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Winter event tips

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Local restaurants and cafés


W W W. PA I M E L A N R A N C H . F I

Brewery shop & visitor centre Have you ever wondered how Hartwall Jaffa soft drink is made or how Lahden Erikois beer is brewed? You can find out by visiting us! In addition to our refreshing drinks, the brewery shop offers fan products from long drink quilts to Jaffa posters.

The brewery shop is open: Tue-Fri from noon to 6 pm

Kasaajankatu 13 FI-15520 Lahti Finland

Book a visit: hartwall.fi/vierailu

Contact us: vierailukeskus@hartwall.fi


Lively & green Lahti region

GUIDE 2019–2020 GUIDE is published twice a year, in May and in November Published by Lahti Region Oy /  Viestintätoimisto Mageena Publisher Viestintätoimisto Mageena  Vesijärvenkatu 38, 15140 Lahti, tel. +358 (0)440 711 722 www.mageena.fi Editor Sane Keskiaho Viestintätoimisto Mageena  sane.keskiaho@mageena.fi Design & Production Viestintätoimisto Mageena Printing Kroonpress Circulation 9 000 pcs Cover photo Vessi Hämäläinen All rights reserved.

Lahti region is a province of ridges, lakes, fields and four seasons. Our winters are snowy and summers beautiful. Here, you can have an environmentally friendly holiday enjoying local food, tasting wines made by local farms, having a cup of coffee made close by and purchasing local produce from the marketplace. The Lahti region is well-known for its excellent outdoor exercising opportunities. We have wonderful hiking, biking and canoeing routes, lakes full of fish, the Päijänne National Park and forests full of mushroom and berries. When winter comes, it’s time to find your skis and tour skates, and go to the skiing tracks or ice, or the slopes in Messilä or Purnu to enjoy the fascination of speed and snow. Are you in the mood for yoga, tennis or something completely new, like padel? In addition to sports centres Pajulahti and Vierumäki, the region offers several yoga halls, climbing, tennis and squash centres, badminton, fustra – almost anything. The lively cultural life of the Lahti region and the region’s nature with its ridges and lakes make it a unique tourist attraction all year round. You can choose the vacation of your dreams – enjoy the quiet and beauty of nature, go to the theatre or a concert, try out the VellamoMenu or street food, sightsee, have a sporting holiday or shop. Or you can create a perfect combination of all of these. Welcome to the Lahti region to have the holiday of your dreams! Once here, you’ll be in no hurry to get anywhere.

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What, where, when?

Plenty to do indoors and outdoors





Restaurants, breweries, coffee shops

Exhibitions, museums, galleries and theatres!





Best shops, boutiques, shopping centres

Hotels, manors, cozy cottages...





Cosy Lahti Passenger Harbour

Read more about the local municipalities


Photo Vessi Hämäläinen.

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Centrally located service point ONE can obtain information about the Lahti region’s tourism and environmental issues. Maps, brochures and information on sports, outdoor and leisure activities in the area.

Visit Lahti Info, ground floor of Trio Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti Open Mon–Fri 10-17, Sat 9-16 Tel. +358 (0)207 281 760 info@lahtiregion.fi 13.1.2020 Lahti-Piste, second floor of Trio, Palvelutori Open Mon–Fri 9-18 Tel. +358 (0)3 814 2355 lahtipiste@lahti.fi




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TR ANSP OR T Travel Center

Tel. + 358 (0)601 100 01

General emergency number

Rautatienkatu 2 Bus station and the railway station are located at the Travel Center Tel. +358 (0)600 41 900


112 Lahti Police Departement

Esikuntakatu 4, Lahti Tel. + 358 (0)295 430 311 First Aid

Akuutti24 Keskussairaalankatu 7 Toll free emergency number 116 117 Päijät-Hämeen Central Hospital

Keskussairaalankatu 7 Tel. +358 (0)3 81 911

Bus station

Askonkatu 2 Mon–Fri 7–19 www.matkahuolto.fi Timetebles and prices Open 24/7 Tel. +358 200 4000 (€1.99/min + local network charge) Railway Station

Mannerheiminkatu 15 Mon–Sun 7–22 Tel. +358 600 41900 (1,99 €/ /min + local network charge)


Lahti Fair Ltd

Salpausselänkatu 7 info@lahdenmesssut.fi www.lahdenmessut.fi

BANKS Banks are open

Mon-Fri 10–16.30


1. Finlandia Skiing

Winter full of events The Lahti region is the centre of versatile winter events ranging from the Salpausselkä Ski Games and the Finlandia skiing event to the Festival of Ice and Light. LAHTI SPORTS AND FAIR CENTRE is the heart of the Salpausselkä Ski Games. This year, the Ski Games will be arranged in Lahti for the 95th time. The programme includes Saturday night’s team ski jumping competition and Sunday’s ski jumping competition in the largest ski jump Suurmäki, for example. In addition to the Ski Games, the sur-

roundings of the Sports and Fair Centre offer lighted skiing tracks and hiking routes. Centre. Salpausselkä Ski Games 28.2.–1.3.2020. MOONLIGHT SKI OR POSTIHIIHTO SKI?

During winter the traditional 7,5 km long Päijänne Moonlight Ski will be held under the

light of lanterns on the ice of Päijänne. March is the time for Päijänne Postihiihto, which includes a number of route options. www.padasjoki.fi

old vicarage will be open for everyone, with mulled wine, log buildings and other Christmassy things.

1 THE FINLANDIA SKIING Finlandia relay will be arranged on Saturday and Sunday; four people can share the 50 kilometres of cross-country skiing (on Saturday) or skate skiing (on Sunday).

In the CHRISTMAS VILLAGE you can experience all kinds of scents, colours and tastes of Christmas.

47th Finlandia Skiing 22.–23.2.2020.

THE CELEBRATION OF ICE AND LIGHT will bring international ice sculptors to Rantapuisto in Heinola to showcase their skills. You can admire the lighted ice sculptures throughout the weekend. Celebration of Ice and Light 21.–23.2.2020.

MARIA’S CHRISTMAS MARKET is situated in the beautiful setting of Hollola Church. The 150-year-

Christmas Market 7.–8.12.

Lahti Market Square, Christmas village 14–22.12.

LAHTI ICE MARKET is a skating rink free of charge. The ice rink of approximately the same size as a full-size ice hockey rink will be available at the Lahti Market Square from November to March. HARTOLA CHRISTMAS TREK is an atmospheric event for the entire family. You can engage in a variety of festive activities along the route. Christmas Trek 20.12.


www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

MORE EVENTS menoinfo.fi, kokolahti.fi, sinfonialahti.fi, lahdenkaupunginteatteri.fi



15–16 Nov

17–19 Jan

XXL Mössö music event

Lahti Hall 21 Nov

Raskasta Joulua heavy Christmas music concert

18–19 Jan

Lahti Hall 23 Nov

Lahti holiday season opening Hanaa Expo car sports trade fair

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 30 Nov

Holiday season opening

Hollola Market Square 30 Nov

Kausala holiday season opening

Kausala, Iitti 30 Nov

Old Vääksy and Vääksy business centre holiday season opening

Vääksy, Asikkala 30 Nov

Christmas path

Sysmä 30 Nov

Sibelius Hall’s Christmas party

Sibelius Hall 30 Nov – 12 Dec

Christmas play Pormestarin uudet vaatteet (“The Mayor’s New Clothes”)

Lahti City Hall courtyard


Päijät-Häme Sports Club’s Land of Christmas

Lahti Sports Centre 5 Dec

Matti and Teppo – last concert tour

Lahti Hall 7 Dec

Keinuhonka’s Christmas fair

Padasjoki 7 Dec

Christmas village in Kalkkinen

Asikkala 7–8 Dec

Hollola Parish Village

Isku Areena, Lahti 14 Dec

Hartola Christmas fair

Jokiranta in Hartola 14 Dec

Traditional Christmas fair of sports club Kuusysi

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 14–22 Dec

Lahti Christmas Village

Lahti Market Square 17 Dec

22 Jan Recruitment and networking event DuuniExpo

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 24–26 Jan

Christmas performance of figure skating club Lahden Taitoluistelijat ry

Isku Areena, Lahti

Anime convention Desucon Frostbite

Sibelius Hall, Lahti 25 Jan – 9 Feb

Lahti Children’s Winter Festival

Several locations

FEBRUARY 15 Feb Hollolan kuntasessarit snowboarding event

Hollola Market Square 21–23 Feb

Festival of Ice and Light

Rantapuisto Park, Heinola 22–23 Feb

Finlandia skiing event

Lahti Sports Centre, Lahti and Hollola 28 Feb – 1 Mar

Salpausselkä Ski Games

Lahti Sports Centre

MARCH 13–15 Mar

Raksa 2020 construction trade fair

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 14–15

March Solo Skating Finnish Championships 2020 for beginners, Gold Finale for debutants and Ice Dancing Finale for beginners

Isku Areena, Lahti 28–29 Mar

Lahti International Dog Show

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre

APRIL 4–5 Apr

Poodle Show

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 10–12 Apr

Junior Basketball Easter Tournament

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 24–26 Apr

Pihapiiri 2020 gardening trade fair

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre

Old-fashioned Christmas

WPK Talo, Heinola 14–15 Dec

Children’s Winter Olympics

Lahti Sports Centre

Maria’s Christmas Market

7–8 Dec Second elimination competition of the Finnish Synchronized Skating Championships

Dog show, working dog association Lahden Käyttökoira ry

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 19 Jan

Lahti Market Square 30 Nov

Pajulahti Games

Sports Centre Pajulahti, Lahti

MAY 2–3 May

Classic Motorshow

Lahti Sports and Fair Centre 9 May

Red Bull 400 Extreme Run

Lahti Sports Centre 22–23 May Horta2020

Messilä, Hollola

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

You can find a variety of edible plants in the wild in the Lahti region.

Completely wild! What should you pick and from where, how to cook with wild plants, how to preserve wild plants and what kind of health effects do plants have? These and many other questions will be answered at the world’s largest wild plant event Horta2020 in Hollola in May. The two-day event will be filled with opportunities to taste wild plants, lectures, workshops and product innovations. The event is meant for both people interested in wild plants and more experienced wild plant enthusiasts. Several trained wild plant instructors who lead wild herb walks and present wild plants will also attend the event. ■ Horta2020 at Messilä in Hollola 22–23 May 2020



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Move in the wild The ridges, lakes and forests in the Salpausselkä region form a unique area called Salpausselkä Geopark, for which the status of a UNESCO Global Geopark is being sought. You can enjoy the area snowshoeing, skiing or hiking.

One of the most stunning places is Pitkäjärvenvuori, a hill that rises to about 45 meters above Lake Pitkäjärvi. Various routes of different lengths in the area are marked on the trees with distinct colours.

There are SEVERAL LEAN-TOS in the Lahti region. You can ski or walk there to have a packed lunch or make soot pot coffee, if you like. The leantos are open to anyone who abides by the Finnish everyman’s rights. All those who use a lean-to must ensure that the surroundings stay clean.

UNDER THE SPELL OF ICE FISHING Vesijärvi and Päijänne are filled with fish, and it’s definitely worthwhile to try fishing even in winter. Ice fishing does not require a fishing licence.

TAINIONVIRTA is a river in southern Finland. It starts from Lake Jääsjärvi and empties into Lake Päijänne. You can fish in Tainionvirta River also at winter time.

PULKKILANHARJU is part of the Päijänne National Park. The signs along the 8 km route tell you about the nature, geology and history of the area. Harju is also a good place to watch birds.

Lovely KELVENNE in the Padasjoki municipality is one of the largest and nicest high islands of Finland. An 8 km long hiking trail runs through the island of Kelvenne and is indicated with blue marks. There are also several campfire sites.



You can sleep almost at every lean-to also in the wintertime. You will only need a decent sleeping bag and sleeping pad, and enough warm clothes. A night under the starry sky is an experience you will not forget.

There are magnificent ridge sections in the SALPAUSSELKÄ GEOPARK AREA. They were formed by the flowing water when the ice melted after the Ice Age. The area is not significant only because of what is above ground level, though. The groundwater bodies in the ridge area are important: more than one-fifth of all Finns drink water from the Salpausselkä Geopark. HAVE YOU TRIED SNOWSHOEING? It’s an excellent wintertime activity. When wearing snowshoes, you can choose your own route in the varied terrain of the Lahti region, or you can decide to explore all the routes. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

1. Linnaistensuo. Photo Niklas Rekola.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

1. Tracks made on the ice of lakes are available in late winter.

Step on skis and get going The Lahti region offers hundreds of kilometres of skiing routes for cross-country skiers, and two excellent downhill skiing centres for snowboarders and slalom skiers. Ice tracks further increase the size of the skiing track network.

1 The easily accessible tracks, which offer something for all abilities, can be found all around Lahti. The most demanding tracks start from LAHTI SPORTS CENTRE, with world cup-level tracks available, whilst tracks suitable for families can be found around TAPANILA SKI LODGE.

The area of the municipality of HOLLOLA FEATURES PLENTY OF OUTDOOR RECREATION PATHS. In the winter season, the area boasts ap-

proximately 80 km of tracks. The majority of the tracks in Hollola, such as those in the Heinsuo and Tiirismaa areas, are connected to the Salpausselkä track network. It is also possible to ski from Messilä to Lahti Sports Centre. PAJULAHTI SPORTS INSTITUTE, located in Nastola, Lahti, offers a network of outdoor recreation routes, with lit ski tracks in the winter. www.pajulahti.com.

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

VIERUMÄKI in Heinola offers keen skiers the chance to get their skis on earlier than elsewhere in southern Finland, thanks to its excellent snow cannon system. Lit tracks range from a three-kilometre track up to the 25-kilometer Ilvesreitti route. www.vierumaki.fi

THE TRACK ROUTES IN HEINOLA start from the harness racing course, and follow the connecting route along to the village tracks. The lit Ilvesreitti track takes skiers from Jyränkö to the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki. THE TRACK IN IITTI passes through the entirety of Iitti, from Mankala to Kausala, from where it continues around Lake Urajärvi to Lyöttilä. THE HARTOLA track can be reached on skis from the Ohrasaari outdoor recreation area, next to the village. Tracks can also be found on the golf course at Hartola Golf and Koskenniemi area.

In ASIKKALA, there are cross country skiing tracks for demanding connoisseurs as well as those skiing to keep fit. The tracks at the Vesivehmaa are smooth in terms of terrain variation. The track profile in Aurinkovuori is more challenging. A number of different routes start from PADASJOKI VILLAGE, to destinations such as Kulasvuori. There are also tracks in Saksala and Kirkkolampi. There are 1-3 kilometres lit tracks on THE ISLAND OF OHRASAARI, SYSMÄ, in the winter. When the ice condition permits, there is also an ice track encircling the island. 2 MESSILÄ is the largest and most popular skiing centre in southern Finland. You can try out slalom, telemark skiing, snowboarding and traditional cross-country skiing. www.messila.fi

SKIING CENTRE PURNU has five slopes, more than 300 beds, a skiing school, lighted skiing tracks, a caravan area and good food. www.purnu.com ■

2. Messilä


First snow! Many times, the region’s excellent snow cannon system ensures that you can ski already during the first subzero temperatures of the year. There are first snow tracks in Vierumäki and Lahti at the very least.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Salpausselkä Ski Games

Salpausselkä calling! The Salpausselkä Ski Games will bring sports enthusiasts to the Lahti Sports Centre in February. Lahti and Salpausselkä will be the stage when the world’s best athletes in cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined compete for World Cup points in the unique setting offered by the Salpausselkä ridge. The weekend will culminate in a firework display on Saturday evening. ■ Salpausselkä Ski Games 28.2.–1.3.2020 www.lahtiskigames.com

WELCOME TO MESSILÄ! Only a 10-minute drive from downtown Lahti 10 SLOPES ∙ ILLUMINATED SKI TRACKS 70 KM SKI SCHOOL ∙ SKIMAC RENTAL SHOP ∙ SLOPE AREA FOR KIDS ACCOMMODATION ∙ MEETING FACILITIES ∙ BISTRO WEEKEND BRUNCH IN MANOR ∙ OUTDOOR ACTIVITY COMPANIES Messilä Maailma Oy ∙ Messiläntie 308 ∙ 15980 MESSILÄ ∙ +358 3 860 11 ∙ messila@messila.fi ∙ www.messila.fi

lahtiguide1920ENG.indd 1

10.10.2019 11.41

t! a e s r u o y e v r e s e R

S E S S A P N O S A SE 199€ starting from

Please note:

All matches that have already been played will be deducted from the price of the season pass, so there’s nothing to stop you from buying one in the middle of the season! GENUINE. FROM LAHTI.


www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

1. Ladeo

Holiday destination for the entire family Your whole family will enjoy the Lahti region. There is plenty to do for small and older children, as well as for those embracing their child-like qualities, both indoors and outdoors.

