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BLUNKETT; STANDING THE TEST OF TIME “I’ve changed attitudes and peoples lives by pushing myself, going the extra mile to find out what I am good at, and not taking no for an answer”. Mr Blunkett believes

self motivation took a big part in his success by believing in himself, but more important is for people to believe in children and support and encourage youngsters cont p18.



READY TO DEFENDHIS TITLE ILM team is constantly looking for local talent and has found Adnan Amar. Adnan is a 27 year old pro, fighting out of Ingle’s gym in Sheffield. Amar has participated in many fights,

He’s a typical product of Ingle’s gym, switch hitting, defensive minded and hard to catch. He is always willing to fight anytime anywhere, often taking fights at days notice! He’s fighting at welter weight with an orthodox stance. He is currently a Welter weight champion of England. He has moved away from his home town in Nottingham

to train with Brendan Ingle and his son Dominic Ingle. Adnan met Ingle in Nottingham where he asked him if he could train him. Ingle then invited Adnan to Sheffield at his gym in Wincobank to see how Adnan boxes, when Ingle saw him box, he immediately took him on and agreed to train him.He's a confident guy, cont p12




Two Muslim women have become the first passengers to refuse to subject themselves to controversial ‘naked’ full body airport scans. The £80,000 scanners were introduced at Heathrow and Manchester airports on February 5. cont.Pg 5








Did you know what cigarettes contain?:

Tobacco is a $200 billion industry, producing six trillion cigarettes a year – about 1,000 cigarettes for each person on earth. And this is what you’ll find in cigarettes: ~ Formaldehyde, which embalmers use to preserve dead bodies; ~ Toluene, which is commonly used as an ingredient in paint thinner; ~ Acetone, an active ingredient in nail polish remover; ~ Ammonia, which scientists have discovered lets you absorb more nicotine, keeping you hooked on smoking. If you smoke, you and those around you also inhale arsenic, benzene, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide, lead,

mercury and phonol. In all, 4000 harmful chemicals, including 44 types of poison, of which 43 are proven cancer-causing substances. That should be reason enough why a person should stop smoking immediately. Nicotine is a drug. It is more addictive than cocaine, heroine or mandrax. Nicotine is a natural insecticide. Plants such as tomatoes produce it in their leaves to discourage bugs from eating them. Life insurance companies charge smokers nearly double the amount they charge non-smokers for term assurance. Smokers are ten times more likely to suffer from lung cancer than non-smokers, three times more likely to have a stroke, and twice more likely to suffer a heart


attack. Carbon monoxide in cigarettes deprives the heart of oxygen. Smoking can cause headaches, infertility, blood vessel disease, digestive problems, mouth and throat cancer, and blindness. More than three million people die each year as a result of smoking. Stop smoking NOW When you do stop; After 8 hours, the carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal. After 48 hours, nerve endings start regrowing and the ability to smell and taste is enhanced. After a year, the risk of heart disease drops halfway back to that of a non-smoker. After 15 years, the risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker.

WHAT CARERS CARE ABOUT (P.R) Sheffield City Council; A plan to give all carers in Sheffield better support will be considered by the people whose views really count – carers themselves. At least one in ten people in Sheffield provides unpaid support to their family or

friends. It is estimated that only about a quarter of carers are in touch with statutory or voluntary agencies. Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board is working with carers to create a strategy aimed at improving support from

organisations such as the City Council, NHS Sheffield, Sheffield Health and Social Care and the voluntary sector. It also aims to identify and support the city’s “hidden” carers, believed to number at least 40,000.

LABOUR RESPOSE TO SHEFFIELD FUNDING In response to The Governments Budget, Opposition Labour Spokesperson for Finance, Councillor Harry

Harpham, said: which will secure local re“Labour certainly welcomes covery and invest in Shefthis sensible and workman- field’s future. like budget,



Muslim women refused to take full-body scan are barred from Manchester Flight

Reporter Javed Khan, An estimated 15,000 people have already passed through the scanners, with the pair the first passengers to refuse a scan. Both told airport staff they were not willing to be scanned. They were warned they would not be allowed to board the PIA flight if they refused. Yet they refused and forfeited their flight.The X-ray machines allow security staff to see a ‘naked’ image of passengers to show up hidden weapons and explosives, but it has attracted criticism for also showing clear outlines of all passengers body parts. Civil liberties campaigners say

the incident could form the basis of a legal test case to challenge the use of the Rapiscan device in airports.They say people shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health, their faith, their dignity, or their privacy in order to fly.The passenger is asked to stand in front of the machine, which produces a virtual ‘naked’ image that shows if they are carrying explosives or any other suspicious items. There is one Rapiscan scanner in use in a trial at Manchester Airport’s terminal two, which has seen 15,000 people pass through it. A further two devices - one each for terminals one and three - have been delivered and are set to be operational within the next month. The scanners


have been criticised by the human rights group Liberty and the government’s own Equality and Human Rights Commission. Only selected passengers are scanned. Security staff say they are chosen at random and not according to race, religion or ethnicity.Manchester Councillor Afzal Khan, said the vast majority of Muslims believed that any privacy concerns should be outweighed by ensuring they are safe when flying. He said: ‘Hundreds of Muslim passengers have gone through without a problem. While I appreciate people’s concerns for privacy, these steps are necessary for our safety and security.’ A Manchester Airport spokesman said: ‘In accordance with

the government directive on scanners, the women were not permitted to fly. Body scanning is a big change for customers and we are aware that privacy concerns are on our customers’s minds, which is why we have put strict procedures in place to reassure them that their privacy will be protected.’ Last month, Transport Secretary Lord Adonis stressed that an interim code of practice on the use of body scanners stipulated that passengers would not be selected ‘on the basis of personal characteristics’. Following installation of the devices, Islamic scholars in the U.S. said Muslim travellers should not pass through the scanners because they violate

religious rules on nudity. The Fiqh Council of North America issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, warning Muslims not to go through the scanners. ‘It is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women’ ‘Islam highly emphasises haya (modesty) and considers it part of faith. The Quran has commanded the believers, both men and women, to cover their private parts.’In the U.S., there are now 40 scanners in 19 airports and could be as many as 450 by the end of the year.The powerful council of ten scholars that issued the fatwa is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America. Reporter J Khan,





What keeps me awake at night are not the suicide bombs going off in my neighborhood, but the underground water levels dropping silently every second of the day. An ominous no-sound of fertile lands turning to barren deserts. To me they make a clamor much louder than hundreds

of bombs going off at the same time. Its the fecal coliforms which show up in every sample of drinking water we take. Its the ever increasing flood of built up areas onto our farmlands. Its the raw sewage we dump into our rivers which is used as drinking water down stream. Its the runaway population. Its the unemployment. Its the power shortages. Its the rise of TB and hepatitis C. Its the air we breath. I wonder how hard it would be for me to sleep if I had to resolve these problems?

