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South Yorkshire has never been shy of making history. From the early days when the region heavily contributed to the steel industry, to the current date where the region has given birth to a shower of distinguished personalities, South Yorkshire has in one form or another always been responsible for making headlines and harbouring that element of uniqueness. It comes as no surprise therefore that a community centre situated on Woodburn Road (Sheffield) will reverentially be finding its place amongst South Yorkshire’s matchless accomplishments. The Current Board of Directors spear headed by the very unique and talented chair Moham-

med Ali is pleased to announce that the current board of directors have now successfully purchased the centre on behalf of the community. Born in 1989 The Pakistan Muslim was created by a cluster of conscientious British Pakistani’s. With a larger than life constitution, the centre has over the years solely, collectively and thoroughly served all sectors of the community. Some of the more notable achievements have included the Emsap project, the wedding and events facilities. Providing, in conjunction to Pakistan Embassy, a monthly consular service. Securing an independent restricted radio license amongst other wider initiative’s, has further allowed the centre to be-











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come an integral part of the South Yorkshire. At a much larger level the centre is proudly recognised as one the largest voluntary BME training organisation in Europe. But the centre has also been prone to its fair share of criticism and stumbling blocks; there were grim periods when the centre experienced a near death situation. However the passion of the then and current Chairman (Mohammed Ali), with full support of the community and fellow board of directors aided the centre to effortlessly sail over rough waters. Announcing the Pakistan Muslim Centre’s good fortunes during a press conference at The Mirpuri Dhera (Sheffield), the very meticulous and passionate chair ( Chair Mohammed Ali ) and his board of directors thanked everyone who has and have travelled on PMC’s roller-coaster journey to success. Speaking at the event Mr Ali said “I wanted to acknowledge the sacrifices everybody has made for The PMC. Volunteers, Past and Present, Directors and partners in the public, private and voluntary sector have all made this happen today. South Yorkshire has achieved something historical today and we can all raise our heads high” Elaborating on his decision to make the purchase explained “this was not a decision that was taken lightly. In the end we decided that it would be more beneficial if the community held proprietor ownership. I want to take this opportunity in thanking you all for making this happen, but to also remind you that The PMC is not an island, we all need to work collectively and make this centre a community of excellence” Mukhtar Tufail.

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People always say that time will never return but the year 2014 declared them wrong because the calendar of the new year and 1947 shares exactly same dates. January 1st 2014 falls on Wednes-

day and December 31st 2014 ends on the same day as it did in 1947. 2014 will walk the same days on each date throughout the year as it did 66 years back.

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Majority Of People Waiting For Kidneys Are From South Asian Community A total of 40 people from the Bradford area received organ transplants this year – an increase of more than 40 per cent on last year. Health bosses put the hike down to more donors signing up, but say there is still a desperate need for more people, especially those from the South Asian community, to register to donate organs. In the Bradford area, 103 people, including six children, are wait-

ing for transplants and this year four patients died whilst waiting for the call to say a match had been found. Last year 120 adults and children were on the waiting list and 28 transplants were performed on Bradford people. The average wait for a kidney is around 18 months, but for South Asian people that wait can be three or four years longer. Nationally, 373 people died whilst waiting for one kidney last year.

Smacking Kids ‘Should Be Banned’ Parents should be banned from smacking children, according to the Children's Commissioner for England. Maggie Atkinson said it was her personal view that the law gives pets and adults more rights to be protected from violence than children, and she favours a total ban, which would see parents face criminal action for corporal punishment. Current rules make it illegal for a parent to smack a child if it leaves a bruise but permit a lighter smack or ''reasonable chastisement''. Dr Atkinson said: "Because in law you are forbidden from striking another adult, and from physically chastising your pets, but somehow there is a loophole around the fact that you can physically chastise your child. She added: "It's a moral issue. The morals

are that, taken to its extreme, physical chastisement is actually physical abuse and I have never understood where you can draw the line between one and the other. Better that it were not permitted." Her comments are likely to reopen the debate about what constitutes "reasonable" punishment of children, the newspaper said. Tottenham MP David Lammy said early last year that legislation surrounding the smacking of children needed to be relaxed so working-class parents could instil discipline in their homes without fearing prosecution. He claimed that Labour's 2004 decision to tighten up the smacking law was partly to blame for last summer's riots, which erupted in his north London constituency.

Patients ‘will wait week’ to see GP MORE patients will be forced to wait for a week or more to see their family doctor because of a shortage of GPs. Some 27 million people in England will have to wait for at least a week for an appointment next year because of the shortfall. Numbers of GPs in England are in sharp decline compared with a rise in the amount of hospital doctors - a gap which it predicts

will widen. Waiting times will increase further, with 71 per cent GPs expecting them to be longer within the next two years because of fewer resources for general practice. 11 years ago there were 2,500 more full-time equivalent GPs than hospital doctors. Last year, there were 31,700 GPs compared to 38,200 hospital doctors, a difference of 6,500.

820 Homes Brought Back To Life Action by Liberal Democrats in Government has seen 820 homes in Sheffield brought back into use since 2010. The revelation comes as Sheffield was granted almost £6 million through the latest round of the Government’s New Homes Bonus. Government action on empty homes includes grants to charities for work, the New Homes Bonus,

which rewards homes brought into use, and the Empty Homes Premium. The premium, which allows Councils the power to charge council tax of 150% on private properties empty for more than two years, was adopted by Sheffield City Council in February 2013, following significant pressure from opposition Liberal Democrat councillors.


Helping Businesses Employ Sheffield’s Young People

More than 5,000 jobseekers in Sheffield will have to bring proof they are looking for work to get their benefit from now on. The government’s new Claimant Commitment, which sets out what unemployed people need to do to be eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance, and the consequences of failing to meet requirements, is being introduced. Claimants will have to provide evidence to show they have met the requirements in order to get payments. The Claimant Commitment is being introduced in about 100 Jobcentres every month until it is in place across the country by the spring this year.

The drive to help young people get jobs in Sheffield will be boosted by plans to abolish employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for under 21-years-olds. The news means businesses will no longer have to pay tax on their employees aged under 21-years-old. For example, companies will save £1,000 each year for every young employee earning £16,000. In Sheffield the plan to abolish NICs for young people from April 2015 means companies will not have to pay the contributions for 16,680 young people. Across South Yorkshire companies will not pay contributions for 33,250 young people.

A&E departments are increasingly coming under pressure from high levels of demand. However a recent GP survey showed that 86 per cent of patients rate their overall experience of their GP practice as good. And the Government has announced a £50 million fund for innovative GP practices to improve access for their patients so that working people and peo-

ple who lead busy lives will have better access to GP services. The Government has also committed to increase the number of GP trainees from 40 per cent of all newly-qualified doctors leaving medical school to 50 per cent by 2020 and GP numbers will continue to grow faster than the population.

Broadway Development Project Signed And Sealed Developer Westfield has signed legal agreements which guarantee Bradford’s long-awaited new £260 million shopping centre being built. Major construction is scheduled to start in January and final site preparation works are nearly done. The hope is that the build will take two years and people

could be Christmas shopping there in 2015. Work on the site was stalled five years ago due to the economic downturn and some have questioned whether the scheme will get under way. It is estimated the scheme will create 1,500 construction and 2,500 new retail jobs.

UK’S NUMBER 1 BEAUTY ICON Kate Middleton has been voted the UK's number one beauty icon. In a poll of 2000 British women, the Duchess of Cambridge beat off competition from pop stars, TV presenters, catwalk models and even Hollywood royalty to take the title. The 32-year-old, who is famed for her slender figure, her glossy brunette locks and her natural beauty, has won the accolade for the third consecutive year. The future Queen and new mother continues to turn heads, whether showcasing stylish British designer wear or modelling high street favourites. It seems Kate Middleton is the woman we most admire for her looks, and who we wish to emulate. Sophisticated, simple and stylish, it's her effortless beauty

and her natural charm that has won her both the beauty queen crown, and quite evidently, the prince's heart.

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NEWS REVIEW 2013: Royal Baby and Margaret Thatcher's death among landmark UK moments From the birth of the Royal Baby to bidding farewell to colossal figures of world politics, 2013 has been full of landmark moments. We give a rundown of the biggest stories that broke throughout the year. JANUARY Vauxhall helicopter crash Two people were killed and 12 were injured after a helicopter crashed into a crane during morning rush hour in London. The helicopter exploded in the sky after hitting a crane on top of The Tower building in South Lambert around 8:00am on Wednesday January 16. Two people were killed. FEBRUARY UK loses its triple A credit rating Britain's economy was dealt a heavy blow when its top credit rating was downgraded for the first time in 35 years. The UK was stripped of its prized AAA credit rating, the highest possible, amid fears economic growth in Britain will be slow for a few years. In the aftermath of the downgrade the pound plunged to a near 16 month low against the Euro and a 31 month low against the Dollar. MARCH Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce jailed for speeding scandal Former Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce were each sentenced to eight months in jail for perverting the court of justice. The pair were sentenced at Southwark Crown Court on Monday March 11 after Pryce took speeding points for her then husband in 2003. APRIL The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher dies aged 87 Britain's first and only female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died after suffering a stroke aged 87. The three time Prime Minister passed away on Monday April 8 at London's Ritz hotel where she had been staying since January following a minor operation. The woman who transformed Britain's economic fortunes and spearheaded the operation to reclaim the Falklands was described as a "great leader" by David Cameron. A ceremonial funeral was held at St Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday April 17, and thousands lined the street to pay their respects to Baroness Thatcher. MAY David Cameron agrees to EU referendum The Government announced plans to finally give Britons their say on Europe with a straight in-or-out choice in a referendum on Britain’s EU membership. A draft Commons bill was unveiled on Tuesday May 14 which would give voters a simple yes or no choice on staying in the European Union. It called for an EU referendum before the end of 2017. Also in May, Private Lee Rigby was murdered in a south London street, an event caught in hideous detail on video and mobile phones, which have been replayed in court as the trial is ongoing. JUNE Prince Philip admitted to hospital The Duke of Edinburgh spent his 92nd birthday in hospital after being admitted to the London Clinic for an "exploratory operation". The Palace said the pre-arranged procedure, carried out on Friday June 7, followed "abdominal investigations" and the Duke went on to spend 11 days in hospital. Abu Qatada, the fundamentalist Muslim preacher, was finally deported to Jordan, where he faced trial. The samesex marriage bill became law, greeted with delight by the gay community and suspicious resentment by many Tories. For once Britain had a good summer; 1 August was, at 34C, the hottest day in London for 10 years. JULY The birth of the Royal Baby A nation celebrated the arrival of their future King after the Duchess of Cam-

bridge gave birth to her and Prince William's first son. William was by his wife's side as she delivered a little boy weighing 8lb and 6oz on Monday July 22 at 4.24pm at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital. The new prince is the third in line to the throne. The next day, Wednesday July 24, it was announced the Royal Baby was named by Kate and Wills as George Alexander Louis and he will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Prince George was later christened on Wednesday October 23 at a private ceremony in the Chapel Royal of St James's Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury. AUGUST MPs vote against going to war in Syria David Cameron had his authority as Prime Minister undermined after the Government lost a shock vote in the House of Commons on military intervention in Syria. The Coalition saw their motion supporting military action against President Bashar Assad fail by 272 votes to 285. On Saturday August 31 US President Barack Obama said America would take military action against Syria. But after mediating from Russian President Vladimir Putin a deal was struck on Thursday September 19 which would see America call off army strikes on Syria if Assad handed over his stockpile of chemical weapons. SEPTEMBER Mass car pile-up on Sheppey Crossing More than 130 vehicles were involved in a series of crashes during heavy fog on a dual carriageway. Police said it was "truly miraculous" no one was hurt after the mass car pile up on the Sheppey crossing during morning rush hour on Thursday September 5. The crash started at around 7.15am and continued for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into each other in visibility that was down to 20 yards. Eight people were injured in the crash and 35 people were taken to hospital, while 200 people were seen by medical staff at the scene. OCTOBER Government approves first UK nuclear plant in a generation The Government gave the go-ahead for Britain's first nuclear power plant in two decades. David Cameron hailed the announcement of the £16 billion Hinkley Point C reactor in Somerset "a very big day for our country". The nuclear plant will open in 2023. The plant is expected to run for 35 years and is capable of producing seven per cent of the UK's electricity - enough to power five million homes. NOVEMBER Police helicopter crashes into Clutha pub Glasgow was left rocked after a police helicopter crashed into a packed pub on a Friday night. Ten people died and 32 were injured after the aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into one of the city's oldest pubs around 10.25pm on Friday November 29. DECEMBER Britain battered by Arctic storm Two people were killed and people across the country faced travel chaos as ferocious winds of up to 140mph battered Britain. A HGV driver was killed when his lorry toppled over and a man died after he was hit by a falling tree during the Arctic Storm on Thursday December 5. Around 130,000 people were left without power and hundreds of flights and trains were either cancelled or diverted because of the extreme weather. The Environment Agency issued more than 230 flood warnings and around 10,000 people were evacuated as sea water crashed through some coastal towns. Snow flurries also hit the UK in February and March as the country was caught in the grips of a cold snap, with Met Office saying March was the second coldest since records began. However, in 2013 Britons did benefit

