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TELL ME MODE ANNABELLE KAJBAF BRINGS FASHION HISTORY TO THE SMALL SCREEN FASHION MANNUSCRIPT NEW YORK LOS ANGELES MIAMI THE HAMPTONS BRANDS BEWARE Industry Data Analyst Marshal Cohen Predicts Retail’s Future THE FIERCE FEMME ISSUE PLUS Introducing Coachtopia: A New World of Circularity BRIDAL JJ’s House Customizes Your Special Day, From Bride to Bridesmaid
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You need a partner that understands the unique logistics challenges of the Fashion Industry. For more than 50 years Dynamic Worldwide has been helping Retailers and Consumer Product Manufacturers move product more efficiently from around the world to the selling floor. Find out how Dynamic can make your supply chain more cost-effective.

Intern r ational Freight Forwarding / Tr Transportation Distribution / DC B ypass / Retail Consolidation Store Delivery Service

THE RETAIL WORLD DELIVERED. Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. August 2023 FM | 1
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The Mann Charitable Foundation was founded over 20 years ago in memory of Marion and Irving Mann. Its mission is to fund research for geriatric diseases, and to ultimately find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Last year, the Mann Charitable Foundation expanded its initiatives to include Crohn’s and colitis, breast cancer, and liver diseases. This year we are expanding our donations to lymphoma and macular degeneration. Ticke GOLF

$850 per person

$3,400 per foursome DINNER & COCKTAILS ONLY

per person

For more information, please contact

21, 2023
golf, food, and networking.
Join Jeffrey Mann and the Mann Charitable Foundation at the beautiful Fresh Meadow Country Club in
Success, New York
a great
Christopher D.
Itinerary 8:30 AM Arrival and Registration 9:00 AM Breakfast/Brunch 11:00 AM Call to Carts 11:15 AM (SHARP) Shotgun Start 5:00-6:00 PM Hors D’oeuvres
HONOREES Robert Grbic President & CEO White Oak Commercial Finance, LLC ANNUAL GOLF OUTING
Petermann Partner PKF O’Connor Davies Penelope Herrera at 212-840-6266 x 313
and Cocktails
and Presentation of Golf Winners and Honorees


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August marks the highly anticipated Mann Charitable Foundation Golf Outing. This annual event has been by far the most successful outing we’ve seen, and has raised so much money and awareness for the charitable work done by the Foundation in the fight against macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s, as well other geriatric diseases. Due to high demand, we are now trying to secure a second course as we have a waiting list for the first time in several years. Naturally, you know that it is attended by the businesses in the apparel and consumer products industry, including accountants, designers, factors, lawyers, logistics and transportation companies and so much more.

August has also been a busy month here at Fashion Mannuscript. Trade show season is also still in full swing, as we are coming back from July’s Miami Swim Week, which Fashion Mannuscript attended to provide behind-the-scenes deep dives on all the cutting-edge news and happenings in swimwear, intimate apparel and lingerie. We are also looking forward to some major upcoming shows in Las Vegas, such as MAGIC, PROJECT, WWIN (WomensWear in Nevada), Las Vegas Apparel and so much more. Our friends at Marcum LLP will also host a major cocktail event at MAGIC Las Vegas, which we’ll be sure to share with all of you in our photo event section next month.

While summer still blazes here in the Fashion District, this issue also closes a chapter on warm weather’s style season, and turns the page for anticipating fall and winter collections. Stay on the lookout for the latest and greatest fashion has to offer from coast to coast, in the unparalleled way that can only be found within these pages. August 2023 FM | 5
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”
-Hannah Moore

In thinking about the theme for the August issue, one thread links the entire magazine: fierce femininity.

Whether it’s comfort in activewear by Anita or a bold statement necklace from AMATOSTYLE, femininity is a powerful thing with no defining borders. Even our cover story, which features French journalist Annabelle Kajbaf’s new fashion history show, explores the way self-expression in fashion has evolved over the centuries. The show, “Tell Me Mode,” highlights the power that lies in seizing one’s own identity, and how fashion has always been one of the most impactful vessels to achieve this.

In terms of fashion show coverage, if there’s one runway that embodies the word “fierce,” it’s at Miami Swim Week. This annual event is one of the summer’s hottest shows and flaunts the female form with both eye-catching swimwear and functional activewear. Miami Swim Week also showcases the other side of femininity, the “soft” side...which is powerful by itself. This was seen in the lacey bralettes and silky lingerie at Curve at Paraiso’s intimate apparel and activewear show, one of the week’s highlights.

While this issue focuses on all the ways fierce femininity is defined, we haven’t fogotten about the guys. Solari footwear, Arctiva gender-neutral skincare and Coach’s new circularity efforts offer something for everyone, which you will find, as always, right here in these pages.


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The challenges facing businesses today have never been greater – and access to smart advice has never been more important.

PKF Clear Thinking and its partners at PKF O’Connor Davies have one of the industry’s deepest benches of interdisciplinary advisory experts across multiple industries. This strength not only offers our clients a greater depth of resources, reach and talent – it solidifies our firm’s national presence.

From Investment banking and ESG to bankruptcy and restructuring, valuation services, cybersecurity and privacy, and more, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver strategic advice that drives real value.

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August 2023 FM |
JUNE/JULY 2023 12 The Jack Martin Fund Annual Golf Outing Kicks Off at the Meadow Country Club & Deepdale Golf Club 14 Air Esscentials & Le Vian Fine Jewelry Create Custom Chocolate Experience 16 Von Maur Department Store Named Retailer of the Year by Accessories Council 18 CIT Commercial Services Salutes Clients, Referral Sources at Bryant Park Grill Rooftop Terrace FASHION FAVORITES FASHION FABULOUS 5 One Mann’s Opinion 6 Editor’s Letter 26 411 Executive Changes COVER FEATURE 50 ON THE COVER ANNABELLE KAJBAF BRINGS FASHION HISTORY TO THE SMALL SCREEN WITH “TELL ME MODE”
Photo courtesy of Hugo Arvizu
8 | FM August 2023
Photo courtesy of Hugo Arvizu

As advisors to the fashion industry, we have experienced the global and local issues that affect the way you do business and are well-positioned to help you deal with changing conditions.

We provide a wide range of financial reporting, tax and advisory services to make your business and finances stronger.

We help you turn challenges into opportunities through innovative and insightful thinking. Cash flow planning, gross profit by product line, chargeback analysis, assistance with access to capital, and operational improvements are just a few ways we help fashion companies gain an edge. MANHATTAN

@AnchinCPA | 212-840-3456 | August 2023 FM | 9
Best Companies to ork for NEW YORK Best Companies work fo NEW YORK LEARN MORE HERE
FashionMann_2022_8.125x10.875_BLEED.indd 1 5/31/2022 6:03:09 PM
FASHION FORWARD THE DEPART MENTS 40 Beauty: ARCTIVA Skincare 42 Swimwear: Welcome to the Aanoukis Goddess Tribe 44 Introducing Coachtopia: A New World of Fashion Circularity 46 Fashion at Home: Pottery Barn Launches Home Collection with Sweet July by Ayesha Curry 48 Footwear: The New Face of Solari 54 Bridal: JJ’s House Customizes Your Special Day 34 Finance 57 Techwear 62 The Columns 75 Trade Show Connections 82 Miami Swim Week Presents The Rooftop Show by Emon Gee Entertainment 88 Social Soiree 94 Last Look From the Courtroom to the Red Carpet: Nicole Amato Talks Fierce Femininity in Jewelry By Laurie Melchionne PhotocourtesyofAanoukis 10| FM August 2023 August 2023 FM | 11 Asset Based Revolvers Factoring and Invoice Discounting Inventory Purchase Facilities Structured Sale of Receivables Creative Financing Solutions to Keep Your Apparel Business Moving Don’t let supply chain disruptions slow you down. Accelerate your access to reliable working capital with our fast decisions and customized solutions.
Marc Rothschild, Tim Ryan, Brennan Paris and Brent Treadway, president of CRC Group Gary Malin, David Hirsch and Andrew Sussman Adam Cott of In Record Time and the outing’s Guest of Honor Brian Grodin and Adam Cott of In Record Time (Guest of Honor)


The Jack Martin Fund (JMF) held its annual Golf Outing at the Fresh Meadow Country Club and Deepdale Golf Club, which made for a spectacular outing.

JMF proudly honored Adam Cott, the founder & CEO of In Record Time, Inc. (IRT), a leading single source production agency focused on creating high-quality branded merchandising programs. Adam founded IRT nearly three decades ago and today the company has reached new heights in providing unmatched quality, creativity and solutions to the clients and industries they serve.

The weather was gorgeous and the Jack Martin spirit was on full display leading to a spectacular day and fundraising effort.

This year’s golf outing and related fundraising efforts allowed the Jack Martin Fund to raise $500,000 to support the Division of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

The organization’s leadership group is headed by Alan Feldman, chairman, Kenny Dichter of Wheels Up & Mitch Grabow, vice-chairman, Chris Mongeluzo of Newmark and Mark Zeller of UBS, who serve as co-presidents.

Mark Zeller, co-president & treasurer, said, “This year’s event was the first fundraising event that has been dedicated to providing funding for the recently announced $3.5 million gift to establish the state-of-the-art Jack Martin Child and Adolescent Imaging Center within the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai.”

The JMF leadership and vision of “Giving Back” has been passed down from the Fund’s long time leader, Alan Feldman, and that passion will continue to drive the organization for years to come through the leadership of Kenny Dichter, Mitch Grabow, Chris Mongeluzo, Mark Zeller and the many others that have been supporting the organization over the years.

The Jack Martin Fund, now marking its 72st Anniversary, is one of the most remarkable stories of volunteer support of medical care and research.

In terms of outright generosity and commitment to one institution, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, the Fund has few equals.

Since its inception in 1950, the Fund has contributed nearly $50 million to Mount Sinai to further progress in human health through education, research and technology. August 2023 FM | 13
Andrew Cott and Mark Zeller, co-president of JMF Mark Weiss, Alan Dorman, David Henchel & David Greenberg Photos courtesy of Joseph Sorrentino, JAS Photo

Air Esscentials and Le Vian Fine Jewelry Create Custom Chocolate Experience

Air Esscentials, the family-owned and -operated aroma company, showcased its expertise by providing the exclusive signature chocolate scent at Le Vian’s iconic 24th Red Carpet Revue at the JCK Trade Show. The highly anticipated event took place in Las Vegas, drawing industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts and celebrities from around the world.

As a long-standing tradition at the JCK Las Vegas Trade Show, the Le Vian 24th Red Carpet Revue Trend Forecast and Fashion Show is renowned for its trendsetting fashion and exquisite jewelry collections. Recognizing the importance of creating a multi-sensory experience, Le Vian partnered with Air Esscentials to craft a unique chocolate scent that would captivate and immerse eventgoers in an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence.

“Le Vian’s iconic Chocolate Diamond jewels have long appealed to the senses, evoking feelings of indulgence, temptation and spontaneity: the naturally addictive qualities of chocolate,” said Eddie LeVian, CEO of Le Vian. “Le Vian is thrilled to enhance the Chocolate Diamond experience for LeVianistas in Vegas [...] by emitting a bespoke chocolate fragrance during the Red-Carpet Catwalk courtesy of our trusted fragrance partner Air Esscentials.”

Air Esscentials, known for its mastery in designing custom aromas, meticulously curated the exclusive signature chocolate scent for the event. The scent served as a sensory backdrop, setting the tone and enhancing the overall ambiance of the Red Carpet Revue. From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted by the alluring aroma that perfectly complemented the elegance and grandeur of Le Vian’s exceptional jewelry pieces.

The collaboration between Air Esscentials and Le Vian exemplifies the power of scent marketing in creating memorable brand experiences. By carefully selecting and infusing the environment with the exclusive chocolate fragrance, Air Esscentials created a captivating sensory journey that resonated with attendees, immersing them in the essence of Le Vian’s brand identity.

“We are honored to have once again collaborated with Le Vian, an esteemed brand known for their exquisite craftsmanship and innovation,” said Spence Levy, president of Air Esscen- tials. “Our goal was to create a signature chocolate scent that would transport attendees into a world of luxury and elegance, heightening their experience and leaving a lasting impression. It was a privilege to be part of the 24th Red Carpet Revue and contribute to its success.”

Photos by Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images Vilana Mia A model showcasing Le Vian jewelry
Jonathan LeVain and Moosa LeVain Ally Renee Jonathan LeVian, Lexy LeVian, Miranda LeVian and Eddie LeVian Eddie LeVain and Avril Graham

Von Maur Department Store Named Retailer of the Year by Accessories Council

Von Maur Department Store was recently honored by the Accessories Council as the 2023 Retailer of the Year for its strong commitment to customer service, curated product assortments and reputation of being great industry partners. The award was presented to Jim von Maur, president of Von Maur Department Stores, at the annual Accessories Council Excellence (ACE) Awards held in New York City.

“We are honored to be recognized as Accessories Council’s Retailer of the Year, which is a true testament to the dedication of our outstanding people, compelling products, and loyal customers,” said von Maur. “Over our 150-plus-year journey, we have never wavered in doing right by our customers who value great products sold by great people. And that is exactly what they get because we know exceptional quality and service are more than just words.”

Photos courtesy of Andrew Werner

The Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE) were established in 1996 and are bestowed annually to companies, brands, individuals, retailers and designers that have made a lasting and meaningful contribution to the accessories industry. The recipients represent an impressive list of tastemakers that have created memorable and history-changing impacts across all accessory categories.

This prestigious honor comes on the heels of Von Maur being named the top department store in the country by Newsweek’s “America’s Best Retailers 2022.” Von Maur is known for its outstanding selection of brand name and specialty apparel, shoes, accessories and gifts. Beyond the product, Von Maur is also widely regarded for its superior customer service, including an interest-free charge card, flexible return policy, free gift wrapping and shipping services. The company also offers its associates above-market wages, excellent benefits and a positive, professional work environment. August 2023 FM | 17
18 | FM August 2023
Grace Mak, Rachel Seeling, and Elena Reynolds. Howard Botwinick, Max Mizachi Bob Lineburg, Scott Gordon Peter Shaer, Jeff Mann

CIT Commercial Services Salutes

Clients, Referral Sources at Bryant Park Grill Rooftop Terrace

CIT Commercial Services hosted dozens of clients and referral sources during a recent event in Bryant Park to celebrate the company’s longstanding relationships with many leaders across the fashion apparel industry and other product categories.

Top executives from CIT Commercial Services, now part of First Citizens Bank, gathered for the second straight year with more than 150 clients and referral sources on the Rooftop Terrace at Bryant Park Grill to renew acquaintances and catch up on the latest happenings in the market.