There are several indoor playgrounds. LEOS LEIKKIMAA has climbing frames, a ball pit, tunnels, trampolines, bicycles, ball cannons and slides. HOPLOP is an activity and adventure park full of adventure labyrinths, trampolines, electric cars, and speedy slides. The jungle-inspired PAPU PARK

indoor playground has climbing and balancing activities, a digital wall game and a foam rubber pit, among other things. THE FAMILY PARK in Lahti is a place for the entire family, with experiences both outdoors and

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

indoors. The park includes slides, climbing equipment, a traffic town, cottages for hobbies and a fortress. Entrance free of charge. In Lahti at YOGAROCKS, you can try out how high you can climb a wall. There are several climbing walls for beginners and more skilled climbers at YogaRocks. www.yogarocks.fi 1 BOULDERING, SKATEBOARDING AND BMX LADEO has been divided for different sports: skate-

boarding ramps, a bouldering area and a training loft. You can ride a BMX bike or a scootboard in the hall, and there is a spectator’s gallery and cafeteria as well. www.ladeo.fi The eleven adventure tracks at VIERUMÄKI FLOWPARK have been built in trees. One of them

is a test track, two are for children (below 120 cm in height) and three are slides. The rest are top rope tracks that include swinging paths, jumping with vines and sliding along wire ropes, for example. The park is closed in winter. It opens for Easter and from 1st of May it is open normally. www.flowpark.fi At HEINOLA BIRD SANCTUARY you can study the life of Finnish birds. It’s difficult to see an owl in its natural habitat in the wild, but at the Bird Sanctuary, you can observe them all year round. The always lively parrots are constantly in need of someone to play and talk with. Our dancing girl, white cockatoo Kaija, loves to dance and will happily dance to the music of your choice if you play it from your phone. www.heinolanlintutarha.fi



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK BOWLING In Lahti, you can enjoy glow-in-the-dark bowling in the heart of the city, at Lahden Hohtokeila. All tracks are fitted with chutes, making bowling easier for children. www.hohtokeila.fi, www.lahdenkeilahalli.fi,

animation has offered a start to children’s holiday season with its story of dreams, friendship and the ultimate transience of everything beautiful. The movie’s theme, Walking in the Air, will be sung by Laulupuu choir. www.sibeliustalo.fi


There will be music, puppet theatre, dance, workshops, movies, theatre, exhibitions, and a lot of other things to see for the whole family. LAHTI CHILDREN´S WINTER CARNIVAL

RETRO GAMING ARCADE PINCADE There is an arcade full of real-life pinball machines and other arcade games from different decades in Lahti. How about a match of Donkey Kong or Ghostbusters? www.pincade.fi

Children´s Winter Carnival 25 Jan – 9 Feb 2020

A short safari for the entire family in Vierumäki where the smallest members of the family ride horses led by assistants and adults ride or walk along. There is no age limit for a mini safari. MINI SAFARI ON AN ICELANDIC HORSE .

Jump, bounce, play and do tricks! TRAMPOLIN PARK LAHTI is full of trampolines of all shapes and sizes. There is plenty to do here, for adults and kids alike. www.trampolinpark.fi ■


TREASURE ISLAND. You’re in for some storms, pirates, adventures and treasure hunting! The play is an interpretation by Mauri Kunnas of the classic novel. www.lahdenkaupunginteatteri.fi TYKKIMÄKI ACTIONPARK LAHTI 2.0 has been renewed. Come and experience the mega fun iWall, for example. The fun is now more affordable than before. From the VisitLahti Online Shop, you can buy a family ticket for 2 + 2 people at a super affordable price, starting at €30. www.visitlahti.fi/en/activities

At KOIRAKIKKA KENNEL in Heinola, you can see Siberian huskies, reindeer, foxes and other animals. You must book a visit beforehand.

2. Tykkimäki Actionpark



Enjoy the wintry forest on a FATBIKE with the entire family. Children’s 20” or 24” bikes available. You can also book a guided bike tour. www.kitetirri.johku.com

In December, you can watch a silent version of THE SNOWMAN at the Sibelius Hall, accompanied by Symphony Lahti. For the past 35 years, the

Let’s go to the Ski Museum! Who will jump the farthest? In our ski jump simulator, you can experience what it feels like to jump from a ski jump and find out whether you are able to reach the magical K point or even f ly beyond it.

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Event calendar for the entire family


21 Sep – 14 Dec

30 Nov – 15 Dec

19 Jan

AARRESAARI (“TREASURE ISLAND”) Lahti City Theatre www.lahdenkaupunginteatteri.fi

PORMESTARIN UUDET VAATTEET (“THE MAYOR’S NEW CLOTHES”) Lahti City Hall courtyard www.ainonpuistonteatteri.fi

CHILDREN’S WINTER OLYMPICS Lahti Sports Centre www.lahdenhiihtoseura.fi

1 Nov – 17 Nov

15 Dec

AIKAKAPSELI (“TIME CAPSULE”) SUPER Theatre, Lahti www.superteatteri.fi

23 Nov – 15 Dec NO ONKOS TULLUT KESÄ (“SUMMER IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER”) SUPER Threatre, Lahti www.superteatteri.fi

KUNTASESSARIT SNOWBOARDING EVENT Hollola Market Square www.hollola.fi

18 Dec SYMPHONY LAHTI: LUMIUKKO (“THE SNOWMAN”) MOVIE CONCERT Sibelius Hall, Lahti www.sibeliustalo.fi

25 Jan – 9 Feb CHILDREN’S WINTER FESTIVAL All around Lahti www.phlastenkulttuuri.fi

21–23 Feb FESTIVAL OF ICE AND LIGHT Rantapuisto Park, Heinola www.heinola.fi

28 Feb – 1 Mar CHILDREN’S WINTER DAYS Lahti Sports Centre www.lumilajitliikuttavat.fi/ lumipaivat



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Cycling is environmentally friendly.

More actions, less talk Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021. The city wants to do something concrete to promote sustainability. The entire city group, all the residents and local companies are committed to reach the environmental goals.The everyday life of the residents is made more fluent by the public transport system that produces the least emissions in the whole of Finland and new cycling routes.In the years to come, cycling, walking and public transport will be made attractive and rewarding with the help of personal emissions trading. Abandoning coal and embracing new energy solutions are major reforms to combat climate change. The city is on its way towards carbon neutrality and waste-free circular economy. ■ www.greenlahti.fi


FUN ACTIVITIES ALL YEAR ROUND at Sports Centre Pajulahti

Skiing and cabin life in Hartola!

Five slopes Vertical: 100m

Dog-friendly ski cabins! Tel. +358 (0)44 042 8232 Book your holiday at www.rantalanlomamokit.com

• Full-service happy holidays Corporate events and meetings Finland’s largest adventure park • Renewed lakeside saunas Inquiries and reservations: tel. +358 3 8855 200 asiakaspalvelu@pajulahti.com Pajulahdentie 167, Nastola



I know a place I love, a peaceful and wonderful place

Everything is fine.

hollola medieval grey stone church





Fall for Ii






Come and experience the joys of winter in the wonderful scenery of Iitti, enjoying delicacies made close by.

Rautatienkatu 13, Lahti. www.teatterivanhajuko.fi


Municipality of Iitti, Rautatienkatu 20-22 FI-47400 Kausala Phone exchange +358 20 615 9600 Tourism +358 40 4833 995

Open during the winter season on Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Guide service available. Church service every Sunday at 10am.

Rantatie 917, Hollolan kirkonkylä www.hollolanseurakunta.fi



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Food with love Local food, truffles from Finland, artisanal ice cream, famous Bull Burgers and plenty of other delicacies.

THE BEST BURGERS At Bus Burger, you can have a hamburger and Bus Gelato ice cream in an old school bus. The Bus Burgers are in Hollola. www.busburger.fi

In IITTI FARM MARKET you can make local food purchases while enjoying a cup of coffee and delicatessen delicacies. www.iitinmaatilatori.fi THE NATIONAL ROMANTIC RESTAURANT

Hollolan vanha kunnantupa is located in Hollola’s Cultural History. An intimate lunch restaurant is open all year round. Rantatie 918 You can find wild truffle and mushroom treats from Lahti at the CAFÉ TRYFFDELI. While tasting truffle products, it’s a good idea to also have a cup of coffee or some lunch soup. www.tryffdeli.fi CAFÉ OSKARI serves rich coffee and delicious baked goods, also for many special diets. At lunchtime the café serves organic soups by Mea Manna. www.kahvilaoskari.fi

RESTAURANT JALMAR in Asikkala serves genuine home-cooked meals made from excellent raw materials. www.jalmar.fi KUJA is a unique downtown restaurant in between the two main streets of Lahti, Aleksanterinkatu and Vapaudenkatu. The menu is street food with a local twist. kujalahti

HEILA IN HEINOLA is a grocery store, café and restaurant of more than 250 small local farmers. The delicacies served in the café and restaurant are made from the high-quality produce of the local farmers. www.heilan.fi KUSMIKU STREET FOOD & BAR in Heinola offers street food and a pleasant atmosphere. The burger menu also includes vegan alternatives. www.kusmiku.com

KAARLO SOCIAL at the old bus station in Lahti offers lunch and à la carte dishes meant to be shared. Kaarlo Social BISTRO POPOT is a combination of a wine bar, a relaxed restaurant and good food. The topclass wine selection focuses on reasonably priced, carefully selected wines that are sold by the glass. www.bistropopot.fi

The café-restaurant at KEINUHONKA FARM in Auttoinen, Padasjoki, will be serving up favourites such as its famous Sonniburgerit (bull burgers). At the market in the barn, visitors will be able to purchase the farm’s own meat products, organic foods and other local products. www.keinuhonka.fi 1 ECOLOGICAL CAFÉ MEAMANNA is the only restaurant in Lahti that uses organic raw materials. The MeaManna in the Lahti City Library also offers lunch. Ekokahvila MeaManna ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

p.68 Restaurants, cafés, bars & nightclubs

1. Ecological Café MeaManna



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

1. Brewery Kanavan panimo

Microbreweries and microroasteries The Lahti region is full of genuine tastes and wonderful innovations that deserve a second look. Beers, wines, ciders and home-brewed beers made by the local small breweries.

FARMBREWERY HOLLOLAN HIRVI makes its famous Kivisahti home-brewed beer plus an additional twelve different beers. Its most popular beers include a Scottish-style ale that tastes strongly of hops and juniper, and a pilsner called PeuraPils that has been made from organic barley malt. www.hollolanhirvi.fi

VINEYARD PIHAMAA makes wines from the farm’s own berries, while Pihamaa Brewery fo-

cuses on making beer and cider. All the grains used in the manufacturing processes are from Finland, some of them from the farm’s own fields. www.viini-pihamaa.fi 1 Brewery KANAVAN PANIMO in Asikkala makes beer using local ingredients: the malts come from Viking Malt in Lahti and rolled oats by Vääksy Mill are used to flavour the pilsner. Sulku Pils, Unto Porter and Toivo Red Ale

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

are the first beers made by Kanavan Panimo. www.kanavanpanimo.fi

AINOA WINERY is a berry wine farm located in Miekkiö, Hollola. The wines are made from Finnish wild berries, such as bilberry, lingonberry and cloudberry. The selection also includes beetroot wine, which is excellent with blue cheese. www.ainoawinery.com TEERENPELI BREWERY & DISTILLERY has been making unique bottom and top fermentation yeast beers and ciders seasoned with actual berries for more than 25 years. The selection includes seasonal beers and ciders as well as products made all year round, and award-winning whiskey. www.teerenpeli.com 2 Coffee roastery KAHIWA COFFEE strives to buy raw coffee straight from coffee farmers to make sure that a fair compensation for work and coffee ends up at the right address. You can have a cup of Kahiwa in Apulandia museum for instance.


CAFFI COFFEES have helped to win Finnish champion titles as well as compete successfully at the Barista World Championships. The roastery roasts coffee beans by hand using the slow-roasting method. www.caffi.fi WILSON COFFEE is made from the world’s best Kenyan 100% Arabica coffee beans. www.wilsoncoffee.fi

TEELETTI in Lahti is full of feeling. In addition to

2. Kahiwa Coffee Roasters


an extensive selection of teas, the shop sells local coffee made by Bean&Burner. Teekauppa Teeletti

Microbrewery shop HILPEÄ at Heinolan Heila offers a large selection of products from small Finnish breweries. Definitely worth a stop! www.heilan.fi

When you pop in for a cup of coffee, ask whether the café has any fresh roasted local coffee.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

You can drink water straight from the tap.

Best tap water in the world The water in Lahti region is uniqe. Finnish tap water has been called the best in the world and water filtered through the Salpausselkä ridge can be described as the purest in the entire country. In Lahti region you don’t have to buy bottled water, since you can drink water straight from the tap, or order a jug of tap water in a restaurant and have a taste of the world’s best drinking water. ■

the Delicious moments in kos restaurant world of So CAFÉ • LUNCH • À LA


Restaurant of the year 2016 Rautatienkatu 7, 15100 Lahti Tel. +358 (0)10 279 2930

Cosy bistro in the centre of Lahti

Aleksanterinkatu 19-21 • 15110 Lahti We also have a Hesburger

Rautatienkatu 26 15110 Lahti Rautatienkatu 26, Lahti 279279 2935 Tel.Puh. +358010 (0)10 2935 popot@bistropopot.fi

Viking restaurant Harald The Viking milieu at Harald takes you and your friends to the age of the Vikings, where food and drink are the centrepiece of the feast. Gastronomes are welcome to be served at our tables — by the boatload, if necessary! We offer all kinds of treats, from small delicacies to deserts — experiences available for the seeker of quick thrills or a larger feast for the seasoned hunter. Our menu caters to the friends of game, fish and vegetarian dishes. Our specialties are dishes served on a sword or a wooden shield in accordance with the Viking spirit. In addition, you can fill your goblet with aromatic wines and exotic beers.

Viking Restaurant Harald Vesijärvenkatu 24, 15140 Lahti Tel. +358 44 766 8400

Open daily. Check out our opening hours from:


PALVELUTUKKU KOLMIO OY LOCAL, GUARANTEED CHOICE WHEN YOU ACQUIRE YOUR INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN FROM US, YOU WILL GET THE FOLLOWING: • High delivery reliability • Affordable prices and high-quality products • Actually local products • Unique products instead of chain ones • Personal service and your own salesperson who will be available at all times


CONTACT Erkki Leppänen +358 40 860 0728 erkki.leppanen@palvelutukkukolmio.fi

Britannic Bold, C=0 M=75 Y=100 K=0 Koko Palvelutukku 100% Kolmio 75%

TEX-MEX RESTAURANT RAVINTOLA Open: Mon-Thu 11–22, Fri 11–23, Sat 12–23, Sun 12–22

Hämeenkatu 21, 15110 Lahti Tel. +358 (0)3 721 2122 www.torostexmex.com

Lunch and meeting restaurant, also available for private parties VOITTO Salpausselänkatu 8, Lahti Sports Centre, FI-15110 Lahti voitto@fazer.fi www.fazer.fi/voitto Tel. 03 783 1183


Ms Kristiina Laitinen Parinpellontie 19, FI-16710 Hollola tel. +358 (0)3 7881 506 www.kunnantupa.fi



Fri Sun


Vapaudenkatu 10 15110 Lahti www.mammamaria.fi Sibeliuksenkatu 6 B, 15110 LAHTI kivi@juvenes.fi tel. 0207600142 www.juvenes.com/kivi

Like us on

PLENTIFUL BUFFET FULL OF DELICACIES EVERY DAY LOKKI We also offer: A la carte list Pizza Tour skate rental Sauna rental There are a maintained skating rink and a long skating route in front of Lokki! R AV I N T O L A

TEIVAAN LOKKI Jalkarannantie 19, Lahti

Tel. +358 3 781 0220 info@ravintolalokki.fi www.ravintolalokki.fi


You will only know if you visit us. Fresh bread, pastries, coffee from a small roasting plant and delicacies for special occasions! Welcome!


