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Culinary routes

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Versatile cultural sites

WELCOME TO DINE WELL! Tasty Mexican-style food and relaxed feeling.







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Heinola Bird Sanctuary

Aironkatu 3 nolaA.F. Bird Sanctuary Aironkatu nola Bird3Sanctuary Aironkatu nola Bird3Sanctuary Aironkatu nola Bird nola Bird3Sanctuary Sanctuary Aironkatu 3 Aironkatu nola Bird3Sanctuary Aironkatu 3

Heinola’s museums Kauppakatu 3, 4 and 14

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upaviljonki Waffle Café pakatu 30, Harjupuisto, upaviljonki Waffle Café pakatu 30, Harjupuisto, upaviljonki Waffle Café pakatu 30, Harjupuisto, upaviljonki Heila Food Waffle Market &Café Restaurant upaviljonki Waffle Café pakatu 30, Harjupuisto, Työmiehentie 35 pakatu 30, Harjupuisto, upaviljonki Waffle Café pakatu 30, Harjupuisto,

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Heinola Summer Theatre Sari uSsii

Heinola Summer Thea Kauppakat Kauppakat Heinolaheinolankesateatte Summer Thea

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Heinola’s Siltasaari Siltasaari 1

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Siltasa Restaurantheinolansiltasaa RantaCasino

Maaherrankatu 2, satama heinolansiltasaa

Heinola Tourist information

Kauppakatu 4, courtyard tel. Restaurant +358 3 849 3606RantaCa Mon-Fri 8.30 am -3.30 RantaCa pm 2, sata Maaherrankatu Restaurant

rantacasin Maaherrankatu 2, sata Restaurant RantaCa rantacasin Maaherrankatu 2, sata Restaurant RantaCa Restaurant RantaCa rantacasin Maaherrankatu 2, Maaherrankatu 2, sata sata Restaurant RantaCa Heinola Tourist informatio

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The region of lakes, forests and nature trails

GUIDE 2022 GUIDE is published twice a year, in May and in November. Published by Lahti Region Oy / Viestintätoimisto Mageena Publisher Viestintätoimisto Mageena Vapaudenkatu 8, 15110 Lahti tel. +358 440 711722 Editor Sane Keskiaho Viestintätoimisto Mageena Design & Production Viestintätoimisto Mageena Printing Kroonpress Circulation 6 000 pcs Cover photo Pipsa Stenlund / Bar & Restaurant Kommodori, Myllysaari, Lahti All rights reserved.

The Lahti region has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Beaches as far as the eye can see, clean waters with plenty of fish. Pure tastes and internationally awarded wine and whiskey. We have versatile hiking, cycling and canoe trails and the Päijänne National Park with campfire sites and beaches. Pack your tent in your canoe and get to know the region along the waterways. You can also rent a bike and criss-cross the Päijät-Häme region, enjoying locally produced food, exploring local summer exhibitions, tasting local wine and enjoying a cup of coffee roasted in the region and purchasing locally cultivated berries. As Autumn draws near, you can swap your sandals for boots and go to the woods to pick berries and mushrooms, warm your cottage sauna and enjoy the quiet and the sunset on the pier. If you want a change from the silence of nature, you can always check out the summer events in the region and take a moment to enjoy culture. In the Lahti region, only your imagination and the number of days available can limit what you can do and experience here. You are not in a hurry to leave. ■

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What, where, when?

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Cosy Lahti Passenger Harbour

Local food, restaurants and tastes





Exhibitions, museums and galleries

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Hotels, manors, cozy cottages...

Read more about the local municipalities


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A view over Lake Päijänne from Tuomastorni observation tower. Photo Tea Karvinen.


The Salpausselkä Geopark A landscape created by water

The forest-covered Salpausselkä ridges, formed by ancient glacial meltwater streams, represent Finland’s internationally best-known geological heritage. These massive ridges are at their most impressive here in the Päijät-Häme region. Salpausselkä Geopark, which extends from the First Salpausselkä ridge in Lahti to the southern part of Lake Päijänne and covers six municipalities, is Finland’s most recent UNESCO site. The region became part of the worldwide UNESCO Global Geoparks network for geological heritage sites of international significance in spring 2022. The Salpausselkä ridges, the long chains of narrow eskers, the magnificent rocky hills and hundreds of lakes dotted with islands create a landscape with breath-taking scenery and of unique geological interest. However, the importance of the region is not only based on what is visible on the surface: the Salpausselkä ridges hide within enormous reserves of pure groundwater. These natural conditions have also allowed for the development of a rich cultural heritage in the area. Here, you can cycle along village roads in beautiful cultural landscapes, hike on peaceful forest trails, and climb hills and viewing towers in close proximity to the central areas of the cities and municipalities. The region includes several internationally valuable attractions to explore, such as the extensive Salpausselkä-Tiirismaa recreation area and trail network in Lahti and Hollola, Lake Vesijärvi, the surroundings of the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki, Heinola, and Päijänne National Park in Padasjoki, Asikkala and Sysmä.

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Centrally located service point ONE can obtain information about the Lahti region’s tourism and environmental issues. Maps, brochures and information on sports, outdoor and leisure activities in the area.

Lahti-service point, Trio Shopping Center 2nd Floor. Open: Mon-Fri 8–18 (due to the COVID19, please check the opening hours Lahden Palvelutori) +358 207 281 760 / Chat Mon-Fri 9–15:30




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An insanely funny musical

Premiere Sep 3rd 2022

Directed by Ilkka Laasonen Group ticket sales +358 3752 6000 • • Ticket sales office 0600 30 5757 (1,53 €/min+local call charge) • • intermission services +358 3782 6474 •

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Mountain biking Hiking Geopark Family

Lemmenharju nature trail, Vierumäki

Nature trails and landscape routes The Lahti region encourages excersing outdoors

On top of the KAPATUOSIA hillfort in Hollola, there is a viewing tower with a view of Lake Vesijärvi and the Salpausselkä ridges. Pathways and stairs provide access to the hill. There is the 2,4 km Kapatuosia nature trail in the area. The LAPAKISTO nature reserve in the Nastola area at Lahti offers a versatile natural landscape with small lakes, mires and cliffs.

The region has five marked trails and several campfire sites and two lean-to shelters along the trails. The easiest way to access the trails is Ristikankaantie parking lot. There are plenty of outdoor routes next to the services provided at the Hollola municipal centre. The 10.5 km SALPAUSSELKÄ MARSH TRAIL covers the landscapes of three mires. The

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7.5 km LAKE TRAIL loops around three Tiilijärvi lakes. The varied trails include both steady roads, winding forest paths and duckboard. The 4.5 km TIIRISMAA TRAIL terrain is varied and very rocky in places. The medium difficulty level trail includes features such as a lean-to shelter and the Pirunpesä (‘Devil’s Nest’) gorge. LINNAISTENSUO The valuable Linnaistensuo mire is located only 7 km from the Lahti city centre. The 1,5 km nature path in the area mainly consists of a duckboards. LEHMUSREITTI is a 13 km urban nature

trail around the Lahti city centre. There are cultural sites and urban nature to enjoy along the trail. The trail features sights such as the Häränsilmä kettle pond, Radiomäki hill, Vesitorninmäki hill and

the Lanu Park. The route is marked with a green linden leaf symbol. AURINKOVUORI next to the Vääksy services in Asikkala provides outdoor routes, two lean-to shelters with campfire sites and training stairs with 239 steps. The viewing platform next to the lean-to shelter closer to the centre provides a beautiful view of Lake Päijänne, and there is a view of Lake Vesijärvi from the Kivistö lean-to shelter. HARTOLAN KUNINKAANPOLKU TRAIL is a combination of nature and culture. By

the trail consisting of four sections, you can discover features such as the Tainionvirta river, the arched Ekonkoski bridge, the peatland forest and cultural sites. The dirt roads and walkways on the


