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action over EU migrant benefits

Pakistan is gearing upup forfor elections onon 1111 May. Pakistan can bebe anan unpredictable place. But Pakistan is gearing elections May. Pakistan can unpredictable place. Butinina achequered chequeredhistory historythat thathas haskept keptlurching lurchingfrom fromcrises crisestotocoups, coups, oneone event hashas kept coming back, with reassuring certainty - elections. event kept coming back, with reassuring certainty - elections. By: Z Naqvi By: Z Naqvi

channels in in allall thethe languages spoken here. channels languages spoken here. And social media provides thethe safest of of And social media provides safest places to argue andand analyse, andand of of course to to places to argue analyse, course Since 1988 when martial lawlaw abruptly ended forfor influence andand joke. Since 1988 when martial abruptly ended jockey jockey influence joke. andand a people who fought forfor democracy It wouldn't be be Pakistan if they didn't. a people who fought democracy It wouldn't Pakistan if they didn't. directed their energies andand enthusiasm directed their energies enthusiasm towards thethe battle forfor ballots. Another chance towards battle ballots. Another chance Many worry about "saving Pakistan" - from Many worry about "saving Pakistan" - from What boisterous campaigns there've been blight of of official corruption, growing What boisterous campaigns there've been thethe blight official corruption, growing - massive rallies thatthat packed stadiums andand - massive rallies packed stadiums fields, convoys of vehicles snaking, horns fields, convoys of vehicles snaking, horns blaring, through villages andand down highways blaring, through villages down highways - a -chaotic carnival in every constituency. a chaotic carnival in every constituency.

waited a long time forfor it it toto happen. PPP waited a long time happen.Will Willit it PPPisisstrong strongcontestant contestantininSindh Sindhand andMQM MQM come, this time, from within thetheparties come, this time, from within partieswhich which ininKarachi, Karachi,ANP ANPininBoluchistan. Boluchistan. traditionally dominated politics it it traditionally dominated politicsororwill will European commission says Britain usher in in thethe rise ofof new political Pakistan always seems totoget chance. usher rise new politicaldynamic? dynamic? Pakistan always seems getanother anotherthe chance. imposes extra test on people from YetYet again, this is is anan election where And again, this election wherepeople people Andyet yetagain, again,you yousense sensethat thatatatleast leastthe the thatpeople doeswant nottoapply to British citizens warn that Pakistan "at"at a crossroads", warn that Pakistan a crossroads",isEU isfacing facing people want toseize a "last chance". a "last chance". Despite allall thethe threats and disappointments, Despite threats and disappointments,

ButBut elections in Pakistan can't be be likelike thatthat elections in Pakistan can't anymore. It'sIt's simply tootoo dangerous. NotNot a day anymore. simply dangerous. a day goes by by without a report of an attack by by oneone goes without a report of an attack of many armed groups on on a politician, or aor a of many armed groups a politician, public space, or the police. public space, or the police. LetsLets taketake a look at what it'sit's likelike to campaign a look at what to campaign in "Elections 2013", andand what it takes to win. in "Elections 2013", what it takes to win.

The European commission believes thousands of migrants

TheThe crush of massive crowds hashas mostly been crush ofbeen massive crowds mostly beenin the UK. Britain may have denied access to benefits replaced by by "corner Politicians travel replaced "corner rallies". Politicians travelcommission over alis being taken torallies". court by the European across thethe land in helicopters on on carefully across land in helicopters carefully legations that nationals from EU countries are unfairly denied guarded schedules, rather than spontaneously guarded schedules, rather than spontaneously welfare benefits. weighing intointo thethe fray. weighing fray.

thousands of migrants may have been denied access to benefits, such as child tax credit and jobseeker's allowance.

Details of the legal action in the European court of justice will be announced on Thursday. A British official told the BBC he could not comment about The commission argues that Britain imposes an extra test on deepening court action until theevery commission its decision public. Something hashas been lost. ButBut something else andand extremism, divisions. person I made have spoken toto- so farfar- told Something been lost. something else violence violence extremism, deepening divisions. every person I have spoken - so - told migrants from the EU that does not apply to British citizens, hashas been gained. A different kind of explosion onon toptop of of thethe age-old problems of of me: "Yes ofof course I am voting!" been gained. A different kind of explosionThat's That's age-old problems me: "Yes course I am voting!" in contravention ofpolitical EU landscape law. Britain applies its own test on top But the official said the British test was vital to ensure benefits hashas transformed thethe political here. poverty andand illiteracy. transformed landscape here. poverty illiteracy. of the standard EU test to determine if a migrant is eligible for were paid only to people livingtolegally inrating, Britain. According polls rating, PTI According to polls PTIstands standsatatthe the welfare The that, as a result, There's a dizzying array of television Everyone talks of of "change". Everyone hashas toptop in in Punjab and notnot farfar behind There's a payments. dizzying array ofcommission television believes Everyone talks "change". Everyone Punjab and behindis isPMLN, PMLN,




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Liberal Democrats Unveil New Sheffield Team

The Liberal Democrat Group on Shef- ness attitude and wasting taxpayers’ field City Council have unveiled their money on costly pet-projects instead of leadership team for the next twelve the services people really care about. months. “The Fulwood by-election showed that Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed was re-elected local people have lost faith in Labour to Leader at the Group’s AGM. run the city and that the Liberal DemoThe result follows the Fulwood by- crats are the local campaigners that are election where local Liberal Democrats actually holding Labour to account. scored a stunning victory, winning by 1,528 votes and recording a 4.35% I’m delighted with the team that has swing from Labour. been elected – we’ll continue to ask the difficult questions that Town Hall bosses The Liberal Democrats now have 22 want to avoid.” councillors to 60 Labour councillors, 2 Green councillors and no Conservatives. The rest of the Shadow Cabinet are: Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “It’s clear that Labour bosses are making the wrong choices for Sheffield, driving away jobs with their anti-busi-



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Leader – Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed Deputy Leader (Children, Young People and Families) – Cllr Colin Ross Business, Skills & Development – Cllr Ian Auckland Communities & Inclusion – Cllr David

Providers Announced for New Sheffield Schools

The opening of two new primary schools in Sheffield has taken an important step forward. Oasis Community Learning has been selected by the Department of Education to run the new schools in the Firvale and Shirecliffe areas.



Baker Culture, Leisure & Sport – Cllr Alison Brelsford Environment, Recycling & Streetscene – Cllr Joe Otten Finance & Resources – Cllr Andrew Sangar Health, Care & Independent Living – Cllr Roger Davison Homes & Neighbourhoods – Cllr Penny Baker

Oasis is a national organisation with a very strong track record in improving outcomes for pupils, supporting local regeneration, and a commitment to working in partnership. Demand for primary school places is growing nationally following the rise in the birth rate since 2002. Sheffield has followed this national trend and the council has already undertaken a number of expansion projects, with over 2,500 primary places added to schools across the city in the last five years.

As part of the plan to continue meeting the growing need Sheffield City Council last year announced plans to build these two new schools. The move will give local children greater access to local primary school places. The two-form entry primary schools are to be built on Skinnerthorpe Road in the Burngreave/Fir Vale area and on the former Watermead school site in the Southey/Longley/Shirecliffe area. The sponsors will now work with the council to develop the schools, which are expected to open in September next year (2014).

National Recognition for Rotherham Town Centre *Town Centre awarded £268,000 funding prize to continue excellent work *Rotherham to be the ‘best practice’ template for others to follow *New businesses to be encouraged to be innovative and different Rotherham has won a national award from the Government's High Street Renewal Fund. The £268,000 allocation is the largest amount awarded to any town and establishes Rotherham firmly at the front of national work to regenerate Britain's high streets. There has been further national recognition of the fact that the partners in Rotherham Town Centre, including the Council are leading the way in the regeneration of the Nation’s high streets with the announcement that the town centre have been awarded a £ 268,000 grant from a £1 million pound

government fund that was set up to reward the location or locations with the most innovative high street regeneration schemes that have demonstrated an effective transformation. The Council will manage the project, to deliver more retail-related business support projects. £18,000 of the money is to be used for disseminating and showcasing best practice. Rotherham

was shortlisted based on an original application form and then a visit by the team responsible for judging the applications in February. The bid focussed on the work being undertaken to strengthen and differentiate the town’s shopping offer, and looks to help deliver new and exciting ways of supporting new start businesses who would further contribute to this offer.

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New Mayor Take Up Office at Town Hall It's all change for Greater Manchester’s mayors with 10 new office-holders being sworn in amid the usual pomp and circumstance. Inauguration ceremonies were taking place in town halls across the region, as new mayors took over the chains of office from the previous incumbent.

South Yorkshire’s top judge has called for children to be removed from dysfunctional homes to end the ‘frightening’ cycle of crime. Judge Alan Goldsack QC, Recorder of Sheffield, revealed he is now dealing with the grandchildren of criminals he prosecuted or defended 40 years ago.