Marc Heller, Commercial Services long-time president, told those gathered that he’s assuming the role of vice chairman for the business and introduced Mike Hudgens, another long-time CIT Commercial Services executive, who became president of Commercial Services effective July 1. Other Commercial Services execs on hand included Tom Fingleton, newly promoted as chief of strategy; Amna Mahmood, who leads the Northeast region; and Daniel Goll, recently named as national underwriting manager. CIT Commercial Services is widely regarded as the nationwide leader in factoring, credit protection, accounts receivable management and lending services to consumer product companies, manufacturers, dealers, importers and resellers. August 2023 FM | 19
Photos courtesy of Geoffrey Makowski Mike Hudgens Robert Terzi, Jack Terzi, Howard Botwinick Marc Heller, Mike Hudgens


Alicia Guevara and Josephine Savastano Abby Parsonnet and Neil Wolfe Honoree James Pellen, Big Laura, Little Jena and Honoree Josephine Savastano Nicole Radumski, Joe Nastri, Abby Parsonnet and Michael Cappelli Gail Hoerman-Bivona, Javier Carreras and Lou Mastrianni Jeffrey Seskos, Alex Escobar and Tony Wilkens (Santander Bank) Kevin Michael, Lou Barone, Bob Hannon

Hundreds of executives from New York City’s accounting, banking, fashion, law and finance industries joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC), the nation’s first and New York City’s largest youth mentoring organization for its 25th Annual Accountants & Bankers Reception at Inside Park at St. Bart’s in Manhattan. The event recognizes business professionals who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to supporting the youth of New York City.

This year, BBBS of NYC honored James Pellen, managing partner at Hertz Herson, and Josephine Savastano, chief banking officer for the Tri-State area at Valley Bank, for their dedication to mentoring in their respective industries. Little Jena, a mentored youth, and Big Laura, her adult volunteer mentor, introduced both honorees and recognized them for their tremendous leadership and support.

This year’s event was chaired by Abby Parsonnet, BBBS of NYC trustee and executive managing director, head of business credit and commercial services at Webster Bank. The reception raised $350,000 to support BBBS of NYC’s mission to build and support mentoring relationships that ignite the biggest possible futures for youth. August 2023 FM | 21 FASHION FAVORITES
Photos courtesy of Clarivel Fong Savastano Tony Wilkens Juan Villafrade, Laura Miller, Peter Cadigan and Jimmy Rajan (RSM US LLP) Peter Donauhe, Alicia Guevara & Joe Nastri Honoree James Pellen (Hertz Herson)
24 | FM August 2023 All proceeds to benefit Sephardic Bikur Holim Monday, August 28th 2023 Hollywood Golf Club, Deal NJ Save the date for the SBH Honoring the Recipients of the 2023 Partners in Kindness Award Je rey Resnick, CPA Partner, Marcum LLP Michael Sacco, CPA Partner and National Consumer and Industrial Products Leader Marcum LLP For more information, visit or contact Charles Anteby at or 718-787-1100 x228 Community Service Network, Inc.

The Luxury Real Estate Authority

Bonnie Heatzig is the Director of Luxury Sales for Douglas Elliman and rated nationally as the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide with over 1 Billion Dollars in sales. She ranks among the most elite agents in South Florida thanks to her unparalleled knowledge of the ultra-luxury real estate market, especially in Boca Raton.

What truly sets Bonnie apart is the fact that she is a licensed attorney, making her able to navigate even the most complex contracts with ease and finesse Bonnie approaches every deal with a deep sense of empathy and a genuine desire to help her clients. Her ability to build strong and lasting relationships is a testament to her exceptional interpersonal skills and her unwavering commitment to providing the most personalized, ultra-exclusive services. August 2023 FM | 25 Boca Marina One Thousand Ocean Call Bonnie Heatzig: 561-251-0321 Email: Follow Bonnie Heatzig on Instagram @BonnieHeatzig The Sanctuary
Find Bonnie Heatzig Online
Hillsboro Shores 3BD | 3 BA | $7,250,000 5BD | 7.2 BA | $6,695,000 6BD | 5 BA | $4,750,000 3BD | 3 BA | $2,220,000 444 East Palmetto Park Road Boca Raton FL O 561 245.2635. © 2023 Douglas Elliman Real Estate. All material presented herein is intended for information purposes only. While, this information is believed to be correct, it is represented subject to errors omissions, changes or withdrawal without notice All property information, including, but not limited to square footage, room count, number of bedrooms and the school district in property listings should be verified by your own attorney, architect or zoning expert If your property is currently listed with another real estate broker, please disregard this offer It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We cooperate with them fully. Equal Housing Opportunity.
The Luxury Real Estate Authority, Bonnie Heatzig


Wolverine World Wide, Inc., which operates one of the world’s largest portfolios of lifestyle and footwear brands, announced the appointment of Melissa Mullen as global brand president of Sweaty Betty, a premium women’s activewear brand acquired in August 2021.

Mullen, a seasoned consumer-focused and omnichannel retail leader, brings a wealth of experience from various senior executive roles with global fashion, athletic and footwear brands. She most recently served since 2019 as vice president and general manager of U.K. and Ireland for Jo Malone London, a British lifestyle brand owned by the Estée Lauder Companies. She was responsible for all commercial operations in these two key markets, including stores, eCommerce and wholesale.

Mullen will report to Isabel Soriano, president of Wolverine Worldwide’s London-based International Group, closely aligning the brand with the company’s other international businesses and enabling the teams to leverage strengths and resources across functions. She succeeds Julia Straus, who is returning to the United States with her family.

“When the opportunity arose to lead Sweaty Betty, a brand rooted in purpose and deep consumer connections, I knew I had to be part of the next chapter of its story,” said Mullen. “I look forward to working with this incredible team to grow our business and support our mission to empower women around the world through fitness and beyond.”


As part of the implementation of its strategic priorities, Puma is reorganizing the Global Marketing Organization. The decision lays the organizational foundation for further elevating the Puma brand, one of the company’s three strategic priorities. Puma’s Global Marketing Organization will be based at the company’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany to improve alignment and accelerate decision-making with the company’s Global Business Units, Global Go-ToMarket function and Creative Direction.

Puma’s Regional General Manager, Europe, Richard Teyssier will lead the Global Marketing Organization as global brand and marketing director. In this role, he will report directly to Puma CEO Arne Freundt. Teyssier has broad expertise in brand management and marketing after 17 years in leading marketing functions at Mars Inc., where he was responsible for some of the company’s most iconic brands, such as M&Ms and TWIX in France prior to joining Puma in 2010. At Puma, Teyssier had been general manager for the French market until 2021 before assuming responsibility for Central Europe, France, U.K. and Ireland, Southern and Northern Europe across all channels.

Photo courtesy of Business Wire Photo courtesy of Business Wire Melissa Mullen Richard Teyssier


Puma and Brand Ambassador Magnus Carlsen, the five-time Norwegian World Chess Champion and the highest-ranked chess player in the world, have teamed up to launch an iconic sneaker as a tribute to the game of chess. The collaboration features a new design based on Puma’s classic Clyde model, but with a chess-inspired twist.

The Magnus Carlsen x Puma Clyde Chess sneakers are the perfect way for chess enthusiasts to express their passion for the game in a stylish and iconic way. With a design that captures the essence of chess, these sneakers are sure to become a staple in any chess player’s wardrobe.

The new sneakers are made with a premium leather upper that features a chessboard inspired texture, giving them a unique and sophisticated look. The shoe also includes a contrasted suede form strip, a heel overlay with hairy texture and a quarter Puma logo with Magnus Signature in foil print.

To further showcase their chess-inspired design, the sneakers come with a woven tongue label with Puma branding and a chess figure. The shoes also feature chess figures as lace jewels in black and white colors. Additionally, the synthetic leather sock liner boasts a chess-themed design, with the king piece showcased on the right shoe and the queen piece on the left shoe. A second set of laces is included for added customization.

The Magnus Carlsen x Puma Clyde Chess sneaker was released during the live Champions Chess Tour broadcast with a limited quantity available to purchase on


Foot Levelers, a provider of custom-crafted custom, flexible orthotics serving multi-disciplinary professionals and clinicians, launched summer releases including: custom orthotic sandals and flip-flops that offer fashionable comfort and support all season long and the ParFlex Plus® Orthotic for Golfers which can increase club-head velocity (CHV) by up to seven percent. Men and women benefit from improved proprioception, or the act of sensing motion and position of the body, which is a key element of athletic performance and injury prevention.

ParFlex Plus is clinically proven to not only help increase CHV but also intensify driving distance – improving stroke distance, typically between nine and 15 yards. The custom design includes magnets that help to increase energy and stamina on the green while concurrently reducing fatigue. As featured in all Foot Levelers custom, flexible orthotics, ParFlex Plus is built with a proprietary Three Arch Advantage™ which provides support for all three arches of the foot, which is the only way to properly address total body wellness from the ground up.

Flexible, custom flip-flops are a great complement to summer sports shoes, especially for pool or beach activities where there’s more focus on fashion without sacrificing comfort and support. August 2023 FM | 27 FASHION 411 FOOTWEAR
Photo courtesy of Unsplashh Photo via Business Wire


Le Domaine, the luxury skincare collaboration between Brad Pitt and Famille Perrin, stewards of the Château de Beaucastel Vineyard in the Rhône Valley, will be part of Bluemercury’s next drop for The Cache, the retailer’s curated collection of hot, emerging brands.

“We are very proud to be selected by Bluemercury, well known to be the source for coveted, undiscovered, cuttingedge beauty brands,” said Pierre Perrin, GM, Le Domaine. “We share common values and the highest standards in terms of efficacy, quality and naturalness. We are sure that their expert teams will be the best ambassadors for Le Domaine.”

Known for its upcycled ingredients from the Château de Beaucastel vineyards and formulas backed by scientific research, Le Domaine products are vegan, gender-neutral and suitable for all skin types. They are also of 96% to 99% natural origin.


Clean skincare has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for years, but with so many different brands and experts offering their own definitions, it can be challenging for consumers to know what it really means. That’s why What’s My Age Again? has set a new industry standard while offering transparency and commitment to consumer wellbeing.

What’s My Age Again? is the first and only brand to take a meticulous approach to formulating its products, using only number one rated ingredients from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. By doing so, they have eliminated the ambiguity surrounding clean skincare and empowered consumers to make informed choices about what they put on their skin.

The brand’s SuperActive Facial Moisturizer, designed for all skin types, is a prime example of this approach. Every aspect of the packaging is sustainable, with the formula composed of many active ingredients that work to shield the skin against environmental stresses, improve collagen synthesis and combat the signs of aging. Vegan Collagen, Peptides and anti-inflammatory Green Tea work together to deliver firmness and elasticity, while Niacinamide improves skin texture, soothes redness and minimizes pores. The moisturizer also features a blend of hydrating ingredients, including Shea Butter, Amino Acids, Jojoba Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5 and Glycerin.

What’s My Age Again? offers a clear and transparent solution to the confusion surrounding clean skincare while being mindful of the environment. Their SuperActive Facial Moisturizer is available now for $38 exclusively at and on

28 | FM August 2023 BEAUTY FASHION 411
Photo via PRNewswire Photo via PRNewswire


Z Supply, the fashion house known for its everyday essentials focused on simplicity, comfort and effortless style, has teamed up with Aloha Collection and Slowtide on a collaborative resort collection called The Cabo Dream Collab.

The Cabo Dream Collab resort collection offers a slice of paradise with two lush botanical prints – the colorful Cabo Palm Print and Neutral Palm Print – featured on various bags and a towel that inspire the vacation state-of-mind. With ALOHA Collection’s water-resistant SPLASH-PROOF® technology and Slowtide’s sustainable products, Z Supply created this beach-loving capsule that embraces functionality and versatility.

“This collection seeks to capture the beauty of a Mexican summer getaway while meeting packing and lifestyle needs,” said Z Supply President Mandy Fry. “These resort essentials are fresh and effortless, with energetic pops of color that inspire and complement life at home and on vacation, thanks to the functional and feel-good fabrics all three brands are known for.”

The Cabo Dream Collab collection retails for $34-$88 and is available at ZSUPPLY. com and approved retail partners through ALOHA Collection and Slowtide.


JJ’s House, the online destination for wedding, occasion, prom and party dresses, expands into ready-to-wear fashion with an all-new Summer Dress Collection. The collection captures the essence of summer, carefree vacations and the beauty of the ocean and beach, offering women aged 25-45 an irresistible selection of stylish and affordable dailywear designs.

Drawing inspiration from this season’s trending colors, JJ’s House Summer Dress Collection includes bright summer greens and pinks, with embellishing shades such as butter yellow, powder blue and electric violet. For those seeking a classic nautical vibe, the range also offers timeless white, navy and blue options.

The collection’s captivating floral prints are a key selling point, available in refreshing light colors, bold and saturated hues and timeless vintage styles. The range also includes design details to suit various tastes and preferences, from charming tassels and intricate hollowed-out designs to playful frills and elegant ruffles. The A-line silhouette takes center stage, flattering for every body type.

The Summer Dress Collection is available at affordable prices, with most styles ranging between $35 and $45. Customers can explore the collection on the JJ’s House website. August 2023 FM | 29 COLLECTIONS FASHION 411
Photo via PRNewswire Photo via PRNewswire

AUGUST 16 - 20, 2023

AUGUST 16 - 20, 2023

5-star hotel stay 5-star hotel stay

Small group setting & on-site hosts

Small group setting & on-site hosts

Art historian led museum visits

Art historian led museum visits

Private aperitif canal cruise

Private aperitif canal cruise

Artisanal Dutch cheese tasting

Artisanal Dutch cheese tasting

Unique culinary experiences

Unique culinary experiences

Private visits to seaside villages & windmills

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Brands B eware Is Recession on the Horizon?

Throughout 2023 the question keeps coming up: “Are we in a recession?” The answer really depends on who you ask.

Ask the government, and they will say no. We haven’t had two consecutive quarters of negative GDP, the technical defi nition of a recession. They will also tell us that the job market is so healthy that we can’t be in a recession. According to the Jolt Report, which measures how many people are looking for a job compared to the number of jobs available, we are holding fairly steady at just less than two jobs available for every one worker looking. If that is totally true, why do we hear of so many people out of work or struggling to fi nd work? Perhaps a further look into those jobs that are available may tell a different story. Not everyone wants to lower their pay grade, or trade over from their skill set to work. Not everyone wants to work in a job they are overqualified for, either. Therefore, let’s move past the job issue.

Ask a consumer if we are in a recession. They will say we may not be in one technically as they haven’t been told that yet from the government or the media, but they will tell you we are certainly making “concessions” when it comes to spending. Higher prices across almost all industries have created the challenges of making the dollar go almost as far as it has in previous years. With food prices running at close to 18% higher than two years ago (source: Circana Inc.) and not showing signs of letting up with increases for most food and beverage products, the consumer continues to have to make decisions on which way to save.

