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British Parent Saudi Womens get right to Vote favour

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Nearly half of British parents wish to see the return of the cane to restore discipline in the classroom, a survey has indicated. The survey, conducted by YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm, found 49 percent of parents - and 19 percent of pupils - believe caning or smacking should be used to punish ‘very bad’ behaviour, Daily Mail reported. It was also found that 40 percent of parents and 14 percent of children favoured corporal punishment in more general cases of ill disci-

pline. While 53 percent of parents and 77 percent of children were against the cane, the poll found nine out of ten parents and two-thirds of pupils wanted teachers to have more power to crack down on bad behaviour. The survey came just a week after British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to restore order and respect in schools in the wake of last month’s riots.

Nation will unite if attacked: Nawaz I LM News LAHORE: PML-N president Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday that the nation would unite in the face of a foreign attack and no one should mistake this fact, Geo News reported. Speaking to the media outside the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore Sharif said in light of the present situation it was essential that a joint strategy be adopted. "PML-N will raise its concerns in regards to the country's foreign policy and issues at the All Parties Conference" he said. Sharif added that the nation should be told the truth and if resolutions of parliament were implemented than the situation would not have come to this point.



Muslim P e a c e C on ference

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King Abdullah has said that women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to vote, run in municipal elections and be appointed to the consultative Shura Council, local media reported. "Because we refuse to marginalize women in society in all roles that comply with sharia, we have decided, after deliberation with our senior ulama (clerics) and others to involve women in the Shura Council as members, starting from the next term," he said. King Abdullah said the decision had been taken after talks with senior Muslim clerics (ulama). "Women will be able to run as candidates in the municipal election and will even have a right to vote," King Abdullah added.

Government Must Rethink Cuts to Legal Aid The Government is proposing to make cuts to Legal Aid. The cuts will lead to a reduction of 500,000 cases of legal assistance and 45,000 representations each year. This will impact upon areas including, debt, employment disputes, education cases, housing matters and immigration cases. The proposals have the potential to impact a greater proportion of women, ethnic minori-

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ties, ill or disabled people. Research has also indicated that around 80% of legal aid recipients were in the poorest 20% of society Further to this research by Citizens Advice has indicated that for every pound spent on legal aid, between £2.34 and £8.80 is saved by the state elsewhere, making the cuts a false economy.

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KASHMIR CROWN BAKERY ARRIVES IN SHEFFIELD The much awaited world famous Kashmir Crown Bakery has opened its doors for business. The Asian community in particular has a sweet tooth which can only be satisfied from the mouthwatering sweets and cakes that KCB is renowned for. The store in Fir Vale, Sheffield opened for business on 28th September and offered 10% discount on all products to celebrate. For the Bradford based business, this is the first store to open in South Yorkshire by Europe’s Asian sweet and confectionary giant. Mohammed Saleem originally started the business in 1969 with just £55, but by sheer hard work and a niche in the market the business is now so well known and expanded up and down the country. The company is a major local employer in West Yorkshire and is the largest Asian food manufacturer in Europe. Mr Saleem says that combining traditional Kashmiri baking methods with vocational British training has made his bakery a multi-million pound business. Managing Director, Asif Saleem has invested £200,000 on the premises at 502-504 Barnsley Road with its own onsite bakery as well as retail. The shop will produce and sell over 250 cakes, biscuits, pastries and mithai as well as a deli bar serving sandwiches, Panini’s and savory snacks. The mouthwatering delicacies are all specific to the well known brand. The opening celebration saw Sheffielders welcome the new store to the area and wished the store success in the future.


Six-Year-Old’s Charity Drive

Six year old Konain Malik from Norfolk Park Sheffield has already developed a charitable drive that would put most adults to shame. The Mylnhurst School pupil has raised nearly £500 after seeing news reports of the horrific famine which is killing thousands of people in Somalia. Konain, who attends the Sheffield Children’s Centre after school, vowed to do all he could to raise money for international aid effort. To date he has carried

out a series of odd jobs and sponsored tasks which have helped him to put together the impressive sum. Sheffield Council presented Konain with a certificate to recognise his outstanding efforts and say thank you. Also receiving certificates were members of the Firth Park Mosque’s Yorkshire Muslim Academy, who donated their Eid ul-Fitr gifts to orphans at the Children’s Centre. Report: ILM - Photo: Star

UK first sprinkler system gets thumbs up from fire chief One of the country’s most senior fire officers has hailed a pioneering project in Sheffield to fit sprinklers at a block of high-rise flats. President of the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) Peter Holland joined South Yorkshire’s Chief Fire Officer on a visit to the Callow Mount flats in

Gleadless on Tuesday (13 September) where a sprinkler system is being installed to enhance the safety of the 47 residents there. It’s the first time in the UK such a system has been retro-fitted to a block of flats, and will give residents precious extra minutes to escape in the event of a blaze.

Muslim Peace Conference Condemns Terrorism

Some 12,000 people attended the conference Thousands of Muslims have attended a peace conference in London which has condemned terrorism. About 12,000 Muslims gathered at Wembley Arena for Islamic group Minhaj-ul-Quran’s Peace for Humanity Conference. The conference launched a campaign to get one million people to sign an online declaration of peace by 2012. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ulQadri said the conference would send a message that 10 years of extremist activity should end. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is the founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran and gave the keynote speech at the event, despite having received death threats after issuing a fatwa - or religious ruling - against terrorism last year. The cleric was repeatedly applauded during his address in which he said the “terrible” 9/11 attacks in the US had distorted perceptions of Islam over the past decade. Renowned Islamic scholar Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri attracted large crowds at Wembley

and hi message was clear. He preaches that there are no conditions under which extremism and the violence it endorses can be excused. It’s a message that has found a big audience but one which has ironically made him the subject of death threats from those who don’t believe in peace.

reject every act of extremism and terrorism unconditionally.” The event, which took one year to organise, was attended by people from across the UK, many of whom arrived in coaches. Those who attended heard a series of lengthy and impassioned speeches, some in Arabic, from Islamic

He told the audience: “In spite of statements and memorandum and condemnation of the terror, the voices of the 99% true, peace-loving Muslims have not been heard, they have been drowned out by the clamour and the noise of extremists. “Islam has nothing to do with any act of terrorism. We

scholars denouncing terrorism and extremism. Ghazala Hassan al-Qadri, president of the MQI Women’s League, told attendees: “Islam teaches love, it teaches compassion, it teaches tolerance, it teaches mercy.” Another speaker - Egyptbased Islamic scholar Shaykh

A multi-million contract to build Sheffield’s new market hall is up for grabs. Sheffield Council is inviting companies to submit ‘expressions of interest’ for the £21.5 million scheme to create the 214,000 sq ft markets building, yard and new shops which will front onto The Moor.

The project is set to go ahead next year, to be completed by the end of 2013. The site has been vacant since the buildings were demolished there some years ago but the tough economic climate has held the redevelopment back. Sheffield Council leader, Coun Julie Dore said: “By the end of

2013 we should have a brand new market on The Moor. This has been a long time coming and I’m excited that in the current climate here in Sheffield we are still taking our city’s transformation forward. “As well as a new market and retail offering for The Moor this will also create much needed jobs

Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri - told the conference: “Islam is a religion of justice, not a religion of injustice... is a religion of manners and co-operation, not a religion of extremism and radicalisation... is a religion of forgiveness and pardon, not a religion of brutality and revenge.” The audience heard pre-recorded messages of support from, amongst others, Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, opposition leader Ed Miliband, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams. And there were prayers for peace from representatives from a number of different religions including the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Rev David Hawkins, Jewish rabbis and representatives from the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh faiths. The declaration of peace included a call for democracy and good governance in the Muslim world, respect for human rights, and alleviation of poverty throughout the world.

Sheffield City Transformation on the Horizon

for Sheffield people and help to boost our city’s economy.” The project was delayed last year when changes to European rules required a rethink on how the long-awaited replacement for the rundown Castle Markets site was to be procured.