My shoulders will collapse under the weight. My mind would burst from the immense pressures. I stand in awe of my leaders as watch them. They are indeed brave. Truly valiant. Not a single hint of what they must be going through! A magnificent achievement. They hide their fears well. Belittling the issues which would crack weak of heart and faith.They are giants. I salute them. They must be burning millions of brain cells in secret to save the nation. To sort out the is-

sues. To bring happiness, prosperity and a future for the people they lead. What a sacrifice. Its amazing. To those who might think I have gone nuts, I say to them the “awam” can’t be wrong. If the ‘awam’ trusts them to deliver then they know better. They must be able to see between the lines. The truth is hidden from the uninitiated. So it is our fortune that our beloved leaders will yet keep serving the nation in the near future. We will not be harried into fretting over the problems which irritate me

at night and they will take care of them in their secret magical ways. I must learn to trust them. I must understand that behind their goofy looks and senseless jargon lies an unassuming intelligence. There are always people at their call. I have never seen them alone. That means that if I try hard enough I too will see the truth. So I must believe if I am to sleep well again. There is nothing out there. Drought is an illusion. Poverty is a hoax. This nation was created in the name of Allah. He will

intervene at the right moment. After all we are the chosennation. Or was that the nation of Israel?Didn’t they think so too? Landed them in big trouble didn’t it? Can’t remember properly. Anyway must not let such thoughts weaken my resolve. I must believe in Messrs Zardari, Nawaz, and Co to unveil their secret plans to lead us on to the golden path of everlasting happiness and glory. Now what remains is to find a secret magical pill which should enable me to attend the next political rally....

Property Corner The Residential Property Market By: Mohammed Mahroof When I was asked to write an article for ILM, I was mindful that people generally talk about two issues at social events the weather and property market. The property market is a particular interest to our community; many of you are involved in property either as an investment or a general hobby. I have been a surveyor for over 22 years and am now seeing my third recession. This recession has hit property significantly, but it is not all bad news. The residential property market has become the hardest hit, but in Sheffield we are now seeing a natural equalisation of prices. Prices through the auction houses are remaining fairly

strong with investors fairly active. The main feature of this year so far has been the perceived reduction in house prices not because of demand, but continued restrictions on mortgages and the “wait and see” attitude of buyers, and vendors reluctant to be realistic with asking prices. In some areas prices have remained static or increased due to a lack of properties in the market place. The market will remain fairly challenging because of the impending election, but property is a commodity with a strong following and will always attract buyers. In future articles I will talk about property matters in more depth, and will like feedback from readers as to topics they wish me to cover.




Labour Call For Post Office Action Local people are calling to be updated on the half a million pounds that was promised to save Post Offices in the city The money was originally earmarked to re-open Norfolk Park and Nether Green Post Offices. However, despitethe council announcing a target to re-open by January 2010, both Post Offices remain closed. Darnall Councillors have been backing the community in calling for a share of the Lib Dem Council’s

half a million pound pot to keep open Darnall Post Office. When it was open, the Post Office received around 3,000 visitors every week. Darnall Labour Councillor, Mazher Iqbal, said: “If Darnall could receive some of the Council’s half a million pound pot, then the branch could be up and running in no time and it’s important for the local community that it’s re-opened sooner rather than later.”

KASHMIR SEMINAR These were just some of the views expressed at the Seminar held at the House of Commons on the 23rd March 2010, organised by the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement Europe.“India must not be given a seat at the security Council until it resolves the Kashmir dispute” “Human Rights Violations in Indian held Kashmir must stop immediately” “Kashmiri Community must unite and speak with one voice”“The Rights of Kashmiris must be protected”

“The Pakistani / Kashmiri community must take this opportunity to get support from their candidates for the Kashmir issue” “We congratulate the Pakistani Community on this historic day and want to remind the International Community as well as the Pakistani Community that the issue of Kashmir remains unresolved ”“I want to visit the Indian held Kashmir ”“Any dialogue about Kashmir must include the Kashmiris”



Rapid turn around sees school out of special measures a head of target Staff and pupils at Handsworth Grange community sports college are celebrating after the school was lifted out of special measures on Friday 19Th March 2010 after its performance was turned around in just 18 months -well ahead of the two -year target for improvement Hands-

worth Grange Community sports college was graded as “satisfactory with many good features, by a team of the Government Ofsted inspectors. The good news follows 18 months of hard work under the leadership of Headteacher Anne Quaile to improve all aspects of

school life. When the overwhelming news was broken about the school been taken of the list , i was in such a state of emotion , crying and shouting with joy which i am sure could have been heard throughout the Handsworth area.



ALL OUT TO OPPOSE THE EDL IN SHEFFIELD The anti Muslim English Defence League are planning to come to Sheffield on May 30th. Sheffield Unite Against Fascism is calling a peaceful rally to celebrate multicultural Sheffield on the day in opposition to the EDL’s attempt to bring racist violence to our city. Sheffield Unite Against Fascism want people to unite from across the city in the face of this threat. A public meeting has been organized by Sheffield Unite Against Fascism at 7:30pm on Thurs-

day, 8th April at Victoria Hall Methodist Church (opposite the Crucible Theatre) in the city centre. The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss how to build the largest possible turnout on 30th May, and also ensure an effective response to the court appearance of EDL leaders in Sheffield on Friday, 23rd April. The EDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia - bigotry against Muslims - is as unaccept-

able as any other form of racism. Its aim is to divide us by making scapegoats of one community, just as the Nazis did with the Jews in the 1930s. Today they threaten Muslims. Tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians & gay men, travellers or Eastern Europeans. There is no place for Nazis, racists or the BNP in Sheffield’s multi-racial, multicultural and multi-faith community.