from the warmest and most sunny summer since 2006 as a July heat wave and scorching August temperatures hit the country. PAKISTAN Pakistan held parliamentary and presidential elections in 2013, and both marked important milestones in the coup-prone country. The largely peaceful transfer of power of both the prime minister and president signaled a move toward democracy in a country that continues to be mired in economic malaise and violence at the hands of the Taliban and other insurgents. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of the Pakistan Muslim League dominated parliamentary elections in May 2013. Trailing were the Movement for Justice Party (PTI), led by cricket star Imran Khan, and the governing Pakistan People's Party (PPP). The historic election marked the first time in Pakistan's history that a civilian government served out its full five-year term and transferrred power after a democratic election. Khan, who appealed to younger voters, was expected to poll much better and claimed the election was marred by vote-rigging. Sharif formed alliances with smaller parties to establish a majority, and Parliament elected him prime minister in June. He served as prime minister from 1990 to 1993 and 1997 to 1999. A fiscal conservative who favors deregulation, Sharif campaigned on promises to boost the economy and curtail Pakistan's cooperation with the U.S. in its war on terrorists. Upon taking office, he called on the U.S. to halt its drone strikes into tribal areas on Pakistani soil. His request came days after a U.S. drone strike killed Wali-ur-Rehman, the Pakistan Taliban's second highest-ranking leader. The national and provincial parliaments elected Mamnoon Hussain president in July 2013. Hussain is a businessman with little political experience beyond briefly serving as governor of Sindh Province in 1999. Zardari is the first democratically elected president to finish his term and hand power to a successor. Since Zardari returned many of his powers to parliament in 2010, the role of president is largely ceremonial. Taliban Leader Killed in a Drone Strike The U.S. achieved an important victory over the Taliban with the November 2013 assassination of Hakimullah Mehsud, the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan. He died in a CIA drone strike in Danday Darpa Khel, a militant stronghold in North Waziristan. While the government expressed outrage that the U.S. overstepped its boundaries, many citizens indicated they were relieved about the death of a man whose group has destabilized and terrorized the country. The Pakistani Taliban is responsible for the death of thousands of Pakistanis mostly through suicide bombings and has been battling the country's army in the tribal belt. The drone program has come under fire in Pakistan and in the U.S., as opponents say the attacks have claimed far too many civilians. However, a report by Pakistan's defense ministry released days before Mehsud's death found that since 2008, the drone strikes had killed 2,160 militants and 67 civilians—far fewer civilians than expected. The government also said Mehsud's death may thwart plans to hold peace talks with the Taliban. Days after Mehsud's death, the Taliban selected Mullah Fazlullah as their new leader. Fazlullah, known for his brutal tactics and as an ideologue, organized the attack on 14-year-old peace activist Malala Yousafzai. He said the Taliban would not enter into peace talks with the government. Prime Minister Sharif named Lt. Gen. Raheel Sharif as head of the miliatry in November, just days before the retirement of Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. In recent history, the army chief has been considered the most powerful figure in the country.

Pakistan Offers To Fly Musharraf’s Sick Mother Home

The Pakistani government has offered to fly home the sick mother of former president Pervez Musharraf, who faces a series of major criminal cases and is barred from leaving the country. The former general is accused of a range of offences related to his 1999-2008 rule of the nucleararmed nation, including treason and the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. The pursuit of criminal cases against

the former army chief has put the government on a potential collision course with the powerful military. It has been suggested that one way to avoid such a potentially destabilising clash would be to allow Musharraf to leave the country on compassionate grounds, to see his sick and elderly mother in Dubai. His legal team have sought permission for him to leave Pakistan in recent weeks, but without success

so far. The government said judges must decide Musharraf's fate, but offered to bring his 95-yearold mother to Pakistan to continue medical treatment. The start of Musharraf's trial for treason was delayed recently because of a bomb scare and the hearing is now expected to go ahead on January 1. The charges relate to Musharraf's imposition of emergency rule in November 2007 and if found guilty he could face the death penalty or life imprisonment. His aides and lawyers have dismissed the cases as politically motivated, accusing the government and others of trying to use the courts to settle old scores. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who won a third term in May's general election, was the man Musharraf ousted when he seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999.

Boxer Amir Khan Says Pakistan A Safe Country British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has termed Pakistan as a safe country and said that there was no security issue there. The 26 year old Pakistani-origin twotime world champion arrived in

Lahore and paid a visit to Hazrat Ali Hajweri shrine where he prayed for success and for the success of other Muslims across the world. He said that whenever he came to Pakistan he

visited Lahore because the city was beautiful and he loved the atmosphere. “I love Pakistan and Pakistanis and they are really nice people and I know they also love me”, the boxer added.

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Special Traditional Dishes Nihari Lamb slowly stewed with spices, served in a distinctive gravy sauce Peshawari Ghosht Lamb on the bone, Blackpepper & Green Chilli Haleem Combination of lamb & lentils simmered for several hours Lamb Paya Slow stewed lamb trotters, served in a rich sauce Lamb Chop Masala Balti Ghosht Lamb cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Chicken Balti Cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Keema Balti Mince meat cooked with tomatoes, onions & spices King Prawn Balti Cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Bhindi Ghosht Lamb cooked with okra Bhindi Chicken Chicken cooked with okra Dall Ghosht Lentils cooked with lamb Dall Chicken Lentils cooked with chicken

£7.00 £6.50 £6.90 £6.50 £6.90 £6.70 £6.50 £6.50 £9.00 £6.40 £6.20 £6.40 £6.20

Palak Ghosht Lamb cooked with spinach Palak Chicken Chicken cooked with spinach Chana Chicken Chicken cooked with chickpeas Karela Ghosht Lamb cooked with bitter gourd Achari Ghosht Lamb cooked in a masala sauce with lime pickle Achari Chicken Chicken cooked in a masala sauce with lime pickle Lamb Jalfrezi A medium dish cooked with onions, peppers and fresh corriander Chicken Jalfrezi A medium dish cooked with onions, peppers and fresh corriander Mixed Taka Tak Mince meat, kidney, kapoorey, liver & heart Keema Chops Mince meat Tawa Chicken Boneless chicken cubes cooked on a tawa Ginger Chicken Boneless chicken, chillies, onions & ginger, cooked on a tawa Maghaz

£6.50 £6.20 £6.50 £6.50 £6.70 £6.50 £6.90 £6.50 £7.00 £6.70 £6.90 £6.50 £6.90

Grill & Steaks

Mixed Grill

Chicken & lamb tikka, lamb chops, chicken wings, ¼ chicken & seekh kebab

Full Peri Peri Chicken


Half Peri Peri Chicken


Lamb Chops (7pcs)


Chicken Steak T-Bone Steak Sirloin Steak Beef Fillet Steak Shredded Beef Steak Lamb Steak Grilled Fish Steak

£7.00 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £12.00 £10.90 £7.50

Served with rice, chips or nan Served with rice, chips or nan Marinated in spices


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Benazir Bhutto’s Real Legacy On 27th December, 2007, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in an attack during an election rally in Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. The park is named after Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, who was killed in the same vicinity, on 16th October, 1951. The killers of both leaders escape justice to this very day. While Ms Bhutto’s death anniversary is marked with commemorative gatherings all over the country, it has also become the day her entire life is put under a microscope, and scrutinized. However, engaging in a pursuit of the fine detail has its downside; one is likely to completely miss the big picture. The critics must see beyond politically inspired allegations, especially when the personality under question has so much more to offer. Was Benazir Bhutto a saint? Of course not. No one is. She was flawed, like all mortals are. But, she was extraordinary, too. Only in her 20s, she took on a feared military dictator, Gen Zia ul Haq, and was condemned to almost 6 years of house arrests and imprison-

ments, including being held in solitary confinement in a desert cell in Sindh during the summer of 1981. It was her poor health and the pressure from the international community which would push the Zia regime to allow the Bhutto family to travel abroad for medical treatment.

The rest is history. Pakistan is largely a conservative country. Traditions, cloaked in religion, ensure that women stay in their place – which is inside the house, in their understanding. The same country elected Benazir Bhutto as the first woman ever to lead a Muslim state, and it did it twice. People forget that she was in power for merely four and a half years, in two brief

New £5 Bank Notes Will Be Made Of Plastic

stints, out of more than 30 years of her political struggle. While in office, she had to fight against the military establishment which never trusted her. And, definitely didn’t appreciate being led by a woman. From plotting to set election dates in accordance with her pregnancy report in order to limit her physical mobility during elections, to dressing in specific uniforms to justify not saluting the head of the state, they threw it all her way. Nothing worked. She just wouldn’t quit. She never did. Benazir Bhutto worked in an environment, in a system, which was always at odds with her and what she stood for. They understood what she symbolized, and the power that symbols hold. An educated, intelligent, independent woman, a mother, struggling for democracy, against the mighty Pakistani establishment and the vicious far-right segment of the populace. How many other women, or men, do we know in Pakistan, and in the world, who could achieve even half of that?

NO PARKING AT SHEFFIELDS CHILDREN HOSPITAL FOR 12 MONTHS Work on a £40 million redevelopment scheme at Sheffield Children’s Hospital is set to begin in earnest within weeks but bosses have warned there will be no parking spaces at the site for a full year. The hospital is preparing for a big revamp, bringing improved facilities including a new outpatients department, more modern wards and a new main reception area. Sheffield University’s new multistorey car park on the corner

Ofsted Annual report shows progress is being made in Bradford schools Thousands more Bradford children and young people are now being taught in schools judged to be good or outstanding, according to the Ofsted Annual Report. The document shows a significant increase in the percentage of pupils attending good or outstanding schools in the Bradford district. The primary school figures push Bradford up the Ofsted league table 44 places to 54th this year compared to 98th in 2012 out of 150 Local Authorities. The report also shows that Ofsted judgements for Bradford secondary schools are improving at a faster rate than many other Local Authorities. The percentage of pupils attending secondary schools in the district judged to be good or better has also increased - from 28% in 2012 to 47% this year – pushing Bradford up the Ofsted table to 138th compared with 149th in 2012.

of Clarkson Street and Glossop Road, opposite the hospital, is also due for completion by the end of next year. But the upheaval means there will be no space for people to leave their cars at the children’s hospital for around a year from January 14, with access limited to pickingup and dropping-off patients or staff. As well as buses which stop outside the hospital, such as the 51 and 52, a park-and-ride scheme

Dr Merban Ghani

is being laid on at Q-Park on Castlegate in the city centre, starting on January 13. Hospital visitors will receive discounted parking rates at Q-Park, and a free shuttle bus will run every 30 minutes from 8am to 6pm, which passengers can board by showing the driver their appointment letter. The parking bays outside A&E will still be in use, and at least 10 disabled parking spaces will be available.

SHEFFIELD PARKING FINES AT RECORD £1.7 MILLION Income from parking penalties in Sheffield has reached record levels of £1.7 million – after a six-fold increase last year. The fines resulted in a £1.6 million profit for Sheffield Council’s parking services department – which the authority intends to more than double to £3.3m this financial year. However, business leaders have branded the huge increase ‘worrying’ and said they have a ‘major concern about the message it sends about doing business in the city centre’. According to Government statistics, Sheffield received £300,000 a year from penalty charge notices issued by wardens on streets in 2009/10,

2010/11 and 2011/12. But in 2012/13, income from the fines soared to £1.7 million - more than six times higher than the previous year and the biggest increase of any council outside London. Of the other councils in South Yorkshire, Doncaster’s 2012/13 surplus was £296,000, down from £470,000 the previous year, while Barnsley’s was £687,000, up from £552,000 in 2011/12. Rotherham’s surplus also rose to £438,000 in 2012/13 from £352,000 in 2011/12, while Chesterfield’s fell to £1.03m in 2012/13 from £1.2m in 2011/12.

Plastic bank notes are to be issued by the Bank of England for the first time when the new £5 featuring Sir Winston Churchill appears in 2016. A £10 note featuring Jane Austen to follow around a year later will also be made from polymer rather than the cotton paper currently used. It follows a three-year research programme that concluded plastic notes stay cleaner for longer, are more difficult to counterfeit and are at least 2.5 times longerlasting. The new notes will retain their familiar look, the Bank said, including the portrait of the Queen and a historical character. It will be the first time plastic notes

have been used in the Bank's 300-year history. Being thin and flexible, they can fit into wallets as easily as paper banknotes. Last year there were 2.9 billion notes in circulation, with a face value exceeding £52 billion, according to the Bank's figures.

More than 25 countries issue polymer banknotes, including Australia - which began printing them in 1988 - as well as New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Canada, and most recently Fiji and Mauritius.

Landlords ‘Avoid Tenants On Universal Credit’ Landlords say the uncertainty over the Universal credit is putting them off people on welfare. A rising number of landlords are steering clear of benefit claimants over fears of non-payment. The data from the National Landlords’ Association shows the number of landlords letting to people on benefits has halved from (46%) to just one in five (22%) in the last three years. And 52% of landlords say they would not even consider letting to some-

one on benefits because of those who do, seven out of 10 have experienced rent arrears in the past 12 months averaging £3,000 each. The Government's flagship welfare reform forces people to budget by paying their benefits in one monthly lump sum. It has been dogged by difficulties amid accusations of weak management and a timetable that keeps on slipping. Now fears are rising about the human consequences

of this massive reform. Universal Credit Scheme, which combines six means-tested benefits into one monthly payment has already been delayed in implementation. £140m has already been wasted on the project, £40m spent on IT for the project, and only a "handful" of the promised 1.7 million people would be switched by 2014/15 and only 400,000 by the following year - less than 10% of the original target.

