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Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents & MN Employee Profile 2 Letter from Our Executive Director 3 What We Do 4 Year in Review 5 Financials 6 Who We Are 7 List of 2013 Donors

Maison de Naissance Employee Profile: Jean Fresnel Louis Community Health Supervisor & Friend of Masion de Naissance

Louis Jean Fresnel grew up in the community of Torbeck, Haiti, where MN operates. He graduated from the Bishop Tharp Institute with an associate degree in IT in 2007, and was hired as the Community Health Supervisor that same year, a position he still holds today. Louis has devoted his career to promoting and providing comprehensive, professional maternal health care services to his home community for seven years, and has been instrumental in the ongoing expansion of MN’s community health services. We are truly honored to have such a dedicated leader and community member on our team!


Letter from Our Executive Director Lespwa Fe Viv, (“Hope Gives Life”, Haitian proverb). Maison de Naissance (MN) is a source of hope and life for the mothers and infants in the community it serves, and as we approach the tenth anniversary of its founding in October 2004, the achievements of MN’s staff embody the truth behind those words. Through adversity of every kind, including natural disasters, equipment malfunctions, local infrastructure breakdowns, and financial hardships, the staff at MN have always delivered high quality care, 24/7, to every mother who passed through their doors, all at no cost to the patients. By the end of 2013, MN had provided over 128,000 total consultations, and delivered over 4,700 healthy babies without a single maternal mortality. The latter statistic alone is an incredible testimony to the dedication and professionalism of our staff. As Maison de Naissance prepares to enter its second decade, its mission remains the same, yet we recognize that much has changed in Haiti since 2004. We must re-examine the local context and update our model of care accordingly. - Communication In 2004, the MN community had no internet, land lines, or cell coverage. MN put up a radio tower and satellite dish to achieve the first internet connection in the area. Now, three companies vie for customers across the region, and cell phones are ubiquitous. Shared cell phones are common and internet cafes are thriving. - Roads and Motorcycles (“Motos”) In 2004, it took more than an hour to travel from MN to the nearest hospital, if one had access to a four wheel drive vehicle. Some mothers in labor walked for several hours or were carried by family members. Most commonly, they stayed home to give birth. Now, infrastructure improvements allow mothers in labor to reach a delivery center in less than an hour. Changes in access have resulted in a reverse-flow phenomenon, as increasing numbers of women come from the city to deliver their babies at this remote location. - Obstetric Services at Public Hospitals The public health system has improved and expanded significantly since 2004, when a mother might be refused delivery care if she could not afford the prepayment fee. Now, two nearby hospitals have new, modern birthing facilities, and with support from the Ministry of Health, MN is transitioning from being a delivery center to being a maternal health center, a big step towards local sustainability, the ultimate goal for MN. This is in line with the Haitian government’s goal to decrease dependence on outside funding, and to build the integrity and capacity of local institutions. Our founding principle of indigenous management, now at 100% with the hiring of Mdm. Rosena Baptiste as the new MN Director, is another significant step to sustainability, eliminating the final ex-patriot position, and cementing MN’s cultural integration into the community it serves. Our ongoing goal is for ever more double wins of “healthy mother - healthy baby,” and as we build a more sustainable operation the possibilities of delivering high quality maternal health care to a population in need are endless – Dekabés! Sincerely,

Jim Grant Executive Director


What We Do

“Healthy mothers, healthy babies” has consistently been Maison de Naissance’s mission from its inception in 2004. Our services, through 2013, included delivery, prenatal, postnatal, family planning, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, women’s reproductive health, and well baby care. Our operational model was designed to overcome barriers of care that prevented women from accessing quality maternal health care. As developmental progress continues in Haiti our programs must adapt to the changing needs of the community in order to continue to reach impoverished women and children in need of care.


Year in Review At the beginning of 2013, we made it a priority for people to understand our name and remember us. In January, we began the process for Maison de Naissance Foundation to change its name to Global Birthing Home Foundation, to make it comprehensible and memorable for primary English speakers. However, the maternal health center in Haiti is still Maison de Naissance (Home of Birth). Located in Leawood, Kansas, Global Birthing Home Foundation is the fundraising and administrative organization that makes it possible for Maison de Naissance (MN) to operate. In early March 2013, Kyra Abbott, our Director at MN, moved back to Canada to start a family, and Kirsty Bourret, from Midwives for Haiti, took over as Director. Throughout 2013, Kirsty played an integral part in maintaining the quality of services that MN provides. Kirsty witnessed several accomplishments at MN, including a record number of five babies being delivered in one day, and initiation of a new partnership process with the Haitian Ministry of Health (Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population, MSPP) to fund specific MN staff salaries. In May, Global Birthing Home Foundation’s partner, GlobeMed at Truman State University, arrived for their second annual trip to MN. For two weeks, the group of six students gathered data from the surrounding community to assess the effectiveness of MN’s vaccination program, including the mortality rate of infants born at MN*. Their report can be found on our website, In September, we began planning for a new partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health. They had just completed equipping a brand new delivery room at the local public hospital, but did not have the staff needed to operate it. At the same time, we were looking for a way to expand our prenatal care services to a larger audience. With the economic and infrastructure improvements in the MN community since 2004, it was feasible for women in labor to access the new public hospital delivery room. We agreed to begin referring deliveries to them, thus opening up space at MN to expand other services. This is a very positive step, as the ultimate goal is for MN to eventually become an integral part of the public health system, while raising the bar for quality and compassion in women’s healthcare. At the end of 2013, Kirsty Bourret decided to leave MN to pursue a doctoral degree in Canada, and she recommended Mme. Rosena Baptiste, a former coworker, for the Director’s position at MN. Mme. Baptiste’s commitment to organizations such as the Save the Children Fund and CARE - Haiti represent her extensive knowledge of health barriers within Haiti, in addition to her dedication to improving the quality of life in Haiti. Ms. Baptiste’s acceptance of the Director position made MN’s staff 100% Haitian, thus, accomplishing a goal MN has had since its inception. * There were no infant mortalities reported in the sample population surveyed.


