo


Plastimax 20-21



Polaroid 22


Mondottica 12-13

Pramaor 24-25

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Silmo 26-27

14-15, 16-17

Zilli 3

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Henry Jullien


Ogi Eyewear


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Optimunich 55

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Fax 47 2 337‑9001 P Modavisao Lda DESIGNIT EYEWEAR A/S

Tel 351 22 550 1049 Fax 351 22 509 3417 SILHOUETTE int. Schmied Ag Austria Tel 43 732 38 48-0 Fax 43 732 38 30 19 B Silhouette Benelux Bvba Tel 32 3 248 2450 Fax 32 3 248 0725 CH Silhouette Schweiz GmbH Tel 41 41 767 2222 Fax 41 41 767 22 33 D Silhouette Vertriebs GmbH

RU Optic Dias Tel 7 495 982 52 05 Fax 7 495 982 52 05 S Silhouette Sverige AB Tel 46 35 144890 Fax 46 35 173585

DK Silhouette Scandinavia A/S



Tel 45 70 22 14 12


Fax 45 70 22 14 11

Tel 49 851 949800

Fax 49 851 9498039

Distributors’ list on request Distributors list on request

TR Ser Optik Sanayi Ve




Tel 90 212 247 5139

Charmant GmbH europe

Fax 90 212 232 8234


UK Silhouette UK Ltd

Tel 49 8131 38280

Tel 44 20 8889 9997

Fax 49 8131 382810

Fax 44 20 8889 2742

Tel 49 7141 442020 Fax 49 7141 442 0264



FIN Kaukomarkkinat OY Tel 358 9 852991 Fax 358 9 852 99573 GR A. Hatziargiris & Co

Instruments Department China International optics Fair China Tel 86 10 8355 9070-72

Tel 33 1 42 43 30 48 Fax 33 1 42 43 31 93

or see our website.

E Silhouette Optical Espana SA

F Silhouette France Sarl

distributor list, please contact us

Fax 45 4320 6501

Fax 34 93 232 3401

Fax +39 02 89180181

For more information or our

Tel 45 4320 6500

Tel 34 93 244 0980

Tel +39 02 89159174

CARL ZEISS VISION SUNLENS Italy Tel 39 0331 851 300 A Essilor Austria Gmbh Tel 43.22.36 680.250

Fax 86 10 8355 9075

Fax 43.22.36 680.29250

B Essilor Belgium S.A. N.V.

Tel 32.2 559.72.56 Fax 32.2 520.11.84

Fax 39 0331 858 095

Ch Essilor Suisse

Tel 41 22 827 47 27 Fax 41 22 827 47 97

Tel 30 210 625 5260 Fax 30 210 625 3650

Denmark D Essilor Gmbh

I Silhouette Italia S.r.l.

Carlottas Village ApS

Tel 39 031 525656


Fax 39 031 525608

tel 45 2160 1460

N Silhouette Norge

Dk Essilor Danmark A/S

Tel 47 2 337 9000

Distributor list on request

Tel 45 70 20 84 44

58 20/20 Europe

Tel 45 70 251009 Fax 45 70 251019

Tel 49 180/500 47 18 Fax 49 180/500 47 19

j u n e 2 011

Fax 45 70 20 84 45


E Hoya Lens Iberia SA

E Essilor Espana Sa

Tel +34 91 660 3510

ic! berlin brillen gmbh


Web :



P Hoya Lens Iberia SA

Tel 34 91 334 32 00 Fax 34 91 358 50 86 F Essilor France Tel 33 820 210 220 Fax 33 1 72 70 76 85

Tel 352 92 05 35 Fax 352 92 05 32

Tel +35 121 792 9600 Web: F Hoya Lens France SA Tel +33 (0)811 904692

Mail : Scinstr@Essilor.Fr Fin Essilor Oy Tel 358 9 34 80 800


Fax 358 9 34 80 84 30


Tel 33 384 35 88 28

I Essilor Italia Spa

Fax 33 384 43 58 825

Tel 39 02 535791

Distributors’ list on request

Fax 39 02 53579260


Irl Essilor Ireland Ltd

Hong Kong

Tel 353.61 22.85.53

Tel 852 22 40 40 64

Fax 353.6130.25.22

Fax 852 22 70 57 74

Tel 49 30 41 71 77 0 Fax 49 30 41 71 77 11 Distributor list on request



FI Hoya Lens Finland Oy


Tel +358 9 7288 4100

Tel. +49(0)8024/9917-0

Web :

Fax +49(0)8024/9917-44

H Hoya Lens Hungary Rt Tel +36 1 305 8510

Web : H Hoya Lens Man. Hungary Rt Tel +36 44 418200 I Hoya Lens Italia S.p.A. Tel +39 2 990711 Web:

N Essilor Norge A/S

NL Hoya Lens Nederland B.V.

