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Sunday, April 6, 2014 To whom it may concern:

Brief Report on Maison de Naissance Global Health Perspective (GHP) is a cross-cultural academic program at the University in the United States called Denver School of Nursing ( GHP focuses on student development in global health settings locally in the USA and around the world. GHP combines classroom training with in-field service-learning internships. Denver School of Nursing faculty mentor GHP students on international internships in locations including Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Peru, and Uganda. GHP is dedicated to partner with successful clinical organizations in each of these countries and seeks to foster strong relationships with successful clinical programs in each country of internship. Prior to travel to Haiti GHP selected Maison de Naissance (MN) as a top choice partnership organization for multiple reasons. Research indicated that since MN began providing maternal health care in October of 2004: the prenatal care rate for pregnant women increased from 51% to 99%. Births supervised by a skilled attendant increased from 13% to 91%. Neonatal mortality rate dropped from national average of 8% to less than 2%. Most profoundly of all a 0% maternal mortality rate existed at MN even after providing care for over 4,500 deliveries! From March 24 – April 5, 2014 Global Health Perspectives conducted a community health internship in Haiti with four senior nursing students: Angela Milano, Biz McIlmoyl, Dani Kloepper, and Josh Passburg. This internship was guided by two Denver School of Nursing faculty: Micah Hughes (GHP Director) and Pam Chandler (Certified Nurse Midwife & Family Nurse Practitioner). During this internship students and faculty assisted in care at orphanages, clinics, and birthing centers in Port Au Prince, Leogane, Jacmel and Les Cayes. While in Les Cayes, the DSN faculty were highly impressed with the administration, staff, and nursing care of MN. Students and faculty assisted with prenatal consultations and with vaccine administration. On Monday March 31st 17 new patients received prenatal consultations and 32 women received education by MN and GHP faculty on the significance of prenatal care and management. On Tuesday April 1st 12 patients and Wednesday April 2nd 13 patients received prenatal consultations. The MN nursing staff did an excellent job screening these pregnant women from the community and more significantly empowering each woman to understand the available resources and significance of prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum health care. Second page illustrates three photos of the prenatal consultations at MN:

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On Wednesday April 2nd MN was selected by the Haitian department of Health to administer vaccinations to women and children of their community. Once again DSN faculty were impressed by the organization, professionalism, and quality of care given to each child and woman in the administration of polio, tetanus, and measles vaccinations. In one day 25 children less than 1-year-old received vaccinations, 10 children between 1-4years old, and 35 adult women received vaccinations reaching a total of 70 individuals vaccinated on just the first day of the vaccination initiative. GHP faculty also visited the Les Cayes hospital, HIC, and had the opportunity to speak to Labor and Delivery physicians and nursing staff. The doctors and nurses of this hospital gave a very strong testimony to the previous success of MN and the need for MN to continue assisting in births. The HIC physician stated that they have had much higher birthing demands since birthing has stopped at MN last November. The physician of this successful hospital also shared concern for the future demand of deliveries since their new Labor building will have the same capacity as their old facility of 20 beds and they already have times of being at full capacity. The physician clearly stated his desire for MN to resume clinical oversight of birthing. This was very impressive for a successful hospital to acknowledge the respect for and the need of birthing assistance from the community clinic of MN. This is a brief report of our experience with MN and we would be happy to answer any further questions via email or phone conversations. Please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Micah S. Hughes, MS, BA Director – Global Health Perspectives Assistant Professor of General Education Mobile: +1.773.504.2283

Pam Chandler, FNP, CNM, MS Family Nurse Practitioner Certified Nurse Midwife Mobile: +1.303.818.1343

1401 Nineteenth Street, Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: 303-292-0015 Fax: 720-974-0290 Email: &

MN visit report by the Denver School of Nursing  

Early this spring, a group of faculty and students spent two days at Maison de Naissance, a maternal health care center in Torbeck, Haiti, o...

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