Some opt for lower priced products (trading down from premium), while others opt for lower priced options (generic brands). Many skip fi rst choices altogether. We are even seeing people opt for fast food meals from chains rather than home cooked meals which, in some cases, now will cost more to cook at home. People are also buying less, where they may not be stocking up and fi lling the pantry to save on spending that way as well. Consumers buy what they need when they need it.

Ask a manufacturer if we are in a recession, and they will tell you that it sure feels like one. They

are making decisions and product offerings with an eye on “digression.” They are clearly still recovering from the supply shortage of the pandemic. They are wrestling with the loss of new and innovative products being offered that many manufacturers blame on the lack of a collaborative environment during the pandemic along with the lack of appetite from retailers for new products as they were looking to chase the tried and true products and not risk new offerings. Whatever the reason, it is imperative that manufacturers get back on the fast track with new and exciting products offered to the consumer. Without it, we will continue to see lackluster desire from the consumer as they wait for products to need to be replenished rather than updated. Manufacturers are still wrestling with too much product as a result of decreased sales. They can also wrestle with the challenges of being able to play catch up with supply challenges three years later since the huge supply crunch in 2020. Inventories are still in a state of “digression.”

Ask a retailer and they will tell you we are in a “compression.” Retailers are fighting to maintain their slice of the pie. With very few retailers going away, we are seeing the size of that pie diminish. As that pie yields, retailers fight to maintain their slice. As we navigate our way through the balance of 2023 into 2024, look for some “compression” at retail to begin. It will be tougher for retailers to keep all stores open. Poor performers will once again be weeded out by location. Poor performing chains will be hard pressed to remain in business; we will see the closing of chains, compression. We will also see the compression of brands within stores. As retailers elevate their focus on value for the consumer, we will also see more emphasis on private brands.

Since physical stores don’t have the ability to expand with more brands carried, we are likely to see a “compression” of brands to make room for private brands. More reliance on brand expansion will come from online offerings, which in turn will put more pressure on stores to have to perform to justify their expenses. The “compression cycle” will continue to change the retail landscape as we navigate through this fi nancially challenged period.

Ask the media if we are in a recession, and they will continue to demonstrate that they are in a “recession obsession” with looking to report on it. Back in 2008 when the recession was declared official, the media pounded away at it. Consumers didn’t pull back from spending until 2009, when the media scared the consumer into action. The media is about to embark on a new wave of “obsession” as we enter the presidential election year coverage where the economy will be front and center. We will certainly see and hear a lot about how prices are higher, jobs are tougher to come by and consumers will both be distracted and nervous. Spending will continue to be challenging for many industries.

As consumers, we are buying less in most industries. Prices are higher, deals are lower than in years past and products are getting more sophisticated and more pricey, all leading to a slowdown in consumption. How the markets respond to these pressures will be the true test of being in a recession or not. Remaining focused on your customer has never been more important. What they need, want and when they want it all play a huge role in the demand of products today.

Focusing on your retailer partnerships has become so important it is not as simple as sell them products and wait for more. Everyone needs to excite the consumers back into desire. Replenishment is not going to grow anyone’s business. Bring new and exciting products to the forefront. It can be through the innovation of a product, newness of color or flavor. It can even be through usage of products. Just look at how the younger generation has transformed the slipper business as they wear them as street shoes, a new use for a new generation. Innovation comes in many forms.

Now go innovate!

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Photo courtesy Circana


20th FashionCenturyHistory Los Angeles

Hello again! As of this writing, I think about summer, spending some of these long days working in my garden and perhaps a little more time on the golf course. The summer also brings out the best in the fashion industry, and we have a number of charity golf tournaments that are part of the philanthropy in the industry. On June 5, National Jewish Health held a fabulous golf tournament at El Caballero Country Club in Los Angeles, and many of the service providers to the industry showed off their skills on the course. We had a robust turnout of 144 golfers, raising over $200,000 for the National Jewish Health Hospital.

On August 21, the Mann Charitable Foundation will hold its charity golf tournament at Fresh Meadow Country Club in Lake Success, New York. The honorees are Robert Grbic from White Oak Commercial Finance, LLC and Christopher Petermann from PKF O’Connor Davies. These individuals are both leaders in the fashion industry and are giving back to the community with their support of the Mann Charitable Foundation. Now, as in my past articles, I want to take you back in time to when I began my career in public accounting and the fashion industry. I started my career in the early 1970s, and I knew very little about the fashion industry’s involvement in philanthropy. I was working for a local accounting firm with Marty Josephson and Joel Stonefield, who were the partners in the firm. Marty was president of the City of Hope Professions and Finance Chapter. This group of professional and finance people served the fashion industry and included factors, bankers, lawyers and accountants.

The group would raise money for the City of Hope by way of a yearly gala and a fun summer event. One summer evening, the group held a Las Vegas Night at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. Marty Josephson organized and directed the planning for the night. My first involvement with philanthropy in the industry was when Marty asked me to attend the evening with my wife. All I could think was, “Wow, a partner invited ME to an event he was organizing.” I accepted and came to my first event for the industry. The Monday after the event, I came to the office and approached Marty

to discuss the Las Vegas Night and my thoughts on the evening. I was honest. I told Marty that the event lacked enthusiasm and that everyone was just too quiet. There were 200 people at the event in the Grand Ballroom, which held up to 2,000 people. The room was too big for the number of attendees, and everyone seemed lost. I said the event was not what I expected from a fashion industry group. Marty just smiled and listened, and then I asked him why he was smiling at my criticism. His answer was simple. He told me I was running the event next year. That was my introduction to philanthropy in the fashion industry. The following year (we are still in the 1970s), I put together a Las Vegas Night that I still remember to this day. The event was held at the Los Angeles Club on the top floor of the Union Bank building at Mid-Wilshire. The room was small, and the 200 guests were crowded into a much smaller space than the Grand Ballroom at the Century Plaza Hotel. The evening was a smashing success. The food was excellent, and the party atmosphere was unbelievable. Everyone raved about the evening, and we repeated the event for another five years. The City of Hope was the beneficiary of all our efforts, and we had fun raising the money.

In the early 1980s, I became the president of the City of Hope Profession and Finance Chapter. My time was very rewarding professionally and as someone who wanted to give back to the community. After my time with the City of Hope, I discovered another hospital widely supported by the fashion industry, National Jewish Health Hospital (NJH) in Denver, Colorado. NJH is the number one respiratory hospital in the United States. When your local doctors cannot determine the cause of a respiratory issue, they turn to NJH.

I had the privilege to have been honored at the NJH Gala in 2000 along with Jeff Kapor (Buchalter) and Mitch Cohen (CIT). We are all currently trustees of the hospital, and it is our pleasure to continue our support of this great institution. Charities need our support, and I am proud to be a part of an industry that gives so much back to the community. It all started with that one night and Marty Josephson leading me down this path. August 2023 FM | 35 FINANCE
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Meet Vic Peroni, the COO behind ARCTIVA, the latest skincare innovation that targets sensitive, hurting skin. Not only is ARCTIVA’s formula lightweight enough for daily use, but it ensures a gentle approach to healing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. At the end of the summer, your sun-exposed skin could use a pick-meup, and ARCTIVA provides the solutions. Skincare gurus, this is your moment: check out this exclusive Q&A with Peroni.

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Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn

What makes ARCTIVA “skincare that actually works?”

We set ARCTIVA™ apart as “skincare that actually works” by offering revolutionary cleanlabel formulas that provide highly effective treatment options for common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Unlike traditional treatments that often rely on steroids or petroleum-based ingredients, ARCTIVA’s products are steroid-free, fragrance free, paraben free and sulfate free making them a safer and more desirable choice for consumers. In addition, they are vegan and cruelty-free.

These innovative products are manufactured in the U.S. and have been carefully developed by formulation scientists. This ensures that they deliver remarkable results while maintaining the utmost care for the skin’s health and well-being. By prioritizing both effectiveness and safety, ARCTIVA empowers individuals to manage their skin conditions with confidence, knowing they can rely on a brand that delivers tangible, longlasting results.

ARCTIVA is the only product line enhanced with HYDROSURF™ glycolipid technology—a powerful blend of fermented ingredients that are ideal for products targeting dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and related conditions.

In addition to HYDROSURF, the formulas also feature four other key ingredient categories, including FDA-approved active ingredients (colloidal oatmeal for eczema, salicylic acid for psoriasis); key vitamins; essential oils; and botanicals.

The unique blend of synergistic ingredients provides significant relief of symptoms not seen with other brands. ARCTIVA helps consumers stop wasting time and money on products that sit on the surface and mask skin conditions. The breakthrough formulations are designed to increase water mobility and circulation of waterbased ingredients which deliver deep relief to the source of pain and irritation for results that are hard to beat. Dermotologists also approve and recommend ARCTIVA.

How did you begin your skincare journey?

ARCTIVA™ was born out of science. It started with our scientists studying potential uses for our glycolipid technologies. These technologies are all-natural organic molecules produced through a proprietary fermentation process from microorganisms, discovered in nature, including the glacial lakes of Antarctica. Their research and testing confirmed that the fermented ingredients lowered surface tension between liquids, which makes them ideal for use in products targeting dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and even flare ups

of psoriasis.

After an intense phase of research and development, the ARCTIVA product line was launched featuring a steroid-free formulation of synergistic ingredients. The products were tested through third-party studies and the results were almost unbelievable; people who were suffering from eczema and psoriasis reported significant improvements in symptoms. The best part was the results stayed that way with continued use of ARCTIVA products.

That’s when we made our mission official. What started out as an exploratory mission into the scientific applications of these microscopic organisms has turned into one of the biggest revolutions in skincare history. We are scientists at heart with a mission in mind; changing the way the world treats skin conditions, starting with bio-based formulas that help users win the fight against psoriasis and eczema.

How long does it take for people to see results on their skin once they start use?

The skin’s natural rejuvenation process takes an average of 28 days, so the longer the product is used the better the results. Consumer panels on both the ARCTIVA Eczema Cream and ARCTIVA Psoriasis cream show that many users start to experience soothed, hydrated skin within the first few days of use, with results consistently improving with daily use for longer periods of time.

What ingredients make ARCTIVA both healthy and healing for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis?

The ARCTIVA™ product line has a unique blend of ingredients that not only promote skin health but also have a healing effect on common conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The new line of clean, steroid-free skincare products is the first to combine clinically proven, FDAapproved active ingredients with proprietary HYDROSURF™ glycolipid technology and other natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

ARCTIVA uses FDA-approved active ingredients (colloidal oatmeal in the eczema cream and salicylic acid in the psoriasis cream) to effectively target symptoms associated with these chronic skin conditions, including itching, redness, flaking, irritation and scaling.

HYDROSURF™ is a powerful blend of fermented ingredients produced from microorganisms discovered in the depths of nature, including the glacial lakes of Antarctica. It improves moisturization, stimulates exfoliation and increases texture and sensory appeal Our products also include a beneficial blend of vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide),

Vitamin C), essential oils (Vitamin E, Jojoba oil) and botanicals (Honeysuckle flower extracts) that help to soothe and hydrate the skin.

What are some ingredients in-store skincare brands use that might actually harm the skin?

Topical steroids are often prescribed to treat psoriasis or eczema. However, many people find they either don’t work, or cause harsh side effects. These can range from worsening the skin condition to thinner skin and even high blood pressure. ARCTIVA™ products are steroid-free and contain none of the ingredients listed above. The clean-label skincare line is recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians, and safe for daily use.

Any skincare advice for people of all skin types?

Avoid triggers: If consumers have a known trigger for their skin condition (such as certain foods, fabrics or environmental factors), they should try to avoid these triggers as much as possible. This can help to prevent flare-ups and reduce the severity of symptoms.

• Moisturize regularly: Keeping skin wellhydrated is an important part of managing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. ARCTIVA can be used as a gentle moisturizer multiple times a day to help keep skin soft and supple. During the summer months, this includes protecting your skin with sunscreen before you head outside, to avoid damage and help your skin recover and repair itself with ARCTIVA’s products.

• Practice good skin hygiene: Keeping skin clean and free of dirt and bacteria can help to prevent infections and reduce the risk of flare-ups. Be sure to use gentle, fragrance-free soaps and avoid scrubbing or rubbing skin too vigorously.

• Manage stress: Stress can be a trigger for many skin conditions, so finding ways to manage stress can be an important part of managing symptoms. This might include activities like meditation, yoga or deep breathing exercises.

We always recommend that consumers talk to their healthcare provider before starting any new skincare product or making significant changes to their lifestyle. These medical experts can help determine the best course of action based on individual needs and circumstances.

Where can people shop Arctiva?

The ARCTIVA™ Eczema Cream and ARCTIVA™ Psoriasis Cream can be purchased on Amazon or August 2023 FM | 41 FEATURE


Anoukis, daughter of Egyptian sun god Ra, rules the Nile, reigns as the Lady of Heaven--and now adds handcrafted swimwear to the ancient meaning of femininity.

Straight from the sultry jungles of Bali, Aanoukis swimwear was founded by Alexandra Adamiak with the goal of linking the spirit of the island with carefully created swimwear. French elegance blends with traditional craftsmanship from the Island of Gods in Bali (a fitting location, since Anoukis herself is a deity).

Macrame, braiding techniques and crochet pieces are woven with meticulously-sourced materials that hug the body with sultry style. Elevated with the Aanoukis signature gold stitching, intricate beadwork and colorful handcrafted embroideries, each bathing suit brings a slice of island style to your summertime closet.

Adamiak has turned Aanoukis swimwear into a community of goddesses. #Aanoukistribe fosters a “tribe” of customers who flaunt and elevate their shared style online, and keeps the sexy island vibes thriving all year long.

It may be August, but it’s not too late to shop the all-new spring/summer 2023 Sunset Lovers collection at

42 | FM August 2023 FEATURE
Photo courtesy of Iksan Wahyudi August 2023 FM | 43 FEATURE
Introducing Coachtopia: A New World of Fashion Circularity Photos courtesy

With a mission to help advance a circular fashion system, Coachtopia is built from the outset for circularity, grounded in its Made Circular™ design philosophy—a set of three principles that inform how the sub-brand designs, crafts and reuses products. Harnessing more than 80 years of Coach leather expertise, Coachtopia reimagines the product lifecycle from end to beginning— reducing the creation of new materials by crafting with waste and designing products that can be reimagined, remade and recycled to live multiple lives. In doing so, it is working to create beautiful things that have a significantly reduced impact on the planet compared to conventional luxury products.

“Circularity is about reimagining not just the product life cycle, but the relationship between brand, planet and consumer. That’s why we’ve created Coachtopia as both a discovery lab to pioneer circularity in fashion and a collaborative platform for change,” said Joon Silverstein, SVP, global marketing, creative and sustainability at Coach and head of Coachtopia. “We know that to transform our impacts, we need to fundamentally shift mindsets—from seeing opportunity in waste to designing backwards to taking a more open-source approach to creativity. We’ve built Coachtopia as an entirely new world within Coach—an agile start-up with a mission to reimagine the end-to-end system.”