Mayors – who hold the ceremonial office for one year – represent their borough at official occasions such as Remembrance Day, chair council meetings and act as cham- councillor voted for by their peers. By tradition, many pions for their town or city. of the new mayors will have The job is different from served last year as deputy that of a city mayor, such as mayor with the role passing Ian Stewart in Salford and is to their deputy next year. usually filled by a backbench In Manchester, one of 23

major cities in England and Wales to have a lord mayor, Coun Naeem ul Hassan took up the office last month, watched online by proud relatives in Pakistan.

Fine for dog faeces in back yard

Rotherham Borough Council’s tough approach to filthy gardens has continued when a Maltby householder was taken to court for not clearing dog faeces from her back yard.

‘Remove Children from Criminal Families’, says Sheffield Judge

from Rotherham Borough Council’s Community Protection Unit found a large amount of dog faeces covering the rear yard of the property. This was the third time it had to be cleared and was in direct breach of an Abatement Notice, which had been served on Woodward in October, 2012.

Stephanie Woodward was found guilty at Rotherham Magistrates Court for allowing her dog to repeatedly foul the rear yard of her Maltby Woodward failed to appear home at 18, Nelson Road. for the hearing at Rotherham Magistrates Court on In April this year officers Wednesday, May 22. So,

after hearing the case in her absence, magistrates fined Steel £400, ordered her to pay £442.17 costs and a £40 victim surcharge. Rotherham Borough Council has re-iterated its clear message for those who ignore their responsibilities, saying very robust enforcement action will be used to deal with those who decide to ignore the advice offered by the Community Protection Unit.

The judge spoke out as he retired after 43 years in the legal profession. He said: “Some people become criminals because they enjoy crime and think it’s a good way of life and if they don’t get caught they think they can have a good lifestyle. “But a frightening thing is the number of people I see who are the grandchildren of the people I have prosecuted and defended 40 years ago – because crime runs in families in the same way that being a doctor, teacher or lawyer does. “We have to get in on the ground and remove young babies from the families that are going to produce the next generation of criminals. “I have read so many pre-sentence reports where I said to myself ‘why was this per-

son not adopted at birth? All the signs were there’.” Judge Goldsack said prisons are full of criminals who are products of a failing care system, where children are removed from dysfunctional homes too late – at an age when it is difficult to find adoptive parents so the youngsters end up in care. “It’s not uncommon for a dysfunctional family to have £250,000 spent on them, but if we got in early and removed children from these homes we could save thousands.” Judge Goldsack also called for criminals to be given extra support once they are released from custody. “Prison works in the sense that while offenders are inside they are not robbing people in the street, burgling homes or getting drunk and committing violence but one area which could improve is the amount of rehabilitation work available – there are fewer probation workers in prisons running the courses now that they used to,” he added.

UK ‘40% Ethnic Minorities by 2050’ Britain will become one of the world's most will no longer comprise a numerical majority ethnically diverse countries in less than 40 in some countries. years, an academic study has found. In England and Wales, censuses show that in 1841 just 0.25% of the population was The proportion of minority groups living in "foreign-born", rising to 4.4% in 1951. By Britain will rise from 10% in 2006 to 40% 2010/2011, in the whole of the UK, immiby 2050, the Migration Observatory at the grants made up 13% of the population. Part of University of Oxford said. If current trends the reason behind the decline in white-British continue, the so-called majority-ethnic group members of the population is declining birth in the UK - white British - will become a mi- rates. The continuation of these trends in lownority before 2070. But this assumption does fertility countries would eventually lead to the not factor in the impact of current or future majority ethnic group becoming a numerical government attempts to reduce net migration. minority of the national population. Migration has become the primary driver of demographic change in most high-income The UK has the highest migration projection countries and may remain so. and the point at which the country's ethnic minority population overtakes the majority On current trends European populations will at around 2070. However, this would occur become more ethnically diverse, with the pos- in younger age-groups and major urban areas sibility that today's majority ethnic groups earlier.

“Anti-Business” Town Hall Faces Council Vote on Job Failure Sheffield City Council’s Labour bosses face a damning vote next week, as they are branded “anti-business” by opposition councillors. At the Full Council meeting next week (Wed 5th Jun, 14:00) the Council will debate claims that the Labour leadership’s “anti-business” stance is driving jobs away from Sheffield. In recent months the Council has been criticised for: · a lukewarm reception to the proposal by IKEA to locate a new £60m store within Sheffield, which would create 700 new jobs; ·

the rejection of a

proposal by NEXT to locate a new department store in Sheffield, which would have created 120 new jobs; · a failure to progress the Sevenstones project, which would create 1,000 new jobs; · a decision to increase city centre parking charges and vote to ban ice cream vans more than 5 years old. The Council have been attacked by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam, as well as the South Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses[1], and the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, over their ap-

proach to Sevenstones. [2] Cllr Ian Auckland, Sheffield Liberal Democrat spokesperson for local businesses, said: “As a Council our top priority should be attracting more jobs to the city. Unfortunately, Labour’s anti-business attitude appears to be driving jobs away from Sheffield. “The Council should be welcoming the offer of 800 jobs with open arms, but Labour leaders are sat in the Town Hall, refusing to give the backing that companies like Ikea and Next require. Given the damning comments of local businesses it’s vital that the Council change direction now.”

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New Library to be Built in Bradford City Centre A new library in Bradford city centre is to be created after it was discovered that the existing Central Library is no

longer fit for purpose. The Bradford Council decision, brings to an end nearly two years of uncertainty after the Central Library was deemed a

fire risk by health and safety experts in October 2011. To be known as City Library, the new facility will occupy

the present Bradford 1 Gallery building and a large unit next to it in City Park. It will open in December, complete with 60,000 books, 40 com-

puters for public use, study space and Wi-Fi. The Bradford 1 Gallery will move to Cartwright Hall in Lister Park. The project will cost £9 million in total, of which £8m will be spent on the Central Library building to make it safe and convert it to offices and conference space for Council workers. That cash will be clawed back by the Council through savings on rents being paid for privately-owned office space when staff move to the Central Library building and eventual savings on maintenance costs as the bill to rectify the existing library is £4.9m. The decision to relocate has been made after asbestos was discovered in Central Library and it was found that work to remedy that would take until at least December 2014.

Clegg in Jobs Battle with Anti-Business Town Hall Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Sheffield Hallam MP, has written to the Leader of Sheffield City Council to urge the Labour run Authority to drop their anti-business policies, which could cost the City nearly 2,000 jobs. Recent weeks have seen the leadership of the Council criticised for: • a lukewarm reception to the proposal by IKEA to locate a new £60m store within Sheffield, which would create 700 new jobs; • the rejection of a proposal by NEXT to locate a new department store in Sheffield, which would have created 120 new jobs; • a failure to progress the Sevenstone project, which would create 1,000 new jobs;

Fighting for every Heartbeat in Rotherham Life-saving defibrillators have been presented to businesses across South Yorkshire last month as part of the Rotherham Heart Town initiative. The defibrillators, also known as AEDs - automated external defibrillators have been jointly funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Westfield Health, with familiarisation sessions and other support being made available from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).

present. It is estimated that around 60,000 outof-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the UK each year. Of these, around 30,000 are treated by emergency medical services.

Defibrillators work by delivering a controlled electric shock through the chest wall, to try and shock the heart back into a normal rhythm. When someone has a cardiac arrest, defibrillation needs to be prompt. For every minute that passes These jointly funded machines will be without defibrillation, chances of surlocated in strategically chosen areas vival decrease by around 10 per cent. where there are large groups of people Having more defibrillators available locally for these emergencies is crucial to saving more lives. Rotherham Heart Town aims to bring communities together to join the fight against heart disease through raising awareness, fundraising and volunteering. The 14 businesses in Rotherham Heart Town are being presented with defibrillators and familiarisation sessions to

force’s total budget, making Shaun Wright the only commissioner to spend more than 1% of the force’s budget on his personal office, according to the report.

Chamber of Commerce has stated that Sheffield is going backwards. Whilst the South Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses said that the Council has “lost touch with the business reality of the 21st Century”.

His letter notes that the Council should: ‘work with IKEA to overcome any planning issues, open negotiations with NEXT to see how they could go ahead with their investment and invite other developers to look at delivering the Sevenstone project.’ He said a change of policy is urgently required. He added that Sheffield cannot afford to throw away investments at a time when we need them the most.

Apple 1 Sells for $650,000 An original Apple 1 computer from 1976 - one of only six still in working order - has sold at auction in Germany for more than 500,000 euros ($650,000/£430,000).

Last year, an Apple 1 sold for 490,000 euros (£418,000; $633,000).

Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Jobs' parents' garage. The computer consisting only of a motherboard, signed by Mr Wozniak - went to an anonymous buyer from Asia.

The one sold at auction in the German city of Cologne on Saturday was purchased together with an original monitor, tape-player, keyboard. The documentation was signed by Steve Jobs.