Shoaib was a Problem and remains a problem: Akram

Wasim Akram ridiculed Shoaib Akhtar and his controversial autobiography, which has made several tall claims, saying that the pacer was a problem when he was an active player and remains just that even in retirement. Akram pooh-poohed Shoaib’s claims of making Sachin Tendulkar uncomfortable with his pace in the Faisalabad Test in 2006 and also rejected some of the other allegations he has made in the book titled Controversially Yours. “I remember one of Sachin’s knocks in the Sialkot Test. It was the fourth Test and the wicket had lot of grass, I was 22 and Waqar was 19 and we were very fast,” Akram recalled. “Waqar hit him on his chin and he came back after taking treatment and scored a 50. If a 16-year-old can’t be scared, I don t think any batsman can be scared.

It hardly matters what Shoaib says,” Akram told reporters here. Akram said Shoaib, who was a controversial figure all through his playing career, was just trying to sell his book with tall claims and also rejected allegations that he tried to destroy the tearaway pacer’s career. “Whatever the Pakistan Cricket Board says, I am with them. He was a problem when he was in the team and he is a problem when he is out of the team,” Akram said. “He knows, I know and the world knows that he was himself responsible for destroying his career. There is a lot to talk but I don t want to humiliate him. There is an unwritten code among players that some facts should not be revealed before the media,” he warned. “You guys (media) will ensure that his book is a bestseller,” he said.

Children at Holt House Infant School in Sheffield celebrate Eid A multitude of cultures joined in the festivities at this school, even the staff were decked out in their finest Eid Outfits. Our children are fortunate to be able to share their own culture with others. Such rich diversity in our schools enriches our children with respect for other religions, thus developing mutual appreciation of each other. Schools play a vital role in enabling children to contribute to the creation of a better society in which they are always happy to experience each other values and religious cultures without prejudice. Few schools in Sheffield celebrate the Eid festival with such preparation and enthusiasm so those fortunate to do so get the wealthiest of experiences. Holt House is one of those schools that leave no stone unturned to make important occasion so special. The atmosphere was full of fun, as children were excited about this special day. A special assembly performed by the children was followed by the sharing of food bought in by Muslim and non Muslim families.

Correspondents Wanted

Solutions such as fog catchers, seawater greenhouses and fuel cells powered by microscopic bacteria are on show to help secure water supply and food production as rising population and climate change put the world’s natural resources under strain. Water limits are close to being breached in several countries, while food output has to rise up to 100 percent by 2050 to sustain a world population seen growing by 35 percent from 6.9 billion to around 9 billion by that time, two U.N. reports have shown. An exhibition at London’s Science Museum starts as extreme measures to create positive, sustainable to prevent global warming are relationships. One Town One Community has become synonymous with togetherness and is now widely recognised within the borough. Its success has been due to the support and involvement of the local community, who have worked hard to play their part in creating a better Rotherham.” Highlights of the programme included promoting the Diversity Festival, Rotherham United’s Community Sports Trust, BME Youth Forum, the School Linking Programme with 18 schools in the area, community engagement events and various fundraising activities. RMBC Don’t repress your flair to right... send it to the press. We need you to come forward and write for yourself, for the community and for humanity. Any news, columns, features, poetry or stories in English and Urdu will be considered for publication. We want your opinions, so come forward and tell us what is on your mind. Correspondents needed from all over South Yorkshire, Bradford, Manchester and Leeds.

Rotherham’s community cohesion programme shortlisted for prestigious industry award A programme that was introduced to promote community cohesion in Rotherham has been shortlisted for a prestigious award. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has shortlisted the ‘One Town One Community’ campaign in its annual awards, which means it is now through to the final stages with the chance to win the Best Community Campaign for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, which will be revealed in November. The campaign was introduced by the Local Strategic Partnership (including Rotherham Borough Council, NHS Rotherham, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and Voluntary Ac-

tion Rotherham) and was designed to enhance community cohesion. This involved a number of different voluntary and community organisations in activities that promoted shared values, mutual understanding, embracing differences and creating a feeling of one whole community, where everyone can make an equal and valuable contribution. Cllr Mahroof Hussain, Cabinet Member for Community Development Equality & Young People’s Issues, who spearheaded the programme, said: “It is fantastic to be shortlisted for this award, which has helped to bring people together from across Rotherham

World Water Crisis Spurs Inventors being given more serious consideration by scientists as the world scrambles to curb climate change in the absence of a legally binding U.N. climate pact. Many of us don’t realise how much fresh water goes into growing our food -- it takes 13 bath tubs to make a normal-sized chocolate bar. Among the projects on show is a greenhouse with honeycomb walls soaking moisture in the air and then condensing it into fresh water for crops. Elsewhere, engineers are designing the first concentrated solar plant to evaporate fresh water from seawater. They claim a small-scale facility could produce five million litres of wa-

ter a day to replenish aquifers. Such projects require massive sums of investment. Some schemes are too early-stage to become meaningful solutions any time soon, such as a fuel cell powered by millions of bacteria which aims to remove salt from sea water. As the bugs munch away at wastewater, their metabolic processes produce charged particles which create a current to pull salt from sea water and generate electricity. The fuel cell can currently only produce one teaspoon of fresh water every three hours and commercial-scale production is not foreseen for at least another 10 years.

Heathrow Unveils Driverless Transport Of The Future The UK’s biggest airport has launched the transport of the future – driverless battery-powered pods that provide hassle-free rides for passengers and their luggage. A world’s first in modern transit technology, the Heathrow pod system is expected to carry 500,000 people every year on the five-minute journey between Terminal 5 and the car park. A total of 21 Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) pods which use 70% less energy than a car will circulate around a 3.8km congestion-free track. The vehicles can reach a top speed of 25mph and will eliminate the need for 50,000 yearly bus journeys around the airport. It has taken 40 years to develop the concept of driverless vehicles and the technology piloted at Heathrow is expected to be rolled out across the world.





Responses from British South Asians

A survey of prominent British South Asians aimed to gauge opinion on why the UK riots hapened reveals criminality and economic divide as the major causes of unrest. The research, conducted by Bradford-based charity QED-UK, included responses from business leaders, journalists, editors and professionals. It asked them why the UK riots happened and what can be done to prevent further rioting. Despite criminality, looting and hooligan-type behaviour being the strongest reason given for the riots, many of the responses also urged that the behaviour needs to be contextualised. One participant said: “For people to ascribe them [the rioters] to ‘pure criminality’ is wrong and futile. The immediate response to that is why we produce so many criminals in this country, and then it immediately becomes a political question again.” Others agreed the reasons were too multiple, with different factions and failures in society at work, stating any accurate analysis requires first an acceptance of complexity. Almost 60% of those questioned blamed poor policing, with some citing discrimination towards BME communities by police. 60% also blamed the widening economic divide between rich and poor and social inequality. Poor investment in deprived areas, increased materialism and consumerism, high unemployment and a struggling economy

also featured strongly. As well as economic failings, bad parenting and poor discipline in schools alongside the breakdown of the family unit and lost moral values were also cited. Most agreed the rioting was not racial by nature, and the majority felt the solution lies in better investment in young people, such as increased access to education, youth engagement activities and opportunities. It was also felt that a refocus on

of any community: education and employment. The research was useful for us to look at ways we can work strategically in the future. “More than one in three people of working age in the Bradford district are currently out of work – one of the lowest proportions of any local authority in the Yorkshire and Humber region and lower than the national average. Drill deeper into the statistics and worklessness rates are higher

Representatives of organisations from across Sheffield came together to celebrate this year’s record number of awards for its parks and open spaces. The city is now the leading authority in the Yorkshire and Humberside region with 22 Green Flag Awards - the national standard for quality parks and green spaces. Sheffield enhanced its reputation as the country’s greenest city as it picked up four

social cohesion, with better community relations with police and a stricter stance against crime are steps towards containing social unrest. A return to family values with better parenting and schools were also seen as ways to address the root causes. Mohammed Ali OBE, Chief Executive of QED-UK, said: “For 21 years, QED-UK has worked hard to address these key issues that are essential for the health

within the younger population, with 42% of 16 to 24 year olds out of work. Without the prospect of a job, a home, an education, there is hopelessness. He added: “The riots are further evidence of how crucial it is to continue with the work we do – investing in the future of the disadvantaged and the marginalised – and remembering the transformative hope that education and employment can have.”