Designed for and with a new generation of consumers who are increasingly passionate about addressing the climate crisis and determined to drive change, Coachtopia is resetting the paradigm between brand and consumer, cocreating a new brand in collaboration with a growing community of Gen Z individuals— from climate activists, designers and upcyclers to journalists, film makers, entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts. The Coachtopian community has been actively involved in Coachtopia since its earliest founding days, with members continually sharing their perspectives on circular fashion, shaping concepts and setting expectations of the change they want to see. As part of its mission, Coachtopia is investing in this next generation of talent through collaborative programs, harnessing and showcasing new talent to find solutions to the problems facing fashion.“We were inspired by our shared desire to do better for the planet by inventing new circular ways of dreaming, designing and creating,” said Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. “It’s a bigger, bolder step forward in realizing our vision for sustainability at Coach, where we prioritize experimenting and learning, with ethical design intentions over cookie cutter perfection. Coachtopia takes this to a new level by challenging us to ‘design in reverse,’ with the end goal of circularity top of mind, in collaboration with the next generation and their optimistic vision for tomorrow.”

Coachtopia is a world in progress—advancing iteratively towards a continually evolving vision

of circularity. It builds upon the investments that Coach is making to improve the end-toend sustainability of its business, as well as the learnings and capabilities developed through the brand’s Coach (Re)Loved program. By giving a second life to more than 20,000 Coach products since its April 2021 launch, Coach (Re)Loved has provided critical insights into the aspects of traditional luxury craftsmanship that make circularity challenging, and thus the need to design for circularity from the start in order to achieve it at scale. Coachtopia takes up this challenge, innovating through rapid prototyping and forming a continuous feedback loop with Coach to drive mutual progress.

Coachtopia launched with an all-gender collection of bags, accessories, ready-to-wear and footwear made with recycled, repurposed and renewable materials and designed with Made Circular™ principles in mind. As Coachtopia grows, it will continue to innovate through limited drops of experimental products that push circular craft ever further—with a commitment to take back every product at end-of-life for reuse, remaking or recycling. Each bag, wallet, footwear and ready- to-wear product also comes with a unique digital passport—accessed via an embedded NFC chip—that gives customers transparency into its materials, Made Circular™ design and impacts. This digital passport also provides the means to follow the product’s journey as it is repaired, restored, reused and reimagined over multiple lives. August 2023 FM | 45


Pottery Barn, the world’s largest digital-first, design-led and sustainable home retailer, announced the launch of a new collaboration with Sweet July, a lifestyle brand founded by renowned restaurateur, chef, two-time New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Ayesha Curry. Anchored by natural textures, fresh patterns and earthy tones, the Sweet July by Ayesha Curry collaboration for Pottery Barn features a well-crafted collection of beautiful items for the home.

The new Sweet July by Ayesha Curry x Pottery Barn collection is inspired by summer celebrations and embraces a range of neutral tones with pops of bold and rich terracotta for an elevated, modern look that mixes and matches seamlessly. From guest-ready bedding and bath accessories to modern barware, table linens and Calacatta marble serveware and dinnerware debossed with a herringbone pattern, the collection’s thoughtful details celebrate Ayesha’s passion for design and love of al fresco dining.

“Our collaboration with Ayesha Curry has been so organic and inspiring because we share core values of bringing together good people and products through meaningful design,” said CEO of Pottery Barn Brands Marta Benson. “The new Sweet July collection showcases our shared passion for family and beautiful living in the home.”

“It’s been a dream working with the Pottery Barn design team to create a collection featuring products and designs that offer comfort and serenity throughout the home,” said Ayesha Curry, CEO & founder of Sweet July. “I was inspired by neutral palettes, playing with clean lines and textures that can be mixed and matched in the spaces that mean most to you and your loved ones.”

The collection is available at sweetjuly and is available in select California Pottery Barn stores at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, the Westfield Galleria in Roseville and Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek.

46 | FM August 2023
Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn

he story of Solari is one born out of a desire to leverage modern sustainable practices without compromising elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Solari is an eco-friendly men’s and women’s luxury footwear brand that pairs alternative fabrics derived from corn, bamboo and other recycled materials with the high standards and sense of history implicit in all Italian footwear. Solari shoes are made from breathable, durable, water-resistant and extremely soft corn fabrics. The product is 100% sourced and produced in Italy by family-run labs based in Marche. The Solari brand takes pride in its “Made in Italy” label just as much as it takes pride in its strict environmental policies.

Solari artisans have a wealth of traditional experience, having produced luxury shoes for over 50 years. The Solari Project, which has been underway for two years, has rapidly evolved due to the brand’s commitment to quality as well as its taste for the experimentation of new fabrics enriched by market research, world travel and new trends. Each material is first reviewed as a basic sample, with various color and texture choices. After passing the first review, the Solari team determines the technical specifications for the final model of the footwear. Finally, samples are created and tested in a laboratory.

Currently, Solari offers three models: the Oxford brogue, moccasin and brogue. All models are available in a wide array of colors and in both men’s & women’s sizes. Some of the notable features of the shoes are Blake construction, corn uppers, organic fabric laces, bamboo lining and recycled rubber soles. From an aesthetic perspective, it may seem Solari uses animal leather to achieve its classic yet modern look. However, this is only in appearance. Solari is committed to only using crueltyfree and animal-free products, thus safeguarding animals’ lives and reducing water waste.

The Solari team is composed of young visionaries under 30, united by a commitment to sustainable lifestyles and unwavering respect for the environment and nature. The Solari work environment is flexible and mostly remote as the team strives to keep every aspect of the company sustainable. To this point, the Solari team strives to minimize energy waste by using only clean energy providers. Furthermore, the Solari assembly chain has a low environmental impact.

Simply put, Solari is a pioneer for sustainable and luxurious Italian craftsmanship leveraging innovative materials, implementing eco-friendly practices and at the service of ethical fashion.

T48 | FM August 2023 FEATURE

weNehT aF c e oFSOLARI

PhotoscourtesyofAlessandroPaci Photo courtesy of Hugo Arvizu

Annabelle Kajbaf Brings Fashion History

to the Small Screen with “Tell Me Mode”

What do denim, Marie-Antoinette and flower power have in common? They have changed fashion forever. In “Tell Me Mode,” her new series published for Bayard Presse, Annabelle Kajbaf, a Paris-born and bred fashion journalist, pushes the new limits of fashion history. August 2023 FM | 51 COVER FEATURE

For this month’s cover, Fashion Mannuscript interviews this style connaisseur on her latest venture to the small screen.

What inspired you to launch “Tell Me Mode?”

Fashion is my passion and I have longed to share the story of fashion on my own show for years. While I grew up in a family of antique dealers in the left bank of Paris, I always had an eye for detail, but mostly, I always wanted to know the story behind each piece. What were the visual inspirations? How was it made? People might not know how a culture’s music, food and architecture ties into fashion. Fashion belongs to us all; it is a true democratic tool. From edgy to traditional looks, fashion tells each person’s individual story. It is this inclusive aspect that I wanted to explore in “Tell Me Mode.”

How is history the key to fashion?

Fashion is power. A statement outfit, a memorable piece, can bring you back to an emotional place. Whether it is the sapphire ring of Lady Di, the suits of Jackie O or the wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw, fashion is anchored in popular imagery. As I was looking online to know more about fashion, I realized there were no TV series about fashion history. I wanted to spread knowledge and show my audience how to connect the dots between a piece we all know and what it meant to society at that specific time period.

For example, the first episode, “Denimania,” is about denim. Jeans are the most purchased piece of clothing in the world, and yet, very few people know they were invented in France in the 18th century. The same goes for Marie Antoinette, who despite being a fashion icon herself, launched the “pastel” trend, as well as having inspired puff dresses and silk chokers. These are certainly trends we still see today. Knowledge of fashion brings into light what happened in society throughout the years and can really bring a positive message and hopefully a more inclusive one to the industry.

Who inspires you the most?

Daring (yet humble) people inspire me. In a world made in and for vanity, it is the real thinkers who inspire me to be a better person. From Christian Dior to Halston, from Yves Saint-Laurent to Jean-Paul Gaultier, as well as Thierry Mugler and Vivienne Westwood, I love designers who narrate a story within the story. I also love designers who have architectural, biblical, mythological and overall art references. For example, the toga dress from the Roman Empire has been one of the hottest trends this summer, embodying the freedom of women in Rome, adorned with a chic gold belt and breathable fabrics, from linen to cotton. With pieces rooted in historical culture, the outfit becomes more than clothing, it turns into a piece of a museum on your body.

How do the French and American fashion scenes differ?

While French fashion works on timeless pieces, from the little black dress to a classic jeans and tee shirt combo, there are innovative designers. Fashion is an art in France, so we do have our rock stars like Jacquemus and Marine Serre who always put on a conceptual show and a line that matches with an ethereal vibe. In Paris, most Parisians wear bloc colors, which means no patterns and mostly contrasted schemes of coloration, from black, to beige, navy and gray. It does reflect the gloomy weather we have all year long, but it lacks a touch of color in my opinion!

In America, since the country has been thriving on fashion since the mid fifties, you have a broad range of genres: from colorful, to eclectic, elevated street style and boho chic. Los Angeles fashion reflects the nature surrounding the city: vivid pink and orange zests of color reminiscent of the desert that imitate the beautiful summer sunsets. New York offers a more futuristic combination, from pitch black to silver and softer grays. While New York is all about being elevated street style, Los Angeles is about boho chic, like a neverending parade of fun.

How does the show explore these differences?

The historical background of fashion of it all is crucial. France has been providing the utmost sophistication for the Versailles court since the early 18th century, while America has been creating since the beginning of the 19th century. While France takes its inspirations from the Roman Empire until now and everything in between, America is thriving on a multicultural society that is proud to flaunt their differences. In

France, it is more about “fitting in the mold” if I might say. In “Tell Me Mode”, I debunk the myths of fashion and show that it is easy to wear clothes to make a unique statement.

Why do you think fashion history is secretive?

Media often reports about fashion trends but very few report on fashion history. That said, I believe it is the most powerful tool one can have. We now know with sustainable movements how and who made the clothes, but what inspired the designer? What is the message behind the concept? Having clothes surfing on a color or a shape trend without a back story is just an empty shell. It is when the clothes reveal a true poetic journey behind the product itself that you truly educate your audience. Unfortunately, the fashion industry does not work on an “open data” basis, while so many gifted designers out there would benefit from public knowledge. This is why “Tell Me Mode” is going to be a very decisive moment in the history of fashion media, as it explores history that has never been unveiled before.

What are you most excited for about this year in fashion?

“Tell Me Mode” launches a few weeks before New York Fashion Week, and puts Manhattan once again at the front and center of the industry. I’m also excited to attend the Christian Dior exhibition in Paris, as well as the Hermes exhibit in Los Angeles. French fashion always excites and inspires me the most.

What else can fashion gurus anticipate in this season of “Tell Me Mode”?

In this first season of “Tell Me Mode”, I will show the story of denim, from being a simple piece of clothing catered to the working class to a chic outfits for rockstars, to Marie-Antoinette, a queen whom vanity led to a tragic life and the power of print florals, from the simple Liberty print patent in the United Kingdom to the “Peace and Love” movement during the Vietnam war in the United States. Fashion is politics and I wanted to put this into light during the first three episodes.

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Photo courtesy of Hugo Arvizu

JJ’S HOUSE Customizing Your Special Day

JJ’s House has become a highly regarded global retailer, specializing in dresses for weddings, proms and various other occasions, since its establishment in 2010. The company’s outstanding reputation has been built upon its vast collection of over 2,000 dresses, designed to cater to individuals of all sizes, including regular, petite and plus sizes.

What sets JJ’s House apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to providing customers with the opportunity to create their own unique, one-of-a-kind dresses. With an extensive range of styles, colors and customization options available, customers have the freedom to design a dress that perfectly matches their preferences and personal style. This unparalleled level of choice ensures that every customer can fi nd their dream dress for any special event or celebration, making them feel truly special and confident.

JJ’s House possesses a wealth of industry experience, with 14 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing dresses. This vast knowledge and proficiency enable them to offer customers garments crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort, while also featuring impeccable detailing that enhances the overall aesthetics of the dress. JJ’s House manages to maintain affordability without compromising on quality.

JJ’s House also prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Every dress is meticulously hand-made to meet the exact specifications of each individual customer, ensuring a perfect fit and meeting specific requirements. This attention to detail is a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, JJ’s House has efficient turnaround times, with dresses typically completed within 15 days, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly and are ready for their special occasions.

Whether customers are in search of a stunning wedding gown, an elegant prom dress or attire for any other noteworthy event, JJ’s House offers a comprehensive solution that guarantees fi nding the perfect dress to make them feel extraordinary on their special day. With JJ’s House, customers can confidently express their personal style and embrace their individuality through the art of fashion.

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Chiffon Evening Dress


Knee-Length Pleated Dress

August 2023 FM |
Photos courtesy of JJ’s House


Bringing you the latest breakthroughs in software, I.T. and fashion technology. From creative solutions to insights from experts, we are the source for all things fashion tech.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Photo courtesy of Mikhail Goldenberg

Simplifying the Design Process, One Digital Model at a Time, with Galina Sobolev’s StyleScan

StyleScan is the latest technology revolutionizing the virtual fashion sphere. From sourcing samples to consumerready virtual try-on, StyleScan embodies everything that fashion tech is intended to be: sustainable, easy-to-use and timeefficient. The tool allows manufacturers and brands alike to skyrocket the to-market process speed times, and provides designers endless options through 2D and 3D modeling that not only optimizes the directto-consumer process, but also enhances cost-efficiency within minutes.

Galina Sobolev, the name behind StyleScan, has a success story that takes us from Ukraine to Italy, New York and Los Angeles. Sobolev brings decades of industry experience to fashion tech, and took Fashion Mannuscript behind-the-scenes on what it’s like to manage fashion’s hottest new tool.

How did you get your start?

I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was five, since I could sew. I came from the Ukraine, where my grandmother was a famous seamstress. She made coats, dresses and gowns for diplomats’ wives.

She was the head atelier near the Opera House in Odessa, Ukraine, before the evacuation as a consequence of the war. She survived by sewing dresses out of bed sheets and burlap, turning them into cotton dresses and coats. She lined the burlap dresses with cotton bed sheets so the end result would not be itchy. The final products could have been compared to today’s couture of Carolina Herrera.

My grandmother passed those skills on to me. Growing up in Odessa, I learned how to sew, crochet, knit and cut patterns. I created outfits for my dolls inspired by “My Fair Lady,” with beautiful wardrobes of hats with feathers. My favorite pastime was picking up scraps of fabrics and turning them into little outfits for my dolls.

