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Focusing on “Business,” this 3rd edition of Communit-”e” Matters, again looks to provide an avenue for the reader to learn more about the City of Manassas Park. For instance, are you aware that the City’s Comprehensive Plan is the land use roadmap for how Manassas Park is envisioned to look in five, ten, even fifteen years from today? Check out Page 2 to find a quick link to this very important document. I am sure I am not the only one that has ever daydreamed about being ‘my own boss’ and ‘working for myself.’ In this issue you’ll be introduced to resources that can make that dream a reality. As we spotlight the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce, I hope you can spare a few extra moments to watch their video “A Year of Progress.” What a great platform to express all that the Chamber does for business owners in the region. The Communit-”e” Matters newsletter is designed to accomodate the busy lives of the reader. Skim the content in one sitting by ‘clicking’ on the active links embedded into the stories or simply save the details for a later date when you can invest some extra time in the presentations attached. One you surely won’t want to miss is a fascinating video produced by the Metropolitiatn Council of Governments on page 4 called “Smart Growth Begins at the Local Level”. It’s a really neat walk down memory lane for those who have spent a good deal of their life in the National Capital region. Plus it’s full of good common sense planning.

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• PWC Chamber


From the new tax incentives the City of Manassas Park recently adopted to locating available commercial space for sale or lease, Page 5 is dedicated to Economic Development in Manassas Park. Along the same lines, staff took the time to visit with three small business owners in Manassas Park to get their take on why they ‘love doing business in Manassas Park’. The common theme was ‘a sense of community’, that’s a ringing endorsement in my book! Coming up in June, with the first year of e-newsletters behind us, ‘Community’ will be the subject matter. This final edition will delve deeper into the one thing I believe makes Manassas Park special - it’s sense of community. Although DPRs tag line is “Shaping the Future ,” the city government has spent a lot of time making sure that residents know they live in a place where “Community Matters.” With low crime rates, responsive fire and EMS services, world class schools, and a regional community center that is emerging as a steady contributor to the citizens’ exceptional quality of life - this issue will explore all the best the City of ManassasPark offers. Thanks again for taking the time to read Communit-”e” Matters newsletter. As the turning from Winter to Spring begs ‘renewal’, remember to get out to the parks, take a walk, and enjoy the outdoors! Best,


Catherine Morretta, Director


Ever wonder why industrial areas arise in one sector of a community and retail in another? Is it just a coincidence that no matter how many homes get built in a neighborhood, there always seems to be adequate water and sewer infrastructure? Would you be surprised to learn it doesn’t just happen? The guiding document city officials use to plan for the future is called a “Comprehensive Plan” as required by the Code of Virginia. {CLICK HERE} to learn more.

Want to do Business in MP? Go see the “Commish”... In Manassas Park, as in most other jurisdictions, if you want to open a business, you need to go visit the Commissioner of the Revenue. The Commissioner of the Revenue for Manassas Park is {Mrs. Debroah Wood}. The Commissioner is the tax assessing officer for the City for all property with the exception of real estate. Established by the General Assembly in 1786, the Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for everything from business licenses to the administration of business taxes. {CLICK HERE} to read about the history of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR THE CITY OF MANASSAS PARK The current adopted land use plan for the City of Manassas Park is the “Comprehensive Plan.” This plan is a conceptual tool utilized to establish guidelines for the growth of a community. The plan is a generalized, coordinated land use map and policy statement of the Governing Body that interrelates all functional and natural systems and activities relating to the use of lands, including but not limited to sewer and water systems, transportation systems, educational facilities, recreational facilities, and natural resources and air and water quality management programs. {CLICK HERE TO READ THE PLAN}

The Planning Commission The Governing Body appoints a group of citizens to conduct hearings and recommend amendments to the zoning ordinance. The group is called the Planning Commission. Generally overseeing the work of the Planning Department, the Manassas Park Planning Commission is comprised of five citizen members who interpret the Comprehensive Plan and advise on all matters regarding land use and associated permits, to the Governing Body. To contact the Planning Commission, {CLICK HERE}.

How to get a Business License in VA It’s about time you went to work for yourself! But where to begin? Follow these six steps to get started:

Smith e John y Nam Compan .5555


ss Addre te pany Websi Com pany Com


Check the zoning to make sure your proposed business is zoned for your type of business. Apply to the {IRS}.