Mouth-watering delicacies & beautiful scenery


afe Kariranta serves customers in the old but beautifully restored station building at Lahti Passenger Harbour all year round. Cafe Kariranta is one of the most intimate cafes in Lahti. The hostesses offer fresh savoury and sweet pastries baked onsite. Cafe Kariranta's famous cinnamon buns are guaranteed to be the largest in Lahti – not to mention delicious cheese croissants! At the cozy cafe there are approximately 50 seats. In the summertime the space expands as the the terrace facing lake Vesijärvi opens.

Cafe Kariranta Satamakatu 9 | Tel. (+3583) 751 1763 | Open in Summer 9–20, in Winter 9–18 | www.kariranta.fi

Come and enjoy the seasonal delicacies of our bistro next to the Sibelius Hall, on the shore of the sparkling Lake Vesijärvi. Before or after a concert, or just for the fun of it.

Restaurant Casseli Borupinraitti 4 Tel. 010 422 5952 ravintolacasseli@casseliravintolat.fi Sales service Tel. 010 422 5950 myyntipalvelu@casseliravintolat.fi www.casseliravintolat.fi

Good taste, best atmosphere

The hundred-year-old Wanha Walimo (“The Ye Olde Foundry”) offers easy lunch and evening parties full of feeling. Just the way you want.

Casseli Restaurant at Wanha Walimo Vesijärvenkatu 25 Tel. 010 422 5962 walimoncasseli@casseliravintolat.fi Sales service Tel. 010 422 5950 myyntipalvelu@casseliravintolat.fi www.casseliravintolat.fi


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p.73 Museums & Galleries

1. The Lahti Symphony Orchestra

Culture The lively cultural life of the Lahti region is full of wonderful theatrical performances, unforgettable concerts and memorable exhibitions in museums and galleries. The exhibition at the RADIO AND TV MUSEUM MASTOLA is an overview of Finnish programme production. You can watch and listen popular programmes from the past decades, and see what kind of media equipment people have had in their homes at various times. At Mastola’s own ChromaKey studio, you can make your own news broadcast. www.lahdenmuseot.fi THEATRE VANHA JUKO is a professional freelance theatre operating in a former cinema. This theatre is like a cosy living room for the people of Lahti, who can come and enjoy the high-quality performances and evening programmes. www.teatterivanhajuko.fi

THE SPIRIT OF SKIING sheds light on the history of skiing. It is an overview of Lahti’s competition history, stages of ski jumping, perspectives on biathlon, as well as the history and modern era of downhill skiing. www.lahdenmuseot.fi GALLERY UUSI KIPINÄ displays modern art at exhibitions that change every three weeks. You find the list of exhibitions. www.galleriauusikipina.net FINNISH ROCK AT FINLANDIA CLUB The hugely popular rock club of Sibelius Hall is arranged in the old Carpenter’s Hall. Finlandia Club is a stage for all the hottest Finnish rock stars.

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

MUSEOKIOSKI (MUSEUM KIOSK) is a pop-up venue in the middle of Lahti. Museokioski introduces exhibitions of the Historical Museum, the Art Museum and the Poster Museum, which are currently under renovation or construction. There is a museum shop. 1 THE LAHTI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA has been awarded several international awards, and offers great classical music experiences each year. The orchestra’s International Sibelius Festival annually gathers friends of Finland’s national composer at Sibe­lius Hall.

www.sinfonialahti.fi 2 APULANDIA in Hennala showcases the history of the band Apulanta from its early days to the present. You can see fan mail and backstage passes from a variety of festivals, for example. Apulandia

KULTTUURIQ in Iitti in February is an extensive selection of events from floorball matches and theatrical performances to choir concerts and art exhibitions. www.taideiitti.fi EASTERN HÄME MUSEUM offers manor culture, traditional objects, rooms in honour of authors Maila Talvio and Mika Waltari, as well as poet Uuno Kailas, a chimneyless hut and an agriculture museum. www.ihmuseo.fi

HEINOLA ART MUSEUM is located in an Empire style building built for merchant Alexander Toropoff (1790–1852) in 1830. The museum’s permanent exhibition consists of the library of Minister P.J. Hynninen Art Foundation. There are also changing exhibitions all year round. www.heinola.fi

2. Apulandia


AINO S – RAKKAUDESTA MIEHEEN (“For the Love of a Man”) is a depiction of the life of Aino Sibelius alongside her composer husband Jean Sibelius. www.mojotuotanto.fi

is a gallery lounge with changing exhibitions from a variety of artists in the foyer of Theatre Vanha Juko. Mirella Salo’s oil and acrylic paintings are inspired by sexuality, sex and related taboos. Mirella Salo 11.9.–18.12. ■ JUKOART

Lihamuki (“Meat Mug”) from Lahti is exactly what it says: meat in a mug with sauce on top. You can buy a Meat Mug at any respectable steakhouse in Lahti.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Musical Nunnia ja Konnia (“Sister Act”)

Theatre This winter, Lahti City Theatre offers versatile high-quality entertainment ranging from a feelgood musical to powerful drama. THE MUSICAL NUNNIA JA KONNIA (“SISTER ACT”) IS A COMBI-

nation of perky humour and captivating music. The stage is filled with love when Deloris Van Cartier and the nuns let it rip. FLORIAN ZELLER’S HIT PLAY ISÄ (“THE FATHER”) IS A TOUCHING

play about the transience of everything. It’s the story of André, who is slowly becoming demented, and his daughter Anne. NELJÄNTIENRISTEYS (“THE CROSSING OF FOUR ROADS”) IS

about strength, weakness, deviance and shame. It’s the story of four generations from chimneyless huts to the welfare state Finland. ■ www.lahdenkaupunginteatteri.fi

Soile Yli-Mäyry Art Castle Erkontie 8, 16300 Orimattila Tel. +358 (0)40 829 3512, +358 (0)3 7778117 Open on Sundays 12 am - 5 pm and at other times by arrangement. www.soileyli-mayry.com

Open: Tue-Fri from noon to 6 pm Sat-Sun noon to 4 pm

Beautifully Said Storyteller Gösta Sundqvist The songwriter and radio voice Gösta Sundqvist knew the power of stories. Sundqvist was a prolific writer who left behind a vast body of work, including a whopping 19 studio albums and more than 700 radio programmes. He was most loved as the songwriter for Leevi and the Leavings, whose multi-layered songs have moved and amused Finns over several generations. Sundqvist had a way with words – both naughty and nice. MUSEUM KIOSK Historical Museum | Art Museum | Poster Museum A meeting place along Aleksanterinkatu street.

Photo by Seppo Sarkkinen, Yle Archives.

Radio and TV Museum presents from 14 November 2019 onwards

SKI MUSEUM The spirit of skiing and wintry activities at the foot of the ski jumps!

For more information, please visit www.lahdenmuseot.fi | Visitors under 18 years free of charge

tervetuloa Sinfonia Lahden konserttiin Sibeliustaloon! Tervetuloa Sinfonia Lahden folkfoniaa konserttiin Sibeliustaloon! OIKEA 1. hintaluokka 30 € 25 € 25 € ESIINtYMISLAVA viihdekonserttiin Sibeliustaloon! aikuiset eläkeläiset päiväkonsertit 2. hintaluokka 26 € 21 € 21 € Pe 8.11. kloaikuiset 13 Tervetuloa Sinfonia Lahden eläkeläiset päiväkonsertit 1.VASEN PARVI 1. PARVI OIKEA 1.Sinfonia hintaluokka 30 €Sibeliustalo 25 € 25 € RIVIT 1-6 Tervetuloa Lahden Pe 8.11. klo 24 19 3. hintaluokka 20 20 ESIINtYMISLAVA 1. hintaluokka 30 €€ 25 €€ 25 €€ viihdekonserttiin Sibeliustaloon! 2.VASEN PARVI 2.OIKEA PARVI www.sinfonialahti.fi ESIINtYMISLAVA Sinfonia Lahti 2. hintaluokka 26 € 21 € viihdekonserttiin Sibeliustaloon! Opiskelijat, työttömät 8 €. 21 € Jaakko lapset Kuusisto,jakapellimestari aikuiset

eläkeläiset päiväkonsertit MBE MBE







Eläk. 2.OIKEA hintaluokka 26 €Aik. 21 € konsertit 21 € Frigg-kansanmusiikkiyhtye Lippujen sisältävät 1.hinnat hintaluokka 25 € 3. hintaluokka 24 €30 € toimituskulun 20 € 25 € 20 € 3.1. PARVI hintaluokka 24 € 20€€ Päivä20 € (1–2,50 €/lippu). Kansanmusiikkiyhtyeen 2. hintaluokka 26 € ja21sinfoniaorkesterin 21 €