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Kuninkaanpolku Trail are easy to walk, and the Ekonpolku section is accessible. The trail has two swimming beaches. PULKKILANHARJU NATURE TRAIL In Asikkala passes through a beautiful landscape

of lakes and eskers in the Päijänne National Park. At Pulkkilanharju, there is a 2 km nature trail which can be combined with a 2.4 km circular route featuring a sandy beach and duckboard section. The trail begins at the Karisalmi parking lot. In the PAISTJÄRVI AREA at Heinola, you can enjoy wildernesslike atmosphere and the diversity of nature. The best-known sites in the area include the Pirunkirkko (‘Devil’s Church’) cliff and Lake Sonnanen which is known for its clear water. The area has approximately 9 km of marked trails, campfire sites and a camping site. The 12.6 km PÄIJÄNNE-ILVESstarts from the Padasjoki Marina and leads to the Tarus recreation area where you can continue your journey to the Evo Ilves trail. The versatile medium difficulty trail passes through walkways, dirt roads and forest paths. The trail features field landscapes, forest terrain and a leanto shelter with a campfire sites. TRAIL,

LEMMENHARJU NATURE TRAIL in Vierumäki travels along eskers with steep slopes and the shores of small lakes with clear water. You can opt for a 4 km route or a shorter 2.4 km route. There are two campfire sites near the main building of the Sport Institute of Finland on the shore of Lake Valkjärvi. HIIDENSAARI ISLAND and HIIDENVUORI HILL in Iitti form an important national

landscape. Hiidensaari Island provides plenty of easy-to-follow routes. The wooden stairs on the island lead to the top of the 60 m Hiidenvuori Hill with an excellent view. On Hiidensaari Island, you can go hiking or mountain biking. There is also a guest harbour on the island, accessible by boat or canoe.

RADANSUU NATURE TRAIL in Iitti covers a distance of approximately 8 km in the Radansuu Village landscape. There are fascinating sights along the way, such as the small Kalmusaari island with lean-to shelter and a campfire site. The trail is relatively easy to follow and contains long boardwalk sections.

The rocky PÄIJÄTSALO island in Sysmä on the eastern shore of Lake Päijänne is partly within the territory of the Päijänne National Park. The Päijätsalo trails can be accessed by road, but it is also possible to arrive at Pyydysniemi by boat. There is a recently renovated over 120-year-old observation tower at the highest point of the island. KELVENNE ISLAND which is part of the Päijänne National Park, is located in Southern Päijänne. It is one of Finland’s largest and most beautiful esker islands. An 8 km trail with blue trail markers passes through the Kelvenne island. There are several campfire sites along the trail. In summer, Kelvenne is accessible by boat, canoe, cruise ship or boat taxi. KOSKENSAARI island in Jyrängönvirta stream is part of the Heinola National Urban Park and important in terms of bird life. The island can be reached by a road. There is a 3.1 km path around the island, Koskensaarenpolku, which is also suitable for mountain biking. There is a lean-to shelter and a campfire site by the trail and a nature trail in the middle of the island. KAMMIOVUORI HILL in Sysmä is the second-highest peak in southern Finland and an excellent site for a day-trip. There is a magnificent view of Lake Päijänne from the top of the Kammiovuori Hill. The area has a 4 km trail with steep uphill and downhill slopes, the gigantic Linta boulder and a lean-to shelter with a campfire site. ■






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Biking in the Lahti region There are routes for road cycling, gravel biking and bikepacking. The most recent route, the Vellamo bike touring route passes through Hartola and Sysmä.

Active cyclists tend to ride this classic route round Lake VESIJÄRVI several times each summer. The shortest version of the route is 80 km in length, and even less experienced cyclists will be able to cover this distance in a single day. VELLAMO BIKEPACKING ROUTE is a 71 km marked bike route between Hartola and Sysmä. On the route, you can enjoy country landscapes and fascinating sights. There are pleasant rest areas in the Sysmä and Hartola parish villages, the legendary Krouvi tavern and at the Ilola Inn sun terrace on the shore of Lake Päijänne. PAJULAHTI AND IMMILÄ MILL is a 60 km route from Lahti via Villähde to Sports Centre Pajulahti in Nastola and the Immilä Mill which houses a café in summer. Pajulahti serves you all year round.

Paved roads with a mountain or hybrid bike from VÄÄKSY to PULKKILANHARJU RIDGE and KALKKINEN The Pulkkilanharju ridge is one of Finland’s most beautiful scenic routes, and part of it is within the territory of Päijänne National Park. The services of the Kalkkinen village are available along the route, and in summer, also at Reimari and the Karisalmi kiosk. MANKELI CITY BIKES Enjoy sightseeing in the Lahti urban area by renting an electric bike. There are total of thirty Mankeli bike stations, and the bikes are available until 11 November 2022.

HOLLOLA PARISH VILLAGE ROUTE is one of the most popular among local cyclists. You can ride the 37 km route in either direction, so you should choose to ride against the wind during the first part of the route. On the route, you will have to climb the Salpausselkä ridge and come down the other side. There are plenty of services along the route. SALPAUSSELKÄ TRAILS are marked in Salpausselkä in Lahti and Hollola. The exercise trails are suitable for both walking or mountain biking. There are a total of 30 km of marked Salpausselkä Trails, but the gravel outdoor routes in Salpauselkä are also suitable for hybrid bikes. This will add dozens of kilometres to the route network. SALPAUSSELKÄ PARK next to the Salpausselkä outdoor trails. The centre will be completed by summer 2022. It will include facilities for the Kitetirri company renting high-quality electric fat tire bikes and providing guided tours for individual customers and groups. The facilities will also include Padel centre and a crossfit gym.

Participate in biking events – UCI Tour Lakeland between 22 and 23 July 2022, Finlandia MTB on 21 August 2022 and Nordic Gravel Series – Falling Leaves Lahti on 17 September 2022 SPORTS CENTRES at Vierumäki and Pajulahti provide mountain biking opportunities for bikers of all levels. There is also a bike rental service. ■

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Landscape routes or terrain? Photo City of Lahti Photo Bank / Sebastian Ratu


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Bikes can be rented at multiple locations.

Off you go! You can move around sustainably. A car is not always necessary. The Lahti region promotes rental services for various means of transport and has constructed features such as biking routes. Here, you can move sustainably from one site to another by renting a bike, an electric scooter, an electric Mankeli city bike, a canoe, a rowing boat or a boat through the Skipperi service. You can also discover the Bout app where you can purchase boat rides. If your journey is long you can rent an electric car from a car sharing service. The car can be booked online, via an app or by phone. The car doors are usually opened and closed by mobile phone, and the keys are already inside the car. The cars are readily available in the Lahti city centre, and they are always picked up at and returned to Toriparkki. ■ sustainable-travel/

Museums at the roots of legendary landmarks

Adjust your frequency to the history of audiovisual media at Mastola! Radiomäenkatu 37, 15100 Lahti Tue–Fri 9am–5pm Sat-Sun 11am–4pm

Jump into the racy world of winter sports at the Ski Museum! Salpausselänkatu 8, 15110 Lahti Tue–Fri 9am–5pm Sat-Sun 11am–4pm

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SUP -boarding is a fun activity for the whole family.