Financials 2013 operational expenses exceeded donation revenues, but a new partnership with MSPP, described above, allowed MN to reduce expenses for 2014, while preserving its core maternal health care services.

2013 Revenue



Individual Gifts




U.S.A. Foundation & Partner Organizations


s+iG  laudividnI  RAFPEP/PPSM



rentraP  &  no6adnuoF  sno6azinagrO    ssenisuB/etaroproC  rehtO

= 399,173.47 *Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (Haitian Ministry of Health) / President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief

2013 Expenses

Development & Communications

Management & Administration





Programs Management  &  General   Development  &  Communica7on  

= 441,690.00


Who We Are The Global Birthing Home Foundation operates as a non-governmental organization, under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti (Eglise Episcopale d’Haiti [EEH]). EEH owns MN’s grounds, building, and equipment, all of which have been purchased through generous donations to GBHF and its predecessor foundation, Maison de Naissance Foundation. GBHF shares local oversight of operations with EEH and is responsible for fundraising for programs and operations.

Board of Directors

Jim Grant, Executive Director Carol Hogue, PhD, MPH, President Elizabeth Wickstrom, MD, FACOG, Vice President Guy Montes, Treasurer Meaghan C. Novi, Secretary Evelina Swartzman, MD

Cindy Obenhaus, RN John Hicks, JD Lynn Hogue, PhD, JD Beth H. K. Mulvihill, D.O., FACOG Pere Frantz Casseus, PhD

Also, the Board of Directors recognizes the substantial contributions of its long-standing members Steve Swartzman, Cara Busenhart, Lindsey Patterson, AK Goodman, and Grace Snell, as they concluded their official membership and moved to emerita standing. We appreciate all the time, talents, and support of past Board members, sustaining contributors (Godparents), major donors, and friends of Global Birthing Home Foundation and Maison de Naissance.

Global Birthing Home Foundation Staff

Jim Grant, Executive Director Emily Brengarth, Director of Development & Communications

Maison de Naissance Staff*

Rosena Baptiste, Director Rose Guerline Cesar, Auxiliary Marie Yolaine Cius, Auxiliary Fanelise Boisrond, Auxiliary Marie Osseline Gerard, Auxiliary Marie Alourde Altema, Auxiliary Midwife Margarette Medela, Auxiliary Midwife Marthe Magalc Coeur, Laboratory Technician Herold Thervil, Accountant Pierre Carly Cherestal, Ambulance Driver Jean Pierraud Vital, Ambulance Driver Pierre Rochelin Fleurant, Facilities Manager Fednor Berlus, Security Guard

Dieudinor Michaud, Security Guard Lucner Louis, Security Guard Mie Marilene Guillaume, Custodian Nicole Joseph, Custodian Marie Denise Prospere, Custodian Sylvestre Ketline Salomon, Pharmacy Clerk Merline Guerrier, Laundry Attendant Jean Fresnel Louis, Community Health Supervisor Perpetue Jean Claude, Community Health Worker Mie Rosenie Sainte Paul, Community Health Worker Louna Julien, Community Health Worker Fredcia Bellabe, Community Health Worker Jean Irel Josil, Community Health Worker Enel Henry, Community Health Worker

*This list represents the staff at Maison de Naissance as of January 1, 2014.

Affiliations & Partners

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of our partners (noted with asterisks below) as well as our ongoing relationships with all these organizations. Together our partners provided 5.4% of MN’s operating expenses in 2013. Episcopal Diocese of Haiti (Eglise Episcopale d’Haiti [EEH]) Children’s Medical Mission of Haiti The E. Grey Diamond MD Program in International Medicine of the University of Missouri – Kansas City, School of Medicine President’s Emergency Plan Fund for Aids Relief (PEPFAR)* Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP)* The Haitian Episcopal Learning Partnerships (HELP) Foundation*

St. Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City, MO* The Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri* GlobeMed Chapter of Truman State University* Direct Relief International* AmeriCares* Hope for Haiti*