Opiskelijat, lapset ja Aik. työttömät 8konsertit €. energiaa! Eläk. OIKEA ”törmäyksessä” syntyy täysin uudenlaista Päivä2. PARVI Opiskelijat, lapset ja 24 työttömät €.€ 3. hintaluokka 20 € 8 20 Aik.€ pohjoismaista Eläk. konsertit OIKEA Palkittu Lippujen hinnat sisältävät toimituskulun Frigg yhdistelee 1. hintaluokka 30 € 25 € 25 € perinnettä ESIINTYMISLAVA PERMANTO Ryhmäalennus Lippujen hinnat sisältävät toimituskulun jaOpiskelijat, Americanaa tavalla, jota25 maailmanmusiikkime­ 1. hintaluokka 30 € 8 €25 € lapset ja€työttömät (1–2,50 €/lippu). 2. hintaluokka 26 € 21 € € 1. PARVI PARVI • 1.yli 10dia hengen alennus 2 21€/lippu kuvaileeryhmä termillä nordgrass viitaten yhtyeen 2. PARVI (1–2,50 €/lippu). PERMANTO 2. hintaluokka 26 € 21 € 21 € 1. PARVI 1. PARVI 2. PARVI 2. PARVI 3. hintaluokka 24 € 20 € 20 € puhallin­ bluegrass­vaikutteisiin. Aiemmin mm. Lippujen hinnat sisältävät PERMANTO • yli 30 hengen ryhmä alennus 3 €/lippu PERMANTO 2. PARVI 2. PARVI PERMANTO 3. hintaluokka 24 € €/lippu). 20 € 20 € Ryhmäalennus 1. PARVI orkesterien ja säkkipillien seurassa soittanut Frigg toimituskulun (1–2,50 Opiskelijat, lapset ja – työttömät 8€ 1. PARVI •Ryhmäalennus väh. 25 henk. ryhmä matkanjohtajalle ja PERMANTO pyörätuolipaikat induktiosilmukka 1. PARVI ottaa jälleen uuden askeleen, nyt klassisen musiikin • yli 10 hengen ryhmä alennus 2 €/lippu Opiskelijat, lapset ja työttömät 8 € 2. PARVI PARVI Sibelius talon2.pääsalissa 12 kpl (permanto, rivi 23) Ryhmäalennus: kuljettajalle vapaalippu orkesterin kanssa kohti 20­vuotisjuhliaan. •• yli hengen ryhmä alennus 2. PARVI Lippujen hinnat sisältävät PERMANTO yli 10 30folkfoniaa hengen ryhmäryhmä alennus 23 €/lippu €/lippu • yli 10 hengen Lippujen hinnat sisältävät toimituskulun (1–2,50 €/lippu). PERMANTO • yli 30 hengen ryhmä alennus 3 €/lippu ja alennus 2 €/lippu 1. PARVI • väh. 25 henk. ryhmä – matkanjohtajalle pyörätuolipaikat avustaja veloituksetta. induktiosilmukka €/lippu). Sitova määrävahvistus viimeistään Henkilökohtainen Ryhmämyynti Sinfonia • henk. yli 30/klo hengen ryhmä 1. PARVI • väh. 25 ryhmä –Lahti matkanjohtajalle ja Petoimituskulun 8.11. 13(1–2,50 2. PARVI pyörätuolipaikat induktiosilmukka Sibelius talon pääsalissa 12 kpl (permanto, rivi 23) Ryhmäalennus: vapaalippu kolme viikkoa ennen konserttia.kuljettajalle alennus 3 €/lippu PARVI p. 0600Pe 41 31 45 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) 8.11. klo 19 Sibeliustalo Sibelius talon2.pääsalissa 12 kpl (permanto, rivi 23) •Ryhmäalennus: yli 10 hengen ryhmä kuljettajalle vapaalippu • Ryhmänvetäjälle vapaalippu • ma­la yli 10 25 hengen ryhmä alennus 2 €/lippu Sitova määrävahvistus viimeistään neljälähetetään viikkoa Liput ja lasku AvoinnaSinfonia 9­19. sinfonialahti@lippu.fi (väh. hengen ryhmä) Lahti Sitova määrävahvistus viimeistään Henkilökohtainen avustaja veloituksetta. alennus 2 €/lippu Ryhmämyynti Sinfonia Lahti •• yli 30/hengen ryhmä postitse, jollei toisin sovita. lisäksi kuljettajalle vapaalippu ennen konserttia. Liput ja lasku lähetetään pos­ Jaakko Kuusisto, kapellimestari Sitova viikkoa määrävahvistus viimeistään Henkilökohtainen avustaja veloituksetta. kolme ennen konserttia. Ryhmämyynti Sinfonia Lahti • alennus yli 30/25 hengen ryhmä 3 €/lippu (väh. hengen ryhmä) KOTKAN POIKII – Juha ”Watt” Vainio p. 0600 41 31 45 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) Frigg-kansanmusiikkiyhtye kolme viikkoa ennen konserttia.LIPUNMYYNTI alennus 3 €/lippu Ryhmänvetäjälle titse, jollei toisin sovita. / lippu.fi TRIOvapaalippu Postitusja laskutuslisä: p. 0600 ••41 31 45 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) Sitova määrävahvistus viimeistään neljä viikkoa Liput lasku lähetetään Avoinna ma­la 9­19. sinfonialahti@lippu.fi Ryhmänvetäjälle vapaalippu (väh. 25 hengen ryhmä) 6 € ja 1–30 lippua Kansanmusiikkiyhtyeen ja sinfoniaorkesterin Ryhmämyynti / Sinfonia Lahti p. 0600Toiveuusinta! 900 900 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) Sitova neljä viikkoa Liput ja lähetetään Avoinna ma­la 9­19. sinfonialahti@lippu.fi postitse, jollei toisin sovita. (väh. 25 hengen ryhmä) •p. lisäksi kuljettajalle vapaalippu 8 € lähetetään ylilasku 30 lippua ennen määrävahvistus konserttia. Liputviimeistään ja lasku pos­ (03) 814 4460 (ma–pe klo 9–16) ”törmäyksessä” syntyy täysin uudenlaista energiaa! postitse, jollei toisin sovita. Postitusja laskutuslisä: 10 €/tilaus • lisäksi kuljettajalle vapaalippu (väh. 25 hengen ryhmä) Avoinna ma­pe klo 9­18, lapohjoismaista 10­16 ennen konserttia. Liput ja lasku lähetetään pos­ sinfonialahti@lahti.fi Palkittu Frigg perinnettä Pe 17.4. klo 13yhdistelee titse, jollei toisin sovita. LIPUNMYYNTI / lippu.fi TRIO Postitusja laskutuslisä: (väh. 25 hengen ryhmä) Naulakkomaksu 3 €/hlö jaRyhmämyynti Americanaa titse, jollei toisin sovita. LIPUNMYYNTI lippu.fi TRIOjota maailmanmusiikkime­ 17.4./900 klo 19tavalla, Sibeliustalo Postitusjalippua laskutuslisä: 6 € 1–30 / Sinfonia Lahti ennakkoon ostettuna 2,50 €/hlö. Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti p. 0600Pe 900 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) dia kuvailee termillä nordgrass Naulakkomaksu: 3 €/hlö 86 € yli 1–30 30lippua lippua Ryhmämyynti / Sinfonia Lahti p. (03) 814 4460 (ma–pe kloviitaten 9–16) yhtyeen KONSERTTIEN ILTAKASSA p. 0600 393 949 (1,53 €/min+pvm) p. 0600 900 900 (2€/min+mpm/pvm) Sinfonia Lahti Postitus- ja laskutuslisä: 108 €/tilaus Avoinna ma­pe klo 9­18, la 10­16 bluegrass­vaikutteisiin. Aiemmin mm. puhallin­ € yli 30 lippua p. (03) 814 4460 (ma–pe klo 9–16) sinfonialahti@lahti.fi Pyörätuolipaikat 12 kpl ennakkoonjaostettuna 2,5010 €/hlö. Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti tuntiaFrigg Jarkko Kiiski, Postituslaskutuslisä: €/tilaus Avoinna ma­pe klo 9­18, laavoinna 10­16 soittanut Naulakkomaksu 3 €/hlö orkesterien jakapellimestari säkkipillien seurassa sinfonialahti@lahti.fi (permanto rivi 23). Mari Palo, sopraano Naulakkomaksu 3 €/hlö ennakkoon ostettuna 2,50 €/hlö. ennen konserttia. Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti ottaa jälleen uuden askeleen, nyt klassisen musiikin Naulakkomaksu: 3 €/hlö ennakkoon Hannu Lehtonen, laulu KONSERTTIEN ILTAKASSA Induktiosilmukka Sibeliustalon ostettuna 2,50 €/hlö. Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti p. 0600 393 949 (1,5320­vuotisjuhliaan. €/min+pvm) orkesterin kanssa kohti Naulakkomaksu: 3 €/hlö ILTAKASSA pääsalissa. 12 kpl KONSERTTIEN p. 0600 393 949 (1,53 €/min+pvm) ennakkoon ostettuna 2,50 €/hlö.Pyörätuolipaikat Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti avoinna tuntia Juha Vainio tunnetaan yhtenä hienoimmista Pyörätuolipaikat 12 kpl Sibeliustalon lipunmyynti avoinna tuntia rivi 23). ennakkoon ostettuna 2,50 €/hlö.(permanto suomalaisista tekstintekijöistä. Syksyllä 2018 tuli ennen konserttia. Muutokset mahdollisia. (permanto rivi 23). veloituksetta. Henkilökohtainen avustaja Väliaika- ja ravintolatarjoilut Museoetu! kuluneeksi 80 vuotta hänen syntymästään, jolloin Induktiosilmukka Sibeliustalon ennen konserttia. Induktiosilmukka Sibeliustalon pääsalissa. Sinfonia Lahti juhlisti kahdella loppuun­ Sibeliustalon ravintolat/Myyntipalvelu Yhdistä konserttipäivääsihäntä vierailu Lahden pääsalissa. myydyllä konsertilla. Nyt yleisön pyynnöstä p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe kloVäliaika9–15) ja ravintolatarjoilut: Hiihto­ Museoetu! tai Radio­ ja TV­museoon. Sisäänpääsy mahdollisia. Henkilökohtainen avustaja veloituksetta. konsertit uusitaan jaMuutokset Hannu Lehtonen sekä Mari Väliaika- ja ravintolatarjoilut Museoetu! Muutokset mahdollisia. Henkilökohtainen avustaja veloituksetta. ravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi päiväkonserttilipulla vain 5 €/hlö (norm. 10 € Yhdistä konserttipäivääsi vierailu Myyntipalvelu/Kanresta KOTKAN POIKII – Juha ”Watt” Palo tulkitsevat Vainion tunnetuimpia tekstejä, Väliaikaja ravintolatarjoilut Museoetu! Sibeliustalon ravintolat/Myyntipalvelu Yhdistä konserttipäivääsi vierailu LahdenVainio Lahden monipuolisiin museoihin. p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) kuten mm. Minne tuuli kuljettaa, Albatrossi, Sellaista aik., 7 € eläk.) www.lahdenmuseot.fi Sibeliustalon ravintolat/Myyntipalvelu Yhdistä konserttipäivääsi vierailu Lahden Hiihto-, taide-,jaradioja TV-museoon p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe kloravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi 9–15) Hiihto­elämä, tai Radio­ TV­museoon. Sisäänpääsy Katson autiota hiekkarantaa ja Mun sydämeni Museoetu! Väliaika- ja ravintolatarjoilut: Sibeliustalon konserttilounas sekä historialliseen museoon Toiveuusinta! p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) Hiihto­ tai Radio­ ja TV­museoon. Sisäänpääsy tänne jää. ravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi Myyntipalvelu/Kanresta päiväkonserttilipulla vain 5 €/hlö (norm. Museoetu! Väliaikaja ravintolatarjoilut: Yhdistä konserttipäivääsi vierailu vain 10 € konserttilounas päiväkonserttien yhteydessä Sibeliustalon klo 11–13, buffet­ Tapahtumien Pesisäänpääsy 17.4.LAHTI klo 13päiväkonserttilipulla ravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi päiväkonserttilipulla vain 5museoihin. €/hlö (norm. 10 € Yhdistä konserttipäivääsi Myyntipalvelu/Kanresta monipuolisiin p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) 5eläk.) €/hlö (norm. 10 € aik., 7vierailu € eläk.) päiväkonserttien yhteydessä aik., 7 €Lahden www.lahdenmuseot.fi Lahden monipuolisiin p. 861 7540 9–15) Hiihto-, taide-, radiojamuseoihin. TV-museoon ravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi 17.4. klo 19 paljon Sibeliustalo Lahden on mielenkiintoista ruokailu 15 €: lämmin ruoka, salaatti, leipä­ www.lahdenmuseot.fi klo040 11–13 (14.2. klo(ma–pe 12–14),klo buff etruoaik., 7 €Peseudulla eläk.) www.lahdenmuseot.fi Sibeliustalon konserttilounas Hiihto-, taide-, radio-museoon ja TV-museoon ravintolat@sibeliustalo.fi sekä historialliseen kailu 15,50 €: lämmin ruoka, salaatti, koettavaa. Tule, viihdy ja näe suosituimmat näh­ valikoima, levite, jäävesi ja pieni makea. Sinfonia Lahti Sibeliustalon konserttilounas sekä historialliseen sisäänpääsy päiväkonserttilipulla vain Sibeliustalon leipävalikoima, levite, jäävesi jaTapahtumien Tapahtumien LAHTImuseoon päiväkonserttien yhteydessä klo 11–13, konserttilounas buffet­ LAHTI Jarkko Kiiski, kapellimestari AUTUMN SPRING sisäänpääsy Sibeliustalon konserttilounas 5 €/hlö (norm. 10on € aik., 7 € www.visitlahti.fi eläk.)vain päiväkonserttien yhteydessä Tapahtumien tävyydet, kahvilat japäiväkonserttilipulla ravintolat. Tilaukset: p. 040 yhteydessä 861&7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) jälkiruoka. Tilaukset: Lahden seudulla paljon päiväkonserttien klo 11–13, buffet­ LAHTI Palo,(norm. sopraano LahdenMari seudulla on paljon ruokailu 15 €: lämmin ruoka, salaatti, leipä­ 5 €/hlö 10koettavaa. € aik.,mielenkiintoista 7 € eläk.) päiväkonserttien yhteydessä www.lahdenmuseot.fi klo 11–13 (14.2. klo(ma–pe 12–14),klo buff etruop. 040 861 7540 9–15) mielenkiintoista Hannu Lehtonen, laulu mielenkiintoista Lahden seudulla on paljon ruokailu 15 €: lämmin ruoka, salaatti, leipä­ www.lahdenmuseot.fi klo 11–13 (14.2. klo 12–14), buff etruokailu 15,50 €: lämmin ruoka, salaatti, koettavaa. Tule, viihdy näe suosituimmat näh­ valikoima, levite, jäävesi ja pieni makea. Tule, viihdy ja näeja suosituimmat kailu 15,50 €: lämmin leipävalikoima, levite, ruoka, jäävesisalaatti, jakoettavaa. Tapahtumien LAHTI Tule, ja yhtenä näe suosituimmat valikoima, levite, ja pieni makea. nähtävyydet, ja ravintolat. Juha Vainioviihdy tunnetaan hienoimmista näh­ kahvilat jakahvilat ravintolat. Tilaukset: p. 040 jäävesi 861 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) leipävalikoima, levite, jäävesi jatävyydet, jälkiruoka. Tilaukset: Tapahtumien LAHTI Lahden seudulla on paljon www.visitlahti.fi Muutokset mahdollisia. www.visitlahti.fi suomalaisista tekstintekijöistä. Syksyllä 2018 tuli www.sinfonialahti.fi tävyydet,mielenkiintoista kahvilat ja ravintolat. Tilaukset: p. 040 861 7540 p. (ma–pe 9–15) jälkiruoka. Tilaukset: 040 861klo 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15) Lahden seudulla on paljon www.visitlahti.fi koettavaa. 1. PARVI





kuluneeksi 80javuotta hänen syntymästään, jolloin mielenkiintoista koettavaa. Tule, viihdy näe suosituimmat www.sinfonialahti.fi Sinfonia Lahtijajuhlisti häntä kahdella loppuun­ Tule, viihdy näe suosituimmat nähtävyydet, kahvilat ja ravintolat. myydyllä konsertilla. Nytjayleisön pyynnöstä Muutokset mahdollisia. nähtävyydet, kahvilat ravintolat. www.visitlahti.fi konsertit uusitaan ja Hannu Lehtonen sekä Mari Muutokset mahdollisia. www.visitlahti.fi Palo tulkitsevat Vainion tunnetuimpia tekstejä, www.sinfonialahti.fi kuten mm. Minne tuuli kuljettaa, Albatrossi, Sellaista www.sinfonialahti.fi elämä, Katson autiota hiekkarantaa ja Mun sydämeni tänne jää.

p. 040 861 7540 (ma–pe klo 9–15)

www.sinfonialahti.fi www.sinfonialahti.fi

Alberto Hold-Garrido, kapellimestari Marika Hölttä, sopraano Jyrki Anttila, tenori

FOLKFONIAA Operetti­ ja oopperasävelmät sopivat kaikille, sillä

FRIitse8.11. ATei 13 AND 19tarvitse SIBELIUS HALL tarinaa välttämättä tuntea voidakseen nauttiaLahti elämyksellisestä musiikista. Konsertissa Sinfonia kuullaan operetti­ ja ooppera­aarioiden helmiä, Jaakko Kuusisto, conductor jotka saavat unohtumattoman käsittelyn Sinfonia Frigg folk music ensemble Lahden ja kapellimestari Alberto Hold­Garridon

Energy. That’s the word that first comes to mind at gigs by Frigg, one of otteessa. Hurmaavia klassikoita tulkitsevat Finland’s foremost folk ensembles. When the massed sounds of the Lahti koloratuurisopraano Marika Hölttä ja maamme Symphony Orchestra meet the folk septet on top form, the only limits are the eturivin solisteihin lukeutuva Jyrki Anttila. boundaries of the concert hall. Let’s get ready to receive new energy!

BONDFONIAA FRIBONDFONIAA 14.2. AT 13 AND 19 SIBELIUS HALL Sinfonia Lahti Antti Rissanen, conductor Pe 14.2. klo 13 Diandra PeRönning, 14.2. klo vocals 19 Sibeliustalo Geir Sinfonia Lahtimusic on Valentine’s Day. In this concert, you will hear meloAmbient action kapellimestari diesAntti fromRissanen, James Bond movies, interpreted together with Symphony Lahti by theDiandra talented Diandra and Geir Rönning. Come and test the rhythm of 007’s Geir Rönning, laulu adventures. Shaken, not stirred!

Toiminnan ja tunnelman musiikkia ystävän­ päivänä! Konsertissa kuullaan parhaita James Bond ­elokuvien melodioita. Elokuvamusiikkia tulkitse­ vat upeaääniset Diandra ja Geir Rönning, joista vii­ REQUESTED REPEAT PERFORMANCE! meksi mainittu edusti Suomea Euroviisuissa 2005. Tule testaamaan salaisen agentin 007:n seikkailujen FRI 17.0. AT 13 AND 19 SIBELIUS HALL rytmi. Shaken, not stirred!

KOTKANPOIKII – JUHA “WATT” VAINIO Sinfonia Lahti Jarkko Kiiski, conductor Mari Palo and Hannu Lehtonen, voice

Juha Vainio was one of the finest Finnish lyrics writers. In the autumn of 2018, Symphony Lahti celebrated the late artist with two sold out concerts. The orchestra will now give repeat performances based on public demand. Hannu Lehtonen and Mari Palo will interpret some of Vainio’s most well known texts, such as Minne tuuli kuljettaa (“Where the Wind Takes You”), Albatrossi (“Albatross”) and Mun sydämeni tänne jää (“My Heart Will Stay Here”).

TICKETS €30–24 adults / €25–20 OAPs €20-25 dayconcerts €8 children, students and unemployed SIBELIUS HALL open one hour before concert

LIPPU.FI TRIO Aleksanterinkatu 18 A mon-fri 9-18, sat 10-16 Tel. +358 (0)600 900 900 (€2/min) www.lippu.fi R-KIOSKI KIOSKS


www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

1. Pioni ja Piironki, Kinnari Farm. Photo Julia Kivelä.

Wonderful treasures and excellent finds The best thing about autumn and winter is that you can buy woollen socks, candles, quilts, books and sweaters, and get ready for the holiday season. MARIMARI First Floor & Second Floor. The second floor store focuses on fashion and the first one offers lifestyle products, such as art, jewellery, bags and ecological detergents. MariMari Collection is designed and manufactured in Lahti. www.marimari.fi

MOREMIX is a fashion store in downtown Lahti. If you need something to cheer up your everyday life, come to Moremix! www.moremix.fi PUINE from Lahti makes beauty from wood. Jewellery, watches, calling cards and interior deco-

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

ration products made from Finnish birch plywood are made in Lahti. www.puine.fi KIRPPUTORI KISÄLLI is a genuine treasure trove for collectors. The continuously renewing selection includes high-quality tableware, rugs and furniture. You should also check ARJEN AARTEET in Hollola! www.kirpputorikisalli.fi, www.arjenaarteet.com

BOTTEGA imports stylish Italian leather bags for men and women. The store also has Pasotti umbrellas, shoehorns and fine walking sticks. bottegalahti

FLORENCIA is more than just a flowershop. There is also carefully selected cookbooks, and Osmiam room fragrances. www.florencia.fi

1 PIONI JA PIIRONKI store at Kinnari Farm offers a wonderful milieu and delicacies made from the farm’s own flour in the cafe’s own ovens. You can buy fresh pastries from flour made at the farm’s own mill and a variety of interior decoration and gift products.