Enjoy the water! The Lahti region boasts clean lakes with plenty of fish, ponds, rivers and several swimming beaches and islands accessible for instance by canoe. There are also three canals for moving from one lake to another. LAHTI OUDOOR SWIMMING POOL is located at the Lahti Sports Centre at the foot of the ski jump hills. It is the only 50-metre swimming pool in the city with shallow children’s pool at one end. The dressing rooms and shower rooms as well as the saunas are located in the ski jump spectators’ stand building. There is a café next to the entrance. The outdoor swimming pool is open during the summer season when the indoor swimming pools are closed. PÄIJÄNNE NATIONAL PARK BY BOAT There are guest harbours for all tastes on the islands within the Päijänne National Park in the municipalities

of Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä. You can choose to rest in a sheltered cove, on an open sandy beach or a rocky shore. Guest harbours feature outhouses with firewood and camping sites. Please follow the camping rules to preserve the sensitive nature on the National Park. If you do not have a boat of your own, you can rent one or take a boat taxi. Please also get to know the Skipperi and Bout services. A THREE CANAL TOUR If you get a boat in Lahti, you can travel on the way to Jyväskylä by water. Lake Vesijärvi is connected with Lake Päijänne at the Vääksy Canal. The Kalkkinen Canal provides access to Lake Ruotsalainen. As for the Kimola

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Canal, it is connected with Lake Pyhäjärvi. For you to enjoy a swimming break, the sun and the Finnish lakes, there are village harbours and sandy beaches along the way. Nearly all harbours have services for boaters, ranging from refuelling to restaurants. The beautiful Wanha Vääksy old town and its boutiques are at a walking distance from the Vääksy Canal. The Kimola Canal is in itself worth visiting: the channel is 5.5 kilometres long, it has 12-metre high lock and a unique channel tunnel. In Lahti, there are sites suitable for fishing on the beach on the harbour breakwaters. For instance, the breakwaters in the Niemi and Teivas harbour are well suited for angling and lure fishing. The Joutjoki delta attracts plenty of different species of fish banks to the warm water from Joutjoki Stream. In Heinola, it is possible to fish in the Rantapuisto park. In Asikkala by the Enskala nature trail, there are fishing spots for children. Flyfishers can go to River Hammonjoki in Hollola or to River Tainionvirta in Sysmä and Hartola. FISHING FOR THE FAMILY

in Asikkala. The long and shallow sandy beach in Kalmarinranta beach for the whole family. There are seven beaches in Padasjoki. The best beach in Heinola is by the beautiful Kymenvirta river. There is a playground in the Urajärvi swimming beach in Iitti. In Sysmä, you can swim on the Hiekko beach and the camping area beach. In Hartola, the Aurinkoranta and Tainionvirta beaches are worth a visit. STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDING is the perfect way to enjoy water and improving your physical fitness and balance. SUP boarding a suitable for the entire family. In addition to lakes, you can also use a SUP board along rivers. At best, you are enjoying outdoor exercise and nature. ■

ENJOY A CRUISE Short lunchtime cruises, evening cruises to the Vääksy Canal and back and cruises to the Lahti-Heinola-Lahti line set out from the Lahti harbour. Cruises to Päijänne and the Kelvenne island in the Päijänne National Parks set out from Sysmä and Padasjoki. From Heinola, you can take a cruise to the Kimola Canal or to the Vuolenkoski summer market.

Beginners can learn the basics on a guided canoeing trip. More experienced canoeists can plan a longer route and use the lean-to shelters and campfire sites in the region. Moving at the water level opens up an interesting viewpoint to the surrounding scenery. With a kayak or canoe, you can also visit places you cannot reach by boat. RENT A CANOE!

Get your swimsuit and HEAD TO THE BEACH! There are 12 beaches in Lahti and 14 beaches in Hollola alone. You can swim in the Rantapuisto beach park in Ankkuri, in Messilä, Mukkula, Herrasmanni, Likolampi, Mytäjäinen and Möysä. One of southern Finland’s best sandy beaches is

Karisalmi, Asikkala


World of Water in Asikkala The market style event includes features such as the presentation of an eel trap and non-native species, fish gutting, a poster competition for children and species identification challenges. World of Water on 11 June


@topdeifashion @topdeifashion 03 7811177

Hämeenkatu 13, Lahti Mon–Fri 11–18 Sat 11–15


w w p d ei .f i

A 1000 m2 interior decoration store in Lahti.

A gorgeous English garden in Kärkölä!


Open every day from 10 am to 8 pm Cafe, museum, exhibitions and plant shop open 29th May–28th Aug, Wed–Sun 11 am–5 pm Guided tours on Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 pm. There are also 21 QR codes around the park that provide information.

EUR 32 28-35

Day ticket 5 €, season ticket 10 € Incl. exhibitions, museum, guide

HARBOUR OFFICE Harbours in Lahti

Full-service accounting firm Mavico-Tilit Oy Upseerikerhonkatu 5 15700 Lahti

lingerie • swimwear nightgowns • gift cards


Head towards Iitti!

Hämeenkatu 18, 15110 Lahti tel. +358 45 2288 715

Soile Yli-Mäyry Art Castle


round on Open all year no on to 5 pm

Sundays fromon a separate agreement) sed

(at other times ba

Erkontie 8, 16300 Orimattila +358 3 777 8117 •

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With the kids Summer in the Lahti region is full of water games, climbing, domestic animals and adventures. The eleven adventure tracks at VIERUMÄKI FLOWPARK have been built in trees. One of them is a test track, two are for children (below 120 cm in height) and three are slides. The rest are top rope tracks that include swinging paths, jumping with vines and sliding along wire ropes, for example.

AT FARM ANIMAL YARD OLGAN FARMI you can meet a donkey, a cow, alpacas, sheep, goats, bunnies, horses and chickens, among others. On the KILKKILÄ FARM lure chickens and peacocks. You can also discover ostriches, alpacas, reindeer, angoras and miniature horses., 1 PAJUKETTU ADVENTURE PARK IN PAJULAHTI is a track built using the local terrain and

trees. It includes speedy slides, challenging climbing and obstacle courses that require some dedication, both high up and closer to the ground. Pajukettu is Finland’s largest track built in the terrain and trees. There are177 elements or obstacles and 17 different tracks. In Lahti at YOGAROCKS, you can try out how high you can climb a wall. There are several climbing walls for beginners and more skilled climbers at YogaRocks. Located at an authentic farm, KORVEN KARITSA trekking stable and farm animal yard is a memorable destination for the whole family. At the farm animal yard located at the Ravioskorpi village in Sysmä, you will see playful farm animals and even be able to pet some of them.

YLI-MAROLA 4H DOMESTIC YARD, a home of goats, cocks, hens, rabbits and sheep in an authentic countryside environment. There is a voluntary entrance fee. LADEO has been divided for different sports: skateboarding ramps, a bouldering area and a training loft. You can ride a BMX bike or a scootboard in the hall, and there is a spectator’s gallery and cafeteria as well. LAUNE FAMILY PARK in Lahti is a place for the entire family, with experiences both outdoors and indoors. The park includes slides, climbing equipment, a traffic town, cottages for hobbies and a fortress. Entrance free of charge.