Defibrillator Drone Someone goes into cardiac arrest in the street. You want to help. Imagine if a drone arrived to assist you with a defibrillator. Drones aren’t just pilotless weapons: one day, they will provide a rescue service from the sky. This is the idea behind young Austrian designer Stefan Riegebauer’s drone. His project, which reached the finals of the 2012 Dyson Awards for innovation, operates as follows: You witness an emergency. You use an app to request assistance. An expert assesses the situation straight away and contacts one of the drones, which are strategically positioned on rooftops throughout your city. While you wait for

assistance, the adviser can even guide you through the most urgent first aid procedures. This is a new idea for dealing with a very real problem: in the

United States alone, one fatal cardiac arrest in three need not result in death if treated in under six minutes.

50th prosecution for Rotherham There have now been 50 prosecutions in Rotherham in the fight against blue badge fraud across the borough. The 50th person prosecuted was fined £100 and ordered to pay costs of £150 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. Martin Beard, Rotherham Borough Council’s Parking Services Manager, said: “This is the authority's 50th successful prosecution, since we started taking offenders to court in 2010. "This kind of inconsiderate parking deprives genuine people of much-needed parking spaces and so the Council will continue its campaign against such fraudulent activities.”

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Climate Of Ethnic Profiling The UN refugee agency has condemned David Cameron's proposed immigration laws over fears they could stigmatise foreigners, deny housing to people in need and create a "climate of ethnic profiling". The United Nations high commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, raised concerns that the immigration bill will damage communities and lead to the marginalisation of refugees and asylum-seekers. It comes after Tories reacted angrily to the UN's special investigation on housing, warned that the bedroom tax was causing "shocking" hardship in parts of the UK. Cameron has proposed the immigration bill in order to crack down on illegal immigrants, restricting access to bank accounts and private housing, as well as forcing temporary migrants to pay for public services such as the NHS. However, the commissioner is worried that legal refugees and asylum-seekers will be caught up in the new restrictions, as landlords, GPs and banks will find it difficult to interpret their immigration status. The commissioner said these protected

groups would suffer discrimination if the legislation went ahead. The UNHCR, which is currently working with 10 million refugees in disaster zones such as Syria, also raised concerns about changes to the UK legal system after Theresa May, the home secretary, said she wanted to make it easier for illegal immigrants to be deported before they have the chance to appeal. The Home Office has been forced to defend the immigration bill against accusations it will turn GPs, banks and landlords into the equivalent of border guards by forcing them to carry out immigration status checks. The home affairs committee warned that millions of landlords may be unwilling to rent properties to immigrants if coalition proposals requiring them to carry out immigration checks were put into practice. The cross-party group said the measures were designed to create a hostile environment for illegal migrants and could discriminate against all immigrants, regardless of their status.

MP presents £2500 to

The Children’s Hospital Charity Paul Blomfield MP has presented a cheque for £2500 to The Children’s Hospital Charity. Paul has been fundraising throughout the year for The Children’s Hospital Charity which was his chosen charity for 2013. The Children’s Hospital Charity does a fantastic job in raising huge sums of money to improve care for the young patients at the Children’s Hospital and their Make It Better appeal will enable the hospital’s facilities to match their exceptional service. Their fundraising also helps staff to provide

the world class surgical and medical care through purchasing new state of the art equipment, and making the hospital a friendly and welcoming place.

“Autumn Statement” The Government set out its "Autumn Statement"last month. This is a mini-Budget, making difficult decisions to secure Britain's economic recovery. It is a plan for the long-term, so our children can enjoy the opportunities and public services that we have. If you pay taxes, drive a car, or run a small business, here are the 10 facts you need to know: 1. MORE ROADS AND RAILWAYS. The Conservative-led Government has set out £35.8 billion of investment in London's infrastructure. This will create jobs, support local businesses and make life easier for hardworking commuters. 2.HELP FOR HIGH STREETS. Helping local shops and restaurants with a business rates discount of up to £1,000 for retail properties. This will help the high street, protecting jobs and supporting the community - and is part of wider action on business rates to support local businesses. 3. LOWER MORTGAGE RATES. The long-term plan has kept mortgage rates at record lows. Even a 1% rise would see mortgage bills rise by £1,000 a year. 4.£50 OFF ENERGY BILLS. Energy

Migrants who cannot speak English well enough to get a job face being denied benefits under a new tougher test, the Work and Pensions Secretary has said. The upgraded test for migrants who want to claim income-related benefits has already been rolled out across Jobcentres. Those applying will have to answer more individually tailored questions, provide more detailed answers and submit more evidence before they can claim. For the first time migrants will be quizzed about whether their English language skills will be a bar-

:: A pair of boxer shorts being used to apply linseed oil to a floor caught fire. :: A fridge freezer caught fire after a mouse got into the back, shorting the electrics. London Fire Brigade's investigations team, said they had seen some "weird and wonderful" things this year, adding that even the strangest fire could have been prevented by taking simple fire safety precautions. They advised people not to use microwaves to dry out clothes top to reach food, setting fire to or other items, never to leave candles unattended and to keep a bag. :: A pigeon dropped a discarded mirrors and glass, which reflect lit cigarette down a chimney, the sun's rays, away from flammable objects. starting a fire in a bird's nest. loo was placed in a microwave to dry it out. :: A dog hit the controls of a toaster as it leapt on to a work-

tax for employers on everyone under the age of 21 - making it easier for businesses to take on young people. 7. MORE APPRENTICESHIPS. Continuing investment in skills. Already, this has helped create 1.5 million new apprenticeships. 8. LOWER INCOME TAXES. Continuing cutting income tax for 25 million people - meaning the typical taxpayer has already saved

£590 a year. By next year, it will be £705. 9. FREEZE COUNCIL TAX. The Govt has offered councils funding to freeze Council tax - saving an average of £210 a year on a band D home. 10. CONTROLLING BENEFITS. Fixing the welfare system - rewarding work so that nobody on benefits is better off than the average family in work.

Migrants Told ‘Speak English Or No Benefits’

Bizarre Causes Of Fires Revealed A pigeon dropping a discarded cigarette down a chimney and a dog turning on a toaster were among some of the most bizarre causes of fires this year, the country's biggest brigade has revealed. Investigators in London studied 2,000 incidents in the capital in a bid to highlight the importance of fire safety, and discovered some truly weird cases. Among the most unlikely causes of fires were: :: A teenage boy on his first date sprayed a can of deodorant on himself, then inexplicably lit what remained in the can, causing an explosion. :: A toilet roll dropped down the

bills will now fall by around £50 because the Government is rolling back the cost of green levies on our bills. This is the right way to help hardworking people with their monthly bills. 5.FILLING UP THE FAMILY CAR. Petrol and diesel will now be 20p per litre cheaper - saving you £11 every time you fill up your car. 6. JOBS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. The Govt is abolishing the jobs

rier to them finding employment benefits like other EU citizens. and about what efforts they had made to find work before coming to the UK. Officials will have 200 questions to choose from when assessing claimants - 100 more than previously. Britain is already in a legal battle with the European Commission which says that it unlawful to test immigrants before they can claim benefits. It comes amid concerns over an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians this month when they will be entitled to come to the UK for work and will be able to claim

A fifth of Bradford district ‘doesn’t want to work’ claims new survey A fifth of people in Bradford “do not want a job”, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. The random sample of people aged 16 to 64, found that 20 per cent of people in the district stated that they did not wish to find work. The survey also revealed that 26 per cent of those questioned were classed as ‘economically inactive.’ The ONS has also published further analysis of the last UK census, revealing that more than 32,000 people in the Bradford district have never been in any form of official employment, the second highest figure in the UK outside London, just behind

Birmingham. 65 per cent of people across Bradford were in some form of employment, but 20 per cent, or a fifth of those questioned, were classed as “economically inactive” and “not wanting a job”. This group chose not to disclose a reason why they did not want to work, ignoring options such as being on long-term sickness, looking after a family home or being a student. The remainder of people were classed as either unemployed but available for work, or economically inactive but wanting to find a job. Meanwhile, the new census analysis showed that 8.8 per cent

of residents across the district aged 16 to 74 had never been in any form of official employment. This figure, well above the UK average of 3.8 per cent, takes into account people who survive on their own personal wealth, the combined income of a family or partner, or those who receive contributions from state benefits. The total of those who have never worked included a high proportion of women, 13.3 per cent, or more than 24,000, again well in excess of the national average, which is just 5.1 per cent.

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Education and High Storrs Attendance and Achievement

Pope Francis Named Time Person Of The Year

Mr Akram and Mrs Heggs We have finally made it to the end of the longest term. Soon it will be January, the month notorious for bad weather and illness. Therefore it seemed a good time to write about attendance and achievement.

It is very tempting to let your child stay at home if they complain of being poorly, but it is worth remembering that research suggests that 17 school days missed in one year results in students losing one GCSE grade. This means that just over 3 weeks off school in Year 11 could be the difference between a C grade and a D grade! According to government statistics a student with 93% attendance would have a 73% chance of achieving 5 A* - C grades at GCSE. Compare this to a child with attendance that is below 90% who would have just a 27% chance of achieving 5 A* - C grades at GCSE. Sometimes it is hard to understand what these percentages actually mean so let’s put it in terms of days. If a child misses 1 day every couple of weeks this would make their attendance

‘still at risk from flu’ Time magazine has named Pope Francis as its Person of the Year. The US magazine chose the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church as the most influential figure of the year in its annual review. The 77-year-old Argentinian was picked from a varied shortlist that included Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and twerking superstar Miley Cyrus. Time called the Pope a "septua-

genarian superstar" and said he had taken "the name of a humble saint and then called for a church of healing". Francis became 266th leader of the world's Roman Catholics in March this year, following the surprise abdication of Benedict XVI. The Pope has revealed he once worked as a nightclub bouncer in his native Argentina. The pontiff also swept floors for a living and worked in a laboratory as a teenager.

2 Year Olds Benefiting From Free Childcare Over a thousand disadvantaged two-year-olds in Sheffield have already benefitted from the Liberal Democrat policy of 15 free hours of childcare. From September 2013 the poorest 20% of two-year olds have been eligible for 15 hours of free childcare. In Sheffield, 1,158 children have taken up the offer.

The policy comes in addition to 15 hours of free early years education available to all three and four-year-old children in Sheffield. Even more families will be supported from September 2014, when the policy will be expanded to include the poorest 40% of two-year-olds.

Figures being presented to the Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee show that two thirds of parents of two- and three-year-olds in the Bradford district still haven’t taken their children to the GP for their winter flu vaccine. This is a new programme for young children aged two and three years by September 2013 in addition to existing flu vaccination programmes for over 65-year-olds, under-65-yearolds at risk, pregnant women and other eligible groups. The statistics also show that over two thirds of over 65-yearolds have had their flu vaccination but only 44% of adults and children under-65-years of age, who are ‘at risk,’ have had their flu vaccination. The Council’s Public Health consultants are particularly urging pregnant women to get the winter flu vaccination for them-

selves and for all parents for and their young children before the peak of flu season, which is due to start from now onwards. Uptake for young children and pregnant women is lower in areas near to Bradford city centre. It’s the first year that the winter flu vaccine has been offered to toddlers and the programme aims to cut the spread of flu and reduce the significant health risks caused by any complications. There have been increased efforts to persuade pregnant women, parents and carers through health visitors, children’s centres and social media. The vaccine is safe and effective for both mother and baby. Without it there is an increased risk of babies being born prematurely or having a low birth weight. Having flu while you are pregnant could even lead to stillbirth.

90%. 90% attendance over a whole year would mean that your child has missed about 4 weeks of school, which is 100 hours. As always, there are lots of ways you, as a parent, can help. • Only let your child have a day off if they are genuinely too poorly to attend school. • Keep an eye on how many, and which days your child is missing from school. Do they always seem to be poorly on the same day? • Avoid taking holidays in school time. The school year is only 39 weeks, this leaves 13 weeks where your child is not at school. • Praise and encouragement go a long way. Reward your child on a regular basis if

they have good attendance and set them clear targets if attendance is an issue. • If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance contact the school as soon as possible and we will do our best to help. Your child’s Head of House is probably the best person to contact. • Finally, if your child does have to take a day off school make sure they catch up with any work missed. You can email or ring the school and ask for teachers to send any important work home. As always, if you have any questions, or if we give you any more advice on the above points, please do not hesitate to contact High Storrs School. (Tel no: 0114 267 0000, email

Ex-South Yorkshire MP Jailed Disgraced South Yorkshire MP Denis MacShane is behind bars after being jailed for six months over fraudulent expenses claims. MacShane, who represented Labour in Rotherham from 1994 until his resignation in 2012, was sentenced after admitting making bogus expense claims amounting to nearly £13,000. The 65-year-old previously pleaded guilty to false accounting by filing 19 fake receipts for ‘research and translation’ services. He used the money to fund a series of trips to Europe, including one to judge a literary competition in Paris. MacShane, who served as Europe Minister under Tony Blair, resigned as MP for Rotherham last November before the punishment could be imposed. The judge said MacShane had suffered ‘a

long period of public humiliation’ and carried out the offences ‘at a time of turmoil’ in his personal life. The court heard that MacShane and his wife divorced in 2003, his daughter Clare was killed in an accident in March 2004, his mother died in 2006 and his former partner newsreader Carol Barnes - died in 2008. The judge also considered MacShane’s his previous good character and that the money had been paid back.