Only about 200 Apple 1s were ever made. About 46 remain in existence, but only six of those are The Apple 1 was one of still in working order. the first 50 built by throw a lifeline to the local community if someone should suffer a cardiac arrest. The BHF, NHS Rotherham, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC), YAS and Westfield Health have come together as a partnership to identify gaps and to provide defibrillators in places where large groups of people are present. This presentation, which focuses on large businesses in the area, is the first bulk award of its type under the Rotherham Heart Town partnership which aims to address gaps in provision.

Labour Police Chief Faces Further Attacks on £3 Million Taxpayer Bill South Yorkshire’s Labour Police Chief has been hit by further criticism, as a report by MPs highlighted him as the country’s most expensive Police Commissioner. A report, published by MPs last month, claims that Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, spends £3,144,717 a year on his personal office, more than any other commissioner in the country. The claims follow a separate report just weeks ago, which highlighted Shaun Wright as one of the “laziest” in the country. The figure represents 1.24% of the

• a decision to increase city centre parking charges Nick Clegg has outlined a and vote to ban ice cream different approach which vans more than 5 years old. could secure the potential As a result the Sheffield 1,820 jobs on offer.

Figures from other forces ranged from 0.42% to 0.98%. Despite the extortionate cost of his own personal office, Shaun Wright actually agreed one of the highest council tax rises in the country of 3.5%. Only one force in England agreed a higher rise. Shaun Wright has already come under fire for blowing £6,000 on security for his home, spending £45,000 appointing a Labour Party crony as his Deputy and appointing a personal spin-doctor on a salary of almost £84,000.

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Hopes & Promises

Dr. A.Q.Khan Elections have taken place and - except for a few incidents of violence - they have been mainly peaceful. People were very keen and determined to vote. The last time I voted, the polling station had been deserted. But this time I had to stand in line for more than half an hour awaiting my turn. For me this was discomfort gladly borne as, after my slipped disc surgery, standing still for any length of time becomes painful. First of all, I would like to congratulate all the successful candidates and their party leaders. Special kudos to Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif for performing better than all forecasts and expectations. Nawaz hit Imran for a sixer and now he won’t be able to play for the next five years! All jokes aside, had Imran not fallen from the lifter, his final rallies would probably have brought in a few more votes.

In our country slogans did not make the slightest change in the voters’ minds. They voted for already tried and tested people, even though these people did not have an enviable record. People preferred the old, overhauled Pakistan to a new, unknown one. Here I would like to pay tribute to the Chief Election Commissioner Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and his able and hard-working team. They were admirably helped by the Supreme Court, the army, the Rangers, the police and the administrative staff. There have been some reports of rigging at a few places, but considering the size of the country and a population of almost 185 million, these incidents can be rectified by re-elections in a few polling areas. That 60 percent of the eligible voters actually cast their votes is, to a great extent, due to the admirable work of the ECP.

The role of the media is also commendable. All anchorpersons, journalists, analysts, etc discussed the pros and cons of the performance of the various parties and their leaders. This made people aware of the importance and the sanctity of their votes and encouraged them to participate in the election. Some analysts identified the many problems faced by the country and advised on how these should be handled. In Punjab, the PML-N is in a commanding position to form In our country, the most influ- the government, with only a ential source of gaining votes few more seats needed. is public meetings. Both the Sharifs and Imran Khan broke There will be a PML-N govall previous records in do- ernment in Punjab, a PPP ing so. They made whirlwind government in Sindh while tours using planes, helicop- Balochistan will probably ters, cars, etc and sometimes have a coalition government. addressed five or six meetings The PTI has the right to form in a single day. a government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but in politics Years ago, all opinion polls mathematics often doesn’t for the upcoming elections work while intrigues do. The in the UK gave the Labour Americans, the Europeans and Party a comfortable lead. Just the army might not like the one day before the elections a PTI to govern in KP because leading conservative paper put of Imran Khan’s anti-Ameriout a front page message that can stance. If this happens, it turned the tables completely. will be a blow to the demoThe message, a masterpiece cratic process in our country. in psychology, simply read: “Will the last Brit leaving the Nawaz Sharif is in a comfortcountry switch off the lights, able position to form the fedplease?” eral government, if some independents agree to join him. In a similar manner, President The tricky question will be the Clinton, when facing Bush selection of the leader of the who was basking in glory opposition. My guess is he after the Gulf War, used the won’t let Imran Khan occupy following as a motto: ‘It’s the this position and the PPP, toeconomy, stupid’ and turned gether with the MQM, will be the tables on the seemingly in- in a comfortable position to do domitable Bush Sr. President so. By being sidelined at the Obama’s slogan: ‘Change we centre (and, to some extent in can believe in’ earned him KP), Imran will be neutralised victory over his Republican for the next five years. opponent. The ANP’s pro-US policies cost the party dearly. The PPP played it safe, pinning all its hopes on the next elections and thinking that by that time people would have forgotten its misdeeds. The party did manage to organise a well thought out psychological warfare against the Sharif brothers, but such tactics seem to work only in developed and advanced countries where they can turn the tables.

As far as the position of the PM is concerned, Mian Sahib’s long cherished dream has been fulfilled. The signing of the Charter of Democracy, the alliance with the PPP, the ‘friendly opposition’ and the 18th Amendment all contributed to achieving his goal. All the credit goes to Mian Shahbaz Sharif for his good performance in Punjab, to the dismay of many of his opponents. However, I have always praised him for this. A number of analysts, media persons and admirers of Nawaz Sharif are claiming that he is a different person now than he was 20 years ago, and that he has learnt from his past mistakes and won’t repeat them. One can only hope and pray that this may be so and I wish Mian Sahib all the best for the next five years. He will have to work very hard and only good governance will be the deciding factor.

A Fair Deal for Sheffield

MP challenges Ministers over unfair funding for supported this petition to call on the Government Sheffield to give us a fair deal. The Fair Deal campaign was launched in JanuA delegation of Sheffield’s civic, faith and commu- ary by Sheffield’s faith leaders, the voluntary and nity leaders have taken the Fair Deal for Sheffield community sector, trade unions and local politicampaign to London. The Fair Deal for Sheffield cians to highlight the unfairness of the Governpetition, which has been signed by around 10,000 ment’s cuts on Sheffield, compared to wealthier Sheffielders, was handed in by the delegation to areas which are receiving much lower reductions Number 10 Downing Street. Whilst in London the in funding. Thousands of Sheffielders have signed delegation met with Sheffield MPs to discuss the the petition to show their concern and anger about impact of the cuts on Sheffield. the Government’s unfair cuts, and to call on the The Government’s current policies that are hitting Government to give fair funding to Sheffield and Sheffield much harder than the wealthier parts of South Yorkshire. the country. Sheffield has received a cut of almost It is hoped the Chancellor will recognise this ar£200 for every person in the city at the same time gument from the people of Sheffield that the way as some of the wealthiest areas of the country re- his cuts are being unfairly distributed is having a ceive almost no cuts at all. The council has made disproportionate impact on cities like Sheffield – cuts across the board and which have hit the front- widening inequality, hitting those who have least line services. The city has come together in oppo- the hardest, and weakening the capacity of the sition to the unfair cuts we are receiving and have Council and voluntary sector to support them.

But for good governance he will have to shed his excess baggage, viz the sycophants who surround him and give him wrong advice. He should listen to the advice of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, which will be sincere and honest – without ulterior motives. During the Cuban crisis all the ‘hawks’ advised President Clinton to go for confrontation (and WW III) with Russia. Only Robert Kennedy advised him to give Russia enough space for face-saving disengagement. This resulted in guarantees to Russia that the US would not topple Castro by force or subversion. Missiles were withdrawn and the world saved from a nuclear holocaust. Pakistan needs technocrats who can deal with the most pressing problems like energy, education, science and technology, economy, agriculture and population and find a solution. As in developed countries, the projects and programmes in Pakistan run by various ministries should be left to competent technocrats and bureaucrats. Finally, it would be a good idea for our respected and noted analysts, like Dr Farrukh Saleem, Ansar Abbasi, etc to keep a record of the promises made by the incoming rulers, especially those made during these last three months. Their performance can then be evaluated every six months or so to see what their strengths and shortcomings are. This would be in the public interest.

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Dr Qasser Razzaq DC MCC Doctor of Chiropractic (Member of UCA) GCC Registered Page 10

The World Economic Forum honours Mariam Nawaz Mariam Nawaz Sharif has been honoured among 199 young leaders from 70 countries by the World Economic Forum for their professional accomplishments and commitment to society. The Young Global Leaders (YGL) Class of 2013 is composed of honourees from all sectors of society, with 50% from business and 50% from arts and culture, academia,

civil society, government, media and non-profits; 42% are women. The YGLs join and co-create a community of insight and action that is committed to improving the state of the world. The 199 YGLs come from 70 countries and all sectors of society (arts and culture, academia, business, civil society, media, politics and social entrepreneurship).

Mariam Nawaz has been honoured as a political central figure. The leaders also include Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy – documentary filmmaker, Athar Osama – founder and chief executive officer of Innovation Foundation, and Sheherbano Taseer – reporter at Newsweek Pakistan. There were also 8 winners from the UK.