of Sheffield. The project is supported by Sheffield City Council, the Skills Funding Agency and The Source Skills Academy. The exciting initiative complements the Sheffield Showcase scheme which has transformed the empty shop units in Sheffield city centre whilst giving young people the opportunity to demonstrate their merchandising skills and liaise with local artists, designers and retailers. The Sheffield Showcase, launched two years ago, has

showcased over 240 local businesses in the window displays and given 26 visual merchandising apprentices practical experience of dressing windows. First In Best Dressed is an exciting new charity shop that not only supports local charities, but gives young people the opportunity to gain practical experience in a retail environment. The Sheffield Showcase has proved extremely successful for both the students and local retailers.

new Green Flag Awards this year at Charnock Recreation Ground, Manor Fields, Millhouses Park and Wyming Brook. The Keep Britain Tidy group, who organise the awards, require winning entries to be welcoming and well maintained with support and involvement from the local community. Sheffield is rightly proud to hold the title of England ’s greenest city for its rich heritage of qual-

ity parks, woodlands and countryside areas. The Green Flag Awards provide an external accreditation of the quality of our management of these wonderful assets. However, these awards not only recognise the quality, cleanliness and environmental value of the sites, but also the invaluable contribution that the community can play in helping to develop and sustain them.

Unemployment Blackspots in Bradford Large parts of Bradford are emerging as unemployment blackspots, according to a new report written for MPs. The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in the Bradford West constituency has risen almost 33% to 4,926 over the last year. In neighbouring Bradford East there has been a 20% increase to 5,008 claimants, while the average UK increase is

First In Best Dressed First in Best Dressed, based on Cambridge Street, is a brand new charity shop that aims to develop apprentices by giving them practical experience of running a business as well as raising money for local charities. A number of charities will each gain for three months from the shop’s profits and Autism Plus will be the charity to benefit during the first quarter. First In Best Dressed is looking for charity nominations for the next two years from the residents

Sheffield Parks Flying the Flag

8%. The Unemployment by Constituency report also revealed the number of claimants in Bradford South increased by 16%. The allowance is paid to people of working age who are out of work or working less than 16 hours a week. Jobseeker’s Allowance is paid while people are looking for work. Jobs in the region are like gold dust and recently there have been big cutbacks in coun-

cil work. Often 600 people are applying for one position. In the past 12 months, 557 UK constituencies saw a rise in JSA claimants while 92 recorded a fall and young people are being hit the hardest as the national unemployment rate for 16-24 olds is almost 21%, the highest it has been since comparable figures began in 1992.

China's mobile phone users exceed 940 mn China's mobile phone operators had 81.08 million new subscribers in the first eight months of this year, bringing the total number of users to a record high of 940.09 million.

More than half of the new subscribers were 3G users, and the total number of 3G users in the country reached 94.12 million, according to a statement posted on the ministry of industry and

information technology's website. The country's telephone users totalled 1.23 billion by the end of August, due to the steady rise in the number of mobile phone users.

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Rickshawing across the Globe

A three-wheeled rickshaw hardly seems the vehicle of choice for travelling thousands of kilometres and crossing 14 countries. Yet the “Flying Rani,” a black-and-yellow auto rickshaw with a 175 cc engine, managed the trip from London to New Delhi, forging up steep slopes and through yawning potholes, with only one minor mishap. “It has driven 10,200 kilometres and only got one flat tyre,” said Sanjay Sharma, 44, a UK-based IT professional, at the end of his epic journey to raise money for cancer patients. Sharma purchased the Flying Rani in 2008 because he was yearning for a souvenir from India. It became a source of income when he started renting it as a substitute for the traditional horse at Indian weddings in the UK. “I love my auto,” Sharma

said, calling it a great piece of Indian engineering that he fears is sadly underestimated. While the auto rickshaw is ubiquitous in India as a cheap alternative to taxis, Sharma and his two travelling companions decided to modify theirs, changing the brakes and adding half-doors for safety, a

GPS for navigation and luxury seats for comfort. But they left the engine unchanged. Setting out on July 14 after months of mapping out their route through countries such as France, Bulgaria and Iran, the three quickly became the centre of attention, with locals gawking at their unorthodox vehicle at every petrol pump for its novelty. One friend, the mechanic, left in Turkey and the other in Iran, both due to work commitments, making the drive after that rather lonely. Difficult terrain in Iran and India was another hurdle. Though his quest forced him into a long unpaid leave and left him with a sore bottom, Sharma says he expects to raise nearly 4 million rupees (53,000 pounds) in India -- and perhaps be recognised with a world record.



Bilateral Dialogue have failed to resolve

Mirwaiz calls for international efforts saying bilateral dialogue between Pakistan and India has failed to resolve lingering Kashmir dispute Chairman All Parties Hurriyet Conference Mirwaiz Umer Farooq has appealed for multilateral efforts with the participation of leadership of Kashmiri people to resolve the lingering dispute of Kashmir as bilateral talks have failed to achieve the desired results. Mirwaiz said the element that has been missing in efforts toward a settlement is the political representation of Kashmiris. He said people of Kashmir have developed a political consciousness to present their peaceful objectives to the international community. This consciousness is embodied in the All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC), which represents the broader spectrum of the opinion of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. He said the APHC wants a peaceful and lasting solution to the conflict through dialogue, with the participation of all parties India, Pakistan and the People of Jammu & Kashmir. He said the issue is still pending on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council and the experience of past 64 years has shown that it will not go away and that an effort is urgently required

to resolve it on a durable basis. Mirwaiz referred to worsening human rights situation in Kashmir saying the people are experiencing the horrors of human rights atrocities on daily basis: extrajudicial killings that surpass 100,000 in the last two decades, torture, arbitrary detentions, involuntary disappearances and ruthless suppression of political expression. Over 4600 mass graves have been located by and international tribunal and 574 bodies have been identified so far as disappeared locals. He said despite the faint murmur of protest by the international community and an occasional report in the world press, India has felt no pressure whatsoever to desist from its genocidal campaign. For many reasons, the world powers have remained silent on the issue of human rights in Kashmir and this silence has had deadly consequences for the people of this unfortunate land. Mirwaiz said United Nations has a moral and legal obligation to help settle the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the wishes and will of the people. Past failures to settle the question should not deter the United Nations from present efforts. Now more than ever, the United Nations must renew efforts to bring about the promised settlement, he asserted.

Haroon Khan: big hopes PALESTINE Formally to better Amir at Olympics Submits U.N. Statehood Bid

Bolton flyweight Haroon ‘Harry’ Khan says 2012 will be a “big year” for him, not least because it offers him a chance to better his older brother Amir’s Olympic boxing record. To achieve that the 20-year-old will have to go one step further than the current IBF and WBA light-welterweight champion did in Athens. Back in

2004, the then 17-year-old Amir took the silver medal for Britain. But if Haroon takes gold in London, the colour of medal will not be the only thing that would differ from Amir’s triumph. The flag raised behind Khan the younger would be one of verdant green, rather than red, white and blue, as Haroon fights for Pakistan. He decided to box for the country of his family’s roots after not being chosen to represent England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi - which saw him take the bronze flyweight medal. At

the time, he said that there was no way he would box at the Olympics for Pakistan as he would be turning professional before 2012. However, if he puts in an Olympic-qualifying performance at September’s World Championships in Azerbaijan that is exactly what he will be doing in London. Despite fighting under different

flags, the brothers’ routes into the sport are similar and it was watching Amir train that drew Haroon to the ring. Haroon is aware how important the next 12 months are and has just one goal ahead he is focused on. “It’s a big year for me - I’ve got the Olympic Games and the qualifiers at the World Championships, so it’s going to be amazing for me and all good experience. “I’m going to try and get in as many fights as I can, because I just want to get that gold medal.”