Number Of Smokers Declines In Britain Britain has seen a decline in the number of cigarette smokers with the adult smoking rate dropping in the past nine years. One in five adults aged 16 or above in Britain were cigarette smokers last year. It has been found that smoking rates varied by whether people were in employment or not. Unemployed people were twice as likely to smoke as those either in employment or economically inactive such as students or retired people. Over half of unemployed young people aged between

25 and 34 are cigarette smokers. Also, smoking rates differ by adults' socio-economic status, with the highest rate falling in the routine and manual occupations such as bar staff and delivery drivers at 33 percent in 2012, and the lowest in manage-

rial and professional occupations such as accounting and teaching at 14 percent. Much more still needs to be done to disuade smoking. Smokers are being targeted by a new TV advertising campaign which aims to scare them into giving up. Graphic images of polluted blood flowing through the body of a smoker and damaging cells in his brain are used to reinforce the message that smoking increases the risk of dementia and strokes.

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£3,000 VISA BOND PLAN News in Brief DominicSynagogue Grieve ‘Sorry’ Bradford FOR VISITORS ASIANTO WEDDINGS AWARDS Flagship Scheme2013 for Sheffor Minority Corruption Remark PERFECT Saved By City’s Muslims BRITAIN ‘SCRAPPED’

field’s Student Housing

plans toDinner force visitors “high Award The winning companies andhas categories A Specialfrom Recognition presented Faced with closure a chief year ago, cured the long-term future of the Perfect Asian Government Weddings Awards The scheme a neware: website Planswas to crack down on landlords The government's legaltoadviser day futurecaused synagogue and forged a friendship 2013, a gala event risk” ofcountries to pay a £3,000 securityand bond to Maryam Abdul Kader, of safety cri- search engine, which landlords international stature who failfounders to meet strict hasBradford's apologisedsynagogue's for any offence Special Recognition Award for services to Asian iswhen bright,he a model of cross-cultural between Bradfordian followers of honouring the to Stores for their teria services to AsianareFashionoutstanding of UK’s use and to register their Founders properties, for students underway. enter theservices UK have been Bombay scrapped. Home said corruption was "enMaryam Abdul Kaderof co-operation Islam and Judaism. All things being Fashion,was setting up their The business 47 called years Snug, finest weddingSecretary service providers were hon-scheme scheme, brings demic" in some ethnic minority comBombay Storesand students can use to search Theresa May’s due to well, by Christmas the first tranche oured at The Aagrah Midpoint Suite in Pud- ago. Bombay Stores is now BestCouncil, Videographer - Film Art Pictures an International for their future home. Only together Sheffield City Attorney general Dominic be piloted last month as a way of deterring Itmunities. was around this time last year of £103,000 of lottery money will Best Photographer - Eternal Wedding Brand in the world of asian fashion. sey, Leeds. homes that have first Film beenPhoinSheffield Hallam University and Grieve told a newspaper the problem temporary visitors from staying on after their that the trustees of Bradford's fi- have reached the synagogue's tography spected and passed by qualified the Hallam Union in a unique wasremaining not restricted to "anyfaced one comnal synagogue bank account after some of BradBest CatererAagrah Event Catering visas expire. the occasion officers are allowed onto to was makeBest sure the Council but he was to most influential Muslims The national award winners were voted for Banquet Dinner, to matchpartnership Wedding MarqueesAmplitude Marquees amunity" tough choice. The referring roof of mainly the ford's FloristFlorist by the public who have used services of the provided by Aagrah and standards of housing Best the scheme. Students can then repair and Jayesh Pakistanis. Some Asian commentators Grade II-listed Moorish building helped Leavor and other Jews to It had been India, Dancemanagement Best Event IllumiNation Wright from Bollywood Company, are whoof good short listed companies in ansuggested online votethat on visitors was there was serious mount be reassured that their home qual-Lighting-YAS haveleaking; described Mr Grieve's remarks as a bid. Best Stage Decor - Abdalis Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana and damage to the eastern wall, where The cross-cultural co-operation is have danced with Bollywood royalty meets legislative ity across the city. It is the first "divisive". Best Hair & Beauty- Rosa Massimostandards, and the ark held the Torah scrolls; and warmly welcomed by Leavor, who Nigeria would be required to paythe theentertainment, deposit vided dancing toits popular the landlord has been checked scheme of type in the country. Best Makeup Artist -Beautology there way the Hire- out Oasisfirst. Limousines for a six-month but it bollywood is understood music.the is a print visa, and online Sheffield is a vibrant Best city Car which Later,was Mrno Grieve saidmodest he wassubwrongmoved to to the city from Berlin as a Perfect Asian Weddings scriptions paid annually by the refugee in 1937. "It's fantastic," he magazine, founder and owner, Taz Azmi’s viJeweler –It(Non Gold) Swavo Collection is hoped landlords see this as attracts up to 60,000Best students scheme has now been scrapped. give the45 impression In week, the interview, attorney general temple's members that couldthere coverwas saida this in a jointthe interview Best Entertainment - Evallance DJ A prize of Best Dress Male went to Naeem of sion for the awards was to give power to the an opportunity to showcase their at any one time and city leaders problem Best Cakes - Cakes R UZ/ KCB referred ethnic minority the cost. in the Pakistani community. with Zulfi Karim,tosecretary of Brad- communiOasis Car Hire and Best Dressed female went public to vote for companies of their choice properties and raise their standsay it is essential that they are livIn a statement, he said: "It is not my Best Wedding Venue Cedar Court Hotel Bradford Earlier this year, the scheme was condemned Rudi Leavor, the synagogue's ford Council of Mosques. "Rudi "where is ties coming from places they Best Unique Wedding Venue -The Aagrah Midto Salma from Leeds. who you had provided the highest level of serv- by ards. ing in safe homes, with landlords view. I believe the Pakistani commu87-year-old chairman, reluctantly my new found brother," have beenbig brought up said to believe as “highly discriminatory” AsianChistie, business point Suite ice and products and to ultimately come up that meet good expectations. nity has enriched this option: countrytoa great proposed the nuclear Karim,can whoonly is on the board at get certain things through leaders while Nick Clegg indicated he would Best Bridal Wear- Bombay Stores with the list. sell beautiful 132-year-old the central Westgate a talking dealthe as I know full well from my extenBest Boutique - Bombay Stores a favour culture".mosque He was in winning block the plans if they were applied in an “inbuilding, forcing thethe congregation few hundred metres up electoral the road fraud A surge votes were cast for the sive contact with community over particular about and of online discriminate way”. toa go 10 miles Leeds"I'm to worship. from the synagogue. "It makes very best companies based throughout the number of to years. sorry if I have citedthat as an a case 2008 Itcaused was a terrible proposition, com- me proud weexample can protect our from The scheme wasservices part of UK providing paramount wedding in the Government’s any offence." in Slough, Berkshire, couning just after the city's only Ortho- neighbours and at the samewhere time Tory drive to cut net migration into the UK to the their categories. cilloranEshaq Khan was dox synagogue had shut its doors preserve important partfound of guilty of “tens of thousands” by the time of the next In an interview with the Daily Telefraudcultural involving postal votes and jailed in November 2012, unable to reg- Bradford's heritage." It was a night full of glitz and sophisticated general election in 2015. graphgather last month, said the a year later. ularly 10 menMr forGrieve the Minglamour with a spectacular catwalk show by corruption problem growing beyan, the quorum of 10was Jewish causeadults somerequired communities are made up In a statement Mr Grieve saidBombay male for cerlater: "I Stores showing their own stunning couture collection and their internatain religious of those whoobligations. "come from backgrounds am absolutely clear that this Bridal problem But rather than close, Bradtional Bridal exclusive designer pieces. The where corruption is endemic." is not attributable to any one comford Reform Synagogue's fubreathtaking outfits were equally matched munity, as I know very well from my ture is brighter ever after by a catwalk full of beautiful glamorous Mr Grieve saidthan he would be "wary" of many years promoting community the intervention of Bradford's models adorning a stunning and imposing painting community, it as solely a which Pakistani prob- cohesion." South Yorkshire, Derbyshire A petition has been lanches Muslim set. lem and to pointed out census that corruption Mr Grieve, the Conservativestage MP for according the 2011 and Nottinghamshire, who by Javid Khan in supports for was found in the "white outnumbers the city's JewsAnglo-Saxon" by Beaconsfield, was echoing comments currently have to travel long Robin Hood Doncaster ShefPerfect Asian Weddings Awards were hostcommunity too. But asked by the made by Tory peer Baroness Warsi in 129,041 to 299. field Airport: Provide flights to distances to access flights to ed by Christa Ackroyd. Honoured Guest, if he was Anewspaper fundraising effort – led referring by the to Pa- 2010. She has talked about problems Pakistan, “We call on Robin Islamabad Squadron Leader Deputy Lieutenant David secretary nearby mosque, kistanis, of heasaid: "Yes, it's mainly the of electoral fraud being "predominanttogether the ownernot of athe Indian ly within the Asian community". Hood airport to provide flights To meet the growing needs of Dinmore presented the awards to the lucky Pakistaniwith community, popular curry house and a lorecipients. to Islamabad” said Mr Khan. the South Asian population of community." cal textile magnate – has se-

A Petition for flights from Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Islamabad

Fantastic Business Opportunity to RENT Commercial Business Premises in Sheffield Land Registry

* Two storey former Public House with function room situated on a busy urban shopping Centre with high footfall * Benefit from A3 planning use * Total Ground Floor Area 3000 sq ft * Total First Floor Area 2400 sq ft * Car park area situated at the front and extensive parking at the back of premises * Suitable for a variety of uses e.g. Restaurant, Retail or Banquet hall with 150 seating capacity * Available on New Lease and flexible terms * Excellent location good access to Meadowhall shopping Centre and Motorway M1 junction 34.

The Pike and Heron

Tinsley Shopping Centre Bawtry Road, Sheffield South Yorkshire, S9 1UY Tel: ( Mob) 07424458677) Page 9 11 9

The Hand of God:

Doctors Save Mans Life on Football Pitch

Waqar Younis Inducted Into Cricket Hall Of Fame

By: Jaan. M. Khan

The Hand of God was indeed present over an amateur football match in Sheffield last month, where Life, Sport, Heroism, Tragedy and a second chance for one Rotherham IT Consultant, all came together straight out of the pages of a film script. The Three Yorkshire Doctors are being hailed as heroes after saving their team mates life during the football match. IT Consultant Tair Bashir (42) was partaking in a regular football match, in the Lucozade Power league, in Attercliffe, Sheffield, when he complained about a shortness of breath and possible chest pains. The doctors within his team, who had been assisting him, ran to his aid in what proved to be timely actions which ultimately saved Mr Bashirs’ life. As illustrated by this recent case, the health risks to young men are acute and real. This is increased many times over if you belong to particular communities. Whilst great progress has been made in improving the health of communities from the Asian SubContinent, there remain many challenges from organic diet to the lack of physical exercise and alarming rates of smoking which continue to fester without significant change. In the case of Mr Bashir, Dr Merban Ghani, Dr Amir Afsal and Dr Ashraf Akram, immediately started to perform CPR on the father of two. As vital minutes went by, the three GPs continued with the CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), which involves some sixty strong presses to the chest a minute with a view to simulating the pumping of the heart and the breathing of the lungs. Afterwards one of the Doctors

Amir Afsal commented “We knew we were doing it right because we cracked a couple of ribs, so they were effective compressions”. Mr Bashir who was unconscious by then, was little aware of the vital work being performed by the GP’s in his aid. Any relapse holds a severe threat of brain damage, should the patient survive, and the Doctor’s were now exhausting themselves in constantly giving CPR for some twenty minutes, before the ambulance finally arrived. The perseverance of the Doctors present, in not halting their efforts after five or even ten minutes, was paramount in the paramedics eventually being able to administer Intravenous drugs and with the aid of shocks from a defibrillator re-starting Mr Bashers’ heart. Upon his admittance to Sheffield Northern General A & E, Mr Bashir underwent a coronary angiopathy in order to unlock vital blood vessels. After spending some time in hospital he continues to make a good progress in recovery.

er general population. Indeed he states that parents should actively seek health checks, which become eligible at forty years of age. The British heart Foundation states there are something in the region of 60,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests in the UK and that access to a defribullator and performing CPR when someone is in cardiac arrest can increase the chances of survival by 10%. Indeed I would advocate that all Mosques, Churches, Sport Venues, Community and Cultural Centres actively install (AED) Automatic External Defribullators. This relatively inexpensive and potentially lifesaving tool, which requires minimal training to use, could assist in reducing fatalities through out of hospital cardiac arrests.