FACTORY OUTLETS You can do affordable shopping in several factory outlets in the Lahti region. Fashion is available at the Naisten Pukutehdas in Hollola, Stadium Outlet in Lahti, Marimerkko in Heinola and Luhta in Lahti and Nastola. For interior decoration, you should stop by at the Finnmari store in Hollola. A BASKETFUL OF PROFESSIONALS near Villähti, Lahti. This nice building was constructed in 1945 as the factory for Lahden Autokori,



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

and it now houses a basketful of different entrepreneurs. You’re welcome to go there and enjoy delicious food and score some great finds at the second-hand shop. www.korinyrittajat.fi

Gift and Handcraft Shop ULPUKKA is full of high-quality handcrafts, such as ceramics, Tiffany glass, and blown glass art, hand-forged items and candles.www.ulpukka.fi

MUOTOILUHUONE DONUTS is a unique shop by three jewellery designers. You can find design products and jewellery in the store for gifts or for yourself. www.store-donuts.com

TAX FREE Citizens from outside of the EU are entitled to Tax Free shopping in Finland in the condition that the purchases are made in a Tax Free eligible store and the sum of purchases is at least 40 Euros. Read more at www.global-blue.com ■

KEINUHONKA FARM at auttoinen in Padasjoki houses lifestyle shop where you can buy interior decoration items but also fashion, jewellery and accessories. Cafe serving local products is located above Suvimarja. www.keinuhonka.fi FURNISHING TREASURES There are several interior decoration stores in the Lahti region that are worth visiting, such as the legendary Lauran kauppa in Vääksy and Pian Makasiini in Hollola – all full of surprises. 2 RETROSISKO specialises in colourful tableware, textiles, fashion and small items from the 1960s and 1970s. All of the items are in good condition. Retrosisko is located in Lahti.







ZOOM DESIGN , the French village shop R A N S K A L A I N E N K Y L Ä K A U P PA , teakhouse and CAFÉ ELVI’S and interior decoration CAFÉ KARDEMUMMA have in common?

They are all located in the idyllic Old Vääksy.

2. Retrosisko



Shopping centres TRIO, VALO, KARISMA and SYKE in Lahti offer fashion, sports, interior decoration and speciality stores. Interior decoration café LINTAN KAMMARI in Sysmä is located in a dairy that is more than a hundred years old. You will find handmade clothes and accessories, as well as a seasonal selection of interior decoration products and gifts. www.lintankammari.fi


Buy a ref lector. And not just any ref lector, but a Hollola ref lector. Or a Lahti one. Or Nastola. Or you can collect the entire series!

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

CONTACTS CAR PAR T S Kiveriön Auto-Osa Oy

Hirsimetsäntie 7, Lahti open Mon–Fri 8–17, Sat 9–13 Teboil Saksala

Vanhanradankatu 4, Lahti open Mon–Fri 5.30–19, Sat 8–16

FLOWERSHOP Florencia Store

Vapaudenkatu 8, Lahti open Tue–Fri 11–18, Sat 10–14 www.florencia.fi


Hämeenkatu 16, Lahti open Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat 10–15 Zoom Design

Asikkalantie 2, Vääksy www.zoomdesign.fi Liivikeskus

Rautatienkatu 26, Lahti open Mon–Fri 9.30–17.30 www.lahdenliivikeskus.fi MariMari


First Floor & Second Floor Rautatienkatu 18 & 13, Lahti open Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat 10–15 www.marimari.fi

Syke Mall

NP Housukauppa

Kauppakatu 18, Lahti open Mon–Fri 7–21, Sat 7–18, Sun 12–18 www.kauppakeskussyke.fi

Rautatienkatu 22, Lahti Avoinna ma–pe 10–18, la 10–15 www.housukauppa.fi Petit St. Louis

Valo Mall

Rautatienkatu 18, Lahti open Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat 11–15 www.www.saintlouisstore.fi

Saksalankatu 4–6, Lahti open Mon–Fri 10 – 20 Sat 9–17, Sun 12–18 www.kauppakeskusvalo.fi


Trio, Aleksanterinkatu 18 ma–pe 7.30–20, la 10–18, su 12–17

HE ALTH Pharmacy Möysän Uusi Apteekki

Karjalankatu 45, Lahti open Mon–Fri 9–17.30, Sat 9–14 Plastic surgeon Heikki Penttilä

EANA Center Aleksanterinkatu 24 B, Lahti www.kaivopuistonklinikka.fi

Putiikki 18

Rautatienkatu 18, Lahti open Mon–Fri 10–17, Sat 10–14 Top DEI Fashion

Hämeenkatu 13, Lahti open Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat 11–15

OUTLE T S Finnmari

Kynttilätie 2, Hollola www.finnmari.fi Luhta Outlet

◆ Kauppakeskus Syke, Saksalankatu 6, Lahti ◆ Tiilimäenkatu 9, Lahti, Lankatie 6, Nastola www.luhta.fi/fi/stores



Alusvaateliike Sini’s


Hämeenkatu 18, Lahti open Mon–Fri 10–17.30, Sat 11–14 www.alusvaateliike.fi

Soramäentie 1, 15880 Hollola Open Mon–Fri 10–18, Sat 10–16, Sun 12–16 Via Deco

Rautatienkatu 18, Lahti www.viadeco.fi photography Foto Riihelä

Aleksanterinkatu 12 open Mon 9–18 Tue–Thu 9–17, Fri 9–18, Sat 10–14

LEISURE Kullasmarina

Tel. +358 (0)50 320 1009 Kullasvuorenkuja 1, Padasjoki www.kullasmarina.fi Lahti Bike Marine Oy

Tel. +358 (0)3 751 2203 Laatukatu 2, Lahti www.bikemarine.fi Lahti City Theatre

Tel. +358 (0)3 814 3105 Tickets: +358 (0)600 30 5757 Synphony Lahti

Tel. +358 (0)600 393949 Ankkurikatu 7, Lahti www. sinfonialahti.fi Theatre Vanha Juko

Tel. +358 (0)44 339 4143 Rautatienkatu 23, Lahti Adventure Park Pajulahti

Tel. +358 (0)3 885 511 Pajulahdentie 167, Nastola www.pajulahti.com YogaRocks

Tel. +358 (0)40 030 8307 Saksalankatu 16, Lahti Aleksanterinkatu 1, Lahti open Mon–Thu 13–21, Fri 13–20, Sat 9.30–17, Sun 12–17 www.www.yogarocks.fi

Kynttilätie 2, Hollola Kinnarin tila (ad 1667)

BomBom – For us energetic women. BomBom verkkokauppa www.bombom.fi BomBom Shop, Lahti





SINCE 1951

Webshop: www.marimari.fi Facebook: @MARIMARI.FI Instagram: @marimari_fi

First Floor and Second Floor Rautatienkatu 13 & 18, Lahti Mon-Fri 11–18, Sat 10–15




A 800 m2 candle and interior decoration store in Lahti. Welcome!

Women’s world... or more like heaven! * Lingerie * Swimwear * Nightwear

htful g i l e d A


ONLINE AND IN THE MIDDLE OF LAHTI Rautatienkatu 20, 15110 Lahti Mon–Fri 10 am to 6 pm, Sat 10 am to 3 pm

Rautatienkatu 26, Lanu square Mon–Fri 9:30 am to 5.30 pm, Sat 10 am to 2 pm




-70 LUHTA TOWER: Tiilimäenkatu 9, Lahti LAUNE: Saksalankatu 6, Lahti (Shopping Mall Valo) SYKE: Kauppakatu 18 Store Information: www.luhta.fi


Nastolan Kiinteistönotariaatti Oy Lekatie 1, Nastola www.nkn-yhtiot.fi | www.oikotie.fi

Car service

Open Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm Sat 9 am – 1 pm

Cooperative for Cultural and Experience Travels in Lahti Region Hämeenkatu 15, FI-15110 Lahti, Finland (4th floor) Tel. +358 50 5213 795

• Cultural tourism development services • Tourism sector training • Guide services (FI, RU, EN) • Package holidays, charter holidays • Russian visa services elamysmatkailu.fi via-kalevala.com

Hirsimetsäntie 7 • 15200 Lahti Tеl. (03) 733 5440 • www.kiverionauto-osa.fi

Teboil Saksala Vanhanradankatu 4, 15520 Lahti www.teboilsaksala.fi

Hämeenkatu 18 15110 Lahti www.alusvaateliike.fi tel. +358 45 2288 715 Mon-Fri 10 am-5.30 pm, Sat 10 am-2 pm

MÖYSÄN UUSI APTEEKKI Möysä new pharmacy

Karjalankatu 45, Möysä business center www.moysanapteekki.fi

Heikki Penttilä, plastic surgeon Office at EANA Center Aleksanterinkatu 24 B - Plastic surgery procedures and free consultations


- Filler and botulin injections - Fractora, Firma and BodyFX radio frequency treatments - PRP or the “vampire facial” Book your appointment at +358 400 171 070. Please note that online booking is not possible.

Kaivopuiston klinikka

www.kaivopuistonklinikka.fi vastaanotto@kaivopuistonklinikka.fi Tel. +358 44 977 9745

NP Lahti Rautatienkatu 22, tel. +358 40 577 8707 Open Mon–Fri 10 am to 6 pm, Sat 10 am to 3 pm NP Hollola, Tarmontie 9, tel. +358 (0)45 7731 3933 Open Mon–Fri 10 am to 6 pm, Sat 10 am to 3 pm www.housukauppa.fi

Hämeenkatu 13 15110 Lahti Tel. +358 3 781 1177 Mon–Fri 11.00–18.00 Sat 11.00–15.00 @topdeitopfashion @topdeifashion

w w w. t o p d e i t o p f a s h i o n .w e e b l y. c o m


Interior decoration and lifestyle store Sisustusja Lifestylemyymälä Asikkalantie2, 2, Vääksy Vääksy www.zoomdesign.fi www.zoomdesign.fi Asikkalantie


Hämeenkatu 13, Lahti Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 10-15

bags and accessories

+358 40 371 9399


@bottegalahti.fi @bottegalahti


www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Sweet dreams! Will you be staying at an urban city hotel, a granny cabin or a cozy manor?


has long traditions in Lahti. People have gone to Seurahuone to escape their everyday lives since the 1890s. The traditional hotel still offers a special setting for enjoyment. The fully renovated hotel was named the best urban hotel in Europe at the Annual World Luxury Hotel Awards Gala in 2015.

of accommodation alternatives from hotel rooms to cottages and outbuildings. A plentiful buffet breakfast is offered in the Manor Restaurant. www.messila.fi

HOTEL AND RESTAURANT UOTI in downtown Sysmä has eight modifiable rooms. www.uoti.net


HOIMELA FARMSTEAD is an idyllic farmstead on

the shores of Lake Päijänne. Built in the 1920s, this farmstead offers personalised accommodation in cabins and in the main building. Guests have access to a wood-fire sauna. www.hoimela.com HOTEL VALO in Heinola are excellent for those who want some peace and quite close to the nature. The spacious rooms have been decorated in the spirit of the 1950s. www.hotellivalo.fi PÄTIÄLÄ MANSION in Asikkala offers cosy wooden cottages and log villas situated along Lake Päijänne coastline. Each cottage has a courtyard, beach and sauna, terrace, kitchen, bathroom and fireplace. Pätiälänkartanon lomamökit VÄÄKSY APTEEKKI ACCOMMODATION offers an idyllic setting to stay in the middle of the atmospheric Wanha Vääksy right next to Vääksy Canal. The seven accommodation units of the main building are decorated in old-style style. www.apteekinmajoitus.fi MESSILÄ’S MANOR AREA simply oozes its hundreds of years of history. Messilä offers a variety

YLI-KAITALAN COTTAGES offer accomodation in the landscapes of Iitti. Opportunities for business meetings, a private restaurant, saunas and all kinds of activities. www.yli-kaitala.com KUMPELI is a versatile yet cosy spa hotel located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Heinola, next to the Tähtiniemi bridge and close to the town centre. www.kumpeli.fi GREENSTAR HOTEL LAHTI is an affordable and environmentally friendly hotel in downtown Lahti. It offers comfortable facilities and affordable accommodation close to everything. www.greenstar.fi

LUXURY HOTEL ILOLA INN will be opened in Suopelto in Sysmä, on the shore of Lake Päijänne, in early 2020. The log building from the 1800s includes eight high-class suites. www.ilolainn.fi HOTEL RADALLA is a holiday, conference and recreation centre on the shore of Lake Urajärvi at Radansuu Village in Iitti. The hotel has 25 double rooms with a view of the surrounding nature, a club hall and saunas. www.hotelradalla.fi ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

p.74 Hotels, manors and other accommodation

1. Pätiälä Mansion


You can get Finland’s most popular boat brands from us

Lahti City

An affordable apartment hotel in the Lahti city centre! More info: www.forenom.com/lahti Reservations: www.forenom.com, tel. +358 20 198 3420 or reservations@forenom.fi

Lahden Bike Marine Oy +358 3 751 2203 Laatukatu 2 www.bikemarine.fi 15680 LAHTI

WELCOME TO YLI-KAITALA! Well-equipped holiday cottages with their own beaches all around the year, catering, meeting and programme services close to Lahti.

Enjoy the unique Moss sauna, the traditional Kettusauna, outdoor jacuzzi, hot bath followed by a dip in refreshing Kettujärvi.

Skiing and hiking trails, sledding, snowboarding pipe, ATV safaris, winter fishing excursions, snowmobiling, snow sculpting and many other activities.

Yli-Kaitala info@yli-kaitala.com www.yli-kaitala.com puh: 05 3265 504

HARBOUR OFFICE Harbor Manager Päivi Hämäläinen ● Tel. +358(0)505594278 paivi.hamalainen@lahti.fi

More information & tips online at www.lahtiguide.fi

Aleksanterinkatu 14 tel. +358 20 1234655

AFFORDABLE DOWNTOWN ACCOMMODATION Choose easy and comfortable accommodation for your business or holiday trip at the Finnish environmentally friendly GreenStar Hotel. - 139 comfortable rooms - Á la carte restaurant and meeting rooms for up to 150 people - Within a walking distance from all tourist attractions - Right next to the travel centre and parking facilities


www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

1. M/S Vellamo in Lahti Passenger Harbour

Cosy Lahti Harbour Lahti Passenger Harbour is the centre of many events in the wintertime. In the early spring, you can use the ice road in front of the harbour to walk, ice skate or ski all the way to Mukkula.

The English-style scenic PARK OF PIKKUVESIJÄRVI was built on the grounds of the Lahti Manor in the 1950s. There are water organ concerts at 7:00 pm every evening until early December (duration approximately 20 minutes). LANU SCULPTURE PARK of artist and professor Olavi Lanu is located within a walking distance from the Passenger Harbour in the Kari­niemi

Park. In Lanu Park there is twelve human figures manufactured from reinforced concrete. 1 HARBOUR OF BOAT RESTAURANTS The several boat restaurants at the harbour wake up from their winter slumber together with the nature. As the sun shines, the terraces fill with people dining and enjoying the lakeside scenery and the services.

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

2 SIBELIUS HALL The flagship of modern Finnish wood construction, Congress and Concert Centre Sibelius Hall sparkle right next to Lake Vesijärvi. The heart of the house, the tall Forest Hall, combines the large music hall building to the Carpentry Factory dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The renovated lakeside hall hou­ses a pleasant restaurant.

A complete WOOD ARCHITECTURE PARK is being constructed close to the Sibelius Hall. The harbour area includes a lighted bus stop designed by Japanese Kengo Kuma and a wooden spiral designed by Australian Richard Leplastier. RESTAURANT CASSELI is a high-class di­ning restaurant right next to the Sibelius Hall. The restaurant offers a great view of Lake Vesijärvi. The menu and matching wine list are renewed three times per year. www.casseliravintolat.fi A CUP OF COFFEE AT THE HARBOUR There is a café full of feeling and history in the old harbor master’s building in the Lahti Passenger Harbour. There is always freshly baked pastries and fresh coffee. Kantiini Risa Robell offers a wide range of pies, cakes and fresh coffee. www.kariranta.fi WOOD DESIGN AT PRO PUU Pro Puu is a guild and meeting place for designers and other wood sector professionals located in Tikkula, a former matchstick factory at the Harbour. www.propuu.fi

p.78 Cruises, boat rentals, fishing and more

2. Sibelius Hall


shop worth a visit. From Ulpukka, you can find high-quality Finnish handicrafts for gifts, souvenirs or for yourself. www.ulpukka.fi RESTAURANT LOKKI is an à la carte restaurant and a hub for a variety of events in the wintertime. Once the ice is thick enough, an ice field will be ploughed in front of Lokki for people to ice skate, play curling or ice fish. You can rent ice skates, tour skates and fatbikes from the restaurant. There is an ice route to Mukkula from Lokki. www.ravintolalokki.fi ■


Have you tried the giant cinnamon buns of Café Kariranta? They are large enough for two!