UNITED NATIONS: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas made history in his people’s long quest for statehood as he formally asked the United Nations to admit Palestine as a full member state. However, Israel was quick to express their regret over the step. Snubbing fierce opposition from Israel and its regional ally the United States, Abbas handed the application letter to UN chief Ban Ki-moon buoyed by more than 120 nations which have already recognised a Palestinian state. He made the request in a letter, handed to Ban in a white folder adorned with a Palestinian eagle logo. “The American administration did everything in its power to disrupt our project, but we are going through with it despite the obstacles and the pressure because we are asking for our rights,” Abbas said. “There are small coun-

tries in the world that have gained their freedom and independence, but we still haven’t got ours,” he told the Palestinian community in New York. Ban will now pass the landmark request to the UN Security Council, but a vote on admitting the Palestinians as a full member state could take weeks, leaving time for more diplomatic wrangling. Palestinians were seized by the historic nature of the moment, which comes more than six decades after the creation of Israel in 1948. The United States has vowed to veto the bid at the UN Security Council, with the Palestinians needing to win the backing of nine of the 15 council members. France has already displayed “Israeli reservation” and Israel showed deep regret over the legitimate request made by the Palestine.


School Meals Costs Stay Low Council chiefs have refused to pass on rising costs of food prices to parents - by making sure the cost of school meals stays low. While other authorities are increasing their school meals by up to as much as 25 per cent, the cost of a school meal in Sheffield is only going up by pennies this term. This is despite a huge rise nationally in the cost of living, with food prices the highest they have been in years. Cllr Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “Food costs have gone up and we are all feeling the pinch as a consequence. We only have to look at our weekly shopping bill to see this. We are protecting Sheffield children from these rising costs by giving them better quality food while keeping the price as low as possible.” The cost of food nationally has gone up by 6.2 per cent but the cost of school dinners has only gone up by four per cent in primaries and five per cent in secondar-

ies. This compares favourably with neighbouring authorities. Primary school children will only have to pay six pence more a meal than last year and secondary children just 10p more. This comes as Taylor Shaw takes over the reins as the new contractors charged with providing school meals at the majority of schools across the city. It won the contract after promising to deliver better quality, locally sourced food for the city’s school children. One of their key aims is to tailor make menus to suit individual schools. Another plan over the next five years, is to get all school meals cooked on site – bringing an end to meals having to be transported into schools. They cook for 121 schools.

I have been an ardent volunteer for 15 years,working on different initiatives in my community which support local people. In 2005, my volunteering experience led me to takeup work at Rotherham Day Centre. My primary role was to support BME women with learning disabilities to access a range of day care services. This experience was very rewarding and gave me an insight into how care services are delivered to BME communities. It also highlighted the lack of adequate and appropriate adult social care services for BME communities and the most vulnerable people within them. I found working with individuals with disabilities very interesting. I wanted to learn more about disability issues andto develop my own skills too. So I decided to look for work which related to disabilities which would allow me to develop the types of services neededby local people. I was also looking for a role where I could support disabled BME individuals to have a stronger voice and more influence, thus helping to improve the representation of these much marginalised communities. I searched for many months for an organisation where I would be able to do this, but I could not find one. I began to recognise the pressing need to deliver day care activities and to raise awareness of disability issues within Rotherham. So I made a decision that if the

type of organisation that I wanted to work for did not exist I would develop it! Nayi Zindagi, which means New Life, was set up in 2009 after funding was secured from Awards for All.Even in the short time since then, the project has made a huge difference to the women with learning disabilities (and their families)who we have supported. Their confidence and self-esteem has improved greatly through the various social activities in which they have participated. Their social interaction has improved and, along with it, so has

Safer & Stronger in Bradford A draft of recommendations has been made following a detailed report into anti-social behaviour across the district. The review found that the approach to addressing such behaviour had been piecemeal, but found significant improvements were made over the last 12 months by the key agencies involved – Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police and social landlord in communities. Councillor Zameer Shah, chairman of the Council’s safer and stronger communities scrutiny committee, said: “It is clear from the review that addressing anti-social behaviour is not just the responsibility of one agency, but several, and one that requires a partnership approach. “It is for this reason that the committee feels that the sharing of intelligence and communication is central to addressing anti-social behaviour effectively across the Bradford district.” The review will be discussed at the Council’s safer and stronger community’s scrutiny committee.

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your daily diet. Bananas, raisins at the Mayo Clinic, USA, found and potatoes are all packed with women who’ve had facelifts high levels of potassium, which live longer than women who haven’t. Instead of going under the knife, try giving up smoking or doing more exercise, both clock-rewinding strategies. Time added 10 years Veg Out Swap steak for mushrooms and boost life expectancy by 30%. Vegetarians tend to be more health-conscious, eating less saturated fat and more fruit and veg. can lower blood pressure and so Time added 7 years help to increase life expectancy. Cut Cholesterol Ditch the takeaways and add Time added 10years carrots, apples, avocado to your Work Those Abs Canadian researchers studied diet and you could live to 100. adults over 20 years and those Studies in Japan showed their who could do the most sit-ups at low-fat, low-cholesterol diet the start of the study were most helps them achieve a century. likely to be alive at the end of it. Time added 16 years The reason: they had more mus- Get Gardening cle. Muscle aids the metabolism Pruning your roses has never of blood sugar, which lowers been so good for your health. Recent studies have shown the risk of illness. adults who burn 1,500 calories a week with gentle activities like gardening and walking live longer than those who don’t Time added 18 months Wash Your Hands Women live longer than men but did you know it’s because women are cleaner, which gives us a stronger immune system? The more germs your system’s exposed to, the faster it wears out. Personal hygiene is one Time added 15 years of the best ways to ward off Love Your Looks Taking pride in your appearance harmful bacteria. Time added 4 gives you a longer life. Doctors years.

has been identified; families are more inclusive and feel less isolated. In short, by working closely with families and individuals, we have improved their quality of life. The wider benefit that Nayi Zindagi has brought to the community is to make people more aware about disabilities. We have raised awareness and have tackled stigmas and assumptions. For example, our service users performed a drama about disabilities to people from the wider community – this is also evidence of how their confidence has grown. We have worked in Some of the Nayi Zindagi Members celebrating Eid 2010

their health and well-being. We have provided our service users with a structured programme of activities, which has had a beneficial impact on their lives. They now feel more independent and have developed skills to make their own decisions and choices. A significant change

partnership with other agencies to tackle the inequalities which affect BME women with learning disabilities, supporting them to be included and promoting an understanding of their cultural needs. Groups we have worked with include Speakup, Keyring, Sheffield University and the

Open Minds Theatre Company. We have also helped to bring about an enormous improvement within individuals and the wider community through our involvement in a number of initiatives relating to health and well-being, mental health and obesity, all of which place a huge burden on the NHS. Our service users have been supported in cookery sessions, learning how to eat healthily and improving their kitchen skills. Alongside these workshops we have also delivered physical activity sessions. These have helped to increase mobility and to reduce the onset of ill health. This year Nayi Zindagi has raised its profile in the wider community. For example, we supported Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA) to conduct a local research project which was

funded through the Joint Improvement Partnership to explore the range of services available to BME residentswith learning disabilities. The results demonstrated the desperate need for physical activities and leisure services which are culturally and religiously appropriate for diverse communities. We have also worked actively with the NHS and the local social services department. With REMA’s assistance, we have recently secured two contractsin relation to the personalisation agenda and theAiming High for Disabled Children programme. Through the latter we aim to improve the quality of short break experiences for BME disabled children and young people. To do this, we have come together with a local special

needs school to form a partnership called “Friendship 2 Inclusion”. The skills we have developed in working with women with learning disabilities will thus be used to reach the wider community. We have had positive feedback from the volunteers and staff who work for Nayi Zindagi. Project WorkerSuraya Begum says: “Since working with adults with learning disabilities it has made me more aware of the issues they can face in their daily lives”. “I like coming out of the house and meeting my friends,” says group member Shaida Parveen. Another member, Robina Ahmed, says that she likes “learning new things”. Meanwhile, volunteer Bilquiz Ahmed recognises that the work she does with the group benefits her as well: “My experience working with the group has developed my confidence to help people with disabilities and also to understand their daily challenges,” she says. The activities which the group provides include: healthy eating, drama sessions, personal hygiene and self-care, fabric painting, trips out, advocacy and support to help members speak up for themselves. Anyone wishing to visit our group or wanting to get involved as a volunteer should contact. Rziah Asif, project Manager Tel: 07765 832906.