When we left Odessa, we weren’t allowed to bring much. My suitcase was the size of a lunchbox, which I filled with my dolls’ wardrobe. At the border, the former Soviet Union security guards ripped the heads off my dolls and left me in tears.

We immigrated through Italy and ended up in Park Slope, New York.

I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design and got my Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts. My first job was creating Marc Jacobs’s knitwear collection. I worked in fashion as a fit model for Michael Kors, and did modeling to pay for school supplies because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for everything.

Being a fit model taught me a lot about how a garment should fit. Sometimes, designers don’t know how to properly fit a garment on a woman’s body. Working as a fit model helped me become a full-fledged fashion designer. I worked with Jack McLean and Jack McQueen. You always had to be impeccably dressed – there was no room for sloppiness in the 80s.

After I moved to LA, I became the creative director of Carol Little and then, Bisou Bisou. There, I met my husband, and my designs started to explode. We created looks with special pocketing shirts, faux suede and stretch velvet and organza with ribbons, and they sold millions.

When did your first company, Gala Inc., take off?

Thanks to my success with Carol Little and Bisou Bisou, we launched Gala Inc. in 1995. From there, things really started to change. We started manufacturing sportswear in silk and dresses. When kimono dresses took off, the business took off. We also had a “Rachel dress,” a sexy little two triangle dress with an umpire waist.

Why did you venture into fashion tech with StyleScan?

The fashion design industry has become archaic in its processes. Tools are not evolving fast enough. Stylescan is a digital visual tool to help revolutionize the fashion industry. At least I can have my five cents into helping simplify the lives of creatives and new designers.

Designers can use Stylescan to perform the work of several assistants, reduce costs and efficiently create photo shoots and line sheets for every garment.

Why would StyleScan help a designer? We figured out how to stop photographing every piece, to help brands save countless hours on the manufacturing level. Plus, it’s a speed-to-market tool.

For example, I had a plus-size Bloomingdale’s buyer interested in buying my dress. How do I present the sample? With StyleScan, you can present the visual of this dress on a plus-size model in less than 10 minutes.

How does StyleScan work?

Take a photo of a garment, and the tool digitally puts that photo on a plus-size model. It makes visually attractive line sheets and showcases everything in a retail store with real-life quality.

How does StyleScan help global manufacturing?

If you’re manufacturing in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, it takes time before the sample arrives. Now, you can take one photo of that garment on a mannequin and have it sent to you. You can then digitally dress it on any size model and you can deploy that image to your buyers and customers.

What can StyleScan say about the future of fashion?

Designers’ work can be simplified with tools to help in seconds. Designers and retailers can take best-selling dresses and reimagine them in minutes on models. August 2023 FM | 59 TECH
As a free gift, Sobolev has invited our readers to try StyleScan for 30 free days using the code, DANIELLA.


Perfect Corp. announced the launch of a revolutionary new hand sizing technology for fingers and wrists, helping to match consumers with their correct size for rings, bracelets and watches through highly-accurate and modern sizing technology. This personalized sizing tool enhances the customized consumer shopping experience for jewelry virtual tryon. It guides consumers during jewelry purchases, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costly product returns for brands and retailers.

The fully-integrated end-to-end experience begins with users placing their finger on their phone screen along a designated outlined area. They are then invited to adjust the ruler lines using the plus and minus buttons to find the appropriate width of their finger. From here, the tool will record the correct ring size for the users’ finger and invite the user to experience the true-to-life look and feel of dozens of luxury ring styles via a hyper-realistic and immersive virtual try-on experience.

With the highly-advanced and accurate wrist sizing tool, users are prompted to place their wrist across their phone screen and use the sizing toggle bar to match their wrist width. From there, the tool calculates the user’s exact wrist size and allows them to browse a collection of jewelry, watches and accessories with unmatched realism and accuracy. The tool gives watch and jewelry makers the ability to offer customers even more personalized shopping experiences as well as a seamless way to offer tailor-made products, building brand loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.


Beats announced Beats Studio Buds +, a new addition to the Studio Buds lineup that delivers balanced sound and enhanced features for both iOS and Android users. Now available in a transparent look, Studio Buds + boasts major improvements to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), transparency, call performance and battery life to deliver an exceptional true wireless experience.

Three new acoustic vents improve audio precision and gently relieve pressure for a more comfortable all-day fit. And with four ear tip options (XS, S, M & L) to fit a wider range of ears, Studio Buds + create a comfortable acoustic seal for the best listening experience while also securing your earbuds in place.

Beats’ custom acoustic platform packs powerful, balanced sound in a sophisticated, pocketable design. Each bud is equipped with a proprietary two-layer transducer that flexes to deliver cleaner bass and ultra-low distortion. So whether you’re listening to music or taking calls, Studio Buds + deliver rich, immersive sound wherever you go.

At the touch of a button, you can easily switch between Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Transparency. With 3x larger microphones, new venting and a powerful processor, Studio Buds + deliver up to 1.6x more powerful ANC and up to 2x better Transparency than its predecessor.

Upgraded microphones, an intelligent voice-targeting algorithm and an entirely new acoustic architecture enable high-quality call performance. The powerful microphones actively filter out background noise while enhancing the clarity of your voice.

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Photo via Business Wire Photo via Business Wire


Knot Standard, a leading custom clothing company, has unveiled their plans for a new Partnered Business Division. This expansion brings together their growing portfolio of wholesale clients, SaaS technology offerings and existing brands and retail clients utilizing their patented ordering, measurement and in-store experience technology.

The decision comes after launching over 100 stores for third party brands in the U.S. over the past two years, powering MTM and custom in 30 product categories of menswear and womenswear. Unlike typical MTM solutions, growth has come quickly—from its start during the COVID pandemic, Partnered Business has grown to manage over 1,000 active in-store associates on the platform, covering $25 million in annual MTM order.

The new division will be headed up by Alicynne Sher, now head of global partnered business, with Andrea Zacharias joining Knot Standard as vice president of consumer sales to oversee the company’s D2C business. Already actively involved with Knot Standard’s wholesale and retail clients, Sher will now be solely focused on the growth of this new business, creating a marketplace for brands and retailers with zero inventory. Partners will benefit from drastically lowered return rates and an increase in selection and service for their customers, allowing them to offer the best fit possible through the power of the Knot Standard platform.


Perfect Corp., the leading AI & AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider and developer of the YouCam Suite of Apps, today teamed up with SELF for the launch of an interactive augmented reality (AR) filter experience to celebrate the 2023 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards. The immersive AR filter effect is available free to users in the award-winning AR try-on app, YouCam Makeup, inviting users to celebrate the announcement of SELF’s award-winning products. The exclusive animated effect brings to life the retro ambiance of SELF’s Healthy Beauty Awards photo shoot, celebrating the best of the best beauty products of the year.

In celebration of SELF’s 2023 Healthy Beauty Awards, readers are invited to jump into an interactive try-on in YouCam Makeup bringing to life the retro creatives and award-winning products. The exclusive SELF Healthy Beauty Awards filter effect features a gradient backdrop, with a summer-perfect look featuring some of the award-winning products of the year.

Readers can experience the exclusive SELF Healthy Beauty Award AR filter effect by downloading the free YouCam Makeup app and sharing their “SELFie” on social media tagging @YouCamApps and #YouCamSELFawards. August 2023 FM | 61 411 TECH
Photo courtesy of PRNewswire Photo courtesy of Perfect Corp.

While researching this article, I stumbled upon The Way of Champions website, which listed numerous characteristics of champions. Several statements on, listed directly below, epitomized the essence of the principles behind Champion, the seventh stage of change.

• “A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from.”

• “A champion uses an event to gain greater self-knowledge as well as feedback on physical improvement.”

• “A champion trains their thought processes as well as their body to produce a total approach to performance.”

The Change Proficiencies are strategies and techniques that help us journey from one stage to the next. In past articles, I highlighted one of the nine stages of change along with two change proficiencies.

For this article, I paired the seventh stage of change, Champion, with “Rejuvenate Self-Worth” and “Fortify Time Boundaries.” These pairings will expand your capacity to maneuver through obstacles to your success.

Champion: Seventh Stage of Change

What are some of the signs that you have reached the Champion stage of change? You


continually examine your life for areas that could hinder future success, with particular emphasis on strengthening your overall physical wellbeing and financial independence. Conflict resolution demands bolder and more courageous conversations, especially in critical relationships.

Thus, you are ready to say what needs to be said, even when difficult, and ask for what you want and need. Increasingly, you choose whom and what remains in your environment, and a different kind of dynamic energy fuels you.

Change Proficiency: “Rejuvenate SelfWorth”

During the Champion stage of change, professional advancement entails continually pushing beyond our limits until when, not if, vulnerabilities surface. Our self-worth can be adversely affected when we uncover forgotten or new weaknesses. Periodically, an examination of our view of ourselves is necessary. To “Rejuvenate Self-Worth” is to evaluate the components that form your self-perception, discard whatever you have outgrown, then update and refresh your selfworth.

Explore and evaluate your thoughts, beliefs and actions to see what it reveals about how you perceive yourself. Take the time to identify and validate which characteristics you should develop and strengthen. Incorporate any strengths, abilities or traits that are revealed.

Change Proficiency: “Fortify Time Boundaries”

Pushing yourself beyond what is currently possible or perceived will undoubtedly cause even greater demands. A life full of professional and personal endeavors that fuel your passions usually competes for your time. While it can be liberating to finally “see” and “feel” who you can become,

caution is needed to prevent burnout. Balance is required to shift gears harmoniously. If not, pursuing too many possibilities can sabotage your time and efforts. To “Fortify Time Boundaries, you must give and set realistic expectations to avoid prolonged disruption of progress or momentum that can interfere with future goals.

Remember, just because we can doesn’t always mean we should. Focus on your primary objectives and monitor how others use your time and how you do as well. The saying, “we can be our own worst enemy,” applies here. Re-examine the time boundaries you have in place to ensure they are strong enough to protect your current and longterm objectives.

On the Champion stage of change, you have clearly and decisively claimed your voice and path. It is a time when the new, bolder and more courageous you conquer anything that stands in the way of your envisioned future. Like toddlers experiencing their first taste of freedom when they begin to walk, our self-worth will take a few tumbles as we explore and push beyond.

Examining and strengthening our self-perception will minimize failures or delayed victories from becoming ingrained stop signs. Align your priorities and monitor time boundaries to create and preserve the harmony needed to reach new professional and personal heights.

Tel: (845) 447-1037

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COLUMNS August 2023 FM | 63 PRE-BUILT SPACE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY 3 Sides of Window • Excellent Light High-end Finishes • Large Pantries Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Front O ces Polished Concrete Floors • Access to All Transit Partial 7th Floor: 5,011 RSF The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed reliable. While we do not doubt its accuracy, we make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. The prospective tenant should carefully verify each item, and all other information herein. Darell Handler, COO | 646.597.6171 | Alex Bush, Senior Director | 646.517.8782 | Kyle Galin, Director | 646.998.6012 | Richard Farley, SVP | 646.597.6179 | 212.398.1888 | High-end Midtown Pre-built 263 West 38th Between 7th & 8th

Many stellar retail names, including unicorns with offerings that were once rare and/or highly valued, have fallen from grace. Some failed to be flexible; some overly-narrowed their niche; some simply lost their cool. A recent Retail Marketing Society webinar explored the lessons to be learned from the fall of the once mighty. Panelists included Teri Agins, journalist, lecturer and fashion consultant; Marie Driscoll, managing director, Coresight Research; Jan Rogers Kniffen, CEO, J Rogers Kniffen WWE and CNBC contributor. The moderator was Joan Volpe, adjunct assistant professor, FIT.

Failure to Compete in the Brave New World

The birth of Amazon and the maturation of Walmart and Target marked the start of the decline of category killers, those who were once unicorns, like Party City and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Both failed to effectively compete in the world of online shopping, curbside pickup, ship-to-store, ship to home. “Party City was the biggest player in party goods when no one was in second place. Then Amazon came along and basically put them away,” observed Jan Kniffen. “Bed, Bath & Beyond decided to reinvent their business and no longer be so promotional. They essentially fired their customer base. Did anybody ever go to BB&B who didn’t have a 20% off coupon? When you start


drawing back from things like that, you start firing customers, and you’ve got to hire new ones faster than you fire the old ones.”

The Generational Shift

“Fashion thrives on novelty, newness and of course, that cutthroat competition. Now, fashion is also generational. As we all know, that’s why kids are not going to buy Calvin Klein jeans worn by us baby boomers, who are now their grandparents. In fashion, what’s red hot eventually turns cold and falls out of favor,” said Teri Agins.

J Crew, Victoria’s Secret, The GAP . . . these are among the unicorns that reached middle age and suffered from a generational shift. They couldn’t keep up with the online retailers and the social media influencers who had taken over. Case in point: Victoria’s Secret’s reluctance to enter the shapewear business. “So,” pointed out Agins, “along comes Kim Kardashian with Skims, which became a billion-dollar brand promoting women with curves and in colors that matched all skin tones. It was sold exclusively online, and didn’t even have to open a store.”

Agins suggested that brands suffering from the generational gap should take a look at Ralph Lauren. They bought back all their licenses and narrowed the product brand. It’s basically the Polo brand, but they upped the quality and improved the fit. Driscoll also referenced Mango: “They’re not high priced but they’re small and they’re cool, and they can grow. They are doing some interesting collaborations, which would make them an interesting addition to a mall.”

The Technology Challenge

Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service, Rent the Runway, an e-commerce platform that allows

users to rent, subscribe or buy designer apparel and accessories, and RealReal, an online and brickand-mortar marketplace for staff-authenticated luxury consignment, were all born in an age when investors were chasing ideas about capturing a new consumer, new business models. “Profits were not really tied to business models for the past 10 years. How many businesses can get away with that besides Amazon?” asked Driscoll. “These companies really hoped that scaling would ultimately bring with it profitability, but scaling isn’t easy. Fashion retail is not tech.”

“What made these companies different and special,” continued Driscoll, “is that they used technology as a differentiator. They got confused in the eyes of the investor class as being retail tech. They have tech that can be a competitive advantage, but tech is a tool that has to evolve as quickly as anything else.”

Kniffen and Driscoll agreed that there is a real need for a rental resale market. “I think it is so mucked up, fractured and goofy at the moment that it’s really hard to do,” elaborated Kniffen. “Every expensive high-end brand like Louis Vuitton and Gucci should be doing their own resale market with their own authentication, selling and marketing. They would be bringing in younger customers and growing them into real customers. They shouldn’t let anybody else do that for them.”