15 Pakistan Ambassadors receive ‘pack-up’ instructions

Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs has instructed 15 ambassadors and high commissioners deployed in different countries to prepare themselves for their return to Pakistan.

The foreign ministry told the PML-N leadership that some ambassadors were selected for the post on the basis of political influence and personal recommendation while in six coun-

The decision has come forward after the briefing by Secretary Foreign Affairs Jalil Abbas Jilani to Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leaders regarding the country’s foreign policies and deployed Pakistani ambassadors around the world.

tries; retired military officers had been deployed. The reports disclosed some names that are likely to be returned to Pakistan. The 15 ambassadors including Wajid Shamsul Hasan (UK), Salman Basher (India), Masood Kahn (Pak delegate for UN), Jamil Ahmed Khan (UAE) and Nawabzada Aminullah Khan Raisani (Oman) had received instructions to prepare themselves till the final return notices after the formation of government.

Manchester Third Most Visited Destination in UK

us to attract 40 million international visitors a year by 2020, an achievement which will mean more visitors are travelling to London and beyond. However, there is intense competition from other destinations eager to attract more visitors. That means Britain needs to work better and smarter to secure a long-term legacy for tourism and the country.

Manchester has come third in (932,000), Birmingham fourth the most-visited destinations (713,000) and Liverpool fifth made to the UK last year, ac- (550,000). cording to latest figures. The figures also showed that Of the 31 million trips foreign in 2012 Manchester had a 10% residents took to the UK in rise in visits from Germans, a 2012, a total of 15.46 million 27% increase from Poland and - more than half - were to Lon- 66% rise from Holland; and the don, statistics from VisitBritain most frequent visitors to Livershowed. pool are the Irish following by Edinburgh had the second Spaniards. most-visited destinations, 2012 has helped change the with more than 1.25 million world's perceptions of Britain, visits, with Manchester third and there is real potential for

The top 10 destinations in terms of visits by overseas residents in 2012 were: London 15,461,000; Edinburgh 1,256,000; Manchester 932,000; Birmingham 713,000; Liverpool 550,000; Glasgow 521,000; Oxford 430,000; Cambridge 398,000; Bristol 395,000; Brighton and Hove 345,000.

Blood on the Streets of London Truly horrific scenes were played out on the streets of Wooliwich, South London, when an off duty British soldier Lee Rigsby (25) was hacked to death by two men. Wielding a machete and knife, they set about the unarmed soldier after first attempting to plough him down in their car. Virtually decapitated from the frenzied knife attack they pulled his body into the road, where it lay as they spoke to members of the public. Never will you probably ever again see such barbaric violence minutes after it happens on your news, in this country again. The killers Michael Adelbologa (28) and Michael Adelbowala (22), waited for the police, not making any attempts to flee the scene, but rather bizarrely trying to justify the attack as some kind of twisted revenge for the deaths of unnamed Muslims in unnamed countries of conflict.

This now cemented the parameters through which this criminal act will now be seen. The exposure and coverage will now be increased 100 per cent. This unfortunate subtext of religion and a criminal act will now no longer be the killing of an unarmed man by two deranged loners, but an act of terrorism on the streets of London, warranting all that that warrants. The Prime Minister of the country now personally taking the response forward, with a hastily arranged meeting of COBRA, (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) the special session reserved for acts of Terror against the state.

As armed police attended the scene they both charged for them, wielding their weapons. Michael Adebologo the older man, who spoke to the passer by with blood stained hands, is the first to be cut down. As he falls, the remaining killer Michael Adebowala is seen brandishing a fire arm and taking aim. Again police fire also bringing him down, on the spot. As paramedics attend the scene, treating the killers, finally Lee Rigs by’s bloodied corpse is awarded the dignity of a cover and removed from the road.

Whilst we all should condemn the horrific murder of Lee Rigsby, this response was quite frankly disproportionate and beyond the Richter scale. What was this hastily arranged session of Cobra to do? bearing in mind the two killers were in custody. Were jets going to be summoned above London, with special mind reading data equipment, reminiscent of the movie Minority Report, assessing where the next brutal murder was to occur. They’ll probably be building a special Guantanamo style prison on the Falklands to house the two killers, due to their unmitigating danger and inability of the judicial system to comprehend this. This was frankly verging on the ridiculous and played more to the electorate than the issue at hand.

Now this murder by its own gruesome detail is a horrific and cowardly act, on an unarmed and unexpected individual. You would expect public disgust and outrage at the scenes, reminiscent of gang violence so often seen in the United States and now the inner cities of the United Kingdom. And this would probably have been the scene had it not been for the two words uttered by one of the killers Michael Adelbologo “Allahu-Akhbar” (God is Great).

This was a criminal act, in nature not unfamiliar to the streets of London, just examine the last decade of gang related murders. Unusual in its brazenness in broad daylight and simpler is some ways as the killers had no intention of escaping. So let’s quantify it as it is, not as we think it might or should be. The BBC’s Nick Robinson reported that an eye witness had described the killers as being of Muslim appearance, comments which were later

By Jaan. M. Khan

apologised for. These two did not have beards, were not dressed in any middleeastern garments, or wearing any religious head wear. They wore Jeans and Jackets as millions of other citizens, yet were perceived as being of Muslim appearance? In reality the actions of the killers were the antithesis of Islam. The religions teaching to observe the sanctity of life, the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) convention & guidance on the rules of warfare, where the unnecessary destruction of nature is even prohibited and to kill a human is equivalent to the killing of the whole of humanity. And all this applicable in a situation of war on the battlefields where armies face each other. The murder of a young man on the streets of London, by his fellow citizens is an evil and heinous act, which regardless of what they the killers might perceive it to be, needs to be dealt with as just that first degree murder. Whilst the backlash of attacks on Mosques and Muslims at large, inevitable you may argue if the story is covered as it was, a perceived terrorist attack, then the war which Michael Adelbowala wanted to start and spoke of to bystander Ingrid Loyou Kennal minutes after the murder will indeed have been successful. Whilst this has given the far right a resurgence to demonise Islam and stoke the fires of hate and division, every time you hear antiMuslim rhetoric, let your mind think of the thousands of Muslim doctors and NHS professionals, who were saving lives, throughout this country and fulfilling the true covenant of their faith, whilst a couple of loners pursued a blood lust on the streets of the capital and thereby betrayed the covenant bestowed on all men to preserve the sanctity of human life.

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Muslims are About to be Profiled in a Whole New Way

As a Muslim you are about to be profiled in a whole new way. You are about to see a huge shift in how radicalisation is perceived. There had already been moves away from profiling Muslims for the ‘groups’ they associated themselves in.

The Boston Bombings and now the Woolwich murder are evident how the tactics of terrorists have changed. There is no longer this need to be associated with an all encompassing group. There is no longer a need to be linked to some foreign radical cleric. There is also no common ideology that links different people. Sadly, the common ideology has become vague and discontinued - the only real link is the word ‘Islam’. The fact is that you as a Muslim are a dangerous breed. You may not like hearing this but the new nature of the terrorist means that anyone, anywhere can become radicalised. The Boston Bombers were described as likeable young men until one day they de-

cided they wanted to murder people in the name of religion. One of Woolwich murderers spoke in a British accent, went to a British school and may not have even left the country for long periods of time. It is clear the new breed of terrorist can strike at anytime and anywhere. Home Secretary Theresa May has suggested there needs to be a new focus on those at risk from radicalisation.

The problem is no-one sure what ‘radicalisation’ means anymore. The boundaries of what is radicalisation and what isn’t is shifting. Some might suggest this to be fearmongering but Muslims will be profiled in a completely different way. The focus will

be how normal people can suddenly be become murderers. Integration has always been used to explain why some people become radicalised and some don’t. It does not matter how you look, how you dress and how integrated you are, you are essentially are a suspect. There was a marked shift from the government in the language used following the most recent incident. One would think this was because the government wanted publicly to differentiate between these killers and law-abiding individuals. But you would think privately it is almost impossible not to focus on Muslims and particularly ethnic groups.

Sheffield A Special Place By Jim Waverly

Sheffield – a place where cheer prevails.., and conviviality .. abounds; Conversations <laced with affection> On every street corner .. on every bus.., Buses that give CHANGE! – nae bother etc?! No menace, no malice – just moral support in SHEDLOADS! For whatever a person .. tries to do> Sheffield .. an eclectic tapestry of nationalities generating mutual respect...

With 2 football teams to choose from..! And sleek, spacious trams Taking people to where they need to get to with the minimum of fuss, or CAFUFFLE! No fuss – no cafuffle – no problem in the Steel city with a heart of gold.. <my new abode>.., Asks a complete strander... “Am I alright? I am NOW!”