Haqqani Network Created by the CIA: Rehman Malik

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that the Haqqani network were created and trained by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Speaking to the media in Islamabad, Malik rejected US claims of the Haqqani network operating from Pakistan soil. He maintained that

the Haqqanis have no links with Pakistan and are operating from Afghanistan. Malik’s statements run contrary to claims by the Haqqani’s, who recently warned Washington against any military adventure in the North Waziristan tribal agency. Sirajuddin Haqqani said he’d look forward to a US ground attack in North Waziristan. “The United States will suffer more losses [in North Waziristan] than they did in Afghanistan,” he said. The top US military officer Admiral Mike Mullen had called the Haqqani network a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s intelligence service and accused Pakistan of “exporting” violent extremism to Afghanistan. “With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted (September 11) truck bomb attack, as well as the assault on our embassy,” Mullen said. The Interior Minister said no compromise will be made

on Pakistan’s sovereignty as Pakistan suffered a loss of $68 billion in the fight against terrorism. Malik also said that no one will be allowed to enter Pakistan without immigration clearance. The ruthless crime family reminiscent of a mafia film is emerging as the driving force behind large scale attacks throughout Afghanistan. Known as the Haqqani network, the group has reportedly built its reputation on drug smuggling, extortion and kidnapping for years. In the 1980s, the Haqqanis weren’t enemies of the U.S., but allies, as they fired CIA-provided missiles to strike Soviet planes over Afghanistan. The group was founded by Jalaluddin Haqqani as a force designed to fight against the Soviets. Today, the ‘family’ is under the control of his son Sirajuddin, and is in the business of roadside bombs and deadly attacks on the U.S.


Foundation in Sheffield Back Ground Al Khair aims to improve the lives of people by empowering them to work together to fulfil their potential, enabling them to make positive contributions to their communities. AL- Khair is dedicated to alleviating hardships both at home and in some of the least served communities throughout the world, by combating poverty, promoting education through IQRA TV (Satellite 826) and establishing schools, providing relief aid to areas affected by natural disasters and infrastructure assistance to improve and/ or rebuild basic public services. Al-Khair Foundation was established in 2003 to provide an educational platform for the Muslim community in an Islamic environment. From an initial enrolment of 5 students, the Foundation now operates mixed primary as well as separate secondary schools for boys and girls for over 280 students. The school is regularly oversubscribed for enrolment. Al-Khair school routinely achieves the highest Ofsted accreditation and is currently within the top 3% of schools nationwide

for the quality of its teaching and academic achievement. Since its establishment, the Foundation has been meticulously engaged in charitable work assisting those who are less fortunate than others. Al-Khair has established overseas schools for orphans and shelters for widows and vulnerable women. The Foundation also constructs water-wells making fresh, clean drinking water accessible to remote communities. The 2005 Kashmir Earthquake saw the Foundation engage in its first overseas disaster relief aid mission. Al-Khair Foundation successfully distributed food, medicines, shelter kits and much needed moral support to survivors in difficult and dangerous conditions through its relief teams working in the region. The Foundation has now in place an effective aid mechanism and routinely engages in relief missions around the world. The role Al-Khair played in supporting the victims of the Haiti earthquake was acknowledged by the United Nations. The Foundation also provides Hardship and Infrastructure relief

going beyond the basic provision of aid, aiming to improve and in many cases rebuild basic public services either non-existent through poverty or destroyed by natural or manmade disasters. In 2009, Al-Khair Foundation acquired IQRA TV, (free to air channel available on SKY 826). In a short period of time, IQRA TV is now established as one of the premier broadcasters of quality Islamic based programmes aired worldwide to Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, with informative and educational programmes such as, IQRA with IQRA, Live with IQ and Questions and Answers. At the heart of the Al-Khair Foundation is its responsibility for harnessing and improving community relations and engaging in interfaith dialogue. Al-Khair is well known for its annual conferences where religious leaders and people of any and all faiths are invited to promote understanding, tolerance and harmony. Achievement Al Khair Foundation Most Successful Fundraiser 2011


by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son I was asked by the editor to comment on the property market and how long this crisis will continue, and should people take the plunge. The question is rather difficult to answer as it is akin to gazing into a crystal ball. Many commentators have commented on this subject, some positive, others rather negative. The property market has been through three recessions in my lifetime and bounced back, sometimes very strongly, other times more gradually. The one key thought that always remains in my mind, like gold, property has been an investment of passion for many people throughout history. Whether this crisis sees a change in that thought process I am not sure. This is a question that individual readers will all have differing opinions and aspirations on. It is quite clear that countries with developing economies are seeing a substantial rise in demand for property, and prices are quite strong. The issue here will be would some people be priced out of the market as was evidenced previously in many western nations?

Locally I would comment that the market is quite challenging, more due to the lack of finance that the willingness of people wanting to buy or invest. The recent Mark Jenkinson auction was one of the biggest held by the company. There were over four hundred people in the room over the day, the bidding was brisk and the majority of the lots were sold. One good day does not make a summer but it was quite clear that the buyers are there as long as sellers are realistic with their expectations. Although enquiries for property are reported as rising, I would not say that you should rush out and start buying. You as the buyers are the best judge of that. But numerous people at the auction certainly thought the time was right to take the plunge again. The key ingredients seem to be property with potential at realistic prices, which seem to attract buyers. Also investment properties with a strong lease covenant and a good rent passing are attracting buyers. Unfortunately there are not many such properties coming onto the market.Arguably the main

issues seem to be that there are not enough properties coming onto the market, which is frustrating many potential buyers. Another trend developing in the market is the demand for good quality properties to let. It seems that demand is rising because people are becoming more entrepreneurial as they look into setting up their own businesses. The answer therefore to the editor’s question is that there are clear signs buyers/investors are becoming more active in the market place. Whether this is a sign of optimisim or frustration I am not sure. You, the readers are the best judge of that. It is quite clear that the opportunities are certainly there, and whether such circumstances will arise again in our lifetimes I am not sure. It is an individual decision as to whether you are, in economic terms, a bullish thinker and see this crisis as an opportunity, or a bear feeling there than is further economic pain ahead. As ever, if you want to contact me, please give me a call on 0114 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

By the grace of Allah they have the great pleasure to announce that Al Khair Foundation has been awarded “The Most Successful Fundraiser award 2011” by the predominant nationwide charity platform “Just Giving” for its achievement in raising a staggering £854,710.00 for the flood victims of Pakistan and the numerous other charity projects it is involved in throughout the world in 2010. Disaster Relief Al-Khair Foundation has in place a rapid response resource unit i. whenever disaster strikes; the Foundation directs its resources to the affected area as efficiently as possible. Where other agencies are operational in the area, AlKhair Foundation will add to those agency’s resources. Where relief agency is to hand, Al-Khair Foundation will send in its own team. This was amply demonstrated in Kashmir, when in the aftermath of the earthquake of 2005, the Indian side of Kashmir was without any aid. Al-Khair Foundation was the first on the scene and has continued to provide aid to the area since then.

In the first tranche of aid, Al-Khair Foundation offers food, clothing, shelter, medication and emergency counselling for traumatised victims. The Foundation has been active in Kashmir, Haiti, Pakistan, Sudan and Indonesia in this respect Al-Khair Foundation Sheffield Al-Khair Foundation inaugurated its Sheffield office through Imam Qasim, CEO and founder on 9th July 2011. The basic aim behind opening of this office is to extend services to the community according to their wishes. Al-Khair Foundation appreciates the help and generosity of the Sheffield Community and would like to take this opportunity to serve their local Brothers and Sisters by offering the following services: Food for the homeless Day Care Centre for Sisters Study Circles ESOL Classes Quraan Tajweed Classes Socio-Psychological Programme An office base has been newly opened at 4 London Road, Sheffield which oversees the work for this region. Amir Qureshi MD is raising

the profile of Al Khair in this area and helping the community. Al-Khair Foundation has come a long way with your help; however due to the scale of the task they have committed themselves to; there is still a long way to go. As always it depends heavily on your generosity because all that they have achieved is through your support. Please Donate Generously: Those who spend their wealth by night and day, by stealth and openly, verily their reward is with their Lord, and their shall no fear come upon them neither shall grieve. (Al Baqrah 2 : 274). Looking forward to your visit to Al-Khair Foundation new local office at 4 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LN. Al Khair recently held an Eid Milan party in Sheffield which was s upported by local business men and a wide cumminity presence helped the cause and profile of the charity.