The renovated CITY TRAIN PUKSU circulates in Lahti according to the route schedule between 6 June and 9 August 2022. Train chartering is also possible. At the HEINOLA BIRD SANCTUARY you can discover rescued birds. Lively parrots are also in need of someone to talk to, and Kaija the white cockatoo enjoys dancing to music you can play on your phone. HEINOLAN TRAFFIC PARK to open on 4 June The park features pedal cars, scooters and balance bikes. The equipment is free of charge, and guidance is provided by the staff. There is a new feature, the Pumptrack. During the opening hours, it is also possible to use various yard games, such as the mölkky throwing game, petanque, a precision throwing game and street chalk. ■

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1. Pajukettu Adventure Park


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You can find Finland's best disc golf track in Heinola. Photo Henry Liukkonen.

Popular frisbee golf OHRASAARI FRISBEE GOLF TRACK is a nine-hole forest track in Sysmä. The track has a rolling ground and some level differences. PADASJOKI DISCGOLFPARK The 18-hole

track is located in a wooded heath terrain and features plenty of level differences. IITTI DISCGOLFPARK in Kausala is challenging 18-hole forest track. There is a 9-hole track at the Iitti Upper Comprehensive School. HARTOLA DISCGOLFPARK consists of two

tracks. There is 9-hole track in close proximity to the exercise building and a 6-hole track in connection with the comprehensive school. MUKKULA DISCGOLFPARK in Lahti features 36 tracks, a separate training area and a dis-

tance practice track. The track features holes in parks and challenging holes in the woods. Heinola boasts Finland’s best frisbee golf track, which is also the fifth best frisbee golf track in the world. In addition to the Prorata track in DISCGOLFPARK WORLD, Kippasuo also features two putt areas, a throwing net, PuttiNolla, an 18-hole amateur track and a children’s track. KUKONKOIVU FRISBEE GOLF at Hollola is an 18-hole forest track. The challenging track features a few excellent hill tracks. ASIKKALA DISC GOLF PARK on the Kalmari beach in Vääksy is one of Finland’s most beautiful tracks. All 12 holes are par-3 holes. ■

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The Lahti region has six golf courses. Each course offers lessons, regardless of your age or level of skill. The courses websites offer detailed information about golf competitions and other events taking place in the Lahti region, as well as information about how to get there, how to book a tee session and what kind of facilities each course offers. Golf is an excellent way to explore the beautiful and diverse nature of the Lahti region. You can play on the ridges of Salpausselkä or next to a nature trail, or perhaps you would like to play in the pine forest scenery. Pick your course, or try them all.



Lahti Golf and Vierumäki Cooke online booking available at or

Golf whenever you want – at Iitti Golf Niskaportti! Book online at

LahdenGolf Takkulantie 20 15230 Lahti Tel. +358 3 784 1311 |

Iitintie 684 47400 Kausala Tel. +358 5 544 4400 |

61°01’32.1”N 25°43’08.5”E

60°55’35.7”N 26°23’09.9”E



Online booking and special offers available at: Kaikulantie 79 19600 Hartola Tel. +358 10 231 2380 |

Tehtaantie 3 17200 Vääksy Tel. +358 44 270 0412 |

61°34’33.3”N 26°02’32.4”E

61°09'37.6"N 25°34'28.7"E




Messiläntie 240 15980 Messilä Tel. +358 40 866 88 00 |

Kaskelantie 10 19120 Vierumäki Tel. +358 44 741 4400 |

61°00’31.6”N 25°32’46.8”E

61°06’43.1”N 26°00’53.8”E

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1. Sibelius Hall

Lahti Passenger Harbour Enjoy the lakeside scenery, embark on a cruise, have a drink on a terrace or eat the city’s largest cinnamon bun.

1 SIBELIUS HALL The flagship of modern Finnish wood construction, Congress and Concert Centre Sibelius Hall sparkle right next to Lake Vesijärvi. The heart of the house, the tall Forest Hall, combines the large music hall building to the Carpentry Factory dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The renovated lakeside hall hou­ses a pleasant restaurant.

WOOD DESIGN AT PRO PUU Pro Puu is a guild and meeting place for designers and other wood sector professionals located in Tikkula, a former matchstick factory at the Harbour.

A CUP OF COFFEE AT THE HARBOUR There is a café full of feeling and history in the old harbor master’s building in the Lahti Passenger Harbour. There is always freshly baked pastries and fresh coffee. Café Kariranta offers a wide range of pies, cakes and fresh coffee. KOKKA BISTRO & BAR is a relaxed dining restaurant at the Lahti Passenger Harbour. Kokka offers the best flavours from all around the world in a relaxed bistro atmosphere. The menu includes meat cured in the restaurant’s own DRY AGER® and artisan pizzas.

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Restaurant TEIVAAN LOKKI serves versatile lunch and à la carte dishes. You can also rent a jet ski or a rowboat from the restaurant. RESTAURANT LASTU is the Sibelius Hall’s street-level restaurant. Lastu’s loft and terrace have a wonderful view over lake Vesijärvi. HARBOUR OF BOAT RESTAURANTS The several boat restaurants at the harbour wake up from their winter slumber together with the nature. As the sun shines, the terraces fill with people dining and enjoying the lakeside scenery and the services. 2 Made from aspen poles reminiscent of fishbones, the 200 square metre terrace of café-restaurant PIANO PAVILION can seat around fifty people in the summertime.

A complete WOOD ARCHITECTURE PARK is being constructed close to the Sibelius Hall. The harbour area includes a lighted bus stop designed by Japanese Kengo Kuma and a wooden spiral designed by Australian Richard Leplastier. The most recent attraction is the wooden pavilion Puupaviljonki, designed by Erkko Aarti, in Mukkula Manor park. The English-style scenic PARK OF PIKKUVESIJÄRVI was built on the grounds of the Lahti Manor in the 1950s. The musical fountain at lake Pikku-Vesijärvi will delight you with its music and dancing water jets. Performances daily at 1 pm and 6 pm, starting from June 4th. RAVINTOLA NOSTURI The best feature on the menu is the Neapolitan style pizza prepared in a genuine Italian stone oven. The roof terrace features the best sauna in the city with an unobstructed view of Lake Vesijärvi. LANU SCULPTURE PARK of artist and professor Olavi Lanu is located within a walking distance from the Passenger Harbour in the Kari­niemi Park. In Lanu Park there is fifteen human figures manufactured from reinforced concrete. ■

2. Piano Pavilion


Electric, wood-fired, steam or smoke? Rent a sauna, pack your towels and beverages and enjoy a traditional Finnish evening in a sauna.


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Padasjoki Harbour

Harbour services The local harbours offer a wide range of services.



VESIJÄRVI PASSENGER HARBOUR: boat berths, piers for scheduled service ships/charter ships, restaurants, cafes, a handicraft store, a gallery and the Sibelius Hall.

KANAVALAHTI HARBOUR: boat berths, a fueling station, a restaurant, a store, a waste management point, vacuum devices for septic tank, electricity outlets, drinking water, showers, lavatories, a washing machine, a barbecue hut.