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Lahti in figures

120,000 residents


minutes from Helsinki


km of skiing tracks

Sibelius Hall


Lahti A cultural city, a brewery city, the Green Capital, a university city, a design city and the home of many flavours. Located on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi, Lahti is a well-known sports city, but it is also a lot more. The city has a lively cultural life ranging from theatre to symphony concerts and from live gigs to culture for children. Exercising routes that start from the Sports

Centre are well-lighted and provide an easy way to enjoy the soothing forest. All the while, the world’s best groundwater, filtered by the gravel ridges, flows beneath your feet. Skilful people use it to make beer, coffee and whisky. You can experience the city’s rich world of flavours by visiting its numerous restaurants and cafes. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi


Lahti’s specials In Lahti, beer has been made from the world’s best groundwater since 1916. In addition to Hartwall, the city is home to several microbreweries.


Personal emissions trading While moving about, the residents of Lahti are the first in the world to test the concept of personal emissions trading. With the CitiCAP app, they can monitor their traffic emissions and see how the choices they make influence the environment. The goals are to reduce CO2 emissions from traffic and commit the residents of Lahti to sustainable mobility.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Asikkala is Finland’s most mobile municipality.


Asikkala Asikkala is known for the Vääksy Canal, which radiates the villa history of the days of yore, and the idyllic old Vääksy with its old buildings and interior decoration boutiques. The municipality is located at a junction between two large waterways, the lakes Vesijärvi and Päijänne. The Vääksy Canal, a gate between these two waterways, is a historically important traffic hub and a popular

tourist attraction with plenty of interesting things to see and experience. People in Asikkala have always eaten local clean food, and the municipality is home to several award-winning food producers. In addition to the picturesque Vääksy, the small villages surrounding it make Asikkala a unique place to visit in the summer and winter alike. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Asikkala in figures






farms producing local produce



Vääksy Canal ParkRun ParkRun is a fun running event arranged by volunteers and offered free of charge every Saturday morning. During the five-kilometre run, you will compete against yourself and the clock.

Local food Food produced and prepared close by reduces your carbon footprint. For example, a rye bread made by Viipurilainen kotileipomo bakery only has twelve kilometres to travel from the field of the producer via the millstones of Vääksy Mill to the bakery. Viipurilainen’s rye bread has been voted the best in Finland.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Tainionvirta river


Hartola Nature tourists, trailer tourists, culture tourists and people who enjoy winter sports will all enjoy Hartola. Flowing through Hartola, the Tainionvirta river is excellent for canoeing. It’s also popular among fishermen. Meanwhile, the Eastern Häme Museum offers a glimpse to the manor culture in the captivating milieu of Koskipää Manor. The well-kept and safe slalom

slopes of skiing centre Purnu are a guaranteed success for families with children. You can also try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the beautiful scenery of the area. Short courses at the Eastern Häme College in Kaikulanmäki offer something for everyone. Would you be interested in a King’s knitting retreat or a karaoke course, for example? ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Hartola in figures


kilometres to Lahti


skiing centre


golf course



Kingdom On 31 August 1784, King Gustav III of Sweden decreed Hartola an independent sovereign royal parish. The parish was named after the six-year-old Crown Prince Gustav Adolf.

Holiday with your dog In Hartola, you can practice agility all year round. Dog centre Kaiku, operating in connection with Linna Hotel, has an indoor hall of 600 m2 where dog enthusiasts can train with their dogs also in the wintertime. The agility course includes Galican’s INTERCAN obstacles for hobby and sports. You can spend the night in the comfortable Linna Hotel.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Heinola in figures

20,000 residents


boat berths


shops downtown

Festival of ice and light


Heinola Heinola surprises tourists with its plentiful and versatile offering. In addition to an active holiday, you can come to Heinola to relax, eat delicious food and shop: Heinola is a town by the lake, close to the actual wilderness and excellent hiking routes. Skiing routes, waterways and forests are all close by. Heinola has almost 1,000 kilometres of shoreline. The unique nature

with its clean waterways and gravel ridges is an inseparable part of the life of people in Heinola, regardless of the season. Heinola’s International Ice Festival is the highlight of late winter. It attracts thousands of visitors each year. During the four-day festival of ice and light, you can also bathe in the sauna and take a dip in a hole in the ice of the lake at Rantapuisto. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi



Heinola is easy to reach You can quickly get there by car on the motorway, or in the summertime you can get there with your own boat or use a scheduled boat.

Festival of ice and light The annual festival of ice and light transforms Rantapuisto in Heinola into an icy wonderland each February. Ice sculptors show what they can do. You can also enjoy versatile programme, have a drink in an ice bar, take a dip in a hole in the ice of the lake and bathe in a sauna.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020



Hollola Hollola is the dream destination for people who like sports. It’s excellent for skiers, ice skaters, runners and disc golfers. You can also don a pair of snowshoes and enjoy the varied landscape, deep kettle holes and wonderful scenery on foot. From the highest hill in Southern Finland, Tiirismaa (223 m above sea level) offers spectac-

ular views in the direction of Vesijärvi. Hollola is also home to the largest skiing centre in southern Finland, Messilä, and one of the most magnificent natural formations in southern Finland, Pirunpesä, a fissure in the rock that is surrounded by vertical walls of 5–20 metres. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Hollola in figures


kilometres to Helsinki


skiing centre


kilometres of skiing tracks


Pearl of Hollola Havukallio is an almost 20-metre-high cliff face. There are routes for beginners and more experienced climbers.


Picturesque parish village The Hollola parish village is worth a day trip. The medieval stone church or St. Mary’s Church is known for its well-preserved wooden sculptures and a bell tower designed by C.L. Engel. The village also has shops and lunch restaurants. Vanha Kunnantupa restaurant is open all year round.



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Iitti in figures


bird watching towers




kilometres of hiking and skiing routes



Iitti Iitti is a charming rural municipality in between Lahti and Kouvola. The municipality consists of the service centre Kausala, active villages and the surrounding wonderful nature. Motor sports, event and experience centre KymiRing and Kimola Canal, which will be opened in 2020, offer new opportunities in the region. Iitti’s beautiful nature and lakes offer an

excellent setting for tourism and living. You will find a large number of hiking routes and nature trails in Iitti and its surroundings. The varied terrain and routes of different lengths are excellent for both serious exercise and those who just like to spend time in the great outdoors. Veteraanimaja’s saunas and beach are a popular ice swimming location. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi



Iitti Church The cruciform church at the Iitti parish village is one of Finland’s fifteen remaining wooden churches from the 17th century.

Rock paintings The historical site of Haukkaselkä offers valuable nature and three rock paintings from the Stone Age. A rock painting of a galloping elk is the best representation of a moving animal in Finnish rock painting art. Several settlements, burial grounds, cairns and sacrificial stones from the Stone Age have also been found in Iitti.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

Moonlight Skiing. Photo Padasjoen sanomat.


Padasjoki Padasjoki is a popular summer house location and holiday destination, because there is plenty to do all year round. In the wintertime, you can hike, ride a snowmobile, tour skate or ride a bike. Travelling on the ice of Lake Päijänne is especially popular. There are seventeen places where you can make a fire and roast some sausages in Päijänne National Park. If you’re not in the mood for the

great outdoors, you can go to the municipality’s likable indoor swimming pool to refresh yourself by swimming next to a fireplace. The fishing waters of southern Lake Päijänne offer a wonderful setting for all kinds of fishing. You can catch trout and freshwater trout in the spring and autumn. In the wintertime, you can ice fish for perch. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Padasjoki in figures


village associations




kilometres of snowmobile routes



Lowering emissions Padasjoki is one of the five original carbon neutral Finnish municipalities. The municipality has invested in reducing its energy consumption, for example.

Keinuhonka farm specialises in the production of high-quality beef. There are some 500 heads of cattle, and meat is sold at a store made in an old barn. The selection includes meat, sausages, muesli, Sonni beer, Mansikki cider, produce of the farm’s bakery, cheeses and eggs. The flour comes from Vääksy and the animals are slaughtered in Orimattila.



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Sysmä in figures

4,000 holiday homes


kilometres of shoreline


medieval stone church

Hag of Sysmä. A strong woman. Photo Erika V Visuals.


Sysmä Sysmä uses its long history to create products and experiences. Due to its numerous archaeological findings, Sysmä is a treasure trove for archaeologists – the thousand years of history offer plenty to draw from. The most recent treasure was found in 2017 close to the medieval St. Olaf ’s Church. The valuable silver objects will arrive in Sysmä at the turn of the year. Master goldsmith Anne Laitinen

has created the jewellery series Sysmä based on the findings. It includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. A jewellery series inspired by sacrificial stones with cups carved in them is another novelty: Sysmä has more of the cup stones from the Iron Age than anywhere else in Finland. All of the pieces of jewellery include the Sysmä stamp. Follow the treasure at www.sysma.fi/tapahtumat. ■

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi



Sysmä’s silver coil jewellery A treasure that included a copy of a coin of the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, was buried in Sysmä a 1 000 years ago. Sysmä’s silver coil jewellery was designed based on the treasure.

Cup stone jewellery The silver piece of jewellery depicts a stone with a cup carved in it in Akanoja (“Hag’s Ditch”) at the Sysmä parish village, which was the most commonly used sacrificial stone in the area. The hag was considered the goddess of fertility in ancient Finland.