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August A NEW VIEW As we enter New York’s next chapter, our commitment to the City’s vitality, to our community, to our partners, to our tenants, and to our portfolio remains steadfast. We look forward to a bright and shared future. Ownership/Management/Leasing • Tenant Representation Agency Representation • Co-GP and LP Real Estate Investments Scott Galin, Principal/CEO | 212.398.1888 | HANDRO PROPERTIES LLC | ESSH INVESTMENTS LLC

Trade receivables are often a business’ largest asset and if your customers are unable to pay what they owe you, the potential credit losses can present a substantial threat to your business. Risk on unpaid receivables can shackle your company’s finances and growth plans. In today’s uncertain economic environment, the clothing industry can be particularly fluctuant, therefore protecting your invoices is imperative to surviving any client bankruptcies or other financial hardships. Fashion and apparel is a cashflow-intensive sector. Managing your cash inflows and outflows effectively and carefully is integral to surviving, even if you have a high-potential business or one that’s already experienced rapid growth. If a large client experiences bankruptcy, then you will inevitably feel the ramifications.

However, trade credit insurance can help you minimize risk and grow your business in the current economy. Trade credit insurance refers to a useful financial risk management strategy that protects the business from damages incurred as a result of unpaid trade-related obligations. Trade credit insurance protection is used for providing products and services against any non-payment or delays in trade credit payments resulting from commercial or political risks. Trade credit insurance not only provides coverage for businesses if customers who owe money for products or services do not pay their debts, or pay them later than the payment terms dictate but also provides many additional benefits.

If you purchase credit insurance, the application process alone provides valuable feedback from third-party professionals on your organization’s credit risk. The primary benefits of trade credit


insurance are:

• More accurate forecasts of bad debt costs and variability.

• Capping bad debts to avoid any significant one-time loss from a large customer default or deterioration of a specific foreign market or industry segment.

Hedging against the adverse effects if the economy slips back into recession.

Eliminating the credit and political risk uncertainty of credit sales to higher-risk foreign markets.

Other benefits of credit insurance

Applying for credit insurance will not only provide feedback on the quality of your receivables, but will identify other benefits, including:

Improved bank financing: Trade credit insurance can increase margins on receivables and in some cases reduce interest rates. Lenders remain conservative in providing funding - especially to smaller businesses.

Credit insurance enhances the bank’s primary security and gives them the comfort to increase advance rates to as much as 90% of qualifying receivables. It also mitigates the lender’s concern with customer concentration risk. This is especially important for export receivables where banks often provide little or no margining of foreign receivables.

Reduced bad debt allowance: Trade credit insurance brings bad debt allowances back into income so your business can allocate reserves more productively. Self-insurance is an inefficient means to prepare for potential bad debt losses compared to credit insurers who can better spread the credit risk over many clients. Few companies have sufficient reserves to deal with the default of one of their largest customers.

Increased revenue: Credit insurance can provide the confidence of getting paid in even the most difficult of markets. Letters of credit are an inefficient and expensive means of trading that

tie up the operating line of the foreign client.

Leveraged expertise of the credit insurer

Trade credit insurance can lead to a higher quality customer portfolio and lower overall credit losses. Most underwriters have on-the-ground credit risk underwriting in every major country in the world. This includes the information, systems, people and sophisticated risk management tools of the underwriter to manage and mitigate risk.

A simple process

Credit protection usually takes only the completion of a two-page application, a copy of an electronic aged trial balance and a short discussion to clarify further where credit protection may support key business strategies. After this, your business would receive a management report:

• Identifying and quantifying the major credit and political risks of the largest customers.

• Outlining the alternative approaches available to mitigate these risks.

• Quantifying the other strategic benefits of alternate credit protection solutions.

Credit insurers are watching the economic developments closely. Discussing your options with an experienced insurance broker that specializes in trade credit insurance can help you prepare for changes that take place in the future.

Frank DeLucia currently serves as executive vice president of HUB International Northeast, a leading full-service global insurance brokerage. With over three decades of experience, Frank specializes in building insurance and risk management programs for the real estate and apparel industries and is a long-time active member of the Fashion Service Network (FSN). DeLucia can be reached by phone at 212-3382395 or at For more information on HUB, please visit www.

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MAKE BOLD MOVES Details at and Invest in yourself and grow your business by sourcing new and top brands at fashion’s premier wholesale markets. See the next season’s trends up close while you network with retail professionals and enjoy fabulous parties, fun giveaways, valuable education, and more. Source from the best selection of lines, price points, and categories, and get ready for a successful season ahead. Atlanta Apparel June 6 – 9, 2023 August 1 – 5, 2023 Las Vegas Apparel August 6 – 9, 2023 Dates are subject to change. ©2023 International Market Centers, LLC

In the realm of intimate apparel manufacturing, a considerable evolution is underway. The recent influx of technological advancements is creating a distinct shift in its processes and products. This isn’t a fleeting trend or a transient phase, but a substantive transformation with long-term implications including higher cost savings, faster turn-around times, a dramatic lowering of waste, enhanced environmentally friendly practices and greater customer comfort. The memories of grappling with the first seam bonding machines, trying to achieve optimum heat settings to avoid delamination and being limited to a couple of qualities of bonding tapes have faded.

For businesses that seek agility, yearn for optimization of time and resources and want to make their mark in a fiercely competitive landscape, technology has emerged as a compelling ally. Its influence permeates every stage of the apparel manufacturing process, from design conceptualization to end-product delivery. The essence of this technological revolution isn’t just about enhanced efficiency or productivity—it’s a movement deeply rooted in sustainability, competitiveness and profitability.

Embracing Bonding Technology for Efficiency and Durability

Intimate apparel is an arena where the blend of comfort and aesthetics is paramount. It is a sector where traditional manufacturing techniques can sometimes fail to deliver the required precision and smoothness. Enter bonding technology— an innovative method that is transforming the way intimate apparel is produced.

Imagine creating a sleek pair of panties without the laborious task of sewing. Instead, binding tape is applied strategically to hold the fabric together. The result? Seamless finishing that offers durability and a greater level of comfort.


Companies like Bemis are at the forefront of this technological revolution, fine-tuning the use of bonding technology in intimate apparel manufacturing. The tape finds application at crucial points such as waistbands, side seams and leg openings. The result is a finished product that’s comfortable, beautiful and more durable.

The Fusion of Fashion and Function: Fabric Advancements in Intimate Apparel

Over the past few years, innovation is marked by the introduction of various enhancements to fabrics used in intimate apparel. This includes cooling properties, shape-memory materials, UV protection and antimicrobial attributes. Many of these fabrics would appear to have the most benefit for activewear yet are increasingly being incorporated into sophisticated lingerie styles to offer greater comfort. The integration of technology in intimate apparel to enhance wellness and comfort is a natural progression in this evolution. It’s about more than keeping up with trends. It’s about aligning with the consumer’s evolving needs in a world that increasingly values the intersection of fashion and function.

Seamless Garments Technology: An Innovation in Comfort and Efficiency

The seamless garment technology has proven to be a significant game-changer in comfort. This innovative technology eliminates the need for traditional sewing, thereby reducing the chance of errors and fabric waste.

Seamless garment technology works in several ways. One approach employs computerized flatbed knitting machines that create individual garment parts by inputting the pattern size and design into the machine. The parts of the garment are then joined with the help of a linking machine. An even more advanced technique uses a whole garment machine that outputs a finished piece, completely bypassing the linking process. By dramatically reducing production time and labor costs, seamless garments technology offers a considerable boost to the profitability of businesses. The final product—seamless, comfortable and flexible—caters to a wide range of body shapes,

enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Embracing 3D Virtual Sampling: The Future of Fashion Design

One of the notable innovations transforming the fashion and intimate apparel industries is 3D virtual sampling. While technology has been under development for several years, it has now gone from early adoption to necessity. The power of 3D virtual sampling extends beyond the realms of improved design capabilities, allowing for a heightened level of personalization that customers greatly appreciate.

By adopting 3D sampling, we have the potential to drastically reduce processes such as pot dyeing, along with the material wastage that accompanies traditional printing methods. This technology eliminates the need for multiple screens and dyestuff for printed meeting samples, leading to a more resource-efficient process. Additionally, 3D virtual sampling considerably lessens the need for manual sampling in production, thus mitigating excessive material waste and water usage.

Redefining Bralettes and Simple Bras with Tech Integration

With the rise in consumer demand for comfort and style, bralettes and simple bras have witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity. Known for their lightweight fabrics and intricate designs, bralettes provide a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. Simple bras, on the other hand, remain a mainstay in women’s wardrobes, providing much-needed support without compromising on style.

To take full advantage of the benefits in this rapidly evolving landscape, it becomes crucial to partner with entities that possess the required technical expertise. Having partners who comprehend the intricate nuances of these emerging technologies is invaluable.

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Dora L. International, Los Angeles 441 S. Hewitt Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 Tel: (855) 882-8789

banking experts. People experts, too. Customized banking solutions for every customer.

We may be one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., but we never lose sight of the individual. Our Relationship Managers personally get to know your business, taking the time to understand your unique needs before offering their custom solutions. And with over 150 years of industry experience, you won’t just like working with us. You’ll love it. August 2023 FM | 69
TD Bank, N.A.

Late spring and early summer brought some exceptional retail announcements for New York City and around the U.S., with something for everyone!

All about Apparel and Accessories

Madewell debuted its Upper East Side location at 1165 Third Ave. in June. Menswear brand Eton is coming to 330 Madison Ave. Schutz has taken a flagship space at 540 Broadway, once home to Steve Madden. Cuban urban fashion brand Clandestina has opened its first freestanding store, Metavelso, at Westfield World Trade Center.

Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Accessible luxury timepiece brand Citizen Watch America (CWA) will open the group’s first U.S.based, multi-brand flagship at 605 Fifth Ave. The new retail concept will present the full range of offerings across the group’s brands, including Citizen, Bulova, Accutron, Frederique Constant and Alpina. The opening of the flagship, scheduled for late fall 2023, will mark the first of its kind in North America where consumers can experience the company’s legacy in watchmaking while taking part in an immersive shopping experience. Lab-grown diamond brand Lightbox revealed its new retail concept shop at House of Showfields in Williamsburg. Lightbox occupies a 250-square-foot dedicated space on the first floor of the Brooklyn outpost.

Wining and Dining

Restaurateur Andrew Tarlow will open a rooftop event hall in 10,000 square feet (including a wraparound rooftop deck) at 295 Front Street in


Vinegar Hill, reports Commercial Observer.

For Our Furry Friends

JustFoodForDogs, a vet-recommended fresh dog food brand, has a brand new in-store kitchen within Petco’s new Union Square location. The store recently relocated from 860 Broadway to 44 Union Square.

To Your Health

HIIT and strength training boutique fitness brand Fhitting Room opened its first studio at New York Sports Club (NYSC), marking its return to New York City’s Upper East Side, the studio’s original neighborhood. Situated on the ground floor of NYCS’ East 76th Street location, the combination allows both Fhitting Room and NYSC members to enjoy a comprehensive fitness experience. The pickleball craze continues, with Life Time bringing three floors dedicated to the sport to Penn 1.

Solidcore, the Washington D.C.-based strengthtraining studio, and Tishman Speyer, announced that Solidcore will open a new, 2,100-squarefoot location at the luxury residential building 11 Hoyt in Brooklyn, New York this summer. Solidcore is a 50-minute, full-body, strengthtraining workout that uses slow, controlled movements to break down the slow-twitch muscle fibers so that they build back stronger and leaner.

Home Sweet Home

RH has opened RH England, The Gallery at the Historic Aynho Park — a 400-year-old landmark estate in Northamptonshire, England that marks the beginning of the retailer’s global expansion. The location also continues RH’s foray into hospitality with three primary restaurants: The Orangery, a live-fire concept; The Loggia, an outdoor venue featuring wood-fired pizzas and The Conservatory, an American bistro, opening later this fall. The Gallery also includes a Wine Lounge and Tea Salon — all with stunning views of the English countryside — as well as a Juicery,

serving made-to-order fresh juices and grilled baguettes with cultured butter and homemade preserves.

Around the U.S.

Hermès continued its U.S. expansion with a new store in Aspen, Colorado, its 34th boutique in the U.S. French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain has launched its third U.S. store at 1024 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. In what will be a rare outlet center location for one of the leading off-price retailers of apparel and home fashions in the United States, Marshalls will open a new store at the Outlets of Mississippi, the largest outlet shopping destination in the state, in late summer. Marshalls will occupy 21,160 square feet at the north end of the center in the former Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue space.

With the ongoing transition of Tourneau to Bucherer, Bucherer has reopened its flagship boutique, TimeDome, in The Forum Shops at Caesars, Las Vegas. Across the Strip, Louis Vuitton launched its sixth location at the Wynn Las Vegas, offering its full selection of apparel, accessories, jewelry and home goods, as well as outdoor garden VIP rooms.

Canada’s T&T Supermarkets is celebrating its 30th anniversary by announcing a move south, opening its first store in the United States at the Marketplace at Factoria in Bellevue, Washington in summer 2024. At 76,000 square feet, it will be the largest Asian supermarket in the state, and a flagship store for T&T. Shapewear brand Shapellx has entered traditional retail, opening its first physical store at 855 Emory Point Dr. in Atlanta.


North Las Vegas, NV Tel: (201) 618-5247

70 | FM August 2023

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. The capabilities of Chat GPT and other AI platforms have been integrated into almost every industry: finance, tourism and hospitality and, of course, retail and fashion. From virtual try-on solutions to digital AI stylists, artificial intelligence is becoming a growing aspect of the apparel industry.

In Built In’s article titled “AI in Fashion: 7 Cool Applications” by Lisa Bertagnoli, AI’s benefits extend to even more applications. These include predicting trends, providing consumers with accurate sizing technologies and quickening the manufacturing process in order to reduce waste, ensure wear longevity and to decrease the amount of returns.

While online shopping has become a major driver of sales in the apparel industry (especially since the pandemic), shopping from the comfort of one’s computer screen has also had its downfall for the industry. Online shopping vendors see the greatest amount of returns; this is to be expected, as it’s easy for consumers to buy the wrong size online and want their money back.

This is where AI comes in. For example, Bodify, founded by CEO Carlanda McKinney, provides


virtual solutions for online shoppers. Digital applications provide accurate measurements for the customer’s body, providing a custom tailored shopping experience. Bodify provides brands their services in order for people to utilize these digital benefits in a wide range of clothing platforms.

While AI certainly has a range of benefits, consumers and retailers alike are still getting acclimated. In fashion, AI has provided customers and brands with custom measuring tools through images and photo apps. However, many say that this is just the beginning. In Bertagnoli’s article, Designer Hussian Almossawi explained, “As crazy and interesting as AI is, it’s probably just in its infancy, and I can only see it getting better and doing much more than outputting images.”

According to Almossawi, AI can potentially have the power to make or break the growth phase of a new brand or product. He added, “With AI, you can quickly generate cool and relevant backgrounds for your product in different styles.” This can save time, money and energy, which is especially important for startups in the early phases of investment funding when every dollar counts.

