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What Does Being A Godparent Mean to You? JOIN OUR FAMILY

Godparent noun

: a monthly sponsor of Maison de Naissance In Haiti, the meaning associated with a Godparent is symbolically similar to the United States’ interpretation, a child’s caretaker. However, Haitians practice this relationship with a significantly stronger connotation. It is common to hear mothers and fathers referring to their Godparents as komé (co-mother) and kompé (cofather). Kirsty Bourret, Clinical Director elaborates further, “Community ties and bonds are essential within Haitian culture. Family is extensive and unlimited in its boundaries. Accepting to be a Godparent in Haiti is a long lasting, rewarding decision. A Godmother (Marèn), a Godfather (Parèn), their Godchildren and families continually embrace this special connection, a connection as strong as family.” For monthly donors to Maison de Naissance, we choose to evoke the same idea of a long lasting relationship by using the term Godparent. “Just as a Marèn and Parèn ensure children will have all the support they need to thrive and advance throughout their lives, your role as our extended family member will mean Maison de Naissance will have the means to thrive and advance in its goal to improve the health and well being of the mothers and babies in Haiti.”

With Your Support, Everything Is Possible An Infographic to illustrate the importance of monthly donors.

Where We Are Going Where We Are Now

Monthly Godparent Donations

= $2,500

“We cannot reach women in need without ongoing monthly giving.” - Betsy Wickstrom, Co-Founder & Board President

Monthly Godparent Donations

= $15,000


Deliver ONE Healthy Baby


TWELVE C-section Kits Deliver TWELVE Healthy Babies


/month for one year


/month for one year


/month for one year



ONE Prenatal Appointment /month for one year


Run MN for 24hours




Run MN for 7days

Run a Motorbike for ONE Year



/month for one year



Ambulance Driver’s Salary for ONE Year /month for one year




Assistant Nurse’s Salary for ONE Month /month for one year


Includes [prenatal, delivery, postnatal care, HIV testing, family planning, well baby care, vaccinations, and additional illness refferals.] X12 Includes all laboratory tests, examinations, education, proper medications and vitamins, and any urgent care needed for the mother.

Daily operational costs include laboratory exams and materials, vaccinations for women and children, medications and vitamins, family planning and birth control, gynecology appointments, emergency referrals, and Community Health Workers’ duties.

/month for one year

Run Our Ambulances for ONE Month /month for one year

Staff MN for ONE Day

Provides all supplies and medications a woman will need when she is referred for a life saving C-section to the local hospital.

} $420

/month for one year


/month for one year


Nurse Midwife’s Salary for ONE Year /month for one year

} } } }

Includes prenatal, delivery, postnatal care, HIV testing, family planning, well baby care, vaccinations, and additional illness referrals.

Includes repairs, fuel, and maintenance. Motorbikes allow access for Community Health Workers to visit homes and check on new mothers and new babies. Our ambulances require fuel and maintenance for emergency referrals, including a trained driver to deliver our mothers and babies safely to their destination. Provides all emergency referrals and safe transportation for our staff.

Assistant Nurses work alongside Nurse Midwives; their responsibilities extend to the pharmacy and family planning. MN employs 31 full-time and 8 parttime employees.

Responsibilities include primary patient care, ordering tests and prescriptions, examinations, labor and delivery, management of emergency referrals, care for HIV+ pregnant women, and education.

Dear Friends & Supporters of Maison de Naissance, Every month, hundreds of women come to Maison de Naissance, a locally staffed birthing center in rural Haiti. As a woman walks through our door she is greeted with compassion and respect. Once inside, she has complete access to prenatal care, family planning, HIV treatment and prevention of transmission to the baby, and expert delivery care. While there is never a charge to the patient, there are considerable expenses to provide that care. Every month we face a substantial challenge to cover those expenses. For this reason, we encourage our current friends to become sustaining donors, Godparents to Maison de Naissance (MN), arranging for monthly, fixed gifts to be debited from your credit card or checking account directly to Global Birthing Home Foundation, which funds MN. Through this monthly gift, which can be made using the “Donate Now� button below, you will allow us to continue this life-saving work and plan for the future. Please consider a monthly gift of whatever you are able to give. Sincerely,

Besty Wickstrom Co-Founder & Board President

What Does Being A Godparent Mean to You?  

A Godparent is a monthly sponsor of Maison de Naissance.