How the English Language is, Like, Changing A UK child is likely to say the word ‘like’ five times as much as his or her grandparents, language researchers say. The word ‘love’ is used more than six times as often as ‘hate’, while ‘save’ is used with ‘money’ twice as often as the word ‘spend’. The research, which is part of the Cambridge English Corpus – a database of two billion words and thousands of hours of recordings – shows a marked decline in the correct use of grammar. The study found that MPs and other public figures are speaking more informally, with words like ‘gonna’ being used instead of ‘going to’. Brian Sewell, the art critic, and historian David Starkey are shown to use formal English, in contrast to Janet Street-Porter and footballer David

Beckham, who use colloquial speech. Street-Porter responded to the study by writing in the Daily Mail: ‘Listen to Alan Sugar, David Beckham or Adele and it’s obvious that sounding downmarket no longer holds you back in life… Am I bovvered? Hardly – my grammar, when written, is pretty damn good.’ The Corpus also highlighted the most commonly misspelled words in the English language by global learners. These are ‘because’ (‘becouse’), which (‘wich’), accommodation (‘accomodation’), advertisement (‘advertisment’) and beautiful (‘beatiful’). Is there still such a thing as ‘proper English’? Why is it important to study the evolution of the English language?

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55

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Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

The last article I wrote has prompted me to continue on the same theme, as it created some debate amongst readers. Well done to the Chief Editor in prompting me in this direction. Regeneration or re-inventing city centres local shopping centres, districts and even cities, have long been the theme of local and central government policies. Why? - because it creates economic growth, coupled with industry and commerce it can be a catalyst for sustained growth. As such many people have commented on how to create sustained economic growth, and vibrant cities. One key ingredient for a city is an attraction or identity. Whether that is through manufacturing or a tourist attraction. Sheffield was and is known for it's steelworks and cutlery manufacturing, Bradford and surrounding areas for textiles and fabrics, and if you give it further thought, you will create a mental image of any area. The major challenge is how to change an area's identify or build on it. As an example of this a new Town Team has been created for the Attercliffe area of Sheffield. This idea is taken from the Mary Portas Review “An Independent Review into the Future of Our High Streets”.

My understanding of a success- cal and central government, with ful Town Team is that it should the support of local stakeholders to bring into use empty properbe catalyst that engages: ties. As a property person there Local stakeholders – they are is no worse scenario in marketimportant, they live and run ing properties than a potential businesses in the areas. They purchaser seeing many empty have the best understanding of units. what is needed for the future of their neighbourhood. It gives Business Rates: Arguably this is people in the area an opportunity a key issue for many businesses, to come together to collaborate and in areas of challenge it beand develop ideas for the benefit comes a difficult scenario for potential investors as not only are of their high street. they buying or leasing a propIt also offers different stakehold- erty, there is also a substantial ers the opportunity to come to- rates liability – clearly there is a role for central and local governgether and share ideas. ment here. Local Authorities are also stakeholders and would and should The detailed concept of a Town contribute ideas not only for the Team I will discuss in the future area, but how it fits in with the – this was merely a snapshot of opinion, and you all will have wider area. your own opinions as to how Central government, is in my your local high street should be opinion another major stake- developed. holder, both directly and indiThe key issue remains, we are rectly. at a challenging crossroads as Local landlords/property devel- towns, cities and countries, as opers have a huge and significant how to regenerate, reinvent for role to play. Landlords should future economic growth. As be encouraged to develop their such we all have a strong role to properties and bring them onto play, whether we are in central the market for letting or business government, local government, purposes. One of the key prob- landlord, business or a resident, lems of high streets in particular a team effort is needed to reis the diverse background and ignite all areas. reasons for holding property. Arguably it is incumbent on lo-

Financial requirement for entry of a spouse and Partner Keith Lannaman of Adam Law Solicitors

It was in July 2012, when it became law that anyone settled in the UK and wishing to call their none EEA partner from abroad would need to show that they have a gross minimum income of at least £18.600 per annum. The effect of the change in the immigration rules is manifesting itself very clearly right now as more and more people would find it very difficult, at the best of times, to meet the requirement considering that, due to the economic climate, persons in all professions/industry have been accepting wage and salary cuts just to hold onto their jobs. The question that a prospective client asked me earlier this week was, “How am I ever going to be able to call my wife to join me in the UK and start our life as we planned, I am working in excess of 48 hours per week on a minimum wage, I have

just received my P60 for the Tax year to 5th April 2013, and my gross income for the year is recorded as £15,452.24. This makes me some £3.000 short of the requirements.” For anyone on the minimum wage he/she would need to work 58 hours per week in order to be able to earn £18.600 gross per annum and meet the requirement. The author of the above article is Keith Lannaman of Adam Law Solicitors, 759-761 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield. Tel : 0114 2560111 Email – klannaman@adamlawsolicitors. Disclaimer: This above information are the author’s views only, always seek advice from your own solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

World’s First Android Phone Phones have come a long way since Innocenzo Manzetti played around with the idea of a ”speaking telegraph” in 1844. Development of the landline telephone came in leaps and bounds but it is the mobile phone that truly captured a global audience. The first mobile phones were produced by Bell System for use in cars only, introduced in 1946 on their Mobile Telephone Service in St. Louis, Missouri. The first call on a handheld mobile phone was made on April, 3 1973 by Motorola’s Martin Cooper to his rival, Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs. Nicknamed “the brick” the first mobile phones weighed 2 lb (0,9kg) and cost $3,995 (over £2600). As with most inventions, it takes a while (and a lot of teething problems) before a product reaches an acceptable cost factor for both the producer and the consumer. Early mobile networks were patchy and phones were expensive, bulky and less than attractive. When the 1G network launched in 1983, the phones were still too big for comfort and suffered from short battery life. By the time 2G was introduced, in

1991, the phones were better and the first smartphones were introduced. But it was only after 2001, when 3G cellular technology was launched, that the mobile phone market really took off. Networks were faster and phones were smaller and more affordable. The entry-level Nokia 1100, launched in 2003, was snapped up 1 million times a week to eventually become the

world’s most popular cell phone with over 200 million units sold. By 2011, Apple had sold more than 100 million iPhone smartphones. Introducing Android – a smart move Android, Inc. was founded in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Google bought it

in 2005 and the Linux-based Android operating system was unveiled in 2007. The rest – as the Google history itself – is a remarkable piece of history. People loved Android. By 2012, Android enjoyed 1.5 million activations per day. . There are almost a billion Android apps available. Some 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android app site, Google Play. World’s first Android phone By 2013, mobile phones have replaced watches and cameras as the primary time tellers and for taking photographs and videos. Many users have more than one phone or mobile device, resulting in more than 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, almost half of these being smartphone subscriptions. Android is found on 75% of those smartphones in use. But do you remember first phone to run on Android? The world’s first Android phone was the HTC Dream – it came to the market in October 2008 as the T-Mobile G1 in the USA and, when signing a two-year service agreement, sold for £120.

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Legal Corner


Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: Conveyancing Q &As 1. What do I need to do if I want an extension to my house? What documents will I receive from the council on completion? You can extend without an application for planning permission as long as you don't cover more than half the area of land around the original house.

land that was never actually given to him. Adverse possession is possession by someone other than the land owner (i.e. a squatter). In order to obtain possessory title it will be necessary to demonstrate that you have occupied the land with an intention to possess without payment or consent. In the case of unregistered land the application can be made after 12 years’ occupation. In the case of registered land it can be made after 10 years

If you do require planning permission, you will need to make the application to your Local Planning Authority. If 3. What are the changapproved, you may then begin es in the conveyancing proceyour extension. dures? Recently, the Property InforYou will receive a completion mation Form and Fixtures certificate from your Local and Fittings Form have been Planning Authority once the amended to include further extension is complete. information. The information which sellers now need 2. What is possessory to provide include the energy title? How do I claim it and performance of the property how does it work? and the availability of solar Possessory title will be grant- panels on the property. ed where there is no evidence that a person owns the land. 4. What is an overridThe lack of evidence may be ing interest form? Why do I as a result of lost or destroyed need to sign it? deeds or because the person You must complete an overwished to claim ownership of riding interest form when

selling your home to confirm whether there are any interests in the property which are not registered but will bind the new owner. An example of this is where tenants in your property have leases of less than 7 years. You must sign the document to make the buyer aware of any unregistered interests in the property. 5. What is a Chancel Repair search? Certain properties in certain parishes could be under an obligation to pay the cost of repairing the chancel of the parish church. The obligation is an overriding interest but will only be so until October 2013. It is also possible to obtain a Chancel repair indemnity policy to negate any payments. Disclaimer: This is information only and do not act on this information as legal advice and always seek advice from your solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

In the memory of Zara Shahid Hussain British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken notice of the protest demonstration staged by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) at 10 Downing Street against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain’s telephonic addresses in Pakistan. According to sources, Mr Cameron came out of his residence and witnessed for five minutes the demonstration being held outside. The British PM inquired from his staff about the demands being made by the PTI demonstrators. Responding to the call of PTI, hundreds of demonstrators staged a protest against Muttahida Qaumi Movment (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain’s telephonic speeches in Pakistan. As many as 1500 PTI and JI supporters and other demonstrators gathered at 10 Downing Street in London to lodge protest against MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The PTI protesters claimed that Altaf Hussain had threatened its anti vote rigging demonstrators in Karachi with dire consequences during a telephonic speech. The participants of the demonstration demanded of the British government to put a curb on any interference by any kind of group or organization from Britain into the politics of Pakistan and provocation of the latter’s people. Meanwhile, the London Police earlier rejected arresting activists of a Pakistan-based political party here. According to sources, the London police came up with this clarification in the wake of a news item

claiming the arrests that went viral on the social media. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh senior vice president, Zahra Shahid Hussain, was gunned down in Karachi. Soon after her killing, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan held MQM Chief Altaf Hussain “directly responsible” for the murder, saying that the MQM chief had openly threatened the PTI leaders and workers. “I hold Altaf Hussain directly responsible for the murder as he had openly threatened PTI workers and leaders through public broadcasts,” Imran Khan said.