2. 3. Contact the {Virginia

Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation}.

4. Register




5. Get a Sales and Use Tax

Small Business Start-Up Resources is an amazing proVirginia, pro-business, portal right at your finger tips. Check it out and explore why Get a Virginia Business Virginia has captured “Best State for Busilicense from your city or county. ness” AND ‘Top State for Business’ ranking. {CLICK HERE TO READ MORE} {CLICK HERE FOR MORE} number from the {Virginia Department of Taxation}.


Northern Virginia is a Job Leader According to an article by Robert Burke, posted March 1, 2012 in Virginia Business News, corporate expansion in Virginia through 2011 reflects a 52% increase in expected new jobs. {CLICK HERE} to see why.


What’s a Chamber? A Chamber is an association of business persons and merchants that organize for the promotion of commercial interests in the community. As a not-for-profit advocate for businesses, a chamber is managed by a Board of Directors, established to promote civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural progress within a community. The Chamber works diligently with community partners for the establishment of sound legislation and efficient administration at all levels of government. {CLICK HERE} to read more.

100 Years of Standing for American Enterprise The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions. As advocates for pro-business policies that create jobs and grow our economy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce steers this agenda right on to the floors of the nation’s capital! {CLICK HERE} for more.

The Voice of Business

The vision of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to be the voice of the Virginia business community and the most influential business advocacy organization in the Com-

monwealth. From Economic Development to avocacy of pro-business bills, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce is another incredible resource for the business person. {CLICK HERE} to learn more about how the Virginia Chamber of Commerce works for you.

The Prosperity Project The Prosperity Project is built on the belief that when employees are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our community and our state will benefit. As an arm of the Virginia Chamber, the Prosperity Project provides visitors with information on legislation, candidates and public policy. {CLICK HERE} for more.

The Prince William County Chamber of Commerce The Prince WIlliam County Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber in the Washington, DC Metropolitian area. Dedicated to creating an environment where business and community thrive, the Chamber represents over 2,000 member businesses that support more than 66,000 employees. Strategically focusing on business growth, economic development, advocacy, education, and community outreach, the chamber works diligently to assist its member success. In this unsteady economy and ever changing business environment, the PWC Chamber is a great tool to have in your arsenal. The City of Manas-

sas Park is a proud Cornerstone member of the chamber. Learn about how you can benefit from a membership {HERE}. We’d love to tell you more, but we think it’s best you hear it from Chamber President and CEO of the PWC Chamber, Rob Clapper, directly.



Economic What? What’s all this talk about economic development? Here are some industry accepted definitions. You decide which one fits best!

Economic Development... ...(is about) jobs, income, and community prosperity. -Economic Development Quarterly ...(is about the) creation of jobs and wealth, and the imporvement of quality of life.-International Economic Development Council ...(is) fundamentally about enhancing the factors of productive capacity - land, labor, capital, and technology- of a national, state, or local -Economic Developeeconomy. ment Adminis-tration/US Department of Commerce ...(is) the process within an economy that sustains vitality and fosters growth for a locaiton. -Enterprise and Economic Development Glossary

Why is Economic Development Important?

Economic Impact of Transportation Investments in Viringia

“The cost and quality of life for every household is directly dependent on local economic conditions.” This statement is part of a brilliant presentation by Lees Summit, a locality in Missouri. With the exception of a few ‘Lees Summit centric slides’ (3 and 4) - this presentation is an excellent introductory primer to the matter of economic development. {CLICK HERE} to view the presentation.

A major part of the future development plans for Manassas Park are contingent on the use of the VRE. That’s no coincidnece. Since the Industrial Revolution, transportation, whether it be trade routes and shipping lanes or air mail and rail service, has been integral to the economies of localities. A smart growth plan relies on a thoughtful transportation infrasturcture. {CLICK HERE} to check out this report prepared by VTran for VDOT.

Smart Growth Begins at the Local Level The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is an independent nonprofit association comprised of elected officials from 22 local governments, members of the Maryland and Virginia State legislatures, and members of the U.S Congress. Manassas Park is a proud contributor to COG. COG’s regional planning and analysis programs works collaboratively to support local, State, federal, community planning activities to achieve more efficient and sustainable development outcomes in the National Capital Region. “Smart Growth Begins at the Local Level” is

a video that contains examples of local best management or best devleopment practices. I am sure you will see some palces, then and now, that you are very familar with! Visit COG {HERE} to learn more.