Clean Cardboard only for Recycling in Rotherham Rotherham’s recyclers are being reminded that once again garden waste collections will be suspended in favour of clean cardboard-only during the coming winter months. Rotherham Borough Council’s green bin service for the usual mix of garden waste and cardboard - will continue until Monday, November 14, when only clean cardboard will be accepted in green bins. During the cardboard-only collections householders are being asked to ensure that the bins contain only clean card-

board that is free from contamination. This year any green bins containing contaminants such as garden waste, household

waste, plastic film, tape and polystyrene fillers will not be collected. If bins are contaminated, householders will find a prominent tag fastened to their bin handle explaining why their green bin could not

be collected due to contamination. Householders will be asked to remove the contamination and present their bin at their next due collection. The reason for the card-only collection is due to the difficulties in trying to compost contents of the green bins when it is predominantly. Households that do produce garden waste during the winter period will again be asked to either home compost their green waste or alternatively, use Rotherham Borough Council’s four household waste recycling centres.



Pakistan Warns Us Against Baseless Blames

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met with Centcom Chief General James Mattis. Kayani protested against the recent attacks from Afghanistan in Pakistan and demanded that these be stopped. During the meeting the Haqqani Network and bilateral relations were also discussed. Ties between Islamabad and Washington are in crisis after American officials stepped up accusations that Pakistan’s premier spy agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), was aiding insurgents in neighboring Afghanistan, including those who took part in an attack on the US Embassy last week in Kabul. Kayani said the charges were

baseless and part of a public “blame game” detrimental to peace in Afghanistan. Other Islamabad officials urged Washington to present evidence for such a serious allegation. Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar warned the United States is risking losing an ally in the war on terror. Pakistan Ambassador in UN Abdullah Hussain Haroon warned that if Pakistan would be attacked then the reaction would be counter productive, Geo News reported. The Ambassador said that Pakistan has sacrificed a lot in the war against terrorism, therefore, the accusations against Pakistan should come to an end. He further said that the issues should

be resolved through dialogue and that there are no permanent friends and foes of the US in international politics. Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Amir Haider Hoti said Saturday that the US should restrain from making baseless accusations against Pakistan. Hoti added that this would only create problems for the US. Hoti warned the US about launching an attack against Pakistan and said that every citizen would stand by the army and fight for the country. “If America does not acknowledge the sacrifices made by Pakistan than it should also not level accusations against the country”. G

Fair Play Wins Awards At The Kickz Community Cup Premier League referee Howard Webb donned his kit to officiate the finale of the SUFC Kickz 2011 Community Cup. More than 200 boys from Kickz projects in Sharrow, Broomhall and the United Initiative social inclusion projects in Skye Edge, Abbeydale and Westfield took part in the tournament at Mount Pleasant Park in Sharrow, Sheffield. The under 15s final was won by Skye Edge, who beat Darnall, and Westfield beat Sharrow in the under 13s final. Both Sharrow teams also achieved the Fair Play award for their sportsmanship. Howard, who refereed at the 2010 World Cup final, said: “I would give ten out of ten for sportsmanship to everyone who took part in the Community Cup. It was great to see a tournament

played in such high spirits. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was great to be involved.” The event was organised by Sheffield United Kickz supported by the community programme, the

United Initiative, and Football United Racism Divides (FURD). Blades development players United’s Matt Harriott and Seamus Conneely also attended the event to spur on the youngsters. Representatives also attended from Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Police and spon-

sors Northern Travel and Highlander IT. Sheffield United was represented by Mark Todd and David Heugh from the United Initiative. Shahbaz Ramzan, of the South Yorkshire Police Sharrow Safer Neighbourhood Team, works with the United Initiative to reduce antisocial behaviour in Sharrow and Broomhall areas of the city. He said: “On nights when Kickz is operating antisocial behaviour in Sharrow and Broomhall is drastically reduced. The highlight of the Community Cup was seeing Howard Webb spend time with the young people because he definitely inspired their hearts and minds. He had a significant message for us all to unite, work together to inspire others and be inspiring while keeping Sheffield safe.”

Wosskow Brown recognised for their Contributions

In front of a community audience at the Choudry’s Orient Express Restaurant, Wosskow Brown’s Mohammed Nazir reflected on charity work over the past years and rallied for continued support. This event was attended by more than 200 people from various communities along with several members of Wosskow Brown including Partners Sally Mallinson & Ian Brown. During an elated Eid celebration party Sheffield ’s Muslim Community figureheads including the Imams of various mosques spoke about the importance of charitable contributions in the city today. Mohammed Ali, the Chairman of the Pakistan Muslim Center, Saeed Ahmed Syed and Mr Mohammed Shabbir Mughal

the chairman of Radio Ramadhan, collectively hosted the event which attracted delegates from across the City. “It’s important that community

supported by everyone.” Mohammed Nazir appeared weekly during ‘Community Matters’ on Radio Ramadan, offering free legal advice in an aim to

events like this should continue,” Mohammed Nazir began, “and local charities, working for the welfare of humanity, should be

make legal guidance more accessible. His efforts outside the office further extended to a campaign that raised £500 towards much

Can Children be Born with Asthma or is it Developed?

No, children are not born with asthma, but they can develop it at a young age. 1.1 million children are currently receiving treatment for asthma in the UK. Thats nearly 1 in 11 children in the U.K. and is the leading cause of school absences. And though asthma is a chronic disease, it can be managed in children with the help of medications or preventive measures. The good news for asthmatic children is that most children tend to outgrow this disease as they grow older. As asthma affects a child’s ability to breathe, it is a serious condition that in some cases can even cause death. This is why it is important to have asthma treated by a doctor, and carefully follow the doctor’s instructions. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that causes the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes in the lungs to contract, narrowing the air passage. The lining of the air passages becomes swollen and inflamed and causes increased mucus production that blocks air to the lungs. Asthma can occur at any age, but is most often developed in childhood. It is one of the most common diseases in the world. Asthma is a very serious condition especially in children and is the number one of emergency rooms visits. There is currently no cure for asthma. But most adults and children managed this disease with the aid of mediation and by avoiding asthma triggers. Causes Asthma attacks are often caused by asthma triggers. Common triggers of asthma include include; cold air, viruses, smoke, exercise, dust mites, and pet dander or fur. Experts also believe that asthma is hereditary and that genes do play a factor in a person develop asthma. In rare cases, some food needed repairs to Saint Patrick’s Primary School. This year Radio Ramadhan project supported the Lord Mayors’ Charity British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal and the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind . The various charity organizations were handed over the collected amount of cheques totaling £34,080. The talented youth members presented their nice presentations during the event. At the end of the evening Mohammed Nazir and Mohammed Maroof of Mark Jenkison and Sons presented a cheque to Lord Mayor Dr Sylvia Dunkley who in turn thanked the community for their hard work. “I appreciate all the efforts of both Radio Ramadan, Mark Jenkin-

allergies can also cause as asthma attack. Asthma Triggers A significant number of asthma attacks in children are triggered by “colds” - upper respiratory tract infections caused by viruses. Younger children are most susceptible to cold-related asthma attacks. Children who have asthma triggered by colds may develop wheezing or trouble breathing, usually 2-3 days after they start having a runny nose. These children often develop worse coughs than other children and the cough may last weeks after the cold has gone. Dust often triggers asthma attacks in children. Reducing the amount of dust in the home can help decrease asthma symptoms. Dust is found in upholstered furniture, carpets, drapes, plush toys, pillows and mattresses. Dust mites are tiny bugs that live in your house. They are about 1/100th of an inch in length. Dust mites aggravate asthma symptoms. They love warm, humid areas filled with dust. Reducing the number of dust mites in a home can be accomplished by covering mattresses with an airtight plastic or polyurethane cover, washing bedding in very hot water every 2 weeks, removal of carpets and rugs (especially from cement floors), reducing humidity to less than 50%, and frequent cleaning of upholstered furniture. Asthma symptoms can be triggered by allergies. These allergies may include foods such as peanut butter, eggs, orange juice, milk, chocolate, or fish. Attacks may also be triggered by allergies to animals including cats, dogs, hamsters, birds or rabbits. Household items such as comforters and pillows may contain feathers. Pollens from flowers, trees, grasses, hay, ragweed, and mold spores may also cause allergies, which could in turn,