PARWARISH What do you want your children to be? I am not asking about a job or career that you might want them to do. I am asking, ‘what kind of a person do you want your child to be?’ I have asked parents that question many times and the answers usually include: ‘successful’, ‘content’, ‘honest’, ‘clever’, ‘friendly’, ‘happy’. So how can we help them to be these things? What can you do to nurture your child so they reach their full potential? Over the next four months, I want to suggest four big ideas that will help your child develop, learn and grow. Be warned. There is no magic wand here. This will mean commitment and effort from you their parent or carer. But your children are so important; they deserve your hard work, don’t his mouth. Get down on his level they? to see what he can reach. This is especially important as he learns BIG IDEA #1 : PLAY. Most adults misunderstand to move. It will mean far fewer the value of play. Our children “no’s,” which makes everyone know how important it is. Play happier. for your child is truly their work. Playing with your child is not Watch and Wait only fun, it’s one of the most See what your child is trying important ways you can nurture to do. Provide just enough support for him to achieve his goal their development. Play actually causes their brain or take the next step towards a to develop. Scientific research is new goal. You might bring an showing us that in every aspect object your newborn is staring at of their being, children learn and closer so he can explore it with grow when they are allowed and his hands. Or, you may encourencouraged to play. So don’t age your toddler to try a different space where the puzzle piece stop them! might fit when he is getting frustrated. What You Can Do:

noise scary and prefer to explore with their eyes. Some love lots of movement, rolling, crawling, or jumping. Others like using their hands to work out how a toy or object works. Follow her lead, and you’ll discover what kinds of activities are right for her. Get out and about Staying at home all day with a lively toddler is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Go to your local park and run around, visit a friend with children, take her to your local Sure Start Stay & Play, go for a walk in the woods and collect leaves, make a game of anything and everything. Then see how she learns and grows as she plays.

Safety First Remember, your little explorer Follow the Leader will need you to keep his play Some children love lots of bells And by the way, you don't need areas safe. Make sure toys don’t and whistles; others find a lot of fancy toys. In fact, you are your child’s favourite toy. have parts that fit all the way in

Andy & Judith Stovell are parents of 6 children and work in the community supporting families with pre-school children. They are developing an educational project –Parwarish- in Azad Kashmir promoting awareness of the needs of infants and how parents can meet those needs. In this series of articles, Andy talks about some of the main ways we can help our little ones to grow and learn and become happy and confident. Andy & Judith are happy to try and answer any questions you might have. Email questions to:

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ABDN event on the 23rd May 2013 certainly broke barriers. Over 300 guests attended to witness a breath taking event in Sheffield at the Double Tree by Park Hotel. The event was organised by ABDNSY team and Irshad Akbar chairman of ABDN-SY congratulated his board members for making this event happen.

ABDN Network of Influence Breaking Barriers

The evening was opened by Marcus Nisar from Media M who was host for the evening and he welcomed the audience. He introduced dance group R&R productions who stunned the audience with their

was a Goldman Sachs graduate stated why it was important that no matter what business that is being developed they should seek training and support Mike went on to state that the Goldman Sachs Programme not only has developed his business but also developed himself personally. James Newman Chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Chairman of Finance Yorkshire stated how important it was that ethnic minority businesses should engage in the work of the LEP. Mr Newman went on to say that the LEP is the vehicle that will drive the economy in the City Region and it is important that Ethnic Minority business get involved in the various sectors so that they can have a voice in shaping

wings display and dancing. The four R&R girls continued to woo the audience with their stunning Bollywood techniques and mix of fusion dancing. Sohail Rashid of Property Network based in Leeds shared with the audience how he had established his company and used the social media platform to make it one of the largest online property market networks across Europe. Abigail Haruna Musa who came to the UK from Nigeria relayed her experience of setting up a business whilst at the same time looking after twins. Abigail talked about the influence her father had on her when she was growing up and that gave her the spur to become successful in her venture of 1st Resource recruiting. Abigail inspired the audience with her commitment, dedication and he will to succeed. Mike Maddock of PES limited who

policy and procedures. Britain great. How they came to the ABDN-SY chosen charity for the UK after the Second World War and evening was the Theo’s Burns built this country. How the first generation of migrants were not satis“Ethnic Minority fied at working in heavy industry, businesses must get but looked at establishing their own involved in training, de- enterprises. Mr Akbar went onto say veloping their staff and that there are many “Rags to Riches” stories where the first generation mainstreaming their commenced their enterprises by sellbusinesses” ing from suitcases, onto the market Unit. This is a charity organised by stall and where the second generathe Children’s Sheffield Hospital tion has then taken the businesses to Burns Unit and Amy Harhoff whose a different level. daughter died in a fire represented Mr Akbar also went onto say that the Chairty. Amy talked about the Ethnic Minority businesses must lack of resources available at the get involved in training, developing Children’s Hospital Burns unit and their staff and mainstreaming their why it was important to support businesses. this charity as they care and nurture The chairman of ABDN went onto children who have injured by fire. thank the sponsors that included During the evening over £1,500 was Goldman Sachs who were Headline collected for the Charity which was Sponsors, award sponsors that ina phenomenal amount to be raised cluded Sheffield Hallam University, during the evening. The Sheffield College, Mark Jenkin-

“the contribution that Ethnic Minorities have made in making Great Britain great”

The food for the evening was provided by Zouk Tea Bar and Grill. Amjad Bashir Chairman of the company talked about his experience of running a traditional restaurant until his sons came and wanted to change

“What we have for ourselves will die with us and what we have done for others remains and is immortal”. the format. Zouk now have premises in Bradford, Manchester and are opening a training centre to support the catering industry. The chairman of ABDN-SY in his address to the audience talked about the contribution that Ethnic Minorities have made in making Great

DO YOU KNOW? What is a Will? What is a Will? A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets which includes your property, money, investments and the care of any minor children. Why would I need a Will? Creating a Will is important as it will let you decide how your belongings should be distributed to your family. If you have minor children, a Will lets you decide who will take care of them. Creating a Will can help protect your assets from Inheritance Tax which is payable on your assets after your death. The current Inheritance Tax limit is £325,000. If there is no Will then the rules of Intestacy apply and can potentially cause family disputes.

Lasting Power of Attorney There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney’s (LPA): 1.Property and Financial Affairs 2.Health and Welfare LPA’s let you appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so for example mental incapacity. You can choose to make one type of Lasting Power of Attorney or both. An LPA is important if you were to lose capacity and could not deal with matters for yourself. Mental capacity is being unable to make your own decisions for example, paying bills, dealing with your benefits such as Pension or moving homes. You can lose capacity from a number of health reasons such as stroke or dementia or even because of injury such as a car accident. You can set up a LPA at any time and it will only come into force if

you ever lose capacity and it has been registered with the Office of Public Guardian. Registration can take place at a later date even after you lose capacity. You can also set up a General Power of Attorney which is valid a legal document giving someone else authority to act on your behalf which is valid only when you have mental capacity. The above is general information and you should seek legal advice for your specific circumstances. Irfan Rashid is a Consultant Solicitor at Lodh & Co Solicitors (Sheffield) can assist with Wills (including Islamic Wills), Probate, LPA’s and Court of Protection needs. He can be contacted via email and telephone: 07912106578

sons and Sons, Wosskow Brown, Nat West Bank, Finance Yorkshire and QED from Bardford. The reception sponsor was Hentons Chartered Acountants. The founder of ABDN, Arshad Choudhry who sadly passed away 18 months ago following a long battle against cancer was remembered. Arshad had a vision that ABDN would be in all corners of the UK. Arshads vision is now becoming reality as ABDN now has branches in South Yorkshire, the North West and West Yorkshire. Arshad was very eloquent and his words were full of wisdom. At his final ABDN speech Arshad left the audience mesmerised by saying “What we have for ourselves will die with us and what we have done for others remains and is immortal”. Certainly Arshad Choudhry has left ABDN for others and it is immortal. James Newman commented that Arshad Choudhry would be looking down and smiling that his legacy is continuing. The awards were handed out by each of the sponsors as follows: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner: Ghulam Ijaz - UK Legal Estates Shortlisted : Ahmad Hussain Baba - E - Islam and Sobiha Hussain Pure Elegance by Sobiha Social Enterprise of the Year Winner: South Yorkshire African Caribbean Centre Shortlisted: Mahana ILM and Pakistan Muslim Centre Professional of the Year Winner: Jay Bhayani (Bhayani