TEIVAA HARBOUR: boat berths, a restaurant, vacuum devices for septic tanks, a household waste management point, electricity outlets, water, showers, lavatories, a washing machine, a boat ramp. NIEMI HARBOUR: boat berths, a fuel outlet, a restaurant, a household and hazardous waste management point, vacuum devices for septic tank, an ice dispenser, electricity outlets, water, showers, lavatories, two boat ramps.

HEINOL A HEINOLA HARBOUR: restaurant, café, kiosks, electrical outlet, toilets, showers, waste shelter, septic tank pump and fuel.

HAR TOL A HARTOLA GUEST BOAT PIER: boat berths, a concrete pier for loading heavy objects.

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MESSILÄ HARBOUR: includes boat berths, accommodation, a camping area, a restaurant, a store, a household and hazardous waste management point, vacuum devices for septic tank, an electricity outlet, drinking water, showers, lavatories, a washing mac­hine, a barbecue hut.

LAIVARANTA HARBOUR: café-restaurant, boat berths, electric outlets, an info desk, a household waste management point, vacuum devices for septic tank, drinking water, a restaurant, lavatories, showers, a washing machine, a fueling station, a children’s playground, a store and two boat ramps.



VUOLENKOSKI HARBOUR : boat berths, clean water spot, a boat ramp, a beach. Opportunity to empty your septic tank.

KIRKONKYLÄ HARBOUR: café-restaurant, showers, a washing machine, seasonal berths, a septic tank and a water outlet.

THE JOKUE GUEST BOAT PIER : a renovated pier, a summer café, SUP board rentals and saunas. There is a service station at a walking distance.

ILOLA INN: water point, boat pier, showers and toilets and the garbage shed for household waste. Restaurant and cafeteria services. G U E S T B O AT H A RB O U R O F T H E Y E A R I N 20 22


and a campfire site, boat ramp. There is a café at a walking distance.

NEW PORT SYSMÄ: a fueling station, septic tank and bilge water emptying, water point. ■


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1. Lahden Seurahuone

Summer terraces and culinary routes Get to know the Lahti region, its cafeterias, farm shops and fascinating restaurants by selecting a tailored culinary route. It is also worth a while to stop and enjoy local beverages on terraces along the way.

SYSMÄ MARINA the cosiest café-restaurant and summer terrace in Lake Päijänne in close proximity to the Sysmä city centre. There are events, live music and pleasant activities in summer. 1 THE LAHTI MARKETPLACE is dominated by the Santa Fé terrace. In Aleksanterinkatu Street, you can take his seat on the Amarillo, Seurahuone and Wine Cafe Olavi terraces. The Bistro Popot terrace is not far from the Bar Loosister, Ravintola

Teerenpeli and Ravintola Virasto restaurant terraces. The Rautatienkatu Street features the Ravintola Taivaanranta and Roux terraces. In Sysmä, the ILOLA INN café-restaurant and its large terrace with an infinity pool on the shore of Lake Päijänne are open every day in summer.

TAKE A CULINARY TRIP The culinary routes tailored by Visit Lahti will take you to a trip round the

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

Lahti region. You can choose a trip to Vääksy, get to know the local street food, take the brewery route for adults, enjoy the ambience in Lahti city centre or discover Iitti. Special culinary routes have been designed for boaters, like the route of three channels from Myllysaari in Lahti to Heinola via the Vääksy and Kalkkinen Canal and from there, to the Kimola Canal via Vuolenkoski. All culinary trips of the season are listed online. In spring 2022, ACE CAFE LAHTI will open the most heavy-duty terrace season in the city, which can be enjoyed on two floors as the Sleepy Sleepers Tower if completed. 500-square-metre terrace designed by Sakke Järvenpää has a direct view of Lake Vesijärvi. For major events, the terrace uses smoker grills. You can enjoy a view of the harbour, an excellent meal and the magnificent scenery of Lake Päijänne on the terrace of the MAJAKKA PAVILION in the mouth of the Vääksy Canal.

THE KIUASNIEMI MARINA, which is located in Padasjoki harbour, combines good food and drink with an excellent atmosphere and the magnificent sceneries from the terrace. RANTA-CASINO, which is located in the beautiful Heinola docks, is a high-quality restaurant for socialising for the whole family. The terrace which is partly constructed on water, accommodates up to 400 people.

The large terrace of the LOKKI RESTAUis well suited for events such as barbecue dinners. You can also enjoy fresh beverages and good company while admiring the sunset. 2


WINE&CAFE JOKIRANTA is an idyllic winery and café by the Vääksy Canal From the terrace of the hundred-year-old villa, you can admire the clear River Vääksynjoki and enjoy good food and drink. Wine&cafe jokiranta

2. Ravintola Teivaan Lokki


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Local delicacies Would you prefer to purchase food, delicacies or local wine or beer?

HEINOLAN HEILA provides produce from more than 250 Finnish small farmers under the same roof. From the microbrewery shop Hilpeä located in the same premises, you can purchase beer and cider from minor breweries.

In Vuolenkoski, the VEHNÄMYLLY MILL continues to ground barley, oats and wheat after more than 60 years of activity. You can purchase barley grits, oatmeal, bran, rye and graham flour at the mill shop.

The French village shop RANSKALAINEN KYLÄKAUPPA gives a French touch to the centre of Asikkala. The food has been inspired from French country cuisine, and the shop features French delicacies such as patés, jam and traditional lemonade. The IITTI FARMERS’ MARKET provides a selection of fresh local food and Finnish delicacies by more than 100 small producers. While shopping for local food, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries made in small bakeries.

In the Hartola city centre, LA KAR DE MUMMAN HERKKUKAMMARI CAFÉ mainly specializes in gluten-free sweet and savory pastries. The café is worth visiting particular during the weekend when the product selection is particularly large. La Kar

The local product shop at PÄIJÄNNETALO in Asikkala provides handicrafts and products by small producers in the region as well as beer from the Kanava Brewery., www.

de Mumman Herkkukammari café

VESIJAKO FARM MARKET will open again at Padasjoki the day before Midsummer Eve. Here, you can find fresh vegetables and berries and bakery products to enjoy immediately or as a takeaway.

THE VÄÄKSY MILL sells clean additive-free grain products sourced from local farms. The fine 00 grade wheat flour developed at the mill attracts pizza and pasta enthusiasts from far away. www.

THE AINOA WINERY vineyard from Hollola has won many highly recognised international competitions in the field. The raw ingredients for the wine include Finnish berries and fruit vegetables such as blueberries, lingonberries, beetroot and cloudberries.

THE TEERENPELI BREWERY manufactures both bottom-fermented and top-fermented beer and cider flavoured with berries. The Teerenpeli Distillery is Finland’s largest whiskey distillery. It was named the best whiskey producer in the world in 2020. ■

Lunch and meeting restaurant puh. 050 5004248


You will only know if you visit us. Fresh bread, pastries, coffee from a small roasting plant and delicacies for special occasions! Welcome!

Welcome to a café full of feeling at the Vääksy Canal Park!