Tel 47 32 72 62 79 Fax 47

HOYA Vision Care Europe

Tel +31 297 514 222

European Headquarters / Export


NL Essilor Nederland


NO Hoya Lens Norway AS

Tel 31 316 580 580

The Netherlands

Tel +47 974 31 505

Fax 31 316 580 585

Tel +31 297 514 350


Fax +31 297 569 666

PL Hoya Lens Poland Sp. Z.o.o.

P Essilor Portugal


Tel +48 22 55 888 99

Tel 351 219 179 890

B Hoya Lens Belgium N.V.


Fax 351 219 162 690

Tel +32 3 660 0100

S Hoya Lens Sweden AB


Tel +46 40 680 2200

S Essilor Ab

CZ Hoya Lens CZ a.s.


Tel 46 8 621 26 00

Tel +420 488 578 407

SA Hoya Hill Optics South Africa

Fax 46 8 760 95 91


(Pty) Ltd.

D Hoya Lens Deutschland GmbH

Tel +27 11 444 1992

Uk Essilor Ltd

Tel +49 2161 652 3110


Tel 44 1454 423454


UK Hoya Lens UK Ltd.


Fax 44 1454 423444

DK Hoya Lens Danmark A/S

Tel +44 1978 663 100


Tel +45 43 558 200


Tel +355 692085223

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Tel +961 4919228



Fax +961 4919228


Tel +358 37520101



Fax +358 37520106


Tel +7 4956471361



Fax +7 4952253490

Tel +213 21634462


Tel +218 4775245

Fax +213 21633438

Tel +30 2103819808

+218 4775245


Fax +30 2103302763




Tel +966 26510655

Tel +43 6763919507


CLASS Company Limited

Fax +966 26502870

Tel +36 13496168

Tel +356 21482191-3


Fax +356 21480096





Tel +973 17253397



Tel +966 1217891

Fax +973 17242264

Tel +962 65810550

Tel +373 22568982

Fax +966 14641107

Fax +962 65811404

Fax +373 22228949







Tel +32-14820485



Tel +966 1 2068800

Fax +32 14828098

Tel +962 65866045

Tel +212 22471605

Fax +966 1 2921723

Fax +962 65866418

+212 22297724






PILLION s.r.o.

Tel +357 25362277


Tel +47 22073100

Tel +421 245945192

Fax +357 25357657

Tel +965 1806080

Fax +47 22073107

Fax +965 2421815








Tel +27 866219372

Tel +202-27725721


Tel +48 0228625625

Fax +202 27725795

Tel +371 67381636

Fax +48 0226320120


Fax +371 67312733




Tel +34 973311965

Tel +20 224149871



Fax +34 973314932


Tel +351 121840616


Tel +961 1999050

Fax +351 1218406271



Fax +961 1999050


Tel +37 27337065


Fax +37 27337066


Tel +244 2337760



Fax +244 2339132


60 20/20 Europe

j u n e 2 011

Tel +216 71723369

Fax 49 30 8904 8666

Fax +216 71723349

CH Optik A Bern Tel 41 31 972 5923

Fax 41 31 972 5728


CZ Metzler International s.r.o.


Tel 420 379 300 111 2

Tel +216 74418501

Fax 420 379 300 299

Fax +216 26726503

DK Optik Companiet

Tel 45 32 963210


Fax 45 32 965210


NL The Young Eyewear Tel 31 72 520 9404


Fax 31 72 520 9405

Tel +90 2125112045 Fax +90 2125138124


Inspecs Ltd


Tel: 44 (0)1225 717000

Tel +971 42679738

Fax 44 (0) 1225 717001

+971 42678039

Distributors’ list on request

Italy Tel 39 02 32673673 Fax 39 02 324233



Tel +44 12956788






The Netherlands

Tel +967 733710350


Tel 31 20 581 5050

Tel. +81 3 3349 8508

Fax 31 20 581 5069


Fax +81 3 3344 2411

Tel +381 113538800

Fax +381 113538810







United Kingdom



Tel 49 30 8904 8619

Tel: 44 1159 677 912


Tel 49 6023 500 0

Fax 49 30 8904 8666

Fax: 44 1159 677 179

Tel 39 0521 607555

Fax 49 6023 500 150

Fax 39 0521 607916

A Hans-Joachim Marwitz

NL Mondottica Nederlands BV

Distributor list on request

Tel 49 30 8904 8619

Tel: 0031 172 497 449

J u n e 2 011

i n t e r n a t i o n a l e y e f a s h i o n 61

Fax: 0031 172 501 526

Tel 33 1 60 37 77 77

FR Mondottica France

Fax 33 1 60 37 77 70

Tel: 33 1 45 62 24 94 Fax: 33 1 45 63 31 25

OGI EYEWEAR USA Tel 1 7635921493


FIN Visual Elegant Oy


Tel 358/9 47 61 62 00

PixelOptics, Inc.