Inevitably this should form part of a wider health campaign for those at ‘most risk communities’ and include the importance of undertaking the widely available CPR and First Aid Courses. As proven by the experience of Tahir Bashir, one never knows when there will be a need for such skills and quite literally the probability This fortuitous near death es- of having a number of Doctors cape for Tair Bashir, should around in such an out of hospiultimately be a warning to tal situation is rare. the complacent amongst us. As stated by the three doc- The quote from the Holy tors who are all of Pakistani Quran that, To save a life it is descent, cardiac problems are as if you have saved the whole particularly common amongst of Humanity”, seems quite this ethnic grouping. Indeed pertinent, even to a group of compared to the rest of the Doctors who make a career population certain Asians as of saving lives and swear an twice as likely to suffer heart oath (Hippocratic Oath), even disease and ultimately die of by their standards this has to this, in comparable to the rest be seen as quite an amazing of the population. action, whereby these medical practitioners saved the life Dr Merban Ghani hopes that of their fellow team mate, it practitioners will look at this what was quite literally a final group, due to their particular penalty shoot-out which could increased risk, within the wid- have gone either way.

Salmaan Taseer Gets Top US Peace Prize Former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer has been honoured with the Martin Luther King Junior Peace Award for his efforts in promoting human rights, peace and humanity. On behalf of the late governor, the award was received by family members at a ceremony last month. Salmaan Taseer is the first non-American to receive the Martin Luther King Jr Award. Since 1979, the annual award honours those who make a significant contribution to the furtherance of Martin Luther King’s nonviolent approach to eradicate racial, economic, and social injustice. Taseer was assassinated in January 2011 for supporting a Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, who was falsely implicated in a blasphemy case, for which the court had awarded her death. Addressing the gathering, Muslim-Christian Fellowship International chairman Zia Mahmood, who had presented the award, said that Salmaan Taseer was a man of courage who had always helped the depressed and the poor. He said that the sacrifices rendered by the late governor for the sake of peace, tolerance, social justice and human rights could not be forgotten.

Former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame before the start of the first Twenty20 International between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai Sports City. Waqar received his commemorative cap from International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive David Richardson in front of a large and appreciative crowd. He now becomes the 70th male member and fifth Pakistani after Hanif Mohammad, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram to be inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. Nicknamed ‘The Burewala Ex-

press’, Waqar is famously known as one half of ‘The Two Ws’ – a moniker for the fast bowling pair of Wasim Akram and Waqar. A famed exponent of reverse swing, he claimed 373 wickets from 87 Tests and 416 scalps from 262 One-Day Internationals. The 42-year-old, who was born in Vehari, Punjab, also led his country in 17 Tests and 62 ODIs. In a first-class career spanning over a decade, he snared 956 wickets from 228 matches with a best of 8-17. Waqar’s Test figures bear ample testimony to his brilliance – he registered 22 hauls of five wickets or more in an innings, and, on five occasions, took 10 wick-

ets or more in a match. He also boasted the best strike-rate of any bowler with more than 200 wickets in Tests during his playing days – a record only recently beaten by Dale Steyn. His best bowling performance in a Test came almost 20 years ago, when he registered match figures of 13-135 against Zimbabwe in the first Test in Karachi, having taken 7-91 and 6-44. His feats in limited-overs cricket were no less impressive. He remains to date the only bowler to take five wickets in an innings in three consecutive ODIs (On November 4, 6 and 9, 1990). He was also the fastest to the milestone of 400 wickets in ODIs. He was a member of the Pakistan team that reached the quarterfinal of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1996 and the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1999, and he captained his country in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003. His best performance in ODIs came when he led his side against England at Headingley in 2001, where he notched up 7-36. Having retired from cricket in 2003, Waqar now plies his trade as a coach and commentator. Waqar said of his induction in Dubai: “I’m thrilled to be inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in front of a lot of my fans here in Dubai.

Hate Attacks On Muslims Rise After Rigby Case The number of crimes against Muslims in England and Wales has risen over the past year. New figures suggest there has been an increase in attacks following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last May. In that month alone, 104 anti-Muslim incidents were recorded. In London there have been 500 offences this year compared to 336 in 2012. In Greater Manchester the number of incidents has doubled from 75 last year to 130 this year. But for some regions, such as Norfolk, Bedfordshire and North Wales, the figure has fallen. In other areas, the number of

crimes recorded was in the low single figures. However, some police forces do not record whether or not an incident is motivated by religion making the figures incomplete and therefore hard to analyse. Some do not hold information specifically for anti-Muslim hate crimes or a recording system which allows for the recording of specific religions. South Yorkshire Police said its crime management system "does not facilitate the recording of anti-Muslim hate crime separately to other forms of religious hate crimes". In response to the figures, La-

bour's shadow Home Office minister Helen Jones said: "No one should fear violence, crime or hostility because of their race, religion or sexuality. "Across the country people are united in their condemnation of those who pursue hatred and division. Extremists of all kinds will still try to divide us. "Those who pursue extremism and hatred need to learn that when they seek to divide they unite - when they try to further their aims through violence they don't succeed. "The police, working with local communities, need to do everything possible to catch those responsible for hate crime."

China’s Relaxation Of One-Child Policy Changes to China's strict one- most populous country. The gov- covers 63% of the population, child policy that will allow more ernment says the policy of limit- has averted 400 million births parents to have a second child ing families to one child, which since 1980. will begin this year. Beijing said it would allow millions of families to have two children, the most radical relaxation of its strict onechild policy in nearly three decades. The move is part of a plan to raise fertility rates and ease the financial burden on China's rapidly ageing population. China still has a large population. This has not changed. Many of its economic and social problems are rooted in the reality that the population would grow out of control. China, with nearly 1.4 billion people, is the world's

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TOP 10 QUOTES OF 2013 We look back on ten of the most power- Oddity on the International Space Station the Taliban ful, shocking and significant quotes of the Chris Hadfield enjoying his time on the ‘One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.’ International Space Station year. ‘Though I’ve flown one hundred thou10. South African president Jacob Zuma sand miles ‘I’m feeling very still on the death of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela died aged 95 in Decem- ‘And before too long I know it’s time to go ‘Our commander comes down back to ber ‘Our nation has lost its greatest son; our earth, and knows.’ people have lost a father.’ 4. This happened… The Harlem Shake 9. Andy Murray Andy Murray became the first British man ‘Do the Harlem shake’ to win Wimbledon in 77 years ‘Winning Wimbledon, I can’t get my head 3. Man of the year Pope Francis blesses around that. I still can’t believe it’s hap- Vinicio Riva pened. I think that last game will be the Pope Francis blesses Vinicio Riva ‘I’m not contagious, but he didn’t know toughest I’ll play in my career.’ that. But he just did it: he caressed me 8. Michael Adebolajo after Drummer Lee all over my face, and as he did I felt only love.’ Rigby was hacked to death in Woolwich Michael Adebolajo was found guilty of 2. George Osborne after TV cameras murdering Drummer Lee Rigby ‘You people will never be safe – remove showed him crying at Margaret Thatcher’s your government, they don’t care about funeral service George Osborne was in tears at Margaret you.’ Thatcher’s funeral ‘Yes, I welled up a bit because it was a 7. Toronto mayor Rob Ford Mayor Rob Ford has enough to eat at very emotional and moving occasion and at times overwhelming, and I think it was home apparently a fitting tribute to someone’s life and in a ‘Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.’ sense a great state occasion as well.’ 6. Prince William on his newborn son 1. Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai adPrince George dresses the UN after surviving being shot ‘He’s got a good pair of lungs on him!’ in the head by the Taliban for promoting 5. Commander Chris Hadfield changes women’s rights David Bowie’s lyrics as he covers Space Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by

Asian Community Recognised In New Year’s Honour’s List Members of the Asian Community have been recognised in the New Year’s Honours list. Among the extensive list are some important people from our own region. honoured with an MBE Mrs Zaidah Parveen Ahmed, JP. Schools Community Engagement and Cohesion Lead, Rotherham Borough Council. For services to the community in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. (Rotherham, South Yorkshire).

Fathir Khan. For services to the Asian community in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (Sheffield, South Yorkshire). Miss Zanib Rasool. For services to the community in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. (Rotherham, South Yorkshire). Mrs Yasmin Shabir Khan. Administrative Officer, Personal Tax, Bradford, HM Revenue and Customs. For services to Equality and Diversity. (Shipley, West Yorkshire).

Great Inventions That Happened By Chance On 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus came across America by accident, while looking for a new way to reach Japan and China. This discovery, which changed the course of history, isn't the only one to have happened inadvertently. Here are some of the accidental finds we couldn't do without today. Coca-Cola It was only meant to be a simple medicinal drink, similar to a thirst-quenching syrup, but it has gone on to become one of the most popular drinks in the world. In 1886, an Atlanta pharmacist, John Styth Pemberton, developed a mixture of kola nut extract, sugar, caffeine, coca leaves and plant extracts. The drink went on sale at the soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy. A waiter had the idea diluting the syrup with carbonated water for the taste – and eureka! Coca-Cola was born. Crisps George Crum, a chef in a New York restaurant, invented crisps in 1853 to get his revenge on an overly demanding customer. The customer twice sent back the plate of chips he had ordered because they were too thick for his liking. Annoyed, the chef decided to slice the potatoes as thinly as possible to make them inedible. He fried them, added salt and sent them back to the restaurant. Against all expectations, the picky customer was finally satisfied.

The invention was a triumph and diners flocked to the establishment to sample this new speciality. Viagra This drug was originally intended to treat angina. It failed in this endeavour, yet the side-effect generated caught the attention of Pfizer laboratories in 1996. Sildenafil, to give it its scientific name, triggered an erection in men who swallowed it. The first drug to treat impotence, Viagra has proven a global success story. Tea Shen Nong is a hero in Chinese mythology. The herbalist, who believed in the beneficial effects of boiled water on health, was preparing a pan of water to purify himself when some nearby tea tree leaves fell into the boiling water. Shen Nong drank the mixture and found it to be quite his cup of tea. Velcro A simple walk in the woods came to revolutionize the textile industry. In 1941, George de Mestral noticed that the burdock plant that grew alongside the path attached itself to his corduroy trousers. Intrigued, the Swiss engineer took a sample of the plant to his laboratory and, with the help of a microscope, observed its natural hooks. He then invented Velcro, short for “Velours Crochet” (French for “corduroy”, or “velvet”, and “hook”) by combining loops of material from his trousers with burdock. The microwave Percy Spencer was an American physicist who worked for a radar manufacturer. In 1945, he was observing magnetron ¬– a key radar component – when he noticed that the chocolate bar in his

pocket was melting. The engineer deduced from this that the tubes used in radars produced heat. The “radarange” soon changed name to become the “microwave”. X-rays Cathode rays, fascinated all 19thcentury physicists. Yet in 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen made an even bigger discovery by accident, during a series of experiments to study the penetration of cathode rays in glass. To stop the light emitted by the cathode ray tube from disturbing him, he covered it with opaque black paper and applied a high voltage. He then noticed that the cardboard screen close by the tube turned fluorescent. This stopped as soon as the current was disconnected. The physicist repeated the test, placing various items between the cathode ray tube and the fluorescent screen. Then, to his great surprise, when he put his hand in front of the screen, he saw his bones projected on the wall. X-rays were born.

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A symbol of peace Acknowledged as a revered statesman and anti-apartheid leader the world over, Nelson Mandela finally left this world at the age of 95 but he will always be remembered as an icon that changed irrevocably the course of history in his country and affected the world as a whole. Mandela changed the world’s attitude towards issues of equality and human justice. He was not only a beloved figure but also was a symbol of reconciliation from a country with a brutal history of racism. Imprisoned for nearly three decades for his fight against white minority rule, Nelson Mandela guided South Africa from the shackles of apartheid to multiracial democracy. He was a tireless fighter who reversed a despicable regime to reconcile South Africans and uphold democracy. His defiance of white minority rule and long incarceration for

fighting against segregation focused the world’s attention on apartheid. He came to represent something that was much more than just about the resolution of the issues of the apartheid. He came to represent something quite inspirational for the future of the world and for the prospects of peace and reconciliation in the 21st century. He was a hero for all times as he inspired people to forgive, to reconcile, to be selfless, to be tolerant and to maintain dignity, no matter what the circumstances. He asserted that “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. While the world may never see another Nelson Mandela, he will always remain in the hearts of people as a man of courage, principle and unquestionable integrity throughout the world.

PETITION TO GET FLIGHTS FROM DONCASTER TO PAKISTAN A Petition has been started to get a flight service from Doncaster Robin Hood airport to Pakistan. It is hoped PIA scheduled flights can operate from this airport as it would ease the travelling times for passengers. At the moment people in the immediate region this side of the pennies have to travel to Manchester, leeds Bradford, or Birmingham for flights. All these international airports are popular with the people from Sheffield, Humberside, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, but not logistically ideal for travellers. Sheffield Lib Dem hopeful candidate, Jawed Khan is leading the petition, and is positive that with the backing of the community the request will be considered by the management at Robin Hood Airport. The petition was inaugurated at the Medina Masjid in Sheffield and by the end of the day hundreds had added their names to the cause. Choudary Mohammed Zahur is backing the petition and is also appealing to all of the Pakistani Community to add their signatures. Mr Zahur Sahib said the service would be of great benefit to the region and would prove popular with all travellers.