Report by: Z Naqvi



A broad cross-section of faith groups in Sharrow, Nether Edge and Broomhall met with local representatives from statutory agencies last Saturday to explore ways of working together for the benefit of the wider community. The event, organised by Sheffield Faiths Forum, was held at Bramall Lane after Sheffield United donated the use of their Marston and Millennium suites for this community initiative. It was attended by over 150 people from 25 faith groups and 15 local statutory agencies and organisations. Matt Robson, Vice-Chair of Sheffield Faiths Forum, said, “It was great to see so many people from so many different communities in the area meeting together. We wanted it to be a really practical and useful event for everyone involved, so that people could start to put names to faces and know who represents the different agencies in their area.” One of the presentations showcased was the recent ‘Faith, Food and Friendship’ project which involved faith leaders and members of Usmania Masjid & Education

Centre and Highfield Trinity Church meeting together over food. “It’s Sheffield Faith’s Forum projects like these that we wanted to showcase at the event, to inspire other groups and agencies in the area about what is possible when groups meet together to share their common good values for the benefit of the wider community”, said Matt Robson.Other

special guests included South Yorkshire Police Superintendent Peter Norman and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Head of Community Safety, Steve Makepeace. Inspector Craig Patchett, of the Sharrow Safer Neighbourhood Team, said, "Having worked alongside the faith community for the past five years on a broad range of community issues, I never cease to be impressed with the drive and commitment shown in partnership working.”Mahbub Choudhury from Usmania Masjid and Education Centre found the occasion inspiring and refreshing: “The event

was a superb opportunity to get to know so many friendly and wonderful people. It is crucial that different faith communities can maintain contact with each other and learn from each other.”The event was supported and funded by Sheffield Faiths Forum, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield City Council's South and Central Community Assemblies, Sharrow Community Forum and Sheffield United’s community programme The United Initiative. Sue Beeley, Head of Community at The United Initiative, said “Any initiative which develops community cohesion and social inclusion can only be of benefit to the city, so we applaud the work of Sheffield Faiths Forum and what it aims to achieve.”A meeting was held on 25th of March to review the progress of Sheffield Faiths Forum, in which over 100 people attended.List of who is in the picture (left to right):Revd Ian Wallis, Margaret Grant, Mashood Nazir, Superintendent Peter Norman, Shabaz Ramzan, Councillor Paul Scriven, Rebecca Maddox, Group Manager Steve Makepeace, Mohammed Azad, Inspector Craig Patchett, Yasmin Saddique, Noah Nazir, Brendan Packenham, Mahbub Choudhury, Naveed Babar, Revd Phillip Borkett.



Inspector Simon Leake

Partners and communities together

Following the number of initiatives carried out by Burngreave, Firth Park and Shiregreen Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) which focus on tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) there has been a 24 per cent reduction of ASB incidents in January and February 2010 compared to same period last year. That’s 243 fewer reports of ASB.

Your SNTs are based at Ecclesfield Police Station and consist of police officers, PCSOs, police specials and a Sheffield City Council safer neighbourhood officer.

Inspector Simon Leake said: “We are keen for all of the community to attend PACT meetings in their area and tell us what they are concerned The SNTs hold regular Partners and Communities Together (PACT) about locally. We will then act on this information and update residents at meetings, which everyone is welcome to attend. PACT meetings offer you future meetings. an opportunity to meet members of your local SNT and partner agencies. You can tell us about local policing issues that matter to you, have your “Our focus is to realign people’s perceptions of crime with reality and to say on neighbourhood priorities and how they are tackled, and obtain make people feel safer by tackling ASB and crime on a local level. We updates on local crime and policing matters. have made a commitment to neighbourhood policing, but to be successful we need your assistance.” Inspector Simon Leake who leads the SNTs that work closely with all partner agencies including Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Homes and Sheffield Futures to find solutions to issues raised by the local community and affect the quality of life of residents.

( P A C T ) Partners and communities together meetings

Burngreave and Pitsmoor Sorby House, Spital Hill on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm




Firth Park, Fir Vale Grimesthorpe and Wensley

Shiregreen and Wincobank

Pakistan Advice Centre, Owler Lane on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm

Hatfield House Primary School on the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm

To get in touch with the team, you can contact us on 0114 252 3994 or e-mail:




Charity regulator supports Sheffield’s Muslim charities Over 50 representatives from Sheffield-based Muslim charities met the Charity Commission’s Faith and Social Cohesion Unit (FSCU) at an event held on Sunday 7th March 2010 to continue its work in the local area. The FSCU’s Regional Manager, Khadim Hussain, explained the role of the Charity Commission and the work of the FSCU, and gave practical advice about how to register as a charity. He also gave an overview of the FSCU’s new guide for all faith-based charities, Faith in Good Governance, which is designed to help charities establish strong trustee bodies and good practice. The Charity Commission has established the FSCU to provide support and expert advice to faith-based charities, and this event is a continuation of their work in Yorkshire and The Humber, first launched in May 2009. When the FSCU was launched in October 2007, 331 mosques were identified as registered with the Charity Commission at the time. To date this figure stands at 477 – an increase of 44%.







HOROSCOPES APRIL 2010 (Mar. 21- April 20) This April will be a very pleasant one for you, as everything seems to fall into place, and those around you are at peace. Do not let the hectic times get to you, because you are strong and you can adapt. Your love life will be looking up for those of you who are single, look to people you work with, there is a co-worker that has their eye on you. Dreams you have this month will border on prophetic.

(Apr. 21- may 21) Someone very close to you this month is going to have a very hard time making ends meet. If you help them out they will be indebted to you for the rest of their life. Do not mistake their gratitude in this situation as a romantic notion, it would be a mistake to pursue them romantically. If you currently do not have love in your life, this is a good month to find it if you do not look for it! That special someone will appear when you least expect it.

(May 22-June 21) Do not let business get put on the sidelines this month, or you will let something very important slip away from you. You’re taking too many chances in an area that his personal to you, and you know what I’m talking about. It is wise for you to stop doing this, or at least cut it down to moderation. This is not a good month for secrets, so try your best not to tell any to anyone.