Tel 34 93 480 9393

Fax 358/9 47 61 62 39

United States

Fax 34 93 480 2032

Tel 1 540-567-5079

I OWP Italia Ipotesi S.r.l.

Tel 39 0445 541 007

Distributor list on request

Fax 39 0445 540 493

Fax 1 7635373933

Fax 1 540-777-6555 A Austrian Optic Tel 43 016 99 27 30 122 Fax 43 016 99 27 30 960 CZ, SK DANAE Vision


N Scanoptic AS

Tel 42 14 17 23 300


Tel 47 32 761155

Fax 42 14 17 23 29 90


Fax 47 32 761156

NL OWP Nederland

DK, D Schulz

Tel 390248712569 Germany

Tel 31 20 610 1026

Tel 49.8024.9917.40 Fax: 49.8024.9917.44 Israel Tel 97.23.960.1997 Fax: 97.23.960.1996 New Zealand

owp brillen GMBH Germany Tel 49 851 5901- 0 Fax 49 851 5901-113

Tel 64.9.532.9201

A OWP Brillen GmbH

Fax: 64.9.532.9306

Tel 800 6976 3991


Fax 800 6976 3993

Tel 41227315519

B De Ceunynck & Co NV/SA

Fax 41227387204 The Netherlands Tel 31621504504 Fax 31848367503

Tel 32 3 870 3711 Fax 32 3 877 3316 CH Scherrer Optik AG Tel 41 41 740 0430

Fax 31 20 667 0081 P OWP Portugal

Tel 49 46 31 60 36 80 Fax 49 46 31 60 36 55 70 Egypt, Sudan, Libya

Tel 351 229 555330

El-Nour Optics

Fax 351 229 555330

Tel 20 34 700 141

PL OWP Polska – Okularmik Rafal

Fax 20 34 700 013


I Avant

Tel 48 506 057 608

Tel 39 02 97 22 41

Fax 48 12 285 74 71

Fax 39 02 97 22 43 RU Optic DIAS Tel 7 495 982 52 05 Fax 7 495 982 52 05 PL InView Tel 48 71 78 77 545 Fax 48 71 78 77 541 P, Israel Shamir

Tel 35 12 29 28 75 10

S Handelshuset OPEX AB

Fax 35 12 29 28 75 19

Tel 46 31 340 2440

Fax 357 25 730087

Fax 46 31 340 2449

E, Andorra

UA optic DIAS

CZ Brillen Import M.Riha

Tel 380 44 253 66 46

OKIA Optical Co. Ltd.

Tel 42 0325 512884

Fax 380 44 253 71 11

Hong Kong

Fax 42 0325 512681

E Disend Distribuciones S.L.

UK William Morris Eyewear

Tel 34 90 219 7122

Tel 44 1279 600042

Tel 44 145 25 28 686

Fax 34 91 850 9388

Fax 44 1279 600160

Fax 44 145 25 10 184

distributors' list on request

F OWP France E.u.r.l.

Fax 41 41 740 6203 CY C. & C. Trading Tel 357 25 730086

Tel 852 2371 3889 Fax 852 2371 0006

62 20/20 Europe

Optical Technology Tel 34 98 61 97 030 Fax 34 90 17 07 440 UK, Eire Norville Optical LTD

j u n e 2 011

USA Polycore Optical USA

Tel 359 2 986 9030

Fax 351 21 442 8270

Tel 1 775 850 2050

Fax 359 2 986 9031

P Prats Lusitania S.A.


Fax 1 775 850 2060

CH Rodenstock Schweiz AG

Tel 351 1 410 7177



Tel 41 1 823 1444

Fax 351 1 410 9453

Tel 035 830340

Fax 41 1 823 1474

PL Rodenstock Polska Sp.z.o.o.

CZ Rodenstock CR s.r.o.