Bracewell) Shortlisted: Arif Munir (Nat West Lombard) and Mohammed Nazir (Wosskow Brown) Female Entrepreneur of the Year Winner: Afshan Islam (Beauty Beneath) Shortlisted: Aaliya Aamar Khola (FX Cosmetics) and Lisa Pask (Paskal Child Day Care) Business Start Up of the year under three years old Winner: Play Arena Limited Shortlisted: Amigos Mexican Kitchen and On Media Excellence in Customer Service Winner: Chandni Shortlisted: Chic Promotions Marketing and Choudhry's Orient Express Business of the Year Winner: New Roomstyle Shortlisted: Singhs Premier and Xited (Doncaster) Mr Akbar went onto say that on the night there were no losers all winners on the night Following a vote of thanks given by Shamsa Latif, where she thanked all the sponsors, board members, businesses, caterers and Double Tree Hilton. The guests continued to network and there was plenty of business cards exchanging hands and they all commented how successful the event had been in terms of putting the Ethnic Minority Business community on the map. For further details and how to become a member of ABDN contacted Irshad Akbar on 07943422916

South Asian Women’s Heritage Project in Bradford Many of the South Asian women settling in Bradford half a century ago faced a lonely new life, in an alien industrial setting with a cold climate. Communities weren’t set up to receive immigrants of the 1950s and Sixties; there was no cultural infrastructure and little opportunity for women to build a life outside the home. “The bravery of these women – coming to the other side of the world, leaving family and everything they’d known behind – is very overlooked,” says Paula Helliwell, manager of the Hamaari Yaadien – Our Memories heritage project. Its aim is to record the memories of first, second and third generation Asian women in Bradford, highlighting their experiences of settling in the city. The 18-month project, which has received £44,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, will culminate in a book, DVD and photographic exhibition. The project is open to women of all South Asian heritage, including Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, and dual heritage, from those who stayed at home to raise families to high achievers such as former Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Naveeda Ikram.

For first generation settlers, life in Bradford was very different from today. Women who came in the 1950s and Sixties arrived in a white, industrialised environment. They came from a warm country where people lived largely outside, in close communities, to a cold place where they spent a lot of time indoors. Many didn’t know anyone, it wasn’t like it is now, with fully-functioning Asian communities. The project aims to compare what life was like for first, second and third generation Asian women – their experiences of employment and domestic life, their expectations and how they were met. The project pays tribute to the contribution women have made and their impact on successive generations. Those early settlers made sure their children had a good education and made the most of opportunities they never had. Their children, and grandchildren, grew up to set up businesses and build careers in the private sector. They wouldn’t have had all that without their mothers, many of whom didn’t have an education themselves. It is hoped in finding the identity of women, a heritage will be preserved for future generations.

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…….. One Giant Leap for Democracy By:- ABDUL KHAYUM – Social Commentator

Much has been said and written about the Elections in Pakistan and much more will be said over the next few months at least. Many people will have so many differing views and opinions and will be falling over themselves to express them! However, whatever the views that will be criss-crossing over our heads, there is one undeniable fact about these elections which we all must acknowledge. The 2013 Pakistan Elections have been a milestone in the history of Pakistani politics. It may have been one small step for politics, but it has certainly been one giant leap for democracy in Pakistan. Notwithstanding the accusations and counter-accusations of discrepancies, foul play and vote-rigging (some justified, and some just ‘sour grapes’) three important factors have emerged which have made these elections different, and more promising than any elections ever held in Pakistan:i) A much more free and more outspoken media that played its role to the full before, during and after the elections. ‘surely this is a tremen- ii) high dous stride towards The number of change!’ people that turned out determined to have their say, and influence

their own destiny. iii) One civilian Govt. completing a full 5-year term being voted out of office, and handing power over to the next ci- “Duniya umeed par qaim hai…” vilian Govt. No doubt, the much needed ‘3rd Force’ ( Imran Khan’s PTI) has been instrumental in (a) getting so many people out to vote and (b) making the two ‘dominant forces’ take heed and become alert and sensitive to the wishes and feelings of the people of Pakistan. Credit due to the ‘Captain’ for his determination and perseverance who has, in the process, become a force to be reckoned with.

were brought as slaves to this land, with no rights whatsoever. Yet change happened but it was painful and it happened gradually! Who could have thought, only 30 years ago, that black people would ever rule South Africa. The black South Africans were down-trodden, second class citizens, subjected to a rigid policy of segregation. Yet change happened but it was painful and it happened gradually!

In a population of 180 million, which is divided by ethnic, religious, cultural and geographical boundaries, the vast majority of Pakistanis only have enough time to think where the next meal will come from. We neither have the means to start an ‘IraFor those asking whether we will at last nian Revolution’, nor the will instigate an start to see change in Pakistan, for good- ‘Arab Spring’. We must therefore cling to ness sake, surely this is a tremendous the hope that gradual it may be, but change stride towards change! is coming to Pakistan….. lets lift high the banner with the slogan …. We must remember that any societal change that comes about, particularly in a “Duniya umeed par qaim hai…” society as diverse as Pakistan, is not only Given our political history, the pessimistic painful but also will only happen gradu- may well be justified in saying that nothally, over many years. Time must be given ing much will change and it will be ‘Busiand patience exercised for it to take root ness as Usual’. I for one would like to join and flourish, and only then can change be the rank of the optimistic, and say that effective. To demand everything to be rev- hopefully this will be the start of a transolutionised overnight, is to expect nothing formation in our political system that will short of a miracle. And miracles just don’t lead to lasting change. happen…. especially in Pakistan! We have a long and difficult road ahead, but we must pass through it, for no matter Who could have thought, 60 years ago, how painful it may be, it seems that we are that a black man would become the Presi- finally on the road to true democracy and dent of ‘the most powerful Nation on a brighter and better future for the people earth? Two centuries ago, black people of Pakistan!

Zee Network to Launch New Channel

The ZEE Network is set launch a new channel 'Lamhe’. Available to viewers free on Sky 798 and also available to watch on Virgin Media 811, Lamhe will give viewers the opportunity to view some of the most popular and award-winning shows in the history of SouthAsian entertainment, including classics such as - Astitva, Amanat and Hasratein.

The channel is aimed at people who simply love drama and want to watch critically-acclaimed shows and movies that have defined the landscape of

South Asian television. Lamhe will join Zing as the Network’s second free to air channel. While Zing caters to the younger viewers with Bollywood and Lifestyle content, Lamhe is committed to bring quality General Entertainment programming to its family audiences. Zing already leads the pack in its genre and Lamhe is all set to emulate that success. There was a time when Zee TV was the only channel enthralling viewers and was a home away from home for many of us. ‘Lamhe’ will launch on 10th June.

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Start Your Own Business By: Amar Saleem

How to Market and Win Business through Social Media Email:

OK - So Facebook has a billion users, Twitter has 500 million, LinkedIn has over 200 million and other social networks also booming, the potential to find new customers via social media has never been greater. Social Media Marketing is ever increasingly becoming the most effective tool for businesses marketing their business!

marketing sites will require different techniques, so develop a unique strategy tailored for each platform.

Facebook Facebookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s casual, friendly environment requires an active social media marketing strategy that begins with creating a Facebook Business Fan Page. You will want to pay careful attention to layout, as the visual comDon't know your Twitter ponent is a key aspect of the from your Tumblr, or your Facebook experience. Social Facebook from your Flickr? media marketing for business Then a huge well of potential pages revolves around furthernew customers for your busiing your conversation with ness is lying untapped right now. Each social media portal audiences by posting industryrelated articles, images, videos, has its own unique benefits etc. and serves a great purpose Facebook is a place people go to market to a specific target audience for example for Busi- to relax and chat with friends, ness to Consumer - Facebook so keep your tone light and friendly. is an excellent tool to engage with potential customers by Google+ creating a business page and Google+ is the new the potential speaks for itself Facebook competi- do it right and you could be tor, and it promotes the same in the money! LinkedIn is an fun, casual atmosphere. On excellent tool for connectGoogle+ you can upload and ing with business people and professionals and key decision share photos, videos, links, and view all your +1s. Also makers to promote business to business services. A recent take advantage of Google+ circles, which allow you to survey found that 69 per cent segment your followers into of small firms using social networks felt it helped them to smaller groups, enabling you compete more effectively with to share information with some followers while barring others. larger competitors. For example, you might try creating a â&#x20AC;&#x153;super-fanâ&#x20AC;? circle, it's understandable that many and share special discounts and companies are yet to take full exclusive offers only with that advantage of social media â&#x20AC;&#x201C; group. it is a strong argument that You can also try hosting video brands are losing time and conferences with Hangouts and money online with ineffecexperiment using the Hangout tive social media strategies. Social media is still a relatively feature in some fun, creative ways. Some social media marnew phenomenon in terms of keting ideas: if you're a salon, its mass-market adoption so host a how-to session on how companies not having their to braid your hair. If you own stuff together in this area is a local bookstore, try offering excusable. author video chats. If you're There will be people who will feeling adventerous, invite pile in with both feet and waste your +1s to your Google+ Community. Google+ Commulots of money, and those who stand on the sidelines and miss nities will allow you to listen out on an opportunity. It is only into your fan's feedback and input, truly putting the social through deploying precisely back into social media. tailored marketing strategies that you will be able to realise this potential. Pinterest How To Use Social Media Pinterest is the latest in For Marketing: Know Your social media marketPlatform ing trends. Pinterestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s imagecentered platform is ideal for retail, but anyone can benefit Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve put together a brief overview on how to use social from using Pinterest for social media for marketing according media purposes. to each platformâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique envi- Pinterest allows small busironment. Various social media nesses to showcase their own