(June 22-July 22) A relative gets some bad news concerning a close friend of theirs, and will look to you for support. Even though they will make light of the situation, be aware that they are hurting deeply inside. Travel is very possible this month, and if you should find yourself in the situation of taking an airline, prepare yourself mentally for an ordeal at the airport. If you handle this correctly the aggravation will be at a minimum, if you are not mindful however, it could get out of hand.

(July 23-Aug 22) A total accident at work, ends up being one of the best things that you could have done! This will not make sense to you until it actually happens. This month you acquire a secret admirer, and this secret admirer means business! If you are married this could be trouble, however if you are single, this may be what you were waiting for. Your dreams this month will be of a warning nature that has to do with something physical. (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) A very good month for you financially, and the holiday turns out to be pretty easy to deal with. A spouse is having a hard time dealing with the pressures of their work and are reluctant to share this with you. You should do your best to give them a shoulder to cry on, and meaningful suggestions for them. A nightmare that you have this month will actually be a foretelling of something very good for you. Analyze carefully all of your dreams.

(Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) A relative opens old wounds when they go through some of your old belongings. Try not to get angry because there was no harm intended. A walk down memory lane might be good for you at this point in your life, but don’t get wrapped up in the past. Take some time to share your wisdom with someone who is very young and may be about to make a serious change in their life. What you say will be very important and have deep meaning for them. (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) The recent major changes in your life are going to settle down this month, and you’ll be better prepared to face the rest of the year. Take some time to get outdoors, something very good is slated to happen to you this month outdoors! Your very lucky this month, and is a very good time for you to buy lottery tickets, but don’t overdo it. Your dreams will have a very memorable theme to them, but will be very hard to remember and analyze. No need to

worry about it because they will traveling, because I foresee this be relatively meaningless. to be a overall bad month for travel for everyone. (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) If it is possible to cancel your travel plans for this month, then it is advisable that you do so. The reason is your travel this month looks very hectic and stressful. I do not however foresee any accidents, but then again I don’t see any safe signs either. Be careful with your finances because it will become very easy for you to overspend. Also, be mindful of the plans that those around you are making, that you don’t accidentally interfere with their plans.

(Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) You have a very hard time expressing your thoughts and are becoming very frustrated. Try to express some patience to the ones that you love, they are not as dense as you think they are. You’re just a little high strung, and you’ll wind down towards the end of the month. Pay attention to your dreams, they will be very hard to remember, but they will have a prophetic meaning. These dreams will be primarily about your love life.

(Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Someone from your past crosses your past this month and it takes you by surprise! It is advisable that you do not create long-term relationships with this person if you can be avoided. Take some time and soul search about the direction that you’re heading in life, and those doubts that you have been experiencing lately, may go away. Be careful this month if you have to do any

(Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Try not to step into the limelight because it is not a good place for you to be. Be careful with secrets, both giving them and getting them. This is also a good month to be very mindful of security, and every instance that it presents itself in your life. Keep a close watch on your finances and be careful that you do not overspend, because it will be very easy to do so this month.

Shoaib Malik to wed Sania Mirza The pakistani cricketer is engaged to marry Indian tennis star Sania Mirza. Both are very happy and hope to settle in Pakistan. The marraige will be good for relations between both countries. But often showbiz marraiges are not succesful. Good Luck to the couple!

ADNAN READY TO DEFEND HIS TITLE not arrogant, clever and dedicated to his boxing.“There is no reason why he shouldn’t become a world champion in couple of year’s time, his record speaks for itself” said Ingle. Adnan is a practicing muslim, who prays 5 times a day, he is an inspiration

and a role model for the youngster. He is always willing to help anyone who might be interested to take up this challenging sport. Record to Date Won 23 Kos 7 Lost 1 Drew 0


NC 0 ND 0 Total 24 Amar defending his british welter weight title on Friday 23rd of April 2010 which will be aired on Sky sports in Manchester. For ticket enquiries please call 07732758008.




WILL WRITING WHY SHOULD I MAKE A WILL ? Making a Will, will ensure that your estate passes exactly in accordance with your wishes, and it will also ensure that the people dealing with the administration of your estate will be the ones you have specifically chosen to do this important work. You will also be able to make gifts of money and chattels as you choose. Having a Will makes life much easier for those you leave behind. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DIE WITHOUT MAKING A WILL? This is called dying intestate. It means that your estate will pass to your next of kin. This could be someone who you would not wish to benefit from your Will, and could even be someone you do not know all that well, as the children of deceased siblings would be entitled to take the share their deceased parent would have taken. WILL I HAVE TO PAY INHERITANCE TAX ? Estates valuing £325,000 are liable to IHT at 40%. However, on the death of the first partner in a marriage or registered civil partnership, the estate automatically passes to the survivor and is free of IHT, whatever the value of the estate. CAN INHERITANCE TAX BE AVOIDED ? If you believe that your estate may be liable to IHT then you should take careful tax planning advice, and it will be necessary to make an appropriate Will. You should see your Solicitor for the best advice relating to your personal estate. CAN MY WILL INCLUDE OVERSEAS PROPERTIES? Ideally you will need to make a Will in your country of domicile and a further Will in the country where you own property. A copy of your Will involving the foreign element should be placed with the

Will in your country of domicile and vice versa. You should ask your Solicitors’ advice in relation to the foreign element of your estate. WHAT IS A GRANT OF PROBATE? Even though you may have left a Will, if you own property or if you have assets in one place totalling over approximately £5000, then the Executors appointed by your Will will be required to obtain a Grant of Probate to close any accounts in your sole name and also deal with any property that you own. This is a simple process and your Solicitors will be pleased to assist your Executors in the matter. WHAT IS A GRANT OF LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION? Your next of kin will be required to obtain this Grant if you leave any property of any kind in your sole name, and the person obtaining the Grant is known as your Administrator. The Administrator will be responsible for closing all accounts, dealing with property and eventually dividing your estate between those who are entitled. The inheritance entitlement rules when a person has died without making a Will can be complicated, and the advice of a Solicitor should be sought. WHAT HAPPENS IF PROPERTY IS HELD JOINTLY WITH SOMEONE ELSE? If your house or any other property is held as beneficial joint tenants with someone else, then the property automatically passes to the survivor, as do any joint accounts with any bank, building society or other financial institution. Disclaimer Please consult your own solicitors for legal advise.