MP Economic Development Liason The economic development duties for the City of Manassas Park fall on the able shoulders of Planning Director Vanessa Watson. Officially, as the Economic Development Liason for Manassas Park, Ms. Watson serves as the senior-most staff member responsible for all land development concerns, potential prospects, new business developement as well as representing the City of Manassas Park as a regional partner with other localities

and regional business organizations such as the PWC Chamber. Ms. Watson evaluates and implements policies to support the goals of the community and is responsible for review of all develoment applications such as rezoning, conditional use premits, site and subdivision plans, zoning approval, and zoning appeals and variances. {CLICK HERE} to contact Vanessa with any questions regarding Planning and Economic Development.

A PLACE WHERE What is CIMLS? is the leading open commercial real estate listings service dedicated to creating a free and open exchange of information for the commercial real estate industry. Click “search” below listings in Manassas Park.


The City of Manassas Park


The population of Manassas Park


The median Resident age


Listing Type For Sale For Lease Hide Map

Location Manassas Park City: Virginia State: County: Zip: 20111 Search


The unemployment rate in Manassas Park


The total number commuting to Manassas Park

The percentage of family households in Manassas Park

$67,958 The median Household income

With many exciting things happening, including development of a new city center, renovation and reengineering of many city facilities, and a rededication of our efforts to the development of family-friendly retail businesses, there is a lot in store for the City of Manassas Park! Manassas Park is large enough to provide big city services, but small enough to value the individual contributions of each and every citizen and business owner. Come get to know the City of Manassas Park {HERE}.


+38.7% The population increase since 2000

Governing Body Adopts Tax Incentives The City of Manssas Park Governing Body recently adopted an aggressive strategy to encourage non-residential development by offering incentive to developers with qualifying projects. Classifying three new development districts in the city, the Governing Body continues to work towards the diversificaiton of the City’s tax base.

• Real Estate Tax Exemption on increased assessed value; • BPOL Tax Exemption on increase gross receipts; and/or • Fee Waiver for rezoning, site plan review and permits. New developoment tions include:


Four Corners Connor Center

Through City Ordinance #12City Center 1700-916, new or expanding businesses may be eligilbe for Read the ordinance {HERE}. the following:

6 We asked 3 Manassas Park Businesses why they love Clarke’s Grill & Sports Emporium

Anytime Fitness

Manassas Park

Speedy Green Car Wash

Location: 9103 Andrew Drive Manassas Park, VA 20111 Phone: 703.330.1213

Location: 9133 Andrew Drive Manassas Park, VA 20111 Phone: 703.659.1333

Location: 8411 Centreville Road Manassas Park, VA 20111 Phone: 703.257.0737

How long have you been doing business in Manassas Park: May, 15 2009

How long have you been doing business in Manassas Park: Over 3 years. I first opened Sunbright Tanning Salon in 2009. We received such a great response from our service, that I decided to do more business in Manassas Park by opening Anytime Fitness this past February.

How long have you been doing business in Manassas Park: We opened our doors in May of 2010.

Why do you love doing business in Manassas Park? It is a community. We like the close knit aspect of the people in charge, Chief Evans with the Police Dept., Former Fire Chief O’Neil, as well as Catherine and

{CLICK HERE} Ron with the Parks and Recreation Dept. We become more imbedded in the community working with all of the other dept. heads and the people we work with on different events and things of that nature have all been wonderful and they all truly put the best interest of the city and its community values ahead of everything else. Is there a benefit to owning and operating your business in the City? The benefit is just that; a benefit, for all of the above reasons, and knowing that what we do in MP as a community business allows us to work closely with all aspects of the city in everything they do to benefit the community.



Why do you love doing business in Manassas Park? The sense of community, pride and loyalty that goes along with adding a new business to the area. Also, the support from residents has been outstanding and everyone has really rallied behind becoming a member. Is there a benefit to owning and operating your business in the City? The city officials have been extremely supportive and helped with our build-out process and opening. That and the word of mouth among excited residents. Our member base is growing and everyone is happy to help get the word out about our 24/7 access and free zumba and group fitness classes.