Bertagnoli also explained that AI plays a role in fashion’s hottest issue: sustainability. The apparel industry is notoriously wasteful; discarded clothes, astronomical amounts of water consumption, landfill pollution and microplastic wastes in the oceans are just some of the ways that fashion contributes to climate change (according to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion). AI potentially holds the key to eliminating scrap

waste on the manufacturing floor by providing accurate measuring solutions before a product even gets created (and sometimes discarded) before it even sees the light of a retail shelf. AI also has the power to provide machinery ways to accurately cut fabrics to reduce and then eventually reuse waste.

Bertagnoli also demonstrated how AI can make fashion more ethical. Knockoff items are a huge seller on the black market, but AI can have the power to reduce this business. Dupe Killer, a Deloitte-created tool, uses AI to tell the difference between, for example, a fake Birkin bag and the real thing that someone might have paid $40,000 for, according to Bertagnoli’s article. The illegal use of design trademarks is also something that Dupe Killer can spot, and helps brands save money while maintaining the integrity and longevity of their products for customers to enjoy.

Overall, AI’s growing role in the retail and apparel industry is spreading its influence in more and more areas of the field. From design and manufacturing, to decreasing returns and boosting the quality and longevity of a product, it’s clear to see that AI is here to stay.

BenjaminS.Seigel,Esq.Isanattorneyspecializing in matters related to the textile, manufacturing, and apparel industries. He is of Counsel to firm G&B Law, LLP. He can be reached at benseigel@

72 | FM August 2023
2023 TRADE
Atlanta Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas OC, Irvine Dallas OC Irvine Orlando New York Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Salt Lake City IMC Atlanta Apparel IMC Las Vegas Apparel
SOURCING at MAGIC Informa: PROJECT WWIN Trade Show CALA Men’s Show Dallas Apparel Market OC Apparel Show
Textile Show; California Market Center LA Market Week
Market Center
Design Space
New Mart Lady Liberty Building Brand Assembly Designer & Agents
1- Aug 5
6 – Aug 9
7 – Aug 10
7 – Aug 10
7 – Aug 9
20 – Aug 21
22 – Aug 25
28 – Aug 29
7 – 9
19 – Sept 21
27 – Sept 29
8 – Oct 11
9 – Oct 12
9 – Oct 11
14 – 16 74 | FM August 2023
EXCLUSIVE DETAILS FOR SHOWS IN: • Dallas • Denver • Las Vegas • Los Angeles • Nashville • Orlando • New York August 2023 FM | 75


Whether you’re sourcing at Atlanta Apparel or still coming off the high from SwimShow during Miami Swim Week, summer features endless offerings in trade show categories. From men and women’s contemporary to resort wear and lingerie, it’s been a busy time of the year for buyers, sellers and exhibitors. Coast to coast trade shows have kept the entire industry running at breakneck speed (as usual!).


76 | FM August 2023
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Caron Stover

Senior Vice President, apparel leasing, ANDMORE

ANDMORE (formally International Market Centers) connects buyers and brands coast-to-coast at four markets: Atlanta Apparel, Las Vegas Apparel and Formal Markets events at both AmericasMart Atlanta and the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas. Beyond exhibits, ANDMORE’s buying events will offer hallmark hospitality, events and education that fashion buyers know and love. Atlanta Apparel lives up to the ANDMORE promise by bringing more brands, more categories and more market experiences this August, offering its largest market to-date. Las Vegas Apparel runs August 6 – 9.

Debby Martin

Founder, Bungalow Trade Show

The Bungalow Show is a leading trade show for the specialty trade market, including swimwear, resort and apparel, lifestyle, AXS & wellness, and now expanding to specialty men’s and surf collections.Bungalow has become the go-to resource for retailers around the globe. The market provides a platform for reps and brands to come together in one setting to get their work done. Bungalow offers buyers a home base as a one-stop-shop for their market needs. Bungalow’s seaside destination is located at the Kimpton Shorebreak Resort. Bungalow also offers a connection point for brands and retail buyers powered by RepShark Community.

Judy Stein

Executive Director, SwimShow

SwimShow, the first and most prestigious swimwear industry platform, made its grand return to Miami Beach on July 8-10. With a history spanning 40 years, SwimShow has grown into an internationally recognized event that has played a pivotal role in Swim Week. Its mission is to unite swimwear brands, foster growth and provide a platform for innovation and collaborationand the show achieved exactly that. One of the standout features of SwimShow is SwimLab, a collaborative effort with WGSN. This initiative provided emerging designers with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their unique visions to influential buyers and industry professionals.

Tricia Barglof

The OFFPRICE Show, held February and August in Las Vegas, and now expanding its reach with the addition of their Orlando Market in October, has earned its reputation as the ultimate destination for high margin, in-season apparel, footwear and accessories. According to Tricia Barglof, OFFPRICE’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers, to create relationships that benefit everyone involved and to serve as a platform where retailers can connect directly with trusted suppliers, to increase profit margins on quality merchandise. The mission also extends beyond networking; it drives innovative ways to increase a retailer’s profit margins.

Group Show Director, Apparel Textile Sourcing Trade Shows

The Apparel Textile Sourcing tradeshow is the largest industry-related sourcing event in Toronto, Canada annually. More than 200 of the world’s top apparel and textile factories from over a dozen countries exhibit. This year marks the 8th ATS-Canada event and the one chance in Canada annually to see and touch thousands of new products and meet hundreds of potential new industry business partners. The complementary event also features expert-led seminars, panels, workshops, a fashion lab and fashion show…all with an eye on the Canadian buyer, sustainability, international trade, trends, fashion and design. Apparel Textile Sourcing takes place August 21-23.

TRADESHOW August 2023 FM | 77



Curve, one of the most prominent lingerie trade shows in North America, debuted its much-anticipated runway show with a display of exquisite lingerie designs. The event took place in collaboration with Paraiso Miami Swim Week. A leader in the lingerie industry, Curve showcased the latest trends, innovations and cutting-edge designs in intimate apparel, swimwear and activewear. The runway show was a dazzling affair, and featured a curated selection of renowned lingerie brands and emerging designers such as; Anita, Chantelle, Culture Trees, Elomi, Fantasy, Freya, Leonisa, Mapalé, Simone Pérèle, and Wacoal.

“The U.S. intimate apparel industry is growing stronger each year and we’re excited to bring the show to Miami, a city where lingerie, swimwear and active clothing are must-have essentials for everyone,” said Raphael Camp, managing director of Comexposium Americas, the organizer of the Curve shows.

Discover the brands who participated. | August 2023
Photos courtesy of Curve Expo at Paraiso Miami Swim Week

Anita combines fashion and function with pieces designed to boost workouts and allow active enthusiasts to look great and perform their best. The theme of Anita Active’s Sports Bras and Leggings is “Urban Active Animal Vibes,” inspired by the urban jungle and the animal kingdom.


Chantelle, a world-renowned leader in lingerie craftsmanship, unveils its latest lingerie collection CHANTELLE X. From seductive boudoir sets to everyday panties and bralettes, the collection targets the female gaze and blends luxury with sophistication.

Culture Trees

Culture Trees is a New York-based fashion brand established in 2018 made to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Africa. With social impact at the core of the brand’s DNA, each collection embraces African culture and prioritizes sustainability.

Freya, the renowned British brand dedicated to embracing each woman’s unique beauty, has unveiled a swimwear collection exclusively designed for full-busted women. The collection features a range of exquisitely crafted swimsuits and mix-n-match bikinis.

Leonisa has pioneered the world of intimate apparel with sustainable high-tech designs since the late 50s. With elegant color tones and body-sculpting compression fabrics, the Premium Collection blends comfort, style and sustainability with items made with recycled plastic.


As a trailblazer in the world of intimate apparel, Mapalé continues to push boundaries. The new Lingerie Vol. 1 2024 collection embarks on a journey of irresistible sensuality, exploring the enchanting pieces inspired by themes of Eden, Geo Armor, Mapalé DNA and Self Love.

TRADE SHOWS August 2023 FM | 79


The Complete Collections (Catwalk) by Patrick Mauriès (Introduction), Adélia Sabatini (Contributor)

November 10, 2020

This fully revised edition of the first overview of Karl Lagerfeld’s (1933–2019) Chanel creations maintains every exceptional detail of the first edition. Images of key looks and short informative texts bring to life each season—now with 22 new collections, including Lagerfeld’s final show for the house and the work of his successor, Virginie Viard. Beautifully produced, this book will stand as the ultimate reference on Lagerfeld’s iconic Chanel looks and serve as a lasting tribute to one of the most talented and influential fashion designers in history.

The Catwalk Collection

This book collection will let you strut down memory lane with some of the most iconic catwalk shows by the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. “Catwalk: The Complete Collections” is a series of eight books that embody the fashion industry itself: a history of evolving style, innovative design and glamor’s versatility, as these books serve as decorative coffee table accents as well as in-depth dives on haute couture’s hottest runway looks.

Louis Vuitton

The Complete Fashion Collections (Catwalk) by Jo Ellison (Introduction), Louise Rytter (Contributor)

August 21, 2018

Founded as a luxury leather goods house in 1854, Louis Vuitton was for many decades one of the world’s leading trunk and accessories makers. It was through the launch of its first fashion collections, however, that the house reached unprecedented fame, becoming one of the most influential and valuable luxury brands in the world. This definitive publication is the first to provide an overview of Louis Vuitton’s influential designs.


The Complete Collections (Catwalk) by Susannah Frankel (Contributor)

October 22, 2019

Published in collaboration with Prada to celebrate 30 years of trend-setting creations, this stunning volume offers a comprehensive and definitive history of the house. Organized chronologically, each of Prada’s collections is introduced by a description of its influences and highlights and is illustrated with stunning catwalk images of models such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen showcasing clothing, accessories and beauty looks. With a biographical profile of Miuccia Prada and an extensive reference section, this handsome and well-researched retrospective reflects the passion, craftsmanship and creative spirit that define Prada.


The Complete Collections (Catwalk) by Lou Stoppard (Author), Suzy Menkes (Preface)

November 29, 2022

This in-depth publication celebrates the glamor and sophistication of the house of Chloé. The book’s chapters follow the development of the collections themselves, beginning with those created by founder Gaby Aghion and by Karl Lagerfeld, who helped Chloé become one of the most iconic brands of the 1970s. Each era in Chloé’s history opens with a brief biography of the lead designer, while individual collections are introduced by a short text unveiling their influences and highlights and are illustrated with carefully curated catwalk images. August 2023 FM | 81
Photos courtesy of Amazon Books




The Rooftop Show took South Beach Miami by storm displaying swimwear, resort fashion and streetwear. From cutting-edge designs to innovative styles, attendees witnessed the future of swimwear fashion unfold before their eyes. The Rooftop Show is a testament to the power of collaboration and the celebration of emerging talent. By providing a platform for emerging designers, Emon Gee Entertainment aims to inspire the industry, foster innovation and ignite conversations around the future of fashion. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the next “EGE” experience during New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2023.

SunkissedBDA by Donneka Simmons

Sunkissed was established in Bermuda in June 2020 during the pandemic. Donneka Simmons, founder and designer, fi rst started creating swimwear and now three years later, she also designs apparel for kids and adults of all ages. “This is just the beginning,” said Simmons. Sunkissed crochet brand has taken Simmons beyond where she thought she would be in such a short timeframe.

Fayah Athletics by Ayo Abiola

Fayah Athletics, Canada-based brand by Ayo Abiola, feature designs that reflect her unique artistic sensibilities, transforming fashion into wearable art. Each piece carries a distinct touch, allowing individuals to express their individuality through her creations. By merging aesthetics and functionality, Abiola strives to create a line that is both bold and accessible to a wide range of people, transcending boundaries and inspiring self-expression.

Yubehandmade by RoseMarie Lewis

Yubehandmade is a timeless crochet swimwear brand that launched in 1999, and is a highly acclaimed label that upholds its status in the crochet community. RoseMarie Lewis, founder and designer, started crocheting because she wanted to make a scarf to match her son’s snowsuit...she made the entire scarf the same day! Yubehandmade is known for adding a fun splash whether sexy or comfy to summer wardrobes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Camille Anthony by La’Vinnia Holliday

La’Vinnia Holliday, the swimwear artisan, is the creative force behind Camille Anthony swimwear; a boundless source of inspiration and enthusiasm. Camille Anthony offers a

breath of fresh air for the refi ned woman who desires to celebrate her skin’s beauty while staying true to her unique self-expression. Recognizing the limitations imposed on women’s fashion, Camille Anthony fearlessly explores uncharted territories of design innovation and fashion possibilities, catering to the discerning taste of individual style mavens.

IDGPE4T by Nish

IDGPE4T is a one-of-a-kind brand where art meets craftsmanship. IDGPE4T was founded by Nish, a self-taught designer, in 2019. The handsewn brand unifies fashion and sexual liberation while also flaunting exclusive style.

Hot Commodity Eyewear by Shalandria McGlown

Hot Commodity Eyewear by Shalandria McGlown specializes in sunglasses and optical frames. “HC Eyewear” guarantees fashionable eyewear that speaks your truth.

Betty’s Pop-Up Shop

Betty’s Pop-Up Shop, located in Ewing, New Jersey is renowned for its exceptional and exclusive designs. From intricate hand-embroidered details to innovative fabric combinations, these special designs offer customers a truly remarkable and distinct fashion experience. Whether it’s a striking evening gown or a statement accessory, each item exudes a sense of individuality and sets the wearer apart from the crowd.

82 | FM August 2023
A Closer Look
Photography by Steven Knight Faya Athletics photo (1) shot by: Jessica Bratton Betty’s Pop-Up Shop (1) shot by: Joel Flixs
Fayah Athletics August | 83
SunkissedBDA Betty’s Pop-Up Shop Camille Anthony IDGPE4T Hot Commodity Eyewear Yubehandmade



Axil Swim, the renowned Los Angeles brand, dazzled guests at Paraiso Miami Beach with the debut of their latest swim collection. Taking viewers on an enchanting journey through the decades, the collection showcased a multitude of looks inspired by themes of Earth Wonder, Flower Power, Retrograde, Up to Par and Dreamland. Each vibrant collection embodied the spirit of its era, allowing individuals to express themselves with confidence and style.

Axil Swim’s Earth Wonder collection brought forth a blend of neutral earth tones, designed to complement and flatter a wide spectrum of skin tones. Flower Power exuded a carefree soul through its feminine hues and floral patterns, capturing the essence of freedom and self-expression. The playful vibes of Retrograde transported viewers back to an electric night of roller skating in the early 70s, while Up to Par celebrated the emerging trends of the new millennium, paying homage to the fashion and style of the early 2000s. Lastly, Dreamland embraced a whimsical spirit by blending lavender and pink hues with deep jewel tones like navy and red.

In addition to the captivating collections, Axil Swim unveiled an exclusive swim week capsule, available for pre-order. This capsule effortlessly combined metallics and intricate prints to create a chic modern silhouette, allowing wearers to embrace the latest trends while expressing their individuality.