ARTISTS NEEDED TO MAKE AN EXHIBITION OF THEMSELVES There’s a call for artists across the region to come and make an exhibition of themselves in Sheffield this September. The popular art show, ‘Art in the Gardens’ in the first weekend in September in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens. The event is one of the largest art exhibitions of its kind in the North of England with over 300 exhibiting artists, and each year attracts up to 15,000 visitors over the weekend and Friday Preview evening. Artists can book space to exhibit and sell their work in marquees, stalls, and in the restored glass pavilions, with prices starting at £90 for two days. Organised by Sheffield City council. COUNCIL VANS RUNNING ON GAS People in Sheffield will soon be breathing cleaner air as an exciting new fleet of ‘green’ Council vans fuelled by biogas is taking to the city’s roads. The six-month trial by Sheffield City Council will feature 10 gas-powered vehicles using biomethane collected from organic waste. They will aim to show that low carbon, low emission vehicles are a practical alternative to petrol and diesel to reduce Sheffield’s carbon footprint.

INVESTING IN SHEFFIELD’S FUTURE Plans for future investment to provide a better quality of life for people living in Sheffield are being unveiled. Sheffield City Council is making a bid for £220 million from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), which would be spent on projects to achieve maximum impact across the city and obtain additional funding from other public and private sector partners. The aim is to develop the city’s economy, improve housing, provide new and regenerated green spaces and provide better opportunities for all, including young people. The HCA has already allocated £86 million for Sheffield for the 2010/11 financial year, subject to agreement. ROTHERHAMS HIGH STREET TRANSFORMATION CONTINUES Improvements to the High Street continue, with work about to start on three further buildings. The work will take place as part of the £3.5m Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) scheme which is supported by funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Rotherham Borough Council and Yorkshire Forward. BUYING LOCAL BRINGS

£470M FOR SHEFFIELD BUSINESS Sheffield Businesses have netted £470m thanks to a Liberal Democrat ‘Buy Local’ initiative. Last year 60% of the Council’s spend was on suppliers with an S postcode, compared to just 46% in July 2008 when the policy began. To make it easier for local businesses to bid for work with all organisations in Sheffield ’s public sector, the council set up the Buy4Sheffield website, which now has 3,500 suppliers registered. Businesses can bid for contracts with Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, the University of Sheffield , Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield College all under one roof.

GREENS SLAM DANGEROUS LIB DEM ROAD SAFETY FUNDING CHANGE Green Party Councillors have condemned the Lib Dem redistribution of road safety funds equally amongst the separate Community Assemblies. They claim accident statistics over the last 5 years show up to 20 times more injuries from accidents in the middle of Sheffield compared to the outskirts.

Cllr Bernard Little said, “We support local decision making, but splitting the Highways budget in this way is clearly a mistake. Common sense says there are fewer traffic problems in rural areas, and accident numbers show this. For example Broomhill Ward has suffered 21 killings and serious injuries in the last 5 years compared to just 4 in Dore and Totley. Both will however receive an equal share of funds removed by the Lib Dems from the city-wide pots for pedestrian, child safety and other improvements”. £3 MILLION COUNCIL HOUSE DEVELOPMENT UNDER WAY Work has started in Shirecliffe on the first Council homes to be built in Sheffield for 20 years. Comprising a mix of bungalows, family housing and apartments, the properties will be built to some of the highest eco standards in the city, helping to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The development of 27 high-quality homes has been made possible through a £1.5 million grant from the Homes and Communities Agency. Sheffield City Council is required to match this by borrowing a further £1.5 million on lowrisk terms.




Building stronger safer neighbourhoods is paramount to the Police Force and is something everyone can be involved in. South Yorkshire Police is now happy to announce the launch of its recruitment drive to encourage members of the community to become involved as Police Support Volunteers. South Yorkshire Police are advertising for Police Sup-

port Volunteers (PSV’s). Volunteers give their time and energy free of charge for the benefit of society, the community and the environment. Police Support Volunteers have no police powers and do not undertake any role that the force has a legal, moral or statutory duty to perform. Their work will enhance the work that is currently being completed by Police Offic-


ers and Police Staff. It has been suggested that each SNT (safer neighbourhood team) should have least one PSV to assist with the organisation, promotion and obtaining feedback for PACT matters. Becoming a PSV will provide you with an opportunity to make a difference and provide reassurance to your community.


Sharrow PACT meeting had sance Youths reduced by 7% this to report back in March. •Reported incidents of Rowdy Figures regarding the Successful Snooker Project on Abbeydale Road which was started on the 8th Sept 2009 (figures given till 31st dec 2009) and where compared to the year before. •Reported Incidents of Nui-

/Inconsiderate behaviour reduced by 14%, City showed reduction of 6% •Reported Criminal Damage reduced by 47%, City showed a 20% reduction •Reported acts of Violent Crime reduced by 24%, City showed 14% reduction

Haji Mahboob, Cllr Paul Scrivren, Masood Malik, Shezad Malik, Khezar

Izzy is a very clever boxer says promoter Dennis Hobson

Promoter Dennis Hobson was kind enough to take some time out for the ilm team to talk about the new sensation of Sheffield IZZY. Izzy 26 fighting at cruiser weight and is very much a new kid on the block who has had perfect start to his profesional boxing career by winning his first fight in style. “He has been training very hard with his trainer Andy Mellow and Sean Thickett for his upcoming fight on the 17th of April 2010 at Sheffield City


Hall”. I have every confidence 07811375755. in Izzy and I’m not scared to take on new challenges and I would ask the locals to support Izzy in his upcoming bout and has a bright future ahead of him added Hobson. “I’m a dedicated fighter and practicing muslim, I want to inspire kids who are interested in boxing career. We need more and more role models in the community”. The show starts at 8pm,Tickets Enquires call Benny on



Releases in APRIL


Bollywood April 2, 2010


For your chance to win family tickets to a movie of your choice at cineworld in sheffield - Just answer two simple questions and text your answer with your name and number to 07577813753 or email

93.2FM 01142814082 Monday 7pm -9pm Aj Ka Sabrang Presented by: Jawaid Qazi and Jawed Akhtar Tuesday 7pm-9pm Punjabi Virsa Presented by: Saberjeet Nagra

QQQ - Who are the world champions of T20 cricket ?