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020

CAFES L AHTI Alex Food & Cafe

Sokos Lahti, Aleksanterinkatu 19-21 Apulandia

Helsingintie 199 A Asemapäällikkö Cafe

Askonkatu 3 Arnolds

C Open in summer Jokubas Café

Wine Cafe Olavi

Vapaudenkatu 28 B

Aleksanterinkatu 10

Ice Cream Boat Banana Split C


Lahti Harbour,Satamakatu 9 Cafe-patisserie Kahvitar

Vehnätie 1 as. 3, Nastola Cafe Kariranta

Lahti Harbour, Satamakatu 9

Trio shopping centre Aleksanterinkatu 18

Cafe Oskari

Cafe Annika

Mlinar, cafe-patisserie

Lahti Market Hall, Torikatu 3

Vapaudenkatu 13

Café Casablanca

Patisserie-bakery Laurell Lahti

Vesijärvenkatu 32

Aleksanterinkatu 24

Cafe Charlotta

Bakery-cafe Ruisranne

BW Tower, Askonkatu 2

Maitotie 4, Nastola

Café Il Mondo

Lilla Laurell

Karisma shopping centre Kauppiaankatu 2

Aleksanterinkatu 13

Cafe Kilipukki C

Tiilimäenkatu 9

Neljänkaivonkatu 47 Cafe Picnic

Syke shopping centre Kauppakatu 18 Cafe Pirske

Rautatienkatu 3 Cafe Sinuhe

www.sinuhe.fi Ciao! Caffé Trio

Hämeenkatu 17

Luhta Tower Café Lunch cafe Mannan

Heinolantie 506, Uusikylä Okeroinen Mill cafe and shop C

Kotipellontie 46 Piano Paviljonki

Lahti Harbour, Borupinraitti 6 Prisma Café Holma

Johanneksenkatu 4

Trio shopping center Aleksanterinkatu 18

Prisma Café Laune

EcoCafe MeaManna

Kanttiini Risa Robell C

Ajokatu 83

Grill-Cafe Elvi’s

Asikkalantie 1, Vääksy HilleRin

Kurhilantie 275, Kurhila Kanavan Helmi C

Kanavatie 21, Vääksy Kanava Homebakery

Aleksintie 1, Vääksy Manor Cafe Hugo&Lilly C

Kartanontie, Urajärvi Lehmonkärki summer cafe C

Lehmonkärjentie 180, Asikkala Metsälinna Cafe

Sirkkusentie 5, Vääksy Cafe Ranskalainen kyläkauppa

Vesijärventie 1, Vääksy Interior decoration café Kardemumma

Melakuja 4, Vääksy Torikahvila C

Kustaa Market, Vääksy Winery and garden Pihamaa C

Siltatie 12, Kalkkinen Viipurilainen Cafe & Deli

Pasolanharjuntie 1, Vääksy Vintage Rusty Cafe

Vehkoontie 1, Vääksy

Hollolankatu 1

Lahti Harbour, Satamakatu 5


EcoCafe MeaManna Lahti Main Library

Robert’s Coffee

Hartola Golf cafe C

Kirkkokatu 31 Enonsaari summer cafe C

Enonsaari Espresso House

Kauppiaankatu 2 Karisma shopping center Interior decoration café Wanha Justiina

Karjalankatu 3

◆ Aleksanterinkatu 10 ◆ Aleksanterinkatu 18 Trio shopping center

Cafe Torikahvila Kahvipaussi

Helena´s Homebakery

Vapaudenkatu 8

Lahti Market Place Häggman Lahti

Kärkkäisen business center, Pasaasi 2 Immilä Mill Cafe C

Arrajoentie 88, Nastola

Lahti Market Place TryffDeli Cafe Vaarin kahvila

Lahti Market Hall, Torikatu 3 Villähteen Leipä

Leipätie 70, Nastola

Kaikulantie 79 Hartolan Pullapaja

Keskustie 59 Kaijan Cafe and shop

Keskustie 48 Koitin Kuppila

Koitintie 1239 La Kar de Mumma

Keskustie 2 Cafe-restaurant Taukotupa

Pohjolanraitintie 9, Pohela Kivibaari

Vuorenkyläntie 2108, Putkijärvi

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi




Café Kailas C

Hollola Parish kioski C

Cafe-restaurant Kelossi C

Siltasaari 1

Lukkarintie 2

Kellosalmentie 1034

Cafe Torni C

Cafe Anita

Keinuhonka Farm shop

Kauppakatu 31

Kauppakuja 6

Keinuhongantie 54, Auttoinen

Cafe Tunneli

Cafe and shop Pulla-Pojat

Palsa Mill museum café C

Kirkkokatu 13

Keskikankaantie 1

Vesijaonraitti 562


Kinnari Farm / Pioni ja Piironki Farm Shop C

Art-Cafe Pikantti

Torikatu 5 Eeva Herkut

Savontie 9 Erolan kahvi ja pulla Oy

Tähtiniementie 3 Heila

Työmiehentie 35 Heinolan Harjupaviljonki C

Kauppakatu 30 Cafe Kikka

Siltakatu 45 Cafe-patisserie Helmi & Hugo

Savontie 4 Kyläpirtti

Vanhatie 34 Pekan Leipä Oy

Villenkatu 43 Pekankulma

Rajakatu 10 Sport Cafe

Urheilukatu 2 Teboil Heinola

Vanha Lahdentie 1 Tyyrpuuri C

Maaherrankatu 1 Vierumäki Cafes

◆ Green Shop & Cafe ◆ Tahko Cafe ◆ Break Bar Cafes on golf courses C

Soramäentie 1

Keskustie 16

Koskikartano café-restaurant


Tampereentie 636, Hämeenkoski

Camping Sysmä C

IIT TI Iitti Farmers Market

Kymenrannantie 1, Kausala Iitti Golf Club Restaurant C

Iitintie 684 Kaffinpaikka Kioski C

Vuolenkoskentie 1476, Vuolenkoski Cafe Naapantuura

Niittytie 4, Kausala Kilkkilän Farm, farm shop and café C

Ojassuontie 68, Vuolenkoski Kirkonkylä Summer cafe C

Kylmentaantie 1 Lunch cafe Kanttiina

Kauppakatu 15 Mylly Grilli&Cafe C

Vuolenkoskentie 1516, Huutotöyry Olga’s Farm C

Hanjärventie 11, Sääskjärvi Vuolenkoski handicraft and café PeuranKello

Vuolenkoskentie 1153, Vuolenkoski

Huitilantie 3 Ilola Inn Terassikahvila C

Suopellontie 703 Cafe Mahis

Uotintie 8 Cafe Patisserie Kulma

Sysmäntie 42 Lintan Kammari

Sysmäntie 16 Farm Mummola C

Rantakyläntie 144 Pinxinmäki C

Suopellontie 644 Rantala Farm Shop and Garden Cafe C

Koivukuja 6 Sysmä Marina C

Vellamontie 4 Sysmä Autoservis

Keskustie 1 Domestic Animal Cafe Sysmä C

Ravioskorventie 151 Cafe Torikahvio

Sysmä Market



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020


Veistämönkatu 1 Amarillo

Aleksanterinkatu 10 Bar 69

Hirsimetsäntie 69 Bistro Popot

Rautatienkatu 26 Cafe Charlotta

BW Tower, Askonkatu 2 Coppa Eatery

Aleksanterinkatu 16 Domino Sushi Lahti

Rautatienkatu 6 (Opens at 3/2020) El Banco Bar

Aleksanterinkatu 10 El Toro Mariankatu 8 Fafa’s

◆ Rautatienkatu 15 ◆ Karisma shopping center, Kauppiaankatu 2

Lahti Upseerikerho

Restaurant Pulcinella

Hennalankatu rak. 7

Hämeenkatu 21

Lahti Glof Club C

Restaurant Hulda


Sibeliuksenkatu 8

Linkku Bistro

Restaurant Royal Gurkha

Kartanonkatu 2 Lipterin

Hämeenkatu 10 Lunch cafe Hyvä Maku

Saimaankatu 11 Lunch cafe Sokuri

Taivalkatu 7 Lunch cafe Sokuriina

Aurantie 11, Nastola Lunch cafe Lounaskori

Koritie 2, Nastola Lunch cafe Einstein Maili

Maili Shopping center, Ajokatu 55 Lunch cafe Mänty

Seisakekatu 2 Manhattan Steak House

Vapaudenkatu 22

Great Wall

Myllysaari Kommodori C

Aleksanterinkatu 1


Cafe Heliopolis

Ranch Club

Rakokiventie 10, Nastola

Kipparinkuja 2

Hello American Diner

Restaurant Ailin

Vesijärvenkatu 7

Mestarintie 1

Hua Du

Restaurant Casseli

Rautatienkatu 11

Borupinraitti 4

Hun Fai Asian Cuisine

Restaurant Dalal

Shopping center Karisma, Kauppiaankatu 2

Rakokiventie 15, Nastola

Jokubas Café

Hirsimetsäntie 56

Vapaudenkatu 28 B Jonel Thai

Vapaudenkatu 15 Kaarlo Social

Kartanonkatu 2 Karanda

Kankolankatu 1 Inn Kiveriön kievari

Kiveriönkatu 34 Konnichiwa

C Open in summer

Restaurant Einstein Restaurant Koti

Salpausselänkatu 7 Restaurant Lokki

Jalkarannantie 19 Restaurant Lastu

Ankkurikatu 7 Restaurant Lämäri

Svinhufvudinkatu 29 Restaurant Pancho Villa

Aleksanterinkatu 23

Shopping center Syke, Kauppakatu 18

Kuja – Street Food Lahti

Restaurant Pikku Makalu

Aleksanterinkatu 14

Vapaudenkatu 22

Rauhankatu 16 Restaurant Sagun

Vuorikatu 24 Restaurant Taivaanranta

Rautatienkatu 13 Restaurant Torilla

Vapaudenkatu 24 Restaurant Toros Tex Mex

Hämeenkatu 21 Restaurant Turkinpippuri

Pekkalantie 20, Nastola Restaurant Voitto

Salpausselänkatu 8 Restaurant Werstas

Askonkatu 9 Rax Buffet

Shopping center Karisma, Kauppiaankatu 2 Ristorante Momento

Shopping center Karisma, Kauppiaankatu 2 Roux

Rautatienkatu 7 Santa Fé

Aleksanterinkatu 10 Social Burgerjoint

Mariankatu 10 Sports center Pajulahti

Pajulahdentie 167, Nastola Wings Restaurant Lahti

Rautatienkatu 15 Spaghetteria Mamma Maria

Vapaudenkatu 10 Sport & Music Bar Peluri

Aleksanterinkatu 6 Sushi Royal

Vapaudenkatu 12 B Trattoria Seurahuone

Aleksanterinkatu 14 Viking restaurant Harald

Vesijärvenkatu 24

GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020 | #visitlahti | www.lahtiguide.fi

Wanha Herra


Lunch cafe Casper

Laaksokatu 17

Savontie 13

Mursketie 2

Walimon Casseli

Kusmiku Street Food & Bar

Vesijärvenkatu 25

Savontie 7

Messilä golf club´s restaurant Mamma Maria C


Max Grill

Hotel Tallukka

Restaurant Heila

Tallukantie 1, Vääksy Club restaurant Kanavagolf C

Äkeentie 1, Vääksy Kanavan Kunkku C

Kanavatie 17, Vääksy Majakkapaviljonki

Ämmäläntie 18, Vääksy Restaurant Jalmar

Anianpellontie 17, Vääksy Restaurant Oinas

Kustaantori, Vääksy Restaurant Reimari C

Pulkkilantie 634, Asikkala Route 24

Joenkulmantie 2, Vesivehmaa

HAR TOL A Gasthaus Koskenniemi

Koskenniementie 66 Hartola Kebab & Pizzeria

Keskustie 52 La Kar de Mumma

Keskustie 2

Virtakatu 7 Työmiehentie 35 Restaurant Kesti

Siltakatu 11 Restaurant Kettu ja Kana

Torikatu 5 Restaurant Konsuli

Konsulinkatu 2 Restaurant Lily

Savontie 10 Restaurant Longma

Kauppakatu 18 Toros

Kauppakatu 17 Sport Cafe

Urheilukatu 2 Teboil Tähtihovi

Juornatpolku 41


Työmiehentie 33 Heinolan Taukopaikka Oy, Teboil

Savontie 7 Heinola Thai Restaurant

Savontie 13 Restaurant Helin

Kauppakatu 6 Heli´s Pizzeria and Kebab

Tehtaantie 13 Hotel Kumpeli

Muonamiehenkatu 3

Parinpellontie 19, Hollola kk Soramäen Pirtti

Tiilikankaantie 2

IIT TI ABC Kausala

Hallitie 1, Kausala Lunch Café Kanttiina

Kauppakatu 15, Kausala Lunch and private restaurant Vanha Sampo

Rieskantie 24, Kausala Mylly Grill&Cafe C

Vuolenkoskentie 1516, Vuolenkoski Neste Matkakeidas

Sitikkalantie 5, Kausala

Inn Kievari Aijakka

Vierumäki Matkakeidas

Kylänraitti 22

Tervalammentie 1

Kiuasniemi Marina, harbour restaurant C

Vierumäki Restaurants


Keskustie 56

Restaurant Kunnantupa


Yhdystie 2 Wanha Marttala

Messiläntie 308

Kaivokatu 5

Service station Jari-Pekka Hartola 24h

Kaikulantie 86

Messilä Manor and Bistro

Torino Pizzeria Kebab

◆ Restaurant Grill and Resort & Kitchen, Vierumäki Resort Hotel ◆ Restaurant Wanha Sali, Kaskela, Vierumäki ◆ Golf Paviljoki, Cooke C



Padasjoki Marina Lunch restaurant Modetti

Keskustie 14 Restaurant Padasjoki

Keskustie 25 Sarinan Tupa

Bus Burger

Taulunmäentie 2

◆ Savontie 409 ◆ Salpakangas, Erämiehentie 1


Camping Messilä

Sysmä Marina C

Rantatie 5, Messilä China Wok Sushi Restaurant

Televisiotie 2 Hollola KeskusPizzeria

Keskuskatu 2 Hollola Matkakeidas

Hopeakalliontie 1 Hollola Vanha Kunnantupa

Rantatie 9, Hollola kk Lean Puoti

Keskikankaantie 9

Vellamontie 4 Hotel-Restaurant Uoti

Keskustie 1 Pinxinmäki C

Suopellontie 644 Pizza & Kebab Fantasia

Sysmäntie 43 Sysmä Autoservis Oy

Keskustie 17



www.visitlahti.fi | #visitlahti | GUIDE WINTER 2019– 2020


Mestarintie 1, Nastola Amarillo Bar

Aleksanterinkatu 10 Armas

Vapaudenkatu 13 Bar & Bistro Seurahuone

Aleksanterinkatu 14 Bar Loosister

Vapaudenkatu 16 Bar Kellotorni

Kartanonkatu 2 Butcher & Banker

C Open in summer

Restaurant Hiidenkivi

Pub Iloinen Kulkija

Rautatienkatu 28

Kirkkokatu 13

Restaurant Oldi


Aleksanterinkatu 9

Vanhatie 35

Restaurant Talli

Wanha Mestari

Ratsutie 50, Nastola

Marjatie 6

Restaurant Tirra & Torvi


Loviisankatu 8

Keskuskatu 22

Restaurant Virasto

Vierumäen Kelokota

Vesijärvenkatu 11

Vääksyntie 18, Vierumäki

Roska Lahti

Vierumäki Bars

Vapaudenkatu 11

◆ Sport Bar and Teatro, Vierumäki Resort Hotel Urheiluopistontie 400, Vierumäki

Sport & Music Bar Peluri

Aleksanterinkatu 6 Ten Dollars Saloon


Vapaudenkatu 22


The Old Irish Pub

Tuomalantie 2, Hollola kk Pub Janetzki

Jalkarannantie 2

Vapaudenkatu 16 (opens at the beginning of year 2020)



Aleksanterinkatu 10 B El Banco Bar

Aleksanterinkatu 10 Iloinen kulkija

Vesijärvenkatu 22 Kielo Bar & Restaurant

Aleksanterinkatu 1 Music club Möysän Musaklubi

Hämeenkatu 16 Beer restaurant Teerenpeli

Vapaudenkatu 20 Pikku Hanhi

Pekkalantie 20, Nastola Wanha Mestari

Keskuskatu 8 Vihree Nelonen

Keskuskatu 4 Wellis Bar & Grill

Aleksanterinkatu 23

Keskustie 29, Hämeenkoski

Wintti Nightclub


Vapaudenkatu 13 Nightclub Mugi

Rautatienkatu 21


Iitintie 2 Villen Mesta

Vapaudenkatu 18


Merrankuja 1

Pub Club Hilpeä Hilma

Bar 16


Rautatienkatu 21

Kustaankuja 3

Pub Setä Samuli

Brewery Kanavan Panimo, pop-up terrace C

Kankolankatu 1 Pub Verstas

Mäklöörinkatu 2 Inn Rakokiven Krouvi



Sysmän Matka-Bar

Nuoramoistentie 2, Kalkkinen


Restaurant Cheri

Peten Pub

Restaurant Club Chicago

Vuorenkyläntie 2101

Vesijärvenkatu 11


Restaurant Erika

Apaja Pub & Bar

Lahdenkatu 46

Tehtaantie 13

Restaurant Hanhenpoika

Drink Bar Bulmer

Rautatienkatu 7

Keskustie 14

Meijeritie 1

Timpurintie 2 Aleksanterinkatu 25 A

Cefe-Restaurant Modetti

Kirkkokatu 15

Sysmäntie 51

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Alex Grafix Galleria Mariankatu 15, Lahti Apulandia

Apulandia Helsingintie 199 A, Lahti Ateljier Gallery Teemu Kaski q

www.ateljeegalleria-teemukaski.net Vehkosillantie 100, Nastola Atelier Riitta Cq

www.netornot.fi/Ateljeriitta Halkokorventie 27, Nastola Gallery Nuovo

www.gallerianuovo.fi Mariankatu 16, Lahti Gallery Pro Puu

www.propuu.fi Satamakatu 2 A, Lahti Gallery Uusi Kipinä

www.galleriauusikipina.net Kymintie 1, Lahti Lahti Ski Museum

www.lahdenmuseot.fi Urheilukeskus, Salpausselänkatu 8, Lahti Heritage estate Kaivola and Villa Fantti Cq

www.kaivolanperinnetila.fi Pitkäläntie 195, Nastola Lahti Historical Museum

www.lahdenmuseot.fi closed due to renovations until 2021 Museum Kiosk

www.lahdenmuseot.fi Aleksanterinkatu 10, Lahti Motorcycle Museum Cq

www.moottoripyoramuseo.fi Veistämönkatu 1, Lahti Radio and TV Museum Mastola

www.lahdenmuseot.fi Radiomäenkatu 37, Lahti Museum of Military Medicin Cq

www.sotilaslaaketieteenmuseo.fi Helsingintie 199, Lahti Finnish Museum of Canoeing Cq

http://melontamuseo.vesisamoilijat.fi Kahvisaari, Kipparinkuja, Lahti Art Center Taarasti

www.taidekeskustaarasti.fi Taarastintie 6, Nastola

C Open in summer CqOpen in summer, q Open by appointment other times by appointment


www.ulpukka.fi Vesijärven satama, Satamakatu 9, Lahti

Art Salong Talvio C

Taidesalonki Talvio Koskipääntie 4

Vesijärvi Lake Gallery


Luontoon tehtyjä taideteoksia

Heinola City Museum


www.heinola.fi/heinolankaupunginmuseo Kauppakatu 14

Antti´s Museum of Cars q

www.antinautomuseo.fi Vesivehmaantie 308, Vesivehmaa Asikkala Old Homestead C

AsikkalanKotiseutumuseo Haravamäentie 16, Asikkala kk Villa Danielson-Kalmari C

www.visitasikkala.fi Kalmarintie 12, Vääksy Hägg´s museum of taxiderm Cq

www.hagginelaintayttamo.com Häggintie 38, Urajärvi Art Barn Nahilankulma C

https://kaukokallio.kotisivukone.com/ Nahilankulmantie 204, Urajärvi Linen Cottage Joentorppa q

www.telttapalvelu.net Rantalantie 171, Vääksy Päijät-Häme Aeronautical MuseumCq

www.lahdenilmasilta.fi Lentotie 89, Vesivehmaa Päijännetalo and Finnish Museum of Fishing Cq

Heinola Art Museum

www.heinola.fi/heinolan-taidemuseo Kauppakatu 4 Lääninkivalteri Aschanin talo C NOTE! Open at Christmas time. www.heinola.fi/laaninkivalteriaschanin-talo Kauppakatu 3

Atelier Kaarina Karjalainen q

www.kaarinakarjalainen.com Savontie 3, 2krs. Park Dorkin Puisto Ratakatu 18

HOLLOL A Gallery Alex Grafix

www.aleksijoensuu.com Ajomäentie 18, Hämeenkoski Atelier Asta Pulkkinen Cq

www.astapulkkinen.fi Lukkarintie 11, Hollola kk Hollola Old Homestead MuseumC

Art Gallery Taidevintti and BarnC

www.hollolankotiseutuyhdistys.fi ◆ Object Museum Parinpellontie 11, Hollola kk ◆ House Museum Rälssintie 6, Hollola kk

www.taidevintti.suntuubi.fi Kanavatie 17, Vääksy


Tupala House Museum q

Homestead House Karrala q

www.visitasikkala.fi Meijeritie 1, Vääksy

www.visitasikkala.fi Myllykseläntie 224, Iso-Äiniö Urajärvi Manor Museum C

www.urajarvenkartanonystavat.fi Kartanontie, Urajärvi Vääksy Water Mill and Electric Plant Museum Cq

www.visitasikkala.fi > matkailu ja kulttuuri Vääksyntie 9, Vääksy

HAR TOL A Itä-Häme Museum and Koskipää Manor

www.ihmuseo.fi Koskipääntie 4

www.iitinkotiseutuyhdistys.fi/Karrala Museotie 32, Haapakimola Iitti Parish Village and Gallery Suvigalleria exhibitions C

www.iitti.fi/kirkonkylan-kylatalo Kymentaantie 1, Iitti Iitti City Library multifunctional workshop and exhibitions of Kirmo www.iitti.fi/kirjastopalvelut