lead to asthma attacks.Exercise benefits everyone, even children with Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). Overexertion may cause wheezing in children with asthma. Exercise programs help children with asthma increase their activity tolerance, without aggravating their symptoms. Exercise improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs, strengthens muscles, and improves posture. It is important to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program and to continue to take medication as prescribed. The vapors from household solutions and sprays may aggravate asthma symptoms. Vapors come from household cleansers such as paint, paint thinner, and liquid chlorine bleach. Sprays including furniture polish, cleaners, room deodorizers, perfumes, deodorant, or talcum powder can trigger asthma.Smoke is a significant asthma trigger. Second-hand smoke from cigarettes, pipes, and cigars is detrimental to children with asthma. The effects of one cigarette can remain in a home up to 7 days. It is very important that children with asthma live in a SMOKE-FREE HOME. Asthma attacks can be triggered by strong emotions such as laughing too hard, crying, coughing, fear, anger, and frustration. Changing seasons can lead to extremes in weather conditions including very cold temperatures or excessive humidity. Both of these conditions can trigger an asthma attack.Fatigue and lying down can cause mucus to accumulate, potentially increasing asthma symptoms. By watching and listening for clues or symptoms you can tell if your child might have asthma. Asthma Symptoms Includes; • Coughing • Wheezing (a whistling sound heard when your child breathes in or out) • Shortness of breath • Chest pains or tightness Young children might point to their chests and say “I hurt” or “I feel funny here.” Babies cannot say anything at all. That’s why it is important to take your baby to the doctor for well-baby visits. Your doctor can tell if your baby has asthma.If you think your child might have asthma, take him to the doctor.

son and Wosskow Brown. I also whole-heartedly thank the community and the supporters for their kind contributions these donations will go towards”

investing in people and the community. Through our various schemes we’ve managed to improve sports facilities in the city, meaning our finest athletes from

Mohammed Nazir concluded, our community have the chance “Wosskow Brown will continue to compete on an international to support local charities through stage.”


Legal Corner

Q & A: Commercial Property

ALLAMA IQBAL SPORTS PMC SHEFFIELD HEADQUATERS:Pakistan Muslim Centre, Sheffield Woodburn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ

Mohammed Nazir Solicitor Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

Q My Landlord has sent me an invoice for the service charges and buildings insurance should I pay these or not? A It depends on your Lease and whether the Lease specifies that you have to pay the service charges and buildings insurance. These amounts should be reasonable and backed up by written evidence and the Landlord cannot ask for an unreasonable amount without any justification.

Section 16(2) of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 provides that an agreement is an AGA if: • the tenant guarantees the performance of the tenants covenants to any extent by the assignee; • to impose on the tenant any requirement to guarantee in any way the performance of the tenant covenants by any person other than the assignee; • to impose on the tenant any liability, restriction or other requirement (of whatever nature) in relation to any time after the assignee is released from such tenant covenants by virtue of the 1995 Act.

Q I am running a hot food takeaway business and the Landlord wants to access the property for survey purposes. What are my rights. A The Landlord has a right to access the property for the repairing, inspection and for general surveying purposes. His professionals like a builder, surveyor etc can access the property provided you have been given enough notice for this and it does not affect your daily business.

Bank’s and trade references, but I have none of hem as I am new in the business. What should I do? A: Please note its quite common that new business man have no references or Bank records of their business, In these situations you can offer the rent deposit of a few months as an assurance or you can ask for someone to give a guarantee for you but the rent deposit proposal is very common these days.

Q: My landlord has asked me to sign an Authorized guarantee agreement. Please explain what is an AGA is? A: Please note this is a standard requirement in any new commercial lease and you have to stand as a guarantor for the new tenant. Q: My landlord is asking for

Q: My landlord is proposing a 6 years contracted out tenancy what does this mean? A: It means that It is possible for a Landlord and Tenant to agree before entering into a commercial Lease that it will not continue when it comes to an end and the Tenant will have no right to renew. But you can ask for the renewable lease, as at the end of 6 years you have to leave the premises and that’s why prudent people say always seek independent legal advice from your own solicitors. Disclaimer This article is only for general information and does not constitute as legal advice. Please consult your own solicitors according to the facts of your case.

Brain Not Mature Until Over 20 Years Old


Q: Please explain what vacant possession is and what is the legal implications in the sale contract? A: Please note it means that you are giving confirmation that the property will not be occupied by (yourself or any tenant) and when you hand over the keys it will be clear of rubbish and you will remove your own items from the property. If contract state that it has tenancy then its your responsibility to obtain the vacant possession as you have proposed in the sale agreement.

Research has demonstrated the human brain doesn’t stop developing at adolescence, but continues well into our 20s. It has been a long-held belief in medical communities that the human brain stopped developing in adolescence. But now there is evidence that this is in fact not the case. This is the first long-range study, using a type of imaging that looks at brain wiring, to show that in the white matter there are still structural changes happening during young adulthood. The white matter is the wiring of the brain; it connects different regions to facilitate cognitive abilities. So

the connections are strengthening as we age in young adulthood. The study using MRIs to scan the brain demonstrated that parts of the brain continue to develop post-adolescence within individual subjects. The research results revealed that young adult brains were continuing to develop wiring to the frontal lobe; tracts responsible for complex cognitive tasks such as inhibition, high-level functioning and attention. This may be due to a plethora of life experiences in young adulthood such as pursing post-secondary education, starting a career, independence and developing new social and family relationships. What’s interesting is a lot of psychiatric illness and other disorders emerge during adolescence, so some of the thought might be if certain tracts start to degenerate too soon, it may not be responsible for these disorders, but it may be one of the factors that makes someone more susceptible to developing these disorders.


Badminton Doubles Charity Tournament 16th October 2011

After the success of previous years Badminton Tournaments to raise money for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital charity, this year will see a repeat of another succesful tournament. The charity chosen to support this year is St Lukes Hospice. In Association

with PMC Sheffield and Firvale Badminton Club the tournament will be held at Abbeydale Sports Centre, Sheffield on the 16th October 2011. The last tournament saw 36 mens doubles teams from as far as Cardiff participating and £1000 was raised for the Hospital

Fund. Any teams wishing to participate please contact Nadeem Najib 07508187556 or Zeeshan Naqvi 07855514705. Spaces are limited to please book early to reserve your place. Support a worthy cause now!

UK Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Go-Ahead Contoversial as it is, British drug regulators have granted approval to Advanced Cell Technology to conduct the first trial in Europe of human embryonic stem cells, testing the cells in people with a progressive form of blindness. US-based ACT will start the trial of its treatment, which uses retinal pigment epithelium derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), on 12 patients in Britain with a disease called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy. This is the first clinical trial of human embryonic stem cells to be ap-

Gold; Out of this world

proved anywhere in Europe. Stem cells are the body’s master cells, the source of all other cells. Proponents of using embryonic stem cells say they could transform medicine, providing treatments for blindness, juvenile diabetes or severe injuries. But opponents object because, to get the cells, someone has to take apart a human embryo. Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy affects an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe and causes progressive vision loss, usually starting in people between the ages

The world’s available supply of gold, worn by millions of people as wedding rings and other jewellery, comes from outer space, new research suggests. Scientists believe they have evidence that the Earth’s reserves of precious metals including gold and platinum, which have underpinned the world’s economies for millennia and which are used to make everything from jewellery to computer parts, are the result of meteorite strikes up to 200

million years after the planet was formed. Analysing old rocks has given reason for scientists to believe that most of the precious metals on which economies are based are a result of 20 billion billion tonnes of asteroid material. The world’s largest deposits of gold are in South Africa but it can be found all over the world from California to Wales. Sixty per cent of all gold mined worldwide is used to make jewellery.