Wednesday 7pm -9pm Aap Ki Awaz Presented by Sajjaad Ahmed

QQQ - How many days are there in a leap year? Entries must be recieved before 10th March 2010 07577813753


Thursday Gazul Shaab 9pm-11pm Presented by: Javed Ahmed Friday 7pm-9pm Aaj Ki Shaam Presented by: Jawaad Janjua


Rotherham Markets will be welcoming special guests this Easter weekend in the form of Alice in Wonderland and the Easter Bunny. Families are encouraged to visit the market on Saturday April 3 to come and meet the Easter Bunny who will be walking around the market with Alice in Wonderland giving free chocolate eggs to children. There will also be a free face painter on the indoor market and Whiston Brass Band will be performing on the outdoor covered market.

Atom Smasher Sets Collision Record GENEVA – The world’s largest atom smasher conducted its first experiments at conditions nearing those after the Big Bang, breaking its own record for high-energy collisions with proton beams crashing into

Diabetes Simple

Dr Mazhar Ul Haq (MBBS, MRCP, CCT) Registered Diabetes & Endocrine Specialist.Diabetes is a rapidly growing condition worldwide. Currently nearly 200 million people have diabetes and it is estimated to affect more than 330 million by 2025. Its main symptoms are tiredness, feeling very thirsty and hungry and passing frequent and large amounts of urine and repeated infections. Some people could present with weight loss if they have Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes affects all races and can present at any age. There are 2 main types of Diabetes, namely Type 1 and Type 2. It is Type 2 diabetes which has seen a rapid rise over the last decade which seems mainly due to ‘lifestyle’ issues. Type 2 diabetes appears mostly after 35 years of age however is being diagnosed at much earlier age due to rise in childhood obesity. Symptoms of diabetes are similar in all races at presentation however its course and complications are much worse in people of Asian origin including Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi community. This is possibly related to the


Allah Ke Banday Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai Milenge Milenge Sadiyaan Tum Milo Toh Sahi

April 09, 2010 Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai Mirch Paathshaala Phoonk 2 Prince April 16, 2010 Run Bhola Run April 30, 2010 House Full


April 2 Clash of the Titans Mary, Mother of Christ Why Did I Get Married, Too? April 9 After.Life Date Night Letters to God The Square April 16 The City of Your Final Destination Death at a Funeral The Joneses Kick-Ass Mesrine: Part 1 - Death Instinct The Perfect Game April 21 Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D April 22 Oceans April 23 The Back-up Plan The Good, the Bad and the Weird Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger The Losers April 30 Furry Vengeance The Good Heart Harry Brown Love You Phillip Morris A Nightmare on Elm Street Please Give

each other Tuesday at three times more force than ever before.

Mellitus prevent

genetic makeup and some social and environmental factors. Our religion (Islam) has given very effective guidance to prevent a number of diseases and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led by example to give us the best healthy lifestyle. The best advice to prevent diabetes and many other diseases was given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallalaho Alayhay Wasallam) about 1400 years ago when He (SAW) said: ‘No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach. Sufficient for any son of Adam are some morsels to keep his back straight but if it must be, then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for his breath’. If we follow this simple advice it can prevent obesity and diabetes along with many other health benefits. Things to remember about Diabetes: 1. Seek advice as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms as delay can seriously damage health 2. GP or other health care professionals can arrange for a simple blood test to diagnose diabetes 3. Developing Type 2 diabetes can be delayed


by about 10 years by losing moderate weight and adopting healthy lifestyle. 4. If there is family history of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol then this puts you at risk of developing diabetes. 5. Regular exercise and keeping your weight within normal range helps to prevent diabetes 6. If you develop diabetes then controlling blood sugar in the normal range would prevent complications of diabetes. 7. Complications of diabetes include heart disease, blindness, nerves damage and damage to nearly all organs and these occur more frequently in people from Asian and Afro Caribbean origin. These can be prevented by good glucose control and there are many effective treatments available. 8. A lot of information is available online at – and many other websites I would like to emphasize that ‘Prevention is still better than cure’ and this can be achieved by eating healthily and regular exercise. Please seek your G P ,sadvice



M I L A N I S F O C U SandE Imrana D OHaqN whoD are I SallAworking D VAto- NyouTA GED WOMEN do things can go along way.

Milan group is a group set up to work with women from across the board especially targeting social inclusion through delivery of services focusing on issues for women from disadvantaged or minority groups within the local community. We aim to encourage women to participate in social activities and other relaxation and physical activities, our new board members Nighat khan, shima Nazir, Fazeelat Akhtar

gether on building the PMC milan wom- please contact PMC on (0114) 2436091 ens group. There will be lots of activities for further information. happening and we would encourage all women to participate and tell us what they would like from milan group. We recently on Now the hardwork starts but we’re all looking forward in achieving what we aim for and i do believe that if you have the passion and the commitment for the work

Foul language in a YOUNGSTERS life What the ----------!” “Hey you,

----------, how are you?” “Where in the -------- have you been?”If you listen to the conversation of the average youth talking to each other, unfortunately this is what you will hear.......expletives, bad words and cusses. In fact, foul language is often heard as part of their everyday life at school, universities and work place. What’s worse is that they use these words without thinking.....without remorse and without even realizing that these words are obscene, filthy or repulsive....using four letter words in every sentence and in every conversation. Using the words ‘hell’ and calling each other ‘dog’ and ‘gay’ like it’s nothing. And these are some of the more ‘decent’ words. There are other, much worse words that are totally unmentionable. May Allah protect us. These people seem to be completely desensitized to the use