Kausansaarentie 3, Kausala Taidekulma

www.taideiitti.fi Rautatienkatu 17, Kausala



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Gallery Pikantti


Ars Auttoinen C

padasjoentaideyhdistys.blogspot.fi Keskustie 16, Padasjoki

Art Hall Pinxinmäki C

www.auttoinen.fi Keinuhongantie 17, Auttoinen

Mill Museum Palsa C

Enni Id – artist´s home and museum C

palsanmyllymuseo Vesijaonraitti 562, Vesijako

Enni Idin taiteilijakoti Kellosalmentie 579, Kellosalmi

Torittu Blacksmith Museum C


Gallery Ars Arrakoski C

Granary Museum C

ars.arrakoski.gallery Tevännintie 17, Arrakoski

padasjokiseura.blogspot.fi Kuusikuja, Padasjoki

www.pinxinmaki.fi Suopellontie 644, Suopelto Finnish Accordion Museum Cq

www.haitarigalleria.com Uotintie 4, Sysmä Sysmä Old Homestead Museum Cq

www.sysmaseura.fi/kotiseutumuseo/ Makasiininmäentie 4, Sysmä

HOTELS L AHTI Forenom Aparthotel Lahti City


C Open in summer Villa Vellamo Villa Aurum


GreenStar Hotel Lahti




Hotel Kauppahotelli Grand



Sports Center Pajulahti



Cronin's Café & Guesthouse Oy

Scandic Lahti City



Hotel Kumpeli

Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone



Hotel Valo


A SIK K AL A Hotel Tallukka

HOLLOL A Manor Hotel Messilä


IIT TI Hotel Radalla


SYSMÄ Hotel Uoti

www.uoti.net Ilola Inn


Vierumäki Resort Hotel




C Open in summer




Mukkula Manor

Jokela Manor

Virtaa Manor


www.jokelankartano.mobi/fi Manor Messilä



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Apartments Kotimaailma Lahti

Gasthouse-Camping Koskenniemi

www.kotimaailma.com B&B Irman Peti ja Puuro

www.irmanpetijapuuro.fi Guesthouse Little Tundra



Tmi Leena Viitala

Inn Kolmonen

Opiston Kunkku Patria Hostel


www.majatalokolmonen.fi Naisyhteisösäätiö, accommodation

www.kartano-heinola.com Vierumäki, rooms and apartments

www.vierumaki.fi/majoitus/huoneet Villa Hulda and Hulda Apartment



Guesthouse Vääksyn Apteekinmajoitus


www.apteekinmajoitus.fi Holiday center Lavianmutka

Lomakeidas Lavianmutka Lomameijeri, celebration and accommodation

Tourist Farm Tulimäki

www.tulimaki.fi Farm Niipala

www.niipalantila.fi Parinpelto Camping center



Niemimäki celebration and accommodation

Place to Sleep Hotel Hollola

www.niemimaki.fi Salonsaari Holiday village


Metsämotelli Selkola Manor BB


Bed & breakfast Punainen tupa

Vanha Tuusjärvi Manor

Farm Marttilan tila

Motel Metsämotelli, apartement hotel


Antin Juhlatalo, accommodation



Rievelinmutka ry


Aurinkoranta, Estelle, celebration and accommodation


www.naisyhteisosaatio.wixsite.com/ juliana www.imjarvi.info/yhdistyksia/ rievelinmutka





Opiston Kunkku


Perheniemi College



Upila course center

Dog center Kunkkulan koirakeskus

Holiday center Lepola Mannan Mummola

C Open in summer

www.placetosleep.com Siikaniemi course center


www.punainentupa.net Inn Onnenmyyrä

www.onnenmyyra.fi Särsjärvi course center


SYSMÄ Ilola Holidays C

www.ilolaholidays.com Inn Gasthaus Kivitatti

www.majatalokivitatti.fi Farm Mummola ky C

www.maatilamummola.fi Soldier´s croft Vanha-Kartano C

www.vanha-kartano.fi Vintturi Holiday rental apartments C




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www.hersku.fi SFC Kangaslampi, SF-Caravan Kerava ry

www.sfckeravaanari.fi Enonsaari Cottages

www.enonsaari.fi Metsola Center Oy

www.metsolacenter.fi Ritaniemi Farm



Kivisalmi Cottages

www.kivisalmi.fi Rantala holiday cottages


HEINOL A Heinäsaari Camping

Holiday cottages Ahola Pirkka ja Leila

www.aholanlomamokit.fi Alatalo cottages

www.alatalonlomamokit.com Heinäjoki Markku, holiday cottage



Hämeenniemi Holiday cottages

Kainiemi Villas

www.hameenniemi.fi Lomarasti

Lomarasti Ike's Cottages


C Open in summer

www.kainiemivillas.com Kiuasniemi Villas

www.kiuasniemi.fi Keinuhongka cottages

www.keinuhonka.fi Kullasmarina holiday cottages


Jukola holiday cottages



Hoimela Farm





Iso-Naappila Holiday



www.naappila.fi Lehmonkärki

Camping Messilä

education-, holiday and celebration center www.lehmonkarki.fi

www.campingmessila.fi Jarvin Cottages

Puharniemi/Villa Metso

Manor Messilä cottages

www.puharniemi.fi Pulkkilanharju Cottages

www.pulkkilanharju.net Pätiälä Manor holiday villages

Pätiälän kartanon lomamökit Urajärvi holiday village


www.jarvin.fi www.messila.fi Villa Impivaara

www.lomahuvila-impivaara.net Villa Tatu




SF-Caravan Kaakkois-Häme, Leininranta


Lomakivi, holiday houses

Villa Uranlinna


Krouvin Camping



Metka Cottages

Gasthouse-Camping Koskenniemi




Arola holiday cottages

Yli-Kaitala holiday cottages



Hartolan Ilo




Heinävuori holiday cottages

Ahola Cottages



www.kullasmarina.fi Holiday resort Telaranta Lomasatama Raut-Kotka, villa

www.raut-kotka.fi Suopursu, cottage

www.suopursu.com Vihreä Villa

www.vihreahuvila.fi Villa Takila


SYSMÄ Camping Sysmä

www.campingsysma.fi Loma-Lahdentaus

www.loma-lahdentaus.fi Inn Kivitatti cottage

www.majatalokivitatti.fi Rakennuspalvelu Tarvaala cottages

www.rakennustarvaala.fi/vuokraus Tervalepikon Torpat Cottages

www.tervalepikontorpat.fi Virtaa Manor cottages


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Ike's Cottages, Heinola



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Tiirismaan Laivat Oy | M/S Suvitähti 2, M/S Kymppi

KulkeeVettenHalki | M/S Jenni-Maria III

charter cruises Jouni Tammelin/ 044 075 3000

scheduled service between LahtiEnonsaari-Messilä, day and charter cruises www.tiirismaanlaivat.fi

scheduled service between PadasjokiKelvenne, cruises in Sysmä, charter cruises www.kulkeevettenhalki.fi

Lahden Järvimatkailu | M/S Vellamo, M/S Aino, S/S Laitiala

Royal Line Oy | M/S Rosetta, hydrofoil


day, dinner, canal and charter cruises from Lahti www.lahdenjarvimatkailu.fi M/S Happy Days, Lahti

charter cruises www.happydayslaiva.fi Päijänne Risteilyt Hilden Oy | M/S Suometar, M/S Suomen Neito

lake routes from Lahti to Jyväskylä and Heinola, lunch, evening and charter cruises www.paijanne-risteilythilden.fi

canal and dinner cruises from Lahti www.royalline.fi/Rosetta-Lahti

PADA S JOK I M/S Elbatar

M/S Samantta, Asikkala

charter cruises www.samantta.com


scheduled service in Padasjoki and Vääksy, cruises in Padasjoki, charter cruises www.elbatar.fi

Heinolan Laivaosakeyhtiö | M/S Pyhäjärvi

Kalastus ja Majoitus Rysä Oy, Asikkala


Cruises from Heinola Harbour www.nowene.fi

FISHING L AHTI Jounin Kalakeikka, Lahti

boat and fishing trips on Lake Vesijärvi and southern Lake Päijänne www.kalakeikka.com Tmi Tuomo Kuisma, Lahti

guided fishing trips on Lake Vesijärvi www.kalastuselamys.fi Lautturi Group, Lahti

tailored fishing trips on Lake Vesijärvi www.kalaretket.fi Lohimesta Oy, Lahti

salmon fishing site, fish processing services, fish smoking services, ondemand services www.lohimesta.fi

A SIK K AL A EnsKala, Vääksy, Asikkala

angling site for children on the river Vääksynjoki

Seasonal lake fishing www.rysa.fi Lakeland Outdoors, Asikkala

Fishing and nature trips on Lake Päijänne www.lakelandoutdoors.fi Lehmonkärki, Asikkala

fishing trips with a fishing raft www.lehmonkarki.fi Vesiaavikko Ny, Asikkala

Fishing trips and ice age trips, boat transports in Päijänne Vesiaavikko Ny

HAR TOL A Tainionvirran kalastus, Hartola

great fishing sites marked along the rapids of the river Tainionvirta www.hartola.fi

HEINOL A Heinolan sports fishing area

A fishing area in downtown Heinola www.heinola.fi/heinolanurheilukalastusalue

Hammonjoki, Hollola

Fly fishing www.lahdenperhokalastajat.fi/ kalastus/hammonjoki Haukikoira, Hollola

spin fishing trips on Lake Vesijärvi Haukikoira Oy- Kalastuspalvelut - Fishing Services

PADA S JOK I Kiuasniemi, Padasjoki

guided fishing trips on Lake Päijänne www.kiuasniemi.fi Kullasmarina, Padasjoki

guided fishing trips on Lake Päijänne www.kullasmarina.fi

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Best Lake Nature Adventures Oy, Lahti

Maahisen Muki ja Mela, Hartola

Kiuasniemi, Padasjoki

canoeing trips in the river Tainionvirta www.mukijamela.fi

boat trips, water activities, boat trips www.kiuasniemi.fi


Kullasmarina, Padasjoki

canoeing trips and nature trips www.bestlakenature.com Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut, Lahti

canoeing trips and nature trips www.fenixohjelmapalvelut.fi JetBros, Lahti

jet skis www.jetbros.fi Kahvisaaren Melontakeskus, Lahti

canoe rental, canoeing courses www.vesisamoilijat.fi Kitetirri, Lahti

SUP boards and training, wind surf training, and kite surfing www.kitetirri.fi Sun’ Sup, Lahti

SUP board rentals, services, courses, trips, private and corporate events www.sunsup.fi Villituli, Lahti

Canoeing trips and canoe hikes, canoeing courses, guide and instructor courses, rock climbing courses www.villituli.com

Aqua Villa, Heinola

houseboat rental services www.aquavilla.fi Heinäsaari Camping, Heinola

SUP board and rowing boat rental services www.suomicamping.fi/heinasaari Maken Kalastus, Heinola

fishing and boat trips, winter fishing trips Maken Kalastus Ky, Heinola Nature Escape, Heinola

floating experiences, Nature Escape game, Human Foosball www.naturescape.fi

HOLLOL A Messilä Camping, Hollola

motor and rowing boat rentals www.campingmessila.fi

SUP boards, water toys, guidance CampingMessilaWatersports

Kalastus ja Majoitus Rysä Oy, Asikkala


Lassen retket, Asikkala

kayak rental and guided kayaking trips www.lassenretket.fi Lehmonkärki, Asikkala

Jet skis, console boat, guided safaris, taxi boat, guest pier www.lehmonkarki.fi Lakeland Outdoors, Asikkala

boat and nature trips on Lake Päijänne www.lakelandoutdoors.fi Lake Life Finland, Asikkala

bsoat taxi services, guided boat trips on southern Lake Päijänne and exclusive programme services www.lakelifefinland.fi

Padasjoen Latu ry, Padasjoki

guided canoeing , canoe rentals https://padasjoenlatu.org/

SYSMÄ Camping Sysmä

rowing boats,SUP boards, kayaks www.campingsysma.fi Päijänne Safarit, Sysmä

sail boat and motorboat rentals www.paijannesafarit.fi Tervalepikon Torpat, Sysmä

kayaks, canoes www.tervalepikontorpat.fi The Happy Otter, Sysmä

wilderness guide services, canoeing and biking trips, SUP boarding www.happyotterguide.com

Camping Messilä Watersports, Hollola


boat trips, water sports and water skiing www.rysa.fi

boat trips, boat taxis www.kullasmarina.fi

Metkan mökit, Iitti

hiking, kayak and churchboat trips, fishing equipment rental www.metka.fi Supventures, Iitti

SUP board rental, boat, fishing and adventure travel services www.supventures.fi Vuolenkoski craft- and coffeehouse PeuranKello, Iitti

canoe rentals www.peurankello.fi Yli-Kaitala Holiday Cottages, Iitti

motorboats, rowing boats, canoes and trolling equipment rentals, guidance www.yli-kaitala.com

Fishing licenses and more information




Premier Destination for

Climbing Climbing& Yoga Drop in for climbing any time during opening Varaa ryhmällesi yksityinen kiipeilytapahtuma, mm. hours without a reservation, polttarit, synttärit ja yritystapahtumat. or book a special event for your party!

NytNow joogaa kahdessa toimipisteessä yoga in two Lahti locations! Saksalankatu Saksalankatu 26 26 && Aleksanterinkatu Aleksanterinkatu 11. Uusi asiakas? Introductory offer for new visitors – Valitse joogan tutustumistarjous! see our website for more information. (lisätietoja nettisivuilla)


If you really want to dive in tokertamaksulla this addictiveaina hobby – Tervetuloa kiipeilemään aukioloaikoina! Suosittelemme myös Intro we recommend our boudering introBoulder package! -tarjousta (lisätietoja nettisivuilla) Visit our website for details.


Saksalankatu 26, 15100 Lahti | 0400 308307 | www.yogarocks.fi



Small town,

big experiences Heinola is known as a traditional spa town The first spa was established in Heinola in the late 19th century, at which time steamboats brought visitors and goods to Heinola. One of the tourists described Heinola in early summer as a fragrant cloud of foam because of the large number of flowering apple trees. Come to Kumpeli Spa to feel good and relax. Muonamiehenkatu 3, Heinola. www.kumpeli.fi

Heila is Finland’s most sumptuous producer house selling produce of the best small local farmers The farmers’ pure and tasty products guarantee you a delicious experience. At Heila, you can take part in this experience at a shop, café, restaurant, meat market and small brewery shop. Työmiehentie 35, Heinola. Intersection 24, Heinola pohjoinen. www.heilan.fi.

Heinola Tourist Information Kauppakatu 14, FI-18100 Heinola Open Mon–Fri 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Tel. +358 3 849 3606 matkailu@heinola.fi

Refresh yourself in Heinola!

SANTA FE & EL BANCO: Aleksanterinkatu 10, 15110 Lahti Puh. 044 739 8111 | santafelahti.fi

SANTA FE EXPRESS: Kauppakeskus Karisma, Lahti santafelahti.fi/express


Vesijärvenkatu 22, 15140 Lahti jackalope.fi

EASY TO ENTER HARD TO LEAVE Vapaudenkatu 16, 15110 Lahti FB barloosisterlahti

Profile for Viestintätoimisto Mageena

Lahti Guide 2019-2020  

Lahti region tourist guide.

Lahti Guide 2019-2020  

Lahti region tourist guide.