Tel 48 32 201 6240

Tel 42 0186 346501

Fax 48 32 206 8358

Fax 42 0186 346121

S Rodenstock Sverige AB

PPG Optical Materials

D Rodenstock GmbH

Tel 46 1 818 8000


Tel 49 89 72020

Fax 46 1 855 9631

Tel 1 724 325 5915

Fax 49 89 7202 629

UK Rodenstock (UK) Ltd

DK Rodenstock Danmark A/S

Tel 44 1474 325555

Tel: 45 86 26 33 11

Fax 44 1474 535490

Fax 035 833006

POLAROID Switzerland European Office Contact Fréderic LeFranc Tel 33 1 4698 8138 POLYCORE OPTICAL Singapore

Fax 33 1 4698 8263

Tel 65 6747 6677

E Industrias de Optica Prats Tel 34 93 640 0708 Fax 34 93 640 6495 F Rodenstock France S.A.R.L.

Fax 65 6744 3664

Fax: 45 86 26 31 88


D Euro Vision Optics GmbH

Tel 39 0437 660 523

Tel 49 30 747 9050

Fax 39 0437 733 115

Fax 49 30 741 1065

Tel 39 0481 712399

Fax 33 1 30 43 08 14

Fax 39 0481 712415

FIN Fenno Optikka OY

Tel 358 40 485 7578

Fax 358 92 763 6113 GR Union Optic Tel 030 2310 79 7786

(HK) Ltd

Fax 030 2310 79 7852

Tel 852 2873 3292

I Rodenstock Italia SpA rodenstock


Indonesia Polycore Optical

Tel 49 89 720 2745


Fax 49 89 720 2749

Tel 62 21 766 9909

A Rodenstock Österreich

Fax 62 21 750 0627

Tel 43 1 599000

Fax 43 1 599 00150

NL Enot BV

B Rodenstock Benelux N.V.

Tel 31 20 410 6900


Tel 33 1 30 14 44 00

Hong Kong Polycore Optical

Fax 852 2873 3045

Safilens S.r.l.

Tel 39 02 31041 Fax 39 02 310 4200 N Rodenstock Norge A/S Tel 47 32 770220

SEIKO Optical Europe GmbH Lenses and Frames Germany Tel 49 (0) 21 54 - 94 12 - 0 Fax 49 (0) 21 54 - 28 16 Distributors’ list on request

Fax 47 32 770270 NL Rodenstock Nederland


Tel 31 50 544 1441


Tel 32 3 880 1550

Fax 31 50 541 7134

Tel 33 149098910

Fax 31 20 610 7233

Fax 32 3 880 1556

P Neppach Importacoes Lda

Fax 33 149096106

BUL Opticommerce Ltd

Tel 351 21 441 3654

J u n e 2 011

international eye fashion 63

Fax 358 9 852 99573 GR A. Hatziargiris Bros S.A. SILHOUETTE Int’l Schmied AG

Tel 30 1 330 2075

Wiley X Europe LLC


Fax 30 1 380 4830


Tel 43 732 3848-0

I Silhouette Italia S.r.L.

Tel 45 96 93 00 45

Fax 43 732 383019

Tel 39 031 525656

Fax 45 96 93 00 40

B Silhouette Benelux Bvba

Fax 39 031 525608

Tel 32 3 248 2450

N Silhouette Norge

Fax 32 3 248 0725

Tel 47 2 280 4240

CH Silhouette Schweiz GmbH

Fax 47 2 280 4249

Tel 41 41 767 2222

P Modavisao Lda

Fax 41 41 767 2223

Tel 351 2 2550 1049

D Silhouette Vertr.-GmbH

Fax 351 2 509 3417

Tel 49 7141 442010 Fax 49 7141 442011 DK Silhouette Scandinavia A/S Tel 45 6449 1064 Fax 45 6449 1864 E Silhouette Espana OpticalSA Tel 34 93 244 0980 Fax 34 93 232 3401

RU Optic Dias Tel 7 495 982 52 05 Fax 7 495 982 52 05 S Silhouette Sweden Tel 46 35 173580 Fax 46 35 173585

Distributors’ list on request

younger optics europe Czech Republic Tel 420 2340 97222 Fax 420 2340 97200

TR Ser Optik Sanayi Ve Ticaret

F Silhouette France Sarl

Tel 90 212 247 5139


Tel 33 1 42 43 30 48

Fax 90 212 232 8234


Fax 33 1 42 43 31 93

UK Silhouette UK Ltd

Tel 33 4 78 83 13 11

FIN Kaukomarkkinat OY

Tel 44 20 8889 9997

Fax 33 4 72 20 53 55

Tel 358 9 852 9959

Fax 44 20 8889 2742


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