of foul and offensive words, including many that make others cringe with shame and embarrassment. Yet, when you reprimand them for using such language, what do they say? “O come on! This is how everyone talks!” or “This is how I ‘express’ myself. or “We don’t mean it in a bad way, we’re just joking around with each other!” Subhaan Allah! Calling each other bad names and using foul language! Since when did that become a ‘joke’? Since when did cussing become part of a Muslim’s vocabulary? And, sad to say, not only the youth, but even some of the adults are guilty of the same. And, there are some, who may speak very decently under ‘normal’ circumstances, but when they are provoked or they get into a fight with someone, nothing comes out of their mouths except cusses, bad words and filth.What a stark contrast between this and what

the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) used to do. He used to say ‘The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.’ (Bukhaari) “The believer is not a slanderer, one who curses a great deal, one who indulges in obscenity or who in engages in foul talk.”(Tirmidhi-- saheeh by al-Albaani). Therefore either speak good or keep quiet. Equally important is to stay away from people who speak such bad language. Because the more you hear it, the more desensitized one becomes to its evil, until a time comes when its not bad anymore. Bad words show disrespect to those being spoken to and a total lack of self-respect. The one who stays away from filthy language is not being prude or old-fashioned; rather he /she is a believer and a follower of the one with the best manners ever...that is, the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam).


DIVISION A No 1 2 3 4 5 6

Team Names AL-Mahdi XI CC Darnall CC Nar Mando Sheff Old Friends CC Sharrow XI CC Sehnsa CC

No 1 2 3 4 5 6

Team Names Masters XI CC Global XI CC Tinsley XI CC Sharrow B CC Yorkshire Trust CC Caribbean CC

ALLAMA IQBAL SUNDAY CRICKET LEAGUE P M C - SHEFFIELD - FIXTURES 2010 Dates 02/05/10 09/05/10 16/05/10 23/05/10 30/05/10 06/06/10 13/06/10 20/06/10 27/06/10 04/07/10

1 2H 3A 4H 5A 6A 2A 3H 4A 5H 6H

2 1A 5H 6H 4H 3A 1H 5A 6A 4A 3H

3 4A 1H 5A 6H 2H 4H 1A 5H 6A 2A

4 3H 6A 1A 2A 5H 3A 6H 1H 2H 5A

5 6H 2A 3H 1H 4A 6A 2H 3A 1A 4H

6 5A 4H 2A 3A 1H 5H 4A 2H 3H 1A

DIXY £2.00 MEGA LUNCH 11 am to3 pm

Monday - Friday only

Home Made To Quality

Stop Lunch 1. Donner Meat, Chips & Drink 2. Rolo Meal 3. 6 Chicket Nuggets Meal 4. Fish Finger Meal 5. Classic Chicken Burger Meal 6. Beef Burger Meal 7. Chicken Donner Meal 8. 2 Piece Chicken Meal 9. 6 Spicy Wings Meal 10. 6 Spicy Nuggets, Wedges

Heather Samosas Delivered straight to your door ! (atleast 12 hours notice required) 50 Meat Samosas = £18.00 50 Veg Samosas = £16.00 100 Meat Samosas = £35.00 100 Veg Samosas = £30.00 Rolls also available

All Mega Meal Deals come with a Pepsi

Order now on our hotline

07787 918 488





Stephanie Street's Sisters began previews Thursday, 11 March at the Crucible Theatre Sheffield and officially made its world premiere on 16 March. Those who regard the Muslim community in Britain with suspicion, and fixate on the extremists in our midst, may well find some useful ammunition in this bold new verbatim play by Stephanie Street Based on interviews with dozens of women from across the country and around the Sheffield, Stephanie Street's new play lifts the veil on a world of custom and tradition. Sisters exposes the human stories at the heart of the Muslim community, cutting through the stereotypes and bringing a chorus of voices to life on stage. Street's format is to suggest that we are all guests at Sunday lunch at the Khan family home in Darnall Sheffield. We meet the locally born mother, married to a British Pakistani, and three of her five daughters, ranging from the secularised Samina to the hijabwearing Salima. Through the family gathering we get a mix

of opinions and are offered a variety of food from pakoras to jam tarts. The play also covered a wide range of issues e.g. from forced marriages to London Bombings that affect muslims and muslims women in particular in their day to day life. Ruth Carney's production,

however, sheds light, shrewdly acknowledges the audience and is well-acted by the fivestrong ensemble. Aside from the author herself, who tends to embody the secular, liberal viewpoint, there is good work from Denise Black as the adoptive Muslim mum, Zahra Ahmadi and Nisha Nayar as her daughters, and Lena Kaur as a relative who acts as a

handy chorus. In the end a strong message was conveyed in the play, if someone commits terrorism some 6000 kilometres away, it has nothing to do with me here. Also shed some light on how the muslim woman is such a strong symbol in the society who gives birth to a man, teaches him, protects him and how the heaven is under the mothers feet. A poignant, surprising and insightful journey into the lives of Muslim women. The play is every household’s talk, very well researched using quotations from Quran and Prophets Muhammad (s.a.w) narrations. The play touches upon so many real issues that muslims can relate to in their day to day life in a very nice manner. Cast includes: Zahra Ahmadi Denise Black Lena Kaur Nisha Nayar Stephanie Street Review by: Zeeshan Naqvi


The Greens today spoke out against the lack of action to address closed post offices in Sheffield, pointing out that the Lib Dem-led Council has not carried out its earlier promises. Cllr Bernard Little said, "More than a dozen Post Offices in Sheffield have closed in the last 18 months. The loss of many of these branches, for example the one on Crookes Valley Road near where I live, has caused real difficulty for local residents. Yet Council leader Paul Scriven said he would oppose post office closures with every last breath in his body." The Lib Dem-LED COUNCIL CABINET agreed a £500,000 scheme last summer to support Sheffield post offices, POSSIBLY including mobile post office services to replace some of the closed offices or for community transport links to

neighbouring post offices. However, the Greens say there has been little sign of action since then, either on these alternative arrangements or on trying delivering council services from post offices. Bernard Little added "Lib


Dem Councillors have told Sheffield residents numerous times that they’d work hard for post offices. People in Crookes Valley and other areas are justifiably annoyed that the Lib Dems haven't delivered on those promises.