Influenza (flu) and vaccination Dr Ripon Ahmed Flu is an illness caused by the flu or influenza virus. It is passed from person to person through droplets created when someone with the infection sneezes or coughs or by touching a surface where the virus has been deposited. Symptoms of flu include a high temperature (fever), muscle aches, cough, headache and extreme tiredness. Flu usually lasts for between two and seven days. Most people will make full recovery without any specific treatment or complications. However, the cough may persist for one or two weeks after the other symptoms have resolved. A cold is caused by a different virus and the symptoms are usually milder. It is important not pass on the flu virus so washing hands after catching the cold is advised and try staying indoors when possible. Paracetamol and/or ibuprofen can help with

fever and aches. Remember to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Decongestants and throat lozenges may help nose and throat symptoms. Usually, you do not need to see doctor if your symptoms are mild. Antibiotics are not necessary and will not help with virus infections. Antiviral medications are sometimes prescribed when there is a large outbreak of flu in the community and if you are at risk of complications. Antiviral medications do not kill the virus but will stop the virus multiplying. The most common complication from flu is a chest infection caused by a germ (or bacteria). This may develop in addition to the viral infection (“a secondary infection”). This can sometimes become serious and develop into pneumonia but course of antibiotics will usually cure this. Seasonal flu is the strain of flu virus that

arrives in the UK each autumn. The actual strain varies each year. A new vaccine (“flu jab”) is developed each year to protect against the strain that is expected that winter. Those people at risk of complications e.g. elderly (> 65), young children (>2), pregnant women, those with chronic chest or heart conditions and poor immune systems will be offered the flu jab. In addition, those involved the health care of older adults should also be immunised. The adult flu jab is usually given as an injection into a large muscle. It can sometimes cause slight aching at the injection site and mild fever. Children (>2) are given the “Fluenz” vaccine via nasal spray. For further information about flu and influenza vaccinations please visit www.patient.

SHEFFIELDS MOST EXPENSIVE STREET A street in Sheffield has been ranked the sixth-most expensive in Yorkshire to buy a house. Property values on Whirlow Park Road, Whirlow, averaged £766,000 in 2013, according to Lloyds Bank. The most expensive street in Yorkshire was in Harrogate.

Longest Surviving Heart Transplant Patient Brit sets new record for longest surviving heart transplant patient A British grandfather has entered the record books as the world's longest-surviving heart transplant patient. John McCafferty, 71, was told he had five years to live when he underwent the life-saving operation at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex 31 years ago. He has now beaten the previous record of 30 years, 11 months and 10 days, set by an American, who died in 2009. He was presented with his Guinness World Record certificate at the hospital, where he continues

to have treatment. Mr McCafferty received his new heart on October 20 1982 in a procedure carried out by worldrenowned surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub. He had been diagnosed, aged 39, with dilated cardiomyopathy, one of the most common causes of heart failure. It leads to scarring of the heart wall and damage to the muscle, which causes the heart to become weakened and enlarged, preventing it from pumping efficiently. Following his operation, Mr McCafferty followed the advice of doctors and remained fit and

healthy, travelling across the UK and Europe to compete in 11 Transplant Games. The father-of-one, who lives with his wife, said: “It was important to me to prove that life doesn't stop at transplantation and to have a fitness regime to follow. Most importantly, I wanted to promote organ donation at every opportunity. I will always be indebted to my donor and to a family who I have never met. They have given me a life with my family, one which I could never have had without their gift."

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Katrina Named World’s Best Looking Asian Woman For Fourth Time

Billionaire Assets With his assets growing rapidly Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has joined the list of a very few lawmakers who are billionaires, according to statements of assets and liabilities of parliamentarians for the year 2012-13 released by the Election Commission of Pakistan. The net value of assets owned by Mr Sharif rises to Rs1.71 billion from Rs261.6 million he had declared at the time of filing nomination papers for the May elections.

He has put the current value of his six agricultural properties (over 1,700 kanals) in Lahore and Sheikhupura at Rs1.08bn and that of a house in Upper Mall, Lahore, at Rs250m. His wife, Kulsoom Nawaz, owns a bungalow on Hall Road in Murree worth Rs100m. She owes Rs1.75m to two individuals. Prime Minister Sharif owns Abbas and Company, a business venture started with an amount of Rs10,000. The company’s present value is shown as unchanged, but a loan of Rs84,485 is outstanding against it.

He possesses shares worth Rs33m in nine industrial units. He has received Rs197.4m remittances from his son Hussain Nawaz. Mr Sharif owns two Mercedes cars, a Land Cruiser and a tractor. He and his wife have Rs138m in 10 bank accounts. The other billionaires in the National Assembly are Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and three members from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Khial Zaman, Raja

Amir Zaman and Sajid Hussain Tori. Khaqan Abbasi has Rs900m shares in a private airline. The value of his inherited property is Rs100m. He has Rs2m in three bank accounts and Rs500,000 cash in hand. Sajid Tori owns 10 properties and has described the market value of only one of them as “billions of rupees”. Khial Zaman has put the value of his assets at Rs2.35bn. He owns four properties abroad worth Rs1.2bn. Amir Zaman owns nine properties amounting to Rs1.88bn. He owns


a plaza in F-8 Islamabad worth Rs800m, a house in F-7 Islamabad (Rs600m), shops and flats in Rawalpindi (Rs350m) and shops in G-9 Islamabad (Rs120m). BNP-Awami chief Mir Israrullah Zehri owns over 51,000 acres of land. He also owns bungalows in Karachi and Quetta and has Rs1m in his bank account. Qaumi Watan Party chief Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao owns assets worth little over Rs53m, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman Rs7.3m, Farooq Sattar of the MQM Rs3.6m, PML-Z chief Ejazul Haq Rs10m and Pir Sadruddin Shah of the PML-F Rs395m. Mehmood Khan Achakzai has agricultural income of Rs20m a year. He has two bullet-proof cars and four rifles. Retired Captain Safdar, son-in-law of Prime Minister Sharif, has also mentioned in his assets a BMW car gifted to his wife by someone in the UAE. NO CARS: A number of lawmakers in their statements say they do not own cars, despite having assets and financial inflows. They are: Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali, Sindh chief minister’s daughter Nafeesa Shah, Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, KP’s former chief minister Akram Durrani, Saleem Rehman, Sardar Mohammad Zaman, Sar Zaman, Murad Saeed, Mohammad Nazir, Jamaluddin, Shahjee Gul Afridi, Nasir Khan, Chaudhry Asim Nazeer, Shahbaz Babar, Mohammad Farooq, Mohammad Afzal Khan, Azhar Qayum, Kiran Haider, Tahira Bukhari and Naeem Kishwar.

Her absence from the big screen for a year has not stopped Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif from winning the world’s best looking Asian woman title for the fourth consecutive year in a poll by a weekly magazine. The actress narrowly defeated Priyanka Chopra, TV star Drashti Dhami and Deepika Padukone. She secured the top spot in the world-renowned ‘50 best looking Asian Women List 2013’ with Chopra coming second, Dhami third and Padukone fourth. A permanent fixture in the top three for the past six years, Kaif beat off competition from the world’s most stunning Asian women in the tenth edition of UK based, Eastern Eye newspa-

per’s definitive good looking List. myself. But of course it’s very The fourth win comes just weeks flattering," Katrina said. before Katrina hits the big screen again in one of the year’s biggest Bollywood releases ‘Dhoom 3: Back In Action’. "I didn’t know it was a record! That’s a nice surprise and a lot of fun to hear. I like it because Eastern Eye newspaper is the one my sisters see because they live in London. It’s lovely, but also people are reacting to what they see. "Obviously if everyone were to see me when I wake up in the morning or in my track pants and then vote for me, then maybe I would be a little bit more believing of it

Time Is Ripe To Wage A Revolution: Qadri Chairman Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr. Tahirul Qadri said at the end of December, revolution can come about in just 24 hours if the people instead of fuming at homes come out to protest against the corrupt system. “The time is ripe to take the road towards waging a revolution,” Dr. Tahirul Qadri snapped while addressing from Canada via video link the participants of

a rally staged against price hike, unemployment and corruption here. He warned the rulers to give people their rights or else they will take the power back from them. Dr. Qadri observed that decisions were being taken without taking the people or parliament into confidence and that the government entities having potential to earn profits were incurring

losses due to being infested with corruption. He alleged that the people at the helm of the government were indulging in nepotism while innocent people continue to expect good deeds from these rulers. The PAT Chief said the terrorism will only be eliminated at least one year after a peaceful revolution in the country where we ‘we neither want extremism nor Mulla-ism’.


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Tragedy of 1071

By: Dr A Q Khan

email: Thanks to our own follies, Pakistan was dismembered on December 16, 1971 and East Pakistan emerged as a new country – Bangladesh. Even after a period of over 40 years the wounds have not healed and the memories of that tragic event have not faded.

cal leaders failed to see the mortal danger hanging over us while it was actually happening. One columnist observed that the interview, taken in 1946, was actually published in the daily ‘Zam Zam’, Lahore in 1948. That may be so, but it was neither referred to in 1958 when the first dictatorship struck Pakistan, nor in 1971 when the country was All the TV channels, anchorpersons and news- dismembered, as forecast by that sage. papers have discussed the event to their hearts’ content. Unfortunately, the Bangladesh govern- An admirer of mine from the US has complained ment recently hanged Abdul Quader Mollah of that my reproduction of the important interview the Jamaat-e-Islami, accusing him of having col- could be seen as an attempt to undermine the laborated with the Pakistan Army in military action morale (what morale?) of the nation. He menagainst the Bangladeshis. It is common practice tioned that, before Partition, the Muslims in Lathat those who collaborate with oppressors or oc- hore, Rawalpindi, etc were no more than drivers, cupying forces are given exemplary punishment chowkidars, horse-tenders, sweepers, water-carriwhen the time comes. This also happened all over ers, gate-keepers, salesmen etc and that the creaEurope after the Second World War. Therefore, the tion of Pakistan had been a blessing for them. My reaction from our political and religious leaders is simple response was: “Who was ruling in Punjab rather strange. They never bothered about the half at the time? Were not the Sardars ruling Punjab? a million supporters of Pakistan who languished in Whose fault was it then that the Muslims were slums under pitiable conditions, but are quick to beggars etc?” blame the Bangladeshi government for this act of retribution. In Bhopal we had Muslim ladies ruling for hundreds of years. Though a minority, we were not Abul Kalam Azad had forecast the dismemberment in such a dreadful position. I also told my friend of Pakistan even before its independence. It was that, back in the late seventies, I had read a lethis foresight, analysis, and gut feeling that, after ter to the editor of Pakistan Times in which he had the passing away of Quaid-e-Azam and Liaqat Ali severely criticised the Muslims for being extremely Khan, this was bound to happen – and it did hap- ungrateful and thankless, despite what they had pen. Now many people accuse him of being unpat- gained from Pakistan. riotic while he had the foresight to warn of things to come. At that time I had distributed copies of this letter to all my staff to motivate them to work for the My three-part series, ‘Azad on Pakistan’, evoked good of Pakistan. The fact remains that incompea lot of interest, both locally and from Pakistanis tent, corrupt intriguers got a chance to become living abroad. Many were surprised to find that, leaders and whatever Azad had foreseen came while Azad had foreseen events in 1946, our politi- true. Sir Winston Churchill and many other west-

ern scholars had made similar observations. Our own well-informed anchor persons, Kamran Khan and Hamid Mir, have often pointed out, with facts and figures, the many injustices done to East Pakistanis in every walk of life. The consequences were written on the wall. Well-educated, softspoken and mostly religious, Bengalis were often treated like dirt. Habib Jalib had warned of the consequences, though he has not been accused of having said “horrible things” the way Azad has been accused.

to Mr Bhutto (May the Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace), who responded immediately. I came to Pakistan, accepted his request to stay and never looked back.

The dismemberment of Pakistan and the disgraceful defeat and surrender of our armed forces had come as great shock to me. After India exploded their nuclear device on May 18, 1974, I realised that if we did not prepare a matching response, Pakistan was doomed. That was the reason I wrote

Some journalists have also cast doubts on the authenticity of the interview by Shorish Kashmiri. Let us remember that he was a giant of a journalist and a literary figure. He had no need to fake anything, unlike some who are trying to prove their patriotism now.