MELAKUJA 3, 17200 VÄÄKSY +358 44 9705635

3 @winecafejokiranta

neat restaurants Rautatienkatu 7 15100 Lahti q +358 102-792 930

Rautatienkatu 26 15110 Lahti q +358 102-792 935

Piippu Kokoustilat Borupinraitti 4 15140 Lahti q +358 10 279 2939

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Summer filled with culture The lively cultural summer in the Lahti region is filled with events ranging from world-class sports to high-quality exhibitions, concerts and summer theatre. 1 THE LAHTI MUSEUM OF VISUAL ARTS MALVA offers a new type of experience with art,

posters and design. Malva’s exhibition year will be opened with Hide & Seek by one of the most prominent contemporary designers, the Dutch designer Maarten Baas. The exhibition will feature classical pieces from Baas’ career, and new video pieces. The Lahti International Poster Triennal will gather works by masters of graphic design from the entire world at Malva. Roots – treasures from the collections features treasures from the field of art, posters and design. The Ahto artwork by the Finnish Ekho Collective, which changes together with the stream of visitors entering the museum, will be permanently exhibited in the Malva lobby, at the Valogalleria gallery. ART GALLERY TALVIO in Hartola provides a colourful summer exhibition by masters of modern art between 11 June and 21 August 2022. ITÄHÄME MUSEUM features manor culture, local rustic objects, the memorial rooms author Maila Talvio, author Mika Waltari and poet Uuno Kailas and an agricultural museum., Taidesalonki Talvio

Finland’s only MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM features more than 100 motorcycles and related historical props. The exhibitions of the museum change each year according to its theme. The museum features wide range of carefully restored world-famous motorcycles and Finnish racebikes and mopeds.

In July, the HOLLOLA MEDIEVAL SOCIETY will organise a Saint Eustace themed medieval event at the Hollola Church. The event will include the tournament, battle and archery shows, a large medieval camp with artisans, music, singing and a medieval market. Hollola medieval event from 22 to 24 July. The HEINOLA SUMMER THEATRE play Flirttikurssi 55+ is warm and realistic with plenty of ragged edges. In the play, a group of men and women in their 60s register for a flirting course to learn how to find a partner or even the love of their lives. www.heinolankesateatteri. THE LANU PARK. The sculpture park designed by artist Olavi Lanu on Kariniemi Hill is a beautiful art site in the middle of nature. The Lanu Park features 12 sculptures blending into the scenery. The park’s 30th anniversary will be celebrated in summer with walks focusing on wild herbs and concerts. PINXINMÄKI Summer 2022 The art exhibition will be carried out in cooperation with the Forum Box art gallery from Helsinki. Six artists and members of Forum Box have been selected for the Pinxinmäki summer exhibition to represent a versatile take of different art forms. The exhibition is open between 19 June and 6 August 2022.

In Vääksy, Summer at the DANIELSON-KALMARI VILLA between 19 June and 7 August 2022 will feature Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko’s Art exhibition ‘Remedies and roots’. ■

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The Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva; Maarten Baas Hide&Seek


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Suomen MotoGP™ race takes place at Iitti's KymiRing in July.

Event calendar E X ERCIS E , S P OR T S A ND MOTORS P OR T S 2 July. Ironman 70.3 triathlon, Lahti Harbour

Competition Centre

CONCER T S A ND FE S TI VA L S 10.-11.6. Soundfest Lahti Event Park 2.-9.7. Sysmän Suvisoitto Music Festival

8–10 July MotoGP™ Finland track motorcy-

22.-23.7. Rock in the City Lahti Market Square

cling, KymiRing, Iitti

29.-30.7. Headland Niemi Harbour, Lahti

12.-17.7. Fin5 orienteering week Lahti,

15.-18.6. Iitti Music Festival

Hollola, Orimattila

22.-23.7. UCI Tour Lakeland biking, starting

from Lahti

22.-24.7. Päijännepurjehdus sailing race,


31.8. – 4.9. Sibelius Festival Sibelius Hall, Lahti 8.-14.8. Lahti International Organ Festival 50 years

12.-13.8. Historic Rally, Lahti Harbour


13.-14.8. MXGP Finland motocross, KymiRing,

2.7. Padasjoki home-brewed beer market


21.8. Valtteri Bottas Duathlon running and

mountain biking, Pajulahti

21.8. Finlandia MTB mountain biking, Lahti

7.-9.7. Large beer, small brewery Lahti Harbour 22.-24.7. XIII medieval event at Hollola

parish village

27.-28.8. Nitro Rallycross KymiRing, Iitti

12.-13.8. Anianpelto 50th anniversary market Vääksy

3.9. Red Bull 400 uphill running, Sports

12.-14.8. Etelä-Päijänne crayfish event

17.9. Nordic Gravel Series – Falling Leaves

26.-28.8. Flavours Fair at Mukkula manor and

Centre, Lahti biking, Lahti


its surroundings TUE-SUN 11th of June – 7th of August 11 am – 5 pm Museum closed on Mondays.

Tickets 6/8 €


Camping Messilä offers everything you need for a great summer! • Restaurant services, terraces, food and drink • Events

Britannic Bold, C=0 M=75 Y=100 K=0 Koko Palvelutukku 100% Kolmio 75%

• Great beach with beach volley courts, a minigolf course, SUP boarding, water sports, mooring • Accommodation ranging from camper van/caravan places and tent places to stylish cabins Rantatie 5, 15980 Hollola tel. +358 3 876 290

Asikkalantie 6, 17200 Asikkala Tel. +358 40 869 7248

hollola medieval grey stone church

tel. 03 524 6600

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1. Kirpputori Kisälli

Shopping is always fun The Lahti region has plenty of wonderful boutiques, antique shops and second-hand shops for finds and furnishings. WANHA KAMMARI in the centre of Old Vääksy is full of carefully selected objects from the past. The selection includes textiles, jewellery, old-fashioned tableware, magazines, books and Finnish design from different eras. wanhakammari PUINE from Lahti makes beauty from wood. Jewellery, watches, calling cards and interior decoration products made from Finnish birch plywood are made in Lahti. FURNISHING TREASURES There are several interior decoration stores in the Lahti region that are

worth visiting, such as the legendary Lauran kauppa in Vääksy and Pian Makasiini in Hollola – all full of surprises. Lauran kauppa, Pian Makasiini 1 KIRPPUTORI KISÄLLI in Lahti is a slightly better flea market. The selection, which changes all the time, includes high-quality tableware, lamps, rugs and furniture.

FLORENCIA is more than just a flowershop. There is also carefully selected cookbooks, and Osmiam room fragrances.

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL! Petis St Louis is an elegant, relaxed lifestyle boutique along the shopping street of Lahti, Rautatienkatu. The shop offers stylish high-class women’s fashion, perfumes, interior decoration items and other speciality products. MARIMARI sells fashion from all over the world, MariMari Collection clothes designed and made in Lahti and lifestyle products, such as art, jewellery, bags and ecological detergents. SECOND HAND LAHTI SHOP offers the best of recycled culture. It’s a fresh, beautiful and modern second hand shop where you can find clothes, accessories, second hand treasures and small utility articles. LINTAN KAMMARI in Sysmä is located in a dairy that is more than a 100 years old. You'll find handmade clothes and accessories, as well as a seasonal selection of interior decoration products and gifts. 2 The MUSEUM STORE IN MALSKI offers unique goods, such as replicas of classic posters and products illustrated with art pieces.