The ILM team recently had the privilege to hold an interview with The Right Honourable Mr David Blunkett. We gained an insight into the world of the one of today’s best known politicians. His resume shows an impressive line of roles in politics. Beginning from Councillor in Sheffield City council and the age of 22 in 1970, council leader from 1980 -87, becoming Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside from 1987, joining the shadow cabinet in 1992, becoming Secretary of State for Education and Employment in 1997, Home secretary in 2001, and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 2005. David Blunkett was born blind, but never let anything get in the way of his passions. He adapted to blindness and demonstrated that despite handicaps, many things can be achieved as he firstly

educated himself in touch mathematics and Braille. “I’ve changed attitudes and peoples lives by pushing myself, going the extra mile to find out what I am good at, and not taking no for an answer”. He believes self motivation took a big part in his success by believing in himself, but more important is for people to believe in children and support and encourage youngsters. Many people in politics have had some sort of influence of politics in childhood. Mr Blunkett is no different, he recalls his grandfather Arthur Blunkett reading him political stories from the newspaper giving him an insight into politics at a very young age. He grew up in a Parson Cross council house and his father passed away when the young David was 12, leaving the family in a state of poverty. The struggle his family faced and peoples struggles for improvement


he read about in history got him interested in politics, by realising that was the way to change things and make improvements in the quality of lives. One of the most important projects he worked on

that having faith and supporting something people truly need and believe in can succeed with the right encouragement. Mr Blunkett has been a pioneer in creating Sheffields brilliant public trans-

in Sheffield was working hard to keep the old Earl Marshal school going. The school was a likely case for closure following very poor success rates achieving disappointing 6% ‘o’level pass rates. Today the close knit community FirVale School (reopened in 1998) is thriving, proving

port policy of the 1980s, he worked on changes in housing provision, social services, call facilities for elderly people, developing more further education for 16+ in the city and has always been a firm supporter of development initiatives. About parliament he says “parliament was frustrat-

ing, not easy at first, but I was always self reliant and determined, which is how we managed to combat the poll tax”. He was fortunate that many fellow politicians especially Tony Blair took a shining to him and appointed him to his chosen field, education and employment.. We asked him about the ethnic mix of Sheffield. He recalled how he has grown up with Pakistani, Yemeni and other ethnic minority families in Sheffield and showed his appreciation about how well these communities support each other, personal commitments and their extended family networks. He supports the developments of communities and said “we are in this together and come through together”. “Unfortunately the situation in Pakistan is difficult. The Pakistani Govt has difficult choices to make; they are caught between two sides,


the westerns powers and the Taliban extremists”. Asked what he sees in the future for Sheffield, he replied “Sheffield is a warm and welcoming city to all faiths and cultures. We have built a city for the 21st century that we all feel proud of, and lives up to the aspirations of all. And I am glad we all have high aspirations for ourselves and the city”. He ended the interview by commenting that Labour will once again take the back the council from the Lib Dems who have driven the city to shambles. Well that remains to be seen, as the election is very soon upon us. We at ILM hope the whole community of Sheffield comes out to vote and fulfil their right as citizens. Mr David Blunkett has devoted his life to politics letting nothing hold him back.


Brain Damaging Habits

No Breakfast People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration. Overeating It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power. Smoking It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

High Sugar consumption Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development. Air Pollution The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

Sleep Deprivation Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells. Head covered while sleeping Sleeping with the head covered, increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and Decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects. Working your brain during illness

Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain. Lacking in stimulating thoughts Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage. Talking Rarely Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain.

RAT CHARGE Rat problems in the UK are on the increase and this move could have very serious implications for public health in Sheffield. Sheffield City Council have pressed ahead with their proposals to introduce a £35 charge for rat catching, where previously this was a free service. The council stated in 2008 that rats pose a “risk to public health… can damage buildings and cause real distress for residents.”,

but are now claiming that charges will not pose a health risk. However, evidence indicates that introducing charges lead to less reporting of rat infestations and therefore less action taken to deal with rat problems across the city. It may also encourage people to take their own action and use inferior DIY rat poison, which can be harmful to both people and pets.

The winners

of the colouring competition in ILM’s March Edition AMBER. The winner of the family cinema tickets competition is KEMAS MADANI The winner of the ILMI muqabla is BASIT HAMID THE KNOWLEDGE F







The best colouring picture will win 2 Cineworld Tickets to a movie of their choice. Please send in your picture before 20th April to 4 Thorp Close, Sheffield, S2 4SL. Winners picture will be published in our next months publication



Name:.......................... Age:.............................. Adress:......................... ..................................... Tel:................................

Ilm newspaper does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its readers.






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SHEFFIELD SCHOOL undervalued before forced closure

A PRIVATE school in Sheffield is up for sale at a recommended asking price of £1 million after the bank which forced its closure insisted it was worth no more than £600,000. Brantwood School for Girls in Nether Edge was controversially forced to close with only a week's notice in February af-

ter the Royal Bank of Scotland pulled the plug on its funding. The school was struggling due to the recession and had loans with RBS secured against the school and its grounds - which governors had independently valued at £1 million. But RBS withdrew support on the basis of an informal new

valuation of around £600,000 - thought to have been based on a belief the buildings would be less valuable if they had to be converted for alternative use.As a result 130 pupils and their families were given just a fortnight to find alternative schools - including girls sitting GCSEs in June.



If Zardari was corrupt why was he made President? Why was the NRO abolished? Is there friction between the Government and the Judiciary? If so, who will have the upper hand? Will Zardari go to jail? Will the Chief Justice again be removed? Or will he turn a blind eye? Is there an underground understanding between Zardari and the Judiciary? Or, does the Judiciary want to clear Zardari?

Police are warning people to be vigilant against bogus leaflet dropers. The latest warning comes after leaflets were droped through household letter boxes asking for unwanted medicines to ship to third world countries. No matter how convincing they may sound it is always better to pass any unused medicines back to a pharmacy for safe disposal.



The Council, through the city’s seven Communities Assemblies, will be consulting extensively with Sheffielders to develop a new, citywide approach to improving district and neighbourhood centres, so local people can benefit by having easy access to high quality local facilities and services. Councillor Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:We want to take the same approach to


improve district and local centres across the city, so that local people benefit by having easy access to good quality facilities, including: shops libraries, schools, post offices, communit buildings and health centres. We also want to reduce congestion across the city and cut Sheffield ‘s carbon footprint, which we can only do if people can access the services they need in the area.



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