THANK YOU to Our 2013 Donors! *Sustainable Monthly Donor

$1 - $100

Emily Akins Stacey Algren* Sara Allen Christopher and Linda Antos Irving and Rita Barash Tom and Barbara Belote Julie Bernard Emily Brengarth Maxine Brenner Frederick Brown Ann Chase John Church Mary Clifford Susan Cohen Kelly Cornell Dailygood Michelle Dangler Craig Dangler Emily Davis Victoria and Theodore Dimas Elaine Domian Cynthia Eckert Christopher and Kristen Fotopoulos Kathleen Frederico Gould and Nancy Garcia Sam and Dorothy Gershman Timothy Grant Angela Guldin James & Helen Hagen Melissa Haveman William Hawley Lee and Linda Hegstrand Ruth Jenkins* Lenette Johnson Mary Kelly Anne Kimzey Betsy Koehne Ladies Philoptochos - Chapter Of The Annunciation John Lamb Sara Lappi Michael and Angela Lewis Brenda Lofton Justin Lohwater Eric and Wendy Luck Maria Mann Nancy Matsukis Lucinda Mellott Christine Morrison Sara Mulvihill Mary Mulvihill Patricia Neal Brent Never Mary Novaria Katherine Oleson Nicholas and Lois Papedo Marc and Sarah Parrish Richard Parsons Bruce and Page Reed Richard and Beverly Rush Eric and Cheryl Schoenberg Terry and Elizabeth Schoeni Mary Schuele Ameet Singh Gregory and Mary Smith Bradley and Dena Sneed Jack and Marnell Sparks St. John’s Episcopal Church, Brownvill Junction, ME

Andrea Steere Francie Stoner Marcelle Thibodeau-Hennigar Kole and Kelly Usrey Sarah Wallbaum Jane Walsh Susan Ward Joel and Diane Wiegers* Edgar and Janet Whelan John and Barbara Yeast Anna Zeiger

$101 - $500

Andriana Arvan* Lillard and DeVette Ashley* Lazelle S. Atkinson-Bontrager Denise Bay Christ Church Episcopal Laureate Delta Psi Marguerite Braun Angelo and Joan Brisimitzakis Cara Busenhart* Donna Chance Alexandra Connors Kimberly Cornwell Antoni and Sybil Diehl John Donnelly David and Helen Emmott Tammy Garrison GKCSU Jim and Mary Grant Marilyn Hamilton Karen Hansen Alicia Haywood John Hicks* Charles Horner Charles and Sally Ann Johnson George and Laura Johnston Melissa Jonas Mariella Kerr Paul Kiefer and Cathy Barry-Kiefer* Mable Krin Christine Krin Kurt and Melanie Kuenning Nancy Kulb John and Mary Grace Lanese Richard and Caroyln Lief Margaret Loehnig* Raymond Martin and Ellen Lanegraff Arvel and Linda McElroy Ron and Carolyn McLeroy Patricia Moore* Steve and Cindy Obenhaus Eric and Susanna Peck Marian Philip* Philoptochos Society Of St. Dionysios Church Thomas Radel* Lonnetta Ragland Paul Raikula Alan and Kimberly Reser Diana Richter William and Patricia Rudy John Schlarman Mark Schneekluth Shepherd Of The Hills Episcopal Church Grace Snell* St. Stephens Episcopal Church St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Todd Tavener

Louise Thurlow Leah Vomhof* Nancy Werneke George and Alison Wheeler Crystal White* Celina Wickstrom Jason Williams Linda Williams Ann Wittpenn H. Patrick and Kay Woolley Jon and Linda Yeager* Brian and Katherine Zeiger*

$501 - $1,000

Dan and Erika Claud* Robert Corder Steven and Mary Gulrich Hot Mama Inc. Barry and Carol Katzer* George and Marianne Kral*l Danielle Levac* Scott and Pam Logan* Lindsey Patterson* Emily Schepers Beverly and Daniel Schepers Bart Smoot St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church Institut Brenda Strafford The GE Foundation Jack and Marie Whitacre

$1,001 - $5,000

Charles and Allison Blanchard Champaign-Urbana Illini After Five Rotary Club Claire Cioni Allison Coffelt The Dale Family Foundation Megan Dorsey Donald Doucette and Lynn Drazinski Emma Flowers St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Emily John David and Demi Kiersznowski The Lordi Marker Family Foundation Leo and Llewellyn Lutchansky* Razoo Foundation Grant and Ann Renne The Hodgdon Family Fund Marc Schlebusch and Kendra Wyatt Schlebusch* Mike and Tina Seeley* Stan and Kathy Shaffer* Kim Soyeon Steve and Evelina Swartzman Trinity Cathedral Tim and Betsy Triplett*

$5,001 - $10,000

Anonymous Geoff and Laurence Coventry Estate Of Douglas Milton Norwood Carol Hogue*

$10,001 - $20,000

John and Mary Anderson* Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral of Kansas City* Truman State University GlobeMed John and Betsy Wickstrom*

$20,001 & $50,000

Kiersznowski Family Charitable Trust Dianne Shumaker


2013 annual report  

2013 Annual Report for Global Birthing Home Foundation, sponsor of Maison de Naissance maternal health center in Torbeck, Haiti

2013 annual report  

2013 Annual Report for Global Birthing Home Foundation, sponsor of Maison de Naissance maternal health center in Torbeck, Haiti