What do interior decoration shop ZOOM DESIGN, the French village shop RANSKALAINEN KYLÄKAUPPA, teakhouse and café ELVI’S and interior decoration CLOTHING STORE KARDIS have in common? They are all located in the idyllic Old Vääksy. www.vanhavaaksy.f

2. Museum Store


In Lahti, TOPDEI sells stylish and individual fashion from Italy. In addition to clothing, you will find shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories to match your style. ■ Unique local souvenirs

Interior decoration and lifestyle store Sisustusja Lifestylemyymälä Asikkalantie2, 2, Vääksy Vääksy Asikkalantie

If you are looking for a unique gift or local and environmentally friendly products, you should stop by at the Museum Store in Malski.



- enjoy a pleasant summer day

Test the new Pumptrack in Laidunpuisto park and take a swim at Kalmarinranta Beach!

Free evening concerts in the Canal area every Friday between 3 June and 29 July 2022 The Hyvin soi! festival brings music and well-being to Asikkala between 9 and 12 July 2022

We welcome you to spend a summer day in the Canal region. Enjoy the experience park for children, the wild zipline and many other services in the canal region. The lovely deck chairs are the novelty of this summer. Cafés, museums, shopping opportunities and other sites at a walking distance.


You can get Finland’s most popular boat brands from us




Fri Sun

Sibeliuksenkatu 6 B, 15110 LAHTI tel. 0207600142


Vesijärvenkatu 11, Lahti tel. +358 44 7617644

Lahden Bike Marine Oy Laatukatu 2 +358 3 751 2203 15680 LAHTI


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Cottage, Manor or Boutique Hotel? The Lahti region has options for all tastes.

VIRTAA MANOR in Sysmä offers manor accommodation for groups and cottage accommodation in a beautiful cultural and historical milieu.

Cottage, caravan and granary accommodation is available in the VIDNÄS MANOR area in Heinola on the shore of Lake Ala-Rieveli.

TERVALEPIKON TORPAT The rental cottages on the shore of a lake in the peaceful countryside are just a ten-minute ride from the closest store.

At IKE’S COTTAGES you can enjoy cottage life, the nature and silence. All cottages are located on the shore of a lake. The cottages feature a sauna, a rowing boat and firewood. Pets are welcome.

is an idyllic farmstead on the shores of Lake Päijänne. Built in the 1920s, this farmstead offers personalised accommodation in cabins and in the main building. Guests have access to a wood-fire sauna, the sauna beach is a shallow sand beach, and it is also possible to use a rowboat.

The ILOLA INN boutique hotel provides accommodation in suites or rooms for two with a view of Lake Päijänne. The outdoor Infinity Pool, which is open all year round, the sauna and the high-quality cuisine top off the experience. Guest harbour of the year 2022.

Located on the shore of Lake Ruotsalainen close to downtown Heinola, LOMARASTI has three highclass villas. Each of them have a private beach and sauna.

The ALATALO HOLIDAY COTTAGES, located in the peaceful countryside, are well equipped and stylishly decorated. Each cottage has its own beach, pier and rowing boat.

YLI-KAITALA has several cottages of different styles from traditional holiday cottages to holiday homes with a jacuzzi. Each cottage has its own beach, pier and rowboat with life jackets.

The PÄTIÄLÄ MANOR idyllic log cabins are located on the shore of the clear Lake Päijänne. There is plenty of space between the cosy cabins, and each cottage has a beach of its own with privacy guaranteed. Pätiälä Manor Holiday Cabins

MUKKULA MANOR is a unique and sophisticated design manor hotel on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti. The hotel features 17 rooms, three conference rooms, a restaurant and a beach sauna.

The VÄÄKSY PHARMACY ACCOMMODATION is located in the heart of the idyllic Wanha Vääksy old town. The guest rooms in the main building has been decorated in an old-fashioned style.


Lahti City

An affordable apartment hotel in the Lahti city centre! More info: Reservations:, tel. +358 20 198 3420 or

Taidokkaasti Finnish arts & crafts kotimaista käsityötä Avoinna Open daily päivittäin from 10klo AM10–19 to 7 PM Satamakatu Satamakatu 9, 9, Lahti Lahti

Treats by the lake daily from 9 am to 8 pm Café Kariranta Lahti Passenger Harbour Satamakatu 9 Lahti

44 | #visitlahti | GUIDE SUMMER 2022

Lahti in figures

120 000 residents in Lahti


kilometres of outdoor exercising routes


swimming beaches

Photo Tuomas Uusheimo / Lahden kaupunki


Lahti Lahti attracts visitors with its vibrant urban life and natural surroundings. Make your holiday a combination of exercise, nature and good food. The events on the Market Square and the shopping opportunities in downtown Lahti invite you to the pulse of the city. Also stop by Malski and check out the new Museum of Visual Arts Malva.

You can continue your summer day at the passenger harbour, which you can easily reach on foot or by using a Mankeli city bike. On the shore of lake Vesijärvi, you can spend a relaxing day, enjoy the services of the passenger harbour and continue your journey to the outdoor swimming pool located at the foot of the ski jumps at the sports centre. ■

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

Lanu Park 30 years. There are 12 huge pieces of concrete environmental art by sculptor Olavi Lanu (1925–2015) on Kariniemenmäki hill near lake Vesijärvi. From the Lanu Park, you can head to the beautiful Lahti passenger harbour or for a walk along the shores of Vesijärvi.



Water organ The musical fountain at lake Pikku-Vesijärvi will delight you with its music and dancing water jets. Performances daily at 1 pm and 6 pm, starting from June 4th.

Lehmusreitti route The park path circling downtown Lahti travels around the local forests around two kilometres from the market square. It also goes through the Lanu Park. The approximately 13-kilometre route has been marked in the terrain with green linden leave markings on trees.


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Asikkala in figures

90 lakes




kilometres of shoreline

From Vääksy, you can take the most beautiful scenic road in Finland to the breathtakingly beautiful Pulkkilanharju esker. From the parking lot of the Karisalmi bridge, you can head to a signposted nature trail in Päijänne National Park.


Asikkala Asikkala is known for the Vääksy Canal, which radiates the villa history of the days of yore, and the idyllic old Vääksy. The municipality is located at a junction between lakes Vesijärvi and Päijänne. The Vääksy Canal is a gate between the two waterways and the most famous tourist attraction in Asikkala. The canal area is a picturesque cultural environment well worth visiting.

This year is dedicated to the waterways in Asikkala, which is fitting, as almost a quarter of the municipality's surface area is covered by water. The Veden maailma (“World of Water”) event for the whole family takes place in Asikkala on 11 June. The programme ranges from expert lectures on the protection and management of waterways to a fair and quick exams on the state of Finnish waterways. ■

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

A new pumptrack in Asikkala is free for everyone to use. You can come to the track with a bike of any size, a trick bike or roller skates.



Sweet sounds Kanavan iltasoitto (“Canal Evening Music”) is an atmospheric free concert series held in the beautiful surroundings of the Vääksy Canal every Friday at 6 pm from 3 June to 29 July 2022.

Potions, roots The exhibition at the Danielson-Kalmari villa is about the longing for a connection. Visual artists Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko have created a touching exhibition of drawings, paintings and rivet art. The exhibition is open to the public from 19 June to 7 August 2022.