product offerings while also developing their own brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personality with some unique pinboards. Twitter Twitter is the social media marketing tool that lets you broadcast your updates across the web. Follow tweeters in your industry or related fields, and you should gain a steady stream of followers in return. Mix up your official-related tweets about specials, discounts, and news updates with some fun and quirky tweets interspersed. Be sure to retweet when a customer has something nice to say about you, and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget answer peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s questions when possible. Using Twitter as a social media marketing tool revolves around dialog and communication, so be sure to interact as much as possible LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the more professional social media marketing sites. LinkedIn Groups is a great venue for entering into a professional dialog with people in similar industries and provides a place to share content with likeminded individuals. Encourage customers or clients to give your business a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations makes your business appear more credible and reliable for new customers. Also browse the Questions section of LinkedIn; providing answers helps you get established and earns trust. YouTube YouTube is the number one place for creating video content, with can be an incredibly powerful social media marketing tool. Many businesses try to create video content with the aim of having their video â&#x20AC;&#x153;go viral,â&#x20AC;? but in reality those chances are pretty slim. Instead, focus on creating useful, instructive â&#x20AC;&#x153;how-toâ&#x20AC;? videos. These how-to videos also have the added benefit of ranking on the video search results of Google, so don't under-estimate the power of video content!

Can you help make a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life complete? Caring Rotherham residents are being invited to a very special event to see if they have what it takes to reach out and make the difference to a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life.

ham to adopt a Rotherham child, as there is a 25-mile radius, so, if you are from Sheffield, Barnsley or Doncaster, you can also join us for the event.

The adoption information event, set to be held on Thursday June 6 between 6pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8pm, aims to help families get the information they need to see if they can make their dreams of adoption a reality. There will be opportunity to ask questions about the adoption process and hear experiences from both social workers and parents.

"Like having your own children, becoming an adoptive parent is challenging but very rewarding, providing positive experiences for the adults and children involved. "Even after you've adopted a child the help and support continues to make sure you can carry on to help that child develop and prepare them for their adult lives."

Although there is a full assessment process for prospective adopters there are few restrictions on those who can apply. Prospective adopters: * Must be over 21 but there is no upper However, there is still a shortage of age limit adopters with around 50 children currently * Can be single people or unmarried looking to be placed. The children are a couples range of ages and backgrounds including * Can be from different backgrounds in both single children and sibling groups, terms of ethnicity, religion or sexuality children with disabilities and children from ethnic minority families or dual For more information on adoption please heritage children. visit or ring 01709 254899. Councillor Paul Lakin, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families Services, said: "The people who open their lives to create a family with these children do a fantastic job in providing a safe, welcoming and caring environment for those children. In the past couple of years around 34 Rotherham children have been successfully adopted.

"There is no identikit adoptive parent, and you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to live actually in Rother-

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* Latest OPTL System Installed * MOT for Cars and Light Vans

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All Mechanical Work taken Very Competitive Prices

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Sports Who will bag ICC Champion’s Trophy 2013?

With the curtains closed for the extremely controversial IPL, it’s time for the ICC Champions Trophy to take the centrestage. With eight nations contesting against each other in One-Day International format of the game, this battle between the champions is going to be one hell of an entertainment for the cricket fanatics all over the globe. Now the question that everyone is thinking about is, “Which team is going to be the champion?” Well, lets then discuss the matter in details.

The team which I feel has got the most chances of wining the title is none other than the hosts- England. No doubt, playing at home will give them a lot of confidence. Moreover, with players like Alastair Cook, Ravi Bopara, Eoin Morgan, Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott in the English batting line-up, they won’t have much difficulty in posting big totals or chasing. The bowling line-up which includes James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann and

Extravagant nuptials will be held in Faryal’s hometown, New York, at the grand five star hotel Waldorf Astoria. Reports have it that Khan will whisk his bride back to Bolton, England, for another wedding bash to be attended by 4,000 guests before they head on a honeymoon.

Julio Diaz, Amir is back in title Wanderers. fight contention, but admits he won’t be looking at heading back to They’ve had a long-distance relathe boxing ring until December. tionship so far with Faryal based in New York, but Amir has pledged He will first enjoy his honeymoon his future to Bolton and aims to with 20-year-old Faryal, and then welcome his bride to a new life in observe Ramadan before getting the north west. back into training for his next bout towards the end of the year. Also, Amir Khan has been focusing on his dancing skills ahead of his wedding. The 26-year-old posted a picture of him and his friends, learning Bollywood dance steps to surprise his guests at the wedding.

Amir, 26, says: “It’s time to settle down and hopefully it will settle me down a bit. “We get on really well, and I know she will help me in my boxing career as well. I’m excited more than anything.” After his points victory against

attack is not an experienced one and so it will be a big test for Dhoni and company.

The next team which I think has got the potential to bag the title is South Africa. English wicket have always favoured swing and bounce and as far as this team’s bowling is concerned, they have one of the strongest bowling attacks. Dale Steyn is the spearhead of this attack and he is a true match-winner. His two pace partners, Morne Morkel and Tsotsobe, have also got the right ingredients to pose problems to the opposing batsmen. The batting looks strong as well with the likes of Hashim Amla, JP Duminy and AB de Villiers in their line-up. .

The next team which has got the chances of being the champions is the defending champion, Australia. They had a much forgettable tour in India this year. None except their skipper could perform well. This time also their team is as usual a strong one with Shane Watson, David Warner, Mitchell Johnson and Faulkner playing. All of them had a good IPL season and so they are excepted to reach the latter stage of the tournament.

With Saeed Ajmal, Shoaib Malik and Mishbah-ul-Haq in the team, Pakistan also have a slight chance The third team which has got the in reaching the finals. And, you can chances of winning this year is In- never underestimate this mercudia. With MS Dhoni being the skip- rial team because they usually rise per, they will be a team to watch. to the occasion when the odds are But India’s not-so-good performagainst them. ance in England over the past few years just makes one think if they So that was my preview on the last will fail to create any impression edition of the Champion’s Trophy this time too. Moreover the bowling 2013. What do you think?

Pakistani British boxer Amir Khan gets knocked out Pakistani Briton, boxer Amir Khan, is getting hitched with his US-born fiancée, Faryal Makhdoom, in New York City today (Friday).

Tim Bresnan looks quite a strong and a dangerous one. Thus on paper, they are the favourites for me.

The couple only met last July, but have had a whirlwind romance and earlier this year held a glitzy engagement party in front of 1,000 people at the Reebok Stadium, home of Amir’s beloved Bolton

The Bolton-born ace tweeted: "I'm now on way to my gym. The boys are practicing a dance for the mehndi and wedding. This is going 2be fun." "Dance routine was tough but it will be good. Very tiring it was like a 2hr workout," he later added.

Icc Confirms England to Host 2019 World Cup England's staging of the 2019 Cricket World Cup has been rubberstamped, the International Cricket Council has confirmed. It was originally announced in 2006 that England would stage what will be the 12th edition of cricket's leading one-day international tournament. But at a meeting in Dubai, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) signed the host agreement to stage the 2019 World Cup. The tournament will be held throughout June 2019 and be played at 10 venues. ECB chief executive David Collier said after the signing in Dubai, where the ICC is based: "The signing of this agreement now enables ECB to enter into staging agreements with venues who wish to stage matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. "The ECB is honoured to have been selected to stage one of the largest and most important global sports events which will be a wonderful boost to sport and cricket in

particular throughout England and Wales." ICC chief executive David Richardson, a former South Africa wicketkeeper, said: "The ICC Cricket World Cup attracts a broadcast audience in excess of 1.5 billion people and is one of the premier events in world cricket. "We look forward to working with the ECB to deliver an outstanding tournament." The 2019 World Cup is scheduled to involve 10 teams and will be the first World Cup played in Britain since 1999, with the UK having staged the first three editions in 1975, 1979 and 1983. England have never won the World Cup despite appearing in three finals. This month's Champions Trophy tournament, a 'mini' World Cup for international cricket's top eight teams in 50-overs per side cricket will take place in England and Wales. It will start with a match between South Africa and India in Cardiff on June 6 and end with a final at Birmingham's Edgbaston ground in central England, on June 23.

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