In 1976, with only a handful of highly dedicated and patriotic colleagues, we embarked on a nuclear weapon programme and by 1984 I had informed Gen Zia in writing that we were in a position to explode a nuclear device at a week’s notice. To achieve this I had given up a lucrative job and a promising career in Europe and given Pakistan The wounds of December 16, 1971 have not the world’s most advanced technology (uranium healed and they never will. They can’t be forgot- enrichment) worth $2 billion for free. ten either. I was in Europe at the time and saw on TV the atrocities that were being committed in Later we strengthened our defence capability by East Pakistan. All ‘occupying forces’ resort to bru- producing long-range nuclear-capable ballistic tal atrocities. We have examples in Algeria, Kenya, missiles – Ghauri. Following history, our rulers reSouth Africa, South America, Iraq, Afghanistan, paid us handsomely with ingratitude and treachIndia and even in the US. We were no different. ery. History had yet again repeated itself and will Official reports of those killed or murdered is more continue to do so in the future. than 4,000. Some individuals who have thrived after Partition, Hasn’t our religion taught us that killing even a sin- despite our mediocrity and self-centredness, did gle innocent human being is like killing the whole not like to be reminded of the dire forecasts made of humanity? We have neither learnt anything about our future by world statesmen. They are from those events, nor have we unlearnt anything now casting doubts on my patriotism and love for bad. The fact remains – and history is full of such Pakistan. Let them first look at themselves before events – that those nations which don’t learn from pointing a finger at me. What services have they their past mistakes end up repeating them and are done for the country? If we don’t learn from our doomed. past mistakes we are doomed.


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Religion and State Law In any country, if a religion is designated as a state religion and that is promulgated with all its injunctions as the law of a country or state, it can cause enormous hindrances in the way of progress and improvement of the country. As for example if today we implement Christianity as the state religion in England and promulgate its teachings as the law of the country, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs may face untold hurdles and this action will make their lives very difficult. It is not allowed for women to cover their legs below their knees, as it is there in the Bible today (in the latest version). Secondly the Christians consider dog as a holy being and love dogs in imitation of the dog of the People of the Cave. They can keep their dogs in their beds to slumber. If it is made mandatory on everyone by law, the Muslim cannot act upon it. Neither it can be acceptable for Muslim girls nor women to keep their knees uncovered nor to keep their dogs in beds because they consider them dirty. They don’t mostly like even touching them. Similarly some Sikhs families may also declare total boycott

of this sort of law. So this type of Sectarianism may turn out to be action will be limited to the spe- a curse and all the factions will start fighting for supremacy of cific group of public alone. their sect. They will issue reliSimilarly if Hinduism is declared gious decrees against one and as law of a country, it will make another. One faction considers (time-bound/purposethe life of the other communi- Mat’a ties miserable. Every woman bound marriage) as lawful while will have to wear Sari (a particu- the other rejects it as unlawful lar type of Hindi dress, one sheet in sharia’t (Islamic law and jurisof cloth wrapped all around) and prudence). One faction considevery man will also wear Dhoti ers it un-harmful/ acceptable act (one sheet of cloth to wrap in the eye of religion for women around the waist). Cow slaugh- to go to the graveyards while the tering will be totally banned and other considers it against teacheveryone may need to besmear ings of the Islam and rejects it. head with her urine. Kathak One considers it holy to spend dance may become mandatory wealth on shrines while the othto learn in schools and colleges. er considers it unlawful. One facHowever, if the law of a country tion considers it as O.K to keep is based on universal moral and covered their ankles while the ethical values will enjoins upon other declares it totally un-alevery individual to honour hu- lowed. In many cases there can manity, then it may bring about be a middle decision, but not in all matters. So if the Religious excellent results. Keeping in view the above dis- scholars start issuing Fatwa’ s ( cussion; on the problems of religious decrees issued by relipromulgating religion as the gious scholars) on petty matters state law; if we declare Islam as , how will it function as a state the state law of Pakistan, results law. The question arises, which will not be different from those type of Islam the people want to of other religions. Moreover, it be promulgated? Islam is surely may also be hurtful for the Mus- complete in code and conduct. lims as well. No two factions / But socio-cultural history of the sects can agree on one decision. region has given rise to such mis-

conceptions which have become the foundations and pillars of certain sects. If things grow so confused and perplexed within the sects and factions what to talk of implementing a religious code on all the communities living in the same country. According to Islam no woman should go out of house without a veil or a covering but the other communities cannot put under coverings their girls. Islam promotes free-will in the matter of acceptance of religion and allows the other communities to live the way their religions prescribe. That’s why, the glorious principles of governance of state and society our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has prescribed are basically related to uplift of humanity and in matters of personal affairs Islam allows communities to live as per their own style of living. As Islam is against any sort of hegemony, acceptance of other religious communities in the making and promulgation of a law must be achieved through the principle of free-will. A. Haq (London)

Natural Antibiotic Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. Many people m i sta ke n l y think that a nt i b i o t i c s also work on viral infections such as cold, flu, and many instances of sinusitis, bronchitis and ear infection. Antibiotic use can over time lead to antibiotic resistances. Many of us think that the patients build up a tolerance to the medication, but actually it’s the bacteria that become resistant to the antibiotics. Antibiotics resistance poses a serious concern to your healthcare. Our use of antibiotics has fuelled the growing number of super bugs. These are the infections that have become hard to

treat with antibiotics. Bacteria have a bad reputation. We typically think bacteria as having a single purpose that is to make us sick. You will be surprised to learn that our bodies are more specifically our digestive tracks contains millions of friendly bacteria known as probiotics. These strains of beneficial bacteria are fed by prebiotics both of which are essential to health. Benefits of pre and probiotics: 1. These help to treat diarrhoea, irritable bowel sy n d ro m e , and certain intestinal infections in conjunction with medi-

Altaf Says 2014 Make-OrBreak Year For Pakistan

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said on Monday that 2014 might prove a ‘make-orbreak year’ for Pakistan and warned the rulers not to repeat mistakes committed in

the past. He said that delay in implementation of key decisions on national security could inflict irreparable damage to the country. Hussain said that he had conveyed what he said the result he drew from analysis of the situation prevailing in the country. He said that it depended on rulers whether they wanted to move the country towards stability or destruction.

cation. 2. Enhance absorption of vitamins and minerals. 3. Strengthen the immune system to help fight 4. Promote urinary tract health 5. Protect against certain cancers What are probiotics used for: Prebiotics are non digestible carbs that feed probiotics, helping them grow and flourish .since prebiotics nourish p ro b i o t i c s , eating food that contains prebiotics can often aid digestion . Sources of prebiotics: Prebiotics are

Mum Puts Her Baby Up For Sale On Website For £150,000 Social services have swooped after a mother advertised her four-month-old baby boy for sale on the internet. The woman was asking for £150,000 for her “beautiful” boy, and even said she was sick of “time wasters” responding to the advert. The mother, who cannot be identified but lives within the Bradford district, placed a se-

ries of ads on classified website Gumtree on Boxing Day. One chilling post read: “Baby boy for sale. Comes with everything included. Deposit needed as sick of time-wasters.” Online networks of concerned parents quickly raised the alarm. No criminal charges are expected.

Fighters To Be Stripped Of Nationality Theresa May has hiked up the use of powers to strip jihadists fighting in Syria of their British nationality. Up to 240 Britons are believed to be in Syria and the Home Secretary has targeted 20 dual-nationals this year using "deprivation of citizenship orders", which take immediate

effect. The Home Office said: "Citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and the Home Secretary will remove British citizenship from individuals where she feels it is conducive to the public good to do so."

Rotherham to Consult on Landlords Licensing found in a variety of foods including banana, honey, onions, garlic, asparagus, whole grains and legumes. Uses of probiotics: Antibiotic therapy, chronic stress, poor dietary choices or medication uses may cause a loses of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria imbalance can lead to digestive problems such as gases, bloating, difficulties in digestion and poor immunity. Sources of probiotics: Probiotics are present in various fermented food such as yogurt with live active culture, miso, sour dough bread, and fermented yogurt style drinks.

Rotherham Borough Council is to consult on whether to introduce a Selective Licensing scheme for private rented housing across the borough. A formal ten-week consultation will begin in January on the proposal, which is geared to tackling housing problems as well as high levels of anti-social behaviour in some areas of the Borough. The areas under consideration include Rotherham Central, comprising the Town Centre, Canklow, parts of Boston Castle, Eastwood and the Masbrough, Ferham, Meadowbank and Bradgate areas. Dinnington central and east areas as well as Maltby south east are also being considered. Currently, only landlords of large

houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) require a licence, due to the increased safety risk and potential vulnerability of their tenants. But the authority believes that a licensing scheme would benefit certain parts of the borough where there are high levels of empty properties, frequent turnover of tenancies and high levels of anti-social behaviour. Licences for privately owned properties in the suggested areas are expected to cost in the region of £687, which would last for five years. If you would like to be notified when the consultation begins along with links to the consultation documents, please email

UK Has Good Communications Deals According to Ofcom reports in the UK we enjoy more consistently cheaper access to mobile phone, landline telephone and broad band deals compared to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and US customers. The report compares the UK with 16 countries - France, Germany, Italy, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, Russia, India and China. The report also reveals that

people in the UK are spending significantly more online per head than any other country surveyed, at £1,175 in 2012 – up by 16% from £1,017 in 2011.

Molana Qari Ismail & chief Editor Ilmnews syed fayyaz Hussain

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Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

the private rented sector. As more and more of us seem to be choosing to rent than buy. The demand for good quality long term rentals could potentially be the trigger needed to develop a new market, with this sector maturing over the next few years. The private rented sector is an accepted and mature part of the residential property market in many RESEuropean countries. As people become more flexible with employment, being tied down by property ownership may be a disadvantage, therefore, the rented sector provides mobility in the workforce. Arguably this sector of the residential property market may be in its infancy but it really is beginning a journey towards a strong part of this market. IDENTIAL It is a sector the majority of readers will be familiar You may notice signs of this in 2014 and beyond. with and the one which hits the headlines in the media. One can say with a caveated caution that RETIREMENT VILLAGES the residential sector is becoming a much more de- As we are living longer and much more healthier mand driven market. In some parts of the country, lifestyles the demand for residential accommodain particular in the south around London, the mar- tion for the over 55s is rising. There are many new ket is very boisterous, prices are strong and demand developments which are aimed at this market. seems to be rising. Is this true in other parts of the The rise of the Retirement Village and Extra Care country ? It is clear, talking to property people, that Schemes which cater for this market has begun to the right property in the right location, priced real- mature in the last few years. The concept is fairly istically is attracting buyers. If we take Sheffield as simple - people buy or rent a unit and access care an example there is building evidence to suggest as and when needed. Clearly this is a nutshell exthat buyers are cautiously returning to the market. planation and does require a great deal of expertise to develop. This is also true of other areas in the country. This year has been the first year after many, when there seems to be a consensus building, that the property market is beginning to turn a corner. I will briefly run through each sector of the property market :

The office market is arguably going through a transitional phase of equalisation. As the economy improves the demand for offices may well rise. This sector of the market is very location sensitive with demand being driven by business location choices. It can't be long before demand is greater than supply. There has also been a recent trend towards converting offices to residential accommodation. INDUSTRIAL Demand for industrial space has remained fairly static as there has been very little new build in prices can only go one way. many parts of the country. You can see a rise in AGRICULTURAL demand as the economy begins to improve. Agricultural land has seen a rise in values in the last It also provides developers with an opportunity to few years. This is a trend which one can argue will look at possible new build in the future. This could continue to rise in 2014 and beyond. be an interesting sector in the new year and beWhat can you say about 2013? For many of us in yond. the property industry it has been a year of tempered optimism. For others it has been challenging. DEVELOPMENT LAND In the last year demand for land has seen a rise But the underlying trend has been of improvement. whilst previously people were talking about purchasing land for potential development. We are The year 2014 could see the strengthening of this beginning to see that some of these enquiries are tempered optimism. I believe that 2014 will contribute strongly to a sustained optimism. turning into deals with a view to development.

Equally, as we live longer the need for care in general will no doubt see a rise, a scenario well com- In the last few years, apart from the south of the mentated on in the last few years. It will continue country, there were very few new developments coming out of the ground. Take a look around your as a topic into 2014 and beyond. city and you will see at least one or two albeit small projects being developed. OFFICES The underlying trend in the last few years has been demand and although fairly steady it has not risen 2014 may see the beginnings of an increase in demand for land. After all, land is finite and when Another key change which is developing and will ar- significantly, particularly for secondary locations. supply is restricted simple economics will suggest guably continue to gather acceptability is the rise of It could be argued that this trend will continue into 2014. Clearly one has to be wary of house prices because they are sensitive to a vast number of permutations. A rise in interest rates, inflation, world economic trends and many others. But the overriding demand lies in the fact that we all need somewhere to live.