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Hartola in figures


years of history


Km of Tainionvirta river


golf course

Unique Kuninkaanpolku


Hartola The Kingdom of Hartola offers a wide range of experiences, adventures and activities. Would you like to experience the mysterious outdoor escape game Mitä tapahtui Laura Malmille (“What happened to Laura Malmi”)? How about relaxing on the banks of the Tainionvirta river, dancing at Sahtikrouvi, fishing in the Tainionvirta river or

golfing on the magnificent fairways of Hartola Golf ? The Koskipää area close to a windmill with its Itä-Häme Museum and the fine art exhibitions of Taidesalonki Talvio are worth a visit. You can use your Museum Card at these destinations. And don’t forget the Hartola fair! ■

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |


Trolling and fly fishing The Tainionvirta river with its seven rapids is one of the best-known trout fishing rivers in southern Finland. The fishing season is at its best from early spring to late autumn.


Connecting routes The Kuninkaanpolku (“King’s Path”) route system connects several interesting tourist sites along the Tainionvirta river. Whether you are moving on foot or on a mountain bike, for example, you will see a wonderful combination of nature and culture. Take the GLOPAS voice guide service with you


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Heinola in figures

~ 20 000 residents

1 188 boat berths


brick-and-mortar shops in the city centre

Heinola has almost 1000 km of shoreline.


Heinola Heinola surprises tourists with its plentiful and varied offering. In addition to an active holiday, you can come to Heinola to relax, eat delicious food and shop: Heinola is a town by the lake, close to the actual wilderness and excellent hiking routes. Skiing routes, waterways and forests are all close by.

Heinola has almost 1,000 kilometres of shoreline. The unique nature with its clean waterways and gravel ridges and eskers is an inseparable part of the life of people in Heinola, regardless of the season. You can relax or have an active holiday, eat local delicacies and shop. ■

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

Kylpylän uimaranta beach by Kymijoki river is an oasis in the middle of town. The beach is equipped with dressing rooms, showers and toilets, as well as a playground and a beach volley court. The Rantakylpylä sauna is available for renting.


Heinola is easy to reach The highway will quickly get you there for a day or two, or to stay forever.


140 opportunities Sights worth seeing in Heinola include the historical milieu, areas with wooden houses, the local café culture, the Heinola Bird Sanctuary, the ridge scenery and Vierumäki sports and leisure centre, which offers more than 140 opportunities to do sports.


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Hollola in figures


kilometres of marked hiking routes


nature conservation areas


places to light a fire

A gateway to nature. At many of the nature sites, you will find a gateway to a magnificent view. Spot them all! #manynatures Photos by Taneli Paavoseppä.


Hollola Hollola’s enchanting nature is diverse. Trails, fields, paths, beaches and slopes – these are the best features of the Finnish summer and the best features of Hollola. The varied landscape, the forests with their kettle holes and the fragrant marshes invite you to exercise and unwind. Choose your favourite activ-

ity, pack your backpack and head off to an adventure! Get out on the water, orienteer, try Nordic walking, cycle cross-country or on the road, run to get your heart rate up or go for a leisurely hike. Hollola’s many opportunities and many natural spaces are waiting for you. ■

GUIDE SUMMER 2022 | #visitlahti |

Breaks are much needed when you’re on the move, and a picnic lunch is one of the highlights of a hiking trip.



Journey to the Middle Ages The Medieval Society in Hollola arranges a middle age event on 22–24 July in the surroundings of the Hollola parish village and the medieval stone church.

Irresistible nature Hollola’s unique nature trails and numerous lean-tos and places to light a fire invite you to enjoy the Finnish nature. The trails and paths will take you from the top of the Tiirismaa hill down to the shores of the lakes. Pause along the way to admire the beautiful scenery, listen to the lapping of the waves or smell the scent of the spruces. Stop, have a break and enjoy!


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Iitti in figures


bird watching towers




kilometres of hiking routes

Rural attractions and historical sites offer something for the whole family.


Iitti Iitti is a charming rural municipality in between Lahti and Kouvola. Iitti is suitably close by, whether you are coming by car, by train or by boat via Kimola Canal. You will not get bored in Iitti. The beautiful nature with its plentiful waterways offers activities

for the whole family, both on land and on water. Explore the new Eerolantie sports park, visit idyllic rural attractions or go on nature trips. The varied terrain, far-reaching views and marked hiking routes offer nature experiences for both experienced and novice hikers all year round. ■

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Eerola sports park offers play and exercise for people of all ages. The sports park has a play area and an Iitti Castle for children, a Dash Parkour area for young people and adults, as well as running tracks and an exercising area for exercise and warmup. The park is located at Eerolantie 7, FI-47400 Iitti, Finland.



Fire up your picnic Enjoying a picnic lunch at a lean-to and lighting a fire in the wild is the highlight of any trip. The lean-tos are easily accessible from the nature trails.

Local History Museum The Iitti Local History Museum, located on the church hill at the Iitti parish village, offers plenty to see and do for the whole family. The museum’s permanent exhibition mainly showcases farm objects, agricultural tools, household appliances and interior decoration from the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Museotie 8, FI-47520 Iitti, Finland


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Padasjoki in figures


village associations




official swimming beaches

Kalainsaari sauna


Padasjoki New accessible nature trails and paths will be opened in the spring near the centre of the municipality of Padasjoki. There will be new picnic areas and a new lean-to along the routes. You can join the Luukonhaka and Suotarinne trails from the Päijänne-Ilves trail, which also has new signposting. The Päijänne National Park island near

the Kalainsaari harbour has also been renovated and will open for tourists this year. The Kalainsaari cottage and sauna can be rented for short periods of time in the summer for recreational use. At the harbour info point, you will find supplies and tips for spending summer days in Padasjoki. ■

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Rent a bike and explore the municipality’s new nature trails and routes.



164 steps Lighted exercising stairs were completed at the Kullasvuori sports area in Padasjoki last spring. The exercising stairs have 164 steps.

Rent a bike and get out into nature Padasjoki offers an excellent setting for mountain biking. You should check out Tarus and Evo, among others – there are dozens of kilometres to cover. If you don’t have your own bike with you, you can rent a 7-speed fat bike from Padasjoen latu outdoor association.


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4,000 holiday homes


kilometres of shoreline


medieval stone church

In addition to the BikePolku, there is a new 71 km Vellamo cycling trail in the area, surrounded by the rural landscapes and local services.


Sysmä A new off-road route, BikePolku, is being built in the Päijätsalo area. Päijätsalo, located close to the Päijänne National Park, is one of the official sites of the Salpausselkä Geopark. The terrain in Päijätsalo is challenging, but BikePolku has been designed as a beginner-friendly mountain bike route, so you can enjoy nature while cycling. People naturally

cycled in Päijätsalo before BikePolku too, but due to the rocky terrain and differences in altitude, it has not been a very popular mountain bike destination. The BikePolku project is being managed by the Sysmän Sisu sports club together with the municipality of Sysmä. The approximately 6 km circle route will be opened by the end of June 2022 ■

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Music Festival Sysmän Suvisoitto This summer, for the 37th time, you will hear a wide variety of Finnish music and music loved by Finns in Sysmä. Sysmän Suvisoitto 2–9 July 2022.

Legendary Uotinpäivät Festival Since 1963, Sysmä has hosted Uotinpäivät with home-brewed beer saloons and outdoor dancing on the last Saturday in July. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday in the local spirit.


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At our Visitor Centre you can discover how Jaffa is made and how Lahti Erikoinen beer is brewed. Take a relaxing and refreshing tour, see the Hartwall brewery and hear fascinating stories related to it – all while tasting our soft drinks.

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