Why do you love doing business in Manassas Park? We love doing business in Manassas Park because we enjoy coordinating programs

{CLICK HERE} and events with the local schools, youth organizations and the Manassas Park Community Center. Many of them have participated in our fundraising programs. This is an easy way for the schools and organizations to raise money and is a big benefit to Manassas Park’s enviroment versus the typical charity car wash because we use biodegradeable soaps and recycle all the water from our carwash tunnel. Is there a benefit to owning and operating your business in the City? We love the community aspect of the city and enjoy being a part of this big family in Manassas Park.


What does corporate fitness mean for you?

Successful Wellness Programs

Implementing an employee force makes for happy executives! wellness program is not as easy Check out this article from the webMany human resource managers site {CLICK HERE} as it sounds. Check out these 7 Habits of Highly Successful Coragree, the best employee benefit an for more. parte Wellness Programs we organization can provide is access to found on fitness, health, and wellness programs Workforce Wellness still Thrives in Recession and facilities. Investing in the well During the recession, while busi- 1. Don’t focus solely on weight loss being of employn e s s e s 2. They have buy-in from ees can really reduced leadership impact your o t h e r bottom line. e m p l o y e e 3. Employers are never far {CLICK HERE} to b e n e fi t s , from resources read more. corporate fitness programs remained. 4. They sweeten the deal Even the Harvard Business Review with incentives What are the Benefits of Corporate Fitness? (Ann Mirabo, Ph.D. 2010) concluded 5. They are not limited by smaller budgets A healthy workforce is a happy work- that “creating an overall atmoshpere 6. They assign measurement force. A happy workforce is an that encorages wellness” makes good to gauge success efficient workforce! An efficient work- sense and can be beneficial to a an 7. They empower employees organization. {CLICK HERE} for more. {CLICK HERE FOR MORE}

Add Value Through Corporate Fitness

“ A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.”

Corporate Fitness Membership Package

At MPCC for as Low as $18/Month! Introducing Our Corporate Fitness Membership Package What does $10 mean to you? Well, research shows it’s the potential daily savings per employee that you can attain by having a healthy workforce. Employee wellness matters and we want to help your business thrive. We are committed to helping your company improve its bottom line.

An Introduction to your Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Membership Package is available to your business in two ways: • Employer purchase as an additional benefit OR • Employee purchase with a minimum of five employees to reap benefits Conveniently located in Manassas Park, just off of Old Centreville Road, nestled in Costello Park, our 80,000 sq.ft. facility provides the perfect environment for your employees to achieve their fitness goals.

99 Adams Street Manassas Park, Va 20111 703.335.8872

{PLAY} Jay Swisher Operations Manager

Corner Student Run Bank to Open in Manassas Park High Bringing the real world of “financial literacy and education” directly into the schools, Apple Federal Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in Virginia, will be working with Manassas Park High School students to open a branch in April. A student run credit union, available only to faculty, students, and staff of the school will be open during school lunch periods and sometimes before and after school. Wow! Just another stellar example of our city schools spirit of partnership and innovation! Check out the ‘Cougars Branch’ {HERE} Read more about the Student-Run Credit Union Program {HERE}


Alliance Bank

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Chantilly, Alliance Bank has six banking locations that cater to small-to-medium sized businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs as well as families throughout the metropolitan region. The Manassas Park branch is located in the City Center and is open Monday Friday 9a.m. - 5p.m. and Saturdays 9a.m. until Noon. As one of the regions fastest growing ‘business banks’, Alliance Bank has a reputation for great service! Their relationship managers bring a ton of relevant local market knowledge to the small business customer. {CLICK HERE} to check them out today.

Save BIG at these local Manassas Park Businesses! Just mention that you saw their ad in our newsletter!

Purchase ANY membership & get the 1st month for just $10! {CLICK HERE}


Clarks Grill & Sports Emporium 1/2 Off Deal on

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Anytime Fitness FREE Dog Wash with

purchase of 3-STAGE Car wash w/tire shine.

FREE Car wash

8pm-9pm Mon.-Fri.

$0 enrollment & a free month if you sign up with a friend.

Expires 3/31/12

Expires 3/31/12 {CLICK HERE}




Communit-e Matters E-Newsletter Spring Issue  

A spring newsletter focusing on businesses, Manassas Park Economic Development and chamber of commerce

Communit-e Matters E-Newsletter Spring Issue  

A spring newsletter focusing on businesses, Manassas Park Economic Development and chamber of commerce