I would like to wish all the readers a Happy New Year. Also a big thank you to all the readers who contact me it is a huge encouragement. But as ever, please note this article is only for guidance, and you should take professional advice.



t: 01709 360 786 m: 07769 786 786



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LEGAL CORNER Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: Parliament hopes to have the bill in force by sum- -Tenancy mer 2014. Parliament’s objectives out outlined •Ensure new tenants in privately rented homes are below. legal residents by requiring landlords to carry out simple checks on new tenants. Removal •Will penalise landlords who do not carry out these checks with civil penalties. •Create a system where only one decision is made •Create an online system for landlords to carry out that encompasses both a person’s immigration sta- these checks. tus and their removability. They intend to replace •Ability for landlords to contact the Home Office separate powers who make removal decisions with with a maximum 48 hour response time. If no reone central power who can remove individuals sponse is received in this time the landlord is free who do not have leave to remain in the UK. to rent. •Grant further powers to Boarder Control Offic- •Aiding vulnerable people by creating much simers such as allowing them to undertake protective pler document requirements for them, exempting searches of detained people, enable officers to homeless hostels and halls of residence from regusearch for travel documents that are not already lation. held by the Home Office. Make sure an officer’s power to use reasonable force is applied uni- -Health Service formly. Grant powers to check fingerprints that are •Ensure that any person who is subject to immigraequivalent to police powers. tion control is required to pay a health surcharge as •Change the Tribunal Procedure Rules to prevent a precondition of entry. Once the surcharge is paid repeat bail applications, by rejecting applications the person is entitled to healthcare as any permamade within 28 days of previous application. nent resident. •Allow the Home Office to maintain detention if •Those seeking asylum, humanitarian protection removal is scheduled within 14 days. or temporary protection will be exempt of the sur•Amend existing powers to make it clear non-na- charge. tionals must provide biometrics when applying for •The surcharge amount will be set by secondary transit visas or a family permit. Also anyone apply- legislation. ing for British citizenship must provide biometrics. -Bank Accounts Appeals •Ensure illegal migrants are not able to open current accounts by requiring banks to undergo im•Reduce the number of immigration decisions that migration checks on new applicants. can be appealed from 17 to 4. •Migrants who are found and have exhausted all •Ensure foreign criminals can be deported first and appeal rights will be liable for removal from the UK. appeal after. •Any person refused a current account for reasons •Create a more transparent process so that deci- outlined by this bill must be informed as such by sions on human rights and asylum must be consid- the Bank or Building Society. Following this the ered by the Secretary of State before the tribunal. person must obtain evidence of their lawful immi•With regards to Article 8 make it clear what the gration status. public interest requires, and ensure that the courts •Secretary of state retains the right to discretion as consider the public interest when deciding a case to whether a person identified as an illegal immiregarding article 8. grant should be referred to the anti-fraud agency. •The treasury will gain powers to ensure that illeAccess to Services gal migrants do not seek alternative providers or products.

-Work •Increase the maximum penalty for employing an illegal migrant from £10,000 to £20,000. •Employers must raise an objection to the secretary of state before making an appeal to the civil court. •Make it easier to enforce the recovery of an unpaid civil penalty debt in the civil court. •Simplify the process to reduce the burden of right to work checks on employers, including reducing the number of acceptable documents.

•The Commissioner can apply to a Magistrate for a warrant to enter any premises in which a regulated advisor is operating. Failure of an advisor to comply with a warrant could result in the cancellation of the organisation’s registration. •Require all immigration organisations to be registered. The Secretary of State reserves the right to authorise the commissioner to waive the organisation’s requirement to pay a fee and in return the organisation charges no fee for their services.


-Driving Licences -Embarkation Checks •Lawful migrants will be able to obtain a full or •Port operator staff will have the power to carry provisional UK driving licence. out embarkation checks and maybe compelled to •The Government will be able to revoke the li- carry them out if necessary. cence of a person here unlawfully. •Powers of examination currently only held by an immigration officer will be granted to a designated Marriage person in relation to persons leaving the UK. •Extend the marriage and civil partnership notice •Those who have a role in the outbound passenger process to enable the home office to investigate process will be trained to perform the basic checks possible sham marriages more effectively. Increase required to establish a passenger’s identity. There the period from 15 days to 28. will be no powers to search or detain. Other than •Extend powers of information sharing for regis- to a person designated by the Secretary of State. tration officials. •An offence for non-compliance will be created. •Notices of marriage of non-EEA nationals will be sent to the Home Office in cases where that per- -Fees son could gain an immigration advantage. These •The criteria for setting fees will be amended to; notices will be assessed against intelligence based cost, benefits, economic growth, international risk profiles and factors and accounts from regis- comparisons and reciprocal arrangements. The tration officials. fees will be adjustable in line with the govern•If the Home Office has reasonable grounds to sus- ment’s objectives and priorities. pect a sham marriage then the notice period can •The process for setting fees will be simplified and be extended to 70 days. maximum fee amounts will be introduced. •Specific fee levels will be set out in Fees RegulaOversight tion which will enable quick adjustments. •Create a new duty on the Immigration Commis- •Enable redundant fees to be removed from the sioner to cancel the registration of regulated or- framework. ganisations where they are deemed to be unfit, incompetent or defunct. These decisions will be Disclaimer:: This article is information only and appealable to the First-tier Tribunal of the Immi- does not amount legal advice please seek legal adgration Services. vice form your legal advisors before you proceed. •The Commissioner can apply to the Tribunal to suspend the activities of an advisor charged with a serious criminal offence.


ECO Energy Solutions

0800 772 0763 = + To qualify for a 100% FREE boiler you should be in receipt of the following:* Pension Credit * Child Tax Credit (with a relevant income of £15,860 or less) * Working Tax Credit (with a relevant income of £15,860 or less) * Income Support * Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance * Income-Related Employment Support Allowance

Claim your FREE boiler & tablet gift today !!! Page Page 21 19

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Dreams and Aspirations

Cllr Ifzal Bukhari Bristol

25th of December, is the birthday commemoration of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (25/12/1876 - 11/09/1948), the founding father of Pakistan. He was a firstclass Barrister, human-rights advocate and first GovernorGeneral of Pakistan (11th August 1947 to 11th of September 1948). The late Mr NELSON MANDELA (former South African President, freedom-fighter, elder-Statesman and humanitarian) shared

his thoughts on the great founder of Pakistan: "Ali Jinnah is a constant source of inspiration for all those who are fighting against racial or group discrimination.' (Nelson Mandela had come to Islamabad in 1995 and had insisted on including Karachi as a destination to visit Jinnah's Grave and his house in Karachi where upon reaching he drove straight to the Quaid's Mazar) At another occasion while addressing the ANC Mandela mentioned three names Ali Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru as sources of inspiration for the movement against apartheid." The dreams and aspirations of the Pakistani youth should be higher than Mount K2 and wider than the Himalayas. Pakistan is yet to realize its true potential.

Pakistan is a country blessed with immense natural resources; huge proven deposits of gold, crude oil and natural gas, and 5 Great Rivers, not to mention 190 million human reasons! Sadly, however, Pakistan has suffered from inept leadership, mass-corruption, sectarianism and a chronic failure to learn from the lessons of history. It is not too late for Pakistanis to salvage the dreams of QuaidE-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The country must adapt. Let us not forget the millions who sacrificed their lives for a better future for their children and were inspired by the vision of the founding father of Pakistan. Just take a look at the current state of the Kashmiris in IndianOccupied-Kashmir.

NHS: Migrants To Be Charged For A&E Care

The move is part of the NHS charging strategy to deter socalled "health tourists" while trying to recoup up to £500m a year. Visitors and migrants who use NHS accident and emergency services in England are to be charged, ministers have announced. The move is part of an extension of the NHS charging strategy intended to deter so-

called "health tourists" while trying to recoup up to £500m a year. Critics have accused the Government of trying to grab headlines rather than helping the NHS. Ministers say no-one will be turned away in an emergency, but there will be a bill to pay afterwards for those from overseas. The announcement has been timed less than 48 hours before restrictions on migrants from Bulgaria and Romania end. A major influx of immigrants could put additional strain on the NHS and other public services.

Also under the proposed changes, migrants and overseas visitors will have to pay for primary care services such as minor surgery carried out by GPs, while prescription charges will be extended. There will also be higher charges for services which are subsidised for patients entitled to free NHS treatment, such as optical and dental care. But consultations with GPs and nurses will remain free of charge, to ensure initial access remains to prevent public health risks such as TB, HIV and sexuallytransmitted infections. Details of the scheme are still being worked out and ministers won't have a full plan until March. But the Government will be hoping its crackdown down on health tourism will resonate home and abroad.

Food Review f h syed Well done to the Maazi team! Looking forward to returning again soon.

If you want great food with beautiful location then the short travel out of town to the renowned Maazi Restaurant in Matlock is well worth the trip. Described as one of the best things to hit Matlock.... my excitement was mounting. My first impression of the location had me in awe: it is a Prime Location to say the least. The owners have nailed the market without a doubt. The magnificent Art Deco Building, the grand entrance, the touch of desi with the tuk-tuk on display, and the appetising aroma of wonderful Asian spices give meaning to a true experience of eating out. Inside, the atmosphere was flawless with beautiful seating, lighting, candles and rose petals. Of course the timing of our visit during the festive period was a true test of how well organised the eatery is. I’ve heard this place is always in demand, but in the run up to Christmas is was full to the brim. Still we were not disappointed as the staff were extremely friendly and professional and we were seated quickly and our orders taken. My next purpose of visiting Maazi was to be sure

In a short time owner Mr Shabir has established a still-growing reputation for quality, value and innovation. There’s no trace of pretence here, just warmth and professionalism. As word spreads, Maazi is beginning to attract devotees from further afield, as well as loyal Derbyshire locals.

its reputation of fabulous quality food lived up to the mark. The menu was well set out and included all the favourites such as tandoori, balti and seafood. The chef’s specials looked like a hit with most diners. We chose a lamb dish with pilau rice and garlic naan and the chicken chefs special. The meat simply melted in my mouth and the naan was quite possibly the finest I have ever tasted. The food was extremely tasty. ..served hot and the portion sizes were just right. There was such depth

of flavour and spices and the chefs special will definitely bring me back. The best way to describe the food is, GREAT!! Overall, the food was more than tasty and well worth the bill we paid, the staff were excellent and attentive and accommodating, and the few lovely surprises really made the occasion. We were given a complimentary box of chocolates as we came to leave...A nice touch at the end of a great evening.

Mr Shabir is clearly a dedicated restaurateur who takes justifiable pride in what he has achieved. He is particularly proud of his kitchens and informed me he has had not one, but two clay ovens installed – a rare feature. He is obviously passionate about offering a truly authentic Indian dining experience and, excitingly, plans are now in the pipeline to expand and take on another floor – to be decorated in a fusion of Asian and Arabic styles and accommodate the growing demand for private functions and parties. On the evening of our visit we also enjoyed live traditional music complete with a belly dancer – the perfect accompaniment to an unforgettable evening of exotic delicacy.

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Yorkshire Bank, AC Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58


Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity.

£40 a month covers expenses to

It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairman of Jamiat Ulma-e-Britain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world.

Molana M Aslam Zahid donating sawing machines during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

is relying on your support to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.


run an education centre in an area of high poverty £250 supports and educates an orphan for a year £40 helps vital support for a very poor family for a month £50 buys a sewing machine which will be a source of income for a widow or young orphan girl £40 buys an Eid gift package of essential food support for a poor family £15 buys new clothes and a smile for 1 needy person £2000 can help finance the marriage of an orphan girl £2 per week by direct debit will make you a permanent member and you will receive ongoing sadqa jarya as promised by Allah the Almighty We also ongoing support for ambulances in extreme poor areas





Tel: 0114 281 1927 Mob: 0789 454 0303 E-Mail: Web:

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Welcoming you to splendid surroundings & traditional tastes

Branches... Sheffield

Mon to Thurs 05:30pm - 11.00pm Fri & Sat 05:30pm - 11.30pm Sun 01.00pm - 10.30pm 798 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats Sheffield, S8 0SF

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Mon to Thurs 05:30pm - 11.00pm Fri & Sat 05:30pm - 11.30pm Sun 01.00pm - 10.30pm 798 Chesterfield Road, Paragon Business Village, Herriot Way, Wakefield, WF1 2UJ

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Lunch Buffet

Wed to Fri 01.00pm - 2.30pm Coutance Way, Burly-in-Wharfedale, Ilkley LS29 7HQ t: 01943 865554 f: 01943 863373






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PTI - Sheffield congratulates ILM NEWS upon successful completion of 4 years of publication and we wish them all the best for the upcoming future.

Chicken Parmesan Only at Freddy’s

Renowned for taste We congratulate NEW ILM NEWS upon completion of 4 years of publications Piri Piri and steppingChicken into 5th year and we All available as Mild, Hot, Garlic wish them allorthe best for future... Lemon & Herb Marinades Try our


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Many Congratulations to ILM NEWS upon successfully completing 4 years of publications, we wish them best of luck for future...

Ch M Zahur Local Businessman

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Leader of Opposition - Sheffield

Javid Khan

New Candidate from Netheredge Ward

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Labour Party Sheffield Many Congratulations to ILM NEWS for 4 years of successful publications, all the best for future...

from Cllr Mohammed Maroof and new candidate Netheredge ward Nasima Akhtar

Cllr M Maroof

Nasima Akhtar

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BUFFET BANQUET Fabulous selection of Dishes

Eat as much as you like

Only £11.99 and £6.99 for under 10’s Under 5’s eat FREE A la carte Menu is also available daily

BANQUETING SUITE for 500 plus Meetings, Weddings, Birthdays & Parties Outside Catering delivered to your Home, Business premises or any Venue 20 Peoples or more Catered for...

DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE, 7 Nights a Week FREE DELIVERY ON ORDER OVER £9 within 4 Mile Radius The Old Masbrough Railway Station, Princes Street Rotherham , S60 1HX Tel: 01709 555 527 - 550 155 Advance Booking Mob: 07831 202 354 www.

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