Founder of Axil Swim Bryan Skowronek said, “When you are wearing Axil, you can be who you want to be.”

With this collection, Axil Swim aims to empower individuals to embrace their multifaceted nature, encouraging them to be whoever they want to be at any given moment. This philosophy of versatility and self-expression has consistently pushed the boundaries of swimwear fashion, making Axil Swim a true industry innovator.

The see-now, buy-now collection is exclusively available for purchase through Axil Swim’s official website at

84 | August 2023 A Closer Look
Taking viewers on an immersive journey through the decades, the collection showcased a multitude of looks inspired by themes of Earth Wonder, Flower Power, Retrograde, Up to Par and Dreamland


Club L London, the U.K.’s leading online fashion retailer known for its contemporary and stylish designs, made a remarkable splash with their first Miami runway show at Paraiso Swim Week. The brand unveiled its latest resort collection, Destination Daze & Tequila Sunset, offering fashion-forward individuals the opportunity to experience effortless elegance and modern designs all at affordable prices. The event featured renowned celebrity model Lele Pons, who rocked the runway and added an extra touch of lavish glamor to the highly anticipated evening. The event also featured a surprise performance by emerging artist Felsmer who sang two of her latest singles.

Drawing inspiration from exotic destinations and the vibrant energy of summer nights, the swim and resort wear collection presented a diverse range of options to suit every style. From sleek bodysuits and flattering bikinis to flowy cover-ups and elegant dresses, Club L London’s line captivates with its chic designs, featuring deep jewel tones, elegant whites and neutrals and alluring abstract prints. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, each piece in the collection showcases the perfect fusion of luxury fabrics, including gentle satins, premium jersey, soft chiffons and sculpting materials to provide an ultra-flattering shape.

True to its ethos, Club L London’s resort collection aims to empower confidence and celebrate individuality through fashion. The inclusive sizing options ensure that everyone can find their perfect fit, and the affordable price points make the collection accessible to a wide range of customers. By offering a seamless online shopping experience, Club L London ensures that customers worldwide can indulge in the latest trends and styles with ease.

The new collection can now shop the Club L London resort collection exclusively through the brand’s official website,

More About Club L London

Club L London is the next-generation online fashion retailer for the forward-thinking consumer. Expertly designed and crafted in-house, Club L specializes in accessible luxury, unique designs, and unrivaled quality made to flatter every figure in sizes four through 24. From prom to the occasion, am-to-pm, maternity, bridal, limited edition and more, we deliver an engaging customer experience connecting our global community of diverse consumers, international fashion influencers, and content creators with our new and exciting collections dropping each and every week. Founded in 2007, Club L was created with the vision of offering long-lasting luxury styles, trend-oriented collections with a twist and unique, statement designs that offer both exceptional quality and fit in an otherwise saturated market of fast-fashion and throw-away goods. Accessible luxury through considered purchasing, limited edition collections that leave no wastage, and responsible manufacturing are at the heart of the brand world-renowned for its premium fabrications, inclusive sizing and affordable price points. August 2023 FM | 85
Photos courtesy of Getty Images
A trailblazer in the world of online fashion, the brand’s new collection makes a splash with luxury swim & resort wear that combines elegance, quality and a range of sizes for all body types. Kaufman Leasing Company consists of highly qualified professionals with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the New York City office, retail and specialty-use real estate sectors. NOW LEASING 155 West 23rd Street 450 Seventh Avenue 100-104 Fifth Avenue 27-35 West 24th Street 13-15 West 27th Street 45-47 West 27th Street 19 West 24th Street 119-125 West 24th Street 111 West 19th Street 212 West 35th Street 132 West 36th Street 242 West 36th Street 237 West 35th Street 275 West 39th Street 462 Seventh Avenue 470 Seventh Avenue 519 Eighth Avenue 22 West 19th Street


Brand offering luxury leather-based Evening gown designer now evolving into wedding gown design, Katherine _____

Luxury retailer that recently launched the Icon Collection, designed by Cucinelli, 2 words

Tacori’s latest addition to its bestselling It’s said to be the height of flattery

Ornaments worn as good-luck charms

Couture bridal designer partnering with Naturalizer to launch a collection of shoes for weddings and special occasions, ____ Tournai

Org. working towards a green planet, abbr.

For answers, please visit August 2023 FM |



Viennese Opera Ball

In 1982, Cornelia Guest, whose parents were CZ and Winston FC Guest, and whose godparents were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, was declared “The Deb of the Decade.” This year, fashion influencer and socialite Sofie Mählkvist has been dubbed “The Deb of the Year” after months of parties in London, Paris and Stockholm. Mählkvist, who wore a chic chignon styled by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean to accommodate her elegant diamond tiara, donned a white gown and long gloves as she made her curtsy at the 67th edition of the Viennese Opera Ball at the Plaza Hotel, while the flash bulbs popped. The Ball’s President, Silvia Frieser, presented 18 girls from around the world, with Sofie representing her native Sweden. Peter Thomas Roth and Jean Shafi roff were honored at the Ball for their international philanthropic work and served as the evening’s chairs. The 67th annual Viennese Opera Ball, the oldest and most prestigious outside of Vienna, attracted royalty and VIPs from the worlds of philanthropy, the arts, business and politics. The gala benefited Denise Rich’s Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research. Top opera stars, including Stephen Costello, Joyce El-Khoury, Nathalie Peña-Comas and Johanna Will, dazzled the crowd.

Designer Ron Dyce & Jean Shafiroff

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell and Jean Shafi roff are among the VIPs who have been dressed by Harlem-based fashion designer, Ron Dyce, who has also dressed Gloria Estefan’s daughter, Emily. The designer showed 90 new looks for both women and men at his Fashion Week show, called The Ultimate Collection. Dyce hosted a pop-up preview of his fall show at the home of Jean Shafi roff in Southampton. Among Dyce’s favorite clients is rapper MC Lyte, who he recently dressed for her appearance on Good Morning America.

Mark Wahlberg at The Clubhouse

Mark Wahlberg flew into the Hamptons on his private jet for eight hours to play a few rounds of miniature golf at The Clubhouse in East Hampton and promote his new tequila Flecha Azul on the East End. After scoring two holes in one and pocketing 20 bucks on a bet, the movie star’s team won hands down.

Wahlberg explained to the crowd that the Flecha partnership came about over a round of golf with his partners, pro golfer Abraham Ancer and Aron Marquez, whom he frequently plays with. The macho trio is going to tour golf courses and clubs to get people acquainted with the new spirit. The star, famous for his intense 3 a.m. workouts, confided, “If you’re going to drink, Flecha Tequila is the healthiest alternative.”

Lindsay Lohan & Peter Thomas Roth

Lindsay Lohan’s Mykonos hotspot, Lohan Beach House, will not reopen this summer despite rumors among the jet set. The beach club originally closed in 2019 after her MTV reality show was canceled. The Means Girls star and mom to be is keeping busy as she waits for her fi rst child with husband Bader Shammas. Lohan, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, partnered with skincare guru Peter Thomas Roth to become the face of his popular 24k Gold Hydra-Gel eye patches. During the skit she wears a headset and mans the hotline at “1-844-EYE-CONS” to answer fans questions about the cult favorite patches that keep her looking fresh day and night. During the video she looks in a handheld mirror and says “Honey, you never looked better!” a line from her 1998 hit movie “The Parent Trap,” which she starred in when she was 12 years old. peterthomasroth. com

88 | FM August 2023 SOCIAL SOIREE
Lindsey Lohan Photo courtesy of Getty Images Mark Wahlberg, Matt Rubenstein Photo courtesy of Rob Rich Jean Shafiroff Photo courtesy of PMC

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Annual Ball

Perennial charmer Muffie Potter Aston is now the president of the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). She has brought new glamor, excitement and success to both of the organization’s signature events, the preview of TEFAF at the Armory and the 16th Annual Spring Ball at the Pierre hotel. The dinner dance, co-chaired by Joanne de Guardiola, Ashley McDermott, Kate Davis, Fiona Druckenmiller, Betsy Pitts, Amanda Waldron and Anjali Melwani, raised a record breaking $1.9 million. The benefit supported MSK’s Global Cancer Disparities Initiatives program, which was launched in 2011 to advance MSK’s mission to improve outcomes for people with cancer in low- and middle- income countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Ever glamorous Gillian Hearst, who serves as chair of the Society’s Associate committee, led the young socials onto the dance floor where DJ Twilo kept everyone on their toes. The night’s lively cocktail that was bathed in a flattering pink glow featured a presentation of important jewels by De Beers, who sponsored

Starz Star Joseph Sikora & Noel Ashman

“Power Book IV: Force” star Joseph Sikora and his fi lm producer pal Noel Ashman celebrated their birthdays at the Hustler Club. The fun party was hosted by the Sopranos’ Federico Castelliuccio, Bo Dietl, George Wayne, Damon Dash, Richie Rich and Anthony Haden Guest. The club’s dancers donned blonde wigs and white dresses inspired by the gown Marylin Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden in 1962. The impersonators brought out two cakes with Sikora and Ashman’s fac- es on them as they sang Happy Birthday, mimicking Monroe’s whispery voice. After the candles were blown out, Dick Manitoba of The Dictators sang his version of “New York, New York” and a cover of the Ramones’ hit, “I Want to be Sedated.” 89 SOCIAL SOIREE August 2023 FM |
Peter Thomas Roth Photo courtesy of PMC Nicholas Roland Solari, Sofie Mählkvist Photo courtesy of PMC Muffie Potter Aston Photo courtesy of BFA Ron Dyce Photo courtesy of Dennis Byron Joseph Sikora Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Museum of Art and Design Celebrates “Generation Paper”

The Museum of Art and Design celebrated its flashback exhibit, “Generation Paper,” with a lunch event that gathered fashionistas and designers alike. “Generation Paper” flaunts paper dresses from the 60’s and appreciates the versatility this timeless dress silhouette had to offer. Over 60 rare dresses were on display and featured pop prints and geometric patterns, as well as the signature flower-power slogans that tell the story of the decade while simultaneously celebrating 60’s style.

90 | FM August 2023 SOCIAL SOIREE
Ron Chereskin, Michele Gerber Klein and Howard Goldfarb Photos courtesy of Patrick McMullan Liane Pei and Sanna Sabbagh Michael Musto and Lynn Yaeger Elissa Auther and Barbara Tober Tim Rogers and Darci Spasojevich

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Coast-to-coast, Dallas is the premier resource to uncover the latest emerging trends in contemporary, footwear, accessories, western and more. From LA to New York, exhibitors come to Dallas Market Center with the latest fashion-forward apparel and accessories. New looks are closer than you think.

Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market

JUNE 27 – 30, 2023

AUGUST 22 – 25, 2023 @dallasmarket

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From Paris Fashion Week to the Grammys red carpet, AMATOSTYLE jewelry has been flaunted on the best of the best thanks to the message at the heart of each design: flaunt femininity with ferocity. In this Q&A, Founder Nicole Amato walks us through what it’s like to start a jewelry brand after a decades-long career in law, as well as how jewelry can be a vessel to express the many facets of what it means to be a woman.

How did you get your start in jewelry design? Why jewelry, in particular?

I have always loved fashion, from when I was around five or six years old. My mother used to get W Magazine back in the 70’s, and it was a newspaper that was too big for me to hold at the time. I would lay on the floor and flip through it cover to cover. Later in life, I decided to step into law and that swallowed a lot of my time, and I would make jewelry on the side.

When I had my kids, I was a stay-at-home mom and would continue to make and sell jewelry as a side hustle in my spare time. As years went on, when I was almost 50, I thought that if I don’t do it in my later years, I’ll never do it. And you just have to do it. I know that the transition from law into jewelry is not common, but you just have to do it and not let anything get in the way of what you love. So that’s what I did.

Walk us through the technical aspects of transitioning from law to jewelry.

Law and business are closely related; lawyers transition to business all the time. For me, that transition was not so much technical as it was emotional. I realized later in life that it was time to let my soul run free, because a career in jewelry design is a dream come true. I couldn’t let any negative thoughts stifle me, and I didn’t. When I left my other career, I woke up that very first day and I had a schedule for myself. I told myself: I’m going to go to the city, I’m going to do it, and I had it all planned out. I worked the same hours I would have worked at the law firm. Then when my kids got home from school at three o’clock, I became Mom again. I stuck to that schedule every day.

You come from a family of Italian immigrants. How does that background influence your brand?

Amato, my last name, means “beloved” in Italian. My grandfather comes from Calabria in the south of Italy. He really instilled in all of us at a young age the importance of putting quality and dedication into anything that you are working on. The way you dress and present yourself in life is a reflection of who you are on the inside, and it’s so important to put time and effort into that. From the tiniest button on a shirt, to a bold necklace that looks like a dagger, self-expression comes from the way you look.

Craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail is prevalent in Italian culture, and it’s a value that my grandfather brought over to America when he raised his family. My grandmother on my mother’s side was also Italian, from just outside of Florence, so I grew up with similar values from both ends of the peninsula instilled in me. I also discovered that my grandmother attended fashion school in Manhattan in the 30s, which is really cool because I always thought I never had a background in fashion, but apparently it runs in the family.

What sets Amato apart from other hand-crafted jewelry brands?

Each one of my pieces tells a story. For example, I did not find much jewelry out there that celebrated motherhood that was modern, edgy and even sexy. When you have a baby, you’re still the same person you were before you had that baby. You still want to get dressed up and have style and be sexy when you go out. I loved the idea of combining motherhood and style and expressing individual identity. The Mother and Child pendant necklace is an abstract of a mother holding her child; the combined edginess of the strong elongated silhouette with a mother’s love symbolizes the duality of motherhood. It expresses all the ways a mother can be both fierce and sexy while at the same time compassionate, soft and caring.

What is the best part about running your own jewelry brand?

I have always been creative, and love being able to tap into that when I make my own product, but I also really love the business side of running my own jewelry brand. That’s also my background in law coming out; a lot of lawyers can easily make that transition into business, as the two sometimes go hand-in-hand.

What are some signature elements of Amato pieces?

Each piece is a statement piece and shares a message. The Embrace collection is obvious. It’s all about love and sensuality; it depicts two lovers, a man and a woman. The Mother and Child pendant is also about love, the love of a mother and her child. The fierce elongated symbol in the necklaces represents the sensuality and strength of what it means to be a woman. I carve each design myself because I know what my vision is supposed to look like. I also designed and carved the Wanderlust Girls collection, and like the other pieces, is very bold but also very soft and feminine at the same time. The signature of my brand is this paradox that combines boldness with soft femininity, and I love that each piece tells that kind of story.

What does the future at AMATOSTYLE look like?

Some new collections are coming out very soon in September just in time for the fall season, so that’s something that I can only hint at for now. Stay tuned!

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Photo courtesy of Melinda DiMauro
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