A local town coauncil in central Turkey has built a morgue with a warning system in case dead bodies come back to life. The mortuary with a capacity of 36 bodies, is equipped with refrigerators sensitive to movement inside. The refrigerator can sense even the slightest movement of the body in-

side and gives out an alarm and the doors were also kitted out with a special system of clip that automatically opened in case of contact. In case of a patient, proclaimed dead by doctors, awakens from a state of unconsciousness, then we consider each and every possibility,” said the mortuary director.

Ready For The Resurrection

of 10 to 20. It causes eye tissue, called retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), to degenerate and eventually leads to blindness. There is no treatment for the condition, but ACT has coaxed human embryonic stem cells into becoming RPE cells and believes that by infusing them into patients’ eyes, the new, healthy RPE cells may provide an effective treatment. There is real potential that people with blinding disorders of the retina might benefit in future from transplantation of retinal cells. Sky

Autumn Mouse Warning

Now is the time to block up those gaps in your homes - unless you want to hear the patter of very tiny feet! That is the warning from Pest Control Officers at local councils who say this is the time of year when ‘homeless’ mice are looking to come in from the cold in the search of nice warm winter lodgings. Although mice are regarded as harmless pets by some, they defecate and urinate wherever they walk and so potentially contaminate surfaces and food by spreading pathogens such as salmonella. As a result, mice are a big public health risk and are serious enough to ensure that any food business found with them is immediately closed down. Gaps under external doors, broken air bricks, significant holes to pointing, and gaps around external brickwork where pipework, par-

ticularly from newly installed appliances, all provide easy access for mice. In addition, the holes do not have to be big - even a gap so small as to allow a pencil to be pushed through - will be sufficient for a determined house-hunting mouse. If gaps are not pest-proofed as soon as possible, the property will continue to attract mice and more importantly financial charges, if you call in the authority for help. If you do have a problem that you cannot deal with by using traps or bait, then it is essential that you call in professionals from your local council in order to remove the mice and protect your health. Unfortunately, mice are not the only visitors who can get through the smallest gaps. Rats also pose a problem by gaining access via drainage systems around and under properties.

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Speed Of Light Theory ‘is Broken’

Good value. Good food. Scientists at the world’s largest physics lab think they may have proved Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity wrong - by breaking the speed of light. Experts at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland be-

lieve they have clocked neutrinos travelling fast enough to shatter the central pillar of physics. But they cannot quite believe it themselves, they say, because according to Einstein’s famous 1905 equation, E=mc2, it is simply impossible. CERN says a neutrino beam fired from a particle accelerator near Geneva to a lab 454 miles (730 km) away in Italy travelled 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. The readings have so astounded researchers that they are asking

others to independently verify the measurements before claiming an actual discovery. They are inviting the broader physics community to look at what they have done and really scrutinise it in great detail. It is going to cause problems no doubt, if it is true. Scientists calculated the margin of error at just 10 nanoseconds, making the difference statistically significant. After all Einstein’s theory of relativity is ultimately “just a theory”.

Rotherham Leader attends Eid Milan Party Traditional Kashmiri style cooking is that what Azaads claims to provide the customer, and thats exactly what you can experience here. Azaads is located on Woodbourn Road, Attercliffe in Sheffield and the restaurant is big enough for private bookings for special occasions and business functions. Azaad’s Restaurant specializes in Kashmiri and Indian cuisine only using Apna Style cooking

and the very best fresh food and ingredients. Much of the times, the owner is behind the scenes cooking the food himself but he often greets his customers personally and asks their preference for food. Mr Mohammad Azaad has over 40 years of Kashmiri chef experience and it shows in his tasteful dishes. Having been there myself numerous times and having read excellent reviews on the web

from food lovers, I also favoured it well as the food is fresh, appetizing and subtly spiced. The taste and Apna style cooking is a favourite with Asians and Europeans alike and the buffet options are excellent value for money. The restaurant has ample parking and is easily accessible from the city centre. Overall its excellent value, excellent food and exceptional service.

Dengue Fever: Pakistan’s Recurring Nightmare

The monsoon rains have historically brought mixed fortunes to Pakistan. While they help spur the cultivation of crops, changing demographics and population distribution have given rise to recurring catastrophes the rains leave in their wake. As Pakistan suffers from another cycle of floods in both rural and urban areas, recent weeks have seen the explosion of a dengue fever epidemic in central Punjab. With now over 10,000 reported cases, in two weeks alone, more than 6,000 cases were reported, with the majority occurring in Lahore. At least 50 deaths have now also been reported. The extent of the epidemic is such that schools in Punjab have been closed. Dengue fever is a mosquitoborne viral infection. Most cases present with non-specific symptoms such as fever and muscle aches but about 1 percent of cases progresses to a more dangerous condition called “dengue hemorrhagic fever.” In this condition, the normal human clotting process becomes deranged, resulting in spontaneous bleeding in patients, leading in some cases to

death. Treatment options are limited only to supportive measures, such as providing anti-fever and pain medication, as well as using transfusions to combat platelet deficiency, though no “cure” or vaccine exists. Dengue fever epidemics have become a cyclical nightmare in Pakistan over the last several years. The infection usually peaks in September and October. As the population in Pakistan grows or people move around in search of economic opportunity or safety from militant violence, settling in many places into overcrowded urban slums on the outskirts of cities like Lahore. The best measure to prevent dengue can be by halting the reproduction of mosquitoes or preventing mosquito bites. Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant water, and unless widespread measures are taken to drain such collections or fumigate mosquito-prone areas, the insects continue to breed, helping spread infections. Climate change is also deemed a fuelling factor in the spread of dengue fever as is the mosquitos resistance to inseciti-

It’s always nice to celebrate the Eid festival at the end of Ramadan, and there is no shortage of parties to attend. The Orient Express Restaurant in Rotherham hosted an Eid Milan Party last month for local council members from both Sheffield and Rotherham (or Rotherham and Sheffield – as the old rivalry goes!). Cllr Jahangir Akhtar of Rotherham welcomed the guests, notably Cllr Roger Stone – Labour

Leader of Rotherham, Cllr Ibrar Hussain of Sheffield, Cllr Shafaq Mohammed and Cllr Mahroof Hussain were just some of the speakers on the night. Cllr Roger Stone gave recognition and appreciation for Muslims who displayed such self discipline during the month of Ramadan, and said how much he appreciated the generosity displayed by Muslims especially over the past month. Cllr

Fools Gold

Jahangir praised ILM News for the coverage the newspaper gives to regional events and celebrations of all cultures and religions. He thanked the ILM team for promoting the work of Rotherham Borough Council making it accessible in both English and Urdu. The boundary changes were a hot talking subject of the night but mostly the food was enjoyed by all and the Orient Express was thanked for the party it laid on.

One of the world’s cheapest cars has been transformed into its most expensive - after being encrusted in gold jewellery. The special version of the Tata Nano unveiled in the Indian city of Mumbai is covered in 80 kilograms of 22 carat gold, 15 kilograms of silver and assorted gemstones. Built as a tribute to 5,000 years of jewellery-making in India, the vehicle will be used as showpiece for the country’s largest multinational company, Tata. The revamp increases the car’s value from its standard price of around £1,300 - to an estimated £2.9m.

cide. Unfortunately, many of the factors contributing to dengue outbreaks, from poor hygiene and sanitation to climate change, are risk factors common to most infectious diseases. If no major changes occur, Pakistanis could be exposed to a host of epidemics, such as measles, pneumonia, and cholera. Since neither cure nor vaccine exists for dengue fever, prevention is the only option to control the human and economic cost of the epidemic. While the local media has criticized the government’s response, one has to consider that they are over whelmed by several public health crises spanning the length and breadth of the country simultaneously, such as the widespread floods, ongoing polio transmission and rampant malnutrition. Nevertheless, improving hygiene and sanitation, in addition to helping better-manage public infrastructure development and population growth, remain the only long term solutions for preventing dengue, and other